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Archives: February 6, 2014

Kerry To Israeli Critics: I’ve Been ‘Attacked Before By People Using Real Bullets’

Tweety - who built this payback machine in New Jersey?

22 Messages From Creationists To People Who Believe In Evolution

Trayvon Martin's would-be 19th birthday marked with new 'stand your ground' case

On the retirement of General Kieth B. Alexander (aka Lt. Cally)

How The John Birch Society Changed Oklahoma

Pat Robertson to Ken Ham: “Let’s Not Make A Joke Of Ourselves”

Let's stop the black or white thinking about sexual abuse.

'The grim truth behind the Scandinavian miracle' – the nations respond.

The Koch Brothers Left a Confidential Document at Their Last Donor Conference—Read It Here

EXCLUSIVE: Actor Tom Sizemore TAKES BACK Bombshell Clinton Affair Allegation - article and video

Drought Forces California Farmers To Idle Cropland

Cuban doctor defects in Brazil over pay, seeks asylum

KOCHs Leave Confidential Doc At Last Donor Conference---Mother Jones Publishes Secret Meeting List

A serious question. Did ALEC create and push through so many Stand Your Ground Laws in so many

Romney on 2016: 'The answer is no'

Into the wild blue yonder

NBC News' Richard Engel: My Computers, Cellphone Were Hacked 'Almost Immediately' In Sochi

More Secretive Conservative Super PACS Assail Proposed IRS Rules

Hey joeybee...

A cat is a cat is a cat

GOP Conservatives Adamant In Ruling Out Immigration Overhaul In 2014, Say Wait Till Next Year

EPI: Court of Appeals Hands Victory to U.S. Workers

A victory for transfer

Sochi Games: world authors join protest against Putin

Testing, my FB 'movie,' a new 'product'

FACT CHECK: GOP I-Told-You-So Chorus Over Health Overhaul Study Misrepresents Its Conclusions

"Damalanche" is gone; Richardson Highway near Valdez, AK, reopened

Flashing Headlights To Warn Other Drivers Of Speed Traps Is Protected By First Amendment, Federal Ju

Richard Cordray is on tonite's Jeopardy

Fracking water usage

Russia Says It's Against A Western-Backed UN Resolution On Syria's Humanitarian Crisis

Soaring Propane Prices Being Investigated As Country Goes Into Deep Freeze

The state of our rhetoric

Policeman wins £430,000 payout because he couldn't stand daily ridicule from colleagues

A new poll shows Chris Christie actually gaining support with one group of voters:

Ethan Couch, 'Affluenza' Teen Who Killed 4 In Crash, Given No Jail Time

"If I can't masturbate in the front window, no one can." "This thing belongs in Toys R Us in the 4 to 6 year old section"

Howard University to cut about 200 staff positions

Mysterious Noises Traced To Rare 'Frost Quakes'

Scots get down

Comcast customer surprised to learn new router is also public hotspot

World Beyond War

Houston-area mentor pays delinquent lunch accounts for more than 60 kids

Would a person without money, power, and influence

is an OP on Stand Your Ground laws outside the SOP of GD?

Welby in DR Congo: ‘We pray for lasting peace’

To our Attorney Impostor General

Japan: Nuclear plant security to be designated as state secret

OH GOD!!! somebody please give Chris Hayes a valium

Smoke that Ham!

No jail for "affluenza" fuckwad who killed 4- again.

Science vs. creationism

We the People

Police Investigating Horrific Screams In Maine Find Happy Pig

Dog, you shall not pass.

It's Elizabeth Warren's Party. Barack Obama Is Just Living in It.

The Oceans Warmed up Sharply in 2013: We're Going to Need a Bigger Graph

Heir Apparent to 'El Chapo's' Throne: The Narco-Corrido Remains the Same

Militarized American Police Abuse Of "Knock And Announce" House Search Warrants

Ohio officials insist Dennis McGuire execution 'worked very well'

The Best Thing About Being Progressive is Diversity of Thought: Embrace That

If the ACA were repealed, 25 million people would lose health insurance coverage.

9 Die in Fire Destroying Argentine Bank Archives


FOX Has A Wet Fuse Problem

Tennessee again: Former SNL star Victoria Jackson may run for Williamson County Commission

White Folks Last Stand

The Populist Moment

"GOP Operative: 'No Natural Leader' In The Republican Party"

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In!! Church Night! The End is Nye

Washington State’s Unconscionable, Unconstitutional Child Protection Law

The Teacher Commitment That Cannot Be Evaluated With Tests

No Recordings Allowed in Court, But...

Washington Post: "FACT CHECK: Anti-Obamacare chorus is off key"


Is an economic recovery possible if

Defendant tells police he had spat over loud music, opened fire, ordered pizza

Questions submitted by Ken Burch

Clueless Republicans having trouble figuring out how to raise the debt ceiling.

Citizen's Group Undertakes Pacific Ocean Monitoring

State May Ban Hunting Contests For Coyotes And Other Wildlife

Silicon Valley techies spending millions to unseat liberal, pro-labor Democratic congressman

"CBO director: Obamacare won't kill jobs, it'll create them"

TCM Schedule for Thursday, February 6, 2014 -- 31 Days of Oscar: 1966 Best Actress Nominees

Md. Senate votes to outlaw grain alcohol

Russell Brand: My Life Without Drugs

I wasted the '90s defending Bill while he wasted OUR AGENDA. Heck Liz HURLEY is HOT!1 n/t

Richard Cordray on Jeopardy tonight

Europe Floods, Winter Storms Leave Damage Behind; Third System Knocks Down a Key Railway

Question about home inspection/duties.

'Don't Whiz on the Alamo': Texas Man Faces Jail Time

So...if Sandra Fluke isn't running for Waxman's anybody good going to?

The snowy owl

The Ukrainian Protests-What is Going on and What Should be Done

"They did it right.

Woman executed in Texas for 1998 torture killing

A cat is a cat . . . finish this poem

Federal Judge: Flashing headlights to warn drivers of a speed trap = free speech

Just rubbing it in.

Remembering Bay View Tragedy of 1886

Will Brody ever forgive us? Mainly an update on Brody.

North Carolina river turns to gray sludge after coal ash spill

Democracy Now! Kids For Cash: Inside One of the Nation’s Most Shocking Juvenile Justice Scandals

Boehner launches Benghazi Web site

Moses Farrow defends Woody Allen

PPP poll shows Mark Begich leading all Republican challengers in Alaska

Creepy new Google Glass app can identify whoever you’re looking at

Curt Schilling diagnosed with cancer.

"Why Thomas Jefferson Favored Profit Sharing"

The lawless "end of the land" - sexual assault in Alaska

Joe Biden Defends Pope Francis On Economics "As A Practicing Catholic"

Kasich would be a little scary to run against

"FACT CHECK: Anti-Obamacare chorus is off key"

One of the handiest add-ons for Firefox

Clay Aiken on with Lawrence.

West Virginia doctors advising some patients not to drink tap water

A Clear and Present Danger to Financial Stability

Jerry Seinfeld takes heat over race remarks

The real Philomena Lee finds Hollywood ending to adoption story

Even Pat Robertson Attacks Creationism As A "Joke"

Rickey Gervais tweet:

The senate map on is deep beautiful blue

President Obama to Dems: "Keep your powder dry!"

Do you remember Air America?

Alaska's sexual assault problem -- trigger warning

Scientists have likely found Charlemagne's skeleton

Tweet from FreeRepublic

Yo and yes!

Will The Needs of the Nation Affect the Internet -

Did the dustup over Wendy Davis’ personal story help campaign fundraising? Looks like it did

News Cameras Catch Cop Handcuff On-Duty Fireman Over a Parking Dispute

Democratic Senate Candidate David Alameel Lends Himself $750,000

So whats the best Phillip Seymour Hoffman movie? I want to check one out.

Sochi Problems twitter page is sadly hilarious

Would you use the Russian Olympic toilet buddy system?

Feb 7th at 7pm Music Marathon Drone Not Drone. Feb 8th 2pm Procession . Cedar/Riverside, Mpls

I just figured out that our little tabby girl Zelda has stomatitis.

25 years later, cops name suspect in disappearance of Tiffany Sessions

Busted: Ten Myths about the Canada Post Cuts

27 years for teen in 'knockout game' slaying of father of 12

Democrats Split Over Syria, Iran

UPDATE: Laser "Haas v Romney" Racketeer - Emergency - File 2nd Amended Complaint

The Tragedy Of Kim Pham: What A Desensitized Generation Can Learn From A Senseless Loss

EU Parliament votes against plan to drop renewable energy targets

I need great radio and CD music-is there anything


I have contamination-phobia OCD. It is exhausting.

Sheesh! - Senator Tells Surgeon General Nominee There Are Indian Doctors Where He's From, Too

Ballmer is excited about Bill Gates return

This Year's World Photography Awards Nominees Are So Beautiful They Don't Even Need A Catchy Headlin

STUDY: Media Leave Viewers In The Dark About Trans-Pacific Partnership

The Hall of Horowitz - NYRB


Archaeologists: Carbon-dated camel bones contradict biblical accounts

Ed Schultz on MSNBC has lost all credibilty by prostituting himself for the XL pipeline

Keith Olbermann: The Killing of Stray Dogs in Sochi

Rufus Gifford Talks Being Gay U.S. Ambassador to Denmark

As Julian Fantino flounders, how did a Toronto beat cop make $300,000 on election robocalls in 2011?

Europe freezes as snow snap stretches

Amputee Successfully Feels Prosthetic Grip Strength Via Arm Electrodes

Abe Eyes Window for Biggest Military-Rule Change Since WWII

The Stories We Tell by Linda Greenhouse

OVERNIGHT ENERGY: Waxman to launch new climate initiative

Oregon offshore wind energy farm project announced

U.S. launches 'climate hubs' to help farmers face climate change

Study of Drug for Blood Clots Caused a Stir, Records Show

Facebook ordered to take down anti-Semitic page

Woman Derails GOP Town Hall Going Off on Why Obama Needs to Be Executed

Ethan Couch’s parents racked up over 20 criminal and traffic offenses, with zero prison time

Sochi Olympic Dangers - Reporter Hacked Instantly Phone, Computer, Everything

Team Wendy just landed an all-star running back.

India warns US of consequences on visa reform

21 states join fight to halt Chesapeake Bay cleanup

Prosecution rests in Ray Nagin corruption trial

Gov. Jindal announces International Shipholding Corp. will relocate to New Orleans

San Diego Mayoral Race Will be Close

The world’s first hemp-weaved fabric 9,000-year-old

Are Putin and his Olympics good for the Jews?

Do you see a word?

Nordstrom closing two metro (Portland, OR) locations, affecting hundreds of jobs

More surprising PPP poll results out of Alaska

The Koch Brothers Left a Confidential Document

Fukushima Pledges To Go 100 Percent Renewable While Japan Grapples With Nuclear Future

FACT CHECK: Anti-Obamacare Chorus Is Off Key

Aymara Culture Protects Their Children from Psychological Distress

Bear bile-extracting farms near collapse in SKorea

Witnesses: Consulate employee's killing was error

Fukushima Pledges To Go 100 Percent Renewable While Japan Grapples With Nuclear Future

City of Tallahassee releases "Footsteps to Freedom" Documentary

Today the kids in Charleston West Virginia will stay home again

Make a Clean Break, California!

Castaway's health takes turn for the worse

The Nazi murder law that still exists.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah -OMFG Obama sent fake snow to the South

Brand new impact crater on Mars.

Italy rescues more than 1,100 migrants in rafts south of Sicily

Seattle General Strike began on February 6, 1919

The Deadly Logic Behind Piers Morgan’s Awful Interview With Janet Mock

They'd be better off if they'd pahk the cah in the gahragh.

Subway says it's removing chemical from bread.


America’s Ambassadors of Hate

Let Banks Fail Is Iceland Mantra as 2% Joblessness in Sight

Turkish lawmakers adopt ‘Orwellian’ Internet limits

Fire sparks evacuation at New Mexico nuclear waste plant

Congress Warns DOJ That If It Doesn't Support NSA Reform Plan, It Won't Renew Key Patriot Act Provis

Panama and Spanish builders bicker over ‘suspended’ canal expansion

Spain’s new Catholic cardinal investigated after calling homosexuality a ‘defect’

Sick! Border Patrol Activity Teaches Children to Shoot Immigrant-Like Effigies

Spain’s new Catholic cardinal investigated after calling homosexuality a ‘defect’ (xpost from FA)

Good deeds by two businesses:

Dead Sea scrolls brought to life with digital archive upgrade that includes 10,000 new images

Iran says may modify Arak reactor to allay nuclear concerns.

Israel reviews gas 'exports' to Palestine

Woman Makes Shocking Claims She Was Vaginally Probed Against Her Will at Notorious NY Prison

Groundwater decline in Nebraska in 2013 'unprecedented'

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Kick Off With Slopestyle Debut.

Report: Fracking is depleting water in America’s driest areas

Connection between San Jose power station attack and TVA nuclear plant armed attack?

Pennsylvania - Storm leaves hundreds of thousands in the dark

Obamacare Allows People To Stop Working And Boosts Wages, Congress's Top Budget Expert Says

Google’s mystery barge in San Francisco may be homeless

Use of aerial drones spreading to other countries and private companies as cost falls

The Simple Truth About Biblical Literalism and the Christian Fundamentalists Who Promote It

Taunton police, medical professionals report sharp increase in drug overdoses

Australian stocks lead Asian markets higher

Congress to CIA: Provide US Drone Victim Count

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- GOP and issues

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- Farm Bill

Flawed Iran nuclear claims won't die

Thursday Toon Roundup 3- Olympics

Thursday Toon Roundup 4- the rest

The Koch Brothers Left a Confidential Document at Their Last Donor Conference—

Pepe Escobar: The NSA does the 1980s

Marley would have been 69 today

Negotiating with the Taliban: the United States’ Last Way Out

Snipers Coordinated an Attack on the Power Grid, but Why?

In Ttime To Come - Crazy wsa prescient

Russian billionaire seeks to save hundreds of stray dogs in Sochi. This is just one problem.

Did any one see Ed Schultz with Josh Fox and an anti Keystone pipeline scientist?

The Student-Led Backlash Against New Orleans's Charter Schools

How Will Ezra Klein's 'Project X' Add Context to News?

Help Preserve and Protect New Mexico's Night Skies!

Law would label ‘East Sea’ in Virginia textbooks

Woman Derails GOP Town Hall Going Off on Why Obama Needs to Be Executed

Tokyo panel urges remilitarization

Opinion: Transatlantic renaissance postponed

Stolen Stradivarius violin reportedly recovered in good condition

Terms for DMX vs. George Zimmerman

Security pact snag: ‘Afghan government can’t afford to let the US lead the scene’

Wisconsin: Republican Party fires staffer with 2010 child porn conviction

At Least 26 Children Or Teens Died In Florida Stand Your Ground Cases

Health insurer Aetna's 4Q profit jumps 94 percent

Legislative Efforts to Repeal Georgia's 'Stand Your Ground' Law Appear Unlikely in 2014

Sony lowers forecast to loss, trying to sell Vaio

Thailand's flagship rice buying policy turns sour

The Second Amendment was Ratified to Preserve Slavery

Litigation costs weigh on Credit Suisse's Q4

Wyo. board considers Magpul incentives package

New Jersey company plans Iowa wind farm project

EU lawmakers call for stronger safety net for failing banks

N.E.A. Funds Benefit Both Rich and Poor, Study Finds

Billie Jean King to miss Olympics opening to be with her gravely ill mother

Army holding tight to report on commanders who led Robert Bales before massacre

Wisconsin: Solidarity Singers vindicated, arrests ruled unconsititutional

The kitteh met the kid. Friends?

Morning Joe crew apparently feels low income people are that way because they lack ambition.

Analyst praises 777X but takes Boeing to task over tough tactics

Deteriorating relations between United Airlines and the Flight Attendants union

Kerry warns France against doing business with Iran

Billionaire Sam Zell: "The 1% work harder."

How did your attorney handle your case before your 1st hearing?

Obama administration agrees to informal drone halt in Pakistan

Bill O’Reilly complains: If I ask about Benghazi, ‘I’m a doofus, a scandal-monger'

Jordan Davis Murder Trial - Accused will use Justifiable Use of Deadly Force

Jim Hightower: Why Pay for Illegal Spying if it Doesn't Work?

Putin aide warns U.S. on Ukraine, says Russia could act

Huge boulder tumbles past farmhouse, destroys barn in Italy

Fracking's Terrifying Water Usage Trends Spell Disaster

The 16 Most Powerful Members Of 'Skull And Bones'

What the heck is 'cream of tartar' anyway ?

Trial of men accused of planning attacks at Chicago NATO summit nears end

Changing from canned to dry dog food. HOW??? My dog weighs less than four pounds.

More Joy: Less Stuff

Obamacare Opponents Freak Out At The Idea The Law Could Mean More Freedom

New COSMOS series premieres March 9 on FOX.

Scumbag of the year? (warning, graphic pictures)

Pakistan enters peace talks with Taliban

Petition to STOP the Zimmerman Fight

U of T student loses bid to avoid class with women because he’s shy

Key Democratic Group Will Sit Out Midterm Elections

US military sniffer dog captured in Afghanistan, Taliban claim

How many black folks will be stupid enough to support this mess?

UK ‘shocking’ bedroom tax should be axed, says UN...

Is anybody running their Mac(s) on a VPN?

Koch-Backed Group Opens 2014 With $2.5 Million Obamacare Ad Assault

Keystone Debate on the Ed Show

Distant Planet Terrified It Might Be Able To Someday Support Human Life

Dr Jason Box on "Warm Arctic, Cold Continents"

'Transit deserts' in Chicago region's mass transit system: report

These kids are so good at juggling they must be sorcerers

Egypt satirist returns to TV at a touchy time

Witnesses of Florida theater killing recall flying popcorn, gunshot at bail hearing

AOL is leading the way to make 401(k)s worse for everyone

Morning Joe goes off the rails predicting John Bolton, Michael Huckabee and Palin to run in 2016

Ban Ki-moon condemns persecution of gay people in Russia

Debate in choosing Boeing F-18 Super Hornet over Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II

Jails Enroll Inmates in Obamacare to Pass Hospital Costs to U.S.

Police Officer Arrests Firefighter At Accident Scene In California

The Darling of The Craft Brewing World: NYT: Craft Beer, the (Very) Limited Edition

Revisiting an N train extension to Laguardia

Curt Schilling diagnosed with cancer

How Does Russia Enforce Its 'Anti-Gay Propaganda' Law?

UN chief denounces attacks on LGBT people

Hating is bad for your health

Cut Carriers To Save Subs, Cyber From Sequester, Thinktanks Say

UK: Cornwall and parts of Devon could be without rail links to London for a while

The Triple Cristie

Navy’s F-35 Tailhook Passes Initial Tests; Carrier Flights In October

NLRB gives boost to speedier union elections

APNewsBreak: Wendy Davis supports open carry law

DASD Industrial Base Signals Pentagon Budget Shift: Dough OK’d For Prototypes

Willful stupidity in the Obamacare debate

National Guard Fights For Cyber Role In 2015 Budget

Elizabeth Warren Speaks about Judicial Diversity | Streaming Live at 9:30 AM EST

Nuclear Cheating Scandal Hits Navy; Not Like Air Force’s, Say Admirals

Poor people will stop working if they get free healthcare?

Goldman Sachs Sued for Selling Libya Billions in “Worthless” Options

GOP Rep: Jesus Couldn't Even Control House Republicans

New Jersey Transit takes heat for Super Bowl chaos

Scott Brown Rented His Email List To Website That Sent 'Nazi' Messages

Ky. Senate passes abortion bill

Will Syrian Civil War Mark End to American Militarism?

The Environmental Cost of Salting Roads

Sao Paulo's Biggest Water-Supply System May Run Dry Within 45 Days

Anyone watch Top Chef finale last night ? SPOILER ALERT

GOP Will Force Reid to Save Obama’s Iran Policy—Over and Over Again

Massive error bars make underwriters and actuaries cry.

New amendment in law makes wife beating legal in Afghanistan

Selling Your Secrets: The Invisible World of Software Backdoors and Bounty Hunters

Getting Dizzy? Christie’s Evolving Answers On The Bridge Shutdown

County in FL Spends Over $5 Million Jailing Homeless People

U.S. Army Recruiters Under Investigation in Alleged Fraud Scheme

The Dreamliner’s latest in-flight emergency might be its scariest yet

Being a poor woman

"It's the least the Russian Government can do for the children"

Men Not At Work

A modern day miracle: Ken Ham delivered the decisive blow in the creationism debate

Ax? Check. Hypocrisy? Check. Mouth? Not in check. Meet Sean Duffy.

Meals on Wheels

A Rash of Deaths and a Missing Reporter – With Ties to Wall Street Investigations

"...being high on your own supply of bullshit."

Interview Inside Syria

Obama: Religious Freedom a US Diplomatic Priority

30 Major U.S. Corporations Paid More to Lobby Congress Than Income Taxes

Baton Rouge's Rich Want New Town to Keep Poor Pupils Out

I received a letter from Amanda Renteria (D running for CA-21)

Toon: Dear Putin

Mayor de Blasio Supports Ban On Using Food Stamps For Sugary Drinks

Thinking of building a media server - requesting advice.

Salt shortage felt across New York, New Jersey

New York City riddled with pot holes after storms, salt

an observation seeing "tells" of sexual abuse of children. your thoughts?

Activists: Syrian rebels free hundreds from prison

Diary of a Dying Country

Leonard Nimoy Reveals He Has Lung Disease, Warns Against Smoking

Walmart Pledges To Hire 100,000 Veterans In The Next Couple Of Years - At Low Pay. WHAT GALL!!!

Boehner Uses Veterans as a Pawn in the Debt Ceiling Crisis

***** LIVE Senate debate S. 1845, a bill to extend unemployment insurance benefits *****

Coburn Supports Constitutional Convention Does Not Like Present Constitution.

Find something to be happy about today (Thursday February 6, 2014)

Go Canada!

Social Media Love

Arbitration Is Not Justice

Hello Detroit !!!!

Fuck Putin: Racing to Save the Stray Dogs of Sochi

It’s Not a Disney Movie: This Refuge in Arkansas is Home to 60 Animal Friends Who Hang Out Together

Former CIA director: In order to spy on domestic dissidents, just call them terrorists

This is Detroit too!!!!

Owner of Bronx clinic, 23 others indicted in illegal distribution of oxycodone

Teabaggers: Bullying people, blackmailing God.

Mississippi Most Religious State, Vermont Least Religious

Mississippi Most Religious State, Vermont Least Religious

The "new normal".

APNewsBreak: FAA to examine airport towers

Embattled Arkansas Democrat Opposes Federal Minimum Wage Hike: ‘It’s Too Much, Too Fast’

As TPP Opposition Soars, Mainstream Media Blackout Deafening--("Media Matters" Report)

The IOC made a huge mistake giving the games to Sochi

In honor of Ronald Reagan's birthday, I'm going to not talk about AIDS for seven and a half years.

Beyond Superwoman: Justice For Black Women Too

CBO Director Grilled By Republican Lawmakers; "Dworkers Unchained", He Says.

Obama pushes for release of Americans held in North Korea, Iran At National Prayer Breakfast

Panel of scientists say economic impact from fracking overstated

House panel kills bill on religious views at school

GOP Conference chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers faces possible ethics inquiry

Russia Appeals for Global Ceasefire During Olympics

Abortion Rate Lowest in 41 Years Because of Liberals

47 Ronin's lame attempt at breaking from standardized tropes

Scotland 17th Country to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

Sources: Staten Island Residents to Get Long-Awaited Break at Verrazano


Subway to remove chemical from bread

I know this is Scalia talking but still

In one of the "Toon Round-ups" ...

Sochi Hotel Guests Complain About Topless Portraits of Putin in Rooms

Cop Breaks Leg of 10-Year-Old Who Filmed Him

18 deg. & snow (sort of)

Scott Brown Rented His Email List To Website That Sent 'Nazi' Messages

To warm you all's SOPAPILLA TIME!!!

How Vladimir Putin protects Russia's children

Harvard study says lack of Medicaid expansion in red states will kill thousands

Rabbis Send 'Wrath of God' Letter to John Kerry

William Shakespeare's Insult Generator

Top Texas Republicans Steer Clear Of Chris Christie’s Fundraising Events

Sochi Hotel Guests Complain About Topless Portraits of Putin in Rooms unveiled by Andy Borowitz

FCC OKs Tests That Would Replace Copper Landlines

A brave boy in Bangledash risked his life to save a helpless baby deer from drowning (pics):

A life without God in Iraq: This 22-year-old atheist has been called the "Baghdad converter"

Wow. Life is something. Isn't it? I'm going through some personal stuff.

Lakers finish win over Cavaliers with just four active players

(Virginia) House panel kills bill on religious views at school

Symbol of Catholic Church scandals apologizes, picks new leader

Israeli comedy show's parody of peace talks.

Motion to exclude Mark Regenerus testimony as an expert witnessin Michigan marriage case

Yet another example of rape culture.

Leading right-wing populist party in the Netherlands calls for the country to withdraw from the EU.


They just don't make them any stupider than this

In which we revel over the wingnuts' apologizing over their spreading the SIZEMORE tape yesterday

Obamacare Fact Check: Republicans Overlook Key Points In CBO Report

The President is NOT the Only Person We Elect!

Sochi Problems may be the most informative, scary twitter account on Sochi Olympics.

"Statue of Guy in His Underwear Causes Brief Controversy at Wellesley College"

What would happen if there was an App to tell you who was carrying a gun near you?

Painkiller use breeds new face of heroin addiction

what's for dinner - thursday, feb 6

The Record: Port Authority fox trot; Internal review by commissioners is a farce!

It's freaking snowing here again!

Hagel orders urgent push for ethics crackdown

School officials are no fans of gun ban signs

Empire of Necessity: Historian Greg Grandin on Slavery, Freedom and Deception in the New World

This $10,500 rental in the SF Mission District is absurd

Transgender Advocate Janet Mock: Piers Morgan "Sensationalized" My Story

Exclusive: Despite escalating government intimidation, Greenwald will “force the issue” and visit US

Philip Seymour Hoffman honored by Broadway as 3 face drug charges

Nancy Pelosi and John Sarbanes: Reversing the grievous error of Citizens United

Applications for US jobless aid fall 20K to 331K

The Rude Pundit: Photos That Make the Rude Pundit Want to Down a Dozen Klonopin with Bottled Water

Controversy Surrounds Lunch Menu at Concord High School

“Collective bargaining is the bedrock of our economy.This chart says it better than I ever could.”

CNN: Kerry says he " won't be intimidated by Israel's RW comments"

O'Reilly Predicts His Super Bowl Interview Will 'Go Down In Journalistic History'

Military dog captured by Taliban fighters, who post video of their captive

Pay It Back by the Red Clay Ramblers for the Moral Mondays movement and the upcoming

Tweet: 1-month bottle was $150—now $2.00...

Oops; Koch Brothers leave behind a confidential document of their financial connections

Toon: New Republican t-shirt...

Obama Nominates Second Gay Black Judge To Federal Bench

Greek Life, Islamic Style

Romney Flip Flops on 2016. Only a matter of time till he's says "Okay - if you insist"!

How Poverty Helped Make The West Virginia Chemical Spill Possible

Bode Miller …Hurt Pregnant Women's Rights #PIG

Scientists in mad scramble to establish ocean WQ monitoring

Great - Sex Outside Of Marriage Still A Crime In Virginia. RW Wants To Criminalize Unapproved Sex

I feel bad, i was mean to the kitty 8-(

President Obama's judicial nominees...creating a judicial pool that resembles the nation it serves..

Referendum in Switzerland this Sunday on controlling immigration from EU countries

Pic Of The Moment: Strange Days

Boehner: 'We're not going to default' on debt

If Dems Don't Get The House - Essentially No Government Until January 2017.

Obama Makes Republican Heads Explode As He Shatters Their Lies At Prayer Breakfast

Goldman Sachs Enthusiastically Decides To Invest $40 Billion In Renewables

Just don't call them "Pussy Riot."

NPR = Boehner: We can't pass law because we lack confidence Obama will enforce the law.

Drought ? Rain stops play at AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am

Disgraced Catholic order denounces founder, apologizes to victims

Noam Schieber: The Case for Socialized Law: A Radical Solution For Inequality

Turkish Internet restrictions raise more concerns

The real reason that Denver lost so badly: God punished them for cutting Tebow!

Twitter tanks 20%, loses $7.8 billion market cap

Boehner: No immigration reform until Obama rebuilds trust


Elizabeth Warren: We Need to Stop Packing the Courts With Corporate Judges

Please remember the homeless during this cold weather.

What the 1% just don't get.

Jihadi Threat Grows as Egypt Turns to al-Seesi for Security

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Station's manager during flood, shutdown fired

Trade Gap Shrank in 2013 as U.S. Fuel Exports Climbed: Economy

Two women shot in Alexandria, {Virginia}, suspect at large

Why the Sochi Olympics are the Most Expensive in History

Baton Rouge’s Rich Want New Town to Keep Poor Pupils Out: Taxes

When Will Glenn Greenwald Return to the United States?

Treasury to Sell Record Amount of Bills as Debt Pact Expires

Creationist Ken Ham compares Bill Nye to Eve for offering fruit from ‘Tree of Knowledge’

I have a question about the ACA insurance...

PETA wants monument honoring chickens killed in Gainesville truck wreck. WTW?

Were women in Iraq better off under Hussein? Iraqi women held illegally and tortured

Skrillex 101: A Primer on the Dubstep Demon Taking Over S.F.

Couple charged after girl dies from drinking soda

PA's Worst: Republican Pushes Pro-Discrimination Proposal in PA House [VIDEO]

Calif. Christian school nixes plan to honor black history with fried chicken, watermelon

Tweet: #GOP: "Jump!!"....#MSM: "How High?!"

PETITION- Gov Christie: Don't stiff Newark Airport workers

U.S. Freeze Costs $3.5 Billion Including Travel Delays

Hand Shovel Those Sidewalks.. I Dont Think So

Rouhani Spars With Iran State TV Delaying Broadcast

Well well well what hell snowden still stay in Russian?

It's a shame both parties have abandoned the quaint idea of Anti-Trust Anti-Monopoly Regulations

Breaking:Senate Republicans block Democrats' new bid to restore unemployment benefits

Anyone watch netflix Mitt?

More than 4,000 groups sign up to protest NSA

Is this legal? Watching current (still in theaters) movies online?

Just thinking: If jobs paid better so that fewer people needed to work more than one job...

Remember David Wildstein?

Pouring rain right now, but also felt small tremor.

Danish parliament leader to visit Gaza, bypass Israel

Republicans kill unemployment benefits for 1.7 million Americans. Twice.

Fox’s John Stossel: Shouldn’t Parents Be Free to Let Children Work ‘If the Kids Are Not Slaves?’

Senate fails to advance unemployment bill

Clashes erupt as Jerusalem municipality demolishes Palestinian homes

Would You Eat a Protein Bar Made With Crickets?

Venerable Washington Post's Weak-kneed Mea Culpa On False Banner Headline Regarding CBO/Obamacare

Need advice for feral kitties ...

California Kelp to be Tested for Fukushima Radiation in Year-Long Study

Bill would legalize 'Charlotte's Web' pot in Florida

Wow, Google! Just WOW! Go for it, google "Jewish" then click "images."

New poll shows Graham below 50 percent needed to avoid runoff

Trailer for THE DROP BOX Saving children from being dumped on the street

Amy Goodman is definitely right about the corporate media...

Obama highlights religious freedom in National Prayer Breakfast speech


Palestine in 3D: The state, politics, and international law

Military dog captured by Taliban fighters, who post video of their captive

How many of you know a "Sue"?

PA's Worst: Republican Pushes Pro-Discrimination Proposal in PA House [VIDEO]

Largest LIRR workers' union votes 500-0 in favor of future strike

Anyone recognize this cool dude?

Guess who opened the first soup kitchens during the Great depression?

Russian Deputy P.M. on LGBT Laws: 'Please Do Not Touch Kids'

What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about? nt

Power Outages Could Last For Days In Storm-Battered Northeast

Elizabeth Warren To Obama: Stop Nominating So Many Corporatists

Libertarian Jesse Ventura goes batshit crazy! Says he's "off the grid" so US drones can't find him

Breaking: GOP Blocks Bill To Extend Unemployment Benefits --- By One Vote

Ukraine Leader To Sochi As Kremlin Warns May Act Against "Coup"

Japanese electronics giant Sony announces huge job cuts

Senator Max Baucus Confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to China

So Perry and Abbott are boycotting Christie's fundraiser

Rachel sure had fun last night...

Circus elephant hurt in drive-by shooting returning to Mississippi after recovering at Missouri farm

Job Cuts Surge In January, Up 47 Percent From Previous Month

Drummer in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s band charged with sexual assault

Today's Moment of Perspective: EARTH SEEN FROM MARS (PHOTO)

Sochi's stray dogs find shelter, at least while Games go on

Rest in Peace Ralph Kiner!

The first step is realizing that there is a problem

Russian adviser threatens Ukraine with military force

School officials are no fans of gun ban signs (Illinois)


Here's a good one...

National Prayer Breakfast: Inspiring Global Peace or Hate?

Cat just wont exercise...

Winter Olympics off to a bad start

GOP Doesn't Care if You Die

U.S. Policy Change On Cuba Stalled - By Obama

Racism, Gun Ownership and Gun Control

Dems introduce plan for public financing of campaigns

Don't know if someone posted this,

Racism, Gun Ownership and Gun Control

Question to all....

Frozen gators, meth in baby wipes & a live bass in an aquarium...guess where?

Carney suggests Moscow behind leaked Ukraine call

Thousands sign petition to stop George Zimmerman's boxing match

Extinction of the American bee on Congressional record March 29 2007

Cat vs Dog: Cat wins with TKO!

Rocket alert siren, explosions heard in southern Israel

Returning Fire: Dutch Jews Boycott Anti-Israel Firm

Ashton to Israel: Reverse decision on East Jerusalem building plans

Gaza man sentenced to death for collaboration with Israel


Police: Missing Gaza toddler murdered by uncle

Greek politician says his PM heading Jewish plot

GOP Doesn't Care if You Die

Pap and Seder: Farm Bill Takes Food From The Needy

Starving refugees: How we disowned Palestinians in Syria

This is what is going to happen to our educational system if we don't wake up.

Democrats like this we don't need

U.S. and Russian diplomats spar over Pussy Riot

Kerry: I won't be intimidated by Israeli attacks against me

Bay activist: I made it rain with earth acupuncture

Ukrainian Jewish group asks Israel to help with security

Women of all ages said to face higher risk of stroke than men

PA's Worst: Republican Pushes Pro-Discrimination Proposal in PA House [VIDEO]

So the 'bonner' says the gop can't trust Obama until

Bank of America Sends Credit Card Offer to "Lisa Is a Slut McIntire"

In the tawdry benefits debate, no politician speaks of moral obligations - so I will

Top Palestinian Negotiator: We Were in Israel Before the Jews

Today Was Basically The Best Day Ever

The languages used for the Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial...

Why Europe blames Israel for the Holocaust: Post-1945 anti-Semitism

Is this standard practice nowadays?

Vice President Biden blasts La Guardia Airport as feeling like ‘it’s in some third world country’

Sad Cat Diary

Beatles tribute Baby Boomers :)

A thought about the guy shot by a cop at a Florida movie theater..

This young actress deserves some support. Apparently a 5 yr old

Thanks Obama....

AOL chairman slashes 401K benefits, blames two women who gave birth to sick babies

Rome’s clergy tailors find a subdued mood under low-key Pope Francis

Rome’s clergy tailors find a subdued mood under low-key Pope Francis

The Wendy Davis campaign needs your help to push back against misleading robocalls!

We have been "fighting" a war of some kind every day since December 7, 1941.

US lead in science and technology shrinking

Japanese candy surprises in your mailbox twice a month. Free shipping from Japan, even to the USA

Japanese candy surprises in your mailbox twice a month. Free shipping from Japan, even to the USA

Pelosi Won't Go On 'The Factor' Because Of O'Reilly's 'Disrespect' For Obama

Ridiculous and heartbreaking at the same time: Taliban captures U.S. Military Dog

Former SAC Trader Found Guilty of Insider Trading

Catholic Bishops in Nigeria 'Thank God' for Anti-LGBT Laws

Military canine 'in Afghan Taliban custody'

Elizabeth Warren: We Need to Stop Packing the Courts With Corporate Judges

James Clapper might as well be called director of US fearmongering (Michael Cohen 2-6-14

New Presbyterian leader in NI to LGBTs: Just stop having sex

Hall of Fame slugger Ralph Kiner dies at 91

Florida Man Uses Stand Your Ground Defense in Killing of Black Teen Over Loud Music

US Diplomat Apologizes For Cursing Ally

My Sweet Lord: An Atheist Meditation on the God that is Love

Obama Cracks Up GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert at National Prayer Breakfast - video link

"Fuck The EU" - US State Department Blasts Europe; Revealed As Alleged Mastermind Behind Ukraine

Have you done your Facebook Movie yet?

Is religious ignorance rational?

*Message from Wendy Davis. SHARE!

A tweet or two – #stopthefight

Republican opposition to FLSA of 1938

Ubuntu 12.04.4 has been released

This NASA photo of Earth and crescent moon will actually stun your brain

Pelosi Won't Go On 'The Factor' Because Of O'Reilly's 'Disrespect' For Obama

Cop handcuffs on-duty firefighter for not moving truck

The Evening Star (big image)

Can scrapper helps rescue Dumpster cat: Feline’s tail and paw frozen to bottom

Canada's anti-Russian stance on gay athletes

For New Jersey's Health, Medical, Nutrition and Fitness Communities:

The federal reserve has worked full time for 5 years to create inflation

For New Jersey's Health, Medical, Nutrition and Fitness Communities:

Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion | Luge

Warning: FRAUDULENT robo-calls to WENDY DAVIS supporters soliciting donations.

Obama Shares A Laugh With GOP Rep Who Thinks He's Destroying America

Bully Has An Amazing Change Of Heart When His Gay Victim's Marriage Proposal Goes Viral Online

Man fights off shark, stitches up own leg, goes to the pub

The Republican FILIBUSTER of the bill to extend unemployment benefits is a death blow to millions.

(Roy Moore) Ala. chief justice jumps into gay marriage fight

Hasn't Boehner's breathing become heavier and louder?

WorldNetDaily: "Somebody please drag Harry Reid behind a truck."

February 6, 1910

"In Quiet Moments of Reflection, the Capitalist Searches His Soul"

I miss Bill Clinton...

Journalists at Sochi are live-tweeting their hilarious and gross hotel experiences

anyone ever tried to learn Arabic?

Images of Detroit blight used on billboards by anti-union groups in Chattanooga (funded by Norquist)

I was blessed to be a guardian angel to a small beast today.

Who got to Ed Schultz? Why is he selling out on XL?

Studies claim medical marijuana may reduce suicide rates, traffic fatalities

KILLER PESTO and Red Heart-shaped Cheese Stuffed Ravioli!

Can we discuss the Technological Singularity here (and the movie "Her")? It's philosophical.

United Kingdom citizenship test....Can you pass on British History?

Elephant in the mist

Sneaky Republicans Hiding Their Tracks

Landscapes from the land of the Grimms

PA's Worst: Republican Pushes Pro-Discrimination Proposal in PA House [VIDEO]

CNN Poll: Americans Still Blame Bush For Struggling Economy

Baton Rouge’s Rich Want New Town to Keep Poor Pupils Out: Taxes

Iranian President Donates $400,000 to Jewish Hospital in Tehran

UPDATE:Pentagon Says Military Dog Captured by Taliban Not Ours. Was Ally

Judge: N.J. must turn over pension records involving former Guadagno assistant

Court Decides H-2B Visas Should Be Protected by Prevailing Wages to Avoid Hurting American Workers

President Mitt - By Bill Maher ( a bit of language)

Ralph Kiner dead at 91

Health Care Spending by High-Income Countries, 1980–2011 (New Eng Jour Med)

Question About Box Tops For Education

Meanwhile....back in New Jersey..

Sorry Iowa

Arrow Star Stephen Amell Says 2014 Olympics 'Marred by Homophobia'

I love the kids across the street

Feel no pain

I discuss the CBO 2 million+ jobs analysis on Your World with Neil Cavuto

Google using Gay Pride flag for the Olympics! Take that Russia

“I felt cheated, I felt used”: Raiders cheerleaders tell Salon why they’re suing the team

Men: do you get insulted when companies use female sales reps dressed up to the nines?

Good for google...