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Symphony of Science - Our Biggest Challenge

List of crucial states' Senate candidates by newspaper endorsement

Turn on Chris Hayes right fuggin' now

Ha! Turning the tables...

HUFFPOLLSTER: New Polling Gives Michelle Nunn An Edge In Georgia

California Republicans Getting Desperate/Panicked - Suddenly Seeking LGBT Support

Waaaah! TX Farmers Suddenly Mad At Oil Drillers, Thanks To State Mineral Rights Law

Bill Moyers interviews Bernie: How corporations are buying our elections

NJ: pastor arrested on charges he threatened to kill his wife

Still Zero Commercials or Literature in SW Ohio

New anti-gay-marriage tactic: Fight it on 13th Amendment grounds


90 Pounds of Cocaine Found on Cargo Ship Owned by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Father-in

Trick or treaters welcome here.

PRC Parliamentary Report: Local Gov Officials Don't Give A Damn About Anything But GDP Growth

I just had 2 minature ISIS fighters come to the door.

House Democrats Call for an Investigation into Jimmy John’s Non-Compete Clauses

I just sent Mary Landrieu a contribution

House Democrats Call for an Investigation into Jimmy John’s Non-Compete Clauses

The best costume so far...

What will the Warren Presidency look like?

House Democrats Call for an Investigation into Jimmy John’s Non-Compete Clauses

Guardian - Amazon Forest Losing Ability To Influence Climate; Sao Paulo Drought A Foretaste

Bill Clinton plugs Kay Hagan in NC

Gray Wolf (Or Hybrid) Spotted On Grand Canyon North Rim; May Have Traveled From Northern Rockies

Very funny campaign commercial! Al Stirpe (Sturpee) NY Assembly

Denmark’s McDonald’s Workers Aren’t Demanding $15 an Hour—Because They’re Already Making $20

Denmark’s McDonald’s Workers Aren’t Demanding $15 an Hour—Because They’re Already Making $20

Denmark’s McDonald’s Workers Aren’t Demanding $15 an Hour—Because They’re Already Making $20

Proof that Republican voters have no shame.

What the hell??!!!! I guess rape wasn't part of his job description

*SNORT* "Direct Action" Tony Abbott's Climate "Plan" - Guardian Compares To Name Of Cut-Rate Soap

LaPage's comment on ebola: "We just don't know anything about ebola"

Aaaaaaaaaand Antarctic Preserve Plan Fails For Fourth Time; "FUCK The Earth", Says Russia

Ashes from Ebola victim's apartment in limbo

$2.25 Million Settlement for Family of Rikers Inmate Who Died in Hot Cell

IPCC: "Pervasive, Severe And Irreversible Impacts" On Climate, Food; US: "Ebola! AIIIIEEE!!"

78 degrees with a warm breeze...

Great Idea, Guys! Bangladesh Building Coal Plant 14 Km From Edge Of Fast-Sinking Sundarban Islands

How racist policy paved the hundred-year road the Ferguson's slum

Morales gets absolute majority in Bolivia legislature

Australian Academy Of Sciences; Abbott Reef "Plan" Won't Even Keep Ongoing Losses In Check

Brownback Hit With New Tax Revenue Shortfall Right Before Election

Alison Grimes Files For Injunction Against McConnell For Illegal Voter Suppression Tactics

Go, Invisible Hand! At Least $83 Billion In Coal Investment Globally In 2013 Alone By 92 Banks

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF Happy Samhain! & a new Kittehs gif

Chris Hayes sticks up for Isis and Sexy Ebola Nurse costumes

Portland TV reporting a woman quarantined in hospital to rule out ebola.

AK: Early voter turnout compares favorably to last midterms

Halloween Poll

PNAS - 69% Of Amazon Forests Have Grown Substantially Drier Since 2000, 80% Of Surrounding Savannahs

Four Totally Ebola Free Things That Americans Are Terrified Will Give Them Ebola

Sao Paulo (W. 13 Million Residents) Reservoirs Now At Less Than 5% Of Capacity

Have you voted yet?

Ok... So my brand new iPhone showed up today. Thanks DU!

Three U.S. citizens last seen with police in Mexico are found dead

Colombians Jailed in Venezuela for $15 Grocery Run

For DC//NOVA/Maryland PBS Masterpiece Mystery fans,

Scottish Otters Live 1/3 As Long As EU Counterparts; Toxins Power Reproductive Treadmill

Why Do Witches Fly on Brooms?

Fanged deer pops up in Afghanistan, 60 years after its last appearance

GOP = Grand Old Party

For your Halloween listening pleasure:

Why do Republicans vote in higher numbers than Democrats in mid-term elections?

Massive geographic change may have triggered explosion of animal life

(R)as has Earnst leading by 1.

What were the Halloween customs this year?

Many Interacting Worlds theory: Scientists propose existence and interaction of parallel worlds

"I've Come To Make My Vote"

Any Lawyers, Legal Assistants, other Legal professionals in the house?

Dublin CHP officer resigns, is charged with felonies for stealing explicit photos from female arrest

Gordon Gee is now the president of West Virginia U???

Any Lawyers, Legal Assistants, other Legal professionals in the house?

Mexican Judge Orders US Marine Reservist Released

Rasmussen: Shaheen Opens Up Big 7 Point Lead on Scott Brown

The rains have come!!!

Fox News: Orman Leads Roberts by 1

What is your Halloween number?

Ryan Champion charged with group of murders in Trigg County, Kentucky

Something is Irking me about the manhunt in PA.

Police: Wendy's (COPS) robber had PCP, marijuana, alcohol in system

Bolivia's Morales blasts privatisation, urges support for farmers

Bernie Sanders discusses big money in elections with Bill Moyers

NY Magazine: The Satanic Temple Has a Cute and Cuddly New Coloring Book

A couple very cool nature photos I came across

Republican Pollsters Rasmussen and Fox Have Ernst Up only 1

Okay let's call it for what it is Ebola has become the October surprise. Politicians are shaking

US elections: The scandal-hit politicians on the ballot

Seattle Hospital: Girl, 14, Dies After School Shooting (raising to four the number of fatalities)

When did trick or treat really start in this country

I need handy man's knowledge here. The condo my wife and I bought looks like apartments

What Halloween candy did you really not like?

OK - two more hours of Halloween left: how soon should I make my Christmas fruitcake?

Published on Oct 31, 2014: Trick-or-Treat with the President and First Lady and White House Timelaps

Halloween is HERE! Boo!

In horror of Halloween: Who here believes in Ghost/Live or have lived in a haunted house?

DO NOT be stubborn as a mule. Get your ass to the polls and VOTE!

In the spirit of Halloween: best costumes



USS Liberty attack featured in a new documentary on the Al Jazeera news channel

The Colombian Peace Negotiations

What is Halloween without Jack?

The left’s unsung success story

Top ISIL Chechen commander supposedly ordered to Kobane

Rome: mayor refuses to void gay marriages

Still hope we might gain SOME seats in the House on Tuesday

Milwaukee's Overpass Light Brigade: Piss Off the GOP & VOTE!

It is Halloween. Get your Potter on!

Homeland Security intends to block Federal Building access for Social Security recipients

It's Halloween! Who would NOT want to party with this gal tonight? Or with this guy?

Democrats only have themselves to blame for upcoming losses

Nuns on the Bus

Glasgow celebrates vegan plates

OMG! Just had a "Republican" trick or treat me!!!

Conservative Fundraiser Arrested for Child Porn

Kansas Urges Judge Not to Rule on Gay Marriage

Activists condemn Singapore court gay ruling

Florida PAC vows to disclose voting records

Dr. Housing Bubble 10/31/14

Women's Rights Group Demands Investigation Into Rape Allegations At Detention Center

(Florida) Event to honor women’s rights pioneer

HRW report on Colombia's neo-paramilitary "chop houses":

10 people arrested for Serra's murder

Friday Late Nite: 538 Hedging their Bets?

Not so sweet - Africa: Chocolate Companies Offer 'Mixed-Bag' On Women's Rights

one of my Liszt faves...played it a bit in college 40 years ago.

One step forward, two back? Dalit women’s rights under economic globalisation (India)

The safer handgun for home/self defense. The revolver or the pistol?

Cedar Park PD release dash cam video after excessive force allegations

Ray McGovern-- Arrested Thursday Oct 30th, For Wanting to Ask Gen. Petraeus Questions

Right now

Trick or Treat - Nature Conservancy Closes on Bracken Bat Cave!

I voted Wed. because I was sent a ballot and told my polling place was closed.

The NC League of Conservation Voters ads

Lysol Buys Top Google Search Result for ‘Ebola,’ Quietly Retreats Following Criticism

Hey Mitch!

Bill Maher slams Berkeley protesters: Who said you only had to hear what didn’t upset you?

Are you voting or have you voted? If not, why not?

TCM Schedule for Sunday November 2 - Peggy Lee

Greg Abbott’s office reveals $40K contract with abortion opponent

TCM Schedule for Monday November 3 - Star of the Month: Silent Stars

Fmr NM Gov. Bill Richardson played a major part in Tahmooressi release. (Richardson 2016?)

The Amazons of the dark net

LPD: Libertarian Police Department

Not much has changed since this song

A 13-Year-Old's List Of 'Important' Things

Discuss: Americans Would Rather Be Lied To Than Told The Truth.......

Comin' Home Baby

Wanna hear an Ebola joke?

Halloween Group Therapy

Welcome Home Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi!!!

San Francisco Giants 2014 World Series Parade Market Street San Francisco California

Accidentally removed myself from the jury pool

Student Loan Servicers Deceived Borrowers

Why Americans Are Drowning in Medical Debt

Unable to Meet the Deductible or the Doctor

For the 1st time on Tues., I'm an ACLU Poll Monitor in a bright red area of VA.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Gilligan's Island

3 teen girls killed in a hit-and-run while trick-or-treating

@Burke4WI hits back-will NOT allow herself to be swift-boated by Walker!! NEW Ad

Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism by

November 1

Dinesh D'Souza gets "reeeeeeeejected" (sorry for the pun).

'Unconstructable' Hinkley C could end UK's nuclear dream

Photo of the Day

New Rules - Maher Goes After Fairweather Democrats

Revolution, Evolution or Revolutionary Evolution?

F-35 Engine Fix Coming, Program Chief Says

I have a Lenovo all-in-one computer with a 21.5 inch touch screen

DoD Releases Strategic Sustainability Plan (re climate change)

Expanded bottle bill would turn more trash into more cash

Europeans worried about US troops returning from Ebola-affected Africa

Download the National Academy of Sciences report on lessons learned from Fukushima

Bangladesh hit by nationwide blackout

How an African slave helped Boston fight smallpox

China's clandestine submarine caves extend Xi's naval reach

Amid Ebola scare, Canada restricts visas

Will Hamas, Dahlan unite?

Gay Community Under Attack in Liberia Over Ebola Outbreak

It's snowing (flurries) in north Georgia, Atlanta area.

The EPA is allowing oil, fracking chemicals to be dumped into Gulf of Mexico

The Last Schmooze

After the Citizens United case do we now have elections or auctions?

Weekly Address: It's Time to Help Women and Working Families

... It Is Up To You!

Millennials Aren't Cheap, They're Broke

A Visit to the Slavery Museum: How the Legacy of Slavery Is Linked to White Racism Today

Are GOP Donors Going to Get Anything In Return For Their Millions?


Antarctic Ozone Hole Still About Size Of N. America; Essentially Unchanged Over Last Four Years

Sharpton calls for federal prosecution in Ferguson

Why SodaStream Will Disengage From the West Bank

Whatever it does next, the US will be taking Israel on

The Missing Women of Afghanistan: After 13 Years of War, the Rule of Men, Not Law

Guardian Article Flays "Skeptic" Article By Roy Spencer, Shows Why Dwindling Few Don't Get Published

Corporate Propagandist Richard Berman Secretly Taped Bragging About How He Smears Progressives

Did/does anyone here

NW Milwaukee residents sent misinformation on voter ID being required...

Bill Gates Is Rich, So We'd Better Listen To Him When He Supports Bjorn Lomborg, More Coal

A question for Maryland DU'ers.

Hefty fine of $37 million to be paid by Dignity Health for overbilling patients

Pig Boy is Terrified: "We're LOSING!"

Sarah Palin's Drunken Post Brawl Rant to Cops (AUDIO)

Woman Being Monitored For Ebola Hospitalized In Milwaukie

NYCLU: 12 Long Island School Districts ‘Unlawfully Barring’ Immigrant Students

Eight men sentenced to three years each, for 'gay wedding' video in Egypt

Weekend Toon roundup 1- Repubs

Weekend Toon Roundup 2- Election in just a few Days!

'We got it done': SEPTA, union reach tentative pact

Weekend Toon Roundup 3- The rest

F.C.C. Considering Hybrid Regulatory Approach to Net Neutrality

Halloween stories for techies and IT workers from Ars Technica

2 Koterba toons: best of voting

Derrick Rose on ankles: 'Don't worry'

Good synopsis, NYT: Things to look for in Tuesday's midterm elections

Russell Westbrook could miss four to six weeks after breaking his hand

Spurs star Kawhi Leonard plans to explore restricted free agency in 2015

Come on Steve (Kornacki) ....

Any tailgating ideas? Problem....according

Islamic State kills 85 more members of Iraqi tribe

Ebola costs encourage budget flexibility among U.S. Republicans

Argentina's Kirchner launches new attack on US

Al Qaeda group seizes bastion of Western-backed rebels in Syria's Idlib region

Colombians jailed in Venezuela for $15 grocery run

Sign up now for the Teletown Hall on Sunday

Workers strike at Nestle Venezuela plant amid salary dispute

Sign up now for the Teletown Hall on Sunday

Egypt jails 'gay wedding video' men

Angry Birds Transformers

Ecuador court clears way for unlimited presidential terms

Bill Maher rips Democrats: ‘You gave people health care, not herpes — own it’

"Blind Pig & The Acorn" - a great Appalachian blog

Uruguay cannabis growers' clubs: Registration begins

Mike Michaud, Mark Schauer Among Hundreds of Union Member Candidates Running for Office

Uruguay cannabis growers' clubs: Registration begins

Mike Michaud, Mark Schauer Among Hundreds of Union Member Candidates Running for Office

Mike Michaud, Mark Schauer Among Hundreds of Union Member Candidates Running for Office

Cornflake Chicken

Did Obama/Bush/Duncan/Gates Plan for This?

Happy All Saints Day!

F.C.C. Considering Hybrid Regulatory Approach to Net Neutrality

Two Dogs Rescued From Junkyard Need Home

We had only 180 trick or treaters this Hallowe'en.

28 injured as clashes rage across Jerusalem overnight

How to Love an Atheist (If You’re Very Religious)

Learn What Helped Slow Glen Campbell’s Alzheimer’s Progression!

What's for Dinner, Sat., Nov. 1, 2014

How to Make Ebola Worse

Pop Culture and Religious Sensibility on a Mormon TV Network

When Catholic news breaks, cable pundits seek divine analysis

Health Dept. Worker Suspended for Speaking with Robot Voice

"Does this make my gang signs look soft now?"

Florida Shenanigans

Do you know what this month is?

More on the Casselbery Police Chief. He's been there since 88!

When sexual misconduct occurs inside a police department, you have to wonder what else

Daily Cute: Rescued Seal Pups Released Into the Wild

Bill Maher pushes Democrats to defend Obama and GO VOTE!

Energy Department Announces New Investments in Advanced Nuclear Power Reactors

7 Thing I Want My Son To Know About Porn

Partisan versus non-partisan voter protection

Oops - BUSTED: Sharyl Attkisson's 'Hacked' Video Was Made Nine Months AFTER Alleged Hack

Boko Haram leader says all kidnapped girls married

Brazil Setting-up Solar Parks (caused by the worst drought in eight decades)

My reply was hidden with a message that I could not post until 8:07 PM Oct 31. It is 9:56 AM Sat.

Photo of the day: Nina Pham reunited with her dawg Bentley

Foreign jihadists flocking to Iraq and Syria on 'unprecedented scale' – UN

Finally saw "American Psycho". One messed up movie

Love Land, Jeju Island, South Korea (Graphic warning: picture of a statue)

Thumbs up: Solar power for low-income families

Japan Impresses with its FIT (Feed-In-Tariff)

Man hides Large organ in house

Left or right-wing? Brain's disgust response tells all

Henri, the existential cat and Tanked meet.

Nate Silver is giving Michaud more than a 50% chance of beating Paul LePage in Maine. But...

Landrieu defends comment suggesting race a factor in Obama's Louisiana unpopularity

Poll on police abuse of power

When does public good supersede personal safety?

I have been unable to post on DU until9:36AM. I sent the Administration a question about why I have

"The Big Bang"

Fresh Basil season over, Dried some, froze some but:

Kentucky governor: AL, MS "in a race to get back to the 19th century" because of Republicans

Area 51 scientist leaves death bed confession about aliens?

American voters' message to Obama and Iran ( OP'Ed- Ynet )

How The Southern Baptists Are Still Completely Failing Transgender People

Nurse Roommate of Kaci Hickox Developed Ebola

Saturday, November 1st. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

Voter information.

Miley Cyrus donates half a million dollars to AIDS research

Greenpeace: Renewables cutting US emissions more than gas as coal consumption drops


ISIS wouldn't exist if bushco hadn't invaded Iraq

Well, I can be accused of saying "I toldja so..."

Justice Department lowers the boom on the Albuquerque Police.

Just in case you need to throw up...

15 Reasons Why Americans Think We’re Still in a Recession

any news about that Seattle shooting last night (5 shot)?

Sam Wang: Brownback is going down.

U.S. and Cuba Come Together Over Ebola, Infuriating Republicans - NYT

Beware of Pre-Election Agitprop Designed to Discourage Voting

I just used ***Ballotpedia*** to look up a proposed Amendment to our State Constitution ...

NYT: Democrats Count on Edge With Women to Limit Election Losses

'Right to Hunt' Amendments Pit Gun Rights vs. Animal Welfare (

November 1, 1887

Yesterday's trick-or-treaters at the White House...

November 1, 1887

Because some days you need to learn something about others who may need you...

November 1, 1887

Driver sought in crash that killed 3 on Halloween

Nate Silver's gubernatorial forecast.

UN panel adopts landmark climate report

If YOU don't VOTE...

Scott Walker is getting desperate....

Getting a RW Ct candidate's ads here on DU: Foley, running against CT gov. Malloy

This picture is GORGEOUS...

McCain: "I see England, I see France, I see Sarah's . . ."

the perfect disguise

Fourth victim of WA school shooting has died

What early voting looks like in Georgia...

Thank you, KS state Dem chair Joan WAGNON, rebuilding to contender status

I dream of a parade celebrating a Landslide Dems 2014

6,000 Dead in the Syrian Civil War in October

5 facts about evolution and religion

A simple poem I wrote

Papantonio: Republicans Are Outsourcing America

God “totally cool” with giving Tim Cook all that homosexuality

I will be asking a question of the DU Administration about the policly about posting pictures on DU.

Israeli cartoonist in hot water over piece depicting Netanyahu as 9/11 pilot

Greens grow into electoral powerhouse (in the U.S.!)

Poll: Most Israelis not pleased with Netanyahu

I voted yesterday. Straight Democratic ticket. That means I voted for about 5 people.

"Fundamentalist" atheists aren’t the issue, apologists for religions are

Zero risks for Israel vs. zero chances for Palestinians

Posting pictures on DU.

Thank goodness for this forum.

This is what Yahoo! has become...

Unfortunately, we have to admit that the Republican part is absolutely genius.

Nate Silver is giving Michaud more than a 50% chance of beating Paul LePage in Maine. But...

Dumb Criminals: Naked Sex Offender Being Chased By Cops Finds Pants Before They Catch Him

Conflicting Polls in Massachusetts

Vatican releases official English translation of synod's final report

Carmakers prepare to shift to hydrogen fuel cells

Asked about Maine hepatitis A case, LePage goes off on Obama, Ebola and immigrants (video)

Some Democratic Candidates Running in the Mid-Term Elections Are Not

Facebook’s secret newsfeed experiments affected voter turnout in the 2012 election

Pittsburgh Post Gazette's Endorsement of Erin McClelland

Huffingtonpost Governor Forecast

November 5, 2014 - The Beginning of Primary Season

Cher, tonight you have the power !!

Wake County, NC: Hour-long wait time at early voting sites.

Lovely fall day on the Greenland ice cap: -30 F

OK - serious fruitcake questions:

Minnesotans are voting at rate of 10,000 ballots a day

Renault sees frugal (235 MPG) Eolab concept matching Clio's price ($23,900 in France)

Nate Cohn: NC Early Turnout more Diverse, Democratic than 2010

When I was a young club goer, this was my favorite night of the year

Why ISIS's treatment of Yazidi women must be treated as genocide

Rick Snyder is skipping his own bus tour.

Kurdish women a force to be reckoned with for ISIS

MI: Absentee ballots show percentage of turnout that is 'unexpected,' says Genesee County clerk

In Further Defense Of Jonathan Dach, The Yale Law Grad Dragged Into A Sex Scandal

Gay community hit hard by Middle East turmoil

Maine's Governor Dumbshit puts his foot in his mouth yet again...

Where did I go wrong? My school produced more billionaires than any other. I'm not one of them.

HuffPost's Senate Forecast: It's ugly.

Putin’s Friend Profits in Purge of Schoolbooks

I feel a sort of annoyed difference about the ex

A Challenge to Ed Miliband: Would You Protect Great Britain Against Terrorism?

Does the CIA want Republicans to win the midterms? (Trevor Timm 11-1-14 Guardian)

US Ebola infection/incubation timeline 11.1.14

Israel to UN: Recognize Hamas as a terror organization

Natural History Museum UK People's Choice Award Winner 2014

How German Pharmaceutical Companies Torpedo Cannabis Legalization

‘Bilateralism has failed, time to bring in the Arab world,’ says Rabin’s son

New York doctor with Ebola improves (serious but stable condition), hospital says

Democrats are doing poorly because the seats up in this election are almost universally conservative

Pinochet grandson forming right-wing political party in Chile

Merkel states European leaders not to recognize elections in self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republ

Chile's 'Children of Silence' seek truth

Planet-forming stream found in binary star system

there's a nor'easter blowing in this afternoon

The Global Shame Of The United States: Why America Elects So Few Women

So fellow Florida Democrats, are we going to turn out Gov. Voldemort ?

This is not a Red election. It's a Red-Blue election.

Last of the Crow war chiefs turns 101 in Montana

Kitchen dancing! This one's for Rhiannon.

Bringing Books and Seeking Peace in Colombia

Jury Duty in America

GOP To Iowans: Your Neighbors Will Know If You Don’t Vote Republican

Arutz Sheva- US officials reportedly say Obama should replace Hagel and Kerry

GA early voting update.

In Bolivia, ‘New Andean’ architecture applies new money to old traditions

Maybe we should stop calling our opponents "stupid" since they are "kicking our butts

This won't help us win any elections, but it still must be trumpeted from the highest peaks

Everybody is comparing early voting to 2010 what about 2012 comparison

Ride my see-saw.

The Logical Bipartisan Insanity of Endless War-- by Paul Street

Condition upgraded for NYC doctor with Ebola

Amazon rainforest losing ability to regulate climate, scientist warns

"Very likely/ 50-50 voters Burke 52.4, Walker 32.0"

Mess Up Afghanistan--

Papantonio: Contractor Fraud A Growing Epidemic

GOP To Iowans: Your Neighbors Will Know If You Don’t Vote Republican

When Conspiracy Theories Don't Fit the Media Narrative

Toon: Bedside Manners of the Dumb Governors

Scott Brown is trying to make a point.

Meet Ibeyi: French-Cuban twins with a musical sixth sense

The Kurdish Stalingrad

Texas Higher Education

Chile ex-mayor arrested, charged with Pinochet-era crimes

Arab League to hold emergency meeting Sunday

My radio show tonight (8 PM Eastern) is a one hour tribute to Jack Bruce.

Rolling Stone's "Keith Richards: Goodnight Spoon" comic is pretty cool.

Billionaire Bruce in trouble

No, the Pope doesn’t support evolution

Mike Adams and NY Post promote more hysteria over Ebola

Hoard of 17th century artifacts found at Rathfarnham Castle, Ireland

AK - Documents show deep role of governor's staff in response to National Guard complaints

We need Keynes, according to Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Can you give a group host poll privileges?

believe the polls? Don't!!!

Democracy Is for Amateurs: Why We Need More Citizen Citizens

Sen. Pat Roberts' attempt at endorsement by someone who actually lives in Kansas fails

Took a little trip through the Carneros district this morning

He’s “One of the Biggest Threats to Planet Earth on Planet Earth”

Malloy Leads for Connecticut Governor

Federal Judge Exempts Another Catholic University from Birth Control Coverage (NO war on women!)

Man Robbed Subways Because ‘Jared diet’ Didn’t Work.

Think your vote doesn't matter? #Vote2014

Today in Herstory: Will New York Choose Suffrage?

Ginger Rogers bust, sculptor’s letter displayed at National Portrait Gallery

Simpsons fans: What are your top 10 favorite episodes?

The Healthcare System Prior to 1965

When Hell Freezes Over: Upstate South Carolina. (PHOTOS)

UPDATE!! I just listened to a lawyer who described attending the Supreme Court

brace yourselves. This is the first federal election since Citizens United. The hounds are unleashed

women codebreakers of bletchley park

Poll: Gov. Pat Quinn Leads Bruce Rauner in Home Stretch

New Pan Atlantic poll shows Cutler’s support shifting to Michaud

Two Charged After Melee At Bristol Bar

More than twice as many Democrats as Republicans vote early in Maryland

Google CEO Larry Page: Million Dollar Houses In Silicon Valley Should Only Cost $50,000

Agnosticism for Idiots; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the People Who Hate Atheists

GOP canvasers telling Iowa Dems they can vote online

GOP canvassers telling Iowa Dems they can vote online

Growing consensus between Dems and Reps on Senate outlook.

PPP Arkansas poll-Republicans poised to have good night

I think Democrats are going to do much better than expected in the mid-term elections.

Agnosticism for Idiots; or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the People Who Hate Atheists

How much does civilization weigh?

What's with all the GLOOM and DOOM threads?


Why Do We Pay So Much For Crappy Internet?

I should put this under videos, but here's another scary black guy running after someone...

West Wing Week 10/31/14 or, "Giving and Sharing"