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Archives: September 16, 2013

GOP Appointed Officials Black Out Detroit During Heatwave To "Send Them A Strong Message"

First Take: Summers done in by two sets of critics

WHAT's PUTIN'S INTEREST IN RUSSIA? "Real News Network" asks "Indy Dem" Russian Professor!

Charles Morgan Jr. re: the 16th Street Church Bombing, Birmingham 9/16/63

Dismissal Hearing for NYC Whistleblower Begins; Murdoch's NY Post Goes Ape-shit!

Futures Explode Higher After Summers Bows Out

Syria jihadists claim they killed Homs Alawites

It Turns Out That Holy Water Isn't So Holy After All According To Study

Holy Shit Colorado!

Brett Favre, Dan Marino and...

Russian TV Host Invites McCain to Speak on Syria

Just looked at my profile and I have 7,500 posts in 90 days. Damn I post a lot.

GOP’s Worst Nightmare

Per ABC News the cop who shot the young man in North Carolina

NC Police shoot and kill man running toward them for help...

Jared Bernstein - What is needed in the new Fed Chair

U.K. Liberal Democrats Vote to Back Nuclear Plants in U-Turn

Nature or Nurture

And now a brief word from the Captain of the Calypso

Directv question:

Directv question:

Turning Weapons Into Instruments: Pedro Reyes' "Disarm"

Top Pakistan officers killed 'by Taliban'

Okay, I know it was the Jaguars ...

GOP Rep Suggests Obamacare Delay A ‘Favor’ for Obama, Derisively Laughed At By ABC Panel

Just noticed that Miss Representation is streaming on Netflix (I've been waiting

LOL: McCain Says He Will Write Op-ed for Pravda – Pravda Says, Say What?

Thanks for your good thoughts for Colorado

Limbaugh Picks On Immigrants To Mislead About Voter ID Laws

Let's go for broke: Ms Iris DeMint and Mr J PRINE


In loving memory of Tico Torres' Appendix (1953 - 2013)

Obama Releases Statement On Larry Summers' Withdrawal From Fed Chair Candidacy

Is this really happening? (Re: notorious recent GD threads)

Use of Terrorism Act to be debated after David Miranda detainment

Four Dems on the banking committee deserve props on Larry Summers...

Mississippi Towns Spelled Out Phonetically in their Correct Pronunciations for the Media

Mexico's first openly gay mayor takes office in Zacatecas

NYT editorial: The Syrian Pact

21 New Facilities Proposed in US to Export Natural Gas Overseas (get ready for a 2nd fracking boom)

13-year-old environmental activist to address U.N

Holy shit Breaking Bad

Prediction Time: What will happen with Republicans on October 1, 2013

Holy Shit MTM

Can MIRT edit threads?

Boulder County activists concerned about flooded oil, gas wells

Raising hell can WORK !

I feel obliged to continue in politics: Uribe

Safety Belt - Crash Helmet - and Diapers were needed for Breaking Bad tonight

Obama May Have Played Us All And Won – That Is Leadership

belatedly, ANOTHER 11 september event--the mormon mountain meadow massacre

Question for Twitter users

6 killed in south Bogota as police release pepper gas into locked bar

6 killed in south Bogota as police release pepper gas into locked bar

How Popcorn Pops!

The more the effects of Climate Change hit, the more we will try to ignore Causes...

Snowden's Jig

True Romance...

Live from Pahrump: Art Bell, master of the paranormal, makes radio return Monday (with Michio Kaku)

7 photos that show how destructive the Colorado flooding is

"Inside the Conservative Brain: What Explains Their Wiring?"

Syria Deal Restores Russia’s Role As Mideast Player

"Hells Angel escapes from Laval prison"

Brazil, Argentina team up for joint cyber-defence mechanism

Who watched Talking Bad? Potential spoiler. Anyone read lips?

Iran's Rouhani May Meet Obama At UN After American President Reaches Out

Hurricane Ingrid, Storm Manuel drench Mexico, kill 17

Stormy Monday, 9/16/13

Good Lord, first Honey Boo Boo, now these Duck Dynasty people?

Immigrants lacking papers work legally — as their own bosses

Krugman: Freedom’s Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose

Miss New York crowned Miss America 2014

"Why the GDP Is Not An Good Measure of A Nation's Well Being"

Photobucket-Can't upload anymore-Anyone have this problem?

A new plan B: Relocate American cities

Seahawks 19, Niners 3

Adele - 21 - Lovesong

How Julie Chen is The Plastic Surgery Manifestation of a Plastic Media

Interview with Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif

how are our colorado women doing?

In case you're not clear on the geography and wonder where all the Colorado flood waters will go....

Happy 88th Birthday B.B. King

Bob Dylan's "Things Have Changed" from Wonder Boys


Joe Biden Calls Gay Marriage 'The Issue Of Our Day'

Lib Dems vote to accept nuclear power

Identity Theft: Biometric ID database threatens privacy in Israel

UPF review cites 'chilled work environment,' other causes for design failure; Y-12's M&O contractor

46 years ago today. A menu series from a crossing of the Atlantic aboard the SS United States. Day 3

TWO Moral Monday events tomorrow...

All in all, a good week - Please, Hillary just say NO to a 2016 run

Larry Summers

How Detroit went broke

The oh-so-shocking things Liberals believe...

An unprecedented threat to Peru's cloud forests

I got a call today from my exSO...

Vidic: Man U can win the UCL

A Sneak Peek at Eric Schlosser's Terrifying New Book on Nuclear Weapons

Defending Indigenous Lands and Waters in Honduras: The Case of Rio Blanco

Judge to Weigh Whether 9/11 Case at Guantanamo Should Be Halted

The land should feed the people first

[Maryland] State vies to be FAA drone test site

Saul Landau's Investigations of US Ties to the Pinochet Regime

CMPD officer charged with voluntary manslaughter in fatal shooting

How Do We Learn to Hate Cuba?

Why is Zambia so poor?



A Colorado Memory

Gorgeous Time Lapse Video Reveal a Nighttime Sky Free From Light Pollution. Also Stunning Moonrise

Happy Birthday B.B. King

Has there been anything new in the federal investigation of Zimmerman?

Costa Concordia salvage under way

Slow day at work

Not satisfied with the withdrawal of his name from consideration for FED,

Front page in Belgium: NSA very likely hacked (majority state owned) telecom operator Belgacom

desk ornament aka cat & mouse

Time covers: US vs. international editions

A Lot Of People Are Very Upset That An Indian-American Woman Won The Miss America Pageant

Rep Chris Van Hollen Goes On Fox News and Destroys Their Anti-Obama Syria Lies

Long-named US woman celebrates government climb-down

Miss America cheers pageant diversity

Awkward Moments You Know Too Well

In Gun Debate, Divide Grows as Both Sides Dig In for Battle

Norway Socialist Left politician blasts far-right for opposition to immigration and foreign aid.

Five Years After Lehman Brothers Fall, Big Banks Even Larger

Five Years After Lehman Brothers Fall, Big Banks Even Larger Pt. 2

Chris Hedges: The Origins of Our Police State

Christ Christie is the most OVERRATED Governor in the nation. It's about time someone says it

Seated or standing?

Here's Why Dropbox Has Been Opening Your Private Documents

OH GOD!!! Coakley to run for Governor in Massachusetts

We've Got a Billionaire Bailout Society—And the 99% May Never Recover From It In Our Lifetimes

Scotland gives go-ahead to Europe's largest tidal energy array

Powerful Typhoon Lashes Japan (inc. Fukushima); Thousands Evacuate

Resistance Led by Eliz Warren Knocks Summers Out—Now It's Yellen's Turn

Greek crisis: Mass strikes over civil servant job cuts

During talks on Syria’s chemical weapons, fighting on the ground escalated

Seattle Defense...

America's Top Surveillance Czar Had a Star Trek Room Build in His 'Information Dominance Center

How Massive Profits Are Being Made Out of Mexico's Bloody Drug War

Thoughts for the Second Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

Boston Survivors can't cash award checks because they will lose State health Medical Insurance.

Japan tells 300,000 homes to evacuate as typhoon hits

Colorado seen by teabaggers

I am cleverly tricking myself into remembering something.

Toles: The naked truth about the NSA

Fears for Fukushima as powerful typhoon strikes Japan

Cantaloupe vs. al-Qaeda: What's More Dangerous?

"Satan has limp wrists!". . . . Please come CAPTION anti-gay Archbishop John Nienstedt!!!!

Typhoon to hit Fukishima....

employment gap between rich, poor widest on record

today on Dem-Now - Trish van de heuval (Nation mag) and Andrew Bacevich

The thermostat temperature shalt remain at 72

For the first time since 1931, Australia does not have a science minister.

Republicans are now working to address those ethnicities they haven't pissed off yet...

boston homeless man turns in money filled backpack

another Maduro assassination attempt? sabotage?

wealthy business executives eye political races

Before and after pictures on drugs

CNN 2016 Poll: Clinton favored for Democrats; no clear GOP leader

Problems that schools are expected to solve

Newhart has never won an Emmy before?

Ugh, the coffeemaker in the break room at work is broken.

Herpes-Infected Monkeys Invade Florida

Child Sexual Abuse Statistics

Dutch Pragmatism

Question for DU: If flag burning is "protected speech", isn't book burning also protected?

Shots fired inside D.C. naval facility

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Unconventional warfare

Monday Toon Roundup 2- 99% and 1%

Monday Toon Roundup 3-The Rest

Caracas, Venezuela's most violent city

At the Top, a Recovery Now Finally Completed

Elizabeth Warren: Janet Yellen would be ‘terrific’

Good Morning!

Commemorating the Financial Panic: It Ain’t Over Yet

U.N. panel believes both sides in Syria are responsible for war crimes

"For years, they have demonized Putin rather than analyze what he actually says..."

Fox News host: new Miss America, Nina Davuluri, doesn’t ‘represent American values’

Six Reasons Another Financial Crisis Is Inevitable

U.N. Report: ‘Clear And Convincing Evidence’ Chemical Weapons Used In Syria

Fixed it

Five Charts You Need To See To Understand The Financial Crisis, Five Years Later

Here's a new one

Thompson to Concede to de Blasio in Mayoral Primary

Martha Coakley Enters Massachusetts Governor’s Race

Wisconsin Badgers fall to Arizona State on bizarre final play

The news from planet Glox - by Tom Tomorrow

Shooting at the Naval Yard*edited@10:09am*

Kerry, tone down the rhetoric

Another day, another mass shooting: Gunmen at Navy Yard in D.C.

Russian MP's Obama with banana picture sparks racism debate

Bernie Sanders To Larry Summers: more or less go to hell

Today in Peace & Justice history on September 16, 1974

Rising Left in the Democratic Party Killed Larry Summer’s Fed Chair Chances

Top Afghanistan female police officer dies

Boxing Judge C.J Ross called the Mayweather/Canelo fight a draw.


Miss Kansas Talent Performance in 2014 Miss America contest

Bridge Safety: Many U.S. Spans Are Old, Risky And Rundown

The 5 stages of climate denial are on display ahead of the IPCC report

Another man dies while in custody of Kern County deputies

Not the fax, ma'am : DoD out of cash to buy new machine

"Fast Track" which is needed to pass the TPP, is in trouble on the Hill

Papantonio: Will Citizens’ Media Stop Obama’s War?

Hull couple hold Britain's first double transgender wedding

Be proud, America. We have officially gone around the bend with our gun fetish.

UPDATE 1-U.N. report photo shows confirmation of sarin in Syria attack

Over 65,000 U.S. bridges in need of repair

NY Times: Police Bullets Hit Bystanders, and Questions Rise Yet Again

The Banality of Systemic Evil (OpEd on the morality of whistleblowing)

Rouhani: Iran will accept any elected Syria ruler

Chris Hedges: The Origins of Our Police State

Just saw Riddick last night ..

The weapon believed to be used in the Naval Yard shooting is guessed it...AR-15.

Why Ken Cuccinelli is losing the Virginia governor's race

First Indian-American Wins Miss America Crown; Racist Trolls hit the Web

Start talking to America.

Help for those bad days...

Bill Thompson expected to drop out of New York City mayoral race

Paul Krugman has strongly spoken up for Yellen, from the beginning.

Secret Cheney letter outlines strategy for Syria and a new Cold War.

Disarm: Turning Guns into a Mechanised Musical Orchestra

The Fox Ticker Thinks Every Player Is Named Griffin

Pregnant in Indiana? Get Ready for Forced Drug Testing

A Colorado Memory

India Delhi gang rape lawyer faces 'misconduct' hearing

Bob Newhart FINALLY gets an Emmy!

About groups

Native Poet Allison Hedge Coke Documents Dust Bowl

Anglo American pulls out of Alaska gold mines plan

"Summers wasn't the nominee."

Fox News host: new Miss America, Nina Davuluri, doesn’t ‘represent American values’

Daily Show segment about Australians and Gun Control wins an Emmy

NYC: Thompson ends fight for run-off.

Spectacular idea. Can you support a new system to name storms? Well worth considering.


Naval Yard shooting just proves how much "Homeland Security"

George Carlin: The bigger dick foreign policy theory

So long as there are guns...

The Evolution of Corn

Texas Nat’l Guard pressured to grant benefits to gay troops

Is anyone sad to see Larry Summers withdraw his name for Fed chairman?

Mayors Against Illegal Guns: "Our plans are full speed ahead."

I opposed military action in Syria, I opposed Summers, and I have no egrets.

Has anyone here tried a cloth mask with your CPap machine?

Magnetism Proves Same-Sex Marriage Unnatural

Good news, for once, about a female, coming from India!

There were 2 shooters at the Navy Yard. 1 is down

Pic Of The Moment: McCain And Graham Blast U.S.-Russia Deal To Secure Syria's Chemical Weapons

Bob Newhart finally gets his Emmy Award

Frost advisory tonight - a full month ahead from out normal frost date!

Nicholas KRISTOF Answers DU Syria Skeptics : Case for Obama's approach

There's a Pre-K through 3 school just across M street from Navy Yard

Fox blaming Obama yet?

Combined Net Worth of America's Richest Rises

Costa Concordia webcam link--watch the raising in real time...

Reports of multiple shooters seems to be the norm

Hawaii can't fit woman's last name on license

Oyster farming hit hard by Ocean Acidification

Here's How Gravity Varies Across Australia And Why You Weigh More In Tasmania Than Queensland

What the US Can Learn From Africa’s Booming Economy

President Obama has delayed comments due to yet another side effect of gun culture.

Inequality for all: Robert Reich warns record income gap is undermining our Democracy

"Multiple casualties inside Navy Yard,2 shooters still in buildings.

‘Putin’s Regime Is Acting Like A Cornered Animal’ Says Russian LGBT Journalist

Oh and by the way

"True Colors" sermon (Unitarian Universalist)

Poor trumad! He wasn't able to watch Manning Bowl III.

Papantonio: What Was The Obama-Larry Summers Connection?

No, Mel Gibson's daughter did nor marry an Orthodox Jew

Downsizing Casanova--Italy's Casanovas hit where it hurts...

Flies live in Matrix time: Seeing rolled up newspaper moving in slow motion buzzes away quickly

Ban Ki-Moon's address to UNSC on findings of last month's Syria chemical weapons attack


Turkey downs Syrian helicopter, deputy PM says

It's Photo Week at CreativeLive.


I am amazed at what I am feeling this morning.

Americans have apparently decided that events like (the DC shooting) are acts of God

re: DC has strict Gun Control

America, the Stupid. And Racist.

"Le Chats Ninjas" For a laugh and break on this dreary day:

Russell Brand and the GQ awards: 'It's amazing how absurd it seems'

The core of Quebec’s charter? Republicanism and feminism

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Sept 16th

Disruptive 9/11 suspect ejected from Guantanamo courtroom

Both MSNBC & CNN Cut Away From The President's Speech On Jobs & Economy......

Turkey says it shot down Syrian helicopter

Since people asked on multiple threads, Marines are now in fact deployed doing perimeter security

Village Halloween Parade Tries To Scare Up Funds

One real reason for postponement of U.S. attack on Syria: Movements count.

Heads They Win, Tails We Lose

Employment Gap Between Rich, Poor Widest on Record

Great story. Young doctors from Palestine, Israel, Jordon & Canada spend month together in TO.

Why we shouldn't give up on feminism.

I'd hate to think it was people like me who will do harm to the Democratic Party

I don't think there's any mass shooting short of one in the House of Representatives

It's Time to Rethink Religion

Syria crisis: UN report confirms sarin gas 'war crime'

Question about Naval Yard shooting. I'm puzzled why the announcement to leave the bldg didn't

Per Washington Post: 7 dead, 2 suspects in uniform (!) sought

Miss America crowns 1st winner of Indian descent. Fox news host on the winner of Miss America:

Chilling article at Salon about the Fellowship

Why Did Penn Jillette Call Fox’s Greg Gutfeld a ‘Pussy’?

More older Texans are packing heat

A realistic concept in divided America - We have honestly seen this before. It's about Colorado

Peace Sign Satanic? Dutch Christian School Destroys 3,000 Calendars Over One Image

Dog accidentally shoots owner, 78

Religious authority, state power and revolutions

Live now as of 1:41est : U.N. Releases Syria's Chemical Weapons Report (link to video)

Watch out for the holy water!

Texas A&M shatters state record with $740 million in donations in one-year period

36 Years ago today

Per MSNBC 7 now dead in Navy Yard shooting

Great interview Grayson and Salon

Pac-12 reprimands game officials in Wisconsin-Arizona State game

Oh my, George Galloway: US in Bed w/ al-Qaeda & Christian Leaders

Great-grandmother puts meat on the table with a .257-caliber rifle

Walter White for President

It begans.... Truckers To Shut Down America

Meet Father Dad: How married priests would change the Catholic Church

Authorities say crowd after Texas A&M-Alabama game was calmer than expected

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon statement on UN report of chemical weapons use in Syria

My substantially younger coworker just asked if I've heard of YouTube.

Atheist billboards posted around Bryan-College Station area

Fox News Host Joins Racist Twitter Rants On Miss America Winner (VIDEO)

Full Text of U.N. Report on Chemical Attack in Syria

Crap now the death toll at the DC Naval Yard is

Obamacare Is Going To Change The Way You Work And Retire

Ted Cruz visited Midland for a Voter Registration Event. Did the Democrats have a Counter

where you come from and where you go to

Al-Qaida-Linked Rebels Claim Syria Killings

Another Massacre -- Yep, American Exceptionalism!

Opponents of Texas voting maps want $6M reimbursed

DC Police press conference: 12 confirmed dead.

NYC medical examiner identifies 49-year-old man as 9/11 victim

Al Qaeda leader urges restraint in first 'guidelines for jihad'

Multiple deaths in Navy Yard shooting rampage; suspects may be on loose

12 dead

U.N. Report: Chemical Weapons Use In Syria Confirmed, Details Point To Assad

Keystone XL protesters arrested in downtown Houston

Bill Thompson concedes to rival Bill de Blasio in New York City's Democratic primary for mayor.

The Internet - Dontcha

"Youthful Republican brain trust helps governor miss the boat on Medicaid expansion"

Egypt army storms Islamist-held town

'War crime': U.N. finds sarin used in Syria chemical weapons attack

Here's Why You Don't Ask A Feminist To Hawk Your Sexist Product

New Pew poll on Obamacare: big partisan and racial/ethnic divides in support/opposition

"James Yeager is a Disgrace"

Would you walk along this?

Aaron Alexis 34 identified as shooter at Navy Yard

Well, we got rid of two Colorado state reps and that's all that matters.

Iran's Rouhani may meet Obama at UN after American president reaches out

Psychotic WI Senate President Breaks Gavel – Women To Be ‘Educated’ By Vaginal Probe

Scientology Defector’s Epic Showdown Begins in New Braunfels Court

Gunman identified in D.C. Navy Yard shooting as 34-year-old Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth, Texas

One more time...

Abu Ghraib Torture Victims Ordered To Pay U.S. Contractor's Legal Fees

The Banality of Systemic Evil

How America’s 401(k) Revolution Rewarded the Rich and Turned the Rest of Us Into Big Losers

Read About Two Texas Women Denied Health Care Because Of The New Anti-Abortion Law

Re: the 'stop portraying women as victims/making women feel bad' method of silencing feminists

When will we ever learn?

T. Boone Pickens Is No Longer a Billionaire, Forbes Says

Denmark's Foreign Minister Søvndal’s remarks on UN report of chemical weapons use in Syria

Mexico City Police Violently Crackdown on Occupying Teachers

White sheets

7 words that I wish were not in the Bible

i find my self oddly unaffected -- detached -- from news about these massacres any more.

Brace Yourselves

NSA snoops on credit card transactions, says report

Right Wing Study Finds Abortions Overwhelmingly Safe - RH Reality Check's Sharona Coutts Discusses

Washington Nationals cancel Monday night game with Atlanta Braves due to Navy Yard shooting

You may be a Pluviophile

A.P.R.O. Bulletin links by year and month

Signs That Your Cat Adores You

The Rude Pundit: Happiness May Be a Warm Gun, But Joy Is Shitting Your Pants

For the BOG UN Confirms Chemical Weapons Use in Syria; All But Implicates Assad Regime

I'm saying it. Fuck the NRA!

Confirmed: Tennant announces Senate run Tuesday (WV)

I'm incredibly traumatised psychologically, in almost innumerable ways.

I think everyone could use this right about now

Media Ignoring Syria's Non Violent Resistance Movement - Rania Khalek Discusses


Have You PAID Your Billionaire Today - WH petition to close loopholes used by Needy Billionaires

Real conspiracies, as opposed to the Alex Jones-type...

Media Ignores Damaged Oil & Gas Tanks from Colorado Flooding

Dara O'Briain - Parenting as an Atheist

Colorado flooding.

NBC News Reports Aaron Alexis Previously Arrested For Weapons Charge

Alex Jones: Globalist conspiracy created Navy Yard ‘patsy’ shooter to ‘discredit’ me

DC shooter identified:

Feliz Día de Independencia de México!

The DU Factor 'Coming Through' for this homeless Army Vet: PLEASE Rec!!

I got bit by a yellow spider today

Past is always a present for San Juan Capistrano preservationist (LA Times)

Boy Asks Santa to Make Kids Stop Bullying His Sister


“A woman of color’s self-love is political and radical,

Chief Medical Officer at the DC trauma center calls it like it is!

Countdown is so on!

Small Town Discovers It Bans Women From Voting

Shooter believed to have criminal record and conceal carry permit in TX.

Inside the Conservative Brain: What Explains Their Wiring

So the question is raised again: Why?!!?

Stocks Have “End of Summers” Celebration Sending Dow Near All-Time High

If it's Yellen, Wall Street gets the Fed chief it wanted, not expected

Concealed carry permit holder kills 13, wounds more.

Arrest Made In Deadly Queens Hit-And-Run

Just out of curiosity

CNBC: "If it's Yellen, Wall Street gets the Fed chief it wanted, not expected"

Chief Medical person at hospital in DC saidThere is an evil in society. This is not good when we

Russian MP ridicules US over mass shooting

"Christian" speaker at Patrck Henry college excuses rapists...

Remember the "Christian" couple that got lost and stranded in their boat?

Snowden living under guard, touring Russia

D.C. Police tweeted, "The white male in the tan outfit has been identified and is not a suspect or

DU should win a journalism award! Again the images of the shooter were posted hours before

If Obama had been President in 2003 and invaded Iraq do you think the Rethugs would've been pissed?

Is religion a good way to help preserve biodiversity?

Freepers are VERY excited to know the Navy Yard shooter was a black man

Before the internet...

Someone once said that they would like to see some happy updates about those on Wishadoo...

Washington Navy Yard gunman identified as Aaron Alexis-From Queens NY

Aaron Alexis Navy service appears to be short - May 2007 to January 2011?

FEMA Grounds Private Drones That Were Helping To Map Boulder Floods, Threatens To Arrest Operators

HE'S GONNA CUT SS!!!! (didn't happen) HE'S GONNA INVADE SYRIA!!! (didn't happen) HE'S GONNA NOMINATE

How did Aaron Alexis carry an AR-15 & shotgun through the front door without anyone noticing?

Big Ed is discussing the Navy Yard shooter now on MSNBC.

Someone once said that they would like to see some happy updates about those on Wishadoo...

Why don't we have a controlling federal policy for the 2nd Amendment?

Deadly stabbing at Elmnurst, Queens subway station

Syrian 'human shields' set up camp to defy any attack

Lies about Ronald Reagan

A new teabaggerism (as seen on Facebook)...

Chief Medical Examiner at hospital in DC:

"There is something evil in our society that we as Americans have to eradicate." Dr. after Navy Yard

That "I'm a dope" moment!

Fans Urge Jaguars To Sign Tebow

Story update- Police: Cop shot unarmed man in Charlotte 10 times

Per MSNBC there are 33 deaths each day from gun violence

First Nation says six sites at oilsands project leaking bitumen, up from four

Yellen Now Front-Runner for Fed Chief

400 Richest Americans Now Worth $2 Trillion

Civilian/Private Contractors

Wow, what a recovery! 400 richest worth $2 trillion, up from $1.7 trillion last year

why do tea baggers always spell words incorrectly on their protest signs?

Suspect In Navy Yard Attack Previously Arrested In Seattle For “Anger-Fueled” Shooting

Education - the NEWEST industry the illiterate but well to do can fix!

Some startling statistics

The Democratic Party has made progress on social issues.

5 Things You Wouldn't Know From Listening to Obama's Financial Crisis Speech

White House postpones Latino music event

Once one considers the history of marriage, it is necessary to abandon the "sanctity" of the process

Former Beatles collaborator Jackie Lomax Dead at 69

Hey atheists, let's make a deal.............

I have to wonder... At what point will we admit it's the guns?

Obama Administration Weighs Visa For Alleged War Criminal (Sudanese President Omar Bashir)

A timely LOLcat

US Navy releases bio data for suspected shooter Aaron Alexis

Abbott: Wendy Davis not 'too stupid' to be governor

Request for blood of female virgins misread

A question about ACA

Six treated for burns after accident at Frisco’s Lone Star High School

Three friends of Marathon bomb suspect plead not guilty

Once again, the AR15 - the mass shooter's gun of choice

Obama Dings GOP On Obamacare: You Lost The Election

Butterflying a boneless pork tenderloin.

The Costa Concordia is upright! (Edited thread)

Syria Deal Shines Light On Suspected Israeli Chemical Weapons Program

Gay Veterans Marry at Calif. Senior Home

Feel like losing your appetite? Watch this LiveStream (Neocons/Wingnuts galore)

UN Secretary General calls Syrian gas use a "war crime"..

How do you think de Blasio will do in the New York City mayoral election?

Readout of President Obama’s Call to Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus

Why Stocks rose on Summers withdrawing his name

UN Report Details Sarin Gas Use in Syria, but Doesn't Assign Blame

The prescription to fix so much of what's wrong with this country is simple

Parent Fights For Daughter’s Chance To Be On Homecoming Court

President Obama to Award Medal of Honor


Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., urges tougher gun laws in wake of Navy Yard attack

MOYERS Video: Director Jacob Kornbluth on "Inequality for All" = 13:19

US conservatives heart them some Putin.

(Just a side note on the DC shootings) Glad to hear so many positive comments about DC, Southeast.

'Chaos'? Obama Goes After 'Extreme' Republicans

Alexis was "an even keeled Buddhist"

House To Vote On Bill That Would Cut $4B A Year From Food Stamps, Allow Work Requirements

For Obama, Political Pressure Over Summers Marks Latest Fissure With Democratic Dase

ABC just reporting that WH on lockdown following

EDIT: SS Now saying firecrackers threw at WH

Costa Concordia in Italy freed from rocks

Rebels using ipads with mortars?

I can't either...

Might boil down to 'work place' violence - Aaron Alexis was a disgruntled employee upset about money

U.S. judge says NYC skyscraper owner concealed Iranian assets

What is the best strategy for advancing a progressive agenda during a Democratic administration?

It's time for Colorado to look inward.

The Top .01 Percent Reach New Heights

What You Need To Know Before This Week’s House Vote On Food Stamps

Homemade Laundry Soap

Sister Joan Chittister

Clint Van Zandt promotes the "violent video game" trope on MSNBC

To the Men of DU - tomorrow, I have to strip naked for a woman, then she will "feel me up".

Africa's new colonists: rabid, anti-gay, American evangelical Christians

Rocker to stand trial on charge of hiring hitman

Private contractors are very bad for national security

I have lived on military posts for 20 plus years.

Happy Dance!

Boston Homeless Man Glad To Return Lost Money: Seatle Post

Walking Dead is getting a spin-off.

Sarpy Outlook TV -Episode 8

I dare you to call him Hitler.

CFPB Warns Employers About Payroll Card Abuse

Let's all welcome our Canadian and Latin American friends to the all new "Homeland"!

Pew poll: Public Backs Diplomatic Approach in Syria, But Distrusts Syria and Russia

Noticed that "Samsara" is now avail. For streaming on Netflix.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 17 September 2013

NBC Announces 'Sound of Music' Live With Carrie Underwood (Dec. 5 at 7pm central/8 eastern)

RNs Withstand ‘Furious Anti-Union Campaign,’ Join CNA/NNU

How many of you have seen this ?

Fuck the NRA .... the D.C. shooter was next to the Naval Facility where my brother works ...

An anagram for your wingnut friends or family members.

We've come a long way, baby

Pantsless Dad Wore Fake Breasts, Crashed Car


I wish someone would explain to me why the History Channel is so full of shit

Every. F**king. Day.