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Freedom Industries moving some crude MCHM to PA.

that Rat Bastard Chomsky

Ash Devils

may i ask a question? sometime when responding to a thread, it places my post and positions me

How We Teach Our Kids That Women are Liars.

Graphene conducts electricity ten times better than expected

GOP’s secret anti-freedom agenda: Why their “liberty” talk is nonsense

Protesters pack Raleigh for ‘Moral March’

Confusion reigns in botched spill response -- Rachel Maddow 02/07/14

ANYONE WHO does certifyable

Edit message "grace period" - LOVE IT!

The chattering classes, the culture war, and Tetris

Obama highlights actions he is taking on his own

Obama resists pressure to act alone on immigration

Sen David Pryor on Tales From the South

Arizona state Rep.Yarbrough(R)introduced a bill that would create a blanket“license to discriminate”

Art Protest Against Dolphin Killing in Taiji

Huge chimpanzee population thriving in remote Congo forest

Promoter calls off DMX-George Zimmerman boxing match

Arkansas's Winthrop Rockefeller's Political Heirs - Brought Liberal thought to Arkansas

Clint Eastwood used a Heimlich to save the director of the Pebble Beach golf tournament.

2014 Robert B. Lewis Stakes (Derby Prep)

How Wyden is slowing Obama on trade

Snow Panda

Buy American Mention of the Week, 2-7-14 Nation needs to protect its own businesses

Moral March Raleigh NC Saturday Feb 8--pix and vids

Ore. Sen. Wyden gives tax overhaul top priority

Iran says warships sailing towards U.S.: agency

Support Mary Burke for Wisconsin Governor


North Carolina’s Moral Monday Movement Kicks Off 2014 With Massive Rally in Raleigh

Would any liberal defend an Olympics in 1988 Pretoria or Johannesburg?

"Rand Paul keeps attacking Bill Clinton. Why?"

Led Zeppelin's 'Black Dog' Lyrics as a Flowchart

Immigration minister Mark Harper resigns over illegal immigrant cleaner

Judges' Union Calls on D.C.'s Chief Administrative Law Judge Mary Oates Walker to Resign

"A Coke ad crystallizes GOP’s immigration problems"

February 8, 1886

Moral March Raleigh NC today--pix and vids (X-post from GD)

Spotted Dick

The Day The Universe Changed: 8 "Fit To Rule"

Seven adults, two children shot to death in Guatemala jungle

Dan Bice should be ashamed of himself

The Family Guy: The American Way

U.S. Justice Department to expand rights of same-sex couples

"7 Things Republicans Would Be Shocked To Learn About Ronald Reagan"

Meet the new (future) Commissioner Gordon on TV's 'Gotham.'

Cheap software helped Snowden “scrape” NSA’s networks (NYT)

What can we do if something is missing from the Archive?

Petition to rename GD

Re-Watching Woody Allen The newly-chilling themes that you can see throughout his movies

Mike Malloy - Kerry Accused Of "War Against God"

Grimes leads Mitch McConnell in first Bluegrass Poll (46-42%)

I'm now an official fan of the US Women's hockey team

Narco-Deforestation: Linking Drug Policy and Forest Conservation

Slowly getting the grand pricks in shape

imagine if he had two hands free.

EU to rule on controversial British nuclear deal this year

"Dems seriously alarmed by Koch money"

Republicans and Democrats Push Senate Bill To Further The Destruction Of The USPS

The Other “Culture War”: Honduras and Mexico: Open Season on Journalists

"Elizabeth Warren Wants to Let You Pay for College Like a Car"

Why you should not have the biathlon the same time as downhill racing.

Interesting interview with Edward Snowden on german television in english

Snowpocalypse Paralyzes Portland, Oregon

House GOP Prepping Debt Limit Bill

Dylan Farrow Responds to Woody Allen: 'Distortions and Outright Lies'

"Lawsky Said to Open Currency Probe of Over Dozen Banks"

Republicans Still Find Ways To Stall Judicial Nominees Despite Filibuster Reform

It's SO fun a happy COUPLE

Only four of 20 subpoenaed in Christie bridge investigation comply by deadline

Report details abuse and inhumane treatment of Iraqi female prisoners

Very interesting comment special ed. teacher from Tennessee

OMG. Alleged collusion at the Olympics between USA and Russian judges in figure skating. CBC News.

Party Identity in a Gun Cabinet

Reproductive Rights, Anti-Abortion Laws and How we Can Combat Them

"Fredericton man builds $300 solar furnace, decreases heating bill"

God has last word on evolution debate...

If you were the Dem running for Senate in Nebraska, what would you do??

August: Osage County

Far too many of Ptah's childhood memories involve the words, "MY turn, MFM!!! ... MY turn MFM!!!

Got bored - and went to play in the dirt

What's in your trash can?

Ohhhh Myyy....

Mike Malloy - A Message To The "Used To Have" Americans

VW officials defend company actions over Chattanooga election

Well, at least the floor's clean...

"Christie’s Defense Undermines Image Again"

Thought this was awesome

Bosnian protesters storm govt buildings as unrest spreads

Justice Department To Launch Push For Full Recognition Of Same-Sex Marriage

Karla Labrecque’s doctor refused to do a blood test until he consults with a local politician

I am rarely flabbergasted...

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, February 11: 31 Days of Oscar: 1956 Best Adapted Screenplay Nominees

Helter Skelter

HKonJ: Thousands march in downtown Raleigh

Florida Ordinance Makes it Illegal for Homeless to Use Blankets to Protect Themselves from Weather

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, February 12: 31 Days of Oscar: 1963 Best Supporting Actress Nominees

Watching the snowboard gold medalist on the podium getting his medal . . . .

(CT)Medical marijuana zones out officials

Mike Malloy - Religious Freak Of The Day: Kevin Swanson

Protecting his people...

A Critical History of the Olympics

Olympics | The Lurch and Tinkerbelle show?

Two of my favorite old time "B" movie badmen

Did Kornacki have a new show today? The website has last weeks show posted.

CNN - Iran sending warships to US maritime borders

A Critical History of the Olympics

Just thought I would share this.......

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday ~ Feb 9th

It's amazing what an animal can do for ones well being

YOUR complaint about living in a CORPORATE AMERICA

Is anyone having trouble using there tablets or smart phones. Would net neutrality being struck down

Oklahoma State basketball player shoves fan

A serious question about Bernie Sanders

Americans dismiss report of figure skating judging conspiracy

Does anyone have a cheat-sheet debunking moonlanding debunkers?

Mike Malloy - Racial Stereotypes In America

Mike Malloy - Filthy Republicans Did It Again

Is there any oversight of Hosts?

has anyone seen DU member leveymg lately?

These Are the 6 Openly Gay Athletes Competing at the Sochi Olympics

Police: Groping suspect is abortion clinic bomber

2 jump into Ark. river to avoid wreck; 1 missing

Those gosh darned pesty BIKE PATHS!!!!

Does anybody else use relaxation techniques to curb cravings?

Dunn Trial: Fiancee of accused killer is called to testify against him in court

Hey Kool-Aid! US bobsledder forced to smash thru Sochi bathroom door

Has a whole lot of the DU archive been purged from the WWW?

Putin has racist, who depicted Obamas as monkey with banana, light Olympic flame

Former CIA Head: Pollard Incarceration Is Anti-Semitism

Vulnerable Democrats try straddle on health law

See this thread: Has a whole lot of the DU archive been purged from the WWW?

5 most important progressive issues

Texas grand jury refuses murder indictment on man who killed deputy on no-knock raid

Boston-area student goes from ‘Make a Wish’ kid to knockout game suspect

DNA evidence frees two men after 21 years in Attica

WATCH: Settlers assault Israeli in West Bank, tell soldiers to shoot

olympics music. Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd

Medicare Is Paying Way Too Much For Penis Pumps

Pres Obama's Weekly Address: Expanding Opportunity for the American People

WH - West Wing Week 02/07/14 or "POTUS Cam!"

Walter Cottle Lester dies at 88; farmer held out as Silicon Valley grew

For your consideration....

AOL chief reverses changes to 401(k) policy after a week of bad publicity

Defense Corruption: So Many Bribes, a Greek Official Can’t Recall Them All (NYT)

Colorado CEO, under investigation, commits suicide with a nail gun

I'm done with Yahoo email.

US prison to charge inmates for food and medical care

Civilian Casualties In Afghanistan Rise, More Children Dying In Violence: Report

Harker Heights mayor resigns over tax debt

Alaska's GOP Governor Insists He Wasn't Threatening Community

David Dewhurst’s 2012 campaign still owes vendors more than $1 million

Do you love Obama enough to wear these?

it's another night of missing the nighthawks

Recall of nearly 9 million pounds of meat not fully inspected

Did my taxes today

Campaign for giraffe facing death at Copenhagen zoo Update:'Surplus' giraffe put down at Copenhagen

US charges LA County deputies with beating handcuffed inmate

NSA phone data collection far more limited than had been disclosed

Toon .. War on Pot Explained

How, indeed… With SCIENCE!

Pick a door!

Is Cheney stupid?

Republican Jesus Says...

Camila Vallejo: 'They tried to create caricatures of me'

Chomsky on Student Debt

Suit challenging Ariz. gov's Medicaid plan tossed

Among exile elite, a shift over Cuba-US policy

"Too Poor For Pop Culture"

For many, Puerto Rico retirement far from idyllic



Single Mother Fired for Staying Home With Her Son When Schools Closed for Subzero Weather

good Morning!

Here's Why Your Fried Chicken and Watermelon Lunch Is Racist

This Picture Speaks Volumes!

Christie's biggest supporter thought Prisoner #84888-054 Kerik would have been a great HS boss

Masuzoe projected to win Tokyo gubernatorial election in landslide

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Completely Different Cat Edition

Roommates. First off, let me say that I haven't had a roommate since

Earliest Human Footprints Outside Africa Found in Britain

What's the difference between jail and prison? I don't get it. nt

10 Right-Wing Psychopaths' Vitriol this Week—That Somehow Made Pat Robertson Look Reasonable

Ex-prison guard's Rastafarian beliefs lead to prison lawsuit

Man Fired After Employer Learns of Trespassing Misdemeanor 40 Years Ago

Crybabies of the 1 Percent: The Rich Complain While Getting Away With Everything

Hello! Fraud-Ridden Banks are Not Our Only Option

The Third Way is "concerned" about all this populist talk

High-Speed Trading Isn't About Efficiency—It's About Cheating

Capitalism's Crisis of Value and Imagination

Professor Richard Wolff: A Cure for Capitalism

History and Immigration Reform: The Tea Party Gets It Wrong Again - The US 'annexed' the SouthWest

Debian bumps stable to 7.4, drops seamonkey support

Sochi Games Expose Indian Corruption And Redemption

Ok, so when does the curling start?

The Hypocrisy of Human Rights Watch

AP findings on US military sex crimes in Japan

Property Taxes On Housing You Own (with a bank, of course) & Live In

What if Rove's permanent majority was supposed to be inside the

Met Office: Evidence 'suggests climate change link to storms'

Vitamin C keeps cancer at bay, US research suggests

A Mistake! NJ's Largest Newspaper....

Celebrity fight between rapper DMX, George Zimmerman called off

The Plight of the black athlete: Thug vs Immature

NY Daily News re: cuts in unemployment benefits and food stamps (pic heavy)

HKonJ: March on Raleigh

Flappy Bird creator says popular game will fly no more

No power for four days.

The Farm Bill Makes The Koch Brothers Richer While Destroying the Clean Water Act

Ted Cruz wins Maine county GOP prez straw poll - few votes for Christie

The Trillion Dollar Road to Armageddon

Farm Bill Makes Koch Bros. Billions

Confessions of a Pakistani Atheist

Michigan candidate wants gays purged from GOP

Something that just never happens in Texas.

Sean Hannity's NY Home Is For Sale

The Beatles on Ed Sullivan: a historical perspective. It was 50 years ago today

Sochi boasts religious accommodation for Jewish athletes

Oppressed Majority (possible trigger - warning)

Cardinal Schönborn: Pope Francis has already changed church

The ? America Should Be Asking --- Why Do Republicans Make Women Get Abortions?

Just posted in GD, but thought you all would like to see it as well.

Mike Malloy - Nye Vs. Ham: Science Vs. Idiocy

Dear DU, a simple request

Pope Francis faces church divided over doctrine, global poll of Catholics finds

Economy and Crime Spur New Puerto Rican Exodus

Squirrel hating is nuts.

Ever wake up on a Saturday and think it's Sunday...

True or False: Less Religion Means Greater Diversity?

"All students are not equal; some are more profitable than others"

A walk backwards through Beatles history: Free as a bird

Rand Paul: Texas Could Go Blue If GOP Doesn't Change

Iranian warships 'to sail close to US maritime border'

Ken Ham: The Making of An American Religious Huckster

O’Malley: Pope softens church tone, not stance

Fear And Loathing In America Of The Olympics

Dog In Snow Maze

Another 2016 Hopeful Bites the Dust as Scott Walker Appears to be Under Investigation

Does paying salesclerks well pay off?

Mike Malloy - Coca Cola Ad Controversy (must see Malloy in rage)

Keystone's Not a Joke and Exceptionalism is Over - The David Sparks Show Podcast

McDonald's opens first outlet in Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh

10 Year Old , Alex Pirvu, Makes Judges Cry. As He Sings, "My Way"

Can a third option be added to jury options?

Important symposium coming up on Privacy. by the CCLU - March 20 -21, 2014 . It is FREE!!!!

At last, They admit there are Tech era problems especially with minorities.

I need help/advice with an ACA question.

RUN - HIDE - FIGHT - LOCKDOWN: Thank you gun advocates for helping create this situation.

Weather this week for NE South Carolina

Mike Malloy . One Million Neonazi Moms (At the end, Mike starts whipping himself with a rope)

The wacky jet stream and how it affects the polar vortex

Blumenauer: Be Honest and Direct About Drugs

Debunking Fox Time and Again

I have nothing signifigant to say.

Brookdale Medical Center patient charged in brutal assault of nurse

Former Scott Walker aide refuses to sort through emails

Salon: Of course the NYPD is testing Google Glass

The "Disappearing" of the Unemployed Continues On The Sunday Political Shows

Tammy Duckworth nails a fraud to the wall

Ever come across a stray shopping cart out in the wild?

GOP Politician Proposes 4 Month Training Wage In Lieu Of Minimum Wage. WHAT GALL!

More snow coming today. 1 to 3 inches in Southern NY expected.

NJ Star-Ledger Regrets Endorsing Christie: 'We Blew This One'

40% Consumption Driven By Top 5% Supporting Recovery. So We Need To Give Them More Money.

New DNC video: Chris Christie's Look Back

there's no escape!!!!!

Walkergate: Meet The Does At The Cross Rhodes

20 in a row!

I outed my son

Swiss agree to curb immigration and rethink EU deal

Christian rivals find unity in Nativity church restoration

Christian rivals find unity in Nativity church restoration

Lord of the Rings and awesome!

FMLA is here to help and protect you

Elise Stefanik endorsed by NY-21 GOP brass

Bill de Blasio Praises Charlie Rangel Challenger

One of my cat's odd behavior (or is that an oxymoron?)

Catholics support Francis, but many split on teachings: poll

My Baby and AOL’s Bottom Line

I just don't see what Bernie Sanders accomplishes or how he helps us?

My Baby and AOL’s Bottom Line: "Some Asshole Got Cancer So You All Get A Wage Cut"

Mike Malloy - Republican Obamacare Alternative

Leonard Nimoy will be on Piers Morgan on Monday to talk about his smoking caused condition.

Welby backs Orthodox in fight over Hagia Sophia

Welby backs Orthodox in fight over Hagia Sophia

Somebody has to post it: Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles!

Exclusive: The miracle cure - scientists turn human skin into stem cells

Cute? Hardly. Beatles subverted the American way of life-Their Platform: "Joy/Excitement/Pleasure"

Does anybody know what this is?

A U.S. Team Chef Shows His Own Competitive Spirit in Sochi.

8 Viral Sochi Olympics Photos That Are Total Lies

Apollo Celebrates 80th Anniversary With Open House

Giuliani is Christie's strongest defender amid the GWB scandal!

Quick Question about where to report spoiled chicken from a grocery store

I have no emotional attachment to the Beatles...but here's a Beatles story anyway.

Racist Greg Abbott Compares S. Texas to a Third-World Nation, Proposes "Surge" of Police

Paying to stay in jail?

Snowden used common web crawler tool to collect NSA files

Sexual assaults by US military in Japan unlikely to end in prison

What the fuck Dartmouth asshole? ( NSFW)

pet squirrel hides nut in dog's fur

SAFE Act advocate busted for carrying a gun in school.

David Brooks makes a statement that should make every Republican very worried and scared (VIDEO)

"All Together Now": It’s time for President Obama to stand up to oil companies and just say no!

Just posted to Laura Igraham's Facebook page

Find something to be happy about today (Sunday February 9, 2014)

The Issue: Debt limit back in effect; House leaders float ideas

Torville and Dean ice dancing 1984 olympic champions

Tirgger happy police officers?

Sen Schumer set a nice trap to the Republicans about immigratin reform

Iran, UN agency agree to expand nuke probe

LOL!!! Candy Crowley et al: Sen Rand Paul Playing Smart Politics By Blaming Bill's Affair On Hillary

Creationists' Questions Explained...

The Affordable Care Act and Why Compromise with the Republicans is Counter Productive.

Woody ARRESTED. Booking Photo

U.S. FERC orders pipeline priority for propane not diluent(tar sand thinner)

You folks gave me the courage to enter a contest

You can never have enough warm socks –Tom McNamara The Guardian

Keurig coffee makers

Mike "The Mouthpiece" Has Gone Silent.....

"Help End Cruelty To Billionares" (send contributions to A.S.P.C.A.)

Endangered species list

The Fabulous Rollerskaters of 1970's Florida


Is Chuck Todd a well paid Kochsucker or merely an idiot?

Dignified Black People

Ukraine On Terror Alert Amid Explosion Threats

"Go Back To Africa" Twitter Rumor Becomes Marcus Smart Story Canon

Amid ethics investigation, Rep. Andrews is leaving the House next week

Dingo and Husky - pictures

If you're thinking we've made no progress....

In the Cruz family, Ted is the diplomatic one

Close Race for San Diego Mayor

North Carolina Regulators Shielded Duke's Coal Ash Pollution

Where tech buses roam, affluence follows

The American Kennel Club fights to keep puppy mills open. They breed at puppy mills

Medical marijuana gains traction in the Deep South

America Online CEO blames "distressed babies" for benefit cuts.

Kerry lets Europe play the boycott card with Israel

RIP Mr. Squirell

Olympics: Hand-picked golden girl Ashley Wagner finishes behind girl who fell.

Snowden Used Cheap, Readily Available 'Web Crawler' Software to Collect NSA Files

Mark "Coonrippy" Brown Campaign Speech 2014

Mark Kelly goes shooting after testifying on gun control

Dog Whistle Politics: How Politicians Use Coded Racism to Push Through Policies Hurting All

Fracking is a huge environmental and human threat. Why does Obama support it?

It's French, but I hope everyone saw this.

Do the rank-and-file have influence in their various religious doctrines? Is it a one way street?

"Lost Amid 'F*&k the EU' Controversy: The US Got NSA'd"

The New Chevy Ad That Will Make Conservatives Heads EXPLODE (VIDEO)

850,000-year-old footprints found on English beach

The Hurricane Bertie Stakes

Eerie, Wild Scenes Straight Out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales

The day we fight back internet protest..Feb 11

Obama pushing hard for job-killing, Constitution-undermining TPP

the devil

Its Senator Tammy Baldwin's Birthday this week!

James Bamford Says NSA "Exploiting" U.S. Citizens With Info About Their Online Porno Viewing Habits

Think YOU'RE having a bad day?

More Proof Of Government Snow - Thanks Obama®!!!

UK Met Office Lead Scientist - Extreme Storms hitting UK linked to climate change

Attempt To Ban Gay Marriage Fails In El Salvador

Gunmen kill 8 at religious gathering in Pakistan

Gunman kills two at cathedral in Russia

Christians Might Be Surprised to Find That Not God, But Men, Decided What They Would Believe

Emergency contraception supposed to be available to teens, but pharmacists telling them they're too

Mike Malloy - Right Wing Against Girl Scout Cookies

Mike Malloy - Mike Lashes Out At Beck & Breitbart (maximum rage and strong language)

Mike Malloy - The Gap Between The Ultra Wealthy And Us - Introduction

Mike Malloy - The Gap Between The Ultra Wealthy And Us - Statistics

Thousands of Barclays customer files stolen and sold to scammers – report

Columbia University Study: Fatal Car Crashes Involving Marijuana Have Tripled (since 1999) -

Woman Breast feeds Puppy To Save Its Life

Internet pranksters get even with anti-gay, racist restaurant owner

I'm out of captions

"I'm the one willing to take it to Hillary and Bill"

This is Sarah. She was my friend and a victim of gun violence this past week along

Biblically Correct- Ted's father says

Another week of gales and floods in England

Marius (a healthy male giraffe) killed at Copenhagen Zoo and fed to lions in view of children

Rand(aqua buddha)Paul, George Pee Bush talk Hispanic outreach!

Hope for Paws' Eldad rescues a Israel

Witnessed a serious Republican meltdown in my family...

Toon: I can't think of one....

Imaginary Gay Agenda Church

the brat

Swiss immigration: 50.3% back quotas, final results show

Kitteh waitin' on the vet. Needs a hug!

Ashley Wagner's "Bullshit" Face Moment

US retailer 'wins' Sweden sexist of the year title

(CO) Lawmakers Try To Toughen DUI Laws (3 dui's in 7 years = felony)

Prince Charles and Prince William PSA on illegal wildlife trafficking.

Mike Malloy - The Gap Between The Ultra Wealthy And Us - Conclusions

Mike Malloy - Why There's No Outcry

US easing immigration rule for terrorist support


Swiss immigration: 50.3% back quotas, final results show

Tennessee teachers push back on evaluation process

February 9, 1854

Doctors Charged in Drug Scheme at Clinic Controlled by Traffickers, Authorities Say

NBC's strangle hold on Olympic video coverage is total bullshit.

Hundreds remember Trayvon Martin

Fried Chicken Is Soul Food & Should Be Honored And Embraced As Such

Group says PA arrested dozens of its members over Abbas criticism

Promo for the Sochi Paralympics broadcaster in the UK (Channel 4): 'Gay Mountain'

My feeling sad, feeling blue thread

Sharing my process and (some) of my many, many mistakes.

Jackpine Update # 2

Kids Read To Sheltered Cats And Everyone’s Heart Collectively Melts

Does it make any sense that a big ISP company (TW Roadrunner) has the world's slowest website?

Merck to Dole Out $100 Million in NuvaRing Settlement

Capitalism Fatigue

Fifty years ago tonight, and I'll be in front of a TV again tonight

School Apologizes for Screening Slavery Satire

Netanyahu Convenes Ministers To Discuss Growing Israel Economic Boycott Threats

Why is the Postal Service seeking "small arms ammunition" proposals?

What do you think about the Technological Singularity? (and the movie "Her")?

Just saw Nebraska

A Renewed Discourse on Inequality

Forty Koch Brothers Donors Exposed After Document Left at Hotel by Mistake Is Leaked

Hardline Israeli Attacks on John Kerry Find Public Favor(with israelis), Surveys Show

Hilarious "Zombie Facts" re: marijuana

headset microphone problem - desktop vs laptop

Training to ride the TransAm from Yorktown, Va to Florence, Oregon

Why are all players told not to respond to fans?

The Illusion of AIPAC's Invincibility

The Walking Dead 4.9 "After" (spoiler alert)

The problem with fracking

US Blames China For Rising Tensions In South China Sea

Eyeing 2016 Campaign, Liberals Are Watching Hillary Clinton For Signs On How She Might Govern

My Baby and AOL’s Bottom Line

U.S. nabs 1st gold, choice for torch lighting questioned

The MASSIVE Progressive Protest You Didn’t Hear About This Weekend

Oh shite - major storms in the West

****WCGreen Update --Sunday February 9, 2014****

Marcus Smart, the OK State player who hit a fan, has been suspended for 3 games.

Rand Paul: Texas Could Go Blue If GOP Doesn't Change

NJ Star-Ledger Regrets Endorsing Christie: 'We Blew This One'

Debate: Are Maryland Schools Ready for the Common Core Standards

How does one start a national petition? I would like to

Here is a YouTube video of Marcus Smart and the fan. Did he say 'Piece of crap.'

VOICE outrage at the KILLING of Marius at Copenhagen Zoo

Ex-Gen. David Petraeus says Hillary Clinton would ‘make a tremendous President’

US embassy warns citizens about flying on Caribbean Airlines from Guyana Monday to Wednesday

Pure American? No, I think not.

This planet does not need more "successful" people.

Still dangerous after 30 years - Uranium particles from DU weapons