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Archives: November 17, 2014

Anti-gay group Texas Values endorses Sen. Donna Campbell’s “license to discriminate” bill

'Food Is Free' Project Losing Their Teaching Farm

Oakland Raiders lose 16th straight game

America’s Pseudo-Democracy

Does Time Speed-Up As You Age?

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 17 November 2014

Any Eagles fans here?

$1 contraceptive injection to be made available in dozens of countries

The Face(s) of Evil Incarnate

"Band Aid 30: X Factor unveiling for Ebola charity song"

Ever watch any of those old Sword and Sandal movies from the 1950's and early 1960's?

Colin Farrell's emotional plea for marriage equality

Alfred Schnittke lies here.

A 26-Year-Old Woman Is ISIS’s Last American Hostage

Jeff Masters - U.S. Lightning Strikes May Increase 50% Due to Global Warming

Far-right leader praises Serbia's ties with Russia. Urges country to scrap EU integration and turn

Uh oh---NFL being raided by the Feds

Rarely Seen “Enchanted” Moments of World History

Heart stents may require longer blood thinner use

Worst dubbing job EVER!!!

Tax Credits or Back-door Vouchers by R-Senator Patrick and Lt. Governor Dewhurst

wanted: a good, cheap dust free brand of kitty litter.

Who Free Trade Agreements Benefit


Why Houthis hold the power in Yemen

Dear Republicans, thought you may enjoy this pic ...

President Obama is a patient man

Maybe those 492 could afford to help some of the 16 million? No?

Lawless Tyrant

Three from the Arboretum

Does Our Military Know Something We Don't About Global Warming?

Atari games buried in landfill net $37,000 on eBay

What it really means to be a public school educator today

Officials: Spank marks on Ted Cruz's ass exact size and shape of Sentator Al Franken's right hand

Remember the song "One Tin Soldier"? There is a line in there that seems to be a Tea Bag mantra

UPMC Workers Reinstated Amidst Union Dispute

Anonymous has hijacked KKK's main Twitter acct.

NLRB win over in LBN!!!!

NLRB win over in LBN!!!!

Why are people so defensive of Bill Cosby but not Jerry Sandusky or Jimmy Savile?

Indictment of Ex-Official Raises Questions on Mississippi’s Private Prisons

Fun Fact

We should realize what it took for us to get 60 Senators

Senator Leticia Van de Putte to resign and run for mayor of San Antonio

My youngest daughter (12) just informed me she has caught every Pokemon ever-all 719

Chess (November 16): Magnus leads rematch at halftime

Man Charged With Animal Cruelty, Accused Of Fatally Shooting 2 Dogs (labs)

Man Charged With Animal Cruelty, Accused Of Fatally Shooting 2 Dogs (labs)

Starving Central America

Starving Central America

Florida: Mark Haines, LGBT activist, dies after accident

Michael Brown Shooting: Darren Wilson Radio Call Segment Missing

Juan Cole: Top 5 Disasters if GOP Senate Derails Iran Talks

CBS shilling for the Republicans tonight before 60 Minutes

*** November Photo Contest Submission ends 6pm EST Tuesday!! ***

*** November Photo Contest Submission ends 6pm EST Tuesday!! ***

DuPont Chemical Plant in La Porte Where Four Workers Died Reported Recent Violations

Wales 0 - Belgium 0

HANNITY is a Piece of Puke. That is All. Well, I'll continue:

Two Companies Settle Over San Jacinto River Waste Pits, Jury Clears Lone Holdout of Liability

If Obama is already a lame duck president, no one seems to have told him

I love him. I love everything about him. He is the perfect man. Adorable & a Proud Liberal.

Please report on Facebook

President Obama on C-Span at 12 am from Brisbane

Chomsky: The Long, Shameful History of American Terrorism

"The Harder Part" by George Packer at the New Yorker

Can someone tell me the advantage of football?

Washington's First Pot Auction Brings in $600,000

"A ton of people didn’t vote because they couldn’t get time off from work"

Lame Duck. Sack cartoon

Why did progressives support Howard Dean??


Japan's economy dips into recession

GOP leaders set sights on tax reform but fret over newly combative Obama

The Old Mill and Willamette Falls

Airliner Tracking to Become Norm

Killing Atticus Finch - The Don Siegelman Story

Ukraine: From Propaganda to Reality

Heard this one tonight from a vet....

No Shit ...37

I've been all over the world, and there's always been Chinese food and pizza

Vatican public restrooms to include showers for the homeless

Dictionary definitions of incompetence and stupidity

Screw the ACA ISIS is controlled by Obama admin and NATO


Ignoring Anti-Semitism Won’t Make It Go Away

I hate to repeat a question, but: Indian Standard Time (GMT +5.5, no DST) is still not available

Romney: Obama Needs to Learn That He Lost the Midterms

Adoptees "Flip The Script" on National Adoption Month** (Extended Version) ** Please watch-Important

Does anyone in the NY area listen to Julianna Forlano on WBAI?

Yingli Green Energy supplies modules to Bolivia's first solar power plant


Approaching 30 years: the Bhopal disaster

John Muir's legacy questioned as centennial of his death nears

November 17

Hagel acknowledges may have to consider troop recommendations in Iraq

Squirrel Steals GoPro Camera, Runs Up Tree, Becomes Internet Celebrity

Wow! Anonymous took on the Klan.

The Bare Knuckle Fight Against Money in Politics

Police Officers Draw Guns During Unannounced ‘Active Shooter Drill’ At Elementary School

White fear of Black men

I'm taking bets

IDF says will attack Syrian Druze town if troops threatened

Colombia suspends Farc peace talks over kidnapping

Hinterkaifeck Murders

Four Sordid Tales of Selfishness of the Super-Rich

How Detroit Is Splitting into Two Cities for Rich and Poor

GOP's Impeachment Insanity Exposed at the Slightest Mention of the Word "Immigration"

NY Magazine: Smile, You're Speaking Emoji

The Down-Ticket Primaries in 2016 will Matter a Great Deal

30,000 people demand that Big Oil Brown halt offshore fracking

Intimidating Maine voters, from the shadows

Policy analyst Palin ( ;) ) weighs in on immigration reform in a republican congress. (from 1996) Buddhism on no Dollars a Day - Walker Douglas

4 minutes ago ISIS's Last Hostage Is 26-Year-Old American Woman

Let me show you something...

Think Calvin and Hobbes,

Dropkick Murphys bus involved in fatal traffic accident

I wonder if Kassig refused to read ISIS propaganda statement before his murder.

A doctor’s mistaken Ebola test: ‘We were celebrating. Then everything fell apart’

NBC’s ‘State of Affairs’ and the women on Washington’s last nerve

Republic Of Kiribati Will No Longer Exist In 2050; Slow-Motion Shutdown Under Way

Instead of voting on KXL to save Landrieu (sp?) why not a vote on immigration reform?

New report: Child homelessness on the rise in US

Found this article of interest in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette...

Dedicated to the Workers: Worker's Song by Dropkick Murphys

American filmmaker tried to post stolen body parts to US from Thailand

The Guess Who No sugar tonight / new mother nature

Meme of the Week - November 17th

The Knack- My Sharona 1979

The Cars - Just What I Needed - The Midnight Special 1978 RIP Ben

New Icy Blast to Bring Freezing Temperatures, Snow

Vatican Confirms: Pope Will Visit Philly

Local News Horrible Video Edit of 4yo Boy Interview

East J'lem bus driver found hanged, family claims settlers killed him

Op-ed: Harry Reid plays Elizabeth Warren like a chump

Ebola-Stricken Surgeon Dr. Martin Salia Dies in Nebraska

First Snowfall

Federal Investigation Into Painkillers Targets N.F.L. Teams’ Medical Staffs

Photo of the Day

Monday Toon Roundup 1- ACA and GOP

Thai elephant kills man, runs off with tourists

Monday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Obama Puts Australia's Climate-Denying Prime Minister on the Spot

Francis Fukuyama’s ‘Political Order and Political Decay’

Our Dem governor EMBRACED Obama and liberal policies and WON re-election!

Hillary was born on....

Chris Hedges: The Last Days of Tomas Young

Depressing Monday morning news

Nebraska hospital: Surgeon with Ebola has died

Walk Free: 36 million worldwide live in slavery

Tony Abbott: Isolated, Parochial And A Denialist Embarassment At G20 Summit

‘I carried his name on my body for nine years’

Well, ain't that just too shitty for words

Working Class Hero

That lucky ol' sun

Mediterranean diet is best way to tackle obesity, say doctors (BBC)

Maine teen charged with naked break-ins

Submarine Jefferson City marooned in Guam amid bizarre deployment

Momentum builds in Indiana to ban over-the-counter Sudafed

TOM TOMORROW: What's The Big Deal?

The world’s biggest chocolate-makers say we’re running out of chocolate

Is Bernie Sanders to old to run for President?

How the GOP used Twitter to stretch election laws

Not saying Dems didn't suck, but we still didn't lose the election. They stole it!

Universal wants to mimic Marvel's cinematic universe with non-scary monsters.

Gay Nebraskan with terminal cancer wants family cared for after her death

Gay Nebraskan with terminal cancer wants family cared for after her death

Gay Nebraskan with terminal cancer wants family cared for after her death

The Girls of Lower Price Hill

The Girls of Lower Price Hill

America’s Pseudo-Democracy

What does this portend for future discussions of gun registries?

World War II Vet Returns To France 60 Years Later To Realize He's Become A European Legend

Am I the only one who cannot watch ANY mainstream news?


State Department's Keystone XL Contractor ERM Approved Project Now Melting Glaciers

Borrowers, Beware: The Robo-Signers Aren’t Finished Yet

High on Killer Wasp Spray

OSIRIS spots Philae drifting across the comet

You Don't Know Shit

Whitehouse destroys Fox News on XL pipeline

In 125 Years, Millions Of People Have Looked At This Painting. No One Really Saw It Until Now.

The Healing Power of Kindness

STUNNING VIDEO: TransCanada CEO Concedes Keystone Pipline to create only 50 Jobs

Kung-Fu TV Show Compilation: Wise Sayings

Study: More Homeless Children Now Than Any Point in US History

what the local media WONT tell you about the homeless in Fresno

Romeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde!

Fox News Climate Coverage (cartoon)

Obama should remind Republicans how much they respected "the electorate's voice" in 2008 and 2012

Nurse Kaci Hickox: GOP governors exploited Ebola panic for political gain

'Alright, Alright, Alright' ....

Ice Station Zebra on TMC

Pic Of The Moment: Factcheckers Call Bullshit On Keystone XL Jobs Claim

Voting Yes on the Keystone Pipeline is "An Act of War" Rosebud Sioux Tribe


Plants still offer best way to remove CO2 from atmosphere, says UAF scientist

The Elephant in Our Living Room: Wisconsin’s Racial Disparities and Challenges for the Church

Church of England formally approves plans for women bishops

The Rude Pundit: A Letter from a Dead Woman

Constitution? Us teapartiers dont got to show you no Constitution!

Bible System Updates

Immigration problems? Stop the H1B programs taking OUR jobs! Arrest Companies Hiring illegal Workers

Even a little snow can make an old chain link fence look pretty...

When I heard Michael Hayden defending torture like he did on Morning Joe today...

Does Our Military Know Something We Don't About Global Warming?

Number of Foreign Students in US Hits Record High

Patrick Henry College President Graham Walker Announces Resignation

Stop black rhino trophies at the border: hunting isn’t conservation

Male TV host wears same suit for year; no one notices

If you want to screw the ACA, do you want the disabled to be charged more for insurance than others?

Getting state IDs without a birth certificate--is it working or just a Walker scam?

Everyday Feminism

How the GOP used Twitter to stretch election laws

Mr. Luckovich, I think I love you...

Here is my take on the Bill Cosby accusations of rape from woman coming forward

Frenchman named in Isis beheadings video told TV of caliphate hopes

Diet Racism

Bernie Sanders: US may be at ‘tipping point’ where only ‘the billionaire class’ picks presidents

Toon: What the?.... That's our strategy!!!....

State Department's unclassified email system hacked

All the way with OZBAMA (Front page of the Herald Sun of Australia)

Neil Young Boycotts Starbucks

Officer Darren Wilson Arrests Man for Filming Him ?

President Obama meets survivor Mary Lee...

In remembrance: Peter Kassig was an extraordinary young man.

Modern slavery affects more than 35 million people, report finds


Alaska Town Right To Tax Churches

Before the Civil War, the South fought the War on Thanksgiving, also because of slavery

Some days, I just get so disappointed with my species, and then I find something like this

In Many Areas, It's Deer Season.

Inequality, Unbelievably, Gets Worse

Why Hillary 2016 Thinks She Can Expand Obama's Electoral Map ( this is posted in the Clinton GROUP)


i will never be a star

This may have been asked before, but didn't see it:

Egypt: One Village At A Time (Women's Literacy Project)

Why We End Up With Centrist Presidents

The Fog Of War

Yes, I Still Blame the Media

What should be the limit on ownership of guns?

PLEASE call your Senator today!

Stand with pregnant workers (SCOTUS Dec 3)

Stand with pregnant workers (SCOTUS Dec 3)

Stand with pregnant workers (SCOTUS Dec 3)

Aussie TV morning host wears same suit on air for a year, no one notices

TYT: Obama Makes It Rain For Climate Change Victims

Honest NFL Headlines: Week 11 (Manning haters will love this one)

Women who have sex before marriage are like ‘filthy dishrags,’ California pastor roars

How the GOP used Twitter to stretch election laws or How the GOP cheated in the last election.

Mali fears surge of Ebola, expands watch to 440 people


Creighton Prep football coach Nizzi resigns after he is cited on suspicion of misdemeanor assault

The New Cruzians Are Ready to Make Life Hell for Mitch McConnell

TYT: It's Time To Stop Blaming Video Games For Mass Shootings, Study Shows.

Movies so bad, they're good!

Over Bentley's objections, Golden Dragon plant votes for union

Republicans and outside groups used anonymous Twitter accounts to share internal polling data ahead

Juan Cole: Top 5 Ways Daesh/ ISIL is Losing, as it lashes out like a Cornered Rat

The world’s biggest chocolate-maker says we’re running out of chocolate


Fear of Ebola Opens Wary Villages to Outsiders in Guinea (Great news to stopping outbreak)

Joseph Stiglitz: Slow Growth and Inequality are Political Choices. We Can Choose Otherwise.


Ring of Fire: GOP Overreach May Destroy Party

"I never had Ebola, and politicians who lie do nothing to protect your health"

Ferguson police officer raped woman in jail, lawsuit alleges

What changes have you seen in the media since the election?

America Is the Developed World's Second Most Ignorant Country

Fox News has in October a record...

Billionaire Spent Millions In Charity, But Avoided Mine Fines

Court upholds complaint by Garfield police union against chief

Ferguson Police Department dress code

Top Senate Democrats Stand Behind Obama On Immigration

It is a good day today in LBN

It is a good day today in LBN

Walker Appointees on PSC Wait Until After Election to Nearly Double Electric & Natural Gas Fees Rick Perry's claim that defense spending has declined by 21% since 2010.

Protests rage over missing students in Mexico ahead of national strike

Stopping light

If it's impossible to ever elect a progressive President - there is no hope of saving our country

AP Reports that Oregon overturned Drivers License for Illegals law.

Leading Senate Democrats Urge President Obama To Act On Immigration

For DUers who will no vote for HRC no matter what, in Général Election

Nancy Pelosi trolls John Boehner: Happy 65th Birthday

Instead of saying "Screw the ACA", why don't people ask for help to find their best plans?

Media Lie

Private insurers Christmas wish list: all truly sick folks to be on government funded insurance---

In the Dog House - Subaru Dog Commercial Subaru Concord

Waste Water from Oil Fracking Injected into Clean Aquifers

Obama: There are "circumstances in which the United States might need to deploy U.S. ground troops"

Screw the states that did not expand Medicaid and the SCOTUS for enabling them to screw the poor.

Actress tells how parents were taken, deported. Left alone at 14. No govt agency checked on her.

A doctor’s mistaken Ebola test: ‘We were celebrating. Then everything fell apart’

Perfectly Paired: Shelter Dogs for Veterans

Papantonio: Corporate Media Wins 2014 Midterms

Atheist and proud:Former adult star Asia Carrera wears ‘Pastafarian’ colander for Utah license photo

Pope Francis and the G.O.P.’s Bad Science

Sam Seder: Alex Jones' Insane Net Neutrality / Nazi Meltdown

Toyota launches Mirai fuel cell vehicle, plans hydrogen stations in Northeast

Undercover Supreme Court Police Deployed Outside Courthouse to Spy on Protests

Elon Musk: Artifical Intelligence Robots Could Start Killing Us All Within 5 Years

Court rules against religious nonprofits in contraception mandate case

Catholic Church Argues It Doesn't Have to Show Up in Court Because Religious Freedom

If Mitch McTurtle could sing like Freddie Mercury, here are the lyrics to his song:

When Whites Just Don’t Get It

another way to look at the ACA

The answer is 1948.

Protecting forests alone would not halt land-use change emissions

bad kids' jokes

Now: Missouri gov. declares state of emergency ahead of grand jury decision on #Ferguson shooting

2 GOP presidents acted unilaterally on immigration

Cops arrest ‘Philly Jesus’ after accusing him of begging in LOVE Park

Missouri Governor Activates National Guard

Governor who killed north Colombia mayor sues victim’s family

Who here plans to read the entire results of the Ferguson Grand Jury investigation

NOH8 Photo Of 11-year-old Texan Targeted By Anti-Gay Bullies Goes Viral

NOH8 Photo Of 11-year-old Texan Targeted By Anti-Gay Bullies Goes Viral

From POTUS to SCOTUS: Obama’s Big Move?

As Temperatures Rise, Soil Will Relinquish Less Carbon to the Atmosphere Than Currently Predicted

Is Richard Engel at NBC at risk from ISIS?

Catholic Church Argues It Doesn't Have to Show Up in Court Because Religious Freedom

Top GOP senator won't dismiss talk of shutdown over immigration

Why I want to see Senator Sanders run for the Democratic nomination for President

Parents Force School To Replace History Book With Lesson About Kindly Slave Owners

State regulators say Anne Arundel (MD) group home where boy died violated rules

What's for Dinner, Mon., Nov. 17, 2014

Convicted Israeli trainer of Colombia paramilitaries claims CIA ties

Busted: GOP Groups Used Secret Code To Illegally Coordinate On Twitter (VIDEO)

Winter is always tough on me, emotionally.

Texas Beef Council Turns Focus to Younger Eaters--Is It Still for Dinner?

Despite State Order, Charter Schools Stay Open

The Real Life Amityville Horror

Hillary is a "soulless, principle-free, power-hungry veteran of DC’s game of thrones"

Police, put your clubs down...

Hegar Resigns Senate Seat; Dec. 6 Special Election Set

Auto Insurers' Marriage Discount Faces Scrutiny

***any Picasso experts out there?***

St Louis police chief says only criminals were teargassed at Ferguson protests

Nap time.

McDonald's isn't lovin' new GMO potato

Chuck Todd today in West Palm Beach

Ferguson & History Repeating Itself...

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: The Lottery (HBO)

Three Sinkholes Leave Florida Neighborhood on Edge

NASA: Alaska Shows No Signs of Rising Arctic Methane

Police killing, beating of civilians raise issue of reasonable force

No Joke - Bill Cosby's Joke Routine: Slipping Spanish Fly in a Woman's Drink w/ Audio (NSFW)

Camel's nose under tent: Obama 'Would Order' US Troops Into Combat If ISIS Got Nuclear Weapon

Russia Deports One German and Several Polish Diplomats

Google’s secret NSA alliance: The terrifying deals between Silicon Valley and the security state

more suburban color,

How Do You Memorialize a Mob?--The Great Hanging at Gainesville, Texas

Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain end rift with Qatar, return ambassadors

Ukraine: War Crimes as a Path to Winning War?

French plane spotted in Swedish airspace

Disrupter of Muslim prayer at National Cathedral: God and Drudge sent me

Love your guns and bible? You might want to actually, you know, read your bible...

Health Law Turns Obama and Insurers Into Allies

Anything bad that happens tomorrow will be Obama's fault because...

$4.3 Billion Fine for Fraud in Exchange Market Manipulations is Pittance for Major Banks

Net neutrality is not a liberal-vs.-conservative issue

Tanesha Anderson - Another Disabled Person Killed by Police

Moyers: Republicans May Finally Get Their Wish to Watch the Affordable Care Act Destroyed

Is Giving Food to the Homeless Illegal in Your City Too?

What to tell Republicans who don't believe in government regulations.

Investors Ready to Liquidate Public Schools

When Corporate Foxes Mind Internet Coops

Gamegate has been a bit of an eye-opener for me...

Watch this, take it in, and pass it on...

Putin hoped to get Merkel and Germany on his side in the Ukraine crisis. That hope is over

The Harder Part (By George Packer of the Newyorker)

Order to demolish homes of Palestinians who perpetrated attacks unlawful and immoral

The European Union Explained*

Chucky's in Love

Interstate crosscheck, Voter ID, and the rest...Why wont cons just admit the agenda?

Any cat behavior experts in here?

Maui's GMO Ban Blocked By Federal Judge

Are you tired of hearing "But the real unemployment number is higher and you know it"

Crisis talks held over Texas A&M-Galveston food complaints

Let's say that our policies towards Ukraine/Russia and Syria/Iraq are successful.

Darren Wilson Supporter Plans On Purchasing “Pants Up, Don’t Loot” Billboard Near Ferguson.. FFS:(

Tweet this now, #IamFerguson

Watch one Washington NFL fan set fire to his merchandise after latest loss.

Having a disagreement about SOP/DU rules, and which takes supremacy.

Charles Manson Gets Marriage License

How to Overcome Your Fears" by Queso

When is the general public ever! going to understand that it is the wealthy and powerful

Saudi Arabia: Groom divorces bride on wedding day when he finally sees her face

No point in going anywhere near the latest (12/14) "Texas Monthly."

Kerry says "IS" assault will continue.

Why it is absolutely necessary that Bernie Sanders run for President?

Opinion: A Cuban Brain Drain, Courtesy of the U.S.

If you want to add your voice to the national protests expected when the St. Louis County

Bizarro problem! - some sites think I'm in Mexico!

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 18: Bonhams Auction

Massive Ecuador rally commemorates workers, advances Revolution

Graphene/nanotube hybrid benefits flexible solar cells

Exclusive: Officials in Ferguson, St. Louis County, MO Were Warned Paper Ballots Would Run Short

The floating islands of Peru’s Lake Titcaca

Revolutionary Solar-friendly Form of Silicon Shines

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 19: The Whistler

Suspect in German student death has criminal past

My hormonal contraceptive story - why it isn't just "buying rubbers at 7/11 like the rest of us"

Triclosan, a common antimicrobial in personal hygiene products, causes liver fibrosis and cancer…

Let the states' rights Politicians and the Koch heads deal with this horrific weather

Years ago ...

Canadian couple celebrates 80th wedding anniversary

Extinction risk not the answer for reef futures

How can there be justice in Ferguson if there is no trial?

Frat Boy Tries To Put Out Electrical Fire By “Pissing On It,” (It Didn’t Work)

This is not yet an intifada, Palestinians say

Catholic Church Argues It Doesn't Have to Show Up in Court Because Religious Freedom

Adjusting Earth’s thermostat, with caution

"Conference in Berlin focuses on rising anti-Semitism"

The media wants an all out war just as much as Ferguson/St. Louis cops do.

Dems demand answers in State Dept. cyber-attack

Videos: Jerusalem Skunk

Key Polar Bear Population Plummets in Alaska and Canada

“Climate engineering: exploring nuances and consequences of deliberately altering the Earth's ener…”

I was handed a Disabled American Veterans 2014-2015 pocket calendar today - something is missing

Indy DUers: Protest Planned at Monument Circle for Ferguson Verdict

Re-run: Ken Buck jumps back on personhood horse!

Navy Vet Fired After Posting Photos Of DHS Trucks In Hotel Garage 25 miles from Ferguson