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Isn't Sarah Manning's Baby Daddy on "Orphan Black" the same guy that's hooking up with

I have to share because this is so true.

Third Annual PA State Atheist/Humanist Conference will be held Labor Day Weekend 2014 in Pittsburgh

Can you spell tone deaf? H-I-L-L-A-R-Y. Hillary Clinton: We Were 'Dead Broke' Upon Leaving WH

A Rally to End the Fourth Term of Michael Bloomberg Tomorrow @ 4:30 pm.

Grosse Pointe Park driver tells police he was beaten after crash in Detroit

I have to share....

The Atlantic: Is Competitive Eating a Sport?

anyone ever have an isbar?

"Prodding Congress, Obama acts to ease student debt"

She Accused A TV Anchor Of Rape And Got Dragged Through The Tabloids

Taliban now at the podium....

Right Wing Freaks Out With DOJ Announcement to Crackdown on Domestic Terrorists (June 4)

How much more perfect can a test group be? Texarkana: Case study in Medicaid expansion

Between the Lines: It’s not censorship by ignoring those denying climate change

From Men’s Liberation to Men’s Rights: angry white men in the US

Healthy seniors tested in bid to block Alzheimer's

Reporting the Middle East: Please Go Back to the Streets | Ramzy Baroud

Only Con, Reform Allowed

European Commission targets global poverty (Quick before the far-right gains additional seats)

Feds, state deny request for Tappan Zee toll documents

Alan Grayson is at it again...

Any bloggers or web folks?

Can we stop with attributing every atrocity to mental illness?

What John Browne Learned by Being Outed

Bellevue’s first: 21 full-time firefighters (union members all)

Bellevue’s first: 21 full-time firefighters (union members all)

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Manic Mondays

Turn on Rachel right fugging now - Indiana Governor Mitch Daniel's law that

So Condem, how is that pub in Omaha called Mr. Toad's?

One Party, Two Factions: South’s Republicans Look a Lot Like Its 1970s Democrats

Pakistani Taliban vows more violence after attack

Goodnight, Moon!

The murder of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht

EXCLUSIVE: Board of Deputies’ secret Israel file revealed

It's simple: When you have had unlimited opportunity and wield immense power

Former Olympic Swimmer Amy Van Dyken-Rouen Severs Spine in ATV Accident

Maleficent vs the Grinch: Angelina Jolie takes Professor Richard Dawkins to task

A move away from democracy

I love this woman: I wear a bikini because ...

A Detail-Packed Mid-19th-Century Map of World Religious Belief

In a few decades we will meet our Cosmic Neighbors but for now....

Republicans attack Hillary's Comments About Leaving WH In Debt. DU Follows Suit:

The new "Duck and Cover"

nuttier than a fruitcake...

Pictures of the 99Rise Marchers visit

Ted Cruz To Speak To His New Base at the School In The Foothills Of The Blue Ridge Mountains

Sterling's Attorney SAYS Clippers sale deal is OFF.

A Rock/Metal Thread

Sendin' a Shout Out~

Ted Cruz To Speak To His New Base-Evangelical Youth In A Blue Ridge Mountain Heaven.

When a post gets hidden by jury decision, you can't post in the thread any longer. I get that

Flame war gone bad.

Corbett hides in the Comcast castle

The right-wing war on the Clintons that began in the 90's is really a war on all of us

Re LDS and

Are you a clone of your spouse?

8 Reasons Young Americans Don’t Fight Back

How A Paranoid Right Wing Nutjob's Brain Works - In A Single Minute

If dogs could drive.

Remember the guy who wanted to use "Women and Children as Shields"? Way Past Connecting the DOTS..

Supreme Court rules for corporation in poisoned water case

That Was Then, This is Now | James Howard Kunstler

Ministers to topple government if Israel annexes settlements

Unlimited Dark Campaign Money Is 'The American Way,' Says Terri Lynn Land

Sterling rejects Clippers sale, will sue NBA for $1 billion

GOP rep.: Global warming is a hoax because dinosaurs went extinct without car pollution

Double Strawberry Cheesecake

International medical committee begins investigation into killing of the 'Nakba children'


Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has asked his lawyer to go ahead with a $1 billion lawsui

A History of Liberal White Racism

Jom Stewart just tore Hannity et al a new one on steroids

A History of Liberal White Racism, Cont.

Runaway Horse Drags Carriage Around Central Park, Hits Cab

Penny Dreadful: Damn (spoilers?)

'Moral Monday' moves to Senate

Mayor and speaker undecided on police pension bill

Kelly Thomas death: Will feds prosecute Fullerton ex-cops?

Sen. Berger meets with North Carolina protesters

There are times when it's necessary to waffle...

Best of SUNY Art

Naah, I think that it's perfect...

Ancestry is cancelling MyCanvas and other services as of September 3.

if the right knows that bergdahl deserted, shouldn't they be glad he's been captured...

A real scientist has to battle Corporate America:

Brawl erupts during prisoner support event in Hebron

Obamas to move to Asheville for post-presidency ?!?!

The next head coach of the NY Knicks is Derek Fisher

Vice News - Poroshenko’s Promises of Safety and Peace Ring Hollow in Eastern Ukraine

Calipari turned down Cleveland's 10-year, $80 million offer to resign w/UK 7-years, $52.5 million

Acronyms! Acronyms! Acronyms!

Putin TV (RT) "frequent guest" Alex Jones, inspiration for LV shooters, says Obama = Martial Law

Former Colombia intelligence director still has asylum in Panama, can’t be extradited yet: Colombia

Clinton: Benghazi probes 'more of a reason to run'

email from Senator Ron Wyden

A dissection of anti-marijuana propaganda

RAVITCH: Time for Congress to Investigate Bill Gates’ Public Education Coup

We're the GOPs best allies and most powerful weapon.

Remember when tea party favorite & GOP nominee Sharron Angle called for "2nd amendment remedies?"

Nigeria Boko Haram crisis: '20 women abducted' in north

Texas GOP In Need Of Therapy

Sierra Leone ebola death toll 'doubles to 12 in a week'

Jailed Colombia army colonel names ex-commander general as ‘creator of false positives’

Ex-UCLA star Ed O'Bannon takes stand in antitrust suit against NCAA

Classy cat

Sick of the Un-American trashy GOTP

UPDATE HELP>>>my two boxers went out to pee and came back in foaming at the mouth with a frog

Crosstalk - Discussion of the prospects with the new Ukraine President

This is so beautiful!

A few from a ramble with Cleo last month out in Canyons of the Ancients.

Isn't it ironic how intelligent people descended from apes ...

John Oliver on FIFA Soccer World Cup

HELP_))) UPDATE my 2 boxers went out to pee and came back foaming at mouth with a frog. I

Wendy Davis expands LGBT outreach

Nationals snap Giants' win streak at 5

For the most part Cops have been indifferent to Right Wing anti-govt. Gun Nuts.

Report: Sex Crimes Up at US Colleges (Even as Overall Campus Crime Down)

National Instruments Cancels Project That Would Have Created 1,000 Jobs in Austin

COMMENT THREAD for the June photo contest. Theme: WIDE OPEN SPACES

SUBMISSION THREAD for the June Photo Contest. Theme: WIDE OPEN SPACES

The Republican Party Doge-d Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Fired Back.

North Korea detaining American for leaving a Bible in hotel room

Orange Is New Black subtitles?

Poroshenko orders to organize humanitarian corridor for civilians in Ukraine's east

U.S. arms could create Syria 'warlords', rebel commander says

Tiananmen Square & Venezuela’s Caracazo: A Tale of Two Massacres

Tiananmen Square & Venezuela’s Caracazo: A Tale of Two Massacres

Overwhelming Majority of Americans Say: 'Just Label It!'

Taliban Tea

Fresh gun battle near Karachi airport

Militants seize Iraq’s second-largest city, say officials

USAID Subversion in Latin America Not Limited to Cuba

APNewsBreak: CIA cites officers for harassment

Let Me Show You Why Edward Snowden is a Traitor and Not a Patriot

U.S. Failure To Isolate Cuba Highlighted At Recent OAS Bloc Meeting

Five U.S. troops killed in friendly fire air strike in Afghanistan

'Love-locks' cause rail collapse on Paris's Pont des Arts bridge

5 Products Consumers Like to Scrimp On, But Shouldn’t


Why Is Network Television Afraid of Admitting Many of America's Terror Attacks Are 'Right Wing

White Iowa Teacher Tells Black Student To Respond To Him Saying, “Yes sir, master”

How the Private Equity Industry Is Looting the Middle Class

5 Products Consumers Like to Scrimp On, But Shouldn’t

Juan Cole: Dear Sen. McCain: No, the Taliban Prisoners didn’t Carry out 9/11; but you Supported Musl

Human Rights Watch’s Revolving Door

Jon Stewart debunks Fox News ‘boobery’ surrounding Bowe Bergdahl’s father

Good point

Time for Congress to Investigate Bill Gates’ Role in Common Core by Diane Ravitch

Between criticism and incitement

I think Joey Scar's program will be dedicated today to mocking Hillary and her "we were

One Year After Closings, How Are Chicago's Public Schools Now?

10 Unforgettable Quotes From Toni Morrison

$2.7 million isn't "dead broke", but HRC did not receive $8m in Dec of 2000.

Rocket sled to Hell: Three arrested for ‘gruesome’ torture of enslaved transgender woman

NASA Satellite Spies Atmospheric Double Whammy


Dear Kitten: Advice From An Older Cat Voiced By Ze Frank (VIDEO)

report: social security judges rubber stamp claims

Alex Jones Once Called For Bashing Heads Open On The Concrete

More Alex Jones violence hypocrisy.

Some trivia about Holy Thursday.

Alex Jones is Not a Violent Person... LOL

Some folk customs surrounding baptism in 16th-17th-18th century England.

Citigroup loses bid to stop L.A. mortgage discrimination lawsuit

More Voting Games in Ohio

War Gear Flows to Police Departments

More Voting Games in Ohio - Xpost GD

Rising sea levels unearth skeletal remains of Japanese WWII soldiers on Pacific island

Top 3 White Terrorist Attacks in America this Week

Student Debt: Blame Law-Makers, Tax-Shirking Rich, War on Drugs, not Universities

US not planning to place missile defense systems in Ukraine - Nuland

British comedian Rik Mayall dead at 56 (The Young Ones)

Dear Sen. McCain: No, the Taliban Prisoners didn’t Carry out 9/11; but you Supported Muslim Radicals

Wealthy Austrians Are Demanding Their Taxes Be Raised

Cue Joe Scum et al - Five American troops killed in Afghanistan last night

Lightning strikes tree at SPAC box office

A Promiscuous Brown Bear May Be Castrated For Sleeping Around Too Much

Haley signs edu reform bill

Iraq: 450,000 have fled al-Anbar as Gov’t Deploys Militias against al-Qaeda

Coup kills south Thailand peace chance

Four reasons to love Obama’s power plant rules, and three reasons not to

CNPC faces pain on Russia gas deal

Red states pump out more carbon pollution than blue ones

Egypt turns its back on Uncle Sam

Let Kabul go its way

Bat shit crazy:Louisiana Bill Would Require Women to Stay on Life Support if Pregnant

Ted Rall - "Why Don't More Soldiers Walk Away?"

25 Men, $21 Billion: The Bursting Financial Bubble

5 U.S. soldiers killed in apparent 'friendly-fire' strike in Afghanistan

Bergdahl: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

(Netherlands): The Social Loan System Makes Us Look a Bit More like the US

(Japan) Creeping Orwellian angst

IMF's Lagarde - Abbott's Refusal To Discuss Climate "Shows His Ignorance On The Issue"

For Oregon man, a Boeing 727 in the woods is just plane home

Big 2014-15 El Nino Could Reduce Global Reef Coverage By 10-20% In Single Episode

Canada, Australia Respond To Obama Action With United Front Of Climate Denial

The Perceptions of Race That Hinge on Stress

VA audit of veterans' health care wait times finds Anchorage satisfactory

AP IMPACT: Tax cheats took billions from Ukraine

The VA Inspector General has subpoenaed nonprofit group Project on Government Oversight

Americans: Still Pretty Judge-y

Canadian Archaeologists Find Superabundance Of Pacific Herring Before Industrial Fishing Began

Question about Canadian / US dual citizenship


(WA) 59-day wait for new local VA patients, audit shows

The Mental-Health Consequences of Unemployment

Reproductive Failure In Svalbard Polar Bears; 10% Of Females Had Cubs This Year - Guardian

New Video from the 99Rise Marchers

VA audit: Escondido clinic flagged

Gun Control Is Going Nowhere, So Here's a Bulletproof Blanket for Your Kid

Can Atheists have a God that they Worship? Yes.

Israeli left's baffling support for Rivlin

Why no female Blue Angels pilots?

What to do? Could we discuss the Hosting of Threads?

Politicians, media mostly ignore Palestinian hunger strike

NASSCO to build fourth Navy ship

Russia and NATO Flex Muscles at Parallel Baltic War Games

NPS makes place for gay Americans

Reuven Rivlin chosen as Israeli president

Great Read Seeking a sense of purpose, FBI informant decides to tell all

Risk of depression is nearly twice as high for unemployed Americans

Bible Verses That Atheists Love

Anti-Catholicism: The Defining Religious Principle of Early America?

Colombia’s indigenous communities call for “spiritual celebration for peace”

When you go to Europe, do you get some euros from your bank (or wherever) before you go

White House to request $2 billion to handle border influx of children

Utah Police Officer Refuses to Protect Gay Pride Marchers. Religious Liberty in Action?

A question about the terms sexism and misogyny...

Ugandan named to head U.N. assembly faces criticism on human rights

Fla.Republican apologizes for being forced to use the N word.

In Brazil, group scores victory in land protest before World Cup

Kiribati President; Talks, Treaties, Tech No Longer Matter; His Nation, Maldives, Marshalls Are Done

Progress reported in Ukraine-Russia talks but fighting continues

Reproductive Failure In Joshua Trees In CA; Drier, Hotter Mojave Killing Young Trees

Hagel Made Final Call on Bergdahl Swap, Congress Told

Buffett Ready to Double $15 Billion Solar, Wind Bet

Rural Clarinda is home to only ITM – interactive teller machine – in Nebraska or IA (nxt generation)

Help me with these city-scapes

After signing the Civil Rights Act, LBJ allegedly said, "We have lost the South for a generation",

Crime-Ridden Caracas Is World’s Most Expensive City for Expats

Science - Gavin Schmidt To Take Over Leadership Of NASA Goddard Institute

FAA grants first certificate for commercial drone operations over land

Fatal Accident on Sao Paulo's Monorail System

Activision Blizzard CEO must face lawsuit over $8.2-billion buyout

BBB issues warning against bitcoin mining company Cointerra

NSA: Our systems are so complex we can’t stop them from deleting data wanted for lawsuit

Americans say big business better at creating jobs abroad than in U.S.

NBC News’ Nevada affiliate spoke with the alleged Las Vegas shooter Jerad Miller about his support f

How much does right-wing rhetoric contribute to right-wing terrorism?

Every elected official who praised Bundy and his extremists needs to resign or face impeachment

Justina Pelletier begs judge & governor; State asks judge to return Justina Pelletier to her paren

Obama tells governors he wants to quit taking money from forest projects for firefighting

8 June 2014 - Atmospheric CO2 content 401.28 ppm - Scripps

Polls: Americans Divided By Party Lines On Bergdahl Swap

This is important: steps to take if you cannot figure out a stranger's gender

VA orders probe of Colorado Springs veterans clinics

Oil sands players share info on how to hurry up Mother Nature

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 10 June ( The world's first ever summit on sexual violence in war )

Great start...

GM CEO: No more serious safety issues lurking

AP IMPACT: Tax cheats took billions from Ukraine

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 10 June ( The world's first ever summit on sexual violence in war )

I'm sure that he's lucky that she didn't have a moose handy as well...

Schooling Journalists In Religion

St. Louis archbishop claims he wasn’t sure it was illegal for priests to have sex with kids

St. Louis archbishop claims he wasn’t sure it was illegal for priests to have sex with kids

Colleges and Evangelicals Collide on Bias Policy

Law firms flock to same-sex marriage proponents, while shunning conservatives

Greece: IMF pleased with progress, worried on debt

"#SurvivorPrivilege", a brilliant takedown of rape apologists like George F. Will

Hi, George Will? I'm here to give you a "coveted status that confers special privileges"

"NRA backed law allows civilians to kill police officers"

Yeah, we're cool...

Chris Matthews rips Texas Republican platform: ‘How wide is this infection of hatred?’

Corbett uses decoy location for Phila. fundraiser, to try to avoid protesters

Should have seen this coming (Puckett resignation handing VA senate to republicans)

Alex Jones loses it: Harry Reid staged ‘false flag’ Vegas shooting with MK-ULTRA mind control

Nixa gets 'beast' of ($1,000,000) vehicle free from feds

VIDEO: Man beaten at 'Detroit Motor City Pride,' gay pride festival in Detroit

Bush Pays Cash For Hostages

Ring of Fire: GOP Attacks Pentagon Climate Assessment

Across North America, Teachers Declare: ‘No No. 2 Pencils Required!’

GOP Rep. Acknowledges That Members Expect Donations For Votes

Catholic Parents Abuse Children, Then Are Furious That Same-Sex Couple Adopted Them

40 years ago: Ten Cent Beer Night, June 4th, 1974

Bundy's Son: Las Vegas Shooters Kicked Off Ranch After A Few Days

There actually *are* real neo-Nazi putschists in charge in Ukraine. (But it's not who you think.)

Minimum Wage Support Grows

WTF ... 2

Stephen Colbert suggests "names" to Republicans candidates

Statement - Fearful Republicans - True or False

Patients at Fayetteville VA Medical Center have longest wait times in the country, audit says

New Jersey Has Paid More Than $3 Million For Christie's BridgeGate Defense

Cosmos now available on Blu-Ray and DVD!!!

Boehner Won't Call Las Vegas Shootings 'Domestic Terrorism'

Time Warner completes spinoff of Time Inc.

Pakistan forces repel attack near Karachi airport

Article about ambulance-drivers in Riad, Saudi-Arabia

I think I figured something out about why people gravitate to conservative politics...

BBC World Service News: Gadsen flag used by extreme right wing groups.

Four years in jail for revealing that Bush is still a hopeless twit

Hillary Clinton Tackles Sarah Palin's 'War On Women' Charge

It Will Shock You How Much It Never Happened

Sold to China: US electric car company purchased by Chinese billionaire

GOPer: Harassment Accusations Show That I Don't 'Easily Back Down'

Dr, Housing Bubble 06/09/14

Indiana officers left woman naked for hours after force-stripping, pepper-spraying her

"Just In Time" Inventory Practices Drives Trucking At A Frenzied Pace.

GM CEO: No more serious safety issues lurking

Janet Porter Wants Republicans 'Nationwide' To Adopt Texas GOP's Ex-Gay Resolution

Returning troops help KKK build paramilitary force to ‘retake’ US in coming race war

Who Is The Real Racist, According To The Internet?

Hatriot Politics Created the Las Vegas Killers

Let's call the Vegas shooters what they are

Hearne ex-cop sued for harassment

Big day at the White House for the Obama family

U.S. Government Ties El Salvador USD 277 M Aid Package to Monsanto’s GMO Seeds

U.S. Government Ties El Salvador USD 277 M Aid Package to Monsanto’s GMO Seeds

Hiking with dogs: Prepare for the trail

Bat Shit Crazy: Louie Gohmert's Head-Turning Theory On Gay Marriage, Nazis And Jews

Middle school teaches "real men" perform oral during a woman's period

The Right Didn’t Mind When Bush Paid a Ransom to Terrorists

TX school board member...anti-Muslim rant and horrible comment about POTUS

‘Mountain Man’ Gets 10+ Years in Jail

Shonda Rhimes - Dartmouth commencement

Mizzou and Title IX

Slap This On The Back Of Your Car And Let The Guy Behind You Ponder It For A While

How Hard Is It To Fire Somebody Working In The VA System?......

Kings one win from another Cup

NSA Blames the Borg for Destruction of Subpoenaed Data- Claims They're Powerless to Stop It

The slow process of turning the US into a low wage McJobs nation

The Rewards of Environmentalism

Carbon budgets, climate sensitivity and the myth of "burnable carbon"

Anti-Washington Redskin Mascot ad that will run during the NBA Finals:

Republicans are in a bad predicament with Cruz -- but it's their own fault, and there's little they

Joe the Plumber: Guns Are for Hunting Down Politicians

DU Lawyers - Bergdahl Family Libel Lawsuit?

Anti-Gay 'Expert' Goes to Gay Leather Fetish Parties

Kitten rescued on Main Street: Rusty's the name

Bizarre Joker Video From Las Vegas Revolutionary Shooter - Jared Miller Mimics Alex Jones

Posting This Because Of Vegas

House panel bars US funds for Guantanamo transfers

Shots fired at Troutdale’s Reynolds High School

Seattle Doctor Sexted During Surgery.

Someone's been sleeping in MY bed...

These are not terrorists: Wingnuts’ anti-LGBT dementia spirals out of control

Register of Wills Seeks to Appeal PA Gay Marriage Ruling

Breaking: Shooting spree in progress at Oregon high school...

Why the surge in migrant children at border? 5 answers

Lumberjack's Lament

So what, a couple of degrees warmer ...

What's on your summer reading list?

Declining Southern Baptists Double Down on Homophobia

Do you know your way about rape? Here's 50 handy definitions:

Legendary comic Phil Hartman will be honored with a Posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

It has come to this: Bullet-resistant blanket offers kids protection against shootings

Westboro Baptist Church Gets A Big Surprise While Protesting Wilson High School

How the Citizens United Case Reshaped the Political Debate About Global Warming.

I voted against Eric Cantor today

U.S.Today/Pew poll question was not: "Do you support the exchange of an American soldier POW

Student-Debt Burden of U.S. Borrowers Takes Stage in Washington

Why Is the American Far Right More Violent Than the American Far Left?

How The Las Vegas Killer Used Facebook To Exploit Gun Law Loopholes

How do DUers feel about polls based on emotion

Samantha Power Bashes Isolationism in NYC School Visits

So, who are the people who support the Privacy Invasion Industry?

Maybe we're not that bad after all

Hillary Clinton Keeps Obama Close While Citing Policy Gap

45 Failed Alex Jones Predictions

John Oliver: FIFA and the World Cup

NY Court of Appeals upholds appointment of special prosecutor in WFP probe

Hillary Clinton Defends Comments on Struggle With Money

Climate change may prevent contact with alien civilisations

The Daily Kos backs John Liu's primary challenge against Senate IDC member Tony Avella

No matter how much some people here dislike the idea, Hillary WILL be the Democratic nominee

Ukraine Gas Talks Deadlock as Gazprom Demands Debt Payment

The Democratic primary this August will be more important than we thought

An affordable-housing triumph, tempered by pragmatism

A bulletproof blanket seeks to shield kids during school shootings

Iraqi Soldiers, Police Drop Weapons, Flee Posts In Portions Of Mosul

Dentured servitude...

Why the GOP is losing women voters. Well, Duh. . .

A Jihadist Group That's Too Radical For Al Qaeda Is Threatening Iraq's Water Supply

Feinstein's Now Cool With the Bergdahl Swap: "“I think we need to put an end to all of this now"

Medical marijuana suffers major blow in Senate

IDF announces new restrictions on social media use

Help stop the fast-tracking of TPP. Spread the word.

so -- is it about Teh Gun yet?

Merkel Warns on Threats as Cameron Steps Up EU Exit Talk

Colombia, No. 2 rebel group announce peace process

Former Gov. David Paterson sunk own company's Port Authority deal to get dad back into politics: law

Job Openings in U.S. Climb to Highest Since September ’07

Amazon Indians, victims of war, exhumed in Peru

2fer: Gucifer gets 4yrs; Shrub, zero for his art & other crimes. And Faux admits LYING!1

Asian slave labour producing prawns (global shrimp trade)

Luckovich toon: Gun control

Thom Hartmann: We Need a "People's Fed"

Japan Prime Minister's Plan: 'Kill the Whales'

Thom Hartmann: Why Isn't Right-Wing Terrorism Called Out?

Nobody is born a racist...

President Obama is doing a student loan Q & A on Tumblr at 4 PM

State Takes Bold Stand Against Consumer Plastic Pollution

Divided by a Common Language

Anti-Hate Group: Vegas Attacks Are Part Of ‘De Facto War’ Against Police By Far-Right Extremists

Good people are leaving this country

Should a child have to carry the surname of an absent father?

One life: the positive message of atheism

St. Louis Archbishop Carlson said he’s not sure he knew sexual abuse was a crime

Contact your senator now to stop "In God We Trust" in schools.(Pennsylvania)

City report ranks dangerous intersections for pedestrians

LGBT Legal Activists Brace for Religious Rulings from SCOTUS

Watch Live: President Obama Answers Your Questions on Tumblr (going on Tumblr TODAY 4 PM EDT)

Revealed: Asian slave labour producing prawns for supermarkets in US, UK

Great way to get ticks safely off your dog or cat

Cliven Bundy and his wife made pancakes for LV killers.

Watch Live: President Obama Answers Your Questions on Tumblr (going on Tumblr TODAY 4 PM EDT)

The car that runs on sunshine and sweat (BBC)

Warehoused and Forgotten: Immigrants Trapped in Our Shadow Private Prison System

Report: Elevated Levels Of Tritium Found Near Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

Al Gore: Edward Snowden's 'Important Service'

Great way to get ticks safetly off your dog or cat

No End to the Palestinians’ Self-Inflicted Tragedy

Tropical Storm Christina peregrinates westward in Pacific Ocean, Tropical Cyclone Two in Arabian Sea

Harry Reid or Dean Heller -- Who Was Correct?

California teacher tenure law unconstitutional

BP allowed commercial drones by US regulators in unprecedented decision

Business is Booming

2 school shootings within 15 minutes of each other ...

Public Works: Getting Paid to Bike to Work

Bottom round roast.....yuck!

Playing President. Being President.

Waffle House Denies Waitress $1,000 Tip

Syracuse bans smoking in city parks, downtown public areas

Baby Rhino Is Glued to Keeper After Seeing Poachers Kill Mother

NAACP fears Spring Valley housing bias could spread

Time to Open Carry Our Disgust For Republicans and their Enablers in the Media.

Obama honors troops from segregation era

Adirondack population aging, declining

Michael Dunn retrial date Sept. 22

Poll: Palestinians prefer suing Israel at the ICC rather than starting third intifada

Judge delays ruling on 'stand your ground' hearing

What's for Dinner ~ Tuesday ~ June 10th

A little quiz for teabagger gun nuts you run into

Chile rejects huge hydro-electric project in Patagonia

Chile rejects huge hydro-electric project in Patagonia

I may be in violaton of the rules, but what do YOU report posts on , what criteria?

In boost for jobs, small business optimism is growing

This is very sad...

Al Jazeera America’s Fault Lines presents: “Wisconsin’s Mining Standoff” (June 14th) 6:00 PM

Radioactive groundwater spikes under Indian Point in Buchanan

WTF ... 3

Solar Breakthrough from Oz Land:

California tribe’s anti-"Redskins" ad (Change The Name)

Catholic, Orthodox bishops push for more married priests (RNS)

Barney Frank has some advice for atheists


Today ...

Top US Lawmakers Demand Kerry Explain Position On Hamas

U.S. wholesale inventories rise solidly, may boost second-quarter GDP

Arms Windfall for Insurgents as Iraq City Falls

These days are becoming painful to anticipate and to live.

It's time to call in an expert...

McCain; Swiftboating the Swiftboaters is "unacceptable"

The ego of the disgruntled must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of students

Cop Killer Jerad Miller’s Facebook ‘Likes’ In One Giant Right-Wing Graphic

Obama 'Bear' Goes Foraging For Burgers in Del Ray

House votes to ensure speedier care for US vets


First Recreational MJ testing lab opens in Yakima

Lowe's, LG & Dove Men+Care: One of These Messages is Not Like the Other

Know your cetaceans!

74 School shootings since Sandy Hook

"1994 and the Congressional Brain Drain"

Map: There have been at least 74 school shootings since Newtown

Just listened to this on radio, want to share:

Toon: Falling into the hands of the American Taliban

How Come When We Have A Shooting Like In Las Vegas The Shooter(s) Wind Up Killing Themselves?.....

Ore. Senate Candidate Addresses Harassment Reports

NY-24 Campaign Roundup: Rep. Dan Maffei has $1.25 million in his war chest; John Katko unveils new

No proper medical care for Gaza patients not at death’s door

Will Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos get a second season?

City pays out nearly $600,000 to Occupy Wall Street protesters

Omaha beats out 3 cities, including ‘s-Hertogenbosch, for equestrian world championship event

I hate the Yankees,

Another day - another gun nut shoots off...

The solution to Government and Berghdahl

Don't you hate it when people say 'You just don't understand" when they know damned well you do?

Ex-Goldman board member seeks to stay out of jail

Former NFL player charged with selling painkillers

How much longer must the nation wait for the Bundy matter to be addressed by

Al Gore, Edward Snowden, and the Perfect Circle

France announces its debt is illegal, hidden and should be torn up!

Knicks hire Derek Fisher as new head coach

Tickets go on sale for low-cost carrier PEOPLExpress

Rights group 'deeply concerned' over closure of Gaza banks

Court: Searchable books database is 'fair use'

Ever wish you chould stop and watch "teh stupid" without being too obvious?

What is police procedure when an attack takes place?

Fine. I'll say it. I won't vote for HIllary if she's the nominee.

Looking clearly at right-wing terrorism

Will Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos get a second season?

It's pretty ironic that we've gone from Rethugs in 1992 calling Bill Clinton "poor white trash"

Today in Tallahassee Florida .Tallahassee Community College

You may hate flying but I love my airline.

mr lapierre, do we need to arm our children? send them to school with weapons? a good kid w/ a gun?

Crash victims' families rally for 25 mile per hour speed limit

Low-wage America: ‘My dad still supports my daughter and me’

Texas official defends recorded racist remarks: ‘Get those blacks off the school board’

And now, an update on California Man (Florida Man's west coast dwelling twin)

Ready For Hillary rolls tricked-out ride into Manhattan on cross-country draft tour

Fine. I'll say it. I will vote for Hillary if she's the nominee.

Texas Workers' Comp Commissioner Resigns

What does the "Redskins" name mean (for the Washington team)?

Will Some Split Votes? Some Think So

This is the 74th school shooting in the United States since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary

Ann Widdecombe claims it was easier to be a Nazi or Communist in post-war Britain...

NC House Speaker Makes Fools of Staff and Police | Tillis 15

EDF May Need $1.35 Billion to Extend Life of Each Reactor

Fine. I'll say it. I will vote for Hillary if she's the nominee.

Agree or Disagree - Hillary Clinton is a Wall Street Democrat who will identify with the interests

Court Rules Against Wells Fargo.

On Snowden, I agree with Gore

"Lets face it, Fox. You'll miss me when I'm gone....

There must be something wrong with me; I'm a white, straight woman who was so enthused about the

guns, mental health, and the elephant in the room.

GWB scandal: Lawyers hired by Christie cost taxpayers $2.2M in February

What a remarkable young woman: she adopted 40 children, opened a school, and helped women empower

Why does anybody think the GOP will cooperate any more with a woman than a black man?

Problem solved...

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Post-9/11 US Foreign Policy: A Record of Unparalleled Failure--It Doesn't Work. Ever.

Reid: Las Vegas Shooting Sounds Like 'Terrorism,' Is Certainly 'Domestic'

Fine I'll say it. Trumad & Cali & now Mineral Man: The Gauntlet has Been Thrown!

Mom charged after police say her son brought grenade to school

Elementary students served dog treats


Article in UK newspaper demands a local response ...

Why is everyone arguing about Hillary?

So Clinton is rich and out of touch?

NY Senate gives final passage to foreclosure prevention bill

Meet an atheist ... who believes in God

Meet Israel's New Right-Wing President

Environmental groups want brownfield cleanup program re-funded before session ends

Weather like ordered by Hollywood special effects: VERY scary

Fine. I'll say it. I won't vote for Cruz if he's the nominee.

Given the choice in a primary, Warren or Sanders. Who and why?

Some notes on recently having a right wing house guest for a few days

Greg Orman for senate

Fine, I'll say it. How many would vote for Kucinich...

Fine. I'll say it...

Fine. I'll say it. "Look.

How Wall Street Defanged Dodd - Frank - banks didn't want the casino taken away & they made sure it

Fine. I'll say it.

Fine. I'll say it. I will be voting for the Democratic nominee.

Democratic candidate: "I'm not really that rich." Republican candidate:

Hillary & the Big Leagues

Fine. I'll say it.---Stay out of GD!

No contest between Bush and Obama on released Gitmo detainees

Creator of 'Spot the Dog' books has died

Happy 20,000 y'all. Enjoy a good read: C'mon Fuckin' Guy: A Chuggo Novella.

I'm a Democrat. I've never skipped Election Day because I didn't like/agree with our party's nominee

Tuesday Toon Roundup 1: Everyday Ordinary Terror

Where are the leaders of the white community?

Tuesday Toon Roundup 2: The Rest

LTC Bateman tired of NRA and senseless shootings

U.S. right wing extremists more deadly than jihadists

Fine, I'll say it.

Hey, did you hear that guy talking about using women and children as shields?

My daughters 1st dress....

School shootings since Newtown:

A thread everybody should read; My daughters 1st dress....

Why Go Into Teaching? No Longer A Profession. Just Another Temp Job With No Security.

Right-wingers trash Hillary’s new book “Hard Choices” on Amazon

Fine, I'll say it, if elected, Hillary should be impeached

Jerry World ruled out as site for RNC.

The Criminology of the “Sure Thing” Portrayed as “Risk”

How is this possible? MSNBC the Least Trusted TV News Source Among All Americans

Fine. I'll say it. I will vote for Satan if he is the Democratic nominee.

Fine, I won't vote for me, if I'm the democratic nominee

This sank like a stone (with one comment) in GD. But this young woman is remarkable.

Fine...I'll say it. The Red Sox are in trouble!

Politics Done Right - Bowe Robert Bergdahl coverage is another media fail

Governor signs bill making Illinois first state to ban microbeads

Politics Done Right on KPFT - An interview w/ Niko Letsos, Ted Poe's Democratic challenger

B.C. group pitches $10-billion ‘environmentally responsible’ refinery

I need some help with a general political question..

Fine. I'll say it. I either will or won't vote for Hillary if she's the nominee.

Papantonio: GOP Rhetoric Inspires Mass Killings

Fine, I'll say it- Team Hillary is TERRIFIED of Elizabeth Warren

Ever try to order an Alice at Alice's Restaurant?


The question is the thread.

Allow me to introduce Page 41: Americans agree Jobs should be the Top Priority

Dear Kitten Ad

Krugman: Taken together, libertarianism plus anti-intellectualism equals toxic mix

Confirmation that Nixon Scuttled the Vietnam Peace Talks

Fine! I'll say it. Mortapror scortchastew. Monkey pancakes!

I will vote the Democratic nominee in 2016. Period.

Fine. I'll say it. I will vote for Hilary if she's the nominee.

Former A's, Dodgers pitcher Bob Welch dies at 57

first paste try

The French far-right's father/daughter Le Pen team in public spat over antisemitic remarks by dad

Chomsky calls for lifting eight-year Israeli siege on Gaza

Ray Boone-Richmond Free Press-RIP

Fine, I'll say it. I'll vote for your bunghole if it's the Democratic nominee

Factory Workers Busiest Since WWII

Fine, I'll say it. I like pizza. And i like cheeseburgers...

David Thorne is at it again! "Have you ever considered growing your own cabbage?"

If a DUer said "bless your heart" to another DUer they are arguing with, would you vote to hide?

LV killers & Alex Jones: Here's what YOU can do to get Jones OFF the air in Nevada! pls DO+K&R

Petition asks Utah to end ‘assault’ on same-sex couples

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 12, 2014 -- Star of the Month - Rock Hudson

Not balanced at all (Fox News)

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 13, 2014 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Pirate Pictures

So who else...

Fine, I'll say it. I'll vote for Vermin Supreme if he is the Democratic nominee

TCM Schedule for Saturday, June 14, 2014 -- The Essentials - Fathers and Sons

Fine, I'll say it. Luke Luck Likes Lakes. Luke's Duck Likes Lakes.

Federal judge rules against Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's bid to dismiss harassment lawsuit

The 74th

They know where you are.

No, Canada: Sen. Ted Cruz has formally shed his dual citizenship

California Tenure Ruling Makes Waves in New York Education Scene

Knuckle sandwich: Did fist fights drive evolution of human face?

Fine, I'll say it. Post anything about cats and I will click on it.

2nd try

Fine, I'll say it. I'll vote for Hillary if she is the nominee.

LULAC sues Texas over learning English in schools

It’s official: East Ramapo to get a fiscal monitor

Fine I will say it, those threads are getting old n/t

Former GM CEO Whitacre donates $15 million to Texas Tech, could receive matching funds

Former MLB pitcher Bob Welch dies at 57

Warrants: Fort Worth officer told wife she should be set on fire

Iggy Azalea - Pregnant remix!

Lock down lifted, armed suspect seen on Tallahassee Community College campus

The Butcher Shop

Lame duck, not nuclear duck: Netanyahu's staggering defeat

How obvious can Glenn Beck get?

Federal judge urges feds to investigate Denver police, sheriff in abuse case

Karen DeCrow, former NOW president, honored by Rep. Dan Maffei in House speech (video)

America? Do Better

Really Arne Duncan?

Fine, I'll say it.

I've seen the Faux "News" hysteria. Now I'd like to try and get at the truth.

Just another day on bullshit mountain...

SC Repub Primary (Lindsey Graham) Results:

9/11 Aircraft - Why Fly So Fast?

Reading glasses ALL the time for small print....a milestone

How are these young people gaining access to guns?

Fine, I'll say it. I don't give a damn until November 5, 2014.

Rant: Your Messed Up Christian Tradition is Fetishizing Little Girls

Fine. I'll say it. I will vote for Hillary or Elizabeth if either is the nominee.

NSA Says It’s Too Large, Complex to Comply With Court Order

Django Reinhardt: Three-Fingered Lightning

If we don't start paying attention to off year elections, such as 2014, it won't matter who

Peace, DU. Here's an offering

GOP State Legislator Asks Why America Can't Be More Like Saudi Arabia

Cantor has lost.

Would anyone consider supporting Lee L Mercer, Jr, if he is our nominee in 2016?? Seriously...

The genius of django the whole documentary

Fox Analyst On VA Controversy: “Where Was The Outrage During The Bush Years?”

Air Force to launch fixes to nuclear program

What is a good natural pesticide?

Fine. I'll say it. I will not vote for the Republican nominee, or for Fox News, or for pink slime.

It Just Doesn't Rain Anymore - It Pours.

I helped a good friend out,

I just saw the cover of Time Magazine, now I'm seeing

'Gay penguins make best parents'

Putin says he just wants to protect the children, not attack internet freedoms

The Washington Post Misused the Data on Violence Against Women

From Michael Moore. "So today, Mosul fell...."

Breaking: House Majority Leader is in danger of losing seat

Michael Moore: Mosul.One more maddening day in this 11-year illegal, immoral, greedy and stupid war