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Archives: September 21, 2013

Did I hear Eric Cantor refer to Obamacare as a bill?

US nearly detonated atomic bomb over North Carolina - secret document

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

US reviewing visa for Sudan's Bashir

Ending Obamacare? What Republicans really want is the Senate

Israel Narrowly Escapes Rap In Nuclear Agency Vote

Saudi princess Meshael Alayban: US 'slavery' case dropped

Eagle Ford’s future might lie in Mexico’s demand

OBAMA: "GOP aren't focused on you-They're focused on politics & on trying to mess with me"

Republicans could force Keystone XL approval with must-pass debt bill

Micro Breweries In North Korea Becoming More Popular

Einstien the cab driver?

Obama rips GOP hostage-taking

Bidders vying for Michael Brown's surgery company

Tensions High: Last-Minute Poll Shows Close German Race

GOP Rep: We’re Done With Immigration And We Blame Obama

New spiny rat discovered in 'birthplace of evolution'

NRDC to launch attack on food ingredient approvals

x-post from science group. Gotta see this

I miss FOX

Just got my Trinidad Scorpion Pepper hot sauce today...

"The Great GOP Mental-Health Hypocrisy"

Speaking of moderate Republicans,

Thank you Edward Snowden! (Metro Bus Ad Edition)

The Republicans are behaving like INCOMPETENT IDIOTS!!

What good is a Media Monopoly if everyone uses the Internet for news?

Remember when....?

Going to bed. Need to be at the Bus Station at 6:15 a.m.

Please, please please can we stop using the word sequester and replace it with CUT

Venezuelan president blames Spider-Man for nation’s violence

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Working for the Weekend & a new Kittehs gif

Phucking Photobucket seems to have been down a good part of the afternoon.

How many pine rockers are -- YOU PUNKS GET OFF MY LAWN!!!!!


Real Time with Bill Maher. On in an hour. We may be in for a treat and be entertained.

Who are the two House Democrats who voted to defund the ACA?

Aclin "S.H.O.O.T.s First" With Dark Horse's Atheist Taskforce

ACLU Calls FBI "Unleased and Unaccountable:" FBI's Post-9/11 Abuse of Power!

Does anyone remember when wiretapping and stealing information

Humankind’s Most Dangerous Moment: Fukushima Fuel Pool at Unit 4

Friday Talking Points (274) -- The Answer To Obamacare, The Universe, And Everything

I drink milk with my popcorn.

Polls: Democrats and Republicans Both Oppose Core Government Policy as Helping Fatcats While Hurting

More evidence of "Liberal Media Bias" ...

Former VP gets 51 months in prison for Texas Tech University Medical Center fraud

New investigation on missing DA in Sandusky case

Bicyclist killed in collision was former CFO of Amazon

So the name Kieran means the "small dark one"

E-ZPass scanners track cars far away from toll plazas

Do you live in Buncombe County? Check your voter Status NOW.

Right-wing Montana pastor convicted of felony securities fraud

Ratify Article the First to Return the Government to We the People

Dancing With Black Widow Spiders

Louisville Courier-Journal prints letter to the editor from 'W. McAvoy'

Bruce Springsteen Surprises South American Audiences With Classic, Political Songs

"Obamacare May Be Headed Back to the Supreme Court"

The dishonest corporate strategy of passing "protections" to dismantle the Constitution

Tweet from LOLGOP on a boner's whine.. Bullseye!

Pelosi: Republicans Can't Stand Obama Because He's 'Eloquent' and 'Effective' - video link

Revamps for Olive Garden, Red Lobster fall flat

Rachel is reairing Hubris tonight.

GOP Rep. Peter King Goes Off: 'Ted Cruz Is a Fraud' -video link

Friday Night Catnip: The Art of Lovin' -- The Art of Lovin'

The new iPhone will recognize your cat's paw as well as your fingerprint.

Four Charts That Prove the Future of Clean Energy Is Arriving

The REAL reason that Republicans hate Obamacare:

Carrying a gun around schools didn't work out quite as man hoped

Fracking Fluids in the Flood


California law to regulate fracking signed by governor

More Wind Means Less Baseload Generation

Commentary: Why White People Don't See Racism

I grew up playing Grand Theft Auto...

(Japan) Host club boss goes down the drain; seven arrested


Lawsuit Challenges Sex Offender "No Candy" Halloween Signs

When is Microsoft going to do like they promised?

Burst of IPOs follows gains in stock market


Krugman: Republicans, The Crazy Party

Senator concerned about Apple's fingerprint tech

White wine is preferable when dining on franks and beans. But MFM says Beaujolais. Unreal.

Oracle CEO Ellison's pay drops 18 pct to $78.4M

I was just thinking didn't ronnie raygun say:

Scheme to snag iPhones leads to chaos in Calif.

Our President is so humble and patient, sometimes he makes me angry...

American Native and A.I.M. cofounder Clyde Bellecourt's mistrial

"How to End the Obamacare Debate"

Schools review hire of accused molester; District sues Justice Department...

Los Angeles - ACA Information Session

"Emergent Properties" in Biology

Bill Maher: We Are Never Going to Stop Mass Shootings Because 'Both Parties Love Guns!'

I just want to say THANK YOU to Grantcart!

Maher, Chris Hayes, and Joy Behar Trash GOP: They Have 'Coke Addict's Obsession' With Obamacare

Quote to kick off 2014 with, from a friend of mine:

"Planned obsolescence" my favorite line to quiet an obnoxious co-worker.

"Are YOU A Rotten Liar."

It's our time now~

Can a toy, Jacob's Ladder, be explained mathematically?

The flyers

What happened to that stupid thread

"Obamacare beats the hell outta Boehnercare"..

who do you think is the dumbest congressperson?

Got this email from Ben Bernanke................

Rush To Women: Has Voting Democrat Been Worth "Your Free Birth Control And Your Free Abortions..."

Maher Goes Off on Twitter Hate... (final new rule of the night) - video link

Sex jihad sees Tunisian girls return from Syria pregnant

Was Jeff Gannon a journalist?

Pit Bull Fighting

A proposal for universal background checks and reducing arms trafficking

This pope Francis is an interesting and a refreshing fixture for the vatican. Like many I'm

Help, I'm currently being blackmailed out of my precious ...

Hell Now A Thriving Epicenter Of Gay Culture

Comic strip for GD?

Breaking Bad: Canada

Thoughts on the "Free flow of information act"...

Sarcastic Bumper Sticker - When Will Low Info Voters Understand Socialism Doesn't Work

Will The GOP Demand Obama Resign Before They Will Raise The Debt Ceiling?

who wants to keep me company?

America, show me where you put your money & I'll show you what your priorities are....


Only ROMANIA has a higher child poverty rate than the U.S.

Transgender Teen Selected Homecoming Queen (Huntington Beach, CA)

(Will Smith's son) Jaden Smith: 'School is the tool to brainwash the youth'

Breaking Bad is a middle-class horror story (more commentary about society than about the show)

Transgender Teen Selected Homecoming Queen (Huntington Beach, CA)

Rasmussen: DC Mass Shooting Prompts Surprising Gun Control Reactions

Transgender Teen Selected Homecoming Queen (Huntington Beach, CA)

Rollie Chance, misidentified as Navy Yard shooter, demands media accountability

THIS Petition NEEDS some DU luv. DU IT! For Michael Giles who got 25 yrs for "standing his ground"

Are Christian Values something that Non-Christians lack?

What Cows Can Tell Us About The Dangers Of Fracking

White sororities admit black students at U. of Ala

Elemental (documentary)

California teen named nation's first transgender homecoming queen

Skeleton of Ancient Prince Reveals Estruscan Life

Girl's bleeding from shooting mistaken for period

Find something to be happy about today (21 Sep 2013)

Neandertals, not modern humans, made first specialized bone tools in Europe

The Effects Of The Snowden Leaks Aren't What He Intended

Snowden disclosures prompt warning on widely used computer security formula

Walking Whale Fossil Remains Unearthed in Peru

Wind tunnel tests reveal aerodynamics of dinosaurs

Unprecedented rate and scale of ocean acidification found in the Arctic

Snowden NSA Leaks: Rep. Schiff Introduces Bill To Reform Secret Court

Tiny plankton could have big impact on climate

GOP congressman: Senators will 'find Jesus' and defund Obamacare

Report: Lockup quotas in prison contracts become low-crime taxes

Pakistan releases senior Taliban commander: official

"Oh! My little sweetums isn't going to get into Harvard* because of you!" Teaching "the entitled."

Ever accidentally hit the wrong button in the elevator?

Private prisons demand states maintain maximum capacity or pay fees

Pentagon deletes Twitter account for joking about movie theatre bombing

Academics join CUNY protests against David Petraeus as NYPD arrests six students

I lived to See the Day when the Pope and the President of Iran are more doctrinally Flexible than th

House GOP Didn't Get Pope’s Memo On Poor Before Slashing Food Stamps

Obama looks to Hollywood to help promote his healthcare law

RIP, the Middle Class: 1946-2013

Pentagon wants Guantánamo fiber-optic cable to someday serve Cuba

"Oil Thieves Bleed Nigeria" . And they're NOT talking ExxonMobile!

How Progressives Won Four Important Victories in 10 Days

Greece: "Fascism is the extreme perversion of liberalism"

When will the American voter wake up and say No more to the GOP clown show?

10 Fantastic Free Resources for Learning Egyptian Hieroglyphs

AP analysis: US/Russia deal props up Assad

Chris Matthews vs the little giggling sh**t from Texas

at food filled farm aid, music isn't the only focus

White Noise: On Suspicious Activities Like Speaking Excitedly, Taking Pictures of Malls or Buying La

Republicans: We Were Too Nice to the Hungry, But We’ve Fixed That

Ten Commandments of Rational Debate

Don't Be Fooled, Says Israel, Bomb Iran Instead

Boy with Down syndrome crowned homecoming king at Papio-LV South

US Embraces Cruel Dictators Who Host the Navy and Supply Our Oil

Help me out....I need your brains

In wake of Colorado floods, officials start counting oil and gas spills

Ahead of IPCC report, fossil-fuel groups organize climate denial campaign

Tibetan glaciers are shrinking at their summits

The Hidden Classified Briefing Most of Congress Missed

The House’s Un-American Activities

New Enlightenment intends replacement of supernaturalism

Life imitates board game (cartoon)

“Lessons” that Wall Street, Treasury, and White House Need You to Believe About the Lehman Collapse

Kinder Morgan reports $14B in backlogged infrastructure plans

Matt Taibbi: Forbes Calls Goldman CEO Holier Than Mother Teresa

Lockheed Martin clinches $4 billion Pentagon missile defense deal

Former State Sen. Paula Dockery (R) supports Charlie Crist (D) if he runs.

Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen

NPR's New Boss: Financial Industry Lobbyist, GOP Donor, Right-Wing Think Tank Booster

UPDATE 1-Pentagon test-fires two ($25+ million) SM-3 missiles on one target

Gromit exhibition queue in Bristol reopened after closure

LOL LOL!!! 1.75 to 3.25 billion years to go before LIFE on earth disintegrates

Deadly gunbattle in Nairobi shopping mall

House Bipartisan Group on Immigration Reform Totally Collapses Because Barack Obama Is President

I'm kinda shy, but finally found a group I felt comfortable joining.

Take Agriculture Technology. Not Nuclear Technology: Bush To India

NE SC did have a nuclear bomb dropped on it. Luckily the PU core was stored elsewhere on the plane.

Advice From A Tree

New show - Sleepy Hollow

Enormous bruise on my right knee.

California teen named nation's first transgender homecoming queen

How many of you feel worse off than you did 5 years ago?

The Circle: Contentions remain after alcohol vote on Pine Ridge Rez

Billionaire and Security Guard on Cruise Ship

House GOP Didn't Get Pope’s Memo On Poor Before Slashing Food Stamps

Amy Burle's on-line event for the year anniversary of the publication of Out Across the Nowhere

In your opinion, how will the debt showdown end?

Off the Rails: How a Lack of Oversight Doomed Lac-Megantic

Domestic Workers Aren’t Members of the Family

Psst! GOP: Wanna get folks off food stamps?

How Close do You Live to America’s Dirtiest Power Plants?

850 snakes found in garage of New York animal-control officer

Robert Reich asks Bill Moyers: ‘When do you reach a point where inequality is simply too much?’

Fred Kaplan: Take a Chance on Iran

‘Crazy Ants’: The ants that destroy electronics march into Georgia

Italian lawmakers hold same-sex ‘kiss-in’ to protest anti-LGBT discrimination

Hopefully my FB friends will take the hint

Democrats push Reid to get more aggressive in shutdown battle ("as high a CR level as we can get")

This has been the plan from day one for Republicans..

PHOTOS: The amazing and gruesome world under a microscope

Kevin McCarthy’s strange, new definition of ‘bipartisan’

Millions Brace for Impact (Typhoon Usagi)

“Top-Down Class Warriors” Are ALWAYS Our Enemies

Spider bunny

Unfortunate BBC moustache for Nigel Farage

49ers' Aldon Smith booked on DUI, pot charges

Cheesiest signature line from a baseball announcer .......

Texas drops to 1/2 game out of wild-card; A's magic number to clinch West is 2

Police Probe Claim Gricar Killed

Golden Gate Bridge officials approve median barrier

Afghan in uniform kills three foreign special forces soldiers

Republican Lawmakers Are Playing Politics With Human Lives, in Four Pictures

Pot: Alaska, Oregon may vote to inhale next year

Progressive idealists or corporate suits?

Ron Paul: More women should sacrifice career to homeschool kids

House spending bill includes $174,000 payment to deceased senator's widow

Who put the clot in 'cloture'? Please come CAPTION Ted Cruz!!!

Report: “Low-Crime Tax” Keeps For-Profit Prisons Profitable

about to start a batch of boiled peanuts. Anyone want some?

Federal Contract and Assistance Awards by Congressional District

Top 100 Recipients of Federal Contract Awards for FY 2012 3Q

Something to watch tomorrow: elections in Germany

Climate change: UN makes high-risk attempt to break deadlock on talks

Was I the last to upgrade/abandon a MyYahoo homepage?

What's a cat gotta do to get a nap around here?

The 50 best free PC games

Bernanke’s Head Fake Sends Stocks Soaring

President Obama embraces the term "Obamacare".

Atheists invited to Education Department ‘interfaith’ meeting

Just walked into Restaurant that allows smoking

Afghan Army Deaths Hit Record as U.S. Exits

I love it when they eat their own


Artist transforms celebrities to show you what they would look like as ‘normal’ people

Pancetta pasta. Wow, this one turned out great!

"Just like one of the guys, except . . ." Please come CAPTION Gretchen Carlson!!!

I told you......

Elisabeth Hasselbeck's First Week On Fox News Features Misleading Attacks On Health Care Law

Today in Peace & Justice history on September 21, 1963

Syria meets deadline for chemical weapons disclosure

Wilkerson: Pt. 1 US & Iran Move Closer to Negotiations But Neo-Cons Try Pull Them Apart


Letter to a fallen sports bar

god forbid ...

Even Low-level PCBs can Change Bird Songs

Should America return to the 3-R's ?

homemade bone meal?

Message to Richard Dawkins: 'Islam is not a race' is a cop out

A letter to a young Chuck Jones, the famous illustrator, from his uncle after his dog Teddy died:

Wilkerson: Pt. 2 US & Iran Move Closer to Negotiations But Neo-Cons Try Pull Them Apart

WATCH: Father Forcefully Ejected From Town Hall Forum for Asking Common Core Question

Are colleges, high schools, the NFL, and fans prepared for the demise of US Football?

today in women's herstory-21 september

On Behalf of the Kids Whose Families Depend on Food Stamps

Years On - Creating Peace through Honor

Topped out at a 9.7 on my "Awww ... Meter"

some quotes of the day-fannie flagg (author, actress)

What did you expect?

TCM Schedule for Monday September 23 - TCM Spotlight: The Story of Film

Hats/caps in restaurants internets survey

Obama Calls John Boehner As House Taunts Democrats With Anti-Obamacare Spending Bill

Some things are satisfying...

Look at ‘Liberated’ Libya and Despair

What does it take to kill this Cold War relic? (TV & Radio Marti - Sun Sentinel op/ed)

Jesus slapped the fish out of your lazy mouth

LIVE RADIO NOW: Mass Shooting, Obamacare, Food Stamps, & News Media

Paula Dockery: I would support Charlie Crist over Rick Scott if that's the matchup

Google map review of "Andrea" - not sure if this is appropriate

How does it affect me?

Sam the Eagle

interactive map that shows EVERY German bomb dropped on London during WW2 Blitz

An Open Letter From Colorado To The Rest of America, Especially New Jersey

On a 25 year Treadmill

The birth of philosophy...

22 Things Only Women’s And Gender Studies’ Majors Understand

Chuck Todd "Forward" promo for MSNBC

Ga. Autism Project Looks to Early Detection.

China's Tiangong space station to open to foreign astronaut/cosmonaut participation

What is wrong with this place? (Colorado)

What's for Dinner ~Saturday ~ September 21st

Hypocritical Repubs heading to Michigan

Foggy Morning

The Working Poor. A Frustrated Vent.

Small Victories - a comic by Cuteosphere

The day before 9/11

Paul Krugman: Cutting Successful SNAP Program "An Awesome Combination of Ignorance And Cruelty"

Have you ever made your own potstickers?

Wanna Play Tug of War, Huh? Huh?

i just looked at sons instagram for the first time. he is at college, and look

'All Muslims leave... we only want to kill non-Muslims': Somalian terrorist group al-Shabaab blamed

Issa and staff planning a trip to Middle East...

ACA polling is being misrepresented. Why can't Anyone get this right?

Russia may change stance on Syria if Assad ‘cheats’ - Kremlin

Just when you thought that large University are nothing but cynical sport mills..

Alex Rodriguez breaks Lou Gehrig's career record for grand slams

More than 50 killed in attack in Baghdad Shi'ite stronghold

Muhammad Ali quote

White Supremacists Nazis meet this weekend to begin development of new community in North Dakota..

And I thought I knew everything...

A bad week for America's invisible men and women, and for Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man."

New Study: Colorado Fires and Floods Caused by Gays and Pot

What are you reading the week of September 22, 2013?

Miley Cyrus is punk as fuck

The President should give more speeches about where the GOP wants to focus.

Graphic content. Terrifying photos of ElShabbaab's attack on shoppers in Kenya and the bravery

An answer to the mystery of the missing PA District Attorney?

The Failed Prostitution Experiment

When I Was Young

Luckovich Toon on Makers and Takers.

Absolutely every teacher everywhere should play Bohemian Gravity for their students. UNBELIEVABLE

College Football Tailgate Thread

Fukushima town protests PM's claim

Chiquita seeks dismissal in Colombian case

Bacon Strips On The Underwear of Freedom - Feinstein and Schumer Continue Attack on First Amendment

"Bohemian Gravity" is absolutely brilliant. An acappella explanation of String Theory.

Chiquita seeks dismissal in Colombian case

If you really want an explanation for Miley's behavior...

Zuckerberg Lap Dog for Surveillance State | Big Brother Watch

A song for Republicans.

2 years after occupy wall street, a network of offshoots continue activism for the 99%

LDP seeks to extend statute of limitations for nuclear accident damage claims to 10 years

French senators vote to ban child beauty contests

J.P.P. McStep B Blues

Football players from multiple schools mark gear in protest to NCAA

Looks like fall is finally getting here.

Tiny North Dakota Town Braces Against Neo-Nazi Plans for All-White Community...

Um... do you even know what "the press" is?

Taming the Gigaton Gorilla: Using Syria Diplomacy to Help Avoid U.S.-Russia Nuclear War

Are You A Journalist? If You Say You Are, You Are...but...

(Not The Onion) Forbe's Gangster Capitalist Apologist would make Adam Smith VOMIT.

Not The Onion: UK's super rich struggling to find suitable mansions, even with $300 million to burn

Harvard asks donors for $6.5 billion

Peru officials look to restart controversial mining projects

On the bus now...

You know what? We should DEFUND Republicans in 2014

Obama should offer Republicans one concession on ACA.


Top 20 signs you might be a counterproductive left wingnut

I might not be able to define "journalist" to the satisfaction of a Constitutional lawyer ...

Head of goddess Aphrodite statue unearthed in Turkey

On our differences ...

When Muslims say Islam is the religion of peace, what kind of peace are they referring to?

25 dead in that Kenyan shopping mall

Class Warfare

Army Vet Fighting in Syria Gets Plea Deal

Today's Nature Lesson...

Time to go out and walk the snake...

Why is this Amy Kremer lunatic teaparty loudmouth all over TV

Darth Fader

ACA Government Health Insurance Marketplace site, just for Texas.

You Probably Didn’t Hear that Venezuela Was Again Ranked the Happiest Country in South America

The Case Against High-School Sports

Robert Reich: Inequality would have been even worse sooner without two incomes, longer hours, & debt

Sustained Attention to Eastern Congo (Feingold blog)

AP freelancer says report of rebel chemical weapons use not hers (updated)

Oversight Democrats Slam Issa For Planning Secret Trip To Libya

Did US Intelligence Help Pinochet's Junta Murder My Brother?

PELOSI:You just can't come to church & pray on Sunday & go out & prey on people the rest of the week

Did US Intelligence Help Pinochet's Junta Murder My Brother?

Koch Brothers-Based fringe Group Using ‘Extreme’ Ads to Scare Young People Away From Obamacare...

GTA V: I hope this heads-up will save someone a lot of wasted (actual) time and (virtual) money

Feingold blog on Democratic Republic of Congo

City Moves To End Hotel Housing Program For Hurricane Sandy Victims

How Do I Stop Recurring Star Membership Payments?

More sexual objectification on DU

Mayoral Candidates Spar Over Stop-And-Frisk

Can anyone explain to me why the administration or the Democratic congress members

Anyone else go to the Flugtag today?

There is more than one way to burn down the Reichstag

My next door neighbor works at Navy Yard


Remaining Public Advocate Candidates Rethink Strategies Ahead Of Runoff

Is Your Congressman One Of The 13 Who Get Federal Farm Subsidies But Voted To Cut Food Stamps?

Police: 39 people confirmed dead in hostage standoff at Nairobi, Kenya, mall

Why not WalMart? - Why are people still defending them?

So... no number of shooting deaths can affect policy but we're gonna fuck with the constitution

"Reading Cat"....One of the Cutest things I've seen for us Bookish/Cat Lovers..

Why are Hondas so attractive to car thieves??

Fox News sued for the right to lie to people

Death toll in Nairobi at least 39

Unemployment rate increases in PA. Feds say 26,000 fewer people employed in PA.

Syria: 'Bashar al-Assad ordered me to gas people - but I could not do it'

What the fuck is a "journalist"?

The burns

OK Conservative Democrats, you can stop threatening us with "would you rather have President Cruz"?

Republican Congressman Tells Constituent Asking About Food Stamp Cuts: ‘Let Him Not Eat’

Syria's Pro-Government Militias A Major Boost For Assad's Army

Sometimes the GD threads align just right...

Somebody get the hook -- please!

WHO doesn't play The Little Sisters of the Poor???

I spend the whole day housecleaning..

obamacare: spreading the good news

Great video of Chef Jacques Pepin doing a Galantine of Chicken. (Edited for video)

"The Party of morals, patriotism, and family values..."

If you look into my resume...

Man charged with setting string of New York City hotel fires

New FBI Director James Comey Defends Obama’s Surveillance Program

wacky, wacky!

Syria Submits Further Details Of Chemical Weapons To Monitoring Group

Why I choose to be a counterproductive left wingnut.

Islamists claim gun attack on Nairobi mall, at least 39 dead

Bronx, New Hawaii Sea restaurant has Hepatitis scare

Israel soldier abducted and killed in West Bank

MY Thoughts on Obamacare and The Republicans.

"Here's What Happens When You Have a President Who Invests in American Manufacturing.."

Analysis: UN May See Big Action On Syria, Iran As All Players Share Chance To Come Out Winners

Thomas Hoshko, Employer Of Navy Yard Shooter, Sought Consulting Work Hours After Incident

What the hell are Boehner and the Repubs thinking??

Assault On Iraq Funeral, Other Attacks Kill 96

So, I have this friend that thinks she is being stalked

So there's this powerlifter/bodybuilder named Julia Viktorovna

3 injured after exposure to liquid on bus

Coming Governmental Shut Down - What Am I Missing?

The Party atmosphere was so Boisterous...

Tunisia to fight 'sex jihad' trips to Syria

Ted Cruz and Jim DeMint Privately Admit That Republicans Won’t Defund Obamacare