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Archives: November 24, 2014

This is no surprise: Lindsey Graham: GOP-led Benghazi report is 'full of crap'

A guest gets an audience

Putin Says He Won't Remain President Forever

Giuliani Explodes over Black Crime: Wouldn’t Need White Cops ‘If You Weren’t Killing Each Other’

Jesus on the Radio: what's it like where you live?

A sunset for elleng...

Fogo volcano: Cape Verde orders evacuations after eruption off West African coast

From Quora: Which country should an anti-Obama conservative move to?

Obedience is the True Character Flaw

Idaho GOP Hires Larry Craig, The Anti-Gay Senator Arrested For Soliciting Gay Sex

Happy Thanksgiving

Can you think of anything lower than a pharmaceutical maker shorting production to make a $

Happy Thanksgiving II

Hey Mad! Have I got the car for you. >>

Major Labor Dispute Continues to Escalate in Las Vegas

Colin Kaepernick is performing like an average quarterback

Monterey researchers take first-ever known video of mysterious black seadevil

NYT: Falling Wages at Factories Squeeze the Middle Class

Kickers lead a precarious life.

Chris Hedges Inverted Totalitarianism, Government Surveillance & Activism

How 1.4M Americans Could Get a Raise Right Now

Switzerland Voting to Abolish 152-year-old Tax Break for Rich Foreigners

Jesus on the Radio: what's it like where *you* live?

Looking for an Ex-DUer

Life behind the cash register

Anyone else watching Enticing "EAT: The Story of Food"

Marking 10 Years of Howard Zinn’s "Voices of a People’s History"

WTF ...183

Welcome to the Failure Age! (How Technology is Changing Our Culture)

1 killed, dozens injured in California bus crash

More heads exploding in the GOP.

Sanders Joins Warren in Opposing Obama's Wall Street Nominee for Treasury

E. coli worry prompts recall of 1,200 lbs. of beef by Twin Cities company

The "Urbee" 3D-Printed Car: Coast to Coast on 10 Gallons?

Obama Is Damaging Hillary’s Chances

Hollywood Left Turns Out to Celebrate Howard Zinn’s Legacy

Odell Beckham's Catch Tonight. Greatest Catch Ever?

Relatives question honor for civil rights workers

Saturday with no ideas, no direction then...

All-too-believable satire

Peru investigates deaths of 500 sea lions on north coast

Peru investigates deaths of 500 sea lions on north coast

Smoke Mirrors and Masks

Mexico Supreme Court frees 3 convicted for 1997 massacre

What we can expect from Ferguson- nonviolent protest and agents provocateurs creating violence.

Bear cub saved from fire, makes full recovery

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 24 November 2014

Mexico’s Military & Political Class In The Eye of Ayotzinapa Storm

Why are some "KARDASHIAN-JENNER" crap presenting awards at *any* place (AMA)?!1

UN climate fund falls short of $10 billion target

Made in the image of God!

"God is good."

Lessons from Bolivia: re-nationalising the hydrocarbon industry

That Danged Liberal Media: Network Sunday Shows Largely Ignore Benghazi Report

Tears from the Moon

Cuomo on Slow State Response to Buffalo Catastrophe: "It's the Nat'l Weather Service's Fault."

Stormy Monday, 11/24/14

NY's Success Academy charter has 7.75 million fundraiser. Erik Prince, Campbell Brown, Jeb Bush

Who will take the pledge? My wife has begun her yearly pledge. She will not shop retail

Holiday Food. There is NO food you HAVE to Have

US Air force Academy should be relocated, cadets and staff are being placed at risk.

Court: Judge hasn't agreed to release Ferguson grand jury evidence if no indictment

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, November 25: Fantasy

What are you reading the week of Sunday, November 23, 2014?

Scribd? Oyster?

What are YOU reading this week?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, November 26: Art Thefts

Cleveland Police: Incident where officer shot & killed 12-year-old boy caught on surveillance video

Any Truth To Darren Wilson Meeting Privately With TV Journalists....

Vine Deloria, Jr, a leading Native American scholar

Mark Leno to Challenge SF Mayor Lee In November

Wisconsin Corrections Spending Has Risen Faster than in neighboring States

Wake Up to the Smell of Class Struggle

American Indian Sovereignty

Just in case... HOW ABOUT THEM COWBOYS!!

Justice for Tamir Rice! 12 year old shot and killed for a BB gun.

He's baaaaaaaaaack!!!

Texas Professor Converts Dumpster into Home

Eva Moskowitz fundraiser brought almost 8 million to her Success Academy

More from ol' Grandstandin' Rand:

Big Lots (a store in Southern California) is opened Thanksgiving Day from 7am-midnight.

Ted Cruz: Refuse Obama’s nominations until he changes immigration plans

Cosby, ritual of rape denial virtually written in stone in much of public opinion, Huffington post

The GOP freak out over Obama's EO has been pretty damn entertaining.

I love this bit from the script of Five Million Years to Earth (1967)

Photo of the Day

Is Thanksgiving a racist holiday?

Birmingham, England: Tortie wins cat show

Vintage Photos

The torture report saga is a disgrace

  November 24

Behold the beautiful Black Seadevil:

Malarkey on the Potomac By Andrew J. Bacevich

Small quake shakes Dallas area, stirring fracking critics

Theoretically, when a car is parked on someone's property (a hospital in this case)

City: Quarter-toting ‘Robin Hooders’ must back off.

Where Oil and Politics Mix

M$Greedia have lost their collective minds

Heroin to be prescribed to Canadian addicts by doctors

Egyptian president offers peacekeeping force 'for Palestinian state'

Obama administration loses its collective mind

Hezbollah claims 'pinpoint' Iranian missiles added to its arsenal

UPDATE 1-Russia puts losses from sanctions, sliding oil at up to $140 bln/year

No, Kris Kobach, it's not 'illegal aliens' scamming the system, it's you

France’s cash-strapped far right turns to Russian lender. "No one else will give us a cent."


Judge denies bid to halt Illinois fracking rules

Non-Sequitur sums it up.

Katrina VH on ABC: Republicans are run by know-nothing nativists

Economic Double Whammy: America's Growing Wealth Divide Is Actually Putting People out of Work

Bob Marley - Get up, stand up 1980/Exodus + Redemption Song (Live HD)

Sign the pledge: Don't buy these Koch products

7 Leading Candidates for Corporate Rip-Off of the Year

5 Things Powerful People in Washington Believe That Have No Basis in Reality

Teachers’ union files suit over media restrictions

14 Greedy Companies That Are Forcing Employees to Work on Thanksgiving

Becca Campbell: Woman allegedly kills herself with gun bought to prepare for Ferguson unrest

Who Rules the World? How Concentration of Wealth and Political Power Undermines Global Democracy

Hillary Clinton Leads in New Hampshire by Historic Margin

Stokely Carmichael interviewing his mother in 1967

"We North Dakotans trust our politicians - even when they sell us out."

The U.S. Navy Just Announced The End Of Big Oil And No One Noticed

Buffalo residents ready for possible evacuations

Homeless Man Records His Daily Life

Ferguson - ABC News persists in

Failing to Deliver: Manufacturing Wages Aren't What They Used to Be

Participation in PSUV elections on Sunday very low, estimate about 6% in Caracas

Should toy manyfacturers be allowed to market realistic looking toy guns?

How long until Joni Ernst voters want to make this the new state song? NSFW

Meme of the Week - November 24th

Does the Fed manufacturing crises?

Terrorism laws: 'Time is right' for new police powers says UK Government

How to do hasbara properly

Just put the f$ckin turkey in the oven

Obama Thanksgiving Flashback - Food Bank Surprise Visit!

Queen ROCK Montreal 1981 Concert

After all these years, I found the WMD under my desk!

Chris Hedges: Why We Need Professional Revolutionists

What's for Dinner, Mon., Nov. 24, 2014

i just got off the phone with the NRA

FM: UN resolution on Israel occupation postponed

85 F today for Orlando ? typical see-saw temps....

Parents deny sons planned to assassinate Israeli FM

Uncle Sam Needs Some Better Nephews

Breaking: WH Officials Say President Obama Has Asked Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to Step Down

Pulled pork 'does not make you more manly'

Monday Toon Roundup 1-Immigration Reform

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Obstructionist Party

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

The Democratic debates in 2016

‘Argo’ in the Congo: The Ghosts of the Stanleyville Hostage Crisis

Secretary Hagel resigning today.

C'mon...This… Is… Fun!

Scott Walker's $2.2bil budget "shortfall."

Some fund managers see oil falling to $60 without OPEC cut

Here’s How to Force Police Accountability in Your City

Longtime Lurker

Charles M. Blow: 'Make No Mistake: This Debate Is NOT About THIS President Or THIS Excecutive Order'

Killings by Utah police outpacing gang, drug, child-abuse homicides

Chart of the Year: Changing Distribution of Income Growth During Economic Expansions

Woman who lost her left eye in 'unjustified' police shooting after drunken 40-mile car chase sues


Oh, Rudy, I can see your hood

Did this artist do what I think he did ?

Ramirez and Sandoval?!

Kuntsler: 'Wall Street is 1 of several Financial Roach Motels in giant slum of the global economy'

Michele Flournoy Could Become Next Secretary of Defense

Who replaces Hagel?

The Real 'Wolf of Wall Street'?

Google removes anti-gay video game

Ashton B. Carter-Another Potential Secretary of Defense Nominee

Michael Sam in GQ interview, on the ups and downs of coming out

Senator Jack Reed Not Interested in Secretary of Defense Position

GoPro Hero Camera Captures Awesome Sight Of Antares Orb-3 Rocket Explosion

Space and Time into a single Continuum

A friend writes:

64 current judicial vacancies and 34 nominees pending in the Senate

Up the creek through the window

Chuck Norris Dares Obama to Mention God on Thanksgiving – Cue Fox & Friends Smear

TYT Interview: Jimmy Dore - Comedian, Author - "Your Country Is Just Not That Into You"

Interfaith America: 'Being both' is a rising trend in the US

'Rise of saturated fat in diet does not raise fats in blood' - MNT

Berkeley in the Sixties - documentary (1990)

Obama secretly extends us role in Afghanistan with classified executive order...Democracy Now

Critical Thinking

DOJ preps for big jump in DNA testing that will begin collecting DNA April 1 via a new GOP law.

Flashback: Reagan Called For An End To ‘Crazy’ Tax Loopholes That Let Millionaires Pay Less

More About Barbie and Lammily

Why wage growth disparity tells the story of America's half-formed economic recovery

It’s On: KKK Twitter-Hacks Anonymous, Takes Back Operation KKK

Article: Black Friday highlights the contrast between rich and poor

Iran nuclear talks extended for 7 months amid impasse ahead of deadline

U.S. troops to remain in Baltics, Poland next year

Women not equal to men: Turkey's Erdogan

Someone posted this article on Facebook: 12 Smartphone Apps for Preppers

Fifth Circuit Court Refuses to Reconsider Ruling Blocking Mississippi TRAP Law

Georgia Accuses Russia of ‘De-Facto Annexation’ of Rebel Region

Volunteering: good for your resume

Did you know all of us here are Satanists?

Two aspects of immigration reform that get shoved under the carpet -

To my east coast friends

Pic Of The Moment: No Benghazi Wrongdoing; Lindsey Graham Throws Temper Tantrum

The Comic & Graphic Novel Suggestion Thread

Fried Turkey for Thanksgiving Can be Dangerous

Homeland left me reeling

D.C. Council votes to overhaul asset forfeiture, give property owners new rights

BREAKING: change needs salt and pepper ... and ketchup - lots of ketchup

I'm in a bad place.

The best sermons are lived, not preached....

D.C. Council votes to overhaul asset forfeiture, give property owners new rights

The Effects Of Using Coke To Clean A Dirty Toilet

If you are a descendant of an undocumented immigrants, post here.

Ride from unemployed to job creator

Delaware: homeless man walks miles to be with his dog

Bernie Sanders: 'Are we back to the 'gilded age?'

Honest NFL Headlines: Week 12

Hitting the head on the nail...

Petitioning Target to Remove the Disrespectful Cards about Pres. Obama

Student protest

Saw A Commercial Over The Weekend. What?

Turkish President - Women Are Not Equal To Men

I finally saw "The Big Lebowski."

All Hell Breaks Loose On ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ After Kirk Cameron Begs His FB Fans For Positive Reviews

Help (Please)

Ta-Nehisi Coates dissects Mayor 9/11: "The real problem is American-on-American crime"

Imagine the shock and horror of finding this note left for you by your 15-year-old

Iran nuclear talks to be extended until July

Marxism Day Schools

The Rude Pundit - Republicans Can't Give Up the Benghazi Lust

Media Goes Wild Over Hagel Firing But Not Obama's Secret Afghanistan Reversal--"Mother Jones"

Vladimir Putin: I don’t want to rule Russia for life

RePost from GD - "We North Dakotans trust our politicians - even when they sell us out."

A Sour Note (flat and off key)

Those who poll well early don't become presidential nominees

Something people are overlooking when they ask why the women didn't report their rapes:

If You See a New Post on DU You Think Should Be Read by Others

Toon: What can we do?

Women not equal to men: Turkey's Erdogan

Nevada speaker-elect steps aside after racist, homophobic writings revealed

Heading to San Diego for Thanksgiving

North Carolina: photographer strives to save 'Landfill Dogs'

Google settles with ex-banker over online abuse

Transgender woman dies suddenly, presented at funeral in open casket as a man

"We North Dakotans trust our politicians - even when they sell us out."

(S.D.)-Jayla Rodriguez Memorial Fund Set Up To Help Build Dog Shelter

This Is Why Feminism Does Not Need Rebranding

Columnist Monckton: gays sleep with 20,000 people in a lifetime

Odell Beckham memes:

So, anybody here feel like the TSA is just putting on a big dog and pony show,

Colombia Congress considers promoting 5 generals accused of human rights abuses

Sen. Markey to DoE: What About the James Doyle Case?

Former NHL coach Pat Quinn dies at 71

It's hard to believe we're only 3 days away from an amazing American tradition

Sí se puede

Can we keep Jack Reed in the senate please

Donna Campbell and Rick Santorum (Puke Warning)

Oops - someone must have gotten an unexpected surprise

Our Fundy moran of the day... (and this one is a real doozy)

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer..."

Emails Reveal How GOP Consultants Secretly Gerrymandered Florida

The Ultra-Right-Wing State Nobody Mentions

The Darren Wilson Grand Jury decision is in. Will be announced later today.

Chilean moms growing support for medical marijuana

Ferguson grand jury decision expected today

Chilean moms growing support for medical marijuana

Update: Tracey Grissom story goes national

Rand Paul Calls for a Formal Declaration of War Against ISIS

Adventure racer gives stray dog a meatball, dog follows him to finish line of 430-mile race

Six owners of Eastern Kentucky coal mines among top 10 nationally for unpaid fines

Black on Black Crime is one of those important issues ...

BIG NEWS: Governor Siegelman Daughter Dana a Victim Hit & Run!

Water's Edge, The crisis of rising sea levels, Part 3

Section of the Federal Code that deals with the markings of toy, look-alike, and imitation firearms

COVER YOUR MOUTH!!! when you cough or sneeze (& teach your kids to do it too!)

Rudy Giuliani called out for his inner racist sentiments by Michael Eric Dyson (VIDEO)

I don't need any responses to this...I just need to write this down

No Shit ...41

Racism: The Impossible Discussion ...

What the Media Are Not Telling You About the Late Marion Barry

How to Nail Your Enemies: Ancient Egyptian Spells Deciphered

Russia losing $140 billion from sanctions and low oil prices

Thank you MIR Team volunteers for helping keep DU readable

Police: Video of officer shooting boy is 'clear'

Turkey pardoning and politics

Everything in Ferguson, MO locked down (image)

FDA warns gynecologic device has spread cancer

Debunking the myth of gun confiscation.

Journalists Aren’t Covering Local Elections. Our Democracy Is Suffering Because of It.

Turkish president rounds on feminists, says men and women not equal

Dozens of Activists Arrested in Battle Against a Fracking “Gateway Drug” in New York

Squirrels frustrate Cincinnati Zoo holiday efforts

Iran releases British-Iranian woman on bail

It’s Not Just Cosby: Hollywood’s Long List of Male Scumbags

The Reporter Who Paid a High Price for ‘Contra Crack’

Student held after Fort Sam Houston lockdown

Cops Arrest Native American For Singing ‘Honor Song’ After Keystone Pipeline Voted Down

Why College Is Necessary But Gets You Nowhere by Robert Reich

UK, US behind Regin malware, attacked European Union networks

"Odd Man Out" --Chuck Hagel's Republican Exile (Excerpt: The Russia-McCain Disagreement)

Fraud Thriving In U.S. Churches, But You Wouldn't Know It

Spain 'to act as US messenger boy on Cuba'

Spain 'to act as US messenger boy on Cuba'

Sorry, no. This is not rape.

Residency, social security benefits are not a favor the authorities can bestow and withdraw at will

Meet Sister Rosetta Tharp

Brazil focuses on nurseries, schools and jobs to fight poverty

Does a contemporary revolution require blood and property destruction?

Summit of Failure: How the EU Lost Russia over Ukraine

New York City is finalist for 2016 Democratic National Convention

The Brown family has been told that the Grand Jury has reached a decision.(Confirmed)

Newly elected Miami congressman asked to explain errors in campaign reports

Newly appointed border town police chief asks FBI to investigate cops, officials

Ferguson Grand Jury Decision Reached

I spotted some color as I drove past our local cemetery this morning

Thank you volunteer Hosts for helping keep DU readable

Meet Greg Grey Cloud - Arrested for honoring senators: His main concern over KXL may surprise you.

Oklahoma students walk out of classes to protest bullying of suspected rape victims at school

Walmart is ground zero for Black Friday violence

The Tech Worker Shortage Doesn't Really Exist

GOP doesn't want to help Undocumented Workers - they just want to keep their cheap labor!

Angry dad doesn’t think daughter should have to learn about Islam because he was a Marine

Video: This Interview of UVA Associate Dean of Students Nicole Eramo is Deeply Disturbing

What can we do to help save America?

Would the cops be gathering if the grand jury had voted to indict Wilson?

Scientific Proof That Dogs Love Us Like Family

Reports now that Ferguson decision will be made public at 7 C/8 E

Mexican president burned in effigy as tens of thousands mark day of protest

Mexican president burned in effigy as tens of thousands mark day of protest

How the Pentagon’s Skynet Would Automate War

Ferguson - announcement after 5pm central time today

Mike Cubelo: O'Hair stopped classroom bullies

Can a Grand Jury "hang?"

Iraqi troops take 2 towns from Islamic State group

Papantonio: Soul Searching For The Democratic Party

Why the Surveillance State Lives On

Heads up!! There's a detour on the road to towel city

I've never made a charity thread before (but here goes!)

Bill Maher Agrees with Gruber: Yes, the American People Are Stupid

Fears of major flooding in snowbound Buffalo ease

The vicious racists on the right are coming out of the woodwork on immgrants...

How paranoid are anti-Clinton DUers?

Has the Governor of Missouri decided who is charge yet?

I'd like to electronically meet some Colorado folks

Daily Kos: The Men in the Plastic Masks: How Anonymous Complicates Protests in Ferguson

Pregnant with possibilities!

Goose day

St Louis County Prosecutor to make announcement

My computer has been invaded. I like to have Mozilla Firefox with Google as my search engine.


They police have an arsenal in Ferguson Missouri on standby...This is not Afghanistan

Haqel, how deep will he bury his knife in the back of Obama, prick..maybe I spoke too soon...

Boycott 'Black Thursday'

Are the authorities in Ferguson really going to allow the KKK there?

What took him so long?

LIVE VIDEO: Grand jury decision in Michael Brown case...

What Good Is An Unused Gun?

Greg Abbott plans to sue Barack Obama over immigration order

What Dylan saw...

Officer Darren Wilson gets married to fellow Ferguson cop

Honda Admits Underreporting Serious U.S. Accidents Since 2003

Giuliani's racist argument

The FINAL prediction of Nostradamus comes TRUE...BEHOLD the BACON MAC & CHEESE STUFFED DONUT.

Still undecided: Team Barber Goes To Federal Court To Push To Count More Ballots

Just SAY IT, Charles Blow

Could someone spell out the basic details of the Fergeson shooting for me? I haven't followed

Papantonio: What Happened Back in the Ferguson Grand Jury Room?

Gift Ideas for Atheists in 2014

A Plea to Riot Police, Robo Cops, the National Guard and to Governor Nixon tonight.

Just SAY IT, Charles Blow****Cross Post from the BOG

Civil rights, religious freedom — and Jase Bolger


Obama's immigration order: What's a Catholic Republican to do?

BREAKING: Ferguson Announcement will be at 9 Eastern/ 8 Central

Time Change for Ferguson announcement:

The Onion rings uncomfortably true for Ferguson

60 Imams, Rabbis Meet In Washington For Muslim-Jewish Interfaith Summit

Democrats Demand To Know How Much Boehner Is Paying Jonathan Turley To Sue Obama

41 men targeted but 1,147 people killed: US drone strikes – the facts on the ground

Darren Wilson and his bride have probably already left Missouri.

Mexico: gay wedding scrapped after bomb threat

Landrieu hitting field before Monday Night football

Rev. Bernice King issues statement on Ferguson

Rand Paul's Draft Declaration of War Dismays Peace Advocates

The Great Debate Missouri governor’s pre-emptive state of emergency is an alarming mistake

Hagels Resignation is not about incompatance

TCU and Baylor could play for the National Championship.

A LFR Editorial. Just blowing off steam...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 25 November 2014

If Darren Wilson is not indicted, what do you think the reaction will be in cities across the USA?

Going wading when it's 46 degrees outside.

Gov Nixon up now pleading for peace tonight. WHAT A PANTLOAD FULL OF CRAP

Misunderstood Medicine: 'I feel like a normal boy'

Ferguson presser so far is disrespectful bullshit. Once again, tone deaf

Here is a must see video if you are on the side of med cannabis patients -

Karen Armstrong: “...this is the sort of talk that led to the concentration camps."

Biology trumps chemistry in open ocean

Looks like many cities across the Nation is battening down due to Ferguson.

Not one fucking word about how the KKK better behave, only warnings to the protestors.

Vatican’s new sex abuse prosecutor previously failed to report abusive U.S. priest

Everyone Please Remain Calm & Peaceful In Protesting

Grasshoppers signal slow recovery of post-agricultural woodlands, study finds

by Robert Reich

UN chief: Palestinian recognition gains momentum A/P

Don't protest...Vote!

***Official*** Ferguson Grand Jury Decision Thread

Change Is Not Necessary

Oregon cops post 'I am Darren Wilson' images on Facebook

Fugg off Jay Nixon