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Archives: February 5, 2014

Thom Hartmann: How the NFL is ripping us off

House Democrat Destroys Eric Cantor’s Obamacare Lies

Stupid people, and hate filled rants encouraged by Bridenstine...Batshit Crazy & Dangerous.

5 Democrats in race to unseat Martinez

Brain-dead Canadian on life support to save fetus

Congress passes $8.7 billion food stamp cut, bill now heads to Obama's desk for signature

GD x-post: Anonymous Customer Gives Waitresses $15,000 Tip After Overhearing Their Conversation

At Least 10,000 Children Killed in Syria, U.N. Estimates

APNewsBreak: Police say teacher acknowledged sex

WV governor's hearing on chemical tank bill excluded environmentalists

Keystone XL: What Did API Know and When?

US official won't say whether Obama phone data is collected

I'm no HRC supporter, but that TIME magazine "crush film" cover was way, WAY wrong

Super Bowl

Tory senator urges colleagues to be less partisan

Kids For Cash: Inside One of the Nation's Most Shocking Juvenile Justice Scandals (Part 1 of 3)

David Swanson: Drone Dissent Downed: US activists in dock for protests against UAVs

Johnny's a done deal

Opportunity for All: Connect-ED~President Obama Visits Buck Lodge Middle School in Adelphi, Md

There are the Koch bros and the Waltons and then there are the people in Tipton, IA, who

Sam Sacks Covers "US House Intell Committee Hearing" as it Floats Idea of Jailing Journalists"

Why I let my NRA membership expire

If Christie could be fired he Would be fired

Some more with the Tokina EL 28mm 2.8

Joke's on you!

Just finished "Rivers" by Michael Farris Smith...An incredible 1st novel.....

Facing scandal at home, Christie set to launch national tour

I need a subscription

Thank you for your well wishes/prayers and everything: Brody the Cat came through the surgery

Pot petition has enough signatures to make ballot.

Alaska measure to legalize pot qualifies for August vote

Dep Dir Drug Policy couldn't answer Rep Blumenauer question: Which is more dangerous, meth or weed?

Only four of 20 subpoenaed in Christie bridge investigation comply by deadline

Kids For Cash: Inside One of the Nation's Most Shocking Juvenile Justice Scandals (Part 2 of 3)

Another attempt at framing as per Lakoff's guidelines.

Utah state attorneys argue children at risk from gay marriage

Why Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Death Is So Scary

Let's travel...

Morgan Stanley Reaches $1.25 Billion Mortgage Settlement

Silicon Valley's inequality intensifies even as job market booms

A musical journey and where you are...

S&P downgrades Puerto Rico debt to junk status

"US House Intelligence Committee Hearing" as it Floats Idea of Jailing Journalists"

The Adventures of Miniature Tony Montana...

Colorado Stoners Generate $1 Million in Tax Revenue

Photo taken on the metro yesterday

White House urges Egypt to release detained journalists, academics

Sorry, Conservatives—Basic Economics Has a Liberal Bias

Kids For Cash: Inside One of the Nation's Most Shocking Juvenile Justice Scandals (Part 3 of 3)

Janet Yellen and I were taught to revere capitalism. But it's a failing system

Robert Scheer: The Super Bowl of War: Three Decades of Failure in Afghanistan

It was the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl 48...

Alaska moves toward August vote on legal pot

I guess we know who catered El Supremo's SB party, which explains a lot...

These arguments would win us the House this fall...

Only four of 20 subpoenaed in Christie bridge investigation comply by deadline

JPMorgan Chase to pay $614M over mortgage lending

Is anyone going to the parade tomorrow?

Winter Olympics Reminder: The terminal velocity of a human body is about 200KPH

Can Vegetarianism Save the World? Nitty-gritty (hint: livestock produce 18% to 51% of Global GHGs)

Saudi Arabia's religious police 'contains extremists'

De Blasio joins the gun-control advocacy group that Bloomberg founded

Can Vegetarianism Save the World? Nitty-gritty (hint: livestock produce 18% to 51% of Global GHGs)

Why do I get the feeling Gov Jerry Brown will be the nominee in 2016, not Hillary.

American activists are spreading anti-gay fear and anger around the world

Which Public Schools Teach Creationism to Kids (Map)

"How Inequality Hollows Out the Soul"

The Year In Homophobia: Ten Of The Worst Anti-LGBT Stories Of 2013

Jason Carter is on Chris Hayes

What is a "Virtual Charter School"??

Hilarious collection of xenophobes trashing the Coke Commercial......Misspellings, confusion of

Almost there...

New Orleans, Key West, Havana, Kingston Jamaica or Savannah ?

An Imbalance of Power: The Woody Allen and Dylan Farrow Controversy

We have hit the Marijuana Policy Tipping Point ...

A shot from this morning.

I would be interested in any article that talks about the tea baggers raising a lot

Perfect Pilafi!

Bill Nye '16!!

It's so gross seeing DU'ers defend middle-aged men dating teenagers

Journalists at Sochi are live-tweeting their hilarious and gross hotel experiences

Hey! Anybody wanna be my Nook Friend?

A few juvenile Bald Eagle pics from last week. Edit: Added one more.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Speak “American,” Dammit! & a new kitteh gif!

this asshole has a lot of nerve...

Brilliant: Conservative Politicians Inserted Into Modern Art

My observation of the Bill Nye/Ken Ham "debate."

Holder calls LGBT rights one of the ‘civil rights challenges of our time’

Dumb Criminals: Would Be Car Jacker Gets Trapped In Victim's Garage

Responding To Ban On LGBT Groups, Bill De Blasio Won’t March In New York’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Great oped on a Kerry meeting with religious leaders on Israel/Palestine

"John F. Kennedy's Vision of Peace" by RFK, Jr.

M$NBC was just cut off by DIRECTV stating that I'm not authorized

Revisiting David Wildstein's 'deceptive behavior' in 1979

The notion that "morality is relative" seems to have died a quiet philosophical death.

FBI: Kids as young as 13 forced into prostitution for Super Bowl

Paul Ryan, "Imperial overreach"

Manly men getting manly tattoos seventy years ago.

What is an "easy" password manager to use?

Conservative Group Launches 'Dump The Leadership' Campaign To Oust GOP Leaders

For those that followed the entire saga of the raccoon bite

% of Republicans Who...

Vatican surveys find Catholics reject sex rules

Montana panel looks at sanctioning judge for 30-day rape sentence


New York mayor DiBlasio refuses to march in St. Patrick's Day parade over gay ban

'ACA IS Liberating-If I continue to work it will be because I enjoy work-NOT JUST TO GET HEALTH INS'

GD hosts could use a clarification on certain gun OPs...

How you know America is not a center-right country, far to the left of Hillary:

Staples, Patrick each unload more than $2 million on TV

I have to tip my hat to school janitors.

What's really relevant in the Dylan Farrow molestation case

With early attacks against Senate Democrats, AFP emerges as GOP’s most powerful ally

BYU to Undergrads: Self-Love Is A Battlefield

'Science Guy' Bill Nye Defends Evolution vs. Creationism

Tom Wolf is running a lot of campaign ads in the Philly PA. area

'Little House' star Richard Bull dies at age 89

Karate Break-a-Thon for charity - including food banks - please check it out and support

Dr. Housing Bubble 02/04/14

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell All Beat Fox News

I have a need to share some brand new fractal art. (Dial-up warning)

OK rabbit hole/looking glass, Anderson COOPER has a panel with heroin packets on the table

Why The Bachelor is the most offensively sexist show on television

"The End of American Exceptionalism" by Peter Beinart

PA’s Worser: Conservatives Mask Self-Contradictory Obamacare Attacks as "Policy Analysis" [VIDEO]

In your opinion, whose interpretation of the Bible is more accurate?

Obama’s Deputy Drug Czar: Cannabis Is Less of a Public Health Threat Than Prescription Drugs/Alcohol

Officer cleared after going to wrong address, shooting innocent grandpa in his garage

Advice if this doesn't get locked. Cat owners whose cats have had surgery.

Congressman Cohen Speaks Out About 'Ludicrous' Federal Marijuana Policies

Deputy drug czar reluctantly admits marijuana is less deadly than alcohol

Rep. Blumenauer To Deputy Director of Drug Policy Your Part of the Problem

14,000 Images of the French Revolution Released Online

Please tip him well.

No plans for major cleanup after 12,000 gallons of crude oil spilled near Mississippi River.

Creationism Versus Evolution Debate, Bill Nye The Science Guy Versus Ken Ham, The Godly Man:

Just when you think you've seen the stupidest thing on the internet

Income Inequality

"I know most important thing about America . . .

Begala: Fox News Is A Comedy Channel That Pretends To Be News

New Jersey Star-Ledger: More answers demanded on 'NJ Transit's Super Bowl fumble'

They are using cadaver dogs at FL's Dozier School for Boys to search outside the graveyard sites.

Affordable Care Act - 2 million jobs lost, or 2 million jobs GAINED?

You Hungry?

Getting ready for ice tomorrow.

St. Joseph Health System reports data breach (Brazos Valley region)

Tennessee Governor Urges 2 Free Years of Community College and Technical School

Bexar County (Texas) adds same-sex benefits

Bexar County adds same-sex benefits

Did anyone watch The Amish tonight on PBS' American Experience? *Spoilers Warning*

Porn tracking pinpoints when Super Bowl viewers tuned out

PA’s Worser: Conservatives Mask Self-Contradictory Obamacare Attacks as "Policy Analysis" [VIDEO]

Is Tony Abbott's Australian administration the most hostile to his nation's environment in history?

I know this goes back a few weeks, but I wanted to post because I didn't realize that

*Not* about the ACA or President O., it's about Big health insurance and spooky data mining

C-SPAN video: Marijuana Policy

In a Phillip Seymour Hoffman bio-pic, who do you think should play Phillip Seymour Hoffman?

Stewart Jumps Head-First Into Obama Scandal Vortex of ‘Spite-Driven Anger Machine’ Fox News


War on Anonymous: British Spies Attacked Hackers, Snowden Docs Show

Stephen Glass Can't Be a Lawyer

Alaska moves toward August vote on legal pot

Iranian Foreign Minister Lays Out Condition for Iranian Recognition of Israel

Anti-gay speaker moonlights as author of violent porn novels

NYT Editorial: Freeing Workers From the Insurance Trap

House GOPer laughs at "Obama Should be Executed" (VIDEO)

Obamacare ‘Bailout’ Actually Saves $8 Billion: CBO

Would you like a shirtless man on a horse leading you?

Anyone else besides me watch a lot of Al Jazeera TV?

Burroughs centenary: William S. Burroughs, born February 5, 1914

Branson hosts renewable energy summit in Caribbean

Why the new CBO report on Obamacare is good news

Some people found homosexuality so objectionable and "creepy" that...

Why Texas will matter in the 2016 Republican presidential race

Why Texas will matter in the 2016 Republican presidential race

Bill Nye / Ken Ham debate on Evolution vs Creationism

How big pharma hooked America on legal heroin

Source: 4 arrested in connection with drugs in Philip Seymour Hoffman's apartment

Interesting that we are allowed to have enemies but no friends.

Enabling Chris Christie: How Fox News, Joe Scarborough and faux-centrist pundits lie, deny and shade

PA’s Worser: Conservatives Mask Self-Contradictory Obamacare Attacks as "Policy Analysis" [VIDEO]

Navy's first 'supercarrier' headed to Brownsville scrap yard

So when is a state of emergency is declared?

Got a favorite music subscription service?..I'm thinking Rhapsody is still the best

Commentary: Obamacare hurting president's 2nd term

New fund pays tuition for undocumented students

92% polled on Christian Website think Bill Nye won the debate tonight

Intelligence chairman accuses Glenn Greenwald of illegally selling stolen material

Here's a way to have fun, enjoy the Olympics and Support LGBT Rights...

The incredible story of how leopard Diabolo became Spirit

Mr. President: Let Us Put OUR Money Where YOUR Mouth Is: Post Office Banks

I missed seeing Obama-O'Reilly . . .

Texas appoints conservators for troubled Progreso school district

D.C. Decriminalizes Marijuana, Maintains Public Consumption As A Criminal Offense

What a Governor Vermont has!

Adobe releases critical emergency update for Flash Player

RadioShack to Close About 500 Stores Within Months

South Carolina Senate plan would stop solar tax credits for homeowners

'Birther' lawyer Philip Berg suspended, quits Supreme Court practice

Kellogg closing Charlotte snack plant, cutting 195 jobs

Eschaton: The One True Wanker of the Decade

bollywood flash mob - greece - stand by me - wow....

grand central station (improv everywhere)


Angry Broncos Fan


With all the 2016 buzz, let's not forget about 2014

Owen Jones hits the nail on the head

I have always defended my POTUS over the past couple of years concerning NSA Spying and

PZ Myers live blogs the Nye vs Ham debate.

12 paramilitary bosses charged with crimes leaving 15000 victims

I'm in a very bad emotional place right now. But I must recommend a movie.

Allen and homophobia

Santos orders investigation into Colombian Army, CIA wiretapping of Colombia’s peace process

Why Are American Hospitals Charging Up to $800 for a $1 Bag of Salt Water?

Sochi 2014: Gay rights protests to target Russia's games

Argentina's forensic anthropology is finding 'disappeared ones'

Why do Universities resist closing during bad weather?

Invasion of the miniature killer frogs: Rainforests invaded by tiny amphibians that can kill with on

Has been hacked by Anonymous, or did they simply

Honduras sends peacekeeping troops to Haiti

Question: Can you tell when someone is using residential fuel oil in their diesel vehicle?

Meet Kepler-413b, The Planet That ‘Wobbles’ Like A Top Discovered By The Kepler Space Telescope

Why has Christie aide Mike Duhaime 'lawyered' up???

Legal loophole means many may never be able to sell their homes.

I've had 2 posts locked in the Outdoor Life Group

U.S. Navy investigates cheating by nuclear reactor instructors

Chinese scientists sound warning over new H10N8 bird flu

Justice Dept. official won’t say whether NSA collects Obama’s phone data

I need a new website to monitor the news over the course of the day. Suggestions?

Brazilian senator nominates Edward Snowden for Nobel Peace Prize

Ukraine more polarized than ever after two months of protests

New battlefield gunshot wound treatment was inspired by ‘Fix-a-Flat’ tire repair foam

Hundreds of scientists sign letter urging EPA to act against Pebble

National Abortion Rate Sees Huge Drop As More Women Are Using Birth Control

Congress passes bill cutting farmer payments and SNAP benefits

Pompeii-style volcano in China preserved treasure trove of fossilized dinosaurs

Fighting cancer isn’t all about personal lifestyle, but the environment we live in

Pig breaks kid's arm on school bus (Graphic Warning)

Black father found dead with throat cut, ear missing: Texas sheriff claims he overdosed

Cuts to Food Stamps Hurt Walmart's Bottom Line

UN slams Vatican for protecting priests over child abuse

UN slams Vatican for protecting priests over child abuse

League of Women Voters Shines Light on Nuclear S.C.

Europe violating rights of 1.5 million transgender people: Amnesty International

Response to CBO report about ACA "job losses": TIME FOR THE PUBLIC OPTION

Minnesota school district warned to halt school’s ‘field trips’ to Christian church

Trans-Pacific Partnership faces blunt opposition from congressional Democrats

The devil in the pie chart - Mark Morford

Proposed Afghan law protects men who abuse women and girls

Montana GOP senator accused of assaulting wife with ‘physical force’ and resisting arrest

I've noticed something rather disturbing in the past few days

PA. Governor is the highest payed in the nation

Storm makes its way across Massachusetts

Broken Democracy: Republicans poised to take Senate, Americans Reject their Platform

I woke up last night from a sound sleep to a very bright light coming down the hall to my bedroom.

Resisting Abe’s Sales Pitch


Climate change means more wildfires, and that means lots more air pollution

Bush ordered NSA to spy on Germany’s Schroeder over Iraq War Opposition

the gov.'s speech

First Magma-Enhanced Geothermal System In The World Developed In Iceland

RPT-Fitch: US Debt Limit Deadline Back in Focus

After watching the Bill Nye vs Kenny Ham I had this on my mind.

Suddenly holding the debt ceiling hostage is now just "theater" to Amash and his cohorts.

Japan hawks ruffle dovish feathers

Turkish financial crisis adds to region's chaos

The Great Lakes may be drying up

Fresh Aid: Greece Plans to Impress Creditors With Good News

Local Philly Fox affiliate joking about our Mayor being in Africa talking about 'global warming.'

Toilet fishing is prohibited at Sochi

Digital Independence: NSA Scandal Boosts German Tech Industry

5 of the Christian Right's Favorite and Most Dangerous New Recruits Running for Congress

For all those posting about woody Allen and Dylan Farrow,

Four bombs hit central Baghdad, killing 13

CVS stores to stop selling tobacco

America’s cautionary tale of mandatory minimums

CVS to become first major U.S. drugstore to drop cigarettes

CVS to become first major U.S. drugstore to drop cigarettes

The Menace of the Military Mind

Los Angeles police found at fault in mistaken identity shooting

All Bill Nye did was bestow more attention on Ken Ham and YEC

Man Who Sold Fur Coat To Namath Says Business Booming Since Super Bow

Co. that botched loses $10 million New York City contract

NSA's Bleating over Snowden Revelations Continue to Ring Hollow

US retreats from bid to overturn shark fin bans

Well I will say this about the Coca Cola ad - sure it is corporate advertising - perhaps even

Down Memory Lane with the Bush administration U.S. attorney firings controversy

"Oh! Heh-heh. You never went to college? Please don't touch that."

Senators Deal Major Blows to Obama's Fast Track Plan, But the Fight Isn't Over

Help! A line to my house has been pulled down by a tree, but I can't tell WHAT line

Inside the Shocking 'Kids For Cash' Juvenile Justice Scandal

Journalists at Sochi are live-tweeting their hilarious and gross hotel experiences

Angry Right’s Secret Revulsion: Why They Really Dodge Minimum Wage Questions

Realistic statue of man in his underwear at (all women) Wellesley College sparks controversy

American propaganda stokes the fire of Ukrainian disintegration

U.S. said to curtail drone strikes in Pakistan as officials there seek peace talks with Taliban

'Japanese Beethoven' admits he is a fraud

The Super Bowl of War: Three Decades of Failure in Afghanistan

Port Authority eliminates 'director' job created for Wildstein

Former Clinton USDA Official: “Our political system is basically evil versus spineless now"

Iraq War Critic: NSA Targeted Gerhard Schröder's Mobile Phone

Is US Military Spinning Out of Control?

Beware Republican Scam Donation Sites

Singer Clay Aiken launches bid for Congress

Social Darwinism and Fox Republicans

U.S. Economy Added 175,000 Private-Sector Jobs in January, According to ADP National Employment Repo

'American Idol' singer Clay Aiken to run for Congress in North Carolina

UN calls on Vatican to investigate Magdalene abuse

USOC sponsor AT&T condemns Russia's anti-gay law

Discoms' power-cut 'threat' to Delhi and the AAP - 'Too big to fail' has arrived in India?

Debbie Stabenow wants to stamp out welfare and food stamp fraud and give big wet kisses

Congressman Clay Aiken?

UN denounces Vatican over child abuse and demands immediate action

Robber Gangs Terrorize Colorado Pot Shops

North and South Korea agree cross-border family reunions

The how and why of heroin addiction

JBER extends live-fire training, noise advisory to Friday

Jerusalem municipality demolishes Palestinian homes

Union membership rose by 162K in 2013

Roads in western PA were so bad this morning that I thought I was in Georgia

If you only have time to read one or two pieces today on Texas politics

Is it just me, or has something changed on the DU???

Israel issues 558 permits for East Jerusalem housing

"Almost none of the briefs filed on Hobby Lobby's behalf came from secular corporations."

Shively leaving the top job at Pebble

The Oceans Warmed up Sharply in 2013: We're Going to Need a Bigger Graph

Ministers to mull bill annexing all West Bank settlements

(AK) Flint Hills to shut down North Pole refinery

About PBS and the Kochs...

Asset sales weigh on BP's Q4 earnings

Atheism is an offshoot of deism

Scotland becomes seventeenth country to approve same-sex marriages (huge margin)

In Sochi, Ashley Wagner2010 repeats her opinion vs. anti-gay law. 'I believe in equality for all.'

PA’s Worser: Conservatives Mask Self-Contradictory Obamacare Attacks as "Policy Analysis" [VIDEO]

Shaun White withdraws from Olympic slopestyle

Canadian group pushes rail line from oil sands to Alaska

Democrats introduce Net Neutrality bill

Elizabeth Warren's plan to allow the USPS to offer banking services is brilliant and practical

Saudi religious police chief says extremists present among ranks

Alaska moves another step closer to August marijuana-legalization vote

Sheriff: Naked man shot after attacking ex-cop (Florida)

George Zimmerman To Fight Rapper DMX In Celebrity Boxing Match

Time Warner 4Q net income falls 12 pct

Pope Francis' other campaign: re-thinking divorce in the Catholic church

Cycle Touring Makes You Cynical

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Politics

Google closes in on deal in EU antitrust case

Jordanian FM: Palestinians don't need to recognize Jewish state

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Economy and Olympics

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Shaun White (snowboarding star) withdraws from Slopestyle- Course too dangerous

4 of 5 fastest-growing defense markets are in Mideast, report shows

i am free, free i tell you.....

Juan Cole: The Cheapening of American Politics: Why Did Obama Reward O’Reilly With an Interview?

U.S. Attorney’s Trail Shows Hoboken Charges More Serious

UN denounces Vatican on sex abuse, abortion

Workers say Boeing planes built in SC arrive incomplete

Frozen Slovenia Is Witnessing 'The Worst Devastation In Living Memory'

One Man’s Quest to Save a Haunting 5,000-Portrait Archive from the Clutches of Time

Merck Q4 net drops 14 pct. on generic competition

Anyone with knowledge of Victorian-era (and earlier) floor finishing techniques?

UN committee blasts Vatican on sex abuse, abortion

Anyone here use Password Agent to generate passwords? A co-workers is extolling it to me.

Israel rejects U.S.-Palestinian proposal for anti-incitement panel

Anyone with knowledge of Victorian-era (and earlier) floor finishing techniques?

Feds blame 6 groups for 2011 blackout

The Perfect Gift for Valentine's Day: A Box of Chocolates

Climate change is slowly but steadily cooking the world’s oceans

Kids For Cash: Inside One of the Nation’s Most Shocking Juvenile Justice Scandals

Man, that sucks!

Hypnotically Peaceful, endlessly Fascinating.

UN accuses Vatican of policies that allowed sex abuse of children

I am sick and tired and mad as hell about the mass media screwing up every big story in the rush

"All that was required of them was a primitive patriotism ..."

Hi, I'm Jamie Dimon here to talk about "fairness"

Drought leaves dark cloud over California ranchers, growers

Pussy Riot mocks Putin on Colbert: ‘We don’t want a shirtless man on a horse leading us’

Okay here's what an idiot I am.

Matt Bors Cartoon: No more Woody Allen flicks

Olympic chief slams world leaders for using Sochi games as ‘political’ platform

U.N. faces humanitarian disaster in South Sudan

At the Precinct Caucus Meeting Last Night

Border Patrol Accused Of Teaching Children To Shoot Human-Shaped Targets Made To Look Like Immigrant

SNAP funding from Welfare reform through the stimulus.

Income inequality begins to hit business in the pocketbook

Google offers further search result concessions in EU anti-trust case

The Vancouver Olympics 4 years ago: $7 billion. Sochi: $51 billion

Ring of Fire: Supreme Court Takes on Labor Unions

Feminist Makeup Tutorial (PARODY)

New York Times Editorial Board Tells It Like It Is On That CBO Obamacare Report

Kids for Cash

Consider the following story, and tell me what the DU response should be?

Like it or not, new Colorado state logo staying

New York Times Editorial Board Tells It Like It Is On That CBO Obamacare Report

Charter schools press Durham’s district schools

Video: Bill Nye says Bible doesn't tell Earth's true history during debate

Katherine Lee Bates, author of "America the Beautiful..."

Re the Sochi "digs" - this could get really amusing in the coming days...

Hey guys just want to give my fellow members a great new progressive media source.

Sandra Fluke NOT running for Henry Waxman seat

Clay Aiken makes it official: He will run for Congress

Navy probing alleged cheating on nuke reactor work

Blame the Democrats for everyone else's stupidity

2 more National Guardsmen charged with theft

Rachel Maddow - WV water disaster a regulation wake up call

House GOPer Calls Glenn Greenwald 'A Thief Selling Stolen Material'

EU Parliament votes against plan to drop renewable energy targets

Each Smoker Costs Their Employer $5,800 A Year

Survey: US companies add 175,000 jobs in January

Labor board tries again to change union rules

Real News:European Officials Pushing Austerity in Spain Boost Corporate Profits By Repressing Unions

O'Really Still Smarting From Obama Interview

Reality check

TPM- The Best Of The Bad Reporting On Obamacare, The CBO And Jobs

Members in Congress will benefit from farm bill

New standards for textbook selection panels OK’d by state board bring mixed reactions

Shorter Ken Ham Supporters: Magnets, How Do They Work?

PA’s Worser: Conservatives Mask Self-Contradictory Obamacare Attacks as "Policy Analysis" [VIDEO]

More Doctors Are Talking About Gun Violence

Senator Tells the Surgeon General Nominee He Knows Some Indian Doctors

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday February 5, 2014)

"The Ascent Of Man"

Group: Toxic chemical releases going unreported

Drones pose special threat to outdoors ethics

"if I could invent one thing to make the world a better place":

Rachel Maddow - State mulls ban on all marriage — no, really

Feds: Oil from Dakota fields improperly classified

First Dell, now IBM: 15,000 jobs face the axe at Big Blue, says union

Army probing hundreds in recruiting fraud scheme

What would you do?

Rachel Maddow - Hoboken case raises new Sandy aid questions

Huge News in Paleoanthropology: Say "Bye Bye" to the Out-of-Africa Hypothesis.

Rachel Maddow - Subpoenas offer clues to NJ investigations

Noam Chomsky | Prerogatives of Power

Fast Track to Income Inequality

Los Angeles Times' Pulitzer Prize-winning Michael Hiltzik Shoots Down Republicans On CBO Report

Why does Paul Krugman think the TPP is no big deal?

Florida Rep Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Helped Fugitive Embezzlers


The Populist Moment

Sen. Hatch praises CBO ... then dismisses their math in same TPM interview

Wingnut Coke Heads across America are totally losing it. Over a friggin’ commercial.

Paul Ryan Fact-Checks Republicans On Obamacare Job 'Costs'

Poll: Two-thirds of People Believe the Government Should Reduce Income Inequality

The White House’s New Plan To Help Farmers Grappling With Climate Change

10 Reasons Why Republicans Love The New Patient CARE Act And You Won’t

Paul Ryan just went off the Fox News reservation at the CBO hearing

2 non-surprises: TX to smear Wendy DAVIS "till November". & Politico says her chances are "TINY"

If god is God

How Did the Media Blow it so Bad on Yesterday's CBO Report?

He Lied? Chris Christie Allegedly Knew About Bridge Closures

Flint Hills North Pole Refinery Shutting Amid ‘Enormous’ Costs

Dylan Farrow: Woody Allen 'Sexually Assaulted Me' at Age 7

States look to rein in government surveillance

U.N. Report: Vatican Policies Allowed Priests To Rape Children

Why keep an expensive, illegal, invasive, spy program that doesn’t even work?

Toon: Keystone XL!!!

As snowy winter drags on, U.S. Northeast struggles to cope

That $25 Checked Bag Service Only Costs Airlines $2

Why Super Bowl Transit Math Didn't Add Up

Slovenia ice storm

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ February 5th

Who would win in a fight between a straw man and a paper tiger?

Sochi 2014: Gay rights protests target Russia's games


Anchorwoman Destroys Coke Ad Misinformation

More proof that "Idiocracy" was a documentary .......

Philip Seymour Hoffman overdose death: 4 suspected heroin dealers arrested

Jesse,Jesse, Jesse

Panama Canal expansion work halted

Jon Stewart takes down Fox News with style

Soccer star David Beckham to bring MLS team to Miami

Republicans Drop Keystone, Insurance Demand on Debt Limit

Groundhog says 6 more weeks of winter, and the horses say...

I know it doesn't interest Americans including DUers, but 33 people were killed in the latest Iraq

Fort Worth’s impostor general gets 5 years probation for ruse

Personal history may thrust new Microsoft CEO into visa debate

Rare white lion triplets born in Poland

trend to part-time jobs, feedback sought

US Army rocked by Iraq war recruitment fraud scheme


Lawsky (NY's top financial regulator) Said to Open Currency Probe of Over Dozen Banks

Vatican must report child abusers to police: UN

China Banned from Sochi Olympics After Figure Skater Tests Positive for Homosexuality

Big Ed still trying to explain why he's for this pipeline


A puppeh came home after surgery, and this happened:

Time to give Mad some props. Emmitt just laid ten grand on Wendy Davis.

New Hampshire House bill would let you vote for 'none of the above'

The Rude Pundit: Democrats: Don't Defend the CBO Report; Use It to Attack the GOP

Paul Ryan and GOP argue for slavery

PHOTOS: In fight against the wall, does Cremisan have a prayer?

In election yr. trick, Corbett wants to delay $300 million in pension payments

anyone seen or heard from trumad ?

THIS is what Bill Nye is rightly concerned about --->

Tom the Dancing Bug: How Russia Protects Children

Just Hangin' out

Talk about a nightmare and disaster in the making.

US stocks slide in morning trading

Connect the Dots ...

PA’s Worser: Conservatives Mask Self-Contradictory Obamacare Attacks as "Policy Analysis" [VIDEO]

GOP Wants The Country To Fall Apart So They Can Sell It Off Cheaply.

Out of Context

Before you decide to scale new heights

What does Bibi actually want?

Pic Of The Moment: House Republicans Cave Early On Debt Limit Fight, Admit Previous Strategy Was BS

What if Abe Vigoda's life is actually the meta-physical axis on which the Earth revolves?

Remember Scott Brown? He's making lots of $$$ selling woo.

No where to go for the Middle class

Gates Spends Entire First Day Back in Office Trying to Install Windows 8.1 - Borowitz observes

*** Gets out her staple gun and posts New Rules for DU Cafeteria ***

In his rhetorical attempt to Kill Bill, Kenny rhetorically killed himself.

From Canada: America's death penalty debate gets a lethal injection

I never thought about coffee that way before.....

East Jerusalem terror cell charged with planning attack on wedding hall

Governor Inslee declares a moment of LOUDNESS at 12:12 today

UPDATE: FAMU graduate named Chairman of Microsoft Corporation

Once Pregnant Its Your Church's Baby - Religious Right Dream To Control Women

Why Walmart is getting too expensive for the middle class

Give Money To The Rich;They Will Make Sure You Are Not Poor - David Simon

Unwed Catholic school teacher fired over pregnancy

Jonathan Turley Gets Snotty Concerning Casino's Super Bowl Ad

GOP "Flat Earth Economy" Means Wages Must Be Flattened Internationally.

Did you change the edit feature?

Interest on debt to nearly quadruple over decade - CBO

Venezuelan arrests at Cuba baseball protest stir local politics

The Ungoing Storms and Floods in Britain

Parent of dying boy has to prove her son can’t take standardized test

Let's Close the Borders…and not allow domestic oil to be shipped overseas

8 inches of new snow and the blower dies

Feds blame 6 groups for 2011 blackout

Porn Hub Reports Record Traffic In Denver During Super Bowl

Records show thousands driving illegally in Minnesota

Bernie Sanders voted for the farm bill which will result in $8.6 billion in food stamp cuts


Happy Birthday Hank Aaron (80)

Va. Senate Unanimously Approves Bill to End Taxpayer Funding for ALEC

The Koch Brothers Left a Confidential Document at Their Last Donor Conference—Read It Here

Orange County GOP Chairman Pressured To Resign Over Alleged Sexting Incident

(KO tribute)PA’s Worser:Conservatives Mask Contradictory Obamacare Attacks as Policy Analysis[VIDEO]

Stile: New attacks on Wildstein raise questions for Christie - delish

Why Widening Inequality is Hobbling Equal Opportunity by Robert Reich

Nutrition company to reintroduce formula for Omaha boy with rare food allergy

Meanwhile in an alternate universe...

PSA: The Winter Olympics Have Always Been a Little Bit Gay

Obamacare — The Greatest Pro-Life Victory Ever

Dumb Criminals: Florida Man Accidentally Shoots Self After Leaving Fire Arms Safety Class

Toon: The fireman and the arsonist

Just Freaking Hysterical...The Gay Couple featured in the Super Bowl Ad??

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Calling Rape by Its Right Name In L.A. Times, suspects with a badge get a pass

Guns in Post Offices? Well, I don't like that idea....

WATCH: Seventh-Grader's Insightful Story of Two Men in Love

Chemical that fouled W.Va. water now headed to Pennsylvania!

Hackers pounce on computers arriving in Sochi

Hardest Hit Foreclosure Relief's Horrible Results In Florida - David Dayen Discusses

Before giving Woody Allen a pass for dating an "older" teen/ young adult, read this:

Didn't watch the Super Bowl. Not watching the Olympics.

EU ready to investigate violence in Ukraine clashes - Ashton

Eat The Document (Dylan 1966 UK Tour, by D. A. Pennebaker)

Israeli land authority destroys Bedouin fields in Negev

America The Beautiful (Tea Party Version)

Trayvon's b-day marked with new 'stand your ground' case

Distant Planet Terrified It Might Be Able To Someday Support Human Life

Protecting What's White: A New Look at Stand Your Ground Laws

Daytona-area brothers to appeal denial of stand-your-ground defense

U.S. Postal Service Considers Offering Bitcoin Exchanges

I would not trade places with George Zimmerman for all the whiskey in Ireland.

Farm Bill passed yesterday includes "Intern'l Food Aid" - WTF

WATCH: Southeastern Europe's 1st Lesbian Feminist Choir Sings (and Kisses) in Solidarity with Russia

Chris Christie leaves Bridgegate behind and heads for Texas to raise GOP money

FYI Canada signed FATCA

Canada signed FATCA

7 Ways to Become a Better Runner Without Running.

Turn cemeteries into forests

What 90's Nickelodeon show are you?

Today in Gay History: William Burroughs Turns 100

CBO director: Obamacare won't kill jobs, it'll create them

Any Beatle song or album special to you for some reason?

Humane Society Score Card 113th Congress

If Zimmerman can fight in a celebrity boxing match, why he did he need to need to reach for a gun


Phyllis Tickle’s Holy Ghost heresy

Phyllis Tickle’s Holy Ghost heresy

the LANGUAGES of America.

John Kerry Finally Ends Mark Halperin-Fueled 2016 Speculation:He will not run for president again.

Big Oil donates to Mitch McConnell's campaign...


JOURNALIST: Hackers Hijacked My Phone In Sochi Before I Even Finished My Coffee

It's Time For Paid Family & Medical Leave To Empower Working Women & Modernize The Workplace

Old tripods...

Link to Pussy Riot Interview on Colbert Report. Totally Awesome!

Fuck Nazi Sympathy

What does it say about our news media?

British television documentary reports on brutal attacks on LGBT Russians

This is really foul, and the C word is unfortunately used....

All Five Democratic Candidates for MA Governor Oppose Death Penalty for Tsarnaev

Biden: Unions 'only guys keeping the barbarians at the gate'

Exposing the lies and canards of the NRA

USAID out of Cuba by 2015

Moses Farrow Tells People Magazine That Allen "Of Course" Did Not Molest Moses' Younger Sister Dylan

Smug creationists hold up signs mocking science.

Cotswold's Liz Hurley Contacts Lawyers Over Allegations In Newspapers

A great response from President Obama...

Why Bach Moves Us - NYRB

I'm not thinking the Zimmerman fight thing is at all helpful. It has no bearing on reforming laws,

Confirmed: Megachurch Pastor Hagee endorsed Patrick

Fracking is depleting water supplies in America's driest areas, report shows

it appears both cats like the new kidney food

Hear How Lupita Nyong'o Only Considered Herself Black When She Came To America

Need an emotional lift?

Battleground Texas

My door is LOCKED!

Obama applauds CVS's move to go tobacco free


Reform Jews 'not Jewish,' says Knesset law committee head

Oxymoronic - GOP Plan To Make People Miserable Enough To Vote For Them May Work.

I can't believe it is already 2:34!!!

Volgograd 'bomb plotter' shot dead in Dagestan

Keystone means j-o-BS !

Paul Krugman: CBO: ACA OK

Anybody know what the "Government By the People Act" is?

A rare look inside the Koch brothers empire (with an amazing chart)

On jobs, conservatives are completely full of it

Having a bad day? This will totally, totally help.

NYC mom sues after cop fractures her 10-year-old son's leg, report says

Questions of preservation after ancient village found in downtown Miami

This week's sign that the Apocalypse is drawing nigh.

When to stop CPR...

New anti-smoking PSAs

Pairing the right wine with Girl Scout Cookies

Float like a butterfly . . .

Jared Leto Heckled, Accused of 'Trans-Misogyny' at Santa Barbara Event

U.S. Sen. Cory Booker Statement on Passage of the Farm Bill

Suspected heroin dealers busted in Hoffman death probe

Suspected tobacco dealers busted in death of 440,000 Americans.....

61% of Mississippians say they're "very religious" compared to 22% of Vermonters.

Republicans argue that Social Security is a Massive Job-killer

Neil Young: The Calgary Address 01.19.14

Rabbis to Kerry: Cease mediation or face divine retribution

Minnesota Teen Receives Horrifying Death Threats After Coming Out

The following is an anti-cannabis post along with my reply. I was hoping ya'll might weigh in here.

I am tired of hearing about how we out here played by the rules.

GOPs 'Para Bellum Labs' forgets to buy all web domains. The obvious ensues...

Ken Ham’s radical quackery: Why his debate with Bill Nye on evolution was so maddening

Why will Japan and China avoid conflict? They need each other. (CS Monitor)

Anatomy of a media disaster: Why the press is botching the latest Obamacare story

Pat Robertson begs Ken Ham to shut up

Twitter Loss Exceeds Estimates as User Growth Slows

[Maryland] State lawmakers now want briefings on health exchange

Vulnerable Senate Democrats Urge Keystone XL Approval

Bad Broadway Shows

One of my patients, a sweet elderly lady, just called me 'honey'.

Scot Brown got caught! Major CYA mode...

"American Spring" promoter threatens violence...

Ted Nugent says the GOP has “no balls” and then bleats like a sheep

Breaking: Union rule despised by right-wingers now roaring back to life

More than 30 ailing cats rescued from apparent kitten mill in Savoy

We need more folks like Kenny in this world.

I have to admit, I will be watching the Olympics to see how much of a train wreck it will be

Sierra Club Sues U.S. Over Keystone XL Pipeline Documents

Colombia’s military intelligence chief dismissed over peace talks wiretappings

Chinese scientists sound warning over new H10N8 bird flu

Union Job well known employer: Program Coordinator, Democracy Initiative- Washington, D.C.

Sen. Schumer proposes $20,000 fines for nuisance robocalls

Another reason to like NY mayor Bill de Blasio

GWB scandal: N.J. panel may need judge to settle standoff with former Christie staffers

Verizon ALREADY throttling Netflix, Amazon

Backfire? Study Finds “Right-to-Work” Lowers CEO Pay in Construction

NFL awards Thursday contract to CBS...

Chris Christie's Closet

George Zimmerman Wants to Profit Off Trayvon Martin’s Death

TN: Gov. Haslam makes last-minute pitch to Volkswagen to stop UAW vote

PA. Attyn Gen: Sandusky Investigation Delayed Because No Access to Emails of Former AG, BUT ...

Fire Breaks Out At Underground Nuclear Repository In New Mexico (Carlsbad)

Cynthia Nixon quote...

The GOP’s Identity Crisis

The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani Dubs New Health Care Initiative 'RouhaniCare'

Cops Shoot & Kill Naked Man In Florida

Guatemala: Tahoe opens troubled silver mine

Republicans Across The Country Are Passing Illegal Laws Requiring Teaching Creationism

Whoever advocates to lower SocSec to 50 will win the nomination in 2016, but...

Modern Schoolhouse Rock

What Obama told Senate Democrats at retreat

Naked man with "superhuman strength" shot to death after assaulting cop, biting teenager's face off

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs and Republican lying about them

Guatemala: Calling on the International Community

Donald Trump's advice for fucking stupid

The first congressman to battle the NSA is dead. No one noticed, no one cares. (Mark Ames 2-4-14

Is there a list somewhere of

The mystery of the North Star: Astronomers baffled to find Polaris is getting BRIGHTER

Reports: Possible explosives in toothpaste on Russia-bound planes

Stop complaining.

Apple's Mac OSX imitated in latest North Korea system

37 years after Michigan prison break, woman arrested in California

Introducing myself

WATCH: Underwear Models Invite You to the Sochi Olympic Pride House

Use of drones spreading as cost falls

Love In Putin's Russia

Explosive device, gasoline found in burned student’s apartment

Sen. Rand Paul: Bill Clinton Is a ‘Repetitive’ ‘Sexual Predator’

WATCH: Despite Antigay Law, Mumbai Holds Biggest Pride Ever

Joe Namath slammed by PETA over fur coat worn at Super Bowl XLVIII

If the US Southwest really is entering a decades-long megadrought, then what?

Is Boehner’s Gavel on the Line?

H.R. 20, or The Money Out of Politics Bill

German ex-chancellor Schroeder accuses U.S. of disrespect over spying

This is it. Windows is finished. (Xpost)

Stinky Breath Coming to Socchi



Show me the Monet: Artist Kieron Williamson earning millions at the age of 11

Blind, disabled, and gay: How one game journalist deals with barriers and prejudice

Modified syringe seals gunshot wound in 15 seconds

(CWA Applauds) Nancy Pelosi and John Sarbanes introduced the Government by the People

CBO: Obamacare will raise wages

Frugal and Energy Efficient Dying

Google slaps phishing warning on misleading GOP website

Garden Of Eden Picnic A Rout - Adam And Eve And Their Families Eaten By Ferocious Dinosaurs.

Study: Fatal Car Crashes Involving Marijuana Have Tripled

More than 400 dead dolphins on north Peru coast

Kerry: I won't be intimidated by Israeli attacks against me

From The Atlantic: 'Liberal' Is Good

WWF honours Bolivia for designation of world’s largest protected wetland

Bank of America sets sights on new victims: small businesses.

WWF honours Bolivia for designation of world’s largest protected wetland

Help Spread Smart Outsourcing Legislation

Seriously.....Christie's claim is that Wildstein had cooties in HS.

Accusation of torture of opposition leaders in the Ukraine

DU a poll

Only 420 calories?

Coca-Cola to let people make its drinks at home

Subway Takes Chemical Out of Sandwich Bread After Protest

Terrorists may try to hide explosives in toothpaste or cosmetics tubes, U.S. warns airlines flying i

Today would have been Trayvon Martin's 19th Birthday

Google slaps phishing warning on misleading GOP website

Weather forecast says next four days will be rainy!!

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 6 February 2014

At Least 26 Children Or Teens Died In Florida Stand Your Ground Cases

Congress Warns Justice Dept.: Support NSA Reform Or Lose Key Patriot Act Provision

LIRR's largest union to vote on strike tonight

"The New Cold War?" A Reasoned Discussion about the Politics of SOCHI Olympics...

In U.S., ‘Natural’ Food May Be Anything But

We are caught with our proverbial pants down in this ice storm in Montgomery County, PA...

"The New Cold War?" A Reasoned Discussion about the Politics of SOCHI Olympics...

Stewart Tears into Obama Scandal Obsession at 'Spite-Driven Anger Machine' Fox News - video link

wonder how the Tea party/Conservative nuts would have reacted IF the coke-cola commercial

Sen. Franken Has 'Deep Concern' About Google Glass App NameTag

Fast Track to Income Inequality

Imperial President ?

New Surveillance Technology Can Track Everyone In An Area For Several Hours At A Time

Trayvon's b-day marked with possible 'stand your ground' case

Oil Patch in North Dakota burning off $100 million per month in natural gas.

Anthem for our Kitty Kat Overlords...

Virginia Senators - Other than 15 GOP Men - Vote to Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment