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Archives: March 5, 2014

Obamacare boosting household income and spending

If my father were alive today he would be kicking some ass

Elizabeth Warren vows fight for gender equality in medical studies

Sarah Palin better duck. Her friend, Pootey Poo, is off his meds and aiming

Annie's Law Aims To Limit Drunk Driving Deaths In Ohio

Foster Farms outbreak: 51 new salmonella cases reported by CDC

Paul: 'Illegitimate' For Federal Courts To 'Intrude' On State Gay Marriage Bans

Detroit Petcoke Moves Downriver

The truth of the post-coup global reality - The Reagan-Thatcher New World Order is dead and buried


Nine Greenpeace activists arrested in P&G protest identified

Kiev agitators 'trained in Poland' claims Putin

A Letter From Ray Jasper, Who Is About to Be Executed

Kerry Offers Hope Where Snipers Once Fired in Ukraine

Waiting for Jeb

Holy Shit! The admins have been on vacation since last Friday morning!

Clinton more likeable than 2008?

"Pronoia" is a term possibly coined by Rob Brezsny,

Study: 1 in 4 Army soldiers had mental illnesses before enlisting

McCain: Obama smartest man in the room (but....)

Michelle Obama gives Ukrainian pop star Women of Courage award

Studies Show Big Promise for HIV Prevention Drug

Politician called my bluff on Twitter re charitable clinics

Army's Robotic Arsenal Adds $11M Driverless Trucks. Cyber-era jobs program. NOT....

Alabama House passes 2 abortion bills


Farewell, Radio Shack. Chain to close 1,100 stores


Michelle Bachmann goes to "Family Research Council" fundies...

Poudre School District destroys records to deny special needs family's access

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Story update: Transgender student recants sexual assault report

How The Western Press Is Getting It Terribly Wrong In Ukraine

DeMint: 'I’ve Never Been A Part Of A Tea Party In My Life'

Harry Reid To Push New Bill Restoring Unemployment Benefits

You are here...U.S. Income Distribution, new graphic.

Obama’s Budget Filled With Election Year Political Messages

Exchange between Ruben Blades and Pres. Maduro (en espanol)

hey guys. how is every one?

Major report reveals 'extensive' abuse of women in EU

The Third Party That’s Winning

latest GOP accomplishment: More Than 2 Million Unemployed Workers Are Now Going Without Benefits

Woman’s Stomach Pains Turn Out to be Baby

It is national pancake day at I-Hop.

Mardi Gras in Kansas

Charlie Pierce is on Chris Hayes

Putin Envy

Steve Stockman just may be the lamest, laziest grifter in the history of the United States

How the far-right took top posts in Ukraine's power vacuum

I'm retiring my old PC (there is no joy in Mudville)

Mr. Magoo - We're all Dipsticks Now

Republican group shows support for gay marriage

Anyone here have any thoughts or predictions about the upcoming Grand Cross

Conservative columnist: Obama using gay NFL prospect Michael Sam to distract from Benghazi

Flypaper---fun movie!

Just to make sure. Bernie Sanders voted for the vets bill right? Because

Is DU glitching out for anyone else?

Consuming marijuana in a private home will no longer be a criminal offense in the nation’s capital

Once The New Dayton Racino Closes, What Do You Think Should Go Into Its Place?


Descendants of Cherokee freedmen to meet in Tulsa

FYI - Putin speaks fluent German - and Merkel fluent Russian - and did you know

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! If You Can’t Solve It, Throw Money At It & a

Skylab astronaut Bill Pogue dies at 84

Woman killed, 7 hurt in NJ blast after gas leak

Rep. Alan Grayson's wife accuses him of injuring her

Cato Institue and P.J. O'Rourke joke about lying in politics. Because fooling people

Dan Patrick takes an early lead (TX Lt Gov)

That segment Rachel did on Russia was frighting

you don't have to wonder how faux news feels about Obama's budget.....

NJ teen loses first legal battle to make parents pay for education

Winner: Sen. John Cornyn fends off Steve Stockman on way to 3d term (TX Sen)

Early returns for TX-Sen Democratic Primary

White House Offers Thoughts for Your Penny

Texas Democrats Nominate Wendy Davis for Governor

Luckovich Toon: Putin's Justification

Ukraine crisis: Obama offers Russia resolution plan

Obama says Putin 'not fooling anybody' over Ukraine, more Putin WTF

Video: The killing of 16-year-old Samir Awad

"Poll: Benghazi is no Achilles heel for Clinton"

Like to Party?

Black Panther leader, convicted of killing cop, released from prison

Common Dreams: What Neocons Want from Ukraine Crisis

A mighty girl -

What the US Media Won't Tell You About Ukraine

A link to the Texas primary numbers

U.S. Soccer MNT Faces Ukraine on Wednesday in Larnaca, Cyprus

The good thing about science ...

The Future of the Innerweb

Rachel just suggested Condi Rice made 'first' suggestion

But seriously, how many times ...

lindsey fucking graham: ukraine started with benghazi

Clueless in Wisconsin

Quinnipiac poll shows Foley and Malloy tied in race for governor


DOT: Highways have the worst potholes in decade

"... if they were to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form."

Obamacare Just Made Americans Richer, Without Anyone Noticing..Huff Post

Michele Bachmann Accuses American Jews of Selling Out

Baby Welcoming Soldier Dad Home Turns To Carly Rae Jepsen For Inspiration, And It's Wonderful

GROUNDSWELL RISING… more developing against Fracking

Who's messing with the bathroom signs this time?

Has anyone heard from Concerned Canuk?

Venezuela's Chavez everywhere a year after death

Poll: A quarter of Republicans Say They May Vote For Hillary Clinton in 2016

For all those chicken hawks on the right who want war with Russia

Insurance Companies as We Know Them Are About to Die

George P. Bush Begins Political Career With Win

Twilight at Elephant Butte

CTV News in Canada just said the Ukrainians and the Russians are now

Regarding having to explain objectification a million times

A Miami Congressman Adamantly Defends Isolating Cuba (Mario Diaz Balart)

Between Revolution and Tyranny: A Fluid and Highly Permeable Line

11 arrested for blocking street at SC State House, with a banner that said, "Enough."

Congratulations to nadinbrzezinski!


RepubliCONS in Texas voted in droves for assholes that were endorsed by a

Cross posted - A mighty girl

official post

"Ash Spill Shows How Watchdog Was Defanged"

Maxey Scherr - I voted for you

Robert Gates tells Republicans to cut back on criticizing Obama’s Ukraine policy

I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I think ..

Amateur treasure hunter’s shilling discovery could rewrite Canadian history

Conservative Media uses cancer victim as a human sheild for Americans

Replacing Sexism With Racism Is Not a Proper Hollaback

Science is good. Anti-science propaganda is bad. DU should know this!

Benghazi is quickly becoming the Clenis for Republicans.

I had a doctor's office receptionist imply that I was financially delinquent for using the exchange.

Teen Hotline Says Scammer Is Jamming Lines, Demanding Money

Anytime you oppose war mongering, you are labeled as "pro" the enemy leader.

Teen Hotline Says Scammer Is Jamming Lines, Demanding Money

Any friends of Bill here?

Survey suggests 9 million women in EU rape victims

Can you h_____ me now?

The First Lady’s Day: International Women of Courage Awards & More

Today’s journalists and reporters have one goal... To please daddy...

Lent begins.

Lent begins.

Posts aren't posting... but they are????

Despite rejecting Northern Gateway, is the BC government doing everything in its power to enable it?

I just finally got a phone replaced. That sucked.

LOL! Jon Stewart was interviewing Jim Demint tonight and was pushing

Stewart: Why the Hell Is Fox News So Obsessed with Poor People Eating Seafood?! - video link

How do we feel about cryptocurrency?

Russia moved against Ukraine because...

White House readies health insurance renewal extension: sources

Sherwin B. Nuland, ‘How We Die’ Author, Dies at 83

Krugman gets informed changes his mind about T.P.P.

Question about the ACA

Ukraine chief rabbi accuses Russians of staging anti-Semitic ‘provocations’

carnival rides

Automotive shop owner said police refused to come when thieves struck

8K runners salute World War II veteran, age 95 (video). Tears.

I would like a down rec button

We need a down rec button

Texas Voter ID laws affect significantly more Democrats than Republicans

Great Lakes ice coverage now 91% - Global ice sheet trend shows precipitous decline in levels

I found the problem.

What the Crisis in Ukraine Means for Its 70,000 Jews

(Jewish Group) What the Crisis in Ukraine Means for Its 70,000 Jews

Men need... (add your own).

Huffines' big bucks knock off incumbent GOP state senator Carona in District 16

Ukraine crisis: US and Russia to hold key talks

There is a full court press PR campaign by the GOP against President Obama

2 years later, Congress poised to undo flood law

How do you solve a problem like Crimea ?

Greenpeace activists drape P&G headquarters in protest banners

Gay couples can now get Illinois marriage licenses (STATEWIDE)

LABOR: Grocers, UFCW freeze the clock

Several incumbent GOP state representatives fall victim at the ballot box

KKK flags fly outside 2 mobile homes

Wendy Davis cinches Texas Democratic nomination as Tea Party rattles primaries

Marshall Islands leaders blame climate change for heavy flooding

Montana abortion provider vandalized less than a month after moving into new building

NASA spokesman on the Russia/Ukraine crisis

Lawmakers clash with DEA officials over reclassifying marijuana

The Ukraine crisis: John Kerry and Nato must calm down and back off

Michelle Pfeiffer Doppelganger is Selina Kyle On Fox’s GOTHAM (oh, and Bruce Wayne was cast, too)

Links Between Ukrainian Radicals and North Caucasus Rebels Being Checked, Kadyrov Says

Ostanes the Magician

Probe sought of CIA conduct in Senate study of secret detention program

Edward Snowden set for video ‘appearance’ at South By Southwest festival

Rep. Paul Ryan misused data to show poverty programs don’t work, say economists he cited

Chasing the Cheese

George P. Bush wins his first election, and the comments are hilarious.

WATCH: Comcast approves first network medical marijuana ad

Need help, I bought a new computer from the local computer shop

Last day to enter Winter Photo Contest!

Bitcoin bank ‘Flexcoin’ shuts down after nearly $600,000 is stolen

How to sucker a billion Christians, Mark Morford

$0 for Yucca Mountain included in Obama’s budget proposal

Top official says EU to provide Ukraine $15 billion aid package in loans and grants

High-ranking U.S. military officer goes on trial for sex charges

America's Most Important Minimum-Wage Campaign Way Ahead in Polls, But Lacks Funding

Report: Hillary Clinton compares Russia to Nazi Germany

Rewriting history: 6 myths about the american revolution

3 Years Ago, The Japanese Tsunami. One Heartbreaking Story.

Christie's Sandy response image hit by Bridgegate scandal: poll

3,500-year-old tomb of pharaoh’s stable master discovered in Egypt

8 of the Most Clueless, Offensive Statements by America's Out-of-Touch Rich People

From a Russian speaking Ukrainian "A divided Ukraine? Think again"

U.S. health officials back $30 million proposal for fighting antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’

5 Christian Right Leaders in Desperate Need of a Civics Lesson About How America Works

French fear invasive flatworm could take escargot off menu forever

McDonald's Admits in Private That Strikes Have Hurt Its Bottom Line, and It May Have to Raise Wages

Pentagon plans $80 billion war budget despite Afghan withdrawal

Tony Blair could make 'large donation' to Labour

Russia sells off record $11.3 billion in foreign currency to prop up ruble

Check your privilege with an antimatter beam

Russia test-fires ICBM as West raises pressure over Ukraine

Egypt deports CodePink anti-war activist Medea Benjamin after police break her arm

House Republicans Gear Up For 50th Vote To Dismantle Obamacare

Wisconsin: In Press Conference, Walker Only Gets Only One Question Regarding John Doe Scandal

TPM Interview: Why Kentucky's Attorney General Refuses To Defend His State's Anti-Gay Law

Supreme Court extends whistleblower protections to employees at private firms

The Dominant Economic Model of the 21st Century: Pain and Suffering for — Almost — All

'Ready For Hillary' Is Ready To Be A 2016 Juggernaut

Public School Defenders Launch Movement in Austin

Cop gets wrist slapped after conviction of multiple offenses.

Militants take hostages after seizing Iraq city council HQ

Rand Paul’s Extreme GOP Makeover

Wisconsin needs more dark money in politics, say Republican lawmakers

Obama to Netanyahu: Israel faces Int’l Sanctions over “Permanent Occupation of West Bank”

Least Transparent Administration Ever: A New Front in Obama’s War on Whistleblowers

NY Gov Cuomo defends NYC's Charter schools against De Blasio

Wake up, sleepyheads! (pics)

Kerry on Invading other Countries on a Trumped Up Pretext (Editorial Cartoon)

McCain’s Mind-Boggling Hypocrisy on Crimea at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Conferenc

Poll: Half Of Americans Think Gay Marriage Is A Constitutional Right

EU vs. Moscow: Russia Tries to Woo Back Moldova

Crimean Crisis: All Eyes on Merkel

The New Ukraine: Inside Kiev's House of Cards

Abbott: Too Much Of Australia's Forests "Locked Up" In National Parks, But He's "Open For Business"

200 More Jobs Cut In Australian Environment Department As Funding, Responsibilities Evaporate

Oops, Sorry, Too Late - Senate Resolution Opposes Great Barrier Reef Park Dredge Dumping

Folks - this is why you call the gas company before you go digging anywhere!!!!

Single Factor That Threatens Harper's Drill/Burn/Mine/Cut Everything Strategy - Tribal Rights

Smith & Wesson sales jump 7%; shares surge

Israel says seized Gaza-bound rocket shipment from Iran

New Master Stroke! @ 4 Feet Above Sea Level, Bangaladesh Goal Is 50% Of Power From Coal!

US 1970s - "War On Cancer"; US 1980s - "War On Drugs"; China 2014 - "War On Pollution"

Arctic Sea Ice Season Shrinking By 5 Days/Decade; In Some Regions, Freezeup 11 Days/Decade Later

Media Matters Launches 'Mythopedia' Fact Check Tool Ahead Of CPAC

U.S. Economy Added 139,000 Private-Sector Jobs in February, According to ADP National Employment Rep

The Real Poverty Trap..Paul

Pistorius trial- live updates

Western Republicans urge U.S. appeals court to back gay marriage

Robert Parry: America’s Staggering Hypocrisy

Spring fails in Ukrainian plunderland

The CIA Allegedly Spied on a Senate Committee Investigating the CIA

Reading Putin's mind over Crimea

Putin invaded Ukraine because (wait for it) Benghazi!

US-Europe divide looms over Ukraine

GOP’s pathetic Putin debacle: How their foreign policy politicking backfired

Terry McAuliffe to LGBT FUCK YOU!!

The Texas Tea Party Didn't Win, But It Got The GOP To Move To The Right

With a tip of the hat to TexasTowelie, I've brought this up twice to no reaction...

Yes, Virginia, Banking Contributes a Lot Less Value Than You are Led to Believe

Report: Minimum wage hike would cut food stamp spending by $4.6 billion a year

Highest Minimum-Wage State Washington Beats U.S. in Job Creation

Private Equity Industry Floats Trial Balloon For “Get Out of Decades of Flagrant SEC Abuses for Free

A world without Elizabeth Warren: Why attacks on today’s Democrats miss the mark

Netanyahu demands Palestinians recognize Israel as 'Jewish state'

China's Former Security Czar Publicly Linked to Anti-Graft Probe

Elizabeth Warren vows fight for gender equality in medical studies

Idaho gun bill will only endanger college students

It’s Not Wage Stagnation, It’s Wage Robbery

Kiev snipers hired by Maidan leaders - leaked EU's Ashton phone tape

Countdown to Xchrom's 100,000 post

Changes to gang violence laws don't come easy

Sheikh Salah jailed for Jerusalem 'incitement'

Why should gun rights trump common sense?


Spike in number of Palestinian civilians killed near Gaza perimeter fence

Afghanistan opportunity for Pakistan

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- The no-win party

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Invasions and repercussions

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Carmen Basilio

If Obama Visits Saudi Arabia …

Scott Brown Denies Fox News Host's Tweet That He's Running For Senate

The Fetishisation of Lupita Nyong'o

Fascism and the Future, Part Two: The Totalitarian Center | John Michael Greer

Got Land? Thank An Indian!

Keith Alexander Supports Law To Gag Press So He Can Get His Online Surveillance Bill Passed

Savagery For All | James Howard Kunstler

In America, Happiness Is Extreme

Business-as-Usual = Animal Abuse | Mickey Z.

Here Are 5 Infuriating Examples of Facts Making People Dumber

Germany and the US: New Realpolitik

Fascism and the Future, Part Three: Weimar America | John Michael Greer

Another Affordable Care Act success story!

Meet, Laugh, Connect, Evolve | Mickey Z.

Let’s You and Him Fight | James Howard Kunstler

#PutinPorn for the #GOP

Between the Battlefield and the Canvas

Europe’s Exit Exam

greg abbott (R-acist) “I go into the office in the morning, I sue Barack Obama, and then I go home"

US success proves European disciples of austerity wrong

Redwood park closes road to deter burl poachers

A vast hidden surveillance network runs across America, powered by the repo industry

MoveOn Launches Campaign Targeting Republicans Over Obamacare Medicaid Expansion


Question regarding the Alan Grayson thread...

Report: Virginia should embrace BRAC

Proposed 2015 defense budget bodes well for area

Who would win in a fair fight, Walter White or Godzilla?

Unsafe water forces (VA) Beach school to be creative

40 Worst Book Titles Ever

elijah cummings going off on darrell issa in house committee...IRS hearing

'The cockpit is no place for a woman'....

Experienced sailors will receive sea pay raise

Wow,did Darryl Issa just walk out of


This message was self-deleted by its author

BBC Three scrapped as on-air channel

Ukraine premier: Crimea will remain in Ukraine

Our Education Spring: The public school system reveals the American heart.

Diplomatic exit for Ukraine? Talks, $15B in EU aid

A Guy Wants To Make 'Average Looking' Barbie Dolls A Reality

Russia has imposed a ban on the transportation of nuclear fuel across Ukraine

Humanity Has Got to Come to Grips with the World's Fresh Water Crisis

GOP, deficit hawks pan Obama's $3.9T budget

European Commission's support to Ukraine

Obama's budget: Help for workers, taxes for the rich

2 years later, Congress poised to undo flood law

Study: Wealthy, White, Health Americans More Likely to Oppose Obamacare

Funny but thought provoking analysis of Harold Ramis films

MoveOn Launches Campaign Targeting Republicans Over Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

South Texas judge in videotaped beating loses seat

The sly jab at Hillary Clinton

Another New $40 Billion Dollar Aircraft Carrier

Target tech chief resigns as it overhauls security

Kerry in Paris - meets with Lavrov, press conference today (March 5)

Seneca Nation buys 32 acres near Rochester; possible site for casino

Gun violence aimed at Black males triggers concern

Ala. Democrat to GOP: You’d favor abortion if your daughter was pregnant with black baby

Court says BP's spill agreement is binding

Fireworks on Capitol Hill After Former IRS Official Won't Testify

Municipal groups come out against Cuomo’s freeze proposal

BP to create new business for US onshore assets

FL man flying KKK flag assures community: ‘We don’t beat up on f*ggots or blacks’

Global Warming Slows Down Antarctica's Coldest Currents

Target tech chief resigns as it overhauls security

BP Ordered to Honor its Settlement Agreement

CIA spied on computers of Senators to find out what they were putting in report on CIA torture.

Cuomo urges better oil train oversight from feds after 2 derailments

Police unions link contract talks to stop-frisk litigation

We were wondering if Ellen DeGeneres would help animal causes while hosting the Academy Awards.

Forty training sergeants, 10 academic majors among Air Force Academy budget cuts

Ranking Dem Flips Out At IRS Hearing After Issa Cuts His Mic

China may allow its first-ever corporate bond default

Man found guilty for threatening Monument school on day of Sandy Hook shootings

The importance of nonviolence and other silly things.

The Problem With 'Religious Privilege'

I think it's going to come down to recognizing marriages performed in other states.

Obama's Critics Should Put Up or Shut Up

Defense budget proposal ends era of South Sound military growth

No, American Weakness Didn't Encourage Putin to Invade Ukraine

Owner of Fake Psychotherapy Clinic Sentenced for Medicare Fraud

Issa and Cummings ... democratic duel .... cut the mic

Pentagon budget a 'zero sum game,' says Rep. Adam Smith, state's senior lawmaker on Armed Services

Andrew Jackson slave trader

Facebook Buys It's Own Police Officer

North Carolina's Toxic Future

WTF!! Pastor tells female members of his church not to wear underwear

Our govt. and you.

(WA) Lakewood nonprofit a one-stop shop for those leaving military

ipad Zynga poker and facebook problem

(WA) Lakewood nonprofit a one-stop shop for those leaving military (xpost from NSD)

Putin among Nobel Peace nominees but Ukraine might figure too

Trade ties expose EU, US rift over Russia sanctions

Its been two weeks now. They need to hurry up.

MoveOn: Actively Campaigning Against States Not Expanding Medicaid

Japan's embrace of Russia under threat with Ukraine crisis

Maybe we need a privilege forum.

Maybe I was wrong about Putin…

Trying to explain AZ anti-gay bill to a Fox anchor

whether Obamacare succeeds or fails, the right loses

Facebook drones and google balloons

RWE posts historic net loss as writedowns bite

VIDEO: Elijah Cummings and Darrell (FUCKING CHILD) Issa

Too many nuts, not enough Nutts

Jared Berstein: What’s Not DOA in the Obama Budget

marissa alexander now faces up to SIXTY YEARS in prison

marissa alexander now faces up to SIXTY YEARS in prison

Issa, Cummings clash at hearing after ex-IRS official Lerner takes 5th

Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine (Dispatch Two)

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ March 5th

Why hypocritical Israel has stayed silent on homophobic Uganda

Putin is long oil and short history

If Democrats and Republicans are just the same??

My maturity level depends on who I'm with ...nt

TYT: RT Reacts After RT Host Condemns Russia Over Ukraine Actions

SecAF James OKs Combat Rescue Helicopter; T-X Trainer, Weather Sat, JSTARs Also Funded

TYT: KKK = Democrats? Alex Jones, Fox Host Make The Comparison

City Pages: Punch from Minneapolis police officer sends man to hospital [PHOTOS]

Seder: The End of Days for Chris Christie

Minimum wage and average salaries in USA ...

Wendy Davis Wins Texas Primary

2015 DoD Budget: OGSI Fund Buys 2 Additional F-35s, P-8s, Army Helos

TYT: Alex Jones goes into a 'Jiggle-Rage'

Navy Faces Budget Shortfall Even If Sequester Goes Away

Top GOPer: Jamie Dimon Hasn't Called To Complain About My Bank Tax

Religion-Love thy brother?

Pig Boy Says '12-Yrs-a-Slave' Won Best Pic Because of The Word 'SLAVE'

Tiered Readiness Returns In Army 2015 Budget; Not All Brigades Ready to Fight

Shyu Sings The Army Electric: 2015 Budget Sacrifices Weapons For Electronics

McCain: Obama's 1983 college essay on US-Soviet tensions proves he's to blame for Putin and Ukraine

Chipotle says it might remove guac from its menu due to climate change

Violence against women: 'I punched my wife in the face. Now I'm trying to change'

E-Cigarettes, by Other Names, Lure Young and Worry Experts

LCS Lives! Mabus, Hamre Argue Littoral Combat Ship Will Survive Cuts

Comcast's Biggest Lobbyist Dodges Lobbying Rules By Pretending He's Usually Not Lobbying

What has been your reaction to Obama admin's reaction to Russia and the Ukraine coup?

Banks frankly own the place.

Comcast 'wins' Consumerist worst-company tournament

Cuomo has a gop opponent now. He is down by 40 percent.

Happy nap!

This Is The United States Of Comcast, Depressing Map Shows

Pic Of The Moment: Congratulations, House Republicans!

what you don't know about the truck driver you just flipped off...

The 12-week, $84,000 Hepatitis C Treatment...

Health care costs in the US are completely reasonable

US Gov Suing Sprint for Overcharging for Domestic Surveillance Access

Crimea: The Phone Call

Why Rangers, why?

Intercepted Phone Call Authenticated as Questions Remain over WHO REALLY Fired on Kiev Protestors

Congressman Raul Grijalva: The Keystone Saga Can Still End Happily - Here's How

The New Yorker: Putin, Tilting at History

UN: Syria starving people into submission

Russia censors RT news host’s blistering critique of Ukraine invasion

Sarah and Vlad need to get a room

Issa Says His IRS Investigation Might Have Hit A 'Dead End'

Lisa Madigan: Illinois counties can allow same-sex marriages now

*** gets out electric hammer and posts new signs above the DU Lounge Counselling Center ***

New Transformers trailer!

Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.

Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return

Highest Minimum-Wage State Washington Beats U.S. Job Growth

Bill to permit production of industrial hemp easily wins 1st-round approval in Nebraska Legislature

Companies in U.S. Added Fewer Jobs Than Forecast in February

Israel intercepts ship with weapons headed to Gaza

A Conversation in a Turkish Music Shop.

Would you pay $300 for a "Jesus" Shot-

FL Seeks Triple Sentence in Marissa Alexander Warning Shot Case

Lower sugar intake to less than 5% of daily calories, WHO says

Russsia is not communist

Service Industries in U.S. Grow at Slowest Pace Since 2010

Frigid U.S. Weather Means Highest Power Prices Since ’08: Energy

Anti-Gay Boy Scout Troop Adopts Nazi Salute

Senate rejects Obama appointment of Debo Adegbile to top Civil Rights post

Pope, in interview, suggests church could tolerate some civil unions

EU Concerned about Cost of Sanctions on Russia

Sam Seder: Libertarian Caller: "Global Warming is Bullshit," Epic Debate Ensues

CNN's Fear Machine at Work on Ukraine

The battle against 'pasta base'

Hagel: U.S. taking steps to help NATO allies in Europe

The Religious Right to Discriminate?

Katy Perry Pulled Away From Miley Cyrus Kiss Because 'God Knows Where That Tongue Has Been'

2-year extension seen for canceled health plans

Monsanto's Roundup may be linked to fatal kidney disease, new study suggests

Vladimir Putin, Crusading Columnist for the New York Times

German home-school family 'will not be deported' from US

It's Ash Wednesday...........

GTA Issa is about to finally get what's coming

Senate rejects appointment of Debo Adegbile to civil rights post.

Senate rejects Obama appointment of Debo Adegbile to top civil rights post

Could you live on Min. Wage?

My Man!!!!

John Kerry Sits In Shadows Of Kiev Café Awaiting Woman Known Only As Dasha

Does anyone else find Google becoming unusable?

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Says Charter Schools Are Not The Only Ones That Need Help Bitcoin Transaction Pass the $1M Mark

I just got a recorded call from Bill Clinton

Repair Her Armor: a tumblr that takes unrealistic, objectifying armor (from female comic/video

Can I get some good vibes for my kid, please?

Remember Lee Mercer? He's going to run in 2016!

Tweet - Little-known fact: Hitler invaded Poland because of Benghazi...

The New York Filming Locations of The Godfather, Then and Now

British Intelligence Secretly Bulk Collecting User Webcam Images From Around The Globe

'Pope Francis: Church could support civil unions'

Whats the latest on Leftcoast2020?

Never take advantage of a snorking Chihuahua!

Kitten Rescued from Car Engine Caught on Video

Yup, black President, this is what you get - Gawd Bless Amurika!

Gota love that 5 axis image stabilization

Who does the Washington Redskins' name and logo benefit more?

Deflea or die

USSC Extends Whistleblower Protections to Contractors

The Rude Pundit: What the Fuck Is Wrong With You, West Virginia?

This Second-A-Day Video Is Going To Kick You Right In The Feels

The "ban e-cigs" thing is an excursion into self-parody

Geesh, when the NBA doesn't rig a game for Lebron, he looks positively medicore...

Can you relate?

Anybody going to the 3/19 mtg against the proposed Newark Power Plant?

Anyone here familiar with Ursala K. LeGuin's "Left Hand of Darkness"?

Meet The 7 Democrats Who Just Voted Down A Civil Rights Nominee For Supporting Civil Rights

Peter DeFazio is heading up efforts to rally his fellow congressmen to save America’s gray wolves

Karma train hits Bank of America.....

Lost dog's 'rescue' leaves a 4-year-old brokenhearted

hickenlooper quietly comes out for same-sex marriages

Passenger tells female airline captain: Bible says cockpit is ‘no place for a woman’

I do not consume marijuana. I DO consume hemp.

colorado governor quietly comes out for same-sex marriage

Poll on DUer Pot Usage and the law - Do you use Pot and how would changes in law affect that usage

useful idiots

Malwarebytes question. Still free?

Old-Time Politics - Minnesota's State Senate District Conventions on Saturday

Alan Grayson's Divorce issue. It just got sadder. There's video

AZ Lawmaker Comes Out As Gay, Says Anti-Gay Bill Was 'Game-Changer'

Six anti-choice bills in Louisiana in 2014

Dennis Kucinich about US involvement in Ukraine

A much better slogan for Fox "News" from tonight's episode of The Daily Show.

NRA Campaigns Against The Plan To Save The World’s Elephants

SAT to drop essay requirement as part of overhaul

Mayor de Blasio Drops NYC Lawsuit Against Anti-Racial Profiling Law

NRA Myths (aka "Talking Ppoints")

Bill Nye comment about how old the earth is...

Big fine in coal-tainted water deal

Support Your Local Slaughterhouse

Republicans Propose New Bill That Would Sue Obama For Being President

Catapulting the Propaganda

McCain, Rubio Back Up Hillary Clinton's Putin-Nazi Comparison

2 Ukraine Narratives.

Native American city on the Mississippi was America's first 'melting pot'

Hillary Clinton says Putin’s actions are like ‘what Hitler did back in the ’30s’

When Trilobites Ruled the World

Facebook to delete posts for illegal gun sales

Legoland closes resort hotel following far right threats about Muslims

Sharpton, parents of Trayvon Martin to march against Stand Your Ground

Los Angeles moves to ban e-cigarettes, joining NY, others

Darrell Issa’s newest IRS scandal revelation: Darrell Issa is bad at investigating scandals

GOP Official Ms. Fires

High Court Rules That Upskirt Photos Are Legal In Massachusetts

Why Senate Democrats Torpedoed Obama's Top Civil Rights Nominee

Democrats help block Obama's civil rights nominee Debo Adegbile

Six Ways America is Like a Third-World Country

Gun lobbyist: ‘Healthy fear’ of getting shot keeps lawmakers and Piers Morgan in line

UN Envoy Forced Out Of Crimea By Hostile Pro-Russian Crowd

Awe that was sweet.

Right-wing lunacy at it's finest...

Anti-LGBT activist: Gay soldiers ‘armed with vibrators’ more dangerous than Putin

Paul Ryan stuns CNN host: Keystone pipeline will solve Russia’s Ukraine invasion

UN: Chemical weapons used in Syria appear to come from army stockpile

Seven Coward democrats voting against Obama"s nominee

Hospice care for pets

Twitter ban for teen who filmed himself having sex with cheese and ham toastie

LSD Study Breaks 40 Years of Research Taboo

Gulf Atheism in the Age of Social Media

BP Oil Still Afflicting Gulf Coast

Florida Man Wants a Few Good White Men to Admire His KKK Flag

Gun lobbyist Larry Pratt: ‘Healthy fear’ of getting shot keeps lawmakers and Piers Morgan in line

High Court Rules That Upskirt Photos Are Legal In Massachusetts

Morphing the Muslim

1 in 10 Americans think HTML is an STD, study finds

No money for the unemployed but they're voting to provide Ukraine one billion in aid

Paul Ryan Uses Ukraine Crisis To Argue For Construction Of Keystone XL Pipeline

Teabaggers opted to take the blue pill (short rant)

Randi Rhodes:If Lindsey Graham woke up in the middle of the night

'Star Trek's' George Takei goes to warp speed for Mike Honda (D-CA17)

Arizona state senator says he's gay

British state-funded Jewish school redacts exam to remove evolution questions

Church teaching must change on sexual morality, says German bishop

Sickening and stupid: Democrats in U.S. Senate block Obama civil rights lawyer

Here's the England song for the World Cup!

NYT: For Rich, ’13 Was Good for Making, and Spending, Money

Tarpon Springs Florida

Is it all about AUSTERITY? "Washington's Man Yatsenyuk Setting Ukraine Up For Ruin" - Forbes

Brooklyn Graffiti

The Gun Report: March 5, 2014

How many of you used one of these to solve math problems?

Now that video exists of Alan Grayson being attacked by his wife without retaliating, I predict ...

Raul Castro visited VZ today; the Cuban flag fell to the ground at arrival ceremonies.

AZ Senate Minority Whip Steve Gallardo discloses he is gay (and running for Congress)

Fox News warns IRS official: Testify if you want the death threats to stop

Miranda Kerr's naked truth: this time sex doesn't sell

World Peace is Within Our Grasp.

Commencement of Construction of New U.S. Embassy in Paramaribo, Suriname

How to stay safe when driving through the South. Put this on yer dashboard

"It’s the inequality, stupid"

Media Matters Launches 'Mythopedia' Fact Check Tool Ahead Of CPAC

U.S./U.K./Ukraine Press Statement on the Budapest Memorandum Meeting

Finally Proof of the Existence of God.

Obama to Netanyahu: Israel faces Int’l Sanctions over “Permanent Occupation of West Bank”

Leaked Phone Tape Raises Claim that Opposition Involved in Sniper Attacks in Kiev

Ukrainian Navy Flagship Diverted Away from Crimea

Congressman Calls To Ban U.S. Dollar In Response To Plea For Bitcoin Ban

Ted Nugent campaigns for yet another GOP'er...

Iran's Guard Says It Has Multiple Warhead Missiles

Who had one of these?

Good science is good. Poorly designed science is bad.

Pompeii ruins damaged by recent rains, flooding ...

RadioShack board approves bonuses for top execs

Question about Russian soldiers

NY gets a new gambling regulator

Silk screws used to repair fractures (BBC)

New Yorkers Warned Of Rare Skin Infection Outbreak Caused By Raw Fish In Chinatown

VA Republican Senator Who Called Women a Child's "Host" Now Pushing Denial of Evolution

Io erupts

Things In Politico That Make Me Want To Guzzle Antifreeze

Pro-Choice Groups Rush to Attack Astorino Candidacy

Obama: 'It's time to give America a raise'


Tank movie thread, Part II:

The Massive Policy Failure That Paul Ryan Wants To Emulate

Sarah Palin's mentor has it all figured out

Civil Rights Avocate Devo Adegbile SHOT DOWN BY BOTH PARTIES for nomination

Today in Boston...

Question about the journals

Does legalized prostitution mean more sex trafficking, not less?

Are there Russian troops in Crimea operating outside Russian bases?

Photo Slideshow: ‘Ashes to Go’ meets commuters in Washington, D.C.

Photo Slideshow: ‘Ashes to Go’ meets commuters in Washington, D.C.

A member of the current coalition in western Ukraine lead the sharpshooters

Apparently a wide shot of the Oscar selfie is much more revealing...

President Obama's statement on Senate's failure to confirm Debo Adegbile

Osama bin Laden's son-in-law trial begins in New York City

Democrats Help Block Obama's Pick

Alan Grayson on the Keystone XL Pipeline

ed schultz admits he was wrong on XL pipeline....

Ed Schulz comes out against the Keystone XL pipeline

Apple security rules leave inherited iPad useless, say sons (BBC)

Guvs Shumlin & Malloy: No brainer: Three reasons why a $10.10 minimum wage is good for America

Elijah Cummings Darrell Issa Fight in Heated Argument during IRS hearing House Oversight Committee

Lupita Nyont'o's Speech About Beauty (Presented At Essence's Black Women In Hollywood Lunch)

Oh the wacky things people who live in snowy places do: Bar stool ski racing

Speaking of the Rio Carnival...

Mike Malloy - Right Wing Ad Against Minimum Wage Raise On NYT

I am reposting this from a couple weeks ago in light of the Radio Shack News:

May he haunt your dreams.

Probe: Did the CIA spy on the U.S. Senate?

President Putin's Fiction: 10 False Claims about Ukraine (US State Department)

Teaching with strep throat and working in fear: Kaplan course’s ugly underside

Wow! I want one!

How do you hide money from a Republican?

US and Russia fail to reach Ukraine deal on day of frantic diplomacy

Video: RT Anchor Quits On Air

Want to try e-cigs

Willie Horton Politics: Senate Votes Against Civil Rights

Baby found dead, burned in cave

Rev Al begin with the silencing of Elijah Cummings

How to Win an Argument With a Gun Nut EVERY Time!

Violence against women: One-third of EU women affected - survey

GM cotton in India has probably reduced farmer suicides not caused them

Judge allows Sunnyvale ban on large-capacity gun magazines

What do you call a woman who flies a plane?

41 GOP Senators Try To Filibuster Judge, Then Confirm Him Unanimously

That ain't an "uppercut"

Anchor Resigns LIVE on Russia Today RT Network - 'RT whitewashes actions of Putin'

Rose are Reddish

My doggie had to have some teeth pulled...

Why Jerry Jones was at the Oscars:

DOJ: NC sheriff deputies shared racist video game

Ukraine: No Rules, No Foul

Milestone reached

Duke discloses eight more corrugated metal pipes at coal-ash plants

US agency to probe health exchanges


Researchers Test Algae Biofuel in Hong Kong (Video)

Doris Miller Pickett - mother, hero, Democrat 1/29/1918 - 7/14/1973

KUDOS! Greenwald and Scahill are the first members selected to the I.F. Stone Hall of Fame

James O'Keefe brings a plastic butter knife to a gunfight...

We Really Can’t Make It Here Anymore –So What Now?

FB post from someone I went to high school with - Wisconsin ***COLD***

Trouble In Paradise? Despite AIPAC Love-Fest, U.S. Denies Israeli Intelligence Officials Visas

Cruz reverses course, endorses colleague Cornyn

First trial of LSD as medicine in 40 years shows promise

2 men guilty in sale of trade secrets to China

AP Exclusive: Va. executive mansion in disarray (Bob McDonnell emails)

Hillary Clinton Calls Putin A 'Tough Guy With A Thin Skin'

DNI (Clapper) defends U.S. intelligence on Ukraine

How religion hurts public education (a badly needed rant)

North Dakota University System server breached

NCAA, conferences are sued over scholarship value

Obamacare architect to Bill O’Reilly: “You’re just sowing fear with no grounds”

Senate set to vote on military sexual assault bill

Israel's New 'Jewish State' Threatens To Derail Peace Talks

Olive Garden is trying to trick us to keep us from breast feeding our babies there