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Israeli Activists Replace Threatening Military Signs With Messages Of Peace And Resistance

Men mostly: What are you making your companion for dinner tonight?

I'm wanting to download and burn to a dvd

The Movie Fruitvale Station Hit Hard, Left Me Emotionally Paralyzed

psychiatric therapy

Friday News Dump -- World News Trust -- 25 July 2013 -- Part 1

Marking the 35th Anniversary of Animal House

How stupid can people be, taking "selfies?"

Asian Music mix XXIII

Friday News Dump -- World News Trust -- 25 July 2013 -- Part 2 (Rant)

"You have to have been a Republican to know how good it feels to be a Democrat."

CNN Don Lemon: Bill O’Reilly doesn’t go far enough

'Fat shaming' actually increases risk of becoming or staying obese, new study says

Bacon, Lettuce & tomato sandwich on home made bread with real mayonnaise

BUSHCO: “All rules were thrown out the window & they would use any excuse to spy on Americans"

Have you guys ever considered annual regional conventions?

The NSA will never find the real online terrorist messages.

Drones are in the sights of some hunters

Forward Progressives: Debunking Almost Every Republican Lie Against President Obama

Unbelievable! South Dakota and Hugh Glass...

Just found out it's the 35th Anniversary for the classic movie "Animal House."


"Gang of Feral Cats Attacks Woman, Dog in France"

thinking about real religious conviction

Well, I took the kids to see The Conjuring.

Maher Praises ‘Kooky’ Snowden: ‘At Least Now We Get To Have Debate About Our Security Trade-Offs’

your voter photo ID meme of the week

Hacker found dead days before he was due to demonstrate how to kill someone fitted with a pacemaker

Odds and Ends (7 pics)...

Kevin Trudeau in contempt for not paying $37M fine

Toles Toon- Eye on the ball

When It Comes To Extraditions, Russia Often Cooperates

Tom Toles Rant- Blabbertalky edition

Weedkillers tied to depression in farmers

The 10 dumbest ideas to defeat Rove & progressives discussed by the conservative Groundswell organiz

Highbridge Corner Named In Honor Of The King Of The Cuatro


At this very early stage, Christie is the one to beat. I wonder if Gillibrand is up to the task?

"Coburn: Plan to defund Obamacare could destroy GOP"

New Zealand Protests over spy bill fashioned to NSA standards.

Rowhani 'halted nuclear weapon programme': ex-ambassador


"Park Avenue: money, power and the American Dream - Why Poverty?" (Full documentary)

Activists protest outside Wells Fargo executive's San Marino home

Johnny Manziel kicked out of frat party in Austin

"Report: Canceling Sequestration Could Add Up To 1.6 Million Jobs"

Eliminate the Death Tax

China increasing influence in Tonga

Ultimate Weekend in Minneapolis

Oops! Surveillance Video Catches Police Informant Planting Crack On Business Owner

Wyden’s Next Steps For Ensuring That The Shale Gas Expansion Provides Net Benefits

NEW POLL: Overwhelming Majority of Americans View Minimum Wage Increase as Important Priority for Co

Canadian conservatives try to win blind voters with -picture- of Braille

"RNC chairman says the Republican Party is a religion"

US Officials Attack Leaked Report on Civilians Drone Deaths

All of LA's 640,000 schoolkids will get iPads by the end of 2014

Va. first lady McDonnell spent thousands from husband’s PAC on clothes, other items

The Difference Between Global Warming Skeptics And Normal People

On Rooftops, a Rival for Utilities

College Professors Are About to Get Really Mad at President Obama

"Republicans Don't Like the Republican Party"

Question for the group

Guarantee a national minimum income and end the minimum wage

How you know Seattle has too fucking many Starbucks

'1984 is now!': Germans protest Berlin's role in NSA spying on Snowden Day

A peace offering to trolling Republicans

You Want a Living Wage With That? Fast Food Workers of N.Y.C. Prep for Another Strike

Booz Allen Hamilton Wins More Than $78 million in Civil Health Contracts

Rachel Maddow Connects The Dots. Only The Dots Are Women’s Rights. And They’re Disappearing.

Watching "Sharknato" on SyFy.

TWO KIA Hispanics from Omaha Medal of Honor (Korea & Nam)

I need help with Adblock for Firefox.

For starters, let's replace our CEO who looks like Palpatine with one who looks like Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Who loves menchies?

Question: how do people feel about preCheck?

Undercover Police Agent Caught Planting Drugs on BLACK NY Business Owner

Friday News Dump -- World News Trust -- 25 July 2013 -- Part 3

A great play coming to Cambridge in September at A.R.T. about LBJ buy early!

Home owners or renters insurance coverage (breed)

Doc reveals dilemma of gay Palestinians

No Time Limit For Snowden's Stay At Transit Zone: Russian Authorities

Yes, World Toilet Day Is A Real Thing

Wyden: Talks on NSA overhaul 'accelerated' after House vote

Kidd Kraddick (morning radio show host) has apparently passed away.

Pope Francis Defends Amazon And Environment In Brazil

(Radio personality "Kidd") Kraddick dies during New Orleans charity event

Radio personality "Kidd" Kraddick dies during New Orleans charity event

Mini DU meetup in L.A. denbot-n-Buckey

Quick Meme: Pat McCrory Herp Derp

The Climate Change Denier and the Utility Regulators

1567 Spanish fort found in western North Carolina...."Fort San Juan"

This kinda hurt my head. Face Illusions

Don't Frack Ohio rally July 29

freedom road

Johnny Weir: Gay Athletes Should 'Fight For A Chance' At 2014 Olympics

Don't Frack Ohio rally July 29

the popular wobbly

Pittsburgh SWAT sued for 'terrorizing' young family at gunpoint

joe hill

This is absolutely cool..Space Shuttle take off... Amazing sequences...

Booz Allens's $133M VA Award May Be Biased: Report

More than half the students flunk MOOCS

Man Jailed For Having The Worst Bowel Movement Ever

Sundance is showing all episodes of Top of The Lake

Dumb Criminals: Man Fights With Cops, Purposefully Poops Pants While In Patrol Car

Recorded this live music PBS Show called Jubilee

Soldier returns from Afghanistan to learn his beloved dog is gone

Let's give President Obama what he needs and deserves!

Last Edited

Ouch, Facebook responds to gun nuts.

i hate my sister for putting these images in my head

July 28: National Milk Chocolate Day

"Let's give President Obama what he needs and deserves! A Congress that will work with, not against.

i saw the hunger on their faces

By the way, we're killing the planet

The Fifth Beatle

Ecuador shocked by inhumane practices at gay conversion clinics

Colombia detains troops accused of killing 36

Strange new trend at the office.

How should the U.S. respond to Putin's anti-gay laws in terms of the Sochi Winter Olympics?

Racist hurls bananas at first black Italian minister...

Yusuf Islam(Cat Stevens) - Father & Son (Porchester Hall, London)

A Rant: The forced birthers make me blow a gasket nearly every flippin' day but

Egypt: John Kerry calls for leaders to 'pull back from the brink'

Weasel Weiner paid a PI $43K out of campaign funds to investigate who hacked his twitter account

Stacked, time-lapse photos:

Special report: 'In vitro' beef - it's the meat of the future

Given the Kepler (spacecraft) failure, we need to launch 10 of them.

Is Bill de Blasio "untenably progressive" and too "white male" to win the dem nomination

Resurrection / The Returned.

The White House should end the bulk collection of Americans’ phone records

Nate Silver Didn't Fit In at the New York Times Because He Believed in the Real World

Robert Reich | Why Republicans are Disciplined and Democrats Aren’t

How did Anthony Weiner, never a Progressive, get his ill deserved rep as one?

interesting photographer...Bastian Kalous

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Born To Be Mild Edition

“Ridiculous pseudo-science garbage”: Meet the GOP’s environment leaders!

Kitty Kondominium

Updating your facebook status

It’s corporations, not killer robots

Tsunami of Public Outrage Builds in Colorado as Fracking Invades Cities

Edward Snowden's not the story. The fate of the internet is

Google Engineer Wins NSA Award, Then Says NSA Should Be Abolished

The bad precedent of ignoring the law to continue arming Egypt's Military

This is the picture I sent to him of me getting naked.

The Y-12 break-in: One year later

Status and Stress{disease, health and wealth}

WTF??? Pentagon: Who We're At War With Is Classified

ALMA Sheds Light on Mystery of Missing Massive Galaxies

Fighting Back Against Wretched Wages

Israeli cabinet backs referendum bill for peace process

Weedkillers tied to depression in farmers

What an incredibily offensive Crystals song I've never heard before

G.O.P. Senators See an Upside in a Problematic Issue: Abortion

Videos: Meet Your 2013 Virginia Democratic Candidates for Gov. Lt. Gov, Attorney General

Really, Rubio...Krugman nails repuke strategy here!

President Obama: "If I’m for it, then they’ve got to be against it."

How long does a "weight loss plateau" last? I'm using South Beach and lost 10 pounds in two

Makes more sense on a graph...

New beer lawsuit could spell trouble for Keystone XL pipeline

We don't need background checks or even cash to get firearms.

California prison offers ‘quieter’ stay —for $155 a day

Search for it

Kid forced to defend his family against other kid.

North Carolinians fight back against voter suppression

Tropical Update - TS Dorian dead - but new disturbance headed to NYC in 2 days

Morning music

Starving for Justice

Hundreds protest return to negotiations in Ramallah

MOH Recipient (and rabid right winger) Bud Day dead at 88.

How Detroit Really Is Like America

This was a comment on an article about state workers in California

...on the radio in about 15 min talking tomatoes - Year Round Gardener, Nova Scotia...

A couple from NRPS

Fight over Government “Raisin Reserve” Spreads from Courts to Congress

Is abortion eugenics for the poor?

Good morning, Lounge! (One week edition...)

"Why, oh why, don't they want me?" Please come CAPTION Anthony Weiner!!!

‘Bargain’ on Immigration Would Feed Prison Profits

Internal disputes at the EPA over the Fracking results in Dimock

The government figured out sockpuppet managment but not "persona management".

What the Florida SYG numbers seem to be telling me

An NSA unintended consequence hypothetical

Lockerbie Bomber release was part of Arms Deal with Libya.

Salsa anyone

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 28, 1917

Median Wealth: We're #27!

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 28, 1917

10 of History's Most Power-Hungry Cats

Is Religion Bad for Animals?


It's simple.

Mass. girl, 9, becomes youngest US chess master

'Marine drones' tested in Toulon

Cannes thief 'steals 40m euros of jewels' from hotel

(Italy) Ministers respond to racist banana attack

Fungus among us

Whoa! Israeli cabinet backs release of Palestinian prisoners

Norway's female MPs tell women to 'give a damn'; "Maybe women deserve men setting the agenda,"

Anybody know of a good source to research the student loan law?....

I really don't like training many injuries...

4 in 5 in US face near-poverty, no work

Glenn Greenwald: Low-Level NSA Analysts Have ‘Powerful and Invasive’ Search Tool (ABC This Week)

The Nature of the Egyptian "Coup"

Is this delegation or what? "McCrory not familiar with all of bill he's to sign"

Israeli cabinet backs release of Palestinian prisoners

Sadness (+ anger) in NC - "From the start, a ‘breathtaking’ GOP agenda in legislature"

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Gays in Baton Rouge arrested under invalid sodomy law

#Women's Right's A Pro-choice Parody of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines"

Exclusive: 4 in 5 in US face near-poverty, no work

Tablet recommendations

Obama Says Income Gap Is Fraying U.S. Social Fabric

Pope shames Brazilian church for Catholic exodus

You know me... I don't get sad. This made me very sad and I wanted to share it...

Amanda Berry surprises Cleveland concert crowd

How Height Is Connected to Cancer

sunday morning gospel by the mother of rock and roll...

New beer lawsuit could spell trouble for Keystone XL pipeline

The Dumbest Possible Nominee for FED Chair

I just heard a speaker

Obama: "Some of those folks think I usurp my authority by having the gall to win the presidency.”

Greek Quinoa salad

Dreamers deliver cantaloupes to Rep. Steve King's (R-Woo) office

Anyone ever heard of the Moken? Neither did I, till now.

OMG GG Ate a Puppy!

This hits close to home...

80 Percent Of U.S. Adults Face Near-Poverty, Unemployment: Survey

If "I" was a NSA Data Mining Contractor ....

If I trash a thread, should I still see it on the Home page?

Michael J. Fox to play a character who has Parkinson's disease.

“You’re really doing what you need to be doing” & teachers would tell me “But the test says I’m Not"

John Williams to write the score for the new Star Wars movie.

Weiner’s Campaign Manager Quits After Latest Revelations

When a Centrist Independent is a more reliable vote for Democrats than, well, some Democrats...

I'm sorry but you have to wait your turn

Its my Birthday !!!!!!

Another State Reports Low Obamacare Insurance Rates

Young job-seeker hopes freeway ramps lead to an entry-level position

Cop who pepper-sprayed Occupiers at UC Davis files Workman's Comp claim for "Psychiatric Injury".

NSA Defense Unmasks Democratic Establishment

Paul Begala: Today’s Republican Party is ‘Neanderthals fighting with Cro-Magnons’

Corporate Media Outrage-Ometer

This story should not be hijacked as one of about greedy, fiscal, public unions.


Obama Sounds Skeptical on XL Keystone (?)

Is it democracy when there's only one option on the ballot?

The Permafrost We're Building On

Repeat after me: Edward Snowden is not the story. The story is what he has revealed about the hidden

Gays in Baton Rouge arrested under invalid sodomy law

I hate these fish! - Thor

Oh-Bama Care

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, July 30: Star of the Month: Paul Henreid

Antero Marcellus Shale FRACKING Indian Run Harrison County

Bizarro World: Rubio accuses Obama of threatening to shut down government

Worthy read, Aljazeera-opinion piece on Edward Snowden

Health care deadline date questions

Details for my show on Street Harassment of women and more...

xPost from Feminists group: Details for my show on Street Harassment of women and more...

Pep Guardiola...

xPost from Feminists group: Details for my show on Street Harassment of women and more...

Lac Megantic update: U.S. Railway Co. refuses to pay $4 million dollar clean up bill

Take that, Pope: Desmond Tutu Says He Would Prefer Hell Over A Homophobic Heaven And God

Increased fracking is a dire mistake

Help me lower my electric bill ARGHHH

Good Morning

Avlon: Pope Francis’s Lessons for the GOP

Virgin Tales (New Documentary)

"Ok kid, you got the job"

UK public's first fight against fracking

Are you estimating your income tax refund?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, July 31: Douglas Sirk

Racist KKK Tea Partiers Face Terrorism Charges!

Too much wealth at the top?

We won't let the F-35 take off

OMG. It's S-A-T-I-R-E folks

Anthony Weiner Loses His Campaign Manager

Since When Are You The ‘Expert On What African-Americans Want?’

Governor Admits He ‘Does Not Know Enough’ About The Voter Suppression Bill He’s About To Sign

34 Medical Studies Proving Cannabis Cures Cancer

Chelsea Bar Stops Serving Russian Vodka To Bring Attention To Russia's Anti-Gay Laws

Blinded by the war on terrorism

Nobody's saying "Let Weiner slide".

cross post from GD - "From the start, a ‘breathtaking’ GOP agenda in legislature"

Question on forum hosts.

Putin's Crackdown on LGBT Teens in Russia

Is This the Most Embarrassing Interview FOX News Has Ever Done?

This 'First Love' Has a Sweet Gay Twist

Has this ever happened to you?

Odd happening while on jury duty

GOP war on ..everything Obama

PHOTOS: The Fragile Beauty of Cuba

Bayer and US Government Knowingly Gave HIV to 1,000's

California Inmate Dies In Solitary Confinement During Hunger Strike

Charles Darwin’s great-great-grandson to speak at New York’s bikini bar atheist church

San Onofre, fixable for free, will now cost CA ratepayers $13.6 BILLION to replace

Yes President Fox you are right. But too many in the US feel people who aren't Pure Mericans might

Chomsky praises Snowden and condemns US hypocrisy

U.S. Govt. Funnels Billions of Money into Junk Food, Equivalent to Cost of About 52 Billion Twinkies

Sockpuppet Management? How Would Someone Know?

2014 Climb to the Clouds is ON ! Mt. Washington scheduled for next June.

Gun Advocacy Group Sends Zimmerman Thousands of Dollars to Buy Guns

What's for dinner ~ Sunday July 28th

Updated-Search resumes for man missing in boating accident

Yemeni Journalist freed from prison... Jailed for exposing drone attack..

Ed KOCH's letters on the block, including this *BOOM* from Geraldine FERRARO

Can We See Our Hypocrisy to Animals?

Steve King and his fellow "Three Amigos" (the GOP Idea of Immigration Reform)

Pakistan says suspected US drone strike kills five people on Afghan border

Bernice King Opposes Marriage Equality, But 'I'm Not The Enemy'

A trillion dollars a year for war, and who's the enemy?


Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse: Are Microgrids Our Only Chance?

As Republicans Make Millions Suffer, the Left’s Ideologues Obsess Over Edward Snowden

Syrian Army Consolidating Gains In Key District In Homs As It Pushes Offensive On The City

The Newsroom (HBO) on drones.

Bahrain Raise Alarm Over Rising Violence

The goal of the propaganda assaults across the internet is not to convince anyone of anything.*

Analysis: Who's Backing Who As Syria's Civil War Threatens To Spread

There’s only one ‘problem’ voter ID solves: Non-Republicans voting.

Security checkpoint at the movie theater

Groundswell: More States Join the Regulatory Push for Utility Efficiency

Wells Fargo Customer Explains How $500 Loan Resulted In $3,000 In Fees

VIDEO: Pilot whale at SeaWorld Orlando struggles to get back in the water

Bob McDonnell's Wife Takes a Cue From Sarah Palin

Egypt Turmoil: Morsi Supporters Defy Removal Threats

US Drone Kills 6 Suspected Militants In Yemen

On the intermittent nature of nuclear power: Issue 487

I'm thinking of joining Netflix live streaming...

As Phone Companies Dismantle Landlines, Utilities Have a Lesson to Learn

FEMA grants nearly $3M for West, Texas, schools

South African chef has New Zealand visa revoked for being overweight

tracfone question for those who have them

Anyone else looking forward to Labor Day 2014?

sure wish i had a bloody mary dispenser

whoa! lost my favorite radio station. then I remembered they livestream

Saying someone is mistaken is not always a cover-up

R.I. Episcopal Bishop W. Nicholas Knisely bridges the religion-science divide

Three loud explosions heard in Libya's Benghazi - witnesses

It's just a matter of perspective

Health Insurer WellPoint sees earnings jump 24%

Waterspouts occuring simultaneously in the Adriatic Sea.

James Gill: War on religion in military a phony one

So what happened to the sequester?

Absent Climate Policies, Global Coal Use Will Soar In Coming Decades, EIA Report Says

"...I do not understand the argument...."

Spent two days and nights last week listening to local right wing radio

Bacardi weekend

The 51st State initiative - North Colorado

Col. Bud Day, Vietnam War Hero, Dies at 88

Jury awards Oregon woman $18.6M over credit report

Family of Indian gang rape victim call for youngest suspect to be hanged

Everyone gets a gun? Saves lives. Everyone gets health care? Kills people.

"President Obama is a disappointment" Who said that???

Maybe Dio didn't die after all

Obama Intends to Let Health Care Law Prove Critics Wrong by Succeeding

Ford’s Vibrating Shifter Teaches Newbies How to Drive a Manual

Schumer Wants Shoppers To Easily Opt Out Of Retailers' Phone Data Tracking

The real US horror - not the fake currently attracting so much attention

Lawmakers Who Upheld NSA Phone Spying Received Double the Defense Industry Cash


Austrian flap over bell dedicated to Hitler

PA. makes schools wait 3+ yrs for promised school construction grants. Guess where the money went?

Abortion Rights Freedom Ride

Is a Veasey-Garcia rematch on the horizon for the 33rd Congressional District?

Russia to Reply to US Attorney General’s Snowden Letter

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin - America's Unfortunate Interfaith Couple

New law attempts to curb payroll fraud in construction projects

PhD Thesis on DU and Free Republic

Billions of Gallons of Sewage Contaminate NY Waters

Marchers in Sanford demanding Angela Corey's resignation after George Zimmerman verdict

Sequestration and hurricane hunters

Israel vs. Iran, Again

I would REALLY like to see them stop pissing all over Huma!!!

Recap: We Won 5 Amendments to the Defense Bill

I want to get off the Coke permanently - help me with my addiction.

MTA Wants To Hike Subway Fares Yet Again

BART, unions continue talks to avert another strike

Cooking abalone fresh

UK Man Raises Money For Charity By Dancing Across Country In A Tutu

"The craving for human touch doesn't vanish with age."

I think it's important to have something to be passionate about.

Fruitvale Station

Buck O'Neil with wisdom for all ages. Remarkable.

Red Sox' David Ortiz Destroys Dugout Phone After Getting Ejected


This Week in Poverty: Food Policy, EITC Expansion and Financial Security for All


Louisiana Sheriff Refuses to Stop Enforcing Anti-Sodomy Law

Ed Shultz discussing Walker on MSNBC n/t

Why was this alert not juried? Thanks.

Archbishop Tutu 'would not worship a homophobic God'

Two 10-year-old girls, two acts of heroism...

Severed head offering found in Aztec temple

Day 21: 1st Prisoner in Corcoran SHU Dies While on Hunger Strike

NAFTA is making Mexico sick

80 Percent Of U.S. Adults Face Near-Poverty, Unemployment: Survey

South Korea strikes back!

President Obama Ruptures John Boehner’s Pipeline of Keystone XL Lies

Racist KKK Tea Partiers Face Terrorism Charges!

Weiner Paid Private Investigator $43,100 To Look Into His Own Twitter Hacking Lies: Report

Police Infiltrators Among Protesters


Glenn Greenwald: Low-Level NSA Analysts Have ‘Powerful and Invasive’ Search Tool

A Confederacy of Lunches - ‘This Town,’ by Mark Leibovich

Pope Francis's final mass in Brazil 'attended by 3m'

Wealthy Nations Thwart Hopes of World's Landless Peoples


Sharing my day in Rockport, MA!

Korean TV evens the score

Protesters rev motorcycles for Trayvon Martin

Long Distance Swimmer

How American Jewish leaders Are Undermining Two-State Solution - Via Jerusalem

For Any Yalies Out there, Is this True

i hate it when DNCC keeps going to the same well ...

Glacier Point , front page of New York Times..

Ten Revelations From Bradley Manning's WikiLeaks Documents

"Obama’s Master Class in Demagogy 101" --Economist Michael Hudson

Obama's Defensive Offensive

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Should Resign, Sen. Feinstein Says

"... While I was screaming at my TV and marching in the streets in protest of the Patriot Act,

sign the petition to stop using toxic dispersants to clean up oil spills

The Great Dismal Swamp Canal/ Lake Drummond Kayak Adventure 2013 (pic heavy)

It's time to show the Republican obstructionists who won the election.

The Bad Seed: The Health Risks of Genetically Modified Corn

Car crashes into Second Avenue Subway site

Cantaloupe Calves, and 4 Other Unhinged Comments from America’s Lunatic Right-Wing Fringe This Week

A Simple Choice: The Interests of the Public or the Self-Interest of the Press Barons

Colorblind Ideology is a Form of Racism

“Darrell Issa's Got a Plan to Put the Postal Service in a Death Spiral"

Is the practice of DUers appointing themselves to the role of public accuser of

Big surprise, GOP judge relaces Orie Melvin

Your Cuccinelli Meme of the Week

Someone took me off of ignore!

Unlikely allies target McConnell's personality, campaign style

Greenwald's evidence for his latest claim is a 2008 report.

"A number of compliance problems?" Interpret as you will, but I'm guessing we'll eventually find out

After years of obscure warnings, Wyden gets privacy debate in wake of NSA revelations

Driving from the Northeast to the South question

Gov. Sandoval selectively picking jobs data to cite signs of Nevada’s recovery

Community power at its best

Extreme heat wave in Europe

Why would a Muslim write a book about Jesus?

PA. Supreme Court stops part of state law that pre-empted local regulation of fracking activities

This is ironic...

Delicious Nippon (Japanese Cuisine) 8 Episodes

Chris Hedges on: The Failure of Labor and the Liberal Class...An Incredible Watch! Pt. 5 of 7!

Summer 2013

Congrats to the Marlins on taking 2 out of 3 against the Buccos...

Broncos lose center Dan Koppen to knee injury

Donovan McNabb to retire as an Eagle

Professor Snape tweet; Dear William and Kate:

Garrett undecided on Romo's availability for preseason opener

George Takei: Many fans won't get why this is funny.

We have become "the evil empire" and so it goes...

Red Sox and Tampa Rays setting up for an epic battle for the AL East...

July 28, 1869

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton To Meet For Private Lunch On Monday, White House Announces

Protesters in 40 cities take part in Bradley Manning ‘International Day of Action’

Danziger Toon- The Tea Party Debates Itself!

Adams Morgan hate crime was motivated by Zimmerman verdict, police say

If you know any American persons living in another country than America than please let them know

Germans protest against US surveillance

Help! I've forgotten the name of the DU porn group