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*The Music Man on TCM NOW!!!

Th'effin warmongers is startin to launch they's rockets and flashbombs


If you happen to read the link below..

Let's try a thought experiment.

I just passed the Supreme Court. It's being renovated. What does it have? I kid you not...

Greenwald vs Assange vs Snowden's Dad (priceless)

Too Many Tentacles.

Bikini ban today, burqa by Labor day.

The cow as Saint Bernard.

Restore the Fourth rally in Union Square, NYC.

Bolivia's Morales threatens to close US embassy

A "nuanced" take on Happy Independence Day...inspired by George Carlin

8:26 pm here in Indy and I hear fireworks already.

Israelis Strip-Search Arab Journalist at US Party

the Fairness for Struggling Students Act of 2013

Fort Worth Representative Lon Burnam Files Texas' First Post-DOMA Marriage Equality Bill

Fort Worth Representative Lon Burnam Files Texas' First Post-DOMA Marriage Equality Bill

Just watched Cher singing her new release on NBC - seriously this should be one of the songs

Kali! Kali! MFM has fallen into the well! hurry!

Freedom Lovers Will Bring Prosperity To Middle East, Netanyahu Says

BTW...Remember that Evo Morales is the same crazy nut that said the U.S.A. poisoned Hugo Chavez

Scientists create first lab liver!!!!

True Colors~

Time line of events from what we have been told in the news so far...Evo Morales my interpretation

Afghanistan Roadside Bomb Kills 6 Children

The One Fourth of July Front Page You Really Need to See....

Check out Little Sister...

July 3, 1835

Tornado warning in southern Alberta near Brooks (First flooding, now this)

Latest Updates on Egypt’s Transition

Bolivia Rejects U.S. Request for Snowden After Flight Detour

EDITED: How do you understand the term "authoritarian"?

Bolivia threatens to close U.S. embassy to protest presidential plane diversion

Wishing every one a . . .

After 20+ years, I guess we're done with vegetable gardening

Deen parts with agent after racial slur fallout

Résumé Shows Snowden Honed Hacking Skills

A new (rather dark) graphic I just created

To everyone at DU, Happy Independence Day!!!

Man arrested in stolen truck carrying weapons, explosives, body armor in Seattle

AP PHOTOS: 6 cities breweries helped transform

"We can handle the truth on NSA spying" by Eugene Robinson

Is it wrong of me to hope they lose a finger? (fireworks)

Islamist gunmen stage multiple attacks on Egyptian forces in Sinai

Bolivia threatens to close U.S. embassy to protest presidential plane diversion

On this 4th of July...where are we headed?

Hair, I used to have a lot of it...

Latin American leaders, on first-name basis, unite against critics

CNN Opinion: Do our children know how to be citizens?

The late Josie (our dog)...

I'm waiting for travel restrictions on pregnant women

Japan: Building Nuclear Safety Culture Will Take 'Long Time'

Sen. Ted Cruz sings ‘Amazing Grace’ to tune of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ theme

With apologies to Katharine Lee Bates

Tensions mount over Spain’s role in Morales airspace fracas

USA Today-"Fourth of July brings celebrations coast to coast"

Miss Flo Rida to marry Rockies' Josh Rutledge.

Barack Hussein Obama sides with the Muslim Brotherhood

Can Blind People Draw?

So whose pets are in hiding from all the big scary fireworks?

How AIDS Invented Global Health (New Eng Jour Med)

Statue of Liberty opens today!

Anyone watch the Walking Dead?

Woman "judges children by their name" and defends it on British TV

Voynich Manuscript Has Real Message After All, Say Scientists

Fracking is DESTROYING the world...

The Dish detects strange deep space blasts

It's Time - Scotland's equal marriage video

Résumé Shows Snowden Honed Hacking Skills

To all here in the Lounge:

cruz singing amazing gilligan's island theme song?

Is this the most offensive show ever broadcast by the BBC in the name of "entertainment"?

Department of Homeland Security Report Suggested Arming Border Patrol Drones

It's still "Hell, yeah!"

Fireworks, ESB Light Show Mark Nation's 237th Birthday

Does anyone here take a potassium supplement? Is it messing with your stomach?

Call Cantwell out on TPP Fast-Track!

Happy 4th of July!! Let the Sparks Fly from Washington D.C.~

Search underway for two unaccounted for on Coney Island

Souza, from the WH Roof

Ex-Russian spy Anna Chapman proposes marriage to Edward Snowden

Maduro rejects U.S. extradition request for Snowden

Bolivia threatens to close US embassy. EU Minster told President Maduro the orders came from the CIA

Sad Flags for the 4th

Fireworks made me smile tonight.

Photos of elderly Revolution vets from 1840s

HRW: Countries Should Consider Snowden’s Asylum Claim Fairly

REMEMBER! 1:30 AM -- 1776 (1972)

Noah Rothman Charts Snowden’s Fall On BBC: Leaks Were ‘Clarifying’ But He’s Lost ‘Moral Authority’

True in 1851.True in 2013. Nothing has changed. Man is still "between a hawk & a buzzard"...

RCMP arrest journalist in New Brunswick

Okay, our city sounds like a war zone.

* 1776, TCM,

Free the People Now...(Stop the Killing Now). Bring on the Lucie by John Lennon

Inside Edward Snowden's luxury hotel which has its own swimming pool, Turkish baths, gym and library

Not Sure If Fireworks...

GoldieBlox 'We Are The Champions' Video Features Girls Who Crush Gender Stereotypes

Sometimes It's Best Just To Not Even Try And Reason With The Right-Wing!

State reduces meningitis vaccine requirement

our Independence Day~ We will not go quietly into the night!

E Pluribus Unum by Paul Krugman

Why should Snowden face "justice"


Curious Win 7 start/boot issue, seems DVD drive related

If Snowden had been on Morales' plane

Then he will really be trapped!

A US citizen who criticized Japan’s rightist movement

Just ran into this beautiful site,

Obama cakes: recipe for Italian baker's success

Queens Man Busted In Undercover Fireworks Sting

The Cochabamba Declaration (UNASUR) (on the assault on President Morales)

(Switzerland) Bern reveals 'solution' to settle US tax dispute

I am Drunk!

Morales shouldn't make threats--he needs to take action.

Our economies are built to encourage criminal behavior and our govts. are the crooks' gatekeepers...

You are a liar.

Woman’s dying wish: Dinner at Olive Garden

Canadian 'hatchet-wielding hitchhiker' pleads not guilty

Why would anybody think the Simpsons live in Warrensburg, Missouri?

BART Unions, Management Reach Temporary Agreement; Trains Will Run Friday Afternoon

Another Kucinich gem, pulled from FB and The Other 98%:

Dumb Criminals: Portland Man Steals Violin Worth $70K, Then Apologizes As He Pedals Away On Bike

'Two useless men = a law firm,

A Platform That Attracts Many Mayoral Candidates: The Subway Stop

What makes you happy this July 4th in regards

Adult Humans Drinking Breast Milk Is China's Latest Craze

Mexican Pig Kind Of Looks Like Yoda

Illinios Man Finds "Supposedly Cursed" Bag Of Cash Containing $150K

boston herald still sucks

Activists converge on Rahm Emanuel’s home for Fourth of July protest

"Red Town" mind-numbing rural stumblefuckery, Pahrump Fourth of July edition

Competition for Google Glass...from The Onion

I'm not worthy.

My current take on the Bolivia plane story

SIMI Valley fireworks accident (14 injured, video:)

Firefighter’s kitten rescue captured by helmet camera

Syria's Assad says opponents 'used up all tools' to oust regime

Anybody like bunnies?

I heard a commercial on 99.9 The Fox that said hackers could eavesdrop through computer cameras

I think the medication I'm on may be working...

Letters from Guantanamo Bay (sexual assault, and more)

The History Channel is introducing a show called "God, Guns and Automobiles."

How do we reconcile the AUMF with an obstructed 9/11 investigation?

Savita Halappanavar: Abusive letters sent to widower Praveen

DU aviators, I've got a dumb question for you

Spanish FM: Spain doesn't owe any apology to Bolivia.

Complementary currencies can help eradicate poverty.

Islamist gunmen attack Sinai airport -state tv

July 5: National Apple Turnover Day

Arlington former police officer facing federal count for steroids ring

July 5 1946 – The bikini went on sale after debuting during an outdoor fashion show in Paris, France

July 5 1934 – "Bloody Thursday" – Police opened fire on striking longshoremen in San Francisco.

July 5 1935 The National Labor Relations Act, was signed into law

Somehow I don't think Stiv Bators's idea of "What Love Is" includes flowers and candy

Lawsuit: Prison guards forced inmates to have gladiator-style fights for entertainment

NY Times: "Is a house ever worth more than a life?"

Happy 15th Birthday Malia Obama

Gamal Abdel Nasser on the Muslim Brotherhood

NSA has a new motto...LOL

Red, Divided and Blue Fly This Independence Day

Canon videos show off 70D's dual-pixel autofocus technology

cats and trying to sleep humans

Zimmerman's head being slammed by Trayon into the sidewalk is greatly exaggerated.

'Mandela vs Mandela' family feud sinks to soap opera

Can anyone translate a small section of what Pres. Morales said on landing, please?

A rundown of all parties of the german national election in fall

Evo Morales threatens to close US embassy in Bolivia as leaders weigh in

THIS is how you Stomp The Tea Party-"Book Burning Party"

Context: Even if you think Morales is a "big baby" and being hysterical

Baby sea turtles are helped to the sea so they won't go towards airport lights(pic):

Spain Says It Was 'Told' Snowden on Bolivia Plane


Popocatepetl volcano causes Mexico flight chaos

'Friday of Rage': Morsi's supporters call for protests after military ousts president

British Company Is Awarded Contract to Administer Health Rollout

Fake Snowden tweets he would marry Chapman!

America's Murderous Bureaucrats

Glenn Greenwald: Top Officials Are Lying to Our Faces About Government Spying

The Tories. The Bank of England. A Great Partnership For Business. You Know It Makes Sense.

Egypt: How Five Young Activists started a Revolution

Why I should always have my camera...

Obama's new limo to have heavy armor, blood bank, night vision

Envoy Begins Push to Close Gitmo

European states were told Snowden was on Morales plane, says Spain

African Union suspends Egypt

DEAR AMERICA: Here's Why We Need To Stop PRISM

Lets end all this*: Spain says it was 'told' Snowden on Bolivia plane

Spying Survey: German Trust in US at Lowest Level Since Bush

NSA is just a kinder way of saying...

US Image in the world continues to slide.

For those who claim that you don't need to be injured in order to kill in self-defense: A question.

Too early for ice cream?

Honestly, any Conservative "advances" to society remind me of the idea that today's "conservatism"

Do More, Faster: The Consequences of Accelerated Modern Life

I'm not liking this new guy Rick Ungar on the Sirius Left channel

Video: EW Jackson Rewrites U.S. History, Denies Evolution, Declares He's not African American

Australian bushman claims to have footage of legendary night parrot

June payroll employment increases (+195,000); unemployment rate unchanged (7.6%)

The Rude Pundit:For Independence Day, Let's Remember a Leak That Helped Spur the American Revolution

New State Dept. Envoy Begins Work Of Closing Guantánamo

ZIMMERMAN TRIAL: Day 9, Friday, July 5, 2013

Who is that filthy rich guy in North Carolina financing

Pope Francis clears John Paul II for sainthood

Sliding into the prototypical "Ugly American" mindset

Zimmerman doesn't look so smug now

Precision herbicide drones launch strikes on weeds

Mass Protests (cartoon)

Trayvon Martin's Mother Tells George Zimmerman Jury 'I Heard My Son Screaming'

U.S. job growth improves, exceeds expectations

Key Lime Cake

The Basic Economics of National Health Insurance - Professor Richard D Wolff

Taking comprehensive sexual education on the road

Madrid welcomes Gay Pride

That Clown, Zimmerman, Looks LIke He Put On Ten More Pounds Over The Weekend

The Liberal pope, John XXIII, is also being sainted, under-reported in the media

That's not proper impeachment, you f---ing imbecile

Keiser Report: Crony Capitalism & Collusion with Govt

Eugene Robinson: "I Just Wish Our Government Would Stop Lying - We Can Handle The Truth"

Happy Aphelion!

Tony Gwynn Jr. owns heckler...Talking Glove Coors Field

Florence: A few pictures from yesterday...

The State of Dissent in America: Flex Your Rights

Egypt: Troops open fire at pro-Morsi protesters, at least one seriously wounded.

The rise and fall of the Arab Bobo

Prosecutors in Bradley Manning trial rest their case

TV crew sneaks 3D printed gun within touching distance of PM

Obama; greatest American president or greatest American president EVER?

Who started the rumor about Snowden being on President Morales' plane?

Atheists celebrate marriage without religion

Friday Toons

Offutt's (US Air Base) civilian workers have little luck fighting furloughs

Edward Snowden’s leaks cause editorial split at the Washington Post

Bolivia returns Edward Snowden Extradition Request to the US

Zimmerman's attorney, when addressing Trayvon's mother, says the word "apologize."

The sooner some country steps up and grants Snowden asylum ...

Restore the Fourth Rallies Update

The image they chose of Morales was also manipulation and yellow journalism

Dusting Off the Declaration

maine is one of the 11 states

Prosecutors in Bradley Manning trial rest their case

40 Best Signs From The “Restore The Fourth” Rallies{image warning}

Iowa doctor agrees to stop treating disease others say doesn’t exist

Lock up this pinhead for violating D.C. gun laws. (Adam Kokesh loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza)

Who put the dent in 'president'? Please come CAPTION Ted Nugent!!!

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 5, 1935

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 5, 1935

They are going to beatify the Pope

More Tooth Fairy Science: Acupuncture does not improve in vitro fertilization success rates

Mass. cyclist dies after group hit by car in Ark.

Snowden's Constitution vs Obama's Constitution

To answer the question: " In the South you just add..."Bless your Hearts"....

Making $7.75 an Hour, and Figuring There’s Little to Lose by Speaking Out

This medical examiner is very, very good

Gallup: Republicans more proud to be American than Democrats

Flash from the past: Newspaper Editor: Israel Should Consider Assassinating Obama

T-Shirt: "NSA Customer Service Pledge - You Speak, We Listen" $8

HDR Americana

"Here come the falafels. Let's share our sauce." Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!

Zimmerman lawyer badgers Trayvon’s mom to try and get her to say her son "caused his own death"

Regarding background checks

How big is this NSA scandal?

Rare for sure but not one-time

Gene Sharp on nonviolent action

The beautiful delta breeze is finally cooling off the valley (Sacramento)

Vatican asks: is the Hulk Catholic?

The Rules

A question on an encryption method

U.S. government asks Irish authorities to arrest Edward Snowden if he lands at Shannon

Question about a hide

Repost of 4th Amendment:

5 Evil Ways Companies Are Charging You For Doing Nothing

One Nation, Incentivized and Disincentivized

Using A Pix Of Two Presidents Smiling Isn't Yellow Journalism.

You cannot initiate the confrontation, start getting your ass kicked, and then decide to shoot.....

abstract firework

Trayvon's Hands - This Makes No Sense

Is the Morales airspace denial thing still a HOAX?

Trayvon's brother was a really good witness. This ME, not so much

US sends Government arrest warrant for Snowden (Ireland)

Evo Morales: "I don't always smile, but when I do, it looks like this:"

This medical examiner is making me laugh.

Can an Atheist Church Make Nonbelievers Nicer?

bwahahaha. bullshit. a timely repost: Obama: No wheeling or Dealing for Snowden

Enhancement request for the filter by keyword option...

Sources: Two Questioned In Brooklyn Officer's Shooting

Cancer New Moon (w/sun in Cancer and Grand Water Trine): Blood Lightning

Paula Dean subject of Satire

Hot town

for fans of Boardwalk Empire

Save the Troy Library...."Adventures In Reverse Psychology"

Playing Politics With Religion

Question, How can gas prices vary so much? Chicago price 3.99- 4.10, Tulsa OK: price 2.99 ???

G train disruptions begin for Sandy repairs

European watchdogs order Google to rewrite privacy policy or face legal action

Trying to figure out the significance of the distance of the gun muzzle (Zimmerman trial)

In other news: Things not getting much better and probably never will

What the NSA will ignore

Five Anti-Corruption Panel Commissioners Have Campaign Filing Violations, Records Show

Pic Of The Moment: Happy Fifth Of July

Health insurers fear young people will opt out

Another great semi match for Novak

"Person of Interest" (CBS TV Show) = Plausible Surveillance or Hollywood Hype?

Freedom of Speech 2013 parody jpeg...laugh to keep from crying..How far we have fallen...

Went to Benicia for the fireworks and...

Debt-Free Doctors Part of Cuba's Foreign Policy Strategy

Just who the fuck is running foreign policy?

Mohammed Badie, Egypt Brotherhood Leader Believed To Be Arrested, Attends Protest Rally

The Time You Have (In JellyBeans)

4th of July DUI Checkpoint-Drug Dogs, Searched without Consent, Rights Taken Away, while Innocent

Debt-Free Doctors Part of Cuba's Foreign Policy Strategy

Study: Hawk moths use sonar jamming genitals in fight against bats

What would be the problems associated with starting our own cell phone company?

What Created These Mystery Radio Waves From Another Galaxy?

Juan Cole: what happened in Egypt was a "revocouption".

Coup? What coup? Egyptians see no evil

My own NSA hypothetical created from whole cloth I got from my closet

Papantonio: Bank of America – Bad For America

Full-time employment has fallen, replaced by involuntary low-paid part-time work

I Have A Hunch About President Obama!

Think Your Money is Safe in an Insured Bank Account? Think Again.

Sad Dog Diary

China’s rich developing taste for human breast milk

Manhattan Man Drowns In Upstate Lake That Recently Claimed Life Of City Teen

Wikileaks: Snowden Has Requested Asylum From Six More Countries

Continuing to clean and sort garage.

How Booz Allen Made the Revolving Door Redundant

Sybrina Fulton, from one mother to another, I only wish I could be as composed and dignified

National Lawyers Guild Calls for Legalization of Marijuana

I Want...

(photo) Federal officials prepare to deport illegal immigrant.

Federal court rules that schools are not liable for bullying.

Revisiting the Cincinnati Enquirer vs. Chiquita (Given ongoing debate surrounding Snowden & Manning)

Montana becomes First State to Require Search Warrants for Cellphone Location Tracking

What country is so idealistic and so perfectly in accord with Ed Snowden's views on transparency

In Rural Oasis, Serpico Finds New Adversaries

The 'religious freedom' ploy to block healthcare coverage of birth control

Popes have no faith in gay marriage


St. Louis Police Officer Gets Permission to Lobby for Legal Marijuana

It's a dark day in our nation when high-level authorities use every method to silence dissent

Once dubbed America's 'dictator' of Iraq, Paul Bremer now finds 'stress relief' in art

PA. Attorney General's Office Accomplishing Much, Even With 30% Cut in Staff

Privatization of student loans in the 1990s and early 2000s was coupled with the removal of consumer

Texas Stealing From and Imprisoning Poor and Minority Children

Reasonable Doubt

The elements of 2nd Degree Murder in Florida

Raise your hand if you're a poor sucker who actually came to work today

Loud "Patriotic" Winger Music Disrupted 4th Celebration

Rogue columnist: Young men and fire (Yarnell fire)

Has Obama said anything? in the last couple days?

Egypt's American-Made Military: More Mistakes Than Morsi

The NSA Trained Edward Snowden To Be An Elite Hacker

Edward Snowden’s Parasites: Evo Morales, Julian Assange & More

What is the diffenence btwn Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden?

Elements of "Manslaughter" in Florida

Bolivia Threatens U.S. Embassy Closing After Snowden Search

Icelandic Lawmaker Claims Snowden Expressed ‘Gratitude’ For Citizenship Vote

European states were told Snowden was on Morales plane, says Spain

If the Medical Examiner in the Trayvon Martin case still has a job this afternoon

Kerry Warns Egypt to Avoid Mursi Retribution as U.S. Reviews Aid

Just wasted my time wading through the morass of garbage that passes for comments about the Z. trial

A couple of quick questions/comments

African religious leaders reject Obama’s call to decriminalize homosexuality

Oil Tops $102, Set For Weekly Gain Of Over 6% On Prospects Of Middle East Oil Disruption

Lets talk about "hope" you fucking scumbag Zimmerman attorney

UK Muslim television channel fined after preacher of hate incited murder live on air

Women Who Love Their Weapons ‘A Girl and a Gun,’

Message from the Teamsters Union. Snowden, TAFTA and workers

So The Whole Brouhaha About The Notes Was Much Ado About Nothing

How disgusting has it gotten? The cultural editor of Newsweek calls Morales a parasite

"I'm Ted Nugent, I Have 9 Children From 7 Women And I Want To Be President."

So Trayvon Martin had small amt of THC in his system.

Did you know John Roberts is also chief justice of the NSA’s surveillance state?

Toon: Bogus Issue!!!

Tweet concerning Boehner's statement on growth and the unemployment rate..

Heat Alerts Were Issued From Boston To Philadelphia As Temperatures Soar

Pooty Poot speaks up on Snowden in Finland.

Toon: Ladies Night

Are you mad yet!

‘1984 not instruction manual’: Thousands protest NSA spying across US

EU Parliament president criticizes treatment to Bolivian president

Go them queers

A dim view...

Bodies Of Missing Jet Skiers Found Off Coney Island Shore

For months, Cuccinelli didn’t know of McDonnell allegations, campaign says

Syria's Homs Pounded By Army And Hezbollah Militants

The Wounded Lion of the Union

EPA Raises Levels of Glyphosate Residue Allowed in Food

Crazy how...

China, Russia Launch Largest-Ever Joint Naval Drill In Sea of Japan, Highlighting Warming Ties

So, Snowden's actual job at BAH was Cyber Counterintelligence.

email from planned parenthood

This Woman Gives The Real Meaning of Standing With Texas Women & Wendy Davis


An honest question about the plan B pill and testoterone pill

Carefull people....

How come I can't tweet from DU anymore?

Black Lung Disease Prevention Delayed Again In Obama’s Regulation Agenda

Should the Director of National Intelligence Be Impeached for Lying to Congress About PRISM?

A graduate has developed a 3D- printed exoskeletal cast..

Oops: 'Flordia' misspelling makes it to Interstate 95 sign!

CenturyLink "99 cent internet recovery fee"

Charles Pierce - "Dear Beltway Bureaucrats: do not attempt to bullshit Senator Professor Warren.

UPDATE: Child shot in head watching fireworks has died

Bus driver stabbed in the Bronx

Post a picture of you or yours from the fourth!

Forcing down Evo Morales's plane was an act of air piracy

The Icelandic vote on Snowden was surprisingly close

How to make a chemist puke.


Wonkette slams lazy, do-nothing Congress

*if* zimmerman is acquitted, question: will he kill again?

Not to say he's getting old but sometimes you can't tell the difference between Ozzy and a wax dummy

Life in the Colon. Did you know that in "Colon World":

MMS helps cure many illness - documentary on Malaria a chronic health condition

Why Libertarian Organizations Like The Cato Institute Love The NSA Outrage

Good Bye DU

Here's my hyperbolie list from the Snowden story

How do I embed videos?

Gov. Cuomo: Texting drivers won't LOL when spymobiles are deployed

So Gov.'s all that workin out for ya?

Up to 21 ignoring me now.

Obama's Toughest Sell On Closing Guantanamo Are Senate Democrats Up For Re-Election In 2014

How many will die or go to jail because of the Republican War Against Women?

Front page of today's New York Times further melts down that "IRS scandal"

US (and French) Courts Have Ruled Head-of-State Immunity is Absolute on traveling

Because it's all about making women and children safer...

Leftover night - I am going to have one tonight

So, just to sum up, Assange is a rapist, Snowden's a narcissist and nut job, Greenwald's a pervert,

Texas Lawmakers Too Busy Targeting Abortion Providers to Deal With Exploding Fertilizer Plants

Why the hell would the state dept spokewoman lie so stupidly?

Wisconsin Gov. Signs Abortion Bill Requiring Ultrasound

Re-engage vacation mode in 3..2...1...

Ed fans: He's anchoring the Trayvon Martin coverage right now on MSNBC!

This is Not a Difficult Concept! *Re-Posting*********

U.S. State Department spent $630,000 to ‘buy’ Facebook fans

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

One of the persons is a LIAR and the other one is dead

Missouri threatens return of gas chambers for death row inmates

I'll never forget the look in their eyes, they were terrified of me...

New ‘Preachers of L.A.’ Reality Show to Feature Lavish Lives of Megachurch Prosperity Preachers

Are you addicted?

It's Finally Known! Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Makes Up To $450,000 From His Law Firm

Furloughs Begin Next Week For Defense Department Civilians; Job Cuts May Be On Horizon

One week

Man 'Stabbed Homeless Army Veteran 70 Times'

How the media covers social security

Has anyone here seen this yet? ('World War G')

Good afternoon !

Is The Ed Show back on MSNBC 5 days a week?

Does anyone out there have internet through NetVenture (South Puget Sound/Tacoma area)?

Over-Coverage of the Zimmerman Trial

Common Sense

Sniping with a Recoilless-Rifle

Weekend Economists Host a Lion July 5-7, 2013

Illinois Group Marches for Universal Background Checks

Yanno . . . . thinking about the incredible power of the demonstrations in Tahrir Square . . . .

Charles Pierce - "Dear Beltway Bureaucrats: do not attempt to bullshit Senator Professor Warren.

Two shot in Brooklyn neighborhood

Bugged by US spying, EU may sever ties with American internet providers

Email from NC Democratic Party about Moral Monday July 8th

Help me diagnosis a car problem, please - updated 07/06 10:30 pm.

Ah, Chavez No Se Va!

So Did Nudging Work? And would you know if you’ve been nudged?

In 2006, Biden said: "Count me out of trusting a president who spies on Americans."

So in arguing for an acquittal from the judge it is customary for the defense to outright LIE over

John Kerry on his boat during Egypt upheaval, State Dept. concedes

Washington state bans sexist language

So companies are so desperate to take money from people that they are calling this weekend

The Radioactive and Explosive Stones That Come From Sea

No, It's Not Sexist to Describe Women Politicians' Clothes

Schoolhouse Rock, y'all.

“Edward Snowden, Devious And Calculating”: How Can I Forget You If You Don’t Go Away?

Snowden unveils NSA spy satellite SAURON program targeting US citizens

One of the Most AMAZING First Pitches You'll ever see.

Is there such a thing as an 'Independent'?

Evo Morales Highjack and U.S. Imperialism

I finally have women figured out

My Deepest Sympathies to Houston Rockets Fans.

Howard to Houston.

Want to keep up with Secretary Kerry?

Kurgan: Global manufacturing production vs. global trade in manufacturing

METADATA HYPERBOLE? Moral Mondays protestor shaming site by NC-GOP operative (govt help?)

Fox News host: Not using God to sell beer means ‘the terrorists have won’

A Disease Without a Cure Spreads Quietly in the West

There's a reason why I haven't said anything about the Evo Morales incident...

Edward Snowden Poll Finds More Americans Now Think He Did The Wrong Thing

America's Most Feces-Polluted Beaches, Mapped

I've been seeing the advertisement about this so-called Magic Jack, where it says it can

Evo Morales' plane WAS NOT "forced" down. This is how a lie spreads.

In Israel, doctors quietly treat injured Syrians

GOP Now Resorting To Passing And Signing Anti Abortion Laws In Secret With "Trick" Laws

Let's restore America to how it use to be...

UPDATE: Child shot in head watching fireworks has died

Scott Walker signs abortion bill, providers quickly sue

Why is it just so damn often when I see "Islamist"

Congressman Joe Barton wants Cowboys Stadium and Rangers ballpark back in his district

Why I don't think the Zimmerman trial is 'over'

Missouri Woman Starts Petition To Remove...Limbaugh’s Bust From Place Of Honor In State Capitol

Judge denies request to dismiss charge against Zimmerman


Appeals court rules California healthcare limits invalid

Former Phi Slama Jama member suing University of Houston

Former Phi Slama Jama member suing University of Houston

I wonder if this is for real... 8 Benefits of Ginger Tea

Missouri governor vetoes one gun bill, signs another

U.S. defends secrecy of unique surveillance court

U.S. defends secrecy of unique surveillance court

Nicaragua's President Ortega says Edward Snowden applied for asylum, which would be granted

Question on starting a new group.

Anyone have a dog with congestive heart failure?

A Slimy Marine Organism Fit for Biofuel

Europe Votes To Rescue Emissions Trading Scheme

M.E. says Martin could NOT have moved after being shot.

Big Brother is watching...

missed this last fall

Has your family heard you scream in pain?

‘Intermittent & unpredictable’: Another Nuclear Reactor Fails Dependability Test

At Least 17 Dead As Morsi Supporters Protest: NBC News..

Muslim Brotherhood site says Egypt’s new president is secretly Jewish

Wall Street Journal editors hopes Egyptian generals will emulate Pinochet

Huge waves hit Chile and Peru

Illnesses prompt wide Whole Foods cheese recall

Missile Fails To Hit Its Target In Key Test Of Country's Ballistic Missile Defense System

The Solo Blogger Project - Getting People to Blog