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Archives: February 20, 2014

Obama Praises Gap, Inc. For Raising Minimum Wage for Employees

Smuggled video testimony documents harsh rule of Syrian Islamist group

Harry Reid: Prostitution may hurt RNC bid (in Vegas)

Concerns over chemicals in food packaging misplaced, say scientists.

Tony Blair advised Rebekah Brooks on phone-hacking scandal, court hears

Department of Homeland Security cancels national license-plate tracking plan

Army marches on its stomach

Wal-Mart Says 'Looking' at Support of Federal Minimum Wage Rise

Los Gritones

Violent Protests in Venezuela Fit a Pattern

US Sen. Markey calls for personalized gun law

Edward Snowden Gets His Own Action Figure

Violent Protests in Venezuela Fit a Pattern

Cat Attempts to rescue drowning buddy

White Rabbit - fucking excellent version! Mayssa Karaa

I just received ANOTHER jury duty summons!

Nun sentenced for nuke plant break-in: "Please have no leniency with me"

Russia’s Lavrov Warns Against Military Intervention in Syria

Cockfighting Fans Swear Revenge For McConnell's Farm Bill Vote

Walker Aides Stressed Over Staffer's 'Checkered' Past As Thong Model

Hasn't the time come to outlaw the sale of tobacco products?

Boy and girls, I give you: The Rat Pack

Walker Staffer's Deeply Racist "Dogs on Welfare" Emails Revealed

VW Labor Rep:"If southern workers aren't unionized, we may not build there anymore"

Sbarro Inc. pizza chain closing 155 locations, mostly in mall food courts

So, right after my driver's windshield wiper flew off the car at 73 mph on I95 mid CT

Being passionate about Christ and the outdoors....WTF?

University of Maryland says 300,000 records were hacked

Occupy "THE MIND" (Incredible) Professor Richard Wolf

"Comin' Home Baby"

Loves hitting the beach!

There will be no LOLcats this Sunday. My apologies to all.

Ten Members of Phila. Ironworkers’ Union Charged With Racketeering, Arson

Thank Goodness that danger to society is locked away while Dick Cheney & George Zimmerman roam free

North Carolina defends coal ash oversight after second leak

Conor Oberst files libel lawsuit over rape claim

Former Christie staffer under subpoena takes job with Port Authority

KGUN9: 89th Annual Tucson Rodeo Parade - travel restrictions

Court to control MLK bible and Nobel Peace Prize

Revealed: George Zimmerman ally called Oprah a ‘N**ger’ on white supremacist radio show

Does anyone here subscribe to Shutterbug magazine?

Mother outraged by 'indecent' t-shirts in Pac-Sun store buys ALL of them to stop teenagers getting

That John Doe probe is gonna get Scott Walker - turn on Chris Hayes right fuggin' now

Ray Rice knocked fiancee out

The more mainstream a forum becomes, the lower its discourse goes. Wrong?

Papantonio: Cameras Could Hold Corporate Court Accountable

On Facebook? Tell Fox affiliate what you think of the confederate flag on GA license plates

I guess no one saw the "kinda sorta" good news on Ed Show?

Plan to split California six ways is closer to vote

Speaking of callouts

Gap Raising Minimum Wage for its US Employees

Ted Nugent on Twitter: If Wolf Blitzer is a journalist, I’m a ‘gay pirate from Cuba’

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 20 February 2014


Tom THE DANCING BUG: Global Warming Debunked!

Chevron "Reaches Out" To Oakland With "Community News" Website; No Controversies For Lone "Reporter"

Insurance Executives Consult With UK Government Over Flood Costs, Payouts

United States history, in a few seconds...

Since 1/1/14, Thames Barrier Has Been Closed 40 Times; Maximum Annual Recommendation = 50

anyone have daffodils blooming yet?

For my fellow Dr Who fans.

Utah State Rep Argues That Plants Need More CO2; Bill Would Block Any Regulation @ Less Than 500 ppm

WATCH: Edward Snowden says Chelsea Manning performed ‘extraordinary act of public service’

Want to be even more pissed about the nun who got 35 months for protesting at Oak Ridge

Bureau Of Meteorology - 2013 Was Australia's Hottest Year Ever Recorded

The cruelty from unchecked greed knows no limit.

Gov. Hickenlooper: Colorado marijuana market exceeds tax hopes

Bloomberg Gets To The Crux Of Things: Wealthy UK Riverside Property Owners' Home Values DROP!

Documents Show At Least 9 Years Of Rapid Glacial & Ice Cap Melting In Arctic Canada

Dear White America: Its time to get the message

Exclusive: Read the Speech VZ Opposition Leader Leopoldo López Made Before He Was Jailed

NRDC, CAP, Others Warn Obama; No Forgiveness From Green Voters, Orgs If He Approves Keystone

As Heat Grows, Flippy-Flop: "At This Point, (Kasich) Doesn't Support Fracking In State Parks"

Ohio DNR Enemies-Listed 2 D State Reps, Referred To Sierra Club As "Secretly Funded Extremist Group"

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!!Church Night!Not Ready For Prime Time!“encore” show

New ‘Living’ Drug Kills Leukemia

How big is our tent here?

I just binge-watched House of Cards and I am depressed.

How soon will you be leaving the workforce?

There are whales alive today born before Moby-Dick was written

Been thinking of picking up a cheap huge old Victorian Mansion for remodeling?

Planned Parenthood expands services

Unrest in Ukraine: Armed protesters clash with police in Kiev

How do I remove myself as a DU member ? (and no I'm not kidding).

Before & After - Kiev's Independence Square - Ukraine

Google Fiber chooses nine metro areas for possible expansion

Rachel's on! New video i.e. "retaliation" Look out, Foy and Sampson!

Scoliosis in adults?

Gas masks, skulls and bullets: Haunting underwater World War II artefacts from ship graveyard

Sarah Palin weighs in on Ted Nugent and endorses Abbott, Pierson

10 American Masters who made their mark on Black History

Picturing hunger in America

Sacred 3 - Official Announcement Trailer

Survey Finds Just 1 In 3 With Intellectual Disabilities Employed

Marines who can't do pullups are 'broke or lazy'

Choice Words About Ronald Reagan

Using/getting rid of dated computer equipment

Cern considers building huge physics machine (BBC)

Iain Banks poems to be published posthumously (BBC)

"I Don't Want to Create a Paper Trail": Inside the Secret Apple-Google Pact

Prince Fielder may not be lighter, but he’s ready to be Rangers’ No. 3 hitter.

So, who are the "good guys" in Ukraine?

Goa pics thread 2: beaches and churches (dial-up warning)

Woman shot in the face by Guardia Nacional

Readability on iPad Air?

What it Said/ What it Meant

Jahi McMath: Brain-dead girl's mother breaks silence

New York McDonald’s fires 8-year worker after she donates food to firefighters

Bennett meets EU's Martin Schulz for 'reconciliation meeting' in Brussels

Black man breaking into car vs. a white man breaking into car

German-Israel ties at all-time low as Merkel prepares to visit Israel

In Mexico, Obama criticizes Venezuelan government

Obama Condemns Violence in Ukraine and Venezuela

Capitalism, A Love Story (full movie)

Sotheby's to offer the world's most famous stamp: Estimated to sell for $10/20 Million

Kerry meets Abbas for talks in Paris

Any word on use of marijuana for shingles pain?

Alabama high school overruled after trying to ban same-sex prom couples

Some here don't want mandatory registration of guns because they plan to break the law

Dolphins fire offensive line coach and trainer

Over and out.

Thom Hartmann: The GOP refusal to expand Medicaid is a disaster

WI Assembly fails at Civics, no need for national constituional convention

Now for something completely different

Warm and Cold

Bipartisanship Stupid When Dealing With The Devil.

Israeli army finds 20-kilogram bomb near Gaza fence

So what's the scam behind prescription prior authorization?

Finally made it to 5000 posts!!! Here's some goofy pictures!!!

Walker Staffer's Deeply Racist "Dogs on Welfare" Emails Revealed

John Doe emails show Rep. chair Priebus tipped off Walker about 2010 primary opponent's strategy

Gladys Knight

Haven't fully formed this idea, looking for feedback...


Marcy goes to the vet in the morning for her annual.

Good news: Idaho pro-discrimination bill withdrawn, at least temporarily

Breaking: 100 tons of toxic water leaked at Fukushima plant

BC Ferries a bloated, inefficient and recessionary drag on the province

Army Women: Better Chopper Pilots Than the Guys?

Does a woman cease to exist when she gives birth?

Lawsuit Accuses For-Profit Schools of Fraud

So I have a day off tomorrow and it's going to be 75. Can I wear my swim suit?

Very basic questions about our Economy and Politics. Reasonable responses requested

"Whole of Ukraine held hostage by a small group of radicals"

A note to the good people at Volkswagen

Um, cleanup in Aisle 7

OK DUers, now you have pissed me off!

Ted Nugent criticizes Wolf Blitzer...what a laugh


More U.S. shoppers demand all-natural food flavours and colours


HP DeskJet 940c - the most reliable printer I've ever owned


Nuclear problems apparent at home, hidden abroad


Ticket sold in Calif. wins $425M Powerball jackpot

Linguistics prof claims breakthrough on Voynich manuscript

Start-Up Site Hires Critic of Wall St. (Matt Taibbi)

Now that was a tough DU jury duty...but I still love doing 'em. :)

In parched states, fracking's thirst grows

Biden in Minneapolis: Health insurance signup is 'hell of a start'

Blurred Lines

I really don't care what women and men do with their bodies...

Artist Smashes Ai Weiwei Vase to Protest Museum’s Snub of Local Artists

Trash is your friend!

Former Aryan Nations leader charged with sexually abusing young Midlands girl

In parched states, fracking's thirst grows

UC Berkeley: Student arrested for apparent hate attack on roommate, police say

Consumer-facing businesses deserting ALEC

True comrades

It's so much more complex...

Reality about apropos of nothing

This is one of those that is on the edge of GD and the Lounge

Law and Politics by Linda Greenhouse

Speaker John Boehner buys $835,000 luxury condo in Marco Island, FL

Where Are the 2008 FOMC Transcripts?

i can't deny it any longer

This is one of those that is on the edge of GD and the Lounge

I'm getting this error on advanced search:

Cool Ottoman-style Hollywood movie posters

Soldier deployed on Valentine's Day, but that's not the worst of it:

A quick word of Thanks to Karl Rove

Thom Hartmann: What is energy decentralization?

TYT: Fracking Fire Lasts Days But Free Pizza Makes It All Better

Thom Hartmann: The New Fascism: Terms & Conditions

Sun Tours: Solar powered or solar assisted bicycle touring


Growing Number of Chemicals Linked to Brain Disorders in Children

I am against GM food - that said -

How the hell was this post allowed to stand?

Fighting snakes

gunfire at Independence Square in Kiev

Are We Living in a Black Hole?

Breaking! Ted Nugent still an attention-seeking has-been worthy of being ignored

Slavoj Žižek on "They Live" (The Pervert's Guide to Ideology)

Now THAT's a good idea!

The protests in Ukraine cannot be reduced to simple causes such as facism, Russian hegemony, etc.


Ukrainian Olympic alpine skier quits Sochi, blames Yanukovych for deaths on EuroMaidan

Wolf? Gak! US luger Kate Hansen saw this in the hall outside of her room in Sochi:

Ukraine protests: Five dead in Kiev as EU talks begin

Abbott's blood brother

traffic rule

Capitalism won

'Error with user input' when editing advanced searches with a username with spaces in

Doctors puzzled as cases of flu in the UK hit an all time low,


Young Boy Shot to Death by Cop Moments After Sitting Down to Watch a Movie in His Home

Whip out the butter and jam. It's time to get toasted!

Science Learnin'

Snipers reportedly at work in Kiev:

It says so, right here...

Al-Jazeera journalists to go on trial in Egypt

USA Vs. Canada Olympic Hockey: Women's and Men's teams

5 Worst States to Be a Poor Kid

Pussy Riot's latest music video-with footage of the Cossacks' violence

Meet the Billionaires Using Their Immense Dough to Make Life Miserable for Ordinary Americans

A meme for the terminally clueless:

43 House Republicans Are Suing President Obama For Being The President of the United States

"When will you realize...Vienna waits for you"

How many Leagues are under the sea?

Why Establishing a Guaranteed Income for All Can Help Prevent Environmental Catastrophe

How Christianity gave us gay marriage

Noam Chomsky: Why Americans Are Paranoid About Everything (Including Zombies)

Will the Roberts Court Follow Its Own Religious-Freedom Precedent?

Washington State Senate revolts against teaching to the test in key vote

Ex-StratCom deputy commander says he regrets not defending himself over fake poker chips

Colorado Lawmaker Rep. Jared Wright, Leaves Loaded Gun Behind In Capitol

Svalbard has been on average 15C warmer than normal for the past 30 days

Ticket sold in Calif. wins $425M Powerball jackpot

UFCW President Hansen Statement on Gap’s Decision to Raise Wages

Rap music hurts my ears!

Truce in Kiev has broken. All hell is breaking loose:

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being a 'Super Dyke'

Sister Megan Rice; victim of oppressive government or heroic warrior for peace?

750 replies! this thread has become an entire forum!

Prosecutors want up to 10 years in prison for Leopoldo López

Republicans call and think feminists are sluts

Wisconsin's John Doe Investigation: Emails offer raw, unvarnished view of politics, policy

Ex-Army Captain stands her ground against allegedly abusive husband and guess where

Obama Rejects Harper Pressure To Speed Up Keystone Announcement At 1-Day Summit

China soldiers too big for outdated tanks: report

H1N1 Death Toll Well Below 2009 Levels, But Highest Among Young And Middle-Aged

Nosema, Crooked Wing Virus Crossing Over From Honeybees To Bumblebees In UK

I don't understand the gender wars but divide and rule usually works

Another Coal Waste Spill In West Virginia, This Time From Abandoned Scene Of Major 2002 Accident

The Rude Pundit: Guest Post from Trans Woman Who Married Her Lesbian Partner Legally in Texas

Dog's best friend

Just How Dangerous Is A Giant Comcast?

20 More Federal Subpoenas In Duke Coal Waste Dump Including ?s About Payments And Gifts

Federul Guhbment-Hatin' WV Now Wants CDC To Fund, Perform Health Study On MCHM

Court can't fill jury due to gun concerns

In parched states, fracking's thirst grows

This should make the reality of Kiev hit home:

The United States of Poverty and Inequality

The Adventures of Business Cat...

If Climate Change is a ‘Weapon of Mass Destruction,’ Why Promote Carbon Proliferation?

See The See Ice

Bumblebees infected with honeybee diseases

Gap Raising Minimum Wage To $10 Next Year

Much work ahead - "Four Reasons The GOP Has A Huge Advantage In The 2014 Elections"

Charlotte Newspaper: McCrory Was 'Thin-Skinned,' 'Petty' In Cook's Firing

Remember "hidden pictures?"

Cruz: I Didn't Want To Throw GOP Under Bus For Debt Limit 'Show' Vote

Brave Sir Ted has turned his tail and fled.

Colorado Lawmaker Leaves Loaded Gun Behind In Capitol

"I use this private account quite a bit to communicate with SKW" (Scott Kevin Walker)


Why Isn't the Times a-Changin'?

Public schools are the worst — except for all the others

What Happens When A Black Man And A White Man Try To Break Into The Same Car (VIDEO)

The right’s warped “purity” culture: 4 ways evangelical views of sex took over America

NSA Weighs Retaining Phone Data Longer Due to Lawsuits

Covered California Enrollees Complain About Limited Doctor Choices Nearby

Steyer may spend $100 million to push climate cause in midterms, but polluters will spend more

Records show fundraising tactics of Wis. governor

GOP’s chilling new assault on voting: Why this man wants to close Georgia voting sites

Report: Authorities 'Extremely Close' To Arrest In Ole Miss Noose Incident

Mayor de Blasio Pals Call On Gov. Cuomo To Spell Out Extra Pre-K Spending In Budget Amendments

Is climate change real? CNN says it's "too close to call".

Submitted without comment:

Working Families Party Backs Gov. Cuomo On Plan To Provide College Courses To Prisoners

You'll enjoy this article by former Reader's Digest Editor about Osama Bin Laden.

Donald Sutherland: 'I want Hunger Games to stir up a revolution'

After five banker deaths in January, a sixth: J.P. Morgan exec jumps

Port Authority board approves $27 billion 10-year capital plan

Ukraine death toll rises dramatically

Kiev mayor resigns from ruling party; reopens the subway.

This 50-state chart shows how the 1 percent is gobbling up income

"If he is good enough for Ted Nugent, he is good enough for me!"

Bronx apartment raided after man claims to have cyanide

Medical expenses and taxes

(Dead) Heads Up...there's a petition to nominate the band for The Kennedy Center Honors in 2015

Climate Change Is A Hoax? It’s FALSE NEWS!

Fracking and how it can destroy your neighborhood

Almost anything can be made to appear as if it has a creepy subtext.

David Attenborough narrates curling

Etan Patz murder trial pushed back for psych exams

S.F. Superior Court employees written up for dressing down

Bloomberg report confirming Edwin Edwards run for Congress not true, wife Trina says

Matt Taibbi Leaving Rolling Stone for Greenwald’s First Look

LEGO: Turtles Ninja TMNT Teenage Mutant - Lego Ninjago 2014

The Growing Importance of an Atheist Community

California Has Already Topped Its Obamacare Enrollment Goals

Yeah it's Rasmussen but Obama hits 50% Approval and Dems Lead Generic Cong. Ballot

Truce crumbles amid gunfire in Ukraine, protesters claim 100 dead

Arizona Senate Passes Bill Allowing Religious-Based Discrimination

UPDATED: Arizona Senate Passes Bill Allowing Anti-Gay Discrimination

VW makes a political correct statement but doesn't call for any actual action.

Papantonio: Why The 1% Always Wins

That asshole Walker had a physician fired because she'd been a "thong" model

California Has Already Topped Its Obamacare Enrollment Goals

A serious question: what are the Republicans Health Care plans?

Audio: Bill de Blasio Promises REBNY He’ll Build Big

Quiet diplomacy faulted for Africa's anti-gay laws

The Koch brothers will soon be our owners

NY Times; A Church So Poor It Has to Close Schools, Yet So Rich It Can Build a Palace

Chris Hayes Dubs Bill de Blasio ‘Republican Enemy No. 1’

Truce crumbles amid gunfire in Ukraine, protesters claim 100 dead

Porn Magazine Summons Killer Demons: Real Christian Movie!

Jahi McMath “much better,” mom says (Brain Dead Oakland Girl)

Government Moves To Prevent Future Outbreaks By Protecting Food Safety Whistleblowers

I understand the importance of Gogle ad syndication to DU, but....

Gov. Nikki Haley says union jobs not welcome in SC

Walker Aide Forwarded Email Of ACORN 'Nut' Obama (PHOTO)

China accuses mining tycoon of leading criminal gang

I love Ted Nugent.

Subpoenas raise stakes in N.C. criminal probe

Both men involved in brawl at Orange Co. (TX) polling location speak out

One winner joinned the 1% in Nortern Ca via the PowerBall game or tax.

International Kiev Death Toll at Least 50 as Truce Collapses

Pakistani fighter jets bomb militant hideouts, killing 35

2 more shot and killed by the National Guard

India’s Parliament approves new 29th state

there are a fair number of DUers asserting that the protest in Ukraine is a right wing

Is there a thread on the little girl abducted and killed in Springfield?

Abandoned Paris Metro Stations, Reborn as Nightclubs and Public Pools

"Today, I did something I never thought I’d do. I yelled at my son for being hungry."

Clinton tops Christie, other GOP rivals in crucial Ohio

new research shows tree roots regulate CO2, keep climate stable

how many of these early black feminists do you know?

Ukraine: Protesters capture 67 police in Kiev

how many of these early black feminists do you know?

600 year old mystery manuscript decoded by University of Bedfordshire professor

With friends like these, who needs democracy?

Not the Onion

Sen. Dianne Feinstein defends NSA and need for intelligence gathering

First Lady Michelle Obama Visits Big Apple Today

Mumps Outbreak Reported on Fordham Campus

Canadian Company to Start Extracting US Oil Sands

Good news from Ukraine (I think)

Walker Aide Found Racist Email Comparing Welfare Recipients To Dogs 'Hilarious'

Navy: Man who died on famous ship an ex-SEAL

The Rising Danger of "Low-T"

Equal Rights Are Not “Special Rights”

Rural Hospitals Closing in George as State Refuses to Expand Medicaid

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- repubs

Fukushima Deaths Now Higher Than In Tsunami

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- Fighting

Banks Pay Millions to TPP Organizers

The "Ukraine Situation" explained in one map:

Newly disclosed emails reveal racist jokes by Scott Walker's ex-aides

Thursday Toon Roundup 3- Standing

NFL to increase salary cap 5%

Thursday Toon Roundup 4- the rest

Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" official interactive video

Saudi pleads guilty to terror charges at Guantánamo

Milwaukee Urinal/Sentinel reader comments regarding the Walker email release.

Venezuelan Intelligence Official Arrested in Connection with 12 February Violence in Caracas

Livestream of Chris Christie's town hall this morning - NBC New York

Puerto Rico and Wall Street’s 21st Century Debt Peonage Imperialism

Archdiocese Closes School Due To Lack Of Funds, Then Builds Palace For Bishop

There's an App for that ???

I would like to offer myself as a mediator to help end the gender wars.

WATCH: Chris Christie to host first town hall meeting of second term

Find something to be happy about today (Thursday February 20, 2014)

DANGEROUS FIRE: Iowa Town Being Evacuated

CNN Gets Into Greg Abbott's Face After Tx. GOPer Palled Around With Ted Nugent

New York State in Deal to Limit Solitary Confinement

In Manhattan, opposition to park-shadow towers gets louder

NY inches toward Electoral College reform

People In Other States Say Colorado Pot Is Better, Stronger

The world is getting more dismal

Radiation-Free Cancer Scans: Coming Soon?

Colorado Pot Tax Proving More Lucrative Than Expected

Every episode of Duck Dynasty now receives $70,000 in taxpayer subsidies

My Posts tab question

UPDATED: Angry crowd runs George Zimmerman out of Miami

The phrase "Gender Wars" and how words matter

Been watching old Johnny Carson episodes lately

WorldNutDaily: Sure we have hundreds of stories on BLACK MOBS, but some of our friends are black

Shameless Naked Yogi Selfie

Happy Birthday Buffy Sainte-Marie!

Wealth distribution in the United States...what is the 1%

IU instructor sues feds over Indy airport detention

how many of these early black feminists do you know?

All I can say is I'm thankful my real-world relations with the opposite sex are nothing like DU

Ukrainian policeman have been issued live ammo and authorized to use it: (70 confirmed dead)

Well, that was fun at the vet.

"Pushing morality on very comfortable people"

Women's Hockey Gold Medal game about to begin

Walmart Profit Drops 21 Percent so They are Opening More Stores

Greg Abbott flees reporter questions about Ted Nugent, Wendy Davis uses the rocker to raise money

Colorado should be the site of a late night talk show where guests smoke pot but...

BREAKING: Ukraine sanctions are being "fast tracked" - at White House ready for Obama signature

Fire Sale on Cards Stolen in Target Breach

William Ayers: Teach Freedom!

Hate Crime Victimization Statistics Show Rise in Anti-Hispanic Crime

Holy righteous fuck. Stop what you're doing and watch this.

Spymasters gather to discuss Syria

Mystery Artifact Unearthed at City Hall Is 19th-Century Feminine Device

I generally have no use for Twitter.

Only heard about this today, opposition attack on a state hotel:

Jobless Claims in U.S. Fell Last Week as Firings Abated

'Bizarre' Cluster of Severe Birth Defects Haunts Health Experts

Leading Indicators Index in U.S. Increased 0.3% in January

Pic Of The Moment: How They're Helping America This Week

Justice Scalia And Jon Stewart Concur Chicago Pizza Isn't Pizza

Fewest Americans in Almost Two Years Say U.S. Economy Worsening

Wisconsin’s Walker Now Shares with Christie Unwelcome Attention

Chevron's 'pizza and soda' apology turns tragedy into farce

Baby Blues 02/20/2014

I would like to see a WNHL.

I'm running out of good Netflix streaming movies. Need suggestions.

The many faces of Vladimir Putin

The 'Polar Vortex' Is Coming Back. Again.

San Diegans Provide Safe House for Prostitutes

Former Minnesota Governor And Human Beater Upper Jesse Ventura Very Sophisticated About The Politics

More or Less: Choosing a Lifestyle of Excessive Generosity

What's for Dinner ~ Thursday ~ February 20th

NYSERDA seeks proposals to create Advanced Building Consortium

Ohio Republicans move to curb early, absentee voting

Bachmann: Obama Was Elected Because Of White Guilt

Minimum-Wage Debate Prods U.S. Retailers to Strategize

USA Today: California Exceeds 2014 Exchange Enrollment Goals

Ad Running during the Olympics Advises you to Pray for Death

U.S. Embraces EU Leadership on Ukraine It Recently Cursed

SPOILER: Women's Hockey

Officials: Obama drops budget cost-of-living trims

Judge orders processing of Ensign probe documents

State Investigator loses job over lynching story

Arkansas Senate approves compromise Medicaid plan

Canadian voters now required to show Conservative Party membership card before voting

The new army chief in Ukraine: "He who will follow The Order!"

Uneven Development - WEDC's Claimed Jobs Impact Leaves Many Areas of Wisconsin Behind

NY court: Some police lies to suspects are unfair

Yep ... pretty much

Oregon Sen. Wyden seeks investigation into whistleblower retaliation at Hanford

Where Do We Come From?: The 7 Most Intriguing Philosophical Arguments for the Existence of God

Russia Denounces West’s Sanction Threats to Ukraine

Telangana set to become 29th state of India; Rajya Sabha gives nod

Trump: Astorino can’t win from highest-tax Westchester- Trump is always amusing.

Breaking: Obama To Drop Social Security Cuts In His Budget


Police arrest 'former Auschwitz SS guards'

Opposition leader faces charges in tense Venezuela

Obama Gives No Ground on Keystone After Harper Meeting

Texas women don't deserve this disrespect...


Iran and World Powers Agree on Framework for Nuclear Talks

Sun Times: Michelle Obama on “Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” Thursday

New Pope Probably Getting Ready To Announce Vatican III, Mandatory Gay Marriages

Rt Crews Under Fire, Armed Rioters Take Over Hotel, Fire From Windows In Kiev

The Rude Pundit: Jordan Davis Killer Michael Dunn Was Just Another White Coward with a Gun

I'd like to suggest that you take cyberswede's idea about

After watching a news report, I know that President Obama met with the President of Mexico

French Law Temporarily Bans GM-Maize Planting While Larger Ban Gains Steam

The Gun Report: February 19, 2014

billionaires are parasites

Governor of Mérida "we seized weapons in a house, were to be used in protests"

Cuomo 2014, today

This is not Kiev, Ukraine.... Valencia, Venezuela

Me in Cannon Beach Oregon...

Guilty in Bryan Stow beating, Dodger fans called 'cretins'

'Wolf of Wall Street' Studio Sued by Upset Stratton Oakmont Alum

Scott Walker’s pathetic fall: Another one bites the dust!

Venezuela: Regime Change, Destabilization and the Hidden Hands of U.S. Capitalism

Black guy breaks into a car

Video: American Olympian Kate Hansen finds a possible 'wolf' in her dorm hallway

Bill Would Allow Stronger Spanking of Children

Ukraine Burning: 25 Dead in Kiev Night of Violence

Utah bill Would Limit Gov't Funded Broadband Networks:

Republicans and the Masters they serve, create mostly chaos, disorder, destruction and despair...

Flashback: The signing of the Stand Your Ground bill into law in Tallahassee, Florida

PSC approves Con Ed rate freeze

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum won't defend state's ban on gay marriage

UK and Iran agree to re-establish direct diplomatic relations

LAPD Scopes Out Israeli Drones, ‘Big Data’ Solutions

Washington Post headline: Obama to drop Social Security REFORMS from latest budget request

WATCH: Edward Snowden Says Chelsea Manning Performed ‘Extraordinary Act Of Public Service’

27 liberal groups oppose Obama judicial nominee

Google announces plan to bring high-speed 'Fiber' internet to 34 cities (a bit of good news)

New statement from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry endorsing an EU agreement and emphasizing

Sulfuric Acid Fire Injures Four, Forces Iowa Town to Evacuate

Coming Soon: Free Internet From Space

Barack Obama, Canadian PM Stephen Harper bet beer on hockey

This is the net benefit of a higher minimum wage - Yet another CBO report misreported

Spoiler Alert USA vs. Canada Hockey

One of many differences between liberals and conservatives....

(CO State) Rep. Jared Wright leaves loaded handgun in House committee room

Officer not charged in Ohio crash that killed 6

South Africa drops deportation case against Ugandan gay rights campaigner

jahi is improving, mom says

Roma Downey: Why we cut Satan from ‘Son of God’

Roma Downey: Why we cut Satan from ‘Son of God’

New Algae Biofuel: Holy Hot Sugar, Batman!

The Game Changed in Venezuela Last Night – and the International Media Is Asleep At the Switch

William Ayers: Teach Freedom!

Anyone else like Bosc pears?

Records show fundraising tactics of Wis. governor

Jay Paterno confirms he's running for lieutenant governor

Support Dave Domina!

In Defense of Venezuela

Support Dave Domina!

Calling Justin Bieber "Gay"

how to feed our kids and change the world

EU to impose sanctions against Ukraine as Kiev death count soars

In Defense of Venezuela

Offical signs you are now an old fart:

Dumb Criminals: Would Be Burglar Foiled By Pants Ripping

Hadde du gitt jakken din til Johannes?

"Something terrible has happened to the soul of the Republican Party..."

Dumb Criminals: Two Drunk Guys Thrown Out Of Chicago's Trump Hotel Bar Cause $700K In Damages

$20 billion in Nigerian oil income may be "missing" ...

Patrick Henry College officials respond, refute ‘New Republic’ story

NY Lawmaker (GOP'er of course) Reportedly Plagiarized From A High School Student's Essay

Real Life Seinfeld: Iowa Man Fired For Smashing Vending Machine Over Stuck Twix Bar

Boy this game is old

The Canceled George Zimmerman VS DMX Boxing Match - D-Nick The Microphone Misfit Discusses

AFL-CIO delivers petitions for MSNBC to stop union busting

10 Japanese Travel Tips for Visiting America

Exclusive: Problems with runway lights at JFK Airport

Remember Tom DeLay? Well, heeee's back!

Chicago: Metra looks to lease rail cars from other states

California high-speed rail dealt blow by Newsom's about-face

Did you know?

Oregon won't defend gay-marriage ban in lawsuit

Woops — Gasmobile Buyer’s Remorse Not Fun

Who really are the far right of politics, and what do they stand for?

wouldn't it be nice Obama/Dems "victory" wasn't stopping a negative thing (SS cuts), but advancing..

Guilty plea in Bryan Stow attack: 8 and 4 year prison terms

Boston U students protest Robin Thicke concert

Sanders Welcomes White House Decision to Protect Social Security

Who Remembers the Federal Luxury Tax?

I cannot watch this USA v. Canada Women's Hockey

Plutonium detected half-mile outside New Mexico nuclear waste facility

After the NSA affair, the German government is steering towards a serious confrontation with the US

Compare and Contrast: Two race-related threads

Why I won't take a side in the Ukraine battle

"Life Goes On"

After the NSA affair, the German government is steering towards a serious confrontation with the US

Cat Bites Are Linked To Depression

Jaw dropping video of rioters and police clashing

Does this really need to be explained on a liberal dem discussion site? yep.

This is so true...

Repeal stand-your-ground laws

The Shadow Lobbying Complex

Judge: Blind killer gets his guns back

New Study: "Remarkable" Deterioration in Memory Functions of Seniors Infected by Common Parasite

Lawsuit: Calif. Christian missions tortured mentally disabled with Bible ‘punishments’

Stanford scientist to unveil 50-state plan to transform US to renewable energy

Alabama House panel approves school prayer bill even though majority votes no

wealth gap is widest in some affluent cities

Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is

Brian Williams and Lester Holt rap "Rapper's Delight" (Tonight Show w/Fallon mash up)

I'm against the gender wars

Oh Brother! Christie Says...

The Koch Brothers plan to expand the 2014 map

Ladies and gentlemen, the prime minister of Israel: Mr. Iran Holocaust (parody)

We just had a really good thunderstorm here in my area in IA.

“Saving Our Economic Ass”

Grocery Store Worker Fired After Confrontation With North Carolina Governor

Arlington megachurch pastor says Michael Sam paving way for anti-Christ, but Cowboys exec says team

Arlington megachurch pastor says Michael Sam paving way for anti-Christ, but Cowboys exec says team

Gun Control and the Constitution: Should We Amend the Second Amendment?

Gun Control and the Constitution: Should We Amend the Second Amendment?

The stakes have never been so high

This can't be good.

Welcome to California!

Tenn. official ‘threatened’ blacks with skin ‘trophy’ he saved from 1896 lynching

Plant egg entrepreneur raises $23m in latest funding round, led by Asia’s richest man, Li Ka-shing.

So Chris Christie held a townhall and told the people not to dare ask a question

Syria, again

Billionaires' Wealth Is Skyrocketing. Their Philanthropy Is Not

GOP’s Social Security disaster: Conservatives just lost their chance to cut benefits

Jailed Colorado Pastor Has Substance Abuse Problem

Williamson Co. Dem. chair’s campaign manager accused of making anti-gay comments about challenger

Williamson Co. Dem. chair’s campaign manager accused of making anti-gay comments about challenger

Eisenhower Memorial unchanged, despite objections

Aurora Borealis - Feb. 18

Lol! Christie Bridgegate bumpersticker:

Miley Cyrus incorporated Bill Clinton in her latest show!

Goodbye GMOs (and vitamin B12, D, A, and Riboflavin) ...

Google made last-ditch effort to block WhatsApp-Facebook deal, was willing to pay more than $19B

Democrats outraise GOP House committee

Christie Christie avoids Bridgegate scandal at Town Hall, talks Sandy relief and weight loss

Texas Cops Really, Really Hate Bedford State Rep. Jonathan Stickland

Open Relationship Gives Couple Freedom To Emotionally Drain Other People Time to Time

Ukraine parliament votes to end the military crackdown on protesters across the country:

New Video: The Business Impact of Abrupt Climate Change

Idaho’s New Anti-Gay Bill: Doctors and Teachers Can Turn Away Gays

New Poll Shows John Cornyn Heading Into Runoff With Steve Stockman for U.S. Senate

New Poll Shows John Cornyn Heading Into Runoff With Steve Stockman for U.S. Senate

Let's talk about who the protestors are in Ukraine

Christian conservatism takes radical position against welfare cuts

DU needs a national election, pretty damned quick

Commercial-break soup

U.S. billionaire to pour $100 mln into climate change fight

Feeble turnout by Libyan voters points to deep disillusionment

Long-term daily multivitamin supplement use decreases cataract risk in men

Ranch Rorschach Test

Scientists sound alarm over extinction threat to lemurs

Senator Ball Terminates Staffer Responsible for Orca Plagiarism

Earth's green canopy gets an online protector

GOProud Leader Resigns Over CPAC

About Christie’s attempt to blame delays on Sandy Aid.on FEMA...

How safe is Colorado's legalized marijuana? some legal pot could have contaminated cannabis

Chickenpox Nostalgia Is Real—And Really Dangerous

John McCain Is Back-Seat Presidenting the Ukraine Crisis

Republican voters are being recruited to destroy America !!

A dog's diary vs. A cat's Diary

Two defendents plead guilty and are sentenced in SF Giants fan beating case.

Settlement announced on Long Island College Hospital

Museum cleaner mistakenly throws away $13k modern art display

What happens when a white man and a black man try to steal the same car?

A bunch of old white guys

Dolphins Sack Coach Over Bullying

Ven authorities shooting guy in back video

Genius Girl Scout sells cookies outside pot club

Increasing the Minimum Wage Can Create Jobs—If It’s Enforced

Tom DeLay: People keep forgetting that God ‘wrote the Constitution’

FLOTUS on Jimmy Fallon tonight..n/t

If I hitch my wagon to a steaming heap of bullshit and ask people to jump on the boards,

Ukraine’s President Open To Early Vote, Polish Leader Says; Scores Reported Killed In Clashes

Sen Whitehouse & Rep Waxman Release Letter Shaming Sen McCain & Former Rep Gingrich

Pope Francis calls for flexibility, patience as he opens talks on church teaching

Pope Francis calls for flexibility, patience as he opens talks on church teaching

Indiana Pacers trade Danny Granger for Evan Turner, Lavoy Allen

cognitive dissidence..kelly rindfleisch was right...

Recording Traffic Stop Lands Davie, Florida Woman In Jail

Paraffin baths.

Check in if you Support President Barack Hussein Obama

Why do people say that Democrats need to do this or that to win in 2014

Tzena Tzena becomes a Christian song?

Rapid home price gains make renting more attractive, study says

You know it might be interesting if you expand our profiles to include our top 5 favorite groups.

If eons from now extra-terrestrials visit this planet, and the only artifacts ...

Should Blind and Visually Impaired people be allowed to own guns?

I am confused.

I had my arthritis injections yesterday!

Thought experiment: what if Congress teleworked

Regional spymasters make tactical changes to bolster Syrian moderates

Rick Santorum Wants People To Know He Still Exists, In Case They Want Him To Run For President

Minn. man claims 'victory' over NSA after feds drop bid to block parody merchandise

Prominent Ugandan doctor, LGBT rights activist detained in South Africa

Can elementary age kids read this?

Colorado's marijuana firms beg banks to take their cash

Carter was the last Democratic President to lower Social Security benefits.

Ukrainian Parliament Votes to Pull Security Forces out of Independence Square

Gary Clark Jr. - Bright Lights (Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010...KILLER blues)

In Switzerland, it is illegal to own just ONE Guinea Pig

Cleaner throws out 'rubbish' Sala Murat artwork

for our Texans here, do you know the origins of the phrase "cute as a bug's ear"?

Woman defends family from violent home invaders

Blitzer has Rick Perry on over Nugent's racist anti-Obama rant

New Details of Attack on Yemeni Wedding Prompt More Demands Obama Explain Drone Policy

Thank you.

Ever wonder what a coal mine fire would look like ...

GWB scandal: Kelly, Stepien to present evidence in court after refusing to comply with subpoenas

Shortage of Doctors for ACA? Who would have thunk it?

Hadde du gitt jakken din til Johannes?

With Sink leading Jolly we just need to get out the vote in Pinellas!! Let's go Dems!!

SC legislators want to punish 2 colleges for homosexuality books

Credit where credit is due: Thanks to Republicans for not taking Obama up on his offer

Let's say M Wage hike raises 9 Million from poverty and kills 500K jobs...

NJ Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Challenging NYPD Surveillance Of Muslims

McDonald’s workers’ horror story: 25-hour shifts and bunking in their boss’s basement!

Florida panther kitten rescued

Can anyone recommend a safe, effective ringworm treatment for my adult cat?

Chacao Mayor Ramon Muchacho: no bullet wounds or evidence of alleged paramilitary activity in Chacao

Social Security Cuts Still ‘on the Table’ but Not in Obama’s Budget

Israel Sets Off Awkward Debate By Demanding Recognition As A 'Jewish State'

8 NJ Wrestlers Out Of Meet After Lynching Photo

Focus Of GOP Anti LGBT Laws Would Allow First Responders, Police & Medical Personnel To Deny Service

Texas Cops Go Silent After Retracting Claim Woman Had Gun When Officer Killed Her

Renee Ellmers reaffirms her support for legal status for immigrants

Does anyone really think that Christie, Walker, or McCrory are going to stopped or bounced ???

Charlotte police officer charged with secretly taking pictures of teen girls’ underwear

Never buy from a Pet Shop: Puppies safe and happy after surviving pet shop arson (owner arrested)

Stiglitz touts the merits of an increased minimum wage

The GOP rich are like the nazi followers.

Crazy Michele blabs again! "Americans 'aren’t ready' for a female president"

5-year-old girl with rare cancer becomes princess for day

Another Dunn Juror (#8) speaks out

Ukraine (PHOTO)

Scott Walker Crime Digest

AMBER ALERT CANCELLED: Missing Mill Creek mother/children FOUND

Private exchange sees surge in health care enrollment

Woman beaten at San Francisco General Hospital

Far Fewer Americans Now Say Iran Is No. 1 U.S. Enemy

There are so many repug scandals, surely

MSNBC Hosts: Support NBC Peacock Workers (E action)

Poll finds majority of Bay Area support soda tax

Papantonio: GOP Obstruction Is Killing The Judiciary

Dear friends. I have to say goodby.

Venezuela Erupts

People continue to be arrested merely for protesting and the world is quiet!

Visitors Can Now Trek Across Lake Superior to See Sea Caves

As a resident of Phoenix, I'm not particularly worried about this new "religious freedom" bill...

Nina Simone - Feeling Good

When is it acceptable to use what some call vulgar language

Colorado's Legal Marijuana Market Is Bringing In Way More Tax Revenue Than Expected

Jeebus Coming Back Packing Heat - AR-15. Family Research Council.

DemSCC Rapid Response:

And for some good news: Sources: Nets eye Jason Collins