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Archives: June 18, 2014

Man tried to throw football stuffed with drugs into prison yard

Iraq War Lies as aired on The Mike Malloy Show.

People, stay safe tonight. It's going to be another stormy one.

North Korea Has Obtained A Copy Of A Russian Cruise Missile

A Bit More about Hillary's Association with "C-Street & The Family"...

Epic fail - RNC unveils anti-Hillary rodent, paving the way for GOP dominance in 2016

watching the Middle East is like

It is so good to see folks on GEM$NBComcast going after these fugging

Kristol revisited

Free tuition for all Starbucks employees!

Enough about Hillary's positives.

Phoenix VA gave out $10 mil in bonuses in past 3 years

Rachel Maddow - GOP disarray yields state convention disaster

National Geographic - Half-Million Iraqis Died in the War, Study Says

Canadians should be concerned

Glenn Beck: 'Liberals, You Were Right' About Iraq War

Study Delivers Failing Grades For Many Programs Training Teachers

Nabbed Libyan militant lived openly in Benghazi

Today's headline in Flint: Man eats cocaine, 'freaks out' and drops his pants, Flint police report

NYTimes: Captured Suspect Said Benghazi Attack Revenge For Anti-Islam Video

"I am as broken and ashamed as a bride who is not a virgin on her wedding night."

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Gulf War III ??? & a new Kitteh gif!

At the center of the Milky Way is a raspberry daquiri....

Rachel Maddow - Iraq conflict makes for strange US bedfellows

U.S. Rules Out Iraq Airstrikes for Now

Seventh Circuit Orders Former Owners to Pay Backpay in HH3 Trucking Contempt Case

The 28 Lawmakers Who Lobbied the FCC To Drop Net Neutrality

Clinton says she's open to legalizing marijuana

They have SOOOO lost it! Even more than other times!

Obama’s Water Fluoridation Scheme is Blackmailing the Tea Party Into Communism

Democrats propose legislation that would force FCC to ban Internet fast lanes


Lounge Biology 101

Police arrest man with a rifle who was on his way to kill his ex-gf, her boyfriend, and her child

Short clip from the Town Hall on CNN with Hillary

South Carolina's Longest-Serving Sheriff James Metts Indicted

Arming ISIS: The Danger of Listening to Warhawks

What Sen. John McCain was doing in Syria

Banned In Fresno: Veterans Demand Fox News Be Turned Off – Fox News Whines

So Obama made Prez bush sign the status of forces agreement in Oct 2008?

YouTube to block indie labels who don't sign up to new music service

Cesar Chavez to be removed from ballot, plans to appeal

"We Stand Our Ground": Iraq, PNAC, and not one step back.

Okay, Glen Beck conservative, but not unthinking...

DNA Study: Giant-Tentacled Creature Is New Kind of Animal

Report: Chinese phone comes preloaded with spyware

White House Pushes Back on Drive to Detain Benghazi Suspect at Gitmo

Rights Group: Israel's Search For Settlers Led To Collective Punishment

CNN’s Chris Cuomo harangues Paul Wolfowitz on Iraq

5000 Signatures Calling on Pope to ask Anti-Gay Ugandan Bishop to Resign

President Obama Decides Against Immediate Airstrikes in Iraq

Israel Concerned Over US-Iran Cooperation in Iraq

McIver draws fire for part in march with anti-gay group (Canada)

ZOA: US policy on Palestinians ‘a diplomatic Kristallnacht’

Take Action: North Ridgeville, Ohio Animal Control Policies Need to Change (E action)

9/11/13: CIA begins weapons delivery to Syrian rebels

I'll see your Squee and raise you....

The alleged mastermind of the 2012 Benghazi attack will be brought to the United States on a U.S. Na

Two from Sam Smith

DK: RNC unveils anti-Hillary rodent, paving the way for GOP dominance in 2016

I just heard about Glen Beck and Pat Robertson denouncing Bush.

US ‘first in line’ to support Colombia: US Vice President Joe Biden

Obama’s Favorite Think Tank: We Should Prepare to Bomb Iraq

Another Purrsday Kitten Thread

"Hillary's Town Hall" - I don't follow 2016 speculation at this point, so that aside -

Dear Friends and Activists… California leads the way out of Citizen's United decision...

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): Tom Wheeler Is Not A Dingo

Hillary Clinton says Merkel right to be upset over bugged phone: "It was absolutely uncalled for"

Sick, stray cat on my porch

TCM Schedule for Thursday, June 19, 2014 -- Star of the Month - Rock Hudson

I love the president, but I will fight him over Iraq.

Is it possible to exist outside ideology?

John Cornyn can't go much lower or can he?

The Unexpected Reason Alaska’s Bars Are Giving Away Pregnancy Tests

Republican: If a Woman Has Right to an Abortion, a Man Should Have Right to Force Himself on a Woman

Could Texas’ Perry be mulling move to California?

Hillary Clinton calls for restoration of constitutional privacy protections weakened after 9-11

Just what the country needs, a new Koch super PAC

Illegal Ingredients

OK...what ARE Elizabeth Warren's views on social issues?

The University of Washington Just Avoided a Repeat of the Isla Vista Mass Shooting

Fox News didn't ask Hillary a single question about Obamacare in the interview today


Will the smartphone replace the ballot box?

Supreme Court FOX NEWS Entertainment Media NOT NEWS

Well done, Jay

Glenn Beck: ‘Liberals, You Were Right,’ We Should Never Have Gone into Iraq

Politics Done Right - David Bart’s victory over Eric Cantor should give grassroots hope

7 Republicans Who Said Obama Wasn't Trying Hard Enough to Bring the Benghazi Attacker to Justice

Only 11% of Democrats polled want a more liberal presidential nominee than Hillary Clinton

Buses are a-coming

I gots da flew.

Social Security Closes Offices as Demand Soars

Dr. Housing Bubble 06/17/14

Jon Stewart destroys GOP Iraq false narrative

First Sign Of Dawn by Josiane Curtis

Politics Done Right on KPFT - Eric Cantor loss, Iraq, Oregon Shootings and the Media

W's artwork corrected

Rush (the band) top 10

Upworthy: A Woman Wants To Tell You The 5 Most Surprising Things About Her Abortion

W's artwork corrected

I walked for an hour this evening in a torrential downpour.

Roma boy left unconscious after being savagely beaten and tortured during vigilante attack in Paris

Kurdish-Turkmen tension on the rise in Kirkuk

A D-Kos account of an Open Carry incident.

BLM Shooting Suspect Is Anti-Government Conspiracy Theorist With Pending Gun Charge

Randolph-Macon College’s Less Heralded Congressional Candidate Puts Education Atop Agenda

Randolph-Macon College’s Less Heralded Congressional Candidate Puts Education Atop Agenda

FL school asks parents aid in paying teachers. Then decides to open another school.

Don’t Wait for the Next War: Rethinking America’s Global Mission by Wes Clark

2 large slow-moving tornadoes leave damage in Cedar County, Nebraska, near hard-hit Pilger

Marine corporal shoots up east Colombia town “because Santos won election”

I watched Hillary

Tiny plants ride on the coattails of migratory birds

Benghazi Suspect Said He Was Moved To Take Revenge For American-Made Video

Right winger Gordon Klingenschmitt has claimed that transgender people commit "stare rape"

Just to clarify... 3:30 am is the Time of of the Barracudas

A Pocket Rainforest in Rainier's shadow

Mininum wage isn't enough, says Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer

Graham and McCain's debacle, revisited:

Watch Actor Nick Offerman RIP Gun Nuts: THIS is What the Second Amendment is REALLY About (Video)

F-35 eviscerated by Pierre Spray (F-16 designer)

Americans Are Dangerously Politically Ignorant -- The Numbers Are Shocking

Dick Cheney, Liz Cheney Join Attack On Obama For 'Abandonment Of Iraq'

Email #17 Finally we are playing offense on Medicare and Social Security

SCOTUS: A-OK for anti-abortion groups (and others) to lie in political campaign ads

Tense Times As Supreme Court Could Rule In Favor Of Hobby Lobby’s Attempt To Rule By Religion

The homeless people’s handwritten signs that are being turned into fonts

Hillary Clinton: We can’t let gun-loving minority ‘terrorize’ the rest of the country

Bill Moyers Essay: Wall Street’s Secret Weapon: Congress

Jon Stewart levels Rick Perry: ‘Being gay is not a choice, but being a Texas Republican is’

Hillary Clinton On Gun Control: We Can't Let 'A Minority Of People' Terrorize The Majority

Chinese Smartphone Comes Preloaded With Spyware

Americans Are Dangerously Politically Ignorant -- The Numbers Are Shocking

Failed bitcoin exchange Mt Gox allowed to file for Chapter 15 bankruptcy

Oprah's Favorite, Dr. Oz Admits His Weight Loss 'Miracles' Are Phony in Congressional Testimony

Startling Medical Research Results Suggest Air Pollution Is Linked to Autism and Schizophrenia

Megachurch Promises Refund If God Doesn't Provide Blessings

German beermakers may be winning their battle to stop fracking

The GOP Will Try to Entice You With This Shitshow of an Ad

New Yorkers Wage Urgent Battle for GMO Label Law

Study: Quarter of All Public Company Deals May Involve Insider Trading

The Nation: Hillary Still Doesn't Get It on Iraq

The United States' Tragic Role in Iraq

This drone shoots crowds with pepper spray paintballs

Oops Benghazi is collapsing so here comes the IRS again

"Iraq" Is Still Arabic for "Vietnam"

Juan Cole: Don't Trust the Bombers on Iraq: "Shock and Awe" Never Works

Why the "World's Dumbest Idea" is Finally Dying: The "maximize shareholder value" myth

Three Troubling Lessons from the Latest U.S. Drone Strikes


Does anyone stick out as a potential GOP candidate in 2016, that can actually win?


CA pastor orders Christians to ‘isolate’ LGBT kids and then ‘turn them over to Satan’

Oxygen (O2) is a HOMOnuclear molecule. Don't breathe it if you oppose gay marriage!

Video Surfaces of Texas Police Executing Handcuffed Prisoner

The net neutrality fight: Lawmakers propose bill to ban ‘paid prioritization’ of web traffic

More ocean off Massachusetts open for wind energy

Militants lay siege to Iraq's largest oil refinery

Yes, thousands of Obama voters did vote against Eric Cantor

The Internet of very dumb things | By Mark Morford

Solar shingle system comes online from DOW Powerhouse in North Carolina

Russia-Ukraine Gas Row Nothing Like 2009 ‘Price War’

Neocons promised Iraq would be Model of Democracy, Left US Holding the Bag

Could we try to convince Republicans to be like Jeff?

Torturing for the Nation

This video clip should make you smile:

Toad Lore

Sad cat story.

Why Audiences Hate Hard News—And Love Pretending Otherwise

The Appalchian Project (TAP) documentary filming in southern Appalachia

Toad Lore part 2

Who are Iraq’s Sunni Arabs and What did we Do to them?

Produce auction helps shoppers, farmers in Appalachia

UN: 356 killed, incl 257 civilians, in E. Ukraine military campaign

Tom Friedman will never ever get tired of telling Iraqis to ‘suck on this’

Sinkholes, palmetto bugs, Rick Scott, gators...and now this shit:

From Hoboken to Appalachia: Local teen volunteers with poor families in West Virginia

The Rude Pundit: The Proper Way to Interview the Old/New Iraq War Hawks

OMFG - Dick Cheney and Liz Cheney said what??

Chuckie Todd is in true form this morning on the tv circuits saying that

Harry Reid "disgusted" by GOP Lies About Capture of Benghazi Terrorist.

Reporter’s purse swiped from TV truck – near police HQ - Crime Scene

Family Records and Registers - Library of Congress - ornate forms from 1800s

The Great and Powerful Dr. Oz: Humbled by Senator Claire McCaskill

China dog-eaters dodge activists with early feast

No Vacation Until You Fix the Roads--PETITION DRIVE

Iraq pays price of US sectarian meddling

Iraq’s Night is Long

Big Construction Company in NH looking for employees

Russian-Ukrainian 'gas war' different

Winding road to Indonesian democracy

America’s Lost Gains in Iraq

Why I Threw My Shoes at Bush

(Pakistan) Government’s Connivance in US Drone Attacks Not Acceptable to Nation

Japan Is in No Position To Seek Vengeance from US

Will Japan Have Two Armies, for the World and the US?

Chris Hedges Interviews Noam Chomsky

Who Are Iraq’s Sunni Arabs and What Did We Do To Them? by Juan Cole

Our Fight Against the Northern Gateway Pipeline Has Just Begun by David Suzuki

Secular group protests Navy’s rejection of humanist chaplain

Money as a weapon, it worked in 2003...did it work again?

I'd like to fire the Calif. "Teacher Tenure" Judge; Turns out: it's Impossible.

Hillary Clinton On Gun Control: We Can't Let 'A Minority Of People' Terrorize The Majority

Jackson Doughart: For John McCain, nothing settles a conflict like a few bombs

Expansion of US marine protected zone could double world reserves

Boy discovers mummified body hanging in Ohio home

Volunteer registration opens for Big Clinch River Cleanup (TN)

The weirdest alliance: US and Iran

Catholic Diocese of Duluth mishandled abuse allegations, groups say

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. parties like it’s 1999 over thimerosal and autism

US sparks unrest in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Ukraine to save its ailing economy - expert

The Rainbow Pride of West Virginia parade celebrates diversity

A Country Implodes: ISIS Pushes Iraq to the Brink

President Obama has now caught both of the men responsible for both September 11ths.

Struggling Giants, Cain hammered by White Sox in 8-2 loss

A Brazilian Street Artist Speaks to the World -

As Calving Speeds Up In Antarctica, More Glaciers Plowing Seafloor Devastate Marine Biodiversity

Asahi Shimbun - Warmer Waters Push Squid Away From Japan; Catches Decline 35%

John Cole Nails Bushco on Iraq

America Divided Over Hillary Clinton Presidency, NBC/WSJ Poll Finds

Harper & Abbott - Bush Ten Years On, But In Duplicate

Venezuela Justice System Among The Worst In The World: NGO

UK Marine Conservation Program "Worse Than Useless" - 1/100,000th Of Area Protected, Feebly

Sometimes i wish more and more people get fired from their jobs

Chinese Communist catch Washington lobbyists in the act!

12 atheist books you may have overlooked: Part 1

Waffle House Worker Shoots Customer Dead Over Refusal to Leave

Wierd. GOP "leaders" will meet with the President on Iraq. Since they want the opposite of what he

Secular triumph as government bans creationism from free schools and academies (UK)

Has the Dept. of Homeland Security Become America's Standing Army?

71 names so awful New Zealand had to ban them: What were these parents thinking?

Why Does Nato Still Exist?

Anti-abortion company Hobby Lobby invests in contraception makers

Doing for the Poor and Doing to the Poor

The Mask Slips: Ukraine PM Invokes Nazi Era Rhetoric

Hillary Clinton Gets Friendly With 'Squirrel' The RNC Sent To Stalk Her

How to Tell If Your Member of Congress Is a Crony Capitalist

Republican Lou Barletta: House has enough votes to impeach Obama

Shutdown Wars Return? GOP Senators Want To Block Obama's Climate Rules

Grace: Gone forever, taken by a tornado's fury, is a 5-year-old girl called ‘Doctor Cali’

Gulf War III ???

The designer of the F-16 explains why the F-35 is such a crappy plane

Nathan Deal Suggests New Restrictions for Good Government Whistleblowers

Are the "Peep"ads still running? Edit to add "Peep" link

Wow, what a unique and alternative way to bail out a swamped canoe!

Paul Krugman's review of Tim Geithner's "Stress Test"

BBC News - YouTube to block indie labels as subscription service launches

CIA facing gaps in Iraq as it hunts for militants

What do you think of this analogy?

Bloomberg Businessweek: GM Punished Those Who Spoke For Safety

Dick on Dick babble-speak

Tim Lambesis Said He Became Atheist But Kept Claiming to Be Christian to Keep Selling Music

Our youngest daughters family is in Pilger, NE helping those that were hit by the twin tornadoes

Video: Cat found alive after devastating tornado in Pilger, Neb.

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- They Broke it

Cheneys reach the bottom of the barrel, drill deeper

4 Things We Can All Learn From One Of America's Oldest Religious Communities

Dr. Oz isn't answering his phone, nor those operators who told me to call anytime if I had

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Politics

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Chaos In Brazil: On The Ground At The World Cup (Dispatch 2) VICE

U.S. cancels Redskins trademark

Hillary Clinton destroys Fox News — but needs to ditch excessive caution - By Joan Walsh

In Landmark Decision, U.S. Patent Office Cancels Trademark For Redskins Football Team

DMV forces teen to remove makeup before getting his license

How is it, in the name of all things holy and dear to us, that Rachel Ray has a talk show?

Reid: Obama Doesn't Need Advice On Iraq From Dick Cheney

Federal judge rules against EWTN in lawsuit against Obamacare contraception mandate

Italy: Senate to debate same-sex civil unions in September

AZ candidate Cesar Chavez kicked off ballot

Report: Gay bears ‘enjoy oral sex’

US Senate unanimously confirms first openly gay black federal judge

Paul Wolfowitz despicably reprising old lies on Iraq

MSNBC’s Krystal Ball: ‘Is Hillary Clinton Our Mitt Romney?’

Jon Stewart Slams Rick Perry: ‘Being Gay Is Not A Choice, But Being A Texas Republican Is’

Pic Of The Moment: U.S. Captures Terrorist Responsible For Benghazi Attack

Corrupt Media Will Guarantee Dems And Obama Get Blame For Loss Iraq & Afghanistan

Robert Scheer: Up Close and Personal With George W. Bush’s Horrifying Legacy

But they keep fundies from getting pregnant (sarcasm)

U.N. Report Details Casualties in Eastern Ukraine

Keeping America’s Baghdad Swimming Pools Safe From Fanatics

I'm getting a pay adjustment!

BOOM! US patent office has cancelled the Washington Redskins trademark, says name is “disparaging

New Yorker cartoon

Ring of Fire: How Idiotic Warhawks Destroyed Iraq

Riddle me this NRA...

Today everyone should listen to The Sweet - woohoo!!


Group B: Australia-Netherlands

Liquid diet today.

Breaking - bye bye Redskins

Forcing kids into anti-gay churches? Supreme Court won't hear the case

Trademark Board Rules 'Redskins' Name Disparages Native Americans - Cancels Patents!!


Pagan High Priest Alleges Discrimination by Beebe City Officials

I had all kinds of plans for today...

What We've Lost Since 9/11: Taking Down the First Amendment in Post-Constitutional America

beware- there are now 2 kinds of colonoscopy.

The bias of the media has never been more stark

Mayor de Blasio asks Rent Guidelines Board to consider "affordability crisis"

Former Porn Star David Mech Seeking Palm Beach School Board Seat

Creole Nature Trail

If Iraqi oil goes off line, $200 oil is next

Is Hillary electable? Yes or no, and if not, who is?

Lobbyists working to derail child-products bill

Losing contest makes Omaha teen a winner: He gets to meet Chuck Hagel, present film at POW/MIA...

In the wake of BergdahlGate, my conservative friends are making this image go viral on Facebook

It's tornado season in Canada

WND writer crosses the line, calls Michelle Obama a "whore."

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has lost it, hears voices...

Kochs launch new Super PAC for Mid-terms

Yes, Religion Can Still Be A Force For Good In The World. Here Are 100 Examples How

NYU paying for 1199 members elsewhere

Okay, maybe not the best use of technology

Pot for Pets?

Check my math, Thanks

Clinton: 'Unanswered questions' remain on Benghazi

Federal judge rules against EWTN in lawsuit against Obamacare contraception mandate

Iraq asks US to launch air strikes

‘None of the above’ beats out all Democratic governor candidates in Nevada

Opossum Drop bill shows how low NC can go

Hillary Clinton: Unaccompanied Child Migrants 'Should Be Sent Back' To Central America

A 'REDSKIN' is the scalped head of a Native American, sold, like a pelt, for cash:

President Obama met with a robot Giraffe on the south lawn

Benghazi arrest sparks more conspiracy accusations

Mating Dance of the Boat-tailed Grackle

May 2014 Was the (Global) Hottest May in Recorded History

Brooklyn Man, Wrongfully Imprisoned for 24 Years, Sues City for $162 million

NYT: Captured Suspect Said Benghazi Attack Was Revenge For Anti-Islam Video

I'm starting to like Hillary more.

Loudest cat purr!

Colbert jokes about Walker, Wisconsin same-sex marriages

Watch This Diamond-Dusted Robot Saw Through Marble Like It’s Hot Butter

Dick And Liz Cheney Pretend They Never Had A Thing To Do With Iraq's Chaos

Help abolish Cleveland Indians mascot Chief Wahoo -- contact team owner Larry Dolan

Cheneys unveil Star Mangled Banner

Washington Lobbyists Pour Money Into Mississippi Senate Race To Fend Off Tea Party

German Photovoltaic Performance (Commercial)

City, Union Seek Hotel Limit in Grand Central Area

Indian factory workers kill CEO, beat manager with iron rods

Dick and (for some reason) Liz Cheney actually wrote this

AL GORE for Rolling Stone: The Turning Point: New Hope for the Climate---Is there enough time? Yes.

Special Report: The dark side of the oil boom

Bill Maher blasts Liam Neeson for backing city's carriage horse industry

Standing Together: Reproductive Rights and LGBTQ Rights

Romney 2016: A Fear That Mitt Won't Run

Secret U.S. raid that captured Benghazi suspect violated our sovereignty, Libya says

Cuomo Won't Sign Medical Marijuana Bill Because It Allows For Smoking Marijuana

Many Displaced by Superstorm Sandy Still Wait for Housing Help

Man with 150 arrests gets 5 years for fatal hit-and-run

Racehorses teach New York inmates unexpected lessons...

Attack Iraq Again??? Why don't we bomb Vietnam again while we're at it!!! (sarcasm) nt

GoT Fix: 8 Pics Of Things You Don’t Normally See the “Game of Thrones” Stars Doing

If you are any kind of a Democratic official please learn this simple statement.

Chinese tycoon offers free lunch and cash to U.S. poor

NY Legislature: Candidates can't be poll watchers

Prosecutor in Blackwater trial details killing of 14 Iraqis (AP via The Guardian)

Also.Also.Also. Migrant Women Celebrate LGBT History and Other Stories We Missed This Week

Ex-U.S. attorney takes stand: 'I don't owe anyone $100 billion'

37 Things Only British People Will Find Amusing

Outside group tells governments where to search for Flight 370

Ukrainian Leader Proposes Unilateral Cease-Fire in East

CHENEY the boogie man!

When you buy from ebay, and purchase from China, they send many things "epacket".

Copper thief shocked, burned at Puget Sound Energy substation

California judge rules teacher tenure unconstitutional

First Lady Michelle Obama hugs an immigrant...

Safe In My Hands | Allstate LGBT Campaign

Group A: Cameroon-Croatia

Group B: Spain-Chile

Miami Heat Don’t Have Heart To Tell Devoted Fans They Lost NBA Finals

Jay Carney’s last flight on Air Force One....

Huge backlog in rape kit testing starting to be worked on.

How authors from Dickens to Dr Seuss invented the words we use every day

Chris Rock on "Washington Redskins"

S'word is, puns are a pan-demic.

Game of Thrones 4.10 - if Game of Thrones took place on Facebook.

Dallas County (TX) Commissioners backing Slavery Reparations

Conservatives Uncover Obama Plot to Destroy Phil Mickelson

I'm sorry to report that DUer Junkdrawer has passed away

Man kills his wife and kids before going to a bar to watch World Cup match between Italy and England

'Love thy neighbor'? Nuns sue nearby strip club

Pilger tornado: The latest updates and continuing coverage (60-mile path of destruction)

I can not make a story like this up...

What I DO find offensive about Walgreen's threatened repatriation

California judge rules teacher tenure unconstitutional

WHOA: US Troops Deploying Back to Iraq

Congress Votes To Deny Science, Orders Pentagon To Ignore Climate Change Threats

What's the difference between Iraq and Vietnam?

Soldiers did NOT die in vain in Iraq.

Republican: Blacks & Hispanics Overtaking 'Traditional Population'

After just a few hours, there's already enough material for The Top 10 GOP Complaints About...

LOL ...

Richard Heinberg on Marvin Harris: "Want to Change the World? Read This First"

Koterba toon: Pilger TWIN TORNADOES!!!

Toon: Benghazi Scandal...

Add to the list of wingnut hypocrisies, a la the CHEENEEs'

A question, regarding the 275 soldiers being deployed in Iraq

When Will Medicinal ‘Magic Mushrooms’ Be Legalized?

Food-stamp use is falling from its peak

Skelos Says There’s A Cuomo Proposal On Teacher Evaluations

Why Delta Force Waited So Long To Grab A Benghazi Ringleader

Harry Reid on Iraq: ‘The wrong side of Dick Cheney is the right side of history’

Looks like I wil have to vote in the primaries

....,they'd be greeted as liberators....

Bill banning gay conversion therapy has the votes to pass, supporters say

Dear Washington football team management,

Some people have no idea they've been drinking Satanic drinks.

Senators propose 12-cent gas tax increase

From the DU Archives in the 1990's. The more things change.......

Eugene Delgaudio is ordered to pay $2,501 for copyright infringement.

Query bill raises new questions

No, Rep. Aaron Schock Is Not on the Wheaties Box

How to oppose returning to war in Iraq without coming out and saying so. (Army Chief)

Hillary Clinton: Laws passed after 9/11 gave the executive branch too much authority

Ukraine Faces Backlash as Devaluation Ravages Foreign-Currency Borrowers

Roger From "American Dad"...What's Your Favorite Personna?

Official Republican House Caucus Articles of Impeachment: First Draft - well not exactly official...

GM Lands Most Models at Top of J.D. Power Quality Survey

If the FSU Seminoles were forced to change their name, *then* one might claim it is "PC run amok"

Brian Schweitzer Gets Noticed But Hurdles for '16 Bid Remain

Rove: Hillary Clinton Has “Thin Skin” Because She Pushed Back After Being Called Drain Damaged

Senate Panel Backs Bill to Bypass Obama, Clear Keystone

The not-so hidden agendas behind the kidnapping crisis

Minister Giordani, who served under Chávez for his whole tenure, is replaced, criticizes Maduro

It is raining and I have the next three days off.

Putin Talks Peace With Ukraine Leader After Gas Pipeline Fire

Iran Channels 2005 Paris Warning Against Pushing Too Hard

2014 Just May Be The Most Important Election Of Our Lifetimes.

White House: A Historic Day For Our Judiciary

1917 Lumber Strike, shows IWW participation - 2013 Winner National History Day 2013 documentary

Are you an 11% Democrat?

Which day is the Supreme Court ruling on Hobby Lobby?

Rep. Charles Rangel: Media set harsh tone of NY-13 race; Sharpton would endorse him over rivals

White House: GOP Shutdown Threat Is All About Protecting 'Big Polluters'

Fed Says Economy Rebounding as It Trims Bond Purchases

Dad Sells Trampoline on Craigslist Because "His Kids Suck"

Live video: Hearing on Bergdahl exchange

New data shows Hillary has tremendous support among liberals, less support among conservative Dems

The Scientific Way to Cut a Cake

Hillary Clinton on marijuana

9-Year-Old Manhattan Boy Missing-just found alive and well.

Chile fans storm Maracana media centre prior to Spain clash

Lascaux Cave Paintings - Virtual Tour

Papantonio: Redskins Trademark Canceled by US Patent Office

New Boise creationist museum seeks to promote 'true science' by disputing evolution


Lascaux Cave Paintings - Virtual Tour

Redskins trademark ruling based on complaints from young people

Voltage dip reported across New York City

As if.

I never served; but I _do wear a Cowboy Hat.

Quinnipiac poll: Braley has 4-point edge on Ernst in Iowa Senate race

Is this what the apocalypse looks like?

Medicaid deal draws protest

It’s come to this: Fox News brings on NFL’s Terry Bradshaw for Benghazi analysis

Single dose of century-old drug approved for sleeping sickness reverses autism-like symptoms in mice

McCain's head will explode

Toon: American Blood

N.Y. electric consumers deserve advocate against rate hikes

After 16 months, Justina Pelletier is finally home and SMILING!

You tell 'em, Bernie!!

Obama, inventors check out electric giraffe

Neil deGrasse Tyson quote...

Teaching creationism as science now banned in all UK public schools.

From the DU Archives in the 1930's. The more things change.......

Video: What is Time and Where Can it be Found?

June 18, 1972: 5 Held in Plot to Bug Democrats' Office Here

Daily Show Interviews Google Glassholes

Louisiana: Governor Jindal Drops Common Core and PARCC

North Dakota oil production hits 1 million barrels per day

Cool site showing the scale of things from the very smallest to the largest in the universe.

So now there is going to be "The Opt Out Decision" special on ESPN?

Defrocked Methodist pastor appealing punishment

Jon Stewart lampoons Texas GOP’s endorsement of ‘gay cure’ therapy

Dead grandmother gets best seat in the house at her disco-themed funeral

.Ground Zero Syria: Journey to Golan VICE

Carney on Cheny's remark:"‘Which President Was He Talking About?’

The Russia as "Imperialist" Thesis Is Wrong and a Barrier to (Ukrainian) Solidarity

Duck dynasty takes over a highway

Fire. Amazon's new Smartphone

Brewer Might Support Pro-LGBT Bill: 'I Don't Believe In Discrimination'

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO): The Washington Redskins

Back on Capitol Hill, GM CEO Barra grilled by House members

Jay Carney Takes A Dig At Dick Cheney For Iraq Op-Ed

The Russia as "Imperialist" Thesis Is Wrong and a Barrier to (Ukrainian) Solidarity


American Jews take up cause of kidnapped Israeli teens

That was thoughtful.

Skillet Chicken With Rhubarb, video

Obama needs to airlift an emergency commission on Iraq



Noam Chomsky on human extinction: The corporate elite are actively courting disaster

DICK CHENEY IS BACK - (This is not a parody or SNL skit but should be)


Conservatives: Redskins Ruling Another Day In 'Obama's America'

Desmond Tutu: U.S. Christians Must Recognize Israel As Apartheid State

Best Washington team name yet

Panama repeals asylum for Colombia’s former spy-chief

Allen West wonders why he's an EX-congressman?

The Palestinians: A Kidnapped Society

Spain has about nine minutes to score two goals

Russian parliament to review space cooperation agreement with Cuba

Rachel Maddow slams media use of John McCain & warmongers

Seen on Twitter. Perfect way to handle Iraq....

A long time Kerry SFRC staffer, Dr Nancy Stetson, will work for him heading Food Security

Fed Sharply Cuts Forecast for US Economic Growth

Cuba: 6 cases of chikungunya virus in travelers

Brazil Jewish community rallies for abducted teens

Injured men sue Vancouver company after Guatemalan mine shooting

Trash fish: Gross, tainted by slavery, possibly in your dog food

Florida dad killed by neighbor’s stray bullet as family welcomes home newborn

Rally Slated In Philadelphia to Support Kidnapped Israeli Teens JUNE 18, 2014

Johnny who?

NYC Vigil Held Calling For Return Of Teens Kidnapped In West Bank

Loss condemns Spain to early exit

Phoenix Jewish community to hold prayer vigil for kidnapped teens

Murder in Guatemala: 'I won't allow my daughter to become another statistic'

Does MIM know what San Antonio winning its 5th championship means?

Does anyone know the story behind this RW image?

Jindal, Tea Party and many on DU agree to trash Common Core curriculum. Jindal has signed

Guatemala: ex-police head convicted —in Europe

Pols pitch Brooklyn (and airport hotels) in play for '16 Democratic National Convention

SA Zionists slam 'barbaric' kidnapping in Israel

Ed Shultz is giving the war criminal of a Dick a whipping

Australian Jewry rallies for kidnapped teens

De Blasio: NYC ‘Vigilant’ Against Any Terror Threat

Why Bush and Blair Should Be Prosecuted for War Crimes

NYC touts legal win over Big Tobacco

Fuck you Terry Bradshaw.

GD has both a pitbull thread and a out-of-left field WTF low poster thread today.

Coolest Craigslist post of the day

DU legal minds: Can the Rev. Terry Jones be charged with incitement?

Pay back: McDonald’s franchisee fined $10K for firing worker

Philly Archdiocese Sponsoring “March for Marriage” in D.C.

Luxembourg approves same sex marriage

Linda Darling-Hammond on the common core standards

NSA Turned Germany Into Its Largest Listening Post in Europe

Boston College Students March in Pride Parade with Same-Sex Marriage Advocates

Temple Hints At Origin Of Civilization In Peru

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday ~ June 18th

Hackers reverse-engineer NSA's leaked bugging devices

Sixth Circuit Court Of Appeals Will Hear Same-Sex Marriage Cases From Four States August 6

Dick Cheney Should be Rotting in The Hague, Not Writing Editorials

Heritage’s ugly Benghazi panel

Gabby Giffords Speaks Out On Gun Violence Against Women

Town bans pagan temple after finding out its not Christian

We built an imaginary mansion of freedom and democracy...

Temple Hints At Origin Of Civilization In Peru

Just a reminder to the kids in the audience: Just because something is RUN by the Catholic Church

It's time to ask Shin Bet some questions

Unwitting tea party folk do the bidding of big business

One more buddy for Pat Buchanan:

Cuomo Fears Downside Of Medical Marijuana Program

The Best Argument for Marriage Equality you'll see Today

John Kerry hosts a reception for Condi Rice

"The Wonking Dead" by Paul Krugman at the NY Times

Perfect Book Placement

Teen charged in Steven Utash attack accepts plea deal

SpaceX gets federal clearance for South Texas launch site

Fox News Wins Hillary Clinton Ratings Race Against CNN's Town Hall

No Tropical storm activity to report ! Stay tuned.....

Judge Rejects Request To Dismiss Indictments Against Reputed Bonanno Crime Family Members

Rights groups say IDF response to kidnapping is collective punishment

Do you personally know anyone who gives a crap about the Kardashians?

jury duty

"Eugene Robinson: Overdosing on tea"

Move over, Miss South Carolina: Miss USA doesn't know her state's capital!

Tough Manly Men

This Shape-Shifter Could Tell Us Why Matter Exists

Meet the other college professor running for Eric Cantor's seat.

Plan to turn payphones into Wi-Fi hubs criticized as "monopoly"

NY man on trial due to rape allegations in step-daughter's college entrance essay

Hillary and the 11% issue

US Scientists, Oil Giant Stole Indigenous Blood

US Scientists, Oil Giant Stole Indigenous Blood

Got a Criminal Subpoena in the mail

Saudi, Kuwaiti groups helped create Islamist monster in Iraq they can't control

Brooklyn Bridge gun control march: Could pushback against gun culture be working?

Was just spraying weed killer (old DU recipe,

Trump to Newsmax TV: US Should Seize Iraq Oil

I guess Turkey Jones gave Terry Bradshaw more Dain Bramage than we thought!

I Know This Is A Naive Question - But Do The BushCo Criminals Really Believe That They Were Right...

Protesting Youth in the Age of Neoliberal Cruelty

Maine GOP Legislator: Rape should be legal. No, seriously.

Democrat Running To Replace Cantor Claims He Has Raised $US100K Since Cantor's Stunning Loss.

The Unlikely Rise of City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito

I'm tired of the "I'm sorry I was mislead on Iraq" meme.

Palladium Used To Transform Radioactive Waste Into Rare Earth Element

He's slithered out of the ground again......

So what will the NFL team, the Washington RACIST's, change their team name to..


Mea fucking culpa

There's a new best team in baseball

The Spurs River Parade is on now!

25 Puns So Terrible They Should Be Made Illegal

Aren't you glad social media wasn't around in the 16th century?

The Alliance for a Scared America - From Betty Bowers

Sen. Harry Reid Tweets: "The only thing I want to hear from Iraq war architects is..."

No 'amen,' but nonbeliever wins praise for his invocation

Here's The White House's Snappy Comeback To Dick Cheney's Iraq Op-Ed

Pols Rally Against the Salvation Army’s Sale of Senior Residence

Horace Silver has died

What Are We Fighting For? - The Robert Ross Band

Argentina fears new crisis as vultures circle after US supreme court ruling

Obama’s Order Against Antigay Discrimination Revives a Familiar Religious Freedom Fight

Oklahoma Lawmaker Wants To Legalize Marijuana Because It's God's 'Miraculous' Creation

Do DUers remember Glen Beck's comments about Cindy Sheehan

What We've Lost Since 9/11: Taking Down the First Amendment in Post-Constitutional America

Were politicians who voted for the Iraq War "mistaken"?

"Iraq Official Says Iran's Military Mastermind Is In Charge"

Another Member gone

EWarren's A Fighting Chance Signed Edition from a union store (remember the Colbert Amazon boycott?)

Senate urges Health Department to create action plan for Lyme disease

Glitch? I just found that I can recommend hidden threads

Feds add Chrysler to ignition, air bag probe

Water Privatization: Coming to a Century Old System Near You?

Creationist Museum opens in Boise Idaho

$200 For A Tiny Bottle Of Eye Drops. Is It Made From Unicorn Tears?

Bush and Cheney created terrorists.