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Archives: February 19, 2014

Francis Renews I.D. As Regular Argentine

Top UK Catholic Slams Migration 'Fear-Mongering'

I Am Infuriated by the Homophobia of Putin's Government

Controversial Senate Bill 2566 effectively killed in committee

Is THIS the "ANTICRISIS Girl?" WHO COULD KNOW? What's the Difference?

A Boy and His Dog (Tissue alert!!!)

Antigay Russian Journalist Receives Presidential Humanitarian Award

Kansas bill would permit spanking that leaves bruises on children

I hate this commercial. It's ageist and degrading.

Moose dying at alarming rate in Minnesota. Perhaps just 100 left...climate change?

[NJ] Bridge investigation committee member could face subpoena

Though I realize my "happiness" is not your concern ...

So Who Does Rex Murphy Work For?

Nun Megan Rice gets 3 years for Tennessee nuke plant break-in

Eugene Robinson: Gridlock's Growing Victims

Ex-DJ Dave Herman indicted on sexual abuse charge

NYT Olympics coverage: "Extreme Park Crashes Taking Outsize Toll on Women"

Ohio gay couple sues after being denied Obamacare coverage

Don’t Be A Creeper

For the sheer goofy delight of it--GOATS!!

Meanwhile, in Caracas . . . .

Bernie Sanders Discusses TPP and lack of public knowledge

At least 8 shot in protests in Valencia

WATCH: Maddow on the Marriage Equality 'Revolution'

Fed orders post-crisis crackdown at big banks

Utah Mom Upset Over "Indecent Shirts" Buys Every Single One

Seriously Fucked up: Nun Gets Nearly 3 Years in Prison for Nuke Protest (84 yrs old)

Why do you think that the bankers are dying?

From California to Chicago, A Call for Unionized Universities

Texas Dems Slam Abbot for Campaigning with Pedophile

This is how the drought in California alone will affect you:

If Homer Simpson were a Democrat from Ohio...

Do You Know Anybody Who Lives On Minimum Wage? Here Are A Few People You Won’t Forget.

DOJ: Nun and her co-defendents are "recidivists and habitual offenders" who need long jail terms

This Is Going Viral On Facebook ( Graphic )

CBO report says: There would be a net INCREASE in DEMAND even if there would be job losses...

February 18, 1906

jaw dropping video of Ukraine protestors using fire on armored Personnel carrier.

(Coal Friendly) EIA Increases Short-Term Coal Retirement Prediction by 50%

Feds chastise Contra Costa officials over juvenile hall solitary confinement policy

The “Cat” in the Union; A Poem About Congressman Issa’s Postal Plan

posted elsewhere but

NC: Jury finds GOP Senate misled investors Read more here

David Crosby postpones shows to have heart surgery

Art is in the eye.......

Other countries are far outpacing the U.S. in mass transportation

Study: A Minimum Wage Hike Would Stimulate The Economy

UC Berkeley fined after lab animals die of thirst

Berkeley to kill squirrels, gophers at Cesar Chavez Park

Pro-theocracy candidates running for Texas bd of ed, governor

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Kellogg’s Bows to Pressure, Issues New Palm Oil Commitment; Rainforest Action Network (RAN) Responds

Men get it

Sen. Sanders: A Bad Deal for Workers Ignored by Network News

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 20, 2014 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 1934 Best Actress Nominees

TCM Schedule for Friday, February 21, 2014 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 1944 Best Actor Nominees

Is this a sign to stop hating ???

TCM Schedule for Saturday, February 22, 2014 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 1948 Best Picture Nominees

After reading the tweets from Kiev & all the other shite today,I needed a hug. Do you need one too?

Hot Pockets Included in Massive Meat Recall (diseased and unsound beef)

NUHW calls for Kaiser Permanente board member's resignation

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Live Tonight! & a new kitteh gif

Koch Brothers-backed political group pulls ads after Alaska refinery shutdown

Thank You From NH APWU And Full Text Of Issa Protest Event Letter plus photo

the surveillance state explained for all you malcontents

Is my building falling over?

Roger Penske touts M-1 Rail project as Detroit's 'home-run project'

Statement by AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka on Congressional Budget Office on Minimum Wage

"How Fear Beat the UAW in Tennessee"

To those out there that enjoy cooking what dish are you known for

"process" is the GOP specialty, "policy" is the DEM strength but...does policy get people elected??

Aggies will sport nation's largest scoreboard

The Dark Money Man: How Sean Noble Moved the Kochs’ Cash into Politics and Made Millions

David Vitter's Super PAC challenges Louisiana's campaign contribution limits

Bridget Kelly, Bill Stepien Still Won't Cooperate In Christie Bridge Scandal Investigation

Sean Hannity Getting Trounced In Radio Ratings by Michael Savage in Top 5 Markets

Is there any way to conduct a civil war without "killing your own people"?

Mail customers would accept service cuts to aid USPS

The Real Outrage In the McCrory-Reid's Incident (and I agree)

Yet Another Highly Misleading GCHQ/NSA Article From the Intercept

"Alternative" medicine and Hitler

I came to the realization that my sister doesn't like my children.

Vending machines for suckers coming soon

California drought: Why some farmers are 'exporting water' to China

Budget office: Wage hike would lift pay, cost jobs

"The Creeping Expansion of Corporate Civil Rights"

Corbett emphasizes TV ads on FoxNews to try to regain support of his base

Weekend Gun Report: Presidents Day Edition

Gov Candidate Tom Wolf's new video on public education

Iran at talks: No scrapping any nuclear facility

Auroras visible in Northern US

Could we please not call them subsidies???

New PA. state website to search for campaign finance reports

Has Ralph Nader commented on Obama's Executive Order raising the minimum wage?

YATAT - Yet Another T&A Thread

Dan Patrick calls out Castro again on debate, this time from Alamo

Schneiderman Seeks To Facilitate Lawsuits By Wrongful Convicts

Former NYC Radio Personality Dave Herman Indicted On Sex Charge

Gambian president promises to ‘fight homosexuals like we fight malaria’

4 referendums on the Texas Democratic primary ballot

Green groups disagree with Moniz’s ‘rhetoric’ on fracking

Councilman David Greenfield Bill Would Have City Shovel Sidewalks, Charge Owners

One of the most powerful 'stand your ground' statements ever.

Rigging of the game Comcast style!!!

Whistle-blower fired from Hanford nuclear site

Major marijuana legalization measure off the table for 2014 in California

Goa pics thread 1: noms (pic and food porn warning)

Frontline: Generation 'Like' - the interaction of social media & commerce

Today and earlier

Mrs Brown's sticky situation

Minnesota cops sue NFL over gun ban

Visited Third St Stuff today. Took my camera.

Minnesota cops sue NFL over gun ban

Israel crosses the tipping point, becomes an economic liability

What is the definition of "complaining"?

Ted Cruz’s heart was weeping over same-sex marriage, but now it’s completely broken

Ex-soldier convicted of killing Iraqi family dies

So I ranted on facebook, and will get no audience.

Auuughh! If you don't think plagiarism is a problem, then I am your problem!

A letter to Israel from a sympathetic Palestinian

Thom Hartmann: Want a middle class...get unionized!

You All Need To Understand - GOP & Business Is Saying $7.25 An Hour Is NOT NOT Affordable.

Thom Hartmann: Are We Going To Be The Flintstones OR The Jetsons?

Internet Trolls Really Are Horrible People

Do you want to rent a feel-good, uplifting film from your local Redbox?

Funny talking animals...

North by Northwest on TCM now!

Avenging Uterus!

DOE: Large-Scale Solar Passes the Halfway Mark in Achieving SunShot Cost Targets

Jorvik Viking Festival: The end of the world is near — again

The Only Witches’ Brew Here Is the Beer

Noose Found Around The Neck Of Statue Honoring Civil Rights Icon At Ole Miss

Faux "bubble headed bleach blonde"

A Confederate symbol makes a Georgia comeback

I am Ukrainian.... make this video go viral!

Suspended Senator Brazeau now managing Ottawa strip club!

Washington House Overwhelmingly Approves Ban On Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Women of the Sea; Muses of the Ages

The Rachel Maddow Show: Fracking Boom Spews Toxic Air Emissions on Texas Residents

Juror in 'Loud Music' Trial Wanted Murder Conviction

US support for regime change in Venezuela is a mistake

GOP AG candidate Dan Patrick accused of employing illegal immigrants (with link to video)

Wisconsin National Guard coffin photo sparks outrage

US support for regime change in Venezuela is a mistake

"CHASING ICE" captures largest glacier calving ever filmed

Anti-Semitism in America: Down, but not out

Note to Bob Shrum: No One in Politics is Ever Inevitable

Nugent calls Abbott 'my blood brother'

How to eat an Internet troll (Mark Morford)

Objectification sucks

Secret society plutocrats gather to eat, drink, cross-dress, and laugh at the poor

This is my Daughter and I am soooo Proud of her....

Hot Pockets Yanked From Shelves for Containing ‘Diseased and Unsound Animals’

I visited an e-cig store, last weekend. It was quite an educational field trip.

Ooga chaka!

Republican party leader won’t stop comparing homosexuality to alcoholism

South Carolina sheriffs defend arresting woman over nine years-overdue video

Saudi Men: Women's Makeup Is Cause of Increased Molestation

NY's Schumer recuses from review of cable deal

Halliburton fined $1.8M over disposal(Pennsylvania)!

This Man Says He Can Speed Cell Data 1,000-Fold. Will Carriers Listen?

Daughters: Mexican reporter threatened for story

It's been a horrible week. But the Northern Lights are out here, BIG TIME.

Nation's first new nuclear plant expected to secure $6.5 billion in federal loan guarantees

Starting an Oregon $12 minimum wage campaign

IOC respond to Olympic host criteria change campaign

Argentina: Reports of explosion from falling meteor in Santa Fe region

New test suggests antidepressant Paxil may promote breast cancer

Towards another coup in Venezuela?

Do any of you have a moment when...

Adios Texas, it's back to Nevada on Friday...

Rainbow Tide Rising: How Latin America Became a Gay Rights Haven

UK Court: David Miranda Detention Legal Under Terrorism Law

Legislators Seek Hearings on Political Targeting by Gov. Kasich, ODNR and Fracking Industry

Nun’s sentence is 2 yrs, 11 months; others get 5 yrs, 2 months; appeal likely in Y-12 protesters cas

The Lord's table

Abe Aide Told to Delete Video Criticizing U.S. Over Shrine Issue

McDonald’s employee fired after she paid to feed first responders

Posted this to the AJC comments on Minimum Wage blog

Quick-acting custodian uses Heimlich maneuver to save choking 1st-grader

The Frozen Congressman

Hanging out with Rottie and Bullie...

Kasich's lead over FitzGerald narrows to 5 points

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday February 19, 2014)


8 Ways Corporate Greed Is Perverting the Idea of the 'Sharing Economy'

Chevron offers coupons for pizza combo after fracking well explodes

How the Pentagon Covers Up the Truth About Its War Atrocities

Greenpeace finds toxic waterway pollutants in luxury fashion brands

U.S. man sues Ethiopian officials for tapping Skype calls and using ‘spyware’ on his computer

Secret FISA court demanded data on 35,000 AT&T customers

RIGHT NOW: 2:15pm KIEV (7:15am ET)

CBO report: Minimum wage hikes would kill 500,000 jobs but lift 900,000 out of poverty

Greenpeace Dumps Coal at French President's Palace

CBO report: Minimum wage hikes would kill 500,000 jobs but lift 900,000 out of poverty

Guardians Of The Galaxy...

When the British or American media cover anti-corporate protests

Homeland Security is seeking a national license plate tracking system

Is America Going to Be the Flintstones or the Jetsons?

SJC: Warrants needed for some cell records

Video of tens of thousands of fascists swarming lawful police at Lopez' arrest:

If the 1% Wants Class Warfare, Maybe It's Time to Start Fighting Back

If Mary Burke in WI doesn't start

Réseaux sociaux français - les plus populaires

Catholic school softball coach fired because she works at Planned Parenthood

NAFTA at 20: How ‘Free Trade’ Helps Banks Block Regulation

Lawrence O'Donnell: "Worst political strategy idea of the year" goes to Democrats . . .

They're cruising ahead with the TPP as if Reid and Pelosi objecting was just kabuki

True Free Market Proponents Should Support Private-Public Competition

Bill Nye Science Guy to Debate GOP Rep Gohmert on Gravity

NSA, DHS Lose Free Speech Legal Fight

A Bridge to Nowhere: Up to 75% more Deadly Methane emitted by Natural Gas Drilling than Estimated

Can you imagine RW heads exploding if Obama did this?

Manufactured Wars, Manufactured Military History

Central Valley slaughterhouse shut down, Unsanitary conditions found

Immigrants Seen Triggering Clashes Along the Volga

New Port Authority conflict issue emerges: NJ Transit got $1 lease while a client of David Samson's

Guess what President Obama doing in Mexico? Pushing the TPP.

Native Americans Prepare a “Last Stand” Against Keystone XL

Chevron To Pennsylvania Town: Sorry We Murdered You With Fracking, Here’s A Coupon For Pizza

Get Money out of Politics.

Cossacks just attacked Pussy Riot in Sochi

New CBO Report Destroys The Republican Argument Against Raising The Minimum Wage

The real bishops of Beverly hills

Meanwhile in Venezuela, Carabobo state:

The real bishops of Beverly hills

VW workers may block southern U.S. deals if no unions: labor chief

Oklahoma Wonders Why The Earth Is Shaking

China says it will win West over to its view on Tibet, Xinjiang

China, Myanmar face Myitsone dam truths

Why Big Ass Fans pays 30% above national average

Chinese Officials Confirm At Least 1,200 Deaths, Illnesses From Hunan Arsenic Mine

Asking for some of the famous DU vibes for my son

Chevron Update; Will Make Grants Up To $7,000 (WOW!) To Local Fire Depts.

NC High School Allows Atheist Student Group After Pressure From Nat'l Organizations

In Coastal BC Oceans, 9,200 Plastic Particles Per Cubic Meter Of Water

Big-Money Politics Groups Get Clarity From IRS They Hate

Chinese Respiratory Expert: Cumulative Death Toll From Air Pollution Will Be In Millions

What would have happen if someone or

U.S. Aid and Human Rights Violations in Philippines

Charlotte Mayor To Help Fired Grocery Store Worker Find A New Job

Maduristas still can't show us ONE image supporting their claims about the students, what's wrong?

The real primary fight of 2016 (KOS says Clinton is inevitable)

While we’re watching “Putin’s Olympics”, his policies are killing people in the Ukraine.

Colorful past behind Libyan 'coup maker'

What the Mainstream Media isn't telling you about the situation in Kiev.

EPA cites 3 Neb. parties in lead dust enforcement

U.S. Energy Secretary: Fracking is great and safe. Tells Cuomo he should

Police apologize for 'super sexy' CPR video

Professor Richard Wolff's Economic Update: The Death of the Middle Class (audio link)

Neb. nuke plant to be discussed at public meeting

The New Tom Corbett (TM) brags about fining Halliburton - see he really cares about the environment

Amazing Dear Abby tells a homophobic couple pretty much they deserve what they got.....

SOS Again? "Loan Complaints by Homeowners Rise Once More"

Maduro dismisses intelligence chief

Whistleblower Edward Snowden gets action figure treatment

Farmland butterflies bounce back

Putin used Olympics to get Ukrainian president to attack Kiev protesters

Bunsen burner bummer: Lab rules favor industry over indie research

Tony Blair advised Rebekah Brooks on phone-hacking scandal

Human Rights Watch demands unconditional release of Lopez (Spanish)


How to eat an Internet troll - Mark Morford

The Doomsday Seed

Rents in this North Dakota oil town are now higher than in NYC or San Francisco

2/14-16 Beijing Air Quality Horrible; Even State Media Press Gov On Silence & Inaction

Official White House Response to Petition To Restore Net Neutrality...

Is this why they won't talk about climate change?

Oh, That'll Show Em! PA Fines Halliburton $1.8 Million For 12 Years Of Hydrochloric Acid Violations

NC regulators post video of second leaking pipe at Dan River coal ash spill site

James Taylor says fracking in Carolina is on his mind

White Knight

Record Rains & Flooding Behind Rash Of Sinkhole Collapses In Britain - 9 In Past Month, More To Come

Chicken with leeks, mushrooms, and roasted red peppers.

Even Abby 'Gets' It

West Virginia School Sends Kids Home Early After Chemical Smell Detected

Email Dump Wednesday Could Push Media To Confront Walker

2nd Pipe Leaking At Dan River Coal Waste Dump; Same Day Duke Announces 58% Q4 Net Profit Spike

Toles' cartoon on the GOP's new strategy for 2014

McCain Doesn't Understand Why Kerry Is Talking Climate Change...

TYT: Comcast's Devastating Admission About Time Warner Merger

Constitutional Laws Against Religious Discrimination Violates Free Exercise Of Religion.

Idaho Legislature Seeks to Silence Animal Rights Whistleblowers

Republican platform: Not Obama. Democratic platform: Not Republican

Corporate sell-off looms as Israel takes on tycoons

Dear Feminists,Just Shut Up Already.

If ‘Peanuts’ was written by The Smiths

Let's get TEAM USA to help animals here in the US!

Beauty queen Genesis Carmona is shot during Venezuela protests

More Democrats Care about Protecting Medicare Advantage Than About Protecting Medicare

Experience Just How Much Space Junk is Floating Around, in One Astounding Interactive

The Vitali Klitschko story is remarkable

Zimmerman flees Miami.

L.A. archdiocese settles final priest abuse case; $740 million spent

Sustainability is Better Business – And We Can Prove It

White House Executive Action! Sustainable Shale Gas Growth Zones.

Sorry I've been MIA for so long...

West Virginia Congress Considering Much Needed False Claims Act

Kay jewelers parent Signet to buy Zale Corp. for $1.4 billion

Bill Nighy: how bankers could be heroes (and even help stop the floods)

Ukraine Koch Brothers Unite With American Koch Brothers to Destabilize BOTH Governments?

NTSB calls on Metro-North to install recorders, speed signs

Microsoft" technical support scam warning

Lower Manhattan streets closed due to falling ice

Development: Time to Leave GDP Behind

I see the wild growth of fracking as more of an issue than the Keystone XL

Scott Walker, eyeing 2016, faces fallout from probes as ex-aide’s e-mails are released

Creditocracy And The Case For Debt Refusal - Andrew Ross Discusses His New Book

Dubya "not happy" about Iraq hellhole he created

10 Dangerous Anti-Abortion Bills That Are Already Gaining Traction This Year

I'll try again. Maybe a poll will be more useful.

7 year old kid sends letter to NASA asking how to become an Astronaut and gets a response

Now this is a MOTORcycle

Bronx man rescued after fall down elevator shaft

McCrory Toon: I'll give you "nothing".

Attacking Bill Clinton is really more about 2014

Much ado about not much (Religion and Ritual Slaughter)

Starting Today, Scott Walker is Officially in Hot Water LINKS TO THE EMAILS

its ren faire season

Montana judge admits fault for blaming victim of rape

Bible Passages that Could Get You Killed

What happened to Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs)

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Standing and Grounding

NC High School Allows Atheist Student Group After Pressure From Nat'l Organizations

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- CONgress and repubs

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Little Hit

Repub PA House Speaker to Conservative Group: "Your purist views are like those of a dictator."

At least eight people shot in protests in Valencia, north Venezuela

Ukraine crisis: EU set to impose sanctions – live updates

Unions, the race they promote, and the race they try to hold back

You break it, you bought it.

Muslim leaders issue a fatwa against anyone living on MARS

Boy shot in Bronx park to push for tougher gun penalties

Charlie Pierce in Esquire: West Virginia Is Open For Business

Koch Roach Brothers Influence

Utah woman buys all 'indecent' shirts to remove them from store

Fuji X-E2

No, Florida's Stand Your Ground Law Did Not Determine Either Zimmerman or Dunn Cases

Walker administration announces sale of Wisconsin - first 2,552 acres on the block now

46 degrees in Erie Pa. today!!!

Jose Pimentel Pleads Guilty In NYC Pipe Bomb Terrorism Plot

Whistle-blower fired from job at most polluted U.S. nuclear arms production site in Washington state

Dunn Juror Speaks Out

Ukraine's Interior Minister reports revolts "in many regions of the country".

U.S. telecom regulator will write new 'Open Internet' rules


Port Authority Police Lt. Thomas “Chip” Michaels sent text message to Fort Lee Police Chief Keith

"Damn straight!"

A very disturbing article about the future of the Internet

Do Nothing Republicans Announce They Will Not Be Passing Any Legislation This Year

The Gilded Age

I am not a feminist

in sincere gratitude to the administrators...

The official interactive Bob Dylan video "Like a Rolling Stone"

Louie Gohmert Forms PAC To Fight 'War Against Conservatives'

GOPer Wants To Impeach Judge Who Overturned Gay Marriage Ban

Pic Of The Moment: House Republicans: Vacation Starts Now

GOP Candidate: Protecting LGBTs From Getting Fired Is 'Segregation'

Papantonio: TPP Will Raise Prescription Prices

New Georgia Specialty License Plate Features A Confederate Flag

Still Not Skinny, Christie Cheered as a Weight-Loss Surgery Success.

Leaked Emails Spell Big Trouble For Scott Walker

Have you ever heard of or seen a Pallas's Cat? Wow!

The Fissured Workplace - Why Work Became So Bad for So Many

FCC Says It Will Rewrite Net Neutrality Rules

The right’s hopes are dashed: Why there’s no civil war among Democrats

Furor follows L.A. Phil's Gustavo Dudamel

“Atheism for Lent”: The Spiritual Practice of Doubt

Turkey offers residency to Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria

One of my hens now looks like a rooster -

I find this disturbing. So, Sen Schumer's brother is "co-chair of the mergers and acquisitions ...

Kids with seizures use pot as treatment

Missippi Making Great Strides in Literacy

Will the Roberts Court Follow Its Own Religious-Freedom Precedent?

Ukrainian protests live link:

Study: Internet Trolls Are Psychopathic, Sadistic, Narcissistic

Senate Republicans pretending they want to pass unemployment aid after blocking it

Tweet from Senator Harry Reid about the Koch brothers...

NSA & GCHQ Spying on Wikileaks & Web Visitors

US to demand 'partial Israeli settlement freeze'

Whether you like big cities or not, you need them.

CFPB Under Attack, Please Share a Positive Story

Ted Cruz’s sulking rage: How his ire could impact GOP leaders

BBC: Why is Ukraine in turmoil?

Worried about ever growing bans on Google Glass, Google publishes 'how not to be a Glasshole' FAQ.

How to piss off a feminist

Catholic activists want Pope Francis to match words with actions

I Got Them Valentine Blues Again

I have Family Tree Maker 10 and it is not compatible with 8.1 - has any other genealogist here had

Astorino Not Declaring Yet, But…

Kitteh adjusted the blinds juuuuust right!


Knock, knock.

Toon: Climate change...shlimate shange!

The Dalai Llama Brings Peace, Love and Politics to Washington

Time Warner Cable Raises Rates (Again), Adds 'Broadcast TV' Fee

Why Are Some Men Turned Off By Funny Women?

HUSH GAL! If I want SCIENCE learnin', I'll open a Bible!

Info on last night from Kiev’s chief neurosurgeon and Ukraine’s minister of health in 2005:

The attempts to shut women down continue

"Kitteh"??? WTF? Can someone please tell me when we'll go back to spelling things correctly?

Seneca Nation deal with Rochester casino developer draws OTB complaint to state ethics panel


The NRA use to be an organization for hunters. It still is...

What the One-Percent Jokes About When They Think No One Else Is Listening

The Harder They Come

Ellen Naomi Cohen

Whiteface Highway plans move forward

Downpressor Man

That's all. Everybody go home now.

Ted Nugent throws a tanturm over Wolf Blitzer...

Evolve - The Bill of Rights for Dumbasses

"As corruption becomes routine in Washington in both parties...

How to separate fact and fiction online

On PBS' "Nature" tonight, our favorite, the Honey Badger!

NY's Olana historic site get $30,000 grant

and Republicans say they don't believe in evolution

"Premeditated self-defense "

Westchester Exec Rob Astorino Says Donald Trump Not Nearly As Popular As He Claims

Hot Pockets recalled after meat found ‘unfit for human food’

Fallon - Welcome To 11:30 Bitch.........

Home Former mayors of Albany, Binghamton and Utica rip Poughkeepsie mayor over gun-control group

"Because Who Is Perfect" : A powerful film about normalizing disability.

Teh Ghey Agenda Is EVERYWHERE!

Dear Abby offers some advice to anti-gay couple in today's column

Perhaps this woman should give classes on how a responsible person "stands their ground"...

Pussy Riot beaten in Sochi Winter Olympic games

Scott Brown most likely not running for NH Senate

Ithaca wastewater plant to test renewable energy system

Octopus to diver/photographer: Gimme that camera (video)

Ukrainian freedom brought to you by Chevron and Exxon.

Confederate symbol makes a Georgia comeback

White knights set back equality for the genders

After two big blunders, New Jersey Transit chief resigns

Pizza Hut manager in West Virginia fired after urinating in sink

Old Douche's found

Today is the Day of Remembrance (Executive Order 9066)

Do American auto workers have an inferiority complex? VW workers get paid $67 an hour in Germany

Meet Obama's latest Trade Stooge, Mike Froman

With No End In Sight, California’s Drought Endangers Public Health

Florida law enforcement objected to "Stand Your Ground"

the protests will (still) not be televised

Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern sues State Dept. for Putting Him on Watch List

I have reached my limit today on my 53rd birthday.

Birds are amazing creatures....

Once-defiant Venezuelan TV goes quiet amid opposition protests

As the human rights situation in the Philippines has deteriorated, U.S. military aid has ramped up.

Forget banks—US small businesses are tapping wealthy Chinese investors for loans

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ February 19th

This man took this....WARNING GRAPHIC PICTURE

Don't you feel the same? We NEED the police. But we need a better police!

Afghan Taliban repudiates hoped-for olive branch to government

So when is Fux News...

Libya to compensate women raped during 2011 uprising

The war on women continues in Virginia

World Premiere of First Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer

Single chip device to provide real-time 3-D images from inside the heart, blood vessels

Libya to compensate women raped during 2011 uprising

Raging Grannies, other groups protest Google's political efforts

Read The BridgeGate Docs Just Handed To Christie’s Lawyers

Charlotte Mayor Helps Fired Gay Grocery Clerk

North Korea detains Australian missionary

I agree with U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren!

Ted Nugent is our best hope for retaining a majority in the Senate

Spanish warship disrupts Royal Navy Gibraltar training exercise

FBI accuses AIM of killing Civil Rights activist in 1973 Wounded Knee occupation

Here's 22 pictures that will make you smile....

"White knight" is a phrase employed by men who hate women and feminism

Obama signs order seeking to speed up export approvals

Exactly how well "treated" is water from a water/waste treatment plant?

IOC Rejects Ukrainian Athletes’ Request To Wear Black Armbands Honoring Those Killed In Protests

Regarding the representation of girls and women.

Dear DU, you encouraged me to write my story and share. So, I did. Please read *Small Edit/Update*

are people arguing about sexy people on magazine covers?

Lawrence O'Donnell Blasts Priorities USA for Staying Out of 2014 Midterms

National guards and cops assault priest west Venezuela

US President Obama is here in Toluca.

The Trans Pacific Partnership & "Free Trade"

Great Pyramid at Giza Vandalized to 'Prove' Conspiracy Theory

Dutch Army develops high tech Panzer speed bumps

I need advice (and vibes) on introducing a new dog (female)

Now on Netflix: "House of Cardinals"

Great Pyramid at Giza Vandalized to 'Prove' Conspiracy Theory

American Petroleum Institute sends a letter to SOS John Kerry that Keystone Will Have Little

Animal lover offers to pay fees toward adoptions of slain woman's dog and cat

Ukraine Moves Toward Martial Law as Western Region Splits

Our first 'Food Forest"

License-Plate Tracking Technology Sought by U.S. Customs

President Obama threatens consequences for Ukraine violence

Magazine covers are more important than abortion rights.

Help find the next big break in the BridgeGate scandal

White Nights

Women's Figure Skating...spoiler...

U.S. Energy Secretary favors oil pipelines over rail

Nine couples seek to overturn Colorado's gay marriage ban

In their Own Words: Shutting off water to NSA center

Don't worry, Honey...ITS THE GIF, THAT COUNTS!!!

Russia vs Finland In Olympic Men's Hockey Tournament, (spoiler alert!)

Central assistant coach who works at Planned Parenthood told not to come back

Jerry Boykin: when Jesus comes back, he'll have an AR-15

VIDEO: Eminem, Ice Cube and Korn Team Up with Anonymous to Call For Global Revolution

A List Of Three Things About Myself

The DOD rewrites history for millions of students on the Vietnam War.

Sign Up For Expanded Medicaid and Tear Up Your Will.

I need advice (and vibes) on introducing a new dog (female)

How Sweat It Is! The GOP primary in a month.

What is Abbot's embrace of Ted Nugent really about?

Partnership For NYC President Kathryn Wylde Backs Gov. Cuomo's Prison Plan

May want to listen with headphones if @ work or with small kids you not want saying the "A" word.

Cardinals gather in Rome as debates on church reform heat up

Cardinals gather in Rome as debates on church reform heat up


Here's a recent speech by Michael Froman addressing the TPP.

Los Angeles Bishop Kept Altar Boy List From Police

Just in case you have not seen this Email...............

Anglicans urged to carbon-fast for Lent

Anglicans urged to carbon-fast for Lent

Candidate for Texas Governor Stands By Outspoken Musician

FCC Action Will NOT Protect Free Speech Online

Chelsea Clinton: LGBTQ Rights Are 'Unfinished Business'

Faith-Healing Parents Jailed After Second Child’s Death

White House Urged To Fully Fund IDEA ( Please email WH to support )

U.S. Child Poverty Second Highest Among Developed Nations: Report

Secular group set to host rally in support of separation between church and state in May

Solidarity is "White Knighthood"?

Katie Tripp: Manatees are dying because of dirty water. Worst ever year for Manatees

Man charged with attempted murder for shooting at snowplow driver: 'I am the victim'

Woman Who Only Eats French Fries Panics Over Rice

Now feminists care about magazine covers more than abortion rights

Group homes' residents allegedly forced to attend religious services

Two Security Officers, Former Navy SEALS, Found Dead On The Maersk Alabama

CVS roof partially collapses in the Bronx

PBS Newshour: Extreme winter weather causes widespread disruption for U.S. economy

Israel Sends African Migrants To Uganda, In Move That Sparks Concern For Their Safety

[Wisc.] State superintendent warns bill could undo Common Core standards

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2nd Wisconsin Guard member suspended from duties in photo scandal

Too much security...

[Calif.] Major marijuana legalization measure off the table for 2014

PBS Newshour: In ‘second machine age’ of robots, it’s time for humans to get creative

Walker set to go down

Their Relationship Will Bring You To (Happy) Tears....

Rocky Flats workers no longer must prove cancers are work-related

Dem TX District Attorney Candidate: Domestic Violence Is 'So Overrated'

Daily Local News reports: What Washington gets wrong about measuring poverty.

Otis Knight

The Reagan tax cuts doomed Americans' opportunity for a life of leisure


Four Council Members Battling to Chair Brooklyn Delegation

DHS advises airlines of potential new threat on overseas flights to the US: credible intel warns of

Department of Homeland Security Raises Shoe Bomb Concern with Airports

A Photo comparison...

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker investigation documents

Comeback of the Hitler Youth haircut worries Jewish and progressive groups fearing intolerance

Comeback of the Hitler Youth haircut worries Jewish and progressive groups fearing intolerance

Bridge scandal panel asks judge to compel Christie advisers to produce records

‘Texas hooker' may lead to blizzard, tornadoes across the US

How much turmoil does the science project cause familes?

After tossed lunch debacle, Utah district eyes public relations hire

The Census Bureau reports poverty data from several major household surveys and programs.

Bald Barbie cheers children with cancer

Another Connection Emerges Between Christie Pals Linked To Traffic Jam

Judge strikes down Nebraska law that allowed KeystoneXL pipeline to proceed through the state.

De Blasio Received With ‘Open Arms’ at REBNY Meeting- Real Estate Board of New York

Friday - 50 deg in NYC...Tuesday - 28 deg, chance of snow.

Activists say San Francisco trying to wash away the homeless (street-cleaning program)

Melting Ice Makes The Arctic A Much Worse Heat-Magnet Than Scientists Feared

White Shadows

FBI confirms activist was killed in SD in 1973

Pussy Riot members whipped by Russian Cossacks in Sochi

Why are so many Facebook friends sharing preposterous stories from Natural News?

Puppy Fed Bleach Suffers Chemical Burns

Mary Burke rescheduled in Milwaukee, plus Waukesha Appearance 2/20

Orlando designer creates Christie 'Bridgegate' doll with 3-D printer

VW may reconsider future in South

Welfare drug screening stripped from Indiana bill

Recchia set to get congressional nod from Staten Island Democrats on Wednesday night

Quantum Microscope May Be Able to See Inside Living Cells

"The documents ... tie Walker to the use of a secret email system set up in his county office."

Anti-bullying bill approved by Iowa Senate Education Committee on partisan vote

Australian missionary John Short detained in North Korea

Court strikes down Nebraska law that allowed Keystone XL pipeline

Another fun week at the TSA...

Attorney: Teen was shot for having Wii controller in hand

The World’s Largest Sperm Bank Is Turning Down Redheads

Texas Democrats-Please remember that Kesha Rogers is not a Democrat

NESTLE Hot Pockets recalled, may contain “diseased and unsound animals”

Venezuela’s Maduro left alone to deal with protests

American Idol and spiritual advisers

IOC Rejects Ukraine Request to Wear Black Armbands

Pussy Riot Members Beaten in Sochi Public Square

Conservative Pastor Writes That Open-Mindedness and Inquiry Are Enemies of Faith

You'd be amazed how healthy I look

Ukrainian president announces 'truce'

Islamists kill 47 in attack in Nigeria: police

WATCH: Antigay Pol Says Devil's Behind His Troubles

Judge strikes down Nebraska law that allowed Keystone XL pipeline to proceed through the state

Scared to Publish, New Documents Reveal Boehringer Feared Reaction to Pradaxa Study

From Dem SCC, pursuant to Nate Silver's prediction:

Wal-Mart Considering Support Of Federal Minimum Wage Hike

Homeland Security is seeking a national license plate tracking system

OMG this is the worst musical sell-out since Led Zeppelin did those Cadillac commericials

How do people feel about Ukraine AND Venezuela (Poll)?

Wow I am in shock

Pa. couple sent to prison for 2nd prayer death

Neo-Nazi version of Monopoly -- whoever sends most Jews to gas chambers wins

This Could Be the Start of Scott Walker’s Bridgegate

VW workers may block southern U.S. deals if no unions: labor chief

More subpoenas issued over Duke Energy’s ash

VW threatens to block any future expansion plans in the South, citing conservative interference

"Unsealed email ties Scott Walker to secret email system"

UPDATED: Idaho’s New Anti-Gay Bill: Doctors and Teachers Can Turn Away Gays

Girl vs Japanese Rabbits

Latest O'Keefe attack on Battleground Texas is bogus-It is not illegal to copy phone numbers

The thing never discussed about the pipeline is "what are they going to do with all the sand"???IMO

The CBO Whiffs on the Minimum Wage -Daily KOS

Ionia Prison Escape: The Case Against Improper Inmate Classifications, Massive Perimeter Budget Cuts

Michael Knight

9/11 Truther Vows Not To Rest Until Everyone Knows He An Asshole

Facebook to Buy Messaging Start-Up in $16 Billion Deal

Bernie Sanders Testifies on Education...


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Inspiration from India

Ukraine president 'agrees truce' with opposition

California drought: Farmers cut back sharply, affecting jobs and food supply (CS Monitor)

Anyone listening to what Michangelo Signorile talking about

Collaboration in Response to Disaster — Typhoon Yolanda and an Integrative Model (New Eng Jour Med)

This Day in History - 1942

Looks like I will be on CNN tomorrow (Thursday) at 11am Eastern time regarding Chris Christie

xPost from GD: Looks like I will be on CNN tomorrow (Thursday) at 11am ET regarding Chris Christie

Florida woman, daughter, arrested for not paying A & G Restaurant bill, less than $20.

GCAS Interventions: Clashes in the Streets of Venezuela (Feb 19, 2014)

Duke Energy Will Try To Make Ratepayers Pay To Clean Up Coal Ash Disaster

Olympian Meagan Duhamel Explains Why She Went Vegan

never thought I would say this but, here's to Wolf Blitzer

Dunn Juror Confirms That Other Jurors Bought Self Defense Argument

Nebraska court invalidates state's Keystone pipeline approval

Dog eating like a human:

How Internet stalkers made an Olympics volunteer an unwitting sex object

Gun Club for Liberals: The Un-NRA

Self-Defense: An Outlet for Violence and Murder?

Papantonio: Brent Bozell Admits He Uses Ghost Writer

Kentucky high school students hold rally for reproductive rights

"The Strongest Evidence We Have that Background Checks Really Matter"

I challenge you not to laugh...

Va. Senate Approves Sunday Hunting Bill

Why Gap Is Raising Its Minimum Wage To $10

GAP INC. - Announces a wage increase!

Another RW terrorist organization confirmed

Three people shot in front of Bronx store

Anti-choice group says they've been threatened by scary girl scouts

ACLU: Rebooting Net Neutrality

DEP Cops: Contract May Foreshadow Change In Tone, If Not Outcome, Of Mayor/Union Talks

Papers dropping Brent Bozell after conservative media critic admits he didn’t write his columns

Anybody else think that GD is kind of mean spirited?

Never again. nt

Iran's real 'nuclear' revolution

Valentine’s Day Hero Saves Dog With Two Hours Left On the Shelter’s Death Clock

Jon Stewart: Michael Dunn trial teaches us, ‘If you fire a gun, you better f*cking hit somebody’

Horrible, Bad, Wicked Day for Pooty Poot (R - Ruski Style)

Does Ukraine have nuclear weapons? Did the Russians take them all back

Are there women here who are not offended by the SI cover or Kate Upton's spread?