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Sarasota Mother Shot Her Daughter, 1, Then Turned Gun on Herself

Polar Bear says "_____________" (caption this)

Hey guys, there are cats on the Internet! who knew?

Greensboro shooting victim knew estranged husband had a rifle

DPS Reinstates Female Trooper, Fires Male Trooper Involved in Cavity Search

What's the oldest internet meme you remember?

Conservative editor: Republicans are losing because of Family Guy

The US Attacking Syria Is Going to Make Iran Want Nuclear Weapons More

New Species of Weather System?

What your favorite cover song?

Bible belt leads country in porn consumption

Navy Carrier Strike Group Rerouted For Possible Help In Syria

the horror

Experts Point To Long, Glorious History Of Successful U.S. Bombing Campaigns (The Onion)

CNN:The Flag

Police Search For Two Missing Bronx Girls

Why do Americans and Canadians celebrate Labor Day?

I have 11, 111 posts tonight. Does that mean

Former Egyptian President Morsi to be put on trial - New panel to draw up new constitution

White House to Congress: Help protect Israel

This is what I'm worried about tonight:

Today's know a union job: Great Lakes Mariner

Senate Democrats Drafting New Language For Authorization Of Military Force In Syria

74 years ago today: The German's began the most successful counter attack

Hope everyone's ok- we've been without power since Friday night

Rand Paul: Assad 'Protected Christians' in Syria, Rebels 'Attacking Christians'

George H.W. Bush Spokesman Apologizes For Nelson Mandela Statement

Do we REALLY want to eliminate the Security Council barrier to Super Power attacks...

Quinn Slams De Blasio Over Report About Meeting With ‘Slumlord’

civil rights pioneer gloria richardson, 91, on how women were silenced at the 1963 march on DC

civil rights pioneer gloria richardson, 91, on how women were silenced at the 1963 march on DC

Chris Kluwe Released By Oakland Raiders

So, apparently, panda bears have been officially thrown under the bus

So I was playing with the MnSure premium calculator


For the BOG~ "On Syria, Obama had to go to Congress" By E.J. Dionne Jr.

Lenovo Chief Yang Shares Bonus With Workers For Second Year

Rand Paul Praises Assad

Representative Janice Hahn (D-CA) on Syria

Walking back the imperial presidency

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Loses One Ounce, Box Gets Taller

A Discussion About Syria Worth Reading For Those Tired Of Cable News Talking Heads

Possible US-Led Attack On Syria Sparks Rally In Little Rock

Republicans can fly back to D.C. for a Sunday "theatrical" non-binding vote on one person on a

disgusting sight seen - Impeach Obama groups at 540 and Six Forks yesterday just after lunch....

I caught a 8 inch long, 1 and a half pound bluegill today!

Venezuela admits its economy has 'structural problems'

The Republican's kryptonite is on!

I have a suggestion regarding the last page of jury service;

I used google to try and find the meaning of the galic name of the town my mom grew up

In Venezuela don't watch your back, watch your hair

Apparently Nobody Likes A Cautious Goliath


Why is it that I always forget.............

Sen. Menendez to hold hearings on whether to attack Syria

Brit spy stn on Cyprus would hear anything the Mossad might hear re. Assad authorizing sarin attack.

Skepticism Runs High On Capitol Hill After Classified Syria Briefing

Exclusive Interview: Joseph Stiglitz Sees Bleak Future for America If We Don't Reverse Inequality


"It’s a Myth That Entrepreneurs Drive New Technology"

More military members come out to oppose the strike on Syria

Russian Activist Charged Under “Gay Propaganda” Law

Upworthy might be the worst site on the whole internets

Report: NSA directly spied Brazil, Mexico leaders

Report: NSA directly spied Brazil, Mexico leaders

The New Fad Taking The Country By Storm: "Overpasses For Obama’s Impeachment" - we saw them!


Local wingnut screams stupid

Baby shot in Brooklyn...

What did you expect?

Tweet from Aaron Paul aka Jesse pinkman

I had a great time tonight!

KREMC Linemen Bring Power To Guatemala

'Hello, NSA? I have lost an email, can you help me find it?'

I think the Congressional consideration of a military strike on Syrian weapon sites is a good one.

"Nearly A Fifth Of Scientists Are Considering Abandoning the US"

Ohio family: Hospital 'botched' transplant, threw out kidney

Someone shopping at St. Vincent DePaul's Thrift Store.............

painted churches

Osborne Defends U.K. Syria Vote, Rules Out Future Action

The Stawamus Chief hike. (7pics)

Hiking up the Stawamus Chief (7pics)

I'm surprised to see few threads questioning the MOTIVE behind an attack on Syria.

David Frost, known for Nixon interview, dieS

How the Rest of the World Views the American Military

1-year-old fatally shot in head in Brooklyn

Rand Paul: "How do you ask a man to be the first to die for a mistake?"

Northern Illinois Light Brigade

Red Dust: a mixed-blood Dust Bowl childhood

'Success Story': NSA Targeted French Foreign Ministry

Official: Afghan Militants Attack US Base

2020 Games bidders locked in tight race ahead of vote

Breaking Bad Ep 12 (possible Spoilers)

Why is allowed as a source?


I have some gladiolus in a pot

British soldiers arrested over alleged assault of New York policeman

"You requested more info about "poor planning" as the cause of my accident:"

Ford recalls 370,000 cars

Japan Reiterates May Consider Discharging Radiated Fukushima Water Into Ocean

To the purveyors of the "moral obscenity" argument in favor of intervention...

Looks like I am taken off nights this week

Why the delay? Lack of international support plus G20 on Sept. 5-6?

An Open Letter to Colombia's President Santos

After some shouting, Syria resolution will eventually pass comfortably, IMO

Text of draft legislation submitted by Obama to Congress

Syrian Refugees- 2 Million Already Into Jordan, Turkey, Lebanon.

Wake held for EMT who succumbed to 9/11-related illness

Shout out to OneGrassRoot and others...

Obama stalls on Syria, raising political pressure on Hollande

Georgia Republican Caught Bragging About Sabotaging Obamacare (VIDEO)

FREE DAW Software ....

Cybersexism is still sexism

Teachable Racial Moment: Forget Miley Cyrus. It’s ALL About Katherine Dunham

More witnesses set to testify in U.S. Naval Academy rape case

US uncorks $16 million for 17 projects to capture wave energy

McCain says Israel shaken by US dallying

Femen founders leave Ukraine 'fearing for their lives'

OK... Hello

Voter ID legislation suppresses voting rights (Gaston Gazette)

Nkorean Comedy with no lampoon

Putin's notorious riot police, the OMOH

John Boehner Tells House Republicans That They Can Blow Off Briefing on Syria

black leg miner

hanging on the old barbed wire

oh! dear! what can the matter be?

Is it in poor taste to ask why I have to live in a world where my own family will eat me?

Rally planned against Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant

Who are you rooting for in the Australian elections?

So we're gonna show Syria what kind of bombs its OK to use by dropping them on them.

Ahhh Capitalism. They set up a system of subordination and complain that we subordinate.

Is Congress derelict in their duties by not returning to vote on Syria?

Other Pathways

NSA Targeted French Foreign Ministry

Australia offers support for US strike in Syria

September 2: National Blueberry Popsicle Day

The Copyright Monopoly Was Created As A Censorship Instrument – And Is Still Used As One

A Happy Labor Day to All!

IEET Work on Technological Unemployment Cited in Hartford Courant

Russia sends spy ship to Mediterranean - Interfax

Advice for the LBN hosts about the reliability of UK papers

Senators Edward Markey and Elizabeth Warren urge new plan for Pilgrim Nuclear Plant

Le déserteur

What's for Dinner ~ Monday Sept 2nd

Drug Agents Use Vast Phone Trove, Eclipsing N.S.A.’s

Obama seeks Syria support from former foe McCain

Emerge Wisconsin Now Accepting Applications For Class of 2014

Wisconsin: Steve Burns: Capitol police should stop ‘protecting’ us

El pueblo unido jamás será vencido

Meet the Alberts -Americans weren’t really allowed to occupy the moral high ground on that matter

Stay Down Here Where You Belong

Over 170 videos of the aftermath of Syrian nerve agent release:

Die Moorsoldaten

Where Labor Day Comes from, and Where It's Headed

An Easy Way to Squeeze a Lot of Taxes from Corporations That Try to Hide Their Profits Offshore

Talks stuck in neutral for unions, Air Force

Syria is a Distraction From Our Moral Choices At Home

Oh dear - Hollande will now wait for the French legislature and

Is global warming really slowing down?

Apparently McCain and the Rs in Congress are starting to whine about getting powers back.

Mystery of flag from iconic 9/11 photo that went missing the night after the attacks

Pentagon buying official forecasts much tougher 2014 for defense contractors

Winston Churchill’s shocking use of chemical weapons

New charges laid against Pakistan ex-leader Musharraf

Pressure on Cameron for new vote on Syria strikes

Bread Day!

TB has human, not animal, origins - says study

Israeli, Palestinian negotiation teams to meet on Tuesday

"... a moral obscenity."

Animator Hayao Miyazaki to retire from making feature films

ObamaCare Staggers Toward the October 1 Finish Line (2) By Lambert Strether of Corrente

hitting the road again

Russia is sending a spy ship to keep an eye on the possible war

Happy Labor Day!

Labor unions played key role in success of Washington march

workers protests highlight fast food economics

The captains of industry did not lead the transformation to social progress; they resisted it

rock star joins protest against japan dolphin hunt

How Poverty Taxes The Brain

some flu vaccines offer a little more protection

Coke-Cola Killing Labor Leaders

Syria asks the UN to stop U.S. strike

USS Nimitz Carrier Moves Into Red Sea, But No Orders for Syria

Rolling Stones - The Last Time

Egypt court advised to dissolve Brotherhood NGO

The United States also has had the bloodiest labor history of any industrial nation

Eggplant Grilling Technique = Smoky Flavor

Surprising Friend of Gay Rights in a High Place

Happy Labor Day --

MeckDems, Observer endorsement of Mitchell explained. A LOT of corporate money

Only a Pawn in Their Game

Will the madness never end?

'No one should have to work for free': Is this the end of the unpaid internship?

I'm sick of this Corporate news media beating the drums of war

French MPs to see 'evidence' of Syria chemical weapons

MPs 'right to reject Syria military action' - BBC poll

California: Turning precious water into wine

OK stupid question here. Why can't Obama just send drones or the military drop dirent bombs

Something to think about on Labor Day

My boy James Franco is getting roasted tonight on Comedy Central.

Syria: The "Kobayashi Maru" scenario: There's no correct solution; it's a test of character.

Labor Day not a happy holiday for working people (NY Daily News)

Labor Day - the Battle of Blair Mountain (WV) unionizing coal miners bombed by US Army

How the War on Terror Changed the Way America Fights

Diana Nyad is 10 miles from Florida.

Diana Nyad is almost done with her record-breaking swim!

Justin Townes Earle & Dawn Landes - Do I ever cross your mind

Girl with fire-engine-red hair will be allowed to return to classes in Tavares

KRUGMAN: Love for Labor Lost---It wasn’t always about the hot dogs.

What It Was Like to Work at the Lusty Lady, a Unionized Strip Club

Proposal to change naming pattern of extreme storms -

Drug Agents Use Vast Phone Trove, Eclipsing N.S.A.’s (Gov pays AT&T employees-drug fighting units)

Grayson says he'll 'whip' votes against striking Syria

Do Christians, Muslims and Jews worship the same God?

The Ted Cruz effect: How one man destabilized the government

The Venusians are coming on Labor Day!

The parody shirt the NSA doesn’t want you to wear

I want to tell you all something I learned from my top notched psychiatrist that I live to far away

Mary Cheney: My Sister Is ‘Dead Wrong’ On Gay Marriage


A cross post from the mental health forum

This Modern World: And Away We Go -- - Nothing Says "We Care" Like A Tomahawk Missile Strike

Papantonio: Fraudulent Foreclosure Firms Scamming Americans

We are one race, the human race, Floating on the same Rock in Space

Bravo, employees...

You all do realize that if McCain or Romney were the President---bombs would have already fallen.

This is amazing...

Roomba riding cat-shark causes major duckling poopage...

US Swimmer Near End of Cuba to Florida Attempt

How to help in Syria--send aid to the refugees. They are in dire need.

A member of WHAT? Come CAPTION Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) from the Congressional Science Committee!!!

PHOTO: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Officiates Wedding Of Gay Couple

Happy Labor Day

Who let the Raptors out?

Russia responds to Leno's stand over gay rights

Americans Take Day Off From Looking For Work

Don't Demean the Jobless

If you haven't heard it already, link to my radio interview with Alan Grayson on Syria

So Syrians (and other Arabs and Muslims) do not know that a secular (if brutal) dictator is the best

Play War Planner: Now that the USS Nimitz is in the Red Sea . . . . .

Monday, September 2nd. The Labor Day Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Death Of The Middle Class

I need vibes

Hugo Winners

Paul Krugman: How the Other 47 Percent Lives

Young Republicans salute labor -- On this Labor Day

Diana Nyad nearing end of record-setting Cuba-to-Florida swim


Beaut of a photo of Mt. St. Helens

International Reaction to the Syria Circus

ROBERT REICH: Syria is a Distraction From Our Moral Choices At Home

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks Marines Website

Two motorcyclists die in St. Louis area as stunt riders gather for 'Ride of the Century'

New video on the potential dangers of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Three Moderate Opinions on Labor.

Watch and share this new AFL-CIO video on the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)! DU this petition!

We're in the grasp of oligarchs who think they owe nothing to a public that has made them so wealthy

Elizabeth Warren: 'Now, more than ever, the U.S. needs a strong labor movement'

Happy Labor Day

Syrian war between unsavoury sides: Abbott

Short Asian Video

Workers Speak Out About the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)!

just a little lol before i go...

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 2, 1945

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 2, 1945

Go filled with scammers

Want to join a Twitterstorm for Fair Trade tomorrow night?

Just another cog in the machine

Cross Post from Activism Forum: TPP Twitterstorm

Lets list all the known wars that were started on a lie

Covered California's new calculator

Congress, be careful what you wish for

Built Strong

The rats leave the sinking ship?

Syria’s deputy foreign minister on accusations over chemical weapons


"Not to be used for bribing politicians"

the plight of the american worker......

5th Annual Atheist Film Festival begins September 14 in San Francisco.

The laborious for a Labor Day. Please come CAPTION "Where's the birth certificate?" Jerome Corsi.

"What's Outrageous? Poverty Wages!" The Role of Religious Leaders in Worker Justice

Eastwood now has an empty house to go with that empty chair.

Who is Subsidizing Who - In Support of Fast Food Workers Union Organizing

Laura Ingraham Plays Gun Shot During John Lewis' Washington March speech

"Walking the Labyrinth of the Corporate-Owned Common Core"

The World's 50 Most Unusual Churches (PHOTOS)

Brazil summons US ambassador over spying claims

NOT John Cleese on invading Syria

Pope Benedict's righthand man turns on 'vipers' within Catholic church

Gun proponents plan nationwide rally

I'm thinking of the people who died so I could have weekends off.

Blazing Saddles - Are we awake?

For the BOG: Secretary John Kerry Syria FULL Statement, Unveils Evidence of Chemical Attack by Assad

The hacking of the Marines recruiting site, Syrian Army or Inside Job?

Looks like God failed to heal another child and the parents have to pay the price.

Some bread porn...

Happy Labor Day! What's the worst job you ever had?

Kidley has some new issues

1-year-old child shot in the head in middle of street in Brownsville, Brooklyn

'Walkie-Talkie' skyscraper melts Jaguar car parts


For the BOG: FULL: President Obama Speech at 50th Anniversary of March on Washington

Tommy Morrison From Rocky IV fame, dies at 44

List the countries you have visited and lived in


Bullshit reporting about Fukushima 18x higher than previously estimated (alarmist spoiler alert)

July 11, 1917, Bisbee Deportation

"What's Outrageous? Poverty Wages!" The Role of Religious Leaders in Worker Justice

French intel. report: satellite images show Syria attack strikes came from govt-controlled area

On This Labor Day - It's Time To Consider This.......

Labor Day 1956!

On Labor Day: Despite what the History Channel Says, John D. Rockefeller did NOT build America!

Obama has deterred Syria's use of Chemical weapons without launching a single cruise missile

Rep. John Lewis: "Sometime you have to find a way to get in the way."

Peace Activist's FOIA Accidentally Exposes:"DEA PAYS AT&T for Access to 26 Years of Phone Records"


Chris Hedges: The Last Chance to Stop the NDAA

Recall election because he is not a "Real man"

Post your 2013 NFL Predictions

When did Labor Day become a celebration of the Armed Forces, local pol's, and local businesses?

John Kerry's personal experience with Assad

Rebels have Sarin. Accept that. Assad forces launched this attack. Accept that.

What was the first R-rated movie you ever saw?

Demand for (Omaha) skilled labor rising

So Greenwald's latest bombshell is that US spy agencies spied on other countries

The Text That Will Crash Almost Any Mac, iPhone Or iPad

For the BOG: NewsHour Interview with Obama - No Decision on Syria, Taking Action on Voting Rights

Please Don’t Press Any Buttons When You Get A Scammy Robocall

Bogota blames neo-paramilitaries for violence in anti-government protests

The little shit pulled the video. The coward. Anyone has a mirror?

UK Guardian: "President Obama will not be able to rely on House Republicans

Matthew 7:20-23 has a little something for Republican false prophets

Papantonio: Democrat – The New Face Of Wall Street Corruption

John Fugelsang Tweeted about walker

live video stream of Diana Nyads final mile

This Syria debate certainly dominates many forums.

The Military Mindset Behind Stop & Frisk

Remembering Karen Silkwood, Union Martyr

How Labor Day Was Hijacked: 5 Reminders of the Day’s Real Purpose

The scrunchie is out! Y'all done fucked up now!

Lots of people who could be helped by unions are anti-union.

A disinterested Van Morrison lip syncing on American Bandstand...

West Indian American Day Parade Kicks Off Celebrations

In One Chart, Here's Why The Anti-War Movement Collapsed

Interesting Analysis of the Rockets Used in Syria

Live feed for Diana Nyad's swim from Cuba to Florida...

Diana Nyad made it! CNN Live feed:

CNN now has a live feed from Smathers Beach where Diana will be landing in about an hour

A Labor Day message from Robert Reich

Climate change 'driving spread of crop pests

Remember Boxer in ANIMAL FARM saying, "I will work harder?"

Knock, knock


Want to punish Assad? Bankrupt him, his family, and cronies

BREAKING: Diana Nyad Completes Historic Havana-Key West Swim Without Shark Cage

Religion is the Opposite of Humanism

How Workers Can Get A Fair Shake - A Labor Day Message From Robert Reich

Same Old Labor Day; Very Different Face of Labor

Remember when we all laughed at the Coalition of the Willing?

Woody Guthrie~ All You Fascists Bound To Lose

There are some people who have given great music, art, inventions, etc., to the world,

Philip Hammond says unilateral nuclear disarmament is not the way for the uk

Russian MPs want to fly to Washington to sway Syria vote

CNN calls Diana Nyad's attempt to swim from Cuba to Key West "too close to call".

Just kind of funny in a way

Meet Mr Grey:

PHOTOS: A look back at American labor

Question: Where does Congressman Derek Kilmer


Police Seek Suspect In Connection With Fatal Shooting Of Brooklyn Baby

Report: Obama To Meet With LGBT Rights Groups In Russia

Oh my, 'The Autobiography of Mother Jones' I had no idea!

Taliban attacks Nato base in Afghanistan

Cilento: New York needs to do more on income inequality

Am I being overly sensitive?

Belichick refuses to rule out Tebow comeback

McCrony called "embattled governor"...N&O

I was called yesterday to jury this post...

ANY Antelope Valley DUer's looking to get their MMJ card in So Cal tomorrow

Gramps and Weasel are at the White House blathering right now

The DEA Pays AT&T for Access to 26 Years of Phone Records

7th IHLD (2013): M. Cherif Bassiouni on Arab History .

Tucker Carlson actually makes sense on a TV appearance!

Fucking Lindsey Graham

Celebrating Labor in America

Celebrating Labor in America

The Tawergha Massacre, NATO's shame and a lesson for our involvement in Syria.

McCain and Graham giving a presser.

An atrocity against organized labor was committed on Labor Day

How pathetic that Obama is aligning himself with McCain and Graham


Tonko says he’s ‘very concerned’ about attacking Syria-NY-20

Just awful to have McCain elevated to point man in Congress on Syrian strike resolution

We put an ad on Craiglist. Our first response came from someone who didn't read the add.

Assad Is Not "Winning" & Is Getting Desperate. Der Spiegel

This Must Be The Place

heh... (Yeah, hungry and bored)

Thank God for this now existing program in L.A.. It is life changing for many of us here..Obamacare

Moyers: "Losing our democracy to the Mercenary Class..."

How do you email a complaint to the Washington Post for a pro-rape editorial?

Ok, I've looked all over the lounge; where are the treats?

Kerry: Congress faces 'Munich moment'

Take an hour out of your day when can for this

As Obama Blinks On Syria, Israel And Saudi Arabia Make Common Cause

TYT: Republicans: Impeach Obama? Yes We Can! (Just Not Yet!)

Russian Foreign Minister Accuses U.S. Of Double Standard On Syria

President Obama's Labor Day Message: "Raise the Minimum Wage"

Obama begging for support from McCain and Graham-- Why do I feel like throwing up?

Some interesting reads: adoption, cops with tanks, math, and deceit.

Who Cares What the American People Think?

Glad to pay my union dues!

Outrage in India over first Delhi gang-rape sentence

Heat from House Democrats on WH's Syria Conference Call

France seeks Syria strike while treating her citizens like Adults

The Band was taking requests

The Pope's Gay Priests

Stormy Monday, 9/2/13

France Against Syria Strike And Distrusting Of Hollande, Poll Says - Reuters

The Eight Most Dumped-On Americans

My dad was a proud union member, now retired. He bought a home, cars, and raised a mess of kids...

Nyad upon completing her swim: "One: Never Give Up. Two: You're Never Too Old To Chase Your Dreams"

Don't You Just love stuff like this?

look, it's 2013 and social media

Who ever did kill those kids in Syria is At Large....

childhood memories

“If results don’t matter, who cares who we bomb?”

Robert Reich: Celebrate Labor on Labor Day

Pepe Escobar: Sarin massacre was "pipeline geopolitics ... false flag" by Bandar Bush & Mossad

"America would be so much better if we took a lesson from our nations farming community."

What else to go with my ribs?

*coughs* anybody home ? nt

The right wing is astro-turfing photos of soldiers' "objections"

Washington's Long History in Syria

Aug 2 legislation to suspend ops at the School of the Americas

CBS, Time Warner Cable Sign Carriage Agreement

The Argument for Action in Syria is Simple: The World can no longer allow the use of WMD

Amish newspapers thrive in the digital age........

Breaking Bad: I do not understand that whole Walt-poisoned-Brock complication.

Maybe after we get some boots on the ground in Syria we can find SS Lieutenant Alois Brunner

German Report: How Turkey Arms and Sends Wahhabi Jihadists into Syria

NASA funds project to 3D print mile-wide structures in space

Republicans Union Busting Backfires As Support For Unions Rises 10 Points

Tornado in Koshigaya, north of Tokyo, Japan

While we're on the subject of wills, if you have any assets and want to leave them

Tornado Rips though eastern Japan, injuring dozens

My beloved Mumsy passed away 8/29 at 4:30pm surrounded by family

"Munich Moment": Time for Regime Change is Now

In the US we have "convenience stores." Do we need "inconvenience stores?"

Pat Robertson -- A Prophet For Our Times

Too funny- Chinese signs lost in translation

Only 1/2 of returning students needed for the labor pool, What do we do for the other half???

David Dayen's Article About "Foreclosure Mill" Law Firms

McCain Urges Lawmakers to Back Obama’s Plan for Syria

Time Warner Cable, CBS reach agreement on fees

Just read The French Lieutenants Woman

To hell with McCain and Graham

The Syria situation reminds me an awful lot of the Bosnian situation when Clinton was Pres.

The Uncommon Beauty of Diana Nyad

So, how does Obama's war get paid for? Can we have an special tax on the wealthiest? Can

McCain Urges Lawmakers to Back Obama’s Plan for Syria

Should the U.S. "bargain with the devil" with biological weapons?

He told us to make him do it. We need to make him NOT do it. Where the hell's the anti-war movement?

Need Advice! Is There A Way To Collect $$$ If you are Employed but Can't Work?

More of "Des Hommes et des Chatons" - Definitely worth a look :)

New album out from God is an Astronaut!

Frederik Pohl has died

CBS is back on TWC.

How hospitals can help fight climate change

What are some good options besides war with Syria?

Will history be more kind to Obama if he drops the bombs on Assad?

McDonald's Straightforward Answer to Demands for a Living Wage

Obama should return Guantanamo to Cuba, former U.S. envoy says

Iraq promises probe into Iranian exile killings

French blame Assad for "massive" attack.

Brazil, Mexico ask U.S. to explain if NSA spied on presidents

CBS back on the air with regular programming

Sweden Won't Raise Online Spying When Obama Visits

Plymouth warship torpedoed whales mistaken for Falklands submarines

A Kelly embrace costs Quinn, as the benefits slip away

How SeaWorld's Treatment of Killer Whales Violates Jewish Law

Lhota raises $164K, with help from Kochs and a Bloomberg

we can not tolerate these killings

Will USA's "CARE PACKAGE" of 200 Tomahawk Missiles Contain any Depleted Uranium?

Are Syrian Troops Demoralized by Those Photos?

Diana Nyad completed her swim today from Cuba to Florida. Upon her landing, out of habit ...

Daughter of Libya's former spy chief Senussi kidnapped

From now on - I'll lock my car in my driveway.

Police Groups Furiously Protest Eric Holder's Marijuana Policy Announcement

All war will do is make them hate us more in the Middle East. nt

Why is there a post in the Lounge that goes to my journal?

Anonymous hacks Syrian Electronic Army: Operation Syria engaged

How would you distinguish a sprain from a hairline fracture?

Charlie Rangel:I love Obama but his handling of Syria is EMBARRASSING!!!

Syria Vote Sets Up Foreign Policy Clash in G.O.P.

NSFW - The Most Interesting Word in the English Language -“{funny as fuck}

Aren't You Sick of the Lies?

Guineas are kind of dumb

Egypt accused of jamming al-Jazeera

Family Is Going To Live Like It's 1986

On the SYFY channel NOW! GHOSTSHARK!

Republicans Put The Screws To Obamacare ‘Navigators’

We have people dying...

What could go wrong attacking Syria?

Am I a bad liberal/Democrat because I'm torn on the Syria issue?

NYC Mayoral Race - The Republican Contenders

Where did the 'Post' thread come from?

Flora advert in South Africa withdrawn by Unilever