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Archives: February 22, 2014

TN Supreme Court: Passing field sobriety tests doesn't matter

Watch as a substitute ‘truther’ teacher explains 9/11, Jonestown, Pearl Harbor to high schoolers

Benjamin Netanyahu Tells AIPAC To Put Its Head In a Noose

Anti-gay activists cry ‘homo-fascism’ after news conference praising Russia is heckled

Arrests sought after noose put on statue of James Meredith at Ole Miss

Young Woman's Last Few Months of Life via Twitter - Amanda@TrappedAtMyDesk

Weekend Economists (Heart) the 4th Estate February 22-24, 2014

Nina would have been 81 years old today!

U.S. Sharply Boosts Aid to Syria Rebels: Report

Remember Kenneth Blackwell? 2004 election? He's back

25 Milk Cows in Germany Rescued to Live Out their Lives in Pasture, Jump for Joy

Michelle Obama SHINES in 'Tonight Show,' Appears In 'Ew!' Sketch With Jimmy Fallon, Will Ferrell

Arizona restaurant bans lawmakers in response to anti-LGBT law

Maduro challenges Obama to 'high-level' dialogue

You got Served...

Wired Mag. finds Star Trek Logo in NASA Mars Landscape photos - dial-up warning

Kansas’ Anti-Gay Bill May Have Been a Delightfully Ironic Political Ploy

Bill on president impeachment registered in parliament

"They Did Everything We Told Them To Do" Elizabeth Warren

Ted Cruz Won't Commit To Supporting McConnell For GOP Leader

Every diocese is required to "maintain and support" its retired bishops!

9 years after death, Nebraska man to be awarded Medal of Honor (WWII)

NRA Pays $63K Campaign Finance Fine In Rhode Island

"UAW asks labor board for new vote at Volkswagen"

In for a treat: Rachel on with Bill Maher at 10 pm and repeat at 11 pm / HBO -yes there are others:)

Photos by ASTROCAT

7 Foods Experts Said Were Bad For Us That Turned Out To Be Healthy

Julian Assange's ghost writer breaks silence on failed autobiography

"Markets flooded with cash, should Fed prep to stamp out risk?"

Man Who Brutally Beat Gay Texas Man Said It Started As 'A Joke'

"They did everything we told them to do" Elizabeth Warren

To anyone who may think those Confederate flags are nothing to do with racism:

Second update on my sick kitty

Obama to award Medal of Honor to two dozen veterans, including 19 who were overlooked because of ...

Dallas Paper Wants To Know What Abbott Thinks Of Nugent's 'Paean To Sex With Underage Girls'

Southeast Coal Ash legal action

Caught on video: police ding car, then arrest man for sitting without a license.

Where are they now? Skating stars of the past

Obama to award Medals of Honor to 19 overlooked minority heros.

Walker Aide Dismissed 'Crazy' Woman Who Starved In Mental Health Facility

Manchin: No, I Wouldn't Vote To Repeal Obamacare

State Senate passes gun law nullification bill


drooling over this sale!

"President Obama to launch major new effort to help young minority men"

Joe Scarborough Headed To GOP Conference Fueling Presidential Bid Speculation

Deadly Rhetoric

Huffington Post: Mom Hates 'Offensive' Shirts, Buys All Of Them

UNICEF launches record $2.2bn crisis appeal, focus on Syria

Exxon CEO joins anti-fracking lawsuit after drilling threatens his property value

Ha! Funny Steve King t-shirt

The Hidden Demographic Shifts That Are Sinking The Republican Party

What Democrats need to do to maintain the "coalition of the ascendant"

Genius girl scout sells cookies outside pot clinic

Officials Confirm Nuclear Waste Leak

The inside of the Del Taco on Coors Blvd. in Albuquerque smells like a hamper full of dirty laundry

Ukraine peace deal halts violence but crowds still angry

Jeffrey Toobin: Clarence Thomas Disgraceful Silence (Eight Years Now)

A friend made this comment on Facebook. I love him.

Fannie Mae Payments to U.S. Will Exceed Bailout

"The Price of Free Enterprise"

Wedding bells ring early for same-sex couples in Illinois’ Cook County

I've been browsing as an antidote to the political wars.

"This is why it's good to be a Democrat!"

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in! Friday edition...spiderpig sitting in for ralps

Steve Kornacki is filling in for Rachel Maddow tonight...

Discrmination law costs Arizona jobs. Sometimes you have to hit 'em where it hurts.

For parents who read to their kids,

Allegations of animal abuse follow school's 'pig rodeo'

A storied synagogue on St. Thomas

Here's a DU Universe Update

Organic agriculture can pollute groundwater, research shows

Snowden now an action figure and rector of Glasgow University

Abbott: Nugent ‘rightly apologized’ for Obama slur

What You Should Know About the… Protests in Venezuela

Maybe Facebook Would Let Photographer Spencer Tunick Post Naked Pics If He Worked for Sports Illustr

Ronald Reagan's myth is different for those born after 1960.

Workers Vote Against Union In Oswego, NY

Greg Abbott sends Battleground Texas complaint to Bexar County DA

Suggested change to Arizona Flag - I call it GayZ

Forget The Local Cold: Worldwide, It Was Another Hot January

Actually, Your Cat Thinks You Are a Giant Cat

Arizona Pizzeria has their own response to the new Anti-Gay laws in Arizona

GOP Voter Suppression = Taxation Without Representation

Up W/ Steve Kornacki is BACK- Sat 8-10 AM - promises All Bridge gate and lot of New Exclusive Info!

This Is Definitely Not The Picture Senator Leahy Wanted To See Today

Friday Talking Points (292) -- From Russian Panties To Animal Skulls

30th anniversary of the 1984-85 miners' strike...what events will be happening in commemoration?

Name the dialect and location -

US Fed boss Yellen bailed up by security

ATF report on firearm manufacturers' production

Which Bachman-Turner Overdrive song best describes Michele Bachmann?

IE 8, Windows XP

"A small group" is responsible for all that ails DU

FYI Wiki wants comments TOU Amendment: Paid contribution disclosure

Maduro issues Obama challenge amid mounting protests

Minecraft and mods

The Fix: Barack Obama is a smart dude. Democrats should listen to him

Chris Rock on a certain issue we talk about a lot around here:

Who remembers this nineties tune by Nada Surf?

Sikorsky to eliminate 600 jobs, mostly in Connecticut

Victor Ahn - the greatest F.U. in sports history?

Did Rachel Maddow just say on Maher's show

It Is What It Is

When is ANY amount of plutonium not a threat to human health?

Researchers propose using distant quasars to test Bell's theorem

Plan to Limit Some Drugs in Medicare Is Criticized (NYT)

TCM Schedule for Sunday February 23 - 31 Days of Oscar: 1938 Best Picture Nominees

With 2015 budget request, Obama will call for an end to era of austerity

Police and vigilantes join forces in Ukrainian city of Lviv

TCM Schedule for Monday February 24 - 31 Days of Oscar: 1965 Art Direction Black and White

Real study of pathological behaviors of internet trolls

Arizona Anti-discrimination Bill passes

For those women who think objectifying women as sex objects is OK

Still Broken Five Years Later

Ted Nugent: Baby-Daddy. Four more adult children discovered as per current Mrs. Nugent

Obama to award Medal of Honor to two dozen veterans, including 19 discrimination victims

Do you support the overthrow of Maduro in Venezuela?

I'm so glad

Not everyone lives in fear

I start a new job on Monday.

I have a question/thought/idea about desalination.

Exclusive Essay: Anatomy of the Deep State

Baking a GeForce 8800 GTX GPU....

"Democrats See A Chance To Undercut GOP Governors"

I am dismayed at the Lounge's latest attempt to get fit.

O.K. - Enough now

Bike Porn

Police: If You're Carrying Condoms, You Might Be a Hooker

Worst local play-by-play?

A bit more photomicrography. Or microphotography?

Internet a Crucial Venezuela Battleground

Garry Trudeau taking another break from 'Doonesbury' to work on 'Alpha House'

Jimmy Fallon is hilarious.

Obama meets the Dalai Lama. Will DU accuse him of supporting a coup in Tibet?

San Diego Sheriff will not seek 9th Circuit en banc in Peruta right to carry case.

Railroads Agree To Wide-Ranging Safety Measures For Crude Oil Shipments After Derailments

CMS issues rule to empower it to negotiate drug prices, opponents immediately spin it as a negative.

Sikorsky announces 600 layoffs over next several weeks

Figure skating faces...

"What did you do to get out of the war, Daddy?"

Two Americas, liberal vs ultra conservative=SECESSION

phoenix girl scout sells cookies outside medical marijuana dispensary.

How Tea Party Absolutism Cost The GOP A Huge Win On Entitlements

Please help unfreep the reviews on Amazon of the textbook critical of Reagan

I have just installed Civ V

Did anyone else who's seen Robocop think it's an allegory for the Iraq War?

Court orders Canadian ISP to reveal customers who downloaded movies

Terminator 5...

Windstream Cutting 400 Employees Companywide

Maher's New Rule: Hearing Stories That Confirm Your Beliefs Isn't News 'It's Fox News!' - video link

Bill Maher Confronts Maddow over MSNBC's Christie Hysteria: 'It's Not Watergate!' - video link

This would never fly these days.

can someone help me with including a link in my sig line?

FCC Backs Off Study Of News Organizations. What do you think?

However monkeys still control the cabana

Nancy Pelosi: Money in Politics Keeps Women Out of Office

Scott Brown Trailing Jeanne Shaheen In Senate Match-Up Polls

What is the stupidest thing you have done

Gochos resist GNB in Venezuela (videos):

Why I don't like the term "white privilege"

I think women are beautiful.

The DYSTIGD Group.

ˇż Who is Howlin Wolf ?!

Court: No reprieve for Notre Dame on contraception coverage rule

Building a Women’s Movement in Southern Africa

Arizona Restaurant sign.. We reserve the right

David Attenborough: The sleeping catmelion cleverly disguises itself

Aaaaa-rizona . . .

A Woman Speaks by Audrey Lorde

Ukrainian Protesters Claim Full Control Over Capital Amid Reports That President Left Kiev

US Not Ready For a Woman President, Says Woman Who Ran For President

Cream: Sunshine of Your Love

Silk, linen, pearls...oh my! I am celebrating 12 years today with my partner!!

"But I didn't do anything wrong"!

Ukraine's President Yanukovich has fled; Uncertainty in Kiev about who's in charge?

Most dangerous countries in the world?

Do you trust NSA chief Clapper?

Chicago morning news show loses their audio and it gets silly:

The truth about the death of 37 prisoners at Cairo prison Abu Zaabal.

Where Have All the Lobbyists Gone?

mal function junction

Florida lawmakers vote to expand ‘stand your ground’ law

The Pentagon can now only buy American flags made in the U.S.

D.C. Insider: There's a Shadow Govt. Running the Country, and It's Not Up for Re-Election

Exposing the Christian Right's New Strategy for Reversing Years of Progress on Gay Rights

Detroit files plan to fix debt, leave bankruptcy

Definitely one of the best people in the world…

Army Ordered to Keep Cold War Drug-Test Subjects Up to Date

Arizona restaurant bans lawmakers in response to anti-LGBT law

Mexico’s success in car exports attracts second Honda factory

Human sacrifice, a female angel of death and why the Vikings were even more savage than you thought.

Anti-gay activists cry ‘homo-fascism’ after news conference praising Russia is heckled

Arizona's anti-gay bill... as reported in the Washington Post

9 Absurd Religious-Right Attempts to Seem Sexy and Hip

need to finish an unfinished pine flute... tung oil?? something else?

McDonald’s employees forced to work 25-hour shifts say they were kept in boss’ basement

The One Story You Ever Need to Read to Demand and End to All Wars

Former Guantanamo detainees sue U.S. for damages from mental and physical abuse

Venezuela threatens to cut off fuel to protest areas

If you thought the ‘Google Bus’ was obnoxious, have you heard about the ‘Google Dog Bus’?

Swiss court rules calling someone a ‘foreign pig’ is not racist

‘Slavery’ spotters to be posted at British airports to fight human trafficking

This App Trains You to See Farther

Junk fountain pens

Zimbabwean court orders former Illinois Rep. Mel Reynolds to be deported

Going up the Country ~ Canned Heat at Woodstock '69

Top Connecticut GOP staffer resigns in wake of $2M campaign kickback probe

Sisi and the Press

Appearances can be deceiving,

ABC: Wisconsin Governor Fights Off New Scrutiny of ‘Secret’ Email Account Controversy

Former Guantanamo detainees seek damages

Exxon CEO joins anti-fracking lawsuit after drilling threatens his property value

Scott Walker won't say whether he knew of or used secret email system

A little elevator music

5 of the worst states to grow up poor

Kornacki is coming UP with new information on Bridgegate

The ORIGINAL When The Levee Breaks.

What's for Dinner ~ Saturday ~ Feb 22nd

On the Ukraine

This will get you moving in the morning.

The Drone That Will Sail Itself Around the World

New Jet-Powered Drone Can Kill 1,800 Miles From Home Base

New Spy Satellites Revealed By Air Force; Will Watch Other Sats

Air Force Drives Down Weapons Costs By $13.4 Billion; Second Year of Decline

Fracking Boom Leaves Texans Under a Toxic Cloud

Botticelli, Rubens, Raphael: "The Three Graces" and the SI cover

Bulkhead Cracks In F-35B Won’t Slow Fielding, Marines Say

"Hugo Chavez Battle Units prepare for the fulminant counter-attack. Diosdado will give the orders"

Rep. Smith Warns Congress: Close Bases Or DoD May Do It Without Us

Amy Winehouse ~ Back To Black

The Zombie Numbers That Rule the U.S. Economy

Here's why the U.S. owns the planet.

Army Taps Controversial Generals: What McMaster & Mangum Mean For The Future

The War on Reason {not conservative lunacy topic}

Air Force Launches Major New Strategy, Budget Looks; Start Work On Sixth Gen Fighter: CSAF Welsh

Reduce the Prison Population, but Jail Violent Criminals Longer

Ice Cream Phoenix

Senior HASC Lawmaker Forbes Presses Navy On UCLASS Requirements

The Vermont Teachers Union deserves lots of love- Biggest Union all in on Single Payer

Joe Ely-Boxcars (by Butch Hancock)

For the Young Doctor About to Burn Out

The Common Core Is Tough on Kids With Special Needs

Viking Apocalypse: End of the world predicted today!

GOP Race in Disarray as Ted Nugent Emerges as Frontrunner

Yet another one — Cops gun down 20-yr-old black male near Las Vegas

Physicist Sean Carroll and William Lane Craig debating. PZ Myers live Blogs.

A belated "Thank You" for my Valentine hearts. They made my heart sing. nt

We feel as if the Americas has abandoned us (Venezuela)

Ukrainians 'visit' Yanukovich estate: A zoo, a huge wooden boat, a garage full of cars and such....

Activists who backed Mursi's fall turn against military

Kinky Friedman stoking long-shot agriculture bid with pot

Libya still a threat, Obama says

Find something to be happy about today (Saturday February 22, 2014)

Fleetwood Mac before they lost their edge and became pop.

Ukraine: The key groups and people (the best summary I have seen.As accurate as I have read.***)

Ambassador McFaul: "We Never Set Out To Have A Good Relationship With Russia"

Today marks 90 days without smoking!

Microsoft Said to Cut Windows Price 70% to Counter Rivals

Poor Side Of Town

Scott Walker, the Pride(?) of Wisconsin

Puck drop. SPOILERS THREAD. Finland vs USA for the men's hockey bronze.

Mezhyhiriya- Yanukovich's luxury residence and the money trail

How did Rachel Maddow do on Bill Maher's show? nt

Venezuela Protests Reveal Rivalry in Opposition Leadership

Alcoholics Anonymous, Without the Religion

It's not Catterday...

The New York Times Incompetence in Macroeconomic Reporting (IMR) Award

Clear the road!

Gay rights activists in uproar over Arizona 'religious freedom' bill

That's a sweet looking pair of subwoofers...

Our Global Warming Noose Is Cinched Tight With Koch Brothers' Money

Sign? What sign?

Sorry, Michele Bachmann. We Are Ready for a Female President. And It’s Partially Because of You.

How the Mind Rationalizes Homophobia

TPP Preview - Mexican Trucking Company Sues USA For $30 Billion

Will $10 Minimum Wage Get All Working Americans Out of Poverty?

WOW: Guns to surpass car accidents as leading cause of deaths among young people

Liveblog of developments in the Ukraine

This is not a painting on an easel, surrounded by indoor clouds and next to a silver ball

Ukraine parliament votes to dismiss president, sets election for May 25: Reuters

Death of 43-year-old Omaha police officer shows influenza strain's intensity

The Case for Corruption

Brooklyn DA to probe allegations of unlawful convictions

City’s rejection of parking meters could mean layoffs

Documents Reveal NSA and GCHQ Efforts to Destroy Assange And Track Wikileaks Supporters

Pope Francis creates cardinals, appeals for peace and against “any discrimination”

Pope Francis creates cardinals, appeals for peace and against “any discrimination”

Split pea soup.

Help - AdChoice videos have taken over my browser space!

If you like Gaelic music listen to Ruth Keggin

Genesis Carmona (Ven beauty queen) shot from behind by opposition.

MTA Negotiations Push Possible LIRR Strike to July

The headlines on CNN this morning:

Colored Revolutions: A New Form of Regime Change, Made in the USA

If nuclear power is such a good idea, why does it need financial help from U.S. taxpayers?

Badged Serial Killers: The Growing Murder Culture Of Cops ( Part One )

James O'Keefe of the bogus ACORN scandal is going after Battleground Texas

Cuomo wants speed cameras in Long Island school zones

Brooklyn school apologizes for sex abuse by former coach

Andy Borowitz: Republicans to Discontinue Use of E-Mail

PERFECT cartoon: White Thug Life by Matt Bors

Pardon my dust...

Venezuela opposition lies and manipulation

(From the archives) Documents were deleted from GOP redistricting computers

UN Security Council unanimously approves resolution to boost humanitarian access in Syria.

Dogs pick up on emotions the same way humans do: Study

Views of Congress candidates vary-NY21

Florida Scott O.K.'s Friend's Rail Plan


Irony: Exxon CEO Joins Lawsuit Against Fracking Project Because It Will Devalue His $5 Million...

Religious Right in Arizona Cheers Bill Allowing Businesses to Refuse to Serve Gays

G+bangin' Tire Cozy!

Upstate NY whistleblower's info leads to Lidoderm settlement

Egypt: Police Officers Acquitted of 2011 Killings

Weekend Toons!

WV spill UPDATE: Undisclosed tests showed low levels of MCHM in water

What is better? Democratic Party or Third Parties?

Gillibrand: Senate passes bill to prevent spread of harmful algae in waterways

As Crisis Loomed, Yellen Made Wry and Forceful Calls for Action.

Patrick fallout involves FBI, Secret Service, CIA

Anti-gay bigots are doing the unthinkable: Reframing their stand as anti-oppression

Tea Party leader: Say no to Methodists

Reagan’s Christian revolt: How conservatives hijacked American religion

Fraternity suspends Ole Miss chapter, boots three members

There's One Thing Women's Bodies CAN Shut Down.

25 years after consecration of Bishop Barbara C. Harris

25 years after consecration of Bishop Barbara C. Harris

Gun Violence Archive - February 21, 2014

The Dream of Moving Abroad in Later Life, With Good Health Care.

What's the process for starting a discussion group?

When you think about it...

Apple tv

Old coal-fired power plants have caused contamination, but cleanup in question

Accommodating Divisiveness

Why you shouldn't feed the trolls...

What a crapfest.

Obama again presses for minimum wage rise in weekly address

Sexism is alive and well in the hard sciences, despite or because of women's advances.

Mom Charged For Helping Daughter Obtain Illegal Abortion: Is This Our New Reality?

Wayne County board opposes Henrietta casino proposal

NY grape, wine industry worth $4.8B, report says

Texas Strikes Again

Sat on my 500th jury today. How many have you served on here at DU?

Thousands of kids lost parents in S Sudan fighting

How the GOP Sabotaged Marco Rubio, the Man Who Was Once Its Savior

Telecom Giants Paid Millions To 'Honor' Minority Lawmakers Before The Merger

Mexican drug kingpin Guzman captured in Mexico: U.S. government source

Ole Miss Frat Suspended, Noose Suspects Kicked Out

WATCH: Ted Nugent Apologizes For Not Being A Better Republican Shill

Queen Elizabeth to name warship Queen Elizabeth

Braille Printers Cost Thousands Of Dollars — This Kid Built One Out Of Lego For $350

The world’s ‘dumbest trade war’ is being fought over solar panels

Snap! Rush Limbaugh's 'Radio Daddy' Clear Channel Reports $309 Million In 4th Quarter Losses

My Life with a Nurse: A Man's Perspective

Would you leave the U.S. if given the opportunity?

The Snowden Files: The Paragraph began to delete itself.

Second student dies in Carabobo, shot in the face by National Guard

Thom Hartmann: Is There Too Much Plantation Thinking in TN?

I have a really good idea: Let's make vote tampering and poll interference a class 1 felony

Venezuela: War for oil fuels economic crisis

Casino giants explore Orange options

Thom Hartmann: How Obama could kill the Democratic Party

LIVE RADIO NOW: Unfettered Capitalism for few or free enterprise for all?

A quote from 1931...

Looking for advice on compact stereo

MAP: These 7 Tiny Orange Splotches Are Responsible For A Quarter Of US GDP

Venezuelans take to streets for rival mass rallies

can someon help me pick out an ergonomic chair for my home office?


Scott Walker Emails Show Staffers At Work On Illegal Voter Caging

Why is Tom Petri being ignored?

Anyone with metastatic disease who refused chemo?

They really don't give a shit about you suffering do they?

packet loss issues

San Diego sheriff won't fight concealed-weapon ruling

I'm afraid you're going to get a lot of people asking this

Leaders in east Ukraine vote to take control of their areas

Saturday, February 22nd. The Weekend Edition of William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day.

MADISON RISING bills themselves as America's Most Patriotic Rock Band.

Bitcoin ATM maker announces plans to expand to U.S. and beyond

12 acts of kindness from police officers

Venezuela: It’s The Opposition That’s Anti-Democratic

Corporate driven education reform: "Cookies for Corporations, Crumbs for Children"

The Story of the Federal Reserve the Day After Lehman Brothers Collapsed

Maybe some here would be interested in this post about how sexism affects women in science.

Settlers assault farmers in Beit Ummar

Greg Abbott campaign surrogate Ted Nugent’s paean to sex with underage girls ‘Jailbait’

Interview: Ilan Pappe on academic freedom in Israel and BDS

How about taking the mysogyny seriously and doing more

Have you read the entire Constitution of The United States,

What Percentage of DUers Has Read the Entire Bible,

Let the Sky Fall!

All these right-wing ads are depressing.

US psychologist's association rejects ban on aiding military interrogations

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

My favorite definition of feminism:

Anatomy of the Deep State -- The Shadow Government that calls the shots

How US Evangelicals Helped Create Russia's Anti-Gay Movement

Wait wait Christie is not attending the Republican Governors' Press Conference?

Nine days without a cigarette

Yanukovych 'tried to leave'

Teen killed after crashing car into Mahopac High School

Suggestion for DU4

State comptroller audit finds misuse of Fishkill town funds

Bug in the jury system?

Palestinian incitement: Genuine problem or right-wing dream?

Acne bacteria found in grapevines named for Frank Zappa

Arizona Governor Fears Government Regulation Could Ruin Bigotry and Hatred - Andy Borowitz

Feeling Cold? Maybe it is because you have gotten used to the warmth!

Electricity costs soar

The Myth Behind Public School Failure

Fur Rondy!!

Guess the starting salary of a pilot for a regional airline (and remember next time you fly one):

Almost 5% of DU traffic comes from India.

Georgia Bill would allow sex offenders at schools

Cops force lover who had sex with woman in taxi and REFUSED to pay to use his mother's credit card

Wendy Davis: Greg Abbott’s cozying up to “sexual predator” Ted Nugent reveals he lacks “Texas values


Rally will support woman who said she was raped by cab driver (Cincinnati)

Fork Mayor de Blasio used to eat pizza auctioned off

I want to say a public thanks to Skinner and EarlG.

A Nation In Crisis -- Gregory Crawford's Weekly Rant -- Friday News Dump

Oh Great, Arizona. Now George Takei is Pissed Off.

Oh Crap!!! "Social Security Cuts Still ‘on the Table’ but Not in Obama’s Budget"!!!

NY lawmaker: Kids whose parents do not attend workshops will be held back a grade

Austin Police Chief Responds to Arresting Woman for Jaywalking

Next: Citizens United vs IRS?

Semi-literate has-been fucks up snark apology.

Does a nuclear arsenal provide any extra national security nowadays?

The Right Wing's Role in Ukrainian Protests

TYT: Nazi Propaganda At Heart Of Wolf Blitzer Take Down Of Turd Nugent

TYT: Cost Of Iraq & Afghanistan Wars Is Absolutely Staggering

8 dead as Venezuela turmoil continues, leader asks for Obama's help

Bosnia and Herzegovina: all power to the plenums

Just a rant: I swear I would gladly live in a town with no hospital than to go to the hospital in

Stand your ground vs abortion protests

Why corprats want our public schools...(infographic)

Just how low can the right-wing go?

Hey Tea Party's what a real Patriot looks like:

BREAKING: Massive Solar Spill In Colorado, 5.2 Million Affected

Orioles, Nelson Cruz have deal

The Woes of Wall Street: Why Young Bankers Are So Miserable

Really sad after buying Girl Scout cookies.

TYT: God Wrote The Constitution And Created America?!

Venezuela says CNN can stay, a day after saying 'get out'

TYT: Fox News Loves Having A Fake Liberal On The Payroll

Australian TV star Charlotte Dawson found dead

Two pairs of images.

Online trolls are "psychopaths and sadists," psychologists claim

What's the deal with Richard III?

TYT: More Guns Is Safer, Right? Missouri Has The Answer

You just can't make this up; Florida man accidentally shoots self in leg after gun safety class

Four Canadian refs for the gold medal game?

i love eating at my dive bars

Shell EcoMarathon Asia, prototype class, won by ethanol vehicle going 2,731 km on 1 Liter of ethanol

Fact Checking Ken Ham

The lowly green bean

San Francisco Giants add Barry Bonds as special instructor for spring

Bill Moyers & Co: "Obama Admin’s TPP Trade Officials Received Hefty Bonuses From Big Banks"

Martyrs for Science

If the government falls in Venezuela, will any of the good Chavez and the PSUV did survive?

Hearing Devotion In Pop's Details

Video: Boy with Down syndrome laces up for Cedar Bluffs, scores 6 points

"You. Yeah, you."

Inmates complete prison’s new Catholic chapel in 38 days

The Global Divide on Homosexuality

Federal Court Rules Against Notre Dame's Birth Control Appeal

Reverse evolution.

Romney, Christie To Team Up For Fundraiser

OMG "House of Cards"!!! President Walker is actually married to the Secretary of State...

Poll: Shaheen Widens Lead Over Scott Brown

Scott Walker: Document Dump From Secret Probe Is 'Old News'

NFL Expected To Penalize Players Who Use N-Word On The Field

Will the Republicans go the way of the Whigs?

NASCAR hits 5 million miles on 15% Ethanol blend, with 20% less emissions...

Wendy Davis Targets Abbott Over Nugent

Amazing! I actually have some free time this evening.

Breaking: Armed men on the loose in Russia

Homeless Man Moves Into Abandoned Home, Pays Property Taxes: ‘I’m Not Looking For a Free Ride.’

Since it has come up in my art discussions: the "Venus Pudica" pose.

February 22, 1968

Greg Abbott is not a REAL Attorney General.

Kansans Set to Stand Up against "License to Discriminate" bill on Tuesday.

The GOP’s Real Ted Nugent Problem

Ever wonder where the term "shotgun negotiations" (photo, video, more)

Kentucky Needs a Spanking

Would you do this with your young girl?

SC governor reaches settlement with Occupy Columbia protestors

U.S. student studying abroad found dead in Rome rail tunnel

2014 Fountain of Youth (Derby Prep)

U.S. Approves Two Huge Solar Projects On Public Lands In California

U.N. Orders Both Sides in Syria to Allow Humanitarian Aid

An Introduction, and a Request

Real Benghazi Scandal

Nancy Sinatra's "Sugar Town"...

Texas Democratic Cat Lovers Rejoice!!! Stop Tony Meow works for Greg Abbott too.

Impressive rock balancing... *image-heavy content*

Human Rights Campaign: Largest LGBT Donors Are Drone Manufacturers

Be so careful updating or downloading free software.

After charging $75 per student per activity, school finds participation drops by 1/2

Papantonio: The Stand Your Ground Saga Continues

Do cooks/bakers need 2 dishwashers?

Silent thread for Salmon Enchanted Evenings' computer.

US Air Force Scores Biggest Ever Military Solar Power Plant

Since 1789, every U.S. President has belonged to the same privileged fraternity.

Half of U.S. Farmland Being Eyed by Private Equity