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Ginger Seal Photo

Pap and Seder: Liz Cheney’s Crazy Talk Campaign

DEA Continue To Raid Marijuana Sites, Irrespective Of State Laws

Teen Held Sex Slave and Called FBI Daily, Agent Says

Stephen King has come out with a line of tools.

The Van Allen belt can accelerate particles to 99% speed of light

Pap and Seder: Obama Finally Steps Up Against Climate Change

Why does the media think a juror is a decision maker? Less than 30% of the population

Write your member of congress

Ted Cruz: Gay Marriage Will Lead to Persecution of Pastors And Christians

Michael Hastings: New Surveillance Video Shows Fiery Crash

Ted Cruz: Gay Marriage Will Lead to Persecution of Pastors And Christians

Coming Soon To U.S. Skies: The Military’s Spying Blimp

What really pisses me off re the RW spin re black men in America and Trayvon Martin

Anyone else remember Dialing For Dollars?

US Congressman Introduces The ‘Surveillance State Repeal Act’

Ready, Get Set, Enroll!

Trayvon Martin's mother: 'Use my broken heart' (very powerful)

Recap of all this.

Is there a real viable 3rd party ?


Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, And The War On Whistleblowers

Getting to the root of the problem

Anyone know how to build a DIY electric composting toilet economically?

Fight! Fight! at Daily Kos (the GOP)

Have you had dreams about non-belief?

Snowden has publicly claimed he will be tortured or killed. Holder has assured Russia he won't

Serious question: Conservative Cave folks attacking members of a cooking and baking forum

Mark Fiore - "George Zimmerman, Off The Hook" w/ Shootemup Charlie!

"Conservative scolar: Obamacare sabotage 'unprecedented and contemptible'"

My favorite new show--Drunk History on Comedy Central

New to Group - Want to recommend the Documentary About Pete Seeger "The Power of Song"

U R INVITED in 1 week: San Diego Party for Activist Radio

10 Lifehacks from 100 Years Ago

The oppressor always fears those they've oppressed...

Portishead - is that like the boringest shit ever?

How Adding Iodine To Salt Resulted In A Decade's Worth Of IQ Gains For The United States

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Last Call- Best of Malloy & a new Kitteh gif

It's Only Fair That You Know It - The "L" Word

Is there a forum with health insurance information

Is friendship different in the 21st century?

why couldn't we some how force PBS to kick the Koch's out?

Mike Reagan: ObamaCare Will Bankrupt Us

Heads up. This Sunday/Monday I'm doing a segment on street harassment on my radio show

Meet The Real Life Carlos Danger

McDonalds: wherever I go, whenever I go, always the slowest drive-thru lines. always.

Xpost from Feminists Group: Radio Show Segment on Street Harassment

August Photo Contest Theme - Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Bikes and Boats)

Several Angels' players took public transit to the A's game today -- bomb scare

Poll and Xpost from Feminists Group: Radio Show Segment on Street Harassment

The Huge Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

Full circle: When I was a kid, church warned against commies and Russians.

Friday Talking Points (266) -- The Corpse-Like Stench Of Washington's Giant Misshapen Penis

Hey MSNBC! It's only six o'clock here on the west coast!

Announcement: Brett won First Place today at Ohio State Fair, "Beef Wars" Iron Chef!

So far, with this energy alignment event

DOJ may have abused evidence in over 2,000 criminal cases, including death penalty cases

I will listen to Wyden and Udall.

"Chris Christie-Rand Paul tiff on foreign policy reflects deep rift in GOP"


Why am I not seeing the George Zimmerman "rescue" incident in the Seminole Sheriff's Daily Reports?

The north pole camera has updated

15,000 posts!

Oh shit Maher is killing Weiner with jokes

The north pole camera has updated

Russian Neo Nazis torture gay teen......GRAPHIC PHOTO...

Sarah Slamen (democratic activist from Texas) did a great job on Real Time with Bill Maher

Mick Jagger turned 70, today!

One NCGA Rep has a message for you who are upset over the budget.

OUCH! Al Sharpton Destroys Billo, Insanity, And Flush For Race Baiting.

Were the Founding Fathers Alcoholics?

Can you imagine being hung for being gay?

European Investment Bank Cuts Lending to Fossil Plants, Supports Renewables

President Obama vs. Texas

Problem with SS

Gun Control Group Wants Ted Nugent Removed From NRA Board After Racist Comments

Author of Patriot Act attacks Patriot Act

Organizers vs keyboard activists

All because of a law.

The Unprecedented—and Contemptible—Attempts to Sabotage Obamacare

Help a MN Resident keep her home.

Obama Should Commit to a Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Plan

What are some good recipes for beans?

The gop caught their beastie. now they get to go down with it.

Why aren't we able to get a real explanation of Saudi ties to 9/11?

BREAKING: North Carolina Legislature Approves Nation's Most Restrictive Voter Suppression Law

I approve this awesome image of Steve King

Gang of feral cats attacks woman and her dog

Is It Legal Malpractice to Fail to Get Holder to Promise Not To Torture Your Client?

common ground Friday, robber punked edition.

So I came out as an atheist today to a family friend

You know what would make me reconsider the Obama administration?

Ohio bank repossess wrong house; owner wants $18K

Friday Night Catnip: Apocalypse - Apocalypse (1969)

GOP Will Never Fund Infrastructure Repair. They Want To Profitize It By Selling It.

experts: ft. carson secrecy in rape cases raises red flags

experts: ft. carson secrecy in rape cases raises red flags

I used to be an endorphin junkie. I was driven to exercise. This comic sums

In 30 years Mitch McConnnell has zero legislative accomplishments

Day 19 of CA prisoners Hunger strike: Panel Discussion. ex Prisoner speaks; see video

Best smackdown of Friedman ever

playing for a love

IRS union concerned about enrolling in health care law's exchanges

Panel Discussion: The California Prisoner Hunger Strike & Ending Long-term Solitary Confinement

Bradley Manning Trial: the Press Under Pressure

I really don't want to hear about it. You people went into these relationships with both eyes open.

Big Mac says get another job

NASCAR and weed. Who'da thunk?

Mexicans outraged by humiliation of Indian boy

my cousin is in the psych hospital and i'm worried about her

DA receives Texas Ranger report on former West paramedic

this about sums up how i feel about my fur monsters

The NSA Won A Defunding Battle, But It Could Lose The War

Already, another Trayvon Martin incident has just happened

The Things They Are Doing: Wisconsin Police Arrest People for Standing In A Room, Holding A Flag, Si

JPMorgan Chase stops selling physical commodities amid federal pressure

first time cruise suggestions

10 ex-'Idol' contestants sue, alleging racism

GOP Politicians Are Now Routinely Saying And Doing What Is Unthinkable To A Normal Person

Five Pioneering Female Chefs whose Names You Should Know

figured i'd share this with you guys

Bill Maher: Reason I Am Willing To Negotiate Some Freedom For Security (VIDEO)

Reuters Ingrassia says he wants to see more hurricanes ...

Look at this Edward Snowden! Thousands marching in Auckland, NZ against insane spy laws.Thank you!!!

I found a gun nut porno magazine at work today (pic heavy)...


Dozens die as clashes erupt at Morsi rally in Cairo


Just in case you have

US to Snowden: We won't kill you. Come home.

what is your favorite chocolate combination?

North Carolina: First in Voter Suppression

Police report from Zimmerman's heroic rescue

FBI Searches Home Of Former Collin Street Bakery Official in Corsicana; $17 million allegedly stolen

Feds Warn NJ Nuclear Plant Operator Over Firing

insomnia on a "Friday" night

God promised men that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the world...


Dominique Strauss-Kahn to stand trial for pimping, French prosecutors say

Which club has unveiled the worst kit for the new season? Liverpool and Barcelona among the contende

Kitchen drain installation

Strike! - Jeremy Brecher (historical overview of the US industrial worker)

It's 3:00 AM - I'm Off!

Qatar-funded Syrian rebel brigade backs al Qaeda groups in Syria

The Egyptian military has just massacred more than 100 Morsi supporters in Cairo.

A bear wandered into Lonigans in downtown Estes Park, CO and nobody noticed:

News Reporter Draws Us A Picture Of ''The Problem Area''

July 27: National Scotch Day

Poll: John Boehner's Favorability Rating Just Above Zimmerman's, Snowden's.. -*ugly pic alert!*

What's for dinner ~ Saturday July 27th

Want to win a house in Detroit, and hobnob with the 1%?

Please donate to the "I want to wear medieval jousting armor through a TSA checkpoint" fund.

Best Headline: Teen Bible Campers Hospitalized After Mixing....

NSA surveillance program has had compliance problems, Clapper says

More on the game change with Monopoly

Heads-up: GOP planning economic 911-plan government shutdown and debt ceiling default this fall

A message from Admiral General Aladeen

Secrets of the Mayan Snake Queen at El Peru-Waka

NHS privatisation fears deepen over £1bn deal

There Are Good Alternatives to US Capitalism, But No Way to Get There

How Successful Cooperative Economic Models Can Work Wonderfully… Somewhere Else

6 Ways Rabid Republicans Are Declaring War On America

How Charter Schools "Co-Locate" with Public Schools and Tear Them Apart

Company responsible for latest Gulf blowout complains about overregulation

From Friday: Egypt has been warned of the violence to come – by General Sisi himself

Greateful Dead taping culture - awesome concept. but every tape ever handed to me sounded like

If you never went there you'll never understand

Asian Americans lean green

The colonel's bribe

SAC Capital Is Arraigned on a Raft of Criminal Charges

Seven people slaughtered in Hialeah Florida

More than 1.5 million workers living in U.S. make less than minimum wage

Change in the air as Cambodia votes?

Libyan activist Abdelsalam al-Mismari dies in Benghazi killings

Putin's Crackdown on LGBT Teens in Russia

EU and China reach deal in solar panel dispute

South African chef 'too fat' to live in New Zealand

Cantaloupe calves? He's a zucchini dick...but wait: there's much much more:

Veterans Kept as Guinea Pigs to Get Some Relief

I've got an abundance of Yellow Pear Tomatoes.

Spain train driver held 'for reckless manslaughter'

Matt Cahill killed for profit, but still gives awards to his products

Mentally ill people 'hit hard by recession'

We watched Spring Breakers last night.

TX to replace asphalt roads with GRAVEL.

It damned well was a coup: The administration is deliberately ignoring the law

"They say" animals can't speak

U.S. assures Russia Snowden won't be executed or tortured

Italy Begins F-35 Assembly; Dutch Store Their First Two Jets

Police shoot, kill 95-year-old at Park Forest nursing home (Death panel alert)

Madison, Wisconsin Lawyers Guild: State Distorts Court’s Ruling to Justify Dissident Arrests

Did it ever occur to you ....

Edward Snowden better off in Russia than US, his father says

Emerge Wisconsin preps Democratic women for public office. So the Republicans attack.

Mitch McConnell your so FUCKED!!!!

About those PISA scores and Exxon Mobil commercials:

Florida Shooting: 7 Dead In Hialeah Apartment Shootout, Including Gunman

Wonderful knitting patterns for baby girls.

Take a stand for Lake Michigan: Tell the EPA to keep BP's toxic mercury out of Lake Michigan

Just Wondering...

7/27/13 Morning

"Can I get a second mortgage on my soul, please?" Please come CAPTION Megyn Kelly!!!

Sauteed Hotels!

Untold Tale Behind USS Guardian Reef Grounding: NGA’s Map Was Wrong By 8 Miles

Schools damaged in Texas plant explosion to get $2.75 million from FEMA

Wouldn't this be interesting ...

Tappan Zee boat accident - two missing

Reuters' climate-change coverage 'fell by nearly 50% with sceptic as editor'

Please help! Remember case of Southern white man convicted of murder of black man simply going home?

The Brief, Tragic Reign of Consumerism—and the Birth of a Happy Alternative

Somebody still bitter about losing the 2008 election her initials are Sarah Palin

Bridge to Nowhere - Full Version

We can go on and on about NSA spying, wars, budget cuts, the decline of the middle class...

The Ritz Showers and Sauna at the Oregon Country Fair

15 minutes of Zappa with Charlie Rose

Carlin on Keith Olbermann

Can anyone here help me find a specific type of Good News articles/stories?

A 'birther' movement rises in Venezuela

RIP JJ Cale :(

Argentinean College Students design revolutionary hearing aid phone app

This has nothing to do with anything, and it's amazing, so click this link.

Hmmmmmm, a possible candidate to run against wanker.......

How to Derange a Homophobe in One Easy Step

Ted Nugent Dubs Next Tour 'Black Power 2013'

Weiner doesn’t want individual women to see his penis---He wants all of us to be looking at it

'Outrageous': BP Ad Claims 'American Businesses' Real Victims of Gulf Disaster

Collapsing Investment and the Great Recession

What are you reading the week of July 28, 2013?

Bernie Sanders Declines Secrecy Offer on Tax Plan Because He Has Nothing to Hide

Do something good today (petition) fair pay for disabled workers

And sometimes the police are amazing

Trooper gets his due---3 months later!

Former Rep. Lindy Boggs, champion of civil rights, dies; also was ambassador to the Vatican

Atheist on Holocaust memorial: ‘It’s important that we not give the Holocaust to just the Jews’

U.S. Halts Fighter Jet Delivery To Egypt In Signal of Disapproval

Former CIA officer the U.S.Breaks silence on the 2003 Italian illegal abduction names names.

What to do with the Redundant Churches After the Demise of Religion?

California prison offering inmates $150 nightly 'Pay to Stay' rates

The Irony, It Burns - Dallas firm uses solar to power West Texas oil rigs

U.S. allowed Italian kidnap prosecution to shield higher-ups, ex-CIA officer says

State Dept. seeks to broaden religious reach

Gluten free what??!!???

Pope Francis Urges Catholics to Shake Up Dioceses

Obama and McCain: Washington's newest odd couple

Our law is already getting ready for the future of surveillance...

The GOP’s strange obsession with the “war on women”

Solidarity Sing Along crowd grows as arrests continue at Wisconsin Capitol (great synopsis!)

Intermittency Of Renewables?… Not So Much

Amazon's 'Declaration of War'

Saturday, July 27th. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

The Big Slice: The 50 Worst Places To Get Your News And Information

Two babies shelter together after California forest fire:

Interview with 83-year-old Robert Plummer, NC Hero who got arrested at recent Moral Monday

I believe we only have 20yrs of oil(production) left and only 20yrs of potable water left in the

Ick...Rand Paul texting too?

Monkey Island, Cleveland Zoo, sometime in the 1950's

Egypt clashes: at least 130 Mohamed Morsi supporters killed in Cairo – live

Mr. Fish's take on "The Exhibitionist" (warning, graphic)

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 27, 1996

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 27, 1996

UPDATE: Koch brothers infiltrate Senate District 11

Charles Barkley is an idiot...

HOW TO SCARE VOTERS: Hilarious Leaked Doc From Nat' Republican Party In Washington

If a person works 40 hours a week, the wages they bring in ought to be enough to pay for...

Atmospheric Rivers Grow, Causing Worse Floods Ahead

My property is never worth more than a person's life.

Daughter of Venezuelan Interior and Justice Minister mugged

Seriously, what is wrong with people? Tourist Smashes, Kills, Eats Octopus Only To Find Out

Trouble in Paradise: Biotech Firms versus the people of Hawaii

Tea Party Congressman's card to Obama filled with misspellings

Peter Tatchell: 'I still hold on to the vision of something better'

A little rant: I HATE it when people greet your good news with tales of disaster.

Lindy Boggs, Longtime Representative from Louisiana, Dies at 97

Holder's Letter: How Non-Obvious the Obvious Has Become

Wright says when Seba came out of the house with police he was smirking and continued yelling

Republicans are blocking $100 billion in immediate infrastructure spending.

Garlic & lemon chicken w green beans + red potatoes,


Singer, Songwriter J.J. Cale Dead From Heart Attack At 74

Bank Issues Statement About Home It Wrongfully Foreclosed Upon, Balks At Paying Up

New to photoshop, but not to pointing out asshats

Why Climate Deniers Have No Scientific Credibility - In One Pie Chart


In Fed chair race, Obama's loyalty to Summers could be key

Uncertainty with ACA is causing panic and exploitation

Singer-songwriter JJ Cale dead at 74 after heart attack

Steve Ballmer Admits Microsoft’s iPad-Killer 'Surface' Is A Flop, Windows 8 Not Selling Well

Long Island College Hospital Remains Open As Legal Jousting Continues

TCM Schedule for Monday July 29 - TCM Spotlight: Carson on TCM

Md. Dig Seeks Proof of 1st Free Black Community.

Wow! An extensive database of individuals involved in the global warming denial industry.

Two missing, four injured after boat crash into TZB construction barge

QUESTION... Is It Possible or Is It A Good Idea...

LIVE NOW: Discussion Of Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) - Coffee Party Radio Politics Done Right

Three heroes in this world who are a million times better than George Zimmerman...

Ed Schultz TV Show

Did you know it's National Moth Week?

NASA | Projected U.S. Precipitation Changes by 2100

What is your best argument for voting for Democrats instead of Republicans?

Gun Buyback Program Accepting Firearms In Fordham Heights

Pap and Seder: Chevron Wants Your Emails

Chris Christie-Rand Paul tiff on foreign policy reflects deep rift in GOP (CS Monitor)

Syria Says Rebels Killed 123 People In North, Majority Civilians

Pap and Seder: Wisconsin Mining Company Hires Armed Guards

Does anyone else not like Instant Messaging?

A Complaint About Renewable Power That You'll Never Hear About Nuclear Power

PBS: The bogus high tech worker shortage.

Detroit Bankruptcy Another Setback For Unions

Germany Protests Of NSA Surveillance Draw Thousands

We Must Remember That American Voters Voted For Lower Wages In 1980.

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

Conason Asks Wyden Our Questions: Senator Reveals NSA Email Surveillance Program Recently 'Closed' f

Is it possible to power up a part of the International Space Station using human urines?

Researchers study brains of violent psychopaths, find empathy

Citigroup Says Summers Working as Consultant Since at Least 2012

The Case That Saved Abortion Rights


Brooklyn teen sues NYPD officer for 2 false arrests

Bradley Manning's 'sole purpose was to make a difference'. (defense's closing arguments)

Am I a Democrat?

“Dual tracking” occurs when a homeowner is foreclosed on while still negotiating with a bank

I Tried To Post In GD & It Said I Couldn't

Koch Bros. Contribute to Recall of Colorado Dems!

Parts Of The US Could Be Like Living In Central Africa Conditions Will Get So Bad.

Outrage in Italy over banana attack on black minister

Was the Zimmy-the-Hero incident staged?

With a heavy heart I bring you this news

French Court Bans Photo Book in Dispute Over One of the Portraits Within

Edward Snowden better off in Russia than US, his father says

US singer-songwriter JJ Cale dies, aged 74

Can Weiner Bounce Back?

QUESTION... Is It Possible Or Is It A Good Idea...

The militarization of America

In Letter Posted By Wyden: Clapper Admits He Lied to Congress - Re: Phone/Internet Data

Pop culture, white privilege and widening the lens

With all of the cash Apple has on their balance sheet, they could relocate to the US,

You can parse whether it's a coup, or whether foreign policy dictates we ignore it

Pointing out the co-relation of freedom and voting rights

Japanese Onsen(Hot Springs) English Translated.

Japanese Onsen(Hot Springs) English Translated.

Obama Baby

Greenwald: Democratic establishment unmasked: prime defenders of NSA bulk spying

An example of subliminal messaging against the ACA

Shouldn't that read, "voting rights"?

Thousands in Germany protest NSA and show support for Snowden

Maher: "All Republicans hear when Obama says anything about race is “Kill Whitey!”

Excuse me, sir, reservation for MFM?

Taking a rough poll of opinions this a.m. If you consider yourself a Democrat...

He's almost here.....

This Picture Proves that Immigrants Can't Carry 75 Pounds of Pot Across the Border

Redneck Heaven's Painted Breasts Are Now Drawing the Ire of the Fort Worth City Council

I'm a San Diego Dem-SO, I Post This: The Camp Journal Of Bobby F: An Odyssey Of Growth & Redemption

TYT:Surprised? Obama Admin Ignores State Marijuana Rights

Desmond Tutu: 'I would not worship a God who is homophobic'

Scarborough Fair

DuPage County: Marquardt Bros. - We've Got Your Back

Electromagnet makes slow progress to new home in Illinois

Texas school district released from federal desegregation order after 43 years

Dumbass postcard to Obama fromTN teaparty freak Rep.Fleischmann

Mr. Fish- It was Self Defense

Mr Fish- Rogue Superpower Crime Watch

Private ambulances take Medicare, taxpayers for a ride

Egypt: dozens killed in clashes between security forces and Mursi supporters in Cairo


Soldier returns from Afghanistan to learn his beloved dog is gone

The Yellen-Summers decision: "driven by gender" does not mean what they think it means

Oh goodie. The Egyptian Military is going to murder more people

When Iraq invaded the United States By Eduardo Galeano

I have made a decision.

The rise of al-Qaeda 2.0

More than 1000 inmates escape from Libyan jail

U.S. appeals court upholds $105 mln Exxon payout in NYC case

How Iraq will win the Arab Spring

NBC to air Hillary Clinton miniseries

How does an elected government support a coup

Amy Goodman: "America's Real Subversives: FBI Spying Then, NSA Surveillance Now"

Serial Experiments Lain Director Ryutaro Nakamura Passes Away

Programming question

Michigan attorney general backs pensioners in Detroit bankruptcy

War against Iran, Iraq AND Syria?

Egypt is a Mess!

Pope, in candid speech, speaks of 'exodus' from the Church

There are some awesome inspiring, uplifting posts here....

I just served on a Jury...where is my email?

Al Shabaab claim attack on Turkish mission in Somalia, three dead

Twinkies: worst product launch in the history of ever

Human Rights Watch: "Ratify Disability Rights Treaty Without Further Delay"

sooooo ......... whatcha listening to this fine Saturday?

I just served on a Jury...where is my email?


it's been awhile since I've done something really dumb....that changed today! UPDATED - it's OK!

Peanut plaintiff sues Texas Roadhouse for $1M

Why Snowden shouldn't be charged with espionage until after Dick Cheney is.

FREE CELL PHONE/Seniors & Low Income

They Won't Listen

just spoke with my uncle and my cousin

My family and myself are going to Moral Monday on the 29th.

QUESTION... Is It Possible Or Is It A Good Idea...

I told you Republicanism is a mental disorder

How can I get "The Ed Show" on my computer? Just finished painting & only room I can use is my

Bill Moyers: John Lewis Marches On (full show/video)

We Need New Democratic Leadership in the House. Pelosi Should Go.

Grapes! (really old ones)

Who here has a recent passport? The new ones are quite beautiful, and meaningful.

Google Engineer Wins NSA Award, Then Says NSA Should Be Abolished

Voter ID Required ( I think these may be the new guidelines for NC and other ID states)

Obama Says He’ll Evaluate Pipeline Project Depending on Pollution


Venezuela: Supporting A Once and Future Revolution

Hairy Gecko

Egypt Violence Sparks Global Condemnation

NBC to Air Hillary Clinton Miniseries



Syrian Troops Capture Historic Mosque in Central City of Homs Amid Fierce Government Offensive

Brutal Toon in the NYT: Greetings from flyover country

Chile Throws Venezuela's Capriles Under the Bus


The guy just thought he'd help out. With bullets. Also:

JJ Cale has died

The Charitable-Industrial Complex

George Zimmerman’s heroic car crash rescue appears to be a fraud

Great show on MSNBC right now on DETROIT!

Proposition 8 spokeswoman joins Colorado effort to recall Democrats

NSA obstructed 3 Congress'l investigations into the security failures that left the US open to 9-11

Once upon a time...

They just appeared out of nowhere

The New Strategy Of The Crotch Brothers Is To Set Up A Recall ASAP Where GOPPERS Lose

Binge drinking, chronic heavy alcohol abuse more common among gun owners

New Push Tries to Confiscate Firearms From Felons, Mentally Ill

“Overwhelming” Evidence of Plot to Assassinate Venezuela’s Maduro

Chile lawyer seeks murder charge over Bachelet's father


7 shot to death...No motive..

Frankie Boyle scores against the EDL on Twitter

CNN: Bus in Indianapolis with teens crashed on way back from camp: 3 dead, 17 injured

John Kerry: ‘This Is A Pivotal Moment For Egypt’

Government shutdown threats won’t work. But maybe complete gibberish will!

Do I look like a moron

Operator charged after Hudson boating accident

The Iron Fist in the Velvet Glove: or Dream Now, While You Still Can.

After 30 years, is a GM food breakthrough finally here?

If the wing-nuts would only fear what really needs to be feared.....

The Warbirds are flying up to Oshkosh, and four of them flew right over my place.

Breaking news: Snowden's not only a traitor & collaborator.. as a teen he was a chronic masturbator.

Contaminated soil testing at Carousel tract in Carson confirms residents' health and safety fears

On The Lighter Side: Punography

For those who haven't seen it, Sharkado comes on again at 7 pm on the SiFy channel. n/t

Another Possible Bright Supernova Discovered In Spiral Galaxy M74

An Idea I just had. Is it worthy?

Bradley Manning trial: Leakers Julian Assange and Daniel Ellsberg weigh in (+video)

GOP Hawks: This Will Not Stand, Rand

Weiner Heated Exchange with Voter

Collective Bargaining and Shared Prosperity: Michigan, 1979-2009.

“Pressure from big media must not endanger proposed media law”

Russia Begins Inspection Flights Over United States

Syrian regime forces kill women and children indiscriminately

Eduardo Galeano: 'My great fear is that we are all suffering from amnesia'

Former Rep. Lindy Boggs (D-LA) Dies At 97

Just for fun........

Steve King: In Private, Republicans Actually Agree With My ‘Cantaloupe-Sized Calves’ Comments

President Obama Says Korean War Veterans ‘Deserve Better’

Can we get real about repealing Obamacare? (This is great!)

Israel to release 104 Palestinian prisoners


Anyone here from Oklahoma City, OK?

Lockerbie bomber release linked to arms deal, according to secret letter.

Come As You Are! | July 29th Moral Monday March Promo

Teresa Heinz Kerry released from hospital

Obama criticizes pro-Keystone pipeline jobs, gas price claims

NBC To Deal With Russia's Anti-Gay Laws In Olympics Coverage

It's time for Detroit's Favorite Holiday -- Happy Jimmy Hoffa Day!

NBC To Air Hillary Clinton Miniseries

Netanyahu To Kerry: 1,000 Homes During Talks

Jury awards Oregon woman $18.6M over credit report

Disturbing Video Shows Court Officer Sexually Assaulting, Arresting Mother While Judge Does Nothing

What are the best TV scenes/moments of all time?

Edward Snowden's not the story. The fate of the internet is

Anti-Beer ad you could like

Grown Ups # 2

Looking forward to seeing the new Michael J. Fox Show

Obama Says He Has Narrowed Down Decision on Next Fed Chairman

Federal Judge Dismisses NDAA Indefinite Detention Lawsuit

Profiting Off War: A Look Into The World Of Israeli Arms Dealing

Oregon woman awarded $18.6 million after Equifax failed to fix errors on her credit report