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Archives: July 31, 2013

Six Papa Johns Pizza stores close in New York Capital area.

Test for eighth graders in Kentucky dated 1912 ignites debate over kids' intelligence today

News report from 1981 about the Internet

Atlanta Braves pitch maglev train from GSU-MARTA station to Turner Field

Sen. Sanders: Wal-Mart Welfare

For WilliamPitt: Post your Daddy songs!

U.S. Bishops Have No Trouble Judging Gays

On Obama's tax proposal: why not just propose a MINIMUM tax corporations must pay?

trapped and had to listen to bill orielly talking points commentary

San Diego Solar-Powered Apartments Lease Up Quickly

My eight seconds of Fox News today...

FOOD SHERPAS guide the culinary curious!

John Wayne gives his 2 cents to Zimmerman

Dumbest. Cop. Evah.

Europe's "biggest battery" to regulate UK renewable energy

Well, at least for several hours, the Buccos have the best record in baseball...

Florida Rep. Ritch Workman Claims High School Textbook Has Pro-Islam Bias

Sombody Elses Problem?

One thing about the Manning verdict we all should be able to agree on

I just got kicked out of a ten year relationship.

Tornado Close Up: Flying debris as twister rips through Italian province

Weiner in new NY campaign ad: I won't quit (sexting or mayor race??)

Mavis Staples - Waiting for my Child to Come Home

Africa's Big Brother Lives in Beijing

"Hundreds attend ‘Justice for Sammy’ protest against fatal streetcar shooting"

Tea party fixation with UN Agenda rears its ugly head again, this time in Missouri.

Is there any organization more threatening to this democracy then the Tea Party, at this point?

Massive pet food recall announced

Union-Made in America Back to School Supplies

UN:Chile should solve land dispute with Mapuche (using an anti-terrorism law against Mapuche)

Ga. Insurance Comm. says insurance (health) rates going up 200%.

Activist Toolkit: Confronting ALEC on its 40th Annual Meeting - People for the American Way

xpost from GD: Ga. Insur. Commissioner says health rates going up 200%

My cat was just sitting on bubble wrap and is loving it. What is your pet up to right about now?

EPA chief: preventing climate change the opportunity of a lifetime

What is a good 50th birthday present for a busy mother with a bad back?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Johnny’s in the House! & a new Kitteh gif

U.S. wants exemption from Canadian law for cross-border officers, RCMP memo says

Bradley Manning is a hero and a freedom fighter.

How would you know if your neighbor was a sleepwalker?

Seen in Madison ....

NC House Dances With Joy Over Their Accomplishments

Facebook CIA Project: The Onion News Network

Toles Toon on Obamacare

Bill urges schools to stock anti-allergy drug

Titan and Rings

DU Lounge Men...Tell me the truth...

JPMorgan Chase Accused of Manipulating Electricity Prices, Pays Record-Breaking Penalties

Republicans Want Wendy Davis to Foot Possible $2.4 Million Bill for Special Session

The Camp Gyno

Sweet payback to a racist friend.

Obama finally Agrees to Talk to Rep. Grayson

Judge fines conservative group, orders disclosure of its donors

Before reinstalling Win7 on my computer

An LOL Kat for the workers!!! (Agrees to Reinstate Striking Employees And Provide Back-Pay)

I can read it!!! Can you????

Teachers in Arkansas to Carry Concealed Handguns at School

Antibullying Anthem Benefits Straight But Not Narrow

Mary Todd Lincoln had two brothers in the Confederate Army. Both died in 1862.

Obama: Keystone is not a jobs program

Troglodyte Republicon "HEARTS" Bradley Manning, proposes a national holiday

Does it bother you even one little whit as a Democrat ??

America WAKE UP The MANNING Circus Trial Should Be Considered UNCONSTITUTIONAL

For those who posted to my previous thread, I have a funny update...

Is it me or has MLB officiating got way worse?

Cab driver suspended after allegedly forcing same-sex couple out on Freeway

Businesses enlist Congress in fight against California laws

Doubling McDonald's Salaries Would Cause Your Big Mac To Cost Just 68˘ More: Study

"Health care costs rise at slowest rate in 50 years"

WikiLeaks on Manning verdict: 'Extremism'

Photo: Secretary Kerry Shakes Hands With Former President Carter

US home prices rise 12.2 percent, best in 6 years

Film Academy Elects First African American President

Group accuses Apple supplier of labor abuses

"White House: Health reform hasn't hurt jobs"

Inside Groundswell: Read the Memos of the New Right-Wing Strategy Group Planning a "30 Front War"

Groundswell: A Secret Tape Reveals How It Lobbied Boehner and Issa on Benghazi

Appeals Court Rejects New York City’s Large Soda Ban, Ensuring It Will Remain Overturned

The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence

shot of tequilla and triple sec

Guardsman, ex-Marine guilty in recruiting fraud

Lewis Black Takes On Rick Perry's Misguided Business Recruiting Strategy

July 31st International Day of Action in Solidarity with CA Prisoner Hunger Strikers

Gorgeous sepia-tinted pictures show the landscape as it was charted

state by state speak your mind about oklahoma

Major opinion shifts, in the US and Congress, on NSA surveillance and privacy

state by stae speak your mind about oklahoma

Ladybugs (1992) Rodney Dangerfield playing on Epix on demand

groundswell's operation rove: night of the long knives


Calling Conservatives stupid may be objectionable.

Photos: U.S. Special Envoy for Africa's Great Lakes region Russell Feingold

How can this country go on with the CEO of MacDonalds earning $9 million per year?

Stock market Watch, Wednesday July 31, 2013

Obama administration declassifies order directing Verizon to turn over Americans' phone records

Oh Really?

The baby rabbit followed me home!

UT Med District--Biggest Transformation Facing Downtown Austin

weiner aid slams "slutbag" former intern

All eyes on Jerusalem

I can't imagine how many Veterans stand with Bradley Manning

Obama at Chattanooga’s Amazon center challenges GOP to accept corporate tax deal

Weird family contretemps

the austin texas skyline

What William769 said

He's riding hard to catch that herd, but he ain't caught 'em yet

Murfreesboro mosque opponents take case to Tennessee Supreme Court

"Republicans Are Gearing Up To Continue Their Senseless War on America"

Penn State former adminsitrators charged in Sandusky incidents

ACLU: America using Manning case to intimidate ANYONE considering revealing valuable info in future

What is the hip hop video that has the same singer playing all the band members, while adoring fans

Not Very Christian Of Them

Farmers Branch Is Now Being Sued for Being Too Soft on Hispanics

U.S. wants exemption from Canadian law for cross-border officers, RCMP memo says

Anchorage breaks record for 70-degree-plus days in a row

Effort To Get NSA Leaker Edward Snowden’s Father To Moscow Collapses

Mindfully Eating Animals - how to have your meat, and not participate in factory farming

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday July 31st

Hannity Gets Pwnd On National TV Calls On Black Teabagger For Backup.

Kenedy Water Shortage Impacts Prison Conditions

Microwave/ Convection Hoods

What Manning Revealed - Read This & Tell Me Just WHO Is Our Government Keeping Safe?

CNN does report from London Sex shop where reporter is spanked

John Oliver Mercilessly Mocks Biden, And Invites Halliburton To ‘Eat A Bag Of D*cks’

Big Red Sox trade tonight - Iglesias to Detroit...Peavy to Boston



Great Energy Interactive Website Resource. Please Check it Out. Bookmark. Share.

Just saw "Springsteen and I" in Harrisburg tonight.

I promise never to say another nasty thing about Obama if he will verbally support this Senate bill

Free Speech Press Conference Wednesday, July 31

Dog TV...

Sexy car PR trick backfires

How The Media Failed To Destroy The Beatles

Film Academy Selects First African American President

Tuesday night insomnia

Dianne Feinstein op-ed in the Washington Post

Royal baby footman back in India after visa renewal fails

Arrest in vandalism of churches, synagogue

'Black People' Problems are Personal Choices & Obama's Fault, Says O'Reilly (TYT 7/23)

How to speak Wisconsinese!

How to Get Out of Debt: The Real Secret

Taxing and spending is the government's fucking JOB!

Read the Memos of the New Right-Wing Strategy Group Planning a "30 Front War"

Want some spider with your wine?...

10 Reasons to Avoid (Delay) Retirement

Latest ENENews 7-31-13

Wrinkle in Health Law Vexes Lawmakers’ Aides

Alison Lundergran Grimes kicks off U.S. Senate campaign with barbs for Mitch McConnell

Alison Lundergan Grimes slams Mitch McConnell, D.C. ‘dysfunction’

Expert Says NSA Have Backdoors Built Into Intel And AMD Processors

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty - Trailer (Ben Stiller)

There's a sucker born every minute - P. T. Barnum

Electronic Frontier Foundation: Hacker Madness

July 31: National Raspberry Cake Day

Manning’s Conviction Seen as Making Prosecution of WikiLeaks’ Assange Likely

A discussion with the Four Atheist Horsemen

California Mathematicians Develop Equation to Prevent Shootings

Lawsuit Claims Bag Searches at Apple Stores Cost Workers $1,500 a Year In Unpaid Overtime

Juan Cole: "Top Ten Ways Bradley Manning Changed the World"

California Mathematicians Develop Equation to Prevent Shootings

Chesterfield man allegedly steals $4,000 worth of wine in self-checkout switch

Law firms linked to convicted private investigators

Anarchists Of The House: How Radical Republicans Are A Threat To The World

Can you recommend a program for free or low-cost college textbooks?

"Stair lift" question

Fukushima fallout hits farmers

Pakistan TV show hosted by Aamir Liaquat Hussain gives away babies to audience

One Man Stops, Dozens of Others Walk Past Shivering Dog

Edward Snowden and his allegedly drained laptops

Florida, Georgia say insurance rates to spike under Obamacare

DUers Abroad Check-in! Yes Dorthy, Democrats do live abroad.

In lieu of flowers...

Susan Jacoby in the NYT: Weiner's Women

China owes Hollywood millions after halting payment for films

Attack of the gluten intolerant sex addicts, Mark Morford

You can't disprove my totally hot girlfriend (toon)

Bombshell: Plutocrats Brazenly Collude to Hurt State Economies and Screw Working People

Pentagon to bear brunt of upcoming budget cuts

Why Life in America Can Literally Drive You Insane

The “Free Market” Takes Its Pound Of Flesh, But Never From The Failed CEO

Pesticides are blowing into California’s mountains, poisoning frogs

Arctic methane catastrophe scenario is based on new empirical observations

Ecuadorian President Questions Role of OAS

Ecuadorian President Questions Role of OAS

10 die in record Shanghai heatwave (worst in 140 years)

Hawaii Is Giving Homeless People A One-Way Ticket Off The Islands

Mineral Rich Australia May Contain World’s Next Major Oil Find (Shale Oil)

The Wall Street Cartel- Get rid of their private justice system...

College Student Left In Windowless DEA Cell For Four Days Reaches $4 Million Settlement With US Gov.

"Stop and Frisk is a tool; I haven't said stop using it"

Scott Walkers Incredibly Bad Day, Round 2

CNBC: "Happy Birthday Milton Friedman!" Verbatim.

10 Signs That US Infrastructure Is A Disaster {large images alert}

Homs, Syria

The Financial Crisis Cost More Than $14 Trillion: Dallas Fed Study

Wis. mine opponents allowed to stay, for now (Native American encampment)

Oops - Thai Oil Spill Moving Beyond Koh Samet To Mainland - And Now They're Using Dispersants

The blackmail consideration for Anthony Wiener....

6,000 Barrels Of Bitumen Recovered From 4 Tar Sands Spills So Far, But Size Of Spills Unknown

U.S. Economy Added 200,000 Private-Sector Jobs in July, According to ADP National Employment Report

Huge Chinese Project Diverts Filthy Water; 5 Rivers Feeding It Take 1.3 M Tons Wastewater/Day

Bradley Manning Acquitteed of Aiding the Enemy

Anyone know about cars? UPDATE ABOUT THE SOUND

3 Years After Kalamazoo River Spill, Enbridge Prepares For Another 350K Cubic Yards Of Dredging

Question: Are there ANY standards for holding defendants awaiting trial???

Pope Francis on Gays: Who Am I to Judge Them?

Yellowstone wolves spur recovery of bears' berries

Pictures: Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades impose themselves...

New NC Pollution Bill Says Groundwater Pollution Legal Until It Reaches Others' Property Line

What do horses and other animals do when a tornado hits? Assuming the horses are free to

I don't want to sound crazy but is anyone else having an unusually back 2013?

Bill de Blasio for Mayor of NYC: Harry Belafonte and Rep. Yvette Clark endorse de Blasio

Obama about to cave again

Would I be considered a scab if I went to work for a temp agency?

Jake Peavy changes Sox

U.S. to declassify documents on spy programs, surveillance court

Just finished FOXFIRE by Anya Seton. (Not Firefox, FOXFIRE). Published a long time ago

Snowden's father says FBI asked him to visit his son

a headline that makes you look: Simon Cowell Expecting Baby With Friend’s Wife Lauren Silverman:

Good morning Willcox!

More Tea-nuttery: Pence (IN) creates new office to cut federal red tape

Holder called upon to investigate Clapper for conspiring and testifying falsely before Congress

Al Sharpton - GroundSwell: The New, Secret Right-wing Plan To Take Down Obama

Student to get $4 million from DEA because of "mistake"

Boozman bill would eliminate estate tax

An Independent, Two Democrats and a Republican Walk into a Bar…

Working for WalMart Sen. Boozman bill would eliminate estate tax

NC Sen. Josh Stein Debates Voting Restrictions Bill - MUST SEE and SHARE!!!

Guardian: "XKeyscore: NSA tool collects 'nearly everything a user does on the internet'"

Has Education Paid Off for Black Workers?


Anti-Islam Activists Are Freaking Out About Crayons Now

Maher Attacks Times, Chris Matthews over Weiner/Spitzer


McCrory delivers cookies, protesters don’t like the message

Obama Calls Out Republicans For Wasting Time On Keystone: ‘That’s Not A Jobs Plan’

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 31, 1896

To my DU friends, sorry we didn't make it in time for the main protest. We did make it late

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 31, 1896

Poll - 78% of Young Women Favor Weiner

The $32 Trillion Hidden Offshore Needs IRS Attention.

How Venezuelan Used ‘Scrape’ to Make Six Times Her Salary

What is with the Hillary Clinton media blitz this week?

The Era of iSpying: Court Upholds Warrantless Cell-Phone Tracking

Far as I know, it's generally accepted that the gov't tried to "fix" the Ellsberg trial ....

One bounced check? No more bank accounts for you

WAY TOO MUCH PIE for the military, nothing left for US

Why NSA Surveillance Will Be More Damaging Than You Think

How government is run, Central FL style: political appointments, public $ distribution to cronies:


"Never enough mirrors!" . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!!

The Steady Decline of Homeownership, for Everyone, Everywhere

Metro Detroit fast food workers protest, walk out in push for higher wages

VIDEO: Disabled puppy learning to walk (set to the 'Rocky' theme, of course)

Greenwald: NSA hearing canceled

Putin taking notes

A funny Camera-cartoon / Bits of it true for some of us

The Bradley Manning verdict is still bad news for the press

VIDEO: Disabled puppy learning to walk (set to the 'Rocky' theme, of course)

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- The Big Baby Party

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Pope Springs Eternal

NC Music Love Army at Kings Barcade in Raleigh for Moral Monday (following the last Moral Monday)

Just watched 'The Man from Earth.' Very compelling movie

5'6" over 300#

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

PETER DYKSTRA: Nuclear power: dying or reborn?

Crimes Exposed Must Be Prosecuted Before Whistleblowers

Live. Link to Senate Judiciary hearing on NSA data collection

Missouri woman accused of leaving loaded rifle in toddler's crib

We are the enemy Manning and Snowden aided

Retail health clinics

Flake Drops Stringer, Backs Spitzer in Comptroller Race

Manning guilty; war criminals on the loose

Don’t Repeal Any Laws, Repeal John Boehner

Teens Suspected In Ohio Shootings Got Ride From Trooper

The jasmine lesson: Reform beats revolution

2016 Presidential Primary Poll

The Fisherman and others "pic heavy"

Why is open homophobia still tolerated on DU?

US economy grew by 1.7% in second quarter as government eases cuts

J.P. Morgan STEALS From Tens Of Millions and Faces No Criminal Charges

NYTimes: Inequality in America: The Data Is Sobering

What is happening in Michoacán. (In Spanish)

Guns Are For White People

Prediction: Congress will very shortly pass a law banning the NSA spying ...

Red Dirt Girl. A sad song. Emmylou Harris

Progressives to target GOP town halls-Borrowing the Tea Party's strategy & stirring up trouble

An interesting look at modern superhero movies and how they reflect on American policy

Capriles calling for a protest in Venezuela on Saturday:

Obama Calls Out Republicans For Wasting Time On Keystone: ‘That’s Not A Jobs Plan’

SC Republican Party Regrets Email That Compared IRS To Gestapo

Anthony Weiner Forever

On His Jobs Tour, Obama Touts Amazon Jobs That Are Literally Out Of Reach

House GOP Defunds ACORN Yet Again, Even Though ACORN Does Not Exist

Crime Watch ALERT

Pat Robertson On Transgender Community: 'I Don't Think There's Any Sin Associated With That'

The Onion Predicts Real Life: Republicans Block NASA's Asteroid Plan

Greenwald is now recycling his breaking revelations.

Can the IOC change the 2014 Olympics to another venue from Russia? EXTREME WARNING ON THIS PHOTO

Guns Are for White People

Obamacare exchange navigators expected to earn $20- $48 an hour

Think The Sochi Olympics Are A Human Rights Disaster? Things Are Going To Get A Lot Worse

Smoked chicken legs and thighs

Why Do These People Hate Women So Much

Wendy Davis and the Castro brothers make the cover of Texas Monthly magazine

Predicting NC's Future


You don't have to commit treason

Did he just call someone "Batshit"?

"I told him there's no other dad I'd rather have. They will know who their grandfather was."

Ha! Batshit!

Is it possible to learn classical guitar online? (updated)

The Doors - The End

Hacked Highway Sign Espouses The Virtue Of Smoking Weed ‘Evryday’

Johnny Cash - Hurt

The Sexist Attacks on Janet Yellen Have to Stop

Women, We Need to Talk

Montgomery County Register of Wills sued over gay marriage licenses

US senators rail against intelligence disclosures over NSA practices

Do you really think the NSA has the manpower to sift through billions of keystrokes and metadata

over - portishead

Appeals court upholds Warrantless Cellphone tracking data.

I have a question about the Keystone Pipeline that perplexes me

Send Me A Congress

Ptah posted this in the Arizona Group this mornng -- "Good Morning, Willcox!"

MLB informs union which players will be suspended

NJ: Bus Driver on Phone Lost Control, Hit Pole That Fell on Stroller, Killing Baby: Sheriff

72-hour coast-to-coast Amtrak ride condensed to just over 3 minutes

Police Caught Planting Drugs In Small Business

Candles in the Rain

Conservatives Move To Trying To Trick Lower Income People Out Of Health Care

America is about to change drastically — and it’s tearing the GOP apart

Nobody - "Porpoise Song"

You want ID to vote? Just get a ride to seasonal ferry across river to office open only 4.5 hrs/week

Two Amish Teens Hurt In Shooting.

Perhaps the best approach to universal background checks is

HSS: Medicare drug premiums remain stable four years in a row (part D costs remain stable)

GDP Report: Sequestration Continues To Drag On Economic Growth

Today is National Raspberry Cake Day.

Is Reza Aslan Anti-Christian?

For The Birds

Flying Lotus - I Feel Like Dying (Instrumental)

Man Tries To Smuggle Pet Turtle On Plane By Hiding It In KFC Sandwich

Gonjasufi - Bury Me

How did we get here? Where revealing torture is espionage? By Douglas Rushkoff

The GOP doesn't want to win the office of President since they have perfected the politics of

I Want

Nancy Pelosi Plies POTUS With Early Birthday Cake

What is the best zip program? nm

how can i convert pdf to jpg? nm

You want ID to vote? Just get a ride to seasonal ferry to office open 1 day per week.

Defense seeks merger of some Manning verdicts

Tips for buying a used car?

The Would-Be Chaplain Who Doesn't Believe in God

Franken to introduce NSA transparency bill

A Catholic case for same-sex marriage

You think cookies will make it better somehow? Seriously?

Pic Of The Moment: Pork Wars: Christie Roasts Paul Over Spending Hypocrisy

How Congress Is Playing Real Life Hunger Games With Cuts To SNAP Food Stamps

Robin Thicke Calls ‘Blurred Lines’ a ‘Feminist Movement Within Itself’

Weiner Pledges In Ad To Not Leave Mayoral Race Because NYers "Don't Quit"

Tony Bennett, Former Indiana School Superintendent, Changed Top GOP Donor's School's Grade

Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan Rise as U.S. Prepares Pullout

Toxic algae confirmed in St. Lucie River (FL); residents urged to avoid contact

The truly interfaith church of what’s happening now

Wyden: If we don't...revise our surveillance laws now... all of us are going to regret it.

Hmmmm, how's this for a simple rule that would change everything

Kevin Gosztola Discusses The Bradley Manning Trial

"Why the Relentless Assault on Abortion Rights in the US?" One comment I found thought-provoking.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Singing Protestors

Governor signs casino gaming bill

A dog's killer instinct is deep-rooted.

McClatchy asks whether US spied on its reporter

Frank Zappa had it exactly right.

smiles for everyone!

I keep losing track of time.

Next Citizens United? McCutcheon Supreme Court Case Targets Campaign Contribution Limits

Feds ink insurance exchange deal with eHealth

Harry Belafonte endorses Public Advocate Bill de Blasio for mayor

Obama defends Larry Summers: "Don't believe everything in the Huffington Post"

O.J. Simpson wins parole in robbery case

Shelby County (TN) bans corporal punishment at school

Moyers: North Carolina Passes the Country’s Worst Voter Suppression Law

Nine states still lack comprehensive laws banning texting while behind the wheel.

I'm speechless...

UK Government to outlaw Google Glass for drivers

Oakland accepts federal funds for controversial VAST surveillance setup

Woman outraged that sex offender neighbor not on public database

1,000 PA. Bridges to Get Weight Restrictions because of inability of State to Pass Transp. Bill

Indeed, Whistleblowers are Traitors- Traitors to the Traitors

Whistle blowers break city silence

Man arrested with guns during Obama visit gets prison

How Exercise Changes Fat and Muscle Cells

Chattanooga Times Fees Press front page

Ohio offers in-state tuition to 'deferred' immigrants

JK Rowling's letter to a fan who had written her after losing her parents:

Corporate sell-outs exploit a secret new gimmick

Ethics Commissioner Quits as Panel Meets Behind Closed Doors

The dubious distinction of China’s newest cancer village: its residents were poisoned by soil

Summers as Fed chair? It looks like a no-go

Alan Grayson is THE MOST Effective Legislator in Congress Today - the Empirical Evidence Proves it

DNI Clapper Declassifies and Releases Telephone Metadata Collection Documents (link to doc)

Water bomber

Photos: Superheroes brighten children's day at Omaha hospital (must see)

My family and I had a WONDERFUL day yesterday because of, believe it or not, teabaggers!

NICHOLS: In an Economic Democracy, Stiglitz and Reich Would Be Contenders for Fed Head

US senators rail against intelligence disclosures over NSA practices

He will never wash that shirt again....

U.S. Outlines N.S.A.’s Culling of Data for All Domestic Calls

Technology, Surveillance, Art and our Constitution

Police: Fla. gunman called 911 before killing 6

Statement of Senator Patrick Leahy, oversight hearing on surveillance programs

Video: Rick Nolan (DFL-MN8) angrily calls on Boehner to cancel the House's vacation

NYPD: Majority Of Guns Used In City Crimes Are From Other States

Tweet on #ObamaCares

Man Arrested For Brutal Pride Weekend Attack

Watch Cord Jefferson Discuss the White Culture of Violence on MSNBC (video)

Study: Breast-feeding raises child's IQ

Papantonio: Right Wing Border Militias

Toon: Color Blind

Today (July 31) is Game Day in Kauai: People versus Biotech Companies

White House Closes Inquiry Into Afghan Massacre – and Will Release No Details

Cluster of Child Deaths Unprecedented and Alarming, Advocates Say

The Trials of Bradley Manning

U.S. intelligence official says no one fired over Snowden

In an Economic Democracy, Stiglitz and Reich Would Be Contenders for Fed Head

Graph: 7.2 million private sector jobs added in the past 40 months


Not a car or bicycle, but a blend — an ELF vehicle

Stringer Campaign Ad Attacks Spitzer's Record As Governor

Part 2: My Interview w/Sue Lyons, Author of Anti-Fracking Resolution Adopted by PA Dem Party [VIDEO]

Secretary of State Kerry in Pakistan on unannounced visit

Part 2:My Interview w/ Sue Lyons, Author of Anti-Fracking Resolution Adopted by PA Dem Party [VIDEO]

Women's Health: Not So Popular in Regular Session

Part 2: My Interview w/Sue Lyons, Author of Anti-Fracking Resolution Adopted by PA Dem Party [VIDEO]

Part 2: My Interview w/Sue Lyons, Author of Anti-Fracking Resolution Adopted by PA Dem Party [VIDEO]

Back to sleeping on the couch, and feeling guilty

Scott Walker: Wisconsin GOP Considering Expanding Anti-Union Restrictions To Police, Firefighters

Obama promises Democrats no debt limit fight

Solar-powered Elf: Rides like a bike, drives like a dream

Manning and Snowden: Smart, Weird Products of Broken Homes Are Mankind's Last Best Hope

Papantonio: Detroit Outcome A Celebration For Republicans

I really want to know what McCain was up to crashing Obama's meeting with Dems..

Walter Rhett: More Race and Sex

Just standing there going "BANG!' isn't going to kill too many people. is it?

Facebook may face prosecution over bullied teenager's suicide in Italy

Report: TSA employee misconduct up 26% in 3 years

ACLU: " Here's our favorite page from the recently declassified FISA Court Order"

got a mailing and a phone call from today

Parents worried Johnny Manziel is out of control and more revelations about Texas A&M QB

Christians Will Be Subject To Arrest At The 2014 Olympics In Russia.

Parents worried Johnny Manziel is out of control and more revelations about Texas A&M QB

Governor Rick Scott of FL wants Jesse Jackson to apologize.

"If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."

"Obama defends NSA surveillance but acknowledges some limits are inevitable"

Oxycontin Pigsnout's dramatic STRATEGERY for re-branding the Republican Party: Shoot the Messenger

Recession Forever? 10 Reasons American Workers Are Screwed

How Bradley Manning Changed The Fate Of Whistleblowers

A great quote from President John Kennedy...

Larry Summers Gets 'Full-Throated Defense' From Obama In Capitol Hill Meeting, Lawmaker Says

Will Bond steps down as Party Chair

Families in Hudson River boat crash issue statement

Forbes' Hollywood's highest-paid actresses for 2013

"Edward Snowden Has Done the Senate Judiciary Committee's Work for Them" (Atlantic)

Do you know what a General Warrant was?

Your Dog Will Not Like DogTV

Now You Can Have Your Final Remains Placed In The Album Of Your Choosing

Secret Enemies, Secret Police, Texas Fracking Water Contamination and More - Perception is Reality


Miss Sharknado on TV? Want to see it on the big screen this Friday night?

Hey Skinner - any hints about what sort of enhancements/features planned

Latest cigarette tax increase (MA) from 2.51 to 3.51 pack, about $10/pack now

Varieties of atheist experience


New Surveillance Law Would Curtail NSA Snooping on Americans, Increase Transparency

NYC needs a public advocate, not a Weiner. Why Bill de Blasio should be next mayor of NYC.

George Zimmerman Stopped By Cops Still Packing Heat

Obama: Don't talk bad about Larry Summers

Cuban athletes and artists get in on capitalism

Drunkest D.C. Intern Ever Loses Shoe While Stalking Paul Ryan

NSA slide 17: "Show me all the VPN startups"..."So I can decrypt"

Thom Hartmann: It Can't Happen Here? But it IS Happening There!

Mont Saint-Michel

The NFL's biggest joke gets more inane ...

Does anyone else think the judge in this case is getting money from the jail for each prisoner?

Goodbye to a writer; John Graves dead at 92

Will Francis’ Statements on Women and Gays ‘Make a Mess’ Inside the Church?

I don't like the fonts used in Greenwald's jarring revelations

(Alabama's) Drummond tries to limit sanctions after fouling Colombia’s seas: Report

(Alabama's) Drummond tries to limit sanctions after fouling Colombia’s seas: Report

Wow. NY TIMES Slams Manning Verdict AND Prosecution

So did all the baseball GMs sleep in today? Sure is quiet on trade deadline day.

Poor Tobin. He's having enough trouble focusing on his studies... and NOW he has a stalker.

Dick Mom:

"The Frog Prince" -- rebooted:

At the bierfests, MFM wanted to marry this woman. Hell, by night's end, he wanted to marry them all!

PTSD in firemen? Researchers believe MFM is responsible for 16% of it. (NSFW -- I'm serious)

Netanyahu promises thousands of new housing units in West Bank, East Jerusalem

Chan790 doesn't binge-drink since the morning he woke up and looked in horror at what lay beside him

Senator Leahy - little evidence government collection of phone records helped prevent terror attacks

Ecologists reject contruction of hotel in Mochima (national park)

Scott Walker now wants to expand anti-union laws to Police and Fire .WE TOLD YOU SO!!!

State's fiscal outlook improving but future gaps persist, says comptroller

Ball State President Gora calls intelligent design religion, not science

Do we still need the Patriot Act?

Google's Sordid History of Net Neutrality Hypocrisy

LIVE: 50th Anniversary March on Washington Ceremony (Lawmakers)

Truth they won't admit

Sen. Sanders: Medicare for All

Sen. Ted Cruz calls for public uprising to defund ObamaCare

"How come the other kids all seem to have a good time?" Please come CAPTION Scott Walker!

30 pounds down, 60 to go! Bonus - I spent yesterday

George Zimmerman Is Now Speeding Around Texas With a Gun

House Democratic Women To Obama: Nominate Janet Yellen For Fed Chair

Artificial human ear grown in lab (BBC) {auricle (outer ear)}

Baby Woolly Mammoth

Manning sentencing trial: No Afghan national killed as a result of leaks

Hagel: Budget Cuts Could Harm Nation's Defense

130-million-year old fossil discovered in central Colombia

New antibiotic that attacks MRSA found in ocean microbe (BBC)

ATTN: Junk/Antique Experts. Need Help Identifying this 'whatchamacallit!'

New tornado shelter opens in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

German magnate Berthold Beitz who saved Jews in WWII dies (BBC)

Iran Activates 5,000 New Centrifuges as Part of Nuclear Program - Ahmadinejad

Gravity controls icy moon Enceladus's spew (BBC)

Do you think Weiner will drop out of the mayors race before the primary?

Oakland OKs money for surveillance center

UFO - "Out in the Street"

U.N. raps Chile for using anti-terrorism laws in indigenous protests

FDA warns of massive diabetes test strip recall

OMG, I just had zeppole that had BACON inside

A song for his trip: J.J. Cale and Eric Clapton play "After Midnight" live

George Zimmerman Speeding, Pulled Over With Gun In Car

MSNBC Host Calls Weiner's Sexting Friend 'Batshit'

Will we be hearing about George Zimmerman for the rest of our lives? nt

GM Passes Toyota to Win J.D. Power Quality Survey - Bloomberg

2014 Chevrolet Impala is Consumer Reports' highest-scoring sedan

Craft (it's not just about the cars)

Moche Mural in Peru Revealed in Stunning Detail

What apps would you like to see?

Study suggests Costa Rica volcano powered by 'highway from hell'

Fossil Fuels’ Deadly Summer and the Growing Resistance

Gay marriage signals "the moral compass is disintegrating"

Sequester to blame for Snowden’s NSA leak

Dude. Seriously?

Does DU have a gift shop?

Dude. Seriously?

U.S. flying deportees deep into Mexico, over dangerous border

I'd like to add some JOY to your day...

Wingnuts LOVE the word "liberals" but HATE "progressives" because it reminds us they're Regressives

Do you crave any food right now?

Rate how much you 'like' Larry Summers as Fed Chair

Blotto Intern Falls Hard for Paul Ryan

Cameroon gay rights groups go on strike

7 Mind-Blowing Pictures of a Surreal River That Flows Beneath an Ocean

Panama indigenous groups say land under threat

Kremlin returns to typewriters to avoid computer leaks

Judge to serve 28 years after making $2 million for sending black children to jail

New Snowden Leak Upstages U.S. Move to Declassify Documents

"[Sen. Wyden] on Edward Snowden, how the NSA misled Congress, and reining in the massive collection"

Why is a SWAT team assaulting me? I’m just dancing at a rave (Militarized cops and the "drug war")

NSA chief addresses hackers as lawmakers grill underlings

New Viagra Ad to Feature Anthony Weiner

"Ex-Gay" group says thousands will be at rally in DC, 10 show up.

Sen Leahy RIPS NSA On Snowden & Manning. How Soon Will We Know Who Screwed Up

Crazy Rhubarb Lady doesn't like nosy bitches (video)

Whoa! Tweety just called Ted Cruz a "Terrorist" and his shutdown idea "Terrorism"

Unarmed Fla. Man Shot by Deputies in Driveway

Boehner Criticizes President Obama's "Low" Approval Rating, Without Realizing His Rating Is Worse!


Tweety calls Ted Cruz a terrorist - a political terrorist- turn on now for his rant on RW terrorists

Fraud: Sen. Rand Paul: I'm Not Against Using Drones To Find Criminals

Hagel: Budget cuts could harm nation's defense

Military Fails to Link Manning Leaks With Any Deaths (Sentencing Testimony from General)

Clown: Rand Paul Denying He Questioned Civil Rights Act

FDA warns of massive diabetes test strip recall

(Vehicle to Grid V2G) Articles and Papers on Grid Integrated Vehicles and EVs

NO studio, all utilities paid apartments in Joplin at all??

Happy 24th Birthday to the Greatest Floor Speech of All Time

Who do you think could have standing to sue the IRS for not following the Law as written

It's pretty crazy in America...

Democrats need to deal with Ted Cruz threatening a demolition job on the

Rainbow Mountains In China's Danxia Landform Geological Park Are Very, Very Real

So, my new doctor wants me to do a medical history online.

FedEx Truck Explosion in San Francisco: Police Investigating (updated, caused by fireworks package)

Dislike US corporate taxes? Try a foreign merger

Ryan's Twisted Demented Logic - Poverty Programs Cause People To Be Poor

Newbie DUer wants to know:

"I AM HERE" An Urban Intervention To Make The Invisible Visible PL{hanky alert}

US leads government demands for Twitter user data

Interfaith Medical Center Files Request For Permission To Close With Bankruptcy Court

Bankrupt Detroit receives less U.S. aid than Colombia

Pearl Jam - "Glorified G"

Ted Cruz: Joseph McCarthy clone? You be the judge. Photos

Oakland considering ban on violent tools at protests

Gulp. Stray dog taken in by paralyzed man eats new owner's testicle, dog gets euthanized

Turns out Jerrah's Palace serves a dual purpose

O.J. Simpson gets parole on some charges in 2008 Las Vegas convictions; more time to serve

Obama Calls Summers Criticism Unfair in Capitol Meeting

Senate rejects Rand Paul-backed plan to end Egypt aid

"Everybody out of work is eating, they got big screen tv,

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 1 August 2013

J.C. Penney Falls on Report CIT Stopped Funding Suppliers

How to translate from NSA to English

Restored 'Star Trek' shuttle unveiled for crowds in Houston

College education for sale through QVC (TV shopping)

How I Spent My RNC Mandated Summer Vacation

Crude Oil Caps Biggest Monthly Gain Since August

Justice does eventually triumph

Sovereign Citizen ‘President’ Sentenced To 18 Years In Federal Prison

TUESDAY: Rally for Workers

New Orleans inspector general argues School Board must cough up financial records

California Attorney General says feds not exempt from state ‘safe’ handgun law (with poll)

Black Hole Spin Rate Discovery May Shed Light On Evolution Of Galaxies

Harvard creates brain-to-brain interface, allows humans to control other animals with thoughts alone

Centenary College giving hits three-year high

Must ALL Republicans be assholes?

Udall banks $1.5M for re-election race

Today I got close. Excited and had to post. "Pic heavy"

The 5 Most Shocking Revelations About The Government’s Prosecution Of Aaron Swartz You Haven’t Heard

GOP’s Long-Predicted Comeuppance Has Arrived

Bored? How bout invading a GOP survey

Federal Judge: Catholic Church Has A Constitutional Right Not To Compensate Victims Of Sex Abuse

House passes student-loan bill, 392-31. Obama is expected to sign the bill.

Asked If He Would Vote For Rand Paul or Hillary, John McCain Said It Would Be A "Tough Choice"


First experimental signs of a New Physics beyond the Standard Model

Syrian Missiles Were Moved Before Israeli Strike, Officials Say

Anthony Weiner stands by spokeswoman who went on rant calling ex-intern a 'f--king slutbag', a 'tw-t

(France) Lesbian parents forced to accept rights of father

NSA disclosures show the frightening power the government has afforded itself without the knowledge

Terrorist Chic in France, From the Jeu de Paume Exhibit to Al Durah to Mohamed Merah

Found this to be an interesting idea:

Van Explodes In The Flatiron District But Two Delivery Workers Avoid Injury

Man Shoots Himself In Leg While Sleepwalking

Montana Experiment Brings NHS-Style Health Care to USA; Saves State Millions, Patients Delighted

What is your earworm tonight? Mine is "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac


Poll: Voters oppose shutdown threat over ObamaCare

Illinois judge rules Chicago can proceed with school closings

Rockets’ Terrence Jones arrested in Portland after allegedly stomping on homeless man’s legs

Plan For Belle Isle Utopia Revived After Bankruptcy Filing (Detroit)

I've been awarded a scholarship for the upcoming school year.

My new guilty pleasure: Full length Charlie Chan movies on You Tube.

Pictures from the Good Jobs for All Rallies in KC

Boston from the air. Part 2

The Kitten Sam...Then and Now...

A lengthy but revealing article explaining some of what we are up against.

Oh My! George Zimmerman armed during recent Texas traffic stop

Dem fundraising in Ohio lags far behind GOP coffers

Keep an eye on your Rhubarb. NSFW, but funny

Byron Todd Jones, of Minnesota, to be Director of ATF - Confirmed by U.S. Senate: 53-42

Senate _ finally _ approves Obama nominee for ATF

Senate narrowly confirms ATF chief

Clarence Thomas’ wife sparks effort to impose tougher Supreme Court ethics

Frank O'Leary, striking Labatt worker: 'We are standing strong for what is right and just'

I was surprised at the ease with which I filed my taxes and the speed of my refund...

Namaste , A little token-


"Morning Joe’ panel calls Ted Cruz ‘completely ignorant’ member of ‘Taliban’"

Noise Machine Fumes As Its Hillary Clinton Caricature Collapses

Pill linked to long life in mice (BBC)

Schooled by Occupy movement, fast-food workers put demands on the table

Hillsdale College President Refers To Minorities As ‘Dark Ones’ (AUDIO)

On the eve of legal gay marriage in the state of Minnesota, I share this.