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Fort Lee Mayor Met Friday With Federal Prosecutors To Talk Scandal

Neocons and the Ukraine Coup

Inspired by St. Francis, young adults look to emulate his bond with nature

Inspired by St. Francis, young adults look to emulate his bond with nature

The {Miami-Dade} University is for Counterrevolutionaries

Holder Says State Attorneys General Don’t Have to Defend Gay Marriage Bans

So all that propaganda about terrorism and lack of safety at the Winter Olympics

Post-Bridgegate, the Republican 1% is starting to accept letting go of their longtime favorite

Don Imus Endorses Kinky Friedman Ag Commissioner Campaign

I am at the AZ State Capitol with roughly 200 people right now...

Duke Freshman Working Her Way Through College as a Porn Star

Ukraine crisis: Russia steps up Ukraine rhetoric

Fort Bend County Democrats hired Sarah Slaman a while back

Nugent says Obama administration is like Nazis

UT Professor: Legalizing Gay Marriage Will Make Everyone Gay and Slutty (adult language warning)

UT Professor: Legalizing Gay Marriage Will Make Everyone Gay and Slutty (adult language warning)

Just have to share this about Uganda

It would be useful to reactivate the CCC and WPA to rebuild the nation's infrastructure by executive

The Plot to drain Possum Kingdom and Lake Granbury

Fukushima's Radioactive Ocean Water Arrives At N. American West Coast

"Ring of Fire" MUST WATCH: "Low T" Phama Drugs to Obama's Judges Not Appointed & More!

Supreme court gives qualified support for EPA to set emissions limits

Jeopardy Spoiler - for the daily watchers

Op-Ed: Bringing Democracy To National Security Policy

Anyone just see the Cowardly Pants Crapper on CNN.

How Little Some Things Change: I Am The Owl...

Chris Hayes begins with the fracking story of all time -- Don't Frack with by backyard

Jim DeMint Hasn’t Destroyed Heritage’s Intellectual Integrity

Victoria Jackson upset kids not taught to ‘flee fornication’ after ‘maliciously maligning’ school

Hundreds detained as Russia sends anti-Putin activists to prison

Scott Walker urged county staff, campaign aides to promote him online

Uganda's president continues making really stupid statements...

Pope Invites Experts to Examine Secret Vatican Finances

I guess we don’t think it’s sexy enough...

What is the Proper Etiquette When Sending a Card to a Friend who's Father has Passed?

3 steps to happiness.

So the neo-Nazis have seized power in Ukraine

Is there something in the water???? Indiana proposal would allow some religious discrimination

"New Fed study says health reform can reduce financial stress"

The True Identity of Andy's Mom Makes 'Toy Story' Even More Epic

Issa Goes Full Benghazi Psycho

First They Came for the Gays

Jeb on Bush family name: 'It's an issue'

The nuclear renaissance is stone cold dead

Hey Gov Christie - did you see this? Fort Lee mayor meets with federal investigators in GWB probe

Make no mistake

Brody has appointment with the vet today....

Dramatic Moments On Miami’s Expressway! Woman Jumps Out Of Car With A Dying Baby In Her Arms.

Still reporting fatalities in Tachira state, one by NG and one by chavista paras

The real reason Uganda's government wants to ban gays...

Lone Star Lunacy as ‘Obama=Hitler’ Candidate Leads Democratic Senate Primary

Gay parenthood goes on trial in Detroit

Transgender rights repeal misses California ballot

Venezuelan opposition leader sits out dialogue

Protesters attacked in Aragua by chavista cochinos, one dead

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Catch Up, Mike's Back & a new Kittehs gif

Mom was always entertaining

Netflix Caves to Comcast's Demands

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: Supreme Court Afraid of The Daily Show

For fuck's sake, DU. Neo-Nazis have *not* seized power in Ukraine.

Reagan proposes enhancing aid to Central America, Feb. 24, 1982

Darwinism Award candidate

Special Investigation Planners' pension funds set to win from fracking permissions

Harold Ramis Rant on SCTV

MSNBC Zappa alert!

Referendum challenging (Calif.) transgender rights law fails to make ballot

Dear Arizona,

Steel wool + fire =

Five years of Obama, and 2014 has been a busy year thus far

The true identity of Andy's mom makes Toy Story more epic

Russia Threatens Ukraine As Ousted President Missing

Virginia Republican Says A Pregnant Woman Is Just A 'Host,' Though 'Some Refer To Them As Mothers'

Maradona Says He’s a Soldier for Venezuela Against Imperialists

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Bolivian president proposes emergency meeting on Venezuela's unrest

Be Polite With Your Pot by Using Cannabis Etiquette

What's wrong with the Democratic Party? I'll tell you...

Why Carl Sagan is Truly Irreplaceable

Argentina cooperates with UAE on satellite use to exchange information

Hey Folks:

Scientists complete the top quark puzzle

Latin America’s Longest Bridge to Be Built in Chile

Detroit pension protesters offer own bankruptcy plan, vow to shut city down

39% of unmarried women eligible to vote have not registered

It is not about the swimsuit issue it is about basic respect for women

New York: GOP Support Growing For Comprehensive Medical Marijuana Bill


Colombia investigates Santos email hacking

New documents prove U.S. Army actively targeted leftist protesters, group says

France risks long stay after misjudging C.African Republic

United Auto Workers’ appeal on Tenn. plant vote will center on political ‘outsiders’

"Obamacare Encourages Some Risky Behavior -- And That's A Good Thing"

Can Medicaid expansion bring people to the polls in 2014?

Texas Tea Party candidate: Calling immigrants ‘wetbacks’ is as normal as breathing air

In the Nathan's in the Food Court at the MGM Grand in Vegas, ONE hot dog costs NINE BUCKS.

Presidential helicopter crashes in Ecuador, three dead

Rubio Delivers Floor Speech On Crisis In Venezuela

Debbie Dingell expected to run for husband's congressional seat

"Tory MP Brad Butt retracts claim he saw voter cards stolen"

JPMorgan Chase To Cut 2,000 Additional Jobs

Man dresses up as a Chavista in opposition rally. Look what happens next

Holy ZEUS!1 Vivien LEIGH in Ship of Fools - sorry, my DU women

President Bill Gates? Go Home, Ralph Nader. You're Drunk.

The Hypocrisy and the Ignorance continue in Arizona..

Woman: I was attacked in S.F. over Google Glass

February 23, 1864

One more chance for gun owners

Anderson Cooper Interview with Arizona State Senator Al Melvin About SB 1062

ABNA Novel contest

How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations

George Takei on with Lawrence right now!!! nt

Caption this!!!

"A Republican Lobbyist Is Trying To Get Gay Football Players Banned From The NFL"

I just got accepted to arguably the best experimental psychology Master's program in the country.

is nugent brighter than all of us

State grant recipient Austin-based solar energy company HelioVolt suspends operations

State grant recipient Austin-based solar energy company HelioVolt suspends operations

Retired Plumber and California jobs

American Family Association hails Putin as hero, say he will defeat the U.S.

The Dark Power of Fraternities

Virginia counter-terror training by anti-Muslim activist sparks outcry

Dirty Jobs guy on Hannitty..."I can see blaming consumers for not buying American"

I remember when "Groundhog Day" came to my small southern town's one movie theater

House GOP to propose 25% top federal income tax rate

The Steep Decline of the Middle Class in Philadelphia

“Firefly” Star Adam Baldwin Compares Gay Marriage To Incest

Exclusive: Iraq signs deal to buy arms, ammunition from Iran - documents

Georgia court dismisses unsolicited 'sexting' case

Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio for VP with HRC candidacy?

EU, Russia wrangle over Ukraine's new government

Maryland fires contractor that built troubled health insurance exchange

Watch: CNN Anchor Explains To Anti-Gay Group That Same-Sex Marriage Is Not A KKK Rally

The Many Lies of Chris Christie

Mullica kindergarten teacher could be fired after finding students naked in bathroom

Some video photomicrography

Reagan was right

Breaking Bad season 5b is now streaming.

I must have hit the snooze button 20 times until I learned

Van Jones on Abbott, Nugent and Sarah Palin. Watch his advice to her. (Video)

I will not be ignored...

Fat cat squeezes through doggie door

Two words: Jon Stewart

Sometimes one is reading a discussion board and sees what looks like a female screen name

Study: Ladies on twitter love flinging anti-female insults at each other

Kansas voters oppose controversial denial of service bill.

Deleting from Mail Archive?

Budget cuts to slash U.S. Army to smallest since before World War Two

"Our partners in peace"

Ugandan pastor eloquently defends the new gay bashing law

HELP all you super geeks ! Feed Headlines gadget went

These two faces just make me smile from ear to ear!

Let's Move! "Focus Group" with Will Ferrell

Texas Gov. race: Davis outraises Abbott in the last month

Study finds rise in lifetime cancer risk among Fukushima 1-year-old girls

Same-sex marriage licenses now valid in unclaimed property cases - IN MISSOURI

In latest draft energy policy, government calls nuclear power 'important'

Something you may not know about the ACA

Former Colombian army captain says Uribe ordered assassinations

Former Colombian army captain says Uribe ordered assassinations

Have any of you ever heard about the Bachelor?

I Fought Back Against My College's Sexist Fraternity

Red Sox: David Ortiz is OK with gay

Red Sox: David Ortiz is OK with gay

Attempted assassination on leftist Colombian presidential candidate widely condemned

Acetaminophen use during pregnancy tied to ADHD, behavioral problems in children

Wind and solar preferable and cheaper than coal for China

UC Berkeley exposes elementary kids to giant penis, 'pin-the-tail on the anus' game

Tim Draper insists 'Six Californias' ballot measure is for real

GAO Official Sees Changes Ahead for Y-12 Uranium Initiative

Does the (ugly) reality and the news get you down? This post is for you.

Boycott = anti-Semitism? Some Israelis avoid settlement products too.

N. Korea patrol boat violated maritime border: South

Some kit-bashed lighting ideas

For Utah parents, hurdle to divorce could advance

LinkedIn to launch site in Chinese

Human Loop the Loop with Damien Walters

A simple question for the AZ Legislature...

MLB bans home-plate collisions with one exception

Some truths never change...

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Please proceed governors

German newspaper is accused of anti-Semitic propaganda

Two more killed by the Nat. Guard and by PSUV militia bikers on monday

Doctors puzzled by polio-like illness crippling California kids: ‘What we’re seeing now is bad’

Zimbabwe dismisses porn charge but still deports former Illinois congressman

Crisis in Venezuela: PSUV governor terms "unacceptable excess" the militarization of Táchira state

Venezuela: Governor terms "unacceptable excess" the militarization of Táchira state

Pentagon budget slashes Army size to smallest since World War II due to spending caps

New documents prove U.S. Army actively targeted leftist protesters, group says

Connecticut law would impose 20-year prison sentence for crimes committed with drones

Farrakhan denies anti-Semitism

Animal welfare groups hit the streets to rescue strays as situation reaches crisis point (Houston)

4 Darknesses: Internet being Manipulated, Deceived by Western Intel Trolls

The Decline and Fall of the Turkish Model

A Day In The Life Of Business Baby...

Darkening of Melting Arctic Amplifying Global Warming from CO2

Hey California DUers - drink to your hearts' content - snow and rain

Stress, Portrait of a Killer - Full Documentary (2008)

RNC Points Finger At Amy Poehler For Benghazi........

Michigan gay marriage ban goes on trial Tuesday

Vietnam: A butchered memory of war

ACLU: Newark stop-and-frisk targets black residents more than others

Joey Scar and Nicole agree with Bobby Jindal on his remarks yesterday after the meeting

Asia pivot comes back to bite the US

Who’s afraid of the Dalai Lama?

The rise of Obama's communism

Sisi evokes Soviet ghosts with the US

15 Reasons Why Weezer’s Blue Album Is One Of The Best Records Ever

Sun smiles on a cold desert

Arizona Business Community Abandons GOP On Anti-LGBT Bill

Mango Alert: Australians Puzzle Over Huge Stolen Fruit

Tariffs and Possession

The Stirrup Cup

Morning Joe crew is saying we can't raise Minimum Wage to $10/hour tomorrow

Suicide Wave within the Financial Sphere

Mr. President: Regulate Our Emissions Now or We Face Extinction

Elon Musk and Tesla Plan World’s Biggest Battery Factory

DA drops teacher 'sexting' case, cites ruling (30 yr old teacher, 13 yr old girl)

A Powerful Court's Weird Logic for Softening the Sentence of a Man Who Raped His Own Daughter

Abolition of Visa Requirement Worth the Risk

Obama’s Ruse and the Shifting Views of Republicans: Will the US Let Immigrants Be?

So We Don’t Have To Ask How America Lost Egypt

More Americans fell behind on auto loans toward end of 2013

San Francisco Takes Lead Defining Role of School Police, Sets Limits on Interrogations, Arrests

Getting a clearer picture on Netflix-Comcast deal

Japan in U-turn over nuclear policy

American Aqueduct: The Great California Water Saga

Hosts' real Olympic challenge: after the games

Sorta like Congress and SyFy channel movies.

Website of Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox offline

No easy bailout plan for struggling Ukraine

Greg Abbott's apology about the Ted Nugent event

The Americans Returns Feb 27th, Portlandia Feb 28th

Thunderbird 2 is go! Gigantic amphibious airship which could revolutionise air travel as we know it

Aeroscraft Blimp: The Rebirth of the Airship

Ugh. Who is this new Rightwing lady on the Morning Blow Show?

Aw, what a crying shame: No TPP deal at Singapore meeting

Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox disappears in blow to virtual currency

Senate Democrats Pin Their Hopes For Unemployment Benefits On Two Republicans

MERS May Be Species-Jumper - Camels To People - AFP

My ideal tax plan. It's flat. Read before you flame.

Colorado governor to tout air pollution rules

National Lawyers Guild Calls on President Obama to Protect Consumer Privacy Rights

In Venezuela, Protest Ranks Grow Broader

USGS - In 2013, California Led US In # Of Earthquakes 3.0 Or Greater; In Second Place - Oklahoma

The NRA Is Wrong: Having A Gun In The House Does Not Make Women Safer

Fucking Asswipe Boko Haran militants slaughtered dozens of Nigerian students as they slept

Nuclear leaks bill will be paid by taxpayer

Rate Of Ocean Acidification 10X Faster Than At Any Time In Past 55 Million Years

Farrow makes splash with US TV debut

UNM gets supercomputer from NM Consortium

Women Are Kind And Men Are Strong: How Benevolent Sexism Hurts Us All

Ukraine (Socialist Progressives Group)

BlackBerry announces new phones, services

State lawyers don't have to defend gay marriage bans: Holder

Military Rations: French include venison pate and duck confit. Italians get liquor

Right Wing rhetoric is about as close to reality as this galaxy is to the Hubble Deep Field...

Me gustan los estudiantes

Truce called in longtime feud between L.A. County water districts

Boko Haram Islamic militants storm Nigeria boarding school, kill 29 children

In key reform, Pope Francis centralizes Vatican finances

I wonder how many Americans get their news the same place I got mine Sunday morning?

Ukraine needs $35 billion in aid to avert default, interim leaders say

US Demands Answers From Iraq On Reported Illegal Arms Deal With Iran

Uganda anti-gay law called 'abhorrent,' 'deeply offensive'

Cardigan in progress

Pressure rises over Arizona discrimination bill

Babies discovering stuff for the first time!

Even China has second thoughts on South Sudan after violence

In Wales, there was an ancient tradition called "bundling"

SCOTUS heard oral arguments yesterday about whether the EPA can regulate greenhouse

Your Destabilized Climate Phrase Of The Day: False Spring Cascade

11 killed in attack on Somali presidential compound

NYT: G.O.P. Leaders Draw Re-election Challenges From the Right

Supreme Court lets stand lower court ruling against law that would have defunded Planned Parenthood

Holy shit. At the Supreme Court, a royal mess for ‘King Barack’

Yes, Virginia, You Pay Subsidies Not Just to Banks but to Flood-Prone Homes of the Rich

Win 7 user logon screen

Survivor Cagayan - Starts tomorrow!

NOAA, NASA, HadCRUT4 - 2010, 2005 Warmest Yrs On Record; 1998 Third-Warmest

The Increasingly Unequal States of America Income Inequality by State, 1917 to 2011

Another San Onofre style nuclear plant failure in the offing?

A full scouting report on Hank the dawg, the Milwaukee Brewers new mascot(more pics):

With 'El Chapo' gone, Mexicans brace for drug cartel turf war

Am amazing village designed just for people with Dementia!

Administration Proposes Cuts to Rates in Medicare Payments. Repukes Jump

Wary Arizona businesses urge veto of anti-gay bill

slave labor in the US?

Let's have some fun: What is your favorite flash mob video?

Anti Mary Burke ads running on site.

Judge Tosses Suit Alleging NYPD Illegally Spied On Muslims

Defense firms see shares rise after Pentagon budget plan is detailed


Trying to Help Thousands in Colonias Obtain Health Coverage

How TPP Would Harm You At the Drug Store and On The Internet

Zombies : (7) Zombies Friends 2014

If a mother breaks a baby's leg and then waits a week to get medical attention

Another complaint about Capital One bafflegab

"When people see the government taking steps to lessen the gap [between rich and poor], it puts more

Funny! Thomas Roberts began Way Too Early this morning by saying:

4 Darknesses: Internet being Manipulated, Deceived by Western Intel Trolls by Juan Cole

Sanity in Kansas: Brownback in big trouble in the polls

Why does Netflix deny it's buying preferential treatment?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- GOP

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Sochi and Ukraine

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- Biz and worker issues

BP gets slick in trying to undermine gulf oil spill settlement

Tuesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

50 Percent of Our Oil Habit Makes Plastics, but Hemp Can Curb Our Addiction

3 in 4 in WV Want Stronger Water & Air Protections

Tiny Houses for the Homeless: An Affordable Solution Catches On

Thai army chief rules out intervention (bad news for any governing elite when this happens)

Tepco Says Fukushima Radiation 'Significantly' Undercounted

New satellite with Colorado ties will listen to clouds to measure rain, snow

The Last Word: George Takei rips ‘extremist’ Arizona Repubs: ‘How do people like that get elected?’

Raymond Felton Arrested

4 Ladies Get The 'Cover Model' Makeover Of Their Dreams ... And Then Hate The Results

"Privacy is becoming a luxury good" -- Dragnet Nation

Tennessee House 'condemns' student organizers of UT's 'Sex Week'

A Republican Lobbyist Is Trying To Get Gay Football Players Banned From The NFL

Fuck. Ugandan 'homosexuals' named in Red Pepper paper

US warship deployed near Sochi runs aground

“Libertarian” = “Whiny-Assed Hypocrite”

Candlemas Day

Endo Pharmaceuticals to Pay Nearly $200 Million for False Marketing

Oops. We didn't mean it: 3 AZ repuke Senators backtrack on idiot bigot bill

President Obama references 'Caddyshack' when paying tribute to Harold Ramis:

Federal Judge Strikes Down Bush-Era Rule That Allowed Dumping in Streams

Exxon CEO Joins Lawsuit to Protect His Texas Property from Fracking

US-led trade deal talks to carry on to next round

Rules to limit marketing unhealthy food in schools

The Numbers Don’t Lie: White Men Still Dominate the Media

Wow! Does this place Garry Trudeau in the Clinton "frenemy database"?

JPMorgan to cut 8,000 jobs this year

Manhunt is 100% better than Zero Dark Thirty.

Mom of two abused boys: Archdiocese is trying to blame me

USDA spending $3M to feed honeybees in Midwest

Dick Cheney, despicable asshole as usual

Sheela Na Gig Embroidery

Dozens of veterans’ priorities rolled into one bill

Dozens of veterans’ priorities rolled into one bill (xpost from Veterans)

DOD aims to scrap A-10 to keep F-35 alive in new budget

"Saudi Ballistic Missiles Secretly Upgraded"

Since when did someone who had 1 or 2 somewhat well-known rock songs in the 70s....

Central Texas lawmakers react to Hagel announcement

Anyone noticing the increased construction in right-wing areas?

Medicare Overpayment[s] to Private Plans

Jahi McMath: Mother insists brain dead girl not a corpse...

Dick Cheney rips Obama for defense cuts: “He would much rather spend the money on food stamps"

Rape hearing runs 30 minutes

'Deepening' medical crisis in Afghanistan

3 Ariz. senators backtrack on service refusal bill

80 days so far smoke free

North American scientists track incoming Fukushima plume

5 reasons atheists shouldn’t call religion a mental illness

The Woodstock, Illinois Opera House is looking for a full-time production manager

The Arizona ‘religious rights’ bill — and where the fight might move next

Once Upon a Gemstone

10 most dangerous (and safest) countries for driving

Oil is spilling from trains, pipelines … and now barges

Sea Dragon helicopter: Troubled past, unclear future

Oops: Dick Cheney Unintentionally Trashes Troops In Attempt To Hit Obama

Obama approves Vietnam nuclear deal

Top enlisted sailor at Little Creek relieved of duty

Iraq Assaults Leave 67 Dead, 36 Wounded

Adm. Nimitz's 4,000-page WWII diary goes online

Lawsuit seeks to--get this--force Glendale to remove 'comfort women' statue

Planned cuts would hit Navy's littoral ship program

Ukraine puts off vote on new government despite E.U. pleas for quick action

Tribute to In_The_Wind - A 20th Century Fox!

Not the Onion: Tenn. House votes 69-17 to approve anti-Sex Week resolution

UK Hammered by Climate Fueled Storms

I realize I'm several days late on this, but WTF was up with the bear from "Ted" at Sochi?

Ayotte Slams Hagel’s A-10 Fleet Cuts; U-2 Retires, Army Shrinks, Cruisers Laid Up: 2015 Budget

Ukraine: Sevastopol installs pro-Russian mayor as separatism fears grow


If there's anything hateful and bigoted and murderous that freepwads don't support

Chrispie to attack Public Pensions in his state budget address

Georgia Wants to Allow Businesses to Kick Gay People Out of Diners

Papantonio: Citizens' Media Gets The Job Done

A moment of silence for the GOP.

Dear Arizona,

Find something to be happy about today (Tuesday February 25, 2014)

Georgia Rep. John Lewis Sees Gay Marriage As A Civil Rights Issue

David Gregory's so-called "mistake" reason enough to boot his ass right out of the "Meet the Press"

Ukraine: a massive and dignified funeral service for the dead at the "Maidan"

Al Jazeera Offered WikiLeaks Money In Exchange For Cables

Despite negative blood and breath tests, man arrested for DWI (BTW, he's black)

The star cluster Messier 7 (Big Space Pic)

Water tower suit involving Exxon’s CEO prompts a fracking fracas

Platinum-Level Citizenship

So it turns out Carmex has more than one product

Apple to Arizona: Anti-gay bill puts Mesa sapphire plant at risk

The Army Force Cuts: 3 Truths, 4 Fallacies

I don't think for a minute that Brewer will sign the bigot bill

Thoughts and prayers would be great

Backyard Berkeley tent near BART, $175 per week

Former A&M Quarterback Bucky Richardson Arrested for DWI

Could you describe the Suspect?

KRUGMAN: Down the Up Staircase

Why "Ukrainians" can't get along

Atheists plan conservative outreach with booth at CPAC


$8 Golden Gate Bridge Toll in the news again

Terry McAuliffe to veto bill about religious expression in schools

Think of this as all-day, free TV for your cats

Backyard Berkeley tent near BART, $175 per week, $700 per month

Two Syracuse Catholic churches are hosting transgender talks

Wisconsin Justices To Decide On Criminal Probe Involving Their Own Campaign Donors

The Invisible Bridge: The Fall Of Nixon & The Rise Of Reagan - Rick Perlstein On His New Book

Which Repub In The Senate Stands To Benefit From A McConnell Defeat?......

The counter argument has already been made, and won.

GOP for and against Medicare cost-savings

Kilgore ISD pays $77K in outing lawsuit of lesbian athlete

Kilgore ISD pays $77K in outing lawsuit of lesbian athlete

How many pro-controllers would support gun registration

Cassius X & The Beatles

Yikes. Bird crashes through plane windshield

Brewer Likely to Veto Anti-Gay Measure

Begs the question -

I'm no fan of my Governor(Christie) but I will give credit where credit is due and heres why

Pic Of The Moment: Dick Attacks Obama Over Defense Cuts

Another day, another racist “Republican”.

BREAKING: SCOTUS Decision Weakens 4th Amendment Protections

Interesting Photo of Netanyahu and Merkel

Nepal: Widespread gender discrimination has triggered sexual and reproductive rights crisis


What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday ~ February 25th

Another J.P. Morgan banker death revealed

Gabrielle Union on Her Sexual Assault: 'I Hated Feeling Like a Victim'

Does anyone have a TX sample ballot -

The Lurking Disaster of American Education, Why Do We Work So Hard?

Texas Republican Endorses Shooting "Wetbacks"

McCrory Crime Digest

Check this out

How Fox News Helped Promote State Anti-Gay Segregation Bills

Andrew Cuomo on Presidential Ambitions: ‘Sorry, I’m Losing You’

Dr. Milton Wolf: the world through X-Ray specs.

Knicks PG Raymond Felton arrested on gun charges

For all the LBGT folks in Arizona. Anita Bryant can help.

More arrests in NYPD, FDNY disabilty fraud scheme

Ukraine delays interim government; Russia vows not to interfere

Robot Termites Build Complex Structures with Amazingly Simple Rules

"The Blacklist" photoshops pic of Ted Cruz and insults him and Alan West

Oheka Castle owner recovering after murder attempt

"I don't vote for black people…They got their place, I got my place. That's the way I was raised."

Global Warming Trend over last 16 Years Greatly Underestimated, according to New Method

MTA announces new initiatives to ensure passenger and worker safety

Cuomo in 2016? I've never been a Cuomo fan, but after hearing this I'm

Taking a step toward a machine that can think

Mitt Romney, Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital Served Summons for Racketeering

NY'ers split on Common Core; Majority OK paying more taxes for Pre-k

If someone says "Benghazi," here's what you say:

Schlafly and Solomon Suggest Ukraine-Style Uprising

Since Legalization in CO: Arrests Are Down, Tax Revenue Is Up & Support Is Growing

Hightower: Don’t shut the post office, expand their services

IBM adding jobs in Buffalo, Hudson Valley- Finally good news for the state.

The Rude Pundit: Bobby Jindal: The Motherfucker at Work

Michael Hiltzik (LA Times): Who really cost Mrs. Blackwood her cancer medicine?

it won't stop

If you can't see the similarities in this:

Ace Frehley on RRHOF: "I'm not gonna get on the stage with Tommy wearing my makeup. That's absurd."

Of Subhuman mongrels and keeping away the gay

before you post a Daily Mail story PLEASE READ THIS STORY about the DM smearing a politician

Favorite Anti-Feminist Theory Debunked By Purdue Researchers

Is the EU ready for Ukrainian membership? (EU Observer OpEd)

I have just returned from the polls, voting for a strong pro-feminist, pro choice man running

Hagel: U.S. To Plan For Orderly Withdrawal From Afghanistan

AZ sign maker has his own way of fighting back

Man Accidentally Kills Self With Gun During Demonstration On Gun Safety

Rules to limit marketing unhealthy food in schools

Report: Hate Groups Decline in U.S.

Back to Basics (with a fabulous link)

Katy Perry's Dark Horse Video Angers Muslims, Seen as Blasphemy

Bolotnaya Cases Herald Wide Russian Crackdown

Majority think local govts. should be able to set their own minimum wage levels

PHOTOS: Venezuelan Women March for Peace in Caracas

Fahy, Steck join coalition opposed to tax changes

Posted without comment

‘Screw Canada’: Arrest of gun-toting American at Canadian border enrages U.S. firearms community

Egypt appoints prime minister with old regime ties

Exclusive: Inside the Army Spy Ring & Attempted Entrapment of Peace Activists, Iraq Vets, Anarchists

Kazakhstan Muzzles Independent Press

Expressing Deeply Held Political Opinion Referred To As ‘Gaffe’

I'm The Duke University Freshman Porn Star And For The First Time I'm Telling The Story In My Words

New Docs Suggest Scott Walker Misled Press

The Dark Side of Christian History

Main Line Health Will No Longer Hire Smokers, Starting in May

Embrace Your Truth, My Friend...

A small bit of good news: Zambia gay rights activist Paul Kasonkomona acquitted

Obama prepared to leave no troops in Afghanistan after 2014

Holy Fuck Me Harder!

GOP Voter Suppression Politics

I actually learned something today that came as quite a surprise

SoCal people and weather...

19 House GOP Reps are ready to voice support for Boehner's immigration principles

Cuomo's favorability drops; still holds huge leads over Astorino, Trump

AAP against retail-based clinics for children primary care

apology in advance - for Merkel & Netanyhu Pic

NYC Council To Officially Skip St. Patrick's Day Parade

FDA weighs procedure that combines genetic material of 3 people to make a baby free of defects (NYT)

Colorado Girl Scouts told not to sell cookies outside pot shops

Colorblind Notion Aside, Colleges Grapple With Racial Tension

Inside the Army Spy Ring & Attempted Entrapment of Peace Activists, Iraq Vets, Anarchists

EDEKA Supergeil (feat. Friedrich Liechtenstein) Supermarket ad...Wahnsinn, baby!!

Has anyone here seen the film, "Hachi"?

Teen In Medical Dispute Sent To Foster Care

New "GODZILLA' teaser trailer!!!

Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Increase at Slower Pace

Proposed Abortion Coverage Ban Moves Forward in Georgia

Instead of wasting time there, they could've been at the donut shop

Ted Nugent: "I'm A Black Guitarist From Detroit," The Obama Administration Acts Like Nazis

Ted Nugent: "I'm A Black Guitarist From Detroit," The Obama Administration Acts Like Nazis

Here's why I believe the Pandora's box opened by ISP's and Netflix is Dangerous

Fair Warning: I WILL challenge this kind of bigotry.


Minimum-Wage Vote Probably Delayed in Senate, Harkin Says

Ukraine Delays Government Vote as Russia Warns of Default

Psssst, Arizona, c'mere . . .

Garbage characters showing up in LBN headline

Apple releases OS X 10.9.2 with fix for SSL security flaw, plus new FaceTime Audio

Red-Light Cameras Click Less as Cities Get Orwell Off Road

Arizona Senate Approves Recognizing Gold and Silver as Legal Tender

Republican Slams Obama for Medicare Cuts He Also Voted for 3 Times

A Last Hope for Uganda's Anti-Gay Law

Dwindling Midwest High School Grads Spur College Hunt

Dumb Criminals: Escondido Man Makes Off With $45 Of Girl Scout Cookie Profits

Teen Who Planned His Own Funeral Makes Unprecedented Recovery, Creates Charity

America's Most Patriotic Rock Band Gives Worst Performance Of National Anthem

Right-Wingers Favor Wealth Redistribution

Military cuts/misdirected outrage

Arizona bill’s other outrage: Why anti-gay bigotry is just the beginning

Spies of Mississippi: New Film on the State-Sponsored Campaign to Defeat the Civil Rights Movement

Dumb Criminals: Man Tries To Pay Applebees Tab With 1 Trillion Dollar Bill

It is time to cut off all US aid to Uganda. All of it.

Medicare Advantage plans may face cuts

PGA golfer Steve Elkington makes gay joke about Michael Sam

No Fracking in our 'Hood, Dick Armey & ExxonMobil CEO Say

Koch brothers use Republican activists in latest anti-Obamacare ads

husband cleaned out the fridge

US tells three Venezuelan diplomats to go in tit-for-tat expulsions

Laughing Man Robs Girl Scouts' Collection Jar

This is why progressives in this state dislike Cuomo.

Last month, Indonesia established the world’s largest sanctuary for manta rays

John Kerry calls for expansion of world's marine reserves

Georgia wants to pass the new Jim Crow law just like Arizona did(n't)

Frustrated I haven't been at cottage due to weather, and snowing again!

Davis, Abbott Supporters Differ on Education Priorities

Lifting Gaza blockade 'out of the question,' senior Israeli officials say

Even the Conservative Lobbyist Hyping a Ban on Gay NFL Players Admits It's a PR Stunt

GOP Lobbyist Behind Anti-Gay NFL Bill Has A Gay Brother

US ambassadors face no-confidence vote amid backlash over appointments

It's just too much, the stupidity, it burns...

U.S. expels Venezuelan diplomats in tit-for-tat move over unrest

Atom Heart Mother or A Passion Play and why?

The Democratic candidates running for office should be in a studio with a TV

Repub Voter Registration Fraud going on RIGHT NOW RIGHT HERE - need input!

Bridge Over Troubled Water, Let it Be or Hey Jude and why?

Steve Benen: Holder moves to protect reporters’ records

Feds investigating U-M's response to '09 sex assault allegations

Sebelius: Guvs Against Medicaid Are 'Playing Politics' With People's Lives

NY’s Obamacare site hits half-million enrollments

Video: VA Senators Blast Sen. Steve Martin for "Misogynistic," "Demeaning" Remarks Towards Women

Revolution in Ukraine - A VICE News Dispatch

School bus gets stuck in Washington Heights sinkhole

Corker now pretending his threats over VW union vote weren't really threats

Toon: Uncle Sam

Latest GOP Obamacare horror story makes the case for single payer

Arizona grows idiots for its State Legislature

Government of Jewish zealotry

Do you ever feel like Scrooge accompanying the Ghost of Christmas Past when you visit

Michelle Obama Expands Program That Gives All Students Free Meals

You know you love police memes!

This Solar Flare is brought to you by the number 8, and Death.

Do you approve of Mary Landrieu replacing Ron Wyden as Chair of the Energy Committee?

Two bombs detonated outside Zanzibar’s Anglican cathedral

Two bombs detonated outside Zanzibar’s Anglican cathedral

Obama Hosts Boehner for Rare, Private Oval Office Chat.

World's Largest Oyster Is One Big Bivalve

New Georgia License Plate Marks 150th Anniversary Of Sherman's March

25 maps and charts that explain America today

From Ivy League Lawyer to Porn Star

Radioactive water from Japan's Fukushima power plant reaches Canada

About the CIA and Wall Street…

Will Ferrell Promotes Obamacare on Facebook, Feels Web’s Wrath

Reality of U.S. War Machine For World Domination

ProPublica: Big Pharma’s Big Fines

Reverend Al Sharpton Takes Time Off From Holy Duties To Make TV Appearance

Popular Uprising, Foreign Manipulation and Rising Fascism in Ukraine

Obama's white flag waving, terrorist-loving Defense Cuts are

The lying of Republicans and Fox News never ceases

Boycott PEAK/Duck Dynasty and nascar!

Arizona --->

Poll: GOP voters want Brewer to veto SB1062

Snowing again in DC suburb

question about non-profits

47 Percent Of Americans — Yes, 47 —View Mitt Romney Favorably

Apple users in security warning (BBC)

Limbaugh On AZ Anti-Gay Bill: Left Only Wants To Honor Muslim Beliefs

If my religious beliefs dictate that cockroaches are sacred in my restaurant kitchen

Conservatives Boot American Atheists From Booth At Conference

They would NEVER use legal licensing to deny you your rights


Bill Clinton: Republicans Pout About Not Being In Power

India to block U.S. trade probes, ready for fight at WTO

Sebelius: Guvs Against Medicaid Are 'Playing Politics' With People's Lives

Which country has the highest tax rate? (BBC)

If You Can't See The Similarities in This..

A request

The 'Religious Liberty' Campaign May Be Backfiring For Conservatives

Got Rodents? Warehouse or shop cats need a job (Seattle region)

Cooking meat 'may be dementia risk' (BBC)


Why didn't Bloomberg think of that?

Has anyone heard from Prism?

Withdrawing Money and Cutting Taxes

Uganda tabloid prints list of ‘top’ homosexuals

American Airlines CEO urges Arizona governor to veto anti-gay law

Racine man busted for 26th time driving with no license...

Frontline on PBS tonight, "Secrets of the Vatican"

UN: Syrians to Be World's Biggest Refugee Group-expected to pass 4 million

Venezuelan former boxing champion Antonio Cermeño kidnapped and killed

funny Groucho Marx letter to Warner Brothers movie studio...

After 37 years Mila the Elephant meets another of her kind.

Firefox add-on detects man-in-the-middle attacks.

Thoughts from Kos on the latest hysteria about NSA agents posting on internet forums

With "drone to home service", Netflix uses satire against Amazon

Obama Asks Pentagon to Prepare for Full Afghan Withdrawal

Reid Says He Won’t Consider Minimum Wage Below $10.10

Does anyone here have anything to say about Lierre Keith, who reports on a "vegetarian myth"?

Annapolis (MD) police chief cites hoax story in opposition to marijuana legalization

Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange Down Amid $365 Million Theft Claim

RNC Says Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia "Only Hurting Alaskans"

Arizona bill’s other outrage: Why anti-gay bigotry is just the beginning

John Scalzi: The 10 least successful holiday specials of all time

Fraudulent registration in Colombia’s electoral process

Fact: A mentally ill person is far more likely to be the victim of a violent crime than commit it

John Scalzi: Tax Frenzies and How to Hose Them Down

Arizona Republican searching for example to justify anti-LGBTQ bill: Can I get back to you tomorrow?

Teen spends 35 days in jail after deputies arrest wrong Cody Williams

Barry Bonds returns to San Francisco >>>

A question about alerting on private messages:

Can't access the Occupy site. Censored?

'Goldman Sachs Elevator' tweeter unmasked

Sheldon Silver Blasts Moreland Commission's Taxpayer Funded "Fishing Expedition"

Voter warns Mary Landrieu on Obama: ‘I don’t vote for black people… They got their place’

Mayor Vows To Scrutinize Pre-K Programs Hit With Safety Violations

back!! getting old. lets place bets, how long do you think i have?

I'm going to sound like one of those parents! long post

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Says Upstate Schools Can Rely On Property Taxes for Pre-K

US border agents seize Mexico-bound ammo

Arizona worried legislation could cost state Super Bowl XLIX

US border agents seize Mexico-bound ammo

Anybody have access to an arena and a few hungry lions?

When wingnuts leave Antonin Scalia in their dust

Biofuels gain in rural NY as energy costs soar

As US Media Mangles Venezuela, Maduro Calls for 'Peace Conference'

Muhammad Ali: FBI probed 1964 Sonny Liston fight for match-fixing

Go Here To Sign A Petition To Recall The U.S. Ambassador To Uganda...

Odd little RW site that looked ok at first.

Bill Clinton and Alison Grimes Level Mitch McConnell With a Devastating One-Two Punch

It almost time for the Easter eggs.

can we delete our posts older than 30 days old?

Mitt Romney To Jan Brewer: Veto Arizona Anti-LGBT Bill

With a canoe and a camera, AP journalists told story of coal ash spill

Another Anti-Gay Discrimination Bill Introduced, This Time In Missouri

If Sen. Coburn really wants to tax the NFL, then good for him!

A Fed Up Top Democrat Calls Out Darrell Issa and His Many Lies

Venezuela govt LIES: Diodado Cabello's picture showing war weapons held by anti-chavista is a fake!

Oops: GOP Bill Would Strip 1 Million Workers Of Health Coverage

can we delete our posts older than 30 days old?

Silver pushes ‘no compromise’ on DREAM Act

A very interesting take on the Sochi Olympics - "ALL THAT WE'RE LEAVING BEHIND ..."

Naming your pet

Vote no, because, um, sosholism.

Things I learned during the Alabama Legislature's Ten Commandments debate

Utah lawmaker targets women with new divorce barriers so men aren’t ‘surprised’

The Female : Cannabis Relationship

1 image is worth 1000 words

A Teacher’s Advice to Bill Gates

Why Bode Miller Mattered

Please consider signing this petition for transgender rights

In education "there's big money to be made behind the reformy scenes." With taxpayer money.

Miles O'Brien loses left arm after accident

Alaska state senator pushes measure to strip state's same-sex marriage ban

Young Child Obesity Rate Dropped By 43 Percent Over Last Decade

Hey Dick Cheney do the planet a favor

Email from my congressman, Bradley Byrne (R-AL) 1st District.

Founder of Liberation Theology Hailed at Vatican

UNRWA chief speaks of 'shocking' scenes in besieged Syria camp

Thom Hartmann: Mr President...Regulate Now or We Face Extinction

New York City Landlords Sue Over Tenant Protections

'Justified' is back tonight!

Still Life with Chocolate Cake

A man saved from committing suicide searches for the man who saved him - and finds him

No one wants to drive out to Walmart stores anymore

Obamacare Enrollment Reaches 4 Million

Suspect gold rushes into global markets after major refinery breaches guidelines.

Pro-Russian Rally In Crimea Decries Kiev 'Bandits'

Angela Merkel ready to offer Britain limited EU opt-outs

Mayor Chokwe Lumumba (Jackson Mississippi) dies unexpectedly

Metro-North engineers were suspended for safety violations

Just got a phone call from the "Center for the American Future"

Leadership PACs Fund Millions in Mysterious Spending = enjoying lavish lifestyles

Palestinian film takes political dispute to Hollywood

Family Sues Petco After Calif. Boy, 10, Dies from Rat Bite Fever

President Obama is getting the blame for Facebook's closure at the end of this month..

(Former) Billionaire Chuck Feeney now only worth $2 million dollars...

American Enterprise Institute Wants To Fix The Debt And Also Go To War In Ukraine

LaRouche supporter who compares Obama to Hitler leads Democratic field in Texas U.S. Senate primary

If the GOP sidetracks the 10.10 min wage, Sen Reid should go with make 10.10 the max wage

New Law Dividing Christian, Muslim Arabs Legalizes Inequality

A City Of Devastation: Hebron 20 Years After The Massacre