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Archives: July 8, 2013

Hitler Chicken

Breaking Theresa Heinz Kerry taken to Nantucket Hospital in Critical Condition.

Shout shout let it all out

Ever run across quotes that just seem so timely and profound.......

Amendment gives boost to local footwear manufacturing (Armed forces/athletic shoes)

freepers show their lack of class again re theresa kerry

A shoutout to Brooks614

CNN is increasingly embarassing re: the Crash

Woman's Retirement Flat Wrecked By Exploding Chutney

France, Too, Is Sweeping Up Data, Newspaper Reveals (though no info yet on France/US collaboration)

Teresa Heinz Kerry Taken To Nantucket Hospital

Dumb Criminals: Texas Man Has Sex With Same Horse Twice

Conservative Columnist Excoriate Republican Congressman On Senate Bill (VIDEO)

(Elliot) Spitzer Seeks Ballot for City Comptroller’s Race

A challenge to all you techies and software developers out there and maybe you

Manny Ramirez will donate his salary to charity.

A Shout out to Random Thoughts

I was Trayvon Martin the day I came to America

Suarez bid from Arsenal rejected

Teachers with guns law backfires in Kansas, insurance companies refuse to renew coverage for schools

Abe Vigoda...

Hilarious Alert: 79% Of Gov Perry’s Own State And Party Don’t Want Him in 2016


Using the XL pipeline to punish Venuzuela over Snowden?

What I have learned so far from Snowden

Star Wars vs Star Trek

Brazil seeks U.S. response to alleged spying on citizens - Reuters

If he doesn't give you hope, I can't help you

I have to say, there have been many times I've felt uneasy because of whites in hoodies

Okay- this is a VERY creepy graphic.

Bush Praises Obama's Policies

Teresa Heinz Kerry flown to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston

Ok, you're finally in the news?

new nick sitcom....good idea??

Der Spiegel: Do private companies help the NSA? Snowden: Yes. But it's hard to prove that.

Procession brings home fallen Ariz. firefighters

Official: SF plane crash victim may have been run over

Sincerely, Republicans

"Warning: This story could burst your heart."

A Shout-Out for the Texas Rangers!

Bush: I don't speak much with Obama

Temp Worker Trend A Runaround of Union Contracts

Can you pass this 101 yr. old test for 8th graders?

I'll admit it - I'm tired.

Abortion and bodily autonomy: One woman's story. . .

Sunspot AR1785 is pointed right at us.

Scientists use gene sequencing to ‘select’ a healthy baby boy

Please ignore this / This was a hoax

our crooked rethug governor...tennessee

Oopsie, Turns Out The French Spy Too, And Not Just on Their Enemies

Girl survives San Francisco plane crash, dies in a car accident on the runway.

Zombie Movies and the Night of the Living Dead paradox...

Survivors of Lac-Megantic explosion devastated, enraged

a tshirt for the battle for womens rights in texas

snowden is too good for latin america snarf nt

RIP, WebTV: Microsoft to shut down MSN TV on Sept. 30

Dept of WTF/GTFO: Spitzer to Run Against the Woman Who Supplied Him With Escorts

Today was David McCullough Day in Pittsburgh. :)

Is Patriotism a Virtue or a Vice?

Asiana says pilot of crashed plane was in training

Asiana Airlines Says Pilot Of Crashed Plane Was On First Training Flight With Boeing 777

Snowden thinks he's all that

Eight injured at a fracking plant in WVA today (July 7).

the smoking geek has landed. swooning everywhere nt

A great shout out to the next President of the US. President Martin O'Malley (45)

No comment.

Toronto: Metrolinx price tag for Scarborough subway leaves councillors fuming

Only read this if you don't mind another Snowden speculation post

So I think my house is haunted by my Mother.

Meet The Press' David Gregory Falsely Claims All American Workers Will See Medicare Tax Increase

Incredible way to repurpose leftover grilled Italian sausage

What Pres Correa really said about Assange & the Snowden safe-conduct

Guns killing children: An American epidemic

Saw Lone Ranger tonight

It is what you eat, after all...

NTSB: 10 Killed in Alaska Plane Crash

Considering Snowden Has Highlighted Spying By the US, Germany, France, Britain, Australia

Tropical Storm Chantal *may* be headed for the US

Woman missing since 1985 found in basement wall...

Your spouse is away for a weekend. How do you pig out?

Tiny turtle gifs

Peace activist Kathy Kelly talking in Minneapolis Monday 7/8 at 7pm

Giants linebacker arrested with knife in luggage, police say

“You have to understand: there are no wounded. They’re all dead.”

Finger food

How serious is the NSA problem and what do you think should be done about it?

7 Car Pile Up On Georgia's I-75 Yields 6 DUI Arrests

kute kuddly kitten konfined in kitty Kluster klaimes klostrofobia - film at 11

Dialogue with Hair on Fire members

Top league in Europe?

"Governor Christie Slams Third Veto On Foreclosure Assistance Bill"

Now that we have discussed the spying, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

Heroes of Uncertainty

Great book about skyjacking!

President Obama said "Lets have the debate"

"Republicans Moving From Obstruction To Outright Sabotage"

Follow the Money Rick Perry & Abortion Edition

Secret Court's Redefinition of 'Relevant' Empowered Vast NSA Data-Gathering

DU-ers who joined in 2001, check in!

CNN Airs Never Before Seen Michael Hastings Interview: ‘I Wish I’d Had A Few Thousand More Words’

Schools Seeking to Arm Employees Hit Hurdle on Insurance.

Daniel Ellsberg: Snowden made the right call when he fled the U.S.

The most fucked-up name for a gun shop in human history

One funeral and one marriage down.

Privacy Group to Ask Supreme Court to Stop N.S.A.’s Phone Spying Program

Thank (your choice here) for this group!

Opposition in Syria Continues to Fracture

So the Asiana pilot was landing a 777 for the first time...

has everyone seen the google doodle for 8 july? 66th anniversary of the roswell incident reporting

The Butt-Millet fountain, and some DC LGBTQ history

Castro speech scolds islanders for bad behavior

Prop 8 Personal Injury

When you are having a bad day at work, just be glad you don't have this job

Which First Lady/Gentleman that we missed would have been the most beloved.....

Target founder Douglas Dayton dies at 88 (also uncle of MN Gov. Mark Dayton)

Google homepage today is a Roswell UFO inspired game you can play.

Singapore coroner rules Shane Todd death suicide

Life or death for Trayvon Martin -2 minutes and 2 house lengths

U.S., EU To Talk Trade Amid Spy Furor (starts tomorrow in DC)

North Korea must free Kenneth Bae immediately

What do you put in your steak salad?

Once Upon a Time~

Egypt's Brotherhood alleges Cairo massacre: 34 dead, 500 injured

MIT Immersion Project Reveals What NSA's PRISM Program Knows

Teen Blasted out of Rod Laver after 'Timebomb' tweet

Skinner, Earl and Elad.....

A late night musical interlude

New Book Documents Cold War Experiments on Kids

To all the olduns (and younguns) with back pain


Edward Snowden's digital 'misuse' has created problems, says Ban Ki-moon

Bush was an effective president

The first arrest filmed on Google Glass?

I loved the show Car 54 Where Are You when I was a kid in the 60s

Goodness! My calls were probably relevant to the War on Terror

This week's Monday BAT action

Egypt unrest: Morsi supporters shot dead in Cairo

China agrees to help fund Ecuadorian refinery project

The outrage about Prism spying is wearing off already

Whatever side you take with regard to the NSA controversy,

Since Russia (whatever) is outlawing gays, how do we forget the gay porn they produced?

Snowden reveals Australia's links to US spy web

July 8: National Chocolate with Almonds Day

Bee hives to occupy land owned by St. Louis, Lambert airport

Goodbye paper maps, hello iPad minis: Scott pilots test new 'electronic flight bags'

Transatlantic trade talks set to open amid tensions

This song...holy shit.

Amazing graphene KILLS bacteria and thwarts resistance.

Amazing graphene KILLS bacteria and thwarts resistance.

Just when you think things are getting better ...

European capacity to grow food is plateauing, scientist warns

The day is my night and the night is my day...

So Science…Might Have Gotten It Wrong. Now What?

16 pounds lost 64 to go...

Mercenaries in Northwoods Wisconsin Protecting Destruction.

Mercenaries in Northwoods Wisconsin Protecting Destruction.

Anybody remember Melba Moore?

Did I just hear that the two Chinese girls who died in the crash in SF

Sugar Makes Cancer Light-Up in MRI Scanners

Female inmates sterilized in California prisons without state approval

Snowden's fate unclear despite asylum offers (Gazette)

Love it or leave it?

All-aboard the reality train...

What the media wants you to believe about the San Francisco air disaster

The Pentagon Is Spending Your Tax Dollars to Keep You in the Dark About Its Sprawling Empire

4 Shady Ways Police Bust People For Drugs

Chris Hedges: We Are All Aboard the Pequod

South Dakota Becomes First State To Allow Armed Teachers.

Meet The Chief Justice Of America’s Secret Supreme Court

Green Deal 'could lead to deadly summer overheating'

EPA’s Abandoned Wyoming Fracking Study One Retreat of Many

The Servility of the Satellites

Palestinian TV broadcasts little girls calling Jews "barbaric monkeys, wretched pigs"

Pennsylvania Father Believes Lawn Was Vandalized With Swastika Because Daughter Is Gay

NSA Feels P.R. HEAT From Potential Prospects at University of Wisconsin Recruitment Drive

About How "liberal" msnbc is...

The NSA spies and Democrats look away

Armed mercenaries guarding proposed mine site in Wisconsin

EPIC will file an emergency petition with the Supreme Court on Monday

HD 61 Rep Anesa Kajtazovic considering running for Braley's seat

Top special operations officer directed shift of bin Laden records to CIA to keep files secret

Bryce Harper’s visit with Gavin Rupp

Four Contemptible Examples of Corporate Tax Avoidance

Should lawbreakers always be punished?

The Problem With the 'Privacy Moderates'

Nature Bats last: Collapse Awareness and the Tragic Consciousness

The Carlyle Group paid $20,000,000 fine for alleged bribes in 2009

Egyptian Soldiers Open Fire on Unarmed Morsi Supporters, At Least 43 Dead, 300 Wounded

Howard Zinn: Questioning the total goodness of 'The Good War'

ZIMMERMAN TRIAL: Day 10, Monday, July 8, 2013

Hair on Fire Bingo

For 6th Year, Massive Algae Bloom Buries Sea Near Qingdao, China - 2x Size Of LA County

Another little "win" in my life. 6.0 mph for 1/2 mile.

100s Of Shanghai Factories Have Underground Pipelines To Ocean; Dumping Waste Secretly 24/7

Adobe’s Creative Cloud “cloud” service scans for copyrighted material..

The Dictionary of the Global War on You (GWOY)

The Rich...

North Carolina Fourth of July Parade Includes Racist “White History” Float

Farmers Worry About Fate of Immigration Bills

In terms of surveillance, which era of the US would you prefer to live in?

Snowden Claims: NSA Ties Put German Intelligence in Tight Spot

Transvaginal probe laws fit FBI definition of RAPE

GCHQ Surveillance: The Power of Britain's Data Vacuum

Media Coverage Of Social Security Ignores Proposals That Assist Beneficiaries

Snowden doesn't sound like he's from North Carolina.

Bill Moyers: Surviving the New American Economy

Grave New World{veterans for peace & surveillance}

Deaths in the workplace are no accident

FOIA fiasco: Osama bin Laden files secretly moved from Defense Dept. to CIA

North Carolina Taliban Implements Sharia Law in the State While Pretending to Outlaw It

Daniel Ellsberg: "Snowden right to flee U.S."

The Morning Plum: The problem isn’t generic “Washington gridlock.” It’s the House GOP.

"Eruption of violence": 10 killed, 55 wounded

Snowden's possible flight path

In which Recursion rants about the "confederate flag"

{unemployed} The Forgotten Americans

Golden Corral restaurant health violations exposed.

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 8, 1917

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 8, 1917

Are environmental groups targeted for surveillance?

I'm probably the 50th person to say this, but DU is Derping badly

AGU Chapman Conference: Nuclear Winter - Denial Ain't Just a River in Egypt

First man to hear people before they speak

Legislator can't remember where his pro-fracking bill came from. Maybe divinely inspired??

What is going on in Egypt? "Egypt - Discussion with Gigi Ibrahim"


Nicaragua’s Moscow embassy Moscow has received Edward Snowden’s application for asylum

If you're not doing drugs, what do you care if they test you? See how it starts?

AGU Chapman Conference on Communicating Climate Science: A Historic Look to the Future

Mercenaries in Wisconsin?

Crimes Against Humanity

The important questions - by Tom Tomorrow

The rumor I'm hearing about 2016

I won't call them judges -- judges hear both sides of an argument

Map of the USA...oops, I mean the NSA

If you read anything today, please read this.

Laws, and Morals

KRUGMAN: "remarkably little political pressure to end our continuing, if low-grade, depression"

Angry Mother of Twins Throws Flaming Diapers at Late Night Firework Shooters

Booz Allen, Which Fired Ed Snowden, Hilariously Backs Discussion On 'Transparent Society'

In Caroline Leavitt's IS THIS TOMORROW **SPOILERS****

Saatchi divorcing Nigella after not defending him for choking her

Train Wrecks - I have a plan.

Wisconsin lawmakers including Walker and RoJo formally pledge allegiance to Koch Brothers

France 'grants' political asylum to Femen leader

World War Z is a bad movie, and not in a good way - (SPOILERS INSIDE!)

Lincoln’s Surveillance State

Could national ID be coming? DNA ruling has experts debating broader database

Video: Virginia's Nightmare Future - If We Elect Cuccinelli - Plays Out in North Carolina

"So help you God"

***** Stand with Texas Women - SB1 Hearing = LiveBLOG *****

Workers Outraged at Target's 'Cultural Tips'

Chris Hedges: We've surrendered our lives to corporate forces that ultimately serve systems of death

Josh Marshall: Kinda Curious What That Means (Ellsberg's claim)

Church seeks injunction against protesters

Rick Perry’s Sister Set To Personally Profit From Extreme Texas Abortion Bill If It Passes

Pakistan's Bin Laden Dossier. 336 page report now online

Secret law is not law. It is a fundamental breach of the social contract .

Lac Megantic: Death toll rises in Quebec train derailment explosion

Pope Francis Sounds Pro-Immigrant Message In Lampedusa During First Official Trip Outside Rome

Dead Among Those Interviewed in Faulty Background Checks

Reconsidering the Percolator: Lost American Technologies

Possible explanation for radio bursts: Meet the “blitzar”

I know the next step after PRISM and a national DNA-database:

Quebec Disaster Spurs Rail-Versus-Pipelines Debate on Oil

Study: Hawk moths use sonar jamming genitals in fight against bats

Beck teaches Barton. Come CAPTION Head Wreck instructing the wingnut history teacher.

Winning isn't everything as we have seen the last few years

How helicopter parents can ruin kids' job prospects

Hug your furbaby today, and make sure they have plenty of water as the heat wave continues

Obama’s fall visit to go ahead despite Snowden affair – Kremlin

A hilarious movie scene (no video)

science question...

Vilified U.S. Congress Shows Few Signs of Ending Gridlock

“Les français sont comme les chihuahuas” (#Snowden)

Georgia Prepares To Execute Mentally Retarded Inmate

Snowden fate in balance as Cuba backs asylum bid

Yasiin Bey (AKA Mos Def) Force-Fed Under Guantánamo Procedure, Urges Obama To Halt Ramadan Plan

16 yr old arrested at Pink concert: Arena Staff used Twitter Photo Profile to track him down

State Dept. Whistleblower’s Lawyers Targeted By ‘Watergate-Style’ Break-Ins

New Zealand intervenes in whaling case

The Opening Salvo of 2014

Here's what the U.S. is demanding of South American Countries in the TPP

Halalgoogling: Search engine for Muslims launches

Dumb as a Post jpeg...Been punked by the Koch Bros.?

How are we supposed to trust the government with medical records?

Sabawi Ibrahim Al Hassan Dead: Saddam Hussein's Half-Brother Dies Of Cancer In Iraq

Unlike our troops and cities with military bases, DEFENSE CONTRACTORS WILL NOT SUFFER PAY CUTS

Backyard chickens dumped at shelters when hipsters can't cope, critics say

"How Much Does a Pelvic Ultrasound Cost?"

Any dog experts here?

They're home.

Escaped Inmate -Rapist and Kidnapper-tackled By Customer At Ohio Store on camera

Pic Of The Moment: Congress Back In Session

Signatures Next Step For Spitzer In City Comptroller Bid

Anyone here ever land a 747 at SFO?

Teresa's condition upgraded from critical to fair

A broadcaster said that the Women's Champion at Wimbledon, Marion Bartoli, "wasn't a looker".

PIC: ALEC & the life cycle of corruption

Teresa Heinz Kerry upgraded to fair condition

Edward Snowden: 'The US government will say I aided our enemies' – video interview

Another "scandal" at Faux "news" goes poof.

The idea that Snowden, Ellsberg, or whoever should accept the consequences is Silly

What would you do if this was your daughter or wife?

5150'd over a tweet

Red Mile race track near the reputed location of the "Camp town Races."

'Friendly atheist' speaks to thousands at Oak Hills

U.S. Government: Support Rep. Moran's H RES 208 to Ban Animal Gas Chambers Nationwide

A big helping of southern-fried Christian Sharia

Moran Introduces Resolution Opposing Gas Chamber for Shelter Pets

Perry likely to announce if he'll seek re-election

GOP Wall Street Bill Would Kill off Bank Regulations

Krugman: Defining Prosperity Down

What's for Dinner? ~ Monday July 8th

Attacks In Iraq Kill At Least 21, Including Children, Part Of Surge Of Violence

When is prosecution going to . . .

Another Fox Voter Fraud Story Dies

LIVE FEED: Texas Senate Committee Hearing on Abortion Legislation

Snowden Reveals Australia’s Links To US Spy Web

Patriots Store Takes Back Unwanted Hernandez Jerseys

A Man Died From A Flesh-Eating Bacteria Off Louisiana's Gulf Coast

Suicide among US veterans 22 per day, 3 times national rate: Report

Schools Seeking to Arm Employees Hit Hurdle on Insurance

Heated NYC mayor's race is a star-studded affair

Have Republicans been lying?

Tropical Storm Chantal: Tracks For Florida, Bay Area Should Take Notice

How much can the U.S. hurt Venezuela? ...

The Rude Pundit:In Brief: What Ought to Happen Regarding NSA Surveillance and FISA Court "Oversight"

Two women assaulted at 59th Street subway station

What's the name of this song?

Two Reasons There Could Never Be Another Justice Like Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Prejudice against the poor

Koch Brothers To Pour Millions Into Obamacare Misinformation Campaign

Even when spelled out this succinctly, some people still don't get it (photo)

i'm going to brag here a minute :)

Women should be quiet, submissive to husband, cooking, ironing, silent in church

Ireland High Court Refuses to Grant Arrest Warrant for Snowden

Just a Question for Discussion. What if Gasoline hits $10.00 a gallon in the U.S.A?

Mo. gov. vetoes bill that nullified fed gun laws

Dublin rejects Snowden arrest plea (a possible refueling spot in Ireland)

Pixies: Just the Latest Rockers to Make Violence Against Women Look Cool (Et tu, Brute?)

FISA Court Interpretation Of 'Relevant' Allowed Broad Surveillance: Report

National Explosives Task Force Advisory: Fireworks as Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Components

So you say you're American and care about civil rights? Call Congress! Demand VRA Section 4 revision

Monday Monday

FL Accidentally Banned All Computers, Smart Phones In The State Through Internet Cafe Ban:Lawsuit

Taking your Mac to the Genius Bar

The up-side of the cone of shame...

Donald Trump fails to deliver on golf resort jobs pledge

Anti-'Obamacare' commercial to start running in Ohio this week


Ireland says no to arrest warrant for Edward Snowden

A pep talk:

On the Whole, President Obama Does Not Have A Progressive Agenda

From Exodus to Shock the Gay Away: An LGBT History Lesson

University Of North Carolina Allegedly Retaliated Against A Rape Victim For Coming Forward

You go grandma!

Shitheads in Louisiana want to ban the pride flag

Sorkinisms - Too Funny!!

No Criminal Charges for Jon Corzine

Israeli doctors to advise US at Guantanamo hunger strikers

Digby: Weaponized Drones Coming to America?

This Saturday night, I am having a dinner party in your honor.

It's 10pm in Moscow, do you know where your Snowden is? Venezuela tweets

About One-Quarter of Assault-Injured Youth Own a Gun

Democrat Eyes Seat Of U.S. Rep. Brett Guthrie

Subcutaneous belly fat versus really dangerous visceral fat and how to tell the difference

American Airlines Flight Attendant Accused Of Smuggling Rats In Underwear

Mexico replaces US as world’s fattest nation

Gorilla Statue That Kind Of Looks Like Freddie Mercury Removed After Estate Demands It

Minor League Baseball Team Plans To "Celebrate Life" By Giving Away Free Funeral

When A Teen's 'Sarcastic' Facebook Message Goes Terribly Wrong

Jeff Masters on Tropical Storm Chantal and July storms

Girl Dies After Groundbreaking Trachea Transplant

Ohio’s 24 hour wait when you miscarry

There is virtually no criticism of the President that doesn't

Republican Perry, Texas' longest-serving governor, says he won't seek re-election next year.

The hardest thing about driving 120 mph on the FW is keeping the martini in the glass

Gov. Perry announces he won't run for reelection

Euro zone grants multi-billion euro lifeline for Greece

White House: Egypt aid cutoff not in US interest

The IRS Just Accidentally Published Thousands of SSNs Online

Craigslist help, please!

World’s first floating nuclear power plant to begin operating in Russia in 2016

"There's a strain of madness in today's GOP, and it remains terribly unsettling."

USSC issued a sweeping decision broadening corporate immunity ... and evening news ignores it

UNWISA FISA: Trust 'em? jpeg

Deadline Looms for Snowden (the noose tightens)

Would you like the door to hit Rick Perry in the ass on the way out?

Defense presents video in Manning WikiLeaks trial

What Happened to the Obama Scandals?

Freedom of Information a problem? Call the CIA

Interview with Edward Snowden in Hong Kong Part 2 (Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras) - Updated

how should doctors share impossible decisions with their patients?

The parents of Wang Linjia

How do you deal with people who think there is something wrong with you because you are a believer?

Nationalism, Tech Giants, and Spy States

Peeping Tom Busted Hiding In Septic Tank

My birthday is in October

NJ Court Overturns Award for View Lost to Dune

Evil Boyfriend Scares Sleeping Girlfriend with ‘Deadly’ Wake Up Prank

Ring around the gene pool. Please come CAPTION this Fox News anchor!!!

What is your opinion of former CT senator Edith Prague?

US bishops to Congress: Fix Voting Rights Act

Edward Snowden: Bolivia summons envoys over jet

New Jersey Top Court Voids Award for Ocean Views Lost to Sand Dune.

Perhaps Wikileaks prefers Nicaragua to Venezuela, backed with evidence

White House says will not immediately cut off aid to Egypt

Same prob as WillPitt, re: DU 'derping'

Perry: Tired of being Governor For Life

Adorable Video: Buttercup the duck receives a prosthetic foot.

When Is A Military Coup Not A Military Coup? When The White House Says So.

Erich von Stroheim's great acting career in French films

Snowden Anticipated Being Accused Of Violating Espionage Act

RI assault weapons ban fizzles in General Assembly

Snowden may have opted for Nicaragua as asylum destination (Kuwait News Agency -only source so far)

Things I learned overhearing teabaggers this weekend

In light of the pre-trial, pre-conviction treatment of Bradley Manning . . .

Removal of Islamist Morsi in Egypt a source of hope in Israel

Charmian Gooch: Meet global corruption's hidden players

Corbett's Legacy Will be Mutated Escaped Wild Boars Terrorizing PA. (entertaining column)

Many Rivers to Cross


U.S. information leakage shows sloppiness in managing secrets

What is the opposite of "Amnesty"?

Snowden: US And Israel Did Create Stuxnet Attack Code

About oneshooter's hide

Snowden says U.S., Israel created Stuxnet virus

So The Gym Owner/MMA Instructor Testified Zimmerman's A Super Wimp Who Can't Fight With His Hands

Snowden Deserves An Immediate Presidential Pardon

Some Feel Like President Obama Has Abandoned Them.

Edward Snowden case: Bolivia summons envoys over jet

Please help me !!!!

Distressing Content: Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) force fed under standard Guantánamo Bay procedure

"Obama is no longer my President"

What is/are your favorite acomplishment(s) of the Obama administration?

I just found another weird glitch

Any theories on what really happened between Zimmerman and TM?

I have Obama's back on Coup vs. Aid issue

Bradley Manning Lawyer Calls For 'Aiding the Enemy' Charges To Be Dropped...

Can ALL jobs in America be outsourced? YES!

Would the government would have the right to tap all communications if FISA is repealed?

Does ANYBODY have a clue about the names of the crash victims in Alaska?

Return of the Cicadas

Is this a Harris' Checkerspot?

Tampa And Miami In Cold War Over Cuban Trade

The Honest Toddler releases an official statement about rumors in social media regarding him:

If someone were chasing me and trying to rape me

Obama needs to take charge on NSA spying scandal

Is DU slow for anyone else lately?

If people were actually paying attention, they'd be angry about this!!

Fake gun seized at Salt Lake City airport

Kali's fixation -- as depicted by a poor, poor little tiny doggie:

I think many of us foegot to say "Happy Father's Day" to ohiosmith.

Cat Dream #14:

How many of us ruined our eyesight by staring intently for HOURS trying to get just one clear second

Why Ensign MiddleFingerMom is not allowed to hold a tribble anymore:

The reaon there's a court injunction prohibiting MiddleFingerMom from having any more children:

40 Still Missing In Deadly Canada Oil Train Crash

Penalties await gay couples trying to marry in Indiana

RELAX! This Video will Calm Your Mind and Uplift Your Soul!

Rick Perry not running in 2014

Pa. Girl Who Got New Lungs After Parents Sued Over Transplant Rules Develops Pneumonia

Lawmakers couldn't reconcile solar bill

If you live near a Krispy Kreme store and eat them regardless of how bad they are for you(I do),

Fox or Fiction Quiz

US, China discuss cybersecurity

Brazil lawmakers want to question U.S. envoy about spying

Things would be so much better if Mitt were Prez

2013 Media Reform Panel | Exposing ALEC: How Corporate Special Interests Control State Legislatures

I Can't Remember - Why Can't They Do A Voice Analysis On The 911 Tape In Trayvon Martin Trial.....

Lobbyists Lavish North Carolina's Far-Right Politicians With Beer, Expensive Parties

10 Most Shocking Things the FBI Has Done Since 9/11...

Green Party reiterates call to criminalize hydrofracking

To enter or not to enter Trayvon's

Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity

Several of us would like to start a new group entitled perhaps "World News Forum"

A small town VT lawyer talks about representing a 'high value' prisoner in Gitmo

Defense currently arguing to get in evidence of Trayvon having smoked pot

Santorum Claims Some Catholic Cardinals Voted Twice

Anybody ever see Neil Diamond live?

We need more positive Obama news on the homepage

House Republicans Draft Their Debt-Ceiling Playbook

Consumer Borrowing in U.S. Rises $19.6 Billion, Most in Year

9 year old Trayvon saved Dad from house fire.

Snowden UFO Data Connection

Wiretap Report 2012 Summary and Analysis

George Zimmerman will walk. I knew he would walk before the trial, and I know he will now.

Who considered these factors regarding Snowden?

Edward Snowden Honored by Ex-Intel Officials, awarded Sam Adams award

Anyone Brushing Off NSA Surveillance Because It's 'Just Metadata' Doesn't Know What Metadata Is

Keystone pipeline backers say Snowden bolsters case

Decorated, wounded Marine treated 'shamefully' by security screeners

Document: Pakistan's Bin Laden Dossier

In Lac-Mégantic, reality sets in for relatives of the missing (dozens dead)

Will Edward Snowden change the data center real estate market?

Was it Zimmerman screaming?

Asiana Airlines president bows in apology for crash, a show of Korea’s very different corporate...

ObamaCare in PA Update: Abortion Coverage Banned, Still No Medicaid Expansion [VIDEO]

Germany defends "strictly legal" cooperation with NSA

Only Obama Can Stop Gitmo Force-Feeding - US Judge

ObamaCare in PA Update: Abortion Coverage Banned, Still No Medicaid Expansion [VIDEO]

ObamaCare in PA Update: Abortion Coverage Banned, Still No Medicaid Expansion [VIDEO]

Man who slipped into Niagara River identified as UB student

ObamaCare in PA Update: Abortion Coverage Banned, Still No Medicaid Expansion [VIDEO]

ObamaCare in PA Update: Abortion Coverage Banned, Still No Medicaid Expansion [VIDEO]

NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s case reveals dangers of relying on defense contractors

Robert Kraft says he, Patriots were ‘duped’ by Aaron Hernandez

For Navy Recruits, Basic Training Now Targets Sexual Assault.

HI-YO SILVER! AWAAYYYYY!!! Just saw it. It's a stitch. (spoilerish?)

Politico article about "the most popular progressive you've never heard of"

Theresa Heinz Kerry is bound to be okay

GOP Abortion Solution - "Just Say No To Sex, Rape And Incest So You Can't Get Pregnant.

Osama Bin Laden In Pakistan: Wore Cowboy Hats, Ate Chocolate And Was Even Stopped For Speeding

Republicans Divided on Egypt

California Prisons Sterilized 148 Female Inmates Without Approval

A plane crash kills 2. Massive coverage. A train derailment incinerates dozens, very little

I'm starting to really like this Sheryl Sandberg. She has a way that says "Put me in charge"

Booze Allen spying not much different than "Game of Thrones" spying

Nicaraguan Embassy in Russia Receives Snowden’s Asylum Bid


Gearbox Making More Borderlands 2 DLC, New Next-Gen Franchise

Unless that jury is from Mars it's reasonable to assume that at least half of them smoked weed

For all my fellow oldsters at DU - have a good laugh!!

Dead Interviewed in Fake U.S. Government Background Checks

56% of Senate plan tax cut going to in-state residents would go to top 1% of taxpayers

Antarctic Lake Vostok 'might have fish'

The prosecution should call Jeff Spicoli

Why Trayvon may have been heading north on the dog path and still not "doubling back" to ambush GZ

"Obama gives himself Control over All Communications..."

Gone to Texas

Snowden affair clouds U.S. attempts to press China to curb cyber theft

The Pentagon furloughs the political world ignores


Helpful graphic re: proposed tax changes in NC

College Textbooks are a Racket

Vote looms in Ga. over solar power usage (Koch Bros. disapprove)

Gov. Rick Perry Will Not Seek Reelection

Tax that oil extraction!

BOTH PARTIES say "Asylum for Snowden is an Affront to the U.S."

Top Court Asked to Stop NSA Surveillance

World Solar PV Market To Hit 45 GW In 2014, Deutsche Bank Forecasts

House GOP apparently wants to be even more unpopular - By Joan Walsh

BREAKING: Germany Sets Solar Power Record (Again) — 23.9 GW

How the media outrageously blew the IRS scandal: A full accounting

We should applaud the European Union for recognising the right to freedom *from* religion

If you provoke a confrontation, then you don't have the right to claim self-defense.

World's Biggest Offshore Wind Farm Switched On in Britain

"If My Vagina Was a Gun." Poem. Testimony before Comm. in Texas today.

"I was just trying to figure out why this man got out of his truck and followed my son"

Daniel Dennett: New Atheism has changed the face of America

Spying on Americans (USNWR)

Defense Team - Good Day or Bad Day

Poem read at Senate Hearings-If my Vagina was a Gun

Surprised by the atmosphere here....

Exceptional PBS documetary: 'Slavery By Another Name' - Full movie on youtube

Political Issues Are Tools

Brazilian Senators call on their govt to give asylum to Snowden, cancel state dinner in USA

Judge rules Trayvon Martin's toxicology report will be allowed into evidence

Housing discrimination - PSA

NYT Disunion Civil War Articles this one on Volunteer nurses.

Egypt Puts Travel Restrictions on Syrians

Don't let Snowden's long, strange trip take NSA off the hook.

The End Of 'Pro-Israel' In American Political Discourse

Monday Toon Roundup 1: Repubs and CONgress

So far today I've eaten a big bowl of raisin bran 4 peaches, a nectarine, a banana,

Monday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

The death toll in Lac Megantic is now officially 13 with 37 officially missing

Single best demonstration of why democracy was doomed in Egypt.

S&P Legal Defense—No Reasonable Investor Would Take Us Seriously

Question for gun experts RE: Zimmerman Trial

It's Monday, so it's car show day! (Pic heavy)

U.S. Aid To Syrian Rebels Delayed By Congress: Report

Judge: Trayvon Martin’s Pot Use Can Be Included In Trial

A Hypnotic Visualization of Everything Gmail Knows About You and Your Friends

Bush-Appointed Judge Slams Decision Striking Voting Rights Act — Court’s Reasoning Was ‘Made Up’

For Fatburger and others, Obamacare delay came too late

Republicans Seize Control Of FEC, Aim To Further Destroy Enforcement Of Campaign Finance Law

Miliband to propose the ending of automatic affiliation fees from unions

Satire: "Zimmerman Hopes to Join Fox News after Acquittal"

Railway Says Firefighters Cut Power To Brakes; Death Toll In Quebec Train Disaster Rise

Sorry, Republicans, Your Own Investigation Proves No Dead People Voted In South Carolina

Happy Birthday Louis Jordan

NC Zucchini

Why do people keep bringing up the treatment of Manning in a military prison re: Snowden?

New Martian photos

Cooking with soy milk ... WTF?

Paula Deen, Racism… and Speciesism | Mickey Z.

Grassley Proposes Eliminating 3 Seats On Powerful Court To Keep Obama From Filling Them

Today's State Dept Brief - Brazil, Venezuela, Snowden, Bolivia- Plane, China, Guyana, Singapore

Are YOUR phone records relevant to a terror investigation?

Rescued Kitten In Crocheted Mushroom Costume

Yes, providing healthcare is a cost for fast food but honestly it's just some extra accounting

Imperfect Storms | John Michael Greer

It's over. Protest every day you breathe air.

From Tahrir to Taksim: West Reserves Right to Interfere | Ramzy Baroud

Proof Roswell is REAL!

Finally, a description of what it feels like for your state to dump Russ Feingold for Ron Johnson:

Apple's anniversary; Apple celebrate with free apps

When Crazy Invades: Defection & Denial | Mickey Z.

It is 7:21 DU. Do you know where your children are?

When Will Americans Resist? | Mickey Z.

Glenn Greenwald: Edward Snowden "Satisfied" by Global Outrage over U.S. Surveillance Operations

School’s Out… Forever | Mickey Z.

PA Republicans Increase Prison Funding While Lying About Slashing Education Funding [VIDEO]

PA Republicans Increase Prison Funding While Lying About Slashing Education Funding [VIDEO]

PA Republicans Increase Prison Funding While Lying About Slashing Education Funding [VIDEO]

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 9 July 2013

TWO Rockies selected for Home Run Derby!

Operation Exodus: The Snowden Accompaniment Flytilla to Political Asylum in Venezuela by Robert Nai

Uruguay Ready to Consider Asylum for Snowden – First Lady

Randy Travis critically ill in Texas

Could You Pass The Literacy Test Given To Black Voters In The 1960s?

Photo of the two 16 Year old Chinese girls who died on the flight into San Francisco, yesterday

Jim Carrey apologizes to gun owners on Twitter

Obama Implores Snowden's Neck Mole to Become NSA Mole

I've been having the same slow DU problems since Friday or Saturday.

Why is woo sold as "mainstream?"

Death toll hits 13 amid revelations Quebec firemen may have cut power to runaway train's brakes

I'm so scared. Please help us.

Judge delays enforcement of Wisconsin abortion law

Patrick Steward takes a strong public stand against domestic violence....

Muslim extremists.