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Archives: February 1, 2014

Sen. Menendez Sets Up Defense Fund, Pays Law Firm $250,000 For Justice, Ethics Investigations

CBS Evening News led with the Wildstein-Christie letter. Announcer first said "Governor Chris

About Crisp Christie, three things

Guest Lineups For The Sunday News Shows

DNC Raises Almost $65M Last Year, Spends As Much

Delta's 80's In-Flight Safety Video

A great quote from Anne Hathaway, and she's 100% right...

Report: US Cattle Herd At Lowest Numbers Since 1951

Weather Service Debunks Rumors Of Giant Midwest Snowstorm

Man washes up in Marshall Islands ‘after 16 months adrift’

Embarassing state of the month

Tuning Out Obama~by Mike Whitney

Pundit: LGBT Voters May Doom GOP Presidential Candidates

Nearly Half of America Lives Paycheck-to-Paycheck

Rachel Maddow is available for download, both audio and video.

It's the justice for Meredith Kercher which is missing

Justin Bieber's Plane Held in NJ on Suspicion of Marijuana

If this doesn't get you to NOT watch the Super Bowl, nothing will...

55 children beaten to death and thrown in a swamp

You know what it means when conservatives call Obama a dictator, tyrant and an imperial president?

They're finished with Christie. (Warning)

"MSNBC can't have it both ways".

Gov. Scott sets dates for District 19 special election

What is going on with your LBN hosts?

I double-dog dare you!

Christie 2016 Fate Hinges on Who’s Telling Truth in Probe

Christie Asks for Public’s Patience While He Comes Up with New Story - unveiled by Borowitz

Japanese Cabinet staffer goes to Seoul for meeting, disappears, body found floating off Kitakyushu

MOYERS & CO" “There was a class war, and the poor people lost and the working people lost”

Jon Stewart Brilliantly Breaks It Down -Who Is The Thug (VIDEO)

POLL: Should Gov Christie be impeached?

Tree House rationale

Colombia’s Inspector General risks jail for ignoring judge defending Bogota mayor

"Is Rand Paul trying to help Hillary Clinton?"


Japan Prime Minister Abe’s dangerous path

BILL MAHER is pondering what to say about Christie later on tonight right about now. Guest lineup:

I'm in a dark, dark place

Hannity Selectively Edits Daily Show Segment to Make Himself Look Good: Fellow Foxies Applaud!

Texas board changes textbook review rules after years of cultural battles

How Much is One Billion?

Firefox question

Sign this Net Neutrality Petition or suffer a horrible curse...

With NJ hosting the Super Bowl, I'm sure Christie

How Detroit became America's Warzone

Syria crisis: Geneva peace talks end in recriminations

What "there is evidence" means to a lawyer

Years from now, when someone says, 'Whatever happened to that guy?'

"The Koch Network: A Cartological Guide"

Beer-delivery drone grounded by FAA

America, You Deserve Justin Bieber

"Seattle's Socialist City Councilor Offers Radical Response to Obama Speech"

Freedom Industries Has Another Spill In WV

Some light on the Shaquille O'Neal endorsement of Christie

102 year-old cyclist sets world record

Vernon Davis Asks Roger Goodell Why Former NFLers Don't Get Healthcare

GWB letter raises credibility questions for Chris Christie, Port Authority official, politicians say

Bill Moyers the state of America from the bottom up with creator of The Wire

Guess I'm not watching MSNBC anymore!

Be seeing you!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Superbowl Friday & a new kitteh gif!

THE HERO - The Savior of the 1% and the established order retires.

"Another Nevada Republican Leaves The GOP"

The dilemma of being a right-wing kook...

venezuela ranked as most corrupt country in latin america

California Legalized Selling Food Made At Home And Created Over A Thousand Local Businesses

"Good Job Peyton" The Peyton Manning Song:

miss venezuela, s murder is the price of politics

"Send me a Congress..."

Friday Talking Points (289) -- Avoiding Immigration Traps

Peyton Manning Denver Mural Timelapse

"Reanimated and Ready: The Unstoppable Huckenstein"

Happy Year Of The Horse!

Sausalito summer night....

Near crash of 2 tractor-trailers, snowplow captured on video (CBC News)

FDA Unveils Plan to Bring New Oversight of Food Distribution

Dogecoin becomes fifth most valuable crypto-currency

I just discovered that Spotify has dozens and dozens of Leonard Bernstein albums.

Rudy Guiliani: The Wildstein letter contains "good news" for Christie.

Norway is NOT the capital of Sweden

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 2 - 31 Days of Oscar

TCM Schedule for Monday February 3 - 31 Days of Oscar

I'm either COOKING or BAKING or one of those!1 or None of these!1

Weekend music to chill by.....Day In the Life Edition!

Now more than ever!

John Lennon - Revolution

A personal responsibility medical card for those that want nothing to do with the ACA

ABC's 20/20 Will Take Up Issue of Children and Guns

Conrad Black stripped of the Order of Canada

A little more color for the snowblinded folk among us (dial-up warning)

What does the Hawk Say?

10 Tech Skills That Will Earn You Over $100,000

"Send me a Congress..."

From the Real News: Congress Cuts Food Stamps While Expanding Welfare for Corporate Farms

Parties Target Campaigns for Secretary of State

Kornacki has another scoop tomorrow,

Don't Stop Arguing in Front of Your Kids

Well, later tonight, after my kiddo goes to bed, I will watch the SOTU

Employees put on leave after (Utah) school lunches taken

Bill Stepien is to Chris Christie as Scooter Libby was to Dick Cheney?

The disposession of Latoya Ammons

Woman Can't Have Kids After Gastric Bypass, Still Happy to Be Thin

Ford has a new spokesman.

Should Snowden Have Run Away?

Remember when the GOP was calling the Sandy Relief bill Pork.

State ‘Dream Act’ set to pass after Republicans’ about-face

I'm not going to be able to watch Ronan Farrow on MSNBC..

Darryl Issa on Bill Maher...yuck!

Attorneys for retired Tampa cop accused in movie theater shooting say he acted in self-defense

Koch-Tied Groups Funded GOP Effort to Mess With Electoral College Rules

Oops, duplicated a story already posted.

Commenting on Krugman's Blogpost, "Godwin Help Us"


Report: The Kochs, A Nazi Past, Oil & The Foundation of The Right

Amanda Knox and the Wages of American Imperialism

Koch abandons Bakken oil pipeline

Poor People's Food

Darrell Issa be damned! He could not do it. (Bill Maher show tonight)

Discos out Murders in

When I see this I think of MFM and start to believe in reincarnation.

Bill Maher Tells Issa He's Safe From Bill's Oust A Congressperson Campaign

Catholic diocese in Helena, Mont., files for bankruptcy to resolve sex abuse lawsuits

‘Out-Of-Control’ Rig In The Gulf Gushing Methane Freely Into The Atmosphere

7 Facts That Weren’t In The New State Department Report On Keystone XL

I fucking support Amanda Knox

California Porn Company Fined $78K for Workplace Safety

Whitetail doe taken during extended "antlerless" season

It's not just Bridge-gate

TYT: Obama Relies On Corrupt Consultants For Crucial Environmental Report

OK Boomers CNN has a special The Sixties: The British Invasion on now

Join Occupy Homes MN 2/1 Sat at 11am Stop eviction of Jaymie Kelly

Help stop eviction of Jaymie Kelly, Sat 2/1 at 11:30am minneapolis.

The health care law is working: Medicare Accountable Care Organization

Need yer demons exorcised? Use Skype.

Pres. Obama sent a note to Utah Jazz legend Jerry Sloan...

An uncensored version of South Park's controversial Muhammad episode has surfaced

Scott Walker raised $5 million at end of 2013, paid $86,000 to defense lawyers

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 1: 31 Days of Oscar: 1939 Best Picture Nominees

Georgia reptilian candidates for office: not one would vote to extend unemployment benefits.

Quick Way To Tell If Something's Wrong With Your Bones

Syria crisis: Geneva peace talks end in recriminations

For Some, Retirement Is Out of Reach. For Others, Boring.

Karma is a MoFo

I had to get my dog put to sleep this morning :(

Why did Chris Christie cross the road?

2 Fined Under Russia's 'Gay Propaganda' Law

A relaxing plane ride above the clouds at dawn

Does the Bill of Rights CONFER rights to American Citizens?

Still looking for work.

loungers what spice goes well with

I've been thinking about songs...a lot. lol

How Sustainability Is Changing America's Approach To Food

anyone know / speak italian?

We lost another great...

Does Corey Remsburg think he was used as a prop by the President? What does he think of those saying

Rob Ford reportedly Ticketed for Public Intoxication in Vancouver Area

Sleep deprived


Some folks will win big on a one point Superbowl

In 120 Years Republicans Only Cry Tyranny When the Black President Uses Executive Orders

Montenegro church depicts Tito, Marx and Engels in hell

The Gender Inequality of Suicide

Detroit set to sue Banks UBS AG, Bank of America over 2005 'Debt Swap' deal

What does everyone think of this comic?

Openly Gay Soldier James Wharton To Be Honored

Marijuana Legalization Bill Introduced in Missouri

HSBC - New York Based Bank Imposes Restrictions on Cash Withdrawals in the UK

Dean Baker | Time to Retire Fears over Aging Populations

Differing Perspectives Fuel Debate Over Knox Case

Carl's Lock: Sizzooperbowl XLVII

Firefighters Refuse To Help Dying Man, Tell His Daughter: Call 911

The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF) commercial for veteran' dogs

Opponents of conservative Colombia congressman release intimate photo with ‘lady friend’

Should Colombia’s Military Industry Grow in a Post-Conflict Scenario?

Automatic Bike rack in Japan

Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-MA) Calls For Government To Release "Secret 9/11 Report"

Fewer Social Studies Requirements for Texas Students Worry Advocates

Texas House education committee told to study school cheating

US to Intervene in Ukraine as John Kerry Set to Hold Talks with Opposition Leaders

Police: 2 students shot near Michigan State campus

‘I Believe Sochi Is Safe’ – Obama.

Canada strips former publisher Conrad Black of honours (Chicago Sun-Times)

Pentagon compiles massive ‘Encyclopedia of Ethical Failures’

Scientists show how snakes can fly distances of up to 100ft

Women fleeing U of Colorado philosophy department’s rampant sex harassment: report

Coming soon to Broadway...

This is too cute! Parents watch their kid NOT NAPPING on a nannycam

Obama to visit Saudi Arabia amid tensions over Iran, Syria - report

Canadian Gov't Responds To Spying Revelations By Saying It's All A Lie And Calling Glenn Greenwald A

Tens of thousands protest in Mexico

Former guerrillero tipped for presidency in El Salvador

Former TSA Agent Explains Full Body Scanners Didn't Work, But Did Let Him See You Naked

Think Progress calls out President Obama and his Pot bullshit

Woman possessed by demons in 'portal to hell' house that terrified even the police reveals ordeal

David Cameron Says Snooper's Charter Is Necessary Because Fictional Crime Dramas He Watches Prove It

Wuthering Heights actress Merle Oberon's secret that she took to the grave...

Conservatives boycott Girl Scout cookies over perceived support for empowered women

Leftist parties see surge in popularity ahead of Central America elections

General Electrics to invest $350 million in Nigeria’s power sector

Climate activists: U.S. and its partners must ‘publicly renounce’ spying tactics

Report assails violence against journalists in Honduras

I'd like to give a big shout-out to Indiana's Dems in the House.

Republicans blitz four states with five creationism bills so far this year

8 Insidious Attacks on Our Democracy That You Don't Know About

More than 50 Olympians come out against Russia’s anti-gay laws

Another Republican Abandons the GOP: Ex-Nevada Lt. Gov Sue Wagner Cites Party Extremism

Hong Kong tycoon rescinds $130 million ‘marriage bounty’ for lesbian daughter

Harvard and Brown Fail on Climate

$2.2 billion in South Coast Rail bonding approved by House; funding not guaranteed

How the Myth of the ‘Negro Cocaine Fiend’ Helped Shape American Drug Policy

Christie, Clapper and other Officials who should be in Jail instead of Snowden

Travel question. Instead of an escorted tour, any of yall ever book at a hotel in

Rich CEO Tells 'Daily Show' The 'Mentally Retarded' Are Maaaybe Worth $2 An Hour

Union leader's dad murdered in place of son

Travel question. Instead of an escorted tour, any of yall ever book at a hotel in

Video of GCHQ ordering the Guardian to destroy laptops.

So if you're skipping the Superbowl, what are you doing?

Walton, Benioff Join Billionaires Backing Clinton in 2016

Enough Is Enough: Banksters Are Not Our Only Option

Industry in North Dakota to Cut Flared Natural Gas

West Virginia chemical spill mystery: Who runs Freedom Industries?

Ex-Convict Hire Hurdle Draws U.S. Suits Against Employers

Islamic Art Treasures Fall Victim to Egypt's Ongoing Strife

When winter really was winter: the last of the London Frost Fairs.

In 1995, Stockman admitted jail time, felony charge. Today he denies that, files libel lawsuit.

Ohio man's final wish was to be buried on his Harley.

Comparing U.S., Canadian health care systems

National Freeloader League

Jamie Dimon's Raise Proves U.S. Regulatory Strategy is a Joke

GOP Obamacare sabotage works

The Federal Court Trashes Net Neutrality... and the Internet

Will Drugs Legalisation Save Rainforests?

Tom Morello Remembers Pete Seeger: 'He Had a Backbone of Steel'

Let banks fail: Iceland’s plan looks to be working

Bill Maher Wants to Decide a House Race

U.S. Has No Idea How Much Aid To The Afghan Government Is Being Stolen

An Austerity Storm Hammers Georgia

Detroit Sues to Cancel Some Costly Contracts

Pope replaces cardinal at head of Vatican financial authority

Man pleads guilty to holding female relative as sex slave for 14 years

Ex-Boy Scout leaders involved in pushing over ancient Utah boulder charged with felony

Up With Steve Kornacki: New Jersey/Port Authority/Christie discussion thread

American Jihad 2014: The New Fundamentalists

Pet Lovers Beware: When The Drugs Don’t Work

How do DUers travel to work?

Bees exposed to neonic pesticides suck at gathering pollen

‘Bette in Spokane,’ cited in McMorris Rodgers’ (R) speech, declined health insurance options

Redevelopment corruption in NJ, but CA Gov. Brown "snuffed out redevelopment agencies in 2011."

Great Barrier Reef will be smothered with silt, because coal

At town hall meeting, GOP rep spouts conspiracy theories, supporter calls for Obama's execution

Obama’s Labor Department Refuses To Say If It’s Protecting Trans Workers

Advice or good discussion forums on starting a business...?

California drought: State's water deliveries to be halted

So now we know why Lobbyist Haley Barbour jumped out so quickly to defend Christie

Its Great Lake Shriveled, Iran Confronts Crisis of Water Supply

The Curse of Capitalism

Texas A&M targets Washington brewer over '12th Man' trademark infringement

Texas A&M targets Washington brewer over '12th Man' trademark infringement

Private Spooks and Corporate Persons: The American Experiment Takes a Hit

Why Is The World’s Gayest Sport Stuck In The Closet?

Rebel Conservatives Lead Way in G.O.P. Fund-Raising

Nutcase Conservatives Lead Way in G.O.P. Fund-Raising

First Look: Barneys Spring Campaign Features 17 Breathtaking Trans Models

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ February 1st

Catholic priest who ran right-wing death squad arrested in Colombia

President Obama came to nashville thurs. republicans had better things to do.

Indonesia volcano kills at least 11, fears over more eruptions

Century of Violence: What World War I Did to the Middle East

Sinai-based militants claim rocket attack on Israel

Catholic priest who ran right-wing death squad arrested in Colombia

Gunman still at large after two students shot near Michigan State University

‘Alone Yet Not Alone’: Inside the Conservative Christian Movie the Oscars Ousted

Is Conservative Christianity Bad for Marriage?

Part 2 of this series: Labor History Part Two: The Gilded Age

definition of terms: ultra

New Pentagon report cites cracks in F-35 test planes

Nestlé CEO: Let God Handle Global Warming

David Simon on America is a Horror Show (Interview with Bill Moyers)

Pentagon Chief Tester: F-35 Software Remains Seriously Flawed

"Why Knox Verdict Baffles Us"

Knox's judge explains guilty verdict

NV Republican Pol Leaves Party: "The Duck Dynasty Wing" of the Republican Party has taken over GOP"

on this SuperBowl weekend let's recall the greatest moment in SB history.

Pentagon says "laser-focused" on F-35 software issues

Map: Publicly Funded Schools That Are Allowed to Teach Creationism.

Jared Polis introduced a bill to end marijuana prohibition. Why isn't there a Senate version?

Last Polar Bear in Africa inconsolable after death of mate

SB party time

Exclusive: Mitsubishi Heavy in talks to become F-35 supplier, seeks Japan subsidy: sources

The Rise of Fundamentalist Belief

Johnson & Johnson takes giant step, announces sharing of clinical trial data with Yale

Elizabeth Warren Is Madder Than Hell

Why the Christian right is so excited about 2014

Wildstein - not so "unknown" by Christie - read this article from back in March 2012...

geeeezes, Get a load of what George Zimmerman said about his boxing experience

"The Myth Of Wage Stagnation" . .. is there NO LOW CNBC will not descend to?

Roasted Brussel sprouts. Yum!

David Sirota: Billionaires Attempt To Convince Society That They Are The Good Guys

Wisconsin: The Party "Extremes"

NY Daily News OpEd re: Christie Knew

Let's Move!

motor bikers protest proposed restrictions on nighttime transit

It's time to repeal section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938

Florida woman, 81, arrested for feeding bears lots of dog food

Florida researchers

Teacher Fired For... Receiving Emails from Sister

Howard Stern, the new Sammy Davis Jr.

Why the Smartphone Became the Lightsaber of the Environmental Justice Movement

102-year-old cyclist sets world record

Watching Melissa Harris-Perry..

Maine court rules in favor of transgender pupil

Why do we keep buying this shit?

Venezuela, one of the most violent countries in the world

Steve Kornacki, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow: Promise Kept

Hillary the Anti-Christ?

Christie took 10 months to implement federal Sandy aid law

Please take a minute and a half

Is a nationwide WIMAX a way to preserve Net Neutrality?

SJC Approves Historic, Bipartisan Legislation To Address The Nation’s Exploding Prison Population

And now, the GOP response...

Pres. Obama defends Dir. of National Intelligence who lied to Congress.

Latin King leader wants to conceal and carry

**List of Pres. George W. Bush Executive orders **

If we Treated the poor Like Justin, Khloe or Miley

Babylonian tale of round ark draws ire from some Christian circles

Can a Wiccan Marry an Atheist?

TorMail: If You Used This Secure Webmail Site, the FBI Has Your Inbox

In The Aftermath Of Sandy When Crispy Was Pictured With President Obama.....

How a New Russian Icebreaker Slices Sideways Through Frozen Seas

‘Christian humanist’ Daniel Taylor on freeing your inner atheist

Chinese Horoscope for the Repukes

Hannity & D'souza's Blame Game: IRS, Obama, and Bill Ayers? Just Wow!!

Driverless Trucks Will Keep Army Safe From IEDs

Oscar-winning actor Maximilian Schell dies at 83

Patrick Kennedy in the Middle of Super Bowl Marijuana Fight

9 questions about Ukraine you were too embarrassed to ask

Find something to be happy about today (Saturday February 1, 2014)

After Newspaper Columnist Admits Her Atheism, the Response is Overwhelmingly Positive

required viewing before the superbowl

Ousted Mr. Z: Eastside Catholic students teaching their church

People, the jokes just write themselves...

Issa handed out the BS on "Real Time" last night...

Fifth in the Nation

Francis is MAD at Nintendo!

Saturday, February 1st. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

DU can help NASA: Find the Birthplace of Planets

Drug Costs Are Spiking and It's Not Clear Why

Kornacke on Alex Witt = just a heads up..nt

1939's Best Picture Nominees on TCM today

Will Christie be slapped to the pavement and handcuffed? Or treated like a Banker?

Andrew Bynum signs with Pacers

Republican Senator Announces Opposition To New Iran Sanctions

Maximilian Schell, Oscar winner for "Judgment at Nuremberg,” is dead at 83.

Mormons Declare War

Venezuela's best and brightest camp on sidewalks

Right Wing Media Propagandist Frank Luntz Hired To Tackle Washington Redskins Racist Moniker Problem

President Obama vows to fight for working-class

Petition asks President Obama to honor Beatles' 50th annivesary

so what was Kornacki's Saturday scoop?

SOTU: On Gun control.

Louis CK on privilege

Timing of Wildstein's Christie allegation letter sends 'clear message,' experts say

Meet Darrell Issa's challenger- Dave Peiser. He joined DU last night

"The liberal media is pushing Hillary Clinton down our throats"

My personal Fox News nightmare: Inside a month of self-induced torture.

Tony's Finer Foods

Darrell Issa Denies Using His Oversight Committee For Partisan Witch Hunts

Where Do Astronauts Hang Out?

Snowden's weasel ways by Frank Snepp (ex-spy)

Soros, Wal-Mart scion pony up for Clinton

LIVE RADIO NOW: Did this founding father sow the seed of division?

LED Lightbulbs and antique lamps

I was thinking as I was driving in this morning:

What happened to the Weather Channel?

So not at all, huh ?

George Rekers, Anti-Gay Activist, Co-Founder of Family Research Council Caught With Male Escort.

Paul Laxalt's daughter leaves the Republican Party

Language Myth: Women Talk Too Much (and 'Check your privilege')

Superbowl / Smokabowl poster (Funny!)

Anyone uses anti virus program?

Walton, Benioff Join Billionaires Backing Clinton in 2016

15 Vegan Dips for Your Super Bowl Party

Has anybody tried out Acorn TV?

Setting the opinion of Bostonians to the side, Holder's death decision is offensive to all of us

If you earn $32,400/year, you are in the top 1%


Did the networks carry all four Republicans "responses?"

Firearm Legislation and Firearm-Related Fatalities in the United States

A picture of a snow and ice storm in Los Angeles from 1940:


Teabaggers Threaten Lives Of President Obama & Hillary Clinton

Some police-based memes and toons. Some show violence.

Obama Started Fighting Inequality Years Ago -- You Just Didn't Notice

Sheriff: Fugitive who killed Utah deputy dies

The Highest Paid NCO's in the ARMY...

TYT: Oops! Ted Cruz's Pastor Father Explains Facebook Porn: I Was Hacked!

Duck Dynasty scientist Proving Conspiracy

New York cops: $8 million worth of heroin seized in raid, some bags stamped 'NFL'

Life pie chart that has nothing to do with pie

Alleged Heroin Kingpin Helped Russia Win Olympics for Sochi

Christie on the front pages of the Star-Ledger, Daily News, and the New York Post...

Who are the Amanda Knox haters? Journalist finds out

Toon: Christie's sinking ship...

Jeb is back!

John Boehner Has A Democratic Challenger!

If the US refuses to extradite Knox, fugitives from justice here should get their asses to Italy.

False (as in FOX) knowledge

Turmeric spice compares favorably to conventional medicines

Denmark's largest bank blacklists Israel's Hapoalim over settlement construction

Live event - the christening of the USNS John Glenn - he's speaking now:

Report: Obama to visit Saudi Arabia amid Iran, Syria tensions

Just wondered.............

Oklahoma Fundamentalist Idiocy

Former GOP Congressman's Son Sentenced For Selling Oxycodone To High School Students

Louie on TAXI basically explains the essence of capitalism

Bill Maher suggests a new American poltical party: ‘the Perverts With Principles Party’

Thinking about seeing "The Wolf of Wall Street" -- anybody here seen it yet?

Jimmy Barnes and Joe Bonamassa.. Lazy (Deep Purple cover)

When the one who refused to declare his taxes; the one who hides his wealth overseas

Neanderthals Leave Their Mark on Us

US Tourists! Boycott Italy Until They Leave Amanda Knox the F**k Alone

Have you ever had a conservative roommate that drove you crazy?

Multiple nations are already in violation of international drug treaties re: marijuana

How Come?

To all the Seattle and Denver fans visiting NYC, did you bring anything with you?

So since the NFL seized the term "Super Bowl" - (gee, can I use it here?) all the ads for food, etc.

Good examples of pay inequality based on gender?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: Coming to a Post Office Near You: Loans You Can Trust?

Joan Rivers (at Howard Stern's B-Day Party) Asks Chris Christie "How Was The Traffic Coming In?"

I just saw an anti-abortion group with signs on street in Federal Way WA

Godwin's law applied to Obama

Amusing label on a product I just bought

Cannabis-Derived Dravet Syndrome Drug Gets US Orphan Drug Approval

Duck Dynastys stuff sitting on the grocery store Clearance shelf and sitting and sitting....

with friends like this:

Should a US state refuse to extradite a fugitive to another US state

Weekend Toons!

The real reason no GOP members have been refuting the Christie charges:They ALL knew about the deals

Funny talking animals

Chris Christie Booed At Super Bowl Ceremony

TJ Holmes should have his own weekday show on MSNBC...

Unpaid Jobs and the Minimum Wage

Oh how the times change!!! GoP style...

From George Takei's Facebook Page: Epic Library Staff Win

GOP ponders scandal's toll on Christie's future (link added oops)

Any lawyers care to weigh in on Stepian using the Fifth Amendment on a document subpoena?

Mr Smith goes to Washington is on

'Crime gun' seizures rise, but so do firearm thefts across Orange

Time To Re-Post Once Again My Suggestion Of A National Workers Association (NWA).....

First Man Arrested By Aid of Drone Convicted in North Dakota

More than 1,000 killed in Iraq in January

EVERY Extradition Treaty Means The Same Thing: We Trust Your System, and You Trust Ours.

Farewell and adieu

So, triangle DUers

Conversation with Fred Turner, author of "The Democratic Surround."

Corbett hired George W. Bush’s speechwriter - here’s the result (satire)

ITS SO funny...

We are owned.

Shooting in the sunshine state

Anna Kendrick spoofs Super Bowl commercials. Not a beer commercial girl.

Spain protesters rally against tougher abortion law

Arrrgh! I lost all of my photos. I don't know why because everything looked fine.

Senate passed ENDA in November; Boehner refuses to bring it to a vote.

Russell Investments Chief Economist Dueker Found Dead

Amazing Photographic Moment!

2014 Withers Stakes (Derby Prep)

More snarky sexism in the Amanda Knox coverage.

Is it just Republicans that think it's cool to be rude, ugly, snarky, childish, bullying

BLM sets new trend in ruins research; 3-D technology tested in Canyons of Ancients

Beautiful and Inspiring Video - Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary

SHOCKING: 97% of foodstamp cuts to target just 15 blue states

Woman caught injecting poop into husbands I.V.

BBC welcomes their Chinese audience to the "Year of the Whores".

Economic Absolutism and other Cartoons

RFK, Jr. and Seder: Obama Too Soft On Income Inequality

Got a postcard today

Close But No Cigar...

George Carlin at his best..

Keystone XL foes undaunted by State Dept. report

UN says more than 733 Iraqis killed in January

What's your favorite Woody Allen movie?

Is Today's Capitalism Giving Marxism Last Laugh?

‘We’re Putting Our Lives on the Line’: Northwestern Football Player on Why He Needs a Union

This is why I am steadily becoming a gay rights advocate

The International Drug Control Treaties: How Important Are They to US Drug Reform?

"Proud to Be"

Does Obama deserve blame for the Iraq mess?


Two Images Tell the Tale of California’s Terrifying Drought

F.D.R...One of our greatest Presidents..

The perfect place for this douche....

Dead Ohio man rides to funeral on Harley -pics at link

The Time to Be Happy is Now: A Film About Atheists in the Gambia

Italian prison guard says Knox was cold-hearted and is a "brilliant actress"

Exclusive: Chris Christie attacks N.Y. Times, David Wildstein

Hi! I just bought a big bag of fresh kale

Chinese New Year celebration renews push to add more cultural, religious holidays to school calendar

Thailand election: Millions prepare to vote

Christie Hits Back: Bridge Official Will 'Say Anything To Save' Himself

D’Souza Suggests Fraud Charge Is Payback For Anti-Obama Film

BP Oil Spill Linked To Sick Dolphins In Report

Remarkably, Alaska's Richardson Highway seems stable after avalanche and flooding

Christie Hits Back: Bridge Official Will 'Say Anything To Save' Himself

The U.S. Tour: Cuba and Its Neighbors. Democracy in Motion

Someone explain to me something

Benjamin Smith Arrested For Allegedly Threatening To Kill George W. Bush

The US refuses to extradite murders, torturers and terrorist.

Finally back at the cottage, and what to my wondering eyes do appear . . .

Justice Department had a policy to conceal such evidence from defendants.

Run Mars.....RUN!!!

How A Ruling On Gay Jurors Could Have A Huge Effect On The Gay Rights Movement

Gov. Chris Christie booed by Times Square crowd at Super Bowl event

The Republican rape advisory chart

Can you find the Eastern screech owl?

The Oglala Lakota Nation has taken leadership by saying "NO" to the Keystone XL Pipeline

The 21 Most Heartbreaking Things That Have Ever Happened

Christie team yesterday: Wildstein's statement confirms Gov account. Christie team today:

Christie Blames Wildstein for Bridge Closure in Email to Supporters

Geneva II negotiations: Gravediggers will stay busy in Syria as peace talks end in failure

I have like 20 pounds of pink salmon.