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We Honor Our Vets & Thank Them For Fighting For Our Freedoms - Yet The Repubs.....

Billionaires Adelson and Saban, at odds in campaigns, unite on Israel and hit Obama

Fake Jerry Jones - He enjoyed London

Stacy Pearsall, a hero

Wolf to impose 'No, thank you' Rule on Appointees

80,000 Baby Seals Are Being Slaughtered in Namibia to Make Fur Coats in China That Are Sold on net

80,000 Baby Seals Are Being Slaughtered in Namibia to Make Fur Coats in China That Are Sold on net

I want to share a striking paragraph but Copyright and the author being a grouch stop me (UPDATED)

None Dare Call It Treason: Why Republicans Won

Bernie Sanders hires Tad Devine as campaign advisor

Charles P Pierce- Ghosts of Tradecraft Past

The Bushes should be PROUD of themselves for hijacking fucking VETERANS DAY.

Orphaned Baby Sea Otter Learns to Swim, Captures the Hearts of Chicago

AFT Launches National Ebola Information Hotline

‘You’ll see me again,’ outgoing Texas Gov. Rick Perry tells South Carolina audience

First He Called A Suicide Prevention Hotline, But The Next Call Was What Really Turned Things Around

hello, I have an objection to a post of mine that got hidden.

The Rude Pundit and I will be live on the air at 9pm ET, 6pm PT tonight

"Universal Soldier" - Buffy Sainte-Marie

Dogs and cats living together...

So Where was the RepubliCON Outcry Obama in China....

Ferguson mayor wearing NRA hat?

Himalayan Bus Ride Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Should Glenn Beck seek additional help? What is "a hyperextension of [the] adrenal gland"?

the horror

Charlie Chaplin at war.

Pat Robertson: Single Mother Is ‘Tempting God’ By Not Getting Married

>>>> Hunger Games actor hopes film franchise will galvanise young voters <<<

The coming crisis: Too few teachers for NC

Greg Abbott names Mexican-born county judge secretary of state

My contribution to Veteran's Day...

First day of filing draws more than 350 bills in Texas Legislature

The Medal of Freedom...Finally!

Cowboys activate Josh Brent months after intoxication manslaughter conviction

Clumsy Baby Elephants. 2min 20 secs. (also cute)

Just for fans of the classic "Twilight Zone"

Just how small is an atom? - Jonathan Bergmann

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Flanders Field! & a new Kitteh gif

Apparently Reid is not going to get a vote for Lynch's appointment before the end of the term.

"President Obama Has Earned Our Disapproval" The Atlantic, Nov 2014

Sea change down under: Ex-Australian Foreign Minister announces himself a ‘Friend of Palestine’

Dem's caving in before the gop takeover

SCOTUS lawsuit NOT a challenge to the ACA... the lawsuit's aim is to UPHOLD the ACA

Senators: We're Optimistic Cuba to Free Contractor

Which universe are we in?

Please hug your loved ones a little closer tonight..

Russia Agrees To Build Iran Atomic Reactors At Bushehr

Fox News Drops Ben Carson As A Contributor

Warfarin--I see the ads for this on TV--to be taken by humans.

"No job for a boy": letters from Canadian WWI soldier

College Football Playoff Rankings 11/11/14 - TCU is 4th! I'm beside myself!

This is how some of us age..<G> Bob Seger's latest trib to the Wisconsin Weasel*...

Texas Lawmaker Wants Constitutional ‘License To Discriminate’ Against LGBT Workers And Customers

Rachel is reporting Dems

Rachel Maddow - Net neutrality the next politicized policy

According to CBS News tonight...

How to Make and Wrap Yema

Veterans Day - A national holiday on which Republicans feign support for veterans even as they are c

If You Give a Mouse an iPhone

Leonard Cohen - "The Faith"

Listening to NPR tonight, 2 stories indirectly demonstrated the govt working.

APEC Leaders Back China-led Free Trade Zone

Moderates Look To Wield Clout In GOP-Led Senate

Meet the wealthiest person in every US state:

Russia Rejects Tony Abbott's Call For Apology And Compensation For MH17

huh?? SCOTUS Decides: As Obamacare Goes, So Goes Dark Money

Unbelievable...and some folks voted to continue this November 4th.....Paying a EAA Head $325K

I learned it's not just Veteran's Day

Rachel Maddow - Conservative media creates parallel universe

Sullivan, Parnell gain ground in latest round of Alaska vote counting

November, 1987. I was so young. I was 21 then. Happy Veterans Day.

The Neocon Plan for War and More War

A new Simon's Cat episode!

Vani Hari's excellent plane trip

Feds Have New Leverage in Medicaid Showdown

Mary has a little lamb... Opps! I mean...

I'm glad I was born in 1950.

Remembering Tomas Young

9/11 Physics: "You Can't Use Common Sense"

Some radio program this morning referred to Chairman Grassley R-Iowa and...

Now that they are in charge, will Republicans finally get to the bottom of all the scandals??

The Atlantic: Gentrification without the negative

Who gets credit for the format/design of DU?

Nah - it shouldn't work - but it did! A pasta dish with...Brussels Sprouts!

Capitalism is Religion

How do you think you'd be doing as President?

"A Republic, if you can keep it".

Has anyone heard from DUer "Uncle Joe"

Body of War (Documentary on Tomas Young)

North Tyneside, England: terrier okay after rescue from drains

U.S. and China reach breakthrough climate deal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

BREAKING: The US and China Just Announced a Huge Deal on Climate—and it's a Gamechanger

"Russia to Build Nuclear Reactors in Iran"

hard to believe it has been eight years since this chaged everything

Roman stele depicting unknown god uncovered in southeast Turkey

Oh no...Mrs. Wolowitz ( Howards' mother) died.

Watching "Casablanca" last night, I was again reminded it used to be the bad guys keeping "dossiers"

a few thoughts on the recent election. Numbers, for those who care

FACT SHEET: U.S.-China Joint Announcement on Climate Change and Clean Energy Cooperation

Study identifies pre-symptomatic markers for hemorrhagic viruses like Ebola

Sky Pilot Eric Burdon & The Animals

ARTICLE: Students in special education now at 24 percent on Staten Island, outpacing other boroughs

Will Democrats listen to Krystal Ball's crystal ball - Hillary Clinton no shoo-in.

Three Songs For Veteran's Day

Megyn Kelly F-bombs Mike Huckabee's name

This Painting Captures a Disturbing Truth about the History of our Education System

Post Five Lessons YOU take from the midterms.

Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is full.

My condolences on LePage getting re-elected.

Voter Turnout in Midterm Elections Hits 72-Year Low

Mexico investigates police in shooting of pregnant American teen

Pat Sajak flips out

FCC head may reject Obama's plan for net neutrality

What BS - China isn't reducing CO emissions at all

Carol Ann Susi, Voice of Mrs. Wolowitz on 'Big Bang Theory,' Dies

SUCCESS! - Landing On A Comet - First & second descent images inside!

An interview with airline pilot Patrick Smith

Vox (Ezra Klein) - Obamacare premiums are falling by 0.2% across 48 major cities

Working-class Americans could lose $36 billion if the latest Obamacare challenge prevails

-11 °F (1911) all time low for this date for Bismarck, ND

Vox (Sarah Kliff) - It looks like America is now Ebola-free

Dense fog advisories for NC, VA, MD, DE, NJ, NY, CT, ME, RI, MA, and NH

A "Dear Santa" decoration sign in girl's section of Dillard's stirs up outrage

John Doar has passed. Remember and honor this great man!

Putin has plunged Russia into a vicious cycle of economic decline

Nigel Farage: The armistice was the biggest mistake of the 20th century

Senate Democrats may vote on Keystone in lame duck session

November 12

Ferguson cops harass and assault live streamers (Rebelutionary_z and Short Stack)

UM Health System, nurses union agree to Ebola contract

American pilots union to consider contract offer from company

Here Are Some Reasons Whole Foods Workers Might Want a Union

Whole Foods Employees Ask For a Union

Whole Foods Employees Ask For a Union

"California City Bans Homeless From Sleeping Outside: If They Leave, ‘Then That’s Their Choice’"

Postal workers union files complaint to NLRB after data breach

NM film union leader says right-to-work could derail local film industry

Woman taken to 'wrong' hospital faces bankruptcy

John Doar, US civil rights lawyer, dies aged 92

Garth Brooks gives away guitar to fan with cancer during concert

AP: Startup working to turn hoverboards into reality (Back to the Future tech)

Japanese High School Holds "Sex Change Day"

Fearing Bombs That Can Pick Whom to Kill

Mike Malloy - Rightwingers Are Ideologues With God On Their Side

Mike Malloy - Republicans Are Not There To Govern

Honeywell plant fails to report emergency

Carol Ann Susi, Voice Behind Big Bang Theory's Mrs. Wolowitz, Dead at 62

Dershowitz: Amnesty Int. Has Become Apologist for Terrorism & Enemy of Democracy

Is the REST of the Voting Rights Act in peril?

Please send good thoughts to my sweet kitteh India today, her 20th birthday

Fuck it: Nation backs Republican agenda in new poll:

U.S. Troops Back in Iraq’s Anbar Province Where ISIS Holds Sway

Democratic Senator Won't Stand for Obstruction in the Senate by

Budweiser gets 6 million property tax cut, then uses labor from outside the county for repairs

Q: Did President Obama call for a “new world order” in a speech in Europe?

Because when you cry...

BREAKING: Trade pacts more likely with GOP majority

California Nurses Lead Nationwide Strike Over Lack of Ebola Protection to Spotlight Hospital Cuts

Inside One City's Fascinating Battle to Ban Comcast from Operating in Its Borders

ATF helps folks out on what is or isn't and 80% lower.

Inevitability is to Third Way Politics as Austerity is to Disaster Capitalism

Take the World's Smallest Political Quiz

Husky With An Identity Crisis

Effect of Voter Turnout

Sen. Sanders Agenda for America

Louisiana candidate stands by wild Facebook rants about ‘f*ggots, bums, OUR HITLER PRESIDENT’

Legacy of Racism and National Oppression in Michigan

Nuclear plants closure bill to reach $100bn

Canada pipeline lawyer argues in court protester's facial expressions constitute assault.

Major California Reservoirs As Of 10/27/2014

South Florida and Sea Level Rise: A Slow Motion Catastrophe

Summit digs into persistence of U.S. racism

So far, the freeps do not share George W. Bush's enthusiasm for a third Bush in the White House.

Study: Farmers and scientists divided over climate change

WA state among cheapest for workers’ comp

"I'd never condone Nazism in my art. One of my best friends happen to be Jewish."

Robert Reich: The Choice of the Century

Lame-Duck Senator Urged to 'Show Principles' and Release Torture Report to Public Record

Major Climate Deal With China Just Weakened The GOP's Favorite Argument Against Reducing Emissions

Missouri Governor Says National Guard Is Still Option in Ferguson

Republican Talking Points

Climate Deal Just Weakened The GOP's Favorite Argument Against Reducing Emissions

Policeman faces murder charge in Nakba Day shooting of Palestinian teen (Caught live by CNN)

Kobe Bryant sets mark for misses

Luke Russert of MSNBC dressed as a very big fish-wearing a very small barrel

Republican campaigns had policy of responding to volunteer sign-ups within 24 hours.

Never Mind ISIS, It’s ISDS (of the Trans-Pacific Partnership) That’s the Real Threat

Needed: A progressive Christianity to restore the nation’s civic virtues (COMMENTARY)

Israeli settlers torch mosque in Ramallah-area village

Score this far, Republicans have 53 seats.

Last night's dance at the King, Wisconsin Veterans Home (pic heavy)

US top diplomat Kerry heading to Jordan, UAE

Pelorus Jack

The Vicar and the Black Hen

How Shy People Stole Our Elections

Serra (the pedophile creep chavista) murdered by own Venezuelan body guards

Roasted cauliflower and lentil soup

Netanyahu is exposing his nationalist face to the public ( Haaretz Editorial )

Rosetta mission - lander has left the mothership, on it's way to landing on the comet in 7 hours

Tom Cole (R-OK): Impeachment "a Democratic fantasy," Repubs only discuss in response to Dems

Corporations lobbying against Net Neutrality in one chart

Koterba toons: Winter Weather has started

Counter-Terrorism: Egypt And Israel Unite Against Tunnels

Koch Party Wins Big, Planet in Peril

record tomato harvest in California drought

Global banks fined billions in currency probe

Walmart Memo Orders Stores to Improve Grocery Performance

AT&T pauses fiber investment on net neutrality concerns

Joan McCarter: The one easy trick states could use to save Obamacare subsidies, if they cared

artist turns her new york home into a psychedelic retreat

Kitten needs home

Pelosi: "Congratulations, they won the election, but there was no wave of approval for anybody"

Myanmar arrests point to 'dangerous future'

Pride Bill Nighy, Andrew Scott, Imelda Staunton HD

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1-Voting Cycle

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2-Net Neutrality

Should Harry Reid Retire in 2016?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Israeli forces raid Ramallah-area apartment, shoot Palestinian

From the 2014 Who Tribute: Geddy Lee performs "The Seeker"

Congrats to Matt Williams and Buck Showalter, MLB Managers of the Year

US stocks edge lower after five record closes

Approx one hour from comet landing (11 AM EST) - live link here. Live Science!

Warren Clarke, star of Dalziel and Pascoe, dies aged 67

Hiring Survey: Bright Outlook for the Class of 2015

Apparently, Jehovah’s Witnesses are Going Commando.

Dems Oust Two Pro-Gun GOPers Elected In Colorado Recalls

How to rig an automated election in the Philippines

In the decade + that I've been posting on DU

"Yup. We’re soft landing on a comet today." - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Red Sox 'all in' on Pablo Sandoval

I'm a weather wuss!

National Geographic Photo of the Day: Kallur Lighthouse

Experts fear Scottish wildcat may be extinct

November 20: Transgender Day of Remembrance, with memorials around the world

I'm getting hooked on this really silly cartoon show...

Benedict Cumberbatch on portraying Alan Turing

Another phone scam today.

A prominent political website and famous commentator agree: Dawkins is militant!

Bernie Sanders Delivers A Gut Punch To the Republican Agenda To Screw Ordinary Americans

RESOLVED: Denial of media credentials to Chuck Todd for 2016 Democratic Convention.

Socialized Health Care

U.S. District Judge Strikes Down South Carolina Ban On LGBT Marriage

What do you think Obama will do when presented with a Bill to open ANWR for drilling?

Why is it more important to Bomb Iraq than feed the 65 YO woman I saw eating from a trash can this

Petition: What Democrats must do now to fill judicial vacancies before Republicans take over

Microsoft Open Sources .Net, .Net on Linux & OSX, Free Visual Studio

Toyota Prius owners - I need help!!!

ATTN: Pima County Voters! (...and all of AZ, too)

Happy Birthday Kurt Vonnegut

Mali quarantines dozens after Ebola kills second victim

Ebola crisis: Sierra Leone health workers go on strike

My Ben Carson "Huh?" of the day...

Clinton camp to meet with progressive critics

Probe makes historic comet landing

Judge strikes down South Carolina ban on same-sex marriage

Rosetta has landed

Funny-How stone age man discovers art

How to Scrap the Two-Party System in Three Steps

Potentially catastrophic bug bites all versions of Windows. Patch now

The Oatmeal explains net neutrality to Ted Cruz

Lemur from PBS children's show "Zooboomafoo" has died aged 20

U.S. states' pot legalization not in line with international law: U.N. agency

Volunteers help find family’s pet dog that fled crash scene

Amphipolis skeleton from Alexander's time found in Greece

Neoliberalism defined?

Let's Just Say It: Women Matter More Than Fetuses Do

Infant burials could help solve the mystery of who settled the New World

The Rude Pundit - The Deep Empty in the Heart of the Republican Victory

Nurses to stage WH vigil on Ebola preparedness

AP Exclusive: Drone sightings up dramatically

Rubber necking?

Episcopal Church in Michigan supports gun control

Windows Live Mail Error

Report: Low-income, minority students losing ground at Kentucky colleges

Media Leaping to Extremely Faulty Conclusions from Study on the Effects of Marijuana on the Brain

Private-sector job growth over 56 months - a record - has generated some 10.6M jobs, yet

Ancient beer? Oh yeah!

Arafat's widow: Armed struggle will only lead to Palestinians being crushed

Remington to lay off 126 more people in NY

Gregor Gysi smears Max Blumenthal & David Sheen then locks himself in the Bundestag toilet

Israel approves 200 new East Jerusalem settler homes

Here's an idea I have been mulling...

Pic Of The Moment: As Europe Lands A Spacecraft On A Comet...

Islamic Jihad: Israel should expect response to 'settler terrorism'

96 year old Mennonite pastor has credentials revoked for marrying gay son and partner.

Pennsylvania Towns Sue Over State Legislation on Gun Control Measures

Eight Reasons to Stop Freaking Out About the Supreme Court's Next Obamacare Case

A Day Late & a Dollar Short: Obama & China agree on Languid Climate Goals

John Lewis: "Hope will overcome fear. Optimism will defeat bitterness."

The oceans’ sensitive skin—Ocean acidification affects climate-relevant functions at the sea-surface

Law and Order in Mexico

Teabagger "leader" wants government shutdown...

Fruits of the forest gone: Overhunting of large animals has catastrophic effects on trees

Gun control group tries to quiet debate

WWII veteran, 92, fought 'don't ask, don't tell'

U.S. states' pot legalization not in line with international law: U.N. agency

America's Critical Infrastructure Is Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

10 years ago, freepwads were far to the right of the republican mainstream

Federal judge strikes down SC gay marriage ban

Students Punished for Not Saying “Under God” When Leading Pledge of Allegiance


Really shitty movies with a very talented cast

Inspector: No sign of investigation in 1,111 New Orleans sex crime-related calls

Republicans Won the Midterms. The NRA Did Not.

Being a Sex Worker Doesn't Confer Right to Violate Her: Court

These Republicans use China as an excuse for climate inaction. What will they say now?

Bug reports

Nation of Three Hundred Million Understands President Can Only Come From Two Families

i made a comment in an Op to a poster with a handful of posts, a man that comes

How 'Double Bucks' For Food Stamps Conquered Capitol Hill

Proposition: the leadership of the Democratic Party is happy the way things are

Walker's DNR turns Deer Hunting into regulatory nightmare of borders and tags. & K. Vinehout

I have never been to a protest, but today I will protest Wal-Mart.

Lebanese consumers learn they are eating sh**

Good news Democrats. We have a plan to save Senator Landrieu's seat!

Speaking of Zeke Emanuel..he wants to phase out Medicare, proposes vouchers.

Coloring Book Released On Veterans Day Proves Ted Cruz Is The Real Hero

Turkish Protesters Rough Up US Sailors in Istanbul

Net neutrality changes in U.S. could impact Canada

The only things missing in this stunning, intimate portrait are the prison bars and orange jumpsuits

Republicans take a break from their victory kegger to piss on the climate deal

Wal-Mart 'urgent' memo urges improvement at U.S. stores

Gun pointed during argument over Battleship game

Charter of Fools

Flip The Script~ Adoptees want to be heard among the clatter of national adoption month

Joseph Smith, Mormon Church founder, had as many as 40 wives

A DU'ers post was referenced in an article on Patheos, by Frank Schaeffer!

Know your BFEE: Poppy Bush is why there are no Special Prosecutors around when you need one.

I welcome the coming storm

"De-Ratzingerization" Continues as Pope Francis Removes Conservative Cardinal Burke

Capital Weather Gang 2014-2015 winter outlook for Washington, D.C.: Colder and snowier than normal

Domino’s founder turning FL town into unconstitutional contraception-free ‘Catholic enclave’

I Refuse to Succumb to Pessimism about Our Political Future

New Pew Poll: Two-Thirds of republicans want GOP to 'stand up' to Obama

NPR Debate: Does Income Inequality Impair The American Dream?

UPDATE: 2 Window Washers Reported Trapped On Scaffold At 1 World Trade Center - Rescued!

National Adoption Awareness Month: Hearing Voices of Loss

Ben Carson Will Crack Down On Non-Citizens Committing Voter Fraud By Revoking Their Citizenship

Scotty Explains Transwarp Beaming

My proposal for legal Government ID's, vital documents, etc.


Republican Joni Ernst Admits Why Republicans Really Hate Obamacare

Time For Nancy Pelosi And Harry Reid To Go

Athens, Ohio: Church-state pre-trial set for today

It was in China's interest...

Annulment reform and a golden age for canon law

Why aren't the exterior windows of huge buildings washed

At Veterans Day event, Chuck Hagel calls for more opportunities for vets

Meet Jonathan Gruber, The Man Who’s Willing To Say What Everyone Else Is Only Thinking About Obamaca

Luckovich: Law of the Land

Security Experts Predict GOP Control of Congress Will Lead to Improved Relations With Israel

A timeline of comet probe's 10-year journey

Family of Liberian man who died of Ebola in Dallas settles with hospital


Ku Klux Klan Now Recruiting Black, Jewish and Homosexual Members

BREAKING: Volkswagen To Recognize UAW In Tennessee

"Sorry about the Ogallala Aquifer, kids. We have to protect Mary Fucking Landrieu"

Marge Roukema dead at 85.

High-mileage motor oil for a high-mileage engine--is it worth it? nt

Why Putin Is Suddenly So Playful

Harry reid on twitter announced dems will sell out to GOP

Judge strikes down S.C. same-sex marriage ban!

By chance I ventured over to C-SPIN to see if congress Is Back in session.....

U.S. judge voids Kansas ban on same-sex marriage!

Texas hospital that treated first U.S. Ebola patient settles with his family

Boston Marathon bombing survivor bids farewell to leg before amputation

Boom! heads are exploding

More attempted turd-polishing from gun controllers

The Republican majority in the Colorado Senate is now 18. So what did they wear?

How Republicans Are Freaking Out About The Historic U.S.- China Climate Agreement

Lets elect a bunch of idiots so we can drown

Seachickens are selling fans watered-down beer

Court weighs role of race in Alabama redistricting

I think we need some different words to describe our place in the Party.

Slaughterhouse Five - Kurt Vonnegut reads. War backwards.

US companies now stashing $2 trillion overseas

Why Wall Street Loves Hillary

Pronunciation of articles in English

So who are these dead American Journalists in the MidWest of our nation?

Ring of Fire: Democrats Crushed In Midterms, But Progressive Ideals Prosper

Top Chef fans check in!!

My 5000th post!

'We need an underwater train to Ireland,' says think tank

As bad as it gets; a glimpse inside Colombia’s 10 worst prisons

Elizabeth Warren warns: Corporations are taking over the courts with GOP’s help

Poll: Majority of Americans want Republicans in Congress to set the nation's course

Reid: 'No desire' to obstruct GOP

Israel announces it won’t cooperate with UN Gaza probe

Mitch and John meet Jaws

Medical marijuana bill passes 1st hurdle in Colombia’s senate debate

Colombia police arrest ex-presidential guard for drug trafficking

Two witnesses murdered, one missing in case against former Colombia governor

Israeli navy sinks Palestinian fishing boat off Gaza coast

Gas to average under $3 in 2015, government says

In Alaska's Senate Race, Republican Sullivan Upsets Incumbent

Morans shoot out windows at a Unitarian church...

Bill Cassidy promised slot on Energy Committee if he wins runoff election [against Mary Landrieu]

U.N. Says U.S. Marijuana Legalization Violates International Law

this didn't take long: GOP congressional leaders denounce U.S.-China deal on climate change

Now the right-wingers say Obama is doing too much against ebola!

Billionaire says: "Why not become a plumber instead of going to college?"

Fake "former terrorist" now says America will be Islamic in 2020...

Los Angeles considered proposing a ban feeding homeless people in public

House Republicans are fast tracking Keystone Pipeline bill.

The Six Jesuit Scholars and the American War on Self-Determination

‘Are you That cruel?’: Sen. Angus King rips ‘Fox & Friends’ for Obamacare repeal fixation

The Six Jesuit Scholars and the American War on Self-Determination

Obama Considering Lazard Banker for Treasury Post

Trial Again Delayed for Venezuela Judge

Holidays’ names stricken from next year’s Montgomery schools calendar.

Americans Satisfied With Health Care System

Israel announces it won’t cooperate with UN Gaza probe

WH:Women and Girls of Color: Addressing Challenges and Expanding Opportunity

In Socialist Venezuela, Barbie for the Masses

NOW it gets interesting: TN heavyweights file FEDERAL lawsuit to overturn Amendment 1 "results"

One week past Election 2014

Honduras seeks billions from U.S. to curb child migration

So this is our new chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works...

TPP's in the news again, so here's a cartoon redux

Appalachia gathers dissent to gas pipeline bound for eastern N.C.

Rape, abortion ban drives pregnant teens to suicide in El Salvador

Rape, abortion ban drives pregnant teens to suicide in El Salvador

Jesus and Hitler

Opinion piece - Hanrahan: Coal is a dead end for Appalachia

Who are these "thousands of scientists against the UN" Inhofe is babbling about?

Too Many Cooks.

In Guatemala, Indigenous Communities Prevail Against Monsanto

In Guatemala, Indigenous Communities Prevail Against Monsanto

Cuban medics sent to Venezuela flee en masse to the US (Spanish)

WELCOME - Updated

John Nichols: Wisconsin Democratic Party needs to reconsider itself

Do you think your employer could be interested in what you post on the internet?

Frank Zappa tells Charlie Rose about Pat Robertson and Iran-Contra

Amphipolis skeleton from Alexander's time found in Greece (BBC)

Reports: Everyone Going to Bitch Until There’s a 64-Team College Football Playoff

On My 50th Birthday, a Letter to Myself at 17

If Geek Girls Treated Geek Guys The Way Geek Guys Treat Them, Here's How It Would Sound

Josh Marshall - "What If There's Nothing We Can Do?"

Don’t Ask How to Feed the 9 Billion - Mark Bittman

Protesters burn state congress over Mexico 'massacre'

GOP already in lame excuse mode: Republicans can’t pass an immigration bill, and somehow that’s Obam

Could Student Massacre Be 'Watershed Moment' for Mexico?

Vienna, Austria: twisted light sent over city

Microsoft fixes '19-year-old' bug with emergency patch (BBC)

Video: ESA Mission Control Celebrates Philae's Successful Landing on Comet

Keystone Pipeline vote tomorrow...

Today in Herstory: DC Judge Unexpectedly Frees Arrested Suffragists

12 Countries Have Called on El Salvador to Stop Criminalizing Abortion

12 Countries Have Called on El Salvador to Stop Criminalizing Abortion

Outrageous! Woman who had voted for 72 years denied a vote because she lacked a photo ID.

Fish and Wildlife Service sued over Mexican gray wolf recovery plan

Iran says it has responded to Obama's letters

Pentagon Launches Largest-Ever Military Sexual Assault Survey

Pentagon Launches Largest-Ever Military Sexual Assault Survey

House to vote on Cassidy Keystone bill

Ebola Talk Stops After Midterm Election, US Now Ebola Free

Bill McKibben: The Big Climate Deal: What It Is, and What It Isn’t

90 Pounds of Cocaine Found on Ship Owned by Anti-Drug Mitch McConnell's Family

Nurses are on strike and Obama wants 50 treatment centers and $6B emergency funds

After Muslims Seek Equity, Christmas Stricken from School Calendar

Sanders Signals he's Serious

Inspector: No sign of investigation in 1,111 New Orleans sex crime-related calls

Vegan mother arrested after putting her baby on a vegan diet. The baby lost 10% of his body weight

Thom Hartmann: The $9 Billion Witness

Wonkette: A Serious Critique Of Net Neutrality By Serious Donald Trump, Who Is Serious Read

Thom Hartmann: Veterans...We're Sorry For How Our Country Treated You

How the GOP Bought, Rigged, Stole and Lynched the 2014 Election

The Day The Universe Changed, Episode 10 (Worlds Without End) Part 5 of 5

Get Real, Compromise With the GOP and Their Agenda?

Toni Morrison Takes White Supremacy To Task

U.S. court refuses to hold Occidental liable in Colombia bombing

U.S. court refuses to hold Occidental liable in Colombia bombing

Hamas among richest terror groups worldwide – second only to ISIS

A Time to Act

Bishops back President Obama on immigration

Scotland Produced Enough Wind Energy To Power Every Home In October

NY Times opinion: Colombia’s Compromise With Murder (Jose Miguel Vivanco, Max Schoening)

This country's national anthem is about WAR.

Robin Vos is a petty, spiteful little man

"The land of the Prosperous Criminals, and the home of the Cowards."

Texas Proposes Tougher Rules On Fracking Wastewater After Earthquakes Surge

Largest USAID Women’s Empowerment Program in the World Launched in Afghanistan

Egypt reports attack on naval patrol

BOG MEMBERS ONLY: World Tries To Explain To GOP How Good They Have It Under Obama (POLL Pic Heavy)

If you want to see something different at the movies, see Birdman.

U.S. slams Israeli plan to build 200 Jerusalem homes beyond Green Line

New to Minnesota

Local residents stymie Colombia’s coal plans

Conservatives confused by ‘Fortunate Son'

Texas A&M Students Shouted Down a Westboro Baptist Church Demonstration With Yell Practice

Veteran thought he had no more value to society

Moslems Ask For Holiday Equity. County Cancels Mention Of Religion. MSN News.

Russian bomber patrols to reach Gulf of Mexico

What's for dinner - Wednesday, Nov. 12, 2014

After Gutting the Voting Rights Act, Alabama Cites It As an Excuse for Racial Gerrymandering

Venezuela, worst economy in Latin America (Spanish)

If you are into blues with a little bit of soul - this is one of the best political songs I've heard

Jury Way Out on a Federal Prosecution of Darren Wilson

Tomorrow is the 40th Anniversary of the death of Karen Silkwood

Former Zimmerman supporter appears for grand jury testimony

If you were the President?

Nigel Farage's new European ally claims semen passes on 'attitudes of men' to women during sex

Mark Assini (R) concedes race to Rep. Louise Slaughter

I Was Arrested for Voting

Newcastle, England: chickens help elderly reduce loneliness

a few minutes ago i had several tabs open with threads from

Florida AG: Republican and leaning corrupt. "Bondi defends herself over lobbyist ties"

Confirmed: Sprawl and Bad Transit Increase Unemployment

Federal Court Tosses Shell Oil Company’s Preemptive Suit Against Environmental Groups

American Workers Mad About Wage Stagnation Elect The Cause Of That Stagnation.

"Bondi defends herself over lobbyist ties"

Unexploded Mines on the Chilean Border

Unexploded Mines on the Chilean Border

"The Candidate Who Promised To 'Disrupt' Congress Couldn't Get Enough Bandwidth"(Honda/Khanna)

happy birthday, elizabeth cady stanton

Apparently Conflict Kitchen in Oakland had recieved death treats. .

Benefits of Texas Wind Energy Estimated to Exceed $3.3 Billion Annually

here is some ACA irony for you.

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If you can't find your way in a corn maze, you pick a direction and

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