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Antifreeze, cheap materials may lead to low-cost solar energy

Chicago Rising!

Edward Snowden, judo master?

The energy-water nexus: Managing water in an energy-constrained world

Governor Perry--God here.

If Zimmerman gets off I fail to see how a person doing this wouldn't get off as well

When states monitored their citizens we used to call them authoritarian.

Coup topples Egypt's Morsy; deposed president under 'house arrest'

Frank Rich: "When Privacy Jumped The Shark"

Supreme Court Denies Cablevision Request to Stop Labor Hearing

DOMA: One Week Later MUST SEE!

Study Reports on Declines in Ecosystem Productivity Fueled by Nitrogen-Induced Species Loss

Rupert Murdoch secret tapes: News Corp defends head

How to Make a Perfect Summer Feast

Yes, I have been down on Obama, et al, lately...but then I remember the alternative.

"The Men Who Built America" is on History.

Review of Mark Leibovich’s ‘This Town’

Obama, Merkel agree to high-level talks on U.S. surveillance program

The hyperbole is getting thick.

You know what? It's not just Zimmerman.

Georgia tea party groups on opposite sides of solar power

Agency hopes to cash in on adults' taste for breast milk

Zimmerman: How did his hands get underneath his body?

Pickett's Rant

Coup, democracy, vs. revolt in Egypt

(CA) Senate OKs bill letting transgender students pick facilities

Talking train window adverts tested in Germany ("appears to come from inside your head")

Here's my Zimmerman theory...

Nugent? Really?

BBC should reflect more 'extreme' views

‘The New Cool’: How These Sharp Space Pictures Were Snapped From A Ground Telescope

Manny Ramirez signs minor league deal with Rangers...

Wisconsin man involved in murder/suicide by cop "may have been mentally ill."

You get a subsidy for healthcare if you make less than 94,000 dollars a year?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy! Independence Day. Cute puppy vid

"U.S. Orders Diplomats To Leave Egypt In Anticipation Of Political Violence After Morsi's Ouster"

What is your All-American song? please post a link.

Why Some Baseball Players Might have a Squeaky Voice . .??

The only proper response.

Teams Looking For Sen. Udall’s Brother Find Body

OH SNAP!!!!!

Butler coach Brad Stevens accepts job as Celtics head coach.

French nuclear tests 'showered vast area of Polynesia with radioactivity'

Obama, Merkel agree to high-level talks on U.S. surveillance program

Does anyon know if "The David Koch Foundation" is the same

Bill Gates is wrong

Canada bombing suspect's past: A tale of violence, drugs, punk music

(NY) Appeals court shoots down SAFE-Act challenge

Stormy Atlanta outside. Anger and common sense from the delegates inside.

Developers destroy ancient Peru pyramid

It’s Official: No American Reciprocity

Brace Yourselves: The Red State Women's Uprising will transform America's politics

Occupy Oakland protesters awarded $1m over police violence during arrests


Dog Goldberg Machine by Beneful®

Happy Independence Day, Everyone!

Look at this chart and then try to say global warming doesn’t exist

Self-Portraits of William Utermohlen: 1955 - 2000

Who else has an alcohol buzz right now?

OB Doctor Welcomes Every Baby To The World With A Song

PPP: Davis trails Perry by 14 points

Subway Tests New Fritos-Stuffed Crunchy Chicken Enchilada Melt, Apparently Gives Up on Life

U.S. Postal Service Logging All Mail for Law Enforcement

A couple of 4th of July stories.

I really have nothing to hide!

Nevada PD screws up again.

Lawsuit: Prison guard claims she was fired for being diabetic

A Kitteh Portrait

It didn't take long: 2-year-old terrier Little Eddie adopted from Humane Society

The War Prayer

Help remembering a book

The Post-Roe v Wade SCOTUS decisions

45 percent containment on deadly Arizona fire

Well, Evo MORALES and SNOWDEN might have put some thought intor their actions

Obama launches 'review' of aid to Egypt in wake of military coup

Life just ain't worth livin' without a little dancin'....

Scientists Fabricate Rudimentary Human Livers

Just heard on The Last Word that ALEC-linked Americans United for Life is behind NC legislation

Bus driver slashed by passenger in the Bronx

Nobody is going to change their mind about Snowden.

For July 4: What does the world like about America?

Expert: No Martin DNA on gun grip

I've posted this before, and I'll post it again; 'Come On Up To The House'

Tomatoes - to put in the refrigerator or not to put them in the refrigerator

I'm getting almost constant "service unavailable" DU pages

Happy Fourth of July, my fellow DUers and my fellow Americans.

Edward Snowden steals the show

"After Marrow Transplants, 2 More Patients Appear H.I.V.-Free Without Drugs"

Message to the NC General Assembly

I'm getting a lot of 503 pages

Don't put your tomatoes in the fridge - cross posting from Cooking and Baking

A concise statement that sums up everything we face. Marianne Gabel.

Who planted the bug in the Ecuadorian embassy?

4th of July Movie Recommendations:

It's our wedding anniversary today, but is it 20 years or 120 years? :^D

Houston motorist sue DPS over search of 'womanly parts' (Brazoria County)

Oh damn. They found Randy Udall's body.

"Last decade warmest on record, says UN report"

Wow. Check out the NEA Facebook page

A good time to re-post 'Good Will Hunting' on the NSA

Through the Wormhole With Morgan Freeman:

"It has been almost two years since HSI launched Operation Delego, targeting Dreamboard community.."

Happy Independence Day to all you Americans. I've been lucky to watch you take your country back.

Group Launches "Taxpayer Empowerment Agenda" to Reclaim Public Control

Plan would make tuition free at Ore. colleges

Egypt: Epidemic of Sexual Violence

A Love Letter to PS 154 in the Bronx Principal DR Alison Coviello

DR Alison Coviello and her Calvinist Approach at PS 154

we just stop and frisked the president of Bolivia

Swedish and Danish ultras organized a giant fist fight on a country road

Republican Study Committee (RSC) a Quiet New Partner for ALEC

is your kitchen open this evening?

Irony and politics

Claims Bolivian Presidential Plane Denied Airspace Is Bullshit. IT HAD FUEL GAUGE PROBLEMS

Kraft Dinner question

Time for Cardinal Dolan to go--sign the petition

North Korea will collapse by nukes and missiles

"In the Public Interest" group to oppose privatization of public works.

Official "Morales and His Personal Qualities" thread: Is Evo Morales a narcissist?

People for Health Care Freedom: fighting the religious takeover of hospitals

Whats wrong with this picture?

What the hell is it with this new pop up column on the left ...

Academic Freedom and Democracy - ALEC Style

Flashback Obama: 'Not going to be scrambling jets' to get Snowden (Oops!)

North Carolina Democratic Lawmaker Slams Anti-Abortion Bill - video link

Remember This? Conversations Recorded Even When Phones Turned Off.

North Carolina Democratic Lawmaker Slams Anti-Abortion Bill - video link

Colombia least reputable country in Latin America

On this 4th of July, remember that Darwin created

Low income transit fare in King County?

Cops sentenced for illegally wiretapping Supreme Court justice

watching the authoritarian gatekeepers discredit themselves over this Morales incident..

Sen. Zaffirini among co-executors facing Webb County civil suit

France, Spain and Portugal: We Didn’t Deny Landing Rights to Morales’ Plane

tonights experiment

Medellin court orders investigation of paramilitary financiers

In Santa Cruz, CA. All the beaches are chain-linked fenced off.

I would like to wish all a Happy Independence Day!

What's the latest on Tom Delay, anyone know? When does he report to prison? Seems like I have been

ACLU and others seek to legalize same-sex marriage in New Mexico

Glenn Greenwald: New bombshell coming

Is there any evidence whatsoever that Zimmerman in any way tried to fight off Martin?

Fossils reveal 'missing links' in Earth's evolution after dinosaurs (BBC) {book, pix}

Developers destroy ancient Peru pyramid (BBC)

Bugged: Ecuador reveals details on London Embassy surveillance

Bone marrow {transplant} 'frees men of HIV drugs' (BBC)

Colombia, Repression and Criminalisation in Tolima: The social cost of mega-projects

Argentina extradites Colombian on US charges of trafficking cocaine by submarine

SR-71 Blackbird: The Cold War's ultimate spy plane (BBC)

Media trampled on terror suspects’ rights: Civil liberties group

Students DESTROY NSA Recruiters Over Illegal Spying and Lies (Listen)

Readout of President Obama's Phone Call with Chancellor Merkel of Germany

BART strike to continue another day.

floating balloons

Just wanted to wish all of you a Happy July 4. We too celebrated on July 1, Canada Day.

Do you Pray, or Wish Good Vibes? I have an assignment

50 Cent charged with violence against ex-girlfriend

China's Red Army Sings Michael Jackson?!

I'm so confused. A new term has entered the fist-fight

What is the history of DU?

2 Senate Democrats Seek Comey’s Views on Waterboarding

And now a word from The President on Independence Day...

OK DU. I would like to have some advice. Dealey Plaza, 50th Anniversary of JFK assassination

"There will be consequences."

LOL - The Tale of the Re-Routed Bolivian President's Plane Is Falling Apart

‘No girls allowed’: Iraq war vet Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on opening combat missions to women

What are you having?

Michael Savage Nailed It Monday Night (re: Zimmerman)

So, along with character assassination and guilt by association, we can now add . . .

A Local, Grass-Roots Success Story

July 4: National Barbecued Spareribs Day

World's largest rat extermination returns South Georgia to its bird life

Carter Center Report on Venezuela Election

Websites planning July 4 protest against NSA surveillance

Interim Egyptian President Adly Mansour has been sworn in in Cairo

Guatemala case casts spotlight on indigenous group

Guatemala case casts spotlight on indigenous group

Prison ordered for teen who caused fatal wreck while texting

Brother Of Sen. Mark Udall Found Dead In Wyo. Wilderness

Ex-Russian spy Anna Chapman tweets marriage proposal to Edward Snowden

The U.S. should end the Cuban embargo

The U.S. should end the Cuban embargo

So...apparently Evo Morales was kidnapped and held hostage because of US political pressure.

TV 'breaking news' reports sound urgent because of coaching help

Ha! Somebody at the NSA might have this job:

What 33 million protesting Egyptians would look like if seen from orbit...

How bad is that NC abortion law that they suddenly tacked onto the Sharia Law? That bad.

Happy 4th from the Overlook Hotel...

Our Lady will be receiving visitors again.

my son got married in hong kong

Continuing the Struggle Against Nuclear Weapons

Early to mid 2000's I spent a lot of time posting on right wing boards as a liberal

Frederick Douglass, Corinthian Hall, Rochester, 5 July 1852

U.K. Broadcaster Says Murdoch Criticized Hacking Investigators

Plan Would Make Tuition Free at Ore. Colleges

Interest in carshare apps surges after BART strike

Top Jusge of Egypt's Constitutional Court sworn in as temporary President

Aggressive new abortion restrictions take hold in Wisconsin

Right-wing, anti-EU Freedom Party tops Dutch poll

Ethiopia to boost defense spending amid tensions with Egypt over Nile dam development

US Abortion Rights 1971-2013: RIP

hey, baby

red and white, blue suede shoes...

Is the (legal) basis for Allied spying in Germany a remnant of the Second World War?

Bill McKibben and Naomi Klein to join Canada's tar sands 'healing walk' (this weekend)

It's official: I made the switch to Bing as my default

12 Real Patriots Brave Enough to Fight for Truth and Justice

Aaron Hernandez 'Flop House' Reveals Clothes, Ammo Possibly Linked to Murder

one day, one night, in america...

Made in America: July 4 BBQ Shopping List

A Simple Truth About Drugs That Punctures Decades of Drug War Lies

As long as we're banning things that could cause pain...

I said "Be careful, his bowtie is really a camera"

Happy Independence Day! Cherish your freedoms

Guilt lingers over murder of ‘witches’ at Norway’s ‘Gates of Hell’

Sars-like illness kills man in London

ElBaradei tops list to head Egypt government: sources

The State of Dissent in America: Flex Your Rights

Fourth of July a Day of Bloody Protest in U.S. History

"What kind of peace do I mean and what kind of a peace do we seek?"

A Long History of Untruthiness by U.S. Intelligence

UK - Glee of passers-by as seized £300,000 Lamborghini is displayed

Durham man finds Civil War cannonball in yard

Economic Growth with More Equality: Learning From Bolivia

African Union likely to suspend Egypt from all activities following unconstitutional power change

Debunking The Narrative Of Silicon Valley's Innovation Might

A discussion thread where people who make 375k a year complain that they can't make ends meet.

Ted Nugent for President! Please come CAPTION the spud!!!!

Firefox users: A quick question...

Citing privacy concerns, Nixon vetoes state database of workers comp claimants

Why Obama and Bush Should be Arrested With Snowden

Has anyone else's DU font size and screen layout just changed?

Okay . . . this plane thing . . . . . what am I supposed to think about it?

Non Sequitur, July 4, 2013

Amy Goodman: This Independence Day, Thank a Protester

It must be NSA spying. DU would never offer such lame gifts for doing a survey.

Toon- Stars and Stripes Forever

4th Of July Sign In Public Park Sums Up The State Of 'Independence'

New York Post looks to have a leaf out the Sun's headlines

take a look at the creepy company that allegedly planted the bug in Ecuadorian Embassy

Less white and less male: Labor movement finds new support


US aid to Egypt - latest

How many humans does it take to . . .

Chinese factory accused of poisoning Somaliland water supplies

What to wear?

Can Patriotism Be Compassionate?

Happy Independence Day

Energy sources have changed throughout the history of the United States

Centrica, E.ON and RWE lead Arctic rush for oil

Message from the Egyptian people to the 1% in the US & to the 99% in the US.

I don't get it

Can Patriotism Be Compassionate?

Happy 4th of July!

Rachel Maddow: North Carolina Is Like 'Conservatives Gone Wild' Right Now

Oliver Stone would give Edward Snowden asylum if he were a country

If only our dumbass State Department knew as much about Egypt as Jon Stewart about Egypt....

Latin America rising: Outrage at ‘imperial hijack’ of Morales’ plane

Triumph of the Homosexual Agenda

Thursday Toon roundup 1- Texas

July 4th

Thursday Toon roundup 2- See something say something

Thursday Toon roundup 3- The Rest

Poor bastard.. aaaaahh!

Just how low can the Republican party go?

Happy 4th of July to all those here in the States and Happy.....

the fall of the american worker

Venezuela to evaluate its relationship with Spain after grave offense to Evo Morales

Child Sex Trafficking Awareness and Training

the N.S.A.'s costly european adventure

Why did Dick Cheney invite Representative John A. Boehner R, Ohio hunting?

The Mother of all Demos

Statue of Liberty officially reopens for July 4th

Bring On The Fireworks!

How to Talk to Strangers: 7 Tips For Photographing People

OB doc welcome every baby with a song

There must be a "War on Independence Day"

Is the South Dragging the Rest of the Nation Down?

Why the original Boston Tea Party? Why the Declaration of Independence? Because we wanted ....

To Be We the People Once Again

Must Read: Meet Leslie James Pickering: U.S. Government target

Funny, filthy and blasphemous

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!! Pics for you to enjoy and share (please kick them occasionally for others).

An End to Eight Years of The Oil Drum

WOW! Sebastien De La Cruz Sings National Anthem

The Bombs Bursting in Air

susan boyle

Pay It Forward: Innovative Oregon Proposal Could Solve Problem of Student Loan Debt

What to the Slave Is the Fourth of July? Frederick Douglass July 5, 1852

AT&T Leaker: Give Snowden Retroactive Immunity

Democracy is coming...soon, hopefully.

Just Curious What Happens To The Price Of Oil And That Industry When It's Replaced With Solar,Wind..

Just how low can the Republican party go?

Dogs welcome home soldiers....

This is what the Egyptian people should do...

The Guardian has a column that puts Repub Leadership right in their place; EVIL nihilistic monsters:

Swallowed, degraded or washed away.

Maybe, I'm just ...

I still have no idea what happened with Morales's plane, and I suspect you don't either

Was the NSA punked?

French agency spies on phone calls, email, web use, paper says

Mandela's Grandson Ends Battle Over Burial

Incredible footage of the largest protest in mankinds history!! Egypt's Revolution.

15-Year-Old Girl Faces Child Porn Charges for iPhone Pic

Lady Liberty Greets Masses Once Again

NC Lawmaker on Adding Abortion Ban to Anti-Sharia Bill: Republicans Are Scarier Than Muslims

There's no sound, but I'm pretty sure the dog is saying, "Fuck!"

This may not be a popular idea, but we didn't fight for your freedom.

80,000 cu. ft of debris

Bolivia vs Europe Over Snowden-Linked Plane Delay

Pissed off at the HOA

Pay It Forward: pay no college tuition, donate 3% of salary for 25 years: pays for future students

MP Tom Watson resigns from shadow cabinet role as general election coordinator

Religion in America on July 4, 1776

As predicted the GOP is using the ACA delay as a talking point.

Israel Fears US May Suspend Egyptian Aid

A month ago I asked if anyone knew a treatment for cracked ribs

"Why Israel Runs With The Big Dogs"

How the Pentagon Papers Came to be Published By the Beacon Press Told by Daniel Ellsberg & Others

Right wing traits that no self respecting liberal seems able to stomach

Bolivia’s Morales Slams EU Countries For Bowing To ‘US Imperialism’

No word of progress as BART talks continue

Bristol's GOP Methylene Chloride Clouds: King Pharma's Airborne Chemical Releases

Supreme Court’s Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Vows To Resist Pressure From ‘Liberals’ To Retire

Justice Ginsburg Won’t Bow To Liberal Pressure To Retire Before 2016

French remote-viewing aviation technology detected a problem

Knives Come Out for U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson

Singing Doctor

Question on ignore

I Obamadare you take a look at this graphic explanation of Obamacare

To those who think we need another revolution...

Snork! Christie threatened to say F*** during Republican convention speech

Union Made Beer Image (to post and share)

Justice Ginsburg Won’t Bow To Liberal Pressure To Retire Before 2016

Pic Of The Moment: Restore The Fourth

"Celebrate the independence of your country by blowing up a small part of it"

Update from AtlanticWire on their Evogate reporting: both Portugal and Spain allowed overflight

Someone is actually running against Franken

Obama’s war on July 4th: The perfect right-wing scandal

The White House vs. Westboro Baptist Church

Published in the past but wanted to post it here..bit dated but the point needs to be made..again..

A suggestion about the DUZY awards

Why has France both apologized for blocking Morales and denied that they blocked Morales?

European Parliament Moves To Block Data Sharing With U.S. Over Alleged Snooping

Happy 4th of JULY!

NSA bummed, over Twitter's attaining sainthood with Opt-Out feature to tracking users around the web

Should Atheists Ever Support Religious Icons on Public Property?

Thom Hartmann: Move to Amend hits a milestone...

Happy 4th from Hepburn

Which of these belong together?

Love this

Weekly Address: Celebrating Independence Day

Yarmuth (D-KY): McConnell ‘Scared To Death’ About Senate Race

Can anyone help?

The Tyranny of Flag Waving Rights Stealing Republicans Tarnishes Independence Day

The Genius of Albrecht Dürer Revealed in Four Self-Portraits (pic warning, obviously)

Updated: France, Italy reject Snowden asylum request

Iceland Congress puts forward bill to grant Snowden citizenship barring fisheries legislation

Are Egyptian citizens

Did Snowden reveal any activity that is not permitted under the Patriot Act?

Rush Limbaugh Admits StopRush is Kicking His Ass

White House Dares EU Leaders to Rat On United States in Morales Flyover Affair

NO Repub will win 2016.

Can anyone tell me why my email screen on my iPad is upside down?

College student Samantha Rosenbaum sues NYPD over frisking in Williamsburg

Want to See Your NSA or FBI File? Here's How...

Weekly Address: Celebrating Independence Day

Do-it-yourself fireworks display from The Red Green Show:

Spying Scandal Shakes Up German Campaign der Spiegal

New BREAKING scandal: French spy agency caught spying on phone calls, emails, web use

Born on the Fourth of July

The Argentine President's Riveting Account of Tuesday's Snowden Crisis

Can Union Co-ops Help to Save Democracy?

Big Government

The truth is the first casualty of war.

Russia shows growing impatience over Snowden's airport stay

In end result, Snowden may well hurt Google (et al) more than hurt US Intelligence

It's inexcusable that the Sanford police didn't drug/alcohol test ZImmerman at the time of

What kind of free is this?

Long haired dogs: to trim or not to trim for the summer:

Now we know: sheriffs can spout definitions of marriage: "Marriage is only for...'a good citizen' "

Michael Parenti: Democratic Government vs The State...

Women. It's our time~ again

Hi all, Happy 4th. Quick question:

Obama's new limo to have heavy armor, blood bank, night vision

The Independence Day Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Iceland Congress puts forward bill to grant Snowden citizenship

If Zimmerman was hurt so badly, why didn't he accept help when it was offered?

Doctors advised unplugging 'vegetative' Mandela's life support

Pentagon papers a close parallel. Supreme Court Justice Douglas's dissent.

Loch Ness Monster Mystery Solved? 'Nessie' Just Bubbles From Seismic Activity, Geologist Says

Growth of the Nonreligious (Most Recent Pew Poll)

Happy Press Release Day!

The Declaration of Independence

The White House has nothing to lose from outright denial of influence in the Morales incident if

Anyone have a tried and true mosquito repellant solution?

This photo is from a peaceful protest for women's rights at the Virginia Capitol

Open Letter to US Law Enforcement

HISTORY MADE! First Same-Sex Spouse Granted Green Card

Papantonio: Court Rules For Racism

Sh*t Paula Deen Says

Happy Fourth, Everybody!

I've read here a dozen times today that DU is an echo chamber, has no wider impact, etc.

Slavery is Capitalism perfected

July 4 Match Game: Arnold Asshead sent up so many fireworks, the _____ our communication satellites.

This squabbling between the European countries and the Latin American countries could get ugly.

Hot Dog Eating Champs Squeeze Out Mustard Belt Wins

7 Filthy Jokes You Didn't Notice In Shakespeare.

BREAKING: Privacy Advocates To File Supreme Court Petition Challenging NSA Surveillance Program

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday July 4th Edition

Community of St. Peter ends dialogue with Bishop Lennon over secession from Diocese of Cleveland

EU Votes To Suspend U.S. Data Sharing Agreements Over NSA Scandal

27 People Having The Worst Summer Ever

I have hacker or something

Obama, Merkel agree to talks on U.S. spying

BOOYAH! Morgan Freeman Says What Everyone Is Too Embarrassed To Say About Our History.

If you really think that privacy is unimportant in the 21st century then perhaps you should consider

Disinformation and manipulation created the Evogate narrative - Starting with Portugal

Evo Morales: "certain European countries need to liberate themselves from the North American Empire"

some activists are singing

Preamble text of original posts

The Egyptian coup has effectively criminalized non-violent political Islam.

Reporting live from just this side of the Berlin wall.....

A human wall to the sea

'Master key' to Android phones uncovered

"Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write. - John Adams

Joey Chestnut eats 69 hot dogs, sets new world record

Thom Hartmann: Koch Brothers' New Pledge for Planet Destruction...

U.S. Airman Got the Boot for Pointing Out that his Boots Were Made in China

Two Studies: Blue and Beaked whales affected by simulated navy sonar

Report: Mandela in permanent vegetative state

Why hasn't NSA spying busted offshore $ transfers? Voting machine tampering?

This is so cute and strange...

We ALL Do It: 'French PRISM' revealed: All communications tracked, metadata collected

A hilarious tweet!

Pepsi Still Contains Too Much Carcinogen Found In Caramel Coloring, Group Says

If you set up a WiFi network at your campsite...

Prometheus unbound - Stem cell therapies

Why George Zimmerman is not going to testify:

Man rappels from the Brooklyn Bridge

Perception is reality. At least in politics. Most SA nations

Independence Day

Neil deGrasse Tyson quote...

Oven BBQ chicken

The flag.

Happy Independence Day!

Anyone watching the Twilight Zone Marathon?

I wonder if the US sent a electronic signal to mess with the Bolivian plane's fuel gage?

Crowds Line Up to See Storm Survivor, Statue of Liberty.

Internet Sites Join July 4 Protest Against Surveillance

Founding Father quotes 'conservative Christians' won't like.


French minister denounces U.S. 'espionage' at July Fourth Ambassador's garden party

How could Zimmerman gotten to the gun with Martin sitting on him?

Um Evo, does Bolivia spy on its citizens?

Coke vs Pepsi

Yep, like Bolivia, Venezuela spies on its citizens too...

Did congress give up their authority with the Patriot Act? I think not. They can't give up their

This Day in 1826

10 things you might not know about, uh, Sakartvelo (BBC)

Joey Chestnut wins 7th consecutive Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest

Zynga Mistake Puts Random Stranger In Customer Support Role

What Kind Of Coward Is Edward Snowden?

I'm thinking of asking my rheumatologist about low dose prednisone for fatigue -

Should Edward Snowden return to America and face up to 30 years in prison?

What Are We Celebrating on July 4th?

Re: "Echo Chambers" Television vs The Internet.

I have a hosta that has outgrown her spot and I can't close my gate properly...

John Pilger: Forcing down Evo Morales's plane was an act of air piracy

John Pilger: Forcing down Evo Morales's plane was an act of air piracy

Survey of genetic diversity and evolution of the great apes

People are upset the State department spent $650K on improving social media presence

Sports Forum: The At Bat app is offering free, live, out-of-market radio broadcasts

UK, Germany, France, Bolivia, Venezuela, Do we even need to research Russia and China?

(UK murdered child) James Bulger killer Jon Venables to be freed

Pretty decent PC game sales aggregator

Best By? Expiration Dates..

Voter ID by state as of end of June

Der Spiegel: (NSA) Spying Scandal Shakes Up German Campaign

Excessive partisanship warps brains.

BBC is currently discussing Egypt and the IMF

Bolivia's Morales says US aimed to intimidate

Student Questions the NSA at Recruiting Session

MSNBC Just Had Its Most Dreadful Ratings Period in 6 Years

US should press corrupt practices charges against Murdoch, says MP

Playboy told to remove sign from West Texas road

Inquiry into alleged torture of Iraqis by British troops breaks up

Central Banks of Europe and England Pledge to Keep Rates Low for a While

I would like to see MSNBC get rid of the double Tweety, and bring all their lineup forward one hour

The Quest for Every Beard Type

I.M.F. and Pakistan Agree to $5.3 Billion Bailout

Joey Chestnut Eats 69 Hot Dogs, Breaks Record, Wins 7th Straight Belt >>

It was the US AMBASSADOR to Austria who called the FM to say Snowden was on Pres Morales' plane

How Could We Blow This One?

Happy Independence Day!

Do You Owe The IRS More Than $10,000?

Letters at 3AM (#3): The Fifth Amendment no longer exists as a functioning law of the land

Carla Bruni's free flights anger Air France union

Got $32m? Jackie O's 'Love Boat' for sale

A little patriotic levity from Dazed and Confused:

Restore the Fourth!

Combat veterans with PTSD struggle with July 4 holiday

If PRISM Is Good Policy, Why Stop With Terrorism?

Cocaine worth $2M found in Pearson airport washroom

A hideous example of the state of 'health care' in AmeriKa (GOD DAMN this shit)

Madeleine McCann: police target 38 suspects

Joey Chestnut Breaks World Record

77 year old pedo filmaker sorry he's too old to play "the lover" onsceen now. Wah.

How To Spot A Communist

Santa Rosa, NM is experiencing a "white" 4th of July - 2 ft of hail

For the small cluster of rightests who lashed themselves to this forum:

Joey Chestnut downs record 69 hot dogs at Coney Island eating contest

knock knock, who's there?

Ginsburg:I'm sticking around

When I see an American Flag...

"How the Koch brothers screwed over the climate even more than you know"

The 21st Century Declaration of Independence

What does Freedom and Independence mean to you?

Nationalism is the one common thread uniting far-right groups.

OK, Snowden is a coward, and a non-coward would have stayed to face justice

Doesn't anyone have any standing to sue to override the delay of the Affordable Care Act?

Privacy advocates file Petition at the Supreme Court

Steven Crowder doesn't Care about American History

Snowden makes Norway asylum application.

"I can't believe how easy it is to get cigarettes in this country."

Loud Bangs or Colorful Sparkles, which do you prefer?

Attention "Walking Dead" fans:

On this holiday, Uncle Sam has a message for you:

Anyone in the Greensboro area

Happy Independence Day!

July 4, 1950

Wolves threatened: Ending federal protection is a mistake


Juan Cole: How Unreasonable Searches of Private Documents Caused the American Revolution

Adorable puppy battles dandelion - *fixed link*

Bolivia's Morales: Plane Diversion Was U.S. Plot To Intimidate Latin American Leaders

Freedom, Independence, and The America Dream.

Watch: Glenn Greenwald Delivers the Hard Truth About Spying... On Fox and Friends

Obviously the fears over gay marriage are valid: Woman marries 600-year-old French bridge.

do you recall where you were between approximately 11:15 am and 1:45 pm Tuesday July 2nd?

Snowden’s asylum request rejected (Norway)

Madelyn Sheaffer's Bikini Gets Her Banned From Missouri Water Park

So, Where is the Coolest (temperature wise) Place to Travel This Time of Year?

Bite me!

Kali LIES!!! ... ... ... ... That is all.

Is there a statue of limitation for debt collection?

Bolivia's Morales says US aimed to intimidate

July 3rd, '13, Prosecution against Brad Manning Rests -

Mystery of the Desert? Just the Thing for slushy girl drinks when you are STUCK at home.

BREAKING: France Turns Down Snowden Asylum Request

Rights groups decry Egypt media crackdown

Tulowitzki says return to Rockies before All-Star Game possible

Morse makes pitch to save the Brotherhood

Happy "Independents" Day July 4, 2013

In my wildest fantasy, Kali gets PPR'd right about now before she can do any more damage!!!!!

Berkeley pushes back against federal medical marijuana crackdown

Snowden got a marriage proposal..

Iceland Vote 6-63 AGAINST granting Snowden Citizenship..

Confirmation of call by US-Ambassador to Austrian Foreign Ministry

my phone connection is getting wonky...tapped?

Android ‘Master Key’ Security Hole Puts 99% Of Devices At Risk Of Exploitation

woody - all you fascist bound to lose

It turns out France has its own large scale PRISM-like program.

Anyone have a tried and true MFM repellent solution?

Have you heard the one about the rude bride?

If you speak Spanish, Evo Morales is speaking right now

Pew Survey Shows That Even Non-Religious Are Unhappy About There Being More Non-Religious

In honor of today...Jimi...

Young Muslim musicians marry faith, hip-hop, rock ‘n’ roll

"Letter From Cairo" (Great analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood)

Things that BELONG in the uterus and things that DON'T BELONG in the uterus...

Happy 4th of July: From Our President

Ted Poopypants Nugent running in '16??? PLEASE!!!!

British official urges U.S. to press corruption charges against Murdoch

Soviet Nuclear Mortar

Let him go! Former president Nelson Mandela is being kept alive only by machines

Snowden celebrates Fourth eating hot dogs at Sheremetyevo. Misses record.

Keith Olbermann Takes Swipe at Rachel Maddow

World's largest offshore windfarm opens in Thames estuary

Anybody else feel like not celebrating the 4th of July today/tonight?

South American leftist leaders rally to Bolivia's side in Snowden saga

Alicia Keys bares her heart and soul for Tel Aviv

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 5 July 2013

Iceland Lawmakers Discuss Citizenship for Snowden