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Archives: February 4, 2014

Sugar kills

Super Bowl draws 111.5M viewers; most-watched television event in U.S. history

Farm bill clears hurdle in Senate, final vote seen Tuesday

Analyst on Al's show said O'Lielly interrupted the President 42 times in 10 minutes. And

My father is 91.

Why your childhood memories may not actually have happened.

9/11 Truther Snuck Into Super Bowl By Telling Security He Was Late

Tweety is a blast tonight

February 3, 1971

Breaking the cycle of school shootings

Opposition research: "The Loudest Voice in the Room." Roger Ailes/Fox News bio

Jeopardy - Battle of the Decades begins today

Chris Christie’s Super Bowl Flop

Did a one point landing on my knee with the bike this morning.

Ugh. They're poisoning stray dogs in Sochi.

Trick Websites Dupe Democrats Into Donating To Republicans

Trick Websites Dupe Democrats Into Donating To Republicans

Bridget Kelly invokes Fifth Amendment, declines to produce subpoened document

I have been told by four people that work for three

Warren, Markey, Blumenthal only Democratic senators to vote against cloture on the Farm Bill

I'd like to give a shout out to my new thing, Multi-Cultural Cherrios...

Friday's cable tv ratings: Tweety and Rachel get "prime viewers" win.

Goodbye Net Neutrality, Hello Gilded Age Internet

Pssssssst! Bridget Kelly invokes Fifth Amendment, declines to produce subpoened documents

All That You Can Be...

Rep. Paul Ryan is a very stupid man

This is Sportscenter--Seahawks Win--Jersey

GE misstated chemical harm to NY's Hudson River: federal trustees

The defense ministers of Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Germany

Help me decipher the rhetoric of Sen Cantwell's response to my questions re. Fast Tracking the TPP.

I assume everyone who's vociferously defending Woody Allen now, and completely

Mitch Ditched: 10 Polls Show McConnell Tied or Trailing Democrat Alison Grimes

From Inhofe, that dementia afflicted putrid fuck: Benghazi biggest cover up in history

Arctic lakes' ice season shrinking, study finds

Strange light still in the sky--long after sunset--facing east

Controversial Rahm Emanuel Skit Stays in Teen Play, Sells Out Opening Night

Interesting case on Law & Order SVU:

"The Olympics have always been a bit fascist"

Just so people know 101.5 NJ is a rightwing local station

Mitch Ditched: 10 Polls Show McConnell Tied or Trailing Democrat Alison Grimes

Christie is under severe stress

4,600-Year-Old ‘Provincial’ Pyramid Discovered In Egypt, Older Than Great Pyramid Of Giza

Coca-Cola - It's Beautiful - Behind the Scenes

Please don't use the Lounge microwave for experiments.

Pakistani vet shoots armed robber.

Schäuble warns green policies are harming German economy

Take the F*cking Hint

In Just 6 Months, the NSA Spied on More Than 59,000 Accounts

Make every vote count

U.S. Democrats seek to restore net neutrality

Delusions of Failure - the GOP animus for Obama-Cares - Paul Krugman

EPA seeks to modernize nuclear standards

"Six Reasons Chris Christie Is Probably Guilty"

Dichotomous or shades of grey?

Way to go Broncos!!!

Dating of camel bones contradicts Bible

Battles Loom in Many States Over What to Do With Budget Surpluses

Superbowl leftovers

Home Owners policies not likely to cover your loss in the event of nuclear accident

Mining Tar Sands Produces Much More Air Pollution Than We Thought

House of Cards Episode 2 - "Rheesons to Investigate"

Sign the petition to John Boehner: Raise the minimum wage to $10.10

President Obama's and First Lady's statement on the passing of Joan Mondale

NYC mayor Makes Debut on 'The Daily Show'

The RFID future is now...


Let's face it, "moderate Mitt" is the only logical choice for the GOP. I'm not

Winter Heat Swamps Alaska: Rivers Dump Spring-Like Sediment Into Gulf of Alaska

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Superbowl of Trouble & a new kittehs gif!

Man bites brother's ear off at Super Bowl party

NC NAACP President Attacks Religious Right as 'Just Running Their Mouths'

State senator pleads not guilty to pushing wife

“If I was going to write a bill to privatize public schools, this is what it would look like.”

So if every state legalized weed,

Seattle Seahawks just demonstrated to America why income inequality is a loser.

if the super bowl coke ad freaks them out--let us remind them of THIS one:

Today is the 55th anniversary of The Day the Music Died.

Large Explosive Eruption at Ecuador’s Tungurahua

Meet the Next Michele Bachmann


Transcript from my Feb 2-3 Radio Show piece on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Christie's radio interview

xPost from GD: Transcript from my Feb 2-3 Radio Show piece on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

:::Comes screeching into the lounge in a very small car:::::

The sorry bastards-in-power in Sochi have ordered the murder of 1000s of stray dogs

Every police officer should be required to wear a body camera.

Seeger; Iran; Favorite Anti-War Songs

4-year-old Anala Beevers Accepted into MENSA with IQ of 145

Anti Hecht group starting up

Palestinian family struggles to survive after repeated home demolitions

On the one hand, I generally agree that a civil, "reasonable" approach is probably best...

He Wants to Close Gitmo

Ed Schultz's rant IN FAVOR of KXL!!!

Gaza's docks deserted, 21 January 2014

"The True Cost of Blind Patriotism: Despair and Veteran Suicide"

Why Would Crispy Keep On Still Denying Any Knowledge Of The Bridge Lane Closings If There Is A.....

One line Satan forgot in his love note to Paul Ryan is:

We Now Have The Country We Voted For. It Is The Legacy Of 30 Years Of Getting It Wrong.

Illustrated weekly Lounge drink menu

Educator charged with sexual abuse in YouTube case

The Truth About George Zimmerman's Celebrity Boxing Match

LOL!! "Lessons for GOP from Seattle Seahawks" (from faux "news")

"Elizabeth Warren blasts profits on student loans"

Subpoenaed Christie Staffer is Wife of Gas Co. Pres. Behind Big NJ Pipeline Project

He crossed another union's picket line, untrained workers killed him on the job

Americans' Dissatisfaction With Gun Laws Highest Since 2001

Child attempts suicide after being bullied at school for being a fan of My Little Pony

Does NSA have phone and email records of Crispy and staff?

Made the best chowder this evening!

Kansas pageant winner calls tweets over Coke ad a mistake.

Immigration Reform

Time Warner Cable Offers Gift to Customers After Super Bowl Blackout

Dylan Farrow was abused - of that there is no doubt.

For The Clowns Hating The Coke Ad With A Gay Family: Guess Who Wrote The Song?

Ridiculously simple winter comfy snack...

Philip Seymour Hoffman's Oscar acceptance speech

Ban on gay ‘conversion’ therapy (in California) on hold during Supreme Court appeal

Inspiring Business: Mobile App Brings LGBTQ History To Life

Colombian criminal gang calls for assassination of left-wing political leaders

Christie official who ordered GWB closures invokes Fifth Amendment against subpoena

Workers of self-managed factories gather in Marseille

Bigfoot Hunter Shares New Photos Of Alleged ‘Monster’ Sasquatch [PHOTOS]

I bought a Two Liter Coke today.

Brian Cranston is LBJ

Finance Is Super Rational About Profits, Irrational About Global Economy

Anybody see Sherlock last night?

I was sent this Youtube link and decided it's worth sharing here.

“pad kid poured curd pulled cod"-- Toughest tongue twister of all time.

Mark Fiore: Goodbye Net Neutrality

Resolved: no need ever to feed OLOOFAH's ego again. Talking to you, Prez nt

Chris Christie is Sgt Schultz!

Coke, a GIANT corporation that sells teeth rotting, nutrition robbing, GMO sugar crap...

Former President Jimmy Carter And Rosalynn Remember Joan Mondale's Arts Advocacy

Yay, John B. Wells Got Fired

Antonin Scalia: 'You Are Kidding Yourself If You Think' Internment Ruling Couldn't Happen Again

Attempting to Code the Human Brain

Stewart Blasts Media for 'Measured' Response to Christie: 'Where's Your Rush to Judgement?' - link

Congresswoman lashes out at tycoon for opening door to Cuba

Being found dead with a needle in your arm is not a human right

What movie can you watch again and again? I like "All The President's Men" It is complicated

When does the Chris Christie comeback story begin?

Greg Abbott regains fundraising edge over Wendy Davis


As more workers bring their own devices, who’s in control?

Rabbits discover massive haul of stone age treasure buried at Land's End

Brownie bakers? I have a few questions.

Have you ever sold something and regretted it immensely?

The Menace of the Military Mind

There's another of those 300+ post threads...

Turns out Woody Allen was the one who called a press conference

Confused Baby Girl Meet Her Father's Twin Brother For The First Time!

Clinton over Christie 55%-39%: CNN poll.

The Menace of the Military Mind

If I was caught in a love nest with 15 12-year-old girls tomorrow....

The groundhog said six more weeks of winter...

If you haven't watch the film "Fair Game" I suggest you do, It's the Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson story

Left-Leaning Candidates Continue to Sweep Latin America

Here's a fun DU software quirk

What's you're favorite movie to go to sleep with??

Mexican plants could break code on gibberish manuscript

"Overweight women tend to be VERY unsympathetic."

9/11 truther crashes Super Bowl press conference

Is 0011010101011011010111000101010 binary code?

Oh, who gives a damn about all this?

Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, convicted in Forest Grove fatal crash, taken to Tacoma immigration

Now here is some good Bible preaching ("The Biblical Way to Hate Queers")

Does anyone here have any decent connections to PETA?

Apple causes ‘religious’ reaction in brains of fans, say neuroscientists

Glacier Blamed For Sinking Titanic Pushing More Ice Into Ocean

A customer in a Texas restaurant tells his waitress:

How we ruin social networks, Facebook specifically

Be cool! Stay in school!

Republicans resort to trickery to outfox Democrats (fake Dem websites send contributions to Repubs)

The Bill Nye/ Ken Ham debate will be live on

The Bill Nye/ Ken Ham debate will be live on

Some 300 rallies held in US after State Dept green lights Keystone XL

What if all the NFL QB's started a Twitter war after the Super Bowl?

Rachel is on Chris Christie like white on rice - enter Phil Kwon

Who’s afraid of a binational state?

Russia Considers Waiving Tourist Visas for Train Passengers.

4,600-Year-Old Step Pyramid Uncovered in Egypt

4,600-Year-Old Step Pyramid Uncovered in Egypt

Excuse me, but we shouldn’t be moving on from West Virginia’s chemical spill

Researchers: Canadian oil sands pollution two to three times higher than estimated

Palestinians flee hunger and hell of besieged Syrian camp

NASA says it’s ready to build $8.8 billion super space telescope

What’s wrong with BDS, after all?

Penn. pastor shames gay man in church by revoking membership, denying communion

Oregon man barely survives bubonic plague after bite from beloved cat

US and French navies complete combined strike group operations

Mali rebels tell U.N. they want to resume peace talks

Outdoor Show Reopens Under New Management: The NRA

Afghan village built on a Soviet dream collapsing into deadly power vacuum.

Subtle assault rifle changes still deadly

Google provides glimpse at government’s secret data requests

Google provides glimpse at government’s secret data requests (xpost from Economy)

German conservationist boasts of shooting 7m elephant dead

Republicans Push Lead Poisoning of Wildlife Disguised as "Sportsmen's Heritage Act"

Why organic chocolate is not as green as you think .

Jesus Loves Me But He Can't Stand You

Mass. needs to tighten up its gun laws

Leading anti-Sochi activist detained in Russia for ‘swearing’

Afghanistan's Karzai in secret talks with Taliban - report

GOP group operating websites that sucker Democrats into donating money

The Tragedy of Philip Seymour Hoffman: How We Can Prevent Overdose Deaths

Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano spews ash into the air as it comes rumbling to life

In Record Cold Snap, Homeless Families Lack Heat and Warm Water at Shelter As DC Homelessness Skyroc

U.S. backs Ukraine’s ‘European aspirations,’ Kerry says

U.S. regulators green light tech that allows cars to ‘talk’ to each other to avoid crashes

The cold truth is, natural gas bills are up 30 to 40 percent (Omaha & CB, IA)

I think I will have a Coca Cola with breakfast this morning

Strong earnings fail to impress jittery market

NYC Mayor Strikes a Major Blow to Charter Schools, Cuts $210 Million from Their Budgets

Humans Could Really Bring About the End of the World via Climate and Nuclear Disasters

Art for money's sake: Portugal aims to recoup debt

Dear President Obama: Tar Sands & Keystone XL are more Dangerous than an Iranian Atomic Bomb

The Pope's Sex Problem: Catholic Survey Reveals Frustrated Flock

Islamic State of Iraq & Levant too Extreme for al-Qaeda (Not the Onion)

The Cheapening of American Politics: Why did Obama reward O’Reilly with an Interview?

Billionaire Victimology is the Worst

Phillip Seymour Hoffman's death connected to Pittsburgh

The End of American Exceptionalism

Environmental Activist Jailed for Public Swearing (criticism of Sochi environmental damage)

Goldman Sachs Caught Up in Libyan Funds Scandal

The Wall Street Journal’s Coup Mentality

New Disclosure: Tech Firms turn over thousands of customer records to NSA

Feds seek files from Christie's office! Coming next - Executive Privilege????

Datagate — Obama Presents the NSA Reform, but He Is Not Changing the US Surveillance System

Vermont officials react as new federal Farm Bill nears passage

500 employees to be laid off at International Paper next week

FATCA: The First Step toward Eliminating Banking Secrecy

US Intends to Continue Indiscriminate Collection of Information

Warren bolsters Democratic party’s funding

Elon Musk on state of U.S. space exploration: Being at Putin's mercy "not a good thing"

Urinal spin: Walker's money is not from "out of state", it's from "nationwide support".

Democracy, the American Way

A post-NSA partnership

Caught on camera: Police chase 180mph driver

Follow up to my thread about my hearing

Tea Party: Grass roots or head in the clouds?

Dori Previn- Beware of Young Girls

If only all school closing announcements

The Pope's Sex Problem: Catholic Survey Reveals Frustrated Flock

EXCLUSIVE-U.S. opens taps, a bit, on oil exports to Europe

The Pope's Sex Problem: Catholic Survey Reveals Frustrated Flock (xpost from Foreign Afairs)

6 Unanswered Questions About Obama's Drone War

Overseas Role: Germany Must Back Words With Deeds

Arkansas Republicans plan to strip 85,000 of their health care

Is it me or is his nose getting longer?

Middle class is eroding -- just ask the business world

ISER: Oil and gas construction spending in Alaska to rise in 2014

Man with 14 DUI convictions found passed out at stoplight, sheriff says

All civilized states to Mexico in February

Charity Cases

It's been a busy week for "all of the above"

Art for money's sake: Portugal aims to recoup debt

Backstage Hollywood: The public and private sides of Philip Seymour Hoffman

Diversity fail

Liars for Jesus: Girl Scout Cookie edition

Success is failing, then rebounding, says I Corps general Senior officer’s many tasks include Pacifi

Corbett to propose new merit-based college grant program, but no more $ to public universities

The ultimate weakness of violence

Unit’s deployment cut short as Afghan war winds down

Crop Insurers Win as Congress is Poised to Pass Farm Law

At 5.5%, Orlando unemployment rate nearing 'normal'

Senate set to send farm bill to Obama

Rights Group Releases Video of LGBT Attacks in Russia

Vermont Removed From 'Star Wars' Missile Defense List

Woman, 79, kills 3 while backing out of church parking space, police say

Elizabeth Warren Proposes Replacing Payday Lenders With The Post Office

Fort Carson rain gauge may have captured Colorado record

Finance Is Super Rational About Profits, Irrational About Global Economy

I'm hearing Congressman Rob Andrews is resigning from Congress TODAY!!

Check out this new earth wind map

State: Google must move 'mystery' barge

Kansas pageant winner calls tweets over Coke ad a mistake

Bill Maher Taunts Conservatives With 'Mass Shooting At Country Music Awards' Joke

Is a new Tea Party brewing in France?

This is the absolute Truth!

Cash for Kids Scandal.

Toon- Rotten to the Common Core

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1- Elephant's Graveyard

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2- Champions

Licensing process delaying Manitou Springs marijuana sales

Rob Andrews to retire

Woods Hole Detects Only 1950's A-Bomb Radiation - Fukushima Plume Yet to Arrive

Tuesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Dems: Sandra Fluke files for Henry Waxman seat bid

Propane prices retreat but still are unusually high; distribution troubles mount

I make the best chicken salad on the planet

US probing Honda Accords for air bag problem

Barbie's Lead Designer Defends Barbie's Crazy Proportions

Sandra Fluke to run for Henry Waxman's congressional seat

'Breathtaking': Corruption cost in EU equals its annual budget

Duke Energy Spill Dumps 50-80K Tons Coal Ash, Liquids Into Dan River (NC)

Are Republicans embezzling from Michigan’s public schools?

King County, Wash., sheriff's deputy fired over threats to news editor

Va. House OKs measure to defend gay marriage ban

Olympic "Ornithological" Park At Sochi Home To Zero Birds - "Offset" For Destroyed Wetlands

Robert Scheer: The Super Bowl of War: Three Decades of Failure in Afghanistan

Report: VA needs better strategy to handle disability backlog

Sotomayor: Labeling Illegal Immigrants Criminals Is Insulting

Please tell me this is fake.

More Than 90 Whales Have Beached Themselves In Florida In Past 2 Months

Microsoft Names New Chief as Gates Steps Down

1 Yr. After BP Disaster, Dolphins w/o Teeth, w. Liver Problems, Pneumonia Widespread In Gulf

The end of the tank? The Army says it doesn’t need it, but industry wants to keep building it.

NYT: In the business world, the middle class melts away

Outspoken U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul to leave Russia after only two years

Satellite Survey Shows San Joaquin, Sacramento Reservoir Systems Lowest In Nearly 10 Yrs

Texas oil boom could be nearing slowdown, economist says

'Damning' TransCanada pipeline rupture report uncovered

Target data breach pits banks against retailers

As war on corruption mounts, China’s rich flee to America

400 Shallow Arctic Lakes Surveyed Near Barrow Seldom Freeze Through, Remain Liquid Far Longer

London School Of Tropical Medicine - Expect Tripling+ Of UK Heat Deaths As Climate Destabilizes

Va. House OKs measure to defend gay marriage ban

Facebook Was Born 10 Years Ago. Here’s What It Looked Like

Tar Sands Mining Produces Pollution 2 To 3 Orders of Magnitude Higher Than Previously Calculated

NC Museum Of Natural Sciences Refuses To Screen Doc On Climate & Coastal Development

U.S. troop morale higher in Afghanistan, report says

Patients Will Soon Have Direct Access To Their Medical Lab Test Results

Ah the outrage du jour.

Army uncovers widespread fraud in recruiting program

A tale of 2 celebrity overdoses

Hagel calls Air Force nuclear officers in bunkers

1 Month After Massive Flooding, UK Tory Environment Minister Hasn't Bothered To Visit

District of Columbia city council to vote on decriminalizing pot

A single candle, in memory of the six homeless Americans ...

NRA Philosophy 101

The World's Smallest Engine Runs on a Single Atom

Airfare question for anyone who might understand...

Self-Righteous-Loofah-Man-O'Reilly Tells Obama He Didn't Need Student Loans: 'That's Who I Am'

Official: U.S. Military Superiority Isn’t Guaranteed

Find Your Caucus Location for Tonight's Precinct Caucuses

Feeling very lucky today

After Tyrone Hayes said that a chemical was harmful, its maker pursued him.

Record 287 Reptile & Amph Species In Manu NP (Peru) - Park Buffer Zone Now Cleared For Gas Drilling

Pakistan urged to ban Arab sheikhs from hunting endangered birds

Sydney Rainfall Lowest In 70 Years; NSW Driest Since 2003, Scorching Temps Proliferate

House GOP setting a price to raise debt limit: Keystone or ACA

Cop Who Allegedly Said ‘We Don’t Have Time For This’ Before Shooting Schizophrenic Teen Dead Has Bee

2 Board Members Approving Great Barrier Reef Dumping Plan Investigated For Conflict Of Interest

Christie's Answer Still The Same - Except For One Freudian Slip...

Windows XP lost all data since 2005?

I knew there was something Christie said which was bothering me and I couldn't quite figure it out:

Rivers run dry as claims of illegality surround Romania's hydropower boom

Pope Francis: "Unjust Social Conditions" Lead To Sin, Suicide

Jabkobshavn Glacier (Greenland) Hits Record Speed Of 10 Miles/Year; Up 4X From 1990s

Let's hope the White House has a clear counter argument on that and not the usual BS

Monkey breakins in Tampa. Lock your cars!

New Yorker blog post: 2014: THE YEAR OF JOHN KERRY

Wendy Davis’ Media Fail

Obamacare Insurers May Be Required to Broaden Medical Networks

Virginia gay marriage ban due for federal court hearing today

UF lawyers: Gun suit has no legal standing

Tomgram: Barbara Garson, All the President's Middlemen

Budget Deficit Falling To $514 Billion: CBO

It's Elizabeth Warren's Party. Barack Obama Is Just Living in It.

Curiosity Mars rover to try and 'jump' sand dune

Mass dolphin deaths in Peru

Prelude to a Crash by Mike Whitney

Making Iowa into a War Zone: National Guard Poised to Attack from Des Moines Airport

Lowest of the low: Repubs are stealing Dem campaign donations.

What Hillary's Not Telling Us

They Can't Tell the Truth

There's effectively no Republican Party anymore.

Beutler: Christie’s Sopranos-style mess: Why more and more stink will engulf the bridge scandal

The Sniveling Apologizers at MSNBC Don't Represent Progressives


One of the biggest threats to America’s future has the easiest fix

The GOP Just Named its Hot New Innovation Lab After a Nazi Pistol

Christie Confirms His Office Has Received Federal Subpoena

A good friend of mine is addicted, it's fairly obviously going to kill him, even he knows it

Super Bowl XLVIII records set:

Thanks Coke for the Super Bowl commercial… but, ‘Is It the Real Thing?’

SOCHI 2014

Tremble in Fear, Liberals. Victoria Jackson is Running for Office.

Long Beach City College experiments with tiered pricing

Rockefeller Group, NJ Transit agreed to build new rail station but left Hoboken mayor in the dark

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday ~ February 4th

Guantanamo detainee cites POW stipulation in bid for freedom

Big, bad cat Facts

Federal Budget Deficit Drops To Lowest Level Under Obama

*** Hangs sign for new DU Lounge Catering Business ***

Better shots for 40 bucks

Editorial: Why Games Should Enter The Public Domain

Minnesota DFL Precinct Caucuses Are Tonight - What's Your State Doing?

30 years later, there's still been only one great Super Bowl ad

Two rockets hit Baghdad's Green Zone, car bombs kill 10

Afghanistan presidential campaign opens, marred by violence

Mr. Christie's Executive Order 24 & The Pinelands Pipeline

Enabling Chris Christie

French anti-gay marriage group "fails to defeat EU gay rights report"

MMFA: Watch A Local Anchorwoman Destroy Conservative Misinformation About Multilingual Super Bowl Ad

MLK Estate Wants His Daughter to Give Up His Nobel.


Time For Some Horse Trading By The President With The Repugs.......

Utah says its same-sex marriage ban is about protecting religious traditions and children

President Obama live at school now

Russian Man Spends 6 Months Living In the 10th Century

Speculative capital, market instability and how to rein it in - Brilliant 3-part interview on TRNN

Changing times: When John Belusi died, Bob Woodward was widely

Alaska has the highest rate of reported rape in America, 3x the National average.

Heating or Eating: Choose One

Time Inc. CEO: Layoffs, big organizational changes coming today

Anyone ever heard of "Spirit Science?"

Workers at West Bank SodaStream don't see the fuss

‘My Little Pony’ fan, 11, may be brain damaged after hanging himself over anti-gay bullying

Kerry is reactivating his twitter account - after a year just tweeting from the State Department

Photo of the Day

Ted Cruz lays out indictment of Obama encroachment on Texas’ rights

Who Defeated AIPAC?

Pic Of The Moment: Hero To Zero

Diaz-Balart to sugar baron: Hey, Alfy, try crying for democracy in Cuba instead of lost mansion

Concussion, anyone?

As Inequality Worsens, Millionaires Are Pulling Up the Drawbridge Behind Them

Perry's tech fund shows gains despite bankruptcies

Big Ed is all for the Keystone pipe line

Dallas-based AT&T becomes 1st major corporation to publicly condemn Russia’s anti-gay law

Big Business Is Hugely Responsible for Unemployment, Why Is Obama Turning to Them for Solutions

Why Power Elites Are So Afraid of Telling the Truth

Weather Channel

UN airlifts aid to northeastern Syria

Confusion, doubt as Pakistan tries to talk to Taliban militants

Senator withdraws bills to legalize hemp oil extract

Ban on ' 'Merica Day' celebration by Fort Collins school draws ire

New study finds differences in concussion risk between football helmets

Queen to meet Pope Francis in Rome

Medicaid expansion sure is popular

"Liberals should also be upset..."

Obama, tech companies to get more devices into U.S. classrooms

CBO: Health-care law will mean 2 million fewer workers

Sale of ultra-cheap alcohol to be banned in England and Wales

GM’s First Female CEO Will Make Half Of What Her Predecessor Made

RFK, Jr. Confronts CIA Lawyer On Torture

Man allegedly shot by Hernandez gets shot again

TPM re: Fidel Castro, pushing 90---"Tell me again how successful that embargo has been?"

Jordan Davis Murder Trial thread

Fatal shooting at DEP office in Kingston

Insurance company follies:

So, no word from the Queen Grifter regarding the Coke advert so far?

A new way to get your weather

Potent Pro-Israel Group Finds Its Momentum Blunted

It's MAMMOGRAM day!!!

Wunderlich test.

Without Keystone, oil trains may cause 6 deaths per year -US State Dept report

9/11 False Flag Solved.

Tara Lipinski Channels "The Dude" In Lebowski-Themed Skating Routine

Ed Schultz on air now 2-4-14 re: Keystone XL

Mychal Massie writes article against Black History Month...

Syrian forces hit mosque with barrel bomb, kill 5

Keystone XL: Set to Reject

Venezuela Selloff Worsens as U.S. Oil Exports Sink: Andes Credit

Canadian Snowboarder sends tweet about the bathroom in Russia

Congresswoman: Justice Department to investigate mysterious Jasper death

APNewsBreak: Changes sought for endangered act

"My brothers Want To Sell My Father’s Nobel Peace Prize Medal And Bible"

Leader of Venezuelan oil union arrested over collective bargaining

Professor files to run against Boehner

Putin Quashes Rumors on Identity of Sochi Cauldron Lighter

Christie wants to spend campaign funds on lawyer's but he only has $13,000 left.

(medical) Students robbed in the Chiquinquira hospital (Spanish)

If You Want to Play Doctor, Don’t Hire an Insurance Company as Your Receptionist

Republican bill to repeal new Colorado background checks on firearm sales fails

Jury finds Life Partners Holdings, Pardo liable for defrauding shareholders

Republican bill to repeal new Colorado background checks on firearm sales fails

Jury finds Life Partners Holdings, Pardo liable for defrauding shareholders

Internet firms release data on NSA requests

Fundraising fizzles for many in Tea Party

LOL, CNN and Wolf Blitzer as 'moderates' - pulling figures out of their asses,

Rights NGO Urges Russia to Address LGBT Issues Ahead of Sochi

Scenes from a militarized America: Iowa family ‘terrorized’ (WP)

Why the new CBO report on Obamacare is good news

More from the Stockman funny pages

WWII veteran who stood from wheelchair to greet Obama has died

End the Ban on Psychoactive Drug Research

Interesting site...

Obama Secures $750M in Pledges to Get Kids Online

Coming soon: Hairy Robots

Harry Reid Clears Way For Obama To Sign ENDA Executive Order

The Rude Pundit: West Virginians Don't Know How Fucked They Are Because No One Will Tell Them

I like this Bill DeBlasio guy. Because of quotes like this.

Malloy Wants Highest-In-Land Minimum Wage For CT

Long Island School Districts Want to Punish OPT-OUT-From-Testing Kids.

Is Florida’s New Lt. Gov an “Anti-Hispanic” Hispanic?

House committee urges US government to get behind NSA reform bill

Duke Energy Coal Ash Spill Pollutes NC River

Outdoor Show Reopens Under New Management: The NRA

New Rule Allows Patients Direct Access to Lab Results

Public Pressure Puts Experimental Coal Project On Hold

UK Conservatives pick ex-BP oil disaster and fracking exec to lead new nuclear program

Here's the low-lights of Corbett's last budget proposal

Pesticide DDT Linked to Alzheimer’s

Scotland Legalises Marriage Equality

Global patent war looms with epoch-making discovery of STAP cells

If they don't want us playing the "race card," they need to stop being so BLATANTLY racist.

$15 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme Busted

GWB probe: N.J. legislators given documents in response to some subpoenas

Toon: "Yabba Dabba Doo"

Collaborative effort helps Polar Vortex cat find rescue and a home

Just 10 days until I get to spend the day with this man......

Panhandling... for Bitcoins.

Irish Drag Queen's Powerful Takedown of Homophobia (Trust me, a video you don't want to miss).

Local meat packer (Fort Worth) recalls more than 15,000 pounds due to possible E. coli contamination

Awww, what's wrong, bigots? Did literate people hijack your hashtag? #SpeakAmerican

I have only a couple of sentences to say about the late Joan Mondale.

'In God We Trust—but We Have Put Our Faith in Our Guns'

George Zimmerman wants to fight Kanye West in boxing match

Who else is excited for 24's return?

Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro

Citing Restrictions On Gays, Mayor de Blasio Won't March In NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade

The Other Day I Was In Target - 1st Time Since Their Security Breach....

Why Are Worst Animal Cruelty States Conservative?

Sochi Olympics vs. Super Bowl XLVIII security

Redneck Girl (Bellamy Brothers)

Denton County Won't Have to Pay For Prosecutor's Lynching, KKK References

Why Is Women's Sexual Health More Controversial Than Men's?

U.S. Senate Candidate Sheena Bellows Scores National Progressive Group Endorsement

Wendy Davis 12m , Greg Abbott 29m

These Are The Most Godless States in America

It's a good day to cuddle....

When is a gun not a gun?

West Virginians Don't Know How Fucked They Are Because No One Will Tell Them

And now for some real football news: The Pillsbury Throwboy is back!

Opiate overdose prevention in California - Naloxone legislation, availability

Japanese Whaling Ship Collides with Protesters (or vice versa)

Zuckerberg’s theory of privacy: Share everything to make the world better

Thom Hartmann: How Keystone XL pipeline speeds up climate change

Lessons for the Democrats from the Seahawks

More people need to realize that birth control pills aren't just used for contraception....

Wanker of the Day: Ruth Wisse

Not sure what to do. The dog keeps doing his business in my office

Senate effectively scraps Iran sanctions bill

Senior Justice Dept Official: NSA ‘Probably’ Spies on Members of Congress

Texas AG Greg Abbott received more from payday lenders than previously stated

So far I've been to 4 AA meeting's and 2 NA(Narcotics Anonymous) meetings in

In Alaska, Legislature hearing brings out opposition to school voucher amendment

Most graphically disturbing movies?

We must divide the land

STOP fighting about who created the world.....

Advice please..

The GOP Has It Wrong: Obamacare Won't 'Cost' 2 Million Jobs

CBO Report- 4 takeaways - actual analysis from NBC News

Navy probing alleged cheating on nuke reactor work

How The State Dept KXL Pipeline Environmental Report Is A Sham & Obama's Horrible Climate Record

US stocks rise in afternoon trading

Parents upset over ‘game' at middle school that asked questions like ‘Do your parents drink?’

'Relax righties, it's not yoga, I'm just stretching', the wave of Conservative Political Correctness

A beautiful, classy, succinct and totally brutal takedown.

Fatal gunfire near Gaza perimeter fence garbage dump:

Senate Passes Long-Stalled Farm Bill

Instead of "income inequality" why not frame as "Why aren't American workers paid what we're worth?"

Papantonio: Christie’s Inner Circle Turn On One Another

Microsoft Names New Chief; Gates Becomes Adviser

Remembering Joan Mondale: 1930-2014 (from the Minnesota DFL)

Gun lobbyist Larry Pratt: U.S. blacks need ‘attitude’ lessons from ‘happy’ Africans

Has NSA Wiretapping Violated Attorney-Client Privilege?

I just swallowed a bay leaf

From today, The Times of Israel is also in Arabic

GOP turning reality upside down, again: No, CBO did not say Obamacare will kill 2 million jobs

Prolific chemistry student wins Churchill Scholarship

Teen With Special Needs Invites Ellen DeGeneres To Prom

"Thanks Obama" meme - A last look at the 2012 election

Video of LGBTQ Attacks in Russia Difficult to Watch... Which Is Why You Should (SLATE)

What I learned today about celebrity pedophiles

Top 10 Science Jokes from Stephen Hawking

I witnessed a senseless act of kindness

Skating's Biggest Douchebag Arrives in Sochi

What should I learn to make next? I've been on a pastry kick lately.

Student leads moment of silence for Philip Seymour Hoffman during school-wide announcements

Catholic School Teacher Fired Over Pregnancy

Second Raiderette joins suit against team over wages

Other Countries Winter Olympic Uniforms. (pic heavy)

So when your car can talk to other cars/other entities on the road, what are you going to do?

Fed judge promises quick ruling on VA gay marriage ban

Keiser Report: Slingin' Debt Whores

Runaway Train: {February 2} marks the 25th anniversary of one of Helena's worst disasters

CBO Report Blows Away GOP ACA Lies

Reporter in Sochi Told by Hotel Not to Allow Water to Touch Her Face

I killed my mother dough …

Rep. Paul Broun would back Obama impeachment

Senate Passes Long-Stalled Farm Bill

Pot buyers add more than $1M to Colorado tax coffers

What's your position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?

Preacher accuses Senator Al Franken of protecting pedophiles...


Boy, I’ve Really Put You In A Tough Spot, Haven’t I?

Where creationism is taught in public schools...

When I first saw this I thought it was for Monsters, Inc....

Bridget Kelly woke up one day and realized "Hey, my life is too dull".

I am SO excited I can hardly stand it!

President Obama's statement on passage of the Farm Bill

My Fox News Nightmare: How I Tortured Myself with The Propaganda of Ignorance

AG Abbott: $300M border security plan as governor

Irish Drag Queen's Powerful Takedown of Homophobia

GOP’s new dirty trick: Why our election laws are a joke -

Girl admits she lied about being molested.

GM's first woman CEO--Mary Barra is getting less pay Dan Akerson

President Obama to sign farm bill at MSU on Friday

Man insists he didn't molest.

WATCH: Gay Russians Brutally Attacked on Camera ****GRAPHIC VIOLENCE****

Federal grand jury investigates West Virginia chemical spill

Bipartisan group announces $25 million scholarship fund for undocumented students

Rockefeller on WV water: "We can no longer trade public health & welfare for industry profits"

Can administering the death penalty cause harm to directly or indirectly to participants in it?

Senator Warren, Democratic Senators Advocate for Unemployment Insurance Extension on Senate Floor

RadioShack not confirming WSJ report that it may be closing 500 stores

Cops Strap African American Woman To Chair, Pepper Spray Her and Cut Off Her Hair

D.C. Council weakens bill to decriminalize marijuana, keeps smoking in public a crime

Anyone else just catch Alex Wagner calling Stabenow on using

Scientology judge scolds lawyers in New Braunfels (stalking case)

One of my favorite PSH Clips......

Anonymous Customer Gives Waitresses $15,000 Tip After Overhearing Their Conversation

Star-Ledger editorial: Christie plan for new round of Sandy aid repeats past mistakes

Colombian military and CIA accused of spying on peace talks

Colombian military and CIA accused of spying on peace talks

GOP Lies: CBO Obamacare Projections Are 2 Million Fewer Full-Time WORKERS, not JOBS.

Texas Medical Association and the ACA: TMA's State Endorsees are Working Against TMA Too

Owning Mahowney

Bar Debuts Drink Called “Date Grape Kool-Aid"

Police Investigating Horrific Screams In Maine Find Happy Pig

A friend of mine accidentally installed an update & her operating system is now different

What leverage does the NFL have against Flea?

Gogebic Taconite won't need an air pollution permit for bulk sampling operation

TPM: The GOP Has It Wrong: Obamacare Won't 'Cost' 2 Million Jobs

Ed Shultz on the Kelly 5th

Is DU a Liberal Message Board?

That Obamacare 'Bailout' Saves Taxpayers $8 Billion

Report: NSA spied on Merkel’s predecessor too

Hey, pro football fans! Check this out!

Maybe she can pass the Marines pull-up test!

TED Talk:Watch The Video That Coca-Cola And McDonald's Hope You Never See

U.S. Drug Addiction rate: 1970-2010

Dicaprio And Jonah Hill Reuniting On Biopic Of Atlanta Olympics Hero-Turned-Suspect Richard Jewell

Former NFL Linebacker now Runs Marathon...then and now photos

It's Not Too Early for Me: Hillary for President 2016

Anyone have a good link to the Bill Nye and the idiot's debate?

Winter Storm 'Nika' heads east...

GM’s First Female CEO Will Make Half Of What Her Predecessor Made

CBO Findings Refute GOP's Lie Of The Day.

Has DU Gone Tabloid?

Emmitt Smith gives Wendy Davis committee $10K

A Monster Sunspot Comes Around for Seconds

What the fuck just happened to MSNBC website

Atheist, Humanist, Secular: Why Fight Over Labels?

The Gun report, by Joe Nocera

Married Interfaith Couples Who Keep Religious Traditions Separate on the Rise

Rest in peace Lance

2013 fed. taxes

Campaign success ! – Charges dropped against Fiji hotel leaders (DUers signed BTW)

De Blasio won't be in NYC St. Patrick's Day parade

De Blasio won't be in NYC St. Patrick's Day parade

Pay attention, GA Gov., this is how it's done

Only in America ...

Reactionary Republican Rogers thinks Greenwald is a fence

Papantonio: Christie's 5th Amendment Musical Chairs

Banks Accused of Aiding Petters Ponzi

Bicylist killed by drunk driver in south Mpls, MPD says

What is your definition of liberal?

Super-PAC Targets Religious Voters on Abortion in 2014

Gone, But Not Forgotten: Species We’ve Lost in the Last 10 Years

Rare White Lion Triplets Born in Poland (photos at link)

I think I want to thank Omaha Steve for this????

It's Elizabeth Warren's Party. Barack Obama Is Just Living in It.

Catholic social ministers told, 'Serve, accompany, and defend the poor'

Year of the Horse at the Bellagio

So according to Big Eddie, "Oil is here to stay"

Why do people keep saying "Mia defended Polanski"?

Rebels of F4: The situation of Venezuela is worse than in 1992

CBO delivers welcome news to Obamacare backers

Republicans are misrepresenting what the CBO found, and there's an easy way to prove it.

Small Business and Health Care

PRICELESS: The Fact That The NFL Is A Non-Profit Entity?

I have a great idea for an Onion article

February 4, 1825

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Can a city really ban cars from its streets?

sometimes, I like to make up funny stories to substitute for bad things......

New Afghanistan law to silence victims of violence against women

Why Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death Is So Scary

What the CBO's New Obamacare Report Actually Says About Jobs

Pete Seeger in Beacon

Reusable template for standard moral panic journalism, DEA ceritified edition

It's Caucus Night! (MN)

OK, Amazon: WTF is wrong with you??

Richard Sherman says Seattle's defense anticipated Denver's pass routes

If you're watching the Nye / Ham debate, here's a useful tool...

The Day The Music Died

February 4, 1789 (225 years ago) George Washington elected 1st president of United States....

O’Reilly asked Obama if he was the most liberal president ever to serve “Probably not"

MSNBC myseriously goes down on DirecTV

Thom Hartmann: Philip Seymour Hoffman didn't have to die...