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Staples says breach affects 1.2M cards

GOP lawmaker proposes Obamacare replacement: Rely on Jesus for health care

The Bear Is Loose

Cubans look to future with optimism in wake of historic breakthrough

I absolutely hate all these ads. My membership has expired and I can't pay anything until Jan. 1.

Watch an Annotated Version of Colbert’s Farewell Song and See Who All Those People Were

Supreme Court denies stay in Florida gay marriage case; couples can marry after Jan. 5

BREAKING: U.S. Supreme Declines to Stay Florida Marriage Ruling. Same-Sex Marriages Will Begin Janua

A day after Nativity scene erected, atheist sign posted in State Capitol (NE)

Obama calls on ONLY men at press conference.

Had a great visit / discussion with reps from the local chapter of Atheists United last night.

Just a Thank You to you.

Bernie Sanders Pushes Back Hard Against The GOP Plan To Cut Social Security and Medicare

Leaked Sony IT Evaluations: "There Is No Overall Strategy"

Weekend Economists Light the Candles December 19-21, 2014

Ukraine crisis: Obama orders ban on Crimea trade

Gosh, guys and gals, I don't know about y'all but I wish there was a way

I am having a bad day.

Sued by Google, a State Attorney General Retreats

A consequential president

Greenwald & Maas for The Intercept: Alfreda Bikowsky, CIA Offices at the center of torture scandals.

Did you know?

Care for a little Friday evening Squeee? (Dialup warning)

Pentagon anti-bomb force 'improperly retained' information on Americans

Caramel apple outbreak causes illness, one death in California

NORAD's Santa Tracker Began With A Typo And A Good Sport

Ranchers in wolf country finding continued success with range riding

Hershey Unveils World’s First Public 3-D Chocolate Candy Printing Exhibit

The Russian Sanctions Are Working; That's What Is Hitting The Ruble

The Myth of the Megalith

Is Obama now Reagan?

Mexico’s victims of sex-trafficking find sanctuary in Garden House (Globe & Mail)

Ah, life in the leafy suburbs.....

EPA sets first national standard for coal waste

WikiLeaks Reveals CIA Admitted Drone Strikes Counterproductive

Scientists have developed a monkey-english translator

The science of spanking

UN asks Israel to pay Lebanon $850 M for oil spill

Coal Ash Is Not Hazardous Waste under U.S. Agency Rules

Israeli aircraft bomb Hamas base in Gaza Strip after militants fired rocket

Supreme Court Won't Stop Gay Marriages in Florida

Government Labor Board Brings Hammer Down On McDonald’s

First Maps from Carbon-Monitoring Satellite Show Global CO2 Levels

HHSC Inspector General resigns amid questions over no-bid contract

How Can "Trade" Rules Impact Medicare & Medicaid, making drugs more expensive?

Christmas without Santa

Tennessee, 6 other states have bans on atheists holding public office Group wants provisions removed

Anti-Gay Pastor Arrested For Grabbing Man’s Genitals, Soliciting Oral Sex

Dick Cheney Home Torture Movies

Yay! Five Ways and Means Democrats Just Stood Up for Us!!

Why This Mom Boycotts Organic and Will Never Shop at Whole Foods

I have a sneaking suspicion...

Tennessee, 6 other states have bans on atheists holding public office Group wants provisions removed

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Encore Friday! & a new Kitteh gif

Obama Unbound

An elephant got caught on security camera

Three Hours Left...

How do believers decide what to cherry pick from the bible?

The Atlantic: Donate your voice to charity

Col. L. Fletcher Prouty Explains the Bay of Pigs & Vietnam

Hey Ed Henry and all you other fake journalists, if it isn't clear what the Pres was communicating,

Carnival cruise line thrilled over US-Cuba ties: a 'tremendous opportunity'

Former Florida mayor sentenced to prison for secret consulting job

Anti-Taliban protesters in Islamabad demand action against pro-militant cleric

Note How This Reporter Reacted to the Cop Knocking on His Door

Obama threatens to veto any measures to weaken consumer protections

Forget Santa Claus, Virginia. Was there a Jesus Christ?

Rondo-to-Mavs deal nearly finished

How much would you contribute to

Netflix - you need to start adding viewer warnings to your offerings:

Keystone XL no longer makes sense, critics argue

St. Louis prosecutor McCulloch says he knew 'Witness 40' lied to Ferguson grand jury

Dodgers end Yanks' payroll streak, owe most tax

Has anyone seen "the Ghosts in our Machine?

"Americans Are Sick to Death of Both Parties: Why Our Politics..."

Craig's farewell is tonight - COLBERT's was great/over the top. Why

Personally I think maybe we should deny people the right to marry.....

Prepackaged caramel apples linked to 4 deaths, dozens of illnesses

Panel to Advise Against Penalty for C.I.A.’s Computer Search

How a Century of Racist Policies Made Ferguson Into a Pocket of Concentrated Despair

Security experts: FBI report light on evidence linking North Korea to Sony hack

A Big Safety Net and Strong Job Market Can Coexist. Just Ask Scandinavia.

China: suit decided in favor of victim of 'gay cure' therapy

I need, eventually, to find a forever home for a gentle gray tabby named Jack...

I need, eventually, to find a forever home for a gentle gray tabby named Jack...

Government will not cut treatment funding for HIV after all

Too Bad Obama Did Not Act On Immigration & Cuba Before The Elections.

Breakfast with who?!?!

Southern County That Vote 82% GOP Have 50% Population on SNAP. New GOP Senators Vow To Abolish SNAP.

My 2014 "McLaughlin Awards" (Part 1)

Rick Wiles: LGBT people will cause Russia to nuke us

Blackwater Lobbyist Will Manage the House Intelligence Committee

Protesters in contempt of court for anti-whaling campaign

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas - from the fourth graders of Quinhagak, Alaska

My 100th HOUSE FIRE show AND End of Year special...

Bill Press: All eyes on Ferguson

I love a nice hot bath.

Dog protects paralyzed cat

Sony has precedent for cowering...

RiffTrax Live: Christmas Shorts-Stravaganza

Some gray wolves to be returned to endangered list

President Obama news conference: This is what he has done and he is in control (VIDEO)

FairPoint workers rally outside State House

Hustler Video announces porn parody of ‘The Interview’

Concentrated cannabis qualifies as medical marijuana, California court rules

FILM - The Captive: US release in select theaters and online (Amazon Prime, iTunes)

Kim Jong-un death scene: watch The Interview clip

"I had no idea what the hell he was saying for the last twenty years. The mystery is gone:("

Hey, Job-Seeker Liz Lauten –Fellow GOP Mean Girl Carly Fiorina Is Staffing up for a Presidential Run

Final Craig Ferguson Show is on now...

Kim Jung Un...has anyone seen him?

Public officials call for investigations into Chevron flaring (Richmond, CA)

3D Printing, Deep Learning AI, and the next recession, sure signs of a revolution coming?

After 35 years when a HS ALL AMERICAN remembers you, you smile inside

Can Liberal Zionists Count On Hillary Clinton?

I shoot film. Ask me almost anything.

Sony Exec Fires Back at President Obama


Clinton backs Obama's #Cuba moves

What a former Missouri prosecutor/judge wrote to me:

By normalizing relations with Cuba...

How much does it really cost to plug in Christmas lights on a 4 ft tree for a couple hours for 30

Ukraine crisis: Obama orders ban on Crimea trade

The Rapid Rise and Fall of Dylan Avery

Daily Holidays - December 20

On The Road Again

Brazil: tribes lose 30-year fight to stop dam

Oldest olive oil found, dating back 8000 years ago in Palestinian village in Galilee

No Surprise Dep’t: The New York times' David Brooks’s son is in Israeli army

What the US Should Learn from Russia’s Collapse

aPo: Democrats Need Elizabeth Warren's Brand of Populism

Former Israeli President Shimon Peres Calls for a Palestinian State

Councilman announces 'Jesus is the reason for the season' at menorah lighting ceremony

How health care as a commodity screws both the poor and the affluent

Warren, Markey, and Baldwin Demand Answers from USTR on Backdoor Financial Deregulation in the TPP

North Korea warns of ‘grave consequences’ if U.S. refuses joint probe on cyber attack against Sony..

Seventy-four arrested in Milwaukee during police shooting protest

New York Bans Drilling Following Grassroots Outcry over Public Health

Spiegel quote: It is mostly white men who shoot young African Americans in the service of the state.

Has Daily Kos been overrun by xenophobic racist trolls?

Top 5 Groundbreaking Movements That Rocked the Boat in 2014

Blaming Government Surveillance on the Government Ignores the Plutocrats Behind the Curtain

How Can the Climate Movement Force the Billionaires and Corporations to Change Their Ways?

FBI’s genetic tests didn’t nail anthrax killer, GAO says

Enough Holiday Cheer, time to be evil

North Korea promises 'grave consequences' if US refuses joint investigation into Sony hacking

Ferguson prosecutor says witnesses in Darren Wilson case lied under oath

The U.S. must wean itself from its imbecilic automatic veto policy

Louisville votes to raise minimum wage as workers will get a 24% increase

NORAD's Santa Tracker Began With A Typo And A Good Sport

North Korea says to boost nuclear power to counter U.S. hostile policy

Is it me, or is there a lot of DEATH WISHING going on here?

T-Mobile To Pay At Least $90M To Settle ‘Cramming’ Charges

NASA Just Emailed A Wrench To The International Space Station

NASA Just Emailed A Wrench To The International Space Station

Weekly Address: America’s Resurgence is Real

NYPD supporters wear 'I can breathe' hoodies at City Hall, sparking war with opposing demonstrators


Indiana University Graduation

Russia dismisses new US sanctions as useless

Credit Card Companies Must Not Profit From Charitable Donations... E action

Keith Ellison(D-Minn): ‘I would love to see Elizabeth Warren’ run

It's Saturday morning and Steve Kornacki is letting his right

Keith Ellison(D-Minn): ‘I would love to see Elizabeth Warren’ run

China boosts investment in Central and Eastern Europe

Charlie Chaplin's 1940 portrayal of Hitler in "The Great Dictator" compared to 'The Interview'

Of $5.4 billion pledged for Gaza, only a fraction delivered

BiH: Seven Primary School Students Pregnant After Five-Day Excursion

Ain't No Hole In The Washtub/Riverbottom Nightmare Band

Obama is Finally Free

Dallas fans?

Case Filed in European Court Against Bush-Era Torture

US drone attack kills at least five Taliban fighters in Pakistan – report

Sending bad police tactics to Latin America.

Anti-inflammatory drugs ‘could fight depression’ (The Guardian)

Mass arrests follow Dontre Hamilton protest that blocked freeway -I-43 Milwaukee WI

Supreme Court refuses to block gay marriages in Florida

PO’d kangaroo takes down drone (seriously)

When Cops Don't Know the Law

Are low prices a crude awakening for climate activists?

Dozens Arrested at Milwaukee Protest Over Death of Dontre Hamilton

Ebola death toll in three African countries hits 7,373: WHO

and now, my yearly presentation of a xmas classic:

Hello Socialist Progressives

This Just Pisses Me Off: GOP lawmaker proposes Obamacare replacement: Rely on Jesus for health care

51 Minutes in a Revolving Door

NORAD's Santa Tracker Began With A Typo And A Good Sport

BBC Panorama 2013 North Korea Undercover

Sources: Umpires, MLB agree to 5-year labor deal

Scalia on Retirees Losing Their Health Insurance: 'I Can't Feel Bad About It

Congressman says God will save us from climate change

Sheriff’s Deputy Arrested For Alleged Battery Of Patient At San Francisco General Hospital

Sexist Bullshit (Christmas song)

Your Waitress, Your Professor

Simon Johnson: Antonio Weiss Should Not Become Undersecretary for Domestic Finance

Regal Entertainment Group. Is reclusive Wingnut Fundie theatre chain owner at heart of nascent Sony scandal?

If You Have To Believe, It Probably Isn’t Real

Paul Krugman- Putin’s Bubble Bursts

Toon: The Lame Duck

Cross thread

Could use some good vibes here...

Today's Non Sequitur Toon: Please help!

Protest Over San Jose Police Officer’s Controversial Tweets, 13,000 Sign Petition Demanding Firing

First of four Fukushima reactors cleared of nuclear fuel

The one male question, shouted at the very end: "Are you going to smoke a Cuban cigar?"

Oh, If Only!

wow! Look at the numbers of Spaniards in the street, protesting the Gag Law (anti-free speech law)

It's a Wonderful Life (alternate endings)

Upstate NY atheists offer to show "The Interview"

Bill Moyers: Conservatives Grudgingly Praise Warren For Opposing ‘Wall Street Giveaway’

Why Is Rape at the Origin of Most Religion?

Religious Reading

Religious people think torture is OK.... from The Maddowblog

U.S. sends four Guantanamo prisoners home to Afghanistan

Nebraska couple skip taxes for years, get sent to prison

Winter Solstice 2014: Shortest Day Of The Year Marked By Pagan Celebrations

The hand that holds the status quo together

Why Is Rape at the Origin of Most Religion?

Obama's Cuba move: Tears of joy, cries of 'traitor' - Saavedra rides again!

Franciscan Order On Verge Of Bankruptcy After Financial Fraud Uncovered

More bad news for Kansas

Believers Pray To ‘Our Lady Of The Milk' In Ancient Bethlehem Spot Where Mary Nursed

Believers Pray To ‘Our Lady Of The Milk' In Ancient Bethlehem Spot Where Mary Nursed

CIA report reveals failure of Israel's targeted killing policy

Professor Richard D. Wolff on jobs and democracy

I don’t want my wife to indoctrinate our two-year-old into religion

JK Rowling and LGBT

10 inaccuracies plaguing the ‘Exodus’ movie

Put the evil bastards on trial: The case for trying Bush, Cheney and more for war crimes (Salon)

Why Have Americans Stopped Resisting Economic Privilege?

Immigrant Women and Violence

Bob Dorough with Miles Davis Sextet - Blue Xmas (To Whom It May Concern)

Enough with the Sony hack. Can we all calm down about cyberwar with North Korea? | The Guardian

NYC: MTA To Combat Subway Delays With 'Platform Conductors'

North Korea Wins

CIA unlikely to punish staff over Senate computer search: NYT

Closing of Maine papermaker ends a way of life Mill for generations held jobs for Bucksport

Bernie Sanders; Congress must start defending the needs of working families, not the billionaires

Closing of Maine papermaker ends a way of life Mill for generations held jobs for Bucksport

John D. Dingell Transit Center Dedication in Dearborn

Chronic Pain Isn't All In The Brain

The Beginning of the End of the Cold War

IRS Issues John Doe Summons To FedEx, DHL, UPS, HSBC In Massive Offshore Account Hunt

Meet the Pro-Slavery Fairview Park Auxiliary Cop

Food Stamp Reforms Are Ruining Christmas

The only question is (elections...)

If Elizabeth Warren ever becomes President, one thing is for sure.

Don't mistake the Warren phenomenon for a personality cult.

The real reason why Rubio and the GOP are crying...

Obama Rips Congress For Violating The Constitution By Blocking Him From Closing GITMO

Darlene Love's Final 'Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)' on 'Letterman'

I can understand how people can convince themselves to believe all manner of absurd things.

Time: You Don’t Have To Understand Music To Feel Its Power

Why did Obama only call on women reporters for questions? This is why.....

Luckovich toon: Putin

Incremental Gains for Women in Congress

Incremental Gains for Women in Congress

Aloha, Obama! First Family Arrives in Hawaii for 16-Day Vacation...

Lawmaker Defends ‘Legitimate Rape’ Bill

DC City Council Unanimously Approves Reproductive Health Anti-Discrimination Bill

DC City Council Unanimously Approves Reproductive Health Anti-Discrimination Bill

Torture Report Proves America Awesome, Even At Torture

North Korea responds to the Sony Hack

What the Colbert Report taught us...

PBS Funding Is Shocking, Sad & Hilarious

CIA unlikely to punish staff over Senate computer search: NYT

Women In Tech: When Will They Shut Up And Be Men?

ISS astronaut needs a wrench, NASA successfully 'emails' him one

Squatting Under the Flag of Liberty????

Ben Stein Reveals His Racist Side Talking about Ferguson

Tennis: Navratilova just part of coaching carousel

Ernie Terrell. ex-heavyweight champ, has died.

St. Louis Mike Defends Racist Cardinal Fans

Spare a thought for your waitress this Christmas - it’s not a job for the faint-hearted

Niue, fun for geography geeks like me....

At what point would you have started to totally freak out if you were William Walling?

All-time low for tropical nation is 52 F

Racist Cops: Only a Symptom of White Supremacy | Mickey Z.

What's for Dinner, Sat., Dec. 20, 2014

Now is the time for a gas tax to pay for alternative energy.

I've asked this before but I'll ask it again . . .

Ferguson Prosecutor Admits He Knowingly Put Lying Witness Before Grand Jury


Most People Ignored This Homeless Man...

Bloomberg Rescinded Offer To Writer Jessica Pressler After New York Magazine Hoax

Check in if you're frightened by the sound of the telephone

Ricardo Zúñiga, el hondureño que negoció en secreto acuerdo EEUU-Cuba

Anti-gay Indiana minister caught trying to pick up guys in park...

Shaneen Allen, victim and hero

No Shit ...48

Cuba says U.S. must respect its communist system

WTF ...188

"Lyrics of My People" art exhibit at the Kennedy Museum of Art, Athens, Ohio until January 4.

Egypt receives 10 Apache helicopters from U.S.: sources

The Iranian Government Erected a Monument to Make Nice with Its Jewish Citizens

Stacey Dash: Kids Living In Homes Receiving Aid Are The ‘Democratic Party’s New Version Of Slavery’

Maybe forking over shitloads of cyber intel to China wasn't such a good idea.

I see people here complain because Obama isn't "transparent" with the

I have been trying to sign into Wishadoo and it is not working. I get to the part where they want

New Kansas jobs figures stun Sam Brownback, and not in a good way

How to stop or block the falling snow in YahooMail - for those that need it

Stephen Colbert at the 2006 White House Press Correspondents Dinner

Emanuel's son robbed near family's North Side home

When Nonprofit Hospitals Sue Their Poorest Patients

Help from DU needed to share positive ACA stories with Rep Steve Stivers(R) OH-15.

Leaked Emails: Sony Chief Wants Idris Elba As 007 (1st black James Bond)

Payback Time: Obama Plans On Punishing All Of The Republicans Who Obstructed Him

Responding to Ricoh's price cut, the Nikon CoolPix A (silver) for under $400.

Job hunting frustration #73: Looking over a list of available jobs and

40 years ago, Mel Brooks brought Young Frankenstein to the screen

just for fun, don't jump me. "I hope Kim Jong-Un takes the White House in 2016"

My fear for a Clinton (or Warren) presidency

watch LIVE video of huge protest inside Mall of America in MN

"The World is Mine" has finally been translated to the final volume.

"Too much Sony drama"

Australian mother arrested for murder in death of eight children

To all those busy making cookies in the kitchen...

'And So It Begins': 90-Year-Old Glenn Beck Points to Bundy Standoff as 'Turning Point' In US History

Kabul Residents on Heroin Watch as Addiction Grows

News not reported by MSM: Dancember....Young people with a telethon to raise

Louise Michel....the more I know, the more I marvel!

8 Shocking Facts About Water Consumption

Why They Get Away With Cutting Welfare

What's so wrong with torture? A defense of John McCain's view

Obama now officially my pick for greatest president of my lifetime (born in 1968)

just paid off my C.C. - first time since 2006 it's been 0 balance

City Councilman: 2 Police Officers Shot Dead In Brooklyn

Bernie Sanders: Standing together, we will defend Social Security and Medicare.

It always comes down to you. There's no escaping it.

Matt Stoller: "Why the Democratic Party Acts The Way It Does"

U.S. Bank, Bank of America sued over mortgage securities

The Ohio Satans got their sins absolved Wednesday night.

I had an interesting conversation with one of my sisters this morning, at breakfast.

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows 12-21-14 Obama on CNN

TLC to Air ‘My Husband’s Not Gay’ Special in January (Exclusive Video)

America Wouldn't Elect Another Bush…Would They?

Holy shit! Are these folks mad - former New York cop Harry whoever blaming protests

Two NYPD officers Killed in line of duty.

‘I can’t breathe’ UK & John Pilger on CIA torture, Sydney terror & nuclear war

The Polls About Torture Are Dishonest

Santos welcomes FARC ceasefire, but rejects foreign observers

Dear Debbie... A note to the DNC Chair

1,200 Turtles Have Washed Ashore In Cape Cod — And No One Knows Why

Snowden's whistleblowing changed habits of over 700 million people

In Rare Victory for Shareholders, British Oil Giant Forced to Cut CEO Pay in Half

Are military personnel being charged for ammo when they are on tour?

They Booed Gabby Giffords at Olympia Gun Rally

Swan Lake

Another Police Killing: Disabled Black Man Holding a Spoon. Racists Online Cheer.

Pew Research Admits Flaw in Poll Used to Attack Strong Gun Control Laws

Simon's Cat Christmas Cartoon!

Simon's Cat Christmas Cartoon!

Why Non-Industry GMO Studies Never Get Off the Ground

Peter LaBarbera: Walmart wants workers to become gay

Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush on climate change

Gonna be FUN tomorrow!

Insanely Rich People Insisting They’re Just Average Joes: Only in America

I don't know if the ACA helped in this case...

'xcuse me, I've got something in my eye...

James Carroll on disarming the memory of Jesus: “America threatens the world with violence in ways t

#BlackLivesMatter protesters sing carols at Mall of America Video

It's hilarious watching the American journalists in Havana

Cha-Cha-Cha: Obama’s On a Roll

MPs in bid to force release of Iraq report: Cross-party move to end 'intolerable' delay amid suspici

How the NRA Degrades and Objectifies Women. Assault rifles are like "hot women,"........

Just saw Ridley's Exodus. I am not happy with it. (no spoilers)

Google news,, dinner time, and W (yes that W)

How Omaha came together to help Denver woman recover her lost dog

Cops have a very dangerous job at times, but let's be clear:

Stop coloring the football field