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Archives: June 1, 2014

Some humour - The 4 Most Literally Insane Statements by U.S. Presidents

Gang rape in India is out of control - Three men arrested, including two police officers, after

Man with cow slurry fetish jailed (Northern Ireland)

Some Kiev barricades come down; protesters balky

A few from DC

"I think it's just greed."

William D Cohan on Wall Street whistleblowers

This Is How a Real Progressive Sounds

My Fair Lady on TCM now.

#allmencan (pic heavy)

28 USC 50/10. The current DOJ policy for obtaining information from news media

Woman ordained as priest - Catholics: How common is this? What's up here?

For the women, Beautiful,Beautiful~

Religious holidays being celebrated, but not believed.

6 climbers missing on Mount Rainier

The Obama Doctrine Is to Not Have a Doctrine

Duck Dynasty Worth Protecting

Gubernatorial candidate Chris Holbrook arrested for exercising 1st Amendment

Got HBO?

There's got to be a better way to learn French.

ALEC and Private Utility Companies Conspired To Freeze Renewable Energy Standards in Ohio

Le croissant et le coucher du soleil!

"Americans support limits on CO2"

Ex-Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Prosecute Edward Snowden

Delaware lawmakers introduce bill to decriminalize marijuana

"The Problem With Blaming Both Sides In Politics"

Seth Rogen Is Not A Victim Of The Santa Barbara Killings

What was the name of the sci fi movie who had an Asian heroine?

Gotta make sure that tan is even...

"Conservative Lead on Social and Economic Ideology Shrinking"

Colombia: Right wins amid high abstention, disillusionment

Taliban Releases The American Soldier That Fox News Hoped They Would Kill

Who's watching orphan black tonight oh my God

Ugh! Sick. And in need of company. Ask me anything...

You know, when I was stationed at Spangdahlem, I picked up a little German...

Hilarious summation of Rick Perry seen on another website:

A Thought About Catcher In the Rye

Estate Attorney needed

World Cup

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for nerve pain. Anyone tried it?

"In An Election Year, North Carolina Republicans Flog A Phony 'Teacher Raise'"

2fer so as not to clutter up: Nesting season is over!1 & best pop song "I Got You, Babe"

Turkish police crack down on demonstrators on anniversary of anti-government protests

Movie rule: in a comedy, any fancy car is doomed

Hello all....

Just for fun: Buddhist monks celebrate the life of MCA with a break dance

Woodcarver in Ireland recycled a tree after a storm

Private Data Brokers Know Too Much About You

S.F. at loss over Rat Girl’s rodent hoarding (video)

UE condemns U.S. role in Ukraine crisis

Why doesn't Karl Rove have anything to say about this?

Jenga cat

Russia Web Journalism Award Named For Edward Snowden

Freed soldier's hometown makes welcome-home plans

GOP lawmakers: Prisoner exchange violated law

Kleenex alert!

Guatemala: The coup that radicalised Che Guevara

Guatemala: The coup that radicalised Che Guevara

Have we seen this gem of a photograph of our President in a bookstore? It warms my heart to see it.


3.7 earthquake here

The great value of something like the Discussionist is,

The real reason the French don’t get fat

Safe Shot General Manager Facing Federal Charges

I've spent 20 years in Arizona and I'm officially done with this fucking heat...

Samsung says to produce phones, appliances in Venezuela this year

for Nutella lovers,

for the munchies!

When Dave Chappelle Explained To Maya Angelou Why He Left Chappelle Show

White supremacy and slavery: Gerald Horne on the real story of American independence

How do you serve wet food to your kitteh?

dear survivor...

Gun Nuts, Yesterday And Today.

In praise of a "government doctor".

Ironic: Republican Horace Greeley may be said to have subsidized Karl Marx's

Too easy to forget Rumsfeld's words on the looting of Iraq. "Stuff happens".

How long until Issa launches a Bowe Bergdahl Prisoner Exchange Commission?

Tomorrow, I will have a Continental Breakfast!

Americans -- Courage is in our DNA.

Venezuela leader praises US rejection of sanctions, warns of possible break

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

World's highest cable car network opens in Bolivia (Video)

Tennessee Tied Teachers’ Jobs to Standardized Test Scores. Here’s How They Pushed Back—and Won

Not Forgotten: Street Art to Remember the Victims of the School of the Americas

Butterflies in Japan

Officer, teen, and suspect killed in Norfolk shooting

Is there any possible chance that Sterling's anti-trust suit against the NBA...

I hate it when people urinate in public....but I think I mellowed

Blair and his former spin doctor Campbell accused of propping up the regime of Egypt's General Sisi.

A National Call to Link Arms for Democracy - Must Read

UK 'threatens to quit EU over presidency' - Der Spiegel

8 of the Most Outrageous Right-Wing Statements This Week: Defending Gun Rights for Psychopaths Editi

Suspected gunman held for Brussels Jewish museum shooting

The Money Behind the Gun Madness

Sunday's Non Sequitur- One Sick Puppy

As of 527 AM EDT, Heat advisories in southern Arizona

If You Thought Oligarchy and Aristocracy Were Bad, You'll Really Hate Kochocracy

Six Key Questions for the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season

How Wealthy Elites Are Hijacking Democracy All Over the World

Working Families Party Gives Cuomo Its Ballot Line

Christian Leaders May Return to Nicaea: What Does It Mean?

Today June 1st is the FIRST day of the Atlantic Hurricane season

Some Hare Lore

SCUMBAGGERY STAR: ‘Truther’ arrested for stealing memorial signs for 7-year-old victims of Sandy Hoo


Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Loopy Loopy Edition

U.S. Residential Solar Just Beat Commercial Installations For The First Time

Six Cleveland cops indicted for hail of bullets that killed two unarmed car chase suspects

Elections and gay-marriage in Minnesota

Mickelson says he's cooperating in trading probe

What’s the Best Way to Stop Extraction? Delay, Delay, Delay

Breaking: Hagel Says WH Moved Quickly on Prisoner Swap Because Sgt. Bergdahl's Life Was in Danger

Wall Street Mega-Banks Are Buying Up The World’s Water

U.S. Park Service to study LGBT sites for inclusion in National Register of Historic Places

‘Lost’ bat species rediscovered after 120 years in the wilderness

The Workers' Song (Dropkick Murphys)

What has meritocracy to do with merit?

The Construction of the Super Citizen

Ukraine Introduces Ban on Russian Military Products

A Modest Proposal to Create a Business for Corporate Parasite Bounty Hunters and Whistle Blowers

Why Is It So Acceptable to Lie to Promote Trade Deals?

“Force Protection Alpha in Effect” — coming to a town near you

Social Security: Why Taking Benefits at 62 Is Smarter Than You Think

Multitasking. I say it's spinach

roof leak question

House approves measure to cut funding for feds unless they crack down on legal weed

Six men lost on Mount Rainier climb as search and rescue begins

Should there be some limit on how rich an American citizen can get?

The Everlasting Conundrum of the GOP and the Media

Male Leadership Can End The Silence That Surrounds Violence

Every Four Minutes, Another American Home or Business Goes Solar (Op-Ed)

Black bear hangs out in hammock before ambling back into the woods

Military Bases and Noise Pollution: Taking Measures Further Than Before

Philip Hammond's IISS Speech

8 of the Most Outrageous Right-Wing Statements This Week: Defending Gun Rights for Psychopaths Editi

Feds Leave Radioactive Waste Stranded In Wildfire Danger Zone


Something is seriously wrong on the East Coast — and it’s killing all the baby puffins

Not Forgotten: Street Art to Remember the Victims of the School of the Americas

Religious OCD: 'I'm going to hell'

Unions strike deals with more Vegas casinos

Game of Thrones 4.8 "The Mountain and the Viper" (spoiler alert)

The Money Behind the Gun Madness

Wages for the Top One Percent Have Grown Far Faster than Those of Other High Wage Earners

Someone stole our US flag.

Why I love cats...

Ronald Reagan Gave Iran 1,500 Missiles for Hostages. Obama Trades Five Guys? GOP Heads Explode.

Here are the Taliban Terrorists Obama Released to Free POW Bowe Bergdahl

Paper plane hits player (England - Peru)

AP got story wrong-Obama NOT required to notify Congress-That's Sec Of Defense Job & Here It Is:

POLL <<<<< Thread One of the Seasonal photography contest>>>>> Theme: “Spring"

POLL <<<<< Thread Two of the Seasonal photography contest>>>>> Theme: “Spring"

Wood Turtle

POLL <<<<< Thread Three of the Seasonal photography contest>>>>> Theme: “Spring"

Ran into this creature this morning...

Black bear spotted lounging in hammock [PHOTO]

Marriage is only a right if you believe in their god in bizarre wedding plan

Bernie Sanders Woos Iowa Activists

So how would a Republican's Secretary of Labor describe labor conditions today?

Singer-Songwriter Melissa Etheridge Marries

<<<<<Preliminaries are up for the Seasonal Contest>>>>> Theme: "Spring"

The Dreams of Old Men

‘Friends Without Benefits’: ‘Job Creators’ Accrue More Terrifying Power

"Darryl. The kind of friend Jesus would have." Humor from down under.

Climb every Mountain

Our Problem Is Civil Obedience (Matt Damon reads Howard Zinn)

Cruz: Federal Government Shutdown Gave GOP A Boost For 2014 Elections

Good Morning, Dubya. Did you watch HBO last night?

Chris Hedges: "The many failures of US society and how change can occur"

Paul Broun? It's over when you say 'UNCLE'....

Proposed $40 million settlement set for players

Crimea Adopts Ruble as Ukraine Continues Battling Rebels

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl: Flight to freedom

Philly newspaper owner among dead in private plane crash

Professor Richard Wolff: Our economic recovery has been a "fiction"

I don't buy the Republican logic on releasing the prisoners at Guantanamo...

Flip-Flopper Cruz Claims 2013 Government Shutdown Is Winning Strategy To Reclaim Senate

The New Yorker: Translating Frozen Into Arabic

Navy denies application from former minister who sought to be the first atheist chaplain

Senior official: “Whatever (Bowe Bergdahl) may have done, I think he’s more than paid for it”

Fox neocon John Bolton: Obama ‘despicable’ for swapping American POW for Gitmo detainees

Hey John Bolton

Column: Missoula groups help broaden religious vision for pastor, for community

If I was out to obfuscate

Singer Melissa Etheridge ties the knot

Religious leaders demand: Expand Medicaid, and save money

This is a BFD: Brand-new co-owner of Phila. Inquirer and Daily News killed in that plane crash

3 Catholic Missionaries Freed in Cameroon

Husbands shouldn't need an excuse – or science – to do the damn dishes Jessica Valenti

"Why the Snowden Hero/Traitor Debate Is Meaningless"--NBC Snowden Clip--Good Watch!

Zinn-sational Sunday morning to everyone ........

Google’s YouTube Video Quality Report Exposes Sub-Par Internet Service Providers

WSJ Suggests Hollande May Redefine Chutzpah by Complaining to Obama about BNP Paribas on 70th D Day

A commercial worth watching

An attempt to get the facts straight on the release of the Snowden email by the NSA

When does an episode of Game of Thrones get onto Infinity On-Demand?

Some early entrants in NFL draft find tough road

Climate Deniers Are Like The Crazy Cab Driver. They Will Drive Us To Oblivion No Matter What.

FBI, SEC probe Phil Mickelson and others (insider trading)

Not Optimistic About Minimum Wage And Other Pro Worker Policies.

N.S.A. Collecting Millions of Faces From Web Images

Illinois Begins Issuing Marriage Licenses to ALL Desiring Couples Today!

False Advertising

Fast Food Workers' Movement 2.0

Chairman Bernie Sanders Lays Out Legislative Action Plan for Veterans

Sam Brownback’s tax cuts now full-blown disaster for Kansans

Why do we give our content to corporate middlemen?

Justin Bieber caught on video using N-word several times while telling racist joke

Streetcar Funding Slashed By D.C. Council

Who will tell Alan Gross? (RE: US Taliban prisoner swap question)

Mining Twitter gold, at five bucks a pop

Savage capitalism is back – and it will not tame itself

London is raising its congestion pricing charge

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday ~ June 1st

In just one year, 1,795,884 Venezuelans plunged into poverty

Senator Sanders Speaks on Face the Nation about the VA

Long guns: The new accessory at the GOP state convention?

Venezuela sends $18 billion to Cuba in 3 years (Spanish)

Corporations are people, they just don't pay taxes like them ...

In Norfolk, evidence of climate change is in the streets at high tide

Update on Otter browser, slow improvement

Beyond ironic.

Ratio of bars to grocery stores

What else could Steve Ballmer buy with $2 billion?

Who would have though that freeing a POW would become a bad thing for POTUS

TCU wins in 22 innings, second-longest game in NCAA tourney history

Huh! Next thing, Obama will be inviting future Jihadis to the Oval Office! Oh, wait . . .

by Robert Reich

'It's clearly a mental health issue.'

Thousands of Area C Residents Face Expulsion ( B'Tselem )

The Death of the Public School system in New Orleans

Life sucks

The Chilcot inquiry's focus on Bush-Blair secrets distracts us from disaster in plain sight

Waiting, and waiting, for Crowning Glory....

Netanyahu: Recognizing the Palestinian unity gov't will encourage terrorism

Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl: Flight to freedom

Girl Accuses School Of ‘Shaming Girls For Their Bodies' After Being Sent Home For Wearing Shorts

I'm in what's becoming a contentious Facebook discussion with a long-time dear friend who...

qotd: "it is quite expensive to become part of the ocean's floor"

Doggy doo-doo forces flight diversion

Obama to urge Europe to keep up pressure on Russia

Greatest Generation, Good War, Blah-Blah-Blah | Mickey Z.

"Don't Call This Veteran a Hero"

Whose Client State? | James Howard Kunstler

"Don't Call This Veteran a Hero"

Web reviews claim ‘homophobic’ restaurant is a gay bar

Getting Ahead: An American Success Story | William T. Hathaway

Mighty Pups of the World Cup

Houston school district holds job fair for North Carolina teachers

Navigating Syria: The Impossible, Indispensable Mission | Ramzy Baroud

Medical Marijuana vote in US House: MN Roll Call

been waiting all day for French Open tennis

Media Pile On: Don Sterling Yes, the Empire NO! | Philip A. Farruggio

Krugman: Climate Action Is ‘Remarkably Cheap,’ New EPA Rules Would Give ‘U.S. Economy A Boost’

The Empire Eats Its Own | Philip A. Farruggio

Perhaps this might result in us converting

One might think this was a 'domesticated' bear ...

I have over the last year taken Victoza for my diabetes. It did wonders for me because one of the

What the Media Not Telling Us about Yemen | Ramzy Baroud

Saudi official: Female activists ‘doing harm to women’s rights’

Your Call Is Important To Us | James Howard Kunstler

Rockies: "Worst road trip since Clark Griswold took his family west in "National Lampoon's Vacation"

France Rail Pass

Climate Change: Chickens Coming Home to Roost | Mickey Z.

Non-violent? Don’t Flatter Yourself | Mickey Z.

Quick throwaway post... Which is the correct usage:

Burglurglrgulrgl baby babble

Malia goes to prom

Utah Girls Have No Right to Bare Arms

Something's wonky with the "my posts" tab for me.

Brilliant GOP Politician Suggests: MORE OF THE SAME CRAP!

Ronald Reagan Gave Iran 1,500 Missiles for Hostages. Obama Trades Five Guys? GOP Heads Explode.


our girls and women, even our sons are dying... cause of misogyny

JFK called Texas "nut country"

Plus size. A big WTF...edited updated...

Chinese kid draws on dad's passport, gets them stuck in South Korea

Do you think iverglas knew she was talking to you?

200 tons of illegally caught Atlantic bluefin tuna show how we’re driving these fish to extinction

Open carry in GA - what could possibly go wrong? Griffin officer shot and killed at Waffle House.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 3: The Final Frontier

What are you reading the week of June 1st, 2014?

Scott brown lent his name to a shady company for stock worth 1.3 million at the time

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 4: Ursula Andress

I just received a political call about a Republican who is telling people she's a Democrat.

Ahead of FIFA’s World Cup, Police May “Pre-Arrest” Brazilian Activists

Gotta Love Some Creative Activism,

Does it really matter if it’s #notallmen?

For all the mysoginist...Here is a gift...

Stupid gun dorks are idiots

If a Democrat had been in the White House when the attack of 9/11 happened?

"Babylonian Booty"..more on those like Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Cheney...

cool FB page

In Memoriam: Peter E. Glaser (1923-2014)

Vegan 91 year old sets half-marathon records for age group

Tennessee Vote No On 1 Facebook group page

Join Tennessee Vote No On 1 Facebook group page

I'm back

Egypt to collect foreigners' capital gains tax on each transaction

I gave away about $40 worth of beer last night.

Success Of Fringe Parties In European Parliament Raises New Obstacle To TAFTA/TTIP's Progress

David Graeber explains why the more your job helps others, the less you get paid

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa,” O’Reilly said. “Have you ever seen me do a softball interview with anybody?"

The Goal of Wholesale Surveillance

My Email to a Friend (Isla Vista Shooting)

The Bergdahls could not find it in their hearts to thank

GOP Loves Veterans? (dial-up warning) --->

Brussels Jewish Museum killings: Suspect 'admitted attack'

at times like this we could all use a little kristen lems.

Obama Doctrine: 'Just because we have the best hammer does not mean that every problem is a nail'

Sudanese prisoner Meriam Ibrahim: Husband 'not informed of release'

How do we know that the returned taterguy is the real deal...

McCamy Reports: "Open Carry" Becomes "Crowd Control Inc.", Goes Public, Offers Shares

USA Prescription For Relief from Stress, Anxiety, Paranoia Or Feelings Of Inadequacy

Pundit Who Blamed UCSB Mass Murder On Gay Marriage Is An NRA Official

Good Neighbors Make Good Fences - Part Deux

Just 5 more days..........

I need a map of taterguy's Carolina tunnel

War in the Central African Republic (Full Length Documentary)

Pope to packed stadium: families are under attack

Venezuela: A plan for coup d'état and assassination of Maduro

"Halt and Catch Fire" premieres tonight on AMC TV (June 1)


Mending Wall - Robert Frost

Hey Omaha Steve!!! Hey DUers in Sioux City. A Storm is-a-comin

796 children found in Mass Grave on the grounds of a former Catholic institution called "The Home"

who was the DUer from NYC that had all the 911 info back then?

"Something's wrong here." & "Now six innocent people are dead."

FAIR - ‘Radioactive’ Putin Is ‘Stalin’s Spawn’ - With Official Enemies, too much is not enough

Bid to overturn Maryland transgender rights bill fails

the Obama that promises is a different guy, and far less powerful, than the Obama that acts

Arthur Chu on nerd culture & misogyny

A politicians’ relationship to their constituents

Ex-Pennsylvania Gov. Rendell invited on jet that crashed

Obama's global warming rule leaks early, plans to cut carbon emissions by 30%

taterguy mysteriously disappears then...reappears. Could he really be Edward Snowden?

Squatters in Spanish city of Barcelona fight police

Bomb blast kills several at football TV showing in northeast Nigeria

"Everything that we know about the war we were told by men."

Hearne officer fired after 93-year-old's death suspended 2X by Bryan PD (w/ photo of trigger happy)

Speaking of who really spits on the troops:

Florida teen etches obscene image onto football field for graduation

Oil boom pumping cash into UT and Texas A&M

Gerardo Hernández: guilty as charged? Alan Gross: innocent as claimed?

Skittles, do you do ass-kickings by request?

Lone Star Politics: Dan Patrick's warning for Democrats

Why the absolute decimation of progressive radio?

I just got hate mail for no reason I can fathom. Is there any remedy for the threats made?

Heads up! A new Cosmos is on tonight!!!!

X Post from Foreign Affairs - Venezuela: A plan for coup d'état and assassination of Maduro

Snowden’s lawyer compares him to a runaway slave using the Underground Railroad

No Sex, No Gays, No Problem

El Salvador: Salvador Sanchez sworn in as president

Immortal Technique: Banning guns won't change a violent society

North Carolina Set To Legalize Fracking Without So Much As A Debate

Bernie Sanders Makes Republicans Put Up or Shut Up With New Bill To Expand Vets Benefits

Why does the US govt support attacks on civilians in Ukraine?

Heads Up - 'Cosmos' Visits Venus to Talk Climate Change tonight

Panama's Canal Divides A Country Into Haves And Have Nots

Buck Tick-Gessekai Live

America needs 'imminent disturbance'

Gretest Robbery Ever

Well, you knew this would happen..

Ann B. Davis, Who Played Alice on 'The Brady Bunch,' Dies at Age 88

Ann B. Davis has died :(

Pastor orders female congregants to come to church with no underwear for Christ to enter

Bat shit crazy: Christian group wants, infiltrate Twin Cities Pride, and convert gays

Regarding "a well regulated militia" ....

"For millions of Americans, poverty isn't caused by the inability to work ..."

"no, you're wrong and this is why" ...

Ann B. Davis, dead at 88

"Sinister Ministers" Debut

Surprise! He's back ... ( ... that guy the ~ taterguy ... )

Ed Rendell was invited to fly on the chartered plane that went down killing 7 Saturday

Essay: A child of Appalachia no longer knows, as an adult, whether he still belongs

What Colorado and Appalachia have in common

They didn't have ANYTHING as cool as this when I was young.

Medical Marijuana Patients: Congress Votes To End The War

California DU'ers are very busy today

What office will George Clooney run for?

How do you feel about using ignore? I'm really contemplating it

British Gov."Snowden has ­committed the worst kind of treachery"

Any Yorkie owners here?

my heart is breaking....

Epicenter of Saturday earthquake in Greeley was near oil, gas wastewater injection wells

Homeless | James Howard Kunstler

NHL Western Conference Finals game 7 Hawks and Kings Who you got?

Just got back from "Maleficent". Angelina Jolie absolutely killed it as the lead IMHO.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett Compares House Republicans' Latest Tax Break to the Junk Food it Subsidizes

The psychopath known as Todd Kincannon on the return of Bergdahl...

The first kittens are here!

China: Eradicate, Prevent all Forms of Violence Against Women, Girls

In US and abroad, new focus on anti-women violence

Official: Recovering fallen climbers too dangerous

Five really good reasons to vote Democratic in November