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Archives: September 19, 2013

Rep. Gingrey: ‘I’m stuck here making $172,000’

If Obamacare Fails, Women Lose

So the ReTHUGs will shut down the government despite the fact that Obamacare passed

Wisconsin: Wisconsin DOJ says little on release of Capitol protesters' confidential information

Better news in Colorado: Number of unaccounted-for people is dropping.

Need enlargement suggestions...

Death of an adjunct

Clintons, Teamsters Council Latest To Back De Blasio In Mayoral Race

Our insanity over guns claims more victims. Is America crazy? - Leonard Pitts

What is the most perfect death scene you've seen in a movie or on t.v.? (Expect Spoilers)

Our insanity over guns claims more victims. Is America crazy? - Leonard Pitts

Attention Wisconsin Progressives, time for some grass roots

Think of America as the Democrats and Russia as the Republicans...

Any body else know we have a "U.S. war crimes ambassador"???????

So it turns out that pro-gun proponents don't really support background checks after all

Labor Dept. Issues New Rules for Same-Sex Marriages, Benefits

What if Senate (D)s attached Immigration Reform to the Budget Bill?

"The GOP Civil War Just Exploded Messily Into The Public"

UPDATE: police arrest suspect in fatal shooting of 6-year-old Tiana Ricks

How Being Poor Makes You Poor

Rush Limbaugh "insulted" that caller on C-SPAN said he was worth a hundred million dollars...

Was the "Now is not the time" rule suspended?

I ask all you Obama doubters out there..

"Saying you are against abortion does Not make you Pro-Life"

The new iPhone

Need some help with Acronyms.

Tell National Geographic: Cancel Show Featuring Violent Insurrectionist

All Glory Is Fleeting

Luckovich Toon Tells it like it is!

GOP Congressman: 'I'm Stuck Here Making $172,000'

U.S. government scales back Obamacare impact for 2014

The American 1% = Somali warlords intercepting aid

Is anyone watching Earthlight on PBS?

"Could Republican Senator Rand Paul Win the White House?"

Wisconsin: Everyday Bob Fest

Pentagon Proposes....wait for it....Boots on the Ground.

The Left Pushes Back

I hate it when I wake up driving. ntt

U.N. Investigator: North Korean Prisons Like Nothing Seen Since Nazi Atrocities

Former heavyweight boxer Ken Norton Sr. dies at 70

Court Upholds Calif.'s Low Carbon Fuel Standard

President Obama and the Fight for LGBT Rights

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Church Night!! Blind Man’s Bluff

2016 interactive map is up and running...

Archeologists in Brazil find 200,000 items, including toothbrush thought to be emperor’s

Archeologists in Brazil find 200,000 items, including toothbrush thought to be emperor’s

Neanderthals eating salmon 40,000 years ago in the Caucasus

The Religious Right Is Resuscitating Dead Diseases

Texas wades into evolution debate at textbook hearing

The 21st century population crash

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your face palms...

I think one of my roommates was diagnosed as HIV positive...

Brilliant Population Growth Article Likely Ignored By Gutless Leaders

So THAT'S what its called...

Thousands cited for having pot on federal land

Medical marijuana advocates protest removal of Lansing baby

About Those Irreligious New Englanders

Former heavyweight champ Ken Norton dies aged 70

ANOTHER Jailed African American In Florida Is Told ‘Stand Your Ground’ Doesn’t Apply To Him

Russia's Ma Barker and her family of middle class murderers: <Family of Serial Killers>

A Message from Mark Ruffalo to the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride - to read at Abortion Rights Rally -

Professional musicians record a widower's song to his wife. Heartbreaking and amazing.

Of course we don't regulate shotguns like pistols or rifles....

Rachel Maddow

Rick Sphicntorum's New Endorsement: You're Doing a Heckofa Job, Tommy!

Petrobras CEO irked by US spying


Qaeda seizes Syrian border town with Turkey: activists

. . . and the hits just keep on coming

The jury selection system is a bit odd.

2013 Seattle US Cannabis Cup Overview


What do the Rethuglicans hate about Obamacare? Let us count the mandates.

TEEN JAILED FOR APP: 15-year-old Faces 20 Years For YouTube Video of Shooting Game

I just going to go on record for businesses and the issue of guns

Chicken Stock Doesn’t Count as Meat

First they ignore you..........


John Boehner has no one to blame but himself.

Now... Some random moments of kindness:

Royals fans are pumped up

Not tasty enough...

Will Obama cave and delay ACA for a year until next Oct 1,2014?

White House Threatens Veto Of House Food Stamps Bill

Mitch McConnell's Primary Opponent Loves the Constitution So Much, He Can't Remember It

Stop The Madness...

Bernanke to Republicans: Stop Being the Stupid Party

String theory, gravity all explained......... sort of.

Sewing Machine Diagram...

Two of Weld’s biggest producers report spills amid flood (Colorado)

Two of Weld’s biggest producers report spills amid flood

The House is on now..

Dick Cheney Set To Go Hunting With Wyoming Governor, This Time For Antelope, allegedly

Let me tell you about why my Republican friend likes the Food Stamp program.

So much for activism

wendy davis has more balls than ted cruz

Unexpected interaction between ocean currents and bacteria

If you are a Liberal, Progressive, or Centrist

NYT editor's blog: Putin’s Dubious Opinion

So after a year, my Ipad finally shows up..

Soldier and his wife, 23, 'had sex with their dogs and posted homemade bestiality porn films online

The key

Hey DUers I Need Some Emergency Help From You

Haiti steps closer to restoring abolished army

This passed across my computer screen last night and just cracked me up:

Dirt is better than junk food...

Yes this is rape culture

Rachel Maddow - Half the deadliest shootings in U.S. history happened in past six years

Watching Jon Stewart, I just had an Epiphany!

Jon Stewart: GOP Loves Second Amendment and The Rest Are Just 'Suggestions'

Tone deafness on steroids (Colorado)

Tone deafness on steroids

Colombia - Lawyer/radio journalist murdered, authorities should not rule out journalism connection

I love songs you don't expect from certain bands

Bill and Hillary Clinton back de Blasio for NYC mayor

OK...I'm glad we didn't strike Syria...but the fact remains...

Will the lottery reach a billion?

46 years ago today. A menu series from a crossing of the Atlantic aboard the SS United States. Day 6

"Senate Postpones "Stand Your Ground" Hearing; Study Ties Law to Jump in Justified Homicides"

Who has the sexiest singing voice?

Sen. Feinstein's husband has been selling post offices to his friends, cheap

Rana Plaza Factory Collapse: Bangladesh workers must continue to wait for full compensation

How can CNN refer to Rick Perry as a contender for President in 2016 with a straight face?

Spending Problem? We've got one: Republicans have wasted $60M on futile votes to repeal Obamacare

AP Interview: Paraguay's new president wants taxes

X-Post from GD: "Now... Some random moments of kindness:"

The Republicans were listening when they read off the Constitution, right?

'Infomercial King' Kevin Trudeau Ordered to Jail

They don't have to bribe them outright. They just have to tell them they like them.

A layman question about economics and inflation

Wall Street didn't want Summers. The Left got played!


Road rage-related shootout leaves two dead in Ionia, police say

How to Always Be Wrong (Republican economics edition)

Gov. Perry defends decision to reject Obamacare

Navy Yard: Swat team 'stood down' at mass shooting scene

This might actually concern the NRA...Really

nuclear champion

Universal Music Must Face Lawsuit Over Bob Marley Remixes

Death of an Adjunct

(Arkansas) DHS Will Give HIV Test Results To School District, Angering Advocates

English "doctor" uses Bible to justify genocide.

Youtube is down...

Southern,but outside Dixie?

Richard Wolff for Fed Chairmanship!

5,250 gallons of oil spills into South Platte River

Holy shit. Guy spends a night with a crocodile under his bed, without him knowing it

With a Burst of Color, Turkey’s Public Walkways Become a Focus of Quiet Protest

this is about the craziest thing I've ever read

Americans Need More Protection From NSA Surveillance: Committee Chairman

Report: Prosecutor misconduct is "widespread and ingrained" in criminal justice system

Find something to be happy about today (19 Sep 2013)


Colombia’s leading socialist candidate closing in on Santos

Assad To Destroy Chemical Weapons 'In A Year'

JAXA successfully uses two person command center and artificial intelligence for rocket launch

Ancient tomb discovered in Colombia

Ancient tomb discovered in Colombia


Street Fighter II "Best of Church Edition" Starring Benny Hinn

Amnesty International urges government to halt paramilitaries in north west Colombia

Amnesty International urges government to halt paramilitaries in north west Colombia

Egyptian forces clash with militants

Foul-mouthed Pa. chief could learn fate

State of Michigan Incredibly Claims It Has The Right To ‘Regulate Sexual Relationships’

Mice 'can lose innate fear of cats'

No matter how bad most republicans are, we should remember that 'some' do 'some good' sometimes

Endangered species unhurt in Hawaii molasses spill

The Child Exchange. Inside America's underground market for adopted children.

White House threatens veto on Oregon lands bill

Found on reddit, a dog that looks like Putin

Greece moves to ban far-right Golden Dawn party

Greece moves to ban far-right Golden Dawn party

Privacy fears over moves to scan and ban drinkers at 'high-risk' venues

can you drink your water right out of the tap?

Avast there!

Ted Cruz is un-Christian!

Patty Murray speaks about the Affordable Care Act

Russell Brand and the genius celebrity. Mark Morford

McCain publishes opinion piece in Pravda – but not in the Pravda he wanted / Geezer embarassment

Goodbye, Albert (Personal) Paul Krugman's furry friend.

Bill To Stop The Shackling Of Pregnant Inmates Introduced By D.C. Lawmaker

Does gold come from outer space?

Israel to Double Supply of Water to Thirsty Gaza Strip

Underpaid 83-Year-Old Professor Died Trying to Make Ends Meet by Working Night Shift at Eat an' Save

Holy Freeloading! 10 Ways Religious Groups Suck on the Public Purse

Nicole Wallace just said that Boehner is a great speaker

What's for Dinner ~Thursday ~ September 19th

Message from Jessica Rabbit: Obamacare Is Not a Secret Sex Directory

John McCain Writes Pravda Op-Ed

After a ride to parliament in golden carriage, Dutch king declares end to welfare state

Why American Exceptionalism Is a Dangerous Sham

Single member House districts for the state legislature?

Downturn Despair: Suicides Spike in Age of Austerity


Here's What Will Happen If Those Idiots In Washington Shut The Government Down

12 Terrifying Facts About Jellyfish and Why They're Taking Over!

Give back? Yes, It's time for the 99% To Give Back To The 1% -> OMDFG The Republican Party's make-believe plan to defund Obamacare

Here's The Hard Evidence About Gun Control: It Works

David Ignatius: Obama is criticized for right result on Syria

Asking for help- Why and what it does both good and bad.

New veg leaves bitter taste

The US and Its Imperial Status to the World

New Hampshire Senate Candidate: More Women In The Workplace Led To More Mass Shootings

Jeremy Clarkson 'Considering Bid To Be MP'

I think the cat is in heat again.

Verily, I say, 'tis what it is all about.

Chairman, The Party of Stupid

The Whim

Who is fooling who here?

In an age of 'realists' and vigilantes, there is cause for optimism.

Tony Abbott shuts down Climate Commission

SWIFT Suspension? EU Parliament Furious about NSA Bank Spying

In an age of 'realists' and vigilantes, there is cause for optimism.

MJoe & Ron Paul on homeschooling comments

Part of the New America (Images in video are NSFW, not safe for work).

In Colorado, Retreating Water Leaves Miles Of Silt & Sewage Sludge Behind - LA Times

Alaska asks ConocoPhillips to reopen LNG plant

New Australian PM abolishes climate watchdog

Tom the Dancing Bug Toon: Vlad Putin-NYT Columnist

Vladimir Putin, Crusading Columist for the New York Times

The Armageddon Looting Machine: The Looming Mass Destruction From Derivatives

Police say JBLM soldier admitted to stalking at least 50 young women and teenagers this year

Egypt: Frenchman dies in police custody amid rising tide of xenophobia

Climate Reporting - Al Jazeera, Canadian Press Doing Their Jobs, US Reporting A Downsized Joke

Who'm I gonna believe?

The Blunder From Down Under - Abbott Cuts Independent Climate Commission, Science Minister

Print out a stack and fill out as needed - Fitzsimmons 'toon about mass shootings

UPDATE: to Craigslist Gun Buying Challenge (Armslist)

Lawrence O'Donnell on Rand Paul's moment of political bravery

Poor Mexico-Mexican Death Toll 57 From Manuel and Ingrid; 95L Likely to Bring More Rain

Browser plugin that adds NSA-trolling keywords to the URLs you load

Arctic Sea Ice Likely At Seasonal Minimum; Likely 6th-Lowest Extent In Milennia - Guardian

"Climate change? Ever hear of the seasons, Bozo?" Please come CAPTION Fox's Douglas McKelway!!

Greece to ban Golden Dawn after fascists assassinate musician Pavlos Fyssas

Sea Bass Numbers Crash To Lowest In 20 Years, But No UK Gov. Plans To Restrict Fishing

Crocodile takes to Mexico's flooded streets

Calls to give boys anti-cancer jab

Jobless claims inch higher, but remain low

World War O

Fareed Zakaria: Not the Time for Big Sticks

Shootings at military bases shake sense of security

Auto-Brewery Syndrome: Apparently, You Can Make Beer In Your Gut

Help Request for DU researchers: Pushing out the homeless. Is there a trend?

LIVE: France’s Hollande attends Mali inauguration

RIGHT ON!!! - Frank Rich came right out and called America "Soft on Domestic Terrorism."

Parent raises concerns about Killeen ISD students sitting in aisle of crowded school bus

Teachers reporting deficiencies in school text books (Spanish)

Republicans admit it: they want to “regulate” your “sexual relationships”.

Sixteen killed in Venezuela Sabaneta prison violence

How For-Profit Colleges Stay In Business Despite Terrible Track Record

Six sexist tropes in videogames

McCain Blasts Putin in Pravda: He’s Made Russia a ‘Friend to Tyrants’

The Emerging Left in the “Emerging” World: Seven Common Threads

Boehner Gets Primary Challenger

The Armageddon Looting Machine: The Looming Mass Destruction From Derivatives

Ed Schultz Blames 'Grand Theft Auto' for Mass Shootings

Boehner: Obama Will Negotiate With Putin But Not With GOP

Political donations from vets scammer downplayed

Egypt: Free Canadians Dr. Tarek Loubani and Film Maker John Greyson

Cleveland Browns trade Trent Richardson to Colts

Ken Norton dead at 70

Anti Gay Lost at Sea Family to Sail Again

Dempsey has doubts about probing mental health

$1.5 billion of Pa. slots revenues have been diverted to horse racing industry

census: no sign of economic recovery for many in US

National Voter Registration Day is Sept. 24th (Register and help get others registered!)

SEC Will Require Companies To Report CEO-To-Worker Pay Ratios

New England Bean Supper

GOP Senate challenger: Mass shootings linked to women in workplace

fund set up for honest homeless man raises $98k

Leviticus 20:13 says if a man lays with another man, he should be stoned.

Maduro Blames Spiderman For Violence In Venezuela

The Winds of Change

for the musicians and others who have been through this. A lttle Bob Seeger.

Georgia Republican congressman complains: ‘I’m stuck here making $172,000 a year’

Maduro Blames Spiderman For Violence In Venezuela

1.8 million people in Ohio fall below poverty line

How long will it be before one of those people open carrying in a public place

Bastards Don’t Blush, Do They?

Today in Peace & Justice history on September 19, 1952

JPMorgan Agrees to Pay $920 Million for London Whale Loss

Papantonio: Progressive Movement Finally Coming Together

Syria's insurgency beyond Good Guys and Bad Guys

female anchor confronts ron paul over saying women should quit work, homeschool children

House Republican leadership aide: ‘Wendy Davis has more balls than Ted Cruz’

Guns & Kids -- This Is Just WRONG!!!!!

I fear Corbett is playing a political game with Medicaid, and has no interest in covering people

Verizon's Plan to Break the Internet

Crocodiles Infest Acapulco Mexico Floodwaters

No, Rand Paul is NOT the only one leading the fight against mandatory minimums.

Who Rules America?

Putin, Crusading Columnist For The NYT

Peers - "A grassroots movement that supports the sharing economy movement."

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: The Insane Party

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Guns and lines

Creepy Obamacare ad hits college campuses

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- The Rest

6 Things You Need to Know About the Woman Who May Soon Be the Most Powerful Economist on Earth

Zuckerberg: Thanks NSA, now people trust Facebook even less

Submerged cars found in Okla. may solve cold cases

Nintendo visionary Hiroshi Yamauchi dies aged 85

Yesterday in Michigan

Sequestration Blues

Tom DeLay verdict overturned by Texas appellate court

Got an agenda? Mental health of shooter provides opportunity to push your favorite

Edward Snowden's theft incredibly easy

People are going to die of cancer no matter what. Let's stop trying to cure it.

Pic Of The Moment: Obama Calls GOP Government Shutdown Plan What It Is: Extortion

Arctic Ocean rapidly becoming corrosive: new research

Go Ahead

Why we'll never solve our gun problem

Winds of Change by Linda Greenhouse

Ukraine approves EU deal despite Russian objections

Former Nintendo president Yamauchi dies

Pope Francis: Church can't 'interfere' with gays

Letter to an Unknown Whistleblower: How the Security State’s Mania for Secrecy Will Create You

"If we get a debt ceiling crisis, it’s because Republican voters want one"

Young militants ready to die, eager to kill

My boy's are into their 2nd day of playing Grand Theft Auto...

DeLay's conviction overturned on appeal

Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how gravity affects the flow of time


crazy cop puts whole family on the ground and threatens them w/ taser

Goodbye Big Bang, hello black hole? A new theory of the universe's creation

Anti-feminist, MRA propaganda vs. *actual* concern for men.


When it comes to vaginas, those Republicans can't seem to make up their damn minds.

Funny graphic for "Talk Like a Pirate Day"

Virginia’s median household income takes hit, census data indicate

Survivor-Is blood thicker than water? Episode 1 Discussion Thread-No spoilers about future episodes

New teacher ratings not dramatically different

'Grand Theft Auto V' generates $800 million in first-day sales

The Rude Pundit: The Epically Stupid, Rapey Place We Now Find Ourselves in Our Politics

Armed Russian guards 'storm' Arctic ship: Greenpeace

The Wailing of the 1 Percent and Its Defenders

Census Bureau's American Community Survey Provides Income, Poverty, Health Insurance Statistics

Who is this Blond Parrot on my tee vee?

female anchor confronts ron paul over saying women should quit work, homeschool children

Tom DeLay Conviction Overturned By Texas Appellate Court

Voting Republican is increasingly an act of darkness.

A Big Heart Open to God: America Magazine Interviews Pope Francis

Pope Bluntly Faults Church’s Focus on Gays and Abortion

Minority Anti-Vaccine Pitbulls with Guns Shoot Misogynist Homeschooling Kittens at Olive Garden.

Are people stupid or do they wish America to become even more damaged it is already? (ABC poll)

Opt Out - The Exam - Creepy Uncle Sam

CSPAN Conservatives on Gov. Shutdown

Pope Francis: The Polar Opposite of the Virginia GOP

Maria Montessori (August 31, 1870 - May 6, 1952)

Yo, Boehner --

Go ahead, shut it down!

John Boehner's press conferences are a joke. CNN just covered the latest one.

Nathan Deal Obstructing Investigation of Ethics Violations

Wrecking ball statue removed at Grand Valley State University after students imitate Miley Cyrus

Pope Bluntly Faults Church’s Focus on Gays and Abortion

OH SHIT!! Big Ed is PISSED at Richard Wolf

Area Man’s Intelligence Probably Just Too Intimidating For Most Women (the Onion)

Your post-apocalyptic shelter...and family resort!

Jimmy Carter: The world now has a chance to end war in Syria (September 11)

Republicans in Congress Are Playing Reckless Political Games with our Economy

An Update On My Situation - I got a job!

Obama Vows to Veto House CR

The Invisible Man

Halliburton manager charged with destroying evidence after BP's Gulf of Mexico oil spill

Putin might seek a forth term

Pope Bluntly Faults Church’s Focus on Gays and Abortion

Rick Santorum to appear at UVA – Free Tickets available

Presidential Determination -- Major Drug Transit and Drug Producing Countries for FY 2014

Germany’s Effort at Clean Energy Proves Complex

Elizabeth Warren: Scaling back ‘too big’

We The People cannot afford to Cut $40b from the SNAP program...

Syria "Expert" Cited by Kerry, McCain Fired for Lying about Academic Credentials

Jenga Cat for the win!

Secular Corporations Cannot Exercise Religion, My Friend

WMC's new Scott Walker ad: Misleading, bizarre, yet revealing

Look who helps out in this promotion!

NRA News Issues Correction For Report Blaming Bill Clinton For Navy Yard Shooting

Why American Exceptionalism Is a Dangerous Sham

I remember this UNICEF ad, it didn't work out too well here in the US.

Ayvani Perez Update: Mother of rescued Ga. girl and kidnapping suspect linked

Should family members face criminal charges for assisting suicide?

Steve King: Immigrants Have Killed More People Than 9/11 Terrorists

what is it with DU's collective reluctance to criticize violent video games?

Welcome to the Republican Party’s make-believe fight to defund Obamacare

And this just in.

Chuck Todd Bangs Donkeys

House Republicans ignore Obama veto threat on spending bill

A Religious Leader Tries To Tell The Wrong Woman How To Dress. Big Mistake.

Holy, er, Pope. This guy is really shaking things up:

Today in Gay History: The First Gay Protest

Pope Francis warns Catholic Church must change on abortion and gays or 'fall like a house of cards'

Russia urges UN climate report to include geoengineering

Marikana: South Africa police 'lied over mine shootings'

"John McCain embarrasses himself in the Russian press by...

Steve King: Immigrants Have Killed More People Than 9/11 Terrorists

Ellen DeGeneres Named “Most Likeable Woman in Hollywood” Over Jen Lawrence

Can anyone tell me what these two taskbar icons represent?

Two numbers that we need to repeat, over and over again, as loudly as we can:

If you had the chance to say something directly to Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ-04), one of the

The Working Poor Are Becoming Homeless and Congress’ Response: Defund The ACA

Rep. Pelosi's Special Throwback-Thursday for House Republicans

I'm just frothing with anger - let me get this off my chest

Foul-Mouthed Pa. Police Chief Fights for His Job

So Contractors were even allowing felons on military sites

That should teach the dumbshits for leaving you in the car.....LOL

You have GOT to be fucking KIDDING ME.

Ex-Halliburton manager charged in destroying Gulf oil spill evidence

Pigs flying yet?

This Man's Partner Died Waiting for Illinois Marriage Equality

I have posted two video's in "Video & multimedia"

How a young boy's birthday wish was granted by a home improvement store

C'mon give me a kiss......

ACA Health care exchange insurance companies for Wisconsin announced

France fears backlash from militants fighting in Syria

Michigan bill would let agencies refuse adoption for religious, moral beliefs

The Benghazi Testimony Fox Doesn't Want You To See

cat poop parasite mesmerizes mice into being easy prey for kitties

Guatemala: mineral interests behind massacre?


Occupancy Requirements: How Private Prison Companies Make Millions Even When Crime Rates Fall

Why do you own the car you do?

Cross post from GD disgusting anti-Obama care ad

Denmark transitioned to a world leader in clean energy in one generation...

Honduran Indigenous leaders at risk of unfair imprisonment

Why Conservatives are Always wrong

"The Republican Party is destroying America"

GOP Bill Would Protect Groups That Want To Discriminate Against Same-Sex Married Couples

Pope wants 'airport bishops' grounded


Palestinian envoy blasts Israel claim in West Bank

Welcome to Canada sign

Owners Who Refused A Room To Gay Couple Are Forced To Sell Their B&B

Baseball's ass fumble

Willie Nelson has something to say about Lance Armstrong's drug use...

U of Michigan athletics paid for 'Go Blue' skywriting over rival stadium

memo to washington: the occupy movement lives

Darrell Issa’s pathetic, error-laden obsession continues

Japanese authorities ignored US warnings over Fukushima water leaks

What's the matter with people who like their own posts on Facebook?

what is it with DU's collective reluctance to criticize Quentin Tarantino?

Japan's Abe orders surviving Fukushima reactors scrapped, pledges safe Olympics

Thom Hartmann: You Want to Own A Gun? Get It Licensed & Insured!

Putin says he may seek 4th Presidential term

Earthquake of 5.8 magnitude hits Japan's Fukushima Prefecture-Kyodo

More than 4000 Colombian guerrillas in Venezuela: Governor

Tupperware party in the Lounge!

Colombia says economy grew 4.2% in Q2

How The 2 Year Occupy Anniversary Shows We Need Activists Now More Than Ever

Colombia is latest addition to pantheon of free-trade follies

This is the title of my post

Could I Make Money Off The Impending Government Shutdown?........


For many victims of Colombian strife, the path home is proving treacherous

Get some perspective

Colombia rated among the 10 strongest brands in Latin America

What is the law regarding rolling down the window when stopped for a traffic incident?

Photo of Senator Bernie Sanders walking to work with his grandson..

How to recognize the artists of paintings…

Grand Theft Auto Dating Advice

Video Games - is it the medium or the content?

Rainforest Alliance Must Decertify Banana Plantation

An arch atheist reveals his poetic soul

I just tweeted two celebrities.

Balancing Religion and Integration

How Obama Left The Neocons Feeling Foolish

DeLay appellate lawyer: ‘We won the Super Bowl'

Poor J.P. Morgan...when it rains, it pours.

Protecting non-polluting transportation: Bill would require 3 foot buffer to pass cyclists

Red lines, negotiations, and President Obama

Top Catholic nun continues support for gay marriage despite Vatican censorship

Have you guys seen this? Canadian Soldier on Afghanistan, regret and PTSD

California takes aim at hunters' lead bullets

Was your "chicken" processed in China?

Thursday Afternoon Guitar Snack: Johnny A - Oh Yeah

California takes aim at hunters' lead bullets

How Obama Left The Neocons Feeling Foolish (X posted at BOG)

Mormon Church finally launches official Attack of Hawaii marriage equality...

Corporatizing Animals: From Cuteness to Cruelty

Brilliance found in Youtube comments. RE: Walking Dead

Ralph Ellison's 'Invisible Man' banned in North Carolina

Texas gun show loophole armed a Zeta drug lord

Two concealed carry permit holders shoot and kill each other in Michigan

Boehner is the crash-test dummy.

FutureLearn Launches Free Online University Courses

Congress: Revoke the Tax-Exempt Status of the National Football League

Congress: Revoke the Tax-Exempt Status of the National Football League

Someone in my family used to think state employees made the big bucks. I think he got the

Let's not get worked up over a dozen people getting shot.

Prosecutors To Call For Review Of Tom DeLay's Acquittal


Syrian government says civil war has reached stalemate

Winter is coming...

Congress woman shaming Repugs on the floor

Why I don't ignore anyone here.

Voters should have basic knowledge of science and civics.

Man with medical marijuana card growing and selling pot instead of using it for himself

anti-obamacare ads and the earworm theory

Peace with Iran or War with Syria?

Doctor: Abortion patients often end up in ER

NYT: Administration Orders New Step to Curtail Stiff Drug Sentences

National Single Payer Conference October 5th and 6th, 2013 in Nashville, TN

Study of casinos raises alarm on secondhand smoke

National Single Payer Conference October 5th and 6th, 2013 in Nashville, TN

USA: FBI Veteran With Terrorist Connections a Candidate for "Homeland Security" Secretary

Proof the UK is more dangerous than the US

More "fun" with CCWs and road rage.

How important is it to control the House of Representatives?

Obama-Rouhani: lights, camera, action

Technical (read: n00b) Question -- Why are sawed-off shotguns illegal?

Ed was on fire just now

Great John Stewart monologue last night on Naval Yard Shooting.

And old saw that is more relevant today than ever - or another insult to the nation

Benghazi report's authors face GOP questions

My "representative" and food stamps

There must be something good about "Obamacare" ??

Syrian Government losing the Civil War?

<s>Free</s>Window 7 downloads?

Can't open port 2050

Contractor Behind Snowden Vetting Did Washington Shooter Check

Congresswoman Speier Uses Steak, Vodka, & Caviar To Hammer Republicans On Food Stamp Cuts

They see me rollin', They hatin', Patrollin'

Calif. Town Ousts Mayor Over LGBT Pride Proclamation

A Word from the Debt Ceiling Cat...

Druckenmiller: Fed robbing poor to pay rich

Giant prehistoric elephant slaughtered by early humans........

Fake Jerry Jones Week 2 Recap

FYI, Ed is covering the TPP.

More Amazon Warehouse Workers Sue Retailer Over Unpaid Security Waits

Cat Just Got Sprayed By A Skunk: What Can Help?

Food Stamps = Focus on cutting crop subsidies to the rich, not transfer payments to mostly poor

Gay marriage: Northern Irish opinion poll shows wide generation gap

Coca-Cola Apologizes for "You Retard" Bottle Cap

Brazillion Billionaire Wants To Be Buried Next To $500K Bentley

Chang you can believe in

And now, this important message from The Boss

Those for, against Keystone XL pipeline testify at D.C. hearing

Pes MSNBC: Fucking GOP controlled House just voted

Creepy Anti-Obamacare Ad: You have GOT to be fucking KIDDING ME, Part II...

Ted Cruz Promises Yet Another Repeal Of Obamacare - After 2014

Fake Mack Brown

Food stamps do more for child nutrition than

House votes to cut food stamps by 5 percent

Preaching to the choir...

A Post 9/11 salute to fighters against terrorism

Fire destroys Oklahoma chemical plant, no injuries

Misplaced Idea to Private the Tennessee Valley Authority Brings Unions, GOP Together

Nigel Farage schooldays letter reveals concerns over fascism

TPP in the USA Is Why We Occupy

Pam Bondi's office ducks Florida National Guard gay-marriage question

Press Organizations Join Wild Horse Journalist Against BLM

Putin says no discrimination of gays in Russia

The "Christian" party just voted to cut SNAP

Ron Paul sez: More women should sacrifice their careers to homeschool their kids

Has any one asked the Republican Party if they have read the bible lately?

The Giant Big Oil Lawsuit That Bobby Jindal Wants to Make Disappear

I still think that Obama should....

Mine Workers and Supporters to Encircle Peabody HQ in Downtown St. Louis Tuesday

Which gives me thought, can we file suit again Bonner, Cantor,

Cablevision Worker Testifies on the Future of Union Organizing

Navy Yard shooter, Internet Conspiracies and microwave mind-control

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The gun lobby finds waiting periods inconvenient.

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Iran's Rouhani Says Wants Peace, Blames Israel For Region's 'Instability'

Imprisoned pot user asks Holder "What about us?"

"Pope Bluntly Faults Church's Focus on Gays and Abortion"

Video Advertisement that Chris Hayes Calls a 'Masterpiece'

Video Advertisement that Chris Hayes Calls a 'Masterpiece'

Female anchor confronts Ron Paul over plan for women to quit work en masse and home school

Halliburton pleads guilty to destroying Gulf spill evidence

Patrick dismisses criticism of past investment by abortion foes

Sen. Sanders: War on Working Families

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Contractor that screened Snowden also vetted alleged Navy Yard shooter

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Farm bill would cut benefits for women farmers and low-income mothers

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Syrian Rebels, Qaeda Group Clash Near Turkish Border Crossing

Philosophy, Jugs and Legs

The House defunds ACA and sends it to the Senate and then....?

Wisconsin Capitol Police apply double standard when arresting Solidarity Singers and observers

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Obama Open To Meeting With New Iranian Leader At UN

The New Republican Style of Governing

NJ's high court rules against 'joking judge'

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Regarding "Killah P", the Greek anti-fascist rapper stabbed to death by Golden Dawn...

Six Reasons to See ‘After Tiller’ as Soon as Possible

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Colorado’s House Republicans Ask For Flood Relief After Voting Against Sandy Aid

Man searches for a gas leak with a lighter. About what you'd expect.

Extortion indeed. GOP senators back linking Keystone to debt-ceiling increase

Has anyone here read Sylvia Federici's

Clogging the War Machine - David Cole

Failed NYC mayoral candidate Catsimatdis in court for failure to pay overtime

Phrases to help you talk like a REAL pirate today:

Senate passes bill to avert helium shortage

Panera Bread CEO Living Off $4.50 a Day for Hunger Awareness

Syrian government says war has reached stalemate

Police officer arrested in Mexico bar kidnappings

So now what?...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 20 September 2013

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