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Free Brisnet PP's of Belmont Probable Starters

The House Passes a Journalism Shield Law and Nobody Notices

Poverty & the Brain


Nixon signed the Clear Air Act in 1970.

How to use a hammock

EPA to Seek 30% Cut in Emissions at Power Plants

Anybody use "Kindle First"?

Some things for us guys to keep in mind about sexism if we don't want to come off as jerks.

NSA Is Collecting Gazillions Of Faces From Websites

It's still early in the voting but...

Reince Priebus: Hillary is ‘disqualified’ from running for president because of Benghazi

California Democrat Slams Republicans On Their Criticism Of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s Release

6 Cleveland Officers Indicted in Deadly Car Chase

Men who watch pornography have small

Take a ride...

Hidden From Sight: Women In Extreme Poverty Rising

When I was a young man rebelling meant bell bottomed jeans and long hair. Now it's different.

Haftar Leads A Coup: A General’s Odd War on the Muslim Brotherhood | Ramzy Baroud

Followup on the cotton tails in my yard.

Gershwin plays Gershwin - Rhapsody in Blue

Posey, Hudson star as Giants rout Cardinals 8-0

Home Depot is such a responsible publicly traded company

Bible College Pres Arrested for Forced Labor: Hypocrite or Extremist?

The heads of repukes and tea baggers are exploding about now.

Doughnut wars are about to heat up in Southern California!

Gun Control

Are the reich wingers bitching about Tonight's Cosmos yet?

Writer Jay Lake has died

Kelly: 'Rosies' rolled up their sleeves, fought the war on homefront

2012 GOP threat: Sgt. Bergdahl swap will be Obama, Democrats’ ‘Willie Horton moment’

7 Pieces of Timeless Wisdom From Maya Angelou

Nicolas Cage is now in a remake of a Kirk Cameron movie

"Five Taliban released for Sgt. Bergdahl? This is how wars end."

A new low, even for PETA.

Anyone remember when BUSH negotiated with terrorists?

Fug the GOP!

What do Roger Clemens and Calvin Schiraldi have in common?

"Judge Who Halted Scott Walker Probe Attended Koch-Backed Judicial Junkets"

A little help here...

Wall Street Journal hits Scott Walker again on Doe deal-making

Obama to Take Action to Slash Coal Pollution

"Business Lobby Tries to Frighten America About Clean Energy, Fails Utterly"

Why the more your job helps others, the less you get paid

Cosmos - Tyson Hits It OUT Of The Park


Communicating with Plants

Sweet 16 Super-regional!

Heathen Woman: Keeping Our Words Sacred

Poll: Penn. Governor- Wolf +20 over Corbett

Rockwell's "Four Freedoms" on Wikipedia front page Sunday

Notorious Lola Montez

"EPA To Call For 30 Percent Cut To Power Plant Emissions By 2030"

"Obama Climate Change Policy Comes With Perils"

Rising health-care costs are enough to make you sick

I love this John Oliver show on HBO - I did not know that Tony Abbot was the Down Under GWB

Shut Up, McCain!

My wife just kicked me out of the kitchen

NBC: Casey Kasem Hospitalized After Dramatic Scene Unfolds at Home

CA Dems. Don't forget Tuesday! GOTV!

CA Dems. Don't forget Tuesday! GOTV!

I was recently shamed for talking about sex

Another email to My Favorite Wingnut (in response to some crap he sent me):

More Evidence Snowden e-mail a complete Lie. NBC Timeline shows he contacted Greenwald in Dec. 2012

These Are The World's Oldest Pants

Venezuela: Activists, gov't push for 'communal state'

My Doggiiiiiiieeee!

…And now, It's time to show you once again When Photoshop Goes Terribly Wrong.

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 2 June 2014

The real reason a very loud few are posting hostility toward Glenn Greenwald at DU:

Fellow Soldiers Call Bowe Bergdahl A Deserter, Not A Hero

Alice Cooper - Hello Hooray (VIDEO)

DIY PC Gamers unite!

The real reason people are posting about posts about hostility toward Greenwald posts:

"U.S. troops in Afghanistan ‘so happy’ Sgt. Bergdahl released by Taliban militants"

There are now three major sports. Hockey is dead to me.

Parasitic vines may serve as lightning rods

Israeli Housing Minister Uri Ariel advocates for the complete colonisation of Palestine

Winona LaDuke: A Pipeline Runs Through It…

Evolution sparks silence of the crickets

What's so funny 'bout peace, love & understanding.

Backing for Juncker ‘declaration of war on EU leaders'

I attended my friends going home

Zapatista teacher dead, 15 seriously wounded in deadly Chiapas ambush

A little rock out thread

Church Opposing (Aussie PM) Tony Abbott Goes Viral

My amazing (to me) DU ancestry story

I will find you (no this isn't a stalker poem)

A Saleh v. Bush Lawsuit Update

Invest 93E has formed in Pacific south of Guatemala, may be headed for Chiapas or Guatemala



If you are interested in phrases, check out...

Are you a klutz? A bit long in the tooth? Maybe a black sheep?

CNN Morgan Spurlock on Income Equality (watch it on repeat if you can)

Chile ends Pinochet embezzlement investigation

Last Week Tonight - Tony Abbott

With the sad recent deaths of Ann B Davis and Joan Lorring, some greats still with us

Don Henley (eagles) 2000 recording

3:51 am. Time for a beer milkshake, and Mac's blues

ACA: How Republicans unwittingly encouraged growth of the Federal Option

Investigation: More than 500 child abuse reports made against BBC star Jimmy Savile

Authorities 'cover up' radioactive waste dump

Found out-dated jury info in link about Community Standards

Urban rivers cleanest for 20 years, Cardiff University says

King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicating

Grieving fathers linked by killing rampage meet

Russia to submit U.N. draft resolution on Ukraine

For sale: Heavily subsidized, unprofitable state-owned Ukrainian coal mines

5 Ways Massive Inequality Is Paralyzing American Society

Republicans Have It Backwards When It Comes to Science

The Age of Climate Warfare Is Here and the Military Industrial Complex Is Gearing Up For It

Largest environmental settlement ever won by the U.S. government: Kerr-McGee fraud

The young gallant


DR Congo: Rape 'routine' in prisons

WSJ: EPA Rule Will Cut Power Plant Emissions By 30 Percent By 2030

No one could say it better:

Would solve MANY problems.....

Obama’s proposed power plant rules fall slightly short of environmentalists’ hopes

The Quartet That’s Most Responsible for America’s Decline

Asian stocks higher after record Dow close

England is changing its trespass laws to allow fracking on private land without permission


Chris Hedges: We All Must Become Zapatistas

DIsposable Futures

I'm Posting my New Gardening Hours

Fracking is the greatest immediate threat to our environment in the U.S.

The Nun Behind Bars in Brooklyn (Sister Megan Rice)

can anyone explain this odd bluejay behavior?

On burning fossil fuels...

Toddler burned by stun grenade preps for more surgery

Ted Cruz Mocks Gun Control Advocates

What's for Dinner ~ Monday ~ June 2nd

Thomas Piketty: The Market and Private Property Should Be the Slaves of Democracy

Poor Neighborhood Pretends To Be Wealthy In Order To Bring National Attention To Their Gun Violence

About to take my kitty to the vet 8-(..... (UPDATED)

Infrastructure Sticker Shock: Financing Costs Exceed Construction

WHat are the odds? My amazing DU ancestry story

CHART: This Year’s Measles Numbers Are Insane

Gallup: Values And Beliefs Poll Finds Americans Are Still Split On Homosexuality's Origins

Inequality Has Become The Achilles Heel Of Democracy

Now he wants one for the other eye

Marathon Oil selling Norway ops in $2.7B deal

Concealed-carry permits skyrocket, especially for women

why have threads accusing any dissenters of being 'infiltrators' become acceptable now??

global monopolies swell: where's the backlash?

New Video on Antarctic Melt: Meltwater Pulse 2B

Corporate agenda is clear at ALEC conference

Hydrogen: The fuel of the future. If energy storage is the problem then hydrogen provides a solution

watching William Kristol have his smirk wiped off his face today was a joy...

Hard to believe the GOP has the nerve to lecture Obama about negotiating with terrorists, ain't it?

Swiss Officials Covered Up Discovery Of 100+ Kg Of Radium Paint In Dump For 18 Months

Power-Starved Pakistan Discovers Huge Deposits Of Low-Grade Coal - Gosh, What Will They Do Now?

Five Years After Dr. Tiller’s Murder, Abortion Is More Stigmatized Than Ever

Welcome To Miami North; High Tides In Norfolk Pushing Higher; $1 Billion Est. To Deal W. 1 Foot Rise

Barking dogs targeted with poisoned meatballs

Ukraine says insurgents attack border guards

Past Two-Year Average Temperature Highest Ever Recorded For Australia

The Democratic Party is the last, best & only hope to bring about change for a more liberal society.

"Ya'll Queda"

Jane Goodall Puts Simple ? To Oz Politicians; Do You Really Not Care About Your G-Grandchildren?

John Oliver: ‘Cable company f*ckery’ is going to ruin your Internet

Harper Orders Canadian Gov. Meteorologists To Speak Only Of Weather, Never Climate

31 May 2014 - Atmospheric CO2 Content 402.84 ppm

Water shut-offs with no notice in Detroit

So, apparently my newest cat, Alaska, loves vodka.

They hate this President more than they love the troops.

Palestinian Authority Swears In New Unity Government With Hamas

House Science Cmte. Declares IPCC Report "Not Science"; Berates, Interrupts 1 Non-Hack Witness

there is NOTHING this President can do that the right will support

So a friend at work bought a raffle ticket....

Quran-burning pastor, bikers plan rally at Mich. mosque

who all is going to state convention

Bowe Bergdahl Is the Right’s New Benghazi

11 Bizarre Church Laws That Could Send You To Jail

NOM Releases Ridiculous, Summer Blockbuster-Inspired Ad for Anti-gay ‘March for Marriage’ - VIDEO

We Lost Soldiers in the Hunt for Bergdahl, a Guy Who Walked Off in the Dead of Night

Virginia atheist couple: Court-appointed officiant told us we had no right to get married

Monday Toon Roundup GO HERE tell them PROTECT NET NEUTRALITY

Papantonio: Corporate Traitors To Democracy

Just finished North of the Border by Judith Van Gieson on Kindle.

India: Police use water cannons to disperse rape protesters

Things Obama could do that wouldn't launch repuke poutrage...

Mexican father beat his 14 year old daughter for choosing a black dance partner

Corporations Are Not People. Period.

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal From Reporter Over Identity of Source

If you're AT&T you shouldn't send ads talking about cable companies' customer dissatisfaction

Neolithic houses built at Stonehenge - but not without modern tools

Thomas Piketty On The Financial Times: 'This Particular Debate Is Over'

Rethug Disgraceful Response to Release of American Soldier

Thai coup protesters have adopted the Hunger Games’ three-fingered salute

The Commander In Chief made another tough call, (remember Bin Laden) and the praise he deserves

NRA Slams open carry in Texas... whaaa?

Debt Collectors Have Figured Out A Way To Seize Your Wages And Savings

Can we NOT disseminate the right wing meme that Bergdahl was a deserter here at DU?

Trial Results Promising For Curing Puppies' Parvo

Abbott and Patrick Wrong For Texans in Tarrant County Texas. Same For All Of Texas.

UN nuke agency chief says Iran co-operating with probe of alleged secret work on atomic arms

Noam Chomsky | Edward Snowden, the World's "Most Wanted Criminal"

Mahmoud Abbas swears in Palestinian unity government

DUer needs some hugs

McConnell attempts to put Alison Grimes on the defensive with new power plant rules

Seriously....when is the last time you heard a Republican

Some D-Day reading: Rick Atkinson's Liberation Trilogy

Obamacare confirming Republicans’ biggest fear

June 2 1692 Bridget Bishop goes on trial for witchcraft in Salem.

This is how the New Gilded Age is created.

Why the Republicans may be very wrong about the Bergdahl prisoner exchange.

(San Francisco) Muni sickout causing delays across city

Lazio region, Italy - suggestions for sights, food and fun!

The success of modern Conservatism, as explained in a single image:

Texas GOP Candidate Dan Patrick To Supplant The Bible As Law Instead Of The Constitution With

Here is the REAL enemies list - and it doesn't included anyone at DU

I am thankful for all the rain this spring - no forest fires. But we are being eaten alive by

The NRA Slams Open Carry Groups In Texas, Calls Them ‘Weird’

RWW News: Matthew Hagee Says It's Not Climate Change But The Imminent Return Of Jesus

Hilarious: Open Carry group organizing delegates to carry assault rifles at Texas GOP convention

Pic Of The Moment: Republicans Shocked That Obama Would Trade Five Taliban For One American

Climate Change: Get Ready or Get Sued -- Insurers answer back to North Carolina

Le Deserteur

Israel Threatens, Rejects Negotiations With Palestinian Unity Gov't

"A legislative bordello for corporate America" ... Stiglitz (and Moyers) size up Congress ...

Far Wing Right -- Attempt to Start Another Scandal - The Rescue of Bowe Bergdahl

The lethal confluence - by Tom Tomorrow

A National Call to Link Arms for Democracy

Farzana Parveen stoning shames Pakistan

77,000 foreign banks to share tax info with IRS

Doonesbury: The False Expectations of 'Don't Be Evil'

Mass shooting sends us messages on gun control, misogyny and the pick-up culture

Chili’s, Sonic enforce no-guns policy

The confederates are making the five released Gitmo prisoners out to be

Divorce is not always a Failure

Not Borowitz - but very fine satire nevertheless. A LTE about Richard Burr/Winston-Salem, Journal

NRA Issues Amazing Statement Admitting Bringing AR-15s To Chipotle Is Dumb

These Are the Non-Religious Vows We Used at My Wedding

SCOTUS Rules Woman Cannot Be Convicted Under Chemical Weapons Treaty

Using the Bush/Saddam argument on Bowe Bergdahl

What will we call the Taliban five next year?

MN man pulls shotgun on neighbor teaching daughter to ride bike: ‘I should have shot him’

Inspirational thought of the day...

The Register's Editorial: No state aid for religious symbols in park

Liberals already lining up potential challengers against Senate IDC members

Pope warns of global indifference to suffering in Syria

How California's Supreme Court called the police unions' bluff

Mannequin with Obama mask found hanging on bridge over I-70

Even after nominating him, Working Families Party still doesn't trust Gov. Cuomo

UPDATE 1-Russia, NATO trade accusations over Ukraine crisis

Operation American Spring returns, gathering in the tens to yell ‘Benghazi’ at the White House

Neighbor pulls gun on dad teaching daughter to ride bike

Poorest social strata in Venezuela grows to 43% (Spanish)

Prisoner Trade Yields Rare View Into the Taliban

Despite earlier tensions, Mayor de Blasio bails Gov. Cuomo out with WFP

Anyone here uses AT&T for long distance with landline?

Afghans upset U.S. released Taliban detainees to free U.S. soldier

I don't want to create any problems here. I have been attending a Kadampa Buddhist center

80% of Germans, 77% of Swedes believe that immigrants do not take jobs of native-born.

What's yours?

When is a priest not a priest? When he's molesting a child, diocese says in defense of lawsuit

I thought everyone might enjoy reading WCGreen's Journal...

Dishwashers! Ugh! Are any of the new ones reliable?

ok, finally got done sorting through my weekend haul

Father of four dies saving young woman at Huntington Beach

MN man pulls shotgun on neighbor teaching daughter to ride bike: ‘I should have shot him’

Human Rights.

Leonard Nimoy: Nicotine is the hook. Smoke is the dagger.

CA Baptist congregation changes view on homosexuality after pastor’s son comes out

'Neo-Nazi Invades Chicago Synagogue Event'

Click to listen to my show this week on Snowden Elliot Rogers Russia/China/Ukraine, Joe the Plumber

Soon, bars and restaurants everywhere will house one of these wine openers: :D

Click to listen to my show this week on Snowden Elliot Rogers Russia/China/Ukraine, Joe the Plumber

CA Baptist congregation changes view on homosexuality after pastor’s son comes out

Edward Snowden to make (virtual) New York City appearance at tech forum

Sununu Compares Bergdahl's Health To White House Explanation On Benghazi

Reforming Taxation to Promote Growth and Equity -- Joseph Stiglitz' "White Paper"

No one left in Gitmo is any kind of a threat nor any worth as an "asset"

Rebecca Solnit: Our Words Are Our Weapon-The feminist battle in the wake of the Isla Vista

KRUGMAN: I’m liking Obama more and more as he slogs through his second term. (Me Too!)

UNO Charter Schools charged by SEC with defrauding investors. Here's some background.

Is there ANY evidence that soldiers lost their lives looking for Bowe Bergdahl?

DiNapoli and Schneiderman will get NYSUT support in their re-election bids

After Isla Vista: The New Male Gaze By Nicholas Mirzoeff

Ukrainian Refugees in Crimea (Tear-jerker alert)

Jailing Pregnant women?

ISM corrects factory index to show solid growth

Bill prevents smoking at school bus stops

8 Things You Should Know About The Biggest Thing A President’s Ever Done On Climate Change

99Rise Leads California March, South to North, To End Corruption Of Money In Politics

The Business of Counterrevolution in Cuba - Elio Delgado-Legon

Found on Facebook: Do not drink anything while reading this

Seattle set to approve $15 minimum wage in 'historic victory' for workers more

V. Stiviano Assaulted Outside NYC Hotel

Stocks recover after manufacturing report revised

Bill de Blasio Wants City’s Minimum Wage Beyond $10.10 Ass Cactus Winner for May....

This land is your land

Innocent pedestrian attacked by police, framed with charges, imprisoned for 15 months

National Rifle Association blasts Texas’ open-carry protests as ‘dubious’ and ‘downright weird’

Pelosi visit backs working women

Now the Feds are stopping and searching small plane pilots in the US.

Supreme Court to Hear Alabama Redistricting Challenge

Fearing Rising Backlash, NRA Urges Gun Activists to Stand Down

Schumer Proposes Database For Adults Who Want To Work With Children

Broken-bat singles? All the time. But a broken-bat whiff?

Gun Activists Cut Up NRA Member Cards Over Criticism Of AR-15s In Restaurants

Good luck putting the "open carry" genie back in the bottle

Palin Bashes Bergdahl For His 'Horrid Anti-American Beliefs'

Gun Activists Cut Up NRA Member Cards Over Criticism Of AR-15s In Restaurants

Crap...I just saw that Ann B Davis died...

NYC Board of Elections wants to raise poll worker pay, already among nation's highest

Why It Matters That Politicians Have No Experience of Poverty

Russia Gives Ukraine More Time to Pay for Natural Gas and Lowers Its Asking Price

White House declares June LGBT Pride Month

Rand Paul’s crazy word salad on Obamacare

$15! A Great Big Wage Hike in Seattle, a Great Big Movement Nationally

In propaganda war escalation, North Korea News declares kimchi export ban on Russia Today

Joke Topic: Fake Ducumentary pretending showing the Titanic sinking was NWO inside job.

Federal agents knock down Zeus Botnet, CryptoLocker

GOPer Changes Name To Ceasar Chavez, Becomes A Dem To Run In Heavily Hispanic District

Bringing Down Big Banks

France's Le Pen admires Putin.

More Americans Oppose Edward Snowden's Actions Than Support Them

Cash Deals for Homes Reach Record With Boomers Retiring

Colorado Weed Sales Raise Huge Amounts in Taxes and Crime Down 10 Percent

Space Adventures has second customer for lunar flyby.

Bratton responds to ‘unusual’ weekend violence

Algemeiner: Brussels Shooting, EU Right-Wing Elections are Worrying Signs for Jewish Community

Bernie Sanders calls new EPA rules "one of the most ambitious efforts by the Obama administration"

I have a gripe. The ads/or whatever that make the whole screen greyed

Michael Bloomberg: Gun control will only happen when citizens start demanding it from their reps

HuffPost: François Hollande and the French Socialists: Failure Goes Deeper Than the European Electio

Front Page of HuffPo: "Elizabeth Warren Drops Presidential Bid Hints"

Documents Show How Russia’s Troll Army Hit America

Water War? Turkey Cuts Water Supply to Syria - Euphrates Shut Down

Marijuana Coffee Gives New Meaning To The Term "Wake And Bake"

A U.S. ambassador was just sworn in on a Kindle (seriously?)

The New York Review of Books as Propagandist on Ukraine's Civil War

Service Dog's Poop Causes US Airways Flight From PHL - LAX To Divert To MCI

Dumb Criminals: Washington iPod Theif Friends Victim On Facebook The Next Day

Detroit's creditors want entire art museum collection to be fair game

Daytona Beach Home Owner Surprised When Bear Camps Out In His Hammock

RT 2012 VID: How Reps Stoled 2004 Election.

Gun-rights group organizing delegates to open carry assault rifles at Texas GOP convention

Manila, Philippines: Medical Marijuana Bill Filed in House

Article: Solar roads are more practical than they sound

Game Of Thrones-

Have fun! French puppets show " Les Guignols's skit on Bush leaving the WH!!!!

Obama’s climate change regulations are less ambitious than what Republicans were proposing in 2008

Call Your Senator to Support Defunding the DEA's raids on legal MMJ

Weapons used in mass shootings

2 Wisconsin Girls Stab Friend 19 Times in Planned Attack

Texas woman shoots and abandons caged mother dog as puppies still try to suckle

Obama: Power plant rule will shrink power prices

Strong women cast for Star Wars

South Carolina Medical Marijuana Bill Becomes Law Without Gov. Signature

1st post primary poll: Wolf leads Corbett, 51 to 31%

'Egyptian Jon Stewart' Bassem Youssef says show pulled off air

Study finds pot farms draining streams dry in Northern California

5 things you need to know about the Obama administration’s carbon caps

Hall & Oates Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Anger as report exposes kitten experiments at top universities

NYC Woman Pays To Give Homeless Man Proper Burial

Carbon Plan Puts Democrats in Coal States on the Defensive

Transfer Station Opponents Put Ad Blitz On Hold As Talks With Sanitation Commissioner Continue

Joel Osteen gets his own SiriusXM channel

Why The Five Taliban Detainees Had To Be Released Soon, No Matter What

Harlem Church Puts Up Yet Another Homophobic Sign

I had never heard of Reverend George Lee and Lamar Smith until today.

White House declares June LGBT Pride Month

New FB page created!!!!!

NSA Using Facial Recognition? So Are Most States, DHS & the FBI.

Republicans Had No Problem With Reagan, Bush, and Nixon ...

'Godzilla of Earths' identified

The Rude Pundit - Regarding Republicans and the Exchanged Taliban Members: ...

Monsanto vs. the monarchs: The fight to save the world’s most stunning butterfly migration

Obama’s Europe Trip Tailored to Get Noticed by Putin

Vanessa Varela, flute, performs Brubeck's Take Five.

US concluded in 2010 that Bergdahl walked away

Alabama Open Primaries -- Tuesday, June 3, 2014 7 AM to 7 PM

Please Help Keep up the Pressure for Net Neutrality!

Fracking review leaders met with Cuomo political aides

Walmart Moms Make the Case for $25,000 a Year

Luke Russert is Chuck Todd's twin in the way they find nothing good to say

Handgun sales are hot

Anybody else tired of Obama complaints?

Last of Europe--the birds cooperated in Copenhagen

Even In Red States, Majority Back Carbon Emission Limits

Local mayors back stricter laws on ‘zombie properties’

NRA: Texas open carry rallies ‘downright weird’ and ‘scary’

Failed GOP candidate changes name to ‘Cesar Chavez,’ switches parties to run in Hispanic district

Ecuador Sends Gold Bricks to Goldman Sachs in Liquidity Hunt

"Honestly! I TOTALLY meant to high five you even though you just beat my record with that strike."

Jeremy Rifkin: A new economic vision for addressing climate change

Just a small FYI:

Chris LeDoux - Montana Rodeo

FCC web page for comments on net neutrality is inoperative.

E-cig thread. Newbie questions and build discussion encouraged.

Dusty Chaps - Heat Stroke

Traffic Diverted as a 'mock' Obama shown hanging from Noose over Federal Highway

Lt. Bobby Goodman. Reagan - Libya - and.....?

Tonight on Elizabeth Warren and Thomas Piketty

My weekend house guests

Lessons From a Day Spent With the UCSB Shooter's Awful Friends

All the soldiers should come home, and all the prisoners at Gitmo should go home

Tonight on Elizabeth Warren and Thomas Piketty

There are some less-than-savory stories being peddled about released-POW Bergdahl...

In First Year, Not One Person Has Died on an NYC Bike-Share Bike

Conservatives Turn Their Criticism Toward Bergdahl's Father

Stephen Colbert forms a "dark money" group

Florida woman bit by a shark and then slapped in the face with its fin

Doctors use immune therapy against cervical cancer

If you criticize Greenwald and Snowden you are

Man faked seizures to get free food; sentenced to five years in the slammer

Why can the right wing blast hate and false information but, if I counter them with facts, I am...

Turns out Michelle Obama, our FLOTUS, was next door all day and I didn't event know.

Why I Support Marianne Williamson, and You Should Too

Unilever, VF Corp., Mars Incorporated and New York State Comptroller Join 173 Companies and Investor


Chomsky:The White House seems determined to demolish the foundations of our civil liberties"

Homeschooling expert: Sex-ed is a liberal plot — make kids watch guinea pigs do it instead

The Five Stages of Grief in the Fox News Universe

Benghazi? What Benghazi?

FOX NEWS: Emperor Obama unveils new plan to destroy America with clean air and water,

I would like to apologize for something I said...

And I thought you might enjoy seeing WCGreen and company from today...

Sometimes the irony

The Vanishing Cry of ‘Repeal It’

Corrections department is "in deep trouble," new commissioner says

Has anyone seen the new "Godzilla"?

Advocate: Cuomo’s asterisk on minimum wage just ‘semantics’

DUer comes up with a great way to identify paid government infiltrators

Republicans demand hearings in Congress over soldier's release

Carbon Limits, especially in Coal States: Why is everyone freaking out?

The Rude Pundit - Regarding Republicans and the Exchanged Taliban Members (Virgin Version)

What is the REAL DEEP reason some people are posting negatively on SoS Kerry?

100 Best Fitness Tips from Men's Health.

Need advice about baking with a convection oven please

The feline that ended the war between cats and dogs

what do you call this hose?

Orchestrating Impartiality: The Impact of "Blind" Auditions on Female Musicians

Toon: "Mr. Sterling, welcome to Fox News."

Stormy Monday, 6/2/14

Conservatives are mad about Bergdhal's release because he is not one of their own

A General Warning About Online Charity Scams

White House working closely with Sen. Sanders on VA bill

Greenwald echoes GOP talking points on Benghazi, says there should be an investigation

Why so much Kerry bashing in DU, especially LBN?

Breaking: Seattle raises minimum wage to $15/hr!

Court: Company didn't induce patent infringement

"don’t even think about moving down to the really good seats unless you feel lucky, punk.”

Sarah Palin then and now on Sgt. Bergdahl

Bowe Bergdahl Is the Right’s New Benghazi

Think the lawyers are safe from the robots? Think again

Netanyahu lost for words over peace

Stating the obvious: The administration couldn't win on Bergdahl

Hello folks...I have been reading about CBT, and I know I need it, as it is obvious that meds...

Reddit, Imgur and Boing Boing launch anti-NSA-surveillance campaign

What is your attitude towards people who disagree with you?

It's true, two wrongs don't make a right...

Since we are pulling out of Afghanistan by the end of the year and the war is

A true whistleblower doesn’t behave like Edward Snowden

The Guardian at the gate

Egypt’s Symbolic Election Was Devoid of Democratic Content

"Majority of Americans Want Obama's Carbon Rules for Power Plants, Poll Finds"

VA Court Official Tells Atheist Couple They Have No Right To Get Married Because...

Human Rights Watch Daily Brief, 2 June 2014

Street guitar

Ministers: Examine Possibility of Gush Etzion Annexation

Game of Thrones or ASOIAF-wise, where do your sympathies lie? COMPLETE SPOILERS INSID3...AVOID

Tea party has hurt feelers, files complaint against Harry Reid

Edward Snowden: Former intelligence contractor applies for asylum in Brazil

Contents packaged by weight

On July 1st, 2014 our Canada Day Canada will hand over its banking information to the IRS

Yemeni accused in NY of plotting to kill troops

Yes on Prop 41. Yes on Prop 42.

Jeopardy fans--spoiler alert.

Lounge Board meeting cancelled until further notice

Apple Launches Swift, A New Programming Language For Writing iOS And OS X Apps