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Should both Democrats and Republicans apologize for the Iraq War?

The Guilt Trip - turn on Chris Hayes

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 19 June 2014

A Riddle

Guy Brings His White Girl To Barbershop In Harlem And Gets Hated On

His "ne're-do-well-daughter."

Obama to Congress: I don't need new permission on Iraq

Congressional authorization required for Obama to rescue an American POW, but none for bombing?

Fuck Terry Bradshaw

Dick's still trying to jumpstart his charmless daughter's "career"?

German tourist assassinated in Caracas


I have a question about immigration policy

Just so that I'm clear

Exclusive: Republicans Ready Messaging Campaign Aimed at Women

Why isn't the NFL as decent as the NBA?

NY Lawmakers Pass Bill Banning Pet Tattoos, Piercings

Americans Are Dangerously Politically Ignorant -- The Numbers Are Shocking

WTF? Cutting Off Water to Citizens of Detroit?

Valerie Plame Tweets on Dick Cheney's Iraq Comments:

GOP leader: Obama may act in Iraq without signoff

St. Louis Post Dispatch drops George Will.

Anyone notice this? Argentina fears new crisis as vultures circle after US supreme court ruling

St. Louis Post-Dispatch dumps George Will over rape column.

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseeker Check In! Church Night!!

"Someone Is Spilling ISIS’s Secrets on Twitter"

Woman dies in jail while serving sentence for her kids’ unpaid school fines

Fish and Pelicans Missing, Sea Lions Sick: S. California Fishermen

White House: GOP Shutdown Threat Is All About Protecting 'Big Polluters'

'Flowers for Algernon' author Daniel Keyes dies at 86

How America’s Real Business Leaders Want to Save Capitalism

We have known for a long time how stupid the right wing has been at attacking President Obama.

Video/Transcript: John "GET OFF MY LAWN" McCain Calls Tim Kaine a Liar on Iraq

DA: Sandra Bullock stalker had an 'arsenal of weapons,' machine guns

(Another) work in progress...

Man who threatened to kill President Obama sentenced to year in jail

Obama to Congress: I don't need new permission on Iraq


The Alliance for a Strong America has a FB page.

Ex-Goldman Trader Says Bonus Cut to $8.25 Million Unfair

Despite NOM's claims otherwise, HRC research reveal Americans have no appetite for anti-LGBT rhetori

So some kid was banging like mad on my side door

Really sick of Democrats making fools of themselves

Countries operating F-16 Aircraft

A few fresh outdoor pics (Dial-up warning)

Toles Toon- Focus on Benghazi!!!!

How Israel is exploiting the reported kidnapping to weaken Palestinian reconciliation

Major Newspaper Dumps George Will, Apologizes For ‘Offensive’ Rape Column

Carney gives his last briefing as Obama spokesman

Brian Williams Raps ''Baby Got Back'' | Sir Mix-A-Lot with the Seattle Symphony

(Women) Members vs Media Softball Selfies (Media Lost!)

Israeli home demolitions leave 7 families homeless

Free at Amazon: Novel, "Mack the Ripper" Marxist take on the Whitechapel Murders

No more blood and treasure for Iraq

"History we won't know, we'll all be dead" Not so fast W.

GM employee warned of stalling in Impalas in '05

State Department wastes $52,000 on a painting of war criminal Condi Rice

Anybody seen Bill Shorten?

Bitcoin Bowl comes to college football

Ringo Starr's "No-No Song"...

Killing for the Oil Companies (The Pledge of Obedience)

Would Obama have won election of 2012 if he had left troops in Iraq??

58 Cognitive Biases That Screw Up Everything We Do

Tony Blair wrote an essay. I have marked it.

Can anyone give a positive reason to escalate in Iraq? Anyone?

"Dick Cheney, did you really want to go there?"

This Ingraham person's gonna assure us

4 Year Old Boy Plays Piano Better Than Any Master

Hypnotized Woman Sings through Surgery to Save Vocals Chords

Severe weather possible tonight in northeast Nebraska; Omaha could see thunderstorms overnight

Abilene Military Veteran Files Law Suit Against Congressman Randy Neugebauer

"Cheney's criticism is like an arsonist...

The Lift Garage: Fixing Cars and People's Lives

TyT, Bush released top Benghazi Attacker, RW silent.

LOL! Why it's important to read the resolution before voting

Bush finally weighs in about invading Iraq again.

First Lady Welcomes 50 New Americans at the National Archives

The White Liberal Conundrum

Of Toxic Bondage

Two men charged in Austin with providing support to terrorists

Take it from me...

US aims for trial of Benghazi suspect held on ship

Brian Schweitzer

"Please don't throw me in that briar patch"...

Mother of U.S. prisoner in Cuba Alan Gross dies at 92

Taliban Celebrates Capture Of Special Forces DOG

Texas Department of Criminal Justice Sued Over Inhumane Prisoner Treatment

Schweitzer: Cantor is "effeminate" and sets off his "gaydar"

Rachel tore the Cheneys a new one...

Bob Jones University told rape victims to repent and look for ‘root sin’ that caused their attack

It's Becoming Increasingly Likely Nigeria's Kidnapped Girls Will Never Come Home

Hello Everyone! I've posted an update in the Cancer Group

Kidnapped teen’s US cousin to hold vigil at White House

I could use some feedback on a delicate situation.

Congressional Candidate Giving Away Free Guns

Firefox has a great Internet Freedom video and website

Went to a presentation tonight on Swift. Was told that Objective C is dead.

Iraq crisis exclusive: US rules out military action until PM Nouri al-Maliki stands down

Red Tape and Rape

Luxembourg approves same sex marriage

Gratuitous kitteh pictures

OMG ...

Sunset Commission Issues Brutal Report on Dept. of State Health Services

State's Leadership Instructs DPS to Increase Patrols on Border

I have been given permission to post this letter by a good friend of mine, from Facebook.

UPDATE: Anyone here gotten their glasses from Costco or WalMart?

Strange Dream

Australian School Chaplain funding ruled unlawful

Oh, thank God the Cheneys admit they weren't offering real critism, they were just grifting

Iraq crisis exclusive: US rules out military action until PM Nouri al-Maliki stands down

I've got to put this out there because it has been bothering me for a while now:

Colombia - New plot to murder investigative reporter Gonzalo Guillén

Your overload of cute for tonight


Race and Obama: The Longstanding Silence of Hate’s Empty Dream

I love this: a drone taking photos over the Kings hockey celebration was knocked down by fans.

Baltimore police officer charged with slitting throat of dog that had already been contained

TCM Schedule for Friday, June 20, 2014 -- Friday Night Spotlight - Pirate Pictures

Former FCC Commissioner: “We Should Be Ashamed Of Ourselves” For State of Broadband In The U.S.

Kershaw throws his first No Hitter

Every other day it seems that we are reading that Cops are being

American Family Association refuses $10 donation over Harvey Milk stamp

Fort Lauderdale approves resolution in support of same-sex marriage

Texas denies same-sex couple parental rights to twin (biological!) sons

World Cup 2014: Brazil and Mexico face action for 'homophobic' chanting by fans

3 Executions In Less Than 24 Hours.

Sick Fuckwad: Officer charged with killing dog set out to 'gut' it, witnesses said

Debunking the myth of the 'ungrateful’ Holocaust survivor

List of United States politicians who admit to cannabis use

Meet the Republicans trying to sell the internet to the highest bidder

‘Some of My Best Friends’ a clear-eyed analysis of 21st-century anti-Semitism

OK! I've thought of 1 positive thing if Obama maniacally starts Iraq War II -

I've been gone for a few years, just coming back. Need help,

Tax The Poor- More! (Hefty) US Gasoline Tax Increase Urged by Bipartisan Pair of Senators

Death Metal Rooster

Two items of concern:

OMG! I just realized; it won't be Iraq War II, it'll be Iraq War III !!! Think about it,

Texas nursing homes rank 49th in quality of care

Restoring your faith in arachnidia...

Hillary Clinton's views on post 9/11

Obama On The Brink: War Or Peace?

The World Cup fans show their ugly side: racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia

Pennsylvania judge rejects attempt to appeal against same-sex marriage

Google Pride

Jesse 'The Body' Ventura on Redskins Name Change

Naked Sunbather Causes Car Crash In Austria

Iraq's biggest refinery falls to ISIL, acc to eyewitnesses

What will ISIL do with the millions they seized?

The ISIS Fiasco: It’s Really an Attack on Iran

Red Wolf

Protesting Youth in the Age of Neoliberal Cruelty

Beware of structural explanations of cyclical events

Beware of structural explanations of cyclical events

Charles Pierce: Republicans: Party of Sedition and Cop-Killing?

No watering your lawn. Don't flush. Frackers need that water

When Their Sad Ads Stopped Working, One Animal Shelter Tried Out A New Idea

Police Can Just Take Your Money, Car and Other Property — and Good Luck Getting It Back

5 Issues Where Right-Wingers Are Crazier and Meaner Than Ever

The Terrible News Economists Are Trying to Hide About American Jobs

Tennessee Tried to Mess With Teachers and Teachers Fought Back -- and Won

America's Covert Re-Invasion of Iraq

Dogs (and a cat...) being 'Happy'

Greenwald from 2008--> 9/11 Commission: Our investigation was “obstructed”

Californian arrested for sexual activity with a Cornish child

Misogynist George Will DUMPED from Major Newspaper for Vile College Rape-as-Status-Symbol Column

S.C. Man Decapitates Jesus Statue Because ‘Second Or First Commandment’ Told Him To

Wait for it: Rush Limbaugh Blames Obama For The Washington Redskins Losing Their Trademark

Iraq is more like N. Ireland than Lebanon, Reconciliation is Possible

Cons of Going to War against Iraq (Cole, Jan. 2003)

China Regulators ‘Overwhelmed’ as Reactors Built at Pace

New book chronicles advances in women's rights in Kentucky

Now Elon Musk wants to revolutionize solar panel production

Sony investors back CEO, directors despite losses

DAMN IT OBAMA!! Millions paying less than $100 per month for Obamacare

Connie Johnson seeks Democratic nomination, stressing liberty, women’s rights and health care

Joey Scab and Willy Geist don't feel the blame game on who was at fault for going to Iraq

Militants fly their black flags over Iraq refinery

China, Vietnam Fail to Break Deadlock in South China Sea Talks

Shooting tragedy: Florida dad killed by neighbor’s stray bullet as family welcomes home newborn

The Iraq Catastrophe

Bob Jones University told rape victims to repent and look for ‘root sin’ that caused their attack

FCC Viewer Complaints About Michael Sam Kissing His Boyfriend

Dr. Nafeez Ahmed:The rise of ISIS in Iraq is a neocon’s dream

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- GOP

Pot Scientists Brace for Marijuana Meltdown as Laws Ease

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- The Rest

Unity and Freedom

New Boise creationist museum seeks to promote 'true science' by disputing evolution

(Pakistan) Government’s Connivance in US Drone Attacks Not Acceptable to Nation

It's Time To Admit That The Amount Of Information Google Is Gathering About Us Genuinely Terrifying

Iraq's Maliki: I won't quit as condition of US strikes against Isis militants

The absurdities of U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan: Siddiqui

Ukraine craves lowest price for Russian gas with minimal obligations - expert.

Ukraine forces battle separatists after truce 'refused'

German minister doesn't see Ukraine in 'western alliance' soon

The 10 Most-Impressive US Military Technologies Right Now

The Witch of Berkeley

The Berkswell Stocks

Not sure where to post this......Brent Favor endorses a repub in Mississippi.....

A Third Iraq War?

John Kerry's response to Cheney's comments

Against Another Pointless War (Andrew Napolitano)

Ebola outbreak spreads as toll reaches 337 (infected 500)

Flying Pig Update for 6.19.2014

ERB: Nye vs. Newton

5 Links Between Higher Education and the Prison Industry

Megyn Kelly Confronts Dick Cheney,' You Got It Wrong on Iraq,' Talking Points Memo:

Transgender TV-host B. Scott turns down deal from BET to settle discrimination suit

Jason Hanna And Joe Riggs, Texas Gay Fathers, Denied Legal Parenthood Of Twin Sons

Former congresswoman Giffords seeks to rally women on gun push

Harvard Has 3.3 Million Facebook Fans And 'About Three Million Of These Are Fakes'

Bullied Teen Stabs and kills tormentor

SIGN ME UP: New Mexico bus driver had sex on job, buzzkill rats 'em out

Ophidiophobia: 20 + snakes found in Texas house...

Those Missing Nigerian School Girls

A divided House GOP ready to pick new leaders

Obama announces plan to run for 3rd term

American Apparel Dismisses CEO Dov Charney for Misconduct

Did You Know There’s A Tiny (Secret) Trayvon Martin Monument in Boston?

Supreme Court decisions could have broad impact

Q&A In 'How Not to Be Wrong' Jordan Ellenberg makes math meaningful

'Focus on bringing teens home, not toppling Palestinian government'

Obama’s Order Against Antigay Discrimination Revives a Familiar Religious Freedom Fight

Hillary Clinton gives book to squirrel that is stalking her

Is Pope Francis sick, or just taking a summer break?

Children Seeking Asylum Alone: US Report; Summary of Recommendations

Did You Know There’s A Tiny (Secret) Trayvon Martin Monument in Boston?

Interesting FYI: Why Using Toilet Seat Liners Is Basically Pointless

WTF just happened at the end of Morning Joe...

Man's Pistol goes off in checkout line at Indiana Walmart

Harvesting Bananas in Costa Rica

Turmoil in Iraq is pushing up US gasoline prices

Oh baby, you're so vicious: Paul Krugman on Tim Geithner's book

12 atheist books you may have overlooked: Part 2

18 health & Human Rights Organizations Sent an urgent Letter to the World Medical Association

UPDATED 4X: Brian Schweitzer: Southern Men Like Eric Cantor 'Have Effeminate Mannerisms'

Pogba & Valbuena show off skills in France training

I seem to have missed this episode of The Beverly Hillbillies

Dallas County commissioners unwittingly back slavery reparations

Lifestyles of the 1%

Dick Cheney is Just trying to find his little girl a job

Man tried to throw football stuffed with drugs into prison yard

Koterba toon: Redskins

Dick Cheney is an “Iraq Expert” like a burglar/arsonist is a “Security Expert”.

Shut up Dick Cheney aka Why we went to Iraq

Police say Apple's anti-theft switches have dramatically reduced iPhone thefts

My cat can eat morsels of tuna with no ill effects. Just about any other kind of people food,

Happy Juneteenth everyone

GOPee Yew: What The Media Isn’t Telling You About Obama’s Poll Numbers

"F**k it. We're going in."

Report: Hillary Clinton Pushed For Long-Term Troop Presence In Iraq

The red skins need to change their name.

New Evidence of Mental Benefits From Music Training

Rachel Maddow - Cheney seeks influence despite poor record

Edited Rude Pundit: Father and Daughter Cheney Can Go Pick Some Flowers

Father Charged with Murder in Death of Toddler Left in Car.

dearest ones

Buenos Aires mayor identifies with Israeli teens as former kidnapping victim

Harley-Davidson introduces electric motorcycle

What the American people really don't understand about the 1%.

McConnell, Boehner, and the post-policy approach to Iraq

Pic Of The Moment: Cheney Opens Mouth, Puts Foot In It

Rape culture ... Another illustration

Dick Cheney, did you really want to go there? - By E.J. Dionne, Jr

How Gun Violence Affects Women and 4 Policy Solutions to Better Protect Them

How Gun Violence Affects Women and 4 Policy Solutions to Better Protect Them

Hamas leader hinted at plans to kidnap Israelis three weeks ago

Today’s South is boldly moving backward

Group C: Colombia-Ivory Coast

Dancing Madly Backwards

Rachel Maddow - Cheneys shock with lack of self awareness

Race-Baiting Open Carry Advocates to March through 5th Ward in Houston

Military Effectiveness: ISIS, Taliban, Hezbollah

You have to look and ask

Obama stirs LGBT attendees at NYC gala

Argentina says won't make next bond payment in US

Appeals court sets August 6 for marriage arguments in four states

Ukraine parliament approves Poroshenko's choice for prosecutor-general

Tea Partier Lauds Texas Republican Platform - (Video)

Obama to speak at 12:30 ET

More Detroit data

Papantonio: Iraq's Usual Suspects

Far, Far, Far right wing nuttery: 'Sovereign Citizen' Shoots Police Officer in California

The GOP South Longs for These "Good Ole Days"

Orphan Black cold opening for season finale. Spoilers of course.

Election is Childers to lose at this point.

PA man accidentally shot, killed by guest of honor at surprise birthday party

Texas judge ignores DNA tests, refuses parental rights because gay dads are married

Police: Fire-loving Florida mom brands kids with hot stick so people will know they are hers

Ex-Goldman Trader Says Bonus Cut to $8.25 Million Unfair (Bloomberg, not the Onion)

Attn DU Gamers: Now available for sale in the DU Store....


Arizona GOPer Went Birther, Compared Poor To 'Lazy Pigs' In Anonymous Blog Comments

US praises Abbas for comments, urges restraint

Why aren't Bush and Cheney in prison?

US Tax evading/ welfare queens moving their operations to Ireland. Lovely

Chris Hedges: Wages of Rebellion

NY Senate Democrats prepared to vote against medical marijuana if they feel bill is watered down

Leveling casino play

Rep Gregory Meeks says he has no idea what dick cheeney's motivation is for

If you were a government plant, what type of government plant would you be?

And in other false equivalency news, JoeScar compares Gore's "brownshirt" speech to Cheney's BS

Admit it - you are like a moth to a flame when your My Posts turns yellow

Fresh Pineapples For Sale !!

Another has-been pro-athelete shilling for republicans...

Poll: Many still struggle to pay health premiums

Megyn Kelly Grills Dick Cheney: 'You Got It Wrong' On Iraq

President Obama to Speak At 12:30 p.m. et

Obama at NY Fundraisers, Including Gay Donor Gala

George Will/Harry Potter

Schumer Proposal Would Raise Funding For Some N.Y. Bridges

Can I ask a stupid question about retirement here?

BBC News: Is Russia orchestrating east Ukraine violence?

Six things to watch on last day of the legislative session

by Robert Reich:

I've curtailed my posts as of late, but....

Japan bans possesion of kiddie porn

Fernando Cabrera Draws Fire for Ties to Hate Group

Caught on Tape: Texas Cop Executes Handcuffed Suspect

Black Atheist In America

HoF = June 17, 1873

Kerry: U.S. would communicate with Iran, not work with it, against ISIS

KU Cheerleaders

AG Schneiderman announces Google and Microsoft will install kill switch on new devices

Fewer Americans applying for jobless aid

In wake of kidnapping: Cabinet to approve additional funding for settlements

Judge denies challenge to law on police lawsuits

Newsmax Editor-in-Chief: Don’t Blame Obama For Iraq

Wall collapses at construction site and injures woman in Williamsburg

Texas Court Of Criminal Appeals Weighing Tom DeLay's Overturned Conviction

I charged into GD with all the bravado of a Viking !!

Iraq: a tale of beasts and whirlwinds

Left alone with a sex offender, a teacher is raped (Arizona prison)

Borowitz Report - Pressure on Obama to Quickly Resolve Centuries-Old Sunni-Shiite Conflict

Mr president do not send in the green berets

How I learned to walk away from disaster

Joe Rogan and Dan Savage agree: Antigay activists are ‘worried that dicks are delicious’

Newburgh mayor: We’re poorer than the Catskills

How many are showing up at that "March For Marriage?"

U.S. talking to Chalabi, originator of WMD lies, while pushing to replace Iraqi leader Maliki

Obama speaking approx. 12:30 EDT. n/t

Deal ‘Close’ On Medical Marijuana

Charlie Rangel Really Might Lose This Time

Live coverage of the "March for Marriage"

TV Reporter Heather Holmes Robbed During Live Report On Robbery (VIDEO)

Today is my 21st wedding anniversary

Rick Perry moving to California. I think something's Koch'ing.

Recycling Vexes Rural Areas

New York State Just Made It Illegal To Sexually Harass Interns, Not That That'll Stop Anybody

Joe Rogan and Dan Savage agree: Antigay activists are ‘worried that dicks are delicious’

Children cycling to school %

The anxiety of the working poor.

Polish leader: crisis may force early elections

NRDC Switchboard - Thyroid and kids' brains: Using modern tools to screen food chemicals

Obama can't declare a new Iraq war without approval. Even Bush knew that. Isis is not al-Qaida:

The only home run at the CWS so far:

What's for Dinner, Thurs., June 19, 2014

Bratton ends ‘well-intended’ shelter sweeps

Voters could slam S.F. house flippers with major tax

King Of the World's Oceans: Leo DiCaprio Donates $7M to Conservation

Group C: Japan-Greece

Group D: Uruguay-England

Pussies can push out babies, balls are possibly the most fragile thing on a male body

Officials: Tornado struck central New York

Christie and his Terrorist buddies screwing working people yet again, sigh...

Headsup Obama about to speak on Iraq

Here's Who Is Fighting in Iraq and Why (VICE)

Ohio Sectretary of State Husted restores early, in-person voting

Voters could slam S.F. house flippers with major tax (x-post from GD)

Just hanging out in The Lounge

Boy Charged With Murder In Stabbing Death Of Bronx Classmate Due In Court

Can We Pray the Polyamory Away?

doing a mother daughter hair date. cut and dye, or dye and cut?

Cheney is really one sick fugg

South Africa investigates 'wife gift' for SABC head


Koch brothers form super PAC to back free-market candidates; will spend unlimited money on elections

NY State Medical Community Disputes Cuomo's claim

Sometimes I Think The President Deliberately Delays His Announcments To....

*POTUS speaking now,

Rebels beg Russia for help as fighting rages

Rude Pundit Appreciation Thread

Twitter, HRC Mock 'Crowd' at NOM's March for Marriage

The rewrite begins - Saddam DID have WMD

Exclusive: Prosecutor Is Closing In on Gov. Christie

KY Medical Marijuana Bill Dies on the Floor

ISIS or ISIL? The debate over what to call Iraq’s terror group (WAPO)

If I am wrong, could someone explain to me how anyone could actually be killed

Benghazi tweets

Mea Culpa

Obama will send up to 300 advisers to Iraq, is 'prepared to take targeted and precise' military act

The Writing on the Shithouse Walls

Failed bitcoin exchange Mt Gox allowed to file for Chapter 15 bankruptcy

White Hot Rage

Judge Denies Schuylkill County Register of Will’s Petition to Appeal Marriage Equality in PA

Cuomo compromise leaves evaluations for low-rated teachers

Referring to women as the "c" word.

Rep. Meeks: Cheney Should 'Take Care Of His Health And Just Keep His Mouth Shut'

Obamacare Side Effect: Alabama Medicaid Enrollment Goes Over 1 Million Due To Awareness, Rule Change

Jim Greig, marijuana activist (1951-2014)

How Oligopolies Undermined Competitiveness and Produced Inequality

How Oligopolies Undermined Competitiveness and Produced Inequality

High hopes at City Hall for an early budget handshake

I don't want to be Obama's elf anymore

Baltimore officer arrested after slitting throat of lost dog: ‘I’m going to f*cking gut this thing!’

UN Weapons inspectors visited al-Muthanna Dec 4, 2002 - Feb 19, 2003

Any Mini Cooper drivers?

Colorado Governor Disowns High-Capacity Magazine Ban He Signed

Friendly Fucking Reminder: Antoinette Perry

If a soccer player suffers a paper cut, do they throw themselves to the ground and ...

Minnesota and its surrounding states are drowning,

I'd Like To Thank Dick Cheney for Flacking For President Obama. I couldn't have asked for a better

UPDATED: John Doe prosecutors allege Scott Walker at center of 'criminal scheme'

Debunking the Hype about the European “Recovery”

AZ schools chief outs himself as anonymous Internet troll who calls poor people ‘lazy pigs’

Cantor Pollster Tries To Explain (again) Why His Polling Was Wildly Off In GOP Primary

If you have the time..."Elizabeth de la Vega -Making a Case For Impeachment " United States vs. Bush

Obama To Send Up To 300 U.S. Military Advisers To Iraq (making 575 pairs of boots on the ground)

Obama outlines a short term/long term, snapshot/big picture approach to Iraq situation.

Winston's ghost is not happy.

Obama: U.S. Prepared to Take 'Targeted' (Military) Action in Iraq

Koch brothers’ new target: Latinos, young people, Veterans

Prosecutors: Gov. Walker part of ‘criminal scheme

State Prosecutors Allege Scott Walker At Center Of 'Criminal Scheme'

I am beyond disgusted that Dick Cheney is giving foreign policy advise in the media ...

Happy Juneteenth, everybody!

Deadline Set For Claims In Freedom Industries Case

Rick Perry Admits He 'Stepped Right In It' When He Compared Gays To Alcoholics

The United States of Aftermath

BOOM: Prosecutors allege that Scott Walker was at the center of a nationwide criminal scheme


If you could say only two words to DICK, what would they be?

Just as war was wrong based on Bush's lies, war based on Bush's war is also wrong.

Kerry on Iraq crisis: We will honor our veterans' sacrifice

Methinks some Koch money is finding it's way to Delaware

Mississippi ranks number two in gun death rates

Lori Marino: Leader of a Revolution in How We Perceive Animals

“We spawned Osama Bin Laden”: Brian Schweitzer isn’t done talking

“The Gonzo option” and other Democratic dead ends

The hug between John Kerry and Leonardo DiCaprio you have been waiting for happened today

Hundreds of pounds of (non-psychoactive) hemp seeds seized at Canadian border

James Madison University Punished Sexual Assault With 'Expulsion After Graduation'

Sugar Mailed to Bratton's Office Sparks White Powder Scare at Police HQ

The worst lie of all. I figured it out....

Need parenting advice, or know someone who does?

T-Mobile's CEO Went Off Last Night And Said AT&T And Verizon Are 'F------' That Are 'Raping You'

WTF ...8

These Professors are Developing Tech That Can Detect a Weapon Before it's Shot

Exclusive: Prosecutor Is Closing In on Gov. Christie

This has been an amazing week

Despite some 2014 successes, tea party is fading as a brand

NYSUT Backs Evaluation ‘Pause Button’

Florida doomsday prepper plans bloody last stand until cops lure him in with burgers

Ending Juvenile Prison - Nell Bernstein Discusses Her New Book, Burning Down The House

Kerry On Cheney Criticism: ‘This Is A Man Who Took Us Directly Into Iraq, Please’

Amnesty International jumping in on side of 1199SEIU workers in health coverage tussle

George and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamtie

America Wake Up Or Go Down Fighting in Disgrace

Left alone with a sex offender, a teacher is raped violently

Rainbow-Cake Recipe Inspires Comment Apocalypse

GOP Senator: Hillary Part Of Benghazi Cover-Up To Blame Anti-Islamic Video

Bitcoin security guarantee shattered

Federal Court Slams Abbott in Redistricting Fee Decision

How I found out the Bushies were lying about Iraq (before the war)

Striking Out at Bush's Phantoms in Iraq

Greg Abbot is a bad lawyer-Court finds Texas Swagger Costs It Attorneys Fees in Voting Rights Case

They are starting again: McCain says, We gotta help them over there, or they will get us

Finishing long forgotten projects.

How President Obama will be impeached

Re: Cuba - The path is clear; we don’t seem to want to take it (Progresso Weekly)

Family of David Ranta, Wrongfully Imprisoned for 23 Years, Sues City for $15 Million

Ex-CIA Analyst Admits Bush Admin Wanted Saddam 9/11 Connection

Rescuing Riley, puppy rescued from a 350' deep slot canyon

Those Lois Lerner emails are a real problem and Republicans are justly outraged...

Conclusion of Atlas Shrugged trilogy pulls out the big guns, casts Ron Paul

Mike Huckabee: Martin Luther King Jr. would agree that gay marriage is like the Holocaust

Kevin McCarthy replacing Cantor.

PA man accidentally shot, killed by guest of honor at surprise birthday party

McCarthy wins race to replace Cantor as No. 2 leader in House

Grrrrrrrrrr! Luke Rusert, mini Chuck Todd. eom

To the posters who says Kerry is "not lib enough" and so....Here's his Senate vote record.

Deal on medical marijuana reached

Boston bombings suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wants trial moved to D.C.

Troll on Democratic Blog for Arizona trapped. You'll never guess who it is.

Good news for whistleblowers: Supreme Court extends speech protections for public employees

Tiny sculptures in Europe give chilling view of climate change and apathetic politicians.

Aussie in trouble for colander in licence photo

WRT Alerters

Jonathan Capehart:"How President Obama will be impeached"

5 Deferment Cheney Should be Rotting in the Hague

Average Male 4,000% Less Effective In Fights Than They Imagine

Scott Walker may be in trouble -- Being investigated by Feds forruption

Which Country Leads in Proportion of Women in Senior Management?

WikiLeaks Reveals Global Trade Deal Kept More Secret Than the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Philadelphia City Council Votes to Decriminalize Marijuana

On the Dems who voted for Iraq Resolution...

North Carolina: Congressman Demands Pregnant Woman Explain Why Obamacare Includes Maternity Coverag

Amelia Rose Earhart will attempt to fly around the globe in a single-engine aircraft

Good Squee News! The little tortie kitten Katie is keeping her left eye...

A great soccer joke in honor of the world cup

Group D - who will be going home? Spoiler

Lucy Li, 11, has 78 at women's Open

Negotiating the N-word: It's pervasive in pop culture, toxic in schools

Tomorrow: H.R. 4660: Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2015

Progress and Successes of the Bush and Maliki Regime

Fellow soldier says Bowe Bergdahl upset he wasn’t allowed ‘to hunt and kill’ the Taliban

Couple jailed in TN over handwritten license plate claim they’re following God’s law

Anthrax Exposure A Risk For As Many As 75 US Scientists, CDC Says

Has the shadow President, John McCain, commented on the President Obama's speech?

Hope and anger: WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange marks two years in Ecuador’s London embassy

Judge: County Official Can't Appeal Pa. Marriage Ruling

Sen. Ron Johnson's shameful votes

Sen. Ron Johnson's shameful votes

You want that back?

Why we will end up back in a Iraq War!

10 Scientific Ideas That Scientists Wish You Would Stop Misusing

Today's lesson: Fellatio is a bad thing

What Hillary Clinton said about LGBT rights that you need to hear

Florida doomsday prepper plans bloody last stand until cops lure him in with burgers


The irony when a "McCarthy" is not conservative enough for the Republican Party...

Racism, misogyny, homophobia and whatnot

Barbara Boxer Remembers McCain's Dreadful Iraq Prediction

"A Reasoned Defense of Paganism" and "In Defense of Trying to Deconvert People"

The Turning Point: New Hope for the Climate

‘What Difference Does It Make?’ Activist Ambushes Hillary, Asks Her to Sign Book to ‘Chris Stevens’

If Hillary wants to run with an image of a woman with integrity, she has to say farewell to Carville

Four Part Series at 76 Crimes with recent info on the Anti Gay laws in Uganda

The Neocon Surge; They Are Not, In Fact, Being Greeted As Liberators

He Warned Them of Disaster ...

Bald Eagles Are Dying of Lead Poisoning, and Hunters Are to Blame

I'm eligible for a government grant?

Another Blow To Supporters of Public Education in Dallas. Can someone please explain this ruling?

CNN: Dick Cheney's amazing chutzpah on Iraq

Dear Dick Cheney: Nobody Gives a Damn What You Think About Iraq

Prosecutors in Wisconsin Say Gov. Scott Walker Had Central Role in Fund-Raising Scheme.

Chilean mountaintop blasted for giant telescope

Democratic Vets Warn Washington Against New Iraq Entanglement

Chilean mountaintop blasted for giant telescope

Luckovich toon: The wizards

Dave Brat Holds Faux "Press Conference," Switches Campaign Managers, Attacks "Crony Capitalism"

Prosecutors: Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Part Of 'Criminal Scheme'

On his radio show today Thom Hartmann was hoping someone on DU would post a story

Break time!!

Tigers Manager Brad Ausmus apologizes for "beats wife" remark

The GREAT thing about "relitigating the past"!

Willie Nelson's Texas ranch heavily damaged

The WMD lie returns to haunt Iraq

Deeper Involvement in Iraq Right Thing to Do, Says Poll of Defense Contractors

New Jersey waterways flooded by millions of pounds of chemicals, report says

Hudson's hiccup in loss to White Sox shows Giants' fall to mean

Because sending in military advisers has never ended badly...

"The Republican Party’s Goldwater moment"

Florida man steals underwear through ceiling, blames diet pills, marijuana, alcohol, Red Bull

How disch! Walker's at the top of US news on GOOGLE's news site in only 3 hours

Gerry Goffin, Carole King's Ex-Husband/Songwriting Partner, Dies at 75

Stephen Colbert destroys Fox News’ hypocrisy over arrest of Benghazi mastermind

U.S. Takes New Action Against Ugandan Leaders Over Anti-LGBT Law

Watching Edshow...

Congratulations Alerters

"The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker"

U.S. Ratchets Up Response to Uganda's Antigay Law

Flannery O’Connor Throwing Shade at Ayn Rand in 1960

No tropical activity

General Petraeus hangs McCain out to dry...

Rick Perry: I ‘stepped right in it’ comparing gays and alcoholics

Race-Baiting Open Carry Advocates to March through 5th Ward in Houston for Juneteenth

Hillary Clinton talks Hard Choices on The National interview with Peter Mansbridge

Cruz calls on conservatives to defend religious freedom — at home and abroad

Bill Belicheat at it again?

ABC: Carlton Sherwood, Maker of Anti-Kerry Film, Dies

Yyyyeeeessss! Prosecutors in Wisconsin Say Gov. Scott Walker Had Central Role in Fund .

Only a minor miracle will keep England in the tournament now.

Which Game of Thrones character are you? Take the quiz and find out!

No 'amen,' but nonbeliever wins praise for his invocation

This WOULD be hilarious....if it weren't so true


Bills officially for sale, reaching out to prospective owners

Tea Party cousin just posted this and I would love to respond. Any help out there?

Beauty companies now want women to feel insecure about our insecurities

ISIL seizes Saddam Hussein's former chemical weapons plant

Two in One Day...OH, OH, OH...I AM Happy...Christie and Walker hit the fan on the same day !!!

Govt. conspiracy hides ancient Egyptian missionaries in Arizona!1!

Three Classes I Proposed for our Local Adult School Were Given the Green Light Today.

No Plans to invade Canada according to General Dempsey

EMERGENCY -- Another Iraq War Vote Coming!

Supreme Court Sides With Whistleblower In Retaliation Case.

Please DU this poll from WSJ - "Should Towns be allowed to use Zoning to ban Fracking?"

Dirty politics: Republicans file complaint over Charlie Crist TV ad

Winston's ghost is not happy.

Do you perceive a difference?

Attorney: Pot brownie case against teen should be thrown out

The Rude Pundit: Sens. McCain and Graham Say Exactly What You Think They'd Say on Iraq

Attack on Iraq Would Violate US Law, Experts Warn

Don Henley's "Bubble-headed bleach blonde" opens mouth, inserts foot, chews.

Rock that whizzed by Earth may be grabbed by NASA

Former Lubbock City Attorney Sam Medina indicted on 10 counts of sexual assault

In Historic Vote, Presbyterian Church Passes Measure Opening Doors to Marriage Equality

Michael Jackson's New Music Video with Justin Timberlake Features Dancers with a Union Contract

Inca Road Network Nominated For Unesco Heritage

SH 130 (Alternate Route to I-35) Toll Road Company in Danger of Default

Where major religions stand on same sex marriage

This explains a lot: "Americans Read Headlines. And Not Much Else." Washington Post link.

Editor's blog: I am sexist (

Court Nabs Anti-Union ABC for “Posing as a Voter” in Order to Sponsor Ballot Measure

What is Al Franken thinking?

This should go over well here: As seen on Hoarders.....additional cats sold separately.

Two rival male TV helicopter pilots who covered O.J. Simpson chase now are transgender women

25,000 needed on Grayson petition

On Warren's "lack of experience".....

Stupid question: What's the difference between "combat" and "targeted and precise military action?"

Cheney reminds everyone who is to blame for Iraq disaster

Sharing Elizabeth Warren Meme for Facebook -

GOPee Yew: What The Media Isn’t Telling You About Obama’s Poll Numbers

Chris Matthews regarding the Right and Irag: Screw them!


Russia in secret plot against fracking, Nato chief says

Happy Juneteenth, All

NY State Limited Medical Marijuana Bill Gets Okay From Cuomo

Right Wing Noise Machine

A 12-step recovery program for Rick Perry’s homosexuality problem

Horace Silver, 85, Master of Earthy Jazz, Is Dead

To Mitt's Chagrin "Haas v Romney" 9th Cir. Appeal is Moving Forward.

"Harry Reid Declares Koch Brothers A Cult"

Question for recent combat vets and current military:

Elizabeth Warren coming up next: Chris Matthews 6:30 pm CST

Elizabeth Warren is on Tweety now n/t


So How Long Will Meygan Kelly Last At FOXNEWS

How cool is this cycle?

Missing Link found in Spain

Ghost Rules?

Neck injury forces Packers’ Johnathan Franklin to retire after rookie season

Koch brothers - worshiping the golden calf

Sanders faults pro-pipeline vote in Senate

NIDA's drug warrior stupidity preventing studies of marijuana

Papantonio: War Pimps on Sunday Talkshows