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Archives: December 12, 2014

The reason President Obama will not prosecute.

Obama administration mobilizes to save faltering spending bill

It's going to happen again

Rock singer dies after getting electrocuted onstage in Argentina

Maddie & Tae - Girl In A Country Song

President Obama seems to have discovered. "The Johnson Treatment".

BBC: 10 Wall Street banks fined for promising positive research to Toys R Us to win business

SeaWorld boss steps down after film hurts attendance

What it takes to be a "Democrat": you simply declare that you are one.

"That's what I heard."

"There is enough poison in that bill to kill America"

Crew unearths Boston time capsule from Paul Revere era

Palestinian Coroner’s Report Complicates Efforts to Blame Israel for Minister’s Death

Newly Elected Republican Senators Sign Pledge to Eliminate Food Stamp Program in 2015

Levin, Udall, Feinstein, McCain?? Torture? The wheels are coming of this thing. WTF is going on?

Some day all of this will be yours.

Corbettites Rush to Turn Entire School District over to for-profit, before Gov. Wolf takes office

It’s like a big ‘middle class tax cut’

Accidentally watched Tweety today but it was worth it.

Beverly Johnson latest Cosby victim to step forward

New York Times: Dark-Skinned Black Girls Suspended 3x More Than Light-Skinned Girls

I Was Going to Dispute the "White, Liberal Berkeley" Meme, But, Hmmm...

Do unto others...

Some free Photoshop plugins I find useful

Is the Top 1% making a concerted effort to thwart upward mobility?

Astronomers Say: Centre Of The Milky Way Galaxy Is Raspberry Flavoured

Shut down...

Israeli Natural Gas to Save Jordan $1.5 Billion a Year

Rolling Stone threw a rape victim to the misogynist horde

Ted Cruz Comms Director Hilariously Blames Torture On Dems

The Caterpillar Defense

Toothpicks - this is some amazing stuff

Attosecond laser provides first 'movie' of fast electrons jumping band-gap of semiconductor

The Fastest Stars in the Universe Could (in theory) Approach Light Speed

The Second Circuit Makes Sophisticated Insider Trading the Perfect Crime

Just to show how absolutely stupid Phyllis Schlafly is...

Why one student switched sides over BDS

Any Will Shakespeare fans out there? We're cooking up this weekend's post.

So... good cops covering for bad cops is bad... but Obama covering for Bush...

I'm not a huge fan of Sen Elizabeth Warren, but I gotta hand it to her

Open Carry activist who rallied at Target and other businesses arrested for double murder

Berlin Schools Acknowledge World Humanist Day

Texas' Most Beloved Beach is at the End of the Natural Gas Pipeline

Freedom of Religion Shouldn’t Be Unconditional

A medical assistant's lack of understanding of basic math could have killed me

USA Today Headline "Falling Oil Prices Threaten Recovery"...

Catholic profs told to report opposition to 'gay marriage' as harassment

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Day Four! & a new Kitteh & Deer gif

work today... Camden, NJ

Reporters say the darnedest things !

Are Algae Blooms Linked to Lou Gehrig's Disease?

They don't want small government, they want a government that kills black people and tortures

Democrats are apparently caving to Wall Street and will help Boehner pass this 'Cromnibus.'

No Comfy Balls for You America!

Golden retriever refuses to participate in stupid dog event, eats all the food

Ireland hit by mass protests over water tax

Robert Reich: Mitch McConnell's sneaky last minute addition to omnibus

Why are the Brits always trying to kill us off? - "Is the Big One Coming?"

Dodgers win 94 games. Win the NL West for the second year in a row. Now let's go piss in the wind!

So, basically the Democrats are 'in control' of the House and Senate?

Squee alert!

Hey Skinner

Preckwinkle Seeks to Curb Juvenile Offender Transfers to Adult Court

The three ways heat cooks food.

Check in Californian folks?

Daughter of #EricGarner lies down for 11 mins in the same spot where cops murdered her father.

Today in Herstory: National Woman’s Party Announces First Draft of the Equal Rights Amendmen

Today in Herstory: National Woman’s Party Announces First Draft of the Equal Rights Amendment

Today in Herstory: National Woman’s Party Announces First Draft of the Equal Rights Amendment

Groups Demand Gender-Responsive Climate Policy at UN Convention

Groups Demand Gender-Responsive Climate Policy at UN Convention

Groups Demand Gender-Responsive Climate Policy at UN Convention

N.C. Church Members Charged With Beating Gay Man to Banish 'Demons'

The 7 psychological reasons that are stopping us from acting on climate change

The House just passed that godawful spending bill.

house passes trillion dollar funding bill with democrats support

Anti-BDS academics urge 'personal' sanctions against 'annexationist' Israelis

a biography of the day--annie jump cannon

No Shutdown. House Dem's fold.

The House passed the bill to keep government going

So Michael Hayden and the two torture shrinks both come out of the air force?

a biography of the day--annie jump cannon (astronomer, helped develop stellar classification)

has everyone seen the google doodle today? honouring annie jump cannon, astronomer,

House Approves $1.1T Spending Bill, Must Now Be Approved By Senate

Once again, I stand with President Obama on the Budget.

Why? Why? Why?

Campaign rescues 100 spaniels from breeders

Is it too late?

I guess there won't be a Patsies-Flippers avatar bet this week.

Julian Assange spearheads a nearly $200,000 funding drive for life-size statue of himself

She may be in the minority but...

Tonight made me rethink my position on Elizabeth Warren...

Do we have a roll call on the vote? Did anyone post it yet?

New U.S. Spending Bill Boosts Military Aid To Israel To $3.7 Billion

Central coasters. PG & E sucks.

They sold me out-AGAIN

‘Racist, Fascist Bullshit’– Marcel Ophuls Exposes Islamophobia In Israel

Dr. Housing Bubble 12/11/14

Here's you next DEAR CONGRESSPERSON free template, folks

How Fear Of Occupy Wall Street Undermined the Red Cross’ Sandy Relief Effort

Bridge Scandal Prosecutors May Use Fraud Law to Charge Christie Associates

Net neutrality supporters disrupt FCC meeting

Oil Prices Drop Below $60 For First Time In More Than 5 Years

The Wall Street Takeover of Charity

My cat is home from the vet.

Why is Warren going after Weiss?

"Fraud Charges May Be Filed in Bridgegate"

A Lego ‘Wheelchair’ Lets This Tiny Tortoise Walk Again

"Good riddance, Darrell Issa: A wasteful blowhard’s humiliating history"

Garner Protester Yotameli Sayer Charged After Allegedly Being Filmed Punching Cop

Deadlier than cancer: Antibiotic-resistant superbugs could be one of the world’s top killers by 2050

That's it for t'nite

NY Magazine: Who Killed Cat Fancy?

A Whale Has Done What People Have Not: Stop Tar Sands Oil

And yet another meme from the capitalist power structure and.....

ACA Question

NYC This Saturday 12/13/14 - "Millions March NYC"

On the way to Philly on Amtrak, and my 1 year old grandson;

Rick Santorum Announced He’s Running for President and Nobody Noticed

Dinosauer 13 - Who is watching this Amazing Story?

Citigroup to post $2.7 billion in added legal costs in fourth quarter: CEO

Bridge Scandal Prosecutors May Use Fraud Law to Charge Christie Associates!

Another lonely Christmas?

Carl Sagan Narrates "Wanderers" a short film about the future of Space Travel

Of course my congressman Michael Grimm-R voted for the spending bill tonight.

TIME Passes Up Woman for Person of the Year — Again

Would Democrats have gotten a better deal in February?

All this does is

R.I.P. Sam Cooke

Wow, best quote I've heard so far regarding torture...

Dodd-Frank push-out provision: Volcker rule already makes it unnecessary

Hey Everybody, calm down and sleep easy tonight

House Roll Call: Spending Bill

All Animals go to Heaven, Says Pope Francis

Pirate Bay Has Been Raided and Taken Down

Greenpeace activists damage Peruvian heritage site to send environmental message

Drudge report...

Rick Perry: "Running for President is not an IQ Test"

President of Gambia attends massive anti-gay rally

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chair, voted for the spending bill

Schlubs From U.S., China Meet In Lowest-Level Talks

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 12 December 2014

Photo of the Day

Halliburton lays off 1,000 employees in Eastern Hemisphere

Peru to take legal action over Greenpeace stunt at ancient Nazca lines

TCM Schedule for Sunday December 14 - A Double Dose of Dickens

John Yoo of the "torture creative class" is not a happy camper right now.

U.S. tapping rich new energy source (and it's not oil)

Islands of the Oil Kings: Part 2 -- A fortress of power built to last

Thank you, City Light!

Major Dem donor apologizes for mocking President Obama in hacked racist email.

TCM Schedule for Monday December 15 - Star of the Month: Cary Grant

Please stand, place your hand on your hear and repeat the NEW pledge.

Ex-CIA director defends rectal rehydration

At the White House, Dec. 11

Windstorm happenings, hope all are ok

Batten down the hatches

It was Rape

Bobby Jindal's Prayer Rally Materials Blame Gays & Legal Abortion For Hurricane Katrina


anyone seen this new Firefox Developer Edition? (free)

Death Buy Lemonade

The Reason For The Campaign Finance Rider in the Budget Bill

We know where you've been

Body Cameras Bring No Accountability For Police Brutality in Albuquerque

For One Detainee, the CIA Torture Report Was A Victory

Obama DID call torturers patriots. Deal with it. NT

Dessert, American Style

An engineer's guide to cats

Kishi Bashi live - NPR's Tiny Desk Concerts

Re: Walk-out by Congressional staffers in protest of non-indictment

Daily Holidays - December 12

I am baffled.

The New Feudalism.

"We're with you, Brother!"

Inconveniences -traffic and double standards

Andrew Bird - Anonanimal (Live on Cemetery Gates)

Spain returns to the days of Franco

The Doctor Games

Hungary Throws Out Monsanto AND the IMF

Law Professors: U.S. Net Neutrality an International Human Rights Issue

Mike Malloy - Throwback Thursday: Rage Control - 12/16/2003

December 12th, 2000, Selection 2000. Fourteen years today.

Just one more paper to write.

I hate NPR but I love their names

Friday Toon Roundup 1: Enhanced Dick

Friday Toon Roundup 2: GOP and CONgress

Berkeley Bleeds: Broken Bones & Cracked Skulls

Friday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

Thom Hartmann: Torture Is Not an American Value

Thom Hartmann: Why is America is falling apart?

Jibbers Crabst

Thom Hartmann: Chile's Neoliberal Flip Flop

Verizon's New, Encrypted Calling App Comes Pre-Hacked for the NSA

When Charter Schools Are Nonprofit in Name Only

Generous stranger pays off all layaway accounts at Bellingham Toys R Us

DC Pot Legalization Still Lives, Democrats Say

Chicago Tribune!: Obama faces vile insults like no other president has

No funeral or wake for Judy Barr Topinka, but memorial service OK, per will.

See the Adorable Reunion of the UPS-Obsessed Boy And His Favorite Delivery Driver

How the right to deny the existence of God is under threat globally

How 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' Changed Holiday TV

Wealth may have driven the rise of today’s religions

Fox News journalist Dominic Di-Natale is dead, an apparent suicide

An idea whose time has come

The Beast of Gévaudan

Dramatic Photos Show Just How Crazy Oakland's Police Protests Have Become

John Kiriakou is the only CIA employee connected to its interrogation program to go to prison.

The Bellman of the Dead

It’s a Dog’s Afterlife: Pope Francis Says There’s a Place for Pets in Paradise

Hillary Clinton wins award from gay hookup app Grindr

Jetman Aerobatic Formation Flight

I could use some help-grief

My friend, Chef Francois de Melogue has a food blog...

Pint sized

Here's how we get jail time for torture

Mr President! Appoint Valerie Plame as Director of the CIA RIGHT Fuggin NOW!

The Navy Is Developing A Next-Generation Drone That Can Land On Aircraft Carriers

Greek hunger striker Nikos Romanos wins victory

The Atlantic: The Graywashing of CIA Torture

New poll says Netanyahu neck and neck with Livni, Herzog's Labor

The Racial Underbelly of U.S. Justice: Whose Lives Matter in America?

Dozens of shots fired at Israeli embassy in Athens

42.9 million Americans have unpaid medical bills


Lessons not learned.

Israeli Embassy in Athens Targeted by Motorcycle Gunmen: Greek Police

Paul Revere's 1795 time capsule unearthed Cory Booker going vegan? "I wasn't living my truth"

Toddler confused by twins nt

The CIA black financial assets are beyond government scrutiny.

Senate to take up $1.1T bill to keep govt running

US hid UK links in CIA torture report at request of British spy agencies

Sony hack would have challenged government defences – FBI

Gun-toting Texas mom shoots, kills estranged husband and daughter before going to mental Hospital

95,000 Gallons Fuel Oil Spill In Sundarbans; Wildlife And Fish Dying As Children Scoop Up Oil

Resistant Weeds Flourishing Thanks To Roundup? Go Medieval, Add Agent Orange Component, Sez EPA!

well I'm officially done with my car place

Will Falling Oil Prices Crash the Markets?-Weekend Edition December 12-14, 2014

Tony Abbot's Pathetic Attempt To Buy Relevance For Australia In Climate Talks

RadioShack Planning More Store Closures, Layoffs To Avoid Collapse

Torture Denial: U.S. Flunks the Religious Acid Test

Freedom of Religion Shouldn’t Be Unconditional

One Oz Coal Mine Enough For 6% Of Carbon Needed To Leave 2C Increase Behind - Will Banks Fund It?

Protesters are disrupting my commute...

Wrap it Up

What's a good free POP email service?

Very. Serious. People. Pimp CCS Unicorn As "All We've Got" In Lima; Audience Walks Out

Israeli family targeted in West Bank acid attack

What does a war criminal do after he's been damned in a torture report?

Oil prices fall further after IEA cuts forecast

The methods were clearly understood in 1948 as war-crimes. The punishment for them was death.

Bill Cosby is a serial rapist.... I got no problem saying it!

post in GD needs to be ahem, examined....

There's a reason Democrats can support the budget bill.

"what struck me is how very ready huge swaths of the public are for Medicare-for-all."

Elizabeth Warren is fighting Wall Street for the soul of the Democratic Party

U.S. won't stop Native Americans from growing, selling pot on their lands

Without prosecution for torture, we've lost all credibility

The Budget Deal Gives the Pentagon Just As Much Money As It Got During the Iraq War

Welcome to the Democrats' Post-Obama Family Feud

After getting netflix on my computer, suddenly cannot - problem with MS "silverlight"

I think the head of the Senate intel committee just called the CIA director a fucking liar -->

Anti-gay billboard in Virginia made obsolete by actual science

Israel pushing to legalize West Bank outpost slated for demolition

Beware viruses hidden in e-cigarette chargers and other USB chargers!

A long-term blank check for “war” spending

What's up with the NYS Affordable Care Act Website?

White House and GOP Scramble to Pass Budget After Revolt by Democrats--(The Rise of the Warren Wing)

If you're furious about #CRomnibus but didn't vote in midterms, may I suggest this drink?

Open Carry Tarrant County Kills Two.

Thought this attempt at re-creating an ancient Egyptian formula might be interesting to bread bakers

Beds replace theater seats....

Noam Chomsky: Reagan was an ‘extreme racist’ who re-enslaved African-Americans

The 57 House 'democrats' who voted FOR the spending bill

Sean Hannity: "Black congressional staffers walked out over police violence today ..."

Allegory versus literalism.

Chrysler expands air bag recall

Last Day In Lima; 6 Pages Balloon To 50, One (1) Paragraph Agreed To With Hours To Go - Guardian

German Jesus Poster

Laurels for the Blackstone....

With identity crisis in police, more Fergusons inevitable

Li'l Luke Russert Sneers At Elizabeth Warren On Air

Wall Street: Banking Lobbyists Block Transparency Bill, Advocates Say

They should rethink this.

After wading through the torture apologists on Facebook...I am at a crossroads

19 Secrets of UPS Drivers...

An appropriate time for "The War Prayer"?

Okay, I get the idea

Things that matter: Christians argue whether Mary was conceived without sin.

Politicking While Black

Shunkoin Temple In Kyoto Helps Japan's Same-Sex Couples Tie The Knot

2003 CIA cable casts doubt on claim linking Iraq to 9/11

Politicking While Black

The latest on powerful California storm

Old ABC News documentary:CIA Mind Control Techniques

Chuck Todd secures leftovers for 'Meet the Press' in Dick Cheney interview

Re: My daughter's paper on Atheism

The Teapublican Endgame has Already Begun.

Wahlberg gets his pardon from the only person who matters – the VICTIM

Texas A&M University participates in #whitecoats4blacklives (VIDEO)

Major cities, including Cleveland, expect ongoing issues over hunger and homelessness, study says

Why Warren (STILL) Isn't Running for President

London airspace closed after computer failure

How are you responding to people who support CIA torture?

Should Obama have let them shut down the government again?

Former Virginia Governor McDonnell’s sentencing guidelines: 10 years at least

Some Holiday Music from Straight No Chaser

Dear war criminal of a dick

Bachmann tells Obama to bomb Iran at Christmas Party

The Prepper Store got robbed.

Torture Is Who We Are

Obama Administration Presses on Two Fronts to Prevent Disclosure of the Panetta Report & Durham Memo

Watch Hayao Miyazaki Animate The Final Shot Of His Final Film

"Dogs in Heaven? Pope Francis Leaves Pearly Gate Open"

If only this was true- Dogs of War

f***ing BahBwah WAHWAH sez David KOCH is only a "FISCAL" wingnut!1

2014 National Gingerbread House Competition™

Plainclothes cop pulls gun on police brutality protesters in Oakland

NLRB Issues Rule to Speed up Union Organizing

Pic Of The Moment: Rick Perry Tells Reporter, "Running For The Presidency Is Not An IQ Test"

Louisiana Gov. Jindal’s prayer rally handouts blame gays and abortion for Hurricane Katrina

Fighting patent trolls with the LOT Network

Misreading the Lessons From Financial Crises by Floyd Norris

The Koch Wall Street Crusade To Rob Pensions Is Underway

German union calls new strike at Amazon warehouses

Denton, Texas Bans Fracking - Candice Bernd Discusses

I fear that it's going to be a looooooooong 2 years...

8 Things All Surgeons Whisper To You Once They’re Sure You’re Under Anesthetic

Ezra Klein: The real reason Obama pushed House Democrats so hard to pass the CRomnibus

War Criminal to make keynote address at Yeshiva Gala

Whats with Bob Kerrey

Question... Why did Obama do his immigration thing

FBI now investigating hanging death of teen that was ruled suicide. This happened in August.

Question: Is the CIA trustworthy enough

Montgomery County (MD) executive recounts his own police profiling incidents

Alan West is caught plagiarizing...

Why did Dems fragment last night?

"The Interview" Sony Hacking

Montgomery County (MD) executive recounts his own police profiling incidents

My health insurance just went up 35% for 2015

It's time to bring out my "favorite" gut curdling political "joke"- keep YOUR favorite SOB in mind

Buffalo cop suspended for repeatedly hitting man with nightstick, caught on video

Bernie Sanders: This bill would let companies renege on the promises they made to their workers

This is when the Right will get upset about the torture report:

Storm-battered roof collapses onto produce section at Safeway in East San Jose

Luckovich toon: Rewriting history

Close this chapter of America’s use of torture (it’s over). Look ahead to the next chapter.

Bay Area storm doesn’t stop protesters in S.F.

Torture serves two functions.

A Vibrant American Musical Career, far From America's Cultural Capitals

Daughter of Eric Garner lies down for 11 mins in the same spot where cops murdered her father...

The Company Store is alive and well in Mexico.

Woman Wins $100K After Being Arrested for Shouting 'Fuck the Police!'

Once again finds BS "news" stories

FBI to investigate death of North Carolina teen found hanging from swing set

Lumbersexuality and Its Discontents

Dear President Obama (an CC any Obama or DNC etc staffers who may happen to browse DU)

I am noticing a lot of full-blown denial over Obama calling torturers "patriots" on DU.

Also gutted in the CRomnibus the White House pushed for: part of Obamacare

Is Obama A Liberal?

Here's the dumbest excuse for a DUI I've ever seen.

My wife asked me and I ask this here: Instead of a provision that benefited the Big Banks WHAT IF

The Democratic Party’s losses at the state level -- could cripple it for a long time to come.

Former Obama Employees Throw Support to Warren

Troy Calhoun Calls CFP "un-American"

10 Right Wing Companies That Every Progressive Should Boycott

"What sort of government have you given us, Dr. Franklin?"

Question: Who won from shutting the government down last October?

You remember the "band" Creed? Seems the lead "singer" lost his marbles

Black-Owned Businesses Are Quietly Powering Detroit's Resurgence, But No One's Talking About It

Geraldo's Latest Slogan Idea For Black Protesters: 'We're The Problem'

Futuristic Laser Weapon Ready for Action, US Navy Says

Woman visits Toys R Us, pays off everyone's layaway.

"Tea Party Democrats"

Ken Ham is being "presecuted" for his beliefs...

Cleveland medical examiners rule death of Tamir Rice a homicide

So the New Pope says that dogs (and pets) can go to Heaven

Religion is like a Snuggie.

Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates.

My favorite reindeer is Olive

Money doesn't talk, it swears.

Twist and Shout - It's their fault for being them

Even Santa Poops!

TOON: The Torture Report

The Science of Why Cops Shoot Young Black Men...And how to reform our bigoted brains.-Chris Mooney

You people are overreacting re: Torture/Patriots

How Elizabeth Warren Led "The Great Swaps Rebellion of 2014"--what the Repubs Can Expect in January

Vermont Folk Artist Takes on Chik-a-Fail, and Wins

The Kiss

Scott Stapp has apparently threatened to kill President Obama

Obama criticizes NFL's handling of Rice case

"a cash award of $2,500 for consistently superior work."

the Top 100 arguments against torture

George Carlin Warned Us 10 Years Ago.

OBAMA'S STAFF: -We helped elect Barack Obama — now we’re calling on Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016

Sorry PFOX… The model on the ‘ex-gay’ billboard is ‘out and proud,’ not a twin

Homeowner Killed In No-Knock Drug Raid. No Drugs Found. Shot in the head and back.

Very BIG Problems With Our Present Policies on Torture & Detainees

White House: Do you know who Ada Lovelace is ?

#pointergate - State DFL May Revoke KSTP's Press Credentials Due to Pointergate

Major U.S. City To Eliminate Homelessness Among Veterans In the Next 3 Weeks


U.S. Consumer Sentiment Index Jumps To Nearly Eight-Year High In December

Would we torture white Christians?

Protests against police birthing new music

Treasure Trove of Unpublished Rock and Roll Photographs Discovered

Papantonio: The Mythical Center of American Politics

Can someone here explain to me

What's for dinner, Friday, Dec 12.

Bernie Sanders: Most Americans in their gut understand...

Wall Street’s Win on Swaps Rule Shows Washington Resurgence

Panel: Too many risks to lift ban on blood donations by gay men

George Orwell on Fascism

The Rude Pundit - Before the Torture Report Disappears

When my country decided they needed me,

Maxine Waters: POTUS & JP Morgan whipped House Democrats on CROmnibus yesterday

NYT article on how the US is now cheered, rather than booed at a climate change forum

It's that time of day.

You don't get to be outraged by beheadings and torture.

Rachel Maddow - Bush-era torture program marked by ineptitude

Wisconsin Democrat: Russ Feingold Would Clear Primary

I wonder ...

Elizabeth’s Warren moment/MSNBC

NYT article on how the US is now cheered, rather than booed at a climate change forum

The Torture Party: Why Republicans Defend the Most Sadistic Government Program in Recent History

X-Posted to the GD ...

Supreme Court Justice Scalia: The Constitution doesn't prohibit torture

Rachel Maddow - FBI arrests boss of toxic leak energy company

'The liberal version of the Tea Party is just waiting to happen'

"We tortured some folks" = "We committed crimes"

****BARACK OBAMA GROUP****** Meeting President Obama in person

Federal Railroad Administration Approves California Positive Train Control System

Judge Allows Texas' Ban on Same-Sex Marriage to Continue

Ruble Consolation Gets Putin Record Oil Income: Chart of the Day

I fucking loathe Terry Branstad with the white-hot passion of a thousand suns.

Top Lawyer at State Health Agency Resigns Over Contract

Moyers & Company: Democrats, Not Just Republicans, Are Bowing Down to Wall Street

'Little Drummer Boy' done a cappella by Pentatonix

Gruber subpoenaed over ObamaCare contracts

Dallas Voice LGBT Texan of the Year: Michael Sam

Dallas Voice LGBT Texan of the Year: Michael Sam

"The Left Must Derail Hillary Clinton in the Primaries"--(To Gain A Voice in the Party Once Again)

The event you've all been waiting for…

Jeff Merkley, Oregon Senator.?

Word Games

2 inches of rain in our rain gauge. Local weather report confirmed it.

Fort Worth ‘pastor’ threatens ‘faggots’ with death

Fort Worth ‘pastor’ threatens ‘faggots’ with death

Schumer passes on Banking lead; ranking Dem will be Sherrod Brown!

What If Atheists Were Defined By Their Actions?

Why am I on this Forum?

Russia, India Ink Raft Of Deals Including Crimea Trade Push

Pope declines Dalai Lama meeting in Rome

The Cure live Paris 1979

Parents rip mom who complained about school Bible handout: ‘You’re outnumbered here’

How loyal is Colombia’s army to Santos’ peace efforts?

So where does the money come from to run

"Guilt by association" within the topics covered by this group.

sometimes I just want to yell: "I LOVE MY DOG!"

Record Oil Tankers Sailing to China Amid Stockpiling Signs

ISIS: Enslaving, having sex with 'unbelieving' women, girls is OK

Cuban FL Chief Judge Lebarga Roils Status Quo by Poor Justice Commission

You Can Now Bring Your Bike On MARC Weekend Trains

12 Amazing Things Scientists Discovered This Year About People Who Listen to Music

Life Sentences for Young Murderers Revisited by U.S. High Court

Lake Worth Permits Atheist to Lead Satanic Invocation Before Commission Meeting

The Musers from the Ticket in Dallas interview Santa Claus:

UK Sex Workers Pioneering New Modes of Public Protest

In Mississippi, a horse in a wedding dress protests against gay marriage (Photos)

Greenpeace Irreparably Damage Ancient Nazca Lines

Senator: USAID's Cuba hip-hop project 'reckless'

Senator: USAID's Cuba hip-hop project 'reckless'

ACTIVE shooter at high school in PORTLAND OREGON

Tea Partiers Protest At White House: 'Hang The Lying Kenyan Traitor'

OSHA says 3 men killed in Thanksgiving Tower fire were using torch to repair water tank

Scalia: Nothing In The Constitution Prohibits Torture

This "Patriots" argument is embarrassing to watch

stocking stuffer

A few silver linings of the 2014 elections - Some interesting ranking members

I am Chappie.

A Guide to White Privilege for White People Who Think They’ve Never Had Any

Why 1940s America wasn’t as religious as you think — the rise and fall of American religion

Schneiderman disengaged?

Papantonio: Corporate Pigs and Politicians

Eric Garner Said ‘I Can't Breathe' 11 Times -- Now Activists Are Making 11 Demands In His Name

So if a country knows there will be a

Not a big fan of the Dr. Phil show, but today the family of Eric Garner will be on.

The "War On Christmas"

Another war criminal.

Backfired! U.S. New Cold War Policy Has Backfired – And Created Its Worst Nightmare

A self-sufficent cat.

Tea Partiers Protest At White House: 'Hang The Lying Kenyan Traitor'

DEFINITIONS Please: Liberal, Progressive, Populist, Left, etc

Merkel Condemns Racism as Dresden Anti-Islam Marches Grow

'Confirmation bias' has long history of helping whites demonize blacks

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin Statement on the Nomination of Antonio Weiss to Treasury Thursday, Decem

Pelosi 'enormously disappointed' in Obama

TYT: Congress To D.C. Voters: No Democracy For You

Corrupt Dems who voted for CRomnibus received twice as much money from finance industry

3 shot at Rosemary Anderson HS in Portland

Victory: Monsanto Stock Downgraded, Worst Growth In 7 Years

Police can search cellphones without warrant during arrest: court (Canada)

TYT: ‘Cromnibus’ Spending Bill Clears House, Ominously Marches On

The real reason Obama pushed House Democrats so hard to pass the CRomnibus

Reindeer Babies

Right-Wing Torture Commens

Futurama on the NRA

Geraldo Rivera: What if LeBron James wore a “Be a Better Father” shirt instead of “I Can’t Breathe”?

Latin America’s Lesson for the US: Prosecute the Torturers

Latin America’s Lesson for the US: Prosecute the Torturers

The New York Times Downplays The Influence Of Money In Politics

Google moves engineers out of Russia

How to make Torture work after all. It would make me spill my guts. (Chappatte cartoon)

Mexico minister defends luxury home purchase

Ferguson protesters win lawsuit against police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marlin Stutzman Claims He Was Hoodwinked (By his own party)

It's a good thing that we avoided a government shutdown

The GOP's Torture Problem

Texas court rules prisons must disclose source of execution drugs

Judge rules woman who drove kids into sea was insane

MEANWHILE, in Maine...

Uruguay prison diary preserved by Unesco

Uruguay prison diary preserved by Unesco

Today's Public Service Announcement: Beware of Bad Gas

The corporate Third Way inside the Democratic Party:

What gives with how you ranked the "TRENDING NOW" status of the posts today?

In Mass for Latin America, Pope calls for 'new models of development'

In Mass for Latin America, Pope calls for 'new models of development'

Syrian rebel 'hell cannons' kill 300 civilians: monitoring group

Funny how that works out...

The Trial of Richard Bruce Cheney - Satire by Juan Cole

photo: too bad all police chiefs aren't like this one

Venezuela to face US sanctions over violence against protesters

Venezuela to face US sanctions over violence against protesters

Marco Polo

Taj Mahal gives union deadline to strike a deal, save casino

Court rejects attempt to allow Edward Snowden into Germany

Turning a blind eye to torture and atrocities is as old as the USA.

Top 2014 Hypocrites When It Comes to Capitalist Me-First Entitlements

NSA: 'Traumatic' cyber attack coming

U.S. urges Colombia to make quick progress to peace

For those interested in Pirate Bay and EZTV...

Glaciers and Fruit Dying in Peru with no Response from COP20

Congress Passes Tougher Russia Sanctions But Gives Obama Leeway

NFLPA grievance: New England Patriots doctor put team ahead of patient

Where Men Aren’t Working

Dow Caps Off Brutal Week With 315-Point Drop (Oil Finishes at $57.81)

Presenting The $303 Trillion In Derivatives That US Taxpayers Are Now On The Hook For


the new American way, imagine a nation where...

Washington and Lincoln on Torture

Glaciers and Fruit Dying in Peru with no Response from COP20

one way to have fun with sheep.

North Korea's disappeared: regime performs experiments on disabled people before leaving them to die

US Senate backs anti-IS spending

If you believe Obama is protecting torturers, then you're advocating his impeachment.

GD For the Next Two Years:

Bad Santa

Officer Joesph Weekly

Dr. Phil today......

Guatemala police arrest US woman

Guatemala police arrest US woman

Without torture prosecutions, we can't claim to be a nation of laws

violent, misogynistic, and an absolutely brilliant masterpiece.

Brazil lawmaker could face charges in rape comment

Police Union Petitions for Mayor, Speaker Not to Attend Officer Funerals

Weekend Economists Second the Notion! December 12-14, 2014

Orange County slapped with another public records defeat in court, this time over a dog

Fury over Israel ban at Shoah memorial

"Our Unrealistic Hopes for Presidents"

"There is no God here."

"5 Awful Things Congress Snuck Into the Omnibus Budget Deal"

Two Jordanians On Trial For Plot to Attack Israeli Embassy

White Prism - Patience

Bill Burr - a standup comic with a pretty hilarious take on religion.

Cheney does not even understand why somebody would look away. His soul is a cold, black void.

Tom Tomorrow......"We Tortured Some Folks"

Cheney's Argument Full Of Holes...

Bachmann Hints at 2016 Presidential Bid

Michele Bachmann Tells President Obama to Bomb Iran At Her Last White House Christmas Party

Time for a cocktail ...

Arbitrator Denies Adrian Peterson's Appeal

Teammates say Johnny Manziel is a “nightmare” in practice

Mitt Says Jeb Would Be Toast

Under New Bill, States Would Report Police-Triggered Deaths To Attorney General

So Pope Francis says

The U.S. Will Torture Again—and We’re All to Blame

Major storm sweeps through Southern California

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