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Archives: November 20, 2014

Interesting - just got my first 2016 polling call

Why are the Rethugs so afraid of immigration reform?

CNN's Don Lemon might as well have asked Joan Tarshis, "Did you try not getting raped by Bill Cosby?

Hope for the Democratic party? Maybe so...

Judge Strikes Down Montana's Gay Marriage Ban

Kochs Don't Care About Immigration-They Want EPA Neutered-Support For Green Energy Killed &

Global Warming isn't real - Stephen Colbert

It's cold. But at least it's not "ass cold," because that's the worst...

Why did they kill John and Robert Kennedy?

GOP senator warns of violence after immigration order

I got a job!!!!!

I tend to agree that American voters are often very stupid.

What is your favorite Bible quote?

THE NBA season starts NOW!

TV Land pulls 'Cosby Show' from lineup

Fourth grade boys list things they don't like about being a boy...

For first time in 170 years, UK parliament to debate how their money is created

Funding for anti-gay National Organization for Marriage drops by half

Who's that doggie in the mirror?

U2's Bono is really having a bad week.

Mesmerizing Mosque Ceilings That Highlight The Wonders Of Islamic Architecture

Great Dane has 19 puppehs

Massachusetts NAMI chapter survey on attitudes toward mental illness

Nursing homes serving minorities offering less care than those housing whites

Motown Singer Jimmy Ruffin dead at 78

Owner acts to save dog from python’s death grip

The Great American Burger Chain Map

This may be a different proposal for 2016

Smile time people ...... People Get Ready

Oh Shite! Tweety just said you're watching Powerball-

Israel: Gay-friendy ID cards introduced for children of same-sex parents

Banker found dead with throat slit in apparent suicide: cops

UCare pulls ads from KSTP after #pointergate story

Archaeologists find babies bones buried since last Ice Age (in Central Alaska)

When a Bank Owns 100 Oil Tankers, It Can Mess With the Price of Gas

Are these songs offensive?

Congratulations to Raul Grijalva!

69 years ago, a president pitches his idea for national health care

What do you do with a new yellow pages?

"Like waving a red flag in front of a bull" - Daryl Cagle cartoon (AKA... DULL BULLS)

Obama Administration Protects George Washington National Forest From New Oil and Gas Drilling

Tommy Chong defines ‘stupidity’ for Fox: ‘Opposing universal health care based on rumors and lies’

How Hillary Undercuts Obama

Springtown man sentenced to 15 years in prison for assault, kidnapping of gay man (GRAPHIC WARNING)

Springtown man sentenced to 15 years in prison for assault, kidnapping of gay man (GRAPHIC WARNING)

LOLGOP Tweets.. "Boehner says if Obama acts on Immigration that will end the cooperation.."

ExxonMobil again shits the bed on LGBT inclusion, but 6 Texas companies earn perfect scores from HRC

Animal Rights Group Claims Abuse By Koch Foods, Chick-Fil-A

New LGBT youth homeless shelter in San Antonio among few of its kind in US

New LGBT youth homeless shelter in San Antonio among few of its kind in US

Colombia flower growers to U.S.: Be mine

Sly interviews-Lori Wallach: Says Free Trade vote is coming in Jan.

Legal Panel At Federalist Society Begrudgingly Accepts Obama's Immigration Powers

Israel agrees to work with Gaza probe into attacks on UN facilities

WaPo: "The rise in terrorist activity coincided with the US invasion of Iraq" Launched, But Where Did the $85,000 Go?--Another GOP Sham

A dear friend of mine really needs help with medical bills

Texas Textbooks Will No Longer Deny Climate Change

Again, who says cats don't have a sweet tooth?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Followers of Christ! & a new Kitteh gif

Dallas Group Files a Complaint with the Department of Justice Against City, DPD for Police Brutality

After 13 years, 2 wars and trillions in military spending, terrorist attacks are rising sharply

What the hell is going on with that book "The Great Controversy"?

Mystery Illness That "Melts" Starfish Identified

For two weeks I have been aware of the student black face incident in Sullivan MO.

Secret Service chief: Morale suffering at agency

Facebook shuttle bus drivers vote to join Teamsters union

Ms. Wonder Awards Honor Young Grassroots Leaders in Anti-Violence, Fair Wage Movements

Dear Democrats: When You Lose, Don't Lose the Lesson

Thank you, Rachel (again) : "Crazy Shut-Down People" nt

A beer hall in Bavaria in 1926...buwahahaha!

*Cong. Ben Ray Lujan on Rachel now

Remember, when they call him a dictator, tyrant, despot, king, etc. You know what that means?

Costa (D-CA19) Retains Congressional Seat.

Let's keep families together: Jeb Crow Shrub, Columba BUSH, George Pee Shrub, et al.!1 n/t

AMAZING... WE actually had RAIN today ...

Lady Driver, Brilliant!

Amazing...NOR CAL Actually had rain today!!!

295+ Children Killed in 1937 New London, TX School Explosion

Episcopal Church in Michigan passes gun resolution

Youth services in London could be cut by 90 percent

Current climate pledges not enough: UN

Democrats have won 13- Republicans have won 0

Spurs H-E-B ads

What a wonderful world!

Banking culture breeds dishonesty, scientific study finds

Republican Governors Seethe Over Obama’s Pending Move on Immigration

The Program Big Oil's PR Firm Uses to 'Convert Average Citizens'

Uber tracking raises privacy concerns

No major networks are going to carry the President's Immigration speech tomorrow

Muslim, Christian, Jewish Leaders Unite At Saudi Conference To Condemn Islamic State

Networks won't air Obama speech (on immigration)

Mathis 98 - Kingsville 0 (Girls basketball)

John Smid, Former 'Ex-Gay' Leader, Marries A Man In Oklahoma

The Value of Whiteness

R&D Cost Estimates: MSF Response to Tufts CSDD Study on Cost to Develop a New Drug

15 Silicon Valley technology firms earn top marks in nationwide LGBT equality report

So I've taken to wearing kilts on Fridays

15 Silicon Valley technology firms earn top marks in nationwide LGBT equality report

Former Hidalgo County Sheriff Treviño appeals 5-year money laundering sentence

Rick Hodges’ Confirmation to Head Ohio Health Department Puts Lives at Risk (no war on women!!)

Rick Hodges’ Confirmation to Head Ohio Health Department Puts Lives at Risk (no war on women!!)

Republican Governors Seethe Over Obama’s Pending Move on Immigration

The Faux show "Outnumbered" really screwed up...

Hollywood Left Turns Out to Celebrate Howard Zinn’s Legacy

One thing about living in the Snow Belt that you rarely hear about -

Israeli Forces Demolish Home of Palestinian Who Used a Car to Kill 2

The Obama administration is pushing for redactions in the Senate's torture report . . .

DOJ task force: Tribal justice funding needed to shield kids from violence

When was the most recent time you used a printed Yellow Pages to look up a business?

Grape Salad? WTF?


Volkswagen Golf SportWagen HyMotion debuts in L.A. [video]

Billboard ranking to include streams, track sales

Michael Sona sentenced to 9 months in jail for 'callous' robocalls

UN Says Global Carbon Neutrality Should be Reached by Second Half of Century, Demonstrates Pathways

"She's gonna be the girl who cried 'rape,' and we'll never be allowed into any frat party again."

Chicago Lawmakers Call for SEC Investigation of Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Singer Jimmy Ruffin has died

Yet another vicious animal attack :WARNING: Not for the squeamish!:

New UNEP Report Unveils World on Track to Meet 2020 Target for Protected Areas on Land and Sea

The benefits begin or Is this really what you meant?

Recently someone posted a poem about the death of a dog written in the dog's "voice".

Michael Brown verdict already a foregone conclusion

I just had my first Dungeness Crab of the season.

Dangerous potheads...beware!!

Ok, I will grant one slight peace offering to the Bernie naysayers.

Protest Music Is Back - Di%khead American Cops (NSFW)

"Nestle and Kraft already have adopted policies banning hitting, kicking or dragging animals "

Sacramento Sheriff Jones takes Obama to task on YouTube over immigration reform

Bera (D) beats Ose in high-priced congressional race (CA-7)

Josh Duggar hosts anti-marriage equality rally in Little Rock

Venezuelan leader wraps up 'superpowers' with 28 laws

Obama Immigration Speech: CBS, Fox, NBC & ABC Not Airing

I need a political chatroom. Anyone have one?

Kinda Racist? Try Diet Racism!

Van de Putte to run for San Antonio mayor

Dear Pence the Dense:

The Equals - Baby Come Back - "Top Of The Pops" Show (1968)

Republican Push To Promote Women Stumbles As White Guys Sweep Committee Chairs

California revenue projected to exceed budget estimates by $2 billion

Executive wonder the Gop'ers have their panties in an uproar. ...

Ashton Kutcher, Uber investor, wanders into the dumbest fight of his life

Hotel charges couple’s credit card $156 for negative Trip Advisor review

Turns out even men can't call out sexism online without getting shut down for it.

no room on the couch

Protest Music Is Back - Di%khead American Cops (NSFW)

Jim Webb Forms Exploratory Committee

Major Networks Not Airing Obama's Immigration Speech

House Republicans just passed a bill forbidding scientists from advising the EPA

Broadcast networks opt out of Obama immigration speech -- except for Univision~ & Telemundo!

Buffalo snow storm so deep the pressure broke down doors and windows!

Media’s awful right-wing fetish: Why pundit calls for Obama centrism are deluded

'Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.'

'Dangerous Situation' Reported At Florida State University

If everyone always told the truth

Funniest Memes Mocking Fox News

Are Buffalo Bills Tickets Worth Shoveling 220,000 Tons of Snow?

Rap Artist With No Criminal Record Faces Life In Prison For Album Lyrics

Strange Aircraft Activity Observed In Southern Utah

So when's the media going to give Ted Nugent the Bill Cosby treatment?

Seven of the 30 largest corporations in US paid more to their CEOs than they did in taxes, study fin

Need the best virus program out there.

Mall threatens to fine stores $200 an hour for being closed on Thanksgiving

UK braced for another day of being unable to escape Farage’s gaping maw

How Long Will You Live? Ask Your Friends

The Warmongering, Corporation-Loving Republicans Taking Over the Senate

7 Shocking Ways the Military Wastes Our Money

An Astronaut Reveals What Life in Space Is Really Like

Wild Mouse caught in glue trap ?

November 20

Bentley Grand convertible unveiled -- yummy

Police: Gunman killed after shooting at FSU

Photo of the Day

How to instantly prove conservatives are liars about economics.

US blacklists Colombia’s Envigado soccer club over drug money laundering

Update: Former TX SC chief justices to make arguments in McDonald's lawsuit on Friday ($27M verdict)

Surrogate sushi: Japan biotech for bluefin tuna

California grandkids at Halloween - too cute not to share

die science die

President Obama is taking a stand to keep the internet open and free.

Politico: Black man with clenched fist to shield 5 million from deportation

Entire county board arrested following citizens arrest by 2 military veterans

After 47-Second Hearing, Driver Who Ran Over 3-Year-Old Is Found ‘Not Guilty’

Circumcision Case Judge Puts Gag Order on Mother Fighting for Son Not to Be Circumcised

Banking culture breeds dishonesty, scientific study finds

Study: Fracking chemicals found in toothpaste and ice cream

NASA releases video of how Carbon-Dioxide is floating in Earth’s Atmosphere

After 13 years, 2 wars and trillions in military spending, terrorist attacks are rising sharply

Chile court compensates 30 former political prisoners

Chile court compensates 30 former political prisoners

Oil company files $1.2 billion claim against San Benito County

Lawsuit Filed Ag Oil industry's Gov Kasich & ODNR Over Radioactive Fracking Waste

Things I love about Dr. Strangelove

Montana Marriage Ban Overturned; Licenses Granted

Wittgenstein Day-by-Day: Facebook Page Tracks the Philosopher’s Wartime Experience 100 Years Ago

Ferguson protesters and police clash before grand jury decision on shooting

Some Good News!!! The world’s most generous country has been named

Posting topics is addicting, one more for the road: U.S. says debt collector cheated 6,000 people

PHOTO: Billy Joel spends quality time with orange man who reeks of Tob ack ack ack ack ack o.

Wal-Mart's Bottomless Greed: Dodging Billions in Taxes, Scheming to Avoid Billions More

How Police Use Military Tactics to Quash Dissent

Why We Need to Stop Putting Teenagers Behind Bars

Darren Wilson, KKK Member?

Broken Arrow

How German TV covers climate change: interviews scientist respectfully, disses denialist Politicians

Asia Facing Christmas Tree Shortage

Jim Webb Announces Exploratory Committee for President

Facebook Drivers Vote To Join Teamsters

Firefighters union plans legal action against York

Casino Workers March Against Billionaire Investor Carl Icahn

Labor-Board Officer Rejects Marist College Vote Against Adjunct Union

USW, Allies Rally in Houston, Call for End to Sherwin Lockout

60 St. Louis County municipalities join holiday warrant forgiveness program

Nixon announces members of Ferguson Commission

Schools think they'll get advance notice of grand jury decision

National Guard troops will hit St. Louis city's streets in secondary role

Alabama Shakes....

Lou Ferrigno’s wife, Carla: Bill Cosby tried to sexually assault me

Netanyahu on discrimination of Israeli-Arabs: An entire community should not be stigmatized

FTC speculation rises in Family Dollar deal

Director Mike Nichols has died

What becomes of the broken hearted? RIP Jimmy Ruffin

B17G at Creve Couer, Missouri Airport this past summer.

Top donors to hash out union contracts with Pennsylvania Gov.-elect Wolf

Director Mike Nichols has died

I never thought I would be the one to need help

President Obama, we have your back!

Loebsack a symbol of all that is wrong with Democratic Party

Cool video: How human-emitted Carbon Dioxide Circulates in Earth’s Atmosphere (NASA)

Buffalo weather: 25 deg and snow...

MAILING IT IN: Senator RoJo and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Post Office

Monsanto pushes farmers to grow bee-killing soybeans

Monsanto is worried about Climate Change, & their Bottom Line

Transgender Day of Remembrance, Nov. 20

Another alert for horse owners -- feed recall

Clean Energy Group Says It Will Sue to Block We Energies’ Solar Rate Hikes

Jim Webb launches 2016 exploratory committee

This is bizarre: Sound bomb detonates at Cairo's Ramsis train station

12th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition

U.K.: Lord Fowler calls for decriminalization of homosexuality around the world

Shot my first turkey

Just imagine getting this text from your kid:

Steve Israel out as chairman of the DCCC, Rep. Ben Ray Luján replaces him

R.I.P. Mike Nichols

Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture (BRWIA) is calling for grant proposals

Kmart To Employee: ‘If You Do Not Come To Work On Thanksgiving, You Will Automatically Be Fired’

Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture (BRWIA) is calling for grant proposals

The Impact of the Affordable Care Act on LGBT Communities

Progressive Caucus Calls on Congress to Let Diplomacy Work after House Passes Resolution Condemning

Things are getting dire in Buffalo...

The Duchess of Alba, Spain, has died

AI-North Korea:UN vote a crucial step to ensure perpetrators of crimes against humanity face justice

Did Bill Cosby try and intimidate this young journalist WOW!!!!

Thursday Toon Roundup 1: GnoP

Thursday Toon Roundup 2: Pipe Blockage

Thursday Toon Roundup 3: Slime

Thursday Toon Roundup 4: The Rest

PFLP: Israelis will not be safe before Palestinians

Animal group hits Koch Foods as company denies Chattanooga plant is inhumanely treating chickens

Ok, this is a new one

How Bad Is Beijing Smog? Chinese Man's Daily Photos Track Air Quality - Mother Jones

Please help me out: Why do some people get worked up over GMOs?

Central Valley Residents:

Barbie F's it up again

Julian Assange sex case: Swedish court upholds warrant

Check out today's Google Doodle:

CNN: Obama....a daring test of the limits of presidential power.

Jesuits call for repeal of 2nd Amendment

Georgia is the nation's fastest growing solar market

About that list from "Fourth grade boys"

Mother Jones: The Making of the Warrior Cop

Iceland court sentences third bank CEO to prison

Police: Active child abuse case involving Dwight Howard

Nat'l Org. for Marriage in debt as donations drop

How People Power is Helping the Midwest Join the Solar Boom

Jason Collins announces NBA retirement in his own words

Check out today's Doodle Google which honors an Iowa artist:

Here's a video of Bill Cosby joking about using Spanish Fly. It's from 1969.

Venezuelan consumers embrace all-natural, eco-friendly alternatives amid store shortages

Norway pledges millions of Euros in financial assistance to Ukraine

Basic reasons for which the US deep state will try to prevent the rise of the Left in Europe

Twenty-five years ago, a key moment in gay rights fight

Combining contradictions does not work

A Takata Airbag Plant In Mexico Blew Up In 2006

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Those We've Lost in 2014

Japan's new 'Black Widow' arrested after sixth former partner dies in suspicious circumstances

Hungarians, Czechs hold anti-government protests

Whole Foods Responds To Workers’ Demands By Increasing Wages

Shove them on through before January: President Obama's pending nominees

Ferguson businesses brace for more protests ahead of grand jury verdict


Minivans do poorly in new crash tests

'Electoral Integrity Project' Report Ranks U.S. 26th Amongst World Democracies

In Syria, Doctors Become the Victims

Why the Ds lost in 2014 .... my rant to a friend in Wisconsin

Any SSDI experts I need HELP!...

Ask Andrew W.K.: As an Atheist, How Do I Handle Religious People?

TYT: Politician Pushes For Literal Hunger Games

Pack of dogs kills girl on Pine Ridge Reservation

“you can do a lot more with weapons and politeness than just politeness”

TYT: Illegal Coded Tweets Are McConnelling At Its Corrupt Worst

Omaha Steaks to be featured on 'Hell’s Kitchen’

You Mean Rand Paul Doesn't Really Give A Damn About Civil Liberties & Will Say Or Do ANYTHING?

'I just want to be the real me': Transgender teen defies religious protests after going to school

Chris Matthews actually made sense about the immigration action

TYT: Elizabeth Warren Exiled Into Leadership Role That Never Existed Before

In 21st century Catholicism, you can’t ignore Africa any more

TYT: Amazing News About Nukes That Will Also Make You Sh*t Your Pants

For those saying they are unaware of the initial eyewitness reports of Michael Brown's death

Bill O'Reilly: Worst Person In The Sports World

Soaring Generic Drug Prices Draw Senate Scrutiny

"The Life and Mind of Mark DeFriest"

Why does Vladimir Putin Hate the TTIP when it does not involve Russia?

Daily Beast: I warned you about cos 7 years ago

Johnny Cash - Sixteen Tons

Looks as if Christie has another scandal brewing.

Pacquiao vs Algieri

Putin says Russia must guard against 'color revolutions'

"Vladimir Putin Hates the TTIP" Says Retired 4-Star Navy Admiral who thinks TTIP "Vital for Defense"

Union Pacific tops transportation firms ranked on G.I. Jobs' military-friendly employers list

'Cruel and unusual' - Leaked prison letter from hunger striker Mohamed Soltan

Post a movie scene which you believe was exceptionally done.

Mexico at breaking point as anti-government anger escalates

U.S. Supreme Court declines to block same-sex marriages in South Carolina

Does anyone have any thoughts about NIH and NSF funding with the Republicans in charge?

Some Good News from the NFL

hmmm ... snow

Republique APK Android

LeGarrette Blount returning to Pats

Jerry Garcia Band 7-9-77 Late Show Convention Hall Asbury Park NJ

I need some help, looking for the title of a movie.

I Love This: WH immigration announcement will be the lead-in to the Latin Grammy Awards on Univision

What's in a Name?

What John Kerry is thankful for (TIME oped)

ALL Republican Presidents Since Eisenhower

Free but unfair elections give me headaches.

Wells Fargo will cut interest rates on some student loans.

Okay-- sorry to sound like an idiot but exactly how did this whole Bill Cosby thing unfold.

Federal retirement benefits likely target for GOP

4 DFW companies take top ranks for LGBT friendliness

When The Media Cared About Ebola...

The crazy/racist crowd has a new champion in DC.

A Look At Who Loses As Oil Prices Keep Plunging

Tanzania evicting 40,000 people from homeland to make room for Dubai royal family

Why not?

Obama administration would back sanctions against Venezuela: official

White House silence on Mexico protests speaks volumes

Return to the MH17 Crash Site: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 87)

German researchers receive price for developing new vegetarian protein-source

"Democrats" who base their votes on religion.

There have now been more than 90 school shootings since Sandy Hook(Gunman is dead, 3 injured at FSU)

LOL!!!: Appropriations panel: Defunding immigration order "IMPOSSIBLE"

Who did our TN voting machines vote for? Nashville's Cora Howe voters are about to find out.


Hey Americans, Come Take Our Jobs!

Killorglin, Ireland: here comes the goat king!

My daughter has changed her estimate of what might happen in Buffalo this week-end -

How the airbag grillees should have said it

Ohio 'heartbeat' bill re-emerges for panel vote

Nigerian security forces fire tear gas in parliament to prevent return of opposition politician

BY 10:00 PM, some will applaud the President's actions on immigration, some will

I hope we can learn something from this "Cosby" issue.

Some of America’s Biggest Corporations Pay Their CEOs More Than They Owe in Taxes

Ever wonder what a precious little rescued dog thinks about?

Anothe Bill Cosby victim tells her story and it's DEVASTATING!!! SHIT!!!!

What is your opinion on the security of our border with Mexico?

Is use of a sockpuppet an automatic PPR for a poster? Or is it discretionary?

Cat watches as burglars break into Palo Alto home

My take on Bob Dylan..

Suspended high schooler claims religious persecution, sues

Rep. Tammy Duckworth gives birth to daughter

Yucca Mountain: (Patty) Murray breaks silence, urges NRC to review repository

NBC/WSJ poll: Americans overwhelming favor Obama's main policy changes on immigration.

Oh no Toyota side air bags are a Takata isssue too

PSA: Stereotyping.

48% in poll do not want President to issue executive order?


"Traditional Marriage"

Pic Of The Moment: The Republican Dilemma On Immigration

Goat Simulator. That's all I'm saying, other than NSFW.

Obama's plan of action on immigration may derail Republican agenda

I’m Naomi Klein, author of THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING: Capitalism vs the Climate. Ask me anything!

No, Scandal, I will not get excited about your ‘winter finale’

Gov Malloy: 'Dems were Scared of making contrasts, owing their record & saying THIS is what We did'

FSU shooter was former student Myron May

Post here if you will not, no way, NEVER set foot in a store on Thanksgiving Day.

FSU shooter fit no profile. Successful lawyer, children's advocate.

Carbon Crisis 2014 Update: Planet Jenga

Ring of Fire: SCOTUS Preparing to Gut Affordable Care Act

Who Rules the World? How a Concentration of Wealth and Political Power Undermines Democracy

Aide: Obama open to limits in war authorization

Laura Ingraham Advises GOP To Dismantle 14th Amendment's "Birthright Citizenship Nonsense"

Obama's apologizes to Landrieu

Kris Kobach: "Da Mex'cans is comin' fer ya! Dey'll kill ya!"

Pat Robertson: God says I can drive my Corvette over 100 mph on public roads

Michael Savage slams his fellow Jews...

Park Rangers Go Naked to Protect Rhinos

I didn't see this news bit on DU..."Lawyer identifies officer who killed St. Louis man"

Happy Thursday the 20th!

Can someone give me a serious answer: How does Bernie Sanders win?

Austria: cat cartoon helps promote safe sex

Another closet door ripped off the hinges!

Mass school shootings are just another luxury we have in this wonderful country called America

Hot party tonight at Club Catnip

Ted Cruz theatens Obama with jail time...

Catholic church performs exorcism on screaming woman in Czech Republic

Senator Al Franken Asks Uber’s CEO Tough Questions On User Privacy

Incoming Nevada Speaker Said Democrats Have ‘Master-Slave’ Relationship With ‘Simple Minded Darkies’

Takata quality chief shuns national air bag recall

Question for DU college grads, 2010-2014

gilda live -- honey & let's talk dirty to the animals

Daily Cute: Ninita the Pygmy Marmoset Loves Her Toothbrush

President Obama Signs the Child Care and Development Block Grant Act of 2014

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Country Star Ty Herndon Comes Out as Gay

Streaming Video Feed="Watch the address live on November 20th at 8pmET"

Want to watch Presidents Address tonight, but no one airing it? Watch it here!

These Homeopathy Doctors Are Angry They Weren’t Allowed To Treat People With Ebola

First Gay Marriage Performed in South Carolina

I Don't Care How Tough You Think You Are, These Pics Of A Baby Bird's Rescue Are So Moving

We Just Had the Hottest October on Record

San Francisco puts in chips for 2024 Olympics

"Kinder Morgan pipeline protesters arrested by RCMP in Burnaby, B.C."

Hacker, Terrorist Threats Spur Bases to Build Power Grids

San Francisco puts in chips for 2024 Olympics (xpost from GD)

Ex-Coal Exec Pleads Not Guilty in W.Va. Mine Blast

People Are Already Being Released From Detention Because Of California’s Ballot Initiative

PBS NewHoure-A look at the Gulf oil spill after the cameras had gone.

Obama Plugs Science, Math Education at Ceremony

Amazon pledges its data centers will go green

Senate panel okays openly gay U.S. attorney for federal bench to serve Texas

MSNBC & TELEMUNDO to air Pres Obamas Immigration Speach

question: how the hell is Walker winning in Wisconsin?

What Do Teachers Make?

Colombia FM meets with Venezuela’s Maduro to strengthen bilateral ties

Post here if you partake in Black Friday

Pat Robertson: God Says I Can Drive My Corvette Over 100 Mph On Public Roads

Colombia defense ministry ordered to pay $460K for executing civilian

Why We Organize: Los Angeles

UN: Deaths Keep Rising in Ukraine; Now Over 4,300

Two children sexually abused every hour in Colombia

TXU Hits Duncanville ISD With $1.2 Million Electric Bill

Should the legacy TV networks preempt their programming to show Obama's immigration speech live?

A lie in the Darren Wilson defense that just won't go away. (Ferguson)

Iowa man arrested near White House to appear in D.C. Superior Court

Mexicans Have Had Enough of U.S.-Backed Violence and Exploitation

Mexicans Have Had Enough of U.S.-Backed Violence and Exploitation

Papantonio: Why Infrastructure Investment Vanished

Kobach Wonders If Hispanic Majority Would Conduct 'Ethnic Cleansing' In U.S

Are Democratic Leaders Tea Partying Progressives? - Gaius Publius Discusses


Phyllis Schlafly: Pres. Obama announcement on immigration will produce civil war

A series of unfortunate comments

Check out White House .gov!

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX): Defund Obama's Golf Game! (plus funds for POTUS vacations/family outings)

The White House Blog

Longmire Is Coming To Netflix

Ebola: Victims, Heroes and a Cynical Western Media

Rep. King Compares Immigration Standoff To ISIS Fight; Shutdown, Censure & Impeachment On The Table

Gov. Perry to speak at Texas A&M commencement convocation


3 year old Afghan girl raped; family says her life is "now over"

ATT denies sick time pay to older employees

'OITNB' actress speaks out about family's deportation

Trailer Park Boys Game

I know it's old but I couldn't help myself

“Wildlife Serial Killers” Facing Federal Trial

Golden Retriever Epically Fails During Dog Show, Wins All Our Hearts in the Process

Travis Transit Agrees to Pay Employees $655,000 in Lost Benefits

Happy Birthday VP Biden, you're hardly changed!!

Elite MBA now admitted to cost $200,000-plus for two year degree.

GOPer Sees Obama Impeachment, Jail Time Over Executive Action

Hilarious Golden Retriever Really Wants To Race But.. First Things First....

a friend e-mailed those to me, I had to share. :D

r. i. p. director mike nichols

I think I figured out tonight's Jeopardy question in "20th century presidential elections" but I

Little Rash-Putin

Simple Question

Minnesota GOP County Chair: Muslims Must Accept Jesus Or Leave The United States of America

Ted Cruz throws a tantrum...

Cuban doctor sick with Ebola to be flown to Geneva for treatment

U.S. court shuts down telemarketer FTC says bilked customers of $120 million

Is it safe to hitchhike anymore? Need to visit family for the holidays. Anyone here have any advice?

I was given a huge bottle of Gold Standard Whey: Whey Protein Isolates. But everyone in our family

HRW: Human rights protections in Crimea have been severely curtailed since Russia began its occupation

Cuban doctor sick with Ebola to be flown to Geneva for treatment

My baby sister saved someone's life today

Flip phones are hip again

gOP collective freak out

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Nov. 20, 2014

Who remembers the history of Jackie Robinson?

Requiem for Rod Serling

White Students Dress As Cops Beating ‘Mexicans’: ‘This Is The Beginning Of Rape Season’

Exclusive: U.S. increasing non-lethal military aid to Ukraine

The words "Democrat" and "Republican" are pretty much meaningless

BREAKING: 9th Circuit (Bogusly) Dismisses HAAS v ROMNEY Racketeering Case

Kerry seems cautiously optimistic on Iran - which seems pretty tough

This would be a great GOP advertisement.

Wall Street is Taking Over America’s Pension Plans

Finding Iris: Saving a homeless injured dog + an unexpected surprise!!! Please share

Haw! Boehner threatens to stop cooperating?

Owner Of Colombian Soccer Club Is Drug Kingpin - US Treasury

One thing I can't get past when it comes to Elizabeth Warren

Colombia's FARC to release captured general

WATCH: Activism™ | Mickey Z.

Why Nikola Tesla Is a Hero to Men's Rights Activists

NASA's Swift Mission Probes an Exotic Object: ‘Kicked’ Black Hole or Mega Star?

Environmental activists in Appalachia lose an inspirational leader

Colombia’s Labyrinth of Violence

Post your useless facts here!!

The irony of a 'civil war' re immigration

Mitch McConnell's Political Life Examined in "The Cynic"

Is DU growing quieter?

10 Fun Facts About the Student Debt Crisis

Staggering number of children, teens and young adults live on the street in Pima County

Case Update (Grand Jury)

For whomever draws my name in the Lounge Secret Santa program, three words

Tom Coburn inciting to riot with hysterical, Repugnant-speak.

The obsequious sliminess of McConnell

"The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America."

Populism as a ‘thin-centred’ ideology: ranging from the left (‘Chavismo’) to the right ('tea party')

New Jersey loses jobs in October as it prepares for bond sale

As promised, photo of a picture

Your Jolly For Today!

Someone Sent $270K Worth Of Pot To The Wrong Clothing Store

Accused Colombian drug kingpin admits to U.S. cocaine scheme

afternoon 'tea'

News from Nashville, made me cry with tears of Joy

State faces $2.2 billion deficit heading into 2015-17 budget cycle Print Email

Sixth DWI For Former Bears quarterback Bob Avellini

Detective: Penn. murderer says he killed in Texas

Prepare yourself for the gnashing of teeth, ripping of garments after the President

Mother Owes Nearly $1 Million for Daughter's Birth

Gay veteran has hand and part of arm amputated after brutal attack in North Carolina

What Texting Does to Your Spine (OMG!)

Union: Ferguson officer does not expect charges

From Charles Chamberlain @ DFA:

Anyone else find it funny that the biggest critic of Obama's Immigration policy is (wait for it)

Bill Clinton: Obama on "pretty firm legal footing."

Keystone XL Bill Dies in the Senate...For Now

"Inventing the Abbotts". Delightful film

Many Republicans Used Exec Action on Immigration, Only Obama Should Be Impeached

US sends Guantanamo prisoners to Georgia, Slovakia

Protesters, police clash in Mexico before marches

Protesters, police clash in Mexico before marches

Goldman, Morgan Stanley And JP Morgan Named In Commodity Manipulation Investigation

Ferguson officer arrested for raping a woman in the jail. Read the legal filing here.

Ok, so I'm confused - What laws has Obama broken??

Sen. Sanders :They have left the president with little choice but to act on his own.

Even with all that snow.... NOAA: Globe sets 5th hottest-month record of 2014

South Dakota Sioux Tribe Calls Keystone XL Pipeline Approval "Act of War"

A split among Republicans in Congress deepened over how to block President Barack Obama’s executive

There's Been HOW Many Pipeline Spills in Alberta in The Last Four Months??

The major networks may not carry President Obama's

Jimson Weed by Georgia O’Keeffe Sells For $44.4 Million

Graphics for the Walmart Black Friday protests

Bingo! Reading "Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari. "A brief history of humankind".

GOP used anonymous Twitter accounts to dodge campaign finance laws

U of C: Feds Investigate After Threat Posted in Facebook Hack

Tonight I am really proud of President Obama.

FairPoint Strikers Hold Two Thursday Actions: Montpelier Rally, Boston Protest

FSU Student: It's great that he is unharmed, but this is just stupid.

Mysterious 'Glow Worm' Discovered in the Peruvian Rainforest

Where can we watch the President's speech tonight? Anybody know?

The Secret History of the Triple Goddess, Part 1: Triads, Triplicities, and Trinities

TPM: All You Need To Know About Obama's Executive Action To Legalize 5 Million

Slava Voynov charged with felony for 'corporal injury to spouse with great bodily injury'

Immigration reform may be only short term benefits for the Democratic Party.

Sending vibes to everyone in Buffalo, New York

CNN-CIA launches major internal review

Reagan And Bush Made The Same Immigration Move That Has The GOP Enraged At Obama

UKIP appears to win second Parliamentary seat

Reagan -- Remember When Republicans Demanded He Be Impeached For Using Executive Authority ...

Pro-Darren Wilson demonstrators face claims of KKK infiltration

If Democrats thought like Republicans rather than fight any Keystone Pipeline bill they would have

Tansy Aspinall And The Gorillas: Reunited At Last! - OFFICIAL VIDEO

The Secret History of the Triple Goddess, Part 2: The Search for the Triple Goddess of Antiquity

Roofs collapse under Buffalo snow

McConnell: 'Congress will act' if Obama issues immigration executive order

Hey You! Yea, you, the Kenyan/Socialist/Comunist/Half White/Half Black/Usurperer