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Boehner says he plans to come up with a reason to file a lawsuit

Huppenthal you make me puke upon sight of you. Now get out you phony liar.

syria? disarmed. russia? backing down. obama? still black.

"ISIS May Cause Catastrophic Floods"

Spitzer Must Face Defamation Case by Ex-AIG Boss

Virginia's Republican legislators broke into Governor's office to block ACA coverage for poor

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Thursday, 26 June 2014

Judge upholds order demanding release of CIA torture accounts

Bobby Flay’s Chicken Surprise

Quick chuckle from "Law and Order":

New York AG Files Lawsuit Against Barclays PLC Over Alleged Deceit

pop ups question

And so it begins. Boulder county clerk begins issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples

Port Authority Reaches Deal on Silverstein 3 World Trade

Former NFL players may be plagued with chronic headaches

Posting while Feminist

Chinese millionaire holds lunch for homeless New Yorkers

Palisades Nuclear Plant's actions 'insufficient' to correct chilled work environment in Security

Let me put it this way: Have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates?

WorldNetDaily Pundit Thinks People Are 'Fleeing' To Russia To Escape Scourge Of Homosexuality

Real Estate Agent: De Blasio Family Home Could Fetch $7,500 A Month As Rental

The Cochran/McDaniel Mississppi Primary provides worrisome signs ...

Call out the instigators...

this is the better, of who we are.

Chickenhawks earned the right to shut the fuck up.

Balsamo Busted

How do you get banned from a group without ever subscribing to

NRC raises risk significance for 2013 Arkansas nuclear plant accident

Huppenthal cries, refuses to resign over blog posts

A Paid Non-Attorney Spokesperson:

Who needs a good laugh? This is hilarious!!!

Would someone...anyone remind the war criminal of a Dick that

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! For God’s Sake! & a new Kitteh gif

Rachel on the ReTHUG schism - Mississippi strangers in the party

Solar Hydrogen: Fuel of the Future

Margaret A. Payne, Great-Aunt to the President, Dies in Chapel Hill at 87

This New Nanomaterial Can Withstand Forces 160,000 Times Its Weight

A thought on what to do in Iraq.

Shhhhhh. Maybe if we are really quiet we will hear the GOP say Benghazi. Cause I have

Who likes Steve Kornacki?

This Woman Had Her Face Photoshopped In Over 25 Countries To Examine Global Beauty Standards

This Woman Had Her Face Photoshopped In Over 25 Countries To Examine Global Beauty Standards

Watching Steve Kornacki on TRMS ...

The Ever Forward Club "We're all brothers"

Boehner: "It's not about impeachment"

My Facebook feed is filled with same sex couples exchanging vows in Indiana!

Anyone else wondering why an "Islamist" group would have an acronym like "ISIS"?

Father who left toddler in hot car while he was at work charged with murder

Detroit's Water War: a tap shut-off that could impact 300,000 people

Obama Said to Ready Sanctions on Russian Industries


Romney wants Hillary's 'Three F Plan'

The near-ultimate "gun show accident."

How Racism Invented Race in America

Economists brush off dire GDP: ‘This is a blip’

House panel backs six-day mail delivery

ISIS Closing In On Iraq's Most Important Dam

Nile Crocodile Signals Rescuer, “I’m Still Alive!”

A couple of days ago, I was able to visit the Upper Antelope Valley in heavy!

American Corruption, in real time. Guess who stood in the way of higher flood insurance rates and

Cleveland for GOP 2016 Convention ?

ISIS Radicals 'Brainwash' Kidnapped Kurdish Schoolchildren; 'Try to leave, we'll cut your heads off'

City of Vancouver formally declares city is on unceded Aboriginal territory

Help please. How many times did w bush order an executive action as President?

" the tea party pissed."

"To hell with your cancer." (VIDEO)

EPA Employees Told to Stop Pooping in the Hallway

dpreview members, check your message box there. Today, Wednesday

North Dakota discloses oil train shipment details


Teee Hee! Funny Doge Meme. :D

The Message from Mississippi: Democrats are Not Sitting it Out This Year

My dog is in the ICU -- No Longer! He is home!

I Think I Had a Visit (long)

Liz Cheney couldn’t get elected in Wyoming, but w 10th Circuit decision, now Mary can get married

it's the weirdest thing...for about a week, I am getting bombarded with German spam!

Breakthrough in solar panel manufacture promises cheap energy within a decade

Poll: Most Palestinians want to eliminate Israel

The Nation: Will the Democratic Party Deliver for Working Women?

"Obama’s Weakness, or Ours?"

Obama Ties GOP Climate Critics to ‘Fringe Elements’

Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill to streamline teacher firings

Conservatives Are Sacrificing Scott Walker for a Higher Cause

I'd bet that no one can tell me what Tuco's last name was in the movie The Good The Bad and The Ugly

Israeli mothers in the den of wolves and hyenas

A tediously accurate map of our solar system.

Thank you all, my dear photographer friends

Buddy Cianci Making Post-Prison Run For Providence, RI Mayor

Schilling misses the money, benefits, and perks....

Sarah Palin is maybe going to take the Tea Party home and go rogue third party with it

American student rescued after getting stuck in giant vagina sculpture in Germany

how many people are alive

Charlie Rose's Interview with Dick Cheney about Iraq Situation

Son of American Atheists founder attacks his slain mother and praises Russia’s anti-LGBT laws

Florida attorney general defends marriage equality ban as cities fight back

McCain and ISIS

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The anti-woman movement is not after Roe v. Wade

I have found a point where I would support an Article V convention.

Ikea To Raise Minimum Wage For U.S. Workers With Tie To Living Wage Calculator

The hatred for immigrants in America is sickening.

Update: Austin, TX PASSES resolution supporting medical marijuana

Entirely Irrelevant ...

Twitter gets predictably snarky when Dr. Oz asks, “What are you eating that is Oz Approved”?

The staggering price of crushing the tea party

Just when you think she can't get more batsheet crazy, she comes up with this.

Think you're gonna make a difference with air strikes?

Why do soccer players continue to dive at the slightest touch? ...

High court rejects final appeal of Utah tar sands mine

Mining companies financed paramilitaries in Colombia: report (Drummond Co. from Birmingham, Al.)

Mining companies financed paramilitaries in Colombia: report (Drummond Co. from Birmingham, Al.)

Can somebody explain this -2.9% GDP thing to me?

Isis, Isil or Da'ish? What To Call Militants In Iraq

William Seger - Epic Fail

Hollande, Merkel Notice Russian Actions To De-Escalate Situation: Statement

Fewer Americans support U.S. withdrawal from Iraq: poll

Ingenius prom attire made out of duct tape (pic heavy)

Roundup-Ready GMO Maize Causes Serious Health Damage

CELAC Draws Up Plan to Eliminate Poverty & Malnutrition in Region by 2024

It's down to Dallas and Cleveland for 2016 Republican convention

Venezuela: Activists form communard council

Venezuela: LA leaders condemn 'siege'



How Republicans Made Congress Stupid

Why Do Right-Wing Christians Think "Religious Freedom" Means Forcing Their Faith on You?

The Feds Have Turned America Into a War Zone: 4 Disturbing Facts About Police Militarization

Worldwide Protests Erupt Over the Racist, Devastating, Failed War on Drugs

Jordan court finds Abu Qatada not guilty of terror plot

ruling could help US become major oil exporter

Arundhati Roy: Tony Blair is a psychopath

Q&A-What is Ukraine's association agreement with the EU ?

[NSFW] Women read actual Grindr messages (part 2)

UN: strong odds of El Nino's return by end of year

New York sues Barclays for fraud over ‘dark pool’ trading

Hawaii at center of battle over aquarium fish

Why would we see these guys in NY?

Supreme Court Bans Cell Phone Spying without Warrant

4-Year-Old Ruins Babysitter's 'Black Men Robbed Us' Story

Rite of the Sitting Dead: Funeral Poses Mimic Life

No tropical activity

A new level of idiocy: Russia considers banning high heels, foreign words, and condom ads

Eric Holder: European citizens should be able to sue U.S. over privacy violations

Where is his mind.

Sustainability is destroying the Earth

Does an Independent Kurdistan make Sense?

Bigfoot Home Defense System?

Neocons: Alive and itching for war

Mom throws baby from car to get the attention of boyfriend

In Kyiv, One Businessman's Fight Back Against Yanukovych's Thuggery

What's Wrong with Kansas? Maybe Nothing

St. James Day

The Third Iraq War

The Right Clothes Make the Man

Here's The Heartbreaking Reality For Thousands Of Kids Who Have Entered The US Illegally

Search for missing Malaysian plane shifts south

Fran O'Sullivan: TPP - a good idea facing a rocky road

Longest acronym covers all possible reactions

Japanese Whaling Town Carves Up 29-Foot-Long Whale In Front Of Schoolchildren

Fact-Checking Walmart's Fact-Check Of The New York Times

The New Face of Terror: ISIS' Rise Pushes Iraq to Brink

The Supreme Court Thinks You're Better Off Paying $150/Month for Cable

Alaska Humpback Whales Are Making A Comeback

Russian Riddle: EU Can't Agree on a Natural Gas Strategy

EXPERTS: US Crude Oil Swaps Are Not A Good Way To Get Around The Export Ban

Daily Kos Labor digest: Teachers face firing for speaking out for their students

Why Do Right-Wing Christians Think "Religious Freedom" Means Forcing Their Faith on You?

U.S./Germany soccer - get out of work pass

The Ghoulish Trollery of Dick Cheney

Report: Accidental shootings kill 2 kids every week

Syria hit Isis in Iraq with air strikes - Nouri Maliki


The EPA carbon plan: Coal loses, but nuclear doesn't win - by Mark Cooper

A Secret Plan to Close Social Security's Offices and Outsource Its Work

Good News on Health-Care Spending Is Making U.S. GDP Look Bad

Ukraine shows uselessness of NATO nukes in Europe

Warning: The virtues of the egalitarian internet are standing in the way of higher corporate profits

ISIS in Iraq stinks of CIA/NATO ‘dirty war’ op

Death row inmates argue their executions would amount to human experimentation on prisoners after bo

Sen. Susan Collins becomes fourth GOP Senator to support marriage equality

Did Obama Know that ISIS Planned to Invade Iraq?

Thursday Toon Roundup 1- Dickin' the Middle East

Afghan troops battle mass Taliban assault in Helmand

Thursday Toon Roundup 2- GOTEA

Thursday Toon Roundup 3- The Rest

Minnesota teen who planned school massacre: 'I think I'm really mentally ill'

Wacko Birds and one Wacko Turd

Reverting to the Ummah: Who is the ‘Angry Muslim’ and Why | Ramzy Baroud

Hey religion, your misogyny is showing

Don Young's fondness for hunting at game ranches detailed in House Ethics documents

Every morning -

Fort Greely may get 14 missiles at $75 million apiece, though they may soon be obsolete

Use of Drones for Killings Risks a War Without End, Panel Concludes in Report

Conservatives Don't Deny Climate Science Because of Ignorance. They Deny It Because of Who They Are

Pat Robertson Says Even Jesus Tattoos Are Only For Heathens

Britain's Cameron isolated in EU leader search

Oklahoma residents seek answers on quakes

United Church of Christ Joins Sponsors of Gay Games

Washington National Guard gets new helicopter for first time in five decades Read more here: http:/

(WA) Insurance regulator Kreidler wants health policies to stop excluding treatments for transgender

The weather today at the site of the USAvsGER match in Recife, Brazil:

Amazing Simple Method of Cutting Grapes in Half

Quick, is this a radical Muslim cleric or a Duck Dynasty asshole?

{SPAIN}Supreme Court rules in favor of oil prospecting off Canary Islands

Did you know that "all executive orders are not created equal"?

Black voters provided Cochran victory margin, data suggests

Australia will not face trade sanctions over East Jerusalem stance

a bold man dives headfirst into largest waves, photos that result

Latest EIA Electric Generation Figures For the US - Breakdown

New search zone marked off for Malaysia Airlines jet

The Quiet Clash Between Transgender Women And Drag Queens

Standard & Poor’s rates outlook for charter school sector as ‘negative’

Scores dead as Taliban wages offensive in southern Afghanistan

Florida Dad Killed by Stray Bullet As Family Welcomes Newborn Baby

Brazil protest gains supporters after police crackdown

Arkansas GOP Official Who Said Hillary Would 'Probably Get Shot' Resigns

PHONEY ASS HAT: Rick ' Frothy' Santorum: Christians Must Fight War Against Gay Marriage

Alcoa to Acquire Aerospace Parts Maker for $2.85 Billion

Zambia govt upset with USA, Germany envoys for supporting detained gay couple

Is it true that there are more people alive today than have died in all of human history?

Pteropod Meltdown In Today's Oceans Echoed By Acidification Evidence From Permian Extinction

Son of American Atheists founder attacks his slain mother and praises Russia’s anti-LGBT laws

Ikea raises hourly pay for US retail workers

(CO) Collins' answer to homelessness: Ship them out and 'make them work'

FAA eyes lower building height limit near airports

Tom Tancredo Loses GOP Primary For Colorado Governor

I'm a longtime "lurker" - finally decided to join

Orthodox Jewish Wife Turns To Social Media In Fight For Religious Divorce

In the Wake of Windsor **One year anniversary**

Joe Scarborough: McDaniel Too 'Stupid' To Figure Out How To Win

"Conservative columnist wants to rename Washington’s football team after Ronald Reagan"

New Catholic church soon to be consecrated in Cherng Talay

Four same-sex couples issued marriage licenses, wed in St. Louis

GOP Senator Collins Says She Supports Gay Marriage

What I Did This Spring, By Alan M. Grayson

Ranchers and farmers for new EPA water rule

New York City Loses Final Appeal on Limiting Sales of Large Sodas

Happy cows come from Wisconsin. Stoned cows come from… Madison?

Esquire: The United States of Cruelty

Decision means Eagle Ford condensate can be exported

China is BUILDING big things in Africa

Texas' oil, gas regulator refuses to talk to media

UN to Detroit: Denial of Water to Thousands 'Violates Human Rights'

Holy shit! Reading Geithner's description of the slo-mo domino fall of banks in 2007!

Former (Pa) state health employees say they were silenced on drilling

This map shows how connected the wars in Syria & Iraq have become

Some wars never end....

Jobless claims improve again

Nutcase alert!

I got SCOTUS blog all warmed up waiting for the Hobby Lobby decision

Veterans' health bill stumbling block is budget

Ukraine - Living without Russian gas: Hard, but possible.

Two top Veterans Affairs officials leaving jobs

Iraqi parliament to meet in step to form new govt

Battling with the insurance company

Why Kids Care More About Achievement Than Helping Others

Hours before U.S.-Germany kickoff, Recife is hit by torrential rain

Todd Akin Re-Emerges: Hillary Clinton 'Delegitimized' Rape Victims

"Where were you motherfuckers back in 2003?"

There are some on this planet that I wish a slow excruciating death when that time comes...

A Queer Tour of Israel

Bringing Jobs Back to U.S. is Bruising Task

MSNBC announcing that the Supremes narrowed Presidential power to make recess appointments.

‘Private attorney general’ tells Bundy ranch gathering that most laws don’t apply to them

The Great Secession

This dog eats corn on the cob better than you.

President Barack Obama becomes mocker-in-chief on climate change skeptics

Baltimore cop slits dogs throat, faces animal cruelty charges

Supreme Court says Obama overstepped power in making recess appointments

(Canadian) Supreme Court’s land-rights ruling could imperil Northern Gateway pipeline

What's for Dinner, Wed., June 26, 2014

Luis Suarez has been suspended for biting.

New York's Court of Appeals rejects city's large soda ban

Carver police officer saves dog from submerged car

Police Officer Saves Puppy Thrown Out Of Window

City Council approves $75 billion budget

Group G: USA-Germany & Portugal-Ghana


NAACP Wants 'Reciprocity' from Cochran

Grover Norquist: - nothing is more pro family than shooting your old lady

Ghana pair suspended and sent home

An Uneasy Peace

Luis Suárez suspended for 9 matches and four months, plus $111826.18 fine

Hobby Lobby decision on Monday

Arne Duncan and Special Education -

Supreme Court strikes down abortion clinic buffer zone

McCullen v. Coakley (Buffer Zone in Massachusetts)

Teachout: Cuomo thinks small on infrastructure

A little Pot, a little wine

Supreme Court rules abortion protesters free to harrass women entering clinics right up to the door

Sickening! SCOTUS strikes down buffer zone protecting women seeking abortions

Plotting world domination:

Papantonio: War Chickenhawks Coming Home To Roost

Ikea Hikes Its Own Minimum Wage

Who cares about the SCOTUS ruling on recess appointments? This lazy

The Death of Judy

Putin meets Abbas, urges renewal of peace talks

Well Ann Coulter has chimed in about the World Cup & our interest in soccer:

The tip of the iceberg.

NYPD Studies Frisk-Decline Consequences

SCOTUS rules against Obama recess appointments to the NLRB

Teddy Bear meets Baby

Supreme Court Invalidates Three Obama Recess Appointments to Labor Board

Kentucky Getting Ready to Ditch Mitch As Democrat Grimes Leads McConnell 48%-46%

USA Fans Sing National Anthem at KC Live!

An emotional reunion... of a puppy

This should scare Karl Rove

We need a new group

California Guard Special Forces helping train Nigerian army to counter Boko Haram

Good morning, Loungers!

Buffer zones for me but not for thee

How the Other Fukushima Plant Survived

Hillary Tells Dems That They Can Win On Obamacare In 2014

Interesting interactive chart

McDaniel's Amazing New Legal Theory For Why He Was Robbed In MS Runoff

Harry Reid: SCOTUS Ruling Vindicates Filibuster Reform

Gary Oldman's manager has been a guest host on the Limbaugh show

Old Walmart in Sweden considered for border kids

Mayor Slay Marries Four Same-Sex Couples At City Hall

Toon: Back to Iraq....

Group Asks Americans To Send Dirty Underwear To Undocumented Immigrants

DA to prosecute Cumberland Farms over 2011 gasoline spill

The USMNT on the way to the stadium:

Free HIV Testing At Dozens of New Jersey Sites Through Saturday 7/28/14

Xpost from Health: Free HIV Screening in NJ through 7/28/14

Coulter Trolls US Soccer Fans: Growing Interest Shows 'National Decay'

from Robert Reich

Evolve's latest ad

House Republicans Urge Obama to Deport DREAM-Eligible Immigrants

Report: Rochester second-to-last in America for economic growth

Suing the President for Doing Too Much

Feds challenge Cuomo’s accounting of Tappan Zee loan

Teabagger school board member tries to ban science textbook because of climate change text

A 5th grade Social Studies lesson at Nashville Prep.

Do you think that President Obama will be impeached before his term ends?

How about some good heart massages

Houston Rockets Trade Omer Asik to New Orleans Pelicans

Ted Nugent calls liberalism "vulgar?"

What travel guide books do you like?

City Controller Scott Stringer approves $40 million settlement with Central Park Five

Liberman to Kerry: Forget Israeli-Palestinian accord, focus instead on regional agreement

Todd Akin's revisionism...

BREAKING NEWS: SCOTUS Restores Buffer Zone!

Is anyone in charge of Russian nationalists fighting in Ukraine?

Pic Of The Moment: Apparently Having Nothing Better To Do, Boehner To Sue Pres Over Executive Orders

1960 Kennedy Jingle.

Cuomo Blames Anti-Fraud Regulations for Sandy Aid Delays

Stroll through the @ClinicEscort Twitter feed...

10 Famous Structures With Catastrophic Hidden Flaws

Michael Grimm, Threatening to Throw a Reporter "Off This Fucking Balcony," Broke Some Ethics Rules

Malia Obama takes college tour of UC Berkeley

Shocking Lerner email she RECEIVED mistakenly from tea party group proves why they needed watching.

Kitten rescued from highway overpass

Marriage Equality USA: Interview with Edie Windsor (Part one)

Since the SCOTUS marriage decisions, 15 consecutive federal court rulings have struck down state ma

Imprisoned As I Lay Dying singer claims Christian rock bands fake faith

Neocons: Alive and itching for war

SCOTUS Rules Abortion Protestors' Baseball Bats Can Have No More Than Three Nails

I can't watch the soccer game on ESPN3. Edit: It's working now.

Woman Violently Beaten As Toddler Tries To Intervene (graphic)

ISIS....this is TERRIBLE. nt

What’s wrong with renewable energy?

took (formerly) fat cat for her follow up labs

Geena Davis Shares Two Simple Steps for Making Hollywood Less Sexist

open carry and buffer zones

The 21 Dumbest Things Christians Have Ever Said – UPDATED!

Report: Religious Right Leader Working With Comcast

Rumor Has It

Evolve -- Playthings

The Rude Pundit - You Wanna Keep Harassing Women at Clinics? Then Let's Play


Anybody else watching GER-USA online?

Congratulations to the Commodes!

imo Glenn Beck is a sociopath, but he's right about voters being PAWNS

On N.C.’s Outer Banks, climate-change predictions prompt a change of forecast!

MA mom let white supremacist husband torture and humiliate her half-Latina daughters

Goodbye to Evita. Today the last of my cats crossed the rainbow bridge.

It's cute how some people act so aggrieved that they can't post in HoF. (HOF THREAD)

South Dakota teen claims manager forced him to wear ‘Gaytard’ name tag at fast food job

Iraqi parliament to meet in step to form new govt

Names of two main suspects in teens' abduction released

Iraq Exit...

How is the McCullen v. Coakley case different from Hill v. Colorado?

Sodexo cafeteria workers regain health coverage

MAP: The Sunni - Shia Divide

“Rollin’ Coal” Is Pollution Porn for Dudes With Pickup Trucks

Chicago Tribune editorial: SCOTUS cellphone decision ‘a critical victory’

"We cheer for cruelty ..."

Germany cancels Verizon contract over snooping fear

WI GOP Candidate Warns Gay Marriage Means 'Two Sisters' Could Marry

Wingnut Gordon Klingenschmitt Wins Primary For Colorado State House

Was Obama wrong to withdraw troops from Iraq?

Thousands In Detroit Have Water Shut Of, Activists Go To UN For Help

Missouri Town Discovers People Don’t Like Vacationing Around People Openly Carrying Firearms

What should we call the McCain meeting with ISIS leaders scandal? How about ...

Imagine the lasting damage a teabagger president could do to the country

Your Doctor Knows You're Killing Yourself. The Data Brokers Told Her.

Ex-US Sen. Howard Baker Jr. Dies

Fred Kaplan: It’s Not Our War. The United States should help others crush ISIS, and not much else.

U.S. drone policies a ‘slippery slope’ for continuous wars, report finds

Alan Grayson Accuses Former NSA Chief Of Disclosing Classified Information 'For Profit'

Today's quick chuckle from "Law & Order":

The Reality Is That There Is No Difference Between Republican and Tea Party Candidates

Screwy Louie Gohmert demands Obama stop ‘luring’ lice and scabies-ridden immigrant children

World Cup ***SPOILER ALERT***

Iraqi Parliament To Meet In First Step To Form New Government

So, is the US screwed?

The Danger Next Door

*** Topic suggestion thread for July contest ***

Rise of a right-wing quack: Faux-historian David Barton’s shocking new influence

Sweden looks into Israeli actions toward its nationals involved in flotillas to Gaza

In other news, a flock of flying pigs has been sighted near Toronto.

We are in!

More U.S. forces arrive in Baghdad, two-star general leads effort

Comedian Russell Brand brands Fox News more dangerous than ISIS

We Cannot Allow This to Continue ...

Weird and funny: Brussels Airport Strike Forces Kerry to Travel by Train

SCOTUS’ meaningless ruling: Why its limit on recess appointment powers doesn’t really matter anymore

Funny! "‘Air strike’ grounds Kerry!

Vandy wins 1st CWS championship

Boehner Sues (updated)

Palestinians blame PA for Israeli crackdown in West Bank

Seeds of DEATH

Supreme Court Deals Blow To Obama On Recess Appointments

Listen to an older man who has seen 1994 and also 2010

Given the SCOTUS ruling today, is harrassment now legal?

In S.F., Clinton expands on possible 2016 presidential run

Vatican says believers are shunning Catholic lifestyle after scandals

Papantonio: America Too Stupid For Its Own Good

Pablo Escobar’s hippos: A growing problem (In Colombia, South America!)

Here is my dream trip!

Protest in front of anti-woman churches in the same way they protest

It's a day I have to crush somebody. Talk me down, please.

I know some who are active in organized labor monitor DU. So what are we doing for Labor Day, 2014?

So a message here in GD was hidden because of a spoiler

Friendly tip if you want a comment or thread deleted - please provide a detailed explanation.

The SINGLE BEST question to put to ANY Dem/liberal/progressive believer-activist!!! From Kos:

Single men should move to the Northeast

Shirtless man jumps on police cruiser, claims to be from another planet

Who wants to date Hodor? He's available, ladies.

Bakken Oil: "The pipeline will carry more than twice as much North Dakota oil as the Keystone XL.."

Iraq Demands United States form a more inclusive government

Chris McDaniel: Democratic Votes for Sen. Thad Cochran Were 'Illegal'

Face with a name

Guess What? USA Funded ISIS From the Start (Can we PLEASE GTFO now?):

Looking for a gun shop near you?

If you have had genetic testing to discover (or confirm) your ancestry, I have some questions.

Raw Story: Mass. SWAT teams claim they’re private companies and don’t have to tell you anything

Fox Panelist: World Cup Is A Way For Obama To 'Distract People'

Does anybody "get" the Bippity, Boppity Boo"...

President Obama just gave a soccer spoiler!

Nancy Grace..You are simply piece of shit lier.

How To Make KimChi Recipe


Boulder Clerk Defies State, Issues Same-Sex Marriage Licenses

"Me against my brothers,...

Group H: Algeria-Russia & South Korea-Belgium

Climate: Will We Lose the Endgame? Bill McKibben

Obama backs U.S. military training for Syrian rebels

Saving American Cities

People really believe that the Civil war didn't start over slavery and there were Black Confederates

Stiglitz on Saving the Euro

NBC:John Kerry Meets With Mideast Players on Iraqi Crisis

Mass. Buffer Zone For Abortion Clinic Patients Struck Down

Bill Maher: ‘Hawkish’ Hillary Is Practically ‘John McCain in Drag’

Spoiled Alert

Bill Clinton slams Dick Cheney for “unseemly” criticism of President Obama

Spoiler alert:

An example of how stupid we are and what we tolerate...

Go Germany!

Report: New York Is Home to More Drama Pilots Than Los Angeles

SCOTUS Helps Out Religious Zealots (Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones)

Boehner scratches GOP base’s impeachment itch

Throwback Thursday: Two of Michelle Bachmann's Greatest Hits. The Hoot-Smalley Act, and

Former Senator Howard Baker Jr. died, he was a good man and good Republican.

Robert Reich response to Boehner's "lawsuit"

More than three quarters of conservatives say the poor “have it easy”

Ok then it's time to start vehemntly protesting churches

Fox News -World Cup Is A Way For Obama To 'Distract People' (VIDEO)

good for Scuba...

"Spoiler Alert" - 13 fucking keystrokes, yet apparently a request ...

Seven Gorillaz walk into a lounge...

Remember when cults like Scientology would have their people call up radio programs?

POTUS had a 'jucy lucy' . . . Don't tell FLOTUS.

The Kaua'i Cocktail: Why Residents of Hawai'i Are Outraged by GMO Farming on Kaua'i

Where Are the Hardest Places to Live in the U.S.?

Photo hosting site changing photo color

Does anyone in Western PA..........

Spoiler alert-- a real time news event occurred

how many "spoiler alert" threads do i have to sift through to find a damn spoiler!


love is love

Boehner’s Obama Lawsuit Backfires As Democrats Have Their Biggest Fundraising Day of 2014

Arkansas Republican resigns after saying Clinton could 'get shot'

It is time for the USA to recognize an independent Kurdistan.

How the Iraq War Launched the Modern Era of Political BS

Iraq: The War Card

Employers do not belong in health care

alert spoiler!

God damn alcohol...

NSA says it has no record of Snowden challenging spying

My gosh. Did anyone see the clip of the Cavuto-Bachmann exchange Big Ed showed this evening?

What Skinner has to say about spoiler alerts and common courtesy:

Arizona Opens Investigation Into Deadly Doggie Disneyland

Why the fuck....

West Allis man arrested in connection with human remains found in two suitcases

Republican BS

U.S. Supreme Court ruling seen unlikely to alter past NLRB decisions

Spoiler alert! (And this one is a must-see!)

WAVES! Video

(DHS Secretary) Jeh Johnson says 'no free pass' for children after border crossings

What is happening to Fox? Now Billo is attacking Jason Mattera

Cat comes walking through cat door with rabbit in mouth. FULL GROWN RABBIT!

Jorge Eliecer Gaitan

Here is one cool site for people interested in light and photography:

I was driving home. I came to a traffic light. I stopped on the red.

"What did the President know and when did it know it?"

OK gun range owner insists howitzer fired safely after shell blasts house 3 miles away

Obama administration unveils plan to expand affordable housing

Espaillat Concedes House Primary Race to Rangel

California authorities arrest 275 child predators

List of things that are a Obama distraction..

IRS announces program to certify tax preparers

Hillary Clinton only made one mistake in the last 12 years. But it was truly fatal.

The biggest bullshitiest answer this week by Rethugs...

Black hole threesome: Supermassive trio are 'rippling' space

Complaint: Ex-cop hid women's bodies in vehicle

Kerry tweets photo himself sledding at age 5 for AID effort to help kids reach 5 years old

Hillary Clinton: 'You have to be a little bit crazy to run for president'

BBC Host Jimmy Savile Is Accused of Sexually Abusing Corpses

Feminists, you clearly don't have you priorities in order

Tsilhqot'in First Nation granted B.C. title claim in Supreme Court ruling

Bush made 232 False Statements About WMD & 28 False Statements on Iraq’s Al Qaeda Connections

Widow of American Indian activist sues doctors over his death

Bulletproof Neoliberalism

With 2015 just around the corner, I have just one question

HRC charges $225,000 fee to Univ. which just had to raise tuition 17%

Jesus Is the Worst Thing to Happen to Christianity in Awhile

Obama administration will tap Treasury funds for the construction of affordable rental housing

Lois Lerner's emails

BP says the Gulf is back to normal....

Winning: Even Harder Than It Looks

Media Manipulation: Tea Party and Border Patrol Spin the Story of Children in Detention

Spoiler alert

From the sort of way back machine: the evil nexus of Beckistan, Murdochia, and Kochland

Always #LikeAGirl - let's make it an inspiration not an insult

CBC’s leaders bring it to the brink of an existential crisis: Burman

Always #LikeAGirl - let's make it an inspiration not an insult xpost Video & Multimedia

Spoiler Alert

Unions Should Brace Themselves for a Major Supreme Court Loss

Anyone else have Verizon network issues ? Can't access website or phone support all day.

Conservatives Don't Deny Climate Science Because They're Ignorant. They Deny It Because ...

Maliki advocates Syrian bombing of his own nation.

Serious questions for DUers

Kornachi has a Mississippi bagger on

Column and wall crumble in fresh damage at Italy's ancient Pompeii

Home Is Where the Hatred Is

Hey soccer fans! Ann Coulter says your interest in the game is a sign of moral decay

Oh is this where you think your produce comes from?

In socialist Venezuela, a threat from the left .

Friday, June 27 is National HIV Testing Day

Example of what has to be intentional media distortion - CBS this time

Toyota's Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car Coming to U.S. in 2015

Out of touch? Hillary Clinton hits back after wealth gaffe

In a way, the "pro-life" groups had it right...

The Justices Don’t Like Buffer Zones. Unless It’s the Buffer Zone Around the Supreme Court

40 Of The Most Powerful Social Issue Ads That’ll Make You Stop And Think


Red Cross: How We Spent Sandy Funds Is 'Trade Secret'

Vegan FL mom refused to take sick newborn to hospital for fear of exposure to animal products

Iraq crisis: Nouri al-Maliki is ‘taking Iraq to hell’ by rejecting salvation government

Judge upholds Colorado’s gun laws, tosses lawsuit

New York City ID card plan passes in council vote

'Reading Rainbow' gets hand from Seth MacFarlane

Deal to End Senate Rift May Give Democrats Full Control in Albany (NY)

Sebastian and his bubbles

NYC funds public defender system for immigrants

When did the "impeach Obama!" calls start?

CNBC tries to get writer to lie, fails.

Since we get Belgium next, see the attached, around the 50 second mark...

Boston ramps up police presence around abortion clinics after Supreme Court ruling

White flowers

Does America like its candidates poor?

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other House Democrats head to southern US border on Saturday..

Feds: Immigrant center to expedite deportations

Another Red State Democrat Calls On Elizabeth Warren To Bring Home A Victory

Republicans cannot help themselves....

Jim Stafford's "Wildwood Weed"...

Papantonio: Illegal Money Kept Walker in Office

Koskinen: IRS troubles 'suspicious,' but no crime uncovered