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Des Moines airport votes to privatize firefighters drawing union backlash



The 1% Should Be Afraid: The New Norm in the Workplace Is Unstable

The Accessories to War Crimes Are Those Paid To Keep the Record Straight

EPA Releases Final Guidance for Fracking with Diesel

WTF? Taco Bell Manager Allegedly Told Employees To Trap Sleeping Homeless Man In Dumpster

Toon: See? I told you so!

Decisions, decisions

The Boycott Isn't Economic Warfare, It's Psychological

Toon: "Openly Gay Man in the Locker Room!"

Rightists Award Student Who Persecuted 'Left-Wing' Teacher

Palin Olympics Update

Atlanta freaks out before winter storm

Is US on the verge of "change" breakdown?

Anti-Gay Restaurant Hilariously Pranked By Gay Rights Supporters

Appeals court rules 'Choose Life' plates unconstitutional for North Carolina

If you're not LGBT, you just don't know what this feels like

Damaged Care Redux: "They're Back!"

Sochi 2014: 10 amazing helmet designs at the Winter Olympics – in pictures

Heard this song today . . .

(CA) Drug cops to Obama: Your pot comments were wrong

The DOJ is seeking documents from Texas legislators on Texas voter id law

He's got Bob Costas eyes..

Longtime ‘NBC Nightly News’ host Tom Brokaw diagnosed with cancer

Assisted suicide charge dropped against Pa. woman

Sheldon Silver Hits 20 Years As Speaker

The essence of Harper government is personal cruelty: Mallick

Mike Malloy - GOP Is Triying To Hide The Lunatics

House Oversight Committee Seeks Return Of $15 Billion In Medicaid Funds From New York

Tom Brokaw Diagnosed With Cancer, Prognosis Encouraging

Mike Malloy - An Interview With Bob Kincaid

Watch this as he misses the pen

Darwin Day celebrations evolve with parties, proclamations

Emanuel rakes in cash from developers

Darwin Day celebrations evolve with parties, proclamations

Pope Francis first wanted to be named after Pope John XXIII

Pope Francis first wanted to be named after Pope John XXIII

Wall Street's Hot New Financial Product: Your Rent Check

Charles Sousa bemoans federal budget that ‘ripped off’ Ontario

IF you could do a Word Cloud of your childhood...what would show up LARGE?

Live Up North? Your Gut May Have More 'Fat' Microbes

U.S. can keep Guantanamo hunger strikers alive by force: court

What do men want for Valentine's Day?

If this doesn't make you tear up, see your doctor . . .

'Dumb Starbucks,' brainchild of Comedy Central star, shut down by health inspectors

Happy Darwin Eve, everyone!

Wendy Davis says she supports medical marijuana

Remember when ...

Germany to Comb Museums for Nazi-Looted Art

Rep. Roe: Obamacare shouldn’t cover pregnancies because my wife is ‘fixed’

Sponsor of Idaho 'Ag Gag' bill: animal rights activists like marauding invaders centuries ago

Analysis New U.S. farm bill coddles farmers, ignores Canada's plea

BREAKING: Rand Paul, along with crazy Larry Klayman, will sue Obama administration over NSA

This Father Just DESTROYED Society’s Definition Of Beauty. This Is Perfect.

French Judge Orders 1-Euro Payment for Sad Michael Jackson Fans

Arizona Republican wants to jail undocumented immigrants for using public bathrooms

Meet the First Openly Gay Eagle Scout

Shirley Temple Black: 10 political facts

Moderate earthquake swarm at Yellowstone?

Which credit card should I pay down with my tax return?

Are DUers watching Kornacki hosting for Chris Hayes

Steve Kornachi is filling in for Hayes tonight on MSNBC and reporting on the Chris Christie story...

Maitland's Digital Risk to lay off up to 745 statewide

Canada to regulate bitcoin in war on dirty money Add to ...

Someone's Been Sending GOP Lawmakers A Bizarre Threat Over The Debt Ceiling

Mormons just don't learn from their mistakes

Is the FCC Chairman getting ready to take a case-by-case approach to net neutrality?

Someone gave me a heart. So I am no longer heartless.

Man who shot teen: 'He's coming to kill me' (Michael Dunn case in FL)

Boehner Caught in Reasonableness Scandal

Blue Bell expanding into Vegas due to popular demand

Blue Bell expanding into Vegas due to popular demand

Instead of anguished exhortations begging Hillary not to run for president,

Oh, GREAT. First the war on Christmas, now an attack from "the 2-5% who are homosexuals"

Dionne: Violent right-wing talk helps block sane gun laws

5 days = 1 hour, 10 minutes, 23 seconds

Greensheet: Risks and Rewards of Bitcoin

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Oxymorons! & a new Kitteh gif

The carbon footprint of giving one red rose on Valentine's Day

Remember when there was some color in the world? (Dial-up warning)

i think you guys are sneaky.

Minnesota students: Don't forget your lunch money

The Vatican still protects pedophile priests

West Virginia Water Nightmare: Private Testing Finds Coal Chemical In 40 Percent Of Homes

Canadian cross-country coach Justin Wadsworth lends ski to Russian skier

Vast Study Casts Doubts on Value Of Mammograms

Report: Wolff & Samson profited from Port Authority takeover of Atlantic City airport

Sly shoppers' bag of tricks

Game and Fish releases rabid skunk

Rowland Hires Top D.C. Criminal Defense Lawyer


If you are keeping tabs on the trial of Michael Dunn in Florida...

Admiral's e-mail on photos of Osama bin Laden's corpse: 'Destroy them'

right to farm.

posted in rural/farm life, from my farm blog-

For those of you in Seoul

Thanks to whomever sent me a heart!

ack! My computer won't download properly. I try and download

For those of you in Seoul

this is hard to watch, but must be seen!

I just want to give a personal "Thank You" to the ones who gave me hearts this week....

'They could agree on nothing,'

IBEW Member Makes Olympic Appearance

Photo of the Obamas welcoming Hollande. Michelle is gorgeous. Obama too.




NC’s moral protests return in a big way

On Woody Allen and Echoes of the Past

"GOP Report Acknowledges That The U.S. Military Couldn't Have Changed Benghazi Outcome"

John Boehner

Inequality Is So Bad Even The Super-Rich Are Getting Left Behind

FL's vouchers for disabled still a "boon for con artists". Not regulated.

No, they're not all just corporate shills

Maduro: Toyota manager in Cumaná has a parasite's mind

They're growing more than just weed out in Washington State ....

Cruisin' for a bruisin'

Thank you to who ever gave me my heart!

Obama Administration Urges Cops To Help Save Lives By Treating Heroin Overdoses

Mizzou students vs. Westboro Baptist Church

Wow!! Thanks for the heartses!!!

Who Loves Ya Baby?

Why the biggest protest in the US South since Selma wasn't covered by the so-called "news" media...

How do they determine who gets to be on top?

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

Fox: Disgusting Lego Movie Insults the "Job Creators!"

Fracking explosion in Greene Co., SW PA. Worker missing, feared dead.

A disturbing thought about real estate.

**Thank you to whoever sent me hearts** ((hugs))

My response to the events of today

( Updated ) Mom creates birthday Facebook page after son says he has no friends

Another thought... a healthy stock market is a sign TPTB are still in control.

List of Republicans that voted 'no' on the THREE SoS nominee confirmations

For those who missed it, encore presentation of CBS Beatles special tomorrow, Feb. 12th

Democrats: GOP claims they can't trust Obama are just "excuses"

ThingamaBob on History2 at 11 pm

Looks like Obama has his Harriet Miers judicial nomination

Cable modem question

CRISTIE has the O'REILLY disease: Delusion and denial. O'DONNELL just ran a clip of him blaming

Grimm's Texas Business Ventures May Explain Connection to Woman Accused of Sending Him Illegal $$$

God Loves a Terrier!

El Nino Weather Seen as 75% Likelihood in 2014, Researchers Say

I haven't seen an official heart thank you thread yet, so to my secret admirers: 'thank you' :)

Refrigerator cat

It might hit 90 degrees over the weekend in AZ.

Is anyone else counting down the days until valentine's is over

Why The Three Biggest Economic Lessons Were Forgotten

Lake Superior nearing first complete ice-over since 1996

How Obama Officials Cried ‘Terrorism’ to Cover Up a Paperwork Error

Many townships in gas boom areas still do not have any zoning protections

The Official, I live in the South, why are we having *snow* this again, thread

Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Recliner) thinks he is done answering residency questions

Chris Hedges interviews Lynne Stewart (Part 1)

Ivory Sales Banned in U.S. as 35,000 Elephants Die Each Year

Third Way's Jon Cowan. "The left's four fiscal fantasies"

The ever-shrinking Kerry peace process


Joel Burns resigns from Fort Worth City Council

Joel Burns resigns from Fort Worth City Council

I'm tired

The Gun Report: February 11, 2014

Those who are called "Purists" are actually the Pragmatists

Sen. Osten among those seeking IRA for low-income workers, self-employed

Fucking COUGH MEDICINE off the Medicare Part B/D dispensary list?!? No, really.

Random casting: The Long Ships

No one running for US Senate

Oklahomans Prepares to Rally at State Capitol for Medical Marijuana - 71% of Oklahomans want it

4 Reasons We Were Right Not to Boycott the Olympics

Another Austin Disruption: The Omelettry eyes move to new location

Cats DO have a sweet tooth!

How I got rid of my nasty browser hijacker...3 programs.

Tea Party Loses As House Approves Debt Ceiling Increase Without Condition

Honduras suspends eight consuls in US

Custody Case Court Documents that Shed Light on the Dylan Farrow-Woody Allen Saga

Open Source alternatives to Dreamweaver?

A valentine's day party will be our 2nd, or maybe 3rd date

Mozilla to sell advertising in Firefox browser

Cross Posting From American History

Texas Dems employ automated calls after Abbott’s ‘Third World’ comment

Finally a cop story about doing the right thing! (TYT)

Stewart Rips Everyone on Immigration: It’s GOP Hypocrites vs. 'Passive-Aggressive' Dems!

ever sign up on those dating websites?

People That Endanger Others Behave Badly

It begins. I can hear the ice coming down outside

February 14th and "giri choco" in Japan

Eric Holder Backs Restoration Of Voting Rights For Former Felons

Did we lose a DU'er in San Jose in December?


SO it looks like the surgery has been cancelled...

let's hope the prosecutors get it right tomorrow..


Researchers develop car for a goldfish to drive

Researchers develop car for a goldfish to drive

It's halftime in NE SC.

Insight: In Ukraine standoff, echoes of U.S.-Russia Cold War tensions

[R] Faulconer wins mayor's race [San Diego]

Fremont [NE] immigrant housing ordinance will stay as is; voters reject proposed changes

Michael Sam's father not taking it well after learning his son is gay

Florida County Eliminates Minority-Heavy Polling Places

Bridge collapse strands tourists in Peru's Machu Picchu

Military Recruitment Breeds Inequality for Colombia's Teenage Boys

If you are wondering about the security in and around Sochi.....

'Mother Lode' of Fossils Discovered in Canada

Has anyone heard from DU member Leveymg?

U.S. Plummets in Global Press Freedom Rankings (

You want to see Jon Stewart OBLITERATE anti-gay critics of Michael Sam?

Jacko: French fans awarded €1 over death

Sorry...i know this is an old joke but I still laughed

Swedish singer Alice Babs dies aged 90

MP deplores death threats against Colombian MP

Swiss-trained Olympic skier in nude video furore

Benghazi lies are finished...

DEA must get a warrant before accessing prescription database

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ Feb12th

Ghiaccio di Venezia

Funniest Pictures Mocking Sarah Palin (in honor of her 50th birthday)

Racism meets regional bigotry

Blondie refuses to play the Red Rocks Festival in Sochi - #pass4humanrights

Augusta,GA is ground zero: .75-1.25inches of ice

Indy Star's Bizarre Tale of Real-Life Exorcism Wins Huge Mobile Traffic, but Cashing In Is Harder

Looking for a different kind of beef stew recipe.

University tears down ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’ posters for offending Christians

Brazilian sausage prank

India lashes out at U.S. in WTO fight over solar energy trade

India lashes out at U.S. in WTO fight over solar energy trade (xpost from FA)

A happy ending to my "bad boss" problem and thank you for the hearts.

Church of England backs fast-tracking women bishops

Researchers: One out of every 14 women worldwide has suffered sexual assault

Arizona Republican wants to jail undocumented immigrants for using public bathrooms

Anyone know a good E-card service? (like one that doesn't require registration or plant cookies?)

Another 60 works found in Cornelius Gurlitt’s spectacular ‘Nazi art trove’

Was Krystal Ball's rant a revenge piece? What say you?

Laser pointers targeting aircraft in New York jump 39 percent: FBI

Recently deciphered Viking rune hints at a ‘queer’ playfulness to violent Norse culture

Pakistani anti-drone activist kidnapped just days before his scheduled European testimony

Texas couples go to court to overturn same-sex marriage ban

Mission Accomplished: Polio returns to Afghan capital after 13 years

Bitcoin price plunges after ‘Mt. Gox’ marketplace indefinitely halts withdrawals

Thread*** Pics from Winter Storm Pax ***

The NSA's top 10 scariest intrusions

Scandal-plagued Barclays bank raises bonuses after axing thousands of jobs

Trawl the Internet for red flags, says Congressional report on U.S. security clearances

You wouldn't vote for Hillary because Obama was allegedly way more liberal.

Catholics mark a year since Pope Benedict XVI resignation

Kansas house passes bill that would allow service refusal to same sex couples

akamai has hijacked my computer...any suggestions how to get rid of it?

10 Reasons Russia Is a Much Crueler Place Than the Cuddly Snowy Image It's Projecting at Sochi

Banks Throw Hissy Fit After Elizabeth Warren Endorses Idea to Allow Post Office to Offer Financial S

Wake up! It's breakfast!

How Much Money Is Hobby Lobby's Morality Worth?

Connecticut has very likely created tens of thousands of newly minted criminals; 20-100k at least

Raynham still waiting for Verizon to connect customers to local access channels

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Fear of a Gay Man

Coakley’s proposed ban on home liens by casinos draws mixed reaction in Taunton

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Goodbye, Shirley

CA Rep Marc Levine: What is our most precious commodity, water or oil?

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- GOP and CONgress

Island in Scotland to be First 100% Self-Sustaining Place on Earth

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The rest

Indisputable Evidence That Millennials Have It Worse Than Any Generation in 50 Years

The 1 Percent State of Mind

I'm sorry, but it's too early to declare the ACA a success.

Old laws: In Mississippi, if you pass a bad check for$100, you lose your right

FYI The USA's Women's Hockey team is playing Canada now.(7:30am)

Woman trolls herself on Facebook, gets almost two years in prison

'Mother Lode' of Amazingly Preserved Fossils Discovered in Canada

False Dawn: The 35th Anniversary of Iranian Revolution

100 years later, WWI sparks a new battle in Britain

Bwaaaaaaaah it won't be long-Ex-Christie administration member lobbied for train station

Ice Storm of '98: A Retrospective

Gunmen kill nine at Pakistani policeman's home as peace talks proceed

Russia says will veto Syria aid resolution in current form

Can Obama make a grand bargain with Iran over Syria?

Bulgarian government survives third no-confidence vote

Paris Investigation: Tensions Grow over Murder of Kurdish Activists

Kevin Faulconer, Republican, Wins San Diego Election For Mayor

The Decisive Battle

Two teenage boys charged in US 'satanic' ritual murder

Sochi Schadenfreude: 'Ha Ha, The Russians Screwed It Up Again!'

Believe this and live forever - Mark Morford

Office Hi-Jinks!

(HUGE PIC ALERT !) The Best Earth Pics From the Newest Landsat Satellite

Proposed Documentary Title for Sochi Games

They have thumbs and can use smartphones now, our doom is nigh...

Afghanistan ‘As Good As It’s Going To Get’: Marine Commandant

Its starting. UE is starting to hit the 1.7 million, and the Republicants don't give a sh*t

Wounded Knee, 1890 – 1973 in photos (Graphic)

The 600-year old "butt song from hell" from The Garden of Earthly Delights

Effort To Repeal Colorado Gun Control Laws Fails

Gnocchi with pesto and shrimp

Lessons From Marines’ Special Africa Force: Juba, The Anti-Bengahzi

*Press freedom under attack - the risks journalists face in order to report*

DepSecDef Visits, Criticizes Littoral Combat Ship; Fox Replacement Is LCS Backer

Grammar Is Important

Train Afghans, Corrall Al Qaeda: America’s Enduring Mission in Afghanistan

The Mobsters of Wall Street

NGAUS Head Knocks Senior Pentagon Leaders On Army Budget Battle

How To Screw The NSA

28 Doves Released From The Space Station

An impressive conversation with Wendy Davis

Ice storm knocks out power to 27,000 customers (Georgia)

Totalitarian Paranoia in the Post-Orwellian Surveillance State

One Month After the Spill, Here Are 5 Things You Need to Know About West Virginia’s Water Crisis

Bruce Springsteen covers "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC.

Albeit only remotely connected to my LGBT status, I"m finally glad to leave the midwest.

CMD: Wisconsin Club for Growth Makes False Claims to Federal Court

If you plant cookies, do they grow into cookie trees?

28 Cubesats Launched From The Space Station

Of course democrats stand practically no chance of winning back the house this year.

UK Storms: Met office issues red warning for damaging winds

Go home, Snow… You're drunk!

NS, Sherlock - Thanks To Tea Party, LCV Score For House GOP Falls From 17% To 5%

Christie: "Americans don't want income equality."

Christian School Faulted for Halting Abuse Study

Ground So Saturated That UK Flooding Could Not Just Persist, But Increase For Months - BBC

Report: Boehner Stunned That GOP Colleagues Didn't Applaud His Debt Limit Plan

China's State Council Abandons Grain Self-Suffiiciency Policy

'Morning Joe' Panelist Outraged That Chuck Todd Didn't Praise Chris Christie

This time of year is hell for little dogs...

In the Lewinsky Redux, a Religious Message

Pledges, Promises & Progams Likely To Have No Impact On Hong Kong's Foul Air

Rand Paul’s bizarre poverty fantasy: Why he’s wrong about poor women and marriage

Question submitted by Orrex

Accord Would Fine Duke Energy $99,000 For Coal Ash Spills, But Now, NC Gov Wants To Delay It

(Not The...) NASA is now accepting applications from companies that want to mine the moon

Christie gets thrown under a bus by...

Oregon Bee Protection Bill Gutted, But They're Going To Form A TASK FORCE!!!

8 Vehicles Swallowed by Sinkhole at National Corvette Museum

In the Darkness of Dick Cheney The Smile of Secret Power

Rand Paul Woos the Base With Hot Monica Lewinsky Talk

What districts are within reach to turn from R to D in California?

Va. Gov. Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Winter Storm

Woman Sentenced To 8 Years For Fatal Crash That Killed Attorney

Hillary Supporters Should Want to Complete Ferraro’s Unfinished Business

The Morning Plum: Dems hit back over Obamacare

Would you have 'filled up'? Gas Sells At A Penny Per Gallon At Woodstock Shell Station

The Cowboy Republicans Can’t Quit

Rep. Tim Huelskamp rails against LGBT rights: God is the ‘third person in your marriage’

You Know Who Else Collected Metadata? The Stasi

Obama to include disabled workers in minimum wage order

Eden, NC Coal Ash Spill - UNEDITED FOOTAGE

RIP Ms. Samhain...

Michael Sam's Dad went drinking after learning son is gay...‘I’m a man and a woman type of guy’

Another poor, oppressed, put-upon 1 percenter ............

- Great news. A court has ruled Gitmo hunger strikers can sue over force feeding

Minnesota measure would allow schools to serve lunch to poor students, not toss them out


US Plummets In Press Freedom Rankings

New Rules for Radicals

Hillary Clinton Regretted Speaking With Bob Woodward & thought the press were "complete hypocrites"

The Rolling Stones - Something Happened To Me Yesterday

RAVITCH: Joe Biden's brother runs a for-profit charter school and said this:

Eight Corvettes swallowed by massive sink hole at National Corvette Museum

Photo of Papa John's dough explosion leads to #Doughmageddon on Twitter

Mary Carillo's Badminton Rant - Athens 2004

The fate of the Senate in the midterm elections will determine who

yesterday was my birthday. give me a heart??

Maine Gov. Paul LePage Looks Set To Reject Overdose Prevention For No Good Reason

Know Your Alien...

Closing arguments begin in Michael Dunn murder trial

It is strange ...

10° right now!

Pomeranian Smiling on Cue

dedicated to Southern DUers - especially in the ATL

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee suspends death penalty

Could ancient earthquake explain Shroud of Turin?

Should atheists proselytize? Thoughts on ‘The Young Atheist’s Handbook’

Bus riders frozen out as fight over snow removal leaves many NJ Transit stops packed in ice

So with this new change to MSNBC website

Utah lawmaker floats bill to cut off NSA data centre's water supply


Wall Street Journal thinks that rape is not a crime or that women are criminals for being raped.

Venezuelans to the streets

Mass. Suit Aims To Clarify Religious Groups' Latitude In Hiring

Facing fury, board says marijuana licensing on schedule despite extensions (Washington State)

Thank you for the hearts!

The real heroes of Sochi are the evironmental activists who are getting jailed left and right

Hot damn.....Morgan & Morgan Files Class Action Lawsuit Against CEO of JPMorgan Chase

The NWS says Winter Storm Pax could cause as much inland damage as a hurricane:

The Disturbing Trend Of Manufacturing Jobs Going To Temp Workers

Walkergate: Big Money At The Cross Rhodes (cog dis following the $$ )

What do you think about this statement?

Why Do Ted Cruz and Rand Paul Support Kirsten Gillibrand’s Sexual Assault Bill? The four most-plausi

Oil industry wrote State Department report on Keystone

Civic Group Proposes Closing Parts of 20 Chicago Streets

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday February 12, 2014)

Top Chinese Regulator Personally Asked Jamie Dimon To Hire A Family Member

GOP debt limit extortion is dead

Do you ever air-dry your clothes?

Scholar unravels what a Viking would tell his Valentine 900 years ago

Darwin’s in the House: Democrat Rush Holt celebrates the father of evolutionary theory

Bitcoin hit by denial of service attacks as regulators prepare clampdown

Congressional Elections Have Little to Do with National Politics.

Creationist Questions Translated.

Rain and floods, stay safe!

Walker Marks Third Anniversary of "Drop the Bomb" With Strange Technopop Video

Alchemy: The Most Secretive of Arts

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's Trial Date Set for November

Maduro accused of silencing dissent as Venezuelan press runs short of paper

The pope's Catholic problem

My friend who is in Tennessee sent me a picture of the storm:

Walker Marks Third Anniversary of "Drop the Bomb" With Strange Technopop Video

Anyone ever try Downy Unstoppables?

Cheap, cheerful and cutthroat: Why Airbus and Boeing are cozying up to Asia's booming .........

Anti-fracking advocates share personal stories of fracking health impacts

The Wolf of Sesame Street: Revealing the secret corruption inside PBS’s news division

Doo doo doo lookin' out my back door

Are we there yet? New in-flight maps point to more fun on planes

Microsoft blames 'system error' but denies censoring Chinese search results

Activists say five Venezuela protesters injured by gunshots

Christian School Faulted for Halting Abuse Study

Donald Trump buys Irish golf resort after losing Scotland court battle over wind farm

No, Barack Obama Isn't a Lame Duck (Yet)

North and South Korea hold rare high-level talks

Israel bars Gaza patients over 'Palestine' letterhead

Happy Darwin Day to the DU Lounge!

Inequality For All at the Barrymore Theatre tomorrow

Policemen Who Shoot Dogs

Iceageddon In Icelanta:

Milwaukee archdiocese proposes $4M for victims

Fox Pundits - The American work ethic

Life as a Truck-Stop Stripper

The late Stuart Hall on Obama

Judge throws manufacturers a lifeline with asbestos ruling

New head of Senate Energy Committee has environmentalists seeing red

Crocodiles can climb straight up trees

San Diego's New, Republican, Pro-Bike, Pro-Gay Mayor

Abe has no choice but to honor past wartime apology--former Japanese PM


Please read this if you are in the path of the ice (Pax)

Who Will Miss Crisis-Budgeting? Republican Senators.

UN says big gains made on women's health in the last 20 years, but access still unequal.

In Ruthlessness We Trust

The Completely Baffling Tale of the Tennessee Autoworkers- Charles P. Pierce

Eva Mendes is my new hero. She opts out of airport scanners too.

Bill would limit 'seclusion, restraint' in schools

Right Wing Watch - World Net Daily: Common Core Turning US Into Nazi Germany

Discovery of asylum's mass grave halts U. Miss. construction project

NY Voters Side With Gov. Cuomo Over Mayor de Blasio On Pre-K Funding: Quinnipiac

UPDATED: Senate To Pass Debt Limit Hike Today

Dark horse candidate for 2016, knows how to "win" elections.

Time Warner Cable still in denial, says users might not want faster data speeds

1 dead when bus, truck careen into Greenwich Village scaffolding

Covering Up Rape For Jesus at Bob Jones University

Pic Of The Moment: New GOP Victory Plan: Make Sure Voters Don't Know What We *Really* Think

Yay! U.S.A. now rates 46th in press freedom! - RWB (Reporters Without Borders)

House Dem TV Ad: Obamacare Ain't Perfect But I'm The Guy To Fix It

Laid-Off Registered Republican to GOP Congress: "I just want someone to have a freaking heart"

What is an "impeachable offense?"

Report: Hillary Clinton Regretted Speaking With Bob Woodward

Spain abortion: Challenge to bill fails in parliament

U.S. Plunges in Global Press Freedom Rankings As Obama Wages "War on Whistleblowers"

Blaming Obamacare

Awkward: Rand Paul Teams Up With Anti-McConnell Group On NSA Lawsuit

Koch brothers bombard vulnerable Senate Democrat Kay Hagan

Great Reference: Timeline of NSA Domestic Spying

Milwaukee Archdiocese Proposes $4M for Victims

MSNBC Krystal Ball says to Clinton “Don’t Run Hillary, Don’t Run” (VIDEO)

How One Brown (University) Student Took Down the NRA

Yes, it’s true: Australia is experiencing a man drought

Demonstrations in Bosnia force Prime Minister to offer early elections.

2 NATO Troops Killed in Afghan Insider Attack

Hey, GOP: This is teamwork

Obama's conspiring with Kroger, Publix, Whole Foods, Walmart and other

Ironman Tells how he kicked his Drug Habit

"Chelsea Clinton’s 2036 Presidential Debate with Ken Ham" from Matt Bors

Mystery heart made my day!

Woman finds Roach in Egg Roll, and is shot at by the owner when she goes to complain...

I'd really like to know how shit like this happens...

Outside group launches attack ad on Thom Tillis

Assault on California Power Station Raises Alarm on Potential for Terrorism

Erick Erickson Says Journalists Have 'Erections' For Obama In Wild 4:30 AM Blog Post

Ever had this happen? My shower door just suddenly exploded out of the blue.

Ex-Christie administration member lobbied for train station that would've boosted project........

Olympics: Now That The USA Men Failed To Win Any Medals In Snowboard Halfpipe...

A small change in Team Russia's logo and voilá. It honors stray dawgs:

Judge: Ky. must recognize same-sex marriages

Werewolf Cats?????

The Sixth Extinction: Elizabeth Kolbert on How Humans Are Causing Largest Die-Off Since Dinosaur Age

HuffPo: Unemployed Republican who votes libertarian cries when GOPers block unemployment aid

Senate headed for another 'nuclear' fight

Chinese villagers attack factory after reports of polluting

Wendy Davis Backs 20-Week Abortion Ban If Women Get 'Deference'

To our DUers in the SE USA affected by this storm - I hope you are all safe and warm....

Star-Ledger: Christie 'Neglecting' Job As Governor And Should Quit The RGA

Google Foxconn robotics partnership formed to make factory bots

Senate Republicans have balked at confirming Keith Harper to the United Nations Human Rights Council

No shelter for the 25 residents, including 15 children, of Khirbet 'Ein Karzaliyah

Tom the dancing bug TOON: Bible Math!

Obama: Employer-based health insurance system not going anywhere

The Little Girl from the 1981 LEGO Ad is All Grown Up, and She’s Got Something to Say


If The Winter Olympics Were Held During The Battle Of Hoth

Storm advice from Durham Co. Deputy Paul Sherwin

GOP To Workers - "Let Them Eat Dirt". We Are Now In Unreality Zone. Where The Fuck Is The Rage?

Lively debate, but no ruling, in gay-marriage hearing

Paula Deen lands $75 million investment deal

Raising the minimum wage would...


DNA test confirms two women ARE twin sisters separated at birth

Happy as a pig in . . . puppies

The first congressman to battle the NSA is dead. No-one noticed, no-one cares.

tweet: Republicans shrink the deficit, reduce abortions and create jobs in one simple way--

Texas nabs another big California tech firm; relocating to downtown Dallas from San Diego

The Rude Pundit: The Harmful Mania of Blaming Both Sides

LIMBOsevic is dog-whistling Henry II re OBAMA, "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?"

What is the fascination with Bread & Milk stockingpiling before a storm?

Right to be heard

Not The Onion: Sen. Kelsey introduces 'Turn The Gays Away' Bill: "No Goods/Services To Homosexuals"

The Rise of the New Land Lords (5,500 words)

Steve Benen: Marking the end of debt-ceiling extortion

House Republicans getting strange email threats—and they're coming from inside the building

Texas overtakes California, leads nation in tech exports

Texas overtakes California, leads nation in tech exports

This Political Ad Slamming ‘Disastrous’ Obamacare Rollout Was Made by Dem Super PAC

Ex-Mayor of New Orleans Guilty on Corruption Charges

What Do You Think of Mike Rowe's Wal-Mart Commercial?

Va. Senate votes to scrap abortion law

NY St. Patrick's parade walks alone in banning gay groups

Mammogram screenings don't reduce cancer death rates, study finds

Oh Lord!

Scott Walker still thinks he's going to be President

You know, this group just might catch on

Michael Jordan's Wife Gives Birth to Twins

Website Describes All of Corbett's Broken Promises

New Zealand Airport Authorities Confiscate Donkey Penis

Woman, 34, jumps out of window NAKED after being caught having SEX with 15-year-old boy

18 Congressmen Ask Obama to Reschedule Marijuana

3 killed when ambulance careens off roadway near San Angelo

Chris Christie's Piggy Bank: The real reason Christie killed the new NY-NJ commuter tunnel (Esquire)

(WA) Facing fury, board says marijuana licensing on schedule despite extensions

Derek Jeter to retire after 2014 season

Mexico's lost daughters: how young women are sold into the sex trade by drug gangs

Patches is at the vet . . . it doesn't look good

My idea for a James Bond Olympic event

(FL) Parrish couple become brand name in state call for medical marijuana

(CA) Rancho Cordova Company Offering Insurance For Marijuana Businesses

Ohio girl's email for help leads to arrest of 3 on child abuse charges

SOCOM chief's email shows effort to shield bin Laden photos

Could Nevada Allow Marijuana Use?

Dublin archbishop: Homophobic = Godophobic

Revealing the secret corruption inside PBS’s news division

A French Film Showing Men What Being A Woman Feels Like Kinda Nails It (NSFW)

CSpan 2 - Voting on Debt Ceiling PASSED

Marijuana manufacturing 2.0 (cannabis business)

Juan Cole: Can Obama make a grand bargain with Iran over Syria?

The Royal Dutch Guide Dog Foundation (KNGF) commercial for veteran dogs

Medical marijuana: OK, it's legal. Now, how do we live with it?

Cuomo OK with guns on commissioners

Tweet from Alison L. Grimes: We're leading in the polls & leading on min wage.

(WI) Seven state legislators support Wisconsin marijuana legalization

I think State Farm just tried to screw me

A belated Happy 50th Birthday, and heartiest congratulations to Sarah Palin!

Derek Jeter to retire at end of 2014 season

Jonathan Cohn: Are Republicans Afraid to Talk About Michael Sam?

Aw - Just as I was beginning to feel unloved...

The Top Five Times A Fox Guest Debunked Fox

Dutch skater Irene Wust, openly gay, 'got a cuddle' from Vladimir Putin

Eating Healthy shouldn't be a chore

I have a request.

Gov. Cuomo Says Mayor de Blasio's Pre-K Tax Plan 'Repugnant' to Income Inequality Argument

Tamron Hall ‘Disappointed’ Not To Be Included In NBC Olympics Coverage, but Bush's daughter goes...

End the Ban on Psychoactive Drug Research

Marijuana May Stop The Spread Of HIV, Study Finds

Nearly 5,000 people have died in Syria in the three-week period since the first round of peace talks

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary!! Then Chelsea Chelsea!!! Shit, if you want Dynasty

1941: The Nazis ban Jewish fonts – using a Jewish font

Without a Trace ‘The Sixth Extinction,’

Heartfelt thanks!


Russia Compares Its Homophobia to U.K. 'Ginger' Hate.

Just stood outside the back door of the clinic, and turned my face to the sky.

Did Chris Christie FLY OVER Bridge to Look at Lane Closures?

Why I love Nice, France

Amid Wendy Davis' very good day, an ethics asterisk

Are Quicken Loans safe???

Senate Votes to End Debate on Debt Ceiling Increase

Benghazi Bombshell

Oops: Suicide Bomber Teacher Blows Up His Class

This is what the Florida Legislators were doing while the Dunn trail was going on

Scottish island to be first 100% self-sustaining place on earth.

Thom Hartmann: Close the "Water's Edge" Loophole!

Thom Hartmann: Should the U.S. be able to kill citizens with drones?

More than 150,000 in Georgia lose power in ongoing Ice Storm

I'm out of hearts to give.

Money laundering, Koch style - Daily KOS - WaPo

Sen. Warren Joins Colleagues to Address College Affordability

Sid Caesar, Master of TV Comedy, Dies at 91

Levi's pulled my pants down !

When faced with an upcoming massive storm I stockpile ________________ and ________________

Cruz gambit forces McConnell to vote for clean debt limit hike as Senate advances House bill

Just when you think it can't get any worse......

America’s secret military is a massive ticking time bomb

Who will be the next president?

Former Duke CEO Jim Rogers: The US Grid Will Be a ‘Blank Sheet of Paper’

Wendy Davis not so pro choice after all

New solar threat to networks – death spiral for gas

Solar storage from used EV batteries set for testing in Japan

I propose a Group dedicated to planning DU pizza parties.

The Vampire Squid Strikes Again: The Mega Banks' Most Devious Scam Yet -By Matt Taibbi

3.3 Million Enrolled in Health Care Marketplaces; More Young People Signing Up

Here's why this ice storm is a big deal: (They flew hurricane hunters into it)

Obamacare Enrollments Continue Piling Up In January, Now 3.3 Million

A great short collection of stupidity from news anchors... #1 is on Benghazi

30 Minutes of Snow

Sid Caesar, comic genius of 1950s television, dies

I want to thank my "secret donor" from the top and the bottom of my new heart...

‘Chavez Was Here’ Campaign

OMG! I-85 in Durham looks like Atlanta last week:

Senate Democrats wade into California drought debate, offer legislation

Les Miles said LSU football team would accomodate a gay player

Judge in the Dunn trial is now reading instructions to the jury.

Cohen (D-TN): Unmuzzle the Drug Czar Bill

Bernie Sanders on Cuba...

Obama’s free trade push runs into more trouble-Nancy Pelosi

False confessions and the Amanda Knox case

Rep. Miller To Retire From Congress

Found answer after scrolling further, withdrawing question. Thanks anyway. nt

is there a way to open a file with a PUB extension in msword?

Luckovich: NFL breakthrough

U.S. States Risk Losing Grants Over Rape in Prisons.

Noon to 4 PM - storm progress in Raleigh...through a few pics

This is coming from a veteran, and he has every right to feel this way....

Whoopi Goldberg of Roman Polanski "rape-rape" fame still perpetuates rape culture

Why You Might Have to Choose Between Science and Faith

Accident report shows Rep. Stefani Carter at fault in accident she cited at candidate forum

Will Berkeley be first in nation to impose a soda tax?

George Soros’ ex-girlfriend goes berserk during deposition

Huge chimpanzee population thriving in remote Congo forest

NCD Hails Inclusion of Workers with Disabilities in Minimum Wage Executive Order...

A Question About the Michael Dunn Case

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Do you live in a state with a competitive senate or governors race? Do you live in a swing district?

Food Fights, Corporate Trade Agreements, and States' Rights: Democracy or Corporatocracy?

Prestonwood Country Club Has Allegedly Been Stealing Water from Dallas For a Quarter Century

A Sleep Revolution is Coming in Public Health

Seems that Raleigh learned nothing from Atlanta.

Wired Mag's Eric Holder-Blasting Story of "State secrets" used to protect

Senate Approves Debt Limit Increase With Drama-Filled Vote

Julian Assange speaking to CAGE

Anyone noticed the new Marcus Smart RW outrage?

The Mayor of Lansing, Michigan hilariously trolls Tennessee over UAW crackdown

My Real Opponents Are the Koch Brothers

What is is called when your phone garbles your words? I looked out my window and said "Treacherous"

Ice storms in Georgia; drought in California. This could cut our food supply.

Breaking news: Congress to vote on the Doubleplus Good Act

Just got computer out of storage. However...

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 13 February 2014

James Taranto Will Tell You When You've Been Raped, Ladies

"She stood up on her seat, raised her fists in the air and yelled, 'Airbags!'”

@spann city of ATL has set up warming stations for pets.

World War One: 10 interpretations of who started WW1

I'm truly grateful for the Valentine's hearts! (and for DU!)

Solidarity with the VW workers in Tennessee

BOOM: Obama signs order to raise minimum wage for federal contractors...disabled workers included!

Unleashes One Of The Funniest Gay Marriage Speeches On Record.

Women Prepare Their Revenge for Mitch McConnell Voting Against the Minimum Wage 15 Times

Look at him tear the rug up! (from 2012)

I don't like dynasties, but would never vote against someone for that reason

that'd be great

Judge Who Sentenced Protesters Shot Dead in Ukraine

Why Republicans Sometimes Have A Heart

Thank You For The Heart

Nagin found guilty, guilty guilty x 21.

Volkswagen isn't opposed to a union, but Republicans are threatening jobs

Live Winter Storm Blog: Traffic Chaos May Turn Raleigh and Charlotte Into This Storm’s Atlanta

Former VP Mondale undergoes heart surgery

ACA enrollment picks up steam

Come On People - Stop Giving Kudos To Boehner For Bringing A Clean Debt Ceiling Vote.....

Volkswagen workers react to outside interference

Ex-Mayor Nagin is off to prison

Derek Jeter Says He’ll Retire at End of 2014 Season

Missouri Senate endorses gun nullification bill

Fantastic commentary

Elections Matter! "Virginia Senate Votes to Repeal Forced Ultrasound Law"

In one quote, a federal judge says gay-marriage bans are doomed

Obamacare Is Working And This Graph Proves It Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt:

RFK, Jr. and Seder: The NFL’s Homophobic Culture War

Republicans losing Arkansas.

India Wants To Switch 26 Million Water Pumps To Solar Power Instead Of Diesel

Krawcheck Says Women on Wall Street Have ‘Gone Backwards’


Give peace a chance

Tea Party Scorns Republicans as House Lifts Debt Ceiling

Sid Caesar has died..

Obama Says U.S. No Closer to Military Action in Syria Crisis

Wonder if the folks stuck in their cars in NC have

Many Of My Repug Friends Have Become Too Embarrassed To Admit Now That They Are Repugs .....

That sounds like a fair deal to me.....

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Bing Caught Censoring Search Results In US

Questions About Primary Training For The Upcoming Election

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Couples Challenge Texas’ Same Sex Marriage Ban in Court

Wisconsin: Q: Can we have a referendum on Citizens United? A: No.

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When I saw this

Looking back. Dean said his 50 State Strategy worked very well in 2010...for the GOP.

Texas Sports Anchor Delivers Jaw-Dropping Speech On Gay NFL Players

KurtNYC pulled my pants down !

Ted Cruz Did Democrats a Big Favor Today That May Cost Mitch McConnell His Senate Seat

Up To 14 Inches Of Snow To Hit New York City, Surrounding Areas Thursday

"Smart Capitalists for American Prosperity" Call for Minimum Wage Increase for All Workers

Criminalizing Drug Users Is Killing People

animal rescue center - a program called "Book Buddies" : kids read to sheltered cats to soothe them

Hackers Target Sheldon Adelson Over Iran Bomb Comment

Can This Abandoned Paris Métro Station Be Turned Into a Swimming Pool?

I saw something yesteray that just broke my heart

Was I the victim of gender segregation ?

Creative Cooking with Recipe Dice

Man Killed by Cockfighting Rooster

On the bright side, the US pays its workers more than the Slovak Republic

Israel Bars Gaza Patients Over 'Palestine' Letterhead

DA: Bail for bomb suspect wrong

Is Christie Using Nixon’s Playbook? - Elizabeth Drew, NYRB

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Michael Sam’s Family Values

"Republicans Are Creating Fake Sites for Democratic Candidates"

Turkey: Workers Occupy Greif Burlap Sack Factory

JK remembered his mother while at State Lunch with Hollande

Russia Begins to Lose Patience with Ukraine

AIPAC in Disarray as Annual Conference Looms

Hundreds of Thousands Lose Power as Ice Paralyzes South

Paula Deen lands $75 million investment deal

USPS Employees And Community Activists To Rally At NH GOP Event Featuring Congressman Issa

Dear Unrealistic Prof...