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Archives: November 3, 2014

Why haven't the DSCC and DCCC done ads featuring people who gained from the ACA?

Ex-Michael Jackson prosecutor Tom Sneddon dies

Bernie Sanders Hammers The Media For Refusing To Educate People About The Real Issues

Another Leaked TPP Chapter Shows What a Disaster it Will be!

Colorado early ballots are shifting toward democrats with younger voters

PPP Michigan poll:Peters ahead by double diget Governor's race a dead heat

Rams 13-10. In Frisco, no less!!

Sad day today here.

St. Louis Post election guide?

November 2, 1928

"Ebola ruled out for patient in Milwaukie hospital" (Portland, Oregon)

Parents sue charter school after substitute teacher has sex with son

Interesting little tidbit about Charlemagne I just saw on H2:

PA is the only state that throws away absentee ballots that are not RECEIVED 4 DAYS before election

NYTimes: A Flood of Late Spending on Midterm Elections, From Murky Sources

Chiropractic manual from the 50's is still relevant.

Mormon women's rights campaigner loses appeal against excommunication

North Carolina voters report voting machines switching their votes to GOP candidate

A Proposed New Constitution, Article 9- Referendums and Recalls

Saudi women's rights activist arrested for 'insulting Islam'

In the fast food place this evening...

the red shoulder hawk that follows me around as i mow the grass

your vote, your voice. exercise it

43-21? What say you, El???

Sunday video

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries season 2 is now streaming

This is Your One-Stop Shop for Progressive Action

"No need to be shy about it." From Democratic Party Facebook.

Who do you think is responsible for the insane "Vote or Else" emails the DNC's been sending?

Illinois PPP poll-Quinn 47 Rauner 45

Brittany Maynard, Death With Dignity Advocate, Dies At 29

Whatever happens on Tuesday...

Replace San Francisco's golf courses with affordable housing

Stormy Monday, 11/3/14

Two Suggestions: A 1% SURCHARGE on Political Contributions to Maintain Voting Infrastructure, and

Dumb Criminals: Biker Party Ruined When Cops Find Out Bar Was Stolen

Thailand hosts puppet festival

North Carolina: Votes for the Democrats being flipped to Republican!

Washington state voters on course to pass gun control initiative

Already had to tell three people on facebook that what they think doesn't matter re:Brittany Maynard

I took a few more moon pictures tonight, and they are all overexposed.

Renée Zellweger Political Attack Ad

Most provocative study of suicide ever? Best predictors of suicide are psychiatric treatment

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 3 November 2014

OK this is going to be long, I am highly annoyed right now. *** HOF thread ***

Cable News Ignores Dire New Report On Climate Change, Features Rant From Unhinged Climate Denier

Three Dog Night

First Made-in-Colombia Drone to Track Drug Smugglers

Father invites daughters rapist to dinner then tortures and kills him.

Should we drug test poor or should we include business men for manufacturing tax credits too?

82yo rude gunhumper shoots innocent visitor.

Gary Webb and Media Manipulation

Gary Webb and Media Manipulation

Micheal McDonald: Early voting data indicates that Senate is still up for grabs.

Michael McDonald: Charlie Crist is headed for a big win.

An email I received about Prop. 1

We need a Weird Al thread in the lounge.

Tony Blair's back and working with Arne Duncan and ed "reformers".

Is it really worth while to build your own computer?

The early voting looks fantastic for Democrats in NC

Tony Blair's back and working with Arne Duncan and ed "reformers".

PPP Final Colorado polls-look bad for Dems

No Shit ...30

Less than half of Americans support stricter gun laws.

New Poll Shows GOP's Roberts Falling Behind In Kansas Senate Race

The President Campaigns with Tom Wolf to a Packed House in Philly! This is how the media describes

Nik Wallenda completes two tightrope walks in Chicago

Sulu finally has his own ornament!

Arrests in LA-area Halloween crash that killed 3

Rotten Apples - Time Magazine article on Silicon Valley's war on teachers

Vincent Sheheen

"How Can Dems Be Losing to These Idiots?"

A cool picture.

The Art of the Tap and Obama

Watch the A-hole who is running against Sen. Al Franken

Direct vent gas insert -- recommendations?

Alaska PPP Poll-Governor and senate races dead heats

Question about Brittany Maynard and brain cancer.

A look at 2016 Senate Races

Let Us Now Praise The VA | Emanuele Corso

British-Iranian woman gets 1 year in jail for attending male volleyball game


I am nostalgic for ....Eisenhower??

Fess up DUers, who here has hit a deer with their vehicle?

Before Hitting the Polls: One Last Statement on Why Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Must Go

The GREATEST live rock album of all time?

DESPITE all of the warnings, do you STILL cook stuffing inside the bird?

If Every Democrat Goes Out And Votes On Tuesday, Do You Know What We'll Wake Up To On Wednesday?

my birthday cake

Well, this is not good news.

The biggest race no one is talking about - Mia Love vs. Doug Owens.

SCOTUS to decide if pregnant workers can be forced off the job.

Sheriff Stanek (Hennepin Co) now has a challenger

Barbara Boxer: A New Federal Push for Voting Rights

Hartmann: Should we Shame People into Voting?

Photo of the Day

I forgot all about Tim Scott. He has to run for that Senate seat, right? Who's his opponent?

London: Man Who Shouted Anti-Semitic Threats at Jewish Bus Riders Gets 4 Months Jail

For any non-voting Russell Brand fans you may know . . .

New York: Jewish Girl Attacked In Violent New Version Of 'Knockout Game'

Journalist reveals MGK decision to fight against all religious groups

Rare ‘Jewish War Heroes’ comic from 1944 found in box of donated used books

After Gaza war, Muslim-German students threaten to kill Jewish student spokesman

Jewish cemetery in Norway vandalized

MA: Democrats’ turnout effort in high gear

it's november! time for talking animals & a christmas carol

Ravens (5-4) 23 - 43 Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3)

Lefty Blogger: Ten Years Ago..

UPI already preparing Begich's political obituary.

We now have Al-Jazeera news in East Texas!

NASA: Amazing Experiments with Water in Zero Gravity

Onshore Wind electricity is cheaper than natural gas, nuclear and coal power.

Democratic ad brands GOP tea partiers 'radical terrorists'

November 3

Stve Cohen:Why polls tend to undercount democrats

What will be the biggest news tomorrow night?

If gas prices had been reduced to an average of $2.95 while a ReTHUG was President

I think we need to pull an Eric Cantor moment out of this election, eh?!!!!

Oh lordy. Mika thinks this will be a sad day for Dems as "new" numbers are out for. Joe thinks

Ebola spreading quickly in rural Sierra Leone

Stocks muted after China factory growth eases

Crossing to the Ethics District.

China's Xinhua pours cold water on idea of Xi-Abe talks

Could I talk about my NFL team here

Safety Board Cites Improper Pilot Command in Virgin Galactic Crash

Nissan sales up over 13 pct.; sign of strong Oct.

Americans Are Working So Hard It’s Actually Killing People

8 of the Biggest Election Lies This Year

Greed, Power, and Endless War -- James Risen Tears the Lid off America's Dirty Wars

Still time for Google et al to hide profits overseas

Europe Has Lost 400 Million+ Birds In Past 30 Years; 90% Declines In Some Common Species

CO2, Methane, Nitrous Oxide All At Highest Levels In At Least 800,000 Years - IPCC

Luckovich: Gobble, Gobble: Proof Campaign Ads Work

Proposed Dam In SW France Galvanizes Youth; Protestor's Death Intensifies Conflict - NYT

Suicide surpassed war as the military's leading cause of death

AAS; Abbott's Reef Protection Plan Useless; All About Coal Ports And Doesn't Address Climate

IG report criticizes former Wounded Warrior Care director

GOTV canvassing tips

What's for Dinner, Mon., Nov. 3, 2014

Meme of the Week - November 3rd

Accidently clicked to CNN this morning, confirming

(From August 2014) In Leaked Tape Mitch McConnell Admits The Koch Brothers Are Running The GOP

Wisconsin: Anatomy of a Right-Wing Smear Campaign

Obamacare Could Face Large Numbers of Dropouts.

Wisconsin: Union Cab giving free rides to and from the polls in greater Madison area

AP Exclusive: Ferguson no-fly zone aimed at media-FAA Helped Police Prevent Media From Filming

Ebola in America: Scientists try to predict number of US cases

Quinnipiac poll on IA has it tied at 47% each.

Where to report voting irregularities/denial of registration, etc?

"We need to crush it & push their heads under over & over and over again until they cannot breathe"

Dumb Crimminals: Man steals and uses neighbor's tractor

Important Public Service Announcement from Leslie Gore

In response to Mitch McConnell's last ditch effort to scare voters........

"White Or Colored?"

Senate Control May Be Decided by Runoff Votes in Louisiana and Georgia

Quinnipiac poll has slightly better news for Malloy (CT Gov)

Who is paying attention? Millions of minority voters threatened by electoral purge..

F1,the united states grand prix

“Republicans” Can Only Win with Democrats’ Help.

Getting old is like driving a car built the year you were born.

Church of St. Mary and All Saints.

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Elections Tomorrow, Consequences soon afterwards

Millions Of Minority Voters May Be Purged From Voter Rolls - Greg Palast Discusses

Monday Toon Roundup 2- Chrispie

Monday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

"He who will not be named" ...Bradley Whitford visits Sun Prairie Mary Burke office

Burkina Faso’s Army Promises to Hand Power to a Transitional Government


Is Tricky Ricky trying to annoy people into voting for him? ......

Ray McGovern Arrested at Petraeus Event

Second Campaign Staffer Accuses GOP Congressional Candidate Carl DeMaio Of Sexual Harassment

Why universal basic income might become unavoidable

Russell Brand: Richard Dawkins Is a Proponent of “Atheistic Tyranny” For Rejecting the Supernatural

Trinity Western law school future in doubt after B.C. Law Society rejection

Compromise with GOP congress? GOP will FORCE Keystone pipeline through by

One World Trade Center opens today

TOM TOMORROW: Risk Assessment

BMO Harris bank sucks. That is all.

Is the Pope Catholic? Critics Rally Around Benedict As Talk of Schism Looms

The polls are changing too quickly

Updated Info: Dozens of injuries at World Trade Center construction site went unreported

To our friends in Hawaii

Men need to feel less entitled and more empowered

Republicans have rigged state elections all over the country to keep Republicans in power

More pix from the park

Voting App

Congressional GOP candidates are cashing more checks signed by Wall Street than ever before.

Chris Hedges & Sheldon Wolin: Can Capitalism & Democracy Coexist ? (pts 5 and 6 of 8)

Angie Harmon, Jason Sehorn split after 13 years

The BDS: Damned by their own words….

David Rubenstein gives $10 million to Montpelier, home of James Madison

A deal with the devil: When aid supports terror groups

Gay ex-miner now manages ‘hate-free’ Dollar General

A real hero. The 90+ yr old lady who'd volunteered at the local VA hospital for 20 years died...

Bernie Sanders Is Showing Us the Socialist Way to Run for President

Tennessee School District Gets Tutorial In How Fox News Operates

Scientific American: Fracking Threatens to Crack Politics

Rape scene in Brad Pitt's Fury

Headlines Already Prepared: "GOP Sweep Shows Public Failure of Obama Presidency"

Cancel the Midterms

Too close to the truth and the truth sometimes hurts.

A Tepid Thumbs Up Is the Best Many Can Muster for Cuomo

Newspaper endorsement in the Grimm/Recchia race (NY-11)

Pic Of The Moment: So, There's An Election Tomorrow

Tim Cook said he's gay. In 29 states, you could be fired for doing the same

One other thing should be be pointed out about the nearly impossible row Obama has had to hoe.

New Technology Shows Nurses Where Your Veins Are

Racine WI Police Murder Innocent dog running away (WARNING GRAPHIC)

Sad news, the info desk lady at the West L.A. VA has passed

Doctor Dies From Ebola In Sierra Leone

Another "fine" officer

Russian memorial to Apple founder dismantled after CEO comes out

kim kardashian has been married more time than the number of people who have died from ebola in U.S.

Would "Free Coffee & Donut for Voters" Signs Encourage People to Vote?

More Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today, Midterm Madness Edition

Update from my Journalist friend in Liberia: only three new cases

FBI closing in on ex-Fifa bosses

Long days, long nights

Lena Dunham Goes on ‘Rage Spiral’ After Abuse Allegations

Why it's stupid for Dem candidates to run from President Obama's record:

Michaud up by 1 in fresh poll out of Maine. Gonna be a nail-biter. COME ON MAINE DEMS ! GOTV!

Stephen Colbert and George Takei on the mid-term elections. Great and important work!

Mitch McConnell’s Freighted Ties to a Shadowy Shipping Company


Dream On

Actual robo call from Directv

Getting ready for 2015.

Hydrogen fuel becomes a practical reality

Live Free or Die

My Fellow Iowa Democrats..

We should know by now which races are rigged. Do we?

Fox pulls the plug on 'Utopia'

Best site for all election results?

It's not politics, but...

Programmers Deploy Cellphone Game to Support Hong Kong Protests

Ernst 'very offended' over Sen. Harkin's comment

Journal - non star member

I vote at Kelloggsville F**king Christian Reformed Church. What's your f**king polling place?

Chuck Toad is guest on Stephen Colbert 's show tonight....

Wall Street Journal: 'Even Silicon Valley Tilts Republican'

Anatomy of a Rat Fuck

for the undecided voter

Florida Democrats close pre-Election Day ballot gap to 100,000

Death toll from ISIS' public executions of Iraqi Sunni tribesmen passes 200

I hope Anonymous is 'On the Ball'


Constitutional amendment on ballot Tuesday

What Voting ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ Means on the 2014 Massachusetts Ballot Questions

"Anti-fascist" pro-Russian separatists try to legitimize elections by enlisting the help of fascists

Free public transit rides Mineapolis St Paul Metro Area on Election Day

I didn't really know everything going on in Wisconsin until I heard This American Life yesterday

Santa Cruz man says 'I hate Fox News,' then attacks victim wearing Fox reporter Halloween costume

I'm listening to a "conference call" hosted by Battleground Texas with President Obama,

Mamas, let your babies grow up to be engineers.

Seven Dawrfs Mine Train burns!!

Why Liberals Always Lose Elections They Shouldn't Be Losing

Hillary’s 45 events in 54 days for Dems this midterm year

Sears, Kmart add Thanksgiving shopping hours

I just found a rather pathetic attempt at a ratfuck in progress in the WI Gubernatorial Election.

Chevron spends $3 million in attempt to sway Richmond voters

Any opinions on the Voting Information Project web site? Helpful? Accurate? Comprehensive?

My Favorite Wingnut is already crowing about the impending Republican landslide.

Plans to Redo Boston's Iconic Market Stir Debate

A San Franciscan goes to Game 6 in KC -- and enjoys himself!

Tomorrow is Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014!!!!!!!

I think Obama has got to be the most 'unpopular' popular President ever

So how does everyone feel about tomorrow?

The Pierre Omidyar Insurgency

Vote wisely in November 2014...

Today is my birthday. Make me happy and vote tomorrow.

Letter to the PM outlining how 2°C demands an 80% cut in EU emissions by 2030

Who do I vote for?

I have the RIGHT to my OWN body - so do YOU

DAWKINS!!!11!!1!!!! vs the right honorable Russell Brand

Poll Tax Receipt

Jack Trammell NBC29 Video News

The Worst Faces of the Right Wing

Guess which Michigan candidates had 6,000+ people rally for them yesterday. HINT: it wasn’t the...

election day weather forecast

Gun control referendums

Netanyahu rooting for Republicans in U.S. midterm elections

Toon: I voted

A Russian Company Took Down A Huge iPhone Sculpture Because Tim Cook Is Gay

So my wife starts the temp data entry job.... any words of advice or don't dos to help with success?

Hillary Clinton Eases Back Into Candidate Mode In New Hampshire

Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty': I won't use a women's restroom

Grumpy Cat has a Christmas movie!!!

The polls will be wrong. (DKos)

Ann Coulter: 'Third World Peasants' To Blame For Respiratory Illness

Med Daily: People Against Abortion Hide Their Own Procedures & The Truth To Change Public Perception

Ecuador’s children sick from Colombia crop fumigation: NGO

Ecuador’s children sick from Colombia crop fumigation: NGO

Lost Purple Heart returning to NY soldier's family

So due to Ted Turner, for 2 weeks before the election Dish subscribers have only FoxNews

Gordon fights with Keselowski in big Texas melee

Energy accounts for 33% of S&P Capex Spending; Up from 15% in 2004.

Just great, Wisconsin's senator dumbass will be at an anti-Muslim convention...

ballot flipping that is being reported.

Child prostitution busts in Colombia might land 50 US citizens in jail

Child prostitution busts in Colombia might land 50 US citizens in jail

DJIA at 17,408.36, all time high ?

Edward Snowden and the Justice League: A review of Citizenfour

Uribe’s eerie allies: Neo-Nazis and ranchers

Opinion. WH Defends Kerry

One day to go...

McDonald’s, White Castle test ordering kiosks that allow for burger customization

Happy Decenial to the JK Group!!!

Nice little clip with Steve DeShazer (1955 - 2012), DUer, great guy, musical pioneer

Winter weather advisories in WY, CO, UT, NM, GA, SC and AZ; High Wind advisory in MT; Fire Weather..

SC: Stand Your Ground & Domestic Violence

GOP To Iowans: Your Neighbors Will Know If You Don’t Vote Republican

NASCAR crowd indoctrinization reinforced yesterday at event in Texas...

Neo-Nazis vs. the Klan? It must be East Texas

Will anyone write here tomorrow that they did not vote?

Spread the word, not the fear...

Berkshire’s BNSF to Add Surcharge on Older Oil Tank Cars

Woman accused of taking kids to help her shoplift

The Corporate Assault on Latin American Democracy

The Corporate Assault on Latin American Democracy

Court rejects appeal over Senate filibuster rules

The New York Fed Has Contracted JPMorgan to Hold Over $1.7 Trillion of its QE Bonds Despite Two Felo

It's really quite simple.

Wow, Check out this Sullivan Rally with Ted Cruz in Alaska (Mark Begich Has Got this!)

ISIS and Ebola???

Tracy Chapman

Tucker Carlson on Fox News: “We Need ‘Older White Guy’ Appreciation Day”

Alabama school system paid former FBI agent $157,000 to spy on black students: critics

Here Are 25 Photos of People Freaking Out in a Haunted House

Mitchell B. Weiss is giving one of the best eulogies I have ever heard at Tom Menino's funeral.

Craig's List "Ebola Vaccine (pill form) "

On the eve of this election, there's something I need your help to understand

In Washington State: For Gun Control, "YES on 594" and NO to Guns, "No on 591".

On this date, record low for downtown Los Angeles is 41 F (1886)

Why the U.S. Has Fallen Behind in Internet Speed and Affordability

FARC denies having committed war crimes against civilians

Day of the Dead - in pictures

final quinnipiac poll shows co sentate and gubernatorial races too close to call

Colombia becomes Latin America’s best country for doing business

Doctor survives Ebola needlestick - not infected

British government praises Cuba for its work fighting Ebola

Did Republicans overshoot on the Ebola panic?

do not believe the polls

President Obama is good for business and good for the country

Almost half of FARC fighters entered rebel group as minor: Study

The top 100 papers: Papers That Are Most Cited Aren’t Most Famous

Conflicting claims to presidency in Burkina Faso

'Car Talk' Co-Host Tom Magliozzi Dies At 77

Cuba, the Empire and Ebola

Brody Mining ‘pattern of violations’ notice thrown out

I can't believe I missed this. OPM fired USIS after massive hack went unreported

Cuba's female umpire seeks to keep breaking barriers

Dow, S&P 500 hit records in quiet session

The Enormous, Secretive Effort To Purge Thousands Of Minorities From 27 States’ Voter Rolls

November 4, 2014: Let's Do It!!!!!!!!

Haiti largest recipient of US foreign aid outside of Middle East and Africa

Feminism: The Men Arrive!

"538 Flashback": What We Can Learn From Eric Cantor Defeat

SEIU sells out on Prop. 45

District Court Rules That Secular Humanism, for Establishment Clause Purposes, is a Religion

Which falls faster, a feather or bowling ball?

Opinion: A Prisoner Swap With Cuba

Truer words have never been spoken...

Anyone know how Ken Ham's Ark project is going?

Legions of Faiths, Girded for Battle

Weird Poll Results Of The Day

Does the scaffolding on the Capitol Dome remind anyone else of

First-time home buying hits lowest level in nearly three decades

Religion in government in Lebanon

Security contractor breach not detected for months

Biden predicts U.S. Democrats will keep Senate:

Scott walker barker standing on the sidewalk near the door of the new Sage building at UW Oshkosh

In my state we have voting by mail,

Russian tech college removes monument to Steve Jobs because successor CEO Tim Cook is gay

You Know How This Experiment Ends, But You Should Watch It Anyway

African migrants in Russia describe 'hell on Earth'

Should Election day be a national holiday?

Any organization that emails me today for money will never get another penny from me

My younger daughter is now officially certifiably bonkers

R.I.P. Tom Magliozzi

Second Campaign Staffer Accuses GOP Congressional Candidate Carl DeMaio Of Sexual Harassment

No Shit ...31

Jeff Johnson Only Hennepin Commissioner to Oppose Anti-"Redskins" Resolution

No Wave - No Mandate

Drone-Strike Feminism: Using the oppression of women to sell another Iraq War

Obama can be ‘apathetic’ or a ‘dictator,’ but he can’t be both

Man caught on camera burning Democratic campaign sign on black family’s lawn

'Post-Ebola Syndrome' Persists After Virus Is Cured, Doctor Says

Honest NFL Headlines: Week 9 - Dork Bowl tonight!

This is what 'bipartisanship' will look like if the Republicans take control of the Senate

I found this article on Facebook; it's about people who want to end their lives when they're ill.

Mechanical Engineer Tony Szamboti shatters the NIST report

The reality about "vote flipping" machines in NC and elsewhere

If you'd like to have Soc Security one day, a Republican Senate will see that you DO NOT get it

What is the best way to GOTV ??

Message to all you DU punsters--

Does anyone here vote on judicial elections?

Latest Larry Klayman "Obama plot..."


I am so over Huffington Post. Their headlines are anti-Dems, doom, gloom....Ugh..n/t

anyone see the cameraloving Osteens "blessing" Wallenda last night?

APOD-In Green Company: Aurora over Norway

1 state nonbinding state referendum & 4 referenda on Milwaukee Ballot.

Judge denies Grimes' request to stop GOP mailers

"For GOP, a scary 'blue wall' awaits"

Saudi Arabian Women's Conference... With Not A Female In Sight

'Born in Jerusalem' passport case divides justices

Anti-marriage equality black pastors aligned with GOP

Medical firm profited on pain with knockoff spine surgery hardware

Georgia PPP Poll

Dick Cheney hiding in his bunker this election?

Why We Oppose Votes for Men

Iowa PPP Senate Poll

NC PPP Senate poll still tight

NH PPP poll Senate race dead heat

Tennis - and NYC Marathon

Kansas PPP poll:Governor and senate races In dead heat

Van Hollen: Dems must be ‘crystal clear’ on economy in 2016

Inside the World of Pierre Omidyar--How Snowden Leaks Gave Pierre Omidyar a Cause & Enemy


Dear Actual Regular Members of HoF:

Interfaith bigotry.

gotten any GOTV robocalls?

Cruz to Wasilla - The Mudflats

Ukrainian Rebel Regions Vote, With Fake Election Monitors

For the latest most concise news on election night, plus I might add the most

Ben Folds Improvised Full Youth Orchestra Piece, Live


Saw ed show;Chuck Todd Is acting very different than expected

Arizona law leads to ‘edit’ of biology textbook

I just heard Chuck Todd say he thinks Orman is going to win!

Man surfs on a dead whale

FINAL Election Predictions: Hold On, It's Going to be a Long Night...Actually a Few Long Months

Computer Delay Causes Long Lines At Franklin County Early Voting Center (Ohio)

Gun accidentally fired in Bob Evans bathroom

I think the media is reporting R polling success to prepare us for a theft. Here's 'The Anti-Coup'

Venezuela starts importing oil

Pro-feminist t-shirts made by exploited women

Thousands Rally Against LGBT Rights In Houston

Dinesh D'Souza brags about non-existent promotion...

Politician's campaign photoshops a hoodie and a gun on to image of opponent.

Ed show:Native Americans could provide a upset In SD

Warning to ReTHUG IT gurus planning to help Rove

Why conservative Christians would have hated Jesus

So here's some funny shit.

Berkeley Lab Scientists ID New Driver Behind Arctic Warming

I just heard Mitch McConnell say that "we have no sacred right to not announce how we vote.."

LGBT Christians Respond to Southern Baptists' Call For Kindness, Understanding

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear...

Can Obama Reboot? Does he even want to?

Slavery Redux

when it comes to voting i only have two words: ERIC FUCKING CANTOR

Climate change: Limiting short-lived pollutants cannot buy time on CO2 mitigation

Gallup's 2012 Final Poll Result!

North Carolina Healthcare Exchange

White House: Ferguson no-fly didn't restrict press

Just seen a Bill Beagle ad

Only 30% Workers Have Jobs That Pay ALL The Bills. Vote GOP And It Will Get Worse.


Five union jobs in Minnesota

Five union jobs in Minnesota

2014 Elections and Net Neutrality

UF/IFAS researcher finds inexpensive, easy way to filter arsenic from water (Biochar)

I remember this woman "Tenpenney" being mentioned here...

Tatyana McFadden Falls From Her Wheelchair but Recovers for Victory

Wisconsin election officials say state voters have cast nearly 290,000 absentee votes

Under the worst secretary of state in the nation, rejected voter registrations in Kansas skyrocket

Hindus Propose Giant Monkey God Statue On Oklahoma Capitol Grounds

Daily Cute: Former Lab Chimps Brought to Loving Sanctuary

Chuck Nice on PN..."The only thing Republicans are running on..

Mike Minter in Texas. A Profile in Courage. Congressional Democratic Candidate. AWESOME Video/info

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 4 November 2014 -- GOTV!!!!

I faced a real jury today

What to look for tomorrow