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Archives: February 11, 2014

Measles Epidemic Spreads Among Russian Baptists

NJ Star-Ledger: Christie bridge scandal: Recipients of 18 new subpoenas revealed

Company Responsible For West Virginia Chemical Spill Skips Congressional Hearing

Sophie Scholl, a white rose (9 May 1921 – 22 February 1943)

Montgomery County (MD) police to identify a ‘Person of Interest’ in 39-year-old cold case

Labor Department Officials Block Reporter From Questioning Tom Perez

Obamacare employer mandate delayed until 2016 for small businesses

Lawmaker proposes multi-million CCSF bailout

Is there a DVD player that can play divx files from a USB port?

Sure, we have a big winter storm heading for Raleigh (the whole SE - coast - etc)...but -

rand paul is running for president. that's why he's trying to reduce Bill Clinton's influence.

Today I should have said something and didn't I am very angry with myself.

Death By Metadata: Scahill & Greenwald Reveal NSA Role in Assassinations Overseas (1/2)

Marijuana is now mainstream

NLRB invites briefs regarding religious university jurisdiction and faculty member status

So everyone's wondering why in the heck the Republicans are dusting off their Lewinsky playbook

Holder Expands Federal recognition of Gay Rights

Vermont's Environmentally Oriented Green Racing Project has 3 skiers at Sochi

I love DU - and DUers - too!

Nevada officials won't defend gay marriage ban

Tenn. lawmakers: VW incentives threatened by UAW (R lawmakers)

New Sigma DP camera.

I have a feeling that the heart came from someone in this group. Thank you!

Death by MetaData, Cell Phone, Sim Cards and Joy Stick Operators!

Abraham Foxman To Step Down as Anti-Defamation League Chief

Let's turn Kentucky blue

St. Paul teachers union heads mull strike vote; district braces

Convicted abortion clinic bomber now fleeing child molestation charges

Iranian poet executed for 'waging war on God'

The BB extraction went well. But it was a lot trickier than I thought it would be.

The ACA will reduce unemployment by the equivalent of 2.5 million jobs.

Back briefly from my break to ask an MFM question

North Carolina’s Moral Monday Movement Kicks Off 2014 With a Massive Rally in Raleigh

Ben Carson Suggests Progressives Could Turn U.S. Into Nazi Germany

De Blasio allies coordinate rapid response against Skelos

‘I hate that thug music,’ white man told fiancée moments before gunning down black teen

What do Texas, an AK-47, and a banana costume have in common?

What I would like to ask the CBO regarding changes in hours worked due to the ACA

How Tennessee Papers Are Helping The Anti-Union Fight

The coolest mayor in the country --

Oklahoma restaurant that won’t serve ‘f*ggots’ gets Internet push as ‘best gay bar’

Conservative group files civil rights suit against Wisconsin investigators

Dear Business': The ACA was your CUE to get off the hook for providing health insurance

Imperial Oil site

Con Artist, Fraud, "Face in the Crowd" or Just a Genuine Sack of Shit?

Photo of my kids waiting for me to get home (updated info & frontal photos)

Republicans set up numerous websites to steal donations to the Democrat Party...

Is the Loch Ness monster dead?

Rep. Ellison: Pressing Progressive Policies

Do you think the Beatles would have still been legendary if they had never broken up or....

Nebraska town to reconsider controversial immigration law

Zuckerberg Likes to give: Facebook head has donated $1 billion to charity

Misread Telexes Led Analysts to See Iran Nuclear Arms Programme

Westminster, CNBC, NOW!

Julia Roberts' sister died of an overdose yesterday

Bill de Blasio highlights wealth gap in mayor's first state of the city speech

WSJ rape apologist says drunk women are to blame for rape

Black History | The Freedom Riders

"We may all be black and famous, but we ALL DON'T LOOK ALIKE!"

Is the 2A absolute?

I think that I am the only ex-hippy living in Mississippi

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The science of the munchies

United Methodists postpone church trial for Thomas Ogletree

United Methodists postpone church trial for Thomas Ogletree

Facing controversy, GM reveals CEO's total pay

Is it OK to smile a little about the soft heart(lessness) of Vladimir Putin?

Google to take over operation of Moffett Federal Airfield (Calif.)

1/3 Of College Students In US Chinese. BBC News.

La Luna

Sochi or Christie?


Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Bob Kincaid! & a new Kitteh gif

Catholic Mass Mobs are forming

I don't understand the complaint by the AOL guy

Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake - The Kirov Ballet

Yert another thread on the guy who'll shoot his daughter if she steps on the dog's tail

What Bill Maher got wrong about spending on young vs old: Everything.

Virtual Curling Game. It's fun.

Has anyone else received a robo call from API asking for support of the Keystone XL

Hey Republicans, be careful who you call a freeloader.

First time Heroin user dies...

Colby Harris, fired WalMart worker

They're not just takers, they're hypocrite takers.

Christie bridge scandal: Recipients of 18 new subpoenas revealed

Should the current National Anthem be replaced with "Everything is Awesome"?

Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Larkin on baseball mission to Cuba

Ken Griffey Jr., Barry Larkin on baseball mission to Cuba

Panic in the Locker Room!---Dare I say woman up?

The Cuban embargo emerges as a political issue in Florida

The Cuban embargo emerges as a political issue in Florida

February 11th 2014 is The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance

Boomers Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out of U.S. Labor Force

Kevin O’Leary, Face of the Enemy? (It's great that 3.5 billion have as much wealth as 85 people.)

Did he inhale? Marco Rubio won't say whether he ever smoked marijuana

Chris Christie’s attorney requests to see Hoboken officials’ correspondence with New York Times

Saving Mr. Banks or August: Osage County?

Evidence of possible flowing water on Mars found by NASA’s Orbiters

Do you love chai tea? Here's how to make your own.

In November, we're going to need ALL Democrats.

Ski Jumping amazes me

Child pornography charges against Bellevue man lead to $1 million bail

Things you do online seem weird in real life

"Liberals, Conservatives, and the Meaning of Work"

"An economic school has led to gridlock in Washington"

Would Snowden be looked at differently if he went to 60 Minutes with the information he took?

8.7 Million lbs of Beef Products Recalled video about my friend, GERMS...

Thank you for the heart!

After looking at the latest on the Christie scandle I am so upset at the democrats

Outpatient status can be costly for Medicare patients

Pierson calls Sessions “shifty” on Obamacare

Samuel L. Jackson DESTROYS News Anchor - I'm Not Laurence Fishburne, YOU MORON!!!

Pope Francis faces church divided over doctrine

"I got mine" Democrats

Advocates Fight for Justina Pelletier, Teen Held by State in Psych Ward

Is it me?

Crossposted from the Lounge...GERMS video at

Suicide bomb instructor blows up his students

The real story of Sylvia's Mother sung by Dr. Hook

Danish zoo kills healthy giraffe, feeds body to lions

THANKS for the hearts, folks!!!

Don't you just hate it

THANK YOU for my hearts.

I got hearts! Thanks!!

The Onion: "New Study Finds Only 88% Of Guitar Center Customers Become Famous Musicians"

And how many won't read past the headline

So cool. Missouri fans show Michael Sam support with 'S-A-M' snow art

Missing turtle survives in storage room for 30 years

Thank you to the anonymous donors for my hearts. n/t

Why can't America have this type of respect when getting ready for war Or even humanitarian aid

Oh, C'mon now, fellow atheists, have a heart

Driest Cities in the U.S. (in inches)

What would cause you to change your mind?

San Jose State student found dead in his dorm room

"The March" - PBS show about the 1963 March on Washington

Insane Video Of The Insane Downhill Skiing Course That Bode Miller Says 'Could Kill You'

We will not give up, NOT NOW, NOT EVER.

Nevada Officials Won't Defend Gay Marriage Ban

American Media Misses the Story on Mexican Oil Reform

Not Having Kids My Best Decision. No Kids No Debt No Regret

OK, this is really weird . . .

Lets have some music in here,

O man! It's 0° here -- again!

"Like Your Most Paranoid, Far-Out Conspiratorial Left-Wing Nightmare," But It's True...

In a shamless attempt to get hearts, I will post a cute cat video: Purr Elise

Europe or Democracy? What German Court Ruling Means for the Euro

Texas lawmaker looks into safeguards on stimulus funds

Ted Cruz: It Would Be 'Irresponsible' To Raise Debt Limit Without Spending Cuts

To ALL the wonderful DU'ers of the world.

Something most people don't understand about the NFL draft

You say you want an ... Evolution ... well ... you know ...

More ancient discoveries in Egypt's Dakahliya: Gallery

The 50 Something Boomers Were PUSHED OUT And Discarded By An Economy Started By Reagan.

'Priceless' bronze statue of Greek god Apollo found in Gaza Strip

Nevada Officials Won't Defend Gay Marriage Ban

Funded by Kickstarter

Funded by Kickstarter

Social Justice through Interfaith The way to walk your spiritual talk!

Black Man in Jasper, Texas Found With Cut Throat And Missing Ear - Ruled ‘Accidental Overdose`.

Another Florida Republican joins the Democratic Party

Anti-Defamation League’s Director to Retire After Leading Group for 27 Years.

Wendy Davis' opponent compared Rio Grande Valley to 'Third World'


To the kind DUers who sent hearts today

18 North Carolina patients may have been exposed to rare brain disease

Senator Demands Pentagon Turn Over Info On Sexual Assault Cases

To the person who sent me my heart:

Looks like the birthers are back at it - bring it on!

Misclick Leads to Christian Organization Pulling Ads Off Rush Limbaugh

UCL Round of 16 coming up next week!

Leonard Knight, artist at Salvation Mountain, dies at age 82

I sneaked some kitties into GD

It doesn't seem possible that Valentines Day is rolling around again already. wOw.

Miscellaneous . . . . and cats in boxes

I'm sitting here watching Ken Ham...

Thank you to everyone that gave me a heart

Even with the current Olympics being as bad as they are...

Russian Exposure

More cats in boxes

KC seeks new homeland security funds, but McCaskill is not optimistic

Just the two of us

Divine Intervention


My new favorite word

The Web’s cacophony of anti-ACA sentiment

Here's Why Tim Armstrong Knew About His Employees' 'Distressed Babies' (AOL)

Jihadists claim to have kidnapped Red Cross team in Mali

Too Short Weighs In On White People Using the N-Word

It's odd how managing the menfolk's sexytimes never turns into a movement

Florida mother has to prove her dying son can't take a standardized test

Prosecutors say neo-Nazi killed Colorado prison chief, pizza delivery man

Nancy Grace debates Nancy Grace on the effects of Cannabis

Inspired by Moral Monday's - North Carolina -- We Would Like To....

Chris Christie’s long record of pushing boundaries, sparking controversy

President Obama to launch major new effort to help young men of color

I was impressed with the Charlie Crist interview on Bill Maher.

The U.S. insurance model doesn’t work (WP)

Court gives California 2 years to lower prison population

49ers lobbyist fined $133,500 for donation violations

Senate moves to prevent return of Jewish archive to Iraq

Spain Seeks to Curb Law Allowing Judges to Pursue Cases Globally

Woman asks police officers to ask themselves if there are any orders they wouldn't enforce.

Orwell was hailed a hero for fighting in Spain. Today he'd be guilty of terrorism

MPs overwhelmingly back ban on smoking in cars carrying children (UK)

With Only $93 Billion in Profits, the Big Five Oil Companies Demand to Keep Tax Breaks

NEVADA Atty. General refuses to defend its same-sex marriage ban. Republican Governor agrees.

Vince Lombardi would have drafted Michael Sam. He had a gay brother.

Love animals? You'll love this place!

Ideology and Congress

I need cat advice.

Several college football players in South Carolina support Michael Sam:

Justice Department Sued Over $13 Billion JPMorgan Pact

Today We Fight Back .. Solidarity Thread

Global Day of Action Against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda

Global Day of Action Against the Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda (x-post)

Nanomotors are controlled, for the first time, inside living human cells (w/ video)

“Madrid Will Be The Grave Of Fascism:” Demo Against State Repression Ends In More Repression

Dr. Donald Abrams: How Medical Marijuana Helps AIDS Patients - Pt 1 & Pt 2

World's largest DDoS strikes US, Europe

The Man Of Steel from a baby's perspective:

Landmark court case on genetically modified food production begins

Iris: A Magazine of New Writing for LGBTQ+ Young Adults invites submissions for its 2nd issue

Texas Has A Choice~ A Clear Choice.. Clue.. Wendy Davis!

A tribute to Marius the giraffe (WARNING: not graphic.Just very sad)


Hollywood star Shirley Temple dies

A Republican who might be respectable.

Today's Non Sequitur

Rest in peace, Shirley Temple

Oklahoma restaurant that won’t serve ‘f*ggots’ gets Internet push as ‘best gay bar’

Dirty surgical tools may have exposed 18 North Carolina patients to ‘Mad Cow’-like disease

FLOTUS Tweet to Michael Sam~Michael Sam Tweets Back..

LGBT activists: Nevada is ‘very smart’ to stop defending marriage equality ban in court

BREAKING: Shirley Temple has passed

Researchers: Spyware that hit victims in 31 countries had government backing

How will Wisconsin cities fatten their budgets in austere times? Create more marijuana felons

Just how open to criminal business is Wisconsin while Walker’s D.O.J. puts the screws to singers?

For all of my snark, Winter Storm Pax is serious:

Journalist declared brain dead after being hit by flare during Brazilian protest

Thomas Peters of NOM is an ungrateful hypocrite

Obamacare Allows Workers To Tell Bosses To Shove Off; Conservatives Are Angry.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio: City to issue papers to undocumented immigrants

Randy Paul really made me lol for real

The Arts of the Arab Uprisings at the Arab-American Museum in Dearborn. Nice!

Tea Party gripes: GOP leaders we’re trying to unseat ‘playing hardball’ by fighting back

Lawmaker suggests ‘duct tape’ strategy for GOP pols: Shut up until November elections

Astronomers discover 13.6 billion-year-old star — the oldest in the Universe

Fired teacher challenges school’s morality clause: Baby bumps more ‘obvious’ than hairy palms

Chicken Get Down...

Revealed: U.S. targets death strikes using mobile phones

Looook into my eyes!

Thank you to the wonderful DUers who gave me hearts.

Sen. Warren vows to push for minimum wage hike

Empty seats

Big Green Energy is Remaking Africa and Asia

You knew it had to happen: Suicide Bomb Trainer in Iraq Accidentally Blows Up His Class

Administration Officials Perform Some Very Public Handwringing Over Extrajudicial Drone Killing

WaPo editorial: The U.S. insurance model doesn’t work

Red star rising: China's ascent to space superpower

Europe or Democracy? What German Court Ruling Means for the Euro

Fed Up and Pumped Up: Manchester Newspaper Guild Rallies For Fairness

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- GOP Fantasies

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Coming Out

This woman has

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

A Land of Money and Fear: The Swiss Vote Against 'Mass Migration'

Lincoln (NE) guy's set made it into 'The Lego Movie'

Like Paper Roses said: Thank you to the wonderful DUers who gave me hearts!

America Has Forgotten That We Don't Have Freedom If We Don't Have Free Time

AZ Bill Would Make It A Crime To Use A Bathroom Without Proof Of Citizenship

Historic failures haunt Moro peace deal

$2.13 Is the Tipping Point -- America's Food Servers Are Grossly Underpaid

Six steps to a done deal on nuclear Iran

Iraqi women endure Abu Ghraib legacy

To the person who gave me a heart

Idaho's top court grants adoptive rights to spouse in gay marriage

Japan's brutal work culture takes a toll

Get a Fugly sweater for your NFL team:

Truth and dare in US aid to Israel

In Germany, Using Prison Labor To Undercut Cheap Chinese Manpower

China, Taiwan hold first direct talks since 1949 split

ESPN Sports Analyst's Major Gaffe Shows How Backwards America Still Is on Gay Rights

Wisconsin: Courts keep blocking your laws? Make that illegal!

Culturally Impoverished: US NEA Spends 1/40th of What Germany Doles Out for Arts Per Capital

UW-Madison regains status as top producer of Peace Corps volunteers

Will this be covered? Activists group and motorists caught up in GWB lane closures to rally today

USF Class of 2014 linebacker Vincent Jackson Jr. "Can't play with a dude on my team knowing..."

I like the heart days, hate the 'thanks for the heart' threads. .

Samuel L. Jackson Attacks News Anchor For Thinking He’s Laurence Fishburne

Overly dramatic Kitteh:

Haunted by Racism

Gov. Braindead (R-sneaky and dumb) did it again. He did this when he was governor before.

The Day the World Fought Back

AR-15 redesigned to be legal under NY's new AWB

Obama nominates backer of questionable shipbuilding program for Deputy Defense Secretary.

For my friends!

I find myself feeling this often enough...

United States Has Cyber Nightmares

Kentucky GOP To Dem Candidate Grimes: Return Woody Allen's Donation *UPDATE*

The Monetary Policy of the US Federal Reserve: Rescuers Asleep

Chris Kluwe: Calling Gay Football Player A 'Distraction' Is Code For Intolerance

US Has Responsibility to Defend South Korea’s Ownership of Dokdo Island

NRA Board Member: Bullied Children Commit Suicide Because Young Boys Have Been "Neutered"

Due to climate change, I intend to open a ski shop in SC when I retire.

This is really significant. Nevada officials say they won't defend gay marriage ban

Does anyone besides me find snowmen kind of sinister? Especially since that commercial about

1 Year ago, Benedict's announcement changed church

No-Show: There's An Odor Emanating from Freedom Industries, and It's Not Licorice

Seriously - why can't I have a pet Fox?

Caucuses for state convention have started

Senator Roy Blunt:Having healthcare makes you lazy

Rally in Raleigh: Thousands march in N.C. for social and environmental justice

1001 Days left

Good news: Most Americans want climate action. Now for the bad news …

What Death Row Inmates' Last Meals Say About Guilt or Innocence

Rachel Maddow - Warnings ignored ahead of toxic NC spill

Horrible Bosses

Deaf pastor signs a mighty surprising message

A gas well just exploded in PA

REVIEW: ‘The Square’ sheds light on Egypt’s religious and political divisions

What would you do if you thought this child was being kidnapped? Social experiment prank

Non-White Prisoners are more Profitable for Private Prisons

The minimum wage fight: From San Francisco to de Blasio’s New York

Thank you for my hearts!

French museum guard breaks Napoleon's chair

(Italy) Dead teen was 'too broke to pay dentist'

Robert Parry: Is Hillary Clinton a Neocon-Lite?

I have something very important to add to DU this morning....

Peace and Low Stress

Catholic Priest Denies Communion to Lesbian at Mother's Funeral

Debt Limit Shenanigans Reach New Level of Farce

Dunn to testify in own defense for shooting car full of kids 9 times over music

Chris Kluwe: Calling Gay Football Player A 'Distraction' Is Code For Intolerance

Batman Arkham Origins - Tough Shit About Those Bugs

Kentucky GOP To Dem Candidate Grimes: Return Woody Allen's Donation

Conservative support for Hillary????

Grazie for the Valentine hearts...

Why they hate working America: GOP equates benefits with personal failure

Pro Publica: Where Four State Health Exchanges Went Wrong

Drug Shortages Continue to Vex Doctors

Image of Flying Spaghetti Monster banned from London South Bank University for offending religion

Confederate sympathizers and top GOPers unite in auto fight

Panel Finds Unsettled Science Behind Proposal to Lift Gray Wolf Protections, Comment Period Reopened

Be safe, NC DUers....this storm could be a really nasty one...

According to Costa, the House GOP release the hostage and are now proposing a clean bill

"Favorited" tweet gets Hartsville High school student suspended, she says

Wall Street Journal Columnist Wants Women To Share Some Blame For Sexual Assault

Do you think the NSA would be doing as much if they DIDN'T use private for-profit contractors?

Military plane crashes in eastern Algeria, 'killing 103'

Shirley Temple dies

Boehner Will Bring ‘Clean’ Debt-Ceiling Increase to House Vote

U.S. said to mull shifting Afghanistan exit plans


"The Hindus: An Alternative History" to be recalled by Penguin India

Atmospheric CO2 Content January 2014 - 397.80; January 2013 - 395.54; January 2012 - 393.12

Gov. Christie refuses to allow members of his office to testify before legislative committee

Rachel Maddow - Warnings ignored ahead of toxic NC spill (X-post from V&M forum - Tx Galraedia!!)

AFRICOM: 'On a Roll' and Eyeing 'Opportunities'

I Am SO Sick Of This: WSJ Columnist: Victims Of Sex Assault Need to Take Their Share Of Blame, Too

Authorities cancel opposition leader's flight to southwestern Venezuela

From Canada: 'When it comes to its farmers, the U.S. is a veritable nanny state'

23 Things All Servers Will Understand

Jordan Davis Killing Part of Disturbing National Trend of Concealed Carry Killers

Corbett's Budget Trick #7 - Delaying $390 Million in State Payments to the Next Fiscal Year

17-year-old East Meck HS student has become the first transgender teen crowned Homecoming King in NC

Photo of the Day

Breaking: House GOP Surrenders On Debt Limit

Income inequality. Is it an issue? The issue? OR, do only 315 people care?

Italy, U.S. police crack big mafia drug ring

Kicking the Habit

Michael Dunn (Loud Music Killer) Will Take the Stand Momentarily

Officer: "Sir you have a headlight out... Oh no! Wolves!"

Illegal hunting on the rise in Afghanistan

Papantonio: Fall of GOP Golden Boys

More arrests in Venezuela protests, Maduro slams 'coup-seekers'

Sen. Pat Roberts Won't Reveal How Much Time He Spends In Kansas

NHK Documentary; "Radioactive Water-Fukushima Daiichi's Hidden Crisis"

Real killer of Meredith Kercher eligible to be freed

Shaking my head at a Facebook discussion I've had with a friend.

Do you think more Syrians have been killed by Assad than Iraqis killed by Bush?

Medieval Update

The great Stuart Hall is dead - he coined the phrase 'Thatcherism'

Christian School Serves Fried Chicken & Watermelon for Black History Month

For those with a sense of humour while travelling

NY: New Tappan Zee Bridge: Report details bus rapid transit

Congrats to Bishop Barbara Harris! 25 years ago she was ordained as the first female bishop

Congrats to Bishop Barbara Harris! 25 years ago she was ordained as the first female bishop

Secularism Is Good for America—Especially Christians

Atlanta: MARTA GM: Rail system would ideally be double its size

8 US States Have Policies Like Russia's Gay 'Propaganda' Ban

In England, women bishops a closer reality with new legislation

In England, women bishops a closer reality with new legislation

Report: U.S. Air Force general drank too much, fraternized with foreign women in Moscow

There Is A Huge Underground Farm Hiding 100 Feet Beneath London's Streets

homemade spaghetti sauce

Humanity Forced To Put Down Aging God (Onion)

Silicon Valley startups in forefront of new space race

Trolley-Train Hybrid Tackles City Streets, Then Speeds to Suburbs

Pucker up for love this Valentine’s weekend! Be “sealed” with a whiskery kiss.

Flappy Bird - Never Played it Before but...

Could You & Your family be Next? Life in the Fracking sacrifice zone

Sun shines on #MoralMarch as massive crowd sings "We Shall Overcome"

How Language Policing And Hyper-Sensitivity Are Ruining Social Dialogue

No One Cares About Your Damn Religion

Moral March on Raleigh Reaches Higher Ground

Browns Overhaul Front Office; New GM and CEO

Sniper attack on Silicon Valley power grid spurs security crusade by ex-regulator

Feburary at Horsetail Falls in Yosemite

Republicans Block South Dakotans From Voting On Medicaid Expansion

Today Is ‘The Day We Fight Back’

I told myself this couldn't be true: Big Oil and Gas is Exempt from Major Environmental Laws

Hedge funds wooing traders from big banks (much more money to be made)

Because as we all know, Kentucky doesn't have any other issues...

More snow on the way for NYC metro area.

Majority of Americans support normalizing relations with Cuba: poll

It's going to be 88 degrees in Tucson this weekend

PA minister claims Western Wall as Palestinian land

Delegate Bob Marshall is a Candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District

Switzerland far right party of hate declares war on European immigration

"True Detective"....anyone else hooked on this?

Hollywood in color: Old black and white photos reproduced in full color.

Switzerland far right party of hate declares war on European immigration

Health Insurance Downgrade? It’s FALSE NEWS!

Arizona Republican wants to jail undocumented immigrants for using public bathrooms

U.S. condemns Afghan decision to go ahead with detainee release

Arrests in Long Island nursing home death

Britain must reconsider holding Litvinenko inquiry-court

2 dozen arrested in New York City, Italy mob drug trafficking ring

Love this maze in the snow for a dog

Trade unions demand (march) dollars for printing paper (Spanish)

More pissed than ever at the NFL

8 Frightening Facts About Fracking

"Homosexuals prey on young children" is not just politics in Russia, so stop with the rock throwing

What made the term "trigger" really take off?

Pic Of The Moment: Anti-Pot Sen. Rubio (R) Performs Epic Dodge When Asked If He Ever Smoked It

Sens. Warren & Durbin Join Local Workers & Business Call for Minimum Wage Increase

The Rude Pundit: David Brooks' Column Today: "Watch Me Blow Myself"

Shirley Temple, the 1930s and today's Depression

When these things become self-aware and armed, we're all fucked….

How the media covers a Teapublican rally:

Yeah, who doesn't like cake? Come on!

Mary Poppins, he's not...

dKos source RETRACTS story that Christie won't let his staff testify before legislative committee

Klingenschmitt really has stepped in it big time now...

Did anybody else find that recent Cadillac ad repugnant?

Head announcer for the US Olympics sidelined with Pinkeye...

We Are the Asteroid; Man-Made Extinction

This is interesting Best Schools are Blue States - Worst - Red States

Gov. Cuomo Throws Cold Water On Mayor de Blasio's Call For a Separate NYC Minimum Wage

Cop Who Allegedly Struck Cyclist and Fled Is Acquitted of Felonies

Dr. Housing Bubble 02/10/14

House Armed Services Committee Report ends all Benghazi conspiracy talk

what's for dinner - tuesday, feb 11

Former Florida State Rep. Ana Rivas Logan Leaves GOP Over Immigration, Becomes A Democrat

Para Bellum Labs Will Attempt To Make the RNC a Political-Analytics Player

Run, Joe, run! Why a Scarborough presidential run would be doomed and amazing

If anyone votes for a progressive third party candidate

NWS: Historic icing event possible for Pee Dee(NE SC) Do Jeebus!

De Blasio Calls Clergy to Action on Pre-K Tax Plan

50th anniversary of the GI Joe doll...

McClatchy-Marist Poll: Christie is dropping fast against Clinton

Is Michael Sam a fit for trailblazing Raiders?

Dick Cheney’s dark legacy: It’s his world, we’re just living in it

I voted for David Alvarez....GOTV

How a Single Gay Juror Brought Down Nevada’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Deliberations in ex-mayor Nagin's case delayed

UAW Vote at Volkswagen Confronts Union Aversion in South

In Massachusetts, ACA brings the smallest base rate increases "in memory" -- about 2% overall.

Ukraine Radicals Steer Violence as Nationalist Zeal Grows

My wife has enslaved me! She wants sex without babies!

Ex-Bank of America Exec Pleads Guilty to Bid-Rigging Municipal Bonds

Obama Signs Emergency Declaration for Georgia

Someone got me a heart?

Missile Dick Chicks

Marco Rubio Got One Thing Right About Answering The Q: Have You Smoked Pot

Wall Street Journal Columnist: Victims Of Sexual Assault Need To Take Their Share Of Blame, Too

Kinks Reunion Tour???

Russia Dismisses U.S. Sanctions Against Iran As "Illegitimate"

Texas Gov. Rick Perry links marijuana to murder

Karl Rove Tells Rand Paul To Pipe Down About The Lewinsky Stuff

US Threatens Sanctions Against Ukraine Over Protest Violence

A foot of snow possible along Southern I-95 corridor.

Picacho Peak (Pic heavy)

who ever gave me my second heart: thank you!

Cockfighting Crackdown in Queens New York and Plattekill New York

Is it legitimate to take either post count or poster history into account when sitting on a jury?

Full Resolution NOAA Mosaic Enhancement Radar Loop (Zoom-able) is mesmerizing, as well

Fantastic cover of Let it Go

We Shouldn't Reward Teachers ...

Job Openings in U.S. Decrease in December as Hiring Slows

Home Prices Rose in Fewer U.S. Markets in Fourth Quarter

Thank you for the hearts

Just got a robo call from the American Petrolium Institute.

Hi I just asked this in the thread I wrote last month

My new Favorite Dinner: Sauteed Kale.

Chicago Tribune: Illinois Partners With The Onion To Push Obamacare Enrollment

Virginia's Bob Marshall, running for Congress: idiot

Toon: You had a bad experience with Obamacare?

Toon: What folks are saying...

'Flappy Bird' Creator Pulled Game Because It Was 'Too Addictive'

If I stop posting,

What's for lunch?

Tea Bagger World. What Is Their Agenda?

Fox Business Channel Host Claims The Lego Movie Has A Liberal Agenda

last Christie apologist folds

Christie Campaign Gets Approval to Use Funds for Legal Bills

(IL) Marijuana rules would require $500K to open

"NASA Is Spying On Us From Outer Space!!"

Slate: Charlie Crist Thinks Opposition To Obama Might Be A Little Bit Racist

(MA) State health commissioner held fund-raisers for congressman awarded medical marijuana licenses

House Republicans Voted Against Environmental Interests 95 Percent Of The Time In 2013

When an atheist army protected Islam...

U.S. appeals court quashes IRS tax-return preparer crackdown

4 minutes and 18 seconds of your life you can never get back

On History2 tonight, "Thingamabob"

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me a Valentine heart. n/t

Yes! Michael Sam is on the new "Sports Illustrated" cover:

Kaspersky Lab uncovers cyberespionage rig, The Mask

Warriors by 43, baby!!

2014 Election Resolution

LA Times: Robert Greenwald turns his lens on drone warfare in 'Unmanned'

Tweet: here's my fave quote about Jefferson, said by JFK at a Nobel Prize winners dinner

Tweet from the FLOTUS: Bone appétit!

Prosecutor: East Detroit swim instructor changed clothes rather than save drowning boy

Violence against Muslims soars in Central African Republic

Violence against Muslims soars in Central African Republic

Lets dig a little deeper for a dream team. What would you think of fmr Gov. Gregoire as a nominee?

Can you keep a secret?

Washington Gov. Suspends Death Penalty, Hopes For Debate

Yellen Says Recovery in Labor Market Far From Complete

This I promise you: Rep. Michael Grimm digs Justin Timberlake

A Smart, Satirical Look at what Development "Really" Does In Our World

Bolivia's La Paz department declared "disaster zone"

James Clapper Calls Journalists "Criminal Accomplices" - Trevor Timm Discusses

Felons Should Regain Voting Rights After Serving: Holder

Terrorism Lawyer’s Access to Secret Papers Fought by U.S.

Well lookie lookie - U.S. Attorney’s Office seeking additional Christie reelection campaign records

Here is something for you to think about....

Book: Issa defended Hillary on Benghazi

Washington governor places moratorium on death penalties in the state

Former U.S. Sailor Sentenced To 30 Years For Trying To Spy For Russia

True story: my seriously manic son seeks med care; told to come back in 9 days.

Man wanted for groping 11-year-old girl in public is notorious abortion clinic bomber

Record, mug shot from Steve Stockman’s drug arrest that he now denies

Life or Death: Heat Is a Necessity, Not a Luxury

BREAKING: Pipe Break At Coal Facility Contaminates West Virginia Waterway

Rand Paul: Hillary Could Be Derailed by Little-Known Lewinsky Affair - secret told by Andy Borowitz

Walker's Mine Imperils Wisconsin

After grief and loss, life goes on at big-cat rescue center

I wish to thank someone for my heart. I am in a bad fix economically so could not participate this

Good news from California!

Wisconsin Dems Black Caucus - Proud to announce the Nominees

How They Train: Aerial Skiing

10% of the population of this critically endangered species was shot and killed in the last 3 months

Potential Primary Foe Calls On NYS Sen. Jeffrey Klein To Break Alliance With Senate GOP

20 amazing quotes from atheists that prove religion isn’t necessary for a meaningful life

Thank you friends for the hearts

Florida County Eliminates Minority-Heavy Polling Places

At last!! A thread with many posters and no fighting!!

KRUGMAN: We Live In Age Of The Angry Billionaire-Furious If Anyone Suggests They Are Not Entitled

1,000 Bodies Found On University Of Mississippi Land Thought To Be From Old 'Lunatic Asylum'

Washington Free Beacon Isn't Happy That Andrea Mitchell Called Them An 'Anti-Clinton Site'

Happy Valentine's Day. Check out this beautiful ad from Gun Oil Lubricant

The B.D.S. Threat

U.S. Attorney’s Office seeking additional Christie reelection campaign records

Fabulous trees don't give a fuck, 'cause fabulous trees are too busy being fabulous

OLYMPIC SPOILER: Shaun White in the Halfpipe. Look at his damn board:

What would you do?

I've read all of Lindsey Davis' Falco books. Now trying THE COURSE OF HONOUR.

De Blasio Blasts Pre-K Budget Threat in Albany

Pap and Seder: CBO Report Shows Republican Illiteracy

TPM: Inside The GOP Establishment's War To Crush The Tea Party Revolt

Duncan Hines Brownie Husband

Cyberespionage operation 'The Mask' compromised organizations in 30-plus countries

Brooklyn toddler dies; Police questioning mother in death

The Untold Story Of The World's Most Famous Photo

Fabulous Cake Apologizes For Being Just Too Damned Fabulous...

I'm watching the Michael Dunn trial

Scandal-plagued Barclays bank raises bonuses after axing thousands of jobs

Ohio set to pass tough new round of voting restrictions

Rep. Phil Roe: Obamacare Shouldn’t Cover Pregnancies Because My Wife Is ‘Fixed’



Seriously -- why can't I have a rabid raccoon as a pet?

Labor secretary: Why can't McDonald's pay what In-N-Out does?

Tesla Cars So Easy To Buy Online, Ohio Auto Dealers Want A Law To Shut Them Out

Forced sterilization and impunity in Peru

Does anyone have Yulia Lipnitskaya gold medal performance?

Sermon of Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury during the Church of England's General Synod

Sermon of Archbishop Justin Welby of Canterbury during the Church of England's General Synod

Guy In TX Wearing Banana Suit & Carrying AK-47 Gets Cited-But Not For Banana Suit Or AK-47

In true crime: Austrailia beat Texas and Florida with this crime:

RIP Bitcoin.

Church Champions Nude Worship Because “Jesus Was Born Naked”

Sign the petition: Whole Foods just fired a mom for the worst reason

Seriously -- Why can't I have a velociraptor as a pet?

The Republican Party Now Wants States To Seize Public Lands For Drilling And Mining

2 shot in Levittown, schools placed on "lockout"

Germany Plans to Raze Towns for Brown Coal and Cheap Energy

Limbaugh: Straight People Are 'Under Assault By The 2-5 Percent That Are Homosexual'

Lots Of Major Bitcoin Exchanges Are Under A 'Concerted And Massive Attack' Right Now

Everything old is new again: the Megalopolitan Blizzard of February 10-12, 1983

BREAKING: Pipe Break At Patriot Coal Facility Contaminates West Virginia Waterway

FBI Appears To Have Collected Tormail's Entire Email Database... And It's Using It

Dumb Criminals: Chainsaw Weilding Gas Station Robber Caught Wearing Flower Pot On Head

"Online Trolls are Everyday Sadists"

There's always one . . . percent

Ann Coulter: Obama acts like he’s from Kenya — and weed is a ‘legal retard pill’

Ex-Navy chaplain: Consequences of sin force gay soldiers to wear diapers in combat

Images that Maduro doesn't want you to see (graphic bloody images state oppression)

Someone gave me a heart....

Clarence Thomas: Society is overly sensitive about race

McVites's Chocolates!

Texas couples go to court to overturn same-sex marriage ban

7 Forgotten but extremely influential women from (American) history....

Seriously -- why can't I have a pet great white shark?

I was given a heart and to that person I say thank you and I'm

Well thanks

ANOTHER toxic chemical spill near Charleston, WV.

Dumb Criminals: Texas Man Wearing Banana Costume, Carrying Visible AK-47 Arrested For Soliciting

Virginia Senate Votes To Repeal Ultrasound Mandate

Surely there is a better site than Ebay to buy or bid on people's used items?

Did you hear Crystal Ball's rant on the Cycle asking Hillary not to run?

Precourt takes engineering job after nixing Expressway Authority post

This is going to be an odd post, and I hope not out of line.

Seriously -- why can't I have a pet polar bear?

NJ State Police:Christie didnot fly over the GWB during the shut down

A question for the Community

You'd have to be really dumb to say something like this....Or a Republican....

CREW Exposes Koch Brothers' Influence in Pennsylvania

Rep. Phil Roe: Obamacare shouldn’t cover pregnancies because my wife is ‘fixed’

A South Philly perspective on snow and stuff.

Commentary By Greg Abbott: Third-world comments not directed at Rio Grande Valley

Environment = Public Health

Police: US Consulate Employee Killed in Pakistan

Seriously - why can't I have a pet DUer ?

Olympic Spirit - American coach of Canadian team, gives ski to Russian who broke his in race

Almost Hell

I would like someone to reinvent the cigar box, please.

California Dem proposes $13 dollar minimum wage in response to Obama's SOTU speech!!

California has a third of the nation's solar power jobs

Orange County GOP Chairman resigns....

New US Military Space Plane Aims for 2017 Liftoff

Chicaro Club (bigoted restaurant that refuses to serve gay people)

Move over Freedom Industries, because Patriot Coal is taking over

The Big Picture: MSM ignores Saturday’s huge North Carolina protest

They're Already Running Ads Against Us

Contrast . . .

From Bernie Sanders' Facebook page...

Danish animal welfare group backs zoo's giraffe killing

IOC Hails Sochi Olympics a 'Great Success' So Far

82% more greenhouse gas emissions than conventional oil....


***Check in if you're in the path of THE STORM****

Ted Cruz Threatens To Filibuster Clean Debt Limit Hike

Does a More Equal Marriage Mean Less Sex?

It was -04 when I left the Chicago area, and it's nearly 80 just a relative few miles from home.

Reid: Debt Ceiling Fiasco Shows GOP's 'Absurdity' And 'Lack Of Common Sense'

Atlantic Council Poll: majority of Americans support normalizing US/Cuba relations

Holder pushes for criminal-justice overhaul

Darrell Issa’s Witchhunt Caused 150 IRS Employees to Work 70,000 Hours

Christie led Republican Governors Association sets fundraising record

Switzerland's immigration 'victory' over the EU is a fairytale sold by the far right

'Doonesbury' comic goes on long-term hiatus

Barclays to cut 12,000 jobs, pays bigger bonuses

18 people reportedly exposed to incurable disease (Creutzfeldt-Jakob) in N.C.

Snow should come in color. With so many snows, a different color with each snowfall.

Wyoming Senate Votes Down Bill Allowing Firing-Squad Executions

Americans Find Swift Stonewall On Whether NSA Vacuumed Their Data

So off on a distant planet -

Stocks soar as investors cheer Yellen

"We should expel gays from the party because the Devil made them gay" -- GOP official

Media darling and Very serious wonk Paul Ryan votes NO to debt ceiling increase.

There ain’t too much I can say about this song except...

Doonesbury going on "long term hiatus"

I think you will LOVE "The Monuments Men"! daughter has had a tough time with her college work due to untreated

A gender-neutral presidential polling result

Obama Set To Sign Executive Order On Minimum Wage

This the funniest Bagger signs ever *warning, put down any beverages*

Clarence Thomas: Society is overly sensitive about race

Why the Tea Party is Standing Down

But I thought the commercial said it was Clean Coal?

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Do you say "tunafish"? If so, what do you mean when you say it?

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House passes 'clean' debt ceiling bill

House Passes Clean Debt Limit Hike

"Billy the Kid" - American Experience..PBS 8:00 p.m. Love this show..n/t

James Taranto writing in the WSJ: Drunk rape victims "were taking foolish risks"

The Extreme Left!

I Hope One More Heart Appreciation Thread Is OK.

My shout out to any DUers and/or their families in the path of that BAD ASS ice storm

Goldman Sachs Hands Out Cosmetic Mirrors and Nail Files at Women’s Coding Event

Has anyone here ever heard of Show Box

Wisconsin: Bill would prohibit local "living wage" laws

Failure to communicate

My life is in ruins.

Scientists get mice high, because science

Man wanted for groping 11-year-old girl in public is notorious abortion clinic bomber

The destruction of the idols: Syria’s patrimony at risk from extremists

New York teachers get five years to fully enact Common Core

The Valantine gift which keeps on giving

Young boy walks out of Bronx school and walks home

Idaho cop shoots disabled man’s service dog at son’s 9th birthday party

Winter Storm Watch posted for Southern NYS.

United Arab Emirates To Launch Eye-Scanning Delivery Drones

House Republicans Give Up on Debt Limit, Like Everyone Knew They Would

Speaking of hearts . . . .

GOP Are The Same As Those GOPPERS In 1929

007 crow

Tom Brokaw Diagnosed With Cancer; Prognosis Encouraging

Freddy, Britain's biggest dog

‘Catastrophic’ Ice Storm Forecast To Hit Southeast United States

"Moral March" Poses Big Questions for Progressives

Gay Teen Achieves Eagle Scout Milestone in Maryland

Thank you for the heart, Secret Admirer!!

Here's How Easy It Is For Google Chrome To Eavesdrop On Your PC Microphone

Wake Up They Want It All Folks. Will Do Anything Include Use Force If Public Wakes Up.

This cartoon draws better than I do.

Canadian Skier Pulls Disabled Brother Over Security Barrier to Celebrate Gold Medal Together

I was once a little girl who wore "Shirley Temple" curls

SNOW DAY Today! Ice Storm Tomorrow! (PHOTOS)

DuPont Biotech Corn Moves Toward EU Approval

"Don't tell me all these storms that are predicted by Global Climate Change

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 11 February 2014

US farm income to plunge 27 percent in 2014 – USDA

This Is What Crisis Mode Looks Like

My conversation with a gun nut

Wisconsin: The last sane Republican in the State

We're almost frozen solid here. City water main's frozen in the ground on many streets.

Google gains control of Moffett Field

We're almost frozen solid here. City water main's frozen in the ground on many streets.

"Hiding in Plain Sight".....James Ridgeway