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Archives: December 7, 2014

Sen. Elizabeth Warren to be keynote speaker for AFL-CIO

here is a list of things not to do when you are around the cops (thugs)

Virginia GOP Somehow Not Embarrassed To Be Seen with Shutdown Cheerleader Bobby Jindal

Will the GOP try to rig 2016?

Putin's calling the AK-47 the "Weapon of Peace"

Good Luuuuck! GOP Representative Plans To Introduce Pro-Climate Science Bill

As Western Governors Meet In Vegas (Naturally); Mead Water Level 9 Feet Above Benchmark For Cutbacks

my 1st real Christmas in 6 years is looking possible. UPDATED with pic

Oath Keepers - not just in Ferguson

How's Mary doing?

Head to Head - Should the US get out of Latin America?

How, and who selects grand juries ?

End Of The Arctic We Knew; Owl Invasions, Overwintering Whales, Growing Methane, Vanishing Ice

So Louisiana is having a runoff election on Saturday, yet none in government wants to hold general

Martin Litton Dies @ 97; Colorado Dam-Fighter & Wilderness Advocate Rowed Grand Canyon At Age 87

Mexico: At least 1 of 43 missing students ID'd

gratuitous kitteh pic - serious cat is serious

I just filled my tank for 2.39 a gallon.. Regular gas........ How about you?

I can't get into my blog any more.

We have a Climate Deal with China. What About India?

Itzhak Perlman and Cantor Yitzhak Meir Helfgott on PBS tonight in Philly

Derrick Rose Wears ‘ I Can’t Breathe’ Shirt Before Bulls-Warriors Game

I think I love the Houston Police Chief, who is sick of busting people for cannabis

Independence Day is on USA right now

VIDEO: No Compassion, No Peace (Re: Eric Garner)

In Seven States, Atheists Push to End Largely Forgotten Ban

Richard Dawkins Teaching Evolution to Religious Students

TYT: Pundits Blame Eric Garner For His Own Death

In Seven States, Atheists Push to End Largely Forgotten Ban

Watch this crazy animation, at your own risk

Name a band/performer that had it ALL...image, material, performance...coming out of the GATE.

Family says Amtrak stabbing suspect is Army vet, has mental health issues

TYT: Anti-Christmas Atheist War Gangs Psychoanalyzed On Bill O’Reilly

Female ultra-Orthodox activists demand representation in religious parties

No one called Reagan a tyrant for doing the right thing on immigration

Update: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Tom Harkin Wants To Take Money From College Students To Pay Reviled Loan Contractors

Reformed Catholic Church at home in North Toledo

TYT: Ferguson Marchers Challenged With Fried Chicken & Watermelon

Maddow on Obama's economy booming and conservative responce

Politico: Does the Media Care About Labor Anymore?

TYT Interviews: Russia, Ukraine, Modern Cold War, & Edward Snowden - w/ Professor Stephen F. Cohen

Obama gets no credit, Putin gets no blame for economy

TYT: France Symbolically Recognizes Palestinian State

If Baylor wins, OSU wins, and FSU wins, but just barely...

British military base in Bahrain is a 'reward' for UK's silence on human rights, say campaigners

New Age Of Slavery

Antivirus software powerless against Sony hackers

A counterpoint to the Rolling Stone Article: It's okay to question an accusation

In cases against cops should prosecutors from different cities be brought in?

Calif. public school districts spying on kids in border control battle

New Horizons Spacecraft Prepares for Pluto Flyby (wakes up today)

Wash., DC: Key Bridge closed in both directions due to protesters

Tea Partiers and traditional Republicans are split on science


The Forum Hosts must go through extensive training.

Mercy for Animals Celebrates 15 years of Protecting Farmed Animals

No Charges For Cop Who Broke Face Of Handcuffed Woman In Patrol Car

Armed Open Carry Group To Wear ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ T-Shirts At Kroger. No Really.

Dashcam video of Texas judge stumbling through sobriety test month after court drops her DUI charges

Louisiana Runoff Results

Anti-vaxxers caught on hidden camera: ‘Measles is a harmless disease, so give your kids sugar pills’

Hundreds rally to raise airport wages and support fired worker

GOP Congressman Wants To Defund Air Force One

Our lovely kitteh Chloe has crossed the rainbow bridge.

Owl Vs Police (Rémi Gaillard)

The lighter side of police brutality

Today in History, December 6th, 1869...The Colored National Labor Union

Indonesia begins sinking illegal fishing boats

Minneapolis mayor joins fast food worker demonstration

Drinking a hot chili hot chocolate. What's your poison tonight?

Which is more fearful ??

Caring For AIDS Patients, 'When No One Else Would'

Teamsters back bill for aid to workers who lose jobs to unfair trade

I trust that the people saying "good riddance" to Mary Landrieu have someone in mind for 2016?

Collectively Bargained Pension Systems Are Fueling the Nation’s Economic Recovery

Protesters Hold 'Die-In' at Union Station (DC)

Shot in the chest by Cleveland police – then handcuffed and fined $100

11 Photos of Striking Fast-Food Workers Across the Country Standing Up for Eric Garner

Kind of late in the day, but Happy Saint Nicholas Day, Lounge!

Big banks pushing for another extension, yet another break,

Thousands mourn Barry, DC's 'Mayor for Life'

Chris Hedges Defending Our Civil Liberties Nov. 23rd 2014

The lame-duck Congress plots to undermine retiree pensions

The lame-duck Congress plots to undermine retiree pensions

The lame-duck Congress plots to undermine retiree pensions

People in Tokyo are marching for Ferguson victim.

The Graduate on TCM @ 10:30.

Rep. Alan Grayson: ‘88 seconds to Debate the TPP’?

So we all know torture happened, yet if we hold people accountable hostages might be killed?

Congress could soon allow pension plans to cut benefits for current retirees

The Pigs Really Do Hate Chris Christie

Acid reflux causing Obama's sore throat

When San Francisco Stopped Prosecuting Drug Users, Violent Crime Went Down

Energy Firms in Secretive Alliance With Attorneys General

Activists Say Chicago Police Used ‘Stingray’ Eavesdropping Technology During Protests

Stingray Warrentless Wiretap by Chicago PD on Activists

Jon Stewart use Trevor Noah to school Americans on Africa vs plight of Black Americans

What must Elizabeth Warren think of Hillary Clinton?

Energy Firms in Secretive Alliance With Attorneys General

My mother passed away December 4th.

My latest hero: Brendan Jordan!

Biden: Killing of US hostage in Yemen 'despicable'

"Places and spaces out there" - get a grove

A question for knowledgeable DUers...?

The RS UVA story: what did UVA do wrong?

Black Lives Matter in Anchorage - photos from today's rally

I'm realizing how a lot of 60's music really sucked...

Flag stolen in 1976 mailed back to New Hampshire

Did top Christie aide lie about texting boss?

England: cat with injury and funny smell gets new life

Kelly: War snuffed out football star Nile Kinnick’s light too early (destined to be president of US)

They can't leave Florida State out, even though I wish they would.

A third string QB???? 59-0.

Photos from Anchorage's Black Lives Matter rally today

End of the year special at L'Ance Auto

Orion Successful Test Flight Critical Step in a Future Deep Space Journey to Mars

Trying to make it real, compared to what?

Creationist Mom Fail!

Frank Serpico wrote an article and it's an excellent read

Religion In The Comics - 003

Photo of the Day

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Season's Greetings Edition

Feeling overwhelmed by everything that is happening.

Tear Gas, Windows Broken, Clashes With Police As Anarchists Hijack Peaceful March Through Berkeley

Jamaica Sees Success in Curbing Killings by Police

How far right wing of a candidate do we have to put up with before we can say no more

What happened to this Mom and her day old baby is scary stuff.

the whole damn system is rotten to its core (posted in GD yesterday hope no one minds)

In Tuscany, Following the Rise and Fall of Machiavelli

Video: To All Those Who Cant Breathe

In Tuscany, Following the Rise and Fall of Machiavelli

The Loudness of the Helicopters (Berkeley Tear Gas Update)

The Rock

I'm watching a Star Trek:TNG episode

Was in line at a cash. Two people in

Protests with Tear Gas in Berkeley

Injury, then insult, at the hands of the Israeli army

NBC news reported tonight that U.S. raid in Yemen failed -- hostages killed.

“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” - MLK

Daily Holidays - December 7

That Splinter Group that Starts Looting/Violence/Provoking Police at Every Protest

If you are on Twitter there are some amazing photos of Oakland/Berkeley

Roland Angle

Biden: Israel's House Demolition Policy Is 'Collective Punishment'

Deep in Coal Country, Pondering a Future Without It

Washington Post reporter charged by Tehran court

NYPD Unleash Military Sound Blasts At Protesters’ March For Eric Garner (VIDEO)

Why are people saying "conservative Democrats lost and liberals won"?

What I've Learned from Two Years Collecting Data on Police Killings

Los Angeles Police Officer Kills Man Holding Pocket Knife

President Obama had a CT scan yesterday

What are you reading the week of Sunday, December 7, 2014?

If anyone wants to discuss the tactics of the Anarchist Black Bloc

Venezuelan leader says racism in U.S. worse under Obama

Security Video Shows Thief Apparently Hypnotizing Shopkeeper Before Picking His Pockets

Cracker Barrel Waitress Scores Ultimate Tip: A Car

Better see a doctor

Computers for sale-refurbished and upgraded or new builds.

UN reveals Israeli links with Syrian rebels (Haaretz)

About white cats and dogs. Just in heads up in case you didn’t know this, like I didn’t.

Defense bill has billions for new sub class, other CT-made weapons

Donation to Hillary Clinton's super PAC is an exception for Warren Buffett

GOP gains put nuclear power back on the table

Uruguay accepts six Guantanamo prisoners for resettlement

Venezuelan leader says racism in U.S. worse under Obama

Former Virginia AG Andrew P. Miller Fought Voting Rights Act, Now Fighting for Keystone XL Pipeline

New ‘lost’ Ayn Rand novel will bring her crimes against literature to new generation of jerks

People who say 'DU does not reflect Dem voters' are right.

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu loses seat in runoff election: CNN

South African Comedian Hits it Out of the Park On the Daily Show

Candy Crowley leaving CNN:

Rep. Alan Grayson: ‘88 seconds to Debate the TPP’?

Body Of Ecuadorean Native Environmental Leader Found Days Before Planned Climate Conf. Appearance

GOP Gains Largest House Majority Since Truman Administration

Indian Govt. Agreed To Let Union Carbide Off The Hook For Bhopal W. Help From Henry Kissinger

Hard To Crack Down On "Sustainable" Seafood Fraud When NOAA Keeps Cutting Inspectors, Enforcement

UPDATE Protest against anti-gay pastor scheduled

Landrieu Got Another $79K From Energy Sector Between General And Runoff; Gosh, It Didn't Help . . .

Now they’re trying to steal 2016: The demented GOP schemes to rewire the Electoral College and elect

If People Understood This One Thing, We Would Have Revolution Overnight

A moment of silence to remember Pearl Harbor

Is America less racist now than at any time in it's history?

Pearl Harbor survivors reunite in Hawaii to mark 73rd anniversary of attack

Energy Firms in Secretive Alliance With Attorneys General To Oppose Federal Regulations.

Federal Employees and Retirees may be in for a tough time ahead

old age

Bernie Sanders coming up on Up with Kornacki

NSA leak reveal plans to subvert mobile network security around the world

Wonder where he his now... oh right.

Progressive and Moderate: The Motive Spirit

Bill Black: New York City: Aggressive “Broken Windows” Policing but Carte Blanche for Banksters

Houston TX: Protesters close some Galleria stores

Seattle officer won't be charged for punching handcuffed woman

What's cruel & unusual is US.

Kansas - Minister gets death threats for same-sex marriages

During Advent, Lots of Waiting, But Not Enough Hope

Patriotic Americans have the right not to believe in any God

Kansas minister who performs same-sex weddings reports daily death threats

Rap video: This Is What Happens When You Call The Cops (WARNING: EXPLICIT CONTENT)

Hardship on Mexico's farms, a bounty for U.S. tables

90 Mph Police Chase Ends With Skateboard Fail (VIDEO)

No major damage in Philippine typhoon; 3 dead

Larry Elder fired from Los Angeles radio station.

Ms. Toni Morrison explains it: "haters gonna hate" ...

Steve Kornacki with Sen. Sanders:An Agenda for America

Beau Biden’s New Dog Gets Vice-Presidential Treatment (update with photo)

Catholic League President Says Atheists and Secularists are ‘Unhappy’ and ‘Die Earlier’

Politics Nation Cold Open - Saturday Night Live

Do you remember what you were doing when you heard the news about Pearl Harbor?

What will happen to this country if Rethugs steal the Presidency & control Congress?

Don't Shoot Song [Mike Brown/Trayvon Martin Tribute] - I Can't Breathe Eric Garner

Perhaps the reason we don't have enough Liberal leaders to vote for....

Bad casting doomed Peter Pan

Easter, my second mother

Seoul: protesters sit in at City Hall after lege axes LGBT rights bill

DU EXCLUSIVE: A leak from the VPOTUS 2016 campaign camp....

Israeli jets 'strike near Damascus' - Syrian state TV

American who helped craft Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ bill to be tried for crimes against humanity

I'm deeply involved in reading a pretty good, fictional, novel ...

Anti-Christian / Anti-Gay Terrorists Issue Death Threats to Kansas Minister.

Former STL COP: "Being a cop showed me just how racist and violent the police are."

Huge swastika found in Brazilian swimming pool

Will COLBERT kill off "Col-BEARRR" (a scenario)? Will he do the talk show with a "T"?!

Archbishop of Canterbury: action needed to end hunger


needs to be repeated, over & over

U.S. hands Pakistan senior militant detained in Afghanistan

Einstein's advice to Marie Curie on dealing with trolls: "Don't read that hogwash"

Kerry to speak in 25 minutes, 12:15 EST...

Is mocking religion enough? Harris, Dawkins and the future of atheist/secular politics

Cornwall, England: tiny puppy found in parking lot

George Takei: Why I love a country that once betrayed me

Would the conservative brain respond to populist messages about Wall Street villains?

The focus group liked it by vote of 7-5 , so…

Canadian air invades Florida. Thank you Canada! :)

Republicans Question Obama’s Motives for Fixing Economy

This Small Town Just Voted in Favor of Religious Tyranny

When (if?) Republicans/Conservatives watch "It's a Wonderful Life" - do they root for Mr. Potter?

US drone strikes kill 13 alleged militants in Pakistan and Afghanistan

An artist depicts Ferguson protests

DNA Test That Distinguishes Identical Twins May Be Used in Court for First Time

a sincere question

The latent sexism of the male marriage proposal

George Takei: Why I love a country that once betrayed me

Question about police violence, Black citizens, and President Obama

Kemp Burdette on 60 mins tonight ( Duke coal ash leaching into Cape Fear River)

AP NCAA Football Poll 12/7/14 - This doesn't count

Catholic church launches ‘solidarity appeal’ for Ruby-hit areas

Republicans Have Been Working With Energy Companies In Secret Conspiracy Against Obama

Photo from one of the best food places in metro Omaha area (says Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives)

New topical flea treatment for cats is now available!!!

Energy Firms in Secretive Alliance With Attorneys General

Vatican influence over Italy's health system is restricting abortions, doctors warn

How Christmas Creep Hurts Interfaith Families

As Ebola Rages, Poor Planning Thwarts Efforts

US hands over senior Taliban commander to Pakistan

Paris mayor announces plans to ban diesel cars from French capital by 2020

DeBlasio Knocks Giuliani On Race: 'He Fundamentally Misunderstands The Reality' (video)

Woman who stabbed U.S. teacher in UAE was 'lone terrorist': agency

Today, Sadness Darkens My Heart

North Korea denies 'righteous' hack attack on Sony

December 7th, a day that will live in infamy!

Deep in coal country, pondering future without it

Pregnant woman blasts anti-choice protesters outside clinic.

Landrieu and O'Keefe

Another Bosnian attacked in St Louis

News Flash Describing the Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor (just hit the exact moment 73 years)

France to Russia: No Aircraft Carriers for You!

Next time you get a Facebook entry or e-mail griping about how "easy" people on welfare have it...

Spotted gas price at $2.19/gallon yesterday here in...

Should adults be taught that Santa is real?

Oklahoma DUers, be sure to read this article that talks about the OK AG

Proposing marriage is now sexist

Things Preachers Do That’d Be Awkward If You Did Them

Challenge the Ethos

Man rescued after lions maul him at Barcelona Zoo

WALK NOW FOR AUTISM SPEAKS Draws Thousands In Orange County (changed from all caps)

Tucker Carlson now is in charge of what religion is real and what isn't...

Explaining white privilege to a broke white person

Building a British naval base in Bahrain is a 'symbolic choice' – for no clear reason

Hardship on Mexico's farms, a bounty for U.S. tables

Brazil cops spot giant swastika in swimming pool

And now, the Senate. Which Democrats actually won and lost?

Garner's mother to protesters: 'Keep on doing it, but do it in peace'

Weiland ran on Medicare For All. He lost 50-29.

NYC Mayor, Bill de Blasio, refuses to take Stephanopoulus Bait on Eric Garner GJ Decision

December 7, 1896

Why it’s so difficult to charge police officers who kill

After reading the talking points again, I've changed my mind on spying and Snowden.

Anyone here with hyperthyroidism?

A 2016 primary run by Bernie Sanders would be good for Democrats, progressives and the nation

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, December 9: Errol Flynn

Jurors in Garner Case Were Playing with Their Cell phones

Perceptions of reality...

What it Takes for a Police Officer to Get Fired in a Choking Case

The latest drug trafficking gadget: the torpedo

The latest drug trafficking gadget: the torpedo

What's for Dinner, Sun., Dec. 7, 2014

2014: 50th anniversary of the first Travis McGee novel

Syria: Israeli warplanes strike targets near Damascus

A lot of rain coming for California

New versions of events surrounding General Alzate’s capture surge

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, December 10: The Art of Collaboration

What the heck happened?

Il Douchebag makes another contribution to the Death of Satire

These Simple Steps Can Increase The Quality Of Your Sleep

The 2014 Lie of the Year Finalists: Vote in the PolitiFact Readers' Poll

The Christian Right does not want you to know about this day…

San Bernardino County loses legal bid to block nurses strike

Hillary's Campaign Song

****WCGreen Update --Sunday December 7, 2014****

What an absolute fucking joke...

I went into the woods this morning to see if the stream was running

Whiteness and Inferior Stock, the Johnson-Reed Act 1925 & historic prejudice re immigrants

Reprise from 2011: Capitalism is dead. But how many of us is it gonna take with it? Look to OWS

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you just can't cross the communications barrier.

So I am thinking if we get a Democrat elected as president in 16 we do an all out campaign

Robert Reich: "The Role Reversal Is Complete"

..Oh, WOW!.....This jaw dropping image from the Houston Galleria area protest..

Police Killing Data Filled With Many Unknowns

Seventy-three years of war.

Hagel: Afghan training is key in war's final act

Orkney Library wins friends and influences people on Twitter

The fucking Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl???

Same-sex couple in Anchorage finds obscene sign on vehicle outside their home

What Chris Rock got wrong: “Nice” white people perpetuate white supremacy

Chess (December 7): Dark Horse wins Russian Championship

Shopping for a Catholic

A Date Which Will Live in Infamy sounds much better than A Date Which Will Live in World History.

Time for the Browns to start Manziel

Arrrrggggg! So, I have an autoimmune disease, as do three of my daughters.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 8 December 2014

Guantanamo: Hagel was blocking progress and that's why he OUT! Will new Def Sec close it?

I hate it when they get the words wrong

Sisterhood of the Traveling Graven Images

"They don't deserve our tax dollars, they deserve our scrutiny."

Any recommendations on kitchen knives?

One size does not fit all...

Really bad wedding name combinations (25)

Being a cop showed me just how racist and violent the police are. There’s only one fix.

Skinner, I accidentally double-entered my membership payment.

6 Guantanamo prisoners sent to Uruguay as refugees

Leave or let live? Arabs move in to Jewish settlements

6 Guantanamo prisoners sent to Uruguay as refugees

This song makes me laugh...

Union officials pinch Margaret Thatcher portrait from pub - and photograph it on TOILET seat

Mexico confirms missing student identity

Cuban doctor Felix Baez returns home after Ebola treatment

Latin American nations launch 2020 land restoration plan

Latin American nations launch 2020 land restoration plan

Obama’s Net Neutrality Bid Divides Civil Rights Groups

Parents and seven kids are dramatically rescued from sinking sailboat... then 'flee to Mexico' when

Parents and seven kids are dramatically rescued from sinking sailboat... then 'flee to Mexico' when

At least 13 killed in failed U.S. bid to rescue hostages in Yemen

On exactly four ocassions this weekend, people have walked

Nadin sent these links to me last night...As proof "Black Lives Matter" to everyone-finally

Dropped Charges For Mubarak Yet Another Moment in the Counterrevolution

I Can't Breathe

Obama, GOP-led Congress Prepare For Veto Showdowns

Peru climate change talks slowed by clashes of rich and poor nations

Peru climate change talks slowed by clashes of rich and poor nations

how do teachers deal with misbehavior in the classroom?

In Louisiana, GOP's Senator-Elect Cassidy vows to oppose Obama

One of my favorite Bands.. ZONE

Why Democrats Didn't Do Well in 2014

Carolers in New York tweak classics to protest police violence

Pluto-bound spacecraft arrived to start mission

Sears Closing Hundreds Of Stores, Many KMart Stores Going Out Of Business As Well

Verkhoyansk, Sakha Republic, Russian Federation: a balmy -51 F (if you're a polar bear)

Wade Mark: Bones found at Red House belong to people from AD 990 to 1400

Gone but not forgotten: "ZONE "

Wade Mark: Bones found at Red House belong to people from AD 990 to 1400

Newly Insured Struggle To Find Primary Physicians

Friendship bridge over Dajabon Massacre River

As Act 10 kills union pacts, Dane County limits its power over workers (re-posted from LBN)

Counterpunch: The ‘Medicine’ of the Trans-Pacific Partnership - As Bitter as Ever

House Intelligence Chief: CIA Torture Report Will Spur Attacks

Need your best divinity recipe

Native Villagers in Honduras Bet on Food Security - and Win

Need to make a Rum Cake for a Christmas Party.

Protest in front of Fresno police station 12/10 at 5pm

Film, fundraiser seek to save colts that are born to die

Native Villagers in Honduras Bet on Food Security - and Win

Prosecutor Bob McCulloch May Face Ethics Complaints For Perjury

***************BARACK OBAMA GROUP********* President Obama, our group hopes you get well soon!

Huge Rally Starting in Grand Central Station