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Archives: February 13, 2014

Is Hillary Clinton a Neocon-Lite?

That Bogus Traffic Study -Why? The most likely answer: Christie was hoping for plausible deniability

ACA Subsidies as disincentive to work???

Senator Tomassoni Invites Volkswagen to Move to Minnesota

Rick Perry Lures Washington State Residents to Texas with Thriving Death Penalty

Kansas House Advances Bill To Deny Same-Sex Couples Social Services


Speaking of great apes....

With Ted Cruz playing up his crazyness to attract attention and supporters, will

This should be an Olympic sport.

Nat King Cole to Ted Cruz: "Irresponsible, that's what you are..."

Valentine Heart. The song by Tanita Tikaram


Titanfall - Beta signup - PC/Xbox One

This is what life is about

...just a bit in defense of the mess that happens when winter strikes the south...

Duke - UNC postponed because of the weather...this is good and bad...

Lawyer accuses Rand Paul of plagiarizing lawsuit against NSA. No, really.

One thing is clear about Republicans in 2014: The 11th Commandment is no longer in effect.

Woman Goes On Tirade After Being Refused Sex (Glendale, AZ)

"Why Do You Care How Much Other People Work?"

This works for civilians who shoot people too

Broncos extend John Elway, add GM title..

A great big thanks to whomever gave me Valentines. n/t

February 12, 1880

Lol Perfect: Teabaggers Attack McConnell "As Bad As The IRS"

The forgotten Olympic city: The Sochi Games aren't actually in Sochi

NC Storm: Southpoint mall, other locations open to shelter the stranded

Thanks for the valentines!

Anonymous doxxed Walmart executives.

Kansas senator refuses to say how often he's in Kansas

The world's busiest airport -- not so busy today

Ever notice how every mean person you know is a Republican? Think about it...

Chris Hayes show uses Zelda Fairy Fountain music in Obama/Min Wage Segment

The two schools are within walking distance of each other

Thank You For the Heart

Ask his Dad, an NFL career will be more difficult for Michael Sam.

Clinton Breaks 50% against GOP Rivals for 2016

Mike Malloy - Barack & Beyoncé

I'm going to call out racists, homophobes, and bigots, et cetera

Mass grave found in Central African Republic; U.N. warns of 'cleansing'

Couple of alien programs on SCI Channel tonite

Obama to visit Japan, three other Asian countries in April

QOTD: "Liberalism means tolerance, but it doesn't mean silence"

Because this never gets old. Chris Christie go fuck yourself nt

New Report: Corporate Welfare Turns Rich People into Lazy Moochers

Senate approves debt hike after McConnell, GOP leaders vote 'yes'

Limits on marijuana advertising land Colorado in court

Who are the Walker and Burke Donors?

Believing in intelligent alien life

Sam Wheeler, Kent State Wrestler, Suspended For Anti-Gay Tweets About Michael Sam

Clovis Child’s DNA Links Native Americans to Early Ancestors

4 Gay Couples Challenge La. Gay Marriage Ban

Toyota recalls 1.9 million Prius hybrids to fix software problem

No, actually, I won't "lighten up"

No Snow In Eastern Sierra

so NBC pimps for the Czars?

Pelosi rejects Obama bid for fast-track trade

Creative blocks are NOT the bees knees

Fox’s Dobbs Tears Into GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert: You Don’t ‘Control the Federal Government!

4 gay couples challenge La. gay marriage ban

I wish someone would put my pants down.

'Thanks for everything': The touching moment a chimp who was nursed back to health hugs Jane Goodall

Facebook page for stranded NC travelers

Why Women Aren’t Welcome on the Internet

survival story

Fascinating USA Map

Take This Simple Test To Find Out If You're A Speed Reader

Nancy Pelosi tells union workers she will oppose giving White House ‘Fast Track’ powers

Volkswagen workers in Tennessee begin crucial vote on unionization

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night! Naked and Unashamed

U.S. Supreme Court denies execution appeal for Fla. man

Eight Honduran consulate officials in U.S. suspended for taking bribes

"Ted Cruz Demand Ensnares GOP Leaders In Debt Ceiling Vote"

Tell me Kwon(do) Kwon(d0) Kwon(do)!!

America's only Clovis skeleton genome offers clues to Native American ancestry (Update)

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 13, 2014 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 1942 Best Actress Nominees

Bald Eagle live streaming cam from Berry College, GA. Mama sitting on eggs in the snow.

Zuckerberg Donates $992 Million To Charity That Funds Planned Parenthood

With His Republican Hostage Takers Broken, President Obama Hopes That the Games End Now

Has anyone heard of the Wayback Machine Internet Archive

This Beatle special on CBS is AWESOME

Saw my blog on YouTube today. First time.

Same Dog, Different Owner

Honduras: No Justice for Wave of Killings Over Land

VW workers in its Chattanooga, Tennessee plant began voting today on whether to form a union.

Anyone else have a silhouette cameo? I use mine for stencils.

Apologize to the ferrets now...

Lou Dobbs PEES ALL OVER Louie Gohmert's Parade -- Circular Firing Squad Unloads - ENJOY!

Unemployed Americans Increasingly Frustrated With Congressional Inaction

Serial Plagiarist Rand Paul Accused of Stealing the Lawsuit He Filed Against the NSA

Eye Piece

Our history in 2 minutes

ICANN's cosy relationship with the US must end, says EU

I experienced synchronicity today.

How many hot dogs/wieners are enough (I'd say 2) and with mayonaise & w potato chips?!1 n/t

Why? Why? (Graphic) Things are looking very bad in Venezuela.

Township officials fume over Indianapolis fire merger bill

Sen. Bernie Herpin “maybe a good thing” Aurora Theater Gunman Had 100-Round Magazine.

China smog makes capital 'barely suitable' for life: report

MUST SEE: The GOP’s Facebook ‘Look Back’ Is Even More Humiliating Than Yours

The late, great Katharine Hepburn on her atheism:

Pa. man charged in Amish buggy horse shooting

Sometimes it's better NOT to abbreviate.....

Brown to get severance and 1-year job at Texas

Brown to get severance and 1-year job at Texas

Scarborough won't rule out 2016

Awesome Photograph from NC Snowmageddon. (Updated)

The Real Damage of Chemophobia

Am reading Moby Dick

The rugged right-wing, libertarian type...

Having hearts to give out makes me feel like a benevolent, yet capricious, deity.

Comcast to Buy Time Warner Cable in $44.2 Billion All-Stock Deal, Says CNBC

Reno mayor announces support for same-sex marriage

Re: Governor Chrispie

Justin Bieber wants to be known as Bizzle

Russian Environmentalist Gets 3-Year Prison Sentence

The Gun Report: February 12, 2014

Neighbors come out to help ambulance up frozen hill in Atlanta

Kitty Love

New York GOP politician resigns after sending 'provocative' photos of himself to women

Comcast Set to Acquire Time Warner Cable

Leaping kitty!

Local Democrats and cops slam Abbott's 'Third World' comments

Can you imagine going to a retrospective of

Fusion energy milestone reported by California scientists

If you still want to root for lower taxes for the wealthiest Americans ...

Dumb Criminals: Wisconsin Man Accused Of Throwing Ribs At Cars

Sinkhole Opens Up In National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Swallows 8 Rare Corvettes

Wisconsin: Living-wage-killing State Rep understands Milwaukee because he "drives through every day"

"Curse of Oak Island reignites centuries-old treasure hunt"

The Vampire Squid Strikes Again: The Mega Banks' Most Devious Scam

Thank you for the heart

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo

Someone said bashing MotherrrRrrrrrussia BACKFIRED. I say BASH. BASH! BASH SOME MORE!

Elizabeth Warren: "We have a mandate ..."

The Last Sane Republican in Wisconsin - Part II

Black History | Gabrielle Douglas |Artistic gymnast

For all DUers that used to be groupies

New forcasts in the city has more snow and less rain. First flakes to fall in an hour.

Is it true that there is a bill being introduce to increase the min Wage in PA?

Hadaka Matsuri: Festival of Thousands of Naked Japanese Men

"Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable"

Ted Cruz: Birkenstock-wearing, tree-hugging Greenpeace activists should love Keystone pipeline

Hadaka Matsuri: Festival of Thousands of Naked Japanese Men

I got an absurdly high electrical utility bill.

Does one have to have visited a country that they will be an ambassador to?

The REAL Questions Creationists Asked Bill Nye - Funny stuff!!!

NDP grounds Commons committees over lack of hearings on Fair Elections Act

The Search Is On for the GOP's Super-PAC Sugar Daddy

I'm making mushroom and mozzarella turkey burgers with parmesan sweet potato oven fries

Hackers Target Casino Websites Linked to Sheldon Adelson

Thom Hartmann Program: 2-12-2014 (guests include NC NAACP's Rev. Wm. Barber)

Found this on Facebook. Tommy's Mom is a real piece of work.

Waylon Jennings - You Can Have Her

Another ACA success story

Stewart Rips Obama's Ambassador Appointments: Hey, Look! Democrats Can Be Corrupt Too! - video link

Was there a tie for a gold medal at the Olympics today?

80,000+ Moral Monday Protesters Fight For Justice Regardless of What Party Is In Power

Should we organize a local screening of Citizen Koch?

Exclusive: Snowden Swiped Password From NSA Coworker

Whomever gave me a heart,

Republicans Reject Effort To Vote On Judicial Nominees, So Harry Reid Moves Forward Anyway

Does Michelle Bachmann even know what PLANET she's on?

Colbert Crowns Himself the First Lady of France After Attending WH Dinner

Another moment with lava...

What it IS . . .

John Scalzi: How I knew I'd made it

MORE damn media consolidation: Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable for $45 billion

It’s official: Apple sells more computers than all Windows PCs combined


MIT Mistakenly Tells Some Applicants They’ve Been Admitted

Shame on DUers Whom Have as Yet Failed to Purchase a Heart For Me! *NOW WITH POETRY!* Avast!

6 days = 1 hour, 20 minutes, 14 seconds

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog visits the 2008 Republican National Convention (oldie but a goodie).

The Red Flag

"you can heal your heart"

Luigi Drops by Squidward's House

Senator McCaskill: Why Does A Disagreement Between Two Women Get So Much Attention?

BurkaBlog: A Generation of Republican Leadership

Sam Wheeler, Kent State Wrestler, Suspended For Anti-Gay Tweets About Michael Sam

Is belief and/or disbelief a choice?

Ice Storm Blamed for 11 Deaths, 550,000 Lose Power

Fusion energy milestone reported by California scientists

State Sen. Brad Ashford to seek Lee Terry's U.S. House seat

Obama taps Ted Kennedy's widow for USPS board

Judge to decide proof-of-citizenship voting rule

Congress clears bill ending military pension cuts

Hawaii considers making it official with ukulele

Chicago Tribune Stands Behind State’s Fantasy of Radical Terror, Even Though ‘NATO 3' Acquitted

Stars of Stage and Screen Turn Out for Family Equality Council

Woopsey! OUR BAD.

Oh Wonderful!!! Media/Cable/Web just got even more consolidated! Comcast to buy TWarner

TV reporter falls into creek contaminated by 100,000 gallons of coal slurry

I suppose none of you snowbirds want to hear that I'm going to Goa tomorrow

I'm still alive.

I'm baaaa-aaaack. For now.

Russia Declares Discrimination Newest Olympic Sport

Hey Cuccinelli, you didn't build that NSA lawsuit!

Barbie to be featured in this year's SI Swimsuit issue

Burnt Orange Report makes endorsements for March primary

Brazil's state-owned firms invest most in 2013

(Tuesday) French Miss: Stewart Destroys CNN, CBS Coverage of French President Hollande’s Visit

41 Things You Need To Know Right Now, For No Reason In Particular

Dale Hansen Unplugged: Delivers Jaw-Dropping Speech On Gay NFL Players and Michael Sam

Thank you for my heart and

Indian MP pepper sprays colleague

The Shape Of My Heart

Protest organized over Whole Foods firing

Jade Rabbit back from the dead: Scientists restore communications with Moon rover

Chris Christie Mocks Income Inequality, Praises George W. Bush

Today’s the Day Atlanta Could Lose One-Quarter of Its Trees

UAW shocked by bombshell dropped by Sen. Bob Corker during VW plant union vote in Tennessee

Texas Granny fights for her right to vote! (Even White Women can't vote)

Idaho bill would allow doctors or cops to refuse service to LGBT people on religious grounds

The second top tourism destination within Peru in the making

Suspected foreign war criminals 'able to stay in UK'

U.S. judge blocks sale of controversial execution drug to Missouri

Comcast reportedly set to buy Time Warner Cable for $45.2 billion

Bolivia declares emergency over floods

I have no idea where my brother is or how he is.

Scientists in California make landmark advance towards unlimited fusion energy

Construction crew uncovers tusk of Ice Age mammoth in Seattle

Colombia: military, CIA spying on peace talks

Completed genome from Clovis-era skeleton proves Native American origins, scientists say

The GOP's Vicious Internal War: Republican Establishment Trying To Exile Tea Partiers And Extremists

Fiji leader invites climate-hit Kiribati residents to relocate

Jury gets pediatrician waterboarding case

Freak British storm kills one and leaves thousands without power

6 Financial Monsters That Have Only Gotten Bigger After Destroying the Economy

Are Paracas Elongated Skulls a New Species, Aliens or a Hoax?

New Darwin Documentary Shows Creationists Aren’t Dumb. They’re Fearful.

Thank you for my heart!

2,500-year-old bronze statue of the Greek god Apollo discovered by Palestinian fishermen

44 school shootings have claimed 28 lives since Newtown

The ‘pause’ in global warming is not even a thing

Rand Paul sues Obama over NSA spying

Man held after woman gunned down outside Domino's Pizza

Clemson students go couch-sledding:

UAE Developing Drones For Citizen Services

Florida man says boss mocked him as ‘monkey’ after complaint over pregnant server’s firing

FAQ: Short and sweet: Answers to your questions about the minimum wage

Mass. woman convicted of killing pregnant friend and cutting baby out of her womb

America Is Preparing to Murder Its 5th Citizen by 'Remote Assassination'

Another Danish zoo is going to kill a healthy giraffe named Marius.

Atheists cry foul as North Carolina school blocks secular student club

Are you jonesing for Power Rangers? Leggo Ninjago? Powerpuffgirls? Pokemon!

Bob Jones University stifled sex abuse claims: ‘If you report it, you hurt the body of Christ’

Nancy Pelosi tells union workers she will oppose giving White House ‘Fast Track’ powers

Norway 'more ignorant' than US: study

If the Winter Olympics were held during the Battle of Hoth;

European Union gives controversial go-ahead to U.S. firm’s GMO

‘Pro-family’ group leader: ‘Even plumbers know’ Valentine’s Day not for LGBT people

Zimmerman fight not happening

Republican outraged by Obama speech he admits he could have given himself

Lakewood school board won’t hire Dave Daubenmire as football coach

Mike Malloy - Cookie Cott 2014: Stupidity At Large

Rep. Tim Huelskamp rails against LGBT rights: God is the ‘third person in your marriage’

Eight Honduran consulate officials in U.S. suspended for taking bribes

Liberation newspaper boss quits after proposal to turn it into a social network

He met his hero:


Spy Agencies Send Congress Faulty Contractor Data: GAO

Two New Portraits of Shakespeare Found

Scientists count whales from space

The Rise of Scott Walker

Federal court dismisses Guantanamo Bay inmates’ demand to end force-feedings

Tea party tees off on McConnell after debt vote

Former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin found guilty on bribery charges

Just found this and thought I should share, apologies if you've seen it before

Panic as Fukushima radiation 'found' on Californian beach!

Unknown assailants kill judge who placed Ukraine protesters under house arrest

The monopolization continues: Comcast Set to Acquire Time Warner Cable for $45 Billion

West Virginia Creek Runs Black After Catastrophic Coal Slurry Spill

U.S. Plunges in Global Press Freedom Rankings as Obama Wages "War on Whistleblowers"

The Mobsters of Wall Street

Richie Incognito went way off the rails and exploded in a Twitter rant:

Pot head robs gas station with chainsaw

Judge: Intelligence Forces Must Produce Missing Anti-Drone Activist

Hamburg is Building a Giant Green Roof Cover Over Sections of the A7 Motorway

US finds lost photos from Spain's 'End of Empire'

Whoa! Imagine being on this plane that landed in high winds in UK.

Watch: Texas Sportscaster Sarcastically Slams Michael Sam Naysayers In Epic Rant

Did Religious Extremism drive 2 Million Egyptian youth to Unbelief?

Getting past "survival" mode and enjoying Mother Nature's beauty

Planet, Oceans Burning Up: There is no “Pause” in Global Warming

Thought for the Day

UN: Civilian drone deaths triple in Afghanistan

Happy Valentine's Day

Latest spat between Republicans in the Washington State Senate proves Rodney Tom’s “majority

With State Opposition Removed, Nevada Marriage Case To Move Forward ASAP

Idaho Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Couples Can Both Adopt

The Kentucky Gay Marriage Decision Is Another Hilarious Swipe at Scalia

Thanks for the hearts!

Kansas: Law to sanction homophobic discrimination passes House of Representatives

So kitty showed up on my porch last night seeking shelter from the storm

At least seven killed by bomb blast next to Somali capital airport


Turkey: Mother of gay murdered boy screams ‘I would have killed him myself’

Pakistani Taliban bomb kills 12 policemen despite peace talks

Afghanistan will sign U.S. security pact, says Germany

US blind to barbs in Japan defense plan

WV - Freedumb Gov, EPA Regulation-Shootin' Senator Angry FEMA Not Giving State More Money

Marching Forward as One: North Carolina's Moral Movement Wants to Change America

How much snow did you get?

Abe Road

Kentucky Gas Explosion Keeps Fossil Fuel Disaster Streak Alive

War and forgetting on Jeju Island

The best snow photo you may see today:

NC - Do Not Touch Dan River Water, Do Not Eat Fish Or Shellfish From The River

Endgame Nears In EU's Antitrust Showdown With Gazprom

Pakistan Taliban eyes Afghan-style takeover

Official Chinese Report: Beijing "Barely Suitable" For Living Thanks To Air Pollution

21 Things You Can't Do While Black

1 Of 2 PA Gas Well Fires Still Burning, 1 Worker Still Missing

Up in arms over union ‘persuader’ rule

BP found another shady way to cheat public, get richer

Maduro warning to the world: Venezuela faces an attempted coup

UK Public Health Officials Bracing For Norovirus Spike When Floods Finally Recede

Park seeds 'peace' in the DMZ

UK: 80,000 Without Power, Storm Windspeeds Hit 112 Mph

Report Prompts Renewed Push To Limit Restraint, Seclusion

India's gay voices crackle to life

US Presents Vision Of Concept Of Outline Of Sketch Of Plan For Climate Treaty For 2020 Or Whenever

Obamacare’s Founding CEO Wants To Bring Single Payer To MA

Jon Stewart: Friday Night Rights

Senator Corker: Free ice cream for life if you vote against forming union *UPDATE VW RESPONSE*

BBC Documentary - Jesus was a Buddhist monk

6/20/2013 Jane Goodall released a chimp into a sanctuary.(WARNING-2 graphic photos):

BBC Documentary - Jesus was a Buddhist monk

How the Budget Ceiling is SUPPOSED to work, and why it doesn’t.

US: Gay Republican is first to feature partner in political ad

Opportunities and Obstacles for the New US Ambassador to China

Frank Zappa & Terry Bozzio - Awesome Performance Live

Your Friends Are Listening In

Last Orca to Die in the New Zealand Stranding Was Comforted by a Compassionate Bystander

Ain't it great to have an environmentally conscious President? Feds Approve More Fracking

‘Fuck the EU’ Is Not the Problem

(S Korea) Combined Forces Command announces start of joint drills

Abrupt Climate Change - the Expected Unexpected

Abe turns toward Russia amid souring ties in Asia

Pink Floyd: The Wall Live 02/27/1980 N.Y.

Are liberals cooler?

US, Russia maneuver to influence Ukraine's political future

I was watching Morning Joe this morning and a hockey game broke out.

Reporters without Borders: 'Security interests threaten press freedom'

Media Matters: Sorry Unions, The Wall Street Journal Still Hates You

Train carrying oil derails in western Pa.

Dithering in Kiev: Russia Begins to Lose Patience with Ukraine

$800 Million Spent by Feds to Promote Healthy Marriages Had Little Effect

Federal Program Delivers Speedy 25-Second Trials to Illegal Immigrants, Then Jail

Blast rocks NiSource Kentucky Columbia Gulf natgas pipeline

44% of households in America are liquid asset poor!

"People are never told about the progress. Decade after decade, they think it is as it was long ago.

Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable: Say goodbye to the public interest

I saw sole proprietor biz in action in Austin...

You can't call yourself an evironmentalist while massively expanding dirty energy

Arab voice of Donald Duck fired by Disney for anti-Israel tweets

I'm excited! I woke this morning to a snow day and an image published on CNN

Pot Head Robs Conveniance Store with Chainsaw

Documents reveal chaotic military sex-abuse record

Villainous One Percent Dept: The poor should stop whining, says luxury CEO.

Fancy, Futuristic Touch-Screen Subway Maps Have Arrived

Conservatives Launch Blistering Attack on McConnell

Schweitzer in the doghouse Nuland speaks undiplomatically; DoD won't mothball the George Washingto

Jon Stewart: The ambassador racket is so corrupt, why not send Sean Hannity to Russia?

New Republic: "Chris Christie's Entire Career Reeks - It's not just the bridge"

Tom Waits - Poor Edward

Files disclosed episodes of military misconduct

Boston officials set memorial for victims of marathon bombing

On Darwin Day, Atheists Get A New News Website, But Will It Evolve Into A Must-Read?

Stagnation by Design

Military ethics being questioned

This is How Citizens United Dies-Feds: Mexican tycoon exploited super PACs to influence US elections

Anarchists' law

Elizabeth Warren's Postal Banking Idea Has Big Public Support, New Poll Finds

It Takes a Village: Designing St. Paul’s Frogtown Urban Farm

The Obama 8: Stories from the Prisoners whose Sentences Obama Commuted

UK to spend £2.5bn on F-35 fighters

A Coming Out Tale: Getting Over My Embarrassment and Calling Myself Religious

Islamist insurgents seize parts of north Iraq town

vidi vici veni

Thursday Toon Roundup 1-Idiocracy Party

Is troubled F-35 caught in a ‘death spiral’?

A real asshole

Thursday TOON Roundup 2- Rights and Sports

U.S. judge blocks sale of controversial execution drug to Missouri

Valentine's Day-meh... Get out your beads (and sinful YOU): February 15 starts MARDI GRAS season!

Thursday TOON Roundup 3- Haves and have nots

The destruction of the idols: Syria’s patrimony at risk from extremists

Thursday TOON Roundup 4- The Rest

Idiot's Facebook Conversation About the Word 'Suffrage' Is Delightful

The Obama Administration Wants 6 Million Americans to Get Back Their Right to Vote. Here's How.

In Kentucky Marriage Ruling, Judge Gets Religious Freedom Right

Procurement: Blowing Smoke For the F-35

Wow! A 30 second loop from a GOES satellite of the storm moving up the East coast:(link fixed)

Huge thermal plant opens as solar industry grows

From Anti-Gay to Pro-Freedom

Apple in conflict mineral 'name and shame' crackdown

Rachel Maddow Defends Bridge Coverage Following 'Morning Joe' Criticism

Obama Sparks All-Out Revolt Over Socially Conservative Judicial Nominee

Arizona Republicans Want Feds To Get Permission From Sheriffs To Enforce Law

Russia Bans ALL Adoptions to Nations Where LGBT People Can Marry

In New York Real Populism and Real Choices

Russia Bans ALL Adoptions to Nations Where LGBT People Can Marry!

New York City schools are open despite travel advisory

Penguin's withdrawal of The Hindus causes international outcry

How Iowa Flattened Literature (With CIA help, writers were enlisted to battle both Communism and ..

Comcast to buy Time Warner Cable: Say goodbye to the public interest (LAT)

I've never liked math either...

Yesterday, my state put someone to death for a horrific crime. And, yes, it bothered me incredibly.

Favorite Movie Theaters in Maryland/DC/Northern Virginia

Hyperlinking is not copyright infringement, EU court rules

CO Sen. Bernie Herpin: ‘A good thing’ that James Holmes had 100-round magazine

DNA shows modern Native Americans are descended from Russians (well Siberians actually)

Tea Party’s fringe isolation: How a conspiracist mind-set poses long-term electoral danger

I heart ponies, I heart puppies, I heart pussies, I heart piggies, I heart poultry, I heart peng...

Tux the evangelist

MD suburb of DC parking lot SNOW!

We could replace those vintage cars that fell in the sinkhole by trading with

GOP leaders get their just deserts: How the debt limit fight blew up in their faces

SOCOM’s Iron Man Suit Sees ‘Astounding’ Progress: Adm. McRaven

Hapiness is.....

Old mysterious photos that will haunt your dreams

GOP Senator Apologizes for McCain Tantrum at Syrian Christian Leader Meeting

The Poisoner's Reckoning

Lawmaker uses pepper spray in Indian Parliament

COMMENTARY: An executive order with moral authority


This is How Citizens United Dies

Afghanistan frees 65 inmates U.S. calls 'dangerous'

This African prayer sums it all up

Kirk Cameron tells us how humans were created :)

Koch brothers breaking all spending records to defeat Democrat Kay Hagan

14 inches and counting....

Elizabeth Warren vs. the neoliberals

Snowy sheep

Ohio National Guard portrayed gun rights supporters as domestic terrorists during drill

Welcome Home

Cold beer

US investigates NC environment agency

What's for Dinner, Thurs., Feb. 13

You know it's a blizzard when

Because YOU asked for it: Sharknado 2

I have a hot date for Valentines Day and I'm willing to share him with all of you!!

Don’t Sell Cheap U.S. Coal to Asia

Bwah-HAH!1 There exists a "TRUMP-obsessed stalker" BESIDES trump himself -- who knew?!1

NWS predicting 8 to 14 inches of snow here

MPR: Coldest winter in decades could help Isle Royale wolves

Lenovo laptop loading problem

Russia Presents Draft Plan to U.N. on Aid to Syria

MPR: Coldest winter in decades could help Isle Royale wolves

Exodus of French volunteers for Syria jihad growing

Hey Eastern US DU'ers: STAY SAFE!!!!

White House says pursuing Afghan security agreement on troops

Find something to be happy about today (Thursday February 13, 2014)

More Than 100 House Members Sign Letter Supporting Diplomacy With Iran

Rand Paul’s sloppy Tea Party showboating: Another plagiarism mess!

Erik Rush recycles the "Clinton Body Count"

Four Incumbent Republicans, Senate AND House, lost their party primaries in 2012. FOUR!

Warning To Journalists Everywhere

A Russian Valentine We Don't Expect Putin Will Keep

The truth about numbers: Bible Math!

Snow to Wine index in the affected Southern. Yes, that is Wine - not Whine

Norwegian Justice Minister rejects call from own party for a Swiss-like immigration referendum.

Poll: Warren's proposal to bring basic banking services to low income neighborhoods has big support!

I got love to spread around. Who doesn't have a heart and would like one?

Anybody want a valentine? Check in here!

PSA: I found my neighbor face down in the snow...

Hello Skinner and Earl g..

Meanwhile in Venezuela

More Evidence That WI Gov. Scott Walker Is Under Investigation

Mary Burke will be at Drinking Liberally Milwaukee on Monday February 17th at 7pm

noise disturbance experiment.trigger warning

noise disturbance experiment. trigger warning.

Anti-gay forces changing tactics on marriage

Thom Hartmann: Another Chemical Spill in WV?

Insults from around the world...

Thom Hartmann: When Conservatives Embraced Big Government

To those who gave me valentines: Thank you, thank you!

Republican's next big Brain Storm, They want to repeal the 17th Amendment

Hey!!!! Thanks for the heart!!!!


D.C. Metro Chief: If You Want More Service, We Need More Money

Cuomo crushing Trump

Mr. Cup Noodle forced to shovel snow in front of his own museum

Poll: Thumbs down on Vladimir Putin, Russia

Russia Just Made Its Anti-Gay Laws Even Stricter

"Animals are a matter of my heart"

Sid Caesar has died at 91.

Today's Triple Play: Davis, Van de Putte, Castro to appear together

Freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy found some puppehs in Sochi. He's doing this:

Catster Heroes: The Family That Rescued Two Kittens From a Box in the Snow

This is your planet. --- This is your planet on fossil fuels.

EXCLUSIVE POLL: Sink leads Jolly, voters less concerned about Obamacare

Kansas’ Anti-Gay Segregation Bill Is an Abomination

Great Backyard Bird Count --Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon

Are most Americans savvy voters?

Is there already a discussion thread on DU about the New Republic article on Christie? If so where?

Foreigners are buying American elections, thanks to the Supreme Court.

Science, not muscle, driving many Olympic wins

I hate winter!

LOL - A Valentine's gift from Media Matters (at FOX's expense) :)

Danes are Phucking Nuts! 2nd Danish giraffe named Marius may be put down

Teachers' union condemns decision to keep NYC public schools open

Rolling Stone Magazine: 50 Greatest SNL sketches. They have some classics in there!!!


Russian Environmentalist, and Critic of Olympics, Gets 3-Year Prison Sentence

Sen.Davis Wants Texas To Stop Defending Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Smartphone, anyone?

Ask FCC / DOJ to STOP the TWC/Comcast Merger:

WaPo's Jennifer Rubin Already Eyeing Cabinet Members For President Christie's Administration

It's Sno Cats

Whose freedom of religion prevails on same-sex marriage?

Thank you, unknown person, for the heart.

Well, Tuesday was a bust but I guess

Frozen Kitteh Valentine Poem

Republicans are working hard to kill jobs in America

Great Backyard Bird Count = This Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon!

Second Danish zoo plans to publicly dissect giraffe and feed to lions

Somali Farmers Find a New Home in Maine

How Comcast Just Conquered America in Two Simple GIFs

Debunked: What You Weren't Told About the Minimum Wage

You aren't Poor

Okay then. A skater is performing to this music from a movie:

"Here's Why Foreign Investors Are Trying to Buy American Farmland" by Steve Holt.

Bills Would Allow Discrimination Based on Religious Beliefs

Speak softly by Wes Clark

Mother Jones: "In the "RoboCop" reboot, Samuel L. Jackson is basically Bill O'Reilly..."

It's been said many times, in many ways.... (HOF thread)

State Department gets in bed with oil industry on Keystone pipeline - Toronto Star

Experts Testify about Medical Marijuana at Oklahoma State Capitol

Gangster Bankers: Too Big to Jail (How HSBC Hooked up with Drug Traffickers & Terrorists & Got Away)

The Rude Pundit - Rand Paul: Exhibit A on Why People on 'Ludes Should Not Run for President

So you are probably trying to avoid this...

Deer Cull in New York, East Hampton by Farm Bureau Stopped by Lawsuit

GOP Rep. Doc Hastings To Retire

Cabin Fever anyone?

Any updates on the Michael Dunn Jury watch? nt

Slippery When Wet ...

Jorge Mario Bergoglio was to have been John XXIV

One banker that didn't get away with it

Wendy Davis pro-2nd Amendment? Gun group suspicious

Christie's state finance reports are overdue

Italy Overturns Strict Cannabis Law

Leaving the cult of antivaccinationism or alt-med

WNYC Roasts Christie & Samson

Marine Commandant Amos: "There are 144 same sex couples in Marine Corps"

7-1? Do NOT fuck around with the United States of Goddamned America!

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 14, 2014 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 1955 Best Actor Nominees

FACT: In January, enrollment among young adults grew by 65%

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 15, 2014 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 1929/1930 Best Picture Nominees

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National Journal: Obamacare Enrollment Is Back on Track

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Texas court revives transgender marriage case

Watch This Sports Anchor Tackle Anti-Gay Bigots’ Freakout Over Gay Football Player.

Wife of Tennessee lawyer dies after Monday's mail bomb explosion

Meet Israel Hilton, a Texan with terminal cancer who can't get Medicaid thanks to Rick Perry...

I would rather watch figure skating instead of cross-country skiing.

Grand Jury Somehow Fails To Indict Man Who Shot Deputy During No-Knock, Pre-Dawn Raid For Capital Mu

Pic Of The Moment: America's Opinion Of Russia At 20-Year Low

But.....what IS it??????

I've been Denmarked...…..

Richard Dawkins dissects giraffe to prove how mammals evolved from fish and disprove I.D.

Happy 205th birthday to President Lincoln!

Torch-Carrying Environmentalists Protest at Oil Exec’s Home

Al Roker blasts Mayor de Blasio on Twitter for not cancelling school

Suck It, Uggos: Fox News Wants To Isolate Unloved Kids On Valentine’s Day

If not for extreme sports, Team USA wouldn't be quite so stoked at Sochi Games

can shit stop breaking on me now? NOT to shovel snow...really..have a look

Colorado Republican: It Was Actually 'A Good Thing' Aurora Shooter Had 100-Round Magazine

List of the Republican ‘Democrats’ Who Fight For Obama's Secret Trade Deals & Wall Street

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Brent Bozell urges liberal media to 'tell the truth,' while he fibs about writing a column

Bridgestone to Pay $425 Million Fine in Price-Fixing Case

Did they do the Russian Car Curling yet?

Dahr Jamail Joins Truthout as Staff Reporter

Hey, DU, I would if I could!

Big Sugar: from slavery to obesity to diabetes to cancer

VW calls out Sen Corker lie: Union vote has nothing to do with adding vehicle line

Good piece from TE blog: Money Makes People Right-Wing and Inegalitarian

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SPLC files suit challenging Alabama's laws on same-sex marriage

A Letter from Comcast and Time Warner Cable - intercepted by Andy Borowitz

fox valentines

APNewsBreak: ND abortion docs get hospital access

Facebook adding new gender options for users

U.S. Rep. Doc Hastings won’t seek re-election

Papa John's. Better ingredients. Better... Eurghh!!

Valentine's day

I guess someone really believes their heart donation was anonymous

I love to see the USA medal

Congo armed groups wielding machetes reportedly execute 70: U.N.

House seats that can be flipped

Pope Francis, "The worship of the ancient golden calf has returned in a new and ruthless guise...

Would Teddy Roosevelt have stood by while Comcast bought the internet?

Calif. lawmaker proposes warning labels for sugary drinks

What Percent of the Population is Gay? More Than You Think

The World's Largest Solar Plant Started Creating Electricity Today

Chris Christie's Entire Career Reeks

Time lapse of snow hitting DC:

1,000 bodies found on Miss. medical school campus

Wouldn't it?

Mississippi lawmakers move forward on 20-week abortion ban

Do you have Affluenza? Take the quiz

Al Roker (rightfully) tears into DeBlasio over snow policy

Cameron Vows On Floods "Cannot Let This Happen Again"; FOIA Shows Climate Adaptation Funds Cut 40%

Hizzonnaro - Chris Faraone Talks About His Book On The Boston Mayor's Race

Bizarre attack infects Linksys routers with self-replicating malware

Yes, You Will Probably Get Screwed If The Comcast-Time Warner Deal Goes Through

Afghanistan Releases Prisoners Over U.S. Objections


Comcast, Time Warner execs have been big Obama/Dem supporters

Sochi Olympic gold medalists to get bonus meteorite medal

This is how the Oilyarchy threat people

Undeniable discrimination in the amount of water allocated to Israelis and Palestinians

More pipe line truth and blues

Someone's getting six to ten inches!!!

Court strikes California law limiting concealed weapons

An Obamacare enrollment trend to strike fear in the heart of Republicans

Meet Mr. Bouncy Cat:

"Make me do it" is the most honest and important statement Obama ever made

Poem by Rabindranath Tagore -good for Valentines Day

The proper way to announce snow closings...

9 Horrible Gun Laws Backed by the Right Wing

'If I only Had A Heart' by the Tin Man

Sochi-Inspired Snow Day Announcement Goes Viral

John Kerry's Mideast peace deal is a disaster

Funny headline of the day, courtesy of CNN: "Comcast deal to face antitrust hurdles"

Wow, conservative Christians in the US are so persecuted that they are making TWO movies about it

Al Franken Drops the Hammer on the Comcast Time-Warner Deal

THANK YOU for my hearts. to thos wonderful, anonymous donors, you have

United States Drops To 46th In Press Freedom Rankings

Belgium Becomes First Country To Allow Euthanasia For Dying Children

I'll be direct...I have hearts to give kiss my...

I'll be direct...I have hearts to give kiss my...

The Michael Dunn trial . I just don't get his behavior.

I'll be direct...I have hearts to give kiss my...

The Cruelty of Creationism

American Jewish leaders come out in support of Kerry peace effort

Poland's nuclear plan seen coming unstuck by finances

[Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader's] Suit: Ben-Gals paid less than minimum wage

Another snow shoveling tip

Lets give them something to talk about ...

Georgia lawmakers are the worst in the country.

Al Franken Drops the Hammer on the Comcast Time-Warner Deal

Thank you for the heart. I just gave my little bit of extra cash to Act Blue for their

Typical Moron FL Jurors Deliberating 9 Hours Already

Coverage of last night's VES Awards: "We thought that only our grandfathers needed unions"

The Gun Report: February 13, 2014

But I am still alive.

True Detective (here be SPOILERS)

Cold Weather Chills Retail Sales, Jobless Claims Up

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Gold Futures Tops $1,300 in Longest Rally Since 2011

Got a Haircut Yesterday - Barber Had an Abscessed Tooth

Pakistan pressed over missing drone activist

Oil Inventories Declined Most Since 1999 in IEA Estimate

I talked to my brother.

Yep, The Supreme Court Lit A Fuse To End Gay Marriage Bans Across USA

so how about some good heartbreaky songs? i'm ready

McCain Hints That Ted Cruz Is Ruining The GOP

I got a Valentine!

A little bit of cheer on such a gloomy day for a good part of the nation.

Dartmouth "rape guide" author identified


Redneck States Are Borrowing a Confederate Plan to Protect Their Guns

Brent Bozell Reportedly Forces Someone To Write All His Columns And Books For Him

St. Louis hopes to rev up its red light cameras despite legal setback

Somebody loves me!! :-)

RFK, Jr. and Seder: Industry Running Out Of Water To Pollute

I've offered to spread my love and no one wants it?!?!?!

If the PO gets into banking, lets call it the PO MORGAN,

Comcast CEO Insists Purchase Of Time Warner Cable Is 'Pro-Competitive'

New Poll Finds Most NFL Players Still Not Ready To Date Gay Teammate

Kentucky trooper wants job back because raping that girl was just a ‘moral mistake’

Ted Cruz introduces bill to stop Obama, feds from ‘forcing gay marriage on all 50 states’

Putin Says Egypt Army Chief Al-Seesi to Seek Presidency

Forget "Sharknado!" Coming to the SyFy channel... Zombeavers!

I want to thank the DUer who gave me a Valentine Heart

West Virginia wants more disaster funding, FEMA says no

Chef Boyardee.....consumed by LAVA!!!!

James O’Keefe Sued for “Wrongful Termination,” “Defamation”

Comcast's Time Warner Deal Is Bad for America


PayPal chief really, really wants workers to use PayPal

Roses are red, violets are

CDOT and US 36 Boulder to Denver

Michael Dunn is not going to walk.


U.S. Hired Nazis To Test LSD And CIA Interrogation Techniques, Book Says

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The 4 worst people of the day. you decide the ranking

Illinois 8th-Grader Brutally Beaten In Anti-Persian ‘Hate’ Attack By Classmate

The 40th G8 summit is to be held in Russia in 2014.

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I work the monthly county Republican women's club luncheon .....

Let's see.....Net neutrality is killed off. Then two largest cable/Intrnet companies merge

for you on the east coast...

The Valentine Mr. Spock gave to Nurse Chapel:

Recently back from a great visit with family in Florida. Trip was a Christmas present from my kids.

for my friends & family down south...

Stevie Ray Vaughan with Lonnie Mack - Oreo Cookie Blues (Acoustic!)

Same-sex marriage ban won't be on November ballot (Indiana)

In support of the people of West Virginia:

Hillary Clinton launches global data project on women and girls

The ice storm nailed me here in Raleigh, how did you fare with Pax?

Wonkette: Tech Bazillionaire Tom Perkins Warns Of New Holocaust:..

James O'Keefe Sued For Defamation, Wrongful Termination

Tomorrow we are officially half way through the month of February.

Missouri man charged with hate crime in Old Market (Omaha) assault is ordered to stand trial

Pregnant woman killed by plow in Brooklyn; Baby survives

GOP's New Obamacare Attack: Hitting Medicare Cuts They Voted For

Wendy Davis Wants Texas To Stop Defending Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Ben & Matt take shots at each other (for charity)

Michael Dunn Jury Reaches 11 Hour Deliberations Mark

Electric Industry think tank and Natural Resourced Defense Council on restructuring utility business

DEA's Own Hiring Policy Admits Pot Isn't As Bad As Other Drugs

Afghan President Karzai Tells U.S. To 'Stop Harassing’ Afghanistan

Proposed Merger Would Drastically Reduce Competition

Comcast's Roberts calls Time Warner deal "pro-consumer"

Did Harry Reid steal 2010 election? Sharron Angle calls it 'a rhetorical question'...

McClatchy-Marist Poll: American Dream Seen As Out Of Reach

does anyone know if Al Gore is STILL fat?

Winter Olympics sports we need

Here's The Insanely Long List Of Things Comcast Would Own After Buying Time Warner Cable

Obama To Hold More Than 18 Dem Fundraisers In 2014

Something Has To Give Here

World’s Largest Solar Plant Is Open, But Its Mirrors Scorch Birds

"Rand Paul v Barack Obama: A prelude to 2016"

I don't know where to put the snow . . . . .

The power of dreams (and music)

Look Familiar? What Does This KKK Leaflet Circulated in 1964 Remind You Of?

Wendy Davis Supports Marriage Equality, calls on opponent to stop defending same sex marriage ban

About that Romney Racketeering Lawsuit - Litigation As Performance Art

Suspense In Senate: Debt Vote Shrouded In Secrecy

911 Calls Describe 'Total Gridlock,' 'Nightmare' During Fort Lee Traffic Jam

Think fracking sucks? You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Institute: More Digging At North Korea Nuke Test Site

I don't think Tenn will vote for a union or Florida will find Dunn guilty.

Advice needed - I may (reluctantly) go on a "cougar hunt"

Updated: Anti-gay marriage bill wins Kan. House’s approval

Dems Hope To Force House Vote On Minimum Wage Hike

As an 18 year Time Warner subscriber, what can I expect from Comcast? Spare no details.

Train Carrying Crude Oil Derails in Vandergrift, PA

Tucson News Now:"The working poor need options as well as assistance"

Uncle Sam Is Helping Illegal Pot Producers Destroy California's Water Supply

Why does Michael Dunn have 12 jurors?

February 13, 2008

'Nine Below Zero'---Sonny Boy Williamson

Son-in-law charged in fatal Tennessee bombing

BBC NEWS WORLD UK storms Global chain reaction behind bad weather


STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Friday, 14 February 2014 VALENTINE'S DAY!

Thousands Of Young Israelis March To E-1 To Protest Talks With Palestinians

Found this poem about an old dog

Send a Valentine's Day E-Mail To a Southern Democrat Who's Still In Jail...

George Will, Tea Party Tory

Yeah, ICE. (Photos)

Solidarity Across Religious Lines -- World Interfaith Harmony Week at the United Nations

Had to share...

What is the gender and racial makeup of the

Can AIPAC Stop the Obama-Kerry Plan for Israel-Palestine?

Church Of England Takes On 'Giant Evil' Of Climate Change

Crude Oil Impairs Cardiac Excitation-Contraction Coupling in Fish

This might be the most bizarre hockey goal you'll ever see

It's Been Over 100 Years Since An Artist Has Done This In America.

Former Michael Grimm Fund-Raiser Arraigned in New York

I've been going thru threads giving hearts to those who don't have them

US and EU explore cooperation on religious freedom

Florida County Eliminates Minority-Heavy Polling Places

BP moves forward with Gulf spill medical settlement after appeals dismissed