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Archives: February 24, 2014

Governors: 'Obamacare' here to stay

Wealth gap is widest in some affluent US cities

Democracy and World Cup 2014: Brazil’s State of Emergency

Scott Walker on Fox News dodges question on secret emails

La.'s Landrieu looks for independent, GOP support

Germany's Merkel To Back Kerry Peace Efforts During Israel Visit

Ukraine crisis fuels secession calls in pro-Russian south

Both Israel And Palestinians Demonize Other Side In School Textbooks, Study Finds

Old time member trying to rejoin

Ukraine: revolution on the Dnieper

Tiny Houses for the Homeless: An Affordable Solution Catches On

Big PhRMA opposes the new CMS rule.

Nursing Home Defends Rapist Employee: 89-Year-Old Victim Was A 'Flirt'

PA. has missed out on $430 million because of lack of gas extraction tax

PA. Republican Party Shifts Their Attacks from Schwartz to Wolf

Why test-based school reform isn’t working — by the numbers

Jason Collins Signs With Nets And Becomes First Openly Gay Active Player In NBA History

Artist uses 3-D printer to create Chris Christie figurine to commemorate Bridgegate

Ukraine Tymoshenko finally freed! Let the Orange revolution begin again and democracy reign in the

Fracking err Well Stimulation in California, past and present. California Coastal Commission meeting

Salvador terror: gang warfare or new death-squads?

Chance of Texas Legalizing Marijuana?

Man beaten by Ven National Guard dies in Caracas

Fracking err Well Stimulation in California, past and present. California Coastal Commission meeting

UAW's Challenge To Republican Political Interference Is About More than VW Vote

Flip the polls for Mark Schauer!

Flip the Polls for Mark Schauer!

So who choked worse, the men or the women?

Support Non-violence and Democratic Institutions in Venezuela

The team that played the hosers the toughest was...

The MSNBC "Reid Report" starts tomorrow, Feb 24 at 2pm ET!

Deadly bomb attack rocks Bangkok amid protests

Operation Nazification

Chris Christie Destroys John Boehner and House GOP Over Hurricane Sandy Relief, then Obama (video)

Britain's government makes deals with Colombia despite human rights abuses

CNN to end Piers Morgan's show

Way to go Jason Collins! First openly gay in the NBA! Stand Tall.

Break the Silence

Georgia to Add Swastika License Plate in 2015

Teachers fear proposed cuts to health care funding

News From Venezuela–but Where Is It Coming From?

News From Venezuela–but Where Is It Coming From?

Chief Investigator: Walker Used Illegal Communication System

Covered California exceeds 2014 exchange enrollment goals

WTF am I doing with my life?

Is US Supporting Oligarch Coup Attempt In Venezuela?

Ecuador opposition wins big local races in blow to Correa

When Brewer signs the bill to make gay discrimination legal in Arizona

Bush: I 'Get Slightly Emotional' Talking About Vets (VIDEO)

Anne Frank's Diary vandalised in Japan libraries

The Ugandan President Juggles the Anti-Homosexuality Ball

2014 Sochi Olympics final medal count...

Anywhere for a couple of progressives to vacation for a week or so?

Why would a union endorse Christie over Buono?


Any good places to go to warm up from Chicago to Southern Illinois?

My boobs, my burden

Look, want to to scare Baggers?

Yeah This Would Pretty Much Ruin Anybody's Birthday

Men and suicide. Chewed up and spit out.

Well played, Russia...well played.

There are many things that I never thought I would live to see much less see before 50

Towards another coup in Venezuela?

Scott Walker urged county staff, campaign aides to promote him online

Has anyone seen this Cadillac commercial?

#GirlsCan: Women Empowerment | COVERGIRL

Obama to Ambitious Governors: 'Make Yourselves at Home' in White House

Gem found on Australian sheep ranch is the oldest known piece of Earth, scientists find

The 17 Best Ways To Annoy A British Person

NYT: Wisconsin’s Legacy for Unions

Shipping containers recycled into affordable, accessible Utah home

Rousseff Remains Favorite to Win Brazil Re-Election

Does DU occasionally weird you out?

Double helping

Op-Ed: Barack Obama's war against democracy

Ariz. Anti-Gay Law Proposed: How will stores know who to bar?

Bills seek to tackle backlog of untested rape kits

There goes the neighborhood.

A certain white privilege is voluntarily given by non-white people.

Why Apple's Recent Security Flaw Is So Scary

Minnesota nursing home defends rapist: 89-year-old victim was a ‘flirt’

If someone is discriminated against because they are a woman, or gay or black, minority, etc...

detroit files plan to leave bankruptcy.

I have a question for those that know the GS laws of EEOC...If Arizona enacts this law doesn't that

Fans confused by Daytona replay

Toon: Olympics passing the torch

how do I scrape that shit out of my brain...?

You had one Job...part II

"The Republican Party's Talent Gap"

Any Idea of What Might Be Wrong

Blondo lanes reopened after blaze (1,000s of classic expensive silver age comic books up in smoke!) one eye on the closing ceremonies in Sochi. That is one creepy looking bear!

Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule, Part 1 & Part 2

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 25: 31 Days of Oscar: 1947 Best Cinematography B&W Noms

How many legumes are under the sea?

Grandma Lavinia Needs You to Call Wells Fargo Now! (please share with friends)

Former Bush aide: Arizona anti-gay Christians use religion like Islamic terrorists

Chilean pedophile priest defies Vatican order by celebrating public mass

Morning Plum: How the GOP’s ‘Obamacare horror stories’ strategy works

Where can I plant my asparagus patch?

Meeting between Venezuela government, opposition may help ease protests

Republican Doomsday Cult (video)

I just went to the TFA website and am aghast at the horrible wages!

growing up fisher

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 26: 31 Days of Oscar: 1941 Best Supporting Actress Nominations

War criminal Condi Rice is coming to town April 17th

Just saw “The Hunt." Compelling!

American Exceptionalism... I’m surprised GMC made this ad their center piece for the Olympics...

I'm watching HBO's "Tuskegee Airmen" an saw an old friend that has passed: Ed Lauter

Cat rescued after being stuck under a ferry

Rod Blagojevich or Chris Christie?

Interviewing People on 5-days paid sick leave

Looks Like The Long-Term Unemployed Have Dropped Off The Radar Yet Again

CNN Is Planning To End Piers Morgan's Show In March

I need some help identifying a maker of a plastic bowl.

Rachel Maddow Cuts Down Bill Maher and Charles Cooke Like Weeds

Just Watched Let The Fire Burn

Scott Walker: I rejected Medicaid health care funds because I ‘love the taxpayers’

What has Obama accomplished?

Dumb Criminals: Orlando Couple Takes Expensive Cab Ride Home, Has Sex In Cab, Refuses To Pay

Dale Jr. wins Daytona

How to grow a bone

Millions of dollars left on the table from Texas A&M fall semester dining plans

Victoria Jackson Freaks Out Over Tiny Cartoony Genitals

The Amazing Race All Stars (spoiler)

I often forget that San Francisco has a real hero in Congress.

Can you create some mechanism

OH, mama, mama you got on the front line (Eddy Grant...turn it UP, baby...)

No More Name Calling

Two things I've been curious about, regarding bans and flags:

Pentagon Plans to Shrink Army to Pre-World War II Level

Support for femnists on DU is strong

Rescue Fund to Help LGBT People Escape Africa

Because the 'Swimsuit Issue' is not an original concept…

Two percent of Texans have cast primary ballots so far

Have you ever heard of the Kora harp ?

Jean Kilbourne's Killing Us Softly...

Ukraine: Russia recalls ambassador over 'deterioration'

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe celebrates his 90th birthday

A request from the Chairman of the AZ Democratic Party

Stormy Monday, 2/24/14

In bridge scandal, one lawyer could topple Christie

A little classic Bill Cosby: Noah

Dallas County constable with felony record may win re-election to old job

Cruel Politics: How Republicans Are Literally Shutting Down Hospitals

The Long, Slow Surrender of American Liberals

Wasted Blood and Treasure: The Futility of Invading Afghanistan

Prehistoric forest arises in Cardigan Bay after storms strip away sand

Thousands protest Ukraine upheaval in pro-Russian port

Do you think we'll see a female president?

Your Dog Can Tell From Your Voice If You're Happy or Sad

UN Hails 'Landmark' Probe Into Haitian Dictator's Alleged Abuses

Status update: Abe Vigoda

I'm really curious.

Venezuela government violence and murders

Cuba makes Hemingway trove available to US

Is the Cuba Blockade Ending?

Competing mass rallies in Venezuela

We all have opinions. Here’s why I don’t care about yours. (the Privilege Wars continue)

Jim Jones’ sinister grip on San Francisco

Would Richard Engel cheer on protesters

Ukraine arrest warrant for ex-leader Yanukovych

Thai protests: toll rises to four in political violence

The Times They Are a-Changin’: Fifty years of Bob Dylan’s stark challenge to liberal complacency

Rocky the Squirrel steals a model airplane and takes it for a spin:

Stop Whining about Corporate Monopolies

More than 70% of Russians against interference in Ukraine – survey.

Egypt's government has resigned - state-run al ahram website

Bailout inspectors back in Greece

Uganda's president to sign anti-gay bill Monday

Priest on disability for his pedophilia still supported financially by MN archdiocese

Judge orders guns returned to blind FL man who ‘stood his ground’ against drinking buddy

Why do the poor and uninsured refuse to sign up for Obamacare?


Revealed: U.S. Air Force ‘neighborhood watch program’ to keep tabs on other countries’ spacecraft

Russia's response to Susan Rice on the subject of Ukraine.

Not to Reason Why: A New Crimean “War”?

Ukraine hoping for $35 billion in financial assistance

Turkey: Legislating the End of Democracy – 3 Laws for One-Party Rule

A World built on Slavery

Silver-lining to Japan's energy crisis

Careful what you wish for in Ukraine

AU4, awesome band

Migrants feel pinch of Kazakh devaluation

How Our Modern Way of Life Is Built on a Long Legacy of Slavery

In these times of "privilege wars"

Economics Has a Surprising Mental Disorder

5 Hypocritical Justifications the 1% Use to Justify the America's Staggering Inequality

Literature clashes with the law in India

Step Right Up and See Boeing’s Amazing Shrinking Tax Rate!

China’s Ideological ‘Soft War’: Offense is the Best Defense

The Subject of Discord

Ronan Farrow's "Daily" starts today on MSNBC..1:00 p.m. I'm looking forward to it..n/t

The End of American Supremacy

How Morgan Stanley Has Raked in Billions by Manipulating the Prices of Everyday Commodities

U.S. media losing credibility

I'm all for Defense Budget cuts, but these in an election year? WTF???

China is not 1914 Germany

Whodunit? Liberals! From celebrity deaths to the crisis of the middle class, it’s all their fault.

Japan steps up protests of U.S. bills on ‘East Sea’

China and US clash over FED's actions

Olympic Spirit? Russia's Overshadowed Games

In Front of 17,000 with Rep. John Conyers seated on stage, Farrakhan delivers hateful, bigoted

Alaska National Guard members face accusations of sexual misconduct

No Fracking in our 'Hood, Dick Armey & ExxonMobil CEO Say

Not able to play video in DU


'New oil' vs. 'old oil' is issue for state

Mysterious Polio-Like Illness Found in California Children

Alaska Supreme Court rejects appeal against Usibelli coalbed methane license

Liberal groups urge lawmakers to reject Obama judge pick

New book: "Occupy this Book"

TransCanada CEO remains calm in face of environmentalists' threat to Keystone pipeline

Republican endorses Alex Sink

Olympia man suing Veterans Administration after he contracted MRSA

Russian Gay Activist Disrupts Scott Lively’s Speech at Anti-LGBT Event in D.C.

Fixing Strykers falls to soldiers as Army ends repair contract

22 February 2014 - Atmospheric CO2 398.44 ppm

Retailers happy for you to open your wallet wider to their banking services

HSBC sees profits rise as it benefits from cuts

Weisbrot: US Support for Regime Change in Venezuela Is a Mistake

Chevy Volt owner surprised to see electric bill go down after getting his Volt, but also knows why

USS Independence Open For Tours In San Diego

Whole Foods: America’s Temple of Pseudoscience

Confirmed: Oldest Fragment of Early Earth is 4.4 Billion Years Old

It Takes How Much Water to Grow an Almond?! {very, very large images}

Newspaper finds fracking jobs in PA have been overstated by state, and are declining

Uninsurance Rate Falls To Five-Year Low As 3.3 Million Enroll In Obamacare

"So Excited Not to Be Poor Like These Whiny SF Bitches"

Voters Blame Trade Agreements for Job Losses

Talks With Gun Control Advocates Seeking To Ban Gun Sales On Social Sites

Talks With Gun Control Advocates Seeking To Ban Gun Sales On Social Sites

Will Pope Francis Help Stop the Growth of European Fascism?

The difference between Uganda and Arizona? Not much.

The Hollow Argument Against Higher Wages

Rocky Mountain High: Colo. Has A Billion-Dollar Pot Industry

Pentagon Plans to Shrink Army to Pre-World War II Level

Just for the record...

Monday Toon Roundup 1- Working

Monday Toon Roundup 2-The Rest

GWB scandal puts a light on the benefits of lobbying - Samson’s firm squarely in the public eye.

Find something to be happy about today (Monday February 24, 2014)

The Murky Politics of the $15 Minimum Wag

Get Your Teeth Checked - Battling Generations of Body Shame

Protests Rooted In Falsehoods, US Support & Violence

Walking Dead Question regarding show that aired Feb 23, 2014

Ariz. Lawmaker Who Voted For Anti-Gay Discrimination Bill Now Wants It Vetoed

Russian PM questions legitimacy of new Ukrainian authorities

Longest Serving House Rep. John Dingell To Retire

Faith and reason

Strong storm headed for California this week; compelling signs of developing El Nino...

Ohio Gay-Marriage Push Divides Some Advocates

LGBT film fest a labor of faith for two seminary students

The Obamacare Hail Mary That Could Save The Senate For Democrats

The poor man can't win for loosing now they want to fuck with people getting madicare

Morning Plum: Hype versus reality in the war of Obamacare anecdotes

Ariz. Lawmaker Who Voted For Anti-Gay Discrimination Bill Now Wants It Vetoed

GOP’s secret idiot? If George P. Bush is its future, the party’s in trouble

Ex-Venezuelan general in armed standoff at home

Papantonio: Time Is Right For Populist Movement

Alec Baldwin is an asshole.

Kerry Kennedy's Westchester drugged-driving trial gets underway

Fire tears through row of stores in Port Richmond

Kinda hard being a Dem these days

Who watches Shameless? Who is your favorite character?

Governers: Obamacare is here to stay

Michele Bachmann’s political analysis is moronic — and the Republican Party knows it

After School-Closure Feud, Mayor de Blasio And Al Roker Exchange Warm Words On "Today"

Girl Scout banks on the munchies

Cartoon: The gun - by Tom Tomorrow

On Michael Dunn, and raising black sons: Jordan Davis’ mother talks to Salon

New York City trial begins for 2 charged in rape-murder cannibal plot

Construction of Mega-Dam to Force Eviction of Indigenous Community

Debbie Dingell expected to run for husband's congressional seat

If a dollar were a grain of sugar game

High court rejects NRA appeals

ALEC Behind Premature Attacks on EPA Carbon Emission Standards

Barbecue eatery owner, segregationist Maurice Bessinger dies at 83

Why actual ACA ‘victims’ are so elusive

Non-traded REITs Destroyed Billions of Investor Funds

Balancing 2 percent spending cap, state worker raises

For a sore throat

Putin’s Post-Sochi LGBT Crackdown

Uganda Gays Face New Wave of Fear Under Anti-Gay Bill

AA without religion

Paul Krugman- Health Care Horror Hooey

Frances Fox Piven | Extreme Poverty Has Been Used to Divide and Terrify Working People for Centuries

Venezuela's Useful Idiots

Debunking RW fantasies about the death of Obamacare

Frances Fox Piven | Extreme Poverty Has Been Used to Divide and Terrify Working People for Centuries

IBM to bring 500 new jobs to Buffalo

I wonder what Obama will say to Governor Skeletor today?

How far we have come and So Far to go

UT/TT Poll: Abbott Holds 11-Point Lead Over Davis

The March of Anthropogenic Climate Disruption

Economics Has a Surprising Mental Disorder - Are economists rational scientists? Or grown men who

Saw American Hustle last night. It doesn't.

Today in Straw Feminism: Why they chuckle at male suicide figures — explained!

12 Retiring, Ex-, or Deceased Congressmen with Active Campaign Websites

An inconvenient contradiction

Four out of ten children in the city of Milwaukee are living in poverty. Our government responds.

Oksana -- I'd forgotten this masterpiece...

Jim DeMint Hasn’t Destroyed Heritage’s Intellectual Integrity

Heritage Foundation Founder Blasts DeMint For 'Politicizing,' 'Trivializing' Group

What are you reading the week of Feb 23rd, 2014?

Strippers and the objectification of women

Members of Congress Who Are Leaving Office

3-D Technology May Someday Print Up New Livers: Health

Doonesbury 2/23/14

Breaking -US Supreme Court Tells NRA to 'eff off re guns for minors

Kansas Tea Party group urges state senators to legalize discrimination against LGBT citizens

Metro-North conductor writes apology letter

Interesting OP just posted in The Anthropology Group

What's for Dinner ~ Monday ~ Feb 24th

Mayor calls out Verizon on broadband agreement

A question about the two-tiered alert system that appears to now be in place.

BBC's Graham Norton ‘Furious’ Over Irish Broadcaster’s Payout to Anti-gay Catholic Group

Genghis the Green?

Dems' target is one of their own - Jeff Klein

St Stephen's Day

John McCain Also Wants AZ Gov. To Veto Controversial Discrimination Bill

Does anyone have a streaming media recommendation?

ask yourself why?

Florida Gov. OK's Friend's Rail Line

Cuomo, IBM set to unveil deal-Dutchess County

The SI Swimsuit issue and Title 9 - I was wondering why the

Nye vs Ham from a debate stand point.

Ted Nugent's Pathetic New Lie

Preserving the Abu Ghraib Culture: The Harrowing Abuse of Iraqi Women | Ramzy Baroud

March 2014 issue of MF is out

Humans vs. Rivers | Mickey Z.

Uganda President: Gays are "mercenaries."

Tappan Zee Bridge tolls: Calls renewed for a locals-only discount

Forward Guidance | James Howard Kunstler

Sorry, wrong place.

BOOKS: Occupy this Book (excerpt) | Mickey Z.

It Takes How Much Water to Grow an Almond?! California's drought is a disaster for your favorites

Tea Party origins exposed---surprise, it's corporate astroturf!

Strike: They need us more than we need them | Mickey Z.

Fascism and the Future, Part One: Up From Newspeak | John Michael Greer

Fascism and the Future, Part Two: The Totalitarian Center | John Michael Greer

This article is to funny they call PPP a left leaning polling firm because PPP has Carter in a

Savagery For All | James Howard Kunstler

Nuclear Calendar -- February 24, 2014 -- FCNL

Cardinal: Many feel excluded from Church because of doctrine

'Got Milk' Dropped as National Milk Industry Changes Tactics

TYT: NY Times Joins The Fight Against Money In Politics

Johnny Galecki (Roseanne, Big Bang Theory) addresses gay rumors in the most awesome way

OMG this is it!!! Can Getting Medicaid On State Ballots Save The Senate For Dems?

yet another student dies after being shot in the head by National Guard

I dig Brewster Rockit

TYT: Firefighters Fed By Generous McDonald's Worker, So They Fired Her

Seriously though, what kind of cover band doesn't play the band's biggest hit?

OH MY GOD!!! NJ roads are horrible with potholes this winter

TYT: Strong Words From The Latest Sane Person Run Out Of The Republican Party

So now that intrade and Nate Silver are gone...

Americans rising up against government - Three examples of pushback against the ruling class.

Ukraine Hopes Russian Gas Price Won't Change – Report

Ana Kasparian: Owe Money? You Could Go To Prison for Being Poor

Aereo Launching Next Week In Austin

We have solved our jobs problem, so it's a good time to reduce the army to

The CEO of Exxon loves fracking, as long as it doesn’t spoil his view

TYT: Yup, She's DEFENDING Uganda's Anti-Gay Laws!

A Star in a Bottle

Former NY Gov. David Paterson's New Job Is... Helping Others Find New Jobs

Harold Ramis, Chicago actor, writer and director, dead at 69

Bennett Urges 'Zero Tolerance' For Israeli Arabs' National Aspirations

Harold Ramis has passed.

$1.4B in Sandy Aid to Rebuild Long Island Electric Grid

How many Schrute Bucks is a Bitcoin worth?

Pic Of The Moment: GOP Senate Candidate Posts, Mocks X-Rays Of Gunshot Victims On Facebook

Kleiman Admits Marijuana Rescheduling Would Help States

Stray dog becomes Milwaukee Brewers' unofficial mascot

Harold Ramis, Chicago actor, writer and director, dead at 69

Obama Invites Abbas To Washington For Talks Following Netanyahu's Visit

Locke and Load: The Fatal Error of the ‘Stand Your Ground’ Philosophy

Yeah, Where?

PA 'could address UN' over Israeli settlement boycott

Military Option Against Syria Is Alive And Kicking

Going to smudge the house with sage...anyone do this before?

Israel issues eviction orders to 40 Bedouin families near Jerusalem

Potholes That Ate Indianapolis Devour U.S. City Budgets

Bible in front pocket saves Dayton bus driver's life during early morning shooting

Finally - BTT (Back to Tennis)!

Polar Vortex to Bring More Snow on Return to U.S. This Week

Cat pulls a Hat trick

Iran FM Javad Zarif under fire for calling Holocaust 'a tragedy'

Harold Ramis (1944—2014)

NOOOOO!! Harold Ramis Died. :-(

Is there another men's group?

The Penis Museum hunts down The Final Member for it's exhibit.

Landowners sue the state over fracking moratorium

Colorado First State to Clamp Down on Fracking Methane Pollution

*Ronan Farrow show coming up on MSNBC,

Bennyboy, has bit the dust on DU

Fracking Boom Leaves Texans Under a Toxic Cloud

CA bill looks to ban sale of Confederate flag on property owned by the state

This Is the App That’s Fueling the Uprising in Venezuela

Koch Industries gave funding to the DLC and served on its Executive Council

Bill would de-fund college programs that boycott IsraeL

'Biggest observed meteorite impact' hits Moon (BBC)

Snow - Quit bitching

Freedom to Marry launches $1 million marriage equality campaign in U.S. South

Good Advice, Wrong Address: Russia Responds To Susan Rice ‘No Tanks To Ukraine’ Warning

Sometimes, they just say what they want. Scott Lively: Tsarism is making a comeback, baby!

AP Interview: Former Soviet Leader Gorbachev Says Ukraine Must Hold Together Through Crisis

Recursive Pizza = Infinite Hunger

The investigation begins...

Saratoga businesses not warming up to a new casino

If the ACA has helped you, send a letter to AFP!

Obama to propose 1 percent pay raise for federal workforce, military

Preparing for (nuclear) licensing beyond 60 years

Exclusive: Iraq signs deal to buy arms, ammunition from Iran - document

The ultimate T&A thread to end all other T&A threads

Prisons and the mentally ill

Abortion-Rights Backers on Offense After 3-Year Drubbing

A Closer Look: End Facebook Gun Sales

WTF!!! 89-Year-Old Rape Victim Branded A 'Flirt' By Nursing Home

How The Right Wing Is LYING About the Carolina Miracle - Unemployment Is Not Down - Just Hidden.

Gay NFL star dies after battle with pneumonia

Doxxing Internet babes: “She wanted it”

Cuomo works to make state tobacco free

Freedom to Marry launches $1 million marriage equality campaign in U.S. South

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your face palms...

White House Talks Up Aid for Ukraine With Eye on Putin


Mike Adams, the “yoga mat chemical,” and the chemical apocalypse

OK, girls and boys,

Will NATO annex Ukraine?

Hey Hey Hey!!!

Freedom to Marry launches $1 million marriage equality campaign in U.S. South

The Secret Behind How This Guy Balances Rocks

Q&A With a Deep Web Arms Dealer

Republicans - It's all in the Family

Joy Reid, The Reid Report, on in 3 minutes!!!

Three Ariz. GOP senators who voted for anti-gay bill now calling for veto

Prostate cancer chances rise with vitamin E, selenium supplements

Idaho’s conservative reputation hinders recruitment of talented young workers, tech leaders say

I'm the proud father of a pro-woman, pro-equality Socialist Witchscout.

Ex-Longhorn kicker Russell Erxleben gets 90 months in prison for scams

Cop Harasses Photographer, Steals His Cellphone Battery And Tries To Get YouTube To Pull The Video

Letters: Violent protest will not help Venezuela

“From the Great Transformation to the Great Financialization: on Karl Polanyi and Other Essays” by

President Obama's statement on retirement of John Dingell

Fragments of ancient continent buried under Indian Ocean (BBC) {maybe}

New Documents Prove U.S. Army Actively Targeted Leftist Protesters, Group Says

Worst Rendition of the National Anthem EVER!!

Really interesting 1 hour documentary on the "Group B" Rallycars of the late 1980's

Meet Hank: the stray the Milwaukee Brewers adopted as their mascot

Culling your cookbooks?

Does Hillary-Univision deal cross a line?

Rep. Joaquin Castro, GOP advisor Mark McKinnon chair new campaign to bring marriage equality to Texa

The camera is the AK 47 of peaceful resistance. Never leave home unarmed.

Christie no longer 'hero' of Sandy recovery, poll says

Kerry: ‘A tragic day for Uganda, all who care about the cause of human rights’

Jury selection in Dallas Super Bowl ice suit

Ten thousand reads on my blog today. Wow.

For Sciatica

Ariz. business leaders call for veto of anti-gay religious freedom bill

This organization helped one of my loved ones get his life back

A Tribute to Harold Ramis

Global coffee shortage predicted as Brazil struggles with drought

Epilepsy Foundation Calls for Increased Medical Marijuana Access

Mayor Rob Ford runs groin-first into fire hydrant while celebrating Canada’s gold meda

is edit history turned off now...?

Jim Harbaugh's relationship with 49ers brass is getting worse

Governors Break Into On-Camera Partisan Feud After Meeting With Obama At The White House

Himalayan Bath Salts Will Not Save Your Life

Alec Baldwin writes he may leave New York City

General question from DUers and not just sports fans

Ukraine issues arrest warrant for ousted President Viktor Yanukovych

Petition to Move the Super Bowl out of Arizona

Bishops blame Cameron for food bank crisis

More from Ukraine

"Scott Walker Scandal Explodes: Documents Show He Directed County Workers To Break The Law"

I love slow-moving blue collar dramas

When CREW made their "Worst 18 governors" list, how did they manage to overlook Christie?

Marriage ban on trial in Mich. this week, defendants to argue gay parents inferior

"It's ridiculous to talk about freedom in a society dominated by huge corporations ..."

Ohio poll finds voters closely divided in support for same-sex marriage

A sense of discomfort is appropriate.

Take the Quiz: Which Cartoon Character are You?

Nets sign Jason Collins

Virginia GOP Sen. Steve Martin Calls Women "the child's host (some refer to them as mothers)"

True Warrior Cats - True Detective OP parody

The Sochi stray dogs who found homes

The Rude Pundit - Your State Sucks: Arizona Sucks Because Its GOP Legislators Are Worms

What if Snowden was played by the Russians all along?

xpost: Global coffee shortage predicted as Brazil struggles with drought

The Espoused One will be traveling to

Not the Onion: Mormons Declare War on Masturbation

Opponents of Same-Sex Marriage Take Bad-for-Children Argument to Court


Venezuela protests flare anew, death toll rises to 12

Australian Blue Heeler girl needs home in Tennessee-

Pro-life Virginia Sen. values rights of fetus over those of ‘host,’ which ‘some refer to as mothers’

"Jury awards more than $2 million to family of pastor killed by narcotics task force"

Raffaele Sollecito reveals he DOES have questions about Amanda Knox's behavior after murder

How Drones Are A Tool Of The Patriarchy - Allison Kilkenny Discusses

Does a nonproportional Senate and non-proportional, non-democratic Electoral College harm democracy?

The Associated Press Top 25 Poll - Shock & Rock Chalk!

Remember 2008? How did Obama win the election?

DAS wiretapping scandal

Independence Township man shoots, kills himself while demonstrating gun safety, deputies say

Netanyahu: Kerry's peace efforts 'only way' to peace

American Family Association Is Outraged Over 'Profanity-Laced' Ad That Uses The Word 'Hell' Once

Awesome New GOP Strategy: Shut Down State Govts Over Obamacare

Monmouth Poll: Christie job approval at 50% after 20-pt. plummet

Awesome New GOP Strategy: Shut Down State Govts Over Obamacare

States struggle to tackle backlog of untested rape kits (400,000)

Soundgarden's five-disc "rarities, B-sides, demos and rehearsals" reissue of "Superunknown"

Artist Turns Powerful Political Figures Into Fabulous Drag Queens

Your PA. Quote of the Day - From Dem Gov Candidate Rob McCord

Supreme Court Seems Divided In Climate Case

I am an avid "Pro Choice" person. No mistakes. But, it is always heartening when one of the Pro-Life

4.4 Billion Year Old Rock

Obama To Act On Keystone In 'A Couple Of Months'

If the issue of reproduction rights is important to you

And on the first night God said

Was Apple security ‘flaw’ actually a NSA backdoor?

The "cable guy" forecast

Brazil, Europe Plan Undersea Cable To Skirt U.S. Spying

Scott Walker Dodges, Slips, Falls Into Own Slime, On Fox News Yet

G.O.P. Leaders Draw Rare Re-election Challenge From the Ranks.

5 tycoons who want to close the wealth gap

Korn's Jonathan Davis thinks that Obama is using celebrities to distract us.

What's your Sochi takeaway?

chevron at work in Dunkard Township!

Australian Blue Heeler girl in south central Tennessee needs new home -

Who Can Win the Republican Primary?

Just got a call from the vet. Kitty has chronic kidney disease.

Nudes painted to blend in with tile and wallpaper. Pretty neat-o

The Rise of the Single Dad More than 2.6 million households in America are headed by a single father

US Calls For Technocratic Government In Ukraine

Ashley Stanley started Lovin' Spoonfuls to match surplus food with hungry people (CS Monitor)

Movie censorship is OK: 1915 SCOTUS Mutual Film Corporation v. Industrial Commission of Ohio

Ashley Stanley started Lovin' Spoonfuls to match surplus food with hungry people (CS Monitor)

The Delgaudio loophole

Ten Of The Most Ludicrous Fox News Guests

Did anyone else notice that Hollywood's Dimitri Tiomkin's music was featured at the closing ceremony?

This video's making the social network rounds lately. I thought it died a couple of years ago but

How One Governor Is Trying To Avoid Responsibility For Denying Health Care To 600,000 Poor People

Did you know, for 37 years the government could censor movies ?

How To Take A Shower In The Presence Of A Gay Athlete

For some rare progressive radio in Seattle listen to The Mark Rahner Show on KIRO Radio

For some rare progressive radio in Seattle listen to The Mark Rahner Show on KIRO Radio

Papers reveal Yanukovich plans to turn army against protesters

Gun Violence Archive - February 24, 2014

I wish to thank s-cubed for the best valentine I have ever recieved. You personify what DU is all

My current Pasta obsession....

Harold Ramis Dead at 69

It's OFFICIAL Omaha Steve to retire December 5, 2014.

I found this article about a speech given by Clarance Darrow ...

(Deadspin) One person in America was offended enough by Richard Sherman to file an FCC complaint

Violence against human rights workers in Colombia up 2.4% in 2013, murders up 11.6%: Report

This quiz will really tell alot about you so take it!! Which House of Cards character are you

Tylenol/Acetaminophen Use During Pregnancy Linked To ADHD In Kids, Study Finds

Remembering the Revolutionary Tourist

an apology and a few thoughts on standards

Whistleblower sues New Jersey, claiming harassment and racially motivated prank

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Déjà vu - History tends to repeat itself.

Is True Detective just more macho postering pretentious woman denigrating bullshit?

(Scotland) Nation asked: Who are the greatest Scotswomen?

What Is Color? Challenge To Explain Color In Terms An 11 Year Old Will Understand

Sex sells

Ambassador Power hosts a Facebook Chat today at 6:15 PM ET. Submit questions

Cuomo says Common Core rollout is ‘too hasty’

Population represented by each member of Congress on average in the USA

The bull got tired of his shit.

How The Feds' $8 Million Roadblocks Secretly Tested Drivers For Booze

When the heck did saltines become round?

323 killed by rifle fire in 2011

Controversial scores on Florida teachers' effectiveness released

Welcome to the Private Police Force...

For women, guns in the home prove especially deadly

Chief Investigator: Walker Used Illegal Communication System

Federal wood burning rule prompts rural backlash

Please, vibes and prayers needed...

From the mouth of "babes."

Prepare for some Super Hypocrisy on Defense Budget and Jobs

The $2B Surplus May Be Difficult To Achieve, DiNapoli Says

Person taken into custody after fires at malls in Queens

U.S. Freezes Assets Of Work-At-Home Web Firms Promising Thousands

8 Members of Phillipsburg High School Wrestling Team Suspended From School & Meet for Lynching Photo

More Radiation Detected Near New Mexico Nuke Site

I just found out I'm getting Grandchild #2!

WATCH: Separation wall engulfs village of Al-Walaja

Israel Policies Point To Apartheid: U.N. Report

Wisconsin: Robin Vos says you and I are "nobody"

GOP Senator defends using the term "wetback" to describe Latinos, then walkbacks his stupidity.

After Killing Your Job and Your Healthcare Republicans Are Now Targeting the Air You Breathe

Wendy Davis says she raised $300,000 more than Greg Abbott in last month

Thomas Merton, aka Father Louis

Wisconsin Legislature to International Corporations: "How can we love you more?"

Yikes!!!!! Flooding uncovers unexploded WWII bombs along UK beaches

Kerry, Lew To Address AIPAC

The Right Blames Rachel Maddow For Chris Christie’s Record Low Approval Rating

What is the hardest you have ever

Hey, Cat-Savvy DU'ers -- a short note about one of Nikita's kids

Discrimination wasn't okay then, and it's not now.

Mayor Takes Dig at Media for Focusing on ‘Sideshows’

Inside the Mind of James Clapper

Jindal Breaches White House Protocol To Take Shots At Obama

The quiet, massive rezoning of New York

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

Debate Raging As To Whether Michael Jordan Or LeBron James Biggest Asshole To Ever Play Basketball

So, when the A.C.A. fines kick in...

UN rights envoy points to apartheid in Palestinian areas

Foul-mouthed former PA police chief, creator of incendiary videos, signs deal for reality show

Banking bill could thwart Cuba travel

Fort Lee Mayor Met Friday With Federal Prosecutors To Talk Scandal

MLB rule banning certain home plate collisions to take effect this season

well, to those who asked on ATA, there you have it

This dad is awesome.

What is one dish you would love to try?

Man Fatally Shoots Himself While Teaching Gun Safety To Girlfriend

Israeli warplanes 'strike eastern Lebanon'

J.S. Bach-- Concerto #1 for Keyboard in D Minor

Labor party bounces back in latest Newspoll in wake of Manus death