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Archives: February 17, 2014

The unending benefit of endless "Perfect Storms"

I am curious

Man tossed ex-girlfriend's teen daughter in Dumpster after killing her

Nation Admits It Would’ve Been Fun To Watch Marcus Smart Beat Absolute Shit Out Of Fan

Another victim of the Syrian conflict: their heritage and cultural treasures

David Simon at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Senator Bob Corker probably "broke the law".

Is anybody having slow response times searching on Google?

Today SW Iowa 80% lean ground beef $5.99, sirloin steak $4.99

Question re: debate on the minimum wage

Luke 4 verse 12. Thou shalt not tempt the LORD!!!

Venezuelan opposition leader to turn himself in

Arctic Sea Ice Melting Now - In February - North Pole 35F Over Historical Avg. 2/13

Why are posters allowed to use the shill gambit against others en masse?


Isn't the Shill Gambit against a progressive, pro-evidence, pro-science world view?

John Kerry: Climate Change Is 'Perhaps The World's Most Fearsome Weapon Of Mass Destruction'

Five years since stimulus: Many fraud cases, few losses (USA Today)

Election Thief Karl Rove Says Chris Christie Is What We Want In a President

Another day in Aleppo after an air strike.

Why don't these dramatic cityscapes look familiar?

State defends anti-boycott law: Freedom of expression in Israel isn't like U.S.

Okay, I admit it. There is no evolutionary component to sexual attraction.

When you got to go.. you got to go...

Carbon Monoxide at Baltimore-Area Hotel Sends Nine to Hospital.

CBS host asks NC gov.: You still think climate change caused by ‘God’s hands’ after storm?

Chelsea Clinton: ‘We have a lot more work to do’ for LGBT rights

Abbas: Palestinians won't share Temple Mount, but Jews can pray at Western Wall

Augh! Rush's "Working Man" in a Walmart ad.

UPDATED Obama Denounces Anti-Homosexuality Bill In Uganda

Boycott goes on trial in Israel's High Court

I greatly appreciate the hearts!

GOP Rep.: House Leadership In The Pockets Of Large Donors

How many Republicans have more faith in Puxatawny Phil's weather predictions

Hey HoF Women-

What good is an occupation police force?

How One Brown Student Shut Down The NRA

Unions are Corrupt!

Only female babies will be born tomorrow...

Anyone here read "Gone Girl"?

Unfortunately they lost the union vote.

taterguy can really inhale those meatballs!


Dunn created the confrontation, made it deadly & under FL's insane laws, the prosecution was limited

Living Wages and Humanity in America

BAFTAs 2014: '12 Years a Slave' named best film

Are women suddenly running rampant?

Debate: Was Snowden Justified? Former NSA Counsel Stewart Baker vs. Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg

Missing person alert!

Israeli forces prevent farmers from planting near Bethlehem

Teen inmate to face first-degree murder charge in officer's death

Israel confiscates Palestinian land near Nablus

Taking the scenic route (Dial-up warning)

Would like to take a minute...

feminist humor.

Motorcyclist killed after trying to race Lamborghini, LAPD says

The Public Eye: Confidential documents cite interference in prison death review

Tomorrow's wind from wunderground

I have wonderful neighbors.

Maduro announces expulsion of 3 US embassy workers

Health Officials Issue Warning About Eating Cactus Tainted By Pesticide

Just saw my son off again.

Low-level pesticide exposure linked to Parkinson's disease

"Russia 'Is A Freer Country Today Than We Are Here In America'"

Most people don't notice, but you can hear the skis of Olympic skiers chattering

Siena Survey: Eleanor Roosevelt Tops Among First Ladies

Democrats' 2014 Get-Out-The-Vote Efforts


Venezuela Cry for Help

THANKS for the hearts!

Romney's RICO Gang Blinks & Panics: Rushes to Shut Down eToys Case Illegally!

Remember last year when Brittney Griner came out as gay?

We have our granddaughter for the night, we are watching "Fly Away Home" and...

Get Together

Did (walking dead spoilers)

"The Line at the ‘Super PAC’ Trough"

Obamacare Small Business Goldmine

Bode Miller interview

‘Boys will be boys’ Montana prosecutor tells 5-year-old rape victim’s mom

NBC reporter brings Bode Miller to tears with questions

Demo Party! and Mobile Home Renovation hints appreciated!

Stephen Harper’s Mexico trip likely to be ‘unmitigated disaster’

Thank you for the hearts.

This might be relevant to the discussions taking place ... I posted it in Boston Bean's thread

More leaked documents from the trove of former NSA contractor Edward Snowden ...

The Latest Snowden Leak: NSA Isn’t Spying on Lawyers (Lawfare)

Sunday Shows' Climate Coverage Shows Media Vulnerability

"John Boehner’s sunshine band"

Photos from the Golden Gate Bridge today.

Greetings I have a confession to make

LBJ library, museum to honor Johnson with Civil Rights Summit

LBJ library, museum to honor Johnson with Civil Rights Summit

You gotta be fucking kidding me!!!

BREAKING Olympic Spoiler

This shit is really starting to get scary...

y'all want to know what looks hot to me?

Majority of Americans support normalizing relations with Cuba: poll

House Republicans Ruin the Dreams of Benghazi Conspiracy Theorists

The lead story on NBC New York: Pot holes

Jews Control the Internet, Says Pro-Palestinian Website

You might not want to eat at DFW airport restaurants

Sexual Objectivication Explained (VIDEO)

Stormy Monday, 2/17/14

What?? No Astrolube?

Just a quick note about images in popular culture...

George Zimmerman Claims To Be Homeless And Suffering From PTSD

The most scary news report I ever heard: a group trying to call a constitutional convention

Maduro expels 3 US officials amid protest tensions

Arkansas homeowner shoots at teens egging his car, killing 15 year old girl in the process

Conservatives are PISSED...

Thomas Michaels, Longtime Christie Friend, Involved In Traffic Scandal: MSNBC

We can't let Republicans capture the narrative and rewrite history...

Why would a worker in TN vote to join the union that failed to protect big 3 workers?

Is Cyber-era tension causing these 40 somethings to shot teenagers?????

California officials destroy explosive-filled home

"Suspected Islamists kill 90 in Nigeria village raid"

Health Department Skipped Dozens of DFW Airport Restaurant Inspections

I will be on air w/Patti Vasquez on WGN radio tonight at 11pm PST talking late night television

Ga. debates leniency over guns brought to airport

Which do you prefer? FL formula or NY formula for grading teachers? Follow the formulas.

catalogical fallacies

Telling a woman to shut up

Michael Sam supporters block out Westboro Baptist Church protest


Portland protesters bring pitchforks and torches to City Hall over anti-homeless proposal

My concerns about the ACA

California police use taser on deaf man trying to communicate with them via sign language

Crazy ants rely on secret weapon in war against fire ants: research

Downton Abbey Season 4 marathon


I hadn't heard these guys for a while

The Education of Ruby Bridges ~ Black History Month

Why Occupy Bangkok is Working and Occupy Wall Street Didn’t

Houston clinic shut down and doctor's license suspended for lack of hospital admitting privileges

Paper links religion with lower intelligence

Should women wear make-up?

A tale of two civilisations

The Democrats must have a primary, especially if Hillary becomes our nominee


Does anyone know a way to watch the Olympics coverage online,

The girl who stole my heart

Hijacked Ethiopian Airlines flight lands in Geneva

My brother just became an openly gay Eagle Scout. But we're still 'unfit' to be leaders.

Michael Sam's Father is an Idiot , tries to backtrack on anti gay comments with anti gay comment


WIll Never See Rise In Min. Wage Or Ext. Of Unemployment As Long As Even One GOPPER Apposes It.

Rain in California

I know it was you guys....

Funniest Presidential Quotes

U.S. halts economic aid to Bolivia citing expulsion of USAID

Fascinating birds

Venezuela threatened by far-right violence

Arizona State has first win over #2 team in double-overtime upset over Arizona

Venezuela: Maduro determined 'to make economic revolution'

Sabaneta to Miraflores: Afterlives of Hugo Chávez in Venezuela

For Presidents Day 2014, Punditty releases odds on possible 2016 GOP candidates

Yay, Escrow closed! and a comment on the cost of living in San Diego County.

Germany to beef up counter-espionage against US, Western allies – report

Some Nebraska lawmakers pushing for an earlier primary

Unless we invent a time-machine, the NSA spying will get exponentially worse.

The Difference Between a Farmer and a Global Chemical Corporation

Dumping Cathy

Larry Summers: The US is becoming a 'Downton Abbey' economy

Large scale ruins of ancient city unearthed in Inner Mongolia

Reporting based on NSA leaks wins Polk Award

Krugman: The Barons of Broadband

Toon: Moral Dilemma for Americans

I have jury duty today.

The 4 Most Profound Ways Privatization Perverts Education

Are We Watching the GOP on the Verge of Collapse?

How the Government Blows Away the "Private Sector" in Delivering Services

David Pakman: Dennis Rodman Kicked Out of NKorea for Drunken Defecation & Vomiting

David Pakman: 'Is Atheism Irrational?' NYTimes Article is Irrational

Herb Brooks/T.J. Oshie mashup

Shocking Tales of Racial Profiling in The Big Easy

David Pakman: 'Blacks, Faggots, Poor People' Not Served at Racist Anti-Gay Restaurant

A bit of odd news and claims from China..

David Pakman: Anonymous vs Walmart Begins: Top Exec Private Info Leaked

The Erosion of the U.S. Constitution ... and It Starts in the White House

The Jamaican Bobsled team has a theme song:

Marta and I would have given extra thought to buying a VW next time we need a new car

Possible radiation leak at New Mexico military nuclear waste site

A big stink at The Big Think: supposed shortcomings of “Darwinism” by quasi-creationist "thinker"

Budding RI pot dispensary gives glimpse of what could be in store for Massachusetts

Chris Hedges: Our Sinister Dual State

Dear GOP: Top 5 Biblical Marriage Moments far worse than Gay Marriage

MSM there to Exploit Misery, and Bodie's a bad guy ?

The Day the 5th Amendment was Droned to Death

Aaron Sorkin's 'Newsroom' Renewed for Third and Final Season

The new US-Russia Cold War

Define irony ...

China Deletes Media Reports Calling Beijing 'Unlivable'

Map plots French Jewish children taken by Nazis

Knox pinned murder on barman due to 'stress'

David Brooks Finally Admits That There Is No 'Tea Party'

Prince William orders destruction of Buckingham Palace ivory as part of conservation campaign

Police: Man dies in shooting at Arizona Wal-Mart

Baghdad plays familiar al-Qaeda card

In Kansas, Right Joins Left to Halt Bill on Gays

US pledges restraint in arms bazaar

Thanx For the Hearts.

UK fraud agency charges 3 ex-Barclays bankers ove

Who Is the US Trying To Intimidate with Its Double-Dealing in the South and East China Seas?

N.Y. fashion designer found dead in Hudson River

The YouTube Theorem

UK fraud agency charges three ex-Barclays bankers over Libor

Cancer: 'Tumour monorail' can lead cancers to their doom

Could it be shown that a thread has survived an alert at an earlier point?

The raw prawn: Marty Natalegawa takes swipe at Tony Abbott over prawn spying claim

Running Back Jennifer Welter Makes History By Playing In Pro Football Game

Missouri gun murders 'rose after law repeal'

Deep-sea mining 'must responsibly respect ecosystems'

Chelsea Clinton: Gay marriage not the end

Distorting Russia

A Dozen Different Soy & Corn Weeds Have Now Evolved To "Roundup-Ready" Status

You don’t have to live on a coast to get flooded out by climate change

Less Than 1% Of Total Capacity Of 14 LA-Area Reservoirs Available For Release

Camera flies inside 40-foot sinkhole that swallowed Corvettes.

Ecuador’s Relationship with the US

Oil spills break fishes’ hearts

Peace talks between Pakistan and Taliban collapse after killings

As UK Submerges, British Politicians Debate Existence Of Manmade Climate Breakdown

A Profile of Big Brother in the 21st Century

Amazing new discoveries in fight against cancer, including cancer sniffing fruit flies!

5 Years After Stimulus, Obama Says It Worked

PNAS - Tree-Ring Studies Show 2010 Wettest Year In Tibet In Past 3,500 Years

Heat Waves Cause "Unprecedented" Damage To Coral Reefs Off Western Australia

Dunn will get out of prison, and sooner than you think

John Kerry on Climate Change: "the entire way of life that you live and love is at risk,"

What’s going on in Venezuela?

Nigeria: With 158 Killed, FG Sends More Troops to Tackle Boko Haram

SI's Swimsuit models are the American Dream

The ‘Comfort Women’ Statue: Let History Speak through the Facts

'Bizarre' Cluster of Severe Birth Defects Stuns Health Experts

Wee Donald, defeated in Scotland, faces Irish wind farm battle.

Monday Toon Roundup 1: Merger

CIA Prison in Poland: Silence Is Not Always Golden

Monday Toon Roundup 2: Climate and Weather

Monday Toon Roundup 3: The Rest

DEC proposes updated policy governing use of environmental monitors

"Work for Success" initiative is providing more employment opportunities for the formerly incarcerat

North Korean human rights abuses systematic and unparalleled, says UN

U.S. foreign relations scorecard: Burkina Faso: 2 Canada: 0

Karzai orders changes to bill that outraged rights groups

The weird war on terror

Bill Nye's arctic/antarctic mix-up

Will Saudi-US relations endure Syria’s debacle?

Iran seeks new Russia reactor in exchange for oil

Death Penalty temperature gauge - Do You Support the Death Penalty?

The Changing Face of Christian Politics

Libya parliament agrees to 'early' election amid public anger

Would the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights be adopted by the UN if voted on today?

Skinned VLC won't record for me.

Oil price above $100 on China credit growth

Game of Thrones - new Season 4 Trailer

3 former bankers charged in UK in rates probe

In Kansas, Right Joins Left to Halt Bill on Gays

Many NYS Legislative Dems Want Mayor de Blasio To Take It Slower

Reporting based on NSA leaks wins Polk Award

Happy President's Day DUers!

Raising the minimum wage is the right idea for the right

South Ozone Park fire guts church; 4 firefighters hurt

U.S. diplomats study how to preserve Iran's dignity in nuclear talks

Body of missing fashion designer Michele Savoia found in Hudson River

Indiana moves to allow people to protect themselves from police?

South Korean lawmaker convicted of treason, supporting North Korea

Ted Cruz just doomed the GOP — but not in the way you think

Fracking brings oil boom to south Texas town, for a price

What's for Dinner ~ Monday ~ Feb 17th

Good morning

“Meet the Press” pretends Marsha Blackburn has reasonable ideas about climate science because “debat

bumper sticker

Fossil shows an ancient reptile in the act of being born

Ukraine amnesty comes into force after protesters retreat

We need to rewrite a basic rule in this country...

Surprise! Mom delivering triplets learns she's having quadruplets

Iran's supreme leader says nuclear talks will 'lead nowhere'

Obama: Anti-gay law would 'complicate' relationship with Uganda

The age of atheism: “If God exists, why is anybody unhappy?”

Freedom Industries Hard At Work - No Idea On Extent Of Soil, Water Pollution

Warming Arctic May Be Causing Jet Stream To Lose Its Way

TOM TOMORROW: The One Rich Guy Who Owns Everything

Irish Farmers, Fishermen On Brink Of Ruin After Weeks Of Extreme Weather

U.S. seeks new bases for drones targeting Al Qaeda in Pakistan

Virginia county sheriff hosting anti-Muslim training by disgraced conspiracy theorist


Just started House of Cards...

Abbot Picks Climate Denier To Set Renewable Energy Targets For Australia

Egypt: women flash mob to protest against sexual harassment and violence against women (video)

Why Presidents Need Prayer

Expert Hydrologist: Alberta's Flood Forecasting Tools "From The Stone Age"

Mexico's Guerrero state teeters on the edge of chaos

My first hidden post ever and it was for being misogynistic and sexist.

Pssssssssst -huge -PA Executive Director Pat Foye wants investigation into PA cops' roles

U.S., Mexico and Canada are asked to protect monarch butterflies

Warmer Arctic, Weaker Jet Stream Make Long-Term Severe Winter Cycle Possible For N. Hemisphere

Labor Party Leader: Cameron Gov. "Sleepwalking Into National Security Crisis" w/o Climate Action

Montana county attorney’s office to mother of 5-year-old rape victim: ‘Boys will be boys’

For the BOG - I miss you all

President Obama on History 2 tonight

Pick Your Poison

NYT: One Nation Under Guard

Why you shouldn't hope for an early Spring.

In Kansas, Right Joins Left to Halt Bill on Gays

Gack! OK, lesson learned: do not put frozen food into the crock pot

Catholic confession’s steep price

Varied responses to religion's 'Great Decline'

Soldiers must move up or out faster, Army says

Military nears holy grail: Pizza that lasts years

The GOP's working mom hypocrisy

Psychiatric wing at Evans 10 years in the making

Panty Protest

An Idea Conservatives Should Love - Raising the Minimum Wage

What can unite liberals and tea partyers? The NSA

Why Jewish Refugee Day matters

Anderson Cooper: How I see homeless people now

Schofield man who advocated for open carry jailed, accused of making gun threats

***Democracy NC: Volunteer organizing and voter registration training ***

Colorado superintendents unite in plea for money for K-12 education

Hezbollah leader Nasrallah vows to keep fighters in Syria

Ga. Debates Leniency Over Guns Brought to Airport

Groupon discounts U.S. history, declares Alexander Hamilton president

Any word on a jury count in the Michael Dunn case yet?

Papantonio: Left To Die In D.C.

Misconduct forces more soldiers out

Q-poll: New Yorkers are totally OK with weed

Veterans often find jobs serving the community

There will always be an England.

#DangerousBlackKids America Should Fear

De Blasio Administration Strikes First Contract Deal -- With Retro Pay -- With DEP Cops

A commentary on the Rice/Templeton religion/science survey

Naval Academy case: Records requests scrutinized

Wy the hell was this loser on TV at all?

Let's talk Olympics, specifically Curling, more specifically, The Men of Curling Calendar!

Just when you think Victoria Jackson can't get any more stupid...

Boston’s Great Molasses Flood of 1919: How One of America’s Strangest Tragedies Happened

Next up: TV ads just for you, dear voter

Gun sales are plunging

George Zimmerman Calls Himself A 'Victim,' Obama's 'Scapegoat'

TYT: Apparently Even God Ignores Michelle Bachmann

TYT: Let Citizens Vote? Not In Republican World [Stunning Quote]

A Brief History of Consumption


TYT: 'Religious Freedom Means The Freedom To Discriminate'

National license plate database sparks privacy fears

Why is Bernie Madoff the only Wall Street criminal to face jail time?

Spine Language: The Activist Backbone | Mickey Z.

R.I.P. Rush: former rock band’s song is used in a Walmart commercial.

TYT: America's Gun, Race & Stupidity Problem Summed Up In One Story

I Want To Understand Why All These Millennials Are So Lazy, But I Can't Seem To Find The Lazy Ones

Ana Kasparian: Supporting Gay Rights Could Get Gov Impeached

The 40+ jobless problem is they can not adapt to the new kids world instead

When can we rest?

Democrats ready to run with Obamacare

TYT: Trickle Down Economics Is Working! (If You're Doing The Trickling)

A Bargain With The Archdruid | John Michael Greer

Juan Cole To Mitt Romney: "The Bible doesn’t even approve of marriage at all!"

Sochi 2014: Vladimir Luxuria arrested for holding 'Gay is OK' (in Russian) banner

Hate the Super Rich | Joel S. Hirschhorn

The Good Bad Guy Strikes...

Winter paves the way for potholes

I Would Like to See A Comprehensive Study On the Cost of "Conservatism"

Militant Movie Making: 'Salt of the Earth' | Mickey Z.

TYT: Chris Christie vs Sarah Palin - The Fur Flies!

Hear we go with the I'm not racist because my ex wives are Hispanic

Thanks for NOTHING, Rick Snyder & other Republican traitors to MI workers

Ten Principles to Guide the Young Activist | Ramzy Baroud

British uproar: France to host US WWII veterans on Normandy beaches

World must act on North Korea rights abuse, says UN report

Ok, enough of the SI swimsuit issue, and such.

Up next on DU Lounge Sports -The Ocho *Olympic Cat Curling*

"Bad Presidents Day"

Grey's Anatomy star: People should be outraged

BOOKS: Comrades in Arms | William T. Hathaway

What do these all have in common?

A couple thoughts on organization

TYT: If You Hated The Fashion Industry Before, Wait Till You See This

Fugelsang on interference

Petra Nemcova, on with Ari Melber (MSNBC) now, wants to know why the SI cover is covered...

Shake me, wake me! | James Howard Kunstler

Ahh, the old Domestic Vibrator

Protesters arrested in Kazakhstan after demonstration against currency devaluation

In Defense of Mountains | Mickey Z.

Enough of the DU Purity Police telling us Enough!

Just got a Canon T4i w/ 18-135mm IS STM lens

Blood at the Root: Billie Holiday and “Strange Fruit” | Mickey Z.

The Steampunk Future | John Michael Greer

Find something to be happy about today (Monday February 17, 2014)

BOOKS: Forging a Socialist-Islamist Alliance | William T. Hathaway

Stay Hydrated, Challenge Corporate Power, Defend All Earthlings | Mickey Z.

Tough Decision - Daughter or Cat

Arkansas man guns down 15-year-old girl for egging son’s car as a prank

Karma: The Elephant in YOUR Room | Philip A. Farruggio

The Smog of Fraud | James Howard Kunstler

Huge Asteroid to Fly Safely By Earth Monday: Watch It Live

Humans vs. Rivers | Mickey Z.

Argentine government condemns “clear efforts of destabilization” in Venezuela

BOOKS: Occupy this Book (excerpt) | Mickey Z.

Man's Gotta Have his Brew

Cross- post; Internet Trolls Really Are Horrible People

Just watched the last 45 minutes of a doc on Watergate.

Nine Orcas Strand and Die in New Zealand

Rude Pundit: Abraham Lincoln Would Fuck Up the Shit of Today's Republicans

police beat protester on ground, leave him there

TCM The Young Lions

Police and their toys

police shoot at protesters

Oh, CRAP!!!

New details emerge on Colorado marijuana operators raided by feds

Pic Of The Moment: Climate Change "Perhaps The World's Most Fearsome Weapon Of Mass Destruction"

Today's xkcd (comic) is amazing!

Why Engagement Rings Are a Scam

Russians Protest Disallowed Hockey Goal at U.S. Embassy in Moscow

Texas offers loophole for extra navigator training

It kind of cracks me up to see ops proclaiming that this or that on DU, MUST STOP!1!1!!!

Woman jailed for not returning 2005 video rental

Why The Senate STILL Isn’t Able To Get Anything Done Even After The ‘Nuclear Option’

Spiraling beef prices causing sticker shock at Texas barbecue smokers

Food stamp use among military rises again

Climate change: time for the sceptics to put up or shut up

New Terry Gilliam movie trailer - The Zero Theorem

Did the 1st named Dalai Lama order the destruction of those Mongolians practicing Shamanism?

A glass of milk.

Some Dangerous Black Kids..Terrifying....

Should other than soil based crops be designated as organic? VT Congressional delegations says no

Oh, the Places Your Gun Will Go!

Oh, the Places Your Gun Will Go!

Presidents' Day! How are you celebrating (or spending) the day?

Scott Walker Hints at Bush Sequel With Misguided Tax Cuts

Milwaukee's turn for SNOWmegeddon?

When men pose as sexy motorcycle models, you see how silly the poses are

The new "Privatize the USDA Diet"! You'll be too scared to eat!

Michael Grunwald: Five Years After Stimulus, Obama Says It Worked

Why is Greg Abbott palling around with a predator?

Europe's First Trans Parliamentarian Arrested at Olympics for Gay Sign

Which chemical would you rather eat with your lettuce?

Missing from Presidents’ Day: The People They Enslaved

Is Google Planning Son of Teledesic?

Gay man says priest refused to give last rites

Gotta Love these Moments at Fox

Taliban behead 23 Pak soldiers, peace talks with government collapse

Here's Who to Trust

damn ice dams!

Washington Post: Obamacare’s Sign-Up Period Is Ending. Here’s How Enroll America Is Getting Ready

Did the stimulus work? Yes. Did it do enough? No.

South Korea resort roof collapses, 9 dead

Republicans Slam Stimulus On Fifth Anniversary — But Most Took Credit For It Back Home

Question regarding jury verdicts that result in 3 to 3.

On Hiding Threads and Comments

I saw some interesting audience behavior Sunday when I went to see "Monuments Men"

Fox News' Megyn Kelly admits that Ambassador Rice did not manipulate talking points on Benghazi

Wendy Davis discusses same-sex marriage with the San Antonio Express-News’ editorial board

Verizon & AT&T Move To Alter Internet After Net Neutrality Struck Down

Toon: This job sinks...

One wins everything except at the Olympics and the other only wins at the Olympics (spoiler)

Celeste Katz: De Blasio Administration Cuts First Labor Contract – With Environmental Officers

Median household income of $51K == $28K in 1990, $17K in 1980, $8K in 1970

"Government is the problem" with health care ass.

The foresight our founding fathers had was amazing

Port Authority head Foye orders an investigation into the police handling of Christie's GWB closure.

Michael Dunn, the Murderous Bullying S.O.B. that the Jury Hardly Knew


MUST SEE TV - Charles Barkley interviews President Obama


Liberman's secret plan to storm the Likud Party

Watch These Teabillies Proudly Display Their Ignorance (Video)

Huge Asteroid to Fly Safely By Earth Monday: Watch It Live

Israeli forces demolish 5 Bedouin structures east of Jerusalem

I definitely agree with this statement...

This isn't me when I was a baby - but it could have been!

Sochi's only rabbi takes on Olympic task

2 Seattle boys working on science project hospitalized after explosion

Do you think you are attractive?

Watch: Lawmakers Cheer As Ugandan President Declares War on Homosexuals

Washington plays Russian roulette with missile defense in Europe

Can we PLEASE have a "gender forum" where all gender-based threads can go die?

3-year-old Alexis Martin has IQ above 160

Poll: 76% of NFL players ‘comfortable’ in showering around a gay teammate

Vietnam Deploys Dancers to Foil Protests

Top University Study: Anti-Gay Prejudice Is Killing Gay People

Family says 5 Oklahoma police beat father to death.

This 5-year-old knows more about the world than you do.

Why does I Heart Radio repeat news everyday before Randi's show thats a month old

After reading this you'll wonder why ANY republican would

Obama admin's TPP negotiators received hefty bonuses from big banks.

Colombia Army general resigns amid embezzlement scandal

China's Plan to Clean Up Air in Cities Will Doom the Climate, Scientists Say

Reading time.

Why Soldiers Are Increasingly Relying on Food Stamps

Bomb attacks kill at least 24 in Iraq

Mammograms - DO IT!

Florida's Number One!! ... Florida's Number One!!

(ROTF) I don't mind straight people,....

Just Had My First Ever Post Hidden

Library of Congress Open House

Statistics on Gun Deaths & Injuries

Joe the Plumber takes union job at Chrysler

Part Two of The Cuban Missile Crisis unfolding -

Some Dangerous Black Kids..Terrifying....

Bill Nye Slams Politician On Live TV On Climate Change (VIDEO)

Missouri Voters Would Have To Approve Photo IDs Before Details Are Worked Out

More snow on the way tomorrow morning.

Israeli plan would add 35 isolated West Bank settlements to new 'national priorities map'

Is Hillary Clinton The President Americans Need At This Time?

Russia bans lace panties

LA Times: Gay Marriage Proponents Hopeful Issue Will Head Back To SCOTUS.

Gov. Snyder: Gay Marriage Ban For State Workers Saves Money

What The Elephants Did In South Africa When the Elephant Whisperer Died

Arkansans Like Obamacare, Except When You Call It 'Obamacare'

Netanyahu says Israeli high-tech stronger than boycotters

I can't believe that this is happening.

Would it be possible to add this to the smiley list?

U.S. Jewish Leader(Joe Lieberman): BDS Is '21st Century Form Of 20th Century Anti-Semitism’

Bigger Disaster: Bitcoin or Dennis Rodman?

I'd like to propose an addition to the original Top 10 list.

Iowa Newspaper Drops Brent Bozell's Column After 'Forced Ghostwriting' Charge

Let us be clear about our choice.

America's war against Douglas Aircraft continues...

UAW President Bob King

Meet the vile Pastor Scott Lively, instrumental in the new anti-gay Uganda law

Newark archbishop's future retirement home undergoing a $500K addition!

Gallup: Americans Continue To Rate The Debt, Deficit As Low Priorities

Town Awakes To Vast Tide Of Liquid Manure Hidden Under Snow

THIS IS WHAT an Asian Superstar Sounds LIKE.

Neighbor called my dog as he went running by...

The groundhog said six more weeks of winter.......

8 yearold boy shot in the face by a grown ass man

President's Day: another reminder how messed up US holiday policies are

By the numbers: Where tea partyers, liberals agree

Your Greed Is Hurting The Economy!

Patrick Kennedy: Biggest threat to mental health is marijuana. fuck off, patty.

Will Pitt makes BartCop today!

Why are white men like Dunn so angry

McConnell 'Looks And Fights Like A Turtle,' Says Texas GOP Primary Ad

Cuban man faces federal charges in Singer Island smuggling attempt

Repubs aren't going to like this - Poll: Americans Become Less Concerned With Securing Borders

Greyhound deaths and Florida’s racing industry

Global wave of action - 4/4/2014 - Omnipotent #WaveOfAction

Why MSNBC's political scandal coverage is more powerful than Fox News'

Conservative group's anti-union effort to target U.S. auto plants

Photos: Lincoln bulldog befriends kittens, wins the Internet

Shortages and prices

The City of No

Police: Arizona Walmart shooting was self-defense

Michael Dunn's Neighbor speaks to Davis lawyer

Dear Asus router user: You’ve been pwned, thanks to easily exploited flaw

Coal/nuclear lobby trying to kill renewables in Australia.

Bill Maher Is Breaking Up With MSNBC: 'You've Stopped Leaning Forward'

Personal note of little public interest.

How "WKRP in Cincinnati" depicted organized labor in Reagan's first year

Primary school principals shut down religious education classes

Russian fans protest at U.S. embassy

WKRP in Cincinnati: Bailey educates Les about labor unions

Former ‘Bircher baby’ offers views on today’s Tea Party

Both Dunn and Zimmerman initiated

Bill Would Ban Release of Mug Shots in Florida

Driving Under the Influence, of Marijuana

An Oldie but Goodie: The Mom Dance with Michelle Obama

Solar PV continues to shoot down the cost curve

Australia chooses climate change denier to head renewables review

Dealers & Republicans Attempt Anticompetitive, Anti-Free Market Tesla Ban… Again

Big Ed is going off about the VW vote.

France continues to push ban on genetically modified corn due to environmental risks

Mulgrew Says Retroactive Raises Are a ‘Big Issue’ Going Into Contract Negotiations

Excellent thread in GD on objectification

Staffing Choices Show de Blasio Approaching Albany Differently From Bloomberg

The 5 Awkward Times Experts Shut Down News Anchors By Being Experts

Birth weight is strongly affected by the mother’s own diet as a child

Merit House Agrees to Bargain with Union After the NLRB Files 10(j) Injunction Petition

Just got a robocall asking me to take a pro-KXL survey

UPDATE Brody the Cat.

Pat Robertson: ‘Keep your mouth shut’ after having sex with transsexuals

The Pain Profiteers

Bridge-Ghazi Experts: Help, Please. So Christie Called *Cuomo* to Complain that the NYS Appointee...

NYS Allies for Public Education Endorses anti-Common Core candidates to the Board of Regents

OK, now that cosmetics are out of the way, lets talk shaving

A while back Alfredo posted about cheap macro using extension tubes.

The Absent Democratic Party In Alabama

R.I.P. Rush: Horrid Canadian rock band’s song is used in a Walmart commercial.

Bush could not have gotten his education agenda...Democrats would have opposed him.

Oh good lord! Guess what's coming down -- again!

Democracy Now! Former FCC Commissioner Warns About Comcast-Time Warner Merger

Soooo, let me get this straight *eats popcorn*

Here you go Taurus.... results.

Oh, those Pesky Facts.

Discussing what constitutes a "healthy" body is a potentially dangerous but necessary debate...

NY GOPer: Delay My Corruption Trial Because It Could Hurt Republicans

A Canadian Company Is About To Become One Of The First To Extract U.S. Tar Sands Oil

3 years ago the democrats flee the state to illinois....

Children reading books to homeless cats might be the cutest thing ever

Grover Norquist’S Anti-Union Group Takes Fight Against Uaw From Tennessee To Other States


Interesting new food item: S'more Cake!

Finally, Enoch has been proven right after 46 years

Can't compete with Blue's 3 California beauties,

NJ Port Authority Probing Whether Officer Drove Chris Christie Ally Through Bridgegate Area

Mary Burke events in Milwaukee are CANCELLED

Duke Energy to shed Midwest generation business

Groupon honors Alexander Hamilton, ‘one of our greatest presidents’

A self-reflection Prompted Question for members of HoF ...

Iran Seeks New Russia Reactor In Exchange For Oil

Have you gotten robocalls on your cell phone?

Attorney Crump:The jury had the option on a murder two and manslaughter in the Jordon Davis trial

12 States

Email shows Kasich adviser knew of plan to promote fracking in parks

GOP Goal. No More Public Services Or Employees. All Must Be Privatized.

The Lyndon B. Johnson Renaissance

You Break It, You Buy It!

Hello, i've never posted in this group before - have a sick kitty

Banks lower lending standards again. WTF????????

I want YOU to stop being AFRAID

The Venezuelan right wing opposition has got to be the world's most shameless.

Quinn Brenneke: Unemployment Down, Ed Neufeldt’s Bracelets Come Off

Nebraska independents will be able to vote in Democratic primary election

Withdrawal from politics of disillusioned Shia leader Muqtada al-Sadr will only add to Iraq's

I was just very rude to a woman on the phone. And I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

racist preacher


WATCH: 'Potentially hazardous' asteroid to zoom past Earth at 9 p.m. EST tonight

The buying of the N.C. Supreme Court

Somebody should print this out and put it up in the VW plant in Chattanooga...

Israel's Netanyahu Calls Boycotters 'Anti-Semites'