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Archives: March 12, 2014

Smoking is a terrible addiction.

Will the national Dem Party please realize that FL has the weakest state party in America?

Jolly captures District 13 Congressional seat

Republican Party ups investment in Colorado

Is the missing aircraft on land

Regarding Florida: Isn't this same Congressional seat up again in November? Will Sink run again?

Help scour the seas around malaysia at

"No, good lawyer..."

What cat said!

Has vaping/e-cig been useful to you being cigarette-free?

Oh this is getting good! Crazy teabaggers trying to get establishment Republican to withdraw

Is your mortgage servicer Green Tree or Nationstar??

Post your best diabetic recipes!

Yeah Anderson, how DARE anyone come up with his or her own theory?

Concentrate on November!

Delivery of Pizza/Chinese and Taxi drivers have to start updating their resume.

Second Kiss

Search area for MH370 at the moment, 3-11-2014

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The 1 Weirdest Thing You Never Knew About Your Home State

Edward Snowden talks during a simulcast conversation during the SXSW Interactive Festival

A hawk "flying" between two close trees...

Fracking and earthquakes

Pharmacists accused in HIV medication scam

Massive fire near UC, San Francisco

I am a delegate to the District and State. I am volunteering to be on the platform committee

This Beautiful Ad, Featuring a Gay Couple and Their Children, Is Stunningly Moving

*~*~* Winter Storm Discussion Thread *~*~*

ACLU: Sen. Feinstein Accuses CIA of Attempting to Undermine Torture Investigation

Life imitates art? "Lost"

Kevin Swanson, right-wing radio idiot: movie "Frozen" plot to make kids gay

Neil DeGrasse Tyson: 'Enlightened Religious People Don't Use The Bible As A Textbook'

Cynthia Lynn Dead -- One of the Last Surviving 'Hogan's Heroes' Star Dies

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Gone Bananas & a new Kitteh gif

Budget airline under fire over flight attendants' short skirts

Record 10.7 Billion Trips Taken On U.S. Public Transportation In 2013

Like 2010 DEMOCRATS are to ENTIRELY TO BLAME ! Too many REFUSED TO VOTE in FL ! Sickening !

San Francisco Firefighters Battling 6-Alarm Blaze

Abbott, Davis spar over equal pay bill, law firm

San Jose Police Officer Charged with Rape of Hotel Maid

If the CIA had a weapon that would make citizens invisible?

New search zone for MH 370 is "size of the Caribbean..."

International Experts Tell Senators That Single-Payer Improves National Health at Less Cost

TEA report questions Beaumont ISD's employment of Calvin Walker

Hospital notifies thousands of possible blood contamination

Constructive ways to combat 2nd hand smoke?

nancy grace is out of her fucking mind

ok, i am not a beggar. but i think this is something that anyone can support.

Pauline Marois may have just made Justin Trudeau Prime Minister. By tacking

Teamsters Back School Bus Drivers in Fight Against ‘Rampant’ Wage Theft

Company: Ailing 7-year-old will get drug as part of study

Impeach the guy

Pres. Obama’s Budget Puts Working Families And Education First

U.S. Senate All Night Climate Change Debate

Prepare for heads to explode in right-wing world: Boondocks creator to produce Black Jesus sitcom

Dumb Criminals: Florida Thief Steals Wallet, Eats Cash On Way To Bank

Activists Fight To Keep Control Of Lower East Side Community Garden

Isn't this CIA Director a fucking republican?

More Americans report being hurt by health care law than helped (have @ it)

Abby "Breaks the Set":NAFTA after 20 Yrs,Protesting Condoleezza Rice, & Amber Lyon on Media Censure

New law against smoking near your pet

Oh, Pooh!

Proper pronunciation of "Malacca"?

Europe wants its Parmesan back, seeks name change (trade talks)

WEED 2 on CNN right now!!!

Follow-up story: A tale of trust betrayed at landmark Corsicana Bakery ($17M Embezzlement Case)

Hey Opera/Tenor/Classical type buffs.

Malaysia misled search allies over MH370 crash search

US employers posted more open jobs in January

Navy ship almost hits gray whales off Dana Point

The Senate and the CIA at War

e-cig vaping mom breast feeding at olive garden circumcises her baby.

Wingnuts are gullible! How GOP’s bubble of ignorance keeps leading to humiliation

Emerging political consciousness, what a difference 4 years can make

Study: Middle-Class Women More Likely To Drink During Pregnancy

Jonathan Martin traded to the 49ers

Gwar covers Kansas

Eliminate the Impossible.

Women go missing looking for open McDonald's

Venezuela Goes Mad

Obamacare Enrollment Climbs, Misses Expectations

This place is dead! So I dedicate this song to trumad. >>

Man accused of making Elmore Co. women uncomfortable talks with police

IMO, it's time to start promoting Chelsea Clinton age candidates and start moving on.

Email the FL Dem Party at and ask them WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED??

Raise The Minimum Wage

I don't feel like hurtin' anybody.

Ricky Gervais on Same Sex Marriage

Email FL Dem Party at and tell them off in a BIG way !

The Annual Guinea Pig Festival in Peru ***WARNING*** Could be offensive to some!

Reuters is reporting that the Malaysian military is denying they said/saw anything

my post number doesn't move..its been stuck like that for years with a few exceptions

"A New Report Shows How Young Liberals Own the Future of American Politics"

I saw two celebrities in two days in NYC

Why are we re-litigating the civil war?

Voter Turnout for the Florida Congressional Race was 39.43%

What the hell is wrong with people?

Remember Jeff Gannon?

"Zach Galifianakis is now’s biggest traffic driver"

Very handy if you are hiking .... LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Republican Rep. Randy Weber Blasts Obama Healthcare Video, Says He Should Focus on Benghazi Instead

Spoof of Cadillac ELR commercial

Activists Plan to Carry Guns on Sixth Street During SXSW Wednesday

Uh-Oh. Mike Huckabee Is Talking About Women Again.

Judge Napolitano is full of it

Why I'm an environmentalist

Texas Tea Party Taking Power Back From Conservative Business Groups

BANG! Rachel Maddow covers the CIA debacle. Feinstein's speech.

I Wish I Had A Governor Like This.

I hate food commercials late at night when I am hungry.

Has anyone seen this? : Leopard Seal Tries to Feed Photographer

Ronan Farrow: Awesome on Twitter, Awful on Television

Malaysia air force denies tracking missing jet to Strait of Malacca

Strangers kissing for the first time

Legal expert: AL judge likely to deny same-sex divorce request

Digital humans

Appropo of nothing, did you ever have an 'aha' moment of your own

The giant doughnuts that could help a Mars landing (BBC)

Oh Yeah !!!

The return of the Passenger Pigeon ... and the Mammoth ? (NYT Magazine)

Crap! Four out of five top U.S. douchebag cities are in Texas.

GOP Emphasis On Obamacare Helps David Jolly Win House Seat In Florida

Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park evacuated Tuesday evening

If the President is to retain ANY credibility in light of the CIA revelations . . .

Ukraine Jewish leaders to Putin: No anti-Semitism, please leave

cat traps family in a room.

The thing about the missing plane that bothers me the most is the possibility that...

A new interest in Rahm Emanuel for 2016

NYT (Breaking) Snowden Docs: "Raw Take," Rampant Sharing of Domestic, "Unminimized" Wiretap Content

Big favor to ask - Can anyone help me relocate a certain Democratic logo I liked

So sorry I missed Ed Schultz's coverage of Eva Moskowitz charters...with Diane Ravitch.

It gets Malaysia says they have no idea which direction jet was headed

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton On Medical Marijuana: Spark It Up

President Obama Stops By Zach Galafinakis' "Between Two Ferns"

The 10 funniest moments from Obama's "Between Two Ferns" appearance

March 12, 2014: It Is Now One Year After DNI Clapper Lied to Congress...

Can anyone point me in the direction of some good books on feminist love?

War Workers: Vulnerable Foreign Laborers Swindled & Exploited to Toil on U.S. Bases in Afghanistan

Debate: Do Venezuelan Protests Reflect Popular Discontent, or the Old Qualms of a Divided Elite?

Menlo Park: Police sound all-clear after Facebook evacuation Tuesday night

An observation about the infamous 6/7 jury poll

Does anyone know when the world changing

Several FDA-Approved Anti-Cancer Drugs Induce Stem Cell Tumors, Perhaps Thwarting Therapy

Aqib Talib agrees to deal with Denver Broncos

CIA lawyer at center of computer snooping clash

Israel court rules settler ownership of West Bank building

Your hot selfie reveals all, Mark Morford

Happy 25th Anniversary to the World Wide Web

Jeremy Irons as Pope Alexander learns to smoke "turds"

Crimea: Putin vs. Reality

Israeli leaders face great danger: a peace settlement

There, there. It's alright...

Get on the bus...

3 Things That Make Libertarian Heads Explode

Daylight Saving Time: More Trouble Than It's Worth?

Neil deGrasse Tyson Tells Bill Moyers Why Faith and Reason are Irreconcilable

New Children's Book Illustrates The Influential Women Who Helped Found Our Nation

Court orders Colombia military to end illegal recruitment of soldiers

California Gov. Jerry Brown Faces Protests Over Fracking as Epic Drought Looms

Venezuela massacre victims likely killed by Colombian neo-paramilitaries: Official

Venezuela massacre victims likely killed by Colombian neo-paramilitaries: Official

This is so cool, LOOK what Art sent me!!

The CIA's Dark Shadow in America

Colombia to explore new options for oil pipeline from Venezuela to the Pacific

Public Transportation Trends Expose Ecological, Economic and Social Crossroads

Hey Joe Scum what do you think about Christie using 9/11 debris


9,000-year-old artifact wand carved with human faces discovered

When will America be ready to elect a progressive president running on a progressive agenda?

Maybe there's no wind Down South?

Yeah, there's no point in guessing...

The Christmas Lord

The Feinstein Syndrome: “The Fourth Amendment for Me, But Not for Thee”

Understanding the Propaganda Campaign Against Public Education by Diane Ravitch

The Decline of the American War Hawk

Canada offers tax breaks to promote moose sex

Prince Charles letters: attorney general acted unlawfully, say senior judges

Do we have to suffer another Hoover type 4 yrs before we flush this flat earth plague

My Life as a Retail Worker: Nasty, Brutish, and Poor

Gun and grenade feud kills 14, mostly women and children, in Pakistan's Karachi

Queen with Adam Lambert - no, No, NO and....

As Though Iraq Never Happened The short memory of Condoleezza Rice


Yes, Feinstein's a hypocrite, BUT . . .

What do you think? Natural or Not?/ Megaliths in Russia

How Social Security Was Saved (hint... progressives did it)

need ebay help !

Obama’s NSA nominee defends mass collection of Americans’ telephone metadata

Money, Not Obamacare, Gave the GOP Its Florida Win

Oh no...NEWSMAX starting 24hr news channel

dang! I've somehow hidden my toolbar and URL bar on my pc! help me, techies!

When it is Feinstein being Spied on, Suddenly she Squawks

Skull fragments reveal new ancient crocodile species

Libya’s Parliament dumps PM Zeidan, Elects al-Thinni, over Oil Tanker Crisis

The trouble is...

Have any of the Russian troops in the Ukraine shot anyone yet?

Did Russ Feingold Just End a War?

Welcome to Daylight Saving Time, a.k.a. Nighttime Stealing Time

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web, calls for a universal online bill of rights

Watch this drone stun a man

Not in America

The Evolution of the Butterfly

Asia's long history of carnage in the air

‘No compromise’ gun groups shoot themselves in the foot

Russian Companies Say Moscow Stopped Urging Them to Invest in the North Caucasus

Obama Will Seek Broad Expansion of Overtime Pay

The new Great (Threat) Game in Eurasia

An Unrestrained Walker Spots State's Most-Pressing Issue - - Re-Election

Petition: Let's Try To Break-up This GOP/RW DEM Collaboration....

The NRA is Now Fighting Against Elephants

Obama Will Seek Broad Expansion of Overtime Pay

Newtown cyclists say gun control campaign now a movement

When it comes to voting re: religious issues, is there a large gap between DU Believers and Atheists

Game of Throne Photo shoot by Annie Leibovitz. (Shows the Khaleesi and Jon Snow side by side)

GOP Lawmaker Posts 'Battered Women' Joke: 'I Still Eat Mine Plain'

Disaster Militarism: Rethinking U.S. Relief in the Asia-Pacific

Here's a thread for my Gov: Pat Quinn, the most women and...

Not The Onion - Bachmann to promote free market at Oxford

How Ann Coulter is helping the GOP destroy its White House dreams (LAT)

Perfect oven-roasted chicken

Gun violence discussed in social change lecture series

Gun violence discussed in social change lecture series

Snowden Leak: NSA Sees Erosion of Privacy Laws as Progress

Tomasky: Despite Their Loss In Florida’s Special Election, Democrats Shouldn’t Panic Over November

Branford cop caught in firestorm for gun-related Facebook exchange

Ken Cuccinelli Needs Your Advice: Should He Appear on The Daily Show?

Judge Napolitano should be fired

Yes to a Europe-US Treaty, but Not at Any Cost

To the Lazy Lefties and Slothful Centrists: F*** all y’all.

Is this a crazy idea: Sell fresh vegetables at "Dollar" stores (?) in $1 portions

Obama's new rule would make it harder for employers to deny you overtime

NJ is building commuter rail towards NE PA, but PA is doing nothing

Which Is It? Two Polls, Two Very Different Approval Ratings For Obama

Study: Nuclear Reactors Are Toxic to Surrounding Areas, Especially With Age

Can Rand Paul Make It Rain?

Despite Their Loss In Florida’s Special Election, Democrats Shouldn’t Panic Over November

If Lincoln saw what's been done to his party, by people like Bill O'Reilly, he'd never stop crying

Dahr Jamail | New Mexico: Where Polluting Groundwater Is Legal

This is the problem with this country.

(Aussie Style Attack) The nature of work will be transformed once workers relinquish penalty rates.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- Spying on the Senate

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Rights

Fox News tried to tear my family apart: How they failed to incite my father

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- repubs

'ol chuck toad is bleating 'bad news for democrats' re: jolly 'victory'

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4 - The Rest

UK TV Show "The Sex Box"

GOP peddles snake oil about Florida election: Lessons from last night’s race

Thank President Obama for protecting Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands!

Klitschko Interview: 'I'd Also Shake Hands with Devil To Save Lives'

Gurlitt Fallout: New Yorker Fights to Regain Family Heirloom

3 Yrs After Elwha Dam Removals, Beaches & Coastline Rebuilding, Life Rebounding

Louisiana man walks free after three decades on death row

New Internet for NC

Watch out, “Cosmos”! The Holy Inquisition is not happy with you

'Russians on Maidan' attempts to set record straight about Ukraine's revolution (VIDEO)

Experts: Keystone XL May Create Fewer Jobs Than Most Expect

Any update on the ADD/ADHD group?

Chris Christie’s nightmare worsens: Walls caving in amid new revelations and poll

NC Cuts Environmental Department Staff in Wake of Coal Ash Spill

Like it or not, organized religion still has a role to play in LGBT movements

3yr old - Puts forth his case...arguing with his mother!

The Financial Industry is Fighting Workplace Diversity

My local 'atheist church' is part of the long, inglorious march of gentrification

My laptop crashes and makes a weird noise.

Comcast Isn't Buying Congress. Comcast Already Bought Congress.

G7 leaders: No recognition of Crimea referendum

House OKs religious exemptions to having a healthcare plan

Senate bill proposes tough sanctions on Russia

Drug for dying child approved

Shaping young minds.

Documents Expose TAFTA's Toxic Agenda

Furious US homeowner releases footage of estate agents having sex at least 10 TIMES

'The Daily Show' Fact Checks Andrew Napolitano's Civil War Revisionism With A Game Show

Obama Will Give Workers A Boost By Making Sure More Earn Overtime Pay

MISSING MH370: Fishermen find life raft near PD

National Catholic Sisters Week celebrates the service of sisters

Dick Morris: The soul of the GOP

Explosion & building collapse @ 114th and park Ave n/t

Papantonio: Business and Politics Don’t Mix

In an online context, "conspiracy lust" is a lot like blood lust.

After nearly 30 years on death row, Glenn Ford is exonerated — and free

Here's candidates in eastern PA. races this year

How the NSA Plans to Infect ‘Millions’ of Computers with Malware (Snowden Docs)

God did this man a real Solid. The other 239 people? Meh.

Pick your favorite Gwyneth Paltrow Death Scene - WARNING: SPOILERS

Watching the Osaka Sumo Tournament right's something that might surprise you.

Father Of The World Wide Web Calls for Constitution to Address 'Insidious and Chilling Spying'

KY churches withhold $7 million from children’s home to force anti-gay policies

Religion Kills Yet Another Child

Forbidden Fruit

Drug company will give ailing 7-year-old medicine that could save him

No charges for Minnesota archbishop accused of grabbing boy’s buttocks

So, The plane headed for Indonesia and that country's name

Minorities in tech: A vastly under-tapped market

Oklahoma man arrested for mailing bomb to Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio

Hey weak kneed Democrats.The ACA is still up for grabs in November

Feeling despondent today then do something about it - Donate and/or Volunteer for a Progressive

Authorities respond to massive explosion in East Harlem

Democratic loss in Florida special election: omen for November?

Find something to be happy about today (Wednesday March 12, 2014)

Authorities respond to massive explosion in East Harlem

Breaking News CNN.

Worth getting irked?

At this point 16 wounded

Everyone Who Wants to Run in 2016 SHOULD Run in 2016.

How Anti-Gay Will Mississippi’s ‘New’ Religious Freedom Bill Be?

A Government That Is Up For Sale to The Highest Bidder

Religion as Carnival Game

Best description EVER of the Tea Party thanks to


Sanity Prevails...Rachel Canning Going Home...

Report on CIA Black Sites and Torture May Provoke a Constitutional Crisis

New York City rape-murder cannibal conspiracy trial headed to jury

Authorities respond to massive explosion in East Harlem

Climate change links vanish from DENR website

Secretary Kerry Makes Climate Change Top Priority...Some key actions to deliver on that policy

NJ teen Rachel Canning who sued parents goes home

VLT Spots Largest Yellow Hypergiant Star


A Visit to a High School Hog Butchering Day

What Democrats Should Learn from their Loss in Florida -Charles P. Pierce

The Web at 25 in the U.S.

Weekend heat wave coming...

The Salamander That Has Photosynthesis Happening Inside It


Seems to me that assuming an 8% rate on return on investments for the purposes of retirement, or,

Rockabilly? Big Band Swing? Both made a comeback thanks to one guy.

Borderline and monitoring the symptoms.

This Week in Delusional Conservatism: Paul Ryan Blames Poverty On Lazy ‘Inner City’ Men

Russia continues its relentless march to modernity: editor fired, staff allegedly quits

Plastics-estrogen-and Babies

Schumer: Army Corps of Engineers begins dredging Little Sodus Bay in Cayuga County

Deceased Non-Catholic having Catholic Funeral?

Hey, Democrats! This Election Will Make You Feel Less Sad About FL-13.

Want Equality In The Workplace? It's Time For Men To "Lean Out" - Bryce Covert Discusses

NC Environment Dept Removes Reports, Links On Climate Change From Website

O'Reilly Reacts To President Obama's Funny Or Die Interview: "Abe Lincoln Would Not Have Done It"

The Public Pope

2 deaths in the explosion in East Harlem.

Robert Parry: Reagan-Style Hypocrisy and the Ukraine Crisis

TYT: Anger Over Obama Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis

Sandusky's wife: Victims manipulated over money

Gaza Terrorists Shower Rockets on Southern Israel

TYT: CIA Spying On Congress Sparks Outrage But...

In light of the Florida election in the 13th

Dianne Feinstein's statement on the CIA

Developing: Two NYC Buildings Collapse After Possible Explosion

I'm wondering if this person is for real: Why You Shouldn’t Tip (At All)

Gaza fires rockets on Southern Israel

TYT: Shocking 9/11 Chris Christie Scandal

The Sink Loss in Florida Tells Us One Thing

I've come to haunt your dreams

Have Faith: Facebook’s ‘No Religion Campaign’ On March 20 Isn’t Real [Hoaxed]

The NSA reportedly poses as Facebook to spread malware

NC Env Agency (GOP-controlled) deletes climate change reports from web site

So while many folks here are arguing about Hillary/Bernie/Warren 2016....

Paul Ryan's CPAC Speech Copied Plot from a Book

There Was A Spider

'Candy Crush' maker sees up to $7.6 billion IPO valuation

Full Frontal Honesty

George Zimmerman Autographs Old Pics of Himself at FL Gun Show

TYT: Nancy Grace Sued - Do The Plaintiffs Have A Point?

U.S. negotiators need to close the TPP before detractors and competitors bury it.

IATA warns that some airliners could stop flying to Venezuela

Sunrise, approaching

Why Won’t Senator Feinstein Call Torture Torture?

Vets, is a non-vet wearing a piece of military garb offensive?

Pic Of The Moment: Can Chris Christie Get Any Lower?

TYT: Why Is Bill O'Reilly Ripping This Beyonce Video?

Who's filling on Stephanie Miller show?

"Dumb fucking Racist" is not really a Healthcare Policy Credential

In narrow vote, Senate backs ending early voting on weekends (WIS)

G.O.P. Race Turns Ugly as Paul Head-butts Cruz - Andy Borowitz was watching

Palo Alto man convicted of mayhem for biting off man's ear

Malaysia Airlines MH370: is military secrecy hampering the search?

Dem Campaign Chair Hasn't Heard Back From Alex Sink About Running In November

Cuomo: 1st $11M payment made in Oneida Nation deal

$14 for a movie ticket? really?

Venezuela Rising: Dispatch Six

The NY explosion at 116th and Park Avenue was apparently gas.

2 dead in New York City explosion, building collapse

Kos on FL. special election: We don't turn out we don't win bottom line

Oliver North: Nobody important died in Iran-Contra, therefore... BENGHAZI! (Not the Onion)

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Six) (oh, and Fuck Russia)

Voting rights

Thom Hartmann: Who's Reading Your Emails Now?

Oly does it again . . .

Paul Ryan Blames Poverty On Lazy ‘Inner City’ Men

Did the CIA Chief Just Dare Obama to Fire Him?

Paul Ryan cites ‘white nationalist’ to blame poverty on lazy men in ‘inner cities’

NJ court ruling blocking newborn's dad from delivery room is first in nation

City's infrastructure repair pegged at $47B

Sandusky's wife: Victims manipulated over money

Louie Gohmert on life expectancy: ‘You die earlier’ with socialist presidents and Obamacare

Did I just hear Chuckie Todd say:

Q about discrimination and "sincerely held religious belief"

U.S. Senate Confirms Wall Street Critic as Treasury No. 2.

Kerry Plans 11th-Hour Meeting With Russians Over Crimea

Public Health Groups Urge Philip Morris to End Marlboro Global Ad Campaign Targeting Youth

The Duel: Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot

"To Understand What's Really Happening in Ukraine, Follow the Gas Lines on This Map"

A caller from Florida called into Big Ed's show and said Alex Sinks position on the ACA was

Yup, Christie again. NJ shuts down Tesla showrooms.

World War One Explained as a Bar Fight

Jobseekers: Denver's First Cannabis Job Fair March 13th

NYT: How Democrats Can Compete for the White Working Class

R.I.P., Shatner's Twitter account ***(UPDATE: changed his mind already, he's back)

The Rude Pundit: Some Questions for Senator Dianne Feinstein

Strangers doing improbable personal things together on videos

Low-wage workers struggle to find middle-pay jobs

Happy Birthday, Mr. Internet

Thought this post was going to be funny?

Americans Split on Obama as 69% Back Minimum Wage Hike

Elephant smashes house, then saves crying baby

DEVELOPING: Oil Rig Worker Claims He Saw #MH370 Go Down In Flames, Gives Location

Guess what I got today?

MSNBC can go to hell.

Israel Lawmakers Vote 67-1 To End Blanket Ultra-Orthodox Draft Exemption

Watching Ronan Farrow on MSNBC is like watching a snarky frat boy deliver the news.

I’m not as young as I used to be, and standing in one place for any length of time makes my legs

Did Alex Sink run on austerity and cutting SS in Florida?

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ March 12th

Cash Abroad Rises $206 Billion as Apple to IBM Avoid Tax

Oh boy grab the tissues for this one (but you REALLY have to see it!)

New Data Show Obamacare Gaining Traction

Titans In Russia Fear New Front In Ukraine Crisis

Bartcop's link, from his website

No, the Florida special election is not a referendum on Obamacare

The concise history of black-white relations in the U.S.A.

If WWII Was a Online RTS (Real Time Strategy Game)

Obama Spends Afternoon In Garage Restoring Classic Drone

food rave of the day (3/12): beans

There are two sides to every story...

OKC Fox affiliate "accidentally" cuts human evolution from Cosmos

And then, there's this...

Crimea Vote Doesn't Offer 'No' Option For Joining Russia

California electric grid sets solar generation record

Controversial Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer won'd seek third term

THis is why the Dems will lose in 14.

Want to win in 2014 -Simple Dems - get those ads going showing people

Have pro-Putin progressives forgotten gay rights or Pussy Riot?

Voters Bill Of Rights’ Gets One Step Closer To Ohio Ballot

Try It Out!

I just finished carving up my deal from the store.

Progressive groups win one for the people: How Social Security was Saved.

Wait. Is this real?

Ruppersberger proposes replacing NSA bulk data collection with phone company alerts

Democrats---dismount your donkey!

Who Remembers This Shameful Chapter?

Cash Abroad Rises $206 Billion as Apple to IBM Avoid Tax

2014 National Summit - Reassessing US Israel special relationship - YouTube

Use of H-1B alternative skyrockets

Bill Clinton campaigns for Chelsea's mother-in-law

Okla. 2-year-Old Dies After Accidentally Shooting Himself

U.N. Releases Drone Report

Another right-wing lie proven to be false....

Stock Market Surge Bypasses Most Americans, Poll Shows

Ted Cruz says Barack Obama is first president 'who thinks he can choose which laws to enforce and wh

Search dog's final mission

the *third* amendment deals with the *quartering* of soldiers

Now THIS is a reality show I would watch. Would you?

A World Without WWI, Featuring Health-Nut Hitler

POLL: Where do you stand on PUTIN and SNOWDEN?

You Are the Straw That Stirs The Drink

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer won't seek reelection

NYT: Young Republicans Find Fault With Elders on List of Social Issues

'Pot Pizza' Puts Grandma And Boy In Hospital

The tools it takes... Battle Ground Texas

GAO says border technology plan may be $700-million waste

weird(ish) cat question...

New group proposal: Progressives For Putin

Oliver North always was a (bleep)-ing liar, and he has gotten worse.

Herbalife facing FTC inquiry; shares plunge

If religious people like GOSPEL music,

Uribe should testify over DAS wiretapping scandal: state attorney

Anyone else have a cat that does this?

ROFLMAO Moscow or Bust

Involved since 2001, Canada wraps up its mission in Afghanistan

Hmmm... Is Somalia hijacking planes now?

The Dems Official Excuse For Losing Last Night

AL judge dismisses same-sex couple's divorce petition

The Media Gets It Wrong: Obamacare Didn’t Cost Alex Sink the Florida Special Election

Rare redwood faces chopping block in California

State senator charged with theft for throwing herself birthday parties on taxpayer's dime

Arrest warrant, 10 years jail for former Senate director over corruption

Bad news: I Googled "Democratic Party National Platform 2014".

Frozen lambasted as pro-gay propaganda by Christian pastor

Recently declassified Pentagon document reveals how euphemisms sugar coat Dept of Defence's actions

Halp! Halp us escape!

The puppies Gus Kenworthy adopted from Sochi are on their way to America

Update for those paying attn to my plight: Dad is sitting up right fucking now.

TYT: Disney's New Boy Scout Policy Causes Conservative Freak Out

Ohio’s Kasich Says He’s ‘Not Interested’ In Run For White House

Greetings, all!

The Stoners will save Florida this November

Gloomier economy won't curb Chile reform plans: Bachelet

Bacon, pork chop prices could rise 25 percent as virus kills pigs

Navy disqualifies 151 sailors after sex assault review

FL teacher who routinely tweets ‘OBAMA IS A P*SSY’ upset at exclusion from Obama event

Apparently "Nom nom nom" is the same in English and Russian.

Last words from missing plane's cockpit revealed

The Appalachia Group is now up and running

Disturbing Trend: The Rise of Luxury Gun Clubs

Did a 2 mile run outside &...

Follow The Frog

48-hour wait for abortion closer to being Ala. law

Cartoon: USA vs the NSA

Down memory lane with Tom Tomorrow

Israel launches artillery strikes after dozens of rockets from Gaza

Another student killed by chavista paramilitaries

The perfect Republican 2016 candidate

I am, metaphorically, Adam Lanza’s sister.

Mountaintop Removal

Big fine imposed on ex-Goldman trader Tourre in SEC case

As Abortion Clinics Close, Student Creates Travel Fund

Thom Hartmann: Senator Dianne Feinstein & our out of control surveillance state

Thom Hartmann: Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster

Black Man Sentenced To Death By All-White Jury Freed After 30 Years

El Salvador presidential runner-up wants vote annulled

UPDATE: Brother of Slain Honduran Journalist Threatened After Demanding Justice

Honor student who sued parents returns home

Ben Carson doubles down on the USA = Nazi Germany meme

How will students pay for soaring debt? Tax the rich, Senator Warren says

The right's poverty plan: shame poor kids and the vaginas that birthed them

Honduras: Indigenous Tolupanes Return to Their Territory With IACHR Orders of Protection

Papantonio: Who Is Barack Obama?

Teacher-Whistleblower Portelos JAILED for..... wait for it....... BLOG POST.

Five Palestinians killed in 14 months when soldiers in ambush used lethal force

I checked out my FB page and saw a notice from the local American Legion Post in my

Not Only Do Dems Need To Energize Their Base To Come Out And Vote In November But.....

BBC have just broadcast this satellite image which Chinese officials believe could be wreckage

REPORT: China Has Satellite Images Of What May Be The Missing Plane

Harkening Back to Dark Days in Haiti

Wall Street average bonus rose 15% in 2013 (BBC)

Dean was right. Eskow was right. Dance with the ones who brought you to the dance.

being pro-choice doesn't mean men are respectful of women's bodies, autonomy

These 9 Maps Should Absolutely Outrage Southerners

US corporations have $2 TRILLION sheltered in offshore tax havens

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer announces she will not run for re-election

This puts to rest any doubt Christie is in Koch/Big Oil Pockets - As He Blocks Tesla Sales In NJ

World Bank facing renewed pressure over loan to Honduran palm oil firm

Slash up this page

Jet Li's stunt double on MH370

Charles Pierce's Take On The FL Results: "Run as Democrats-They're going to make you do it anyway."

Join the online search for the missing airplane

The Democratic Party Dilemma Over Obamacare...

US to stand by Ukraine on Crimea annexation

Why America overpays for bridges, highways, transit, and other transportation infrastructure

Troubled waters: Nuclear radiation found in B.C. may pose health concerns

When Harry Met Sally' Deli -- Sues To Stop Knock-Off Orgasms

MUST READ -Now we see what was really at stake in the miners' strike

The Two-Thousand-Year Old Computer

A Chinese satellite may have found debris of Malaysian Airline - CNN Breaking News email

If you want to know what's wrong with the national Democratic Party

Lesbian judicial nominee confirmed to fed’l court in Michigan

I Agree With Ed Schultz - A Dem Running On Fixing ACA Is Sending The Wrong Message.....

Matt Damon channels Howard Zinn

GM Criminal Probe of Recalls Complicates Barra Turnaround

Deep Earth has oceans' worth of water, $10 diamond reveals

Midweek Blues Break: Albert Collins - If Trouble Was Money

UK: First same-sex couples to become legally married tonight!

College Grads Taking Low-Wage Jobs Displace Less Educated

Just got an email from the Wisconsin AFL-CIO

Allowance race at Gulfstream with a couple of Derby prospects

Highest Minimum-Wage State Washington Beats U.S. in Job Creation

Elon Musk's SolarCity and Best Buy to sell low-cost solar power systems

Video: settler tries to take down Palestinian flag from roof of Hebron man;

Man & Woman Sleeping In Dumpster Tossed In Spokane Garbage Truck

Issa slams Lois Lerner in report on IRS targeting

It's official, Hollywood has exhausted its supply of Native American actresses...

Your Job Taught to Machines Puts Half U.S. Work at Risk

'Fat Gene' Discovery Could Help Fight Flab

A tribute to Bob Crow

Ammunition Curbs in California City Allowed by High Court

The 17 Equations That Changed The Course Of History

Just got polled on the Grimm/Recchia race.

GOP Rep. Refuses To Apologize For Disgusting Joke About Women And Domestic Violence

The Next Bernie? McClatchey Profile of David Zuckerman, Organic Farmer & Politician

Looking back at the Confederate Constitution

BOOM: Obama to issue executive order expanding overtime pay, increasing pay for millions of workers

'Pawn Stars' Shop May Have Melted Stolen $50,000 Coin Collection

The Ukraine Crisis Is Bolstering America's Oil And Gas Boom

"Spinning Ukraine" with Pepe Escobar, Ann Lee (China View) & Martin McCauley (3/12)

Chris Hayes: Why Has Obama Done Nothing About CIA’s Bush-Era ‘Crimes?’

Ok, Let's Write a Party Platform

DeMarcus Ware signs deal with Broncos

Money, not votes, opens doors to Colombia’s Congress

Hey, Vladimir

THREE things if we want to WIN in 2014 ...

A Coup in Venezuela Means Another Victory For Corruption

US judge dismisses charges in Indian diplomat case

A Coup in Venezuela Means Another Victory For Corruption

First Lady Chirlane McCray Opens Domestic Violence Help Center In Manhattan

Russian News Editor Timchenko Fired in Ukraine Row

China may (or may not) have found that Plane (w/ pictures)

Dem Rep.: I've 'Probably' Supported George Bush More Than Obama

NY Controller: Average Securities Industry Bonus Topped $164K In 2013: Highest Since '08

Top Obama Aide, Lawyer Met With Feinstein

"The Wolves of Psycho Street: America's Economic Enslavement by the Psychopathic Corporate Elite"

Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia watch the most gay porn

Pig Boy admits GOP Won’t Cooperate with Obama Because He’s Black (Video Link)

Kevin Bacon explains the 1980s to millennials

Boston gay veterans continue to be banned from marching in St Patrick’s Day parade

Remarks by President Obama and Ukraine Prime Minister Yatsenyuk after bilateral meeting

Tea Party Moron Paul Ryan: Lazy Black Men Cause Poverty (Audio)

America’s Unceasing Contempt for Venezuela

Study: Hollywood is still very much a man's world

TYT: Arm Thy Neighbor | Guns For Jesus - What Could Go Wrong?

"Austin Ruse Says Left-Wing University Professors 'Should All Be Taken Out And Shot'"

America’s Unceasing Contempt for Venezuela

Interesting piece regarding Mel Gibson.

Israel’s Liberman Demands Occupation of Gaza After Rocket Fire

Ukraine accuses Russia of full-scale invasion after it 'sent thousands of troops to the border'

AP: Low-wage jobs unexpectedly a way of life for many

As the Web Turns 25, Its Creator Talks About Its Future

Young Pakistanis Are Asking: If There Can Be Secular Jews, Why Not Atheist Muslims?

You buy a hat you like.

TYT: Prostitutes Cuffed, Forced Into Church, And Taxpayers Get Billed

New Jersey Judge: Women Can Block Dads From Delivery Room

I see no reason why.....

Is Supreme Court Jurisprudence Making State Religious Freedom Bills More Dangerous?

Ukraine Aid Measure Approved With IMF Link House Opposes

Third fatality in East Harlem Explosion.

Needs some love

"Cultural production of ignorance provides rich field for study"

Rep. Lee: Ryan's Comments On Inner City Culture Are A 'Racial Attack'

Explosion prompts a call for infrastructure spending

Topless bar tops bucket list for teen with brain cancer

"‘Ex-gay’ professor warns that gay men want surrogate moms as ‘breeding slaves’"

What! Now I've got Putin-loving black americans on my state news!

Is there a book that explains how politics got so awful in US?

Daily Show: Three History Professors Obliterate Racist Revisionist Historian Andrew Napolitano


Ukraine Warns of Russia Troop Buildup as Premier Meets Obama

(GA) Senate committee votes to approve medical marijuana bill

Ocmulgee Dawn

Obama: White House won't wade into CIA torture report dispute at this point

Russia Said to Get Ready for Iran-Style Sanctions in Worst Case

I found this interesting and was kind of surprised

Ha! Ha!

Eleven Years On: How ‘The Washington Post’ Helped Give Us the Iraq War

UAW: NLRB wrong to allow right-wing groups to intervene in VW vote

Steve Harvey on Jimmy Fallon talking about Honey Boo Boo on Family Feud.

Georgia Senate votes to erect statue to Martin Luther King Jr

March 12, 2004

Idaho's governor has just signed the "Guns on Campus" bill

Bill O'Reilly Thinks Beyoncé Is Bad for Teenage Girls

So the oil rig guy that said he saw a plane go down had the location in the same area as sat debris

Video: In Crude Language, VA "Democratic" Leader Argues Ethics Laws are Irrelevant, Unnecessary

State attorney asking members of expressway board to appear before grand jury

Okay. Coconut milk, cardamon and wild blueberries completely mask the taste

questions on a "grave" matter

Bill O'Really on Beyonce and Miley Cyrus..notice the difference

This Jan Brewer thing. Like the grassy knoll, 20 years from now this moment will be crystallized.

Backyard visitor today. I'd never seen one before, anywhere.

State parole board has recommended parole for Charles Manson follower Bruce Davis, 71

The ACHE Act

My home in Appalachia

La. mom charged with death of Down syndrome son

Lawyer For Former Christie Aide Attempts To Turn The Table On 'Bridgegate' Investigators

Woman unwittingly joins search party for herself