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Is it true that Florida Rick Scott

You know your beagle is old when


OMG, I can't find my Nook charger!

Leading British lawmaker charged with rape

Take that, D.C. gasbags!: How angry Americans may stop a disaster

Government sells another $811 million in GM stock

How can we protect the freedoms granted ...

The Value of a Poor American

Snake Oil (graphic)

Real life, stranger than fiction

Chomsky on Democracy Now tomorrow, for the hour

Republican senator Lindsey Graham took a drubbing in his own state from Pat Caddell

Why would Putin want to make a deal?

HOW ABOUT THEM COWBOYS!! (the trumad/el supremo edition)

California lawmakers pass new semi-automatic weapons ban

So a lost Van Gogh has been rediscovered.

Colorado recall: Morse says turnout lower than he expected, still optimistic

U.S. providing some lethal aid to Syrian rebels: opposition spokesman

notes on a bed....

Has anyone done geothermal?

What's This 'Rare and Fatal Brain Disease' in the Northeastern U.S.?

This girl is dead. And I cannot tell DU about her.

Ease housing aid restrictions, Senate duo tells FHA

From Daily Kos: Epic fail by the teabaggers.

Farmer compares CA high-speed rail plans to Holocaust, then apologizes

Feudal Lord John Kasich

Van Gogh Shadow (Van Gogh's works come to life)

Obama's Syria Strike Driven By Oil Interests, Not Concern Over Gas Attacks

Urgent message to Michele Bachmann

LIUNA's New Website!

Afghan policeman killed two Britons to save face, inquest hears

C'mon Rachel/MSNBC - Nixon resignation speech?


Eeew! Eeew! There's a Donald Rumsfeld on my TV screen!

Link from NYT for election results.

Senate panel clears the air on marijuana laws

New U.S. labor chief urges immigration reform, wage increase

Surprise! The NSA Repeatedly Violated Court Rules on Data Protection

Households on food stamps at new peak

Should the Keith Olberman forum still be active?

Human Rights Watch NEW REPORT-"Evidence-Syria Government Likely Culprit in Chemical Attack"

Waiting for Obama's speech --- Americans at the White House

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Must See TV & a new Maru gif

From the East Room - the Bin Laden announcement room

Exit polls say de Blasio is at 43% Spitzer/Stringer race too close to call.

From Hiroshima to Syria, the enemy whose name we dare not speak -- John Pilger

Ann Coulter is defending Zimmerman

Incontrovertible proof that Obama was the one who started the NSA reading your email!!!

"I will not put boots on the ground in Syria"

I'd like to volunteer as host.

Today's Word is Synergy

Notice how …

I'm having some trouble coming up with a name for this that's not "bigotry".

I keep remembering it is only 3 more days at this job.

“The National Security Agency will kill the U.S. technology industry singlehandedly,”

Meet The Maryland Republicans Who Want To Secede

President Obama just finished his speech........

Newt Gingrich bloviating on CNN, sez Obama's speech was a mistake.

Just another game of Three Dimensional Chess for The Man.

Tim Minchin "If I Didn't Have You":

That was pretty goddamned incoherent, frankly.

President Obama mentioned The Constitution Tonight


Sen.Merkley's Reaction to President’s Address on Syria

LIVE NY primary results updated every 8 seconds

Date set for new indictment in Blackwater shooting

UPDATE - Bain's Bane: Judges Orders Cancellation of eToys Hearing

Medical examiner in Trayvon Martin autopsy fired

Transcript of President Obama’s Sept. 10 speech on Syria

Exit polls-De blasio 42%, Thompson 26%, and Quinn 19% Stringer 53%-Spitzer 46%

As confusing as that address was

It's incredibly sad to see so many folks I viewed as allies giving in to an appeal to strike Syria

What was the last presidential administration to not undertake major military action?

Colorado recall election results:

RT: Intl experts have strong proof images of chemical victims fabricated

Obama Walks The Line and Delivers a Masterful Speech on Syria

Two more days for Season 5, Fringe on Netflix.

For the BOG: Lavrov, Kerry 'Agree On Need' For Syria Peace Conference

What if Sheldon Adelson and AIPAC Gave a War and No One Came?

Colorado Recalls: Results Coming In...

Rand Paul: Assad ‘Deserves Death’ If He Was Behind Chemical Weapons Attack

President Obama Addresses the Nation on Syria - President Obama FULL SPEECH 9/10/2013

USPS has offshore-outsourced Customer Service!?!?

Police calling into question statements Shellie Zimmerman made on 911 call

Full transcript of President Obama's speech on Syria

Brooklyn Da race-9% in and K Thompson with 51% and Hynes at 49%. I voted K THompson.

WH: Remarks by the President in Address to the Nation on Syria - Full transcript


The reason we even have a 'postponement' request is because Parliament voted NO

President Obama: "However, over the last few days, we’ve seen some encouraging signs."

Any word on the Colorado recall votes?

Alternative Syria Resolution Being Negotiated In The Senate

I don't know about you, but I don't want to have to learn yoga in order to take a dump.


Calif. Senate approves dropping standardized tests

Likely runoff in Public Advocate race.

"The United States military doesn’t do pinpricks." Makes me sick to my stomach.

Shedding the ‘Agnostic’ Label

Stringer 52% Spitzer 47% with 31 % in.

Can we all agree, that any solution that does not require military action is great?

The Guardian: Bill deBlasio's diverse coalition could clinch contest for New York Mayor

Weiner to concede soon. I hope he rises to the occasion.

The Guardian: Bill deBlasio's diverse coalition could clinch contest for New York Mayor

49% of precincts in... de Blasio 39.1%, Thompson 25.8%, Quinn 15.3%, Liu 8.2%...

I don't know why you all are focused on Syria tonight.

President Obama's Address to the Nation on Syria - FULL Speech 15:47 minutes

Was anyone also troubled by the assurance he gave Americans that...

Well I'm fucked...

When discussing food assistance programs. Let's remember it's run by the

Hearing that there are more de Blasio friendly areas to come in.

Exit poll shows De Blasio (NYC) has wide appeal.

help find homes for dogs taken way from homeless people

Pelosi: Threat Of Force Made Diplomacy With Syria Possible

NY Election Results (97% Reporting)

Parti Quebecois unveils details of Charter of Values

Rate the president's speech

CNN Instant Poll: 6 in 10 speech-watchers back Obama on Syria

Brooklyn DA Hynes loosing 55%-45% with 77% in. I voted for Kenneth Thompson.

I walked with a zombie

Iowa Gives Blind People Gun Permits

Ap-Joe Lhota has won the GOP nomination for mayor.

Is Anthony Weiner a viable politician anymore?

Sorry. Missed the speech. Couldn't be helped.

American's Don't Care About Dead Foreigners

Ap calls race for Melinda Katz for Queens Borough President.

"Like the presidential seal, Pres Obama had an olive branch in one hand and arrows in the other"

de BlasioNYC ticked up to 39.7% with 88.6% of precincts reporting

City of Fresno Declares War on the Poor. Aug and Sept 2013

Not looking forward to tomorrow

Can you explain why I sometimes get this on the home page:

Spitzer has conceded in phone call to Stringer in Comptroller race.

Obama delays a vote on Syria intervention to pursue diplomatic solution

Scott Stringer defeats Eliot Spitzer in comptroller race

Kenneth Thompson beats Hynes for Brooklyn Da. It is the 6th term itch.

Putin's Syria stance offers US way out

No shorts, no shoes, no problem as Dallas' 'Naked Cowboy' is crowned at McKinney Ave. Tavern (NSFW)

de BlasioNYC just hit 40% with 93.4% of precincts reporting.

GOP strategist Boyd Marcus’s move to McAuliffe campaign seen as sign of party rift

A bit of brainless flag-waving for a minute

Joe Lhota has a big mouth like Rudy Giuliani.

John Morse & Angela Giron Conceeds

Syria crisis: Barack Obama to give Russia's chemical weapons plan a chance, states reasons for milit

Obama vows to give diplomacy a chance in sombre national address on Syria

Metro Detroit's Middle Eastern community reacts to Obama's speech

I find the whole emotional attachment/opposition thing to politicians to be kind of weird...

Someone has been really FUCKING quiet the last couple of days...

Zero Prosecutions of Elite Banksters Is Too Many Prosecutions for the Wall Street Journal

Food Stamp Cuts To Get House Vote In Syria's Shadow

Bill Deblasio is JUST at 40% with 95% counted...

Reason# <I've lost count> why I love this place.

Eliot Spitzer Stunningly Loses Comeback Bid For City Comptroller To Scott Stringer

Colorado recalls: Sen. John Morse concedes, vows to "continue to fight"

Weiner exits with class: Gives the finger as he drives off after conceding

San Diego plastic bag ban on table

Alright. I caught up on the speech.

Blythe Masters Could Be Out In A Deal To Exit JP Morgan From The Physical Commodities Business

World Cup-bound USA men beat Mexico 2-0

Thompson should drop out tomorrow. The pressure will be great for him to step aside.

Obama takes Syria case to the public in White House address

There's your problem right there

Countries don't have "friends" - they have "interests".

Georgetown votes to rejoin Lone Star Rail District

Now on to the impeachment problem, Syria problem postponed for now.

Banned Posters

Bill de Blasio at 40.16% with 96% reporting.

Ready meals

deBlasio first in mayoral primary; unclear if he avoids a runoff

"Americans want all of us in Washington, especially me to concentrate on the task of

For the BOG: President Obama Addresses the Nation on Syria

Councilwoman Brewer wins the Manhattan Borough presidents race.

It's not over yet ...

If it were all part of a grand and winning chess stategy from the beginning . . .

Quinn lost her own district. Thompson won heavily in Orthodox Jewish areas but did not win in

Stewart Gleefully Mocks Obama, Kerry for ‘Bumble-F*cking’ Their Way In and Out of Syria

1 year after Benghazi, US Foreign Service honors fallen colleagues

"The President Makes The Case" by Andrew Sullivan

Securing Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal would be formidable task (would take years)

Sen. Giron thanks supporters as final vote removes her from office....

Colorado state Sen. Angela Giron becomes 2nd lawmaker to lose recall over gun laws support

What's the modern equivalent of EST?

. . .

Obama’s Speech: A Cause Already Lost

The Afro comb and the politics of hair: Audio slideshow

Really rate the President's speech. Honesty edition.

Mother mummifies her dead son's body in alcohol for 18 years 'so HIS son can see what sort of a man

Maybe this is a sign of industrialized-nation privilege on my part

The NRA won in CO. Fight back!

Trying to smile at this timely cartoon - Margulies on Zimmerman still being armed

This is just fucked.

Secretive Free Trade Agreement Puts Climate, Public Health at Risk

I want some of whatever the people who make Old Spice's ads are on.

The greatest Superhero you will ever see:

Thoughts on when to shift investments

Blast near government building in Libya's Benghazi: witnesses

I believe it's time for a 1-state experiment. Give them what they want!

Morse and Giron out-fundraised the recall proponents by nearly 6 to 1

A critique of Obama's 9/10/13 speech on Syria

A baby boom in Stabyhouns:

9/11 anniversary to be marked with tributes

Found on FB:

9/11 National Emergency renewed.

Why the Syrian Rebels do not have Chemical Weapons

Precious. Kids are such a joy, especially those of other people

Happy George W. Bush Legitimization Day.

Colorado Legislators Ousted in Recall Over RKBA Issues

Colorado Legislators Ousted in Recall Over RKBA Issues

The Gun Nuts Pushing Recall Are The Ones Who Should Have Guns Taken Away

Anthony Weiner concedes, flips off reporter

Blast wrecks government office in Libya's Benghazi: witnesses

iraq tries novel ways to curb violence

John Kerry, John Edwards, or Joe Lieberman?

the NSA machine: too big for anyone to understand

Syria Crisis Hasn't Been Magically Resolved -- There's a Lot More Cruel Tricks and War Games Coming

Ron Paul Reminds Us of Who He Really Is: A Far-Right Extremist

Chelsea Wolfe is fucking legit. I recommend you go check her out.

America Has a Triple-Decker Jobs Crisis

Would love help from someone with Worldwide Ancestry membership.

Womb cancer link to diet, exercise and possibly coffee

Syria war crimes deepen in battle for territory: U.N. report

Can Your Language Influence Your Spending, Eating, and Smoking Habits?

St. James Parish residents tell Corps of Engineers: We need levee protection, too

Capitalism Failed; Cronyism and Corruption Rule

There Are a Lot of Ways to Visualize Stop-and-Frisk. This One Is the Best

This will be fun ... OH MY GOD!!!

Video of Florida police brutality as cops break woman's cheekbone

Humberto Becomes First Atlantic Hurricane of 2013

One in 20 American kids is extremely obese

New Orleans has a radical new plan for managing floods

Dean Baker | The Financial Crisis and the Second Great Depression Myth

Do lax gun laws escalate domestic violence?

Securing Syrian Chemical Weapons Seen Facing Months of Hurdles

Still very much on the path to Syria military action-Peace not yet at hand

Dear Stupid, Stupid NSA

Sad, sad situation in Colorado. Low turnout and gun-nutism win over rationality.

Whatever else you do today, watch this - Thank You Lawrence

fact check: obama's case for syria still lacks proof

California city approves eminent domain for negative equity mortgages

Planned or not ? (Syria Breakthrough Caused By CBS Reporter Margaret Brennan? )

If the President planned this all along, then it was a huge diplomatic betrayal of our closest ally

Obama's Rogue State Tramples Over Every Law It Demands Others Uphold

TFA is the handmaiden of the privatization movement

So Joe Scum et al are talking about Obama's Amateur Hour

This sounds like fun! I was invited to run in a zombie 5K.

OK, you've shown me the error of my ways. What puppies are the cutest?

What kitties are the cutest?

What animals are the most naturally goofy-looking?

Privately, UN talks begin on Syria chemical arms

The Return of the Israeli Left

Privately, UN Talks Begin on Syria Chemical Arms

Who's the best actor/actress ever?

What's the bestest color of all?

If you were prez, how would YOU handle a warmonger contingent trying to gin up war? Discuss.

Norway's disturbing lurch to the right ("tea party" to be part of conservative government)

China cool on French U.N. proposal for Syria weapons

Gay Marine Receives Rainbow Flag on Last Day of Service

2 requests for this having it's own thread.

AFL-CIO 2013 Convention: US President Barack Obama Addresses...

21 awesome features missing from the new iPhone. Mark Morford

Evidence Says That Students Do Better In Schools With Strong Teachers’ Unions

Income gap widest ever: 95 Percent of Recovery Income Gains Have Gone to the Top 1 Percent

Kenya finds huge water reserve - hide it folks- hide it from the imperialists!

Voter ID requirements being pushed under false pretenses

Guy does to bank what banks usually do to other people

Al Gore Discusses Geoengineering with Ellen Degeneres

The New Yorker: Why I voted for Bill de Blasio ("You cannot govern from the left")

Wish I knew what personal vendetta David Gregory has against Obama

Warehouse Woes: Amazon and the new “middle class”

UN Probe: 8 Massacres by Syria Regime, 1 by Rebels

Is it just me, or was the breaking of the NSA/Snowden story a big turning point...

Yes, it’s been messy. A more cautious president would have ducked it.

Guantánamo judge makes secret ruling on secret motion in secret hearing

Noam Chomsky on Democracy Now today

Bank of America to be dropped from the Dow

US income gap reaches its widest point since the 1920s

NSA Chief Keith Alexander Used To Woo Politicians At A 'Star Trek' Command Center

On this 9/11 please remember that on 8/6/2001 what W was handed

Documents: Officials misused US surveillance program

The hole at the heart of the president's speech

Need a bigger bowl?

A Desperate Fight for the Middle Class

Need help finding a movie title

We have to support the President no matter what! We promised.

G.D., Please accept my apology ...

In Memory~

First thought, already too late. . . . Please come CAPTION Bill O'Reilly!!!!!

The 5 Most Ludicrous War Claims in Obama’s Syria Speech

The NSA's Next Move: Silencing University Professors?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- War Averted?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- More war debate

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Seriously, stop "Thanking God"

"And tears don't flow the same in space." The American not on Earth-Astronaut Frank Culbertson 9/11

The right to work.

Charter Fails to Make Retirement Payments, So State Makes the Small Local School District Pay It

Wow, Corker is STILL whining about VW talking with the UAW........

Since this is a 9/11 aniversary...

What a difference 12 years can make.

The other 9/11: Chile marks coup's 40th anniversary

Carrying a Big Stick

TPP Trade Deal: Most US Workers Likely To Lose Out, Report Finds&#8207;

Weiner's final send off- Flipping the Bird

Syrian forces responsible for Banias massacres: U.N. report

The greatest calypsonian of all time The Mighty Sparrow lies in a coma in New York

Feds Abused Anti-Terrorism Database To Track Chelsea Manning Supporter, Seize His Computer

Venezuelan Inflation Soars

Space Farming: The Final Frontier

Be prepared: the war pigs are pissed!

China's Prisoners for hire

Arkansas rice industry schedules donation

Now comes the nasty runoff in NYC

DNA study suggests hunting did not kill off mammoth

The President Makes The Case

(Japan PM) Abe’s assurance to IOC on nuclear plant called into question

Russia 'To Renew Offer' To Supply Iran With Missile Systems And Build Nuclear Reactor

So I see Jeb Bush got rolled by the Republicant crazies.

Anti-LGBT author (Orson Scott Card) who compared Obama to Hitler appointed to PBS board in NC

This is what happens when you treat your kids like shit

The number of children and teens killed by guns in one year would fill 134 classrooms of 20 students

MSNBC replaying the entire morning 9/11 coverage to the minute... again...

Counting the cost of fixing the future

Happy 9/11

The moral nation claim

Skyscraper-sized Waves Recorded Beneath the Ocean

Nearly Half of All US Births Paid for With Medicaid

syria really needs our help

The difference between mainstream Republicans and Democrats

Rania Masri & Chris Hedges on Obama's Syria Address

CEOs Failing Upwards

The Long Lesson, and New Legacy, of September 11

When You Cannot Pass Even Reasonable Guns Laws In The Light Of Massacres You Are Beyond Hope.

Rockford tea party founder to run in GOP primary for Congress against Kinzinger

Why John McCain should STFU

Is this really a stand against dictators who vicimize others?

Ron Finley on the subversion of a Garden

Batteries and Plug-Ins Dominate The Frankfurt Auto Show

Cracked:The 6 Weirdest Things We've Learned Since 9/11

Walker administration still doing its part for Obama-scare

The Rugby Player

The President asked a very important question.

Scott's campaign shuts down 'private gator hunt' fund-raiser

1,140 WTC 9/11 responders have cancer — and doctors say that number will grow

reflect for a moment on the horrendous damage the Iraq invasion

Two Great Posts in GD on Gun Control/Violence Today

I'm doing a tax return. And I'm really tired and having a hard time staying awake.

Colorado recall votes bode ill for 2014 and 2016.

One Weird Trick to Fix Farms Forever

Potential real world "economic growth" as opposed to dystopian dumbshit fantasy

Keiser Report: Banksters Banging

Richard Dawkins defends ‘mild pedophilia’:

Are you now, or have you ever been...

California city backs plan to seize negative equity mortgages

I hope everyone in the administration at home and abroad is on the alert

bin Laden succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

World's Largest Cave, Son Doong, Prepping For First Public Tours

Teh Ten Commandments

So this is what a righty posted about the President's speech last night

Happy 9/11 From Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson

See the United States running out of cash in this scary chart

One Out Of Two Dollars Earned Goes To Only 10% Of Americans

Not Symbolman's full version

Can only access websites thru links/favourites?

What were you doing, decided to do, or did do on 9/11/2001?

xpost: Orson Scott Card appointed to North Carolina PBS Board

John Kerry Costs U.S. Defense Industry $400 Billion

Drunk man on horse planned to ride 600 miles

Google maps and a dog saved.

Russia shows U.S. its plan for Syrian chemical weapons: Interfax

The Infamous PNAC Document

I was told recently by a knob-headed cheerleader that, and I am paraphrasing,

How is the sequester affecting science in America?

NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel (Snowden revelations)

I’ll Stop Citing a Boyfriend When My Consent Starts Mattering

The main thing I think of every 9/11, is how the GOP has made degrading public servants...

When the hell did the anniversary of 9/11 become Patriots' Day?


Ever start writing a thread, realize it would just be flame bait, then discard it before posting?

The Least Bad Option

Michele Bachmann: 'If We Cry Out To God,' We Can Stop Hillary Clinton In 2016

Hero Dogs of 9/11

A return to Gitmo

Banksters threaten California city that approves 'Eminent Domain for the People'

If GWB had put before Congress, the case for a military strike against Iraq

Syria is Once Again the World's Problem, Not America's

dog bless you: 9/11 tribute: debra & abby

Pentagon Poised for $13 Billion in Mideast Arms Sales

NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel

POLL: Majority Of Muslims Worldwide Reject Extremism

A Little Walt Whitman for September 11

Dumb Criminals: Colorado Man Arrested For DUI On A Horse Planned To Ride 600 Miles

on this 9-11 do you think:

Florida Police Chief: Either George Zimmerman Or His Lawyer Is Not Telling The Truth

Disney Develops 'Magical' Device To Make Fingertips Sing

My big take-away from last night's speech...

It's 9/11 again, and still the U.S. KILLS, KILLS, KILLS...

How We Stopped a War - For Now

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 11, 1973

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 11, 1973&#8232;

Uribe gave orders during wiretap scandal: Former intelligence executive

40 years ago today on 9/11 lest we forget

How to be a (male) feminist ally

Former GOP Delegate, Senator Endorse Mark Herring, Rip Mark Obenshain as "Extremist"

In one sentence, Jon Stewart demolishes Fox News.

Mother of Uribe’s niece pleads ‘guilty’ to drug trafficking


TOM THE DANCING BUG: Who Can't Buy a Beer on Counter-Earth?

20 years on, Oslo Mideast deal seen as false dawn

PA. Att. Gen. Files Criminal Charges Against Fracker. DEP asked AG Corbett to file charges in 2010.

"Wage Theft Comics: Crime and Justice": What to Do About Bosses Not Paying Up

August 6, 2001 Presidential briefing: "Bin Ladin determined to strike in US"

Syria : ICRC President calls on international community to increase support for humanitarian action

12 Alawites killed by jihadists in Syria's Homs

Second day of big week is in progress.

Iraq attacks kill six including school head

Philippine stand-off forces thousands to flee city

The Rude Pundit: 9/11 Can't Ever Atone for the Sins of Others

Phila. Schools - 1 guidance counselor for 2,800 students in 8 schools

We will soon be graced with the funniest, most beautiful baby in Hollywood

Medical Examiner says he has proof Trayvon was not the aggressor, told to shut up about it

Second City Video: Help Kickstart World War III

Francois Hollande: David Cameron committed 'schoolboy error' on Syria


Need help finding the title of a movie

The Guardian Guts The Farcical Telegraph/Mail On Sunday Climate Articles

George Harrison's music was used as torture device in Augusto Pinochet's Chile

Syria Conflicrt Will Be Brushed Under The Carpet.

Bwa ha ha now they are whining about a few arrests

My journalist husband was murdered because he knew too much about Pinochet's US backers.

Court Upbraided N.S.A. on Its Use of Call-Log Data

My journalist husband was murdered because he knew too much about Pinochet's US backers.

Chomsky: Instead of "Illegal" Threat to Syria, U.S. Should Back Chemical Weapons Ban in All Nations

Pat Robertson Raised Millions for Non-Existent Aid Project

Monty Python and the Holy Grail if it were a Hollywood Summer Blockbuster

Allende Vive: Latin America's Left and the Reunion of Socialism and Democracy

'2 Million Bikers' in D.C. to remember 9/11 without permit -- but with stoplights

20 Reasons A Cat Is The Best Investment You'll Ever Make

Fox News: Syria Sign of Biblical End Times?

Derf's take on Syria.

Remember: Yesterday's pro Iraq War rallies are today's Tea Party Rallies.

Pic Of The Moment: Current Events Quiz: Understanding President Obama's Syria Speech

Election results from last night.

Are you an extreme spender, an extreme saver, or somewhere in the middle ?

Drop the cookie: Sweet, starchy foods 'probably' cause women’s cancer

Fox's Starnes Fearmongers About Christian Groups Being Denied Federal Food Assistance

Obama Said to Ban New Coal Plants Without Carbon Controls

Lawmakers seek revised Syria resolution after Obama speech

The price of a Russia deal could be too high. Or not.

remembering the OTHER 9/11 (forty years ago today)

If President Obama had declared from the start that no military action would be taken against Syria

What in the world does Rand Paul have embroidered on his shirt?

Snowden Nominated for Freedom of Thought Prize

The Cruelest Cut: How Cat Declawing Became the Next Battleground for Animal Rights

Juan Cole: President Obama’s Doubtful Grounds for Military Action against Syria

Neighbors heartbroken over 8-year-old boy's stabbing death

Time To Close Fort Carson, Tax Churches And Ban Assault Weapons

Amtrak Suspended Between Delaware, Baltimore.

12 years ago, my youngest was still in grade school -

Man calls wife 'eye candy' after surgery, says 'Oh my God, I hit the jackpot!'

Richard Dawkins Stirs Controversy for 'Mild Pedophilia' Remarks

For the BOG: Stolen from Home Page

Expectations Surpassed as Over 1000 Communes Registered in Venezuela


W.Va. pastor resigns after lending bus to police

YouTube Drunk Driving Confessor Leaves Judge 'Incensed' With Not Guilty Plea

Krugman: Good news on Obamacare - "rate shock" with premiums.

Former Press Secretary Recalls Morning Of 9/11 With George W. Bush (PHOTOS)

Little known fact about the ACA: it represents a huge expansion of mental health and substance

Kerry is meeting with Kissinger today for advice on Syria

Salvador Allende’s Final Speech

Richard Dawkins defends “mild pedophilia,” says it does not cause “lasting harm”

WSJ op-ed writer Elizabeth O’Bagy fired for resume lie

Let's not forget our gay hero of 9/11

Chemical weapons and averting our gaze

Pastor Refuses to Marry Couple an Hour Before Ceremony Because Bride’s Dress is Too Sexy

California lawmakers pass expanded semi-automatic weapons ban

Time to get back to the things I enjoyed.

The point of Obama's speech.

Video of George Zimmerman smashing Shellie's IPad

U.S. sees 'troubling' Iran nuclear moves, urges steps by Tehran

Graffiti of crashing planes placed on downtown 9-11 monument

If Obama actually cared about human rights, he would prosecute the known war criminals we have right

Another historic Swiss bank under U.S. tax spotlight

White House: Diplomatic Agreement On Syria ‘Will Take Some Time’

Economists line up behind Yellen for Fed chief

Has anyody been on Fox news lately today?

Booming oil production (Fracking) boosted GDP estimate, White House advisers say

Boston airport apologizes for fire drill on 9/11 anniversary after smoke, flames rise from a runway


What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Sept 11th

Esa's Cryosat mission observes continuing Arctic winter ice decline

Lessons learned by professional church spies


Top Dem: Colorado losses due to 'voter suppression, pure and simple'

A New Virus Threatens Dogs: Circovirus

UN team finds no proof on chemical weapons

Pat Robertson pines for the good old days, namely 2 days after 9-11.

Exxon Mobil Corp. has been charged with illegally dumping more than 50,000 gallons of wastewater PA

State District Judge Susan Hawk begins campaign to oust Craig Watkins as Dallas Co. DA

Beaumont cheerleaders lawyer up to save Bible-themed banner messages

Thom Hartmann: Did Putin & Obama outsmart the Republican Party?

My dog has canine copper hepatotoxicosis

UPDATE: 11 dead in Syria regime air strike on field hospital

Conservatives' Ahab-like determination to destroy Obamacare is actually obliterating their own party

who loves Florida, despite our wacky ways ?

I was 23 when the towers fell. I watched them fall from the pier here in Brooklyn.

Newtown Superintendent Alerts Parents About "Sons of Anarchy" Season Premiere

Russia's Syria proposal offers major powers clear advantages (LA Times)

Vargas Llosa: Venezuela is a total disaster, a chaos

12 Years ago today DUer Khephra posted "Turn on your TV"

Trader Joe's To Drop Health Coverage For Part-Time Workers Under Obamacare: Memo

Budweiser created this video to honor those who died on 9/11...

The Roots of Terror: Hiroshima, Viet Nam & Other US Military Misadventures.

Dawkins Says "Mild pedophilia doesn't do lasting harm," well here's my account:

Never Forget..............

I see the Morlocks are out in full force today regarding Colorado.

Cannot post about guns in general discussion

Cat massages dog in a laundry basket

Another 9/11 anniversary

The "In the Interest of OUR National Security" argument from Obama's speech last night.

Work starts on biggest solar park in the Caribbean

Chile: The first dictatorship of globalisation

Donations to House Speaker John Boehner questioned by Federal Election Commission

PA.'s Fracking Boom Goes Bust (Phila. Daily News Article)

RE: Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?

The 1 percent’s Ivy League loophole

Gap Between Richest And Poorest Now Higher Than It's Ever Been

Outplacement idea for Weiner: Talk show host

Free Market Fun Sack!" From Culture in Decline Episode

Pete Carroll, 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist

NSA Spied on Secret "Alert List" of Phone Numbers not knowing if it had "reasonable grounds"

Anti-war Democrat declares victory on Syria: ‘We did it’

Lake Mary police release report in George Zimmerman domestic dispute

Pat Robertson links 9/11 attacks to ban on prayer and Bible reading in public schools

Missing (1982)

TCM Schedule for Friday, September 13, 2013 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Future Shock!

Country's Vince Gill takes on Westboro Baptist Church protesters

Two-year-old shot by three-year-old, using the family pistol.

Six countries still at large on chemical arms

An ettiquete question :

It's a matter of trust.

one car down, one to go

Oakland looks to toughen gun ownership rules

US institute: NKorea reactor appears to restart

Mother Nature: Gender Bender

Don't Shrink the US Postal Service; Expand It

Centipedes are fascinating critters.

After thwarting 256 suicide attempts, "The Angel of the Bridge" set to retire in China

Bolivia's anti-corruption chief charged with extorting airline executive in Miami

Kerry and McCain’s favorite Syria ‘expert’ fired for faking credentials

Cross posted after hearing it was ok. requsting support for Colorado Senator John Morse

Chomsky on 9/11, Syria’s "Bloody Partition" and Why U.S. Role Ensures Failure of Mideast Talks

Marriott Offers Limited Time 9/11 Memorial Muffins, Because YOLO

False Choice Between Military Action and Moral Complacency

Your response to Robb leaves GD hosts with a question.

Keiser Report: Banksters Banging

City Says Giant Unicorn Man Builds To Cheer Friend Up Has To Come Down Because It Does Not Meet Code

Kittens, Hamster Balls, and Kitteh Mama! Wheeeeee!

MEMORANDUM FOR: The President. (What do you guys make of this?)....

Japanese Prison Hopes To Change Image By Unveiling Creepy-Looking New Mascot

The 9/11 rescue dogs: Portraits of the last surviving animals who scoured Ground Zero

Pope Francis gets a used car, and plans to drive it


A very surprising thing learned today about a somewhat common wood

McCain: Rebels fighting Assad feel abandoned by US


A Message For The LGBT in Russia

One Air Force Base Recognizes N.M. Marriages

AT&T apologizes for 9/11 tweet


Russian Pol: Gay Parents Are Like Thieves

Do Russia and Syria really need a UN resolution?

Archbishop: Marriage Equality Was Satan's Creation

AT&T Uses 9/11 To Promote A Cell Phone

Think the Job Market Still Stinks? You’re Right

Senators could vote on Syria force next week if diplomacy fails

Study: Wind farms killed 67 eagles in 5 years

Delaware-sized lake discovered beneath Kenya desert


A question on obesity - I am finally losing weight, but only by going on a very low

Tesla's plan to electrify Europe

My god, THIS is what you get with a Bachelors Degree???

Data storage/backup suggestions welcome

Is the U.S. Enabling the Humanitarian Crisis in Colombia?

Obama’s war-and-diplomacy appeal on Syria presents fresh risks to administration

U.N. Inspection a Figleaf to Justify Air Strike on Syria

Guns and kids: the youngest casualties of America's infatuation with firearms

A while back I asked for advice for someone interviewing for a job in the


Stirring Up The Dust At Ground Zero

Ah yes, the famous CNN/ORC poll with 69% of Americans...cough...cough

Thom Hartmann: you want feces chunks with that?

Woman Distracted by Texting Drives Her Car Into a Lake

Grand jury declines indictment of trooper who fired on truck of immigrants from helicopter

World Bank to buy $63 mln in Costa Rican forest carbon credits

Data visualization: The Solidarity Sing Along by the numbers

World Bank to buy $63 mln in Costa Rican forest carbon credits

Obama renews Declaration of National Emergency from "terrorist threat" for another year

White House: Russian prestige on the line in Syria

Grand jury declines indictment of trooper who fired on truck of immigrants from helicopter

Huge underground water supply discovered in drought-stricken Kenya

This thread illuminates the sheer idiocy and stupidity of George Zimmerman's Freeper Supporters!

FDA delays crackdown on menthol cigarettes

For Your Convenience, the Customer Service Window Is Closed until Further Notice. nt

Three Infuriating Facts About Wall Street CEOs Five Years After The Crisis

"Guinness record bid: Bulgarian man in bag swims Lake Ohrid"

Seriously, I am beginning to think that if Richard Dawkins said "I like pie"...

It hit 95 degrees today. Hazy, hot, and humid.

House Republicans Push To Include Monsanto Protection Act In New Spending Bill

okay help............

The children.

The Guy Who Brews Sam Adams Is Officially A Billionaire

The 41 Very Best Karen Walker One-Liners From Will & Grace{i stole this from the Pooch}

Pinochet’s Policies Still Rankle in Chile

Wealthiest Americans Take Home Biggest Share of Income Ever Recorded

Suffer the little children

Rudy Giuliani Suddenly Realizes He’s Been Grinning During Entire 9/11 Ceremony

Bolivia to Get Chinese-Made Pilot Plant for Making Lithium Batteries

Survivor Champ Richard Hatch Might Have Fathered 200 Kids

Life Imitates The Onion, Again.

Gawker: Feds Have For Years Had Photos of Chief 9/11 Hijacker Atta on a Plane

Study: Wind farms killed 67 eagles in 5 years

US spying on Brazil halts talks on warplane purchase

Dog with brick tied to leg rescued from Mich. river,

I think I've calmed down enough to write about this rationally

Report: Cowboys' Dez Bryant accused of academic fraud at Oklahoma State

Fuck Henry Kissinger: 40 years later, Chile struggles with legacy of Pinochet coup

Trayvon Martin medical examiner claims prosecutors intentionally lost case

Hug a thug close today (updated)

Face-to-face: Skull study shows variation of pre-Columbian cultures in Mexico

Venezuela's economic, political woes knock its currency to its knees

AFA-CWA has launched an online memorial to the 25 flight attendants who died on September 11th

New Mexico, Chevron settle case over cleanup costs for contamination from gas station tanks

Why Thompson is toast (NYC Mayor)

Uruguay's Congress okays bigger taxes on mega mining projects

1973 Chile coup was defining moment for French left

Union Members Lost to Terrorism on 9-11 FULL list of the 634 (plus Jay Corcoran thanks to the DU!)

The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex.

These 4 Sisters Were Photographed Every Year For 36 Years

Rania Masri and Chris Hedges On Obama's Syria Address

Sequestration Ushers In A Dark Age For Science In America

ACA exchange enrollment is open! Here is a (hopefully) easy to use basic Resource Guide

Breaking Bad Spinoff, prequel: Better Call Saul

I need to update my threads. This is how a 55 year old should dress.

I Call Them Heroes Everyday, Not Just On SEPT 11th (printed 9-11-12)

Sheryl Crow fans - new album released yesterday. She's gone Country.

Walter Rhett: Proclaim 9/11 As a Day For Truth

Goshawk flies through tiny spaces in SLO-MO

ACA Exchanges: Here is a Basic Resource Guide

Why We're Not Going to War in Syria

ACA Exchanges: Here is a Basic Resource Guide

What's the plan for the poor and middle class?

Guardian: Nearly 1/4th of men in the Asian-Pacific admit they've committed rape

The Mystery of the 1,001 Mayoral Votes for a Comedian in the Bronx

Does anyone know if it's still possible to get mortgages for very inexpensive properties?

Iraq blasts near Baghdad Shia mosque 'kill at least 35'

Audi’s E-Fuel Future: Bringing Carbon-Neutral Mobility to the Marketplace

"What the facts tell us about President Obama's approach to foreign policy"

What should I do with chantarelles

Vaccine 'clears HIV-like virus' in monkeys

so when it comes to chemical weapons

Lavabit’s Owner Appeals Secret Surveillance Order That Led Him to Shutter Site

In latest sensation, Francis writes nonbeliever to urge dialogue

Boehner Throws a Tantrum and Refuses to Stop Sequester Until Republicans Get Their Way

question about annuities

So pink splotches started showing up in and around a serious bruise I got from my accident.

The Pittsburgh Pirates SWEEP a three game series from the Texas (*) Rangers...

Federal Court dismisses case objecting to "In God We Trust" motto on U.S. currency

Federal Intel officials reveal misuse of secret spying program - USA Today

Study reveals significant number of eagle deaths by wind farms

Support for President Obama's health care law appears to be waning, a new poll indicates.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 12 September 2013

NRA Fires Two Colorado State Senators For Doing Their Jobs And Voting On Stuff

Mining is no savior for El Salvador, says Catholic Church

Federal judge backs Scott Walker in Act 10 ruling, dismisses lawsuit

sad day for the union workers in wisconsin

Tea Party supports "stop and frisk"

The President came into office naive and inexperienced.

Based on what you know, is George Zimmerman or Trayvon Martin the better person?

Meet Jack: Scientist, inventor, kayaking enthusiast, ‘Glee’ fan, likes boys, … and is only 16

Controversial pastor Terry Jones arrested before carrying out Quran book-burning in Mulberry

Here is what I've learned about "The very best thing"

Former (George W) Bush aide visits Detroit high school, serves up a buffet of bullsh*t......

White Phosphorous - the Guardian and the 575 page UN report

Glenn Beck completely loses it.

Derek: Ricky Gervais comic drama coming to Netflix tonight

Presidential Nominations Sent to the Senate

The President's Speech Reveals He Has Never Seen War

Official Texas Review: "Creation Science" Should Be Incorporated Into Every Biology Textbook

You know what now really offends me?

"He has Courage"

Concerning 9/11, this is what I posted on FB

A discussion on the rules of war.

Syria and the limits of realpolitik - by Hugh Gusterson

Photo Quiz...

Repubs are on it - Obama's a weak, war-monger who chose not to OK the air strikes, which we opposed.

Schools around the world

Ted Cruz: "We Need 100 More Like Jesse Helms"

Ex-supermodel opens help center for female genital mutilation victims

Ex-supermodel opens help center for female genital mutilation victims

It's nice to have a president you can actually trust.....

Greenwald Promotes Oath Keepers on 9/11 for Running Pro-Snowden Ads

Osama bin Laden killed: celebrations erupt across America


Things that need to be considered by young-healthy (uninsured) people

Jon Stewart destroys Fox News’ ‘parasitic, succubus-like existence’ in hyper-speed rant

Extremely Modest Turnout at Benghazi Memorial Rally

Distribution of Household Income since 1968, top 20% increased 37%, middle went down -19%

A Woman Disappeared

Royal Mail stock market flotation set to go ahead

Bush's Full Seven Minutes of Silence

Shouldn't Zimmerman face charges for smashing the iPad? Those things cost $$$$!

"If it seems like this keeps happening, that's because this keeps happening."

Tatoos are fine but....

I googled "Cheney ordered Flight 93 shot down" to get the facts before starting this thread

Great animated video

North Korea restarts plutonium reactor: institute

question re excerpting copyrighted material.

What is your favourite character on tv or movies? I like Sawyer on Lost. He keeps

A Senator Praises her Former Colleagues (Colorado)

Helping the Obama haters easily understand the President's speech on one graphic

Tribute from Senator Aguilar

Just staph please...

re: Tues. Hearing on marijuana laws

Gareth Porter: US Intelligence on Syria 'cherry-picked' by proponents of proposed strike

Hey, why doesn't anyone want to be the AL Wild Card Team?

I heard on NY1 that there are about 16,000 paper ballots left to count and that will be on Monday.

Conservatives using the "Asian-Americans are successful" argument

Never Forget

Missouri House fails to override veto of income tax cut

Pastor Terry Jones Arrested with a Truck Full of 3,000 Kerosene-Soaked Korans

Las Vegas marks 20th consecutive rainy day, 106 days without dropping below 70F

Howard Dean on Obama's Syria Speech

'It's Treason' For Yahoo To Disobey The NSA - Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Other than 9-11

Pastor Terry Jones arrested in Polk County with thousands of kerosene-soaked Qurans

The Resurrection of Victor Jara

If you have 49 minutes and 37 seconds


Rohani Says Iran Plans to Restart Nuclear Talks in NY (after non-cooperation the day before)

Twerk Fail turned out to be FAKE!

Dear NRA: Are you really going to tell me that ‘guns don’t kill children; children kill children’?

Huge Aquifers Are Discovered In North Kenya

A Yardstick for Lunatics

#FearlessSummer: How the Battle to Stop Climate Change Got Ferocious


Civil rights lawyer who represented Rosa Parks, served as first black speaker in AL House dies

Mindlessly Gutting Food Stamps by THE EDITORIAL BOARD at the NY Times

Betty Grable. 'What's My Line?'

"It is easier to ask forgiveness

"Union leader accuses Supreme Court of waging 'war on democracy'"

Einstein on Capitalism and Socialism.

Democratic Mayoral Candidate de Blasio will to have wait until Mon before he finds out how troubled

A lemur riding a goat.