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Snowden affair clouds U.S. attempts to press China to curb cyber theft

And now, another episode of -- Vast Internet Wasteland! Today: Snowden in the News!

I have a question on the San Francisco plane accident.

The irony, oh the irony.

Genetic portraits.

From Daily Kos: Guns in Schools plan runs afoul of insurance industry.

First they gather. Then, they feed.

Snowden affair clouds U.S. attempts to press China to curb cyber theft

Diplomatic observers predict Trans-Atlantic Ice Age

Venezuela confirms receipt of Snowden's Asylum offer, now he just needs to fly there

What Really Killed Michael Hastings?

First big tomato out of the garden. ***Josie pic included***

For Only 2nd Time In History, The World Health Organization Calls An Emergency Meeting About a virus

Sen. Greg Ball hopes to test self-driving cars in New York

Wisconsin Abortion Law Signed By Gov. Scott Walker Blocked By Judge

Fannie Mae claims to have owned my mortgage a month BEFORE we bought the house!

Muslim Brotherhood calls for more protests

Wisconsin Abortion Law Signed By Gov. Scott Walker Blocked By Judge

The Official Video: ReThink911 September 2013

Through Their Eyes | David Glenn Cox

Judas Asparagus / from the Children's Bible in a Nutshell

Decline and Fall – Skyjacking Edition – 7/8/13

Here's what the Snowden videos did

My "least untruthful" post of the day.

Loads are still running slow

Aubergine! Eggplant! Time for Ratatouille! (pics of impending harvest)...

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Dog Days & a new Kitteh gif

Canucks I hear there is major flooding in Toronto and massive powercuts

Paul Ryan Reveals That Everything He Said About Medicare in 2012 Was A Total Lie

We Are the Pea | James Howard Kunstler

Supreme Court rules Drug Companies exempt from Lawsuits

Eight key quotes from the new Snowden video

ACLU, Senators Should Question Comey on Past Approval of Torture

Washington Warns Snowden May Only Travel to the US (Jay Carney WH Spokesman statement)

Stop by this place to see if even the big NYT scoop could get a positive reaction & discover it

DOJ says tolerance trumps right to homeschool

Question for DUers ...

Imagine If Planets Were As Close As The Moon

What's the deal with all these websites that want your phone number

Curiosity Mars rover hits the road (BBC)

Run On~

Congress delaying U.S. aid to Syrian rebels - sources

NC Commerce Secretary says legislature, arrests making it hard to sell North Carolina

Pretty Please?

I COMPLETELY support Snowden.

How about a forum about the US government functioning itself? Budget, IRS, NSA, security etc

Top five most dangerous parks in New York City

Judge rejects state secrets defense in wiretapping lawsuit

This is truly disgusting...what sick country we live in

Diary of a Douche

Barnes & Noble CEO William Lynch Steps Down

Book by former CIA analyst sheds light on Cuba, Kennedy, Oswald


U.S. Considers Faster Pullout In Afghanistan

"Could one man have shortened the Vietnam War?"

Matrix: who is Edward Snowden?

The Abundance Prayer

Elderly man who picked dandelions for food gets $75 ticket

Missing pitbull returns to H.B. from Florida after three years

I don't think it is appropriate to call someone an "OREO"

Brazil now looking for Portuguese, Spanish doctors, not Cubans

Rust promises hydrogen power boost (BBC)

Some would rejoice...

Does Snowden know Venezuela records and broadcasts activists' phone calls?

Generation Snowden, Part II: A little learning is dangerous. Less learning, more so.

Hannah's Law in gov's hands

Snowden's Quotes

And now a word from the health-care trenches:

Monsanto hopes to win over beekeepers with cure

Harsh Words From Mayor's Daughter Georgina Bloomberg to Expand Role in Improving Animal Welfare

I've been fined!

Yet another new graphic

Pa. waxing salon fires employee for refusing Brazilian waxing

Every year about 60,000 people line the Castillo Fort lawns, Bayfront, and Bridge of Lions

Sharpton Panel Probes Zimmerman’s Story: Unless Trayvon Had X-Ray Vision, He Wouldn’t Have Seen Gun

obamacare: a fact or two

Just served on my 200th Jury. How many have you served on here at DU?

Video: Ken Cuccinelli Says League of Women Voters/AARP Debate a "left wing, stacked" Forum!!!

Clinton Family Favorite

Christian Heavy Metal

I've been wined!

If a British woman won ’77 Wimbledon, why is Murray first winner since ’36?

President Obama Considering Faster Pullout of Afghanistan W/No Troops Left Behind

Did anyone watch "Gasland 2" on HBO?

Are there really people who don't know what the terms Oreo and Coconut mean?

Just watched "One Bright Shining Moment" a documentary about George McGovern

"White House projects shrinking deficit"

Asiana flight attendant, last person off jet, describes ordeal

The secret weapon that could save the Voting Rights Act

Hawthorne dog shooting: What police can learn from mail carriers

SUSE Updates Enterprise Linux Server with Secure Boot

No doubt, if you STICK to it you will get promoted...

Florida Accidentally Banned All Computers, Smart Phones In The State Through Internet Cafe Ban

"Rand Paul: 'Fire the CBO' For Finding that Immigration Reform Reduces the Deficit"

Turning Permanent Residents Into Citizens

Honest factual question: has Greenwald ever met Snowden in person?

AND...I might add...Republicans...

Interesting interview: Current events in Egypt from perspective of a 12 year old.

Snowden affair blunts U.S. push for China to curb cyber theft

Corporal Horton Versus the Harper Government

What is DARPA and what can the NSA expect from their cute little family?

Oyku y Berk - Flamenco - Geceler Düsman - Noche, el Enemigo - (Night, the Enemy)

Twinkies to last longer than many may remember

Tonight they’re turning off the Bank of America Plaza’s green argon

Politician arrested for land theft in northeastern Colombia

Argle Bargle, Argle Bargle

Crash investigators turn to cockpit decisions

"Political Inflationistas" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

Venezuela detects embezzlement from Chinese fund

Judge reviews doctor’s fate in abortion case

US consumer borrowing up as credit card use rises

When the keg is empty...

Medieval site discovered near Wellington

Yahoo shuts down Internet relic AltaVista

Star Wars missile intercept fails for fifth year running

I can only gather that this represents some kind of pathological obsession...

HUNGER STRIKE: 30,000 prisoners protest torture

Questions for Snowden

The Republicans Lord's Prayer

Well, well, now Orson Card wants tolerance

Canadian Army goes back to the future with return to British-style ranks and designations

Mom: Daughter, friend 'token white kids' cited for Plaza curfew violation

Wells Fargo says no way to kidney patient trying to cash long-ago checks

Clearwire shareholders vote for Sprint deal

Unlike US Asylees, Snowden didn’t Blow anything Up, just said ‘This is not Right’

My spouse wants to retire in Oregon

Massive flooding in Toronto, 300,000 without power

"Confusingly, Crops Engineered To Not Need Chemicals End Up Making Us Use More Chemicals"

Facebook pushes search feature to more users

Obama Job Approval (Final Results)

Can you remember when you were allowed to smoke on planes?

Missouri Woman Starts Petition To Remove Sexist Rush Limbaugh's Bust From Place of Honor In State

Oregon to ban housing discrimination against Section 8 renters

Fire chief angrily denies suggestion his crew played role in deadly Lac-Mégantic train disaster

I read something from 2000 that gave me the creeps

So tonight

Who watched Gasland II on HBO tonight? Anybody?

WaPo: Shooting from the hip: Ted Nugent rocks politics

TCM Schedule for Thursday, July 11, 2013 -- TCM Memorial Tribute -- Ray Harryhausen

Chariot Fire Jumps Sunrise Highway at Mount Laguna Campground

Major internet backbones required to give US government quick access to data

Eliot Spitzer: “I am going to be on the street corners”

(Bucca di Beppo) Orlando's Earl Enterprises cuts workers' hours, denies health-care link

Spitzer, Seeking Political Rebirth, Quickly Hits Establishment Headwind.

Can you even begin to imagine the devastation

Has Obama already approved Keystone XL?

"I Am Glad, 'Cause I'm Finally Returning Back Home"

ALL OUT FOR CA PRISONER HUNGER STRIKE 2013 Rally at Corcoran July 13th

Secret FISA Court Tosses Privacy Overboard

Seven-Car Crash Leads to Six DUI Arrests

Insurers Refuse To Cover Kansas Schools Where Teachers Carry Guns Because It’s Too Risky

A Peculiar Absence of Bellybones | John Michael Greer

Snowden Mentioned ‘Direct Access’ In Interview With The Guardian

Fossil Fuel Chemical Supplier Shut Down By Fracking Protesters

Temporary Jobs Becoming A Permanent Fixture In U.S.

Occupy Homes MN is once again demanding the Sheriff not evict the homeowners. 7/11 at 11:30am.

Some days being the obituary clerk really sucks

another observation of slow page loading speeds

Deficit hawk Pete Peterson just cut a check to Social Security Works--WA. Bwahhhaaaa!

LIVE-STREAM: Texas SENATE Coverage of abortion legislation - (over)

In video, Democrat Staci Appel says she'd 'get things done' in Congress (challenging Tom Latham)

They Can't Take Away my Dignity

That's one fat cat.

Former Protégé of Bulger Recounts 1982 Double Murder, and Its Code Words

Glenn Beck: Hospitalized Heinz Kerry May Be Faking

The Constitution specifically allows for Congressional secrecy and military contractors

Maybe I can craft a life as quiet "secular" monk type?...

It's time! (July photo contest has started)

I offer condolences to the Asiana plane crash victims

Spooky Judgments: How Agents Think About Danger

Obama Sees 2013 Deficit Lowest in Five Years, GDP Growth at 2.0%

Shameful: Keystone XL Proponent Using Deadly Quebec Oil Train Tragedy To Promote Pipeline

On the Verge of Improved US-Cuban Relations - Will Snowden Undo It?

Anyone see "Gasland 2" on HBO Monday night?

First they came for Manning and Snowden

C-SPAN: James Woolsey on 'Energy and National Security' rips factory farming, HFCS, processed food

Tea party group responds to NC protest movement with 'Marxist Mondays' song

Odds and Ends from wandering around the city today

FBI Data Transfers Via Telecoms (Quantico Circuits). How/Where NSA Access To Telecom System Occurs

Wanda Podgurski Captured: Fugitive Arrested After Taunting Police On Twitter

Walk by the docks...

Judge Orders The Secret Service to Release Their File on Aaron Swartz

The two women suing police after they were subjected to humiliating roadside cavity search

Venezuela's Security Plan Cuts Crime By 30 Percent

Some in Mexico smell a rat as vote count halted in Baja California

Chinese police 'fired on Tibetans marking Dalai Lama birthday'

Rent-a-Paramilitaries Freak Out Wisconsin

There’s Less to This Congress Than Meets the Blind Eye

Ancient Underwater Forest Discovered in the Gulf of Mexico

Lautenberg family rejects Booker (WTF?)

Peru's Voting System Goes Online

Brazil to lure foreigners to fill public health posts

Brazilian Politicians Want to Grant Snowden Asylum

Brazilian Politicians Want to Grant Snowden Asylum

You're failing your country right now. Yes, you.

City of Berkley Files Claim to Protect Dispensary From Feds

Thank You from Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus & Michelle Knight

July 9: National Sugar Cookie Day

July 9, 1981 – Donkey Kong, a video game created by Nintendo, is released.

July 9, 1896 – William Jennings Bryan delivers his Cross of Gold speech

Victory for Former Zellers Workers in Fight Towards Fairness at Target

Anyone remember Echelon? NSA surveillance on Americans is probably older than you think

Official Trailer: The Gatekeepers

UFCW Local 1245 Joins Community Group to Successfully Keep Walmart Out of Neighborhood

I think e-cigarettes have massively underrated potential to save many, many lives.

Randy Travis in Critical Condition in Texas Hospital

What RIGHT does the U.S. have to tell other countries they can't give Snowden asylum?

How to stop AT&T from selling your private data to advertisers

Rev Jane Holmes loses Ministry Privilidges at Jail after Moral Mondays Arrest

Episcopal Bishops Join Clergy from Several Denominations in Supporting Moral Mondays Protest

This might have been discussed before, but I was just wondering...

The Asiana flight attendants stayed behind to slash seat belts and save passengers

Trying to make sense of the Zimmerman trial and the laws involved

By Hook Or By Crook... Oops, I Mean By Rail Or By Pipe, That Oil Will Be Moved

Cat Fud

Masao Yoshida Dead: Former Chief Of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Dies At 58

Rescuers evacuate 5 Indonesians trapped by tigers

Spain's weasel apology to Morales "The ambassador said there was a misunderstanding, we apologize"

New Pokemon XY anime series to air Oct 17

You want to know the results of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Huge Failure

Asiana head to leave for U.S. over deadly crash of his jet

Good Morning, Ramblers! Let's get ramblin'!

Explosion rocks Hezbollah stronghold in Lebanon

The Austerity Boom

Atlanta-based former 'Air America' operator now running 'Progressive Voices'

Former Hostess Employees Bitter About Wage Cuts (fork lift operator- $11 an hour)

Nogizaka46's 6th single sells over 330,000 copies

Meet The Next Governor Of Texas

Cleveland Kidnap Victims Berry, DeJesus and Knight Release Thank-You Video

Obama administration set to make NSA leaker Snowden’s trip tough

Amazing discussion on Spitzer and Weiner

Shocker: Only 1% of So Called Terrorists Nabbed by the FBI Were Real

Huge Gas transfer station to be built just South of Long Island?

Fukushima radioactive groundwater readings rocket

Concept of "Limited Government" Is Right-Wing Bunk: Try to Find Anything Like It in the Constitution

Unpaid Internships could be ruled illegal - if so, it will be long overdue!

Obama's former White House counsel visits Don Siegelman, working on his appeal

Asiana Airlines Crash: The 7 Seconds of Horror on Flight 214

Photos from the Belfast Gay Pride Carnival

Tuesday Toons


EU hits Russia with first WTO dispute over car levy

Nut doesn't fall far from the tree. (((Police: Lawrence Taylor's son charged with rape)))

Japan may restart reactors in a year; Fukushima situation worsens

Broncos executive arrested on suspicion of DUI

SCOTUS Has Made It Much Easier To Be Harassed At Work

Killers' life terms 'breach their human rights'

Runaway Quebec Train's Owner Battled Safety Issues

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station Live Camera

Water constraints on European power supply under climate change: impacts on electricity prices

Trial set to begin for Keisha Curtis in ‘Patrick the Dog’ case

It's Time the Justice Dept. Got Serious About Hacking Allegations by Rupert Murdoch's Media Empire

Guilt, sadness mark vigil for crash victims.

Gay-Marriage Campaigners Reveal Their Next Steps

Brazil opens investigation into US spying

Hansen misguided about value of nuclear

Teaching Doctors How to Think

Bradley Manning Aided The Enemy Because He Knew Al Qaeda Uses The Internet, Prosecutors Charge

ZIMMERMAN TRIAL: Day 11, Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The NSA Spies and Democrats Look Away

Mos Def major respect for you.

Spitzer Quickly Hits Establishment Headwind; Today's NYT

"...Koch brothers screwed over the climate even more..."

Brazil drops plan to import Cuban doctors

New Greenwald article: US Surveillance spread throughout Latin America

A one-two punch for labor: 1) Raise the minimum wage and 2) Establish a minimum guaranteed income

Once Again, A Democratic President Cuts a Republican Deficit. Almost No One Notices.

State Department Admits It Doesn't Know Keystone XL's Exact Route

How American Society Unravelled After Greedy Elites Robbed the Country Blind

How people without cats eat/How people with a cat eat:

Big-Box America (cartoon)

Where the Hell Is the Outrage?

If the judge allows Zimmerman's animated re-enactment...

‘Angry Trayvon’ App Pulled From Google Play Store After Sparking Outrage

Drug dog

100 Year Old Grandma Keeps Telling Reporter How Much She Likes Dick During Interview on Her Birthday

Two wars--- 12 years....Obama is about to end that.

How was Trayvon able to see GZ hidden gun.

hiding in the septic tank?

A Patriot Act History Lesson: How Prescient Warnings Were Mocked

Quinnipiac Poll: Booker A ‘Shoo-In’ For U.S. Senate


Are you more or less "Liberal" than President Obama?

Democrats Plan Challenge to G.O.P.’s Filibuster Use (Personally, I'll believe it when I see it)

No posts about "Gasland II" this morning is disturbing

Good morning ya'll

Glenn's Limbo: How low can you go? Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Late nights 'sap children's brain power'

Thermapen open box sale -$74, normally $96

My Mother’s Abortion

WISCONSIN: Armed Guards - 'Bulletproof' Arizona security team raises hackles at Gogebic mine site

NY Times Projections Show U.S. Budget Deficit Will Shrink .... $214 billion drop

In vitro meat. The wave of the future.

US Corporate Media Shown to be Rank Propaganda Arms

Do you feel like getting angry today?

Try to embed you tube videos and when I post all that shows up is the html stuff

Rick Perry: “Time to Pass Mantle to New Generation of Boneheads” - Borowitz reports

Also about oneshooter's recent hide

Papantonio: Time For Big Oil To Pay Up

Authorities: Homeless woman sneaks onto MacDill AFB using garbage can

Just Like THEY Predicted

Update: The Death Toll In The Canadian Oil Train Disaster will be 67+

Blogger Spearheads Petition Urging Human Rights Groups to Condemn Anti-Semitic TV Show

The Ten Most Disturbing Things You Should Know About the FBI Since 9/11

When your SO goes out of town, what kinds of food do you eat?

14 year old Grand Rapids girl raped multiple times and no one did anything

The Last Word - Federal judge blocks WI anti-choice law

Hye, IMF... We are in a global and globalized lost decade+

Maybe a bit of tinfoil, but given the merc situation at the proposed Wisconsin mining site...

Scientists image vast subglacial water system under West Antarctica's Thwaites Glacier

What is Islam?

US Government Destroys $170,000 Of Hardware In Absurd Effort To Stop Malware

I am here in Vancouver BC....

Masao Yoshida, Fukushima boss who stayed at post to fight disaster, dies of cancer

The Last Word - New Edward Snowden video released

Gun industry group sues Conn. over gun law

Elizabeth Warren Pressures GOP To Confirm Richard Cordray As CFPB Director

The Last Word - Correcting the record on IRS coverage

Former NFL player sues Redskins over knee injury

HHS Ruling Helps Workers But Spells Trouble for Employer Mandate

Got democracy? From Egypt to the U.S., religion and secularism must embrace women’s rights

Acupuncture: Small risks versus no benefit

trying to catch an unwilling cat

Florida Accidentally Banned All Computers, Smart Phones In The State Through Internet Cafe Ban

Snowden accepts Venezuela asylum, says Russian official

In his own words: Confessions of a cyber warrior

Glimpse into the future of acidic oceans shows ecosystems transformed

Edward Snowden on Why He Stood Up to the NSA: Mass Spying "Not Something I’m Willing to Live Under"

Advertising Standards Association Smacks Down Homeopathy

Snowden's Ticket to Venezuela: A Private Jet? (for about $180,371)

Bolivarian National Guard 50 shots killing mother and daughter was an "error" (Spanish)

Are you brave enough to deal with THE CHART?

Snowden made the right call to flee the US: Daniel Ellsberg

Why is Poo sold as the ultimate truth?

Rex Ryan fears for life--- wishes he had better fence climbing skills.

Pa. law banning gay marriage faces court challenge

LOL, This is from just a year ago

Finding the Goldilocks sites to store CO2 underground

Spitzer Quickly Hits Establishment Headwind

Slow loading as of 25 mins before this post. Also "crashing" back to menu

FBI Director Nominee Says Waterboarding Is ‘Torture And Is Illegal’

Governor Tom Corbett (R): Pregnant Women, Breast Cancer Patients Are Free Health Care Moochers

I am so SICK of the sexism in this world. And I am so SICK of the enablers who find excuses for it.

Thom Hartmann: Why We Have a "Do Nothing" Congress

Zimmerman trial: "Big ass cloud"

Zimmerman trial

This hired gun for the defense is annoying...

Why Toyota and GM Are Pushing Fuel-Cell Cars to Market

Moral Monday: With Hundreds of Arrests, Rev. William Barber II Ups Stakes In Showdown With GOP (NC)

Firearms group sues to reverse new gun-control law in Connecticut

Why the Ruling Class is So Upset About Edward Snowden

I simply cannot fault Mr. Snowden for NOT wanting to return to the good old USA.

No track to sainthood

NYPD Urban Airflow Study Begins Today

NYSE Euronext to take over scandal-hit Libor

Cutting the deficit in today's world is nothing to brag about

Egypt temporary leadership names interim prime minister

Menifee Autistic Boy Missing Since Saturday In Dangerous Heat

Whistleblower's law firm broken into Watergate Style

Tanker Cars in Fatal Quebec Rail Crash Had Drawn Scrutiny

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 9, 1955

Today in Peace and Justice history on July 9, 1955

Fracking Opponents In New York Say Gasland Movies Help

Advice for New Atheist

Anger Mounts in Quebec Town as Tanker Crash Deaths Rise

US Postal Service Logging All Mail for Law Enforcement

An alternative view from a “lackey butt-kissing shit”

U.S. Balancing Egypt Security Interests Against Aid Law

How many years will Snowden serve in prison?

Bolivia's Evo Morales & Others Would Grant Edward Snowden Asylum

Clash Looms on Obama Nominees as Reid Plans to Push Votes

St. Louis Cardinals remove religious symbols from pitcher’s mound following fan’s complaints

Job Openings in the U.S. Climbed in May as Hiring Picked Up

Bunt attempt FAIL...

Quinn Seeks Break for Eateries in Grading System

Huge March Against Anti-Choice Republican Bill In Texas (VIDEO)

Catholic Health Association says it can live with HHS mandate

Involuntary Manslaughter under Florida law

WTF Indiana? Just WTF??

Wearer of the worst rug in senate has spoken: "There are three good reasons he could be president,"

Yasiin Bey Force Fed Under Standard Guantánamo Bay Procedure (warning: these images are disturbing)

Priorities (toon, from 2008)

Thom Hartmann: Why Snowden is really fleeing the U.S.

TPP talks: Heritage Foundation complains about "excessive U.S. posturing on environmental standards

Young Buckeye fan names brain tumor ‘Michigan,’ beats it

Doesn’t this just piss you off??

Boehner: When all else fails, repeal Obamacare! (This will be attempt #38)

Max Keiser: Prism & Purity Nsa Follows Nazi Tradition

Questions for the F.B.I. Nominee - from Coleen Rowley

Amanda Bynes goes to court in blue hair. Someone, please help her!

Pennsylvania Gay Marriage Ban Faces ACLU Challenge

I can't watch "My Cat From Hell" anymore.

The Afghanistan Negotiations Are Not Going Well

Smokers may get temporary break from Obamacare penalties

Pic Of The Moment: Obama Shrinks Deficit; GOP Reacts

Tracking Snowden in Moscow's airport

In re slow load times


Mike Huckabee And State Republicans Astroturf Texas Capitol

So, i am leaving the country.....

GOP To President: Delay Obamacare For Individuals, Too

Touchable holograms

WOW! Young Woman Has EPIC Rant in TX Abortion Hearings. Gets Hauled Off By State Troopers.

Luckovich on Texas...

If this is true, would it change your opinion on Snowden?

Moral Monday 07.08.13 (PICS) -- Best protest sign ever?


Nikki Haley Takes Heat After Report Blows Up 'Bogus' Voter Fraud Claims In South Carolina

Is Obama any more powerful than Eisenhower in stopping government agencies?

Paps are crossing the line with Kristen Stewart.

Motorola secretly spies on Droid phone users every 9 minutes, collects personal data

The discussion of poverty

Snowden: towards an endgame By Pepe Escobar

Toronto Deluged With its All-Time Record 1-Day Rainfall - Jeff Masters

Just out of curiosity, where would you place yourself regarding Snowden's revelations?

Comments on

Advertisers (Google, Facebook) can learn your health conditions from your web activity, study claims

Just out of curiosity, what is your opinion of Snowden?

One last question -

Does GOP declaring war on the Poor appeal to Poor Whites?

The Rude Pundit: A Tale of the Little Gay Flag That Made Cajuns Angry

These German Forest Swastikas Remain A Mystery After Being Torn Down

Federal Judge Orders Secret Service To Release Files On Internet Activist Aaron Swartz

If someone was able to make a court challenge against the Patriot Act,

Harvard researchers warn of legacy mercury in the environment

Attention Men: Want To Get Your Vasectomy In Front Of A Live Audience? Adelaide Is The Place For You

Local State Rep Encountered Constituent Who Lectured Her On US Becoming A Christian Nation

MTA: Stolen Car Slams Into BX19 After Police Chase, Three Injured

Court Rejects State Secrets Defense in Dragnet Surveillance Case

Well, this could be an 'interesting' movie:

North Korea uses Snowden in propaganda video

NSA Senate oversight bill may handcuff U.S. companies (from challenging legality of NSL)

Holy Shit! New Law: Drug Companies exempt from Lawsuits -Supreme Court Ruling

What Dustin Hoffmann learned from being a woman...with tears...

Russia: Syrian rebels made, used sarin nerve gas

Southwest Forests May Never Return After Age Of Megafires - Changed Soil, Changed Climate

Syrian Gov’t Claims Massive Seizure of Toxic Chemicals

Death Valley, CA, Sees Record Number Of Tourists Attempting To Fry Eggs On Sidewalks

Transform Now Plowshares needs you to: Write a letter, send postcards to Judge Thapar.

ZIMMERMAN TRIAL - AFTERNOON: Day 11, Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The oneshooter glitch is a longstanding one -

Marijuana Legalization (cspan)

Not just McDonald's using debit cards to pay employees...

Two more people put me on their ignore list in the last hour.

Women Should Be......

Is it possible for DU to go 5 minutes without a Snowden post?

Long time Lounge Lizards, what Is your greatest DU accomplishment?

Women Sterilized by California Prisons, without permission.

Andrea Mitchell mentioned a report that Venzuela has sent a plane to Moscow for Snowden

Does Anyone Remeber When Lying Was an Impeachable Offense?

Food Stamps May Be Split From Farm Bill In House

Florida may have accidentally banned access to the Internet


"OK, you hang up..." "No, you hang up..."

Shall we talk electoral politics for a bit?

OMG! Daryl from "Walking Dead" is on "Law & Order SVU!"

A couple of bros planning that all important vacation...

Can we make George Takei an honorary DUer

Fracking Direct Action in Morganton.

PIC: Obama campaign speech & Snowden

"Miss Jean Louise, stand up..." (Moral Monday)

He-Man Woman Haters Club Aims to Keep Bocce Ball Strictly Dickly

I'm fed up.

Amanda Bynes wears aqua wig for New York City court appearance

Blessed are the children, for they shall sacrifice one another....

US agency baffled by modern technology, destroys mice to get rid of viruses (no joke))

I need some help

Is He Or Isn't He? Much Confusion Over Snowden And Venezuela

Live link to Yarnell 19 Memorial...

Does Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela Have Plans for Snowden?

Is it settled now that Evo Morales was forced to land by various European countries?

Police, Firefighters Ordered Not To Speak About Michael Hastings Crash

GOP Drops Food Stamps from Farm Bill

PA. Natural Gas is being liquified in bulk for overseas shipment - could it be a terrorist target???

I have so dreaded the outcome of Zimmerman's trial, that I've avoided watching any of it

NY Court Finds NYC Pistol Licensing Fees Are Legal

So they can create plans to protect DHS $$$ from other expenditure

Resolution Adopted. OAS: Spain, Italy, France and Portugal should explain and apologize

There should be a map that uses topography (think Google Earth) to tell you

Rush Oak Park Hospital to keep Catholic abortion policy

Get the Facts: Busting the top 10 myths on the Affordable Care act

I never thought website log-ins could be so damn challenging

Wikileaks: Snowden Has Not Formally Accepted Asylum Anywhere Yet

IL House overrides governor's veto of concealed carry bill

US must fix secret Fisa courts, says top judge who granted surveillance orders

So... there's a subject here I'm not really clear on yet. This Snowden fellow...

Secret TPP Deal Would Void Democracy

Zombie voting alert! Please come CAPTION SC Governor (R) Nikki Haley!!

Senator Wendy Davis talks to a very important constituent:

Funny business with Snowden, courtesy of the Russians.

Great news! Teresa Heinz Kerry's condition improves

If you live out in the country and drink/use well water (groundwater),

Things these dogs teach us......

Police shoots Sunday School teacher to death. (ooooo... dangerous)

Marbury v. Madison & The Constitution

Larry Flynt: I've Never Met A Republican Who Wasn't Racist

Job #1 for Energy Secretary Moniz: Stop taxpayer loans for Georgia reactors!

How the GOP Hijacked Texas

Do you remember when they gave you the entire can of coke on an airplane?

I remember when Paul Thompson use to post on DU

Picked up a new cd yes I still buy cds

OAS meeting on Bolivian plane incident: It's Bolivia that should apologize

Former judge admits flaws in secret court

Will The History Channel's Next Reality Show Be:

Edward Snowden Stars In North Korean Propaganda Video

12-year-old Buckeyes fan names his brain cancer "Michigan"

Zimmerman Trial Drawing to a Close

Geithner cashes in on Wall Street - Many more to follow

Mexico unveils stone-age etchings

US to pay Spain 200 million to host missile shield

Neandertals Shared Speech and Language With Modern Humans, Study Suggests

DOH: West Nile Virus Detected In City, No Human Cases Reported

Ex-Guantanamo prosecutor says detainee assessments Manning leaked weren't harmful to US

Republican's version of the Last Supper. Pretty sure it's hanging in the Texas Capital building...

Jiffy Lube???

Moral Monday Rally: North Carolina Protest Against Abortion Bill Ends With 64 Arrests

The Big Problems in Obama's Big Trade Deals

Are cats' noses supposed to be cool or warm or does it matter?

Any DU activists interested in joining NC activists for Moral Monday protests?

News youse can use: bacon

I put it back: Snowden says Israel, U.S. created Stuxnet virus that attacked Iran

First Lost, Then Murdered Melissa moved to New York to cut hair. Then she became a prostitute.

Air Force pulls sexual assault prevention brochure

Orson Scott Card Wants Your 'Tolerance' for His Anti-Gay Views

U.S. NSA "spied" on most Latin American nations - Brazil paper

What's for Dinner, Tues., July 9, 2013

A Man And His Duckling:

U.S. NSA "spied" on most Latin American nations - Brazil paper

This is who Rand Paul is: he hires white supremacists to advise him

Over 60 Pro-Choice Activists Arrested For Protesting North Carolina’s Radical Abortion Restrictions

US raid that killed bin Laden was 'an act of war', says Pakistani report

Do you remember when airports charged you a dime to use the toilet?

Privacy, DNA and Artistic Expression: Artist stirs privacy debate with portraits from DNA (3:18)

Corroborating Snowden's claim of direct access.

China free coal policy in the north 'cut lifespans'

Will the wave of global unrest crash on Indonesia next?

Choose wisely.

the FISA court is now Tweeting!

Leader of standoff at polygamist compound is freed after more than 25 years in prison

With this revelation, has Snowden crossed the line into "aiding and abetting"?

A question about Hypocrisy.

Obama Sees 2013 Deficit Lowest in Five Years, GDP Growth at 2.0%

11 disturbing things Snowden has taught us (so far)

So is Edward Scissorhands in Venezuela yet

weird error message just now, plus DU Slow as molasses for past few days

Woman removed from TX Legislature Video. "This is my Government, ma'am and I Will Judge You."

Police investigate Rupert Murdoch over secretly recorded meeting

Secret move keeps bin Laden records out of sight

No Dignity to being a scab

Australia tests telescope devoted to exploring origins of the universe

When I look at My Posts, I get an error:

Convicted Bay Area Serial Rapist To Be Freed By Year’s End

Is Google Funding Climate Science Denial? Jim Inhofe Fundraiser Planned For July 11

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I got a similar error messages. I hope this helps.

Belichick To Tebow: ‘I’m Your Lord And Savior Now’

Don't like eggplant? about peppers!

NC voters continue to look down on state government - Public Policy Polling

This Snowden-NSA story is starting to look like a game during the past few days.

Catholic Health Association says it can live with HHS mandate

Obama's Democrats threaten to end filibusters in Senate

Republicans Around The Country Are On A Law breaking Rampage

Two Indicted In Mob Bust Had Teamster Ties, DA Says

TPM Livewire: NSA Expert Hails Snowden As A Whistleblower

Tate & Lyle sugar supplier accused over child labour

Cuba economy czar: Reforms entering critical phase

The Secular Society

I'm reading the newspaper blog re: the Zimmerman trial and want to barf

Just In Case George Zimmerman Walks Free... by Russell Simmons

Thank you, Vice-President Biden. Your speech today

Seeking justice for Tristan Anderson: Who watches the watchmen?

Silvio Berlusconi’s ally ‘rendered dissident’s family to Kazakhstan’

Zimmerman trial.. Why are they allowing Skype testimony?

In his own words: Confessions of a cyber warrior

Got in an argument with a conservative coworker today.

Rick Perry Retiring. Running for President in 2016?

My friend likes to complain about the NSA spying on us (himself included)

Can you tase a dog?

National Park on the Moon

Black lawmakers push Obama to take action on gun control

U.S. debt collector hit with record penalty for abusive calls

US Passes 10 GW Installed Solar PV Capacity Milestone

Look what NAFTA did to Ecuador and then tell me I'm posting too much about the TPP

AP Raw Video: Massive Fireball After Train Crash in Quebec

Man wanted Cleveland Browns players to be pallbearers so they can "let him down one last time"

Rush Limbaugh Says Fox News Makes People Crazy, Tells Listeners Not To Watch It (AUDIO)

Japan: Risk of incident from 'coercive' acts by China

As green crab invasion takes toll on Maine clams, researchers worry that lobsters are next victim

Snowden has not yet accepted asylum in Venezuela: WikiLeaks

White House Projects Budget Deficit Will Shrink To $759 Billion

Pesticide Use Spikes as GMO Failure Cripples Corn Belt

Dirty Wars w/Jeremy Scahill, Wexner Center (Columbus) 7pm Wed. July 10

I thought it was me

Trayvon Martin is dead.

Watch, George Zimmerman's Story Makes No Sense

Satan approves of Snowden.

Why would Neil Cavuto care about NBC dumping Jay Leno??

Police searching for missing Brooklyn boy

ESPN Nude Athletes Photos include 77 year-old golfer, Gary Player

Wildfires may contribute (a lot) more to global warming than previously predicted

Momma don't allow no water drinking around here!

We Have Entered Bizzaro World...Rushbo Blasts Faux Noise...

Shale boom creating shortage of affordable housing in eastern Ohio

I got a job!

Utilities Dealt Blow on Solar-Power Systems

Uniformed Firefighters Association Endorses Thompson For Mayor

Woolly mammoth found in Siberia to be displayed in Tokyo

Obamacare: Three sentences that say it all

America no longer world’s fattest developed nation, UN report says

Why are tiny tern chicks starving on Maine island refuge?

These animated pictures that the Zimmerman defense team

"Police said a man in San Antonio, Texas wound up shooting his girlfriend by mistake..."

CU study shows how early Earth kept warm enough to support life (greenhouse gases)

New York Solar Projects Will Get $54 Million in State Funding

Before He Was ‘Dirty Harry,’ Now He’s A ‘Big, Fat Wimp?’ Thomas Roberts Blasts Zimmerman’s MMA Defen

WE'RE #2!!! ... WE'RE #2!!! ... WE'RE #2!!!

Texas lawmaker brings knitting needle, coat hangers, turpentine to abortion debate

Need advice on my daughter...

how many people do you have on your jury blacklist?

Cemetery records

Love That Dirty Water!

In case anyone needs to be reminded why WalMart is a plague....

Another Boy Dies in Ohio, America’s Capital of "Accidental" Child Shootings

The Classic Military Runaround: Your Tax Dollars at Work Keeping You in the Dark

Antarctic's Pine Island glacier produces giant iceberg

DUI checkpoint goes viral...

Gogebic's armed guards come from company that features military-style training, impressive firepower

Delbert McClinton - Take Me To The River [Live 1989]

US Finds Influence Hard to Buy

Judge rules Capitol permit policy unconstitutional for groups under 20

Coca Cola bottle made entirely of ice, available only in Colombia

Vatican to be pressed for confidential records on clerical child sex abuse

Amtrak : We Just Had Our Best June Ever

I think this preacher needs a day off.

Overpass Light Brigade Rocks!

Please do keep in mind that somewhere around 40% of Americans think Obama is a radical leftist

Storms and flooding wreak absolute havoc on Toronto commute

(Las Vegas area) Mount Charleston fire grows to more than 30 square miles

Luckovich: Texas’ Regulations

How The New Ohio Budget Affects Your Vagina

Republicans Around The Country Are On A Law breaking Rampage - PoliticusUSA

Oh Lord, I do so love my smilin' little girl...

Platform Off Louisiana's Coast Leaking Oil Into the Gulf

Is cat poop dangerous?

New York Stock Exchange to Take Over Libor: And That’s Supposed to Instill Confidence?

Esa selects Ariane 6 basic design (BBC)

Keiser Report: Fight on salary men, fight on!

woman at the texas senate tells it like it is

New idea tackles Earth core puzzle (BBC)

Court OKs Barring High IQs for Cops

Criminal probe in Quebec oil train derailment

Corbett thinks breast cancer patients and pregnant women are free health care moochers

Brazil unveils plan to hire 10,000 doctors for poor areas

Media Disregard Justice Ginsburg's Warnings ...Of Employment Discrimination Decisions

'Bulletproof' Arizona security team raises hackles at Gogebic mine site

Your Metadata Reveals Quite a Bit

Live-stream Tuesday: Texas HOUSE HB2 floor debate - stream link 'now'

Your Metadata Reveals Quite a Bit

Muddy Waters w/ Rolling Stones - Champagne and Reefer

Too Smart To Be A Cop

Rand Paul Aide Reportedly Spent Years As Pro-Secessionist Radio Shock Jock

Good news at the Cancer Center today

Corporate Greed (vs Safety) Strikes Again: Canadian Train Derailment

So what is a Haunting? ( A LFR ramble)

Anti-SB1 testifier gives job reviews of legislators & is forced out of Texas legislature by troopers

Do you guys honestly think the Zimmerman jury has avoided ALL outside news/media?

Zimmerman MMA Trainer Adam Pollock Was Arrested For Attacking Woman Who Defrauded Him

Three 'toons about the Zimmerman case - pretty much how I feel about it. Sigh.

Small-town police reports are the BEST entertainment!

Study: TV's female characters are sexual targets

Monsanto's Huge Role in The Trans Pacific Plan

Mega Bus crashes into overpass at Port Authority

Main Egypt opposition coalition rejects interim charter

Family Calls Shooting Absolutely Pointless

John Fugelsang: The five nasty traits all religious fundamentalists share

Exonerated After 31 Years in Prison

Coal Companies Nailed for Black Lung Benefits (under changes enacted by health care reform)

Obama fundraiser tapped as ambassador to Britain

OSU fan, 12, beats cancer he named 'Michigan'

Jury selection

When Greenwalds Attack! 10 Examples From His Past

Hi, all. I often forget to check

Israel Urges US Not To Freeze Egypt Aid: Report

Naked wife distracts victim while husband burglarizes home

50 Shades of Grey meets The Golden Girls: Republican Senate candidate unmasked as author of.....

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Coast Guard: Crew Loses Control of Natural Gas Well, Sheen in the Gulf

FBI releases documents on former NYC Mayor Koch

The Irony Of Exporting Israel's Hunger Strike 'Expertise' To The U.S.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving The View To Co-Host Fox & Friends

Former GM of Browns arrested on suspicion of DUI

Universes Collide...Elisabeth Hasselbeck Leaving The View To Co-Host Fox & Friends

Grand Theft Auto V: Official Gameplay Video (NSFW)

Israel Names 'Pro-Republican' Hawk As New Envoy To US

It's Ramadan in the Muslim communities -

Citizens United Lawyer Jim Bopp Hit With Tax Complaint From Watchdog Group

PA Republican Governor: Pregnant Women, Breast Cancer Patients Are Free Health Care Moochers

If Zimmerman goes free, he will kill again

Sarah Palin: ‘I’ve Considered’ A Senate Run

Treatment Of Palestinians Is Apartheid By Any Other Name

The Four Day Work Week

Been a while since we've had a good thread

Guess who bought LIBOR?

Limbaugh says it’s time to turn off Fox News

On one of those "hometown FB groups"

A column on passing along the need for political activism to the next generation.

NEW: Tropical Storm Chantal Remains Threat To Florida

Markell: Satan Behind Progressive Movement

Berlusconi pissed off at early court date - statut of limitations won't expire

Julian Assange demanded $1 million for WikiLeaks documentary interview

People in Texas may actually miss Rick Perry...

Japan suffered 14,192 suicides from January to June

Study Claims Air Pollution Cuts Life Expectancy by 5.5 Years in China

What parts of the US do not have contaminated (or about to be contaminated) groundwater?