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Archives: September 17, 2013

Question about MIRT DUMail notifications

Self Portraits Challenge - $400 in Prizes!

Fargo radio station dumps Rush for rock & roll.

not of any importance, but Hugh Jackman can deadlift 460 pounds???!!!! jesus, that's pretty damn

US to help Syrian forces fight chemical weapons

Graywarrior's problems with ducks can all be traced back to that bad batch of microdot in 1971.

You'll NEVER meet a more industrious person than Tobin. Ironically, he has a REALLY lazy eye

You know what the SUCKIEST thing in the world is about cooked spinach?

The wit of a Great White Shark is nowhere NEAR as sharp as its incisors.

MiddleFingerMom proves that you're NEVER too old to twerk.

If DU ever lets us use animated avatars, MiddleFingerMom is ready with his.

Will Comet Ison coming though the asteroid belt, shove us to Defcon Two or One?

Still too early to tell, but we may have hit the low on 13 Sep

NYT: Unions’ Misgivings on Health Law Burst Into View

The Worst Thing About Hawaii's Molasses Spill Isn't Even the 1,400 Tons of Dead Fish

Bill Nye the Dancing Guy!

Monday, car show day! (pic heavy)

Happiness First, Then Everything Else

Citizens United will probably help Ms. Clinton become the next president. Ya gotta love the irony.

From Detroit Free Press: "How Detroit went broke. And don't blame Coleman Young."

Damn! El Supremo must be asleep tonight. The Pirates are getting no-hit by his best new

Anti-gun group study: In states with 'stand your ground' laws, justifiable homicide rates soar

Question for Those Who Have SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Pictures of behind the scenes on the Syria negotiations

"Tax Filings Hint at Extent of Koch Brothers’ Reach"

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Not the Last, Just the Next & a new Maru gif

Cass Sunstein


"5 Years After Financial Collapse, Obama Says House G.O.P. Could Reverse Gains"

Hi I'm MrsKirkley.

Why not start here...

Man throws firecrackers over White House fence

So gun culture shut down our nation's capital today.

R.I.P. Larry Summers by Greg Palast

Dr. Janis Olowski is allowed to speak and finish on Rachel's show. Was cut off earlier by CNN

Temperature chart for the last 11,000 years 

100-Plus Kentucky Bridges Deteriorating, Could Collapse

I shouldn't really be knocking doors this late: the streetlights are on and the sunset gone

Meanwhile in Australia...

What happened to wallpaper?

Such a tragedy, wish there hadn't been a real gun in this one.

Flashing orange blinky light

HS Seniors Ask: How will the healthcare law impact us?

Lawrence tonight is interviewing a doctor leaving her job, due to gun culture.


Today I learned...

Pope Francis: A good Catholic meddles in politics

Parent accused of assaulting Treynor football coach over son's playing time

when will it be enough

Man Crashes Car While High On Meth, Found At Scene Of Accident Pantsless, Wearing Fake Breasts

Cop who murdered NC man shot him 10 times (fired gun 12 times)...

Dumb Criminals: Two North Carolina Men Charged With Stealing $50K Worth Of Tube Socks

Exclusive: Bill Daley drops bid for Illinois governor

When Summers withdrew his name from consideration, Wall Street got what it wanted.

today in women's herstory-16 september

"Kerry's Syria Switch May Not Have Been Offhanded After All"

France' far-right Marine Le Pen wants to campaign with Dutch far-right Geert Wilders.

Aaron Alexis - another case of psychological problems

I wish Rachel would have included the Amish school shooting on her graph/list tonight

Democratic Response to Shirtless Putin!

Only Good Guys With Data Can Stop the Gun Lobby

Venezuelan president says made deliberate verbal gaffe

Impotent Rage

Would you recommend a completely pointless thread?

The withdrawal of Mr. Summers for consideration for Chairman of the Federal Reserve proves...

Americans OPPOSE War+APPLAUD Obama's Decision To Pursue Diplomacy By Overwhelming Margin 67-23 (PEW)

Three Reasons Christina Romer Should Be Fed Chair

Any e-cig smokers here?

Money is Not Safe in the Big Banks

Man accidentally shoots own penis, dies

Quick avatar question

Chris Hedges "The (War) Party Is OVER"

This Insect Has The Only Mechanical Gears Ever Found in Nature

in honour of mary travers (peter, paul and mary) died this day 2009

uhm - well, ya see ... it went like this


Our nation is afflicted with O.G.D.

Cross posting from video and multimedia....$$ Not Safe in Big Banks

"Stand Up for Science rallies target federal government"

You do NOT wanna mess with me.

Intelligence Sources: Rohani Prepared to Shut Down Nuclear Site

Chris Hayes Unloads on... ‘Gun-Free Zones’ Argument

The National Anthem of Gun Culture...

Loaves and fishes

Washington navy yard gunman Aaron Alexis was Hewlett-Packard worker

Richard Wolff "Global Capitalism" September 2013

I'm recording Art Bell's return to radio for my wife.

Russian shot in quarrel over Kant’s philosophy

Obama says he will not negotiate with Congress on debt ceiling

4th Trimester Bodies Project Fights 'Unrealistic Expectations' For New Moms (PHOTOS)

Authorities have identified seven of the 12 DC shooting victims killed.

Larry Summers’ Take on Efficient Markets and Regulators: Brilliance v. Idiots

The Navy and the FBI fucked up

WWYD? The reappearance of my kidnapped kitty

"New Hope for H.I.V. Vaccine"

Fucking Rush is pimping for Payless and the Broncos for next weeks game...

Your anti-Obama memes are wearing thin.

What security clearances are about

Alleged Navy Yard shooter 'obsessed' with violent video games, says friend

Piers Morgan Tears Into Pro-Gun Panel in Epic Shouting Match Over Navy Yard Shooting - video link

Snail with semi-transparent shell discovered in Croatia

Crews Right Cruise Ship in Waters Off Italy.

The problem in being a Republican, by "The Newsroom" Will McAvoy

D.C. Trauma Surgeon to Piers Morgan: ‘We Can’t Have One Mass Shooting After Another’ - video link

'Free Market' is actually a boatload of rules (daily kos)

In budget faceoff, Obama warns of 'economic chaos'

Stewart Slams Fox, Pols Disappointed in Syria Deal: How Does 'Not War' Anger You So Much? - vid link

Newsroom season finale: love it or hate it? (no spoilers)

Recursion's adventures in home brewing: volume 2

Anyone watch "Sleepy Hollow"?

California new car dealers claim Tesla violates advertising laws

How Obama is Setting the Stage for Hillary in 2016

The Dodgers Are Having An LGBT Night

Late night post, kitchen dancing.

Navy Yard Victims Named (not a full list)

Alex Jones has an ego fit...

Sex in Spoonworms

46 years ago today. A menu series from a crossing of the Atlantic aboard the SS United States. Day 4

Today I learned how to make a Swiss roll!

What is truly terrifying is not the prospect of a shooters insanity...

I received this very strange text from my ex and now I'm all fucked up...

Dewhurst on hot seat in Houston debate

Tunisia was hit with a Meteorite

Anglo-American pulls out of proposed Pebble Mine

I love dream theater but

Paramilitaries donated $1 million to Uribe’s 2002 campaign: ‘Don Berna’

Uribe announces run for senate amid growing paramilitary accusations

I'm not sure why but I have this in my head today

"Fine Mess": Pittsburgh residents ticketed for parking in their own driveways

Radio host gunned down in Colombia

Has Wikileaks Been Infiltrated by Russian Spies?

I wish something good would happen to change the mood here

Colombia: 60% of indigenous face 'extinction'

A (DU) minority view on guns.

Assange as Tyrant?

Colombia: 60% of indigenous face 'extinction'

Whats your hobby?

I would like to suggest a group for Stupid Criminal Stories

Multifaceted & Multitalented

There was a double murder in my community today.

Suspected U.S. shooter had 'secret' clearance, employer says

What gun fundamentalists are saying about you this very moment

Who was the last Democratic Party nominee to truly represent the progressive agenda you believe in?

Ah, Tuesday afternoon. My pipe, my banjo, a Bruce Lee marathon, and the monsoon in the background

Study: Almost half of all rebels in Syria are jihadists or hardline Islamists

Two storm systems kill at least 41 in Mexico and strand thousands of tourists

of for God Sakes... Just look at this chart comparing gun ownership and gun homicides

I cannot remember ever having had a discussion topic I put up locked

Everything you need to know about the news about Aaron Alexis:

‘Paisa’ frog discovered in Colombia

AR school district takes a step back in time, denies students until they prove they are not HIV

Colombia ready to face possible economic crisis: Deutsche Bank

UN Report on Syria Gas Attack: All Signs Point To Syrian Military

In Honduras, Military Takes Over with U.S. Blessing

My Name is Lisa Kalvelage

The Secret World of Fore-Edge Book Paintings (amazing)

"Civility costs nothing, and buys everything."

ATF's Budget $152 billion

Song Of The Rail

Donate to help flood victims in Colorado

Occupy's 2nd Anniversary: Let's Never Forget That We're the Majority, 99 to 1

An Inside Look at How NYT's Ownership Meddled with Coverage to Push Their Pet Projects

Bobby Jindal to axe officials who took on Big Oil

Exclusive: Bill Daley drops bid for governor

Bon Anniversaire, #OccupyWallStreet!

Gonorrhea Among Drug-Resisting Germs Sickening Millions

Juan Cole: The Hubris of the Syria Interventionists

Time Lapse Video of the Raising of Costa Concordia:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SalmonChantedEvening

1,000 Tons Of Polluted Fukushima Water Dumped In Sea

I'm Proud to Say That I Did My Little Part to Eliminate Larry Summers

Jared Bernstein: House Republicans Dangle the Keys on SNAP (aka, Food Stamps)

Email from Ken Cuccinelli: He's "excited" to rally with his "friend," hate radio host Mark Levin

The Hubris of the Syria Interventionists

NY occupy activists to celebrate 2nd anniversary

How typical of the morons on Morning Joe

Morning music

Edward Snowden Nominated For EU’s Top Human Rights Prize

Today is my 25th anniversary...

Tom Brady doing Miley Cyrus

Obama Dings GOP On Obamacare: You Lost The Election

We're coming up on 1937

Navy Yard shooting: AR-15, the weapon of choice -- again (CNN headline)

Dad, what the heck are those?

The Episcopalian Church is known for their "Big Tent"

Religion and Football

The difference between normal and high-definition TV, for the non-technical among us.

C Span's First Ladies series

Less guns, less murders--- Care to dispute that?

Next Step for Peace in Syria—Stop the “Lethal Aid”

Missiles In Vermont: Wrong Place For A(nother) Bad Idea

Truth-Out: "Using Eminent Domain to Rescue Main Street"

I don't think there is anything wrong with the tax rate

“Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency”

For a change of pace: Edward Snowden Nominated For EU’s Top Human Rights Prize

Chris Hedges: The Dead Rhetoric of War

Colarado's Oil and Gas Infrastructure Drowning in Climate-Driven Floodwaters

Miss America: Why Racism Thrives Online

Corbett's Delay in Asking for Medicaid Expansion Changes May Mean No Coverage for 500K n 2014

NFL, ESPN and Big-Dollar Secrecy

Proposed Global Accord Called a Disaster for Public Services

I joined the Solidarity Singers for the noon Singalong yesterday (pic heavy)

Over The Hill.

What? What?

Generational Bonds

"Charter schools are frequently a way for politicians to reward their cronies."

Poverty in 2013: When Even Diapers Are a Luxury

Florida DUers - Folks on the Jeff Masters' blog are saying that this system will bend SE by Friday

Leadership opened the door that led to Summers withdrawal when

The Trouble With Tribbles (plus Kochs, Fascists, Etc.)

Keiser Report: America's Curse

Yes, Harvard, the Climate Crisis Is an ‘Extraordinarily Rare Circumstance’

"You Made It" - a video that tells it like it was!

Is Elvis still alive?

If someone uses the word "Statist" in their dialogue a lot . . .

Orange Co. Man Sentenced 1yr. for $100M Mortgage Fraud

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Yet another Gun-aided massacre

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Syria

Slideshow: Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Explore the data on U.S. mass killings since 2006 - USA Today interactive

shoot out at Sabaneta prison, 5 dead (Spanish)

Just have to say thanks to this board.

Push for Yellen to Lead at Fed Gathers Steam

We've Had So Many Mass Shootings In The U.S., We've Had To Redefine The Term

It's how new software gets installed in your brain

Inside the Pentagon's Trillion Dollar F-35 Embarrassment

For millions, insurance will cost less than $100/month

The hidden truth behind Teach for America’s political empire

Venezuela Plans New Foreign-Exchange System as Bolivar Slides

Homer Tate's macabre creations lure travelers to The Thing

Alexis' brother-in-law apologizes to families for the "inconvenience" of losing a loved one.

Boy (6) with 3 years of firearms training from father, shoots sister (4) in the face with shotgun.

Chris Hedges: The Dead Rhetoric of War

I'm not sure that's really what that means.

Grandmother shot during gun battle between her two grandsons, and more:

The war on the right… could come from GOP!

Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

NYT odd take on Navy Yard shooter

Gun-violence & libertarianism - a connection?

NRA on yesterdays mass shooting: "No comment."

Gun enthusiasts: Stop it. Just stop it. The Naval Yard was not a goddamned "Gun Free Zone".

Walmart’s threat to our food, freedom, and democracy

A half-year delayed, but not forgotten. Ode to...Boston

The Same Type Of Gun Was Used In The Navy Yard Shooting, Sandy Hook, And The Aurora Shooting

New Kindergarten in Chicago to cost $32,000 per year

Navy yard shooting: small question

Quelle surprise!: Michelle Rhee says Philly schools on the right track, as the district gets wrecked

Media Matters: The Most Important Story You Didn't Hear Last Week

Lib Dems' nuclear U-turn shows they realise we can't say 'no' to everything

The incident at the Navy Ship Yard puts two NRA canards to rest.

How many people were killed/hurt during the intentional Detroit-blackout?

The commissioners were seldom there...

The 'Tea Party' - Help Me Understand Why They Have So Much Influence In Congress.....

The Most Depressing Discovery About the Brain, Ever - Say goodnight to the dream that education,

Child abuse inquiry opens in Australia places of worship, orphanages, community groups and schools

Papantonio: The De-Evolution of The GOP

Another mass shooting? Yawn.

To everyone on FB, please check out the page "Motivational Biden"

What happens when you tip your server $200 ?

College NAACP groups bring new vitality to Moral Monday activities in Raleigh

Early on we know that Arron Alexis

New Poll - Most D.C. residents support LRAA (PDF)

Absolute madness.

Dinosaur Feathers Discovered in Canadian Amber

Rep Brooks AL (R) told media

Behold, the Moon as you've never seen it before

Just a little helpful reminder that could save your Pet's life.

Hemp Flag To Be Flown At Vermont Statehouse On Constitution Day

home office

CNN: Washington FBI confirms no AR-15 used in Navy Yard attack

Science discovers that Conservatives completely lack imagination...

Under Obamacare, Millions Of Americans Will Pay Less Than $100 Per Month For Health Insurance

GOP madness on display

USDA Seeks to Expand Pilot Program Which Leaves Meat Contaminated With Fecal Matter

Today in Peace & Justice history on September 17, 1961

Who's playing GTA V?

Stanford Scientists Use 'Wired Microbes' To Generate Electricity From Sewage

Fugitive Snowden in running for European rights prize

Act Erratically and the Police Will Shoot You

What would you call it?

Lecture on Reinventing Global Public Service with Gordon Brown MP

Songs for guns

Suffering through a day with no end in sight? Please come CAPTION Rush Limbaugh!!!!


In public shift, Israel calls for Assad's fall

What about the meds?

The most depressing discovery about the brain ever

I bet I know who conducted the Navy Yard shooter's background check

Cerberus Capital still hasn’t unloaded the maker of the AR-15 but is making tons of money from it

Computer security question.

Just picked up the new Grand Theft Auto.

"If all digital data were stored on punch cards, how big would Google's data warehouse be?"

An Inside Look at How NYT's Ownership Meddled with Coverage to Push Their Pet Projects

My New Pink Button

For you east coast theater buffs, Joe Mangiello will Play Stanley in A Street Car Named Desire

Need your help DU -- Stop the Hunger Games. Stop GIANT cuts in SNAP today!!

Paula Deen Gets Standing Ovation At 1st Post-Racism-Scandal Event

The Morning Plum: On Syria, Beltway elites blow it with paint-by-numbers punditry

Tim Tebow rally fizzles, just like his NFL Dream

Pic Of The Moment: Obama On Obamacare

The blonde you shouted at - w4m - 27 (American Blvd/34th Ave)

Is Cantaloupe More Dangerous Than Al-Qaeda?

Ask a background investigator anything (former USOPM contractor) (retired)

Here Comes The Hard Sell On The Transpacific Partnership Agreement

Forget the Polls. Here's the Real Obamacare News that Broke Monday.

Explore data on the more than 200 U.S. mass killings since 2006

ROFLMAO. Log Cabin republican's slip o' the tongue on CBC Radio.

If carnivorous dinosaurs could be re-created (as in Jurassic Park), do you think the 1% would

Walk Free: The Movement to End Modern Slavery

So, another shooter with a CCW permit, prior offenses, and mental health issues

Russia says no proof Assad was behind chemical attack

Dem Robo-Calls Target 27 House GOPers For Obamacare Shutdown Threats

How to convince your server to become an atheist...

tuscarora squaw

Do you know one or more people you don't think should be trusted with a gun?

Can you still be in favor of single payer but support ACA as a step to get us there?

Meet the 87-year-olds wearing Doc Martens and mini-skirts:

Smear Away Hate

Creepy clown terrifying residents by standing around on street corners staring at passers-by

My "WTF?" story of the day...

This morning Chuck Todd was raking the POTUS over the coals

Navy Yard gunman treated for paranoia and hearing voices in his head

Alan Keyes is still throwing a tantrum...

Counting down the days!!!

Over-the-counter cold meds for kids. That's why.

Colorado and industry working to assess damage in flooded oil fields

What the Profitability of Rape Culture Looks Like

Senate hearing on shooting was postponed by shooting.

Bill Nye Discusses Why We Must Keep Religion Out Of Science Books

Colorado flood raises fears of fracking chemical spill – new photos

Radio signal from Voyager 1 travelling outside our solar system is seen from Earth for the 1st time

The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D

Pat Robertson Defends Faith Healing, Compares Practice To Santa Claus

Krugman's profound, brief blog on Larry Summers...

Blade admitted to White House pool rotation

I refuse to be a one issue voter.

"It is impossible for the governed to give their consent ..."

Will NFL lobby team sack proposal to tax the league?

Obamacare and LGBT Health


Marijuana busts on federal lands highlight challenges for pot-friendly states

Let the Poor Have Fun

Tropical forest carbon sink hinges on 'odd couple'

"Christian" writer claims dumb people are the ones voting for democrats...

The Senate is a terrible thing to waste! . . . Please come CAPTION Rand Paul!!

did Aaron Alexis receive mental health care?

If it's Yellen, Wall Street gets the Fed chief it wanted, not expected

I'm Saying It....The New "Media" Can be Dangerous and Irresponsible

So which rally had the smaller turnout?


UN Syria Report Confirms Chemical Weapons Used, Culprit Still Not Known

'How Could Anyone Have So Much Hate?' New Kind of Range War in So. Dakota

Tribes: Feds have no choice but to stop mining in Penokees

Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik buys Sarasota mansion to tear it down

Paranoid schizophrenia and mass shooting

Do sub-contractors bear any responsibility for not pulling security clearances

Then-and-Now Images of NYC Created by Blending in Vintage Crime Scene Photos

Tom Pauken Attacks Greg Abbott's Conservative Credentials, "Where's the Beef?"

50 Largest Companies Produce 73% of Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions

So I have been on O2 for the better part of nine years...

For millions, insurance will cost less than $100/month - thank you President Obama

Let's Explore The Comment "to advance the interests of the 1% who own them" In Relation To Repugs...

Carney: Obama Implementing Executive Actions Following Navy Yard Shooting

Jerry Seinfeld To Broadcast With Keith Hernandez At Mets - Giants Game This Tuesday

Thom Hartmann: Dr. Richard Wolff on the Bankster's Great Recession

Art dealer pleads guilty to $80 million fake art scam

Dumb Criminals: Soldier Films Wife Having Sex With Dog To Distribute On Internet

Why It Matters That Home Care Workers Just Got New Labor Rights (updated 2x)

Skimming devices found on Long Island ATMs

The NRA is only 50% of the problem.

What can make a dent in gun violence?

Assad & giving up 'non-existent' chemical weapons

Near-Toothless Delaware Man Sentenced For Biting Man's Penis

Reactions to the Navy Yard Shooting and Aaron Alexis’ Buddhist background

“No African Americans please only limited quantities that have brains

When did a public safety issue become a political agenda?

Women Still Earned 77 Cents On Men's Dollar In 2012: Report

Danziger Bridge Shootings Update: Judge overturns convictions, grants new trial to ex-NOLA officers

Atheist girl guide makes her promise

Wetlands more cost-effective in nutrient removal

Texas student wins scholarship after outing teacher for comparing atheism to smoking

Even in the wake of the latest mass shooting...

Boy, 3, fatally shot during gun game. ... During WHAT?

Des Plaines sued after rejecting plans for mosque

The TPP is as bad or worse than NAFTA. The President is pushing it hard.

The Rational Choices of Crack Addicts

Grayson gets new Republican opponent

Five big U.N. powers to meet on Syria draft Tuesday -U.S.

Lawrence Livermore study finds human activity affects vertical structure of atmospheric temperature

Soviet gas well collapse has been burning for 40 years- Karakoum desert

Aide gave 'Principal of the Year' gift of marijuana

I am not comfortable with restricting Rights

Is This The Mysterious Silver Suited Bandit That's Been Robbing Detroit Homes?

Dem alternative-undo the sequester

Syria: nearly half rebel fighters are jihadists or hardline Islamists, says IHS Jane's report

Swedish Police Called To Defend A House From Being Invaded By A Group Of Drunk Elks

Mayor Bloomberg's Net Worth Jumped 37 Percent In the Last Two Years

See The Top Thirty-Five Most Vile Racist Tweets From Right-Wingers About Newly Crowned Miss America!

Shutting Down Government Could Cost Republicans

Well, I need to go ahead and ask about this. :)

Navy Shooter and George Zimmerman had how many incidents with charges dropped?

Saginaw Bishop Joseph Cistone calls for peaceful resolution in Syria, humanitarian aid

"The First Amendment Steps Are Over There:" With a Heavy Police Presence, Occupy's Second Birthday

Republicans Like The Affordable Care Act More Than Obamacare

Something here doesn't quite sound right...

IBEW: the Power Professionals

Security at Navy Yard weak, surveillance expert says

Story update: Mom Charged in Children's Killings Was in Custody Battle

Rude Pundit: Seriously, NRA, Go Blow a Grizzly Bear Unless You're Willing to Do Something Positive

'Israel wanted Assad gone since start of Syria civil war'

Sinai: Counter-Terrorism or Collective Punishment?

I can typing

Brazil leader postpones trip to US over spying

Rival Accuses Cory Booker Of Having Owned A ‘Crack House’

Great Quote From Jon Stewart ---->

Financial Terrorism

Star Wars opening crawl from 1977 in html (css, jscript)

Do College Professors Deserve a Living Wage?

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff calls off US trip

Hospital access blocked by relatives of patients due to lack of potable water (Spanish)

School district bans food treats from classroom celebrations


Confluence of the Jialing and Yangtze Rivers in Chongqing, China

Did This Little Election Strike a Big Blow to Education Reform?

The deficit scare mongers are back

Darrelle Revis unhappy with Schiano / Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman likely to seek trade

Brazil cancels U.S. visit over spy claims

The Horrific Cost Of The Sequester - Bryce Covert Discusses

Citizens Against Police Abuse

DUers identifying specific individuals as criminal perpetrators without any media evidence.

White House criticizes lawmakers opposing gun bill

HRW: Colombia inadequate in helping landless

Experts: Fracking Methane Leakage Study Financed By Gas Industry With Partner, EDF, Is Deeply Flawed

Antibiotic-Resistant Infections Lead to 23,000 Deaths a Year, C.D.C. Finds

Reince Priebus just might be the dumbest person on the planet.

NSA Working With Tech Companies To Insert Weaknesses Into Code - Bruce Schneier Discusses

Guatemala: mineral interests behind massacre?

Breathing better, living longer

The Joy of semi-Woo

You Will Probably Never Pay Less Than $3 For A Gallon Of Gas Ever Again

As Syria crisis cools, let's use the opportunity

Orangutans Announce Their Travel Plans A Day In Advance

Wingnutty Judicial Watch founder Klayman calls for overthrow of U.S. government

Frank Netter, MD: The Michelangelo of Medicine

Fourth Estate flushed down the river?

Grand theft Auto V. My thoughts.

Will the anti gun control now point a finger at the security check?

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday Sept 17th

Lisa Simpson on the 2nd amendment

Colorado Floodwaters Cover Fracking And Oil Projects: ‘We Have No Idea What Those Wells Are Leaking’

Nebraska Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Alexander Payne Movie HD

What do you make of this study of glucosmine?

Like a tree's rings, blue whale's earwax tells a story of its life (LA Times)

Corps ask "How LITTLE can we pay them?" instead of "What is a fair wage?"

I blame Video Games for this attack

VICTIM FOUND. SUSPECTS ARRESTED! Amber Alert: Girl, 14, kidnapped in Ga. home invasion.

For every correct answer to this Obamacare quiz, 10 cents goes to Planned Parenthood

A Challenge: Go to your local craigslist, and type in "GUNS" (in the For Sale section)

The Costa Concordia "Parbuckling" process. 19 hours in a one minute time-lapse;

Ancient hippopotamus teeth found in Antalya

Carl Sciortino campaign ad (MA-5 special election)

Apparently if it's called the Affordable Care Act, Republicans support it.

Fracking Poses Serious Risk to Livestock, Warns Expert...

Most dangerous federal jobs: Postal service tops list

AMAZING MODELS: Worlds Biggest Miniature Airport

Texas has highest uninsured rate, high poverty

Wow - the Navy Yard shooter was in my area last month acting crazy

Is climate change already dangerous?

Does anyone do or post anything right in GD?

Need some technological advice.

At least 17 hurt in Texas school bus-truck wreck

Science textbooks back in the spotlight

3 days till I get on the bus, 4 days till I get to do a happy dance!

Krugman: This is not a crisis. It’s not even a picture of a crisis.

The Rational Choices of Crack Addicts

Brazil cancels U.S. visit over spying claims USA Today

Games to Download

Two-year-old boy found in hot car near Anna dies

Massive Private Contracting Started Under Cheney/Bush Era.

Woman featured in stark CDC anti-smoking ads dies

Time for some keyboard warrior-ing, pet peeps ...

Larry Summers Withdraws (Hallelujah!!!!)

The Lady

Salon: How To Silence The NRA

Ohio Congressman Questions Whether Navy Yard Was Undersecured To Save Costs

Gunman kills 4 in Austria, police raid his hideout

Dad Instructs 6-Year-Old Son To Lie To Cops About Shooting His 4-Year-Old Sister

Rick Perry to tour Maryland gun factory

Officials: GOP leader stole rival's name, donated to Obama

Ohio State students find "secret roommate" in basement

Happy Constitution Day! Here are 7 things not to celebrate

Happy Constitution Day! Here are 7 things not to celebrate

Trial began Sept. 11 against BP over Texas refinery emissions -- lawsuit asks $10B in damages

Dumb Criminals: Teenager Robs Elderly Veteran, Caught By Mom In The Process

Signs of Mental Illness Seen in Navy Gunman for Decade[interaction with RI police and arrest in GA]

Why Republicans are like Nascar and Democrats are like Formula 1:

U.S. Surveillance Court Says Collection of Telephone Data Lawful

Ukrainian Ad Agency Produces Boob-Shaped Weights For "Inspirational Training"

Obama admin boosts home care workers

Police use surveillance video to track down 11-y/o who donated his savings $10.03 to the dept

Greatest delusion ever? "Well, maybe the Republican Party is just too smart for the average voter!"

Catnip is a gateway drug

Greg Abbott: Happiness is a donor with a $100,000 check

Deadly Queens subway station stabbing called a hate crime

Obama, Netanyahu To Meet At White House On Sept. 30

Assad Cheered in Syria for Canny Survivor’s Delaying Tactics

New Jersey Can’t Legalize Sports Betting, U.S. Court Says

My trip Home!

YEEEHHAAAA!!! I found a Polish restaurant in Tucson -- the Polish Cottage -- and they serve...

Burka-Blog: The White Republican Ticket

When a hate crime occurs against gays, we talk about homophobia immediately afterwards

#OWS #S17 in pictures...

Obama to extend wage law to cover 2 mln home care aides

North Idaho hardware store owner confirms what we've been saying about ammo

What will happen when Obamacare starts working next month

Are we heading towards 4-degrees warming? And if yes, should we be concerned?

Ed Shultz is on

Neo-paramilitary groups preventing return of Colombia’s displaced: HRW

Russia Calls for Impartial Investigation of Syria Gas Attack

When Greg Abbott needs an airplane who does he call? The Koch brothers

USDA Seeks to Expand Pilot Program Which Leaves Meat Contaminated With Fecal Matter

NYC loses bid to delay stop-and-frisk decision

Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

a lot of younger folks today are only familiar with social liberalism And in that way things have

Brazil looks to break from US-centric Internet

Timmeh and the 32 ranked Jacksonville Jaguars

Bishop asks federal court to reconsider dismissal

New Study Shows Solar Manufacturing Costs Not Driven Primarily by Labor

Earnest atheists look for God

Great Luckovich toon.

Brazilian Believers Of Hidden Religion Step Out Of Shadows

Woman punches man after he exposes genitalia to her in downtown Ann Arbor

DJ Mister Cee comes out on Hot 97 after video comes out of him soliciting oral sex from male prost.

We live under a thinly veiled imperial bankocracy that systematically benefits the 1%

What Does It Tell Us When We Hear That Senators And Congressmen Are Afraid Of The NRA?.....

Stunning Police Report Shows The Apparent Mental Instability Of Alleged Navy Yard Shooter

Virginia mayors: Time to respond to climate change

"When it comes to mass shootings, everyone wants to know if it can happen in their area...

Father of gang-raped 5-year-old demands justice as case sparks protests across Pakistan

Step Aside, I'm a Doctor


Panic report? What the?

21 Facts About Dogs That Will Blow Your Mind

Democrat Bill de Blasio leads Republican Joe Lhota 65% to 22% for #NYC2013 mayor among likely voters

Squee alert! The kittens at my sister's place, 5 weeks old now.

Obama Administration Urges FCC to Require Carriers to Unlock Mobile Devices

Occupy helped turn Central Florida blue in 2012 -- but...don't tell anyone!

What's the point of buying an unlocked iPhone 5c or 5S?

CCA At It Again: Held in Contempt for Understaffing Prison and Lying About It

Vaccines - And now my kids don't die.

YAY!!! The girls are getting together!

Though he LOVES Arizona, Ptah never wanted to be a cowboy.

Applegrove has an epiphany.

How Batman's secret identity will finally be discovered:

Why Grumpycat is NEVER invited to be a judge at events:

MFM's career with the Kirov Ballet Co. was not well-known as he was eclipsed by Baryshnikov.

MiddleFingerMom's Senior Class picture -- see if you can spot him in that sea of fresh young faces.

The "Obamacare sex questions" nonsense - FYI on what the dashboard believers are being told

One More for the Killer Cop Files: TX Cop Shoots Unarmed Man 41 Times

Dumb Criminals: Teenage Crooks Attempt To Heist Neighbor's Collection Of "Midget Porn"

Green Eggs and Oxycotin ...... Three Little Racist Pigs?

Dumb Criminals: Bank Robber Left Car Keys At The Scene Of The Crime

Oh noes! Just LOOK at all the ways Christians are being persecuted!

Why are so many Americans in love with causing pain?

The Democratic Party of Fond du Lac County Rummage Sale!

So Now Conservatives Want To Talk About Mental Health?

Time Magazine Pushes Phony ‘Global Cooling’ Meme With Cartoon Penguin

The LGBT Community Desperately Needs to Confront Anti-Gay Propaganda

Right wing vote fraud case under CO attorney general review

The Cuban Five Case at 15 Years - an interview with Danny Glover

Joy Reid -Zimmerman trial medical examiner: Prosecutors, police threw the case

Is there any probles I may need to know about useing a prepaid Debit card while traveing?

There's an app for that

Father tells 6-year-old with 3 years of gun training to lie after shooting sister in face

His First 4 Sentences Are Interesting. The 5th Blew My Mind. And Made Me A Little Sick.

So Rush Limbaugh Is OK With Water Boarding But Is Down On Drinking Water?......

Batman and Captain America Rescue Cat from Burning Home

NAACP, MALC sue to block voter ID

“FBI will soon have equivalent of 20 pcs of intel on every American–and they share this broadly"

That is one big organ


Sliding Back to a Victorian Age

Austrian poacher found dead after killing four: police

Post-massacre analysis of shooters is useless

Can someone clarify with links, the gun-types used by the Navy Yard murderer?

Cats have known how the World Operates for Thousands of Years...

Why is it, whenever someone "hears voices"...

That's NOT funny

We was "Free Handing" it, we was.

Duke Energy becomes latest employer to stop insuring retirees

Wisconsin: Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen has declared war on the state’s open records standard.

Obama To Meet With Palestinian President Before U.N. Assembly

Fox News Contributor Dennis Kucinich Interviewing Syrian President Assad

Brazil hackers accidentally attack NASA as payback for NSA surveillance

Mark Wahlberg earns high school diploma

In Public Shift, Israel Calls For Assad's Fall

State Law Stopped Gunman From Buying (AR-15) Rifle, Officials Say

Having Fun with Church Signs

Love AMTRAK, train travel in general. Frequent rider & train fan. But not as much as another local -

Was just offered $1100 a class to teach as an adjunct

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Yes, iguanas do.

Legal tender, tough truths

Have any of the usual suspects

Exclusive: Embattled Syria ‘Expert’ Elizabeth O’Bagy Says She Made ‘Many Mistakes’

More classy comments from pampered frat boys

Biblical-Era Town Discovered Along Sea of Galilee

‘Walk a Day in my Shoes’ Vid of then Sen Obama Walking a Day in HC Giver Pauline Beck's Shoes..

Israel Has 80 Nuclear Warheads, Can Make 115 To 190 More, Report Says

Big Oil is forcing lower quality gasoline on the market