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Walmart Fuming After ‘Living Wage’ Bill Approved By D.C. City Legislators

American Farmers Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court... (Monsanto)

Worse Than PRISM: The NSA’s War Against Internet Encryption

Underwater volcano is Earth's biggest

Is it time for an organized "Party Within the Party"?

I like Kerry. I like Obama. I don't think they are lying to us about why we are about to bomb Syria

Wal-Mart labor protests - 15 cities, arrests in NYC

Crime spree ends not so good...

Do you support or oppose a US military attack on Syria?

Here's an idea, let's make sure that 30 million Americans are denied access to healthcare.

Papantonio: John Kerry Is The New Colin Powell

The NeoCons are making a push for something much more than just Syria

Obama administration consults experts as it weights actions against Syria

Assad made a deal with Obama to use chemical weapons as a distraction from the NSA!1!1!!

A reminder...Western/Middle East tensions began during the Crusades

Alec Baldwin to host MSNBC Friday night talk show

Is this true?

Alan Grayson on with Chris Hayes NOW!

If Iran and Russia jumped in on Assad's side after the "limited strike"...

Sarah Silverman Wrote a Heartbreaking Obituary for Her Dog

Hospital closing because McCrory, General Assembly did not expand Medicaid

Farmers want Obama to back off immigration workplace enforcement

One thing I know --

Congressman: "Soldiers coming home deformed and limbless and even in a body bag is not acceptable"

There were arguments that intervention in Libya was not in the U.S. national security interest

NFL opener delayed in Denver due to high winds. Great way to start the season, El!

plus one

Just took Bernie Sanders' Syria poll. Result so far:

Here are just a few of the issues regarding Congressman Valadao, of Central Ca.

Report: Senate Democrats Would Block Larry Summers From Fed Chair

GOP is targeting states with most uninsured, and bogging down their Obamacare implementation

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Foreign Bodies & a new Kitteh gif

More Racism & ODS in NM Outhouse Labeled ‘Obama's Presidential Library’

Got my PayPal Prepaid Debit Card Today!!

Fresno Inn Update -- Under Pressure From Tenants & City, Landlord Withdraws Illegal Eviction Notices

Report pins ICE employee for leak of Obama aunt's immigration status

I Just Turned On The Broncos/Ravens Game And It Was Delayed - What Is The Holdup?.....

Just Delete Me - How to remove your data from different sites

If only the "liberally-biased media" showed this much interest in making sure that politicians

46 year old chicken feet sold. And people ate them. Coming to a store near you in the US!

Any Hardball fans here?


NASA's Europa Mission Concept Rejects ASRGs

Standardized Testing (cartoon)

Hawks, Doves, Fence Sitters (Updated with names)

Poll: Do you still have Obama's back or are you tossing him under the bus?

House Progressives Look To Team Up With Tea Party On Syria Vote

Kerry! nt

Aloha future neighbors

Reid, Boehner reject meeting with Russian lawmakers

Hans Blix on Rachel: spying and lying. Same old. Wait for the inspectors, he urges.

Joe Manchin, Brian Schatz ‘no’ on Syria resolution

Toon- Kerry and Crises

"Obama's Stealth War on Global Warming"

Onegai (Please) Teacher

Onegai Teacher

Vets for Peace, San Diego chapter say: There Is No Excuse For War!

President Clinton explains Iraq strike; Also, the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998

FEMA ordered to pay New Orleans $10 million for Katrina wages

Toles Toon - Big Uncle is Watching You

Automation (video - Allen Sherman 1963)

U.S. moves to ease employers' Obama health-law burden

Looking for a raise? Good luck with that

How do you think the US HOuse will vote on attacking Syria?

Propaganda Whiplash

When gun culture and first responders collide:

Sun Tzu: "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy....

China Labor Watch chastises factory making 'cheap' iPhone

The only thing left for John Kerry to do is lick his comb.

Cooper may run for North Carolina Governor

Congo, Rwanda presidents meet in Uganda over rebels in eastern Congo, push for talks to resume

Who owns or does not own the new Leviathan Oil Basin and Tamar Natural Gas Basin near the coast of

Arkansas Ranks Worst in Nation for Extreme Food Insecurity

Heh! Welker pulled a Buckner!!

Man charged with spreading HIV claims 300 partners

Does anybody know what's going on in Virginia

Calif. Baby died of drug overdose from breast milk

Bill Clinton is using Buddhist Meditation and is a vegan!

The City of Fresno Declares War on the Poor (great article)

Colombian president's poll numbers sink amid strikes, other woes

PBS on line has the big three of Shakespeare's tragedies

People are discussing Kerry's looks? Really?

If you really want a balanced budget

Smugglers protest on Venezuela-Colombia border

Why Hasn’t Assad Been Charged With War Crimes?

"With Rooftop Solar on Rise, U.S. Utilities Are Striking Back"

Poll: Support for the President on Syria

Chile just got really good at creating drinking water from fog

Strikers BLOCKADE Orlando Walmart! No peace.

US: Chemical attacks make Syria top security risk

Chile Extradites Argentina Judge on Rights Charges

Kerry not losing sleep after Putin calls him a liar: U.S.


Don't you hate it when you go to the grocery store to pick up a few items

E-cigarette use among middle and high school students skyrockets, CDC data show

Some Natronal Guard guys

Navigators Say GOP Lawmakers’ Information Requests Are 'Shocking'

Groups seek repeal of Kansas voter citizenship law

"Republicans should get out of the way of Obamacare"

Calls for 'silent goal' as Chile remembers coup victims

Calls for 'silent goal' as Chile remembers coup victims

It is time for a nonviolent alliterative to military intervention in Syria

i dub this, uh, military action: "the fracas in damascus" n/t

Russian warships cross Bosphorus, enroute to Syria

What if they call for War and no one showed up?

Shooting of 14-year-old in New Orleans ignites passionate debate

NRA joins ACLU lawsuit, claims NSA starting 'gun registry'

Grayson says they'll have the votes to defeat the War Motion in the House. Eloquent.

Sarah Silverman Wrote a Heartbreaking Obituary for Her Dog

Voters Explode On Senator John McCain Over His Push For Military Action In Syria

Another crazy Sox Yanks game in progress.....Sox win!

Okay, DU family, I need to vent here because I'm trying to avoid having to hit you guys

How are the groups doing?

Keith Ellison was saying he would support Syria strike, now he says he "could support eventually"

Charity Water and Gram Vikas

Request for email alerts for Hosts


And on a lighter note. Aussies are fucking awesome!

Rumination on the Poetical Process

"Pioneering heart attack stem cell trial treats 1st patient"

Walmart Workers Flash Mob | Raleigh, NC

Donald Rumsfeld Says Iraq War Intelligence 'Part Of The Problem' With Syria, But Denies Manipulation

Obama, from Russia, urges U.S. lawmakers to back strike on Syria...

Emerging market pain dominates G20 economy talks

Pentagon Is Ordered to Expand Potential Targets in Syria With a Focus on Forces (Using Aircraft)

I support the President, but I'm praying this is a bluff or nth dimensional chess

My dog is injured.

candlelight vigil against syrian bombing

Finally -- a furry love song!!!

I often look to movies and paintings to inform my photography.

My dog is hurt.

Syrian Woman Rips Into McCain At Town Hall For His Support For Bombing Syria

John Kerry Interview With Chris Hayes, Syria - September 5, 2013

Daniel Radcliffe as Alan Ginsberg & Robert Pattinson as James Dean

CBC to take center stage in House during force authorization vote

A CAR that runs on fuel made from CO2 removed from the Atmosphere creating a carbon neutral loop!


Protest: No U.S. Military Intervention in Syria! Saturday, September 7, 12:30 to 1:30 p.m

Alan Grayson said Congress spent weeks debating Syria instead of focusing on our economy

Iran Plots Revenge, U.S. Says

ACTION ALERT! Listening Session: Congressman Keith Ellison Friday, September 6, 3:00 p.m.

Camp Ripley Drone Protest Sunday, September 15, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Rep. Alan Grayson Cackles That Syrian Atrocities ‘Simply Not Our Problem’

Pentagon Is Ordered to Expand Potential Targets in Syria With a Focus on Forces

Maybe boots in airspace, but very high over the ground?

Jon Stewart Delivers One Last Epic Annihilation of Anthony Weiner

Which world leader do you prefer?


Reich: Cliff notes on a potentially disastrous decision

Why don't we focus on eliminating the chemicals that are killing Americans?

Have you seen this cat?

Report: U.S. Intercepts Iranian Order for Attack on U.S. Interests in Iraq (if Strike on Syria)

Shell to pay $1.1 million in fines to settle with EPA over Arctic drilling

In every war in the middle east, the US plays a part.

Indian writer Sushmita Banerjee shot dead in Afghanistan

The Startling Size, Scope, and Growth of U.S. Military Operations on the African Continent

New Texas law aims at ‘junk’ auto insurance policies covering only certain drivers

I am not War Weary

Ruby Bridges Thanks Marshal Who Escorted Her To Previously All-White School (Photos at link)

U.S. could provide several thousand trainers at $500 million a year to train Syrian rebels (AP)

America’s Worst Cities for Food Lovers

Detroit Has Been Under Attack...

Exact same, hideous propaganda machine from the Bush wars still in place and operating with impunity

How come 'WMDs' are only a threat to the United States?

USAA admits that some 'totaled' cars by Hurricane Sandy were sold

Financial "punishments" clearly don't stop corruption.

PeaceFresno: Sat 9/7 at 9am-10am Silent Vigil with Live Music ( video from today's protest)

'Batwoman' Authors Exit, Claim DC Comics Banned Gay Marriage Storyline

A Fort Worth Insurance Salesman Stole a $1 Million Settlement from a Widowed Mother of Three

Barack Obama Physically Attacks Vladimir Putin!

'We Like War'

Syrian Night Life

Is bombing Syria supposed to be a symbolic gesture?

A dominant Obama meets Putin at G20

i dreamed i saw

Obama hesitation on Syria could prompt Israeli attack on Iran


do we owe the japanese an apology for the whole pearl harbor thing?

Candle-light vigil for the 1,400+ Syrians (400+ children) that died from sarin-type gas August 21st

Are members allowed to excoriate DU-ers who are politicians?

Adam Spencer: Why I fell in love with monster prime numbers

Last week it was 1,800 mSv; this week - 2,200 mSv

Hillary Clinton to be Honored for Support of Gay Rights

If you were to vote on a DU poll, which would it be?

Chinese Poultry Processors Will Be Allowed To Export Meat To The U.S., USDA Rules

Rep. Alan Grayson: Syria Intelligence Manipulated

Wait. The Onion has a paywall now?

POLL ~ Summer Photo Contest ~ Finals

~~ Summer Contest Finals have been posted in GD ~~

India 'dowry deaths' still rising despite modernization

Young Turks on Kerry and David Icke's lizard theory

NYT: Pentagon Is Ordered to Expand Potential Targets in Syria With a Focus on Forces

Prions scare the the hell out of me in ways I could never have imagined...

New news: Senate bill would give Syria 45 days to sign chemical weapons ban

September 6: National Coffee Ice Cream Day

Why the Australian Economy Is the Next Great Test for Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

Republican Presidents always given carte blanche while Democratic Presidents kept on dog leashes

Since posting opinions of RW Nuts about syria

Matt Taibbi has another blockbuster on the SEC whistleblower and the Banks

I have been reading the Federalist Papers

If you're awake right now and it's dark outside where you are...

G20 members fail to heal rift over Syria

Is there no heat in Russia?

U.S. Drone Strike Kills 6 in Pakistan, Fueling Anger

Cost of a U.S. strike against Syria could top Hagel's estimate

Kerry: We have to attack Syria or the rebel forces will gain strength. Er, what?

Every minute, 8 people around the world are forced to flee their homes due to war and persecution.

Russia sends another navy ship towards Syria

Court: Dutch liable in 3 Srebrenica deaths

Calls to Congress 499 to 1 against Syria war

The Police - Bring On The Night (1982)

After the bombs, more blood

Syrian Woman Rips Into McCain At Town Hall For His Support For Bombing Syria

One of the Earliest Known Photos of Guys Sitting Around and Drinking Beer (Circa 1845)

My dog got no nose...

Putting the Sex in Homosexuality NewFest of Gay Films Opens at Lincoln Center

Kerry said it - we're going to attack Syria for US credibility

The largest health insurers are not participating in most state exchanges

The Pivot to Africa: Tomorrow's wars today!

9 Ways America Has Fueled the Bloody Civil War in Syria

John Kerry Statements About Syrian Rebels Remain At Odds With Intelligence Reports


Institutions move their money, too

Battle over Fed - Summers' opponents seek to sway Obama

Two democrats propose 45 day limit for Syria to sign chemical weapons ban

9 Myths About Obama’s Drone Killings Debunked [Video]

Obama's Back.

Damascus Dispatch: Residents of Syria's Splintered Capital City Brace For U.S. Bombing

John McCain's Online Poker Fever Is Spreading

I just ate a green zebra

Joe Scum

A couple of Political Sci/fi memes

Outgoing IOC President blesses Sochi Games

When selecting the volume of your television/audio technology...

If there's a major attack on this country, I'll grieve for the victims

CNO Details Navy's Fiscal 2014 Budget Realities

Exclusive interview: 'There is a place for gays in Islam'

Off to Calcutta for the long Ganesh Chaturthi weekend

Poll question

Feds Feed Families 2013 Campaign a Success

All the Countries John McCain has wanted to attack

Google Argues for Right to Continue Scanning Gmail

What's for Dinner ~ Friday Sept 6th

Iran nuclear: Firms' asset freeze annulled by EU court

Report: Hezbollah preparing to defend Damascus, strike Israel if Syria situation worsens

Pope Francis 'Phones Gay Catholic To Reassure Him About Sexuality'

Tom Toles Tells It Like It Is

Hezbollah: U.S. strike would be terrorism

Michael Bloomberg set to endorse Lhota

What Makes America So Prone to Intervention?

PEW:74% think Syria strike will create backlash, 61% say will lead to long term military commitment

Work, Forever: Why Interning at 60 Is the New Retirement Plan

Wise words from Jazz icon Thelonious Monk.

Thomas Jefferson vs The Republicans

Fox viewers always remind me of Leo Tolstoy

CNN Going After the Fox News Vote

Syria: Drums of war deafen us to history's lessons

McCain gets an earful from voters on Syria

Kerry invokes the Axis of Evil, with new membership

Alternative Syria Resolution - Yes A Diplomatic Solution!!!!!

Keith Olbermann+ESPN

Here's an Obscenity Our Government CAN Fix

X Reasons why "X Reasons" articles about Syria are WAY overdone

Adviser to NC DHHS secretary made $228,000 in eight months

Lawless President + Lawless Congress != Legal Use of Force in Syria

US orders diplomats out of Lebanon

WTF?!! We'va had a POW in Afghanistan since 2009?!!

I Am Not 'War-Weary'

Not a joke question: Where the hell is the United Nations?

I tried calling Markey but his mailbox was full.

Heads up, Loungers--today is CTyankee's Friday Afternoon Challenge in GD

Rogue State

Leaders In African American Community Seek To Stop The Violence

August payroll employment increases (+169,000); unemployment rate little changed (7.3%)

The US Government Has Betrayed the Internet. We Need To Take It Back by Bruce Schneier

Pentagon Is Ordered to Expand Potential Targets in Syria With a Focus on Forces

Kerry Tells Congress That Oil Sheiks Will Pay US for War to Unseat Assad

Autumn in New York (full movie)

More bad news for DOD audit-readiness

Social Media Dirty Tricks Hit Colorado Recall Campaigns

Community Health Workers — A Local Solution to a Global Problem (New Eng Jour Med)

The Bush Burden (tremendous article)

Humanitarian War

Could Syria Lead To Fiscal Armageddon Back Home?

Making the World Safe for Banksters: Syria In the Cross-hairs

Missouri Press Association prepares to fight gun bill

Taibbi: 16 Major Firms May Have Received Early Data From Thomson Reuters

Word Nerd Quiz ..... good time waster

Colorado Lawmakers Faced Intense Profanity, Rape Threats Amid Heated Gun Control Debate

David Sirota: What Happened to the Anti-War Movement?

Proposed State Law Would Limit Backyard Keeping of Bears, Lions, Gorillas, Etc.

Mike Luckovich toon on Syria

Well then. Wheres the argument against spending some money on a Job’s Program?

Scientists laid off due to budget cuts

Latest Snowden Revelation: NSA Sabotaged Electronic Locks

U.S. economy created 169k jobs in August, jobless rate dips

rest in peace, my beautiful Domingo

The Abject Pop Culture Parallelism of The Dukes of Hazard and The Syrian Conflict

Fracking triggered more than 100 earthquakes in Ohio

Obama Aide: President Isn’t Likely To Strike Syria Without Congress’ Approval

Atheist Asked By Wolf Blitzer If She Thanked the Lord After OK Tornado Honored

Remember to take out the garbage. . . . Then please come CAPTION Steve Doocy!!!

White House Looks to Syria Vote as Rudder for Rest of Term

Deutsche Bank says US solar boom to reach 50GW by 2016

Another Investigation Into Bachmann's Campaign

Dylan spoke the truth

Friday TOON Roundup 1 -The proper way to kill

If Pres. Obama is a tool of PNAC and the MIC, why did they try so hard to keep him out of office...

Friday TOON Roundup 2 -The Drums of War and the G-20

Bonds Bleed: Largest Bubble In History Unwinds, But The “Great Rotation” Into Stocks Is Deceptive...

TEPCO confirms highly radioactive water spread underground

Friday TOON Roundup 3 -The Rest

Brazil to make the last VW microbus this December

In Israel, Religion Is Reduced To Simplistic Categories

Turkey says almost all G20 leaders support operation against Syria

States divert foreclosure prevention money to demolitions

So if Syria, Iran or some other party retaliates against our "limited strikes"

Catholicism in the developing world: Hardly a unifying church

1984 - Orwell's warning - Big Brother is watching you! - Eerie interview from decades ago

Character Attack on Spitzer Veiling Wall Street-Led Establishment Assault on His Candidacy

the scariest jobs chart ever

Here we go: *Obamacare* and Blue Cross of NC

Mind Control - George Orwell BBC 101 documentary

Nutmeggers! Tonight (Friday), you can see NASA launch the "LADEE" into space!

Papantonio: Foreclosure Mills Ripe With Fraud

Jesus Christ and Christian Republicans - some variation exists

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 6, 1963

Today in Peace and Justice history on September 6, 1963

Tobacco "Smoking Gun" Shows Real TPP Agenda

NYC Trumpets 2012 Street Statistics: More Transit, Less Traffic

More Sunlight on NSA's Unquenchable Thirst for Backdoor Access to All of Our Encrypted Info

I wonder if Putin gave back the Super Bowl ring, would we be at this point

U.S. evacuates Beirut embassy over security concerns

Mexico City's traffic Infierno

World leaders push big companies to pay more taxes

O.K., fine. So if congresscritters vote no, PALIN is our position: "Let Allah sort things out."

I'm thinking of renouncing Chuggoism.

McCain getting a ear full from a Syrian woman in his district

Now THIS is the kind of outfit you want to work for

Observation - LA Metro

AIDS Turning Point: 'A Cure Is Possible'

Woman Forces Man to Have Sex with Her Friend at Gunpoint, Prosecutors Say

NATO Will Protect Turkey, But Not Broaden Syria Role - Official

Bronco's LB has season's first "bonehead play"

A little help please on Syria ..... how many differnet side are in play with Syria?

A thread for apologies from those who said I was nuts about the NSA

Russia sends warship with 'special cargo' to Syria

‘Breach of Trust,’ by Andrew J. Bacevich

Obama to address the nation Tuesday night to make the case for military intervention

Larry Summers is going to be nominated .. where is the Liberal push back?

Vietnam: The End Game

Obama says he will address nation Tuesday on Syria

Fireworks: MSNBC's Alex Wagner vs. Ron Paul On Syria, Liberty, Anti-Semitism

Obama: ‘I Was Elected To End Wars, Not Start ‘Em’

Alyssa Milano’s Sex Tape — Prepare to Learn a Thing or Two (about Syria)

Do you feel that people who support a military strike against Syria are necessarily bad people?

Anyone perplexed by opposition to war in Syria from gun proponents?

Astounding Hypocrisy

DNR: Governor cancels grant to sportsmen's group

An Alawite man's hope to reunite with his captured family

I Just Noticed That CNN Calls Their A.M. Program (CST 8am - 10am) CNN Newsroom......

It nerver was about Syria "Iran plans revenge on U.S. if Syria is attacked"

Navy Needs Supplemental Cash If Syria Strikes Last Past September: CNO

US drone 'kills Haqqani commander Sangeen Zadran'

If George Zimmerman feels invincible after that verdict, you know that

McDonnell says Virginia National Guard will provide benefits to gay couples

When is the use of force justified?

Meet your new 15-minute instant celeb teabag hero of martyrdom:

Thank you George W Bush, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair

David Cameron: UK may be a small island but it has the biggest heart

If the Russians choose to ship S300

Jordan Invites US Targets for Syrian Retaliation

Southern Baptists say no to gay weddings for military chaplains

Winston Churchill's Shocking Use Of Chemical Weapons

Per the NY Times--no vote would be tough love for Obama, good for America

McDonnell says Virginia National Guard will provide benefits to gay couples

Ex-FBI lawyer linked to surveillance abuses poised for federal judge post

While gun violence has dropped off the radar, a little boy in TX fights for his life.

Pic Of The Moment: As Syria Looms Large, Congress Faces Critical Decision

Al-Shabaab Twitter account shut down for second time

. One senator or rep at a time. I emailed my 2 senators and my rep about "My red line"

Declined Medicaid Cited In Hospital's Closing (NC)

Dana Perino, Former Bush White House Official, Tells Atheists To Leave The Country

Police search for knife-wielding man at Lindley Middle School

Katy Perry ~ Roar

12th Man Report: Michigan-Notre Dame Week

Obama has no 'intention' to strike Syria if Congress says no, says aide

Cornyn's convenient change of heart (on Syria)

This is important: Putin Says Russia Will Continue Arms Sales to Syria

A Government that has money for bombs but not for bridges has lost its credibility.

PUTIN: Russia Will Continue To Help Syria If The US Attacks

Yes I Shot That Kid - Brian Cloninger

Texas AG candidate: Less abortion, and start squeezing out more GOP babies !!!!

I think I figured out to help fix heart failure. I deserve an attagirl.

POTUS won't bomb and Congress won't vote.

Hitler's bodyguard dies, aged 96

France to wait for U.N. inspectors' report on Syria: Hollande

International joint statement on Syria

Woman mysteriously disappears....twice

President Rand Paul?

Iran Plots Revenge, U.S. Says

Have Sports Teams Brought Down America’s Schools? (Elizabeth Kolbert)

BREAKING: Rasmussen Poll Has McAuliffe Up 7 Points in Virginia Gov. Race

Papantonio: America – The New Mercenaries For Saudi Arabia

Pet Peeve Drivin' Me Nucking Futs

Pres. Obama Says Politics Precludes Him From Saying If He'll Strike Syria W/Out Congress Approval

Kathleen Hanna Likes When Guys Write Songs Supporting Feminism, But

The Syrian pipeline and the plan to empower al-Qaeda

Sufficient National Penis

Madonna Opposes Intervention in Syria

Keiser Report: Prison Paradise

11 G20 members blame Syrian gov't for chemical attacks, call for 'strong' response

What do you do when politicians ignore polls, contact from voters, demonstrations...

White House releases joint statement on situation in Syria signed by 10 allies

Individualized online career advice

Is it open season on children?

the current conflict in Syria began as a result of climate change

Ohio’s 100% “Republican” government gets a “D+” for Spending Transparency

The Dalai Lama and the Pope do not AGREE in not being Muslim

Professor Richard Wolff: Fears of changing global economy underscores G20 summit

Ohio’s 100% “Republican” government gets a “D+” for Spending Transparency (X-Post from GD)

10 weirdest right-wing Christian conspiracy theories

Tea Party group to fight Syria resolution

Civil Rights Museum Getting Loan From City

There Is a Process in Place for Dealing with War Crimes.

US evacuates non-essential staff from Beirut mission

Google fights to kill email-scanning lawsuit brought by Gmail users

McConnell’s Anti-Obamacare Juggernaut Turns Against Him

Insult to injury ...... Welcome to the American justice system !!!!

South Korea issues Japan fish ban amid nuclear fears

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down a Fistful of Oxycontin ...

Oops: Illegal carcinogen found in nearly 100 shampoos

A Syrian women confronts John McCain at Phoenix town hall event

Obama at G20 Summit: 'I Was Elected to End Wars, Not to Start Them'

Obama Seen Delaying Fed Choice Until After Syria Vote

Court: Bernard Tomic's father guilty

Could the rush to strike Syria be to cover up the origins of the chemical weapons?

Pelosi Searches Caucus for Clues to Winning Syria Vote

Syria sends reinforcements to Christian village

TACTICAL UPDATE + MAPS + Lots of INFO: Standoff in the Mediterranean, US vs RUSSIAN Navies & more...

Map: All The Countries John McCain Has Wanted to Attack

U.S. spy agencies hit out at latest Snowden revelations

John McCain: 'Boots on the ground' would mean 'impeachment'

War VS Hell

Which President's ME policy invited the 9/11 attacks?

Kerry op-ed on Syria (what else?)

New Inquiry for Bachmann on Her Presidential Race

War VS Hell

2pm est today: U.N. Ambassador Power Discusses Potential Action in Syria

Harry Reid files Syria resolution

Hitler's Devoted Bodyguard Dies

Obama says that Syrian use of gas is a "threat to global peace"

35 y/o youth pastor arrested in sex assault case

German police raid Christian sect, with U.S. roots, on child abuse suspicion

Walker Falls Short On Corrupt Sweetheart Deal (Cog Dis re: United Sportsmen pay-off)

Iranian New Year greetings leave Israelis perplexed, pleased

Dean Baker: Economy Added 169,000 Jobs in August, but Downward Revisions Cloud Picture

Mr Pickles - Good Boy

Whatever happened to Jolene, Lucille and Roxanne?

Lily Myers - "Shrinking Women" (slam poetry)

North-South Korea Restore Military Hot-Line as Tensions Ease

On the ‘Every Child Wins’ Hoax and the Irrational Concern for the Young.

Senate bill would give Syria 45 days to sign chemical weapons ban

FYI Mom Bloggers (If You’re Shaming Teenage Girls)

Pentagon Seeking to Avoid Congress on Syria Strike Costs

Why Chemical Weapons Use Should Be Your Only Consideration Re: Syria

Genius! Presenting The Periodic Table Of Irrational Nonsense!

Russia, Turkey Readying for Syria War as Obama Seeks Support

Al-Qaida Seizes Syrian Village That Still Speaks Language Of Christ

Turn the other cheek? Of course not! Pat Robertson threatens to sue people who expose charity scams

"beloved" president Zelaya had 18% approval rating

Baghdad, Big Oil On Alert For Retaliation To A Syria Strike

Lawrence Wilkerson: Hypocrisy Of War Over Chemical Weapon Use (VIDEO)

I've got a new House Fire Show starting at the top of the hour

Was Your Chicken Nugget Made In China? It'll Soon Be Hard To Know

Gut Bacteria From Thin Humans Can Slim Mice Down

Hypocrisy Of War Over Chemical Weapon Use (VIDEO)

Bloom like an artist

Bloom like an artist

MS wins trial on Google's patent licensing tactics

Does Hillary support a Syria air-strike WITHOUT the support of Congress?

Since when is going to the UN 'hocus pocus'?

Crude Rises as Russia Says It Will Help Syria

Payrolls in U.S. Rise Less Than Forecast While Jobless Rate Falls to 7.3%

Some people seem to be put in this world simply to test the patience of the rest of us.

How is the public supposed to have confidence in evidence implicating Syria when it's kept secret?

As Recess Winds Down, Most Congressmen Miss Closed-Door Syria Briefing

The Affordable Care Act Part IV: Understanding Health Exchanges

The Affordable Care Act Part IV: Understanding Health Exchanges

Man brutally beaten after standing up for bullied teen says he made right choice

Obama Gives Putin Death Stare; G20 Seating Chart Changed

Today in Boston...

Medellin court orders Congress, Supreme Court to charge Uribe for paramilitary ties

Medellin court orders Congress, Supreme Court to charge Uribe for paramilitary ties

Film revives claims about Robertson and Africa charity

When I edit a thread with a quotation in the title...

Thom Hartmann: Syria…Are We Cheap Mercenaries for Saudi Arabia?

Largest Volcano on Earth Lurks Beneath Pacific Ocean

Watch the Dallas Zoo's Aggressively Adorable New Cheetah Cubs Frolic (With Video)

Scott Walker takes back $720 of Capitol Police chief's raise

Chad malaria cases hit emergency levels

Northwest Missouri State Univ. teacher arrested for online threat

Marcus and Michele Bachmann could be heading to prison

(R)asmussen has McAuliffe leading by 7% (45-38)

Republican Congressman: If The House Had An Impeachment Vote It Would Pass

The days of guns and butter are over! There simply is no market for the Democrats to be the war

Chelsea Manning Requests Presidential Pardon

150 years ago, the Battle of Sabine Pass saved Texas

Pancho the Pelican an urban celebrity in Havana

Anybody watching CNN

Blackfish movie on Killer Whales at Seaworld, interview with director by Ondi Timoner

SEC lifts suspension for Dallas attorney accused of helping Stanford’s $7B fraud avoid detection

Should Progressives Align With Libertarians On Issues They Agree On?


No new taxes — for Republicans, that is

G-20 Ends With No Consensus on Syria Strike

Has the U.S. ever apologized for sending terrorist suspects to Syria to be tortured?

Madeleine Albright to Congress: Authorize Obama's Syria plan

Syria: Western Activists Volunteer to Become 'Human Shields'...

MSU professor's use of the word 'rape' in his rant against Republicans

Thom Hartmann: Can SF Ban Walmart & McDonald's?

Hellyeah (w/ former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul): "You Wouldn't Know." THIS is rock & roll.

dont buy a ford pinto, they suck big time

Two senators (Manchin and Heitkamp) mulling alternative Syria resolution

Arizona voters skewer McCain over Syria...

Obama to Russian Rights Activists: Work Is 'Critically Important'

Arab Christians come out strongly against US strike in Syria

In the House: "No" or "Leaning No" = 223, per the Washington Post

Statement by NSC Spokesperson on Rice's meeting with Russian advisor

Dallas may have America's team, but Denver has...

Hey, Stinkers!

John Kerry's statement against the Vietnam War in 1971

Chomsky: Middle East peace talks a complete farce

Iraqi Militants Threaten To Target U.S. Interests If Syria Is Attacked

Three college students charged with on-campus rape

My eyes! My eyes!

Not Looking for Work: Labor-Force Participation Hits 35-Year Low

Attack on Syria Endangers U.S.

Sources: Two In Custody In Shooting Of Brooklyn 1-Year-Old

Penokee Hills Mine Could Devastate Environment, Local Economies

I love sitting outside in a thunderstorm

Smith & Wesson shares fall as gun 'frenzy' wanes

Penokee Hills Mine Could Devastate Environment, Local Economies

Wow! John Elway Threw 7 Touchdown Passes Last Night!!!

US vs. Costa Rica and no live coverage

Update on the last country we said we saved

Test Your News IQ (Pew Research)

Interstellar winds buffeting our solar system have shifted direction

Obama Stymied in Bid to Rally World Leaders on Syria Strike

Gun rights activists plan to hand out candy to children. No, I'm not making this up.

My dumb question of the day - who makes the gas?

IT offshore outsourcers are top L-1 visa users, U.S. says

Did the porn industry screw the jobs report?

Blair the Enabler speaks.

Talks underway to unionize Volkswagen s US plant

Maldives Police Take Coconut Into Custody Under Suspicion It Is Magical

Assad Is Going To Massacre A Lot More Civilians. Refugees Will Increase Exponentially.

Right-Wing Broadcaster: Wish Gays Death Via Wedding Cakes

You Can Now Purchase A $30,000 Coffin That Blares Music Six Feet Under

One thing to harp about results of inaction in Syria, but why give a 'greenlight' to the rebels?

Rep DeFazio: Tally constituents calling, emailing, and writing about #Syria: 1135 opposed vs. 18 for

What a sickly, neurotic game this all is.

How divided are people on Syria?

N.M. marriage heats up as clerks seek guidance from high court

Austin-San Antonio Rail Project May Get Federal Funds

Know what else is on the line here? And a really big thing at that?

Obama’s political arm raising money for ENDA fight

House Might Not Vote on Obama’s Syria Resolution (Weasels Gonna Weasel?)

Joe Hauck story--More Shame on North Carolina

Iran-Contra Redux? Prince Bandar Heads Secret Saudi-CIA Effort to Aid Syrian Rebels, Topple Assad

Obama Admits Public Opposition To Syria Strike--G-20 Press Conference Transcript/Today

In wake of Crazy Horse tour cancellation, Neil Young books CSNY reunion @ Bridge School shows


Uber Relaxed after lunch.

More than 2100 victims of female genital mutilation have been treated in London hospitals since 2010

Greg Mitchell: 'Expert' on Syria Cited by Kerry Paid by Rebels

America’s Form Of Capitalism Kills Free Enterprise And Democracy

Un-bunching my panties slightly, given this Obama quote: "no imminent, direct threat"

Moreland Commission seeks lawmakers' clients

Kids are cute. Dolls are cute. Let's switch their faces!

Chicago Teacher

Does morality degrade?

Help me understand

If the President were to proceed against the wishes of Congress and the People . . .

What if we don't do anything about Syria, and

Here Are the Real Labor Force Dropouts

Cat Survives 11-Story Fall at Alaska Apartment

UN draws up emergency plan for Syria strike

An Open Letter To America to Join 'To Russia with Love'

Did anyone else notice this? Obama just said that it may have been an unauthorized strike, here:

Italian warship 'could evacuate Lebanon troops'

Jon Lewis Alexander, Store Clerk And Veteran, Prevents Robbery

Always look on the bright side of life...(Prison is apparently better than North Korea)

G-20 ends with rift on Syria widening

EU's top diplomat, Iranian foreign minister seek to restart nuclear talks

Masters of War

General Ludd's Triumph (The Fucking Buckaroos)

Is this American Idol or Football? NBC is fucked!

That awkward moment

Martin Bashir is really beating the hell out of those war drums!

UCSD snuffs all smoking on campus

Isn't it about time we had this debate??

March 2014 Primaries will occur on schedule-2012 maps to be used as Interim Maps

Australian press watchdog chides Murdoch media

from Derek Kilmer

Israel Police Clash With Palestinians in Jerusalem

Al-Arabiya is claiming that Assad has launched another gas attack

have a seat

Here is a radically different take on Syria. Slavoj Žižek says Syria is a pseudo-struggle.

Lost another Kilo. Or 2.2 pounds. Eating more veggies has made me stronger in the willpower

Thom Hartmann: Why Prisoners Should be Allowed to Vote?


"Years of Tragic Waste" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

Betty White is now in the Guiness Book of World Records

Israel – The happiest country on Earth?

So the Sequester is just another SCAM too?

Why we might not be able to live on the Moon

Hmm. Betty may have something here...

War in Syria is Uncertain

Lakoff: Obama Reframes Syria: Metaphor and War Revisited

The Friday Afternoon Challenge resumes! Today, “Give it the Old College Try”!

I'm Tired: I saw as

Do you know anyone who is like this?

Has the NSA really broken “strong” encryption?

New York City police officer, 2 brothers accused of smuggling guns

Mission Congo: how Pat Robertson raised millions on the back of a non-existent aid project

Let's Stop a War, Before It Starts

It's Freedumb Friday! OH Water Commission Wants 2 Yrs. Delay, Possible Cuts To Mercury Rules

Freedumb Endangered As Jack-Booted EPA Thugs Impose Savage $1 MILLION Penalty On Shell!

Post hidden as "sexist drivel"

Freedumb! WV GOP Rep. Notes Climate Change Not "Caused By Us Burning Coal & Natgas In Our Autos"

NRC "Nuke Waste Con Game" draft GEIS published online, public comments to be accepted from Sept. 13

Curveballs are all over the world...

Freedumb! Two Reports Required By PA State Law On Long-Term Climate Impacts 1 Year Overdue

Freedumb! The Economist Wonders Aloud Whether As Many As 9 Mekong River Dams Might Hurt Fisheries

I'm leaving the DU!1!2!

From The Department Of Can You Believe This

Freedumb! WI Leg Panel Would Cut Public Access Near Mine Site, But Retain Park Tax Cuts For Company

Cat gets busted!

Freedumb! TX Whooping Cough Cases Approach 2,000 As Freedumb-Loving Citizens Evade Thug Doctors

TGIF! Let's get the partay started with a little something from "The Boss!"

Most brilliant moment in Assange's Senate campaign?

Freedumb! Former Church Member Confirms Eagle Mountain Specifically Advised Against Vaccines

Rooftop solar panels become new enemy of U.S. firefighters

I think tonight's the night, I can feel it.

Microsoft and Yahoo voice alarm over NSA's assault on internet encryption...

I would be in favor of shooting missiles at Syria if.....

Freedumb! GOP Strategists Gather To Debate What To Do (If Anything) About Climate Breakdown

Hot damn!: "Watauga elections board reverses ASU voting decision"

I could die, it's as easy as that.

Dean Baker: Economy Added 169,000 Jobs in August, but Downward Revisions Cloud Picture

You can always spot a wedding planned by MiddleFingerMom...

Here. I will show you how it's done.

US Government = ATM (But Only for the Right People):

Perhaps there's an important "Upside" re: Obama's Syrian Death Wish

Louisiana Woman Makes Claim Of Bulletproof Squirrel Surviving Getting Shot

"Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in West"

Kevin J Anderson - Anyone familiar with him?

Syria: The Story Thus Far

Obama to Congress: Vote your conscience, vote Yes.

Kentucky City Fair To Hold Honey Boo Boo Look Alike Contest

Freedumb! US & New Zealand Cut Size Of Proposed Antarctic Marine Reserve Nearly In Half

Dana Perino, idiot for life

Transition Focus Of New Documentary On PBS

"Gridlock In Congress Isn't About a Divided American Public"

Surgical Strikes:

NRA contributes $361,000 in effort to recall 2 Colorado Democratic senators.

Yet another reminder that home plate collisions need to be banned...

Eric Bolling suggests that Gitmo detainees commit suicide to save taxpayer money...

The Vaudeville Actress Who Refused To Be A Stereotype

WH: Joint Statement on Syria

"No one cares what Rumsfelds or Cheneys think about Syria"

Texas Air Base Commander has Zombie Defense Plan

o.k. Fer Y?

RIP John Candy

Mr. Fish Toon: US Foreign Policy

Kitchen dancing -

Needle in a haystack. Has anyone seen the image/diagram of the battleships/aircraft..

15 mins to showtime! Former Asst. Sec State P. J. Crowley discusses Syria on my Radio Show!

Institutional Corruption and Pharmaceutical Policy (Harvard Univ Edward J Safra Center For Ethics)

Veteran intelligence professionals warn Obama (as they did Bush) intel may be cooked.

Good luck to our friends down under if Abbott becomes Australia PM.

(music aside) Sly Stone, 'Thank You' -

There is a "saving-face"

Montana top court says judge can't amend his 30-day rape sentence (paves way for appeal)

Kenneth Cole Twitter Account Makes Cringeworthy 'Boots On The Ground' Tweet To Promote Footwear

Obama did not request Snowden's extradition at meeting - Putin

FBI warns Syrian group may step up cyber attacks

Madrid, Tokyo, or Istanbul?

Most City Representatives Undecided On Syria Intervention-list in OP.

Oklahoma is second state allowed to extend health plan outside Obamacare

Weekend Economists Kickoff the Season, September 6-8, 2013

My heart goes out to the people of Syria. Our response, either way will hurt our souls.

How I got a new toilet for my birthday.

G20 Ends Abruptly as Obama Calls Putin a Jackass

Loudest Dog Bark In The World - Guinness World Record

Obama is putting everything on the line over Syria

AP survey: House shows opposition to Syria attack

US Officials: Attack On Syria May Lead To War With Iran

Deion Sanders Is 86 Percent Impaired, Workers Comp Claim Says

I think O's plan is to gut the unitary executive theory and enforce the war powers act.

Papantonio: The Economic Drain of a Syrian Strike

Arizona woman released after decades on death row

Obama Stymied in Bid to Rally World Leaders on Syria Strike

Take Five (Way Stranger than Fiction edition)

What ever happened to Jefferson Dem?

Obama calls for yes vote on Syria, even if the public is opposed.

46 year-old white Texas man shoots 8 year-old Black child.

Schumer comes off the fence to back Obama

Reuters: Protests against Syria strike!

Groundswell on Syria: The People Versus AIPAC -- Philip Weiss

Wat Tyler's Rebellion

So I just ordered a pizza and hour ago...

Harper offers Obama climate plan to win Keystone approval

Android w/HDMI?

You know what I'd like to hear? One congressman spilling the beans about who is pressuring everyone

WTF????? Pentagon says it has all the money it needs to bomb Syria.

"The involvement by Russia could escalate things and take it beyond Syrian borders,"

Just Give Senator McGramps(AZ) An Old F-4 Fighter Jet

Russia lawmakers cancel trip to US for Syria talks after Congressional leaders refuse to see them