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Archives: June 23, 2014

fox news commentator blames USA soccer failure on Clinton



US Funds "Terror Studies" to Dissect and Neutralize Social Movements

The First Battle of St. Leonard’s Creek: 10 June 1814

Those sneaky Canadians are out to kill us.

Stanford study: Moving some public workers to Obamacare could save billions

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Monday, 23 June 2014

LMN premieres "Happy Face Killer" tonight

Bitcoin threatens kleptocracy and through that bitcoin saves capitalism

Carmelo Anthony Opts Out of New York Knicks Contract

Sunset, with schools of fish?

Sen Ron Johnson - VA Too Expensive To Fund. Why Serve If You Will Be On Your Own If Hurt.

May I have your attention please:

I became a granddaddy for the first time two days ago!

Iraq and Eric Cantor

Rod Stewart & Chrissie Hynde - As Time Goes By

Billions at risk as West Coast port contract ends

How My Wine Turned to Water


Sympathy for the Devils: Scenes From the Social Conservative Collapse

Official True Blood, Season 7, Episode 1 Thread.

What are you reading the week of June 22, 2014?

SEE VIDEO of Scott Walker blatantly LYING about his email to Karl Rove.

VIDEO shows Walker blatantly lying about his John Doe email to Karl Rove. See here:

How My Wine Turned to Water Acknowledging Alcoholism

"Exclusive: Prosecutor Is Closing In on Gov. Christie"

Iraq crisis: As the Sunni terror spreads, its fighters look for wives

Once again a far-right ditwit shoots off his bazoo...

Republicans Finally Admit Why They Really Hate Obamacare

Just in case you missed it:

Complex, multicellular life from over two billion years ago discovered

Any botanists around?

AP IMPACT: VA falls short on female medical issues

We picked our first home grown beets of the year. This is what we made with them....

I was weeding my stairs today, stuck my hand in a hole, and got

Hurry before this gets locked, Rmoney may run again

"HANK PAULSON: Climate Change Risk Is The New Housing Bubble"

Everyone Wants Another Serving of the ACA

Best joke I've heard in a long time.

Dog Wants a Kitty

Well, I wasn't going to have another cat. But. . .

The Anatomy of a Great Deception - Excerpts Released 6/11/14

Could some sports nerd 'splain to me why the game ended in a tie when

Not in favor of Joe Biden for President - Am I right?

If your fiance has a heart attack and is taken to the hospital, will the hospital let you see him?

Does anyone have any first-hand information on the Rotary Club?

Chilling Article Regarding Situation in Iraq.

Americans are eight times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist

Why are you a Democrat?

New Starlight News post.

Hillary Did NOT Say She Isn't Truly Well Off. Business Insider Did.

Privatization of detention centers....

DNA testing: Let's revisit it.

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

what is your prediction for final group G standings (World Cup)?

War stories from a Nazi interrogator, now a Mill Valley (CA) retiree

Disabled Recipients of Social Security Fund Face Hefty Benefits Cut

On a purrsonal note, I got a photo of my kitteh!

The Biggest Myth About Organic Farming

Hillary: Checking the Score

Cantor's Loss to Koch Stealth Candidate Was No "Upset": Election Rigging, Dark Money

NIDA official admits agency has harmed scientific inquiry

Cuba's Buena Vista Social Club on 'Adios Tour'

Invest 95E trundles northward, strengthens slightly

Why I am a Democrat

Netanyahu Warns U.S. Against Working With Iran To Halt ISIS Advance In Iraq

Salt Lake City bishop slams lawmakers for refusing to expand Medicaid

How the Portugal Draw Boosts the U.S.’s World Cup Advancement Odds

Someone took our Sunday paper today. That is all. :)

Shocking view of rape from David Coe, son of the present leader of The Family, the Fellowship.

Ida the movie

Just home from the 99Rise March in Sacramento.

Texas Democratic Party Convention Speakers Line Up June 26 - 28 Dallas 2014

GOP to push for tax cuts, but can Texas afford them?

Texans take on the frackers

What must it have been like to be a Democrat after the 1984 election?

I have gain 10 pounds but lost another two inches?

Border Patrol shelves plans for California flights

I think I OD'd on celery - my pee is bright green

No Good News - Horsey Cartoon

So I had a rant on Facebook, and my family told me I was embarrassing...

I hope everyone understands that once Obama starts Iraq War III, everything that

No matter who wins in the Middle East, they will still sell us oil

But I miss her...

SHAME on President Obama. SHAME on Secretary Kerry. Egypt.

Fidel Castro's old limos reborn as Havana taxis

Al-Jazeera trio get seven years jail

"Fatally compromised" NRC Commissioner Magwood urged to resign immediately

POTUS promises Trans Pacific Partnership text (not really)

Can you have a trade deal that protects Human Rights with Brunei as one of the signatories?

Should Wind Turbines Be Allowed To Kill Eagles? Debate Ratchets Up With Bird Group Lawsuit

Egypt finds Al Jazeera journalists guilty. Way to go, Mr. President.

Match-fixing claims involving Ghana cast shadow over World Cup

Veterans Affairs Falls Short On Commitment To Women's Medical Issues

Obesity Linked to Long-Term Unemployment in U.S.

“Why Is God Telling Me to Stop Asking Questions?”

DEA targeting doctors linked to Medical Marijuana groups

Brockton store (Beltone) gives Holbrook veteran gift of hearing

Democrats are getting greener and Republicans are getting dirtier

Afghanistan and the Artificial US War on Terror (Anand Gopal’s New Book)

Free Will May Just Be the Brain's 'Background Noise,' Scientists Say

Hardliners in Israel & Iran Resist US Pivot to Iran over ISIS

Blue Planet et al. Appeal to UN over Detroit Water cut-off to Thousands

Ukraine: Cossacks Thought To Be Behind Observer Kidnappings

Say You Want A Revolution? Larry Lessig Says Change How Political Campaigns Are Funded-Starting Now

The Japanese politician who hurled sexist abuse announced his resignation.

How Wall St. Investor Greed in Real Estate Can Devastate Families -- The Tragic Death of 2-Year Old

Thousands of Rapists Are Not Behind Bars Because Cops Focus on Marijuana Users

Neo-cons, hawks fail to gain Iraq traction

Cute Google doodle today for 2014 FIFA World Cup

A doomed US-Iran dynamic in Iraq

Missouri church lures young men to ‘follow Jesus’ with AR-15 assault rifle giveaway

DELUSION ON PARADE: Ralph Reed, Opposing same-sex marriage is ‘definitely a winner’ for Republicans

Cold War 2.0: Dangerous games from Washington's "hawks"

Pakistan to pay hefty price for assault

Louisiana man sees alligator on the street, tries to wrestle it, gets 80 stitches

The crisis in the Middle East is their mess now.

South Carolina Man ‘Accidentally’ Shoots Wife Dead While Cleaning His Shotgun

Fox Nation Discovers That The “Stupid People [Who] Are Ruining America” Are Themselves

"Assume a gun is always loaded."

See What Iraq Was Like Before George W. Bush And His War Criminal Cabal Destroyed It (PICS)

US student is rescued from giant vagina sculpture in Germany

The Ivy or your Breeches!

Inequality and the Case for Unions

Berwick-upon-Tweed vs. Russia

U.S. Funds “Terror Studies” to Dissect and Neutralize Social Movements

High-speed rail link needed to boost north - Osborne

Iraq Is a Bitter Lesson for the US

UN: World's forests fundamental to human well-being

More Generous Unemployment Benefits Lead To Lower Suicide Rates

US Hegemony Has Transformed Iraq into an Abyss of Terror

Michael Tomasky: The Woman at the Center of the IRS ‘Scandal’ Must Be Clairvoyant

Believe it or not: Karl Marx is making a comeback

De Blasio's Bid to Fight Inequality Goes National

Religious extremism: The answer is more religion

CRS In Crisis

Dark Snow Project: Why We are Going Back to Greenland

Quantum Theory Used to Explain Behavior of Survey Respondents

Talking With Strangers About God

From the earthbound to soaring works of art

Talk with Tom - GOP Gov. candidate receives endorsement from sex offender with multiple convictions

The Right To Bear Arms…If You’re White?

BAT SHIT CRAZY: Fox News’ Lauren Ashburn Says It’s Not Fair to Blame Fox News for Misinformation

Church Gave Away Two Semi-Automatic Rifles To Entice ‘More People To Follow Jesus’

I need a DUzy Award fix!

Tea Party opposes Cruz-backed OK candidate who’s half black, half Native American

Moving to Colorado on July 2nd, but I'm still not all that big on John Denver

Can a Liberal Mayor Be Financially Responsible?

Tea party remaking GOP from ground up (OH)

NY's 1st openly gay Congressman gets married

Why are the Kochs giving $25 million to poor black college students?

Scott Walker discusses John Doe documents

way to go Kerry!

Grand Old (white) Party: The incredibly shrinking Republican base

Gun nuts are terrorizing America: The watershed moment everyone missed

American Bar Association: Lawyers can scour jurors' tweets, Facebook posts

Weed wisdom: What to do when nature outfoxes herbicides

WTMJ-TV Gives Walker Air Time Tonight, None To Burke

How Congress Brought the Measles Back

Chris Hedges: The Ghoulish Face of Empire

George Takei kicks off LGBT Pride parade in Columbus (article & video)

Google Doodle for the World Cup:

U.S. Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney marries longtime partner

Sandusky investigation was reasonable, report finds.

UPDATE 1-Austria defends Russia's South Stream gas pipeline

"RARELY has a Prsident been so wrong..."

Army drawdown continues: 1,100 captains to be cut

Bridges Crumble as Muni Rates at Least Since ’60s Ignored

Why most employers aren’t like Starbucks and Costco

The Military Now Has X-Ray Guns

Even as marijuana gains ground, some tightly enforce laws

Its Summer - Time for Big Brother - "Expect the Unexpected"

3 Years treating our cat for chronic renal failure

The rise of the 'slut' is a lie. The only requirement, it seems, is being female

We DO need boots on the ground in Iraq!

In U.S., Depression Rates Higher for Long-Term Unemployed

Gov. Cuomo backs Charles Rangel over Adriano Espaillat as voters head to polls

Is everybody else getting the anti-Braley, anti-Hatch ads on videos?

Trust Me

Tennis Emporium - Wimbledon - first spoiler of the day

Three Al Jazeera journalists sentenced to seven years in Egypt - where is the fugging outrage

Nearly 20 Weeds In Iowa Glyphosate-Resistant - Palmer Amaranth, Waterhemp Now Massive Problems

Teachout goes after Cuomo’s redistricting compromise

Bowe Bergdahl an outpatient at Texas military base

Koch Industries advertising on TV now

Just starting a diet

Cuomo Gets Mixed Results From Legislative Session

Today is the Federal Elections Primary Day.

I feel like I am stuck in the Twilight Zone :-(

Enbridge Screws The Pooch With First Nation It Desperately Needs To Complete BC Pipeline

Obama has made 32 recess appointments. bush 171. reagan 232.

Always remember to keep your gun on 'NO PEW' when not in use.

In Dallas, Mayor de Blasio goes national with fight to end 'Tale of Two Cities'

West Bank operation turns from farce into tragedy

Papantonio: The 2016 GOP Frontrunner Circus

Paula Dockery (R) tweeted yesterday that Nan Rich is helping Rick Scott.

Bill allowing larger ATVs on NY trails is rejected

It's MONDAY !!!! Let's all have a GREAT week !!!! nt

Ohio’s War On Women Isn’t Slowing Down Anytime Soon

what's happening in Iraq has a profound impact on us here

WTF? stunningly morally obtuse headline from Charlotte Observer: "Black Death had Silver Lining?"

Western Drought Has Sierra Nevada Forests Ready For The Flames

Top NY prosecutor confronts criticism from India

Chemical leaking after derailment near Navasota; Highway 6 closed

Egypt court sentences Al Jazeera journalists

Famed atom smasher gets twice the energy next year

Somaliland's leading lady for women's rights: 'It is time for men to step up'

In Baghdad, residents despair of endless violence

Greenpeace losses: leaked documents reveal extent of financial disarray

First job interview in 5 years!!! Please send positive vibes!

Sudan death sentence woman freed

What's for Dinner, Mon., June 23, 2014

Palestinians displeased by Abbas stance on kidnapping

U.S. top court rejects Wisconsin abortion case

Judge Upholds NYC Schools Vaccination Policy

Latino Jobs Growth Driven by U.S. Born

25 years after Berlin Wall fell, Lenin's image still divides

Sudan death sentence woman freed

U.S. top court declines to revive New Jersey sports betting law

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson: It costs too much to fund the VA

The polarized Congress of today has its roots in the 1970s

25 years ago today, the cinema world lost a great art director

Battling over the Brazos

Dick Cheney calls Rand Paul an "isolationist".

The GOP's year of living negatively - By E.J. Dionne, Jr.

Insiders say Democratic takeover of NY Senate could rekindle tensions between Gov. Cuomo and Mayor

The "Dick" just walked by me in NYC.

Hey McCain, explain "mission accomplished" to me again.

Supreme Court limits greenhouse gas regulations

Group B: Netherlands-Chile & Australia-Spain

"He's Opening his Mouth Again!" from Tom Toles

Agency: Last of Syria’s chemical weapons handed over for destruction

Syria rebel groups recruit child soldiers, says rights watchdog

US student is rescued from giant vagina sculpture in Germany

Grief Beyond Belief

Tom Tomorrow: In a just world

Sting refuses to give his kids millions....Yahoo commenters lose their sh__!

O’Malley’s Iowa visit sparks 2016 speculation, comparisons to Hillary Rodham Clinton

Iraq dredges up painful memories for GOP

How Realistic is a Luxury Campground at Rockaway Beach?

Secular and religious progressives can work together

RETURN of THE KOOCH...Right Wing Extremists Sending Poll Watchers To Tuesday's MS Runoff

The Stop Smoking video library of Joel Spitzer (bookmark it for a friend)

in wi, does the mandate for emergency room treatement for anyone extend to urgent care facilities

Hotline launched for state government staffers to report sexual harassment and other complaints

The Man Behind the World's Largest Catholic Super-Site

Our crappy media:

(UK) Badgers: Ministers 'wilfully' ignoring science advice

Jindal Says 'Rebellion Brewing' Against Washington

from sea to shining sea...

New York to build most sophisticated early warning weather system in U.S.

An Employee Dies, and the Company Collects the Insurance

Carl Hiaasen: Anyone here miss Dick Cheney? Neither do I

Isis and the global rise of non-state actors

Need a reason to support Gov O'Malley?

Ted Cruz Runs on Sarah Palin's Platform

China's Tianhe-2 tops supercomputer chart again (BBC)

ISIL militants ride into battle in Syria in US Humvees seized from Iraq

Climate Change Is Unreal...

Gaming the Poor

What good is the Federal Government

Don Miyada Graduates From HS-72 Years After Being Locked In Japanese-American Internment Camp

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand: Expand Online Voter Registration Access

A Duck Dynasty family member is running for Congress

Mark this down: Pres. Obama got 100% of declared chemical weapons out of Syria without firing a shot

Panik in San Francisco

Delaware's Firefly Music Festival - A splendid time was had by all......

Post in Science displays as blank white page in my browser ...

Russia 'secretly working with environmentalists to oppose fracking

All the owls are asleep

McAuliffe becomes first Va. governor to issue LGBT Pride proclamation

Gov. Martin O'Malley - "Two Days in Iowa"

UC Davis study links autism to pesticides.

Associated Press apologises for its 'incorrect' reporting of the Tuam babies scandal

My first girlfriend since ChickMagic's death - but what a mess

Anti-Arab graffiti sprayed on cars in East Jerusalem

Iraq: Reality eclipses hope

Know Your History: Remembering Lolita Lebrón | Mickey Z.

What Palestinian Unity Is All About - The Real Task Ahead | Ramzy Baroud

Hynes probe looks at payments to cronies

Insurgents in Iraq seize main border crossing with Jordan as Kerry arrives for talks

A Sound You Can't Unhear (And What It Says About Your Brain)

Any chance you're considering going back to 6 jurors?...

How to keep the foreign press from reporting? Throw their asses in prison on bogus fucking shit

Human Rights Organizations: “Refrain from Collectively Punishing Palestinians.”

Justices limit existing EPA global warming rules

His name was Nadim Nuwara

OMG what the hell was that?

Number of homeless children explodes in state, Albany

Veterans neglected for years in VA facility, report says

Obama Administration silent on Egyptian Court sentencing foreign journalists to years in prison

Long Island Rail Road workers rally for contract

At School, Turning Good Food Into Perfectly Good Compost

‘Bullsh*t!’ Greenwald and Iraq Vet Blow Up on Real Time over Snowden Leaks

Justices, With Limits, Let E.P.A. Curb Power-Plant Gases.

Does your indignation meet George Will’s approval? A test to find out.

Kerry blasts Al Jazeera journalists' convictions in Egypt as "chilling, draconian"

Pic Of The Moment: The Architects Of Iraq -- What They Said A Decade Ago

Pennsylvania attorney general's report details delays in Sandusky investigation

NYC’s Rent Guidelines Board To Vote On Rent Freeze For Stabilized Apartments

Can i sue a religion I was not part of?

Telecommuting across state lines

The Irrationality of Multiple Primaries

HOLMBERG: Tiptop kitten rescue from Richmond I-95 bridge takes the cake

Anybody here telecommute?

PA Officer Arrest Brother of man getting arrested for filming him.

'Prehistoric Sistine Chapel' gets world heritage status (BBC)

Espaillat Revels in Obama’s Decision Not to Back Rangel

Violent and Legal: The Shocking Ways School Kids Are Being Pinned Down, Isolated Against Their Will

Egypt’s Black Site Torture Camps

Can someone explain why we in Iraq in the first place? NT

Republican Arizona Lawmaker To Hold Hearing On 'Chemtrails'

Does murdering innocent civilians with drones help terrorists?

Has anyone here ever watched BOONDOCK SAINTS?

Keep an eye open for:

Guardian: Iraq crisis: Kerry vows 'sustained' US support for Iraqi forces

U.S. Could Deny Visas to LGBT Rights Offenders

Transgender Priest Preaches at National Cathedral

Buying Up the Planet: Out-of-Control Central Banks on a Corporate Buying Spree

Evidence based argument and theory is NOT the same as uninformed opinion......but

J Street repudiates Presbyterian divestment decision, sees no victory for BDS Movement

I see a new fashion statement.

Sudanese Christian Meriam Ibrahim may be free, but is she safe?...

My own Tom Cruise moment and a general question about LGBT 'accusations'


Young Labour Grounded

For the First Time, PA Arrests BDS Activists in Ramallah

Ukraine separatists 'to join truce', rebel leader says

First black woman in space rejects all norms

Kerry Pledges 'Intense' US Support for Iraq Against Militants

Question for the hosts re alert trolling


It’s time for the U.S. to form an alliance between Baghdad, Damascus, Tehran, and Moscow

NY lawmakers: don't point lasers at planes

The Poor, Sick, The Old And Vulnerable ARE Expendable.

A 1,000-pound BP tar mat found on Fort Pickens beach

Congress Pushes To Expand Marijuana Research

Why can't I see Huffpost comments?

Cheney doesn’t want to talk about ‘what happened 11 or 12 years ago’

Robert Reich: Americans need to know where Dems stand on inequality-not size of their bank accounts.

Steve Benen tweet

25 Portraits of American Indians You Might Not Have Seen

How the value put on two-parent families is dangerous for domestic violence survivors

'Thank God for the Saudis': ISIS, Iraq, and the Lessons of Blowback

What a candidate's supporters should say when their candidate misspeaks:

Update: Senator's (Flake) son involved in Gilbert (AZ) dog deaths - 20 dogs

Oy veh

Existing-home sales highest in seven months

Friendly reminder **HBO To Air Prop 8 Documentary 'Case Against 8' Monday**

Veerrry interesting stats on charitable contributions by State....I wouldn't have guessed it.

Eric Schneiderman's campaign calls GOP rival's crimefighting criticism 'desperate'

Sunday Funnies: World Cup

Egypt court sentences 80 Muslim Brotherhood supporters to life in prison

Please advise

Whistleblower on Florida economic agency fraud wins lawsuit, attorney says

Things are beginning to change.

The Case Against Prop 8 Failed at the Supreme Court. Why Are We Still in Denial About That?

News Corp. sells Community Newspaper Group to Les and Jennifer Goodstein

Hilarious tweet...

Happy 70th Birthday Robert Hunter!

Meet Pig, The Strange Looking Dog Who Is Technically Only Half Of A Dog

Fifty years ago this month.

It's important to shop places that pay their employees well....

East Bay mayors looking to raise minimum wage together

George Will's & WAPO's Horrific Attacks On Sexual Assault Survivors

Awkward dinner table moment, "anti vac idiots" edition.

Minimum wage increase and indexing fails in final days

Is it illegal in Miss. to vote for a candidate in the primary that you don't intend to support

Elizabeth Warren to Chris Matthews: STOP IT!

New law allows Tesla to sell its cars in NY

Legal memo backing drone strike is released

Obama Gathering Data for Strikes; Kerry: 'intense and sustained' support; July 1 Deadline for Govt

Kerry Says ISIS Threat Could Hasten Military Action

High-school graduation rate up slightly in NY

Bill would stop pensions for felonious lawmakers

Just because I didn't know this about cigarettes.

White House condemns Egypt sentencing reporters

Brooklyn's new District Attorney leads the way with 8 inmate exonerations so far this year

Littering. Trash....I just don't get it.

Not every Republican was always against "Obamacare"...

South Dakota Republican Party Passes Resolution Calling For Obama's Impeachment

Interview with descendants of the famed Daniel Boone, and Tea Party members on Obamacare

Dispatches From the NCAA’s Deathbed - By Charles P. Pierce

Early front runners in Iowa and New Hampshire for 2016....

This is coming from conservative pundit Andrew Sullivan...

Are meals you buy from a grocery store's hot bar healthier than food from Zaxby's, Jimmy John's,etc?

Obama Visits Chipotle Ahead of Working Family Summit

DESPERATE: Cochran literally begs Democrats to vote for him over Tea Party’s McDaniel in runoff

Grand Central more like sex crimes central: Nearly HALF of all subway sex crimes reported along...

Bill Clinton was so not down with Thomas Piketty

Pictures Surface of McCain With Members of ISIS

US presses Nato members to increase defence spending

Junior Wobblies Camp - Support Working Class Youth

Heald, WyoTech, Everest schools will remain open under agreement with feds

Mayor de Blasio: Central Park Five settlement necessary to correct 'injustice'

Judge overturns Montana law requiring immigration checks for state services

Is it accidental?

I had emergency surgery on Saturday....

This alone may redeem twitter.

Third gear ... hang on tight

What a GOP Senate Would Mean for Obamacare

Group A: Cameroon-Brazil & Croatia-Mexico

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: I’m just ‘trying to help those poor’ gays ‘and turn them to Jesus’

Rush Limbaugh: Gender discrimination ‘a lie’ because women secretaries emasculate bosses

Irony Alert: Voter fraud case targets Scott Walker backer

How many hear are SkyWarn Spotters?

Hubris and Nemesis: American Elitists in Iraq and elsewhere

Good-government groups wary of proposed amendment to change redistricting process

Jerral can count out Tyler, Texas.

Murdered Florida trans woman set on fire and dumped near trash bin

Wendy Davis wants state of emergency declared on Texas-Mexico border

Wendy Davis wants state of emergency declared on Texas-Mexico border

Uganda says U.S. sanctions over anti-gay law hurt its most vulnerable citizens

Duffy Questions Bergdahl Release in Foreign Affairs Hearing

Police brutality? Watch this YouTube video -- It's not meant for those with weak stomachs

RoJo Tries to Help:Claims "Prosecutors Facing Greater Legal Liability" Than Scott Walker (Uppity WI)

USA-Portugal Tie Is Most-Watched Soccer Game in American History

100% of declared chemical weapons materials destroyed or removed from Syria

Hospitals’ Prices for Common Services on the Rise

Texas Lt Gov candidate spouts Talibornagain propaganda...

"church-goers give more to churches than people who don’t go to church give to those churches"

Eaglets preparing to leave the nest

"Twice born". Excellent movie.

Just saw a young woman open carry into the local Food Lion.

Homeless Workers’ Movement stages a new occupation in Sao Paulo

Greenpeace executive flies 250 miles to work

This just makes me sick (pedophile warning)

Come on, ladies. You know you are "desparate for a man."

Massachusetts mayor: Stop sending my city refugees

"Make it a hundred.'' down memory lane with John McCain

Life is full when you have a hundred pound puppy.

Administration reveals argument that it could kill US citizen abroad without trial.

Radio trivia, 1 out of 20 U.S. children will do this in their life....

California has just called for an Articale V Convention

Turn on Ed Shultz right fugging now - he's connecting the dots

Georgia Man Shoots Himself In The Dick, Doesn't Notice

"Dead-Wrong" Dick in 2010: "I believe Barack Obama is well on his way to becoming

US releases immigrant families, won't say how many

MECC to host 18th Melungeon Union (Big Stone Gap, VA)

Another nonsensical editorial spin

The Rude Pundit - A Few Notes on Our Continuing Gun Derangement

That horrible, awful Apple store!

65 year old Gay Man Beaten to Death

Starbucks HQ Raises Largest Pride Flag for Seattle Pride Week

Corbett "considering" tax on frackers to help balance the budget. Yeah, sure.

Ole Ole Ole - spoiler

The Obama Administration Picks a Fight With Teachers Unions

Ugh. Reinstate Sandusky's pension, hearing officer recommends

Is ISIS related to CHAOS?

Punk scientist kicked out of classical symphony concert for crowdsurfing

BREAKING: 8.0 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Alaska

This Leading GOP Congressional Candidate Insists We Found Saddam's WMD Program

USC to offer 4-year scholarships

'Superweeds' choke farms

If Black People Said the Stuff White People Say, Here's How Offensive It Would Sound

For my friends here in the restaurant industry

Court raises bar for securities class action cases

Does the United States have more enemies within it's own borders

Tony Blair should be sacked

jerk dynasty

If Netflix on a Windows 8 computer is slow, try using the Netflix App instead of a Browser

Our deer neighbors

"Donald Trump calls Central Park 5 settlement 'A Disagrace'"

Colombia’s former spy-chief to officially lose asylum in Panama, may be deported immediately

Okay, hate me. I enjoyed "Edge of Tomorrow" time travel more than X-Men time travel.

x-Post from GD: "Donald Trump calls Central Park 5 settlement 'A Disagrace'"

Bears sign safety Adrian Wilson

Colombian army under further scrutiny after claimed combat kills prove fabricated

The Power of Women in Celtic Society: Female Druids

Wal-Mart 'edits' a New York Times op-ed

Moravians in 13 states vote to ordain gay clergy

Alaska tsunami warning issued after 8.0 quake off Aleutian Islands

Bumgarner helps Giants top Diamondbacks

(NJ) Democrats reach budget deal that raises taxes on businesses, millionaires

Kerry called Egypt's foreign minister today concerning today's sentences

Custom Avatar?

Chinese Tycoon Plans Million Dollar Lunch for Poor People in New York

The 10 Worst Things You Can Do During Severe Weather

Our Republican Problem

I can't give you my job, but I'd be happy to lend it to someone for this week.

What the hell is wrong with search engines?

Obama has just decided to send manpower to Iraq

Bill Maher mocks Clinton smears by telling The View about Karl Rove’s ‘murdered gay lover’

Greenwald: New NSA disclosure 'imminent'

Wouldn't you?

Wiki in dozens of languages!

True Blood - my thoughts on Tara *SPOILERS*

Do you take your shoes off in other people's houses?

UC Davis study links autism to pesticides

Former KKK Grand Wizard Congratulates Presbytarian Church USA on Israel Divestment Vote

Va. legislators want to create a ‘Redskins Pride Caucus’

So it looks like the US will begin to drop bombs on Iraq shortly

Palestinians mock kidnapping in video

Georgia Republican Says First Amendment Does Not Apply To Muslims

Stormy Monday, 6/23/14

San Francisco Clamps Down On Monkey Parking App That Allows Drivers To Auction Public Parking Spots

arrests happening now (Moral Monday)

Man scolds neighbor for watching World Cup, 'taking jobs' from Americans

Anyone watching the Issa soap opera on C-span2?

Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: I’m just ‘trying to help those poor’ gays ‘and turn them to Jesus’

Nexus 7 Browsers

USA-Germany 'biscotto'?

Monday, that means car show day!

A little late, but worth the wait

Road raging Louisiana man shoots 10-year-old in face after driver cuts him off

Secret trade agreement covering 68 percent of world services published by WikiLeaks

Homophobic & transphobic NSA asshat sexts his flaccid penis. Warning flaccid penis in linked article

Republicans Begin Shift To The Right After Cantor's Defeat

Chelsea Clinton: I Tried to Care About Money, But Just Couldn't

Denizens of my garden