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Archives: September 12, 2013

Why? Because Obama! (Second City comedy video)

Florida Pastor Arrested Before He Could Burn 2,998 Qurans On 9/11 Anniversary

The 2013 9/11 Day Memorial Film Festival

A Boy Makes Anti-Muslim Comments In Front Of An American Soldier. The Soldier's Reply: Priceless.

The True History of #Libertarianism in America: A Phony Ideology to Promote a Corporate Agenda

I hope this fuckstick never works in baseball again.

Atheists Can Sue IRS Over Failure To Enforce Limits On Churches' Political Speech

So, I'm browsing the TV listings and...

America Is A Liberal Nation. A Liberal Wins On A Liberal Message

I Call Them Heroes Every Day Not Just On Sept 11th

Kerry Consults Kissinger on Getting to Yes With Russians

Another epic fail by the teabaggers.

Trader Joe's To Drop Health Coverage For Part-Time Workers Under Obamacare: Memo

Tim Tebow offered deal by arena team owned by KISS

Chuck Grassley Tries To Trick Obama Judicial Nominee Into Criticizing Another Nominee

Local humor (if your Zip Code starts with "0"). It's wicked funny.

Is the term "ratfucking" a homophobic slur?

from the Southern front on ObamaCare: Florida bans Obamacare outreach from county health facilities

"13 Extreme Statements Made About The Common Core Standards"

USDA privatizing meat inspections with program that allowed ‘chunks’ of feces

1 Percent of America's Power Plants Emit 33 Percent of Energy Industry's Carbon

American Woman: How Feminism Is Changing the Identity Discourse

Perhaps what they should be doing is pushing the Syrians for a ceasefire and talks

American Unions’ Troubles Could Be Fueling a Resurgence in Labor Activism

Is there an ape for that? Orangutans plan trips


TASTEFUL 9/11 Budweiser Commercial - AIRED ONLY ONCE

For September 11, "Adagio For Strings" by Samuel Barber (BBC Orchestra)

Contract vote tonight after six months on strike

Morse supporters in the Colorado re-call are calling for an criminal investigation.


Thinkprogress on Larry Pratt (Chair of the "Gunowners of America")

W Post: Montgomery trash haulers strike turns rough as picketing worker is injured by truck

Missouri Republicans Fail To Override Tax-Cut Veto

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night!! Wrath

Facebook’s Zuckerberg to Meet With Top House Republicans

Kerry's Looking for Advice From THIS man?

What could we do with 15% of $1,700,000,000,000?

Post your favorite image from the 2012 Presidential campaign. Here's mine ...

The year of the quiet Sun

Christine Quinn's Union Backers Are Already Moving On To Bill De Blasio

The Serial Killer of Nations

Putin published an op-ed in the NYTimes cautioning US against military strike in Syria

What did Pope Francis say about priestly celebacy today?

What exactly are the "million motorcycle ride"

Tea Party Increasingly Unhappy with GOP Leadership/Democrats Happier with their Leadership

an open appeal to the Rude Pundit....

Colorado recall election and guns

We're going to administer a new drug to your children. It hasn't been scientifically tested.

Venezuela Pulls Out of Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Ecuador May Follow

WTF? Putin writes NYT op-ed: A Plea for Caution From Russia

Only two days left of the job!

Can You Believe He Posed With That Monster Kissinger?

Exclusive: The Koch brothers' secret bank

Really bad tattoos.

Hooray! They repealed Gun Control in Colorado!

Is criticizing Glenn Greenwald against DU community policies?

When in the hell is the whole country, or the "media" who

Obama’s Magnificent Stealth Negotiation With Putin

Vladimir Putin New York Times Op-Ed — Calls Out American Exceptionalism

Sorry for worrying everyone with my recent cryptic posts. Having major issues...

Deb Fischer (R-NE) on Syria: 'I will not support any military action at this time'

The VW van goes to the great junkyard in the sky — that’s it for the microbus

A comment I just posted to one of those 9-11 "Never Forget" editorials

Has AGW slowed down?

Missouri lawmakers fail to override governor's gun bill veto

AFL-CIO resolution criticizes President Obama's health-care law

It’s about to get harder to buy a home

GOP stopgap spending plan to be delayed

Donations to House Speaker John Boehner questioned by Federal Election Commission

After Criticizing Michelle Obama GOP Hypocrites Propose Bill Telling People What To Eat

Reporter Who Was Critical Of Steve Spurrier Replaced By Spurrier's Pal

Massport apologizes for fire exercise at Logan

Dept. of Labor web app competition

I can't roast a duck worth crap

Putin pens NYT op-ed urging 'caution' in Syria

The Trials of Henry Kissinger - Documentary by Christopher Hitchens & Alex Gibney

Airship hovers in test flight, but wind forces quick landing

Really cool time lapse

FUCK THE NRA, the gun-nut wing of the Republican Party.

Google joins MIT's edX online class framework

An odd thought about Syria and Hillary

No, Putin isn't being smart. Obama is running rings around him

Yes, Amsterdam Really Did Banish an Entire Family to a Shipping Container 'Scum Village'

Diana Nyad and the smear campaign

My first night in the cottage!!!

Fox and Friends..Benghazi....Shot down

Start schooling later than age five, say experts

U.S. Weapons (Funded & Organized by CIA Begin) Reaching Syrian Rebels

1st Chinese ship crosses Arctic Ocean

Pigs fly, Ted Cruz full of Obama praise

"Nobody here criticises too harshly or makes disagreement feel uncomfortable!"

Delhi rape: how India's other half lives

Keith Olbermann to appear on Letterman's show tonight

Breaking: Paycheck deception veto upheld in Missouri

Obnoxious neighbors..

CUNY Students Confront War Criminal David Petraeus

Interesting interview w/Bart Gellman on NPR (Fresh Air) re: his experience w/Snowden

Here's what I posted on my Facebook page to commemorate 9/11

CA State Assembly passes flawed Fracking bill.Californians need to call their CA Senators to vote No

Does anyone know the answer to this Obamacare question?

Delhi gang-rape convicts' lawyer invokes God and Gandhi

Can't hold this in any longer! I may be able to leave earlier!

Huh. I was wondering what he might be up to.

Syrian rebels reject deal to strip regime of chemical weapons

The Language of LGBT? Be Neutral, Move Forward

'Love hormone' oxytocin may play wider role in social interaction than previously thought

Amarillo: Overpasses organization protests president on 9/11

VLADIMIR V. PUTIN: A Plea for Caution From Russia

Obama is not a "cool guy"

Dirty Harry Potter

Jihadis Gain Ground In Syrian Rebel Movement As Moderates Grow Desperate

U.S. weapons reaching Syrian rebels

Sen. Menendez reacts to Putin's op-ed: I wanted to vomit

Puppy Cam Puppies are Bigger and Awake!

North Korea's Yongbyon reactor 'nearing operation'

Geoffrey Portway: Inside Paedophile's Dungeon

Inside, one of my favorite motion pictures...

Japan hangs murder convict; 6th execution of year

Analysis of Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria by Human Rights Watch

GOP fears fundraising disaster

how did this board become obama vrs putin?

Barbra Streisand sings Avinu Malkeinu

Can we go back to the check-box/check-all system for deleting PM's?

Putin on the Ritz

Update on car for tall person - we bought a used Prius!

EPA Documents Raise Doubts Over Intent of New Nuclear-Response Guide



Mich. smoker may stay uninsured unless he quits

The Theocracy Pushers: Remembering who They Blame for 9/11

Bob Menendez: Putin Op-Ed Almost Made Me Want To Vomit

IMO, Syria probably won't surrender weapons. We probably won't bomb.

Proof that the nuclear industry has been dodging its responsibilities for over 50 years

Another child seizure-free with cannabis treatment

CBS 2 blows the lid on some major illegal underground activity in NYC...

Baggers In Congress Not Budging On Stopping Obamacare. Seek Extortion

Astronomer royal calls for 'Plan B' to prevent runaway climate change

Former north Colombia governor convicted of financing paramilitary groups

Jon Stewart and John Oliver Stick the Final Nail in Anthony Weiner's Coffin

Jon Stewart Dumbstruck by Bachmann Egypt Trip: 'Please Be A Jimmy Kimmel Prank…'

K&R for Obama and Putin working together to find diplomatic solutions in Syria

CO Gov, seems to have something on his mind..

Mister Putin, when lecturing the USA on our moral position...

Chinese Paranormalist Arrested for "exorcising a haunted vagina" ...with his penis.

Democracy not Theocracy

Yahoo CEO Mayer: we faced jail if we revealed NSA surveillance secrets

If I wanted to make up stuff to make Obama look good, I don't

And as we close another chapter on 9/11...

Man perched on U.S. 90 overpass surrenders to police

It's a sort of conspiracy theory in reverse.

Afghans celebrate soccer win over India, a rare victory after years of war

One thing conspicuously missing from Obama's speech

TYT:Media Reaction To Obama Syria Speech

Guilty Love Is Backdrop in French Film on Nuclear Nomads’ Plight

Driving while stoned (video)...

Norways Halden reactor institute skirting law by sharing nuclear research for potential military use

Democratic senator: Russia played a card on Syria, it could backfire (ya think?)

just sharing the stupidity I see

Noble lies and perpetual war: Leo Strauss, the neocons, and Iraq

This is what we've learn so far about the NSA

Netanyahu says Syria must be stripped of its chemical weapons

September 11, 2033: my hope for the millions of children born after 9-11-2001

Michelle Obama Visits Military Children At USO Center On 9/11

Vaccine 'clears HIV-like virus' in monkeys

'Joking Bad,' Jimmy Fallon's 'Breaking Bad' Parody, Is Truly Stunning (VIDEO)

'Joking Bad,' Jimmy Fallon's 'Breaking Bad' Parody, Is Truly Stunning (VIDEO)

Revealed: State Colleges Giving Wealthy Kids More Financial Aid Than Poor Kids

Paid Sick Leave, One Year Later: Where's Our Business-Killing Socialist Hellscape?

11 Questions You Should Ask Libertarians to See if They're Hypocrites{long read}

China should pursue 'high-quality' urbanization: top economic planning body

5 Screwed Up New Ways America Is Abusing the Homeless

Missouri Legislature fails to override vetoes of tax cut, gun legislation

5 Years Later, Wall Street Still Sucking Life Out of America Like Vampires at Blood Drive

The Koch brothers' secret bank

Joe Stiglitz:People Who Break the Rules Have Raked in Huge Profits and It's Sickening Our Politics

Free Syrian Army rebels reject Russian chemical arms plan

Obama said he will nominate Beth Cobert, a senior partner at McKinsey & Co

September 12: National Chocolate Milkshake Day

1 Person Dead After Flash Flooding in Colo.

Republican "anti-war" fakery makes even plainer what the Supreme Court did to us in 2000

The Silent Military Coup That Took Over Washington

Obama quietly extends post-9/11 state of national emergency

The President MEANT it.

Syria: Russian plan for destruction of chemical weapons leaked

LEAKED: The Internet Must Go

The Top 10 Most Inhuman Henry Kissinger Quotes

NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel

Three die in Canadian Coast Guard helicopter crash during Arctic ice patrol

Stem cells: Living adult tissue transformed back into embryo state

Esa's Cryosat mission observes continuing Arctic winter ice decline

Frank Rich on the National Circus: Obama Strikes Out on Syria

Blobfish wins ugliest animal vote

The Feds Might Remove A Huge Impediment To The Legal Marijuana Business

Fiore flashtoon: Operation Accidental Diplomacy

Lhota (New York City mayoral) campaign will tap supporters nationwide

The sad truth is that a lot of what Putin said is correct

Time for a heart-to-heart, DUers (w/update)

Who is your local radio Conservative hack?

Kerry and McCain’s favorite Syria ‘expert’ fired for faking credentials

One Map That Shows Why English Will Never Be The Official Language Of The U.S.

Woman finds long-lost sister after reading her memoir ‘Wild’

Trader Joe's To Drop Health Coverage For Part-Time Workers Under Obamacare: Memo

Finally, the truth about Obama's birth!

Most sold Car in Norway now?...Telsla

9/11 Marches of the Millions Kind of a bust. It's too bad fear, dis-information and hatred ruled.

U.N. study in Asia Pacific finds high levels of violence against women and girls

Found On FaceBook.

celebrate Sept 17th in New York City

A bluegrass version of "Enter Sandman"

US NSA Gives Israel Raw Intelligence on US Citizens (Chamberlain)


Take Chances.

Hey Earl G.... Can we get a Putin Avatar?

Hypocrisy: Over-Promising and Under-Delivering

Is this a La Niña or El Niño year? Try La Nada

Luckovich: Exit Strategy

Luther Olsen Repub-is stunned by @GovWalker Adm. Betrayal (United Sportsmen Grant Greed)

Official Texas review: “Creation science” should be incorporated into every biology textbook

Americans Must Sacrifice Some Security to Reform the NSA

Afghans caught between terror and graft

Does this song Need More Cowbell?

Why Defunding Obamacare Is an Idea That Won't Die

Florida Gov. Rick Scott calls off alligator hunt campaign fundraiser

"You know the look..."

15-year old, reading names of 911 victims, asks Obama for peace

Labor Convention Separates Wheat from Chaff Among Democrats


Totally Biased: NYC Women Talk Cat Calling


Neil Hilborn & Renee Schminkey - "One Color" (NPS 2013)

Evidence of Pre-Columbian global travel

National Relief Charities Blog: Remember Native Americans on Labor Day

Solar Panel Is Next Granite Countertop for Homebuilders

Obamacare created 22 new health insurance plans. Can they succeed?

Do you approve or disapprove of the CIA Sending Military Supplies To Syrian opposition groups?

Will Big Labor Pick Fight Over Obama's Corporate-Friendly Trade Deals?

Westmont College, a “feeder school” to the upper ranks of the Christian conservative movement.

Cuccinelli, trying to quiet Star controversy, stirs it up

Democrats hit Speaker Ramsey over Obama tweet - tennessee

Liberals arguing that the U.S. should give weapons to Syrian rebels underestimate Assad's power

Dear Fellow Liberals: Please Stop The Dialect Harrassment

Cracked Mag - 6 weirdest things we've learned since 9-11

So that pastor who wanted to burn the Koran/Quran...

With second law firm, state’s bill for private lawyers in chef’s case hits $244,000

Tech analyst: NSA 'will kill the U.S. technology industry singlehandedly'

Japan's Nuclear Migraine: A Never-Ending Disaster at Fukushima

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Syria deal

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Syrian issues

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

First Marcellus Fracked Gas Export Permit Approved by Energy Dept

Successful peace talks

Putin's 1999 NYT op-ed: Why We Must Act

Amy Goodman: Kerry, Kissinger and the Other Sept. 11

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 12, 1977

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 12, 1977

Elizabeth Warren, the Voice of Outrage Wall Street Couldn't Squelch

Government shutdown inches closer as GOP leaders delay vote in House

Free hugs today

Take his guns away, already: Why the George Zimmermans are so protected

Dead Dog in Reservoir Helps Drive Venezuelans to Bottled Water

The mind's a terrible thing to disgrace. . . . Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Yes, weird Christian beliefs do influence America

Allende’s socialist internet

The Silver Line makes its way onto the Washington Metro's map

Shale criminal charges stun fracking industry

Mo. Legislature Override Veto on Lead Lawsuit Bill

SF: Bike path flaws add millions to Bay Bridge bill

Study finds public universities directing more of their aid towards wealthier students (Inquirer)

And now..the war on wind energy

"There was no single person who had a complete technical understanding," The NSA machine: Too big fo

The Affordable Care Act Part VIII: Innovative Studies in Healthcare Solutions

The Affordable Care Act Part VIII: Innovative Studies in Healthcare Solutions

Crisis diplomacy 101: the Kerry-Lavrov Syria meeting

Peyton Manning Weed..

Has anyone here ever planted a cover crop such as rye?

U.S. union UAW close to organizing at Volkswagen plant: paper

The sad truth is that Putin is a piece of shit who has stonewalled ANY UN action against Syria or

ok, let me see if I have this correctly then?

How Obamacare Could Revolutionize Addiction Treatment

Allende’s socialist internet

In sensitive case, Egypt acquits alleged killers of 2011 protesters

Russia sends more ships to the eastern Mediterranean.

Al-Amriki and al-Britani: Militants 'killed' in Somalia

Our galaxy, like you’ve never seen it before

11 Questions You Should Ask Libertarians to See if They're Hypocrites

I found out how the polls show everyone is against Obama's plan on Syria.

"Our collective failure to prevent atrocity crimes in Syria over the past two and a half years

Great Britain is going to privatize its Post Offices?

From Juanitajean Abbott Sues A Who

This Cop Makes the Most Compelling Argument for Marijuana Legalization Ever

Five Years after the Bush Economic Meltdown

Question for those who work in places with break rooms/kitchens and other common areas

Amazing photo: Frog photobombs NASA moon launch

Hilton Worldwide plans to raise $1.25B from IPO

Texas whooping cough cases up in week since health alert

A love letter for my GD friends:

This is a complete list of Wall Street CEOs prosecuted for their role in the financial crisis

Health law's ailments can be cured by single-payer system

Phila. Student - You are destroying the reasons why we go to school

H-E-B won't cut hours for workers over mandates

SETI@Home now has an Android version!

The NSA Leaks Are Starting To Hit The Bottom Lines Of Tech Companies

Democratic leaders urge Bill Thompson to quit the mayoral race, rally behind Bill de Blasio

I can't handle anymore deaths

Ketchum Placed Controversial Putin Op-Ed

Drought Brought War To Syria

Woman accused of mailing ricin to President Obama to stay in jail; flight risk cited

Beauty comes to a New Mexico burn area

Juan Cole: Top Ten things Americans need to Know about Syria if they’re going to Threaten to Bomb It

RB Anthony Dixon tweets: "49ers prepping for 'She-Hawks'"

This is not good news in my opinion. 2014 hiring trends I got this in an email from Monster

Creeps on the street

Strain of HIV virus found in monkeys may be cleared by vaccine

It's about our children / societal choices and their consequences (Fitzsimmons Cartoon)

Gay rights debate that sparked fight in San Antonio this summer may soon be moving to Houston

Gay rights debate that sparked fight in San Antonio this summer may soon be moving to Houston

Facebook’s Zuckerberg says government “blew it” explaining NSA spying

Richard Dawkins Defending 'Mild Pedophilia?'

Fareed Zakaria: Obama on the path to success in Syria

Cherry-Picking Evil

Re: Obama & Syria: You know what would really impress me (and probably change the world)

I can't handle anymore deaths

Nicholas Kristof: That Threat Worked

Glenn Beck: Syria Designed to Cover Up Benghazi

Fucking Cops: Zimmerman

Fareed Zakaria: Obama on the path to success in Syria

Elizabeth Warren: 'I Don't Understand The Logic' Of Congress Not Acting On 'Too Big To Fail'

U.S. to Press for Syria Timeline After Putin Appeal

Wolf Richter: Housing Bubble In Full Bloom, Zany Price Increases, And Now A Sudden Slowdown

Obama Syria Reversal Sets Stage for Fights With Congress

Lavrov Brings Acerbic Pragmatism to Syria Meet With Kerry

Terry Pratchett quote on Religion

U.S. Foreclosure Filings Drop 34% as Property Prices Rise

Roma family is banished to Amsterdam's 'scum' village

Richmond to move forward with eminent domain plan

Two Dogs Escape Burning Building By Jumping Off Balcony

Consumers Refuse To Start Buying Things They Don't Need Despite The Improving Economy

Putin's remarks about American exceptionalism, Syria raise hackles

AI: Divided town of Deir Ezzour is a microcosm of Syria’s bitter conflict

Who's a "Moderate" Rebel in Syria? Check the Handwritten Receipts

Obama Hoping For ‘Concrete Result’ In Talks With Russia

Let's get this straight once and for all.

Alex Jones thinks the Borg and the Cybermen are real...

If you believe that American entered Iraq (and Libya and Syria and.....) with the Best of Intentions

So, about the guns we're supplying the Syrian rebels..

Most States’ School Funding Tumbles Since Recession, Study Finds

Iowa Youth Pastor Rapes Boys To ‘Cure’ Them Of Homosexuality, Won’t Spend One Day In Prison

Arctic Basin - "Nowhere On Earth Have We Documented Such Large-Scale, Rapid Ocean Acidification"

Bernie Sanders: Obama Has Been A Disappointment, But He Can Still Save His Presidency

JK Rowling agrees to screen write for new Potter-verse Film

Stay classy, Weiner.

Muslim in India needs to realize it isn't the 12th century...

US NSA Gives Israel Raw Intelligence on US Citizens (Chamberlain)

It Strikes Me That Assad Is Making A Mockery Of International Law Saying He'll Turn Over CW's.....


Assad: Syria to offer data on chemical weapons

Arctic Sea Ice Hit Record Low Volume During Winter 2012-13 - EU Space Agency

Bones, Sleepy Hollow start up in a few days.. and Bill Maher too

Ex-LA TSA worker charged, tied to anti-US website

DC Mayor Vetoes the 'Living Wage' Bill

The knee-jerk dismissal (by some) of Putin's remarks is so drearily typical of the 'Ugly American'

Education Department Lets Borrowers Default On Student Loans, Ignoring Helpful Alternatives

Mayor Gray vetoes ‘living wage’ bill aimed at Wal-Mart, setting up decisive council vote

Army general investigated for murder of 3 civilians

Creationists Once Again Threaten to Make a Mockery of Texas Science Education

Someone is Vine-ing the hell out of GTA 5 gameplay – spoilers

Washington DC mayor vetoes 'living wage' bill aimed at big retailers

I wonder if Putin will allow Obama to write an OpEd for the Russian newspapers...

HUGE turnout at the Benghazi memorial!!

Yes, weird Christian beliefs do influence America

Syria’s Assad Promises To Hand Over Chemical Weapons To Avert Strikes

Snoop Lion donates to girl's funeral after 'heartbreaking' killing

Russian Concerned About North Korea’s ‘Nightmarish’ Nuclear Reactor Re-start

Ever had Psych101, studied Milgram and obedience? Well...

Nothing says ‘divisible’ like ‘under God’

College Acceptance for this school is 100%

9/11 Commission Leaders Lee Hamilton And Tom Kean Push For Changes In U.S. Terrorism Fight

A Trumped-Up War on Welfare

Abusive Prescribing of Controlled Substances — A Pharmacy View (New Eng Jour Med)

US "threats" appear to be the sticking point for Syria and Russia

samsung chrome book

In fiery speech, Warren calls for limiting size of banks

RW Fundy Churches Are A National Security Threat As Dangerous As The Terrorists.

One step closer to teleportation

Scott Walker Flies High on State Planes

When I Look At Polls I Realize We Are One F'ed Up Country.

"Centrist Hero" Barack Obama Promotes Homophobic Hatemongers.

Bay Area McDonald's manager accused of robbing his own restaurant

Your Favorite Alien Invasion...

Rudy Giuliani Suddenly Realizes He’s Been Grinning During Entire 9/11 Ceremony

Turn Left, and Head for Queens ‘Dissident Gardens,’ Jonathan Lethem’s New Novel

Do you love or hate Obama?

Hopefully, when Pres. #Putin says "we must not forget that God created us equal"....

D.C. group buys billboards to organize atheists near A&M

Papantonio: Grassroot Groups Still Fighting For Immigration Reform

Stand With Putin

Hello! It Is I, Vladimir Putin!

Pic Of The Moment: For Those Who Spent 9/11 Focusing On The First Anniversary Of Benghazi...

Oh FFS: First lady's push to drink more water draws criticism

Unfazed by Colorado recalls, California lawmakers press on with gun-control bills

The sign of a good screwing - disappearing work-place Health Insurance

Missouri lawmakers fail to revive bill preventing federal gun law enforcement

Fareed Zakaria: Obama on the path to success in Syria

The "Incorporated Worker" - A New Model For The 21st century. Workers Need To Wake Up.


Republican Jesus strikes again

So the Democratic voters in NYC turn away two tainted politicians

Teenage Exorcists Slam 'Harry Potter' On London Visit Because Magic Comes 'From Satan'

Putin's piece was largely just self-congratulatory propaganda

New iPhones Already Discounted at Walmart

Kristof and the “Mere Flexing” of Military Power

McConnell foe expected to get boost from liberal Hollywood donors

Bloomberg Gets Zuccotti-Parked as Dem Voters Back Anti-1% NYC Mayoral Candidate

American Jihadist Is Believed Killed by Ex-Allies in Somalia

Is Google down? gmail?

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday Sept 12th

Of Solipsism and Butterflies

Thom Hartmann: Has America learned from 9/11?

Amazonian Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears

Creepy Catholic Website Explains Why Women Shouldn't Go to College

Hubert Joly, Best Buy CEO, sells stock to pay for divorce (must be a cheap divorce)

The Story Behind the Putin Op-Ed Article in The Times

Meanwhile, 1,000 dead in Iraq in July. Bombing will cause more suffering in Syria, not less.

Wonkette: Republican congresscritter killed anti-child bride bill

Voter suppression and intimidation reported in Colorado recall election

people who claim you 'stand with rand' or you 'stand with putin'

Terrorist from Alabama reported to be dead

House Passes Bill To Delay Health Care Subsidies, Imposing New System To Verify Eligibility

Judge Orders Montco Court Clerk to Stop Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

Assad: Russia, Not U.S. Threats, Influenced Me To Surrender Chemical Weapons

What is Putin's agenda w/r/t the proposal for Syria to turn over its chemical weapons?

The term 'Ratfucking' and how it applies to Obama and Democrats

Is this good or bad for the First Amendment...

Translators Are a Waste of Space

Thom Hartmann: It's time to break up Homeland Security & learn from 9/11

Dark Money: Bombshell Report Exposes the Koch Brothers’ “Secret Bank”

Poo Pourri Commercial. I ain't shittin'!

The reactions to the Putin Op-ed sure are enlightening, huh?

UN: Syria Sends Letter That Is 1st Step In Joining Chemical Weapons Treaty

I'm missing something here (really dumb, obvious question):

Colombian Soldiers Have Been Killing Mentally Ill Civilians and Selling Their Bodies to the Governme

Some levity

Another example of how CNN has become a joke...

How Wal-Mart's Waltons Maintain Their Billionaire Fortune: Taxes

“Should diplomacy fail, force might be necessary," Kerry says.

Creationists ... Threaten to Make a Mockery of Texas Science Education

Senate Panel Approves Measure Defining A Journalist, OKs Media Shield Legislation

Front range Colorado -- traffic alerts include whitecaps

California passes the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Biden Cancels Panama Trip To Focus On Syria

"Million Muslim March" Actually Just A Handful Of 9/11 Truthers

Blobfish wins ugliest animal vote

What kind of shades for my peepers?

'Harry Potter' spinoff: Warner Bros., J.K. Rowling cut new movie deal

Sec. Kerry rejects Syrian president's 30-day timetable

Exceptionalism in display... (SARCASM)

Posting a Recipe so I can cook it later

Harry Reid says the Anarchists have taken over Congress

Slate: Putin's Hilarious Hypocrisy About Peace in Syria

Billionaire investor to join Keystone XL pipeline foes in Nebraska

The Moment that Frank Zappa warned us about?

Voyager probe 'leaves Solar System'

Better Call Saul Is Happening

Pelosi Chides Putin On Gay Rights

About Putin's "false flag" claim.

Here is the only lesson I learned from the Occupy Movement

Arkansas Panel: Schools Can Arm Teachers, Staff

NASA Spacecraft Embarks on Historic Journey Into Interstellar Space

Did the US go to Russia for help or did Russia come to the US for help?

Here's America not being exceptional again.

K-Mart and a couple of others have their Xmas ads out:

The peculiar Vice of both "sides" is looking for Heroes and Champions

What Putin wants you to forget

Sorry, President Putin, But Data Shows America Actually Is Exceptional

SEPTA describes "Doomsday" cuts in transit in Phila. Area if State Transp. Funding not approved

Obama should submit an Op/Ed column on Russia's anti-gay laws for publication in Pravda.

Rescuers can't reach people stranded by Colorado flooding

I have a Mac Mini and am having a problem with it freezing up

Apple’s Fingerprint ID May Mean You Can’t ‘Take the Fifth’

He's having a bad day.

A New Brand of Democrat That Could Mean Trouble for Hillary...

Assad: We'll give up chemical weapons once U.S. stops arming rebels

Motivated by hatred

I think Obama is on the right path with Syria.


Economics as if People Mattered


NYT: Lawyers for Corzine Seek Case’s Dismissal

I have always felt that I am immune to various marketing ploys..........

What will it be America? Dirty Harry or Sgt. Joe Friday?

American exceptionalism doesn't mean that all Americans are exceptional.

Where's the puddle? Where's the puddle?

someone had to do it

21% of eligible voters participated in recall election in Colorado.

Nonunion Twinkies.

Could Millennials Mean Trouble for Hillary?

Pennsylvania judge orders county clerk to stop marrying gay couples

Photo of my cousin, being arrested by the US Capital police today (immigration reform demonstration)

George Zimmerman Update: Police release dash camera video in alleged domestic dispute, report says

British couple discover the world’s largest cave in Vietnam

Kerry: High expectations for Syria deal, especially for Russia

US trial ends after 'star-struck' lawyer's Hanks gaffe

Capriles criticizes Maduro for overlooking violence in Venezuela

What was up with all those "million person" marches yesterday?

Governor Perry continues his job poaching jaunts with a trip to Maryland

Governor Perry continues his job poaching jaunts with a trip to Maryland

Operation Condor’s lasting impact on Latin America’s media

High-speed 'mechanical gears' discovered for the 1st time on an insect's hind legs.

NRC sets first public meeting on decommissioning San Onofre nuclear plant

Democrats Continue to Oppose Airstrikes - Pew

Goodman: Only reason Kissinger should be pursued is to be held accountable ... in a court of law

Clean up on aisle "false flag"

So Congress works 9 days in September.

264 protesters arrested during clashes in Chile on Pinochet coup anniversary

Mother now praying silently on Concord High campus

Bullied 12-Year-Old Fla. Girl Commits Suicide

Syria now full member of chemical arms pact -Syria's U.N. envoy

Houston lawyer wins Texas A&M Aggie 12THMAN plate auction for $115,000

Two Malls Tell the Tale of Venezuelan Capital Flight

Man Accused of Lying to 911 Mocks Deputies About Doughnuts, Urinates in Sheriff’s Office

Spotting Juno: NASA’s Jupiter-bound Spacecraft Gets a Boost from Earth on October 9th, 2013

Last-Minute New Registrations Key in Morse Recall (warning, math!)

'Ghostbuster' Huang Jianjun Allegedly Tried To Perform Exorcism With His Penis

Unfazed by Colorado recalls, California lawmakers press on with gun-control bills

Toronto police officer found guilty of assaulting G20 protester

(CA Gov.) Brown backs minimum wage boost

US agent convicted in Italy seeks pardon

Bullied 12-year-old Fla. girl commits suicide

Florida girl, 12, commits suicide after she was bullied online: sheriff

Voyager 1: Spacecraft 'Has Left Solar System'

Is there a UN "peacemaking" force?

A soggy cicada

When the Police Become a Standing Army, Liberty is Sacrificed Without Security

Owner of Cleveland Gay Bar Told to Stop Calling Police Reporting Hate Crimes

Syria has formally asked to join the Chemical Weapons Convention, Syrian U.N. Ambassador Bashar Ja'a

Dog Meat Trade Seizure in Manila - Mainly Photos - Warning

Should President Obama be allowed the opportunity to write about LBGTQ issues In Pravda?

The "Systematic Murder" of Philadelphia Public Schools

Monsanto investigated in new case of suspected GM crop contamination

U.S. Measles Cases In 2013 May Be Most In 17 Years

Will Bomb Syria or will we reward Assad for using Sarin?

Charter of Quebec Values would ban ‘overt’ religious symbols

NATO-Colombia Agreement presented before Congress for ratification

Dark Money: Bombshell Report Exposes the Koch Brothers’ “Secret Bank”

On compassion, discernment, boundaries, intuition....(w/ 9/14 update)

Wal-Mart to require suppliers to stop using 10 toxic chemicals in cleaners, personal care products

Exclusive: The Koch brothers' secret bank

Sarah Palin: Where Is Obama's 'Faith In American Exceptionalism?'

Watch: Painfully Stupid ‘Overpasses for Impeachment’ Attendees Caught on Tape!

Listening to an audio book that is staggering - "Native Son" by Richard Wright

Prince William Retires From Royal Air Force

Human Rights Watch. People and Power The 2014 Sochi Olympics

Report: Pennsylvania Will Expand Medicaid Under Obamacare

Cubans wear yellow ribbons for agents jailed in US

Cubans wear yellow ribbons for agents jailed in US

Pastor Who Claimed He Raped Teenage Boys to Keep Them "Sexually Pure" Will Not Serve Jail Time

Rand Paul and Vladimir Putin may agree with me, but

Congress approval rating has increased WHAT!!!

Report: There were drugs everywhere at Oklahoma State

Fire Rages Along NJ Boardwalk Damaged By Sandy

Question about XP

Rite Aid on board with Obamacare outreach

Twitter Tweets That It Is Filing For an Initial Public Offering of Stock

3 Days in September (Documentary)

What???? Pastor Gets Charges Reduced to Therapy?

Walmart claims victory as Washington DC mayor vetoes minimum-wage bill

"Twitter says it has filed for an IPO"

Sound pioneer Ray Dolby of Dolby Laboratories dies at 80

Water spouts spotted over Lake Michigan near Kenosha

Documents, text messages reveal impermissible benefits to five SEC players

Campaign Finance Laws (Internship Vlog)

Dads: Do you really want to sacrifice your daughter's purity for an education?

Fox ending Smith's nightly newscast

"New Yorkers United in Support of Class Warfare"

Greensburg, Kansas

Hawaii Woman Asked By State To Change Name Because It's Too Long To Fit On License

Teen shoots man in grandmother's home

Marshall Berman, author and educator, dead at 72

The New Truthers: Americans Who Deny Syria Used Chemical Weapons

I hate Walter White. Hate, hate, hate him.

Sex and the Chinese city: Classes help women shed taboos

Saul Landau, author and filmmaker - The Pre-Emptive Empire: A Guide to Bush's Kingdom - Has Died

Largely a family affair, medical identity theft on the rise

Women force arrest at Capitol over immigration

Defeated Christine Quinn Returns to City Hall, Pledges Support For Bill de Blasio

So did Kissinger serve war kool aid to Kerry?

Important News: Kris Humphries Selling His Ex's (whose name escapes me) $2M Engagement Ring

The Inside Story Of How A Fake PhD Hijacked The Syria Debate

Voyager I Has Left The Building! (our solar system)

TCM Schedule for Saturday, September 14, 2013 -- The Essentials: To The Lifeboats

Now that the CIA is arming rebels, shouldn't The War on Terror be declared a huge mistake?

TCM Schedule for Sunday, September 15, 2013 - Sundays With Hitch

Just because I have ichthyosis doesn't mean I want your prayers............ (Guardian)

How Wal-Mart's Waltons Maintain Their Billionaire Fortune: Taxes

WP: "This is the speech Obama would give on Syria if he were brutally honest"

Let's Make A Deal !

Remember those shrimp? Tonight, Chez trof, THAI SHRIMP! Recipe:

Why Are We Just Finding Out About The Koch Bank?

Szechuan pepper sensation 'same as a vibrator'

Florida Police Chief Agrees George Zimmerman is Another 'Sandy Hook Waiting to Happen'

Teen convicted of killing baby gets life in prison

Senate panel OKs measure defining a journalist

16 Major Firms May Have Received Early Data From Thomson Reuters, Matt Taibbi...

Advice to alerters:

A sort of good news update about the little kitten

N-th Dimensional Chess: Pawn's Pimp-hand to King's Cheek

To the DUer who thinks gays have plenty of rights and all but one right

Pastor Jones was also charged with one misdemeanor count of unlawfully carrying an open firearm

HILARIOUS = Frog photobombs NASA rocket launch

'Monsanto Protection Act’ quietly extended by Congress

The missing middle class: NC is not a land of opportunity

I'm with Rep. Pelosi on this one

I really dislike Thursday Night Football...

Putin and Assad are trying save Assad's ass. That is not having an upperhand

Dumb Criminals: McDonalds Manager Robs Own Store At Gunpoint

The real shape of the NC job market

"How the cult of shareholder value wrecked American business"

Obama In The Eyes Of The Israeli Press

"New Jersey fire damages boardwalk ravaged by Sandy"

Victoria Nuland Confirmed As Chief U.S. Envoy For Europe

We must stop comparing apples to oranges and start comparing apples to apples.

Putin Steps Into World Leadership Role -- Paul Craig Roberts

U.S. scolds North Korea on Yongbyon nuclear reactor

September 21, 2013

Why I Oppose Recognizing Israel As A Jewish State

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 13 September 2013

Boston Man Charged With Disorderly Intoxication After Grabbing the Rays’ Mascot

Gov. Jerry Brown opposes bid to name Bay Bridge after Willie Brown

Front Range DUers...hope you are safe.

Study reveals that Drudge's use of race-baiting headlines has soared since Obama's election in 2008

"Far-right lawmakers freelance in Egypt"

The Great Spaghetti preparation question (A Poll)

Church in Wales backs women bishops

University of Iowa didn't bill Medicaid for 2 abortions

Why West Bank Palestinians Avoid Traveling At Night

The Grand Canyon

How things change: Now Fox News sides w/anyone who attacks Obama, including Putin, Russia, Iran...

Fire destroys New Jersey Boardwalk

Warner Bros Chief Says Ben Affleck Is “Perfect” For New Vision Of Batman

I hardly ever post in the lounge, but ya gotta see this!

And now, a moment of auto-correct. . .

Is America’s Militia Movement on the Rise?

"10 Surprising Facts About How Our Brains Work"

As the baseball season comes to a close for some of us...

Sharpton and Panel Slam Right-Wing 'Obama Derangement': So High, They’re Actually Embracing Putin

Obama vs Putin "winning?"

Republicans Unite Behind Putin the Dictator In Order to Diss Obama