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Sums it up brilliantly:

One Word That IMHO Describes Some Of The Potential Candidates Running/? For President 2016.....

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 17 December 2014

President Barack Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum protecting Bristol Bay, Alaska,

Republican judge rules executive order unconstitutional.

The rise of 7-6 (and growing) Tacko Fall

Ann Coulter: Raped Women Are Typically Just 'Girls Trying To Get Attention' (Lady Gaga, Lena Dunham)

Where there is no vision, the people perish:

Judge Who Axed Obama Immigration Actions Is No Stranger To Controversy

Has he no shame?

More hugs to my fellow Hillary supporters. -Hillary Clinton Room Post

So, I hear that Condi is going to wear a burnt orange

Atheists seek end to ban on Godless public officials

Have you ever met someone ...

US feels the heat on Palestine vote at UN

Firebrand Senator Ted Cruz apologizes for U.S. spending bill ruckus

Remember when cops were called "Peace Officers" ? I do.

"He's as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs."

The Posters that Warned against the Horrors of a World with Women’s Rights

Tip: when you’re suing for religious discrimination, don’t launch “anti-Semitic rant” against judges

Far-Right Anti-Government Group Plans Political Takeover Of Navajo County, Arizona

What the President just did:

Vatican praises Roman Catholic nuns in U.S. after investigation

Ex-Staffer For Congressman Alleges Harassment

Boston College to discipline students for protesting without a permit

"Elect me so I can pardon my fuckwit brother for torture."

All the cards are in place for the GOP

Another unarmed black man killed by police

Did CIA torture violate Nuremberg ban on human experimentation? Physician's group thinks so.

Comparisons among Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Verizon Fios VOD

Dallas Cowboys fan Chris Christie high fives Jerry Jones

Push to Provide Lawyers in New York City Housing Court Gains Momentum

When the weather outside is nasty, stay inside.

Smoking doesn't make you look cool.

"Impersonating An Officer"

Health Care spending for country held at 17.4% of GDP for the last 5 years (CMMS) - Centers for

Battenfeld: Money matters make Elizabeth Warren a tough foe

CNN Starts #askacop hashtag on twitter. Hilarity ensues.

How the other half lives - Spending $11,000/yr on takeout

NPR asks do you support more 2A laws in your state.

anybody else get nausea after taking doxycycline?

'The Walking Dead' spinoff to be set in L.A.

WATCH: Olive harvest marred by arson, vandalism and violence

James Randi: debunking the king of the debunkers

Keiser Report: Oil can combust & blow it all

A thousand released IDF soldiers celebrate Hanukkah with Holocaust survivors

Why? Because I like Life!

Policing is a Dirty Job, But Nobody's Gotta Do It: 6 Ideas for a Cop-Free World

Ayn Rand personally profited from FDR's New Deal

Palestine, France in 'final touches' to UN bid

Russian claim: 80% of U.S. Congress has never left the USA

If I post this here, you'll tell me to post it there

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Two Years Later! & a new Lion & Doggie gif

Torture Impunity and Police Shootings

Revolution: Unwanted Disorder or More?

In Pakistan, Taliban massacre of schoolchildren fuels broad outrage

Keeping Religion Out Of Public Schools Is Interfering With Religious Freedom.

We Thought We Were Free

L.A. DUers stay dry

Today in Herstory: Suffragists Protest Wilson on the Boston Tea Party Anniversary

Today in Herstory: Suffragists Protest Wilson on the Boston Tea Party Anniversary

Professor Richard Wolff: The Political Economy of Austerity Now

GOP Leaders May Be Undermining A Core Argument In Supreme Court Case Against Obamacare

Personhood Groups Plan to Launch County and Municipal Measures to Restrict Abortion Access

Personhood Groups Plan to Launch County and Municipal Measures to Restrict Abortion Access

Personhood Groups Plan to Launch County and Municipal Measures to Restrict Abortion Access

U.S. terrorism insurance bill fails to get vote in Senate

From Occupy to Ferguson: The two movements are more connected than you think

More security for ‘Don Mario’ family after 7 killed in massacre

Senate passes bill temporarily renewing tax breaks

The 20 craziest politicians in the US...

los angeles chief of police daryl gates, creator of SWAT, DARE (and lest we forget--rodney king)

Jesse Ventura's opinion of Dick Cheney

'Tis the season! Once again the Real Dallas Cowboys Xmas song:

DXO opticspro 8--free

"'Ready for Romney' group site launches"

DUI case: Omaha police arrest man who was driving on 4 flats, had airbag deployed

And we can't even pin this one exclusively on the Fascist Five......... (sigh)

The Official "Cops Under Fire" on CNN LIVE-NOW Stream

Bill Clinton Says Eric Garner “Didn’t Deserve To Die” For Selling Untaxed Cigarettes

Could we have something like a friend's list?

Christmas Photos With Critters

Estimated 15,000 People Join ‘Pinstriped Nazis’ On March In Dresden

Guardian UK: Dear Chelsea Manning: birthday messages from Edward Snowden, Terry Gilliam and more

Professor Richard Wolff: The Political Economy of Austerity Now

Almost There! Atmospheric CO2 399.38 PPM As Of 15 Deember, 2014

Calgary’s soaring transit use suggests high ridership is possible even in sprawling cities

Tat Boy's 'Record' $126 Million Contract Was A Complete Sham

Another bush wants to be your President. Time for a flashback

who will they unite behind 2016?....chris christie, rand paul, ted cruz, jeb bush, rick perry, mitt romney....

More Splendid Zinn: "the wrong people are in jail and the wrong people are out of jail"

Inside Wall Street’s new heist: How big banks exploited a broken Democratic caucus

Conservatives Grudgingly Praise Warren, Pelosi For Opposing 'Wall Street Giveaway'

"Punk rock" snail named for Clash's Joe Strummer

“Shadowy” anti-net neutrality group submitted 56.5% of comments to FCC

"Putin Can’t Bully or Bomb a Recession"

Demings: Orange deputies will be wearing body cameras in 2015 (FL)

"The 6-step process to dispose of America’s poor"

Salvadorans protest plan to name street for death-squad chief

I don't think it would ever occur to me on my own to make, order, or eat cole slaw

Television station owner gunned down in Honduras

Israel's Defense Establishment Lies About Failed Missile Test - Again

Need advice on hanging under-cabinet microwave

Thom Hartmann: How Dangerous are GMOs?

Thom Hartmann: Climate Disaster Lurking off the Coast of Washington?

Thom Hartmann: Scalia is Dead Wrong About Torture

Ruling overturned on sex-change surgery for Mass. inmate

Mom Calls Into C-SPAN To Yell At Politically-Opposed Pundit Sons

Merry Christmas, Mr. President!

Heard On Dave Letterman: Bush Presidencies Are Like Godfather Films.....

Former deputy and acting director of the CIA Mike Morell talks to Charlie Rose (25:28)

Apple ceases online sales in Russia due to extreme ruble fluctuations

Carmike Cinemas Pulls 'The Interview' With Sony's Support

Where's the Snow?

Rand Paul: Jeb Bush’s Common Core support would be ‘big problem’ in primary

Sexiest Song Ever

Video: Jeopardy Names a Category "Non-Common Core Math."

New York Magazine’s $72 million teenage stock trader says he made it all up

Clinton: U.S. ‘should never condone or practice torture’

#Ferguson: The Smoking Gun exposes #witness40 as a fraud

Lawmakers Are Roommates No More.

Los Angeles Police Will Get Body Cameras

Happy Chanukah !

Jeb Bush Campaign Slogans, get 'em here

Kudos to Jane Mayer for flushing out that torture psychologist a decade ago.

White screaming drowns out black voices at protests

i get to add a new state to my visited list

Florida clerks warned criminal charges possible for issuing same-sex marriage licenses

Even better than the great Top 10 on Letterman tonite...

How can Cruz run for president?

shouldn't John Yoo be disbarred?

Best Christmas card I've ever seen!

We assume, perhaps safely, that our the torturers working for our government are the "good guys,"

IMO, it's not that Elizabeth Warren can't win - it's that she doesn't want to win.

Events 2015

Armed only with an i-phone.....

I Was Gang Raped at a UVA Frat 30 Years Ago, and No One Did Anything

Three Members of Congress Just Reignited the Cold War While No One Was Looking

She's The Last Person Left Who Can Speak This Language, But She's Not Letting It Go

Race for "Most Gruesome Terrorist"

Americans Are 40 Percent Poorer Than Before the Recession

3,749,704 people have watched this on youtube

Arts Group Signs Lease for Dupont Underground

Nine Things Scientists Did This Year to Ensure a Better Climate Future

In the Spirit of Wyomia Tyus, Women Athletes Say #BlackLivesMatter

Harvard professor goes to war with chinese restaurant over $4

Police plan to protect themselves, not us.

Exhibition chain scraps rollout of comedy about assassination of North Korea’s leader

Berkeley Kids Go to the Mayor (#BlackLivesMatter)

CNN Tonight #ASKACOP Episode Evokes a Harsh Twitter Response

The Senate Just Cemented Obama's Judicial Legacy

U.S. torture program discussed on Democracy Now

Austin Energy employees accused of stealing copper wire

Perry likens Hanukkah to Boston Tea Party rebels

RE: A Third Bush running for President - Fool us Once shame on you, Fool us Twice, shame on us, fool

Catmas carols

Can we get a constitutional amendment to bar people named "Bush" and "Clinton" from the presidency?

Daily Holidays - December 17

Israel responding to boycott waves like Saddam Husseim or Khamanei

Ireland to hold referendum on gay marriage in May

A photo for today

She's running - Hillary Clinton: torture is wrong and 'yes, black lives matter'

Why did DU hang up when I was trying to respond to a jury call?

Holy crap. Crazy turbulence diverts American Airlines flight 280 to Japan

Our Senator Brian Schatz explaining his thoughts about the vote he took on the omnibus bill.

NIST physicists build a watt balance using LEGO blocks to measure Planck's constant

Small Kansas Town Takes on AT&T, Offers 1Gbps Internet to Residents

Democrats Are Petrified of Defending Government, but They Need to Start

Three Members of Congress Just Reignited the Cold War While No One Was Looking

REMINDER: Jeb Bush Awarded Hillary Clinton the 'Liberty Medal' on the Anniversary of #Benghazi

This Plant-Based Gel Stops Bleeding in Seconds

The Myth of Chinese Super Schools

The Right's Jeb Bush-Hillary Clinton Double Standard

Without googling: What's the fruit in Worcestershire sauce?

A black man, a Latino, and a white man walking down a street are stopped by the cops.

Wealth: America's other racial divide

EU court says Hamas should be removed from terror list

Panthers Beat Capitals In Longest Shootout In NHL History

Xbox one v xbox 360

US to veto UN resolution 'to end occupation'

Scientists Put A Worm's Mind Into A Robot's Body


10 of the Funniest Moments in Political Comedy This Year

Dem Party Disaster: Subservience to Wall St. Is Destroying Its Foundations

True History of Libertarianism in America: A Phony Ideology to Promote a Corporate Agenda

Police: Texas Officer Kills Man Holding Spoon

8 Things To Know About The ‘Cromnibus’ Budget Deal Congress Just Unveiled

AP Exclusive: Sydney hostage planned daring escape

UK cops demand list of attendees at university fracking debate

Gay Hero of Sydney Hostage Crisis Died a Second Class Citizen

An old internet pal needs some votes - please help

Poll: Voters want a primary challenge for Clinton

Poll: Voters want a primary challenge for Clinton

Okay, let's say Warren CAN be convinced to run for President...what have YOU done to convince her?

Northern White Rhinos Join Ranks Of Living Dead: Five Individuals Remain On The Planet

Bangladeshi General @ Lima: Expect Spike In Immigration And Terrorism From Climate Breakdown

David Cameron: "Enough Is Enough" On Wind Farms, It's Time To Show Vision And Frack, Frack, Frack

NOAA - Jan-Oct 2014 Warmest 1st 10 Months On Record; Nov 2013-Oct 2014 Warmest 12 Months On Record

'Saving Private Ryan' among films being preserved

Write in for Warren or direct vote for Bernie if he is on your ballet

But if we pay people more it will kill jobs and cause prices to go up. Right?

Tiny religious sect takes control of American government.

Let no one be discouraged by the belief

We are f***ing sadists: We are not decent, and we are not a democracy

You can buy a military-issued Humvee for the first time ever, starting tomorrow!

Now this is a catchy little Christmas tune.......

Free download of Provisions of the secret TISA negotiations

Why vaccines are important, Comically...

You know what puzzles me...

Anybody got any hints on how to keep little beads on clothes from falling off? Maybe there’s

Why the Pantheon has not crumbled: Roman concrete mortar used secret ingredient that could reduce


Free download of Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement draft.

A Message From The First President Of The United States Re: TORTURE

California university bans fraternity over anti-rape march harassment

Russia Crisis Hits Pimco Fund, Wipes Out Options

EU parliament backs compromise resolution on Palestinian state

Are you all enjoying the Randi thread in GD?

Pakistan Lifts Death Penalty Ban Following School Massacre

Pharmacy Owners Arrested in '12 Meningitis Outbreak

Stephen Colbert: No One’s Going to Pay Me to Watch Bill O’Reilly Anymore, So Fuck That Noise

North Korea ends mourning period for late leader Kim Jong Il


Dave's Top 10 questions Jeb Crow Shrub is "actively exploring"

Rodriguez & CIA Lawyer REMOVED Sentence about Torture Illegality from Pelosi, Goss Briefing Record

Surprise, Surprise! Investigation Finds Duke May Be Off Legal Hook Forever If Coal Ash Plan Passes

The Obamas: How We Deal with Our Own Racist Experiences

9/11 architect Mohammed was the most tortured by CIA

Global Tropical Tree Ring Study Shows No Correlation W. 150 Yrs Atmospheric C, Tree Growth Rates

Members of 'black media' say it's not their job to protect Bill Cosby

Jeb Bush Also "Not A Scientist"; The "Smart" One Is Just Another Denialist Bullshit Merchant

Darlene Love Singing "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)...

My dilemma

Church of England’s first female bishop named as Libby Lane

In Iowa, Bernie Sanders calls for a revolution

How Much Sleep Do Americans Trade for Work?

US refuses to hand over marine accused of killing transgender Filipino

Catholic midwives’ abortion ruling overturned by (UK) supreme court

The US may impose economic sanctions on Venezuela. This is why:

Three Members of Congress Just Reignited the Cold War While No One Was Looking

Obama: As a Black Man He's Been Mistaken for Valet

French far-right's new environment policy: No international agreements, more nuclear power.

US consumer prices fell 0.3 percent in November

Iran: Extradition of Sydney attacker refused

NY State Official Raises Alarm on Charter Schools — And Gets Ignored

Geneva Conventions Invoke Rights of Palestinians

Breaking: Alan Gross Released From Cuba In Prisoner Exchange

Meathead Cop Whines That Cops Are The Victoms In Tamir Rice Shooting

"Yes, a question for Jeb Bush?"

Cuban president to make announcement on U.S. relations

Goodbye Norman Bridwell

Jeb Bush may be 'the smart brother' – but he's as much of a climate denier as any conservative

About Time-Congress Is Finally Going to Make Local Law Enforcement Report How Many People They Kill

NYC premiere of Rogen film canceled as threats fly

Hillary Clinton: Pass laws forbidding torture-Hillary Clinton Room Post

From Occupy to Ferguson: The two movements are more connected than you think

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1-Rethug Party

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Torture and other unpleasant facts

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Injustice and the big issue

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

Russia risks Soviet-style collapse as rouble defence fails

Fellow Clinton Supporters: Time for the knock out blow in NC!

Cuban Five exchanged for American citizen Alan Gross

Hillary Clinton not aware that the US already has laws banning torture.

So theater chains are now not showing a movie because of terror threats????

Camera film recommendations requested

Where do Democrats and Republicans disagree on economic issues?

From Occupy to Ferguson: The two movements are more connected than you think

U.S. and Cuba seek to normalize relations

Cuomo cabinet meeting to include key officials on fracking

Police State Bulletin

Feb. 17 trial set for Minuteman movement founder

Holiday Feast for Pets

Students speak: Celebrating Christmas as an atheist

20 Of The Whitest Things Ever Overheard At Whole Foods

U.S. taxpayers help fund oil-train boom amid safety concerns

Obamas recount personal experiences of racial profiling (Salon)

Sen. Menendez is a pendejo "Obama's actions have vindicated the brutal behavior of the Cuban

Were Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren wrong?

Stems’ Florists Deck the Halls at the White House

Ghoulish right wing celebrates Putin's suppression of LGBT rights

Isn't it about time the militant gay lobby got credit for the collapse of the Russian economy?

Ecuador Family Wins Favors After Donations to Obama Campaign

Senate Ciivilian Confirmations for Month of December 2014 (Thanks Senator Cruz)

Muslims & Jews Unite vs. Abercrombie & Fitch

Andrew Hawkin's (NFL) full statement in response to criticism of his t-shirt

Our little cat is getting fixed today.

CIA torture report: UK intelligence agencies questioned over redactions

The Walk Among Us With Contempt for Our Democracy. David Addington

Fight bullfrogs with your mouth (huffington post)

It's Fruitcake time!

Seven Year Old Does Burnout | Daddy's Little Girl

**Vibes for Crewleader and her brother**

Rescued From Dumpster, 10-Day-Old Puppy Luxuriates In First Bath [Video]

OSHA rules in favor of Metro-North worker

If no one will claim inserting the Citibank provision into the spending bill then it is not legal.

AP: Carolinas politicians get payouts from broker

US stocks open higher before Fed statement

Holy shit! Is Rand Paul posting to DU now?

Elves Deliver Shelter Puppies To The Luckiest Kids In The World

The REAL war on the Christmas spirit

re-post of my belabored anti-Oligarchy anti-Bush OP

Next step in digital imaging?

Support Nellie Stone Johnson bust at the MN Capitol

Obama to announce major Cuba policy overhaul; prisoners swapped

Support Nellie Stone Johnson bust at the MN Capitol

McAuliffe pushes for gun control measures

Support Nellie Stone Johnson bust at the MN Capitol

"I Don't Know What to Do With Good White People"

New Jersey Paid Fees To Mary Pat Christie's Firm After State Investment Was Terminated

John Adams: “This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion at all!!!”

Questions about Cuba and diplomacy

Upworthy headlines: If it existed during ________

Texas plumber's truck on front line of Syria war

Is anyone doing Kindle Scout?

UN warns 1 million people could be hungry by March due to Ebola - TRFN

Word Wars: The Koch is coming with its "wordsmiths"

"Obama and Congress Suffer Democratic Discontent" Good Progressive Watch from "Bloomberg Politics"

Berkeley Kids Go to the Mayor (#BlackLivesMatter)

He Didn't Reveal A Truth About Himself Until He Was Almost 70. Then His Career Really Took Off

Glenn Beck Begs His Audience 'Not To Listen To The Experts In This Country Anymore'

Over in video....

What kind of Republican presidential candidate would you prefer in 2016?

Dear Harry Reid, KEEP Senate OPEN

Should Texas Democrats Boycott Perry's Farewell Speech to the Texas Legislature?


"What Are YOU In For?"

President Obama to speak on new relations with Cuba in a few minutes

Castro won.

Perry says he could decide on presidential run by May

Christians More Supportive of Torture than Non-Religious Americans

She Got A Birthday Card From Her Mom, But The Name On It Broke Her Heart

Now we know why our FL AG hack questioned same-sex marriage-Clarence Thomas is accepting the case.

EU shines light on dirty money with new tax rules

Keystone XL pipeline: TransCanada sends final offers to 100-plus Nebraska landowners

Federal Lawsuit Challenges the Wisconsin Law That’s Putting Pregnant Women in Prison

Republicans, Fox News ecstatic

Federal Lawsuit Challenges the Wisconsin Law That’s Putting Pregnant Women in Prison

US/Cuba changes DO NOT INCLUDE TOURISM TRAVEL. We're still travel banned. eom

Question for Warren supporters, maybe Sanders supporters too, mostly Warren.

Pic Of The Moment: Jeb Bush Exploring Run For President

Van Gogh tree bark

Anyone asked Obama why whistleblowers are in prison but not torturers they exposed?

Senate Blocks Military Sexual Assault Legislation (for the SECOND TIME this year!)

The site of the Capitol under that scaffolding is kind of jarring to me

Obama listing all the great things Cubans have contributed to the world MSNBC now

SOS Kerry to review Cuba's status as "State Sponsor of Terror"

In my youth I heard of something called "truth serum"

OK: how do Rubio and Bush respond to the Cuba thaw?

Inside Beijing's airpocalypse – a city made 'almost uninhabitable' by pollution

Freedom Industries owners indicted, charged in chemical leak

Yes Virginia, Torture Does Work

The Obamas Open Up About The Racism They've Faced

Holy shite - the Florida networks have broken in to cover this historic day reCuba

But he's a lame duck!

Jeb Bush - 3rd Time's the Charm?

Marco Rubio On Cuba Deal: Obama's The 'Worst Negotiator' Since Jimmy Carter

I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart. Anne Frank

Rubio about to speak on Florida NBC

White House Details New Cuba Policy As Diplomatic Relations Re-Open

Over 230 bodies found in mass grave in eastern Syria: monitoring group

George Costanza opens up relations with Cuba

Obama be like

Dogs decorating Christmas tree

Rubio is so out of touch with what the government is

Pope Francis played key role in U.S.-Cuba deal

A reminder of the Statement Of Purpose of The Hillary Clinton Room

The President just put a whole lot of smugglers out of business!

For All Those Travelling this Holiday Season. Stay safe ...

U.S. Imposes Steep Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels

on the dangers of police work (aka, Michelle Malkin twists reality again)

Marco Rubio and John Boehner are furious at the Prez. They should also be furious at their Pope.

Why a European/Belgium style strike will not happen in the U.S.

Religious Right Cheers On Vladimir Putin As Anti-LGBT Violence In Russia Surges

Cuomo to Ban Fracking in New York State, Citing Health Risks

Opinion: GOP senators: Climate skeptics? Or deniers? No, Big Oil lobbyists!

U.S. consumer bureau sues Sprint over phone bill ‘cramming’

Normalization of Cuba relations on page A1 above the fold?

How major postal overhaul nearly made its way into the Cromnibus

Marco Rubio is a fucking moron.

I'm Sorry But I Don't Understand The Reaction Of A Marco Rubio/What's The Other Side Of This Issue?.

Pastafarian gets her TN driver's license!

Very good Vietnamese-American garlic noodles...

Netanyahu: Hypocritical Europeans Have 'Learned Nothing' From Holocaust

NYT-Cuba: "Obama could have taken modest, gradual steps toward a thaw. Instead, he has courageously

We ALL do better with cooperation. I know it isn't taught, but here's a reminder.

Cuomo to Ban Fracking in New York State, Citing Health Risks

Ukraine, pro-Russian rebels to restart peace talks

In spite of all, Pres. Obama insists on being an adult.

December 15, 1944

Now that we normalized relations with Cuba does this mean we can get this criminal finally

I think I've finally figured out why Elizabeth Warren keeps saying she's not running for President

I'm a huge fan of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Cuomo concludes fracking is too risky for New York

Marco Rubio Challenges The Pope On Obama's New Cuba Policy

Pope Francis Person of the Year

Cuomo to Ban Fracking in New York State, Citing Health Risks

Who knew the War on Christmas was over 70 years old?

Congress Stands In The Way Of Lifting The U.S. Embargo On Cuba

Bill O'Reilly: If Warren ever gains the White House, she’d make Barack Obama look like Ronald Reagan

So, I guess MLB will be seeing a lot more Cuban players now?

Change You Can Believe In

The starts of the Interview--James Franco and Seth Rogan have cancelled all interviews about the

Andrea Mitchell has spoken of how Kerry and the Vatican have been working on Cuba

Bernie Sanders:Sanders Statement on Cuba Announcements:

The Bush Family's Favorite Terrorist

What? Pat Robertson predicts gays will go extinct ‘because they don’t reproduce’

Bernie Sanders: What the last week has been about...

Bruce Jenner Bullied at Sherwood Golf & Country Club Over Sex Change Rumours

Pentagon confirms military buildup along Russia borders for ‘peace & stability’

Guantanamera sung by Pete Seeger - to celebrate the beginning of a new friendship with Cuba

How 'bout them 3.2 billion dollar Cowboys!

Bike-Share Employees Reject Walmart Model, Vote to Unionize

Pres. Obama worked for over a year on the release of Alan Gross and Cuba Policy and the media was..

THE POPE STRIKES AGAIN!---White House Credits Pope Francis For Facilitating Cuba Deal

Help Save Christmas for the Children of Striking FairPoint Workers

Help Save Christmas for the Children of Striking FairPoint Workers

Help Save Christmas for the Children of Striking FairPoint Workers

Texas plumber has ‘no idea’ how ISIS militants ended up with his old truck

Obama vs Bush...

Sanders and Warren won't sign letter opposing Palestinians taking unilateral action at the U.N.

From the Top Secret Files of Dick Cheney

Just saw a coyote out in our lower pasture - in broad daylight

No Fracking in NYS !!!

How many of you heard protesters in Oakland shut down police HQ for hours Monday?

Jeb Bush: No talks with 'repressive regime'

Oil Exploration and Cuba

Alan Gross final statement just now: "I support the President."

Virginia tobacco body under scrutiny (again) for suspiciously large gas project grant

Bail set at $100,000 for DUI suspect who was arrested driving on 4 flat tires

Actor Stephen Collins (7th Heaven) Admits To Sexual Abuse Of Underage Girls

Hillary Clinton Urged Obama To End Cuba Embargo: Book

John Oliver Nails The Hypocrisy Surrounding The Cuban Embargo

The Rude Pundit - Note to Cops: If You're Gonna Be So Thin-Skinned, You Should Stop Killing People

Terri Schiavo’s Husband Speaks Out On Jeb Bush’s Presidential Bid

Ruble Rebounds on Central Bank Stability Steps as Sberbank Soars

Why Police Unions Are Lashing Out Against Cop Critics Like Never Before"

Live updates: How politicians are reacting to new Cuba-U.S. relations

Ray McDonald being investigated for sexual assault

Israel, US Boycott Conference In Geneva For Palestinian Human Rights

Congress to Cops: Just Let Us Know When You Kill Someone

14-year-old black boy executed in South Carolina.....exonerated 70 years later.....

Witness #40, Sandra McElroy, fabricated her entire testimony. Should she be prosecuted for perjury?

Historical background and basics about the Cuban embargo deal

"The GOP and Police Unions: A Love Story" by Eleanor Clift

The things we remember

Republicans Look for Ways to Block Obama’s Cuba Policy in 2015

Obama's Cuba news puts Jeb's "I'm running" news on the back burner.

Meet the most nimble "lame duck" in the history of American politics.

RWW News: Pat Robertson: Gays Will 'Die Out Because They Don't Reproduce'

Culture as the engine driving all human behavior

Wisdom Teaching: Marianne Williamson

Trying to update President Obama's 'Achievements' list....

Turtle Power: Endangered Sea Turtles Are on the Rise on These Islands

Sony Execs Warned Not To Cast Denzel Washington Because Of 'Racist International Audiences'

Italy police break up international money laundering ring in Rome

The Ricoh GR has experienced a big price drop.

End Times Preacher's Chanukah Message: Gay Rights & Harry Potter Lead To Fascism

The Unlikely Refuge for the West’s Most Adorable and Endangered Fox

In an honest system there would be a scandal, an investigation and those responsible prosecuted

Elizabeth Warren: An Honest & Courageous Woman, in a Cowardly & Centrist Democratic Party

FACT SHEET: Charting a New Course on Cuba - from

TV Crews Outnumber Protestors at Versailles As Obama and Castro Normalize Relations

Perspective please.. the Chinese, and the Cubans, the Nazis etc etc etc

Dog Catchers to Swarm Beloved Free-Roaming Sanctuary on Christmas (PLEASE E-SIGN!!)

Congress Stands In The Way Of Lifting The U.S. Embargo On Cuba

The call that changed half a century of division...

Jeb Bush is in. Lucky for him, he'll have plenty of experienced help....

After years of effort, Vermont's governor reportedly gives up on single-payer health care

After years of effort, Vermont's governor reportedly gives up on single-payer health care

I had really overloaded on Ferguson & didn't really get it about #s 10 & 40,

How “Citibank Budget” Push Foreshadows “Fast Track” For Trade Deals

Murder and Theft

White House Credits Pope Francis For Facilitating Cuba Deal

Swedish far-right leader: Jews must abandon religious identity to be Swedes

Gov. Andrew Cuomo To Ban Fracking In New York State

Al Franken Realizes Mid-Sentence That He's Endorsing Hillary Clinton

December 16, 1929

Meteorologist shot outside TV station in Texas

A sneak preview of the future with corporate pensions.

Some conservatives urging right not to serve gays on religious grounds (Washington Post)

Russian Propaganda vs. American Propaganda:

'Under the benches- kill them': Taliban 'justifies' attack on Pakistani school

Bryan Fischer: Torture is a Christian Value & Jesus Would Torture

Mr. Potter’s America: A Contemporary Christmas Nightmare

Chelsea Manning Tortured Using Shamed CIA Techniques?

BREAKING: Montana man found guilty of "deliberate homicide" ...

(photo) Cuban "exile" protest Obama in front of the (in)famous Versailles ...

Global CO2 emissions increase to new all-time record, but growth is slowing down

Rinsing Israel Out of Europe: The Zionistfrei Movement

Papantonio: Big Influence of Big Box Stores

Dog's dead owner requests dog be euthanized for joint burial

Ini Kamoze - Here Comes The Hotstepper

New conversion process turns biomass 'waste' into lucrative chemical products

Didn't I see jeb bush as a signer of PNAC?

Blockbuster Trailer for Putin Event Tantalizes Russians

Guelph Researchers Recipe: Cook Farm Waste into Energy

Missouri Rep Pushes Bill Requiring Father’s Signature For Abortion Except In Cases Of ‘Legitimate Ra

Fed promises 'patient' approach to a rate increase

Michael Medved: the embargo prevented Cuba from overthrowing the United States

I imagine there are mixed feelings in Miami's Little Havana today

Now If The President Could Only Normalize Relationship With The Republicans......

Rubio just cost himself big time with this quote.....

WATCH: Comforting Thoughts On Death That Have Nothing To Do With God - Greta Christina Discusses

Pierce (Wa) deputies kill white supremacist after he kills

New York Public Defenders Walk Out Of Court Protesting Eric Garner’s Death

Eric Holder’s parting shot: Police abuse scandals mean the nation has “failed” (Salon)

Cost of cloud brightening for cooler planet revealed

Jewish groups harshly condemn removal of Hamas from EU terror list

Obama sure stuck a fork in any "lame duck" assertions about him

CNN's #AskACop Hashtag Backfires, Triggers Anti-Police Backlash ... Oopsie!

Colombia's FARC rebels call indefinite ceasefire: statement

Breaking: The Deal To Release Alan Gross Included Swapping Him For Marco Rubio and Raphael Cruz.

Greek PM Samaras falls short in first round presidential vote

Obama commutes sentences for 8 drug inmates under new policy (more to come?)

I keep hearing how Hillary has a 60% plus approval rating.

Nixon's Bay of Pigs Secrets...

I really like Elizabeth Warren but she seems to really be hurting Hillary.

What's for Dinner, Wed., Dec 17, 2014

My Pro-choice friends...come to Texas Monthly and fight the stupid

Two years after Sandy Hook, the gun control movement has new energy

Five Largest Movie Theater Companies Drop 'The Interview'

College age child with depression, anxiety and stress

Are Cops Scanning DU to Assign You a “Threat Rating”??

any retiree from the Post Office

Charles Pierce on Cuba and a Obama as a non-lame duck

any Post Office retiree should be aware

21 years ago tomorrow Bush Sr signed the republican negotiated and promoted NAFTA

Reaction from Little Havana to Obama Cuba Policy Shift: MSNBC

PIC: Why IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE is Xmas favorite of GOP (and Wall St)

I just got home and heard the news about the US and Cuba.

Four Executives Indicted From Company Behind West Virginia Chemical Spill

Effort to draft Warren into '16 race lands in Iowa

Pope Francis Credited With Crucial Role as Diplomatic Broker (Cuba)

I'm back!

Heads up - Ted Cruz on Wolf Blitzer's show to talk CUBA.

Philae comet landing 'all a blur' (BBC) {status update -- still dormant}

Spurned wife leaves cheating husband and twin naked in busy car park

'Killing Contests' That Target Pregnant Females Threaten to Wipe Out This Graceful Ocean Animal WARN

Funny Typo by Student in E-mail to English Professor

I just figured out Keystone!

Sony pulls release of 'The Interview'

Republican State House members move to cut school funding to pay for road repairs. WTF?!?

Here it is, the speech heard around the world today

Venezuela’s Maduro Praises U.S.-Cuba Move

SONY has now cancelled the release of The Interview

Will the Republican-controlled Congress cooperate with Obama and lift the embargo on Cuba in 2015?

Our Cuba Policy Is Our Berlin Wall, And It's Starting To Crumble

RWW News: Richard Mack Explains The Constitutional County Project's Navajo County Takeover


James Carville: Why do people vote against their interests?

"License to Harm." Report Finds Russian Police Ignore Anti-LGBT Violence

Obama’s Historic Opening to Cuba Could Cause Florida to Lean Blue...

Cuban exiles and GOPers need to realize that the Cold War ended more than two decades ago

Richard C. Hottelet, last of original 'Murrow's Boys,' dies

Why Would Congress Approve A Trade Deal Before Reading It?

Explaining “I Can’t Breathe” to White People

Texas Plumber Sells Truck, Gets Branded A Terrorist

"Justice on the take"

OAS Sec Gen Celebrates “Historic Announcement” of Resumption of Diplomatic Relations - US/Cuba

Daily Cute: Sea Otter Near Death Rescued and Rehabilitated (UPDATE Whiffen died last May)

Just found out we are going to normalize relations with Cuba! Wow!

Obama commutes sentences for 8 drug inmates under new policy

So were Rick Scott and Jeb Bush giving away food baskets when

Steve Carell’s North Korea Movie 'Pyongyang' Canceled in Wake of Sony Hack

So does the President's announcement mean we can travel to Cuba?

Do these come standard in cars now?

Obama's second-term trifecta.

Putin's thugs in drunken murder of Polish man in occupied Ukraine

Tom Tomorrow 2014 Year in Review: Part 1

Best Shift Ever - Waitress Receives Life-Changing Tip

Bo Jackson to receive Doak Walker Award

President Obama's Cuba Speech (Full HD)

Sony caves in to N.K. threats - free speech is dead!!

Man Convicted in German Exchange Student's Killing

Researchers applaud U.S.-Cuba accord

Opponent calls for Putin's exit as Russia slides into crisis

U.S. top court bars Arizona from denying driver's licenses to immigrants

En vivo! Spanish speakers - Eusebio Leal mayor of Havana Vieja on Cuban TV now - amazing moment

Having lost his only issue of relevance Republican changes his name

12 Things that would be different if "Home Alone" happened now.

Florida judge grants a landmark same-sex divorce

U.S.-led coalition conducts 67 air strikes against Islamic State: task force

Obama Applauds LeBron James For Wearing 'I Can't Breathe' T-Shirt

Sony is pulling "The Interview" from theatres

How will today's news on Cuba affect the MLB draft and free agent values?

Kansas City school punishes blind boy by replacing cane with pool noodle

NASA Goddard Instrument Makes First Detection of Organic Matter on Mars

How the GOP Plans to Rig Congress to Embrace Trickle-Down “Voodoo Economics” - Bill Moyers

That’s Wild: Billionaire Bill Koch owns a private Wild West town in Colorado

More than one way to skin an egg; and other eggciting stuff you never knew you wanted to know

Ann Coulter: Most women who say they were raped are just ‘girls trying to get attention’

Florida AG Pam Bondi's opposition to gay marriage...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 18 December 2014

I rarely post in this Group

Vladimir Putin named Russia's 'Man of the Year' - for the 15th time in a row

Milwaukee's county sheriff shoots off his bazoo again...

Panic, Paranoia, and Public Health — The AIDS Epidemic's Lessons for Ebola (New Eng Jour Med)

President Obama’s Cuba Surprise Sends John Boehner and Mitch McConnell Reeling

Best of Star Wars Music Christmas Lights Show 2014

2014 at the UN: 21 resolutions against Israel, 4 on rest of the world