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Archives: November 30, 2014

Ferguson officer who shot Michael Brown resigns

Union steps up to finish home for disabled veteran

Darren Wilson resigns from Ferguson Police Department

Union steps up to finish home for disabled veteran

Union steps up to finish home for disabled veteran

As Mexico Addresses Climate Change, Critics Point to Shortcomings

African-American man stopped by Michigan cop for walking with his hands in his pockets

Hydrogen Cars, Coming Down the Pike

war on Christmas?

Roberto Gomez Bolanos, Latin American TV's "Chespirito," dies

Weekly Address: Happy Thanksgiving from the Obama Family

Elizabeth Lauter

Rupert Murdoch defends new Exodus film: All Egyptians I know are white

There must be a backstory here.

How Wolves Change Rivers

Cherry Creek is the State Champion!

Ferguson Protesters Take Lead in TIME’s Person of the Year Poll

The Red Tent

The Rebound Effect and Energy Efficiency Policy

Replace this fascist police-state with a FACTORY-STATE and watch crime nearly vanish.

Scotland: "Campuses Bow to Anti-Israel Protest"

Roberta Flack - angelitos negros (Black Angels)

Dubai Shatters Solar Price Records Worldwide — Lowest Ever!

Inside the Dynomak: A Fusion Technology Cheaper Than Coal

Guy invents pill that makes farts smell like chocolate


Red Bull-drinking jihadists, crucifixions and air strikes: inside Raqqa, the Islamic State’s capital

Blu-ray Discs Spin Their Way Into Making Solar Cells More Efficient

Martin Luther King Jr said this about violence...

Thanks, weather gods

Grumpy Cat fans: Turn on Lifetime now!

Where is Kosta Karageorge?

Peter, Paul and Mary

National Dog Show on NBC

When are an attorney's services "finished"?

When Whites Just Don’t Get It, Part 5 by Nicholas Kristof

F' the family, there's TV to be watched!

Saturday Night Covers Thread: Soundgarden Does Spinal Tap

Police Aircraft Clocks Teenager at 127 MPH on I-93

Disney releases first trailer for STAR WARS - Episode VII (coming out next December)

Falling oil price skewers Stephen Harper’s economic plan-YAY!

Breaking: Wilson Resigns...

I just don't get Road Rage. Would you jump out of your car in this instance?

"A Deep 2016 Republican Presidential Field Reflects Party Divisions"

Trading Away Democracy

Hundreds protest 'Jewish state bill' at PM’s residence in Jerusalem

Long lost video of MFM auditioning for the Who

"The missing story of the 2014 election"

Here's a good cop...will touch your heart

Hayabusa 2 Asteroid Explorer set for Launch on Monday

Michael Brown Family's Church Burned to the Ground - Arson Investigation by ATF

‘Clever, classless and free’: The problem with compulsive activism

Thank for your thoughts and help after my begging. RIP Jameson

GOP staffer calls Malia and Sasha Obama classless

"How Immigrants Will Save Social Security"

Here are the 17 books Obama bought with his kids today

Man stopped by cops for walking with hands in his pockets

Vietnam Vets pushing up the V.A.'s PTSD treatment numbers

Question: Wilson ADMITS Brown ran away...

So the GOP finally faces a 'Sophie's Choice' from the Democrats. After the GOP shoving Sophie's


"GOP aide’s online dig at Obama daughters creates backlash"

Wilson needs a fair and impartial trial

"GOP's tech hurdle: They don't always get it"

Black boys are viewed as older LESS innocent than white males

Black Friday sales fall as sales start earlier

Too bad more cops aren't cowboys...

Any cat experts here?

Alpha Politics - Black Friday, Guns, Ferguson, & Tamir Rice (Podcast)

Interesting blog...

Hmmm, are we sure he's not actually a Police Academy instructor?

Poster of missing Ohio St player shown before game

The 'People of Ferguson' did not riot and burn buildings

Police Who Shot 12-Year-Old Tamir Rice Did Not Give Him First Aid

Geo-engineering: Climate fixes 'could harm billions' (BBC)

Big protest happening now in Ferguson.

Institutional Racism Killed Michael Brown

Woman Stabbed Husband For Starting Thanksgiving Dinner Without Her

Why is everyone ignoring the shop owner who Mike Brown allegedly "robbed"?

No, the New York Times did NOT publicize Darren Wilson's home address.

It's small business Saturday - I know of some businesses that could really use your help....

Finland: legislature approves marriage equality - church supports as well

BIG CATS vs Pumpkins! (better late than never)

Question re- supplies for Sub-Q fluid injections for cat with kidney disease

Can't help my self

Ferguson Isn’t About Black Rage Against Cops. It’s White Rage Against Progress.

DONE! (mostly) did my xmas shopping online again

Influential right-wing rabbi moving to East Jerusalem

who's in the mood for leftovers?

Jewish-Arab school in J'lem torched in suspected arson

Police arrest 16 outside Ferguson police station; 15 from outside area

"A letter to … the girl who accused me of rape when I was 15"

I Need You

Petition to Obama to pardon prisoner sentenced to life for marijuana possession

San Francisco Passes Historic Retail Workers Bill of Rights

Welcome, Diaspora Jews, to the Israel you’ve been avoiding

Canada: dogs alert family to break-in

Michael Brown Robbed Convenience Store, Stole Cigarillos, Dorian Johnson Says

The One Word That Kept Darren Wilson Out Of Jail

Three Myths About Teacher Tenure

For Every Dollar Michigan Spends on Energy-Saving Programs, Customers Save 3.75

'Being Homeless Is Better Than Working for Amazon'

Abbott seeks new spending but wouldn’t raise tax revenue

bedtime calculator

11 p.m. Portland police about to arrest 200 protestors including Jesse Jackson.

The 25 most Florida things to happen in 2014

What is more important than life ...


David Beckham involved in car crash

Daily Holidays - November 30

This old Chinese poem is very relevant to the UK today!

happy 43rd

Tweet from @DCGopGirl on Ferguson Protests.. Poor thing, the Irony Whooshes Right Over her head.

Colombia issues first conviction for racist remarks; local official faces jail

Keeping Things Whole

"A 2016 Ballot Without Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush"

9 Penn State trustees demand Freeh documents

The flip side of police attacking black men

About hiding/ignoring threads...

The ENEE sadism

The New York Times tries to marginalize the left

View 12 of the world's most jaw dropping natural wonders (slide show)

Researchers developing breath test for pot

Hate Thy Neighbor: How Israel teaches its citizens all the wrong lessons.

Obama calls Chuck Todd ‘sad’ (From the NY Post?) LOL

Guaranteed Effective All-Occasion Non-Slanderous Political Smear Speech

I have a question about Darren Wilson....

Photo of the Day

Ah, so Darren Wilson has resigned from the Ferguson PD.

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Kiddie Table Edition

Nation’s Largest Food Bank Reduces Portions, Turns Away Needy After Massive Food Stamp Cuts

Why Are These Clowns Winning? Secrets of the Right-Wing Brain

Video Game Reviewer Is Contacting the Mothers of Her Online Harassers

5 Awful Right-Wing Moments This Week: GOPer’s Bizarre Facebook Rant Against Sasha and Malia Obama

Kmart is Burdening its Employees with Ever-Increasing Black Friday Hours

Suit on Health Law Puts Focus on Funding Powers

"The market will liberate us! Why do we buy these insane lies? Maybe because

On CTV: Ferguson PD "will not exist a year from now"

The US Paradox Of Poverty Is Almost Impossible To Escape

Odd theres no diabetes section.

This Man Used His Unlimited Olive Garden Pasta Pass To Feed The Homeless {IMAGES}


Why is Darren Wilson's resignation breaking news?

Athens 1944: Britain’s dirty secret

Off-Duty Cop Allegedly Shoots Woman In Head During Road Rage Incident

If you take anti-depressants ... you get thrown out of Panama City Rescue mission.

GOP Staffer to Obama's Teenage Daughters: "Dress like you deserve respect, not a spot at a bar."

God intervenes to give rightwing hate mongerer a clue.

Off-Duty Cop Charged With Shooting Woman For Cutting Him Off In Traffic

My Vassar College Faculty ID Makes Everything OK

When I was a kid, my dad always said

Black Friday's 175,000 fearground check record.

Drone in Pripyat (Chernobyl).

Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s white rage against progress.

A Concise History of Black/White Relations In The USA

Lipstick on a pig? Mindfulness "just as effective" as CBT t.a.u.

Around here more people can tell you what happened in the Alabama-Auburn football game than...

So Candy Crowley will have prisoner # whatever

Justices weigh limits of free speech over Internet

Pointless store openings on Thanskgiving Day - Walgreens

Anyone see Charlie Cooks article saying only a 25% Chance Hillary will run

Isolationist America First group blasted FDR as "warmonger" and "interventionist".

Does Free Republic represent a large slice of the republican party?

The Walking Dead 5.8 "Coda" mid season finale (spoiler alert)

Mubarak verdict fuels protests, mockery in Egypt

Today is Advent Sunday or the First Sunday of Advent. youtube video heavy.

Colombian general 'freed by rebels'

MALIA for 'Press Secretary' !! or 'Domestic Advisor'

Black Friday .............. (cartoon)

Feinstein Dumps Plan To Rush Through Drought Bill By 12/11 Without Public Input, Oversight

Anybody ever have a fractured elbow

This is a heart breaking story

What Civil Rights are you willing to give up?

Race in America:The fury of Ferguson


M-1 RAIL on time with completion of first phase of construction on Woodward Ave. in Downtown Detroit

Wal-Mart - Pathetic: 3% Of Electricity From Renewables; Walton Family Pushes To Block Rooftop Solar

LGBT life in Scotland: St. Andrew's Day, progress and fun

Six Myths About Climate Change that Liberals Rarely Question

Ride the Rails: Blue Line to O'Hare

IMO, the world news headlines the last 2 weeks prior to election days are the ones that

Cleveland policeman chases and apprehends boy with BB gun

Nicholas Kristof this morning calls for an American Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Mike Brown is dead.

Che Guevara’s daughter: US doesn't want any country to trade freely with Cuba

Racism and the Charter School Movement: Unveiling the Myths

A private corporation wants O'Donnell public park and the cost to the public is higher taxes!

Migrating Thrombophlebitis - Trousseau's Syndrome

Past/present customers South River Electric Membership Corporation Co-Op unclaimed capital credits

We need to consider Wilson's resignation from his perspective

Flooding in southern Morocco has killed 32 people - Horrible Video

A quote from Bertolt Brecht:

A quote from John F. Kennedy:

There is a war on Christmas.

What if Hillary doesnt do all that well in the Iowa caucus'?

Roses in their winter home,

Hillary Clinton has a very tricky needle to thread

Where Do We Go After Ferguson? by Michael Eric Dyson

Two Arrests Made After Ferguson Police Officer Resigns

Circus Lions Rescued in Peru, Headed for New Home in Colorado

Prayer Works Again!1! When Pulled From GOP Staffer's Butt...

Germans honour slain 'role model' Tugce Albayrak

Hero dog dies saving child from road rage gunfire

The Patience and Forbearance of the Black Population in the US is Remarkable.

Images of vintage Italian race cars in Eritrea.

by Robert Reich

Coal's costs keep adding up

The GOP's strategy to block Obama’s regulations

Just curious: who is running the White House?

Shoeshine man with bounce in his step gains a foothold at Union Station (LA)

Rain in southern California!!!

Deval Patrick: Schumer Was Wrong To Claim Timing Was Off On Obamacare

A Call to Action from an Openly Secular Parent

What Will Be the Fate of Another Rare Albino Dolphin Captured by Japanese Hunters?

Ferguson police officer resigned on safety concerns, lawyer says

Florida GOP official wants to use fire hoses in Ferguson...

The first thing you have to do to understand Michael Brown

How police confront black and white: U. of I. vs. Cleveland

Ecopop referendum: Swiss 'reject immigration curbs'

Iraqi army 'had 50,000 ghost troops' on payroll (BBC)

Tampa homeless program uses unpaid, destitute residents as steady labor force, revenue source

am unable to post for using word "thug"

There has been some discussion regarding Pres Obama nominees/appointees. Here is a partial list.

Swiss Voters Reject Increasing Gold Reserves In Referendum

Why What Happened In The Store Matters

Bernie Sanders: Here's why Americans don't feel good about the economy:

Giuliani: Blacks Have 'Responsibility' To Reduce Need For Police Presence

Who Gets the Money -- How Money Wins Politics

Thirty U.S.-led strikes hit Islamic State in Syria's Raqqa: monitoring group

:-o: The surprising power of emoticons (BBC)

Qatar court overturns conviction of U.S. parents in death of adopted girl

Curbs on religious extremism beefed up in Xinjiang

Top Maryland prosecutor in apparent suicide, police say

I doubted one of these amazing facts, but I was wrong.

Francis rolls out ‘social gospel’ case for Catholic/Orthodox unity

BREAKING MSNBC: No Severance Pay for Wilson

Congrats to Texas..

Racist’ co-discoverer of DNA forced to sell Nobel prize to make ends meet

Hiking up Pack Monadnock after the snowstorm

The Arab Spring: current tally

A simple guide to the sudden collapse in oil prices

What's a good hot dish to take a bereaved neighbor?

The "Name our Populist Movement Poll" Results!

Michael Brown is Dead Because He Did Not Say, "Yassuh, Massa"

Extinct giant penguin found in shed

Has anyone see Message Autoremoved around?

Full airing of evidence in Brown shooting was overwhelming task

Inside the Islamic State’s capital: Red Bull-drinking jihadists, hungry civilians, crucifixions and

Is it now the norm

Panel slams Conservative Rich Lowry's take on Ferguson killing as he illustrates his ignorance

OK, let's say Michael Brown did...

How can we heal from Ferguson?

Pope Bids Refugees to EU ‘Bienvenido’; Europe Says ‘Non’

Healing by Autumn Skye Morrison

NFL star Benjamin Watson: Ferguson not a "skin" problem but a "sin" problem

AP NCAA Football Poll 11/30/14 - TCU jump frogs Baylor!

No peace until......

Michelle, Malia and Sasha represent the true side of Black America.

Slain German woman may get medal for aiding others

gratuitous kitteh pic - i'm a pretty, pretty princess edition

Former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, 82, Hospitalized

Colombia: Release of general and two other army members held by FARC-EP

26 charts and maps to be thankful for

Xavier Rudd - Spirit Bird

Where the ultra-rich live

The First US Official to Resign Over Afghanistan Is Fighting to Help Whistleblowers

St. Louis Rams Players Enter Field With "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Pose

St Louis Rams players show of support for Ferguson community

What about the Jewish Nakba?

Why don't more of my liberal friends support the death penalty for stealing cigarillos?

NFL- St. Louis Rams enter field with "Hands up! Don't shoot!" VIDEO

Racist Topic of the Day: It's all about that "State of Miiiiiiind"

"Looked like a 'Black Friday' incident at your local retailer"

I need some help with some Bach - the very small church choir is singing


Ecopop referendum: Swiss reject immigration curbs BBC

Feds cancel permit for Idaho wolf-killing derby

Well, we did it. Watched all four seasons of The Killing. Pretty incredible series!

WHY Homelessness?

Heartwarming! This Cop Cares So Much For The People In His Town That He Doesn’t Kill Them!

Stepping down as host, need new one I think

Forest dwellers known as Pygmies were evicted when their homes became national parks (save gorillas)

You've seen the Star Wars trailer

Amnesty pans Egypt’s ‘unlawful evictions’ on Gaza border

Five dead and thousands evacuated in severe southern France floods

Supporting Ferguson's Public Library Is Probably the Smartest Thing You Can Do

A refugee camp seethes with anger — against the PA

Death Toll Hits 450 as Fighting As Fighting Continues in Libya's Benghazi

Bernie Sanders: We need to rebuild our nation.....

DU needs a "hands up don't shoot" emoticon!

Refrigerated hash oil explodes in Auburn home

Thirty US-Led Strikes Hit Islamic State in Syria's Raqqa: Monitoring Group

So Darren Wilson can still legally carry a firearm

Hello friends. I don't know if any of you will remember ceveritt who was a member of this group

Taliban Brings War to Afghan Capital, Threatening Stability and Endangering Foreigners

5 Key Inconsistencies in What Happened During the Michael Brown Shooting

This is what happens when you CALL THE COPS video/Rap Song - Wow!

São Paulo, Brazil’s drought-hit megacity of 20 million, has about 2 months of guaranteed water

Warm Brussels Sprout Salad With Bacon and Hazelnut Vinaigrette

What Are The U.S. Marshalls Doing In Mexico?

Gambian foreign minister: no change to anti-gay law because gays are 'satanic'

What the Ferguson Protests Mean for Religious Progressive Activism

I'm having a lot of trouble this season. 6 years gone.

A good evening.

Was James Bond - the movies ahead of its time. Fighting the very rich who wanted t control

Closer to FULL

Ibarguen leaps 14.57m as Cuba dominates athletics at Central American and Caribbean Games

Watch: Innocent Until Proven Black | Mickey Z.

Why the murder rate in Honduras is twice as high as anywhere else

CNN-Do white people not "get" Ferguson?

CNN-Mayor: Wilson won't receive severance

I don't think this is a good idea -

Preventing Fergusons: A Modest Proposal

Dear Adms., many of us would like a "hands up, don't shoot" avatar

who else isn't getting dressed today?

Blackbird Diaries

Who is the Who in If not Hillary, Who????

A eulogy for RadioShack, the panicked and half-dead retail empire

family drama much?

Putin’s Chosen People: What’S Behind The Russian President’s Close Relationship With An Orthodox...

Just a fun song; "The Guy On Immigration"

"Wanderers" or "I've had my fill of dystopia"

Raiders, Jets likely to eye Harbaugh

Mother Of MH17 Plane Crash Victim Sues Ukraine In European Court: Paper

Three Things You Should Know About Muscular Christian History, and Don’t

The thing about Direct Democracy - the Swiss vote no

For LGBT Couples, Retirement Becomes A Financial And Legal Minefield

Missing OSU Athlete Kosta Karageorge's Body Found Near Campus, Police Say

Fort Carson Troops Will Soon Deploy, 'Supporting Ukraine'

The Ferguson Masterpost: How To Argue Eloquently & Back Yourself Up With Facts

Hillary Clinton - why I'm not supportive

Cookies and Jam. (or Jelly)

Did Police Set Autos On Fire During Ferguson Protests?

Our flight out of Miami was on time yesterday

UN Panel Slams US For Police Brutality, Torture, Botched Executions

Obama administration sets stricter smog standard

WTF? Chinese can invest $500k into PA Turnpike Project for Green Card???!!

My Vassar College Faculty ID Makes Everything OK.

Sleepless in America

Hindered By Deep Divisions In Government, Israel's Netanyahu Edges Toward Early Election

Bill Moyers on America's Mad Dash Toward Oligarchy--Courtiers of the RICH

As 1st Municipal Fracking Ban In Texas Takes Effect, Towns Test State's Oil And Gas Supremacy

Bill Moyers on America's Mad Dash Toward Oligarchy--Something Populist/Progressives Do Think About

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Draws Praise, Ire In First Two Years Of Term