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Archives: June 14, 2014

Where do all the Citizens United billions go? To the media, of course. Conflict of interest?

Awesome web tool: Legislative Explorer

The "Christmas in July" 2014 TV Schedule is here!

Remembering the Iraq War's Pollyanna pundits

Rachel Maddow - Reproductive health options dwindle in South

George W. Bush Won’t Weigh In on Iraq

Father's Day Traditions From Around The World(from

How about Obama offers the neo-con Republicans this deal

Chris Hayes just got censored for trying to say the word god damn in reference to politicians

Dates are hard: Former Bush Press Secretary Forgets The Year U.S. Invaded Iraq

Woman Dances With Tiger Sharks.

World Naked Bike Ride Coming To Brooklyn


Rachel Maddow - Re-invade Iraq? The US has been here before

No, David Brooks. Withdrawing from Iraq wasn't 'the stupidest thing of all.' Invading Iraq was.

$60 Banksy Central Park Stencils Estimated to Sell for $200,000

Weird Cake Looks Like Giant Drop of Water

It's Friday!!

UN Chief Celebrates 70th Birthday With Bolivian Folk Dance

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF! Best of Malloy & a new kitteh gif!

Seriously - any word on Flight 370

Where's Rachel? What's with this O.J. garbage? MSNB see ya later!

Gross! OJ murder rehash instead of Rachel Maddow.

McGrampy blamed his Iraq vote on Colin Powell today on CNN.

Caracas named the most expensive city for expats

Is the opera "Death of Klinghoffer" anti semitic?

The Silence Would Be Deafening If Obama Tasked Neocons With Finding Solutions In Iraq

WATCH: WWE Legend Pat Patterson Comes Out as Gay

Open Carry Supporters Check In - NSFW

Carter: Governor Must Be Held Accountable for Ethics Cover-Up That is Now Costing Taxpayers $3M

Israeli Teenagers Said to Be Kidnapped in West Bank

Friday Talking Points (308) -- Selenofriggatriskaidekaphobics Unite!

Jon Stewart - Iraq is finally ready to greet us as liberators

Need a laugh?

Ukrainian APC With Troops Breaches Russian Border

The Three Biggest Right-Wing Lies About Poverty

It's been almost 2 years since I've had a post hidden.

S.E.C. Conducting Investigation of Port Authority Projects

Wisconsin judge puts same-sex marriages on hold

Jazz Soprano Luminary Jimmy Scott dies at 88

Joe Biden was right about #Iraq

Arizona man joins Wyoming congressional race to protest no-show by Democrats

Where did the Baby Jesus hide from King Herod?

Say No to ‘The New Normal’ — Five Things You Can Do About Gun Violence

Look outside on the east coast; there's a full

Should Iraq be Divided Into Three Nations?

Hillary Clinton: U.S. military assistance to Iraqi government must have specific conditions

So tonight I went to my garden

Smoking While Breastfeeding: What Are the Risks?

Gore on NSA and Constitutional Privacy

Office of Congressional Ethics recommends investigation of Rep. Steve Stockman

The GOP and Faux news owes Michael Moore an apology

Man Cuts Open His Truck to Save Kitten

FullMoon Friday13 !!1! There's a Smoking AND Breastfeeding thread in DU GD. Is Armaggedon Nigh?

New GOP Support for Jobless Americans?

More Democratic tickets you'd like in 2016

David Sirota: Al Gore’s Warnings About Inequality and Democracy

Friday 13th and a full moon...

Happy Birthday Stefanie -

When Will Republican Leaders Fight Back?

How things are changing.

Iraq Is a Place Where Americans Suffered

Not Good: These Fish Have Been Eating Toxic Plastic Trash in the Ocean

There's a reason EPT puts three tests in the pack....

Don't Gig For The GOP

anyone ever see "Cleveland Smith, Bounty Hunter" (w/ a young Bruce Campbell)?

Volatility = Profits

Woman Names Baby Goldman Sachs To Keep Him Out Of Trouble And Fully Financed

Apple Recalls Millions of iPhone Chargers

What's your favorite sandwich - home made or bought out?

So what happens when the GOP establishment candidate wins the 2016 nomination race. Does

Fox "News" Jr. discounts 80% of school shootings.

Some truly shocking before and after photos of Alaska's glaciers

Iraqi Woman in US Hurt in Possible Hate Crime

We're Really Starting to Panic About Heroin in America

California sophomore arrested over school shooting threats

A question about blocking DU mail:


Linda Ronstadt - Nine of Her Favorite Songs

I made a stupid post, I was wrong, I apologize

Not the Onion:Thad Cochran: As a kid, I did ‘all kinds of indecent things with animals'

FCC examining reasons for Internet traffic jams

Man tries to kill girlfriend after she refused to kiss him goodnight

CIA rendition jet was waiting in Europe to take Snowden in 2013

How many people feel a 10-year-old is responsible enough....

Obama: ‘What should I have done, secretly sold them 1500 missiles?’

The lying criminal architects of the Iraq war should STFU, and any media giving them voice, mocked.

New evidence for 'oceans' of water deep in Earth: Water bound in mantle rock alters view of Earth's

Thanks for a great season and a great run Rangers!

In Gaza, Palestinians know why the caged bird sings

Group C: Ivory-Coast-Japan

Group D: England-Italy

Group D: Uruguay-Costa Rica

Group C: Colombia-Greece

Due to recent troubles in the Lounge we have now posted new Lounge Rules. Please Read....

More Corporations Using Tag And Release Programs To Study American Consumers

Facebook's Zuckerberg has 'close ties' to Chris Christie

Chuck Noll, the coach who led Steelers to 4 Super Bowl titles, dies at age 82

Forbes: What Las Vegas Police Killings Show About Evolving Sovereign Movement

I have lost my Food Stamps and in two months my HUD!

This is the face of domestic terrorism

Bill Maher Show - 'Eric Cantor Helped Create Monster That Killed Him'

Hurricane Cristina continues moving NW in Pacific, Tropical Cyclone Nanauk dissipates

Ukraine's Defence Ministry Says Rebels Shoot Down Army Cargo Plane (30+ killed)

Contradiction: 9/24/13 secret rendition jet and 9/27/13 Obama statement on Snowden

Photo of tonight's Friday 13th Full Moon.

Petra finds 'exceptional' 122-carat blue diamond (BBC)

Southwest Gas in Tucson lacks smell.

Teen Marijuana Use Remains Flat Nationwide As More States Legalize

NEW DISCOVERY: First Half of Second Amendment

Brussels Jewish museum shooter was no ‘lone wolf’

Jim Keegstra, Holocaust denier who took hate speech battle to Supreme Court, dead at 80

Obama: U.S. can do more to help Native Americans

Volkswagen - Eyes on the road

Autopsy Released on US Inmate in Botched Execution

Segregation by Incarceration: America’s New Apartheid

The Onion 2008 Bush's fun thing to do....Iraq

WATCH: This Ex-Officer's Haunting, Powerful Words About Suicide Could Save Someone's Life

Moral Monday June 16th, 2014

Record early season hurricane activity in eastern Pacific

Full Moon Art

Politico on Chelsea Clinton's contract

Alaska's House speaker on defensive over state's "most corrupt" status

The New Yorker's Cassidy: The Iraq Mess: Place Blame Where It Is Deserved

Judge: Evict polygamous families not paying fees

Check, please: Priceline buys OpenTable for $2.6B

eBay bidding war for Russian gas: Price jumps from $1 to $200,000

Foxx: Delaware bridge a national problem

Man convicted in brutal gang rape assaulted kids just months out of prison

Citrus Growers Manufacture Huge Amounts of DMT

Nebraska Supreme Court judges say appeal premature in same-sex marriage case

We knew.

10 Most Un-Christian Church Signs

Animal-welfare group sues, alleges unsanitary conditions at zoo in Manchester, Iowa

Al Gore Tells Techpreneurs Some Truths They May Not Want to Hear About Inequality

Hall of Fame coach Chuck Noll reportedly dies at age 82

Inspectors Report Small Spill at Freedom Industries

On Iraq and the despicable U.S. media asking "Who is to blame" and running to those who were

the iraq mess: place the blame where it is deserved

Afternoon Tea

Amity Shlaes's anti-new deal graphic novel


Lean Retirement Faces U.S. Generation X as Wealth Trails

The Silence Would Be Deafening If Obama Tasked Neocons With Finding Solutions In Iraq

Another War in Iraq! Just What the US Needs!

Boston makes US short list for 2024 Olympics

Amazon Worker Issues Mount Amid Labor Department Scrutiny

Juan Cole: The Second Iran-Iraq War and the American Switch

Business group sez Seattle's minimum wage law violates their free speech.

Universities Keep Failing to Actually Punish Rapists

Who should Obama be consulting about Iraq? How about Peter Galbraith?

Massachusetts grants MGM Springfield license to operate casino

Due to Obama Derangement Syndrome................

What would be your preference for dealing with possible disruptors?

Deadly New Debtor's Prisons: Pennsylvania Mother Dies in Jail for Truancy Fines

Who Owns Your Womb? Women Can Get Murder Charge for Refusing C-Sections

Manhunt Ends For ‘Sovereign Citizen,’ Arrested for Oregon Woman’s Murder

Bergdahl held in solitary confinement for 2 years, didn’t see another human face

Isis Leader: ‘See You in New York’

Why liberals like walkability more than conservatives

US President Declares War on Coal

Why the Republican Party attracts provocateurs, faux martyrs, and grifters in droves.

Can We Rely on Obama?

Yes, frackers can forcibly drill your land, even if you don’t want them to

Driven by the Far Right

What to do with a litter of kittens under our deck? Not our cat.

America's "Moderates" Are Wild, Crazy — and More Extreme Than Any

Iran sends troops into Iraq to aid fight against Isis militants

This year, a 3-year-old girl will be crowned “Coal Princess” in West Virginia. Seriously.

What Happens When the Tea Party Goes to Washington

Somewhere over the rainbow

Nasty Men, Nasty Motives

Study: Deforestation leaves fish undersized and underfed

Linguistic Legacies of the Iraq War, Abbreviated (Satire)

Hell’s Gate: The Iraqi Blitzkrieg and the Cult of Violence

Conservative newspaper interviews local veterans about Iraq:

Company That Caused Historic Chemical Spill Leaks More Waste Into West Virginia Waters

GOPers should tell Kevin McCarthy to fuck off and draft Louie Gohmert for Majority Leader instead

Teacher protections are not why poor schools are failing. Segregation is.

The Three Biggest Right-Wing Lies About Poverty

Processed red meat linked to higher risk of heart failure, death in men

The media needs to be reminded

Luckovich: 'Liberators'

Forging new ground in oil forensics: Deepwater Horizon Oil on shore even years later, after most has

France's National Front resumes le Pen' blog

Young Iraqis volunteer to fight surging militants

On the Cusp of the Deluge

I was thinking about Iraq and the NSA

Some WV Republicans back Democrat Casey

Bush War Redux

I bury my only child today, on my 56th birthday.

The most common mistake that I find many people make in business

F-35, Prompted By PRC Stealth Jets, Others, Starts Next-Gen Threat Planning

Pro-Russian rebels shoot down large Ukrainian transport plane, killing dozens

Blasphemy and atheist rituals: An interview with S. Brent Plate

Family drama, my felon brother thinks he should be in charge of 'the financials' so he is

Iraq's oil industry faces setback to revival

You wanna see what the Death of Net Neturality will look like and how it will affect YOU? $$$$$

No hands clapping

Obama calling on grads to fight climate change

Say hello to our new ally, Iran.

Detroit comes to terms with largest union, reaches deal with some bondholders

"The Lack of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth"

Plight of Russians who are Catholic

Teen Boys Who Plotted School Shooting Studied Columbine

Officials Tap Maintainer Ideas to Reduce F-35 Costs

Al Jazeera program on the mine issue tonight

Will the F-35 be another ‘Widow Maker’ for Canadian pilots?

F-35 has not demonstrated sufficient reliability improvements, says Pentagon’s top weapons buyer

Michele Bachmann On Elizabeth Warren: 'She Is In No Way A Populist'

The $1 trillion F-35 tries to be all things, but succeeds at few, say critics. But is Australia’s ne

Greenpeace funding: Home ministry to serve notice to 10 more NGOs under FCRA within a week

Opinion: Let’s link the F-35 decision to U.S. bitumen purchases

Afghans line up to vote in presidential runoff

Redefining 'school shootings' so they don’t count

A Redskins boycott? United Church of Christ leaders are about to vote on one.

Interoperable Electronic Medical Records Program Progresses

Twisting Religious Liberty Into Religious Discrimination

Defense Department Releases Acquisitions Performance Report

The incredible South Korean hunt for the billionaire church leader who owned that ferry

'36 million people across the globe took part in almost 3,000 protests against the Iraq war'

Chris Hedges on Corporate Power - The Crises of American Society and His Life as an Activist

What's for Dinner, Sat., June 14, 2014

Richard Wolff: It's time for a powerful unified left organization in the United States

13 planes vanish from radars over Europe

The difference between right-wing conspiracies and left wing conspiracies

OMG, Steve Kornacki has the best game going on his UP show. I don't know if this is a regular

Koterba toon: Obama & Hagel

Chuck Noll leaves quite a legacy

Received this (unsolicited) in my DU Mailbox this morning

Dave Brat’s “Huge” win was not based on his message..

Chile Scraps Dam Project in 'Greatest Triumph of the Nation's Environmental Movement'

The Koch Cycle of Endless Cash

How Big Pharma began lobbying on the Trans-Pacific Partnership before you ever heard of it

It's not Obama's war on coal, it's geology's war on coal

How We’re Beating the Big Corporate Trade Agenda

Bill Maher: Eric Cantor was taken down by voters ‘afraid of Obama and his Negro army’

California declares whooping cough epidemic

Why Can’t College Be Free?

Video of Memorial for Jonathan Schell

In Texas' Rio Grande Valley, a seemingly endless surge of immigrants

Refugees from hot zones find shelter on Yanukovych’s former estate

The Strange and Mysterious History of the Ouija Board

Gay sex ban struck down by Alabama appeals court

What Dawkins actually said about religion and children (video)

Billionaire's Campaign Contribution Among Biggest In Recent History.

If you live in a House District with a GOP Representative in Congress, CALL THEM!

Polenta with pesto

OK all of you car guys/gals out there, I have a question...

Bill Maher warns Colorado, "You can't go all Cheech and Chong on us"

Mike Thompson (D-CA 5) introduces new gun legislation in wake of recent shootings

Governor may seek US help in Philly transit strike

'Word' from Robert Reich's dad...

Prisons inspector accuses ministers of prisons 'failure'

Tory minister says party is performing appallingly among ethnic minorities

Whose fault is Cantor's loss? Obama's of course, says Boehner.

Nuclear Hotseat #155 BREAKING: 1st USS Reagan DEATH

Wack-a-doodle Glenn

Fox News and ALL the freaky media who pushed Fox lies owe Bergdahl and family grovelling apologies.

Daddy, daddy, daddy ... what

Finally!!!! dragged myself to the gym

Gay Muslims Come Out In Toronto Photo Exhibit, 'Just Me And Allah'

State-of-the-art TV and movie production studio

Dallas ISD Targeted For Takeover by Corporate Special Interest Leaving Students and Parents Behind

By now, Lindsey Graham should have ordered a whole crate of pearls

Not long but good, from Robert Reich:

bell hooks will text creepy dudes for you

Wisconsin Bank Robbery

The Rise of Chicago's 99% Against Rahm Emanuel, "Mayor 1%"

I'm cutting my cable on Monday.

'Highly spiritual’ Oregon high school shooter Jared Padgett wrote plans to kill 'sinners' in diary:

I love this quote: "Exactly how Obama was supposed to repudiate an agreement signed by Bush...

Tea Party’s whiny tantrum: How a small group’s rage explains Eric Cantor’s demise

"Obama has spent entire admin cleaning up Bush's shit, like someone with a giant pooper scooper"

McCain, please, STFU!

Detroit News: Head of EAA reportedly to resign

How Big Media Drowned Out the Rest of Us

Cheap airline seats

Egypt sends 13 to trial for sexual violence

Clinton has plenty of reasons to run for president

It's time for a new Magna Carta

Landlord evicts dying man, steal his dog, throws away his possessions

So it's England vs Italy? Let the conscious uncoupling begin.

Right-Wing Activists: Yep, ‘Religious Freedom’ Protects Discrimination Against Jews

Volkswagen - Eyes on the road

meet the tenacious gardeners putting down roots in "america's most desperate town"

Iran's Rouhani: Nuclear Deal Possible by July 20 with Goodwill

Life on the edge and Decision Fatigue

Great shot of hail shafts coming down in Colorado storm:

Is President Obama operating in a dangerous bubble?

LIVE RADIO NOW: David Bart’s victory over Eric Cantor should give grassroots hope

Here's various alternatives to raise more revenue for PA.

Right wing talk radio = Charles Manson?

Do Background Checks Work to Keep Disturbed People From Getting Guns?

You Won't Believe What This Criminal Is Accusing Obama Of

Gun extremists finally go too far: What will make the NRA realize they’ve lost America?

Gun extremists finally go too far: What will make the NRA realize they’ve lost America?

More war...

Las Vegas Honors Fallen Cop at Funeral - Victim of Tea Party Terrorism

Wingnut Sessions Says Screw You to Veterans

The Zimmers

Dave Brat's campaign beat Cantor with data mining

Joe Scarborough was at the Mitt Romney summit.

Should College Rankings Include Rape And Assault Statistics?

Check out this picture of President Obama...

"You should get a job, loser!" (The rallying cry of idiots everywhere)

Caught sleeping again...DRAT!

There's no other way to put this: Sen. McCain, shut the hell up!

Neo-Cons call on President to "bring back" the team "who knew how to win'.

Pinched by Ride-Sharing Services, Cabbies Seek a National Union

DAILY GRAFT: Same sex marriage long term trend, 1985-2014. (221 national polls.)

... and the new DC movie universe Aqua Man is...

Pinched by Ride-Sharing Services, Cabbies Seek a National Union

Delta worker hurt in jet engine fire at LaGuardia

Climate Collapse and Near Term Human Extinction

Poor, Sick…and in Pain

Republican Senator Fondly Recalls Youth Spent Doing 'Indecent Things With Animals'

President Obama at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation...We Are One....

Map of Middle East showing Sunni and Shia regions

We are in the midst of a major war propaganda campaign.

Obama and Hagel send USS George H.W. Bush to gulf

Black CEO's still rare - who knew it?

Jack Trammell is MOVING toward Cantor's seat! He said, today:

"Tea Party Terrorism" - THE BEST MEME OF ALL!!! We need to start using that ROUTINELY!

Editorial: 'Heartbeat' bill just another assault on women's rights to make medical decisions

Shep Smith Gives Iraq Hawks A History Lesson

Pentagon orders aircraft carrier to Gulf in case Iraq military option needed

Moral Monday, The Musical

An easy way to test to see if an argument is flawed.

How Many Jobs Has Walker's WEDC Created?

How Many Jobs Has Walker's WEDC Created?

Question about the *n* word =

DUers, what did your dad do or say during your childhood that has influenced how you live

The assignment of an aircraft carrier to the Gulf...

The National Restaurant Association: Hard to Stomach (the other NRA)

Nut of the day. McCain asks Kerry to resign over so called " failed foreign policies"

Hillary Clinton and Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor at Cosco.

Colorado Cop Kills Wife, Commits Suicide

Why the First Antibiotic-Resistant Superbug Found in Food Is a Big Deal

Can you identify the novels from the fictional maps based on them?

Cross posted from GD: Clinton,Sotomayor at Cosco.

Watching World Cup coverage on ABC is a painful experience.

Saw a great white today

Moral Mondays, The Musical

Cantor got waxed because the Tea Party had science.

AFGE Celebrates LGBT Pride Month on Inside Government - June 13, 2014

LGBT post needs love

Remember the Idiot Republican Bobby Jindal Mocking ‘Volcano Monitoring’?

AFGE Celebrates LGBT Pride Month on Inside Government - June 13, 2014

Brat: "Rich" nations don't have to fear climate change."

How does DU, quantum mechanics and the meaning of life correlate to each other ?

What awesome conservative comic book story lines are we missing out on?

Feds cite 5 companies in NJ worker's death (

Grimes: Don't send US troops back to Iraq

Hubble's 4-year timelapse of the V838 Monocerotis stellar explosion (

Feds cite 5 companies in NJ worker's death (

Are Mother's Day and Father's Day actually the same holiday a month apart?

Secretary Kerry Demands Meriam and Her Children’s Freedom from Sudan

I went to Charlie Crist's opening his St. Pete office today.

Department of Homeland Security Gitmo's Immigrant kids

I need to have some of Dan Patrick's nuttier comments to send out today.

This is how it's done, folks.

It's Been 150 Years Since the U.S. Was This Politically Polarized

The line forms to the Right.

I'm going to take this as approval

Kerry presses Russian foreign minister over flow of weapons, support to separatists in Ukraine

Victorian Strangeness: A gruesome end to an argument

Democracy in Kansas in 2014

International Varieties of DU

Behind the Madness in Iraq...Stripping Away Certain Delusions --Tom Hayden

Netanyahu: Terror group seized three Israeli teenagers

French rail strike drags on, risks disrupting exams

Morning Moon

NYT oped. Turning to National Front, but Keeping a Distance by Suzanne Daley.

Hillary Clinton Sides with NSA over Snowden Disclosures

NYT oped: Turning to National Front, but Keeping a Distance

Remembering those who don't fit on The (Vietnam) Wall (yet)

THIS is hilarious! With George Takei...

Iraq? No Way.

possible glitch

I have a Fair Use question

Anyone got a flag day graphic with a Democratic message on it?

No U.S. Bombs in Defense of Phony Democracy in Iraq

Well This Is Nuts --- RNC will attempt to beat Hillary with GIANT RED SQUIRREL.

What Hillary Clinton’s book says about 16 world leaders

Trashman Shoes

NewsHound: Hannity Brings Out Swift Boater John O’Neill To Swift Boat Bowe Bergdahl

Somehow a young Iranian woman found my NorthernVisions Facebook page,

Map: All the Countries John McCain Has Wanted to Attack

Hopefully this week ended Jeb Bush's presidential aspirations

Europe's not perfect, but it's several steps ahead of us when it comes to food standards.

French PM warns disgruntled Socialists they could "disappear"

Putin TV (Russia Today) Airs Fake Footage that They Know Is Fake

At least the situation in Iraq will make the congressional races focus on foreign policy

West Texas site seeks to bury depleted uranium, triple capacity of burial site

The Labrador Effect: Tea Partier's Bid For Leader Deepens GOP Rift

Michael Steele: 'Lot Of Interest' In Eric Cantor Serving As RNC Chairman

West Texas site seeks to bury depleted uranium, triple capacity of burial site

I have a car for the first time in six years.

Is it possible that this whole scene playing out in Iraq

The Presbyterian Church’s Tough Love Of Israel

Please listen to this youtube video. WHY it's labeled "Tea Party" is beyond me.

Happy Flag Day, everybody!

Alex Jones and gun advocate Larry Pratt: Obama training military to attack the Tea Party

Bill Maher: Eric Cantor was taken down by voters ‘afraid of Obama and his Negro army’

Absolutely Nothing

Costa Rica up 3-1 vs Uruguay

Sr NSA Executive: NSA Started Spying On Journalists in 02 … In Order to Make Sure They Didn’t Report

Al-Qaida video urges Muslims in Kashmir to wage jihad on India

Safe In My Hands | Allstate LGBT Campaign

I had some fun with my Teabagger patient yesterday...

ISIS’s Secret Allies - The Daily Beast

Cop Caught Filming People On The Toilet

Today is the greatest day in Costa Rican football history

Sat 6/14.. night to get BBQ if you live in or around Minneapolis

Kelly: Korean War vet honored in surprise bedside ceremony at hospital (link added sorry)

Woman Attacked For Being Muslim, Except She's Catholic

Michele Bachmann jabs at Elizabeth Warren: ‘She’s no populist’

Officials: 2 Cases of New Virus in Rhode Island

Misguided U.S. invasion spawned current crisis in Iraq: analysts

Ukraine military Il-76 plane downed by self-defense forces in Lugansk

The line forms to the Right.

Former Colombia minister found guilty of embezzling $25M in farming subsidies: Reports

Paul Elam announces triumphant move of AVFM conference to less convenient venue

Michele Bachmann jabs at Elizabeth Warren: ‘She’s no populist’

Tax agency director to flee Colombia amid death threats

So I Just About Got Hit In A Store Parking Lot....

Teens of authoritarian or neglectful parents more likely to use drugs

Imagine the first game of "fetch"

Protesters March Across Brooklyn Bridge for Gun Control

99Rise - Modesto tonight. Looks like their ranks are swelling

Remember how you felt?

Could you add a Betsy Ross flag to the avatar options?

Colombia's freedoms are threatened by a campaign of far-right lies

Fifa investigating France’s claims that a drone spied on training

Older article: US Drone to Honduras AA.FF.

Extinction Forecast for Indigenous Colombians:Plan Colombia’s Genocidal Legacy

The Truth About Child Abuse and Poverty

Teenage son seems to be taking the LV shooting better than his mother, my niece

President Obama gives nod to gay dads in annual Father’s Day proclamation

Bill Maher gives advice to Coloradoans on their responsibilities.

How The Media Got EVERYTHING Wrong About Cantor’s Primary Defeat

They're REALLY fresh...

New Rule

99Rise - 8 days from Sacramento

Hey Republicans, tell me again how you support our troops...

Had to share

Nick Offerman. Not who I thought he was.

Flag Day 2014 pix from my driveway count them 9 homes (fund raiser)

Police officer kisses boyfriend in front of Westboro Baptist Church protest

NLRB conducts its first examination of a witness by international video conferencing

In remission

Tomorrow is Father's Day.

John Lewis Shows Up at Hillary Clinton's Book Signing

Dexter Filkins knows plenty about Iraq, his comments on the current mess are worth a look

Dengue-like chikungunya virus reported in El Salvador

Severe Weather Forecast, Live Updates: Destructive Hail, Tornadoes, Widespread Wind Damage Threaten

Wow... England got served.